BurgundaviaCarlK: does the hoary livecd boot?12:00
=== mbundgaard [~mbundgaar@0x503e3a4d.arcnxe1.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== revelater [~andrew@adsl-69-225-132-37.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
CarlKBurgundavia - I forget ;)12:00
ren0For the record I prefer apt-get but Its good to know the alternatives12:00
BurgundaviaCarlK: if it does, then it is harddrive12:00
WeirdAldamn, Kemist left12:00
Burgundaviarevelater: salut12:00
revelateri am only getting like 18 fps in some screensavers...12:00
Burgundaviarevelater: what kind of video card?12:00
=== rcaskey_ [~rcaskey@cai17.music.uga.edu] has joined #ubuntu
CarlKBurgundavia - I'll try live, but before I reboot it, is there anything to look at right now?12:00
revelaterati radeon 980012:00
WeirdAlI know it's not an Ubuntu question, but does anyone happen to know what the file browser in DSL is called?12:01
rcaskey_is it possible to suspend to a swapfile on /  instead of a swap partition?12:01
Burgundaviarevelater: you using fglrx drivers?12:01
revelaterBurgundavia i anstalled them... do i have to restart though?12:01
WeirdAlAh, cheers12:01
WeirdAlWondered what that was :-)12:01
=== Thom_Holwerda [~thom@84-104-100-163.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviarevelater: just restart your x-server ctrl-alt-bksp12:01
revelateryah but i got alot of torrents up and running right now... but a restart should fix it then?12:02
Burgundaviarevelater: that will kill your current session12:02
Burgundaviarevelater: so wait until they are done and do that12:02
Burgundaviarevelater: should solve your problems12:02
CarlKBurgundavia - this is how I have been doing my tests: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LocalNetInstall12:03
revelaterBurgundavia lol, ok only about 3 weeks left then!!!12:03
Burgundaviarevelater: lol12:03
revelaterBurgundavia, thanks for the help12:03
BurgundaviaCarlK: you installing the system using that?12:03
Burgundaviarevelater: np12:03
CarlKBurgundavia - yes12:03
BurgundaviaCarlK: have you tried a cd install?12:04
CarlKBurgundavia - I have tried burning a CD or 2, 'same' ressults12:04
BurgundaviaCarlK: ok12:04
CarlKnot exactly the same, cuz it is a different place each time12:04
BurgundaviaCarlK: then I would swap the hdd into another box and do that12:04
Burgundavialinux is pretty good about dealing with hardware changes12:04
dudas a side note.. the torrent technology enables you to close a torrent and start off where you left off you know12:04
=== Neill [~Neill@fresco.nrsmith.me.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== plagerism [~plagerism@CPE00606771c662-CM013419900473.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
CarlKdud - close?  BT lets you step all over your fiels, and it will fix the damaged parts too12:06
hou5tonBurgundavia:  I see you are very busy ... but did you have any thoughts on that Real Player issue?12:06
CarlKclose if for wimps ;)12:06
WeirdAlYeah! It works!12:06
=== fgx [~fgx@host175-201.pool8258.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviahou5ton: sorry12:06
Burgundaviahou5ton: yes, you need to go to edit-->prefs-->downloads12:07
=== MrG|nix [~ali@] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviahou5ton: then the plugins button12:07
Burgundaviahou5ton: then disable the plugin for the ra and ram12:07
=== kroot [~ontopic@a83-132-100-57.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviahou5ton: then add your custom one in the box labelled file types12:07
kroothow many ppl are using ubuntu ?12:08
=== pitti_ [~martin@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviakroot: uh?12:08
WeirdAlsomeone give me a console command to change my keyboard layout to British English? No rush, just curious.12:09
MrG|nixneed some advice re Nforce2 sound problems12:09
krooti think that distrowatch ratings are fixed12:09
=== hugaru [~hugaru@] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviakroot: what do you mean?12:10
=== rodnarms [~rodnarms@lhpm1-34.amtelecom.net] has joined #ubuntu
krootwhat ive said12:10
BurgundaviaMrG|nix: what is the issue?12:10
Burgundaviakroot: please provide your evidence?12:10
hou5tonBurgundavia:  That is the confusing part ... when I click on Plug-ins, it only lists two: SPL and SWF.  And then in the File Types window, there seems to be no way to add anything to that window?12:11
=== xpop [~xpop@3E6B384F.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu
MrG|nixwell i`ve read the readme with regard installation of nvidia drivers and it refers to commenting out modules12:11
Burgundaviahou5ton: is seems to be borked12:11
=== black_Nightmare [~black_Nig@modemcable099.228-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["snorts]
MrG|nixbut cannot find the config file with these modules in it12:11
Burgundaviahou5ton: if that doesn't help, then sorry I cannot help you12:11
hou5tonBurgundavia:  You mean my own install of Firefox, ... or that function of Firefox in general?12:11
Burgundaviahou5ton: seems to fx in general12:11
rodnarmsAnyone have the new human theme turned on in Hoary12:12
hou5tonok ... thanks12:12
Burgundaviarodnarms: yes12:12
rodnarmsHoary icon theme I mean12:12
krooti love linux its so .. so .. retro !12:12
rodnarmsIt rocks!12:12
Burgundaviarodnarms: no12:12
Burgundaviakroot: can I ask what your point of coming in here?12:12
Burgundaviakroot: s/here/here is12:12
MrG|nixanyway main problem with the sound is i get none in any games12:12
rodnarmsYou have to manually select the new human icon theme in the theme settings. Its not set as default yet.12:12
Burgundaviakroot: ok, but comments like linux is so retro can be taken very badly12:13
Burgundaviakroot: do you use ubuntu?12:13
krootwhy ?12:13
krootyou got some problem with free opinions ?12:13
=== Kikyo1 [~Kikyou@1-1-3-22a.gam.gbg.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviakroot: this channel is for the discussion of ubuntu and support of same12:13
fissy-kroot- VERSION irssi v0.8.9 - running on Linux i68612:13
=== imcsk8 [~imcsk8@] has joined #ubuntu
ren0WeirdAl, I thought the British invented the language. Are there pretenders to the throne?12:14
CarlKBurgundavia - I have a script to pull "anthing usefull" from the box so that on the 10th fail maybe a pattern can be found - http://dev.personnelware.com/carl/temp/Mar29/1112134137/cpl.sh12:14
WeirdAlYeah, the Americans.12:14
krootfissy: mind you r buisness12:14
CarlKcan you think of anything else that I should specifically get?12:14
WeirdAlThey have a silly layout with | in the wrong place and " is not above the 212:14
=== mello [~mello@c-67-162-226-133.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
rodnarmsUbuntu is like the ONLY distro where I can connect using my cable modem. All the others are useless to me.12:14
WeirdAlHow do I get ls to show me the free space on the disk?12:15
fissyi'm a 'buisness'12:15
rodnarmsGod bless PPPOECONF12:15
fissydf WeirdAl12:15
krootrodnarms: thats odd12:15
Kikyo1Could anyone please try to help me? I have a problem with cedega.. when I try to run Baldur's Gate as multiplayer it can't detect any protocols, and I'd like it if it could atleast detect IPX so that I could play with my party consisting of mainly characters I've created.. (i.e, I don't need it to connect to other pople.)12:15
ren0WeirdAl, are you running gnome?12:15
rcaskey_also, be there any news on OOo2 via gcj?12:16
=== erich [~erich@c-24-7-69-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== s0undt3ch [~s0undt3ch@] has joined #ubuntu
=== terry97 [~Terry97@pcp07925502pcs.lwrnce01.in.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
Kikyo1people even*12:16
WeirdAlI am on this PC yea12:16
=== s0undt3ch [~s0undt3ch@] has joined #ubuntu
WeirdAlOn the one I'm recovering I'm running DSL12:16
erichSomething is wrong with my evolution... :-( it doesn't load my imap folder. :-(12:17
rodnarmsI have a question. Im running Hoary on PPC and for some reason I can't download flashplayer-mozilla. It says its not there. Universe is selected in repositories though12:17
fissyyou can see your free space using gnome-system-monitor, i think is what ren0 might have been  about to say12:17
ren0If you are Sytem > Preferences >Keyboard Prefernces...there is a tab for layouts. Might be in their. I have a colonial keyboard.12:17
Burgundaviarcaskey_: currently being worked on from what I understand12:17
fissyok, not that :)12:17
Kikyo1*Rolls his die to check if his question scores a critical miss or if anyone replies. ;)*12:17
kroothow high did ubuntu score with nsa security avaliation programs ?12:17
Burgundaviarodnarms: I don't think there is flashplayer for PPC12:17
ren0System. This Aussie wine is good.12:18
WeirdAlren0: I don't have gnome on the computer I want it for :-)12:18
rodnarmsapt-get install acroread-plugin12:18
Burgundaviakroot: ?12:18
rodnarmswhoops sorry12:18
WeirdAlThis computer's already setup for British.12:18
fissyavaliation? is that how far an ubuntu box can be thrown?12:18
krootyou dont have nsa security programs ?12:18
Burgundaviakroot: please, if you are attempting to troll, just have out with it12:18
rodnarmshmm that sucks burgundavia.12:18
Burgundaviakroot: if you love mac os x, then find an appropriate channel12:18
krootim trolling ?12:18
Kikyo1Anyone experienced in Cedega/WineX and IPX configuration for it, please PM me. ^^12:18
krootmac os x ?12:19
CarlKBurgundavia - you were asking about my hardware comphortness: http://dev.personnelware.com/carl/temp/Mar29/1112134137/p1010002.jpg12:19
BurgundaviaCarlK: I am seeing a lot of wires12:19
BurgundaviaCarlK: I generally give away the old computer stuff I don't use12:20
krootcarlkox rox12:20
CarlKthe box with the yellow floppy is the e-crap that keeps freaking out12:20
=== mbundgaard [~mbundgaar@0x503e3a4d.arcnxe1.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== roo_ [~roo@cpc2-with1-6-0-cust11.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
roo_hi all12:20
ren0WeirdAl, during sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg you get to pick the keyboard.12:20
ren0Just an idea12:20
Burgundaviakroot: could you point me at a url for the nsa stuff?12:21
Burgundaviakroot: are we talking selinux?12:21
Burgundaviakroot: the nsa linux stuff?12:21
krootno the nsa linux security avaliataion tools12:21
CarlKBurgundavia - but what if you give away a box to someone who wants to install ubuntu on it? ;)12:21
XiraHi, when I install Skype it runs OK under root, but when I launch it under a regular user it's INCREDIBLY slow12:21
fissyurrg the nsa use flash12:21
XiraHow can I fix this?12:21
rodnarmswhat are mstt core fonts?12:21
WeirdAlI might try that if I don't get to choose when I reinstall12:22
Xirarodnarms, windows fonts12:22
Burgundaviarodnarms: part of the old web core fonts inititave12:22
rodnarmsthanks xira. thats what I thought. Wanted to be sure though12:22
fissyrodnarms, microsoft used to freely distribute some windows fonts so that everyone could use them on websites12:22
MrG|nixso anyone had any experiences of Nforce2 sound issues ?12:22
=== QMario [~qmario@adsl-65-68-73-98.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #Ubuntu
=== bitconfused [~dad@pcp04482147pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== SuperQ [~ben@trogdor.likes.to.burninate.net] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaMrG|nix: I also run nforce2, but I need more details to try and solve your problem12:23
XiraCan anyone help me with my ubuntu-skype issue?12:23
QMarioDoes anyone know how to make Windows users see shared folders in Samba?12:23
krooti think some one tested fedora and got aroung 7 score12:23
MrG|nixwell I get no sound in any games12:23
Kikyo1Anyone got some time to aid a innocent little linux-newbie .? :)12:23
Kikyo1My Cedega/WineX can't detect IPX; thus I cannot play games like Baldur's Gate or Red Alert in multiplayer nor skirmish..12:23
MrG|nix/dev/dsp unable to allocate memory12:23
MrG|nixis the error message12:24
=== robodex [~aaron@Toronto-HSE-ppp3707417.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
krootyou got cedega ?12:24
=== l3wwy [~lewwy@CPE-139-168-173-196.qld.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
krooti dont12:24
Kikyo1That was helpful. ;)12:24
BurgundaviaMrG|nix: you running hoary?12:24
BurgundaviaMrG|nix: try 'killall esd' just before you run your game12:25
=== dazed [~dazed@host-208-60-229-83.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
QMarioDoes anyone know?12:25
l3wwyhello, i have hoary hedgehog preview, and i want it to work with my davicom 10/100 network card throguh dhcp.  Can anyone help?12:25
krootwe got a cedega terrorrist in the facinity12:25
Burgundavial3wwy: pcmcia?12:25
l3wwynup PCI12:25
Burgundavial3wwy: should just work12:25
l3wwyyeh well12:25
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
l3wwyit doesnt12:25
Burgundavial3wwy: does it see the card?12:25
=== Lithi [~l@HSE-Montreal-ppp134953.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
MrG|nixerm i get no process killed ???12:26
ren0WeirdAl, http://www.linux-magazine.com/issue/23/TheAnswerGirl.pdf Stuff about british keyboards in that.12:26
krootopen you box and introduce the sound card to the ubuntu cdrom12:26
=== mikeygeek [~chatzilla@82-169-228-166-bbxl.xdsl.tiscali.nl] has joined #ubuntu
l3wwyyes it sees the card12:26
Burgundavial3wwy: try 'sudo dhclient eth0'12:27
Lithiwhats the command to configure xfree86/xorg?12:27
l3wwyits eth1 i want12:27
l3wwydoesnt work12:27
thenukeLithi: dpkg reconfigure xfree or something like that :)12:27
Burgundaviawhat does dmesg say?12:27
XiraCan anyone help me get Skype working under Ubuntu? It worked fine under FC312:27
robodexdpkg reconfigure xserver-xorg12:27
robodexremember sudo :p12:27
mjrKikyo1, just a thought, but have you tried sudo modprobe ipx?12:27
=== kaouete [kkwet@vol75-8-82-233-236-81.fbx.proxad.net] has left #ubuntu []
krootdont he needs spx too ?12:28
=== ikama [~ikama@p5081BD75.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
mikeygeekany ppc ubuntu users ??12:28
krooti think ipx/spx is patented by novel12:29
=== drspin [~cole@ip68-2-123-172.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #Ubuntu []
tritiuml3wwy, remember our warning to you about the md5sum of your xorg.conf ?12:29
MrG|nixBurgundavia, by the looks of things esd ain`t running12:29
=== marska [~marska@] has joined #ubuntu
WeirdAlHandy ren0. How handy :-) thanks12:29
BurgundaviaMrG|nix: there are some sound issues with hoary with some people12:29
dockanewhats wrong with "nautilus applications:///Internet" ?12:30
MrG|nixyer looks like it :/12:30
dockaneas a terminal command ?12:30
marskaHello.. I'm trying to download the 3.5 gig Debian installer and I see I need jidgo to download it, but the package isn't available on the Synaptic Ubuntu. Is there a way to obtain jidgo so that I may download the image?12:30
MrG|nixhopefully a fix will be forthcoming12:30
Burgundaviadockane: applications:/// doesn't exist in hoary12:30
=== evan_ [~evan@] has joined #ubuntu
krootwhats the point of running a distro that you cant get root ?12:30
thenukekroot: why you cant get root :(12:30
dockaneBurgundavia, is there a equivalent ?12:30
Burgundaviakroot: you can get root, you just use suod12:30
Jimbobkroot: "sudo -s"12:30
=== evan_d [~evan@pat.pct.edu] has joined #ubuntu
tritiummarska, jigdo is in universe12:30
Burgundaviadockane: no12:31
Burgundaviadockane: sorry12:31
Burgundaviadockane: this is an upstream issue with gnome12:31
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@pppoe-64-91-68-242.rb.lax.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
CarlKkroot - it is safer, especially for people that don't see the point ;)12:31
l3wwyyeh, the driver is in the dmesg thingo12:31
evan_dI accidently changed the root password, how do I change it back to the way it was when 4.10 was installed?12:31
krootso if you can get root why isnt it available as usual ?12:31
marskaTritium - How do I enable "universe" ?12:31
dockaneBurgundavia, what is a upstream issue ? (sorry for my poor english)12:31
=== black_Nightmare [~black_Nig@modemcable099.228-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviakroot: sudo is used as it is generally better12:31
black_Nightmarehey there again12:31
CarlKkroot - do you remove the safty from your guns? ;)12:31
=== grogoreo [~grogoreo@81-86-255-55.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviadockane: upstream means whomever created the software12:31
Jimbobkroot: "sudo command-to-run" will leave a log12:31
Burgundaviadockane: in this case it is a GNOME issue12:31
krooti dont have guns12:32
tritiummarska, either edit your /etc/apt/sources.list, or use synaptic.  It should simply require uncommenting a couple lines.12:32
MrG|nixright got to go to my kip hard late shift at work night night12:32
Burgundaviadockane: the are switching over to a new type of menu system and applications, which was broken anyway, wasn't ported12:32
Jimbobkroot: And if you're running SSH or (god forbid) telnet, there's no worry of people dictionary-attacking a known username.12:32
QMarioWhat section do I add users in the smb.conf file?12:32
CarlKkroot - good thing ;)  (I dont either, but if I did, I would not remove the safety)12:32
QMarioMainly Windows users.12:32
marskaTritium - Is there any documentation on how I edit the sources list?12:33
BurgundaviaQMario: you can allow anonymous login too if you wish12:33
=== mx|gone is now known as mxpxpod
QMarioAlso, how do I give them permission to view my printers?12:33
grogoreodoes anyone know how to watch an encryted DVD on linux? I have XINE and when I tried to play a DVD (My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 117) Xine says something about libdvdnav: Unable to find map file '/home/grogoreo/.dvdnav/MY_WRONGS.map'. I have Totem, but that doesnt seem to be working as it says 'Resource busy or not available'12:33
tritiummarska, do you have a favorite editor?12:33
krootwhy would i use ssh ot telnet ?12:33
dockaneBurgundavia, so there is no easy way to add an icon to "applications" menue ?12:33
l3wwyMy Davicom 10/100 Network Card is not working, it is on eth1.  It should be configuring itself using DHCP, but its not.  it appears in dmesg12:33
Burgundaviadockane: yes12:33
l3wwyanyone help?12:33
Burgundaviadockane: what program is it?12:33
QMarioHow do I allow anonymous login?12:33
dockaneBurgundavia, skype12:33
=== ragi [~ragi@host249.201-252-198.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviadockane: ahh12:33
marskaTritium - No. Not really. Just the default one in Ubuntu.12:33
BurgundaviaQMario: man smb.conf12:33
=== hou5ton [~hou5ton@d8-251.rb3.clm.centurytel.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
QMarioDoes Windows accept anonymous login?12:34
WeirdAlDamn Small Linux rawks12:34
kbrookssype is a proprietary, closed-source application12:34
BurgundaviaQMario: yes by default12:34
marskaDamn Small is slackware, isn't it?12:34
krootQMario: yes12:34
=== pagefault [~pagefault@toronto-HSE-ppp4034852.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
dockanekbrooks, you are right12:34
ren0No worries, WeirdAl . Is that working?12:34
WeirdAlWhat's slackware?12:34
krootdamn small is debian12:34
CarlKkbrooks - got any voip recomendations?12:34
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@c-67-164-31-186.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kikyo1Anyone here know how to get network protocols to work in WineX/Cedega? When I try to play multiplayer on Baldur's Gate it can't find the IPX, TCP/IP or something like that.. please help. :)12:34
QMarioIt then says that I don't have enough permissions to access the server.12:34
tritiumWeirdAl, one of the first linux distros12:34
Jimbobkroot: Well, if you've got SSH with ForwardX11 enabled on your system, you can run a remote session by "ssh -Y youruser@<yourcomputer>" and run graphical applications securely across the internet.12:34
WeirdAlYeah. I got my /home directory copied over so I can wipe the disk.12:34
Burgundaviadockane: if you can edit a file called a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications12:34
Jimbobkroot: Like VNC that doesn't suck.12:34
tritiummarska, do you use synaptic to update & upgrade?12:35
marskaTritium - What is the command to open and access the sources.list file?12:35
marskaTritium - Yes.12:35
krootwhy would i wanna do that ?12:35
Burgundaviamarska: use synaptic12:35
marskaJigdo isn't in synaptic12:35
tritiummarska, I'll walk you through it in synaptic12:35
krootany ways a dont trust ssh12:35
marskaTri - Message me please12:35
ragialguin puede ayudarme con una placa sound blaster live 24b?12:35
Jimbobkroot: Or, for example, my office is behind a network that doesn't allow IRC clients -- I can create an SSH tunnel to my box at home and run IRC over that.12:35
=== pagefault [~pagefault@toronto-HSE-ppp4034852.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Burgundaviaragi: #ubuntu-es12:35
=== pagefault [~pagefault@toronto-HSE-ppp4034852.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
pagefaultoops heh12:36
mikeygeekhello, anyone experienced with ubuntu on ppc ???12:36
pagefaultis it just me or has the apt repositories been getting slower and slower by the day12:36
=== asylumn [~asylumn@adsl-68-88-122-205.dsl.lgvwtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubuntu_ [~ubuntu@cpe-24-160-193-140.ma.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviapagefault: more people using them12:36
=== ubuntu_ [~ubuntu@cpe-24-160-193-140.ma.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Burgundaviapagefault: as it gets more popular12:36
tritiummarska, can you open synaptic and go to Settings->Repositories?12:36
pagefaultBurgundavia, I figured as much, but are there plans to bring in more mirrors any time soon?12:36
krootJimbob: so you are cheating on you company ?12:36
Jimbobkroot: hahahahahaha12:36
Jimbobkroot: No12:36
Jimbobkroot: If anything I'm being cheated *by* my company.12:37
marskaTritium - I'm there now.12:37
krootof course not . were did i get that idiea !12:37
Burgundaviapagefault: I would assume they are going to scale to demand12:37
Jimbobkroot: I'm actually in my apartment now (today's my day off)12:37
asylumnHi all, has anyone been able to get gmail-notify working with hoary?  I seem to have some dependency issues I can resolve.12:37
tritiummarska, look for universe12:37
dockaneBurgundavia, the file is called '.desktop' ?12:37
=== flame [~flame@adsl-109-177.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ragi [~ragi@host249.201-252-198.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
Jimbobkroot: But my office is behind a university network -- which blocks IRC to/from the dormatory networks as well12:38
krootwhy do they block irc ?12:38
marskaTri - Done. Downloading new package lists. Thank you.12:38
Burgundaviadockane: applicationname.desktop12:38
tritiummarska, you're welcome :)12:38
Burgundaviadockane: thus gaim is gaim.desktop12:38
marskaTri - What is the command to open a text file through the root terminal?12:38
[nrx] marska, nano /path/to/file12:38
Jimbobkroot: Because most networks (e.g EFNet) are populated by script kiddies and crackers, and they don't want to deal with the headache of machines on their network being hacked.12:38
marskaOh yes.. Nano.. Thank you Nrx12:39
krootan you hack into the grils dormitory ?12:39
evan_why might i not be able to download a kernel-image?  i keep getting an error: Depends: kernel-image-2.6.8-2-386  but it is not installable12:39
[nrx] np12:39
Jimboberm, "most RC networks"12:39
marskaTri - Erm... Happen to have any helpful links to how I may mount a Fat32 partition?12:39
krootyes this one is full of hackers12:39
tritiummarska, www.ubuntuguide.org is a good one12:39
marskaAlright.. Thank you.12:39
WeirdAlGAIM won't use ALSA12:40
Burgundaviakroot: depends on how you use the term12:40
asylumnmarska, http://ubuntuguide.org/#windows12:40
marskaThanks for the help Tri. Its appreciated.12:40
marskaAll of you are great!12:40
tritiummarska, of course :)12:40
Jimbobkroot: Don't ask me to explain my university's policy regarding IRC -- I didn't set it, and I think it's idiotic.12:40
dockaneBurgundavia, is there a dummy of such file with commentary ?12:40
kbrooksJimbob, what is it, pm if you like12:40
krootwhat about msn ?12:40
WeirdAlsomeone who knows everything: Is there a console command to use Alsa?12:40
WeirdAle.g. alsa <file>12:40
Burgundaviadockane: just open any of the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications12:40
=== bitconfused [~dad@pcp04482147pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== rinnan [~rinnan@cpe-66-8-204-116.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviadockane: it is just a straight text file, so pretty self explanatory12:41
krootyou can even do irc thru web pages !12:41
kbrooksGaim NOT GAIM12:41
WeirdAlBut ... sound? :-)12:41
=== mamasita [~mamasita@] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviakroot: where I used to work also blocked irc, but that was only because they had a 'we only allow port 80' policy12:42
=== monteiro [~monteiro@] has joined #ubuntu
kbrooksAIM ... GAIM12:42
tritiumWeirdAl, aplay is alsa's player12:42
Jimbobkroot: Yes, but when someone does a /whois on a user connected through a web page or an SSH tunnel, they come up with a computer outside the university12:42
monteiroanyone has any firewall for ubuntu ?12:42
kbrookssee the difference12:42
Jimbobkroot: So the university doesn't care.12:42
rinnanhello, kubuntu noobee here.  Question for whoever deems me fit enough to answer:  I booted the KDE Live CD and liked it so much I installed it, overwriting RedHat.  It's fine, but in the life CD, it uses Kubuntu icons, themes, colors, etc.  But in mine, it uses only exactly standard KDE!  What did I do wrong?  How can I fix it?12:42
WeirdAlNow I need someone to talk to me _12:42
WeirdAlNot gonna happen12:42
Jimbobkbrooks, kroot: MSN, AIM, etc. are all OK -- though I'm pretty sure they redirect all napster/gnutella traffic to log queries.12:42
=== kain [~kain@213-140-6-121.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviarinnan: #kubuntu12:43
tritiumWeirdAl, talk to you?12:43
WeirdAleep! Loud. Still, it worked.12:43
black_Nightmareany of you mind telling me what Skype is? :">12:43
WeirdAlYeah, so I know if the sounds are workin. But they are.12:43
kainblack_Nightmare, a voip software12:43
CarlKblack_Nightmare - voice over IP12:43
Burgundaviablack_Nightmare: properitary voip protocol12:43
kainblack_Nightmare, to listen and speak with others12:43
rinnanBurgundavia:  Thanks, switching over...12:43
WeirdAlOK, night all12:43
Burgundaviarinnan: np12:43
=== cornholio [splaza@pc-200-74-118-54.megavia.pc.metropolis-inter.com] has joined #ubuntu
dockanecool, i've choosen a user orientated distribution and findmyself editing config files to create shortcuts for the application menue12:43
tritiumWeirdAl, did you want to test gaim?12:43
WeirdAlyeah but it's OK, someone signed off.12:43
WeirdAlScared the life out of me :-)12:43
black_Nightmareoh ic....so there's no use for skype unless I already know of someone with it installed as well...right?12:44
tritiumWeirdAl, /msg me if you want to12:44
CarlKblack_Nightmare - somehow it interconnects with the phone system so you can use your PC/net connection to make phone calls12:44
Burgundaviadockane: this is being solved for the next release12:44
WeirdAlRight, thanks for all the help everyone. See you tomorrow for more:-)12:44
Burgundaviadockane: really, all applications should include a .desktop file12:44
kroottheres no beating skype+text2speak12:44
black_Nightmarecarlk and if I don't have a modem -- it'll still work? heh stupid question lol12:44
Kikyo1black_Nightmare: And you can do a quick search and then call people in India or any other country. ;)12:44
Burgundaviadockane: as it is now  standard that both KDE and GNOME have signed on to12:44
black_Nightmareindia???? not that far douf12:44
Kikyo1North Korean people are scarce on Skype though (I wonder why....)12:44
black_Nightmaremaybe just around north america :p12:44
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@home.waugh.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
Kikyo1It's free if you do PC to PC calls, so it's fun with India :P12:45
black_Nightmarehmm..maybe I do know one person I could talk to in australia12:45
black_Nightmareguess I'll look into apt-get it then perhaps12:45
=== cosmobot [cosmobot@ts3-b53.Voronezh.dial.rol.ru] has joined #ubuntu
black_Nightmareoh duh..nevermind12:45
black_Nightmarelooks like have to manually download/tar it12:46
robodexrestarting x, brb12:46
black_Nightmaredunno if I want bother :|12:46
=== flame [~flame@adsl-109-177.swiftdsl.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== jetthe [~insane@2001:5c0:876a:0:dd90:947c:69ca:e2ab] has joined #ubuntu
=== bobEvans [~chatzilla@cae88-87-250.sc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Kikyo1Anyone else here that had a problem with Cedega/WineX for local multiplay? Such as skirmish, also TCP/IP and IPX protocols?12:47
Kikyo1*Needs help :)*12:47
ren0Must crash. Old age catching up with me. TTFN.12:47
ironwolfis there a way to tell apt-get to treat suggested as dependancies like you can in Synaptic?12:47
=== asdfasdfasdf [~asdfsadfs@] has joined #ubuntu
krootirc geves me the creeps12:48
asdfasdfasdfcan anyone use the torrent to d/l array cd 7?  i get "Rejected by tracker - Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker."12:48
ironwolfKiKyo1: sorry, haven't tried winex yet.12:48
krootirc gives me the creeps12:48
tritiumironwolf, aptitude can12:48
Burgundaviaasdfasdfasdf: that is odd12:48
RatmannHello all12:48
=== Xira [~XIra@c-24-10-51-201.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Kikyo1Ironwolf: Oh, okay, thanks though! :12:48
=== randy_345 [~randy@cpe-24-242-49-178.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolftritium: was looking specifically for apt-get if possible.12:48
Burgundaviaasdfasdfasdf: what are you getting array cd 7 and not preview?12:48
evan_would someone help me get the appropriate kernel-headers installed?12:49
=== asv [~asv@pcp01522408pcs.malvrn01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
asdfasdfasdfBurgundavia, i though cd7 was newer, so wanted to get it.12:49
tritiumironwolf, dunno.  try man apt_preferences.  It's possible12:49
Burgundaviaasdfasdfasdf: preview is newest I think12:49
ironwolfevan_: what kernel are you running?12:49
Xira I acn't make any calls under skype12:49
XiraIt has to do with my sound12:49
XiraI dunno how to fix it12:49
Burgundaviaasdfasdfasdf: RC candidate is tomorrow12:49
asdfasdfasdfBurgundavia: not based on dates.  but i can just wait until rc tomorrow (assuming the torrent doesn't give the samething)(12:49
Xira+ I acn only run it as root, it runs 100x slower as a regular user12:49
randy_345alsa sucks on that kernel12:49
RatmannHey can you guys help me with a question?12:50
BurgundaviaRatmann: sure12:50
RatmannWanna know before starting downloading12:50
evan_when i execute sudo apt-get install kernel-headers-`uname -r` i get two errors: 1.) E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable) 2.) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?12:50
RatmannI wanna know if XSI, will run in Ubuntu12:50
ikamadoes anybody has the same problem with dependecies in updating openoffice and kubuntu-desktop packages12:51
=== asdfasdfasdf [~asdfsadfs@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
RatmannThat's the requierments, since i don't know much about Linux yet, i'm wondering if it will12:51
ironwolftritium: does aptitude have a command line mode?12:51
randy_345are you using synaptic @ the time?12:51
black_Nightmareany of you know what that umm.. linux epia mini-itx site was again?12:51
tritiumironwolf, yes12:51
BurgundaviaRatmann: the only thing I see there is it uses Xfree86 and hoary uses xorg12:51
BurgundaviaRatmann: it may work, but it may not12:51
Kikyo1Good bye everyone, take care12:51
=== Kikyo1 [~Kikyou@1-1-3-22a.gam.gbg.bostream.se] has left #ubuntu []
ironwolfevan_: perhaps you are running the update-manager or synaptic.12:51
=== _mage_afk is now known as _mage_work
LithiCan you upgrade from Ubuntu 32bit to 64 with apt-get?12:52
black_Nightmarelothi..I think you meant the kernel.....as for the answer..I dunno ask someone12:52
evan_just closed synaptic, now i get this error: E: Couldn't find package kernel-headers-2.6.10-5-38612:52
randy_345Lithi: bad idea, all the packages are different for 64 bit...12:52
black_Nightmarerandy..hmm I thought 64bit amd was even 16bit backward compactible?12:53
black_Nightmareor am I wrong :p12:53
BurgundaviaRatmann: I don't see any major gotcha-yas, but be aware it doesn't seem to be supported on debian platforms (like ubuntu)12:53
=== marska [~marska@] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolftritum: where do I find the option to do that in aptitude *new to aptitude*12:53
ironwolfevan_: apt-cache search headers | sort | grep 2.6.10 ; should get you the package name12:54
randy_345right... amd64 will run 32bit ubuntu12:54
Lithirandy_345: apt-get cant change all the packages?12:54
cmfis it just me, or is it not possible to set a capture channel in alsamixer on hoary?12:55
RatmannThat's the main software i use12:55
tritiumironwolf, Options->Dependency Handling12:55
randy_345Lithi: it would be better to make a partition for everything you want to keep...12:55
RatmannThat's why i wanna see if i can get it up and running on linux, make the switch :)12:55
=== zapada [zapada@Barrie-ppp222768.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
XiraHow do I save my alsamixer settings?12:55
randy_345Lithi: put everything there12:55
grogoreoI have an error when I try to run a DVD, http://rafb.net/paste/results/u38h3T29.html12:56
randy_345Lithi: and reinstall... b/c 64bit hoary uses a different EVERYTHING12:56
tritiumXira, sudo alsactl store12:56
marskaTritrium - Hey.. Just installed Jidgo.. But now.. Err.. How do I access it?12:56
randy_345Lithi: a lot of people make a partition for their "/home" directory12:56
=== michal__ [~michal@CPE-143-238-137-101.qld.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ironwolftritium: huh?...oh.. I need command line options, or in /etc/apt/apt.conf12:57
randy_345Lithi: so when their system gets corrupted and/or needs a reinstall...12:57
tritiummarska, try nick tab-completion ;)  What do you mean, now?12:57
randy_345Lithi: their "/home" directories will never be affected12:57
marskaTritium - Err.. Nick Tab-Completion?12:57
tritiumironwolf, it has command-line options.  But first, open it up and configure it.12:57
tritiummarska, start typing my nick, then hit tab.  It'll spell it right for you ;)12:58
Lithirandy_345: yea I get it, thats a good idea for next install... I think ill wait on the 64bit for a little while12:58
randy_345Lithi: i'm running 64 bit 5.04 hoary right now...12:59
catrlranyone here ever use QEMU??12:59
tritiummarska, type "tri" and then hit tab.  It should auto-complete my nick for you12:59
tritiumcatrlr, yes12:59
marskatritium - And whats the point of that?12:59
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@pppoe-64-91-68-242.rb.lax.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
zapadaWhen I try to install the linuxant drivers for my modem I get this error: http://img47.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img47&image=ok5eu.png12:59
zapadaSomeone already told me that I should install the GCC and kernel header files... but they are already installed01:00
marskaTritium - I'm just not sure where Jidgo went to and I err.. Would like to access it.01:00
=== P3L|C4N0 [~gcamposm@] has joined #ubuntu
randy_345Lithi: that's a good idea... there are still some bugs that need to be worked out... hopefully they will be fixed by April 601:00
tritiummarska, I get a nick highlight, and I hear a sound when my nick is typed.  that way I won't miss your messages if I'm in another channel01:00
marskaTritium - Oh.. Alright.. How do I find and access Jidgo then?01:00
Lithirandy_345: What mobo do you have? Cause 4.10 doesent seem to like my DFI nf4 mobo01:00
=== FR500 [~andres@] has joined #ubuntu
catrlrtritium well i keep getting this error 'Kernel Panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.01:00
tritiummarska, it should be in your path.  dpkg -L jigdo will tell you where the files in the package are located01:01
catrlrwtf does this mean01:01
catrlrand how do i fix it01:01
randy_345Lithi: I have the (notorious) Asus ASN-SLI w/ that new nforce4 chipset01:01
tritiumcatrlr, what image are you running qemu with?01:01
randy_345Lithi: ohhhhh you have nforce4 also...01:01
FR500i have 2 pcs with hoary, one has nice icons for openoffice the other doesnt, may be different releases, has preview had any changes, all i downloaded is preview01:01
catrlri have tried a few... Mandrake, SuSE, and Darwin01:01
tritiumFR500, yes, daily updates01:01
punjab12another quake in indonesia :(01:02
randy_345Lithi: the latest kernel patches are supposed to solve all the problems w/that01:02
catrlrall do the same thing01:02
ironwolfgot it, thanks tritium: :)01:02
punjab125.3 on richter01:02
FR500tritium, any way to update the icons01:02
tritiumironwolf, cool01:02
FR500tritium, now my laptop looks dated01:02
zapadacan anyone helpme?01:02
punjab12ubuntu rc1 due out tomorrow right?01:02
Burgundaviapunjab12: yes01:02
tritiumFR500, have you not updated since installing the preview?01:02
Burgundaviazapada: what is the issue?01:02
punjab12awesome :)01:02
FR500maybe not01:02
randy_345Lithi: i'm using the quick fix tricks to get it to work right now in hoary...01:02
=== syn1 [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
catrlrtritium i get the boot screens but they dnt boot all the way, they jst give me that error message01:02
tritiumFR500, update and upgrade, and then sometimes icons in the menu don't show up until after logout and login01:03
zapadaBurgundavia: http://img47.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img47&image=ok5eu.png01:03
syn1where can i find a the VLC icon?01:03
Lithirandy_345: I see... Ill have to download hoary when its fully out01:03
zapadaI get that when I try to install my drivers01:03
tritiumcatrlr, are you calling qemu correctly?01:03
catrlryea i believe so01:03
zapadaBurgundavia: someone already told me to get gcc and the kernel headers installed, but they already were01:03
randy_345Lithi: read my post (rdw200169) @ linuxquestions.com if you want to try 64 bit right away... http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?s=&postid=1561140#post156114001:03
zapadaBurgundavia: I also tried this while using the live cd... maybe that makes a diff?01:04
Burgundaviazapada: it is looking for the kernel source, which is not there01:04
=== syn1 is now known as synd
=== declan [~declan@213-202-190-217.bas504.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu
zapadaBurgundavia: is that because im running the live cd?01:04
syndwhere can i find the VLC icon??01:04
Burgundaviazapada: you would have to download that as well01:04
randy_345Lithi: what video card are you running?01:04
catrlrtritium: /usr/local/bin/qemu -hda /Users/Phate/themes/mandrake-10.0-x86.img -boot c -m 12801:05
Burgundaviazapada: what are you trying to install?01:05
catrlrPhate being my ~01:05
zapadaBurgundavia: linuxant drivers for my 56k connexant modem01:05
=== l3wwy [~lewwy@CPE-139-168-173-196.qld.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== verden01 [~verden@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Quest-Master [~Quest-Mas@c-24-99-26-36.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviazapada: ah01:05
Quest-MasterDoes anybody have a solution to getting program startups faster?01:05
tritiumcatrlr, is that a mandrake CD image?01:05
Burgundaviazapada: try with the installer01:05
Lithirandy_345: 6600GT01:05
=== tvelocity [~tony@ipa22.2.tellas.gr] has joined #ubuntu
Quest-MasterIt takes almost twice as long for an application to load versus one in Windows XP01:05
Lithirandy_345: gigabyte one01:06
zapadaBurgundavia: try what with what installer?01:06
Quest-MasterPlus, the main GNOME menu takes exactly 10 seconds to load01:06
randy_345Lithi: you're in luck... Hoary comes w/ nvidia drivers that work w/that video card01:06
=== jldugger [~jldugger@adsl-67-65-58-185.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
catrlrtritium yea01:06
tritiumcatrlr, if it's a CD image, don't specify it as the hard drive image, and use -boot d01:06
verden01i installed Kubuntu yesterday on an AMDx86-64 box and it rocks01:07
Lithirandy_345: Sweet01:07
catrlroh no... it's an HD image01:07
tritiumcatrlr, use -cdrom <imagefile> -boot d01:07
catrlrit isn't in the CD drive01:07
catrlrit's a preconfigured image from01:07
tritiumcatrlr, it doens't have to be in the CD drive01:07
tritiumYou can use a CD .iso image01:08
=== wyatt [~wyatt@S0106000f6620aa2a.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Lithirandy_345: Have you tryed the new dx9 wine cvs?01:08
catrlrhld on01:08
l3wwycan anyone here help me with a Davicom 10/100 ethernet adapter?  It's supposed to be using DHCP to get IP's, however it doesnt pick it up, and dhclient fails.  Also, lspci shows its there.  I had a realtek 10mb card in yesterday, and that worked.  Any suggestiosn?01:08
Burgundaviazapada: I have never used the linuxant drivers01:08
=== sub_work [~link@] has joined #ubuntu
jlduggerwhat's it take to get lm_sensors working?01:08
randy_345Lithi: no, i generally run cedega01:08
verden01does anyone know when the final release of kubuntu will be?01:08
catrlrso what is the full command01:08
Burgundaviaverden01: april 8th, same day as ubuntu01:08
goldfishverden01: ask in #kubuntu :)01:08
goldfishsorry. lag01:08
tritiumcatrlr, well, is it supposed to be an HD image or not?01:08
catrlrit's suppose to be01:09
Burgundaviazapada: you need build-essential and the linux kernel source for a minimum01:09
verden01cool so its not worth doing an update and upgrade till then?01:09
FR500firefox says profile is in use everytime i try to start01:09
l3wwyit probably is01:09
Lithirandy_345: It fully supports hl2 (among others) ive been told. Better then cedega.01:09
jlduggerive got an x64-666664 box running ubuntu, but the lm-sensors package says im missing some modules during the install01:09
sub_workany known issues with fam in hoary right now?01:09
=== jroesdes1 [~jroes@clt74-124-074.carolina.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
catrlri got the image from here tritium http://www.freeoszoo.org/download.php01:09
wyattnot compatible with directdraw need help01:09
dazedFR500: that means that u have an abnormal amount of firefox's open01:09
tritiumcatrlr, then I don't know what's wrong.  Let me check that01:09
verden01ok :-)01:09
jroesdes1anyone ever left their computer in locked mode and then came back to a really garbly screen?01:10
FR500dazed, 0 firefoxs open01:10
=== jroesdes1 is now known as jroesdesk
zapadaBurgundavia: can I use the symantic thing to get it from CD?01:10
=== niran [~niran@lucianus.Stanford.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
=== nekrataal [~nekrataal@245-75-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
l3wwywait, who just said it supports hl2 better than cedega?01:10
l3wwywho said that?01:10
Burgundaviazapada: yes, but everything you do will be gone when the power is gone01:10
=== verden01 [~verden@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
wyattnot compatible with directdraw need help01:10
catrlrand the docs to QEMU tell me to launch this way01:10
l3wwyand more importantly01:10
l3wwywhat is01:10
jroesdeskand... specifically what supports hl2 better than cedega?01:10
dazedFR500: hmm...its usually when you have a few open it confuses itself and thinks that there are different users trying to access the same thing01:10
=== SuperQ [~ben@trogdor.likes.to.burninate.net] has left #ubuntu []
nekrataalanyone knows how to get skype working with esd on hoary???01:10
HrdwrBoBjroesdesk: windows01:10
randy_345Lithi: interesting... i've never even heard of it!.. do you have the website available?01:10
jroesdesklol :)01:10
FR500dazed, weird01:10
catrlr/usr/local/bin/qemu -hda /Users/Phate/themes/mandrake-10.0-x86.img -boot c -m 12801:11
Lithirandy_345: http://games.slashdot.org/games/05/03/28/1843246.shtml?tid=203&tid=10601:11
niranis anyone successfully using an ipod shuffle under ubuntu?01:12
=== yoko-omo [~aluser@c68.190.161.195.eau.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Lithirandy_345: http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/news/article.php?storyid=749 (as linked in the article)01:12
niranor know why a usb drive wouldn't completely unmount when told to?01:12
=== Xira [~nicholas@c-24-10-51-201.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumcatrlr, that's strange.01:12
=== billy-420 [~billy@c-67-188-30-48.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumcatrlr, I've only used qemu with CD images, and it has always worked.01:12
=== imcsk8_ [~imcsk8@] has joined #ubuntu
FR500where can i find the "default" sources.list?01:12
=== ikama [~ikama@p5081BD75.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
XiraKubuntu-Desktop is cool01:12
Xirafirst KDE dist that I like01:13
Lithil3wwy: The new wine with dx9 support01:13
evan_i'm trying to install wusb11 net adapter drivers found here: http://at76c503a.berlios.de/ .. when i try to make the file i get the error: mkdir: cannot create directory `.tmp_versions': Permission denied/make: *** [modules]  Error 1 - any ideas?01:13
=== xuzo [~xuzo@81-203-41-93.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
jlduggerFR500, well, its usually in /etc/apt , but you should try to learn about file finding programs too ;) gnome has one that does okay01:13
goldfishlocate is useful01:14
l3wwyguys seriously can anyone PLEASE help with my davicom 10/100 network card?01:14
jlduggerlithi: i have extreme doubts about dx support and games01:14
jlduggerl3wwy, what about it?01:14
punjab12Was fr ein Haufen Scheie01:14
l3wwycan anyone here help me with a Davicom 10/100 ethernet adapter?  It's supposed to be using DHCP to get IP's, however it doesnt pick it up, and dhclient fails.  Also, lspci shows its there.  I had a realtek 10mb card in yesterday, and that worked.  Any suggestiosn?01:14
FR500jldugger, i mean, the one that comes by default01:14
FR500jldugger, clean01:14
=== thotypous [~thotypous@200-161-83-98.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
Lithijldugger: Read the article... http://games.slashdot.org/games/05/03/28/1843246.shtml?tid=203&tid=10601:15
jlduggerlithi, i read the goddamn article01:15
l3wwyjldugger: did u see my problem?01:15
jlduggerit says pixel shaders aren't worrrking01:15
jlduggerl3wwy: what's lsmod say?01:15
=== mebaran151 [~mebaran15@c-24-130-168-119.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBlinuxgamers.net is the coolest site even01:16
mebaran151My Epson printer just keeps feeding01:16
mebaran151it is an r80001:16
mebaran151I thought I was supposed to use Gimp print01:16
jlduggerman, vnc isn't a great solution01:16
HrdwrBoBno it's not01:16
=== phaedo [~phaedo@nr30-69-61-185-210.fuse.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumHrdwrBoB, maybe if you play games ;)01:16
=== mdke [~mdke@mdke.user] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBvnc sucks quite a lot01:16
=== phaedo [~phaedo@nr30-69-61-185-210.fuse.net] has left #ubuntu []
mdkedoes anyone know how to use poEdit?01:16
HrdwrBoBtritium: no, not even then ;)01:17
HrdwrBoBtritium: look at the dates of the articles01:17
mebaran151but although it feeds it wont print01:17
tritiumHrdwrBoB, ah, I see01:17
=== juan [~juan@] has joined #ubuntu
thotypouswhen hoary will be "stable"? april?01:18
=== nictuku [~yves@nictuku.user] has joined #ubuntu
juanhi guyz. will you update mono package to 1.0.6 or 1.14 ?01:18
XiraPreview is pretty stable01:18
nictukuhow can I list what packages from the universe I have installed?01:18
jroesdeskrpm -qa01:18
jroesdeskwehre am I01:18
thotypousbut when the six month cycle will be complete?01:18
HrdwrBoBdpkg --list will list all packages01:19
nekrataalhey anyone else have troubles with firefox 1.0.2?01:19
FR500nekrataal, what troubles?01:19
nekrataalit crash to me when i try to save a file...01:19
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> zelazny.freenode.net
=== mz2 [~mz@81-1-66-222.homechoice.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
nekrataalon hoary01:19
nekrataali just updated it..01:19
FR500not here01:19
=== swanriversean [~sean@CPE000625b7a232-CM000a7365d6b5.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== asylumn [~asylumn@adsl-68-88-122-205.dsl.lgvwtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
nictukudpkg --list would list all files, but I'd like to know which of them are in universe.01:21
syndyou could load up synaptic01:21
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=== bytheway [~bbythewa@gibraltar.deseretbook.net] has joined #ubuntu
swanriverseanI have an old computer that only will boot from floppy ... is it possible to boot from floppy and then use the ubuntu installation CD to complete the install?01:22
=== p| [~pi@host87-226.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== asv [~asv@pcp01522408pcs.malvrn01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBswanriversean: altough01:24
HrdwrBoB^ do that instead01:24
asylumnLogging out causes a hard-lock, any tips on where to look to start troubleshooting this?  I can reboot, ctrl-alt-backspace works, but system->logout is bad.  any ideas?01:24
CarlKI like SBM01:24
HrdwrBoBthat will boot from the CD even if the bios cabn't01:24
=== ubuntoid [~swschulz@cpe-024-211-203-172.nc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
syndswanriversean: the first one that HrdwrBoB mentioned requires a network connection01:24
black_Nightmarewell a computer that doesn't have cdrom boot option sounds like a socket7 or older to me01:24
black_Nightmare...or am I wrong?01:25
syndmaybe its just not set up to boot from CD?01:25
nictukusynd, if I had X :)01:25
syndnictuku: :P01:25
mebaran151black_Nightmare, I have a borked Gigabyte bios01:25
mebaran151on AMD6401:25
black_Nightmareoh ic....okie01:25
mebaran151that sometimes hangs if you try to boot a less than perfect homemade image01:25
mebaran151I use SBM all the time01:26
|QuaD-mebaran151: don't you have 2 bios's on a gigabte mb?01:26
=== jcdenton [~david@222.Red-80-38-87.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishhey guys01:27
goldfishi've just finished an apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade01:27
goldfishshould i now rebot?01:27
goldfishshould i now rebot?8reboot01:27
mebaran151|QuaD-, yeah01:28
mebaran151but both of them are crappy01:28
mebaran151it is mostly bad error handling01:28
mebaran151when one sector might not read01:28
syndgoldfish: did you load all the repos. before you updated/upgraded?01:28
goldfishchange sources.list ?01:28
syndgoldfish: yes01:29
=== AlfaWolph [yri@cpe-024-024-098-083.midsouth.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
syndgoldfish: as noted here: http://ubuntuguide.org/#extrarepositories01:29
CarlKanyone know how to use SBM with PXE netboot stuff?01:29
black_Nightmareany of you know about qemu?  (I know some of you mentioned it before)01:29
syndgoldfish: if so, a reboot wouldn't be a bad idea01:29
=== james_ [~james@c-24-2-6-85.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
swanriverseanHrdwrBob I found the smart boot thing too ...01:30
goldfishyep, ok cool01:30
swanriverseansynd, yes I am going to use the second option01:30
syndswanriversean: good deal.01:30
james_would anyone here help me with setting up a ro NTFS drive in fstab?01:31
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
swanriverseanthanks everyone - I just updated my main computer to hoary today - no problem Ubuntu is great!01:31
=== P3L|C4N0 [~gcamposm@] has joined #ubuntu
black_Nightmarehm guess not..oh well I tried01:32
james_would anyone here help me with setting up a ro NTFS drive in fstab?01:32
randy_345james_: i gotcha01:32
=== KingArthur-TDoD [Superman@0-1pool161-163.nas6.chicago4.il.us.da.qwest.net] has joined #Ubuntu
syndgosh i feel bad.. since discovering ubuntu (and resurrecting a few old PCs and PC laptops) I've neglected my ibook g4 for 4 days now01:32
HrdwrBoBfunny how that works01:32
randy_345type: nfts options: ro,gid=(username),uid=(username),umask=66601:33
=== KingArthur-TDoD [Superman@0-1pool161-163.nas6.chicago4.il.us.da.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
syndHrdwrBoB: so true. i made the switch from Wintel to Apple about a year ago.. now it almost feels like im switching again!01:33
eruinosX bores me a bit01:34
KingArthur-TDoDwooo.....finally got ubuntu on my other laptop.  Question is, how can I reconfigure it to use both my wifi connection when available and my ethernet?01:34
eruinbut I aint putting ubuntu on my powerbook :)01:34
dazedhow do i share a file via NSF in warty!?01:34
jlduggerindeed, why does ath0 not activate on startup?01:35
synderu: oh man, i know! it's lovely and so much less heartache with OSX because everything "just works" but theres that feeling you get when something on Linux just aint working right.. and after you fix it.. its just so satisfying01:35
=== LeeJunFan [junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== madduck [~madduck@madduck.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu
eruinsynd: that's what I'm talking about01:35
madduckhow can i get DRI to work on an ATI Radeon Mobility... it's old, and it worked with the xf86 mach64 driver. what do i have to do now with x.org?01:35
jlduggerive got plenty of problems to solve without linux ;)01:35
eruinI don't like "everything just works"01:36
eruinI want to fiddle01:36
madduckeruin: install debian unstable then. :)01:36
jlduggerid rather much prefer it worked sensibly to beging with01:36
syndmadduck: lol.01:36
eruinmadduck: ubuntu is just about my level of "just works" ;)01:36
=== bwlang [~bwlang@bb-66-55-211-238.gwi.net] has joined #ubuntu
black_Nightmareany of you know how to tell between a pci or nubus based powerbook?  sorry for asking but.....that I never even could figure out :p01:36
=== asubedi [~asubedi@] has joined #ubuntu
black_Nightmareseeing how laptops don't even have pci slots01:36
bwlanganybody tried pymusique on ubuntu... i can't seem to find a package for a depenency (mcrypt01:36
=== Hans-Inge [~Hans-Inge@ti231110a080-1327.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
KingArthur-TDoDanyone have any idea how to reconfigure my ubuntu to use a ethernet connection instead of WiFi?01:37
eruinwhat's pymusique01:37
Burgundaviaeruin:  a program to purchase songs off itunes01:37
eruinoh that one01:37
syndbut i just resurrected an old P3 600Mhz laptop 128MB 10GB with a DVD drive.. and its running ubuntu really well01:37
=== billy-420 [~billy@c-67-188-30-48.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishpaing for music? :)01:37
eruinI prefer buying actual cd's ;)01:37
synderuin: so you can buy them without the DRM encoded on the end of the song01:37
Burgundaviapaing is an interesting verb01:37
bwlangKingArthur-TDoD: system administration, networking ... or do ifdown wlan0 ifup eth001:38
=== KBJ [~kb@port227.ds1-oebr.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Stemp [~Stemp@d213-103-61-59.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviathat must be the act of feeling pain with using gnome?01:38
CarlKcan someone help me either fix or work around the problem I posted at the end of https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=798501:38
bwlangsynd: no - so you can buy them at all... on linux.01:38
Burgundaviaso kpain would be kde pain?01:38
KingArthur-TDoDit says starting networking, then doesn't open anything.  the taskbar item justleaves.....01:38
=== skreet [~skreet@c-24-147-73-168.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
LeeJunFanKingArthur-TDoD: man interfaces01:38
KBJdoes anyone know how to create a mono file in a certain (bad) quality with gst-launch?01:38
skreetSpecial Device /dev/scd0 does not exist...01:39
bwlangeruin: i prefer just a few tracks most of the time and would rather not buy the rest01:39
syndbwlang: that too, but the problem is that it's not encoded with the DRM01:39
syndbwlang: thats why apple is jumping thru hoops to get it shut down01:39
eruinbwlang: and I go crazy if I miss one song off an album ;-)01:39
skreetAnyone know why my CDROM drive is missing? :01:39
=== Arnia [~jgeldart@host81-156-177-247.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
syndgosh i hope Apple releases an iTunes for Linux01:40
bwlangsynd: i don't care about the drm... it's not a problem for me.  I was just wondering about packaging... sounds like nobody knows about a packaging effort...01:40
CarlKskreet - I needed it... Ill give it back in a few min ;)01:40
=== bradb [~bradb@modemcable087.14-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
eruinsynd: considering linux is about to become their main competitor...01:40
skreetCarlK, Whew! I thought something was wrong with my OS :P01:40
syndbwlang: there wont be one01:40
bwlangsynd: well ... they didn't but pymusique is an itunes client that runs under linux01:40
eruinas sooon as we get a more likeable graphics editor!01:40
bwlangsynd: there will be if i make one...01:40
KingArthur-TDoDany reason why when I open up system preferences such as users or network, it won't work?01:40
cuscooh.. I would say apple is far away from linux01:40
skreetcusco, Not really, there are tons of people who run PPC Linux on Macs01:41
syndbwlang: as far as i know, pymusique is shut down01:41
cuscoI say this caus I have a G5 at home01:41
Burgundavialike Linus?01:41
cuscoskreet: I know that01:41
bwlangsynd: hmm i just downloaded it.01:41
cuscobut the simplicity of macos01:41
=== geneo93 [~kane@1Cust382.an1.det15.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
cuscois and has always been wonderfull01:41
syndcusco: here here!01:41
skreetWhat program/kernel module creates /dev/* now?01:41
skreetI know it keeps changing! :01:42
eruinI get that dumbed-down feeling when moving from my linux desktop to my osx laptop01:42
LeeJunFanskreet: udev01:42
=== LeeJunFan hates dumbed down.
skreetLeeJunFan, Where can I find configs/etc on that or some sort of output..01:42
skreetI need to know why it isnt making a /dev for my cdrom :(01:42
syndwhen 10.4 Tiger gets released..01:42
syndahh im quite excited01:42
LeeJunFanman udev and /usr/share/doc/udev[version] 01:42
skreetWhy you still have the powerful CLI and a beautiful desktop :D01:43
CarlKskreet - what does dmesg say about your CD?01:43
cuscoI don't use it often tho, but I iused to use an isnow01:43
syndcusco: have you seen the Virgina Tech supercomputer that they built with some 1001 dual proc G5's?01:43
LeeJunFanskreet: well - just /usr/share/doc/udev I guess.01:43
skreetCarlK, Nothing that I could see -- let me check again it was like 1 AM01:43
cuscosynd: no01:43
LeeJunFanskreet: the following manpages are available udev       udevd      udevinfo   udevsend   udevstart  udevtest01:43
eruin"Tiger Server goes beyond the limitations of traditional UNIX file permissions to give you greater flexibility over assigning access" ;>01:43
syndcusco: http://www.apple.com/hardware/video/virginiatech/01:44
cuscohehe I see that everybody supports apple01:44
syndi have 2 mac minis, an ibook g4 and an imac g5 :x01:44
syndi had to have something for those old PC monitors that i couldnt get rid of..01:45
cuscoI had a imac, first generation, then a isnow now the g5 (which is not mine)01:45
juancusco cool i love macs01:45
=== stoffel [~chatzilla@port-195-158-171-146.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #ubuntu
skreetwierd thing is..01:45
eruinwtf does 1100 G5s really cost!?01:45
skreetIn my old 386 kernel my cdrom drive *MOVED* to /dev/sr001:46
cuscosynd: I don't have a quick time plugin01:46
synderu: a whole hell of a lot less than the two super computers ahead of it01:46
eruinsynd: and it's prettier! :P01:46
=== codyman [~cody@ip68-4-94-106.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
codymani keep getting a "cpu overload" for arts01:46
eruing5cluster "the feminine supercomputer"01:46
syndtheyre building another one with the xserve g5s as we speak01:46
=== dockane [~dockane@pD95FDB6F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
eruinthe indian in the video even has a ponytail :P01:47
syndcusco: http://www.apple.com/education/science/profiles/vatech/01:47
=== delire [~delire@x1-6-00-0c-41-9b-f5-4f.k371.webspeed.dk] has joined #ubuntu
synderuin: haha.01:48
delireis there an ubuntu ppc channel?01:49
dockaneis there any other way to test recording with mic than 'audio-recoder' ?01:49
deliredockane: apt-get install audacity01:50
skreettheres no mention of a cdrom in my dmesg!!!!!01:50
skreethow come my other kernel works01:50
dockanedelire, thnx01:50
syndi wonder what you can do with blue gene01:50
CarlKskreet - that's kookie01:50
skreetCarlK, Agreed01:50
skreetI'm going to try the next kernel up01:50
CarlKskreet - ide, scsi or old mystry CD?01:50
=== odyssey [~mat@odyssey.user] has joined #ubuntu
skreetide, dvd+-rw01:51
deliredockane: also checkout http://ardour.org01:51
geneo93skreet:  is that x8601:51
skreetworks "fine" in stock kernel..01:51
cuscoSystem X01:51
skreetit *WAS* working as /dev/scd0 in conjuntion with /dev/scd1 which has been removed.01:51
CarlKskreet - long shot - lshw01:51
geneo93is pnp turned off in bios01:51
CarlKhard ware01:51
=== Marble2 [~knoppix@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
dockanedelire, i ve got basic recording problems with an integrated mic in a thinkpad01:51
CarlKbut I am sure it just reads what the kernel has setup01:52
syndcusco: http://www.tcf.vt.edu/systemX.html01:52
dockanedelire, audio recorder for somehow freezes01:52
deliredockane: right, hmm.. any errors?01:52
=== synic [~synic@] has joined #ubuntu
synichey, what's the fix to get the X cursor to stop showing when you login to X?01:53
dockanedelire, not yet01:53
skreetCarlK, You in #flood?01:53
deliredockane: try 'rec -c 2 out.wav'01:53
syndsynic: i need to know as well !01:53
=== monteiro [~monteiro@] has left #ubuntu ["Fui]
=== black_Nightmare [~black_Nig@modemcable099.228-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["snorts]
CarlKskreet - just a sec01:53
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
dockanedelire, audacity give me one flat line01:53
Marble2can someone PLEASE help me? I've had this error for the past couple days and I can't fix it: /sbin/init: 428: cannot open dev/console: No such file01:53
deliredockane: a command line recording tool. also try turning off the enlightened sound daemon, 'ESD'.01:54
Marble2I get it at startup01:54
Marble2is there a way to rollback my kernel and see if that fixes it?01:54
synicsynd: I'll let you know if I find it01:54
deliredockane: and try looking at 'alsamixer' a great console mixer. make sure that input gain (IGain) is up along with 'PCM'01:54
syndsynic: thanks.01:54
delireMarble2: that's on boot right? have you recompiled your kernel recently?01:55
=== Xatter [Xatter@syru231-202.syr.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2delire, yes it is and no I have not01:55
delireMarble2: is this with Ubuntu booting after install?01:55
Xatterfor some reason, when I try to install on my old laptop it woun't get input from the keyboard... but the initial boot screen accepts commands01:55
Marble2not after install... just booting01:55
Marble2it was working fine01:55
Xatterany ideas?01:55
Marble2and I go to boot, get that01:56
delireMarble2: have you ever had a successful boot with Ubuntu?01:56
Marble2tons of them01:56
skreetXatter, Check the boot options (f2 i think) thers a whole bunch for wierd laptops (i had to use the video one myself)01:56
=== billy` [~billy@c-24-4-217-7.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== helio7 [~michael@wbar21.lax1-] has joined #ubuntu
Xatteralright, lemme check01:56
=== iceaxe18 [~iceaxe18@c-24-18-111-235.client.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
Marble2I don't belive I made any major system changes, this just happened. I did install a new HD and formatted it in windows, but I don't see how that would cause that type of error01:56
synicsynd: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16336&highlight=HWCursor01:57
Marble2but dev/console... shouldn't it be /dev/console ? how do I fix that?01:57
delireMarble2: type01:57
neighborleeis anyone else seeing gnome in hoary being pretty unstable with latest update ?....I fresh booted machine only to find after a few minutes that gnome-panel was unresponsive and I had to hard reboot ...anyone ???01:57
delireMarble2: become root and type 'fdisk -l01:57
delireMarble2: sorry01:57
delireMarble2: fdisk -l01:57
=== alvaro [~alvaro@dsl081-050-234.sfo1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2root@Knoppix:/ # fdisk -l01:57
Marble2cannot open /proc/partitions01:57
Marble2I'm booted to a knoppix livecd chrooted in01:57
juanKnoppix ?01:57
juang to #knoppix01:57
dockanedelire, apt-get install alsamixergui ?01:57
juang to #knoppix01:58
Marble2well it's and Ubuntu problem I'm trying to fix...01:58
delireMarble2: right, well what's happened is that the new disk you've put on has changed the partition order01:58
helio7is anyone else having trouble with Hoary ISO bittorrents? I've been seeding all of the Hoary ISOs with Azureus for a while and they stopped working.  I tried completely removing one and restarting it, but I'm getting "Error: (requested download is not authorized)" in the Tracker Status Column.01:58
delireMarble2: the partition can01:58
Marble2I did have to switch the disks around to different IDE cables01:58
kbrooks>>> http://img62.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img62&image=DSC00126.jpg <<< ;)01:58
Marble2any idea how to fix it?01:58
alvarohey guys i need help with audacity, whenever i try to export to an .mp3 file it says that it can't locate libmp3lame.so.... and i try to locate it and can't find it. I went to root also and says it's already installed : \01:58
delireMarble2: sorry, the partition can't be found01:58
deliredockane: sure, or just alsamixer01:59
Marble2delire, huh?01:59
helio7is it possible the Ubuntu torrent tracker is down for some reason?01:59
=== Le0 [~leo@] has joined #ubuntu
juankbrooks xp? cool =)01:59
delireMarble2: type 'mount'01:59
=== kbrooks didnnt take the pic
delireMarble2: can you see your linux partition there?02:00
Le0hi ya ppl!02:00
=== hayden [~hayden@203-219-130-10-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2/dev/hdd4 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)02:00
Marble2that looks like it, I only have one ext3 partition :)02:00
=== JDahl [~joachim@] has joined #ubuntu
alvarohey guys i need help with audacity, whenever i try to export to an .mp3 file it says that it can't locate libmp3lame.so.... and i try to locate it and can't find it. I went to root also and says it's already installed : \02:01
delireMarble2: yep that's it. ok now 'less /etc/fstab' (the file system table)02:01
Marble2 paste the output?02:01
blueyedOnly tried the Live CD yet - is there a hint/gui to pppoeconf during installation if you're just using a DSL modem? (had to google for that)02:01
delirealvaro: Marble2: no, can you see the partition in there?02:01
=== madduck [~madduck@madduck.developer.debian] has left #ubuntu []
Marble2/dev/hdd4       /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       102:01
KingArthur-TDoDgrrrrrrrrrr........this is getting frusterating.  only a few system configuration tools works.  in the taskbar, it says "starting *whatever*", then it didn't do anything!  bah!02:02
delirealvaro: it's not in Ubuntu, you'll need to instal it02:02
helio7let me try it this way: Is anyone successfully seeding or downloading any ubuntu torrents atm?02:02
Marble2delire, I think I found it. My linux partition is actually hdC402:02
Marble2not hdd4 as it is reporting02:02
delireMarble2: hehe that's it. can you use vim?02:03
alvarohow do i install it?02:03
Marble2because when I go to broswe files here, it shows my linux install in hdc402:03
corzahas someone got Samba here??02:03
=== leitao [~leitao@d-proxy02.sigmanet.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2delire, not really, how about nano?02:03
leitaoplease, how can i get the src package? is it possible?02:03
Marble2I haven't bothered to learn vi/vim yet02:03
leitaowith apt-get02:03
delireMarble2: sure that's fine. you'll need to also edit /boot/grub/menu.lst02:03
Marble2I don't use grub02:03
delireMarble2: that last file is the most important.02:03
Marble2it doesn't work with my chipset, I'm using lilo02:03
delireMarble2: lilo?02:03
corzadoes anyone use samba02:04
delireMarble2: ok /etc/lilo.conf02:04
Marble2I'm there02:04
delireMarble2: you're problem should go away02:04
Marble2what do I edit?02:04
delireMarble2: oh, but you'll need to run 'lilo' afterward, that could be a problem02:04
Marble2It's worked before running lilo02:04
=== iceaxe18 [~iceaxe18@c-24-18-111-235.client.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
=== ^thehatsrule^ [~hatbot@tehats.0ffice.info] has joined #ubuntu
delireMarble2: right.. either that or give lilo the boot parms 'boot <kernelname> root = /dev/hdc4'02:05
skreetWhen doing lshw i get "        *-ide:0 UNCLAIMED" -- Anyone have a clue how i can fix this (it's not seeing my cdrom and i belive this is why :P)02:05
=== leitao [~leitao@d-proxy02.sigmanet.com.br] has left #ubuntu []
Marble2delire, can I pm you please02:06
delireMarble2: so when you first boot, you can tell lilo which kernel and parition to use.02:06
delireMarble2: it's late here, i have to go soon.02:06
delireMarble2: you can email me.. i'll msg02:06
Marble2ok hold on, lets see real quick02:06
Marble2        label=Linux02:06
Marble2        read-only02:06
Marble2#       restricted02:06
Marble2#       alias=102:06
Marble2        initrd=/initrd.img02:06
=== eyequeue [~eyequeue@eyequeue.user] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2that's my main linux part in lilo, how do I modify it?02:07
helio7Where would be the best place to report that the Torrents for Hoary are broken i.e. the tracker is down?  That wouldn't be a bug right?02:07
=== bogus [tralala@97pc221.sshunet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== mhz [~mhz@pc-76-108-120-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
delireMarble2: jump into #debian, don't tell them you're using Ubuntu (they're a bit silly and hardcore at times). just tell them you can't boot and you need to know about editing lilo +/or using boot paramters to boot into the partition02:08
Xatterno love on the keyboard options02:08
Marble2ok thanks02:08
delireMarble2: i have to work soon ;) mail me if you get stuck.02:09
=== Reformed [~ben@ben.transact.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== Yomic [~Yomi-kun@ip70-178-179-66.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Trixisity [~Trixisity@j223053.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
corzaguys i need help with samba i have stuffed my conf file02:11
ReformedJust upgraded to hoary, however my screen resolution can't go any higher than 1024x768 when my LCD panel supports a native resolution of 1280x1024.  The system -> pref -> screen resolution doesn't list it.02:12
ReformedAnd I can't seem to locate "1024" via the gconf-editor...  so any ideas?02:12
=== KingArthur-TDoD goes to reinstall Ubuntu to try to get things working again.
haydenReformed: /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:12
=== regeya [~shane@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
=== SeanQ [Sean@] has joined #ubuntu
SeanQI just upgraded my processor/motherboard to an AMD Sempron 2400+02:13
randy_345Reformed: you have to add the resolution in that file02:14
SeanQI got kernel panic when I booted Hoary.02:14
SeanQIt couldn't open init and couldn't find /dev/console.02:14
SeanQI can still access some ubuntu via a Gentoo LiveCD.02:14
SeanQWhat do you suggest?02:14
^thehatsrule^is it 64-bit? O.o02:14
helio7-/whereis webadmin email?  need to report torrent tracker breakage!02:15
SeanQ^thehatsrule^: I made sure nto.02:15
SeanQI think it's K7. But it could be i686.02:15
haydensame thing isnt it02:15
=== circuit_rider [~Circuit__@adsl-65-43-145-133.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
helio7http://releases.ubuntu.com/hoary/ torrent tracker is not doing its job I'm fairly sure; I've verified the problem with other folks, but can't figure out where to report it to the Ubuntu administration; any ideas?02:16
^thehatsrule^ubuntu livecd no work?02:16
=== shadeofblue [~icechat5@host81-156-91-166.range81-156.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
SeanQ^thehatsrule^: I'm out of CD-R's; this is the best I can do.02:17
=== moyogo [~moyogo@Toronto-HSE-ppp3718183.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== lamont_r [~lamont@phantom.acmeps.com] has joined #ubuntu
shadeofblueis Ubuntu fully GPL free software?02:17
=== eph [~s@host81-134-174-160.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Worthless_USER [XiDuS@cpe-065-188-063-200.sc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mylesbraithwaite [~mylesbrai@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Worthless_USER [XiDuS@cpe-065-188-063-200.sc.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
juanshadeofblue yes.02:17
=== P3L|C4N0 [~gcamposm@] has joined #ubuntu
Reformedrandy_345: Thanks!  Kind of assumed they were using XFree86-4 configuration file for compatibility until everyone moved to hoary.02:18
shadeofbluethen why isn't that advertised more...and how come they call it Linux and not GNU/Linux?02:18
randy_345Reformed: no problem02:18
=== FLeiXiuS [~Nick@] has joined #ubuntu
=== iceaxe18 [~iceaxe18@c-24-18-111-235.client.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
Burgundaviashadeofblue: it is Ubuntu to avoid the whole debate02:19
mhzjuan: usas hoary?02:19
juanmhz yep :P02:20
ephim confused... is Hoary: KDE, but no GNOME?02:20
Quest-MasterIt's Gnome02:20
SeanQeph: Hoary UBUNTU comes with GNOME02:20
juanmhz por que? :P02:20
Quest-MasterBut there's a KDE version of it02:20
SeanQeph: Hoary KUbuntu comes with KDE02:20
haydenhoary is the latest version of ubuntu02:20
randy_345the kubuntu package adds KDE02:20
SeanQIt's a special version.02:20
thotypousgnome rlz02:20
thotypousKDE sux02:21
ephim looking for the most up-to-date GNOME-Ubuntu.. for Ath6402:21
ephwhere should i look?02:21
=== Markrian [~Markrian@82-68-11-182.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
mhzporque fui de warty a hoary via APT pero sigo usando XFree en vez de X.org02:21
haydenreleases.ubuntulinux.com ?02:21
juanlamentably exits kde for ubuntu =)02:21
eyequeueeph:  warty is the cirrent stable, hoary is the current development version02:21
shadeofblueokay..its just that i wanted to make sure all the software was GPL'd but that seems hard to verify from the website02:21
=== davewave_ [~davewave@61.201.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
juanmhz apt-get install xserver-xorg02:21
ephHoary is stable soon though? 2 weeks? i heard there was some release in april02:22
mhzjuan: :)02:22
juanuna vez lo hice en hoary, pero fue para cambiarme a xfree86 :P02:22
eyequeue6 april02:22
mhzjuan: y eso sacara a XFree?02:22
eyequeueand a ton of changes before then02:22
eyequeuesomehting like 116 just today02:22
dazed116 today?02:22
=== gangalino [~cwa2@Toronto-HSE-ppp3660443.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
dazedi updated last night02:22
ephshould i bother getting a new ISO? ive already got Warty AMD6402:23
eyequeueyeah, the thing definitely isn't stable02:23
=== tmo [~tim@adsl-69-215-149-210.dsl.milwwi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
mhzjuan: gracias02:23
dazedit keeps gettin cooler every update though02:23
resiakThere is absolutely no way that Ubuntu is 100% GPL free software.02:23
juanmhz oka :)02:23
eyequeueeph:  it's up to you if you prefer stable or development02:23
=== norris [~norris@user-112002e.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
gangalinoI'm having problems burning a bootable CD w/ K3b...02:23
dazedor u can be like me have one box stable and one box dev02:23
=== louiej [~jason@s142-179-183-57.ab.hsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== skreet [~skreet@c-24-147-73-168.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ephis the team planning to expand the WMs? will we see XFCE in Ubuntu?02:24
=== jeff_ [~jeff@] has joined #ubuntu
resiakshadeofblue: Not all the software is GPL'd. You won't find _any_ distro that has that. It may well all be Free, though.02:24
mjreph, it's available via universe02:24
=== Le0 is now known as rtfm
skreetAnyone here playing World of Warcraft *well* using P2P?02:24
resiakeph: I think you rather miss the point of Ubuntu.02:24
haydeneph: if u install it yourself02:24
mhzjuan: chileno?02:24
=== rtfm is now known as Le0
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Le0 [~leo@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ephuniverse isnt stable though.. i could screw my install up02:24
ephjust adding xfce02:25
shadeofblueResiak: there is one distro fully GPL'd - stallman refered to it...lemme find the name02:25
resiakeph: And this is why you use Debian Sarge :-)02:25
juanmhz sipues mano ;)02:25
ephdebian?! debian is archaic02:25
haydenjuan: #ubuntu-es02:25
resiakshadeofblue: Sure, a distro with no X or sshd. Sounds like a barrel of laughs to me.02:25
juana lo mejicanote, jaja, sip, chileno :)02:25
mhzjuan: jajaja02:25
ephi tried a debian net inst once, was a nightmare02:25
resiakeph: You do realise that the current Debian installer _is_ the Ubuntu installer, don't you?02:25
=== zapada [zapada@Barrie-ppp222866.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== zenrox_ [~zenrox@wbar7.sea1-4-4-045-007.sea1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
shadeofblueResiak: well heh yeah i couldn't get it to run on my laptop so i dont know :P02:26
ephno i didnt realise that02:26
mjrshadeofblue, if it's the spanish one, it includes proprietary drivers too...02:26
=== jeff_ is now known as CompotatoJ
dazed  eph: u realize ubuntu is based off debian packaging02:26
shadeofblueMJR:yeah the spanish on02:26
ephdazed i know that02:26
eyequeuebah, too much fighting02:26
dazedif u dont like debian i dont think ubuntu is for you lol02:26
SeanQbbl, reinstalling ubuntu02:27
ephbut the hardware detection in ubuntu is as good as mandrake... meanwhile debian seemed miles off02:27
HrdwrBoBzapada: what filesystem is /dev/hda502:27
shadeofblueMJR:but it must have been goodenough for stallman to mention it02:27
zapadaHrdwrBoB: Fat3202:27
resiakeph: I had _no_ problems that any other distro didn't share.02:27
HrdwrBoBzapada: that is the problem02:27
=== zenrox_ is now known as zenrox
HrdwrBoBbecause you cannot create symlinks on fat3202:27
HrdwrBoBdont' use fat32 for anything except basic storage02:27
shadeofblueUtuto is its name02:27
ephresiak.. Ubuntu is the only distro that works by default with my soundcard02:27
=== nexus- [~nexus@dsl-220-235-107-70.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
ephwhich makes me happy02:28
resiakeph: What's your sound card?02:28
ephterratec aureon sky 5.102:28
juanhayden I'm gonna go there now :D02:28
shadeofblueand i think its Argentinian02:28
juanmhz si, se ponen desos estos wns xD02:28
juandensos* :)02:28
=== icesmurf [~icesmurf@210-86-89-245.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
haydenjuan: can u ask mhz a question and put 2 ? at the front and end02:29
juanhayden cool02:29
dazedhayden u know theres an ascii charecter code fro the upsidedown question mark02:30
resiakeph: Fair enough. My experience with Ubuntu has been that it is more hassle for no gain.02:30
resiakdazed: There's no ASCII one.02:30
juanI think he don't :)02:30
=== elshadii [~elshadii@cpe-069-134-102-068.carolina.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
juanI think he doesn't <-02:30
=== StR34k [~streak@i216-58-9-11.avalonworks.net] has joined #ubuntu
resiakdazed: There's an ISO-whatsit code, and a Unicode one. Both are wider than 7 bits, which is all ASCII defines.02:30
dazedresiak: ahh ok02:30
=== dockane [~dockane@pD9520B60.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
haydenpointing to urself?02:31
dazedthat Big Fish movie is lame02:31
=== P2501 [~leo@] has joined #ubuntu
StR34khey, would anyone happen to know how to edit the keybindings in gnome?02:31
tritiumeph, resiak's experience is not a common one, however02:31
=== juan brb
=== resiak stops being a Debian advocacy troll, and continues with life.
tritiumStR34k, there's a capplet for that under Preferences02:32
StR34kI have a logitech keyboard, and there are more keys that I want to bind than prefs->kbd shrtcuts has.02:32
dockanemic is still dead02:32
shadeofbluefreebsd must be the most freest then02:32
dockaneany idea how to activate mic ?02:32
resiakshadeofblue: That depends how you define "free".02:32
StR34kI figure it's configurable.02:33
shadeofbluewell stallman's way02:33
Burgundaviashadeofblue: bsd is more free if you consider user rights02:33
JDahlfor some odd reason my "New Message" window in Evolution@Hoary is much much too big to fit inside X. I tried deleting .evolution, but the problem didnt go away. Where would change the default size? I am guessing gconf, but I dont know anything about gconf02:33
=== Echylo [Yordie@d515342A5.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviashadeofblue: gpl is more free if you consider codes stays free02:33
dazedis there a way to bind volume keys for volume?02:33
dazedis that under the key binding capplet?02:33
StR34kdazed, yah02:34
FLeiXiuSdazed: Yep02:34
=== cosmobot [cosmobot@ts3-b53.Voronezh.dial.rol.ru] has left #ubuntu []
=== helio7 [~michael@wbar21.lax1-] has left #ubuntu []
StR34kdazed, In prefs->keyboard shortcuts.02:34
shadeofblueyes that is the only difference....that GPL requires impovements are GPL'd too...BSD doesnt...but in terms of the freest distro around today, then it must be FreeBsd02:34
ephdoes anyone bother trying to get 3d accel from their ATI card in Ubuntu?02:34
Burgundaviashadeofblue: free is a very loaded word02:34
mhzany ideas why I have these 2 non-sense problems??? a) I try to burn via Nautilus and: "Please replace the disc in the drive with a rewritable or blank disc, with at least 480 MiB free."02:34
skreeteph: Works fine.02:34
Burgundaviaeph: yes, I have got it working02:35
resiakThat's really a massive overgeneralisation of the differences between the GPL and the BSD licenses, but I'll let it slide.02:35
dazedi got it StR34k lol i forgot about that i was looking in keyboard and everywhere else except the binding section02:35
mjrbsd might maximize developer freedom, yes, but there are other things02:35
skreeteph,  And by fine I mean I cant close the lid of my laptop and open it again unless I change ATI to VESA02:35
=== carambol [~Internet@c117065.upc-c.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
haydenskreet: thats happens to me to02:35
=== eyequeue [~eyequeue@eyequeue.user] has joined #ubuntu
dazedoh now thats cool when i hit the volume button it has a lil thing that pops up02:35
mhzb) XMMS get's stuck when I try to listen to Audio or Mp3's02:35
skreethayden, Known issues, I usually switch back to vesa when i'm not gaming.02:35
ephhmm do u get decent performance from the ATI card?02:36
StR34kdazed, kewl, I want to findout how to link my 'my docs' button to bring up my docs like it does with the homedir.02:36
Echylomha, change the soundserver to esound02:36
tritiummhz, is it configured to use the right output?02:36
ephive got a 9800pro.. but fear it wont get anything from it02:36
skreeteph, Sure, I play ut2004 and 1400x1050 all the time02:36
skreetruns great.02:36
dazedyeah im going to look into that my self02:36
mhztritium: which problem a) or B) ?02:36
=== Echylo slaps Echylo
=== lexhider [~lexhider@dip-220-235-84-227.vic.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
tritiummhz, A02:36
Echylomhz, b02:36
skreetI sold my 9800 pro for a 6800 gt the week before they released new ATI drivers02:36
tritiummhz, B, rather ;)02:36
Echylomy solution was to b02:36
tritiumI don't even see your A02:37
ephhmm skreet, could a noob get the 9800pro going in ubuntu?02:37
Echylowhy do you say an A then :P02:37
mhztritium: let me double check02:37
tritiumEchylo, I corrected myself02:37
Echyloa) I try to burn via Nautilus and: "Please replace the disc in the drive with a rewritable or blank disc, with at least 480 MiB free."02:37
shadeofbluethere might be other considerations, but i thought i would aim to have an ethically 'pure' laptop and see if i can survive02:37
Echylob) XMMS get's stuck when I try to listen to Audio or Mp3's02:37
Echylothat's his a02:37
Echyloand his b :)02:37
skreeteph, Follow the Wiki guide. I ran into an issue where nothing I installed would play, and I cant remember the solution for the life of me02:37
Echylob) change the soundserver to esound(preferences)02:37
haydendoes fglrx work with ati igp ?02:37
shadeofblueand as the display went blank after 5secs with Ututo, i guess i shall try freebsd02:38
mhztritium: OSS02:38
Echylochange it to esound!02:38
=== syn1 [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumshadeofblue, you're not going to find out the problem?02:38
skreeteph http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/BinaryDriverHowto02:38
syn1is there an easy command to automatically upgrade from warty to hoary?02:39
=== z993126 [~maki@adsl-068-209-182-046.sip.mco.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
Echylosyn1, http://www.ubuntuguide.org02:39
tritiumsyn1, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryUpgradeNotes02:39
Echyloor write script for it02:39
Echylobut that's one thing you probably have to do every 6 months02:39
Echyloso it's not worth it02:40
=== z993126 ponders.
shadeofbluetritium:well, i used the 2.4 kernel instead of the 2.6 and the display worked, but then the installer hung02:40
Dr_Acemasteris there a gaim 1.2 packaged?02:40
LeeJunFan_awayhow long is ubuntu going to support older versions? Thinking of server use.02:40
z993126Is there a gui system monitor that displays the information of i.e. per-disk IO live?02:41
Echylolee, I thought 18 months02:41
tritiumLeeColleton, for 18 months02:41
Echylodunno for sure02:41
goldfishhey guys02:41
syn1Echylo, tritium: thanks02:41
=== melter [~The@ideaone-243-13.ideaone.net] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishi just upgraded to hoary and x wont start02:41
Echylosame :) np02:41
goldfishim a n00b, so any hints on what to do02:41
Echylogoldfish try booting another kernel?02:41
skreetgoldfish, What kind of video card?02:41
tritiumgoldfish, nvidia?02:41
=== nexus- [~nexus@dsl-220-235-107-70.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
skreetIck, warty is XFree and hoary is X.org02:42
goldfishi had the same problem with warty02:42
skreetThats gotta mix something up02:42
goldfishbut got it fixed02:42
Echylohow did you solve it in warty?02:42
skreetWhat did you do02:42
tritiumgoldfish, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for the cause of the error02:42
randy_345goldfish: when xserver dumps you back to login02:42
randy_345goldfish: type: apt-get install nvidia-glx02:42
tritiumhe should have that already if he's already got nvidia working before02:43
Echylobtw since when are you a noob goldfish? :P02:43
=== helio7 [~michael@wbar21.lax1-] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishsince i started using linux :)02:43
syn1tritium, Echylo: should I upgrade to hoary on a P3 600Mhz 128MB 10GB laptop?02:43
helio7has anyone gotten gaim sounds working when say xmms is running?02:43
tritiumsyn1, yes02:43
goldfishi got those drivers when i was in warty02:43
geneo93tritium:  i found out what is wrong with kppp02:43
Echylosyn1, I'm using hoary on a P2 433mhz 192 ram 80gig02:43
tritiumgeneo93, good job, dude :)02:43
syn1Echylo: oh.. well then : )02:44
randy_345goldfish: did you try nvidia-glx-config script02:44
geneo93well i dont store scret passwd anywhere02:44
elshadiiI hope I'm not inutrupting something but I have aquired an old 533mhz computer, my problem is it will not boot into the cdrom and if it does it won't reat the cdrom correctly any ideas on how to get around booting from a cdrom to install linux would be appriciated.02:44
=== clparker [~clparker@] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishrandy_345: nope02:44
skreetAh wtf, im on disc 3 of World of Warcraft and it's not copying files anymore :((02:44
JDahlif I want to wipe all evolution information from gconf, what is the clean way to do it?02:44
tritiumgoldfish, not even when you did it for Warty?02:44
syn1here goes nothin'!02:44
z993126is there a way to monitor the data transfer rate to/from a particular hard drive?  (in this case I want to see if an external drive is using usb2 speeds or only usb)02:44
goldfishtritium: dont think so02:44
randy_345goldfish: i had the same problem... after i install nvidia-glx + run the script02:44
tritiumgoldfish, then you better make sure nvidia-glx is installed after all02:45
randy_345goldfish: everything works after i restart x02:45
fissysudo hdparm -tT /dev/sda02:45
corzacan someone help me out with samba?02:45
eyequeueelshadii:  no interruption, you are welcome to ask here (though i don't know the answer)02:45
Echyloelshadi, on the website www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki there is a howto to create a bootfloppy, maybe that helps you02:45
=== syn1 [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has left #ubuntu []
fissyz993126, ^^02:45
=== helloyo [~alex@c211-30-78-117.belrs2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
randy_345goldfish: the vesa x.org drivers don't like newer nvidia cards, hence, xserver won't start02:45
shadeofbluez993126: just copy a largish file over to the external HD and see how long it takes02:45
elshadiiEchylo, thank you for that info. I should have checked there first.02:46
helloyohow do i change my splash screen?02:46
goldfish"nvidia-glx is already at newest version"02:46
z993126well yeah but I'd like to know exact speeds02:46
tritiumgoldfish, good02:46
Echyloask anything anytime in here02:46
randy_345did you try the script?02:46
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-084-056-154-089.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
shadeofbluez993126:USB1.1 is massively slower than USB2.0 so you should easly notice the difference02:46
fissyz993126,  sudo hdparm -tT /dev/sda02:46
z993126k even02:46
fissybut yeah, 40 times is quite easy to spot02:46
mhzEchylo: thx, XMMS is running loud and clear02:46
goldfishI have no Xorg.0.log in /var/log02:46
goldfishrandy_345: nope sorry, what script02:47
tritiumgoldfish, can you cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep nvidia please?02:47
helloyohow do i change the default splash screen in gnome?02:47
=== StR [~str@] has joined #ubuntu
=== artnay [jirig@shell.evtek.fi] has joined #ubuntu
StRhi there02:47
randy_345goldfish: try the script!02:47
=== syn1 [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishtritium: yep02:47
corzacan someone help me out with SAMBA?02:47
goldfishrandy_345: which script is this? :)02:47
randy_345goldfish: #nividia-glx-config02:47
randy_345that's it02:47
tritiumgoldfish, if grep returns nothing, we'll do that ^^^02:47
StRI installed hoary, but I don't get the graphic loading like the live CD... what package to I need to install?02:47
fissycorza, ask your question and we'll see02:47
=== pablo928 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93randy_345:  enable02:48
=== rattboi [~bradon@68-119-0-118.wa.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pablo928 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== pablo928 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
randy_345geneo93: right... it's been a couple days since i did that...02:48
corzafissy: i'm trying to network my printer using samba to windows02:48
goldfishthere is no xorg.conf there :/02:48
=== pablo928 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
corzafissy: my windows computer can see the printer.. but it cannot 'connect' to it02:48
=== pablo928 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumgoldfish, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:49
randy_345corza: there's a great howto for samba on the internet somewhere...02:49
=== pablo928 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
z993126hmm actually i suspect it's not using usb2, how do i make it do so?02:49
tritiumgoldfish, forgot to tell you to use sudo02:49
goldfishi remembered!02:49
randy_345corza: can't remember where though...02:49
corzarandy_345: ok.02:49
tritiumgoldfish, awesome :)02:49
goldfishok, weird02:49
goldfishpackage is not installed02:50
z993126the samba howto on the ubuntu wiki was mostly all i needed (i did need to look at the official site to figure out how to add shares, and didn't even need to do all the stuff in the wiki)02:50
tritiumgoldfish, you didn't completely upgrade to Hoary then02:50
goldfishwhat did i do wrong?02:50
goldfishI changed source.list02:50
eyequeuegoldfish:  warty or hoary?02:50
tritiumgoldfish, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryUpgradeNotes02:50
randy_345goldfish: do a fresh install, it's saves a lot of headaches!02:51
geneo93tritium:  also there is no kppp.config generated by kppp02:51
goldfishi need a gui :)02:51
eyequeuegoldfish:  not only tht, but you also have to update and dist-upgrade02:51
=== pablo928 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pablo928 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
corzarandy_345: u dont know how to use webmin-samba do ya?02:51
goldfisheyequeue: yeah i did that too02:51
=== PacoBCN [~PacoBCN@62-15-251-135.inversas.jazztel.es] has joined #ubuntu
fissyyou're probably going about it in the hardest way corza, windows understands how to use cups, the linux printing system02:51
goldfishi'll go read that link02:51
randy_345corza: been way too long... i went through the pain of setting up a true samba 6 mos. ago02:51
corzafissy: why wont it connect?02:52
randy_345corza: and now i've forgotten everything02:52
eyequeuegoldfish:  i'd also recommending commenting out any non-ubuntu repos02:52
tritiumgeneo93, oh, okay.02:52
=== helio7 [~michael@wbar21.lax1-] has left #ubuntu []
fissycorza, you need to tell cups to listen to other computers on your network, i'll just find a link02:53
=== QMario [~qmario@adsl-65-68-73-98.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has left #Ubuntu []
corzafissy: i already have02:53
goldfisheyequeue: ok, i'll do that02:53
tritiumgoldfish, good luck.  I'm going to be away for a about 1-2 hours02:53
=== QMario [~qmario@adsl-65-68-73-98.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #Ubuntu
z993126is there a config to tell ubuntu to use usb2 protocol or whatever is needed for an external drive, if it doesn't recognize if automatically?02:53
=== braam [~braam@] has joined #ubuntu
syn1is hoary really much better than warty?02:53
=== crigs [~craig@host81-129-39-144.range81-129.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
QMarioHow do I view the python 2.4 IDLE?02:54
QMarioWhat file do I go to?02:54
=== davewave [~davewave@47.201.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumsyn1, many improvements02:54
eyequeuesyn1:  better?  less-stable at least02:54
QMarioDoes anyone know the program to go to?02:54
nexus-does samba start by default on ubuntu?02:54
goldfishtritium: thanks :)02:54
QMarioYes nexus-02:54
corzanexus-: yes02:54
eyequeuesyn1:  i wouldn't pronounce "better" until after april 602:54
tritiumgoldfish, you'll likely have many updates to download ;)  I'll look for you when I return to see how things went.02:54
PacoBCNeyequeue, much less02:54
randy_345z993126: do you have a motherboard w/nforce4?02:54
goldfishi already d/l like 450 mb of them02:54
QMarioSo where do I find the IDLE  for python 2.4?02:55
=== gdub [~gdub@] has joined #ubuntu
nexus-ah it starts under the networking script02:55
tritiumgoldfish, out of how much?02:55
goldfishtritium: i think it got them all02:55
GhostFreemanwhats the command to remove a directory02:55
goldfishit was going for 3 hours02:55
randy_345z993126 wins the draw!02:55
tritiumgoldfish, oh...02:55
GhostFreemanand if I want to remove it with the files also?02:56
syn1gosh! 50 mins to update from warty to hoary?02:56
eyequeueGhostFreeman:  mn rm02:56
eyequeueGhostFreeman:  man rm02:56
geneo93goldfish:  yesterday was 82 mb today 100nb02:56
tritiumnano-bytes?  ;)02:56
z993126might be able to delete a directory tree w/files in nautilus if you're wanting that route...02:56
randy_345rmdir -R (recursive)02:57
goldfishrm -rf name02:57
geneo93tritium:  typo02:57
goldfishbut its a dangerous command02:57
=== Guerin [~magpie@] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishso im told02:57
tritiumgeneo93, just teasing you, buddy ;)02:57
eyequeuegoldfish:  hence better to let them find it in the man page :)02:57
billytwowillyhey sudo rm -rf /02:57
goldfisheyequeue: hehe02:57
=== e_machinist [~matthew@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
GhostFreemanthanks all02:58
geneo93hey i cant take much more02:58
tritiumbillytwowilly, don't joke - somebody might try it02:58
=== Phated [~dyana@cm29.epsilon16.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
=== SeeleyUSMC [~shawn@ca-29palms-cmts2a-57.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
billytwowillytritium: I did it once;)02:58
=== z993126 peers suspiciously at his local-drive-to-local-usb2-drive data transfer.
=== cornholio [~splaza@pc-200-74-118-54.megavia.pc.metropolis-inter.com] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumreally?  aww, that sucks02:58
e_machinistHey, I just added a DVD-ROM to my system... but when I insert a disc it doesn't mount and it isn't listed in my Disks location.02:58
e_machinistAnyone know how to fix that?02:58
z993126Yep, this is definitely not going usb2 speeds.02:58
billytwowillytritium: I didn't catch it for a minute or so, but I ctrl-c'd it and my mandrake install worked for another six months;)02:58
SeeleyUSMCIs there a good way to generate a random password in Ubuntu?  I want to change my password but I want to just create something random.02:58
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@157.besecure.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumbillytwowilly, you're lucky02:58
tritiumokay, I'm out of here for a while...02:59
billytwowillytritium: yah, I know;) it's just an amusing story;)02:59
fissycorza, sorry, my internet is terribly slow: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/NetworkPrintingFromWin2000/view?searchterm=printers02:59
tritiumbillytwowilly, see you later!02:59
billytwowillytritium: cheers02:59
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
corzafissy: no prob had felt ur pain for 7 years.. up until about 2 weeks ago lol03:00
eyequeueSeeleyUSMC:  apt-cache show apg pwgen03:00
e_machinistI just added a DVDROM to my system... it isn't automounting when I put a disc in... and it isn't listed in my disks location.03:00
=== abrotman [~abrotman@pcp03723050pcs.potshe01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinistThe dvdrom can be selected by Totem though.03:00
fissycorza, I have broadband, but something has gone terribly wrong with it03:00
=== Homer|away [~Homer@ip216-239-88-153.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
corzafissy: really? oh ok lol well my exchange just got enabled a few weeks ago so i've been happy ever since lol03:01
shadeofbluefissy:exceeded monthly bandwidth limit?03:01
=== Caveman [~biocorp@caveman.ipv6tb.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjre_machinist, it probably needs to be added to /etc/fstab03:01
mjre_machinist, like so: /dev/hdc        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       003:02
StRevery1: in kde I used quanta to code PHP... what should I use in GNOME?03:02
mjr(change hdc if required)03:02
e_machinisthmm... should have installed the dvdrom before I installed ubuntu.03:02
resiakStR: vim03:02
GhostFreemanso...is hoary nearing final?03:02
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
resiakStR: Alternatively, Gedit03:02
randy_345final on 6 april03:02
z993126oh...another question: how do I browse network files from file:open in an application instead of having to use Nautilus for accessing network files or manually typing smb://server/share/path/path/path?03:02
StRresiak, vim is bether that gedit03:02
GhostFreemandoes it have GNOME 2.1003:02
resiakStR: Alternatively, cat > index.php03:02
fissyshadeofblue, I don't think so, I had to get a new router because the old ones filesystem died :s I think this new one doesn't like my brother's bittorrenting03:02
StRresiak, LOL03:02
=== icesmurf [~icesmurf@210-86-89-245.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
resiakStR: Yes, I know it is, but I thought for a moment that you might be one of these "Eew vim si teh horribl0r lololl" people.03:03
resiakGhostFreeman: Kinda the whole point of Ubuntu is that it releases in sync with Gnome.03:03
=== kain [~kain@213-140-6-121.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
StRresiak, no, but quanta is faster to edit PHP than vim.... so, i'm looking for an option in gnome03:04
randy_345their releasing it a little later for debugging03:04
=== DoYouUbuntu [~someemail@ACC18FA8.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
StRresiak, i use vim to write bash and perl, not for PHP03:04
GhostFreemanI like Anjuta03:05
=== resiak smacks abrotman. "Down, boy!"
=== syn1 [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has left #ubuntu []
PhatedOoo kinky.03:05
DoYouUbuntui like lemons03:05
GhostFreemanits not as bloated or confusing as whatever KDE fails at doing03:05
=== abrotman ducks
StRanother thing:  I installed hoary, but I don't get the graphic loading like the live CD... what package to I need to install?03:05
z993126I'm getting a new machine that I'll be using as a server so I'll put Ubuntu on that, but it probably doesn't need to access other computers on the network...but unless I can get ubuntu's networking working as user-friendly as WinXP, I'll switch back to XP for this machine.03:06
=== Nemo_ [~chatzilla@ws123-189.dormlab.dynamic.msstate.edu] has joined #ubuntu
fissyis there a tool for measuring general packet loss in all network communications from a computer?03:06
z993126But transferring files from these external drives at non-usb2 speeds is...a bit of a pain.03:06
=== QMario [~qmario@adsl-65-68-73-98.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has left #Ubuntu []
DoYouUbuntuMy XP system is solid, but Linux intrigues me03:06
abrotmanz993126: use samba03:07
z993126I am.03:07
=== abrotman [~abrotman@pcp03723050pcs.potshe01.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
z993126but I don't know how to browse samba shares from the filesystem in nautilus03:07
z993126I can only access them from 'network' in nautilus03:08
resiakz993126: Network -> Windows Network03:08
Nemo_Can anyone here point me in the direction of the source code for the linux kernel that is shipped with hoary hedgehog current? (5.04 i386) I can't find it on ubuntulinux.com or the mirrors.03:08
resiakz993126: Erm, that's how you're supposed to access them, unless you mount them with mount.smbfs. Read man mount.smbfs03:08
z993126yes but you can't access that from e.g. file:open in gedit03:08
=== skreet [~skreet@c-24-147-73-168.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== James_k84 [~james@MACKWEST-217.ubishops.ca] has joined #ubuntu
corzafissy: i did that and it still doesnt work03:09
James_k84how do I get sshd to work in kubuntu?03:09
=== z993126 squints at his monitor.
Nemo_No, I want the exact source that is compiled on the cd.03:09
fissycorza, what happens?03:09
Nemo_I cannot find it on ubuntulinux.com03:09
HrdwrBoBNemo_: there is bouth a linux source package03:09
James_k84I have openssh package installed...03:10
HrdwrBoBand apt-get source linux-image etc03:10
HrdwrBoBlinux-source- iirc03:10
corzafissy: as i said the windows computer can see that the printer is there.. the drivers are installed & everything is ready except the windows computer doesnt have 'access' to the printer03:10
HrdwrBoBlinux-source- iirc03:10
Nemo_Where is the source package then?03:10
RiddellJames_k84: sudo apt-get install ssh03:11
=== grumpysmurf [~grumpysmu@c-67-166-12-53.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
fissydon't suppsoe theres anywhere in the windows dialogs to put in a username and password?03:11
fissythere must be03:11
fissycorza ^03:11
=== mwylde [~mwylde@adsl-63-204-12-145.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBfissy: ftp://user:password@host/dir03:11
fissyprinting over ftp eh03:11
=== DR_K13 [~DR_K13@ip68-5-32-179.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== z993126 peers at the manpage for mount.smbfs
dockanewhat can i do to make my mic work ? everything looks o.k. but no input03:13
z993126what's the syntax for {service}03:13
HrdwrBoBNemo_: if you are in ubuntu03:13
HrdwrBoBsimply get that package.03:13
fissywhy are you guys talking about ftp :s03:13
z993126it didn't like smb://server/share/blah03:13
Nemo_I am not, I need the source so that I can install a network driver03:13
resiakz993126: "It" being mount.smbfs? Why not READ THE MANPAGE?03:13
z993126that's what i'm looking at.03:14
Nemo_And, as per the GPL, the source should be not only on ubuntulinux.org, but also on every mirror.03:14
HrdwrBoBand it is03:14
resiakz993126: I apologise -- it doesn't appear to tell you. My bad. //server/share03:14
Nemo_And it's not a vanilla kernel.  All I see is a diff file that I can download through ftp/http.03:15
HrdwrBoBNemo_: can you start again and tell me exactly what you have and what you want to acheive03:15
James_k84Ridell:  I already had it.03:15
resiakz993126: That's insane, actually. There's no way to know that from reading the manpages. Thanks for pointing it out :)03:15
James_k84how to I get the sshd to start working?03:15
z993126ahha oops helps to have the mount point you're trying to put it in...03:15
=== froust [~liam@S0106000f6694d7bf.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Nemo_I need to install a network driver, I need the kernel source, the version that comes with hoary 5.04.03:15
froustAnyone feel like some ati 64 bit driver hell?03:15
=== resiak runs away screaming.
Nemo_The presence of a kernel*.diff file tells me that I can't get it from kernel.org03:16
eyequeueNemo_:  s/kernel/linux/03:16
Nemo_But I don't have dkpkg installed anywhere I can connect to the internet from.03:16
=== icesmurf [~icesmurf@210-86-89-245.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== mmond [~Bukkake@CPE-70-92-252-37.wi.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
z993126i can now browse to my share on xp...03:17
shadeofbluebtw to whoever responded before...freebsd allows installation of xwindows and sshd...so they are probably sufficient free for the GPL03:17
mmondtail -f file doesn't take too much memory away now . . . does it?03:17
Nemo_s/kernel/linux/ ?03:17
z993126but i'm encountering the same problem i had before with utf-16-encoded text files: gedit can't open them across the network03:17
zenwhenNemo_, sudo apt-get install linux-source-2.6.10 will give you the tarball in your /usr/src dir.03:18
=== verden01 [~verden@] has joined #ubuntu
z993126if i copy them to a local directory and tell gedit that it's a utf-16 file it can open it...03:18
=== z993126 tries something.
eyequeueNemo_:  right03:18
zenwhenLinux kernel source for version 2.6.10 with Ubuntu patches03:18
zenwhenThis package provides the source code for the Linux kernel version
eyequeuezenwhen:  he appears not to be in ubuntu03:18
Nemo_You don't understand...03:18
Nemo_I need this to install a network driver.03:18
=== verden01 [~verden@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
z993126ah ok it accepts if i manually tell it the encoding03:19
skreetNemo_, How large are the sources, do you know?03:19
z993126is there a way to tell gedit the order of encodings to test for when auto-detecting?03:19
=== avanspronsen [~avanspron@London-HSE-ppp3543494.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Nemo_Along the lines of 32 megs, perhaps?03:19
skreetNemo_, I might be able to download them and zap them on my server if you can deal with my 384kbps cable upload speeds.. would that do?03:20
corzaanyone here had experience with sharing printers via samba?03:20
eyequeueNemo_:  wget  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-source-2.6.10/linux-source-2.6.10_2.6.10-31_all.deb03:20
=== icesmurf [~icesmurf@210-86-89-245.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBNemo_: why do you need the SOURCE03:20
skreetEr, or that.03:20
Nemo_It will do for now, but someone needs to have them more readily accessible03:20
icesmurfanyone seen this before : device-mapper: dm-linear: Device lookup failed03:20
HrdwrBoBNemo_: they are readily accessible03:20
skreetHrdwrBoB, He already said he needed to install network drivers into the kernel, I woudl assume ones that arnt compiled or modules03:20
eyequeueNemo_:  just wget  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-source-2.6.10/linux-source-2.6.10_2.6.10-31_all.deb03:20
icesmurfi've rebuilt my kernel manually, but i suspect i've missed something03:20
icesmurfany ideas?03:20
HrdwrBoBskreet: they are all compiled03:20
resiakshadeofblue: It was me. My entire point was that OpenSSH and X are _not_ GPL'd. The GPL is not the only Free license.03:21
zenwhenNemo_, the GPL does not dictate a container format.03:21
HrdwrBoBin any case if it's an extra network driver03:21
Nemo_TThank you03:21
HrdwrBoBhe only needs the headers03:21
HrdwrBoBin the linux-headers package03:21
HrdwrBoBin which case he should specify that03:21
Nemo_I didn't say it needs to be more easily accessed or I'll sue03:21
eyequeuei don't think this guy is plnning on using ubuntu, he's looking for his gpl rights03:21
nexus-i assume Ubuntu hasn't released the kernel yet?03:21
Nemo_Or even that I mind deb03:21
skreetnexus-, No.03:21
skreetIt's only available on the unofficial and unstable repos, afaik.03:21
HrdwrBoBnexus-: current kernel is 2.6.1003:21
=== l3wwy [~lewwy@CPE-139-168-173-196.qld.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Nemo_Just that they need to be downloadable without having to have everything working perfectly03:22
nexus-okay thanks03:22
l3wwyguys, how would i kill wine?03:22
l3wwylike, using the kill command?03:22
skreetl3wwy, killall wine.03:22
nexus-i'll need to compile and try and see if i can get wpa working03:22
skreetwithout the trailing period.03:22
eyequeueNemo_:  will what i said suffice for you?03:22
Nemo_Yes, thank you03:22
HrdwrBoBnemo: it is, you've also not been clear with what you want03:22
HrdwrBoBI don't think you need the kernel source03:22
eyequeueNemo_:  that same directory contains an .orig.tar.gz and a .diff.gz if you prefer03:23
Nemo_I know I don't need it all, but I would like to have it03:23
=== tacoofdeath_ [~tacoofdea@pcp09313322pcs.towson01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoByes, and it's all there03:23
dockanethats strange : i do no get my microphone working. when i change the inout/output volumes i get a accoustic feedback. that means the mic must somehow work doesnt it ?03:23
=== kpeterson [~kpeterson@12-216-13-48.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Nemo_But I said I needed to install a network driver, and all I was getting was linux commands.  No, I wasn't specific that I needed my network card to get online, I assumed I didn't need to be.03:24
eyequeueNemo_:  in any case, the gpl mandates the sounce be available, and ubuntu discharges that obligation in that directory03:24
tacoofdeath_how long will it take for my ubuntu cds to arrive?03:24
=== froust [~liam@S0106000f6694d7bf.ed.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
LinuxJonesdockane, turn down your speakers03:24
dockaneLinuxJones, its turned down03:24
shadeofblueResiak:while they might not be GPL'd the FSF has stamped the Modified BSD license (and if those packages are in freebsd then they preumably adhere to it) as compatable with the GPL03:24
dockaneLinuxJones, i tried to make a test record but audio record gives back a flat line03:24
=== abrotman [~abrotman@pcp03723050pcs.potshe01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
z993126Is there an extension for Nautilus to view folder notes in a column in detail view?03:24
kpetersonI am trying to change my resolution to 1280x1024 but the highest option on the preference dialogue is 1024x768.  I got Ubuntu Live to run at 1280x1024 and copied down the XF86Config-4 file.  I tried to copy and paste some thigns that I thought might help, but no luck.  Any suggestions?03:25
Nemo_I didn't say ubuntu was noncompliant with the GPL, I just said that it's somewhat inconvenient03:25
Nemo_well, I was intending to say it is somewhat inconvenient, rather03:25
=== [bn] ennoia is now known as [bn] 2345256
corzai need help with sharing my printer via network can someone help me?03:25
eyequeueNemo_:  no, i'm just pointing out there's an obligation, even if you were not aware :)03:25
Nemo_Ah, ok03:25
Nemo_Indeed, I am03:25
resiakshadeofblue: We're arguing even though we agree. Let's leave it.03:26
StRanyone has the bootsplash configured?03:26
randy_345kpeterson: edit /etc/xorg.conf and add you resolution03:26
HillTopkpeterson Hi, did ou get your screen resolution worked out?03:26
tacoofdeath_how long will it take for my ubuntu cds to arrive?03:26
eyequeuetacoofdeath_:  typically less than 6 months03:26
shadeofblueResiak:heh its probably my fault, i am quite a newbie to all this really03:26
Nemo_Thank you everybody for your help03:26
randy_345i got them in iraq after 3 mos :)03:26
tacoofdeath_i guess thats what comes of being free03:27
kpetersonHillTop Ah, nice to see you again! I did get the live version working in the correct res, but have not had luck editing the XF86Config file.  Randy_345 says that i should edit xorg.conf so I will try that03:27
eyequeuetacoofdeath_:  don't hold your breath, release isn't until next month, plus there are many many who have ordered them03:27
z993126corza: I installed my printer simply by going to Computer:System Configuration:Printing in Gnome...03:27
fissywhich version of ubuntu are you using kpeterson?03:27
=== lamont__r [~lamont@phantom.acmeps.com] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93tacoofdeath_:  took 3 weeks to usa03:28
randy_345right, forgot to ask that...03:28
kpetersonfissy I am using hoary03:28
tacoofdeath_what is hoary?03:28
z993126I don't remember what else I did in particular...I looked on the ubuntu wiki for my specific printer and it had some info03:28
randy_345kpeterson: hoary uses x.org not xfree8603:28
corzax993126: read my question again..03:29
fissyin that case, yeah find the line for 24 bit colour in your xorg.conf file and add "1280x1024" towards the start of the line03:29
randy_345kpeterson: there is no XF6Config file!03:29
=== keyhack [~keyhack@dva90.resnet.neu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== n4cht [~n4cht@pcp0011329456pcs.elictc01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== n4cht is back (gone 04:32:59)
n4chtwhat sound daemon does hoary run by default?03:29
juanwhere is the dbus session start command at ubuntu? I mean, if it's on .bashrc... or whatever... I want to build dbus with mono support, that's the reason... ?03:29
kpetersonrandy_345 and fissy I think that file must be left over from when i was running warty?03:29
fissyesd n4cht03:29
HillTopkpeterson looks like some more help here. :)03:29
fissykpeterson, yep03:29
=== hayden [~hayden@203-219-130-10-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
z993126yeah I think the...printer thing has networking options.  bah I don't even remember, and I just set it up yesterday T_T03:29
kpetersonHillTop Indeed, thanks for you help!03:29
n4chtthanks fissy03:29
kpetersonfissy randy_345 HillTop hopefully this works, thanks guys03:30
l3wwyhey, anyone here who has actually recieved there CD's from ubuntu raise your hand03:30
juan alsa03:30
randy_345i have!03:30
geneo93me 303:30
DoYouUbuntuso what's the general consensus on Hoary?03:30
z993126"It's under development"03:30
l3wwyhow many cd's randy_345 and geneo93?03:30
randy_345they took a trip around the world about 3 times to get to me.. but i got em!03:30
crimsunHoary is stable.  Release candidate is tomorrow.  Final release is 8 April, 2005.03:30
randy_3452 i386 & 2 amd6403:31
n4chtok, i can't get gaim's sounds to work at all using esd, or arts.03:31
mmond"tail -f file" doesn't take too much memory away now . . . does it?03:31
crimsun"stable" -> use and stability, not naming convention ;)03:31
geneo93i got 5 each ppc an x8603:31
=== geordie [~kkdowning@mail.resist.ca] has joined #ubuntu
fissykpeterson, the line needs to look like this: Modes           "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "720x350" "640x480"03:31
icesmurfnbd110: Request when not-ready03:31
icesmurfend_request: I/O error, dev nbd110, sector 003:31
icesmurfanyone seen that before?03:31
corzaDoes anyone know how to use webmin-samba?03:31
kpetersonfissy I think that line is right, but my monitor section is different from what I saw when i booted the live version, so im gonna try to edit that03:31
randy_345they came from switzerland i think... went to america... went to Army Post Office... went to Iraq!03:31
artnayany gnome hackers around?03:32
=== ^thehatsrule^ hacks artnay's kde
odysseus1how can i make mysql-server listen on remote requests ? how to modify /etc/mysql/debian.cnf ?03:33
randy_345kpeterson, your monitor manual (sometimes on CD) tells you all the compatible resolutions03:33
=== darmou [~darmou@CPE-144-137-5-71.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
n4chtanyone know a command to play sounds through cli?03:33
=== carambol [~Internet@c117065.upc-c.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
l3wwylol im trying to manually install ut2003 onto my computer thru ubuntu03:34
fissyn4cht, mpg123 is a console mp3 player03:34
l3wwythis could take a while ~-^03:34
n4chti need a cli wav player.03:34
fissysearch synaptic using the description field03:34
unifihas anyone ever tried to install drivers for a digital cam?03:35
fissyunifi, you really shouldn't need to03:35
=== SeeleyUSMC [~shawn@ca-29palms-cmts2a-57.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
fissyn4cht, music123 plays wav, mp3 andb ogg files.03:35
fissyunifi, which camera do you have?03:36
nexus-does anyone know if a Dothan processor should go under Pentium M or Pentium III when you compile the kenrel03:36
unifisorry not a digital cam03:36
=== Bizzeh [Bizzeh@host81-158-25-32.range81-158.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
unifiweb cam... a bit more difficult :)03:36
=== wirwzd [~wirwzd@c-24-218-115-209.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
fissym nexus-03:36
fissyi *think*03:36
fissyunifi, sorry, have no idea about those things03:36
=== wirwzd [~wirwzd@c-24-218-115-209.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
unifimost peopel do not...03:36
=== l3wwy is now known as BROADCAST
=== BROADCAST is now known as lewwy
n4chtah-hah.  the problem is that i'm missing esdplay!03:37
caramboluniifi, google it03:37
unifiI have03:38
=== odysseus1 [~odysseus@ppp-82-135-7-234.mnet-online.de] has left #ubuntu []
unifiI found drivers and am to like the last step of installing the thing03:38
=== difekta [~DIFEKTA@h-67-101-101-20.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #UBUNTU
Marble2Okay, can someone please help me? I get /sbin/init : cannot open dev/console errors when I boot up. I just added a new hard drive and had to mess around with the cables, someone said that would change the numbering and cause this error? Could someone help me edit my lilo.conf to fix this please?03:38
unifiand i keep on getting this frustrating message03:38
=== eyequeue stops x
=== vexer [~vexer@blk-222-183-150.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
nexus-i should probably try and go through the kernel docs instead :P03:39
vexerhi, I just downloaded drivers for my soundcard (kernel 2.6.x) opensource.createive.com for Extigy, and I did a 'make' and now i have to do insmod exaudio.o to load the driver .. however i get this error : insmod: error inserting 'exaudio.o': -1 Invalid module format03:40
vexeri can't quite figure out what i'm doing wrong03:40
Bizzehis there a creative nomad sdk for linux?03:40
z993126how do I chnage my screen resolution after installing fglrx for my ATI Radeon 9800?  Gnome's Computer:System Configuration:Screen Resolution gives an error about the X server not supporting the XRandR extension.03:40
Bizzehi kno there is a COM one for windows03:40
unifidoes anyone know what * No rule to make target `modules'. means?03:40
vexeryou tried to do make modules?03:41
=== Yomic [~Yomi-kun@ip70-178-179-66.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== [1] saber [~saber@user-11fa1nm.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
unifiyes I am trying to install drivers for a webcam03:41
=== davewave_ [~davewave@29.201.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
vexerwel it's saying there is no "modules" to make03:41
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-136-124.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
lewwyunifi it might be better explaining your problem in context03:41
abrotmanthere's no make-kpkg ?03:42
lewwyhe did03:42
lewwynvm me03:42
unifiok :)03:42
unifiI have a logitek web camera03:42
=== eyequeue [~eyequeue@eyequeue.user] has joined #ubuntu
vexerdo the instructions say to do a "make modules"?03:42
=== Xira [~XIra@c-24-10-51-201.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
unifiand then I went here http://mxhaard.free.fr/download.html03:43
unifito download the drivers for the camera03:44
unifiand I have been messing around with it for a couple of days03:44
unifitrying to get it installed03:44
kainunifi, which model do you have?03:44
unifithen I found some ubuntu specific directions03:45
=== Dreamer3_ [~josh@sdn-ap-002tnnashP0230.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
unifithen I found new directions here...03:46
unifithese are hoard specific03:46
unifiI have installed the kernel03:46
=== abrotman [~abrotman@pcp03723050pcs.potshe01.pa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
unifilinked it and everything03:46
unifibut when I try to spca5xx-20050315; make; make install03:46
kbrooks...it errors?03:47
kainunifi, have you installed kernel-headers?03:47
kainI know those drivers03:47
unifi19 modules03:47
unifimake[1] : Entering directory `/lib/modules/2.6.10-3-386/build'03:47
unifimake[1] : *** No rule to make target `modules'.  Stop.03:47
unifimake[1] : Leaving directory `/lib/modules/2.6.10-3-386/build'03:47
unifimake: *** [default]  Error 203:47
kainalso I know zc030x drivers03:47
unifiwhat do they do?03:47
kbrookskernel headers03:47
kbrookspretty obvious on the name03:48
=== robodex [~aaron@Toronto-HSE-ppp3707417.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
kainthey provides files to compiling against a kernel03:48
=== dinker [UPP@c-24-22-61-16.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bdb [~chatzilla@sub206181.ColState.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
kainif you doesn't have the package, modules like this won't install03:48
unifiwell let me fire up synaptic03:49
unifione sec03:49
kainbtw there's a kernel upgrade available03:50
kainI use 2.6.10-5-68603:50
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
robertjheya all, how's everyone doing03:50
StRwhat is the equivalent for   /etc/rc.local in Ubuntu?03:51
dinkerkain probably not a packaged kernel like 2.6.1003:51
unifihow do I upgrraded the kernel?03:51
kainunifi, try apt-get install linux-68603:51
robertjunifi: on what?03:51
robertjhoary or warty?03:51
kaindinker, sorry, I haven't undestand what you mean03:51
dinkerkain kernel 2.6.11 is out, but I don't think there is a .deb package that is stable yet for ubuntu. You can roll your own kernel but that sometimes is a pain03:52
=== dinker is now known as Dillweed
robertjwhy are you so eager to use 2.6.11?03:52
=== jas_MHz [~jason@81-86-89-104.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
unifiI am actually using hoary03:53
=== wilbertoki [~wilbertok@] has joined #ubuntu
kainDillweed, that's why I recommend using linux-686 metapackage for hoary03:53
robertjunifi: is something broken?03:53
robertjunifi: then don't fix it03:53
Dillweedkain yep03:53
unifiha ok :)03:53
=== usual [~colin@cpe-24-194-193-176.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
unifiok installed kernel-headers03:54
unifithen tried my make again03:54
unifimake[1] : Entering directory `/lib/modules/2.6.10-3-386/build'03:54
unifimake[1] : *** No rule to make target `modules'.  Stop.03:54
unifimake[1] : Leaving directory `/lib/modules/2.6.10-3-386/build'03:54
unifimake: *** [default]  Error 203:54
wilbertokiIs it normal to only get .4X speed ripping a cd using sound juicer?03:54
=== z993126 [~maki@adsl-068-209-182-046.sip.mco.bellsouth.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== P3L|C4N0 brb
lewwyhang on03:55
lewwyis a new kernel out?03:55
lewwywould a new kernel help me with my network problems?03:55
kainunifi, dpkg -l | grep linux-headers what shows?03:55
robertjunifi: the way to do it is to take the existing patches against 2..6.10 and apply them with make-kpkg against prestine sources for 2.6.1103:55
randabis2.6.11.6 is the current stable release of the linux kernel03:55
eyequeueThe latest stable version of the Linux kernel is: 
lewwywould a new kernel help with my network problems?03:56
=== St0n3-C0l [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
randabislewwy, depends on what your network problems are03:56
=== mylesbraithwaite [~mylesbrai@] has joined #ubuntu
lewwydhclient fails03:56
lewwyifconfig works03:56
lewwymii-diag shows link beat03:56
lewwydmfe module is loaded03:56
lewwydoesnt work03:56
randabisthe kernel has nothing to do with dhclient or ifconfig03:57
unifiok one sec robertj03:57
lewwyno DHCP connection03:57
lewwywell in that case03:57
lewwyeven though about 5 people have tried helping me for many hours03:57
lewwydoes someone wanna take a stab with my linux problem?03:57
Flonnelewwy, this may seem redundant, but have you tried "ifup <your interface>"?03:57
jas_MHzWhat is the point of a AMD64 kernel rather than 32bit ( on amd 64 processor ) - issit worth the lack of compatibility ??03:57
=== zerokarmaleft [~zerokarma@ip68-12-45-133.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
kainI don't think unifi wants a vanilla kernel + patches, he/she wants to compile a driver as a module, so he/she needs kernel-headers03:57
FlonneNot really, jas_MHz.03:57
kainthat in hoary are linux-headers03:57
FlonneIt's faster in a few situations, but I'd usually rather have Flash.03:58
Flonne(Though I live without it.)03:58
=== oferw [~chatzilla@CBL212-235-8-77.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
randabisFlonne, in that case a 32 bit chroot would be an option03:58
unifirobertj ii  linux-headers- 2.6.10-19      Header files related to Linux kernel version03:58
unifiii  linux-headers- 2.6.10-19      Linux kernel headers 2.6.10 on 38603:58
unifiii  linux-headers- 2.6.10-4       Linux kernel headers on 38603:58
FlonneIt would be, but I'm lazy.03:58
lewwyI have a Davicom 10/100 network adapter and it doesn work.  I have tried dhclient, ifconfig, all to no avail.  Can someone please help?03:58
kainwell unifi03:58
FlonneI just run two parallel /s on this laptop.03:58
randabisFlonne, :) nothing wrong with that :p03:58
unifithats what I got03:58
jas_MHzI've been trying to compile wine for amd64 but its hard *sigh03:58
unifikain: I think you are right03:58
kainunifi, that are strange versions03:59
kainI have03:59
kainii  linux-headers- 2.6.10-31      Header files related to Linux kernel version03:59
kainii  linux-headers- 2.6.10-31      Linux kernel headers 2.6.10 on PPro/Celeron/03:59
randabisunifi, linux-headers need to match the kernel you are running03:59
=== moquist [~moquist@pool-64-222-153-106.man.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
wilbertokiis .4X ripping speed normal for sound juicer or is something horribly wrong?03:59
unifiok how do I find out which one I am running... I am way newbie I know...03:59
kainunifi, uname -a03:59
unifiand I usually can figure stup out03:59
randabislewwy, the card is detected correct?03:59
eyequeueuname -r03:59
jas_MHzwhat is a 32bit chroot is it swapping kernels w/o reboot??03:59
unifistuff out04:00
lewwyI have a Davicom 10/100 network adapter and it doesn work.  I have tried dhclient, ifconfig, all to no avail.  Can someone please help?04:00
=== circuit_rider [~Circuit__@adsl-65-43-145-133.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
FlonneNo, jas_MHz.04:00
unifiby scouring google04:00
unifibut this one has been a tough one04:00
kainunifi, try doing an sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:00
=== Kirsch [~Kirsch@cpe-66-66-12-34.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
FlonneIt's a means of running 32-bit apps from your 64-bit environment.04:00
FlonneIt takes a little bit of effort to set up.04:00
kainhave you never doing some upgrades?04:00
Kirschhey guys, i just did a clean install of Warty, then did a smart upgrade to Hoary, now my screen resolution is locked at 800x600, any ideas?04:00
St0n3-C0lFrom which site u check ur ip ??04:00
wilbertokikirsch: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:01
jas_MHzlike 32bit libraries? sounds good. Any good URLs for 32bit chroot howto's ??04:01
kainKirsch, try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:01
unifikain:  2.6.10-3-38604:01
=== vexer [~vexer@blk-222-183-150.eastlink.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
kainunifi, try sudo apt-get install linux-686 then, it will download a new kernel optimized for 686, then recheck for linux-headers package in sync with the new version04:01
=== Phated [~dyana@cm29.epsilon16.maxonline.com.sg] has left #ubuntu []
kainafter it installs, reboot of course, to use new kernel image04:02
unifikain it cant find linux-68604:03
unifiI have  the hoary supported repos04:03
bob2unifi: paste your sources.list to #flood04:03
bob2(it's broken)04:03
robertjack! the new OOo icons are kinda ugly04:04
kainI think linux-686 is in restricted repository04:04
eyequeuewhy would linux be restricted?04:04
kainI'm wondering04:05
unifikain: how do I find what sources I am using outside of synaptic?04:05
eyequeueunifi:  less /etc/apt/sources.list04:05
kainunifi, cat /etc/apt/sources.list | less04:05
=== GnuKemist [~GnuKemist@24-193-127-131.nj.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
kainwell, old school04:05
randabisthe linux kernels are in main04:05
unifiand then I take them and past them where?04:06
kainno no04:06
=== thanatosys [~thanatosy@cpe-68-118-6-137.hol.nc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== black_nightmare [~black_nig@modemcable099.228-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
kainsorry, I read "here"04:06
thanatosyshello everyone04:06
=== nomasteryoda [~tux@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
black_nightmareany of you know if its an editable setting to beep at shutdown errors or no?04:07
haydendoes kismet work with drivers installed thru ndiswrapper04:07
GnuKemistthanatosys, hi04:07
=== junglejym [~chatzilla@pcp456640pcs.shklfd01.ar.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== e_machinist [~matthew@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
kainrandabis, he complains can't find linux-686, I'm wondering why higgs have it under restricted04:07
kainPackage: linux-686 (2.6.10-7) [restricted04:07
e_machinistWhat lib/codec do I need to download to enable dvd playback?04:07
black_nightmarehm anyone?04:07
kaine_machinist, apt-get install libdvdcss204:07
unifiI am going to try to restart it04:07
=== Marble2 [~a@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
kaine_machinist, and after that restart gnome, if you use it04:08
=== junglejym [~chatzilla@pcp456640pcs.shklfd01.ar.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
thanatosysyea and if you are in hoary you need to check the wiki about the malirat things04:08
e_machinistIt says that libdvdcss2 is not available, but is referred to by another package.04:08
thanatosyshey does anyone know how i can make my aterm or gnome-terminal look like this04:08
eyequeuemarillat, not mallrat04:08
e_machinistThat is what it has been saying all day.04:08
thanatosyssorry wasnt sure04:08
thanatosysi was close04:09
pinPointi hate this, im playing an avi file from HD and its lagging04:09
pinPointvideo or audio is out of sync04:09
e_machinistIs libdvdcss2 under a different name or something now?04:09
eyequeuee_machinist:  http://wiki.ubuntuforums.org/RestrictedFormats04:10
thanatosyshmm mplayer seemed to be doing the same thing earlier but it may have been because i was running alot of stuff at once04:10
thanatosysso can anyone tell me how to make my terminals look like this04:10
goldfishone o n the left looks like root-tail04:10
e_machinistThat url could not be found.04:11
thanatosysno i mean how there are no borders04:11
goldfishnot sure though04:11
pinPointso how do i fix this, linux OS seem to have issues when it comes to video, 3d etc04:11
GnuKemistthanatosys, looks like invisible background04:11
goldfishoh right04:11
kainthanatosys, you want to have a desktop terminal search for "eterm transparent" in google04:11
thanatosysoo so it is eterm04:11
eyequeuepinPoint:  http://wiki.ubuntuforums.org/RestrictedFormats04:11
GnuKemistthanatosys, transparent...  that was the word  ;)04:11
thanatosyswell i ment i couldnt get rid of the borders04:11
thanatosysi can get it tranparent04:11
kainthanatosys, eterm has an option04:11
thanatosysbut the gnome stuff still stays04:12
e_machinistwiki.ubuntuforums.org could not be found.04:12
pinPointeyequeue: broken link04:12
kainto make window bordeless and transparent04:12
eyequeuepinPoint:  http://ubuntuforums.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats04:12
eyequeuee_machinist:    http://ubuntuforums.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats04:12
=== regeya [~regeya@adsl-sp3-cdale176.micgi.com] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinist404 not found04:12
pinPointdamn it eyequeue04:12
e_machinistOne more strike and your out.04:12
eyequeuepinPoint:  http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats04:13
e_machinistCongrats, kain got it.04:13
=== kurros [~wade@92-14.26-24.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
nmsaanyone using kino ? I hve aproblem with IEEE1394, can't see the device and can't control it ... need suggestions please04:13
kainnmsa, latest udev upgrades should address this issue04:14
kaincreating new nodes under /dev04:14
kainare you on hoary?04:14
robertjDoes OOo 2.0 beta's databse app work properly if you install it from ooo.org and use the sun jre?04:14
pinPointeyequeue: so what does all that have to do with my lagging04:14
pinPointby the way, i have been to that site before and got my system fixed for it04:14
nmsakain: the last verion of ubuntu, don't know is hoary, how can I find that ?04:14
St0n3-C0lthanatosys: This is not GNOME I think04:15
=== Nekohayo [~Kiddo@ip216-239-74-178.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
thanatosysyea that isnt04:15
thanatosysits xfce and gentoo04:15
eyequeuepinPoint:  you were complaining of04:15
thanatosysi think04:15
=== MichaelMcMahon [~icechat5@CPE000d88983755-CM000f9fa625ca.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeue<pinPoint> so how do i fix this, linux OS seem to have issues when it comes to video, 3d etc04:15
St0n3-C0laham XFCE04:15
thanatosysbut i wanted to know how to do it in gnome04:15
SeeleyUSMCI just started my Arabic language class today.  The Marines are teaching some cool stuff nowadays.04:15
St0n3-C0l100 points for tha :P04:15
pinPointso i get get my audio synced with video?04:16
kainnmsa, cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep ubuntu, did you see the word "hoary" ?04:16
GnuKemistSeeleyUSMC, where u at?04:16
SeeleyUSMCGnuKemist: 29 Palms04:16
GnuKemistSeeleyUSMC, where's that?04:16
=== AlohaWolf [~wulfie@cpe-67-49-96-168.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
SeeleyUSMCGnuKemist: California04:16
=== mathmatt [~mathmatt@pool-71-100-23-76.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointthats like 2hrs away from me04:17
=== linuxpoe1 [~Joshua@clbb-248.saw.net] has joined #ubuntu
nmsakain: hoary is it!04:17
GnuKemistSeeleyUSMC, cool04:17
nmsaI am on hoary, true04:17
linuxpoe1Hello all04:17
kainnmsa, and that's good, try upgrading packages with ubuntu upgrade manager04:17
pinPointSeeleyUSMC: you ever get your wireless nic to work04:17
pinPointi got it on mine04:17
kainnmsa, there must be an upgrade tu udev package for ieee139404:17
mathmattcan someone help with mplayer?04:18
nmsaI have the last update so I don't know ... isn't update and distro-upgrade auto-updating ?04:18
SeeleyUSMCpinPoint: No.  But I went and got a US Robotics card that worked right away.04:18
thanatosyswelll i am googling but not finding anything more interesting than whay i already have04:18
linuxpoe1Anyone here ever install ubuntu on vmware04:18
pinPointeyequeue: cant they be synced?04:18
kainnmsa, go to a terminal and type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade to find it out04:18
=== SeeleyUSMC goes off to do his Arabic homework
linuxpoe1I am having issues getting it to detect a hard drisk04:18
mathmattI would like to run mplayer without starting x, but I don't know if it is possible04:18
=== cosmobot [~zic@ts3-b53.Voronezh.dial.rol.ru] has joined #ubuntu
=== evan_d [~evan@] has joined #ubuntu
St0n3-C0lthanatosys: Its not XFCE, its enlightenment04:19
pinPointits like saying you'd like to drive your car without starting it04:19
zenwhenmplayer can run in a framebuffer04:19
thanatosysbut i still say it can be done04:20
St0n3-C0llol pinPoint yes you can :p04:20
mathmattzenwhen, how does that work?04:20
St0n3-C0lyeah :P try getting Englightenment :P04:20
zenwhenfuck if i know, but you can04:20
randabisI'm probably gonna try out e17 in a little bit :p04:20
kaine17 is cool, but still unusable04:20
St0n3-C0lpinPoint: but you'll need sum1 who'll push :p04:20
kainI've tried it yesterday04:20
thanatosysahhh dammit why cant it be some simple gnome configuration option04:20
linuxpoe1e has been "cool" but unusable for years04:20
St0n3-C0le17 ?04:21
mathmattreason: I can get tv out to work before logging in to gnome, but after i get a garbled image04:21
randabisenlightenment 1704:21
=== FR500 [~andres@] has joined #ubuntu
kainlinuxboy, I'm waiting for their file managers for ages04:21
FR500is there a way to edit the gnome menus?04:21
kainlinuxpoe1, I'm waiting for their file managers for ages04:21
FR500the applications menu for instance04:21
linuxpoe1I actually like XFCE4 file manager04:21
randabisI wish I could figure out why I cannot ever get my burner to burn at over 20x speed in linux04:21
linuxpoe1simple, gets the job done04:21
pinPointi didnt know that04:22
Burgundaviarandabis: have you enabled dma?04:22
pinPointthats cool04:22
kainlinuxpoe1, I cannot see it04:22
randabisBurgundavia, yes04:22
pinPointwell i want my audio and video synced04:22
kainlinuxpoe1, hate it, dunno why04:22
pinPointif anyone has an idea, pm me please04:22
linuxpoe1to each his/her own :)04:22
linuxpoe1I still prefer the command line over all of them04:22
=== unifi [~unifi@68-174-114-59.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
kainlinuxboy, for some thing terminal prevails all over gui/fancy stuff04:22
kaindamn xchat autocompletion04:23
St0n3-C0lthanatosys: You can transparent your GNOME-terminal04:23
kainlinuxpoe1, for some things terminal prevails all over gui/fancy stuff04:23
thanatosysyes but it still has the border04:23
linuxpoe1O.k. here is the ticket04:23
linuxpoe1tell vmware to use an IDE disk instead of SCSI04:23
linuxpoe1and it detected04:23
=== mcmahonm [~icechat5@CPE000d88983755-CM000f9fa625ca.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
kainthanatosys, if you refer to Eterm try running Eterm --trans -x --shade=0 --scrollbar=0 --buttonbar=0 --geometry=80x52+30+3004:24
St0n3-C0lyeah :P04:24
nmsakain: apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade automatic upgrades with the pkg's from update ? or update first & upgrades after ?04:24
e_machinistAfter I have acquired the libdvdcss2 how do I get totem to use it?04:24
St0n3-C0lGentoo really shines as a Powerful Linux System04:25
linuxpoe1Gentoo is nice but I don't know that I trust it to production use04:25
kainnmsa, apt-get update ensure that ubuntu download up to date list of packages, it does nothing else, apt-get upgrade download and then install packages04:25
=== linuxpoe1 is now known as linuxpoet
St0n3-C0lits nice but headache to install :P04:25
linuxpoetActually I found gentoo very easy to install04:26
thanatosysyou guys are genious04:26
thanatosyseven though i cannot spell04:26
linuxpoetTheir documentation is top notch04:26
GnuKemistGentoo ispretty straight forward install04:26
nmsakain: i have alist of pkg's tu be upgraded but udev is not there ... ?04:26
linuxpoetAs long as your familiar with the old school tools (which I am) it was very easy04:26
kaingentoo: install from stage 1, compile gnome and wait for 3.0 to come out04:26
GnuKemistkain, hehehe04:27
linuxpoetI remember the days of SLS where you got a one line per package install04:27
GnuKemistkain, it's not that bad04:27
linuxpoetit just asked you y/n/r04:27
kainGnuKemist, I joke04:27
calclinuxpoet: wow your old :)04:27
linuxpoetthanks for that ;)04:27
calclinuxpoet: SLS was long dead even 10yr ago when i started04:27
kainnmsa, try upgrading packages04:27
linuxpoetI was the first person to sell Linux "Workstations" in Oregon04:27
kainnmsa, I remember that was a fix for ieee139404:27
calclinuxpoet: cool04:28
linuxpoetWe used Yggdrasil plug in play linux04:28
linuxpoetthat stuff was years ahead of EVERYONE04:28
jsgotangcothats classic04:28
calclinuxpoet: i started with slackware 2.2 (iirc)04:28
=== mcmahonm [~icechat5@CPE000d88983755-CM000f9fa625ca.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
nmsakain: I am04:28
calclinuxpoet: i still have yggdrasil from 199604:28
linuxpoetUsed to sell servers with slack until Redhat 5.204:28
jsgotangcoi started with slack 3.604:28
kainnmsa, ok, after that reboot, and we will se what's the problem04:28
=== calc stopped using redhat with 5.0
linuxpoetI have some old primetime freewares with the old sls and mcc stuff on it04:28
jsgotangcoi still have those infomagic cds04:28
e_machinistNow that I have libdvdcss2 installed... how can I get Totem to play dvds?04:29
thanatosysso has anyone had success at monitor mode in hoary with an smc card?04:29
linuxpoetMy primary platform for development is gentoo while I used FC for desktop04:29
=== regeya grins and runs off
linuxpoetI am evaluating Ubuntu now04:29
kaine_machinist, restart gnome04:29
=== pe7er [~losof@pD954E6FC.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
kaine_machinist, and then try it with totem04:29
kaine_machinist, just insert your dvd04:29
e_machinistWill do kain. Brb.04:29
calcso has anyone played with fc4 yet?04:30
nmsakain: I will reboot, should I put the IEEE1394 pcmcia dev in, right? what about my camcorder? should it be on too ?04:30
kbrookssls eh04:30
kbrookswhats sls04:30
linuxpoetI haven't04:30
kainnmsa, yes04:30
linuxpoetI heard it might include Xeno which would be cool04:30
St0n3-C0land I moved to Sarge yesterday ;)04:30
calci downloaded fc4t1 but haven't burned it onto a disc yet04:30
kbrooksSt0n3-C0l, heh, why04:30
linuxpoetVery cool stuff out of cambridge04:30
St0n3-C0lMuch better than Ubuntu :P04:31
linuxpoeterr afk04:31
FR500is there any way to edit the gnome menus?04:31
St0n3-C0lin some functions04:31
kbrooksSt0n3-C0l, did you use woody :p04:31
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
kainFR500, you can search a menu editor on ubuntuforums.org04:31
tritiumgoldfish, I'm back.  How did things go?04:31
kbrooksif so, woody == sucks04:31
kainFR500, but it doesn't work so well for me04:31
St0n3-C0lFR500: One of my Reasons :P04:31
St0n3-C0lnah I said Sarge04:31
St0n3-C0lI know :P04:31
St0n3-C0lsucks big time sucks04:31
St0n3-C0lYou can edit your Menus in Sarge easily04:32
=== mgcross [~mgcross@hlfxn01bg9-142177174195.ns.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu
FR500kain, any ideas on why they removed that from gnome?04:32
randabisSt0n3-C0l, you realize that is because it uses gnome 2.8?04:32
mgcrossHello All04:32
kbrookswoody is so 90's04:32
FR500using nautilus applications:/// was very cool04:32
St0n3-C0lYeah it does04:32
tritiumFR500, transition to freedesktop.org compliant menus04:32
St0n3-C0lbut I think Gnome 2.10 should also use this04:32
Burgundaviaexcept is was totally broken04:33
thanatosysalas everyone it is my retirement time04:33
randabisFR500, the specification changed to the freedesktop.org ones04:33
kainFR500, some internal structure has changed to freedesktop specs04:33
mgcrossvery broken...PITA04:33
FR500tritium, so there will never be an editor, or just temporarily?04:33
tritiumFR500, there's already one that Amaranth coded up04:33
calcFR500: 2.12 will have an editor04:33
Burgundaviathere will be an editor04:33
kain<randabis> St0n3-C0l, you realize that is because it uses gnome 2.8? -> lol04:33
mgcrossanyone oint me towards a good avi/xvid to mpeg coverter?04:33
tritiumand what calc said ;)04:33
calcbesides the one that amaranth also wrote04:33
FR500calc, cool, thanls04:33
Burgundaviaalso, work is being done so that all packages have .desktop files by default04:33
St0n3-C0lapplications:// works here :P04:34
St0n3-C0lFR500: try on gnome 2.1004:34
ZotnixSo when Hoary comes out would I be able to switch right to Breezy?04:34
randabisSt0n3-C0l, it would not be standards compliant if it did. I do agree that it is a grave miscalculation on their part not to provide a menu editor...that's part of the reason I use kde 3.4 now04:34
FR500St0n3-C0l, in 2.10 there is no editor04:34
tritiumFR500, Amaranth made one04:34
randabisA member of the ubuntu community has coded a menu editor for gnome 2.10 that works from what I understand04:35
calcAmaranth made one for ubuntu, official gnome 2.12 will have probably a different one04:35
tritiumFR500, http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=6704:35
St0n3-C0lHe did but doesnt work04:35
FR500tritium, i'm looking for that, i was only replying04:35
=== e_machinist [~matthew@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
ZotnixI use it.04:35
ZotnixIt can't delete any entries.04:35
ZotnixIt can add.04:35
kainZotnix, m204:35
=== punjab12 [pubjab@207-38-252-211.c3-0.wsd-ubr1.qens-wsd.ny.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
St0n3-C0lOne major reason was that when I rebooted it refreshes my /etc/resolv.conf04:35
e_machinistkain, that is a no go. Totem still cannot play the dvd.04:35
kaineven if i start is as root04:35
randabisafter using kde 3.4 I find gnome kinda stale, but it has its merits04:35
St0n3-C0land I was on like back to 'nameserver'04:35
mgcrossTritium, tried it but no dice...<sigh> amd64 bites sometimes...lol04:36
kaine_machinist, what's the error? it complains about libdvdcss?04:36
St0n3-C0lOtherwise it was Excellent ;)04:36
tritiummgcross, oh, I haven't tried, so I have no idea how well it works04:36
=== tritium pokes goldfish
grumpysmurfgnome vs kde comes down to the terminal apps for me... and gnome-terminal wins :-\04:36
=== punjab12 screams
=== punjab12 is awaiting uwb
e_machinistkain, the error is "You cannot play this type of media because you do not have the appropriate plugins to handle it."04:37
mgcrossSorry to harp, but I really need a good avi to mpeg converter...can't find anything via sourceforge....anyone have any idea?04:37
nmsawhen update says: Need to get 49.0MB of archives it means that 49Mb will be downloaded, right ? moreover I have anther q: as the files sys is constantly growing due to upgrades, how one can keep it under control ? i will have no more available space ... in a year or so :) ?04:37
YomicWhere can I find out how to change my language character set when I type (like Japanese characters)04:37
=== _mage_work is now known as _mage_afk
ZotnixIs the change for the next release official? The name change... from grumpy gopher to breezy badger?04:37
tritiummgcross, did you try transcode?04:37
=== scorpix [~scorpix@as17-63.qualitynet.net] has joined #ubuntu
kaine_machinist, try installing gstreamer0.8-plugins04:37
punjab12what is different between preview and RC1?04:37
punjab12anything significant?04:37
=== unkwn [~unkwn@Toronto-HSE-ppp3913524.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
punjab12tomorrow rc1 is out i hear :)04:37
shadeofbluevirtual dub?04:38
e_machinistalright, I'll get those plugins.04:38
Burgundaviapunjab12: new packages and more bugfixes04:38
mgcrossshadeoofblue, is that linux or windows?04:38
BurgundaviaZotnix: it is breezy04:38
punjab12burgundavia:  RC1 I take it is more stable right?04:38
St0n3-C0lpunjab12: are u punjabi ?04:38
=== black_nightmare [~black_nig@modemcable099.228-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["snorts]
Burgundaviapunjab12: RC is closer to the final release, so yes04:39
punjab12why does everyone ask that :-)04:39
mgcrosstritium, transcode...may have...lemme see :-D04:39
jas_MHzany good apps to control bandwidth on a per a basis  ( I wanna cap bittorents download so streaming mp3s don't stutter ) ??04:39
ZotnixI suspect the day Hoary comes out I'll wait a bit and update to Breezy repos04:39
St0n3-C0llol Your nick makes them think :P04:39
randabispunjab12, you misunderstand what the label "stable" means04:39
regeyalol ror rofl04:40
randabis"stable" only means that the packages do not change04:40
mgcrossrandabis, naturally7..<grin>04:40
unkwnanyone know how to convert (subtitles) .srt to .sub?04:40
=== black_nightmare [~black_nig@modemcable099.228-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
XiraDoes anyone want to help me get Skype to work under Ubuntu?04:40
black_nightmaresorry duh..why the hell did I leave this channel??? lol04:40
randabisjas_MHz, azureus can do that04:41
black_nightmareany of you mind helping me figure a random shutdown issue? (sometimes it appears sometimes not)04:41
mgcrossTritium, nope, did not....is it in universe (transcode)?04:41
tritiummgcross, no, in Marillat's repo04:41
linuxpoetblack_nightmare: random shutdown issue?04:41
mgcrosshmmm...think I have that commented out...04:41
black_nightmarelinux..sometimes I get the error but shut down just fine somehow..other time it just shuts down smoothly04:42
tritiummgcross, okay, well, that's where it is04:42
St0n3-C0lI was going to Update my Sarge's gnome from Hoary Repos04:42
St0n3-C0lbut failed eh04:42
tritiummgcross, I'll be right back...04:42
black_nightmarelinux..you want look at my 'messages' on pastebin?04:42
=== unkwn [~unkwn@Toronto-HSE-ppp3913524.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
linuxpoetthat was my next question04:42
black_nightmarelol ok04:42
linuxpoetpaste it up04:42
mgcrosstritium, once more, thanks!04:43
=== mpq [~tony@c-24-16-234-69.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
black_nightmarelinux... #lfd was quite friendly.... so far its narrowed down to line 85-87 but then he suggested I ask this channel [since its the distro I'm using, doh] 04:43
black_nightmarehttp://pastebin.ca/8457 (EXCUSE the other 500+ lines...don't need to really read them all lol)04:43
black_nightmareand yeah yeah I know..I need MORE ram.. *bangs head*04:43
=== MacCoaster [~will@conquerant.rh.rit.edu] has joined #ubuntu
black_nightmarebut it runs ok on 128MB for now anyhow04:43
e_machinistkain.... now when I select play disc from the menu in Totem it opens up a file browser for me to select something....04:44
kainwell, only two last lines were useful04:44
kainand not at all04:44
MacCoasterI seem to be having problems with Evolution 2.2, I didn't have the problem when I used Evolution 2.0 under gentoo. How can I downgrade Evolution from 2.2 to 2.0 under ubuntu?04:44
randabisSt0n3-C0l, why would you do that when your complaint was that you can't edit menus in hoary's gnome?04:44
=== adam_ [~adam@pcp01344111pcs.wilog501.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mgcrosstritium, ftp://ftp.nerim.net unstable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 07DC563D1F41B90704:44
kaine_machinist, eject dvd, restart gnome, and then put your dvd into, and see what happens04:44
=== caffinated [~dfgdf@2conn13.rupert.net] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinistalright kain. brb.04:44
mgcrosstritium, wtf?04:44
St0n3-C0lrandabis: bcoz I'll shift to XFCE4 :P04:45
St0n3-C0lehehe :> I think Debian developers are trying to fix that editor probs thats why its not packaged yet :P04:45
randabisSt0n3-C0l, uh, that makes no sense04:46
black_nightmarelinuxpoet the similar error seem to have repeated at line 496-498 as well04:46
St0n3-C0lkidding I thought editor will work04:46
randabistechnically it will04:46
mgcrosstranscode only seems to do raw video to avi/divx...I need to go from avi/divx to mpeg...04:46
black_nightmaresorry its quite so long hehe :p04:46
St0n3-C0lnow updating back to testing repos04:46
Zugotwhat is the easiest way to burn a mp3 cd with ubuntu?04:47
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@pppoe-64-91-68-242.rb.lax.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
mgcrossZugot...I use K#B...04:47
mgcrosser K3B04:47
linuxpoetDo you have a heavy network load when this happens?04:48
mgcrossinellegent, I know, but....04:48
Zugotmgcross, unbuntu k3b doesn't support mp3s04:48
St0n3-C0lrandabis: leave this problem I also stated the problem of /etc/resolv.conf :)04:48
=== rookiehwm [~rookie@rhhe12-61.2wcm.comporium.net] has joined #ubuntu
St0n3-C0lpunjab12: Listening punjabi song eh :P04:49
black_nightmarelinuxpoet...nah...usually I don't have anything open (well as in way of firefox/etc) when I start shutting down04:49
=== e_machinist [~matthew@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
linuxpoetblack_nightmare: hmmm, do you have ACPI running?04:49
rookiehwmi have a strange problem: upon completing the first part of the Ubuntu install, and removing the cd and rebooting, the boot process freezes indefinately at Setting the System Clock using the Hardware Clock as reference04:49
rookiehwmi've tried the install again, any ideas?04:49
black_nightmareumm stupid question but whats acpi?04:50
e_machinistkain, same thing still... I select play disc and it opens a file browser wanting me to select something...04:50
kaine_machinist, that's really strange since gnome is configured to automatically playback dvds with totem on insert04:50
linuxpoetAdvanced Configuration and Power Interfcae04:50
=== Skywind [~Skywind@] has joined #ubuntu
linuxpoettrying turning it off with your grub.conf04:50
FR500is there a way to change the Open With Appname menus (when right click a file) to Enqueue In Appname?04:51
black_nightmareic in a while.... having 'sofftware updates' installing things now so quite slow04:51
=== Skywind [~Skywind@] has joined #ubuntu
black_nightmarelikewise.. *rolls eyes* I need a 2nd ram stick04:51
e_machinistkain, yah, and I installed libdvdcss2 and those gstreamer plugins you recommended.04:51
St0n3-C0lThink If Internet connections goes down in the whole world then :P04:52
St0n3-C0lFor only 1day04:52
HoMiE-[G] hey04:52
kaine_machinist, you have done the right thing, but it doesn't work. mm.. not sure if it cannot help, but you can try relying your totem to xine-lib, just apt-get install totem-xine04:52
=== mmuzzy [~mmuzzy@ip24-250-44-152.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
HoMiE-[G] can someone help me with setting up my internet connection04:52
HoMiE-[G] on my other pc04:52
=== Skywind [~Skywind@] has joined #ubuntu
HoMiE-[G] which has ubuntu04:52
kaine_machinist, I have totem + gstreamer plugins + xine + libdvdcss2 + w32codecs and it works well04:53
=== eyequeue [~eyequeue@eyequeue.user] has joined #ubuntu
HoMiE-[G] anyone ?04:53
=== hard_i [~hard_i@rapla.net] has joined #ubuntu
[1] saberwhat your problem homie?04:54
=== [1] saber is now known as saber-
HoMiE-[G] thanlks04:55
HoMiE-[G] i need to setup my internet connection04:55
HoMiE-[G] not for this computer04:55
HoMiE-[G] cause thsi one is windows04:55
HoMiE-[G] but for my box04:55
HoMiE-[G] with ubuntu04:55
HoMiE-[G] cause i cant get it04:55
saber-try to type your problem concisely in one message04:55
HoMiE-[G] k04:55
nmsais there a way, place to download packages for ubuntu (like rpmfind.net) ?04:56
HoMiE-[G] my other computer cannot connect connect to the internet cause its a pppoe connection which i do not knw how to setup04:56
linuxpoetIt should be auto configured nmsa04:56
eyequeuenmsa:  archive.ubuntu.com04:56
kainnmsa, check howtoaddextrarepositories on ubuntu wiki04:56
saber-nmsa: http://higgs.djpig.de/ubuntu/www/04:56
e_machinisthmm... well well well... dvd playback is proving to be quite elusive.04:56
HoMiE-[G] im new with linux only 1 day04:56
black_nightmarelinuxpoet so where would grub.conf be located anyhow? (and ACPI=off in the correct caps too right?)04:56
=== mathmatt [~mathmatt@pool-71-100-23-76.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
saber-homie: there's a pppoe package out there, and some documentation. look around the ubuntu web page04:57
=== kkathman [~kkathman@h-66-167-95-102.dllatx37.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
saber-if you run into problems not found in the docs, then you should come ask in here04:57
nmsakain:I have the repo on, but I was wondering if I can download in paralel from diff places ... mostly because right now the apt-get is blocking the packages application and cant run twho sessions in the same time ...04:57
kainnmsa, that's the way apt works04:58
HoMiE-[G] saber- i did and i couldnt get it .. it was really confusing .. u think u could help me with setting it up ?04:58
mgcrossTritium, thanks...does what I need (transcode)04:58
tritiummgcross, sorry, just got back04:58
tritiumCool, it works?04:58
kaine_machinist, did you install totem-xine?04:58
kaine_machinist, I believe the problem can be solved with this04:58
=== mylesbraithwaite [~mylesbrai@] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinistkain, I'm installing totem-xine right now.04:59
kaine_machinist, perfect04:59
nmsakain: :) just asking ... + another one : what's the use of synaptic, download only for the upgrade pkg's? why one should only download ?04:59
tritiumZugot, I just read my scrollback that you want to burn mp3 to cd.  Try graveman.  It works without any hassles.04:59
eyequeuenmsa:  because you want to babysit the install04:59
saber-i can't hold your hand homie. check out: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-138.html  also try searching google for "ubuntu pppoe"04:59
tritiumZugot, my wife just tried k3b tonight for that - what a PITA04:59
e_machinistHopefully it is solved. I used to use Xine on my old mandrake distro...04:59
=== [FiDO] [ExUser@PMccl5133.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has joined #ubuntu
nmsae_machinist: I have the same pbm with the totem, won't play the DVD ...  looking close to your development  ... :)05:00
e_machinistnmsa, Synaptic can also reinstall and remove packages.05:00
kainnmsa, synaptic can show you and search every package in your added repositories, plus it can select the upgrades for you. upgrades mostly are fine, for new upstream releases and bug fixes05:00
eyequeuenmsa:  the fetch doesn't need babysitting05:00
=== mathmatt [~mathmatt@pool-71-100-23-76.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== SeeleyUSMC [~shawn@ca-29palms-cmts2a-57.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinistnmsa, hopefully with kains help I can get this figured out.05:01
nmsaeyequeue: c'mon, I don't see what else I can say to the install ... how to instruct the install (not the fetch) ?05:01
mathmattsucessfully got mplayer to play an avi before loading x05:01
eyequeuenmsa:  are you familiar with debconf?05:01
nmsamaybe this is what I am missing ... :)05:02
eyequeuenmsa:  right05:02
=== marko_ [~markm@64-60-14-30.cust.telepacific.net] has joined #ubuntu
nmsawill check soon 'thnx05:02
=== marko_ [~markm@64-60-14-30.cust.telepacific.net] has left #ubuntu []
eyequeuenmsa:  never let an install run unattended, imo05:02
=== marko_ [~markm@64-60-14-30.cust.telepacific.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== marko_ [~markm@64-60-14-30.cust.telepacific.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== brianb [user23@] has joined #ubuntu
HoMiE-[G] does anyone have pppoe conf ?05:03
nmsaeyequeue: you are right .. .05:03
HoMiE-[G] can you send it to me ?05:04
GuerinHoMiE-[G] : yes, and you can too05:04
GuerinHoMiE-[G] : no, you can download it from the internet05:04
nmsaI need your support: a few days ago, while I made upgrade I had some problem on Preparing to replace pcmcia-cs 3.2.5-8ubuntu505:04
nmsa(using .../pcmcia-cs_3.2.5-8ubuntu6_i386.deb) ...05:04
nmsadpkg: error05:04
eyequeuenmsa:  btw, a side note, one use of the --download-only switch we'll see in here in the near future: apt-get -d dist-upgrade at bedtime, and ^C at wakeup, day after day, for those on dialup :)05:05
nmsaI may have some more lines to add, is there a place to paste ? can I put them here ?05:05
HoMiE-[G] Guerin i cant find it :P05:05
brianbx has gone wonky on me.  It went from a visually stunning desktop to monochrome (colour depth = 1). I'm running Hoary using an ATI All-In-Wonder.05:05
eyequeuenmsa:  there's a primary-significance error line, you can paste that one here05:05
nmsaeyequeue: wow ... super nice05:06
brianbIt happened about a couple of weeks ago during an update.05:06
kainbrianb, have you tried to set DefaultDepth to 24 in /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?05:06
kainbrianb, same thing happens to me one time05:06
tizenmy screen seems to drop to powersaving or something05:06
brianbI'll give it a shot.05:06
nmsaErrors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/pcmcia-cs_3.2.5-8ubuntu6_i386.deb05:07
nmsathis one ?05:07
eyequeuenmsa:  no, above that it said what the errors were :)05:07
nmsaprocessing /var/cache/apt/archives/pcmcia-cs_3.2.5-8ubuntu6_i386.deb (--unpack): subprocess pre-installation script killed by signal (Interrupt)05:08
eyequeuenmsa:  if needed, you can paste them all to me in a query and i'll let you know which one counted05:08
HoMiE-[G] guys05:08
mathmattanyone know of a good dreamweaver-type html GUI app?05:08
nmsadon't know what killed the proc05:08
HoMiE-[G] if i dont have internet on my other comptuer05:08
HoMiE-[G] how can i get files from thsi comptuer05:08
HoMiE-[G] to the other one05:08
HoMiE-[G] ?05:08
HoMiE-[G] cause im using windows on 105:08
HoMiE-[G] and linux on the other05:08
HoMiE-[G] ubuntu05:09
eyequeuenmsa:  try this now: sudo apt-get install pcmcia-cs05:09
kainHoMiE-[G] , if you're connected via lan consider using samba05:09
=== jbailey [~jbailey@CPE000ded9d787c-CM014260028338.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
MacCoasterIf I'm running kernel 2.6.10-686 I shouldn't get kernel-headers 2.6.8 or does it matter?05:09
brianbWorked like a charm, kain.  Thanks!05:09
kainbrianb, great05:09
HoMiE-[G] can i burn it on a cd ?05:09
HoMiE-[G] or something easy05:09
HoMiE-[G] rather than screwing with setting that up05:09
nmsaeyequeue: pcmcia-cs is installed05:09
kainMacCoaster, only if you plan to compile some external kernel modules05:09
HoMiE-[G] that could take a long time cause im a new user to this05:09
tritiumbrianb, you may want to read the part about the md5sum at the top of /etc/X11/xorg.conf, now that you've edited it by hand05:09
=== HoMiE-[G] 's first day
=== geneo93 [~kane@1Cust1242.an4.det15.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
nmsamaybe this is the reason I can't see my IEEE1394, the probelm I refered to kain05:10
eyequeuenmsa:  that looks like it failed to unpack for some reason.  'df' show your drive to be full?05:10
=== brianb [user23@] has left #ubuntu []
eyequeuenear !00%05:10
nmsaeyequeue: no way, 50%  free05:10
=== hybrid [~hybrid@dpc6744177080.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
kainMacCoaster, if you're on hoary and wants kernel headers you must get linux-headers package05:10
kainnmsa, kernel and linux-headers must version match05:11
eyequeuenmsa:  try this now: sudo apt-get install pcmcia-cs, see if the errors are still present05:11
hybridhello all05:11
nmsakain: aha! how do I check that ?05:11
kainfire up synaptic and search for "2.6.10"05:12
stuNNedscuze my lingo but godamnit linuxant drivers just suck, are there any other alternatives to Conexant HSF modem?05:12
=== verden01 [~verden@] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuenmsa:  and see if 'sudo dpkg -l pcmcia-cs' starts with "ii "05:12
nmsaeyequeue: I am running as we speak a apt-get I will have to apply this later05:12
kainnmsa, probably you will see linux-image and linux-headers, they must have same version05:12
eyequeuenmsa:  okay05:12
black_nightmarestunned -- external modems?05:13
MacCoasterkain, ah linux-headers, thanks.05:13
eyequeuenmsa:  "ii " is good btw05:13
MacCoasterkain, i was just unsure cuz kernel-headers couldnt match05:13
=== dazed||lap [~dazed@2-134.69-92-cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinistkain, should I restart after installing the totem-xine package?05:13
kaine_machinist, not necessarly but recommended05:14
stuNNedblack_nightmare: internal laptop modem05:14
e_machinistalright, brb kain.05:14
stuNNedblack_nightmare: do you know of another driver?05:14
kainMacCoaster, if I'm not wrong they were renamed to a new version, before they was kernel-headers, now linux-headers05:14
kainMacCoaster, you can see that from the version05:14
=== verden01 [~verden@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
eyequeuekain:  kernelfoo is debian linuxfoo is ubuntu05:14
tritiumMacCoaster, kernel-headers are the Debian header packages.  linux-headers are the ubuntu header packages05:14
stuNNedblack_nightmare: afaik there is open source alternative nowaddays05:14
MacCoasterkain, yeah, its just that i was reading some instructions, apparently outdated05:14
black_nightmareic...no idea then sorry stunned05:14
kaineyequeue, ic05:15
stuNNedblack_nightmare: but i'm unsure05:15
MacCoastertritium, gotcha, thanks! :)05:15
kainI think linux* is more appropriate then kernel*.05:15
=== icarus_ [~icarus@S0106000c413a1895.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
randabiskernel sanders05:16
black_nightmareI'm going to bed now so bye05:16
nmsahow can I startup synaptic in ro mode ?05:16
=== black_nightmare [~black_nig@modemcable099.228-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu ["snorts]
randabisro mode? read only?05:17
eyequeueman synaptic05:17
eyequeueif you are an expert, perhaps -o05:17
eyequeuei'm not05:17
nmsarandabis: yes05:17
randabisread the manual, probably tells you how05:18
=== geppy [~geppy@c-67-162-233-164.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuedlocate can be started as non-root (non-sudo) for that05:18
geppyI upgraded from Warty to Hoary;  how can I get my menus to go to the "Warty" style of having the three menus on the top panel?05:18
=== jroesdesk [~jroes@clt74-124-074.carolina.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
kainI have three menus05:19
tritiumgeppy, you should have "Applications", "Places", and "System"05:19
eyequeuegeppy:  menus seem to be one of the problem areas in gnome 2.10 (hoary)05:19
nmsaman synaptic is not verbose ... doesn't tell me the -o  :-/05:20
geppyI have "Applications" and "Computer", the Warty style05:20
eyequeuenmsa:  yeah, apparently if you're not an "expert" you're not to know how to run your software :(05:20
tritiumgeppy, sounds like your update didn't go so well05:20
geppytritium: Everything else is working fine, though.05:21
tritiumgeppy, did you follow this: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryUpgradeNotes ?05:21
geppyNo, I just dist-upgraded.05:21
eyequeuebut ... warty had three menus for you?05:21
geppyArgh, if I could've just found my Hoary CD when I was reformatting...05:21
geppyeyequeue: No, I have "Applications" and "Computer"05:21
eyequeuegeppy:  to me, that sounds like warty, not hoary05:22
geppyeyequeue:  I'm running Hoary, promise.05:22
geppyAll of the same versions that I normally use in Hoary are here.05:22
tritiumgeppy, cat /etc/issue05:22
Fackamatohow do I reconfigure my fonts?05:22
Fackamatolocales etc05:22
geppyIt's just the desktop preferences that are oldschool.05:22
eyequeuegeppy:  warty always had 2 here, and hoary 305:22
geppyHoary, promise05:22
geppyeyequeue: Yes, I'm aware of that.05:22
eyequeuegeppy:  how did you manage to have 3 in warty, before?05:23
geppyThat's why I'm in here saying "my menus are still Warty-style, but I'm running Hoary"05:23
=== violajack [~violajack@cpe-69-201-88-44.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
geppyeyequeue: I didn't.05:23
tritiumgeppy, were packages removed during the dist-upgrade?05:23
geppyeyequeue: I normally run Hoary.05:23
XiraUbuntu is by far the best Linux distro imo. It's the only distro that I've found that I'm COMPLETELY satasfied by. Hats off to the Ubuntu community & team !05:23
geppytritium: Not sure, I wasn't really paying attention.05:23
eyequeuegeppy:  i'm obviously confused, i'll step out of this now05:23
tritiumgeppy, you should, given the dangerous nature of dist-upgrade05:23
randabisThere is no "best" distro imho05:23
randabisYou have to find what shoe fits you05:23
XiraFor me, I mean.05:23
eyequeueXira:  glad to hear you satisfaction05:24
geppytritium: It has always worked fine for me with Ubuntu. =)05:24
randabis:) better05:24
tritiumXira, that's awesome :)05:24
=== jesuel [~jmaradin@jesuel.user] has joined #ubuntu
XiraI like it so much I at least have 1 copy on all of my systems, including my new shiny Dell Inspiron 800m05:24
=== jesuel [~jmaradin@jesuel.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
nmsasynaptic in ro ... I will rise this q to ubuntu mail list too, as I think this is a important feature, and must be available by  default05:24
geppyI'm installing ubuntu-desktop, that should probably fix it.05:25
tritiumgeppy, yes, but you don't seem to check what packages get removed05:25
eyequeueXira:  maybe fire off a thank you email to the good folks at canonical05:25
tritiumgeppy, for example, ubuntu-desktop should not be removed05:25
geppytritium:  Well, I checked at the time, but I've forgotten by now.05:25
Xiraeyequeue, contact info?05:25
geppytritium:  Right, but I tend to delete ubuntu-desktop whenever I remove something that it depends on.05:26
tritiumgeppy, apt-get -u dist-upgrade will allow you to see what's about to happen before you let it05:26
geppytritium: I saw it all at the time, it's just that I've forgotten, now.05:26
tritiumgeppy, yes, but that's not supposed to happen going from Warty -> Hoary05:26
eyequeueXira:  info@canonical.com05:26
nmsaI upgraded yesterday evening my dist and now I have gnome10. by far this is the simplest to use distro, as in mdk I tried and tried, and was hard to get is ... It needed lots and lots f pkg's ... at the end I said ... whatever, I can use gnome 2.6 ..05:27
eyequeueXira: np05:27
geppyI think that it might not be that I just haven't logged out since then, it was only a couple of days ago.05:27
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-232.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuegeppy:  heh05:27
geppyheh =)05:27
=== geppy is an idiot
geppymeh, I'll do it eventually05:27
geppyThanks, guys05:27
eyequeuegeppy:  the perils of a system that doesn't hang every few hours :)05:28
=== kain is playing with bluefish.. nice app
kainbtw I compiled amule cvs on ubuntu that uses gtk 205:29
=== allio [~omfg@] has joined #ubuntu
kainit rocks05:29
=== JDahl [~qwerty@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2u1-63.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== omni_lonnie [~lonnie@home.limbonia.com] has joined #ubuntu
kainwell, I'm going to bed05:30
kainsee you soon05:30
nmsaas the files sys is constantly growing due to upgrades, how one can keep it under control ? i will have no more available space ... in a year or so :) ?05:31
omni_lonniehas anyone here ever used (successfully) netzero with ubuntu?05:31
tritiumnmsa, apt-get clean will clean out apt's cache05:31
randabisnmsa, clean the apt-cache once in a while05:31
YomicNetzero < *05:31
eyequeuenmsa:  and auto-clean will just keep the current debs05:31
=== lrojas [~lrojas@121stb51.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
=== Fackamato [fackamato@h120n2fls33o1012.telia.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
YomicActually. AOL < Netzero < *05:32
eyequeuenmsa:  but yes, i've been forced to remove some apps because of upgrade-bloat before05:32
YomicAnyone hear of the AOL-opimized computer aol is trying to sell. XD05:32
nmsaI know this uys, is just that every upgd tells me how much will the fs increase due to upgd, even if most of the time the space needed is a few hundreds k ..05:33
omni_lonnieyah yah, I know... but my friend is using it and wants to get rid of windows..05:33
eyequeuenmsa:  tonight, my hoary went up by 116 mb from yesterday05:33
YomicInteresting.  He should get rid of netzero as well (to have a clean slate)05:33
=== yyliang [~yyliang@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ice_1963 [~gary@pcp02171024pcs.brghtn01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
nmsawow ! mine as well, nut I don't know how much  :)05:33
tritiumnmsa, it tells you how much the space the package requires, but the existing packages being replaced already use most of that value already05:33
=== _mage_afk is now known as _mage_work
tritiumit's not additional space05:34
omni_lonnieI suggested that too, but he's paid up for a year :(05:34
YomicI see :/05:34
=== Yomic never tried netzero so I don't think I can help you; I'm sure it connects just like any dail-up service. Check the wiki for help I guess.
Xiraeyequeue, mind if I initiate a query?05:35
eyequeueXira:  sure thing05:35
=== Fackamato [fackamato@h120n2fls33o1012.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Fackamatohm, how come I can't read what's inside [code]  statements in forums?05:36
Fackamatothere's no text05:36
Fackamatoit's there, but blank05:36
Fackamatolike I'm missing some font or something05:36
Fackamato(i can copypaste to gedit for example)O05:36
johnnybezakwhens hoary released?05:37
eyequeue6 or 8 april05:37
FlonneThe eighth.05:37
eyequeuei've heard both05:37
eyequeuerc1 comes out tomorrow supposedly05:38
=== rdw200169 [~randy@cpe-24-242-49-178.hot.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Moleculo [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
Moleculogood stuff05:38
eyequeuei'm not really sure how i can test rc1 though05:38
johnnybezakthey seem to be doing loads of work i update like 100 mb every few days with apt-get upgrade05:39
=== katz__ [~katz@h-69-3-4-130.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Moleculo [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeueyeah, i got 116 mb today05:39
=== Roey [~Roey@pcp04370251pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kurros [~wade@92-14.26-24.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
nmsaxfonts-base 6.8.2-7 [5793kB]   xfonts-100dpi 6.8.2-7 [4554kB]  what's in these pkg's ?05:41
nmsaalways so big ?05:41
tritiumnmsa, apt-cache show xfonts-base05:41
nmsasorry ... can you explain please ...05:41
tritiumnmsa, I explained to you that it's not additional space05:41
eyequeuenmsa:  that was a command he gave you, type it at a terminal05:42
nmsaI understood that ...05:42
tritiumnmsa, that will tell you more about the package.  try it05:42
nmsajust asking what is inside these pkg's ... nothing to do with the space ocupied here05:42
tritiumyou asked what's in those packages.  I showed you how to find out05:42
nmsagot it05:42
=== ben_d [~ben@cpe-66-66-209-96.rochester.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== spotter [~spotter@user-0ccembr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== spotter is now known as shaya
=== shaya [~spotter@user-0ccembr.cable.mindspring.com] has left #ubuntu []
eyequeueif you really want a verbose answer to what's in there, dpkg -L xfonts-100dpi05:43
=== encKe` [~encKe`@ppp-70-249-172-43.dsl.mdldtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== atellaeche [FChavez@] has joined #ubuntu
atellaechehi there05:44
=== atellaeche is now known as FChavez
FChavezanybody here ?05:45
nmsaIt contains fonts without which X servers will not work. I don't understand this, since I can't see diff type of fonts ...05:45
FChavezI could use some help05:45
=== Hmmmm [~Hmmmm@] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeueonly works if it's isntalled, apt-cache show works even if not05:45
nmsait works ...05:45
nmsatoo deep info I believe I have to refer to X man ... and see the principle of fonts ...05:46
johnnybezakany of you guys used latex05:46
nmsame not05:46
eyequeuei like apt-cache show foo before deciding whether to install something05:46
dataw0lfI've used Latex.05:47
dataw0lfor 'LaTeX'05:47
tritiumjohnnybezak, yes, quite a bit05:47
johnnybezaktritium: what do you use for styling it? what sort of alternatives are there?05:47
tritiumjohnnybezak, I mostly use IEEE Transactions style for publications.05:48
=== dataw0lf taps the mic.
tritiumjohnnybezak, what are you wanting to produce?05:48
johnnybezaktritium: ok05:48
=== pablo921 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezaktritium: oh nothing really i'm just interested05:49
tritiumjohnnybezak, and I use latex-beamer for presentations05:49
=== pablo921 [~pablo928@az-yuma-cuda1s-18.losaca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== gbhat [~gbhat@adsl-68-90-42-137.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezakwill there be a hula package anytime soon?05:50
tritiumjohnnybezak, have you read the "Not so short introduction..."?05:50
gbhatneed help with Hoary05:50
tritiumjohnnybezak, one of the MOTUs has packaged it05:50
johnnybezaktritium: im just reading the intro on the latex website05:50
gbhatsound will not work on my Hoary box05:50
johnnybezakMOTU's ?05:50
johnnybezakgbhat: try different drivers05:50
tritiumMasters of the Universe (as in the universe repo)05:50
gbhatChipset VIA8237, Mixer CMI05:50
=== verden01 [~verden@] has joined #ubuntu
gbhatjohnnybezak, how do I do that in Ubuntu?05:51
=== e_machinist [~matthew@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
johnnybezakgbhat: gstreamer-properties i think05:51
verden01what is meant by the Enterprise Edition ?05:51
johnnybezakverden01: what in05:52
e_machinistkain, DVDs work fine now. Small audio delay in Bruce Almighty though... didn't notice an audio lag in any of the other dvds I tried.05:52
=== encKe [~encKe`@ppp-70-249-172-43.dsl.mdldtx.swbell.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
johnnybezakverden01: there is no enterprise edition in ubuntu05:52
=== eyequeue [~eyequeue@eyequeue.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== alainm [~alainm@CPE002078c53e55-CM014090214258.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
alainmwow..that preview rocks..05:52
=== geneo93 [~kane@1Cust6234.an1.det15.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
gbhatthat did not work johnnybezak05:53
johnnybezakgbhat: what didnt work?05:53
johnnybezakchanging the drivers or the actual program itself05:53
gbhatI tried telling it to use ALSA architecture05:53
gbhatchanging the driver05:54
geneo93tritium:  got kppp working05:54
tritiumjohnnybezak, I do recommend the not so short intro05:54
=== verden01 [~verden@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
tritiumgeneo93, yeah, I remember.  good job :)05:54
johnnybezaktritium: i'll check it out05:54
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-70-110-152-216.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumjohnnybezak, and if you want a book, the one by Helmut and Kopka is great05:54
johnnybezaktritium: is it online?05:55
andrewskilinux is so cool; i'm using ubuntu but am also chrooted into a gentoo install, updating packages. :)05:55
HoMiE-[G] yay05:55
HoMiE-[G] thnks guys05:55
geneo93tritium:  they need to put noauth in /ect/ppp.conf05:55
HoMiE-[G] got my intenet conenction setup05:55
HoMiE-[G] lol05:55
HoMiE-[G] finally05:55
FChavezhelp for a noob in Linux plz msg me05:55
johnnybezakFChavez: just ask05:55
=== mercurus [~mercurus@pipp-p-144-138-229-232.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
andrewskiFChavez: ask here05:55
tritiumgeneo93, warty or hoary?05:56
St0n3-C0lIts real cool :P05:56
gbhatany other tip as to how I can get sound working on my box?05:56
St0n3-C0lCool as Cucumber :P05:56
gbhatHoary, with VT8237 AC9705:56
tritiumgeneo93, it's in main, so you can file a bug05:56
geneo93tritium:  it didn't work on warty either05:56
St0n3-C0lWindows - Hot as Hell but for Games As sweet as Pie05:56
FChavezok heres the thing, I just installed ubuntu today, but I cant get other resolution besides 640*48005:56
=== Homie [~justin@stjh1-1304.nl.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu
FChavezand I cant get sound or internet05:56
FChavezwhat can I do ?05:57
St0n3-C0lFChavez: dpkg-reconfigure xorg05:57
St0n3-C0li think :P05:57
St0n3-C0lis it xorg ?05:57
gbhathow do I configure sound in Ubuntu?05:57
tritiumxserver-xorg (if Hoary)05:57
Homieits all working05:57
eyequeueFChavez:  warty or hoary?05:57
St0n3-C0lUbuntu uses xorg and Sarge uses XFree86 :p05:57
St0n3-C0lbit confusing eh05:57
St0n3-C0lHommie: sweet what :P05:57
gbhatI got xcompmgr and transset working but sound is proving too difficult for me in Hoary :p05:57
=== Seq [~chris@CPE0050bf1a898b-CM013349902353.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
FChavezi dont know, how can I tell if its warty or hoary ?05:58
andrewskiit's warty. :D05:58
=== light_punch2 [1000@usrns189.dialup.hawaii.edu] has joined #ubuntu
St0n3-C0lFChavez: You got it so you should know which version it is :P05:58
mercurushmm ... anyone setup a bridge on Ubuntu ?05:58
eyequeueFChavez:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86, if that works, it's wrty :)05:58
=== Homie [~justin@stjh1-1304.nl.aliant.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
FChavezwhere do I type that ?05:58
eyequeueFChavez: in a terminal05:58
tritiumFChavez, first, cat /etc/issue please05:59
=== ubuntuphile [~marc@12-210-163-82.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== calamari [~calamari@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
gbhatany tip as to how I can get sound working on my box?05:59
St0n3-C0lyeah and then paste it here05:59
gbhatHoary, with VT8237 AC9705:59
=== factotum [~factotum@c71.10.79.24.dul.mn.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
FChavezand whats that for ?05:59
tritiumto determine Warty or Hoary05:59
St0n3-C0lghhat: Try throwing out of the Window then might it'll work ;)06:00
factotumto create an audio cd with nautilus, what app should i use to convert the .mp3's to .wav?06:00
=== chadd [~ukobach@] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeueFChavez: the reconfig is for your resolutiuon changing, the /etc/issue is to help us know what you're running06:00
tritiumfactotum, graveman can do it automatically06:00
factotumgraveman, never heard of it06:00
chaddconsidering installing on a sony pcg-f430 with linksys wireless-b pcmcia card, anyone confirm this combination "works" on install?06:00
gbhatthanks for the help St0n3-C0l :)06:00
FChavezoh Im using Windows right now, because I dont have internet on ubuntu06:00
calamariwhy is sound so different on hoary?  different kernel?06:00
=== raghu [~raghu@] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumfactotum, it's in hoary universe06:01
factotumtritium: is it another burning app?06:01
tritiumfactotum, yes06:01
gbhatgnomebaker is better than graveman06:01
factotumive tried k3b and gnomebaker, neither will work so far06:01
tritiumfactotum, yeah, k3b can't do it06:01
factotumi get buffer underrun errors with gnomebaker06:01
gbhatthen you might be having problems with cdrdao or related package06:01
johnnybezakwhat is with anything unix/linux being hard to pronounce06:01
geneo93anyone know how to get nicotine to connect06:01
St0n3-C0lgbhat: NP try and feel the difference :P06:01
chaddI've looked in the HardwareSupportMahinesLaptops documentation, and specifically the Sony PCG-F430 (vaio) isnt mentioned, no luck finding anything mentioning linksys wifi card, tho rh 7.x is known to "just work"06:02
St0n3-C0lfactotum: try cdrecord its real good I tried yesterday06:02
tritiumfactotum, are you running Hoary?06:02
factotumi thought so too, I reinstalled cdrecord, cdrao, and cdparanoia just to see if it would help06:02
factotumyea hoary06:02
tritiumwell, graveman is in universe if you care to try it06:02
St0n3-C0lcdrecord is command-line06:02
tritiumit's a snap06:02
Dr_AcemasterI'm trying to install xchat-tcl but get package not found w/ apt-get, any suggestions?06:03
St0n3-C0lcdrecord dev=/dev/hdc --data file.iso06:03
St0n3-C0lu can define speed i dun know the line of speed06:03
tritiumDr_Acemaster, apt-cache search xchat shows that there is no package called xchat-tcl06:03
XiraIs it possible to get gmail POP to work under Evolution?06:03
tritiumXira, I have it working, yes06:03
zenroxDr_Acemaster,  its allready installed06:03
=== Dr_Acemaster scratches his head
Xiratritium, how do you specify the port options?06:04
St0n3-C0lNero peace of shit* was not writing Sarge iso correctly06:04
XiraI don't see it anywhere06:04
St0n3-C0lbut cdrecord worked successfully06:04
tritium:port appended to the server06:04
Dr_Acemastertritium: was taht a statement or a question?06:04
tritiumDr_Acemaster, a statement06:04
=== laotzu [~laotzu@host-69-146-59-28.csp-wy.client.bresnan.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Acemasterzenrox: why wouldn't it say already installed?06:04
factotumhuh, this is a new error:   * (process:14259): CRITICAL **: egg_desktop_entries_add_group: assertion `egg_desktop_entries_lookup_group (entries, group_name) == NULL' failed06:04
tritiumXira, server.ip.address:port06:04
factotumtried doint an apt-get install of graveman to check it out06:04
zenroxDr_Acemaster, its part of the xchat deb file06:04
Dr_Acemasterwell I'm trying to get my sounds to play correctly in xchat, esdplay is not playing them correctly, any suggestions?06:04
tritiumDr_Acemaster, is esd running?06:05
Dr_AcemasterI don't believe so06:05
tritiumDr_Acemaster, then esdplay won't work06:05
Dr_Acemasterit plays them06:05
tritiumpgrep esd, Dr_Acemaster06:05
Dr_Acemasterbut they are like 3 times faster than they should be06:05
tritiumit's running, then06:06
tritiumplaying too fast is not the same as not playing06:06
Dr_Acemasterwell I said they weren't playing correctly06:06
Dr_Acemasternot correctly, too fast :)06:07
Dr_Acemasterthat's why I'm looking for an alternative06:07
tritiumDr_Acemaster, does sound in general work correctly?06:07
Dr_Acemasterand every other package that has been suggested is not found06:07
Dr_Acemastertritium: yes06:07
tritiumthat's odd...06:08
Dr_Acemasterthese are .wav files I pulled from mirc06:08
Dr_AcemasterI'd try to play them in xmms, but can't find the files since I don't know how to show hidden dirs06:08
Dr_Acemasterie they are under .xchat2/Sounds06:08
Dr_Acemasterthen I'd know if it's the sound player, or the file themselves06:09
Dr_Acemasteralthough I know they play fine in windows06:09
=== DazeD||laptop [~DazeD@2-134.69-92-cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93tritium:  now what do you know about nicotine06:09
nmsaeyequeue: apt-get tells me: pcmcia-cs is already the newest version.06:09
zenroxDr_Acemaster,  in the browes for files right click and then go to show hidden files06:09
hybridanyone know of the irssi command to list all the nicks in a channel06:09
Dr_Acemasterzenrox: doesn't work for some reason06:09
DazeD||laptopi know this isnt  a great place to ask but anyone know why my torrents gooo soooo slow if they go at all?06:09
Dr_Acemasterif I'm using xmms and go to add file06:10
tritiumgeneo93, that it's addictive ;)06:10
zenroxDr_Acemaster,  type in the path manuly06:10
geneo93tritium:  cant get it to do much the first four line are grayed out under file06:10
=== smouche [~smouched@24-90-94-112.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
hybridDazeD : how many leecher/seeds06:11
tritiumgeneo93, I've never heard of the software version of nicotine ;)06:11
DazeD||laptopabove 40 each06:11
DazeD||laptophybrid: ^06:11
hybridDazeD||laptop : so therefor it will be kinda slow for the great number of leechers06:12
nmsaeyequeue: ii  pcmcia-cs it is ...06:12
geneo93tritium  its a py-gtk p2p type thing06:12
=== chadd [~ukobach@] has left #ubuntu []
=== Homer|away [~Homer@ip216-239-88-50.vif.net] has joined #ubuntu
DazeD||laptopwell im downloading from like the most seeders available hybrid im going to pm you06:12
Dr_Acemasterzenrox: good idea, however I guess xmms won't play the file either, it won't even load up06:12
tritiumgeneo93, no, that's gtk stuff for python06:12
hybridDazeD||laptop : only reason i can think of where are you getting the torrents from and what prog are you using06:12
hybridDazeD||laptop : ok06:13
=== synd [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
syndis it me, or does hoary's desktop look/feels smoother than warty's?06:14
geneo93synd:  it refined yes06:14
nmsakain: I don't have the headers installed06:14
=== allio [Alex@] has joined #ubuntu
grumpysmurfsynd thats what development will do :)06:14
syndgrumpysmurf: love it!06:15
=== nexus- [~nexus@dsl-220-235-107-70.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
nmsaI will reboot, see you later, got to check my IEEE1394 with my camcorder :) hope it will work06:15
syndwhen i run apt-get i get some errors that i dunno what they are..06:15
=== allio is now known as allio`afk
=== allio`afk is now known as allio
=== nmsa [~seba@] has left #ubuntu []
St0n3-C0lsynd: what errors ?06:16
=== Alteax [~Guy@ppp493-elk.elknet.net] has joined #ubuntu
syndW: GPG error: ftp://ftp.nerim.net stable Release: The following signatures could n't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 07DC563D1F41B 90706:16
synd3 like those06:16
St0n3-C0lGiving online test of Physics and having headache :P06:16
AlteaxCan some one awser me some quick questions?06:17
tritiumsynd, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AptAuthenticationInstructionsForHoary/06:17
=== verden01 [~verden@] has joined #ubuntu
St0n3-C0lAlteax: Ask, if someone will know then they'll06:17
syndCouldn't stat source package list http://ubuntu-bp.sourceforge.net hoary-back ports/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/ubuntu-bp.sourceforge.net_ubuntu_dists_h oary-backports_main_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)06:17
=== michal__ [~michal@CPE-143-238-137-101.qld.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== verden01 [~verden@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
syndand 2 like that06:17
tritiumsynd, see above URL for GPG errors06:17
syndtritium: checking that out right now06:18
tritiumsynd, as for backports, they really shouldn't be used if you plan to upgrade to Hoary06:18
=== light_punch2 [1000@usrns189.dialup.hawaii.edu] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Flonne [~rhx@S0106000f663654db.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
HoMiE-[G] hey synd06:19
syndtritium: so i should just take them out of the sources.list?06:19
HoMiE-[G] i got it to work after06:19
HoMiE-[G] i got pppoe to work06:19
skreetWhere do i put TTF files?06:19
HoMiE-[G] without sending the file06:19
HoMiE-[G] files*06:19
=== Alteax [~Guy@ppp493-elk.elknet.net] has left #ubuntu []
syndHoMiE-[G] : really? how did you go by that?06:19
tritiumsynd, I wouldn't use them, yes.06:19
=== psychicdragon [~david@d209-121-230-70.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
hybridcan someone give me a quick run down on ssh06:20
St0n3-C0lIs there gaim-themes in the packages of Hoary repos ?06:20
hybridhow to use it06:20
tritiumSt0n3-C0l, do you have hoary installed?06:20
syndtritium: okay. i just upgraded to Hoary.. so ill take those out. that will take care of the backport error messages in the apt-get, correct?06:20
tritiumsynd, it should06:21
St0n3-C0lhybrid: You want to run SSH Server or Log into SSH address?06:21
St0n3-C0ltritium: nopes just asking :P06:21
tritiumSt0n3-C0l, apt-cache search gaim doesn't show any06:21
St0n3-C0lWas installed the previous day06:21
hybridSt0n3-C0l: log into ssh address06:21
St0n3-C0lhybrid: ssh -l username address06:21
St0n3-C0ltype that in Terminal06:22
hybridok thnx06:22
hybridSt0n3-C0l:i knew it was in the terminal06:22
=== EMan [~Emanuel@cpe-70-112-211-71.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== nmsa [~seba@] has joined #ubuntu
=== FireEgl [Ariel@Atlantica.US] has joined #Ubuntu
EManI got Ubuntu running, but I cannot seem to get the nVidia drivers from their site to install, as it is asking for the kernel source? apt-get linux-source worked, but only gave me a tar.bzip206:23
tritiumEMan, use the ubuntu nvidia drivers instead06:24
St0n3-C0ltritium: well there's gaim available in the repos of hoary jus asking bout gnome-themes06:24
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2EMan: wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto06:24
hybridtritium correct me if i am wrong but arent the nVidia drivers in synamptic06:24
EManI apt-get'd them too, but when I set my xorg.conf to "nvidia" gnome fails to load06:24
bob2EMan: which is in the FAQ06:24
tritiumSt0n3-C0l, you asked about gaim-themes, and there are none06:24
tritiumEMan, did you attempt to look for the error in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?06:25
hybridhow much longer is hoary going to be bleeding edge i am starting to get bored with it. there is nothing to fix06:26
tritiumhybrid, about one week06:26
FlonneYou could always play with Kubuntu, hybrid.06:26
hybridtritium yay what is next?06:27
=== newbie1 [newbie@200-122-53-52.dsl.prima.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
=== aperson [~aperson@] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumhybrid, Breezy06:27
hybridFlonne what is Kubuntu06:27
hybridtritium ok cool06:27
newbie1hi everyone06:27
grumpysmurfkubuntu is ubuntu w/ kde instead of gnome, or a group of kde packages installed on an existing ubuntu system.06:27
=== mawsh [~looking@] has joined #ubuntu
syndtritium: is there an easier way to set up the GNU thing? this seems overwhelming06:28
underlordjoin #css,#xhtml,#php06:28
=== klex_ [~krister@39.80-203-67.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
Roeyhybrid:  dude, my tablet doesn't work06:28
hybridRoey why?06:28
St0n3-C0lgnome-themes is good ;)06:28
Roeyhybrid:  LILO won't boot any amd64 kernels here06:28
hybridi like gnome better than kde06:28
Roeyhybrid:  you wanna see my problem list?06:28
newbie1is there any guide on how to set up an internet connection? i'm having some issues.06:28
EMantritium, yes, hold on one second06:29
Xirahybrid, perhaps that's why you're using ubuntu and not kubuntu? :P06:29
grumpysmurfhybrid then kubuntu probably isn't for you :)06:29
nirannewbie1: what kind of connection, and what issues?06:29
hybridXira sure is :P06:29
nmsaanyone can help me with: ieee1394: Error parsing configrom for node 0-01:1023 ieee1394: The root node is not cycle master capable; selecting a new root node and resetting...06:29
hybridgrumpysmurf no kde is too windows/mdk for me06:29
newbie1niran: it's a dsl connection, tried to set it up but got an error msg.06:29
nmsaeven i have: ieee1394: Host added: ID:BUS[0-01:1023]   GUID[00004c0100000264] 06:30
nirannewbie1: what was the message?06:30
hybridRoey are you using hoary?06:30
nmsaI need it for kino ... anyone use kino ?06:30
EMantritium, right now im in X (with nv driver).. if I try sudo modprobe nvidia it says the module is not found06:30
=== konstantinos [~konstanti@millennium-ppp31.ccf.auth.gr] has joined #ubuntu
nirannmsa: are you using hoary?06:30
Roeyhybrid:  yes06:30
=== Whiffle [~andy@user-12lmo5u.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumEMan, do you have linux-restricted-modules installed?06:30
newbie1niran: i didn't write it down, but when i tried to make the connection active the window froze06:30
hybridRoey did it work under warty06:30
nmsaniran: yes06:30
tritiumEMan, it has to match your kernel version exactly06:31
nirannewbie1: try just creating the connection and leaving it inactive06:31
EMantritium, ooooops, I updated my kernel earlier, hold on, let me get them.. I hope this is it06:32
=== SiRrUs [~SiRrUs@HSE-MTL-ppp77407.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
nirannewbie1: then from the command line type: "sudo ifup <interface name>"06:32
=== hou5ton [~hou5ton@n14-99-152-206.tranquility.net] has joined #ubuntu
EMantritium, modprobe worked, brb06:32
newbie1niran: stupid question, how do i get connected after that?06:32
tritiumEMan, it's a good idea to get linux-686 (or whichever your architecture is)06:32
nirannewbie1: the interface name should be something similar to eth0 or ppp006:32
hou5tongood evening all06:32
johnnybezakhow do you describe the seperation of style and content, for example with html and css06:33
Roeyhybrid:  it didn't work as soon as I switched to kernel 2.6 last year.06:33
tritiumhello hou5ton06:33
klex_the method to install java with apt from deb ftp://neacm.fe.up.pt/pub/ubuntu-java/ do not work in forefox... What can i do?06:33
nirannmsa: i haven't used firewire devices, so i don't know what the problem could be06:33
newbie1niran: yes, it's ppp0... so what do i do then?06:33
nirannewbie1: sudo ifup ppp006:33
hybridRoey have you looked for other kernals06:33
hou5tonhello tritium06:33
mawshmy warty install seems corrupted. how many gig should i try, 1.8g may have been too small06:33
newbie1niran: as you can see i'm not kidding, i AM a newbie06:33
tritiumklex_, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Java06:34
tritiumklex_, use Method 206:34
hou5tonwell ... i see that Johnny Cochran died, Terry Schiavo is still starving to death, and Jerry Falwell in is the hospital ..... i am soooooooooo confused06:34
nirannewbie1: it's ok, you're not supposed to have to use the command line tools anyway06:34
Roeyhybrid:  only the stock Ubuntu one, as of now06:34
klex_argh, then i have to uninstall the packages i just installed?06:34
Roeyhou5ton:  and the Pope is in the hospital, too06:34
grumpysmurfmawsh you'll want at least 2G of space for ubuntu.  the default installation is 1.7 gigs.06:34
hou5tonRoey:  ya ... and I heard was getting a feeding tube ....06:34
Roeyhou5ton:  they're still feeding the DC snipers06:34
newbie1niran: thank you!! i'll give that a try06:34
hybridRoey: a different kernal or kernal mod may work06:34
klex_tritium: argh, then i have to uninstall the packages i just installed? :)06:35
hybridbut that is not my best area06:35
mawshok thanks, i gave / 1.8 g ...06:35
Roeyhybrid:  I /msg'd daniel stone about it06:35
Roeyhybrid:  seeing as to how he posted once to a question on an Ubuntu forum06:35
tritiumklex_, I would recommend Method 2 above all others06:35
Roeyhybrid:  hopefullyhe'sll answer...06:35
hybridRoey well good luck man06:35
geneo93tritium:  got it to work06:35
Roeyhybrid:   thanks :)06:35
tritiumgeneo93, which?06:35
hybridnp anytime even though i wasnt much help06:36
klex_tritium: i dont understand why they still have the solution that i just tryed when it not works....kind of waste :p06:36
geneo93nicotine tritium06:36
tritiumgeneo93, oh, okay.  Good job :)06:36
=== EMan [~Emanuel@cpe-70-112-211-71.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
EMantritium, Thanks, that was it06:37
EMantritium, I feel like a moron :)06:38
=== terry97 [~terry97@pcp07925502pcs.lwrnce01.in.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumEMan, I'm glad that was all it was :)06:38
=== BlueInk [~TiNghich@nnguyen.dsl.visi.com] has joined #ubuntu
EMantritium, me too... been using Ubuntu for 12 hours now, and I like it ;)06:39
tritiumEMan, yay!06:39
=== syn-ack [meskes@CPE-69-76-190-218.kc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== knucks [~chatzilla@pcp01189996pcs.waldlk01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
knuckshow do i exit X on ubuntu?06:41
=== elcu [HydraIRC@wnpp-p-144-134-167-115.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumknucks, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace if nothing else works06:42
Xiraknucks, system > logout or ctrl+alt+backspace if its being naughty?06:42
elcuany opengl programmers?  i'm having trouble installing mesa.06:42
nmsakain: u there ?06:42
=== ghost2 [~qdmphan@adsl-66-141-184-187.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== deang [~dean@rapids-arc1-205.tznet.com] has joined #ubuntu
knucksCtrlAltBackspace just restarts gnome for me06:42
Xirado you have autologin enabled?06:42
knucksi get to my splash screen06:42
Xirayou mean the login, not gnome?06:42
=== encKe` [~encKe`@ppp-70-249-172-43.dsl.mdldtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumor f1 - f606:43
grumpysmurferm, are my messages getting to the channel? O.o06:43
tritiumnothing special about f206:43
tritiumgrumpysmurf, yes06:43
=== helloyo [~alex@c211-30-78-117.belrs2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeue<grumpysmurf> erm, are my messages getting to the channel? O.o06:44
SiRrUsgood evening06:44
tritiumgood evening, SiRrUs06:45
grumpysmurfeyequeue thanks.06:45
klex_what module enables oss emulation?06:47
=== kakalto [~kakalto@wired-210-54-56-157.ps.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuebtw, why is x sometimes on vt10 lately rather than vt7?06:47
klex_thanks :)06:47
crimsun(it's auto-loaded with your alsa driver)06:47
=== josue [~josue@] has joined #ubuntu
=== PenisBot [~mitch@pool-216-26-203-69.tbaytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
helloyoanyone know of a screensaver like the mac os-x one that *slowly* zooms and scrolls an image?06:50
=== PenisBot is now known as Help1012
Help1012i need help, with gdesklets06:50
Help1012i get this error06:50
Help1012Traceback (most recent call last):06:50
Help1012  File "/usr/lib/gdesklets/factory/SensorFactory.py", line 86, in create_sensor06:50
Help1012    sensor = module.new_sensor(args)06:50
Help1012  File "./LTVCpu/__init__.py", line 71, in new_sensor06:50
Help1012  File "./LTVCpu/__init__.py", line 19, in __init__06:50
Help1012AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'cpu'06:50
=== mawsh [~looking@] has left #ubuntu []
=== chromate [~yaman@cpe-67-49-36-167.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
chromatehi i just installed ubuntu on my desktop, but for some reason sound is not working; i don't get any permission errors, XMMS thinks its playing, the device is not muted, volume is up etc... but no sound comes up. i am using a soundblaster audigy. even a cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp does not make any noise06:51
tritiumchromate, did you setup the output to use esound?06:51
geneo93Sensor 'MSP3430G' not supported by xsensors!06:51
=== Dreamer3 [~josh@sdn-ap-005tnnashP0417.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== nexus- [~nexus@dsl-220-235-107-70.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumanybody know if doko is working on python-gnome?06:52
=== konstantino1 [~konstanti@millennium-ppp31.ccf.auth.gr] has joined #ubuntu
chromatetritium: i'm not sure how to go about doing that06:53
chromatetritium: you mean in XMMS?06:53
tritiumchromate, yes06:53
=== Help1012 [~mitch@pool-216-26-203-69.tbaytel.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Help1012 [~mitch@pool-216-26-203-69.tbaytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
chromateno i had tried alsa and oss before; but just now i set it to esound, restarted it, and still no sound comes out06:53
Help1012i need gdesklets help06:53
Help1012i get a whole bunch of errors06:54
Help1012trying to run anything06:54
crimsunchromate: in a Terminal, execute alsaplayer and unmute the Analog/Digital toggle06:54
crimsunerr s/alsaplayer/alsamixer/06:54
=== orospakr [~orospakr@CPE0004762b7051-CM001225701f0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== konstantino1 [~konstanti@millennium-ppp31.ccf.auth.gr] has left #ubuntu []
crimsun(audigys and sblives generally need not concern themselves with esd06:54
Help1012here is one error I get, when trying CornerXmms06:55
Help1012Traceback (most recent call last):06:55
Help1012  File "/usr/lib/gdesklets/factory/SensorFactory.py", line 42, in create_sensor06:55
Help1012    os.chdir(p)06:55
Help1012OSError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '/usr/lib/gdesklets/../../share/gdesklets/Sensors'06:55
=== konstantinos [~konstanti@millennium-ppp31.ccf.auth.gr] has joined #ubuntu
=== ice_1963 [~gary@pcp02171024pcs.brghtn01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== nmsa [~seba@] has left #ubuntu []
chromatecrimsun: i don't see any analog/digital toggle and all the other meters appear to be unmuted and at full volume06:56
crimsunchromate: please paste ,,amixer'' output onto http://pastebin.com06:56
chromatecrimsun: http://pastebin.com/26462806:58
crimsunchromate: it's the one marked Analog/Digital Output Jack06:59
=== Jamminpotato [~Jamminpot@ip68-10-31-239.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
chromatecrimsun: how do i toggle it?06:59
crimsunpress 'm' to unmute it06:59
konstantinoshello everyone - mind if I ask a question or two (well three, actually) concerning ubuntu? just installed it but there are some minor annoyances I haven't solved yet06:59
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #ubuntu
=== lamont-jp [~ubuntu@rover3.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== eyequeue [~eyequeue@eyequeue.user] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumkonstantinos, please do07:00
XiraWhat's a good antivirus/rootkit tool?07:00
elcuWhere can I find repositories that i can access through a browser to get individual packages?  (i.e. others like this: ftp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/l/linux-restricted-modules-
=== CheeseBall [~CheeseBal@c-24-11-3-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
konstantinosok! *question 1*: I can't edit a track's properties in gnome's "music player". I right click the entry, choose "properties", and while I can select the text in the "artist", "album", "genre", etc. fields, I can't edit it. what's wrong here?07:01
chromatecrimsun: thanks, i now hear static07:01
tritiumkonstantinos, you can't do that with rhythmbox.  You might try easytag for that.07:01
da_bon_bonhi all07:02
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-70-110-152-216.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
da_bon_bonwazup ?07:02
konstantinosok, I've already found a thread in the forum about it. next...07:02
konstantinos*question 2* how do I set the default width & height of the nautilus windows? (they always come up short, and I have to use the scrollbars to navigate)07:02
crimsunkonstantinos: no tag editing in that branch.07:02
konstantinos(crimsun, thanks!)07:02
=== CheeseBall [~iiki@c-24-11-3-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== terry97 [~terry97@pcp07925502pcs.lwrnce01.in.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== sander [~sander@pool-68-161-200-25.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
chromatecrimsun: hrm, okay, even though i got some response from the speakers, i still can't play anything in xmms. i've tried alsa, oss, and esound plugins. but a cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp does produce some random noise07:03
=== phxguy [~phxguy@ip24-251-194-72.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Blue_Tek [~Blue@CPE-203-45-54-80.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93tritium:  ok what do you know about sensors for msi 632107:04
tritiumelcu, you can browse them all07:04
tritiumgeneo93, nothing, sorry07:04
phxguyhas anyone here installed superkaramba??? successfully07:04
eyequeueelcu:  http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats07:04
CheeseBallwhat is the max ram that ubuntu supports w/o configuring07:04
geneo93phxguy:  in mandrake 10.2 yes07:04
phxguygeneo93, were you using gnome or kde?? or does that even matter?07:05
crimsunchromate: your volumes seem set fairly low07:05
Blue_TekDoes any one no why my aMSN wont alow me to see other peoples Display picutures?07:05
geneo93ahh its a kde thing07:05
Blue_Tekor why mine wont stay static07:05
elcuthing is, i don't have a working net connection under linux, so i have to download the packages thru XP and then copy them over.07:05
Xiradoes Linux support iPods07:05
zenroxBlue_Tek, try gaim07:05
syndis there any way to set Hoary (a command?) to auto update the repos. and installed packages like every few weeks or so?07:06
zenroxXira, yes to a point07:06
Blue_Tekyeah i used gaim but i preffer aMSN07:06
Xirawhat are the limitations?07:06
zenroxXira, dont know07:06
elcuso downloading individual packages is basically the only way i can install stuff.07:06
phxguygeneo93, I was reading the faq's and stuff... seems like it will run in gnome but I get a error -> configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check07:06
FlonneI've never had a problem with my G3, and I know someone who uses a G4, Xira.07:06
phxguygeneo93, wtf does that mean.... i get that everytime i try to ./configure something07:07
zenroxphxguy, you dont have a c++ compiler you need to do a sudo apt-get build-essential07:07
=== mink [~ben@ben.rh.rit.edu] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuephxguy:  guess: sudo apt-get install build-essential07:07
=== CheeseBall [~iiki@c-24-11-3-125.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
minkis the xmms package by default not able to play mp3's?07:08
geneo93phxguy:  maybe you need build-esenstial07:08
Xirawhat are some good programs that do it?07:08
eyequeuemink:  right,  http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/RestrictedFormats07:08
=== drquin [~drquin@adsl-2-1-129.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
konstantinosmink this stuff is covered in the wiki section07:08
CheeseBalli use xmms07:08
Help1012how come I cannot work cornerxmms (gdesklet)07:08
phxguygeneo93, ok its installing 4 new packages now07:08
CheeseBalluse spt-get to get it07:08
minkwhyyyy would you guys do that &_&07:08
=== dealmo720 [~amadeus@80-218-117-103.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuenon-free format07:08
FlonneGTKPod is what I use, Xira.07:08
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
tritiummink, legal issues07:09
FlonneIt's quite friendly and has a lot of features.07:09
minkFlonne :o07:09
drquinhello...I'm new to ubuntu and its been working like a beaty so far except for I get no sound what so ever07:09
phxguyhey Flonne I have a question for you then.... What kinda ipod do you have?07:09
Flonne3G, as I said before, phxguy.07:09
konstantinosguys, any luck with my question? reposting it for reference's sake: *question 2* how do I set the default width & height of the nautilus windows? (they always come up short, and I have to use the scrollbars to navigate)07:09
phxguyok sorry doidn't see that07:09
phxguyi have a shuffle and can't seem to get it to work07:09
=== wilbertoki [~wilbertok@] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuewhat is a shuffle?07:10
FlonneI'm not even sure what a Shuffle looks like.07:10
drquinand I've tried fixing it but getting nothing07:10
phxguygeneo93, apt get is done should i try a ./configure again?07:10
zenroxeyequeue,  thoes new mini pods07:10
tritiumeyequeue, new small iPod07:10
FlonneiPod Mini?07:10
eyequeueah, never saw the old ones even :)07:10
CheeseBalli just got a 20 gig one07:10
wilbertokihow can I tell if the driver I specified in xorg.conf is the actual driver being used by X?07:10
geneo93phxguy:  maybe i spell wrong07:10
phxguythere the ipods that r 99 bucks07:10
Xirarhythm box has an 'ipod' view07:10
wilbertokixira: can you delete the ipod from rythymbox07:11
CheeseBallbut i cant ever get all my songs cached07:11
phxguygeneo93,  ???07:11
CheeseBallit stops halfway through a freezes07:11
tritiumwilbertoki, you can grep for it in /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:11
Xirawilbertoki, i dont see the option07:11
wilbertokiare there any open standard Ipod type music player07:11
wilbertokixira: me eitehr07:11
phxguyi tried it Xira and it doesn't work with the shuffle for some reason07:11
wilbertokitritium: thanks07:11
geneo93phxguy:  i'm getting it now to see if it works here07:11
Xirai have a 20 G407:11
phxguythanks geneo07:11
elcui'm specifically tring to get mesa installed.07:11
chromatecrimsun: everything is maximum, no luck, just static, even when nothing is playing, unless i mute07:11
eyequeuei thought that was mac hardware07:12
konstantinosseems I'm out of luck with question 2 then. I'm sure it's a config file somewhere, if only someone knew where..07:12
Help1012y cant anyone help with my gdesklet issue07:12
eyequeuekonstantinos:  sorry07:12
geneo93phxguy:  its in repositories07:13
crimsunchromate: have you tried 1.0.8 via 'alsa-source' in the 'universe' repository?07:13
tritiumHelp1012, one of us would have to have some familiarity with it07:14
phxguygeneo93,  yes i already got it. you spelt it right before..... i meant earlier it was finished installing... Im trying to ./configure now seems ok so far07:14
konstantinoseyequeue - do you have any tips on it?07:14
minkwould you all advise upgrading to alsa ?07:14
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Help1012does anyone use corner xmms?07:14
phxguydont know what that is Help1012 ? Is it a skin?07:15
=== adam__ [~adam@02-164.142.popsite.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== adam__ is now known as kinema
Blue_Tekdoes any one here no why i cant see other peoples display pictures on aMSN07:15
Dreamer369mb more until hoary :)07:15
eyequeuekonstantinos:  no, just google with the word config added07:16
=== kosmo [~kosmo@adsl-68-88-23-113.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
konstantinoswill do, thanks.07:16
phxguygeneo93, it failed again.....checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!07:16
Help1012phxguy, no its a remote/gedesklet which you can listen to songs off of desktop without opoening xmms07:16
tritiumphxguy, what are you building?07:16
konstantinos*question 3* [most important question!]  my desktop is moved a bit off screen to the right. I cannot set it to the correct position using the monitor's buttons, because then my windows xp desktop gets off-screen. is there a utility that allows me to do this kind of tinkering? I seem to remember mandrake had something like this. help!07:16
phxguygeneo93, Guess i need kde for it to work07:16
Help1012i think I found it out07:16
phxguykonstantinos, I was trying to install superkaramba07:17
nirananyone know how to tell the usb driver to stop powering a port?07:17
tritiumphxguy, you likely need libqt3-dev07:17
phxguykonstantinos, but i guess it doesn't work under gnome07:17
Dreamer3konstantinos: you could stop using windows :)07:17
chromatecrimsun: no this is a fresh install, whatever was installed is what is being used (hoary)07:17
Flonnekonstantinos, are you sure your Ubuntu and XP configs are running the same res?07:17
FlonneOr stop using Windows. That's a batter idea.07:17
Dreamer3konstantinos: or set both desktops to the same resolution/refresh rate07:17
crimsunphxguy: if you're using Hoary, why not just apt-get install superkaramba ?07:17
konstantinosflonne: yes 1280x1024 both - sorry, windows can't go07:17
phxguycrimsun, is it in the repositories???? I did not know that07:18
crimsunphxguy: in universe.07:18
geneo93superkaramba is just like konfabultor if anyone wants to try it07:18
=== turkey_joe [~turkey_jo@stjhnf0112w-142162196177.nl.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu
FlonneWhat does Konfabulator do, geneo93?07:18
CheeseBallwhats that geneo9307:18
konstantinosno utility to fix my problem?07:18
chromatecrimsun: and actually i'm looking at what is alerady installed, its 1.0.8-4ubuntu407:18
crimsunchromate: no, that's alsa-base, not alsa-source07:19
phxguycrimsun, which do you think would be better in gnome thought? superkaramba or gdesklets?07:19
geneo93ahh small applets for desktop for monitoring diff things07:19
EManHow do I install a .deb file?07:19
tritiumEMan, dpkg -i <file.deb>07:19
crimsunchromate: err, sorry, you could have it.07:19
chromatecrimsun: ah. do i need to mark alsa-base for removal?07:19
Dreamer3EMan: dpkg -i07:19
EMantritium, thanks07:19
chromatecrimsun: no, alsa-source is not installed07:19
phxguyKonfabulator is superkaramba for windows07:19
eyequeueEMan:  sudo dpkg -i foo.deb07:19
=== hybrid is now known as hybrid^zzzzZZZZZ
crimsunchromate: no, absolutely not.  Don't uninstall alsa-base.07:19
geneo93no for mac07:20
CheeseBalland that is?07:20
chromatecrimsun: okay. what should i be hoping to do with the alsa-source package?07:20
phxguygeneo93, it work under windows also... I have it07:20
crimsunchromate: please enable the 'universe' repo, then update, then apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r) alsa-source07:20
kinemai just noticed that a lot of debs including some offical (non-universe) have Debian developers listed as their maintainers.  Are some (many?) of the packages in Ubuntu proper taken directly from the Debian package archive and used without modification?07:20
geneo93it was made for macs07:20
crimsunkinema: yes.07:20
tritiumkinema, more or less07:20
EManhmm, crap. I installed libmad and madplay, but Rythmbox still will not read mp3 files07:21
=== Dreamer3_ [~josh@sdn-ap-004tnnashP0053.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuemany ubuntu devs are also debian devs, iirc07:21
kinemaif i find a bug in such a package (i haven't) where do i report it, bugs.d.o?07:22
CheeseBallEMan, just use apt-get to install rythmbox07:22
desrteyequeue; and gnome devs too07:22
eyequeuedesrt:  true07:22
bob2kinema: the Maintainer field is usually the person in Debian in charge of it07:22
tritiumEMan, did you get gstreamer0.8-mad ?07:22
EMantritium, Can't find package, so I downloaded madplay manually07:23
EManCheeseBall, it says im up to date07:23
CheeseBalldont know what to tell ya then, sry07:23
chromatecrimsun: so those apt commands will rebuild my kernel modules?07:23
klex_hm cant get bluetooth to work on my laptop, any tip?07:24
CheeseBallEMan, did you check the unoffical ubuntu install guide07:24
kinemaoh.  i was under the impression that packages in Ubuntu proper were maintained by Canonical employees.07:24
EManCheeseBall, no, not an unoficial one07:24
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunchromate: you need to read the directions in /usr/share/doc/alsa-source/README.Debian07:24
CheeseBallit linked off the docs at the ubuntu website07:24
tritiumEMan, http://ubuntuguide.org/07:24
CheeseBalltells ya some useful things07:25
=== karaffb [~karaffb@12-214-88-236.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
chromatecrimsun: thanks07:25
CheeseBallhelped me a ton07:25
=== delltony [~delltony@c-24-99-11-118.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== elcu [HydraIRC@wnpp-p-144-134-167-115.prem.tmns.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
bob2kinema: they are07:25
bob2kinema: but the maintainer field is not changed07:25
EMantritium, Nothing there about Rhythmbox or mp3's :/07:26
konstantinosfolks, do you think I'll have any luck posting questions 2 and 3 on the forum?07:26
eyequeuekonstantinos:  i'd say there is a good chance07:26
=== hgoesm [~hgoesm@p5493E18C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dreamer3_anyone have a mini-itx system?07:26
XiraI'll never fill my ipod.. my entire music library is only 2.6GB :/07:26
=== meng [~meng@] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumEMan, http://ubuntuguide.org/#codecs07:26
CheeseBallwow Xira, i filled my 20 gig with only 1/2 my collection07:27
=== subterrific [~jason@subterrific.net] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumEMan, also, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats07:27
konstantinosok. before I go, one last question. do I have to do any manual settings before connecting to the Internet?07:27
konstantinosthis was the problem with all my previous installations07:27
konstantinosI had to look up nameservers, etc.07:27
CheeseBalli never had a problem07:27
XiraCheeseBall, i guess my taste in music is picky07:27
eyequeuekonstantinos:  dhcp?07:28
eyequeuekonstantinos:  what connection?07:28
EMantritium, trying second link, first link didn't allow me to run any commands (couldn't find packages)07:28
konstantinosisdn 64k07:28
eyequeuekonstantinos:  dhcp should handle it, if your isp uses that07:28
konstantinoswhat is dhcp again?07:29
eyequeuedynamic host configuration protocol07:29
konstantinosso, there's nothing I should do on my part07:29
eyequeueif it uses pppoe, i have no experience07:29
XiraResolving DNSes are slow, ergo slowing down my ubuntu connection... I remember fixing it in other distros by disabling ipv6 somthing.. anyone know what I'm talking about, and feel like telling me how to do it?07:30
chromatecrimsun: in which package would the 'make-kpkg' command be found?07:30
eyequeueunless you have a static ip, one of those two is likely07:30
crimsunchromate: kernel-package, though you don't need to use that method.  It's cleaner to use the method in the very last step.07:31
konstantinosokay - thanks a lot for your help folks! i'm outta here, bye!07:31
mengany idea how to compile gaim with sound?07:31
chromatecrimsun: ah, did not see that. thanks again.07:31
=== konstantinos [~konstanti@millennium-ppp31.ccf.auth.gr] has left #ubuntu []
eyequeuemeng:  gaim here has sound07:31
mengi have libao-dev installed, but no sound07:32
EMantritium, ahh, my Universe was not enabled, so I just enabled it07:32
tritiumEMan, okay, cool :)07:32
crimsunmeng: cat /etc/libao.conf07:32
crimsunmeng: gaim in Hoary is compiled with libao support07:33
chromatecrimsun: once the package is created, i can install it lie a normal package?07:33
mengno, i had gaim 1.2.0 compiled from source07:33
crimsunmeng: echo "default_driver=esd" > ~/.libao07:33
crimsunmeng: checked ./configure --help /07:34
crimsunmeng: .libao assumes you're using Ubuntu packages07:34
mengwhat to look for in the help?07:35
GhostFreemanHoary in how many days?07:35
crimsunGhostFreeman: 8 April, 2005.07:35
eyequeue8 april07:35
RoeyIt's Freeman!07:36
Roeysave us, Freeman!07:36
GhostFreemannot today07:36
=== Roey goes and gets eaten by a head crab
phxguygeneo93, seems that superkaramba works pretty good in gnome....07:36
desrtdoes anyone know when ubuntu is getting new dbus/hal?07:38
GhostFreemanwhats the big features of Hoary07:38
mengi still can't compile gaim with sound07:38
eyequeuegnome 2.1007:38
Roeyathlon64, kde 3.4.007:38
desrti'm using hoary.  it still has the old ones.07:38
GhostFreemananything else?07:38
Roeykde 3.4.0? :)07:38
Roey(the kubuntu packages provide that)07:38
geneo93well it says kde on site07:38
Dreamer3_ok, now for memory07:39
eyequeuefirefox 1.0.207:39
phxguydesrt hal was updated today07:39
phxguyAccepted hal 0.4.7-1ubuntu14 (source) (Martin Pitt07:39
Roeydesrt:  are you desrt as in desert, or dessert? or like a woman's name, Deseret?07:39
desrtroey; desrt07:39
Roeyor desert rat?07:39
geneo93kde desktop to be exact07:39
eyequeueGhostFreeman:  and of course xorg07:40
=== cowbud [~Jamius@] has joined #ubuntu
kinema"only" 2.5 hours left installing kubuntu via dial-up, what could be better?07:41
hgoesmca somebody tell me which prog i can use to extract rar files under ubuntu?07:41
smoucheWhy does synaptic want to remove kubuntu-desktop if I mark open office for complete removal?07:41
eyequeueunrar is in universe i think07:41
JDahlhgoesm, unrar-nonfree07:42
eyequeuesmouche:  dependencies07:42
hgoesmok thx07:42
GhostFreemanis xorg an extension of X11?07:42
smoucheand btw, do I need to remove open office's old version if upgrading to open office 2 (universe)07:42
elmayacuz kde sucks..and oo too07:42
syndis there any way to set Hoary (a command?) to auto update the repos. and installed packages like every few weeks or so?07:42
=== kinema [~adam@02-164.142.popsite.net] has joined #ubuntu
chromatecrimsun: no luck after all that07:42
JDahlelmaya, nice try...07:42
eyequeuesmouche: it's only a metapackage anyway07:42
crimsunchromate: what version does /proc/asound/version display?07:42
kinemasmouche: kde and the rest of kubuntu will still be installed07:43
geneo93smouche:  it will because its part of it07:43
syndanyone know?07:43
smouchethank you all!07:43
eyequeueGhostFreeman: xfree86 went to an evil license, xorg is the response07:43
geneo93thats why i only installed kde07:43
GhostFreemanwhat license?07:43
GhostFreemanlet me guess...bsd?07:43
=== spotter [~spotter@user-0ccembr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeueGhostFreeman: noo, something nonfree07:44
kinemaeyequeue it's more then just the license.  xfree's dev process was rather facist07:44
FlonneNot quit non-free, but quite far from copyleft.07:44
kinemaGhostFreeman it had an advertising clause07:44
eyequeuekinema:  thanks, i wsn't aware07:44
kinemaGhostFreeman such clauses are not gpl compatible07:44
GhostFreemanwill this mean my ATI drivers will no longer work?07:44
phxguysynd, open softweare update windows and click on preferences then settings07:44
zenroxGhostFreeman,  no ati drivers will work with xorg07:45
GhostFreemanok, good07:45
kinemaGhostFreeman not the ATI binary drivers afiak07:45
Flonnezenrox, did you forget a comma?07:45
zenroxFlonne, yep07:45
GhostFreemanWhy is it good open source software becomes elitist?07:45
syndphx: wheres that at?07:45
crimsunGhostFreeman: humans.07:46
syndphxguy: wheres that at?07:46
eyequeueGhostFreeman: humans sometimes become idiots07:46
kinemaGhostFreeman ATI hasn't yet released drivers for xorg.07:46
crimsunkinema: (they have)07:46
GhostFreemanare they in synaptic yet?07:46
kinemamy mistake07:46
crimsunGhostFreeman: in Hoary, yes.07:46
phxguysynd, system -->admin --> ubuntu update manager07:47
GhostFreemanso when I upgrade, I can grab the new drivers with Synaptic07:47
FlonneHave they released 64-bit drivers?07:47
=== jclinton [~jclinton@jclinton.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunFlonne: (yes)07:47
eyequeueGhostFreeman: i think you need the restricted repo too07:47
smoucheWhen you say ati drivers don't work with xorg, do you mean just the ubuntu drivers, or that ati cards aren't supported at all?  I've got kubunut running on an ati machine, it's fine with default install...07:47
chromatecrimsun: 1.0.8 and kernel 2.6.10-2-.38607:47
syndphxguy: thanks!07:47
jclintonHello.... I was about to download Ubuntu install CD but I see that final is due out tomorrow on the release schedule. Anyone know if it's on schedule?07:48
zenroxjclinton,  it dont come out till the 6th07:48
=== elcu [HydraIRC@wnpp-p-144-134-167-115.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
FlonneRC1 is due out tomorrow, AFAIK.07:48
smouchetomorrow? wow -- I thought it was a week awqy07:48
eyequeuejclinton:  the release candidate is tomorrow, final is 8 april07:48
=== jroes [jroes@everest.2mbit.com] has joined #ubuntu
jroesI think I selected the firewalling thing when I setup ubuntu originally07:49
GhostFreemanjust remind me when I install Hoary to update my ATI drivers07:49
phxguyjclinton, Last i heard it isn't due out till around the 16th where did you c it was out tomorrow?07:49
jroesI want to open some more ports so I can send files via AIM07:49
elcuI've worded my problem out a little better: http://www.techimo.com/forum/t138803.html07:49
crimsunchromate: hmm, ok.  Then there are other issues.  Try looking on http://alsa.opensrc.org momentarily.07:49
syndi just updated to Hoary and now my cd player seems to skip a bit.. I'm certain that it's not the CD..07:49
elcuCould anyone help me with this?07:49
jclintoni'll get the URL just a sec07:49
eyequeuephxguy:  8th07:49
kinemajclinton you can always download the CD, install, then update when the final is release07:49
hgoesman is there a gui prog for rar07:49
jroesis there any way I can turn off the firewal rules or loosen them up a bit?07:49
phxguysuper!!! thats even better if it is so07:49
=== readingboy [~cjennings@adsl-69-106-241-180.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
chromatecrimsun: i've historically had problems using ALSA with my sound card on this computer, with other distros. I usually just use OSS.07:49
crimsunubuntu ships with no firewall rules enabled.07:49
crimsunchromate: perhaps irq issues?07:50
syndanyone have an idea about my cd player skipping?07:50
jroesgaim and aim are compatible as far as file transfers are concerned, right?07:50
jclintonAh yes, I see it's an RC tomorrow : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryReleaseSchedule07:50
=== readingboy [~cjennings@adsl-69-106-241-180.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
syndjroes: i have a bit of problems doing direct connect07:50
jroesI have no firewall rules, and I'm using gaim and my friend with aim can't send me anything, weird07:50
menganywhere to get the latest gaim .deb packs for ubuntu07:50
zenroxjroes, yep gaim will allso do icq msn yahoo file transvers07:50
syndfrom gaim07:50
=== Bloody|RLC [~puzo__@] has joined #ubuntu
syndmen: apt-get07:51
syndmeng: apt-get07:51
GhostFreemanI am looking forward to Hoary07:51
GhostFreemanhopefully the new ATI drivers will allow me to play Doom 3 without crashing07:51
zenroxGhostFreeman,  i am using horay right now07:51
mengi meant for gaim 1.2.007:51
syndmeng: sudo apt-get install gaim07:51
syndmeng: yes, from the gaim site07:51
jclintonDoes anyone know if the RC tomorrow will have the new d-i RC3 included?07:51
mengthat means compiling from source07:52
syndyou have to get the gaim.package, meng07:52
chromatecrimsun: lspci seems to show the audiy correctly07:52
eyequeuemeng:  hoary also has gaim-encryption, which i recommend07:52
syndmeng: gaim 1.2.0 isnt avail from the repos. yet07:52
GhostFreemanencrypting AIM convos is a must now that AOL has been foiled07:52
mengall of my mates uses the windows client of their respective networks07:53
mengso encyrption won't owrk07:53
syndGhostFreeman: apt-get gaim-encryption?07:53
eyequeuemeng:  gaim is available even for ms platforms07:53
GhostFreemandoesn't that allow you to encrypt convos?07:53
mengyes, i am using that too07:53
mengis just most of the people i know uses trillian07:54
syndgaim is so much better than AIM on windows07:54
mengor the default client07:54
mengi just wish i can send winks through gaim07:54
mengor some of the cool stuff in MSN 707:55
=== e_machinist [~matthew@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
syndanyone have an idea why my CD Player is skipping and the song elapsed time is counitng by 2s07:55
mengthose animated things that people send each other07:55
eyequeueno clue what those would be, sorry07:55
=== PenisBot [~mitch@pool-216-26-203-69.tbaytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
syndit worked fine in warty, but not in my recently upgraded hoary07:55
PenisBotcan I apt-get pyXMMS-1.0607:55
syndPenisBot: you can always try07:55
syndPenisBot: is that pymusique?07:56
e_machinistsudo apt-get install pyXMMS-1.06 maybe?07:56
PenisBoti tried, but would I use a different name or file name07:56
Flonneapt-cache search pyxmms07:56
PenisBotsynd, no I need it for corner xmms (gdesklet)07:56
meng<eyequeue> have u seen MSN messenger 7 beta?07:56
PenisBotFlonne, what does that do07:57
PenisBotwell, anyways, here is the error I get wihtout pyxmms07:57
PenisBotTraceback (most recent call last):07:57
PenisBot  File "/usr/lib/gdesklets/factory/SensorFactory.py", line 42, in create_sensor07:57
PenisBot    os.chdir(p)07:57
PenisBotOSError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '/usr/lib/gdesklets/../../share/gdesklets/Sensors'07:57
eyequeuemeng:  sounds like a windows app, no07:57
FlonneIt will search all known packages for names containing that string.07:57
FlonneInstall the one that matches best.07:57
PenisBotFlonne, aight, I think i need 2-3 of em07:57
syndanyone have an idea why my CD Player is skipping and the song elapsed time is counitng by 2s07:57
menghow to get video gaim installed anyway?07:58
=== Swelly [~swelly@ip-202-37-231-252.internet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinistsynd... you have DMA mode activated on the drive?07:58
eyequeuemeng:  gaim-vv is not in the repos, but apparently on sourceforge07:58
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synde_machinist: no clue, how do i check?07:58
PenisBotFlonne, you are my hero, thx07:58
mengouch, more compile owrk07:58
e_machinistsudo hdparam /etc/drivename07:59
e_machinistor /media/drivename.07:59
e_machinistwhatever works for you.07:59
synde_machinist: it worked with warty earlier, I just upped to hoary and i noticed that07:59
eyequeuemeng:  build the deb and put it up for others?07:59
mengi tried making the .deb for gaim 1.2.0, and it failed miserably07:59
bur[n] eraww08:00
bur[n] erthat's too bad08:00
synde_machinist: sudo hdparam isnt a command?08:00
ironwolfdoes anyone have gallery running under hoary successfully?08:00
bur[n] ergaim comes with autopackage things now, why make a deb :)08:00
e_machinistparm* sorry.08:00
syn-acksynd: its hdparm08:00
syndFlonne: thanks08:00
eyequeuebur[n] er:  to void subverting the package management system08:00
syndsyn-ack, e_machinist: thanks08:00
e_machinistLook at flonne taking advantage of my typos.08:00
crimsunchromate: good.  And is it sharing an irq?08:00
crimsunchromate: what does lsmod|grep ^emu10k1  display?08:01
chromatecrimsun: no, it has its own08:01
FlonneTab-completion is good. =P08:01
mengis even autopackage availible in the repos?08:01
=== niran [~niran@lucianus.Stanford.EDU] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunmeng: not that I'm aware08:01
e_machinistTab completion is icky sometimes.08:01
GhostFreemanhopefully there will be some Hoary user guides up08:01
mengso using a deb is needed08:01
=== Levander [~levander@user-1121k44.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
chromatecrimsun: emu10k1_gp08:02
e_machinistYah, it seems like there are a lot of people needing help with Hoary....08:02
synde_machinist: should I have DMA mode activated?08:02
mengi ask for a full fglrx guide08:02
e_machinistDMA mode should be set to on synd.08:02
FlonneI'm sure they'll be available in time, GhostFreeman.08:02
synde_machinist: how do i set it to on08:02
chromatecrimsun: there is also a snd_emu10k1 loaded, which i'm assuming is the alsa wrapper module08:02
synd: /08:02
e_machinistIs it set to off right now synd?08:02
GhostFreemangood, I hope they tell me how to install ATI Drivers ^_^;08:02
chromatecrimsun: gp is the gameport; should the emu10k1 module itself also be loaded?08:03
Levanderdoes firefox's self-updating feature work in hoary?08:03
elcuhttp://www.techimo.com/forum/t138803.html  Could someone give me a hand with this?08:03
eyequeueGhostFreeman:  you could start writing one now on the wiki, for use after the 8th?08:03
syn-ackGhostFreeman: those are "fun" to install08:03
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-202-192-44.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
FlonneDon't howtos already exist to address that issue, GhostFreeman?08:03
e_machinistaww, that stupid hoary. haha. Keeps messing up peoples DMA mode.08:03
eyequeueLevander:  i would hope not08:03
syndBOO hoary!08:03
syn-acke_machinist: Hasnt messed mine up08:03
mengi can't even make the kernel module too08:03
e_machinistThere is a really good DMA mode topic on the ubuntu forums synd.08:04
eyequeueLevander:  the package should be upgraded by root, not each individual user08:04
Levandereyequeue: why would u hope not?  is that works, don't have to wait for ubuntu releases to have latest stuff, and still be integrated w ubuntu08:04
GhostFreemani'm sure they do08:04
Levandereyequeue: u could set up firefox's upgrade feature so it can only be used by root08:04
GhostFreemanI actually have a How to install Ubuntu guide up on my forums08:04
GhostFreemanI'm a nerd08:04
eyequeueLevander:  why would i want every user to hve her own copy of something as large as firefox in their $HOME ?08:04
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Levandereyequeue: they wouldn't08:05
synde_machinist: does DMA affect DVD playback?08:05
tritiumsynd, yes08:05
e_machinistDMA affects the transfer speeds on ANY of your drives.08:05
krash3xdoes anyone know the command to get flashplayer08:05
Levandereyequeue: but that's not what the firefox upgrade feature does08:05
=== pitti [~martin@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinistThey should all have DMA mode on, otherwise your transfer speeds will be severely limited.08:05
e_machinistHard drives too.08:05
mengizzit apt-get -install flashplayer?08:05
eyequeueLevander:  users shouldn't have write access to the requisite dirs, nor is subverting the packge management system something i'd want08:05
tritiumkrash3x, sudo apt-get install flashplayer-mozilla08:05
Levandereyequeue: don't have to subvert either of those things08:06
tritiumkrash3x, it's in multiverse08:06
eyequeueLevander:  it doesn't bypass dpkg?08:06
Levanderthe upgrade puts it's files in the same place every time, could just tell dpkg the directory those files are in08:06
eyequeueLevander:  that wouldn't update the md5sums, etc08:07
synde_machinist: eh, is http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20541 the forum?08:07
Levanderwho cares, you'd get all the security updates which the vast majority of users care about than the md5sums08:07
syndthread i mean08:08
eyequeueLevander: i still don't like the concept of non-root making system-wide changes either08:08
crimsunchromate: snd_emu10k1 is indeed the correct module if you have an audigy or an audigy2 (_not_ audigy ls or audigy2 zs or sblive 24-bit/7.1)08:08
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eyequeueLevander:  who CARES?? are you serious?08:08
Levandereyequeue: already told you, could make it so that root has to do the upgrade08:08
chromatecrimsun: i do have an audigy08:08
Levandereyequeue: most users gonna care a lot more about the security upgrades than the md5sums08:08
eyequeueLevander:  root (on this box at lest) would have no desire to break the box08:08
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Levandereyequeue: of course not08:09
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eyequeueLevander:  perhaps you should research the implications of what you suggest08:09
Levandereyequeue: perhaps i already have08:09
eyequeueLevander:  your comments don't indicate that08:10
e_machinistalright... I downloaded a .deb file.... how to I install it?08:11
deFryskdpkg -i08:11
eyequeuee_machinist:  sudo dpkg -i foo.deb08:11
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synde_machinist: eh, is http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20541 the thread?08:12
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Zevinhey flonne08:13
FlonneAny luck?08:13
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Zevinfound some people with the same problem08:14
=== ubuntu is now known as noobuntu
desrtubuntu; we created a channel dedicated to you!08:14
mengisn't this an ubuntu channel08:15
noobuntui like it so far - using the preview (5.x i think?)08:15
Flonne5.04, Hoary.08:15
desrtthere is no .x.  only .4 and .10 :)08:15
noobuntuso you guys gonna be the userlinux desktop or what?  :-)08:15
=== grunde [~grunde@pat-gw.osl.fast.no] has joined #ubuntu
topylinoobuntu: userlinux is still alive?08:16
topylior you mean in general?08:16
=== desrt watches things get nasty
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eyequeuean invitation was extended to bruce, i do not know if he has chosen to reply yet or not08:17
Zevini think ubuntu could totally be the desktop linux08:17
FlonneThat's one distro I never used. What was special about it, topyli?08:17
eyequeuehe is most likely the best person to decide what direction that project should take08:17
topyliFlonne: i haven't tried it either. they have a great concept though08:17
FlonneI think Ubuntu has the potential to reach more casual users, too, Zevin.08:17
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noobuntuuserlinux isn't a distro08:17
Zevinflonne, seems the only true cure for now till new xFree86 drivers are released, is to use 611108:17
noobuntuper se08:18
topylinoobuntu: true, strictly speaking08:18
FlonneAh... You have a card that falls into that category.08:18
topylimore of a service08:18
Zevinyeah, least, from what i can find just from google08:18
noobuntuthey aim to businessify debian08:18
FlonneSome Gentoo users said the 7xxx drivers helped, and some said they didn't.08:18
topylinoobuntu: yeah, without non-freeing it too much :)08:19
noobuntuor at all08:19
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noobuntuselect a subset of packages that they'll support, fix up debian where it's lacking, provide certifications, common marketing materials - basically it provides the infrastructure that assures a prospective linux customer that there will be multiple-ISV support for userlinux08:20
=== nybro43 [t5tjP61j@pool-70-107-37-234.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
noobuntubut what's holding them up now is the debian release cycle  :-)08:21
noobuntuso ubuntu looks like an interesting solution08:21
e_machinistman... using a debian based distro you have to get really familiar with the dpkg tool.08:21
topylinoobuntu: makes me wonder though if they're a bit late now. with the free ubuntu and all those non-free "debians" around...08:22
=== dazed [~dazed@host-208-60-229-83.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
noobuntui'm pretty sure that userlinux intends to remain completely free08:22
noobuntuer, Free08:22
topyliheh. not FREE :)08:22
noobuntunot "FREE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!" free08:23
=== _chavo [~chavo@239.sub-69-82-222.myvzw.com] has joined #ubuntu
topylii wonder why they always have to capitalize free when they mean non-free :)08:23
=== Dreamer3 [~josh@sdn-ap-005tnnashP0093.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
noobuntuit's the exclamation points08:23
Zevini'm an experienced pc user, used linux once or twice before. i was able to install unbuntu in a dual boot enviroment, and activate my wifi card with minimal effort. it has everything a basic user needs.08:23
noobuntualthough !Free == not Free08:24
mengbut having to install alot of side stuff can freak newbies out08:24
Flonne!!Free!, then?08:24
Zevini mean, synaptic alone makes linux 10 times esier to use08:24
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syn-ackZevin: Whats wrong with apt?08:24
noobuntuZevin, the only catch i had was that eth0 wasn't activated.  i went into networking GUI and turned it on though, no problem08:24
syndsyn-ack: how do i get spt?08:24
deFryskwindows is installing side stuff automaticly (freaky)08:25
syn-ackI use that over Synaptic any day08:25
=== imcsk8_ [~imcsk8@] has joined #ubuntu
syn-acksynd: Come again?08:25
syndapt* i mean08:25
syn-acksynd: its already installed.08:25
syndis that the apt-get thing?08:25
noobuntudeFrysk, like what08:25
topyliZevin: synaptic makes newbies feel more at "home". clicking is so soothing. :) otherwise of course it doesn't offer much08:25
syn-acksynd: it HAS to be installed. Synaptic is a frontend to apt08:25
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deFrysknoobuntu, err spyware ?08:26
noobuntuwindows is like a bad dream fading into my past08:26
syn-acksynd, rather.08:26
Zevinthats what i mean08:26
syn-ackZevin: Sorry about that.08:26
Roeynoobuntu:  :)08:26
=== cowbud [~Jamius@] has joined #ubuntu
FlonneI haven't had to experience Windows at all for three years. :)08:26
noobuntui hopw i live long enough to piss on microsoft's grave08:26
Roeynoobuntu:  lucky for you, you don't have to administer this crap08:26
=== e_machinist [~matthew@dialup-] has left #ubuntu []
noobuntuFlonne, i'm around three years myself  :)08:26
Zevini feel like, i could install ubuntu on my grandmother's pc, and she could do her day-to-day stuff and never know the difference excpet the absense of viruses and spy-ware08:26
syn-acknoobuntu: I still have windows installed on my 40 gig drive.08:27
=== St0n3-C0l [~stone@] has joined #ubuntu
syndsyn-ack: you oughta get rid of that :p08:27
nirandid anyone's fonts break with the latest updates?08:27
FlonneMy mom's system has been running Debian for two.08:27
nirannone of my windows fonts work now08:27
syn-acksynd: I cant. I do work with windows.08:27
noobuntuRoey, i have a couple servers to administer but they're dedicated application boxes, and a legacy ms-sql server box that i'm in the process of migrating to postgresql08:27
eyequeueZevin:  i've done a successful install for a greatgrandmother who is now thrilled with ubuntu08:27
noobuntu(couple windows servers that is)08:27
=== aethyr [~aethyr@dyn006657-twr2-student.cpmc.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu
syndsyn-ack: i see.08:27
firstknightHi, I try to install grub from knoppix live cd..... after chrooting into Linux system, #grub-install /dev/hda or #grub-install /dev/hdb give me blablabla does not have any corresponding BIOS drive. What should I do?08:28
Zevinnice eyequeue!08:28
Roeynoobuntu:  luck you :)08:28
syn-acksynd: I have windows on the 40 gig pATA drive and Ubuntu on my 120 gig sATA drive.08:28
Roeynoobuntu:  we have all these MS infested POSes08:28
topyliniran: my arial and others seem to work08:28
bob2firstknight: does using the devfs name help?08:28
noobuntuthis desktop really looks polished08:28
Roeynoobuntu:  for some reason the boss decided he wants *only* SMS and *only* MS CRM08:28
FlonneRun the grub installer manually, firstknight. I can walk you through it if a PM is acceptable.08:29
nirantopyli: hmm... mine doesn't08:29
=== deltaex [~deltaex@] has joined #ubuntu
cowbudany gdesklet users know if there is an easy way of removing the gdesklets manager icon from the notification area (Or do I have to remove it from the actual code? )08:29
Roeynoobuntu:  I mean, it's bad enough we were instructed to use w2k3 for file sharing.08:29
BurgundaviaRoey: PHBs get sold the MS line easily08:29
syndsyn-ack: oh, I see. when I get ubuntu to recognize my wireless card, im gonna do away with windows for now08:29
noobuntuRoey, we're getting merged with our parent organization and they're heavy microsoft - i'm thinking of looking for another job if i have to go back to windows-land08:29
syn-acksynd: what card?08:29
RoeyBurgundavia:  I didn't know how pervasive it was until I entered the workforce a coupla years ago08:29
=== menator [~menator@ip68-110-5-103.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Roeynoobuntu:  look at it as a learning experience08:29
BurgundaviaRoey: I just a left a job like that08:29
Roeynoobuntu:  you'll be more marketable08:30
syndsyn-ack: D-Link DWL-510 802.11g PCI card08:30
RoeyBurgundavia:  ah.. you chose to leave that job because it was too much windows?08:30
noobuntuRoey, what do you mean?08:30
noobuntustay and work with windows?08:30
syn-acksynd: HAH. I have a DWL520 in my desktop here.08:30
Zevinhey synd?08:30
Roeynoobuntu:  "with windows skills you open yourself up to a huge part of the market for windows admins"08:30
FlonneI've refused to take a job because they enforced Windows and .Net.08:30
geneo93freenode is going down in 1/2 hour08:30
Zevinyou have the install disk for it?08:30
Roeynoobuntu:  that's what my boss told me08:30
syndsyn-ack: really? what chipset does that have?08:30
RoeyFlonne:  .net the lnaugage?08:30
firstknightbob2: how do I do that?08:30
RoeyFlonne:  the dev environment?08:31
FlonneThe platform...08:31
geneo93at least my hub08:31
syn-acksynd: Atheros08:31
=== deltaex [~deltaex@] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
syn-acksynd: It uses the ath_pci driver08:31
firstknightFlonne, you mean: grub then root (hd1,0) then setup (hd1) ?08:31
topylinoobuntu: windows shops need more admins. so your job is safer there :)08:31
FlonneSomething like that.08:31
eyequeueit's certainly burping in 1/2 hour08:31
noobuntutopyli, actually i would consider a career change entirely08:31
noobuntui really loathe windows08:31
FlonneThought setup (hd1) won't really help unless your BIOS is configured to boot from the slave.08:31
RoeyFlonne:  I don't get what MS' ".net platform" is all about.  It's a language? ok.  It's a CLR?  ok... it's a common set of libs? ok... so how hard is it to install this thing on yoru enterprise? what does it mean to install it on the enterprise -- that all computers have the .net libs installed?08:31
Zevinmy internet has been "burping" for the last 2 days08:32
syndsyn-ack: ahh.. man. I found out that D-Link made a "Rev. B" to the DWL 510 and the difference was that it had an Atheros chipset instead, i was upset08:32
Roeynoobuntu:  me too.08:32
=== e_machinist [~matthew@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
eyequeuewhy would anyone choose to work in a setting that is harmful to their mental health?08:32
syndsyn-ack: i, unfortunately, bought the other one.08:32
St0n3-C0lwhats the site of marillat ?08:32
topylinoobuntu: welcome to the lucrative business of academic research :/08:32
syndSt0n3-C0l: google it08:32
firstknightFlonne, if that does not work, what is your suggestion????08:32
topylinoobuntu: you can use what you want08:32
Roeyeyequeue:  I take it as a learning experience08:32
noobuntueyequeue, it's also frustrating to work with people who don't appreciate technology08:32
syndSt0n3-C0l: http://debian.video.free.fr/08:33
geneo93eyequeue:  i worked with windows for 8 years and i'm nuts now08:33
syndi think.08:33
syn-acknoobuntu: heh, I had to do a deployment for Dell, migrating them from NT $ WS to XP... Needless to say the frikin' migration tools didnt work and I had to do a LOT of it by hand08:33
dazedhow come my NFS files dont show up under "network:///" ? anyone know ???08:33
syn-ackNT4, that is08:33
Roeyeyequeue:  I don't want to be narrowminded just because something is out of my comfort zone08:33
Roeyeyequeue:  I mean, being challenged is how i learn (personally)08:33
Roeyeyequeue:  but that said, I really do dislike windows08:33
noobuntusyn-ack, luckily we have a guy to handle the workstation stuff for a couple years now so i don't have to touch them unless he has problems  :-)08:33
St0n3-C0lYes Thanks08:33
syndgeneo93: i've been using windows since win 3.1...08:33
Roeyeyequeue:  even though like certain aspects of it08:33
syndgeneo93: made the switch to OSX about a year ago08:34
syn-acknoobuntu: heh.08:34
geneo93synd:  not using admin08:34
=== _mage_work is now known as _mage_afk
eyequeueRoey:  those sme arguments seem to be applicable to chief torturer or such, heh, no insult intended08:34
noobuntusynd: i just got back from a friend's house this weekend where i tried OSX for the first time - kind of nice08:34
syn-acksynd: Ive used damn near every version of windows too.08:34
Roeyeyequeue:   :)08:34
syn-acknoobuntu: OS X is the rox0rz08:34
=== topyli never saw windows 1 or 2
BurgundaviaRoey: yes ot leaving the job due to windows08:35
syndsyn-ack: what would you say was the worse one? (as if they all werent bad) I vote WinME. GOD that was awful.08:35
syn-acktopyli: not missing much08:35
noobuntumy OSX friend is interested in linux though so i pointed him at a ubuntu livecd - actually that's the main reason i tried it - i use stock debian on my desktop (for now :-) )08:35
topyliso i hear08:35
syn-acksynd: ME is buggier than a 10 $ whore08:35
syndnoobuntu: I love OSX, it's by far my fav.08:35
syn-ackOS X, imo is the best thing to happen to fBSD, which I cant stand either08:35
noobuntusynd, i thought i wouldn't like it but being able to drop down to the CLI made me feel comfortabe.  although i've never used a BSD system before.08:36
dazedhow come my NFS files dont show up under "network:///" ? anyone know ???08:36
eyequeueosx ws nice, since i could drop to a command line and ssh to a debian box :)08:36
topylieyequeue: that's what i do on windows boxen08:37
=== Dreamer31 [~josh@sdn-ap-009tnnashP0127.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
topylieyequeue: only, of course i need extra software :)08:37
RoeyBurgundavia:  oh wow08:38
RoeyBurgundavia, noobuntu, eyequeue: anyway I've got to go to sleep.  It was nice talking to you guys08:38
=== Arnia follows the autopackage argument on the forums
syndnoobuntu: I just love how everything on Mac "just works" as opposed to Windoesnt.. But recently finding Ubuntu (actually first hearing about it in the Apple Forums, ironically) and being able to resurrect old PCs and laptops that I have laying around is just grand. And there's something about being getting something that isnt working right on Ubuntu (not recognizing battery) working.. its just really really satisfying as opposed to the "it just 08:38
Roeygood night08:38
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=== Drews_Blunted [~drew@c-24-5-117-25.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
noobuntuin 5.4 livecd, should samba networking work?08:39
Drews_Bluntedhow can i resolve a dependency problem with apt-get08:39
Drews_Bluntedim having a problemw ith ubuntu-desktop and hal08:39
Drews_Bluntedand gnome-volume-manager08:39
nirannoobuntu: no, but when it's up and running, apt-get samba-client08:39
=== ^majik^ [~majik@] has joined #Ubuntu
Drews_Blunteddoes anyone know?08:39
noobuntusynd: i'd be tempted to try OSX but the financial commitment seems pretty freakin huge08:39
niraner... sudo apt-get install samba-client08:39
syndnoobuntu: understandable.08:40
smouchesynd, I kind of sort of have mac envy, but I hate the way the gui looks on the machines I've seen -- and I hate the taskbar etc -- iss that interface easily changable ?08:40
noobuntuniran, thanks - will it be on the livecd when released?08:40
eyequeuewell, ubuntu-desktop is only a meta-package, so safe to get rid of08:40
syndnoobuntu: hear about the Mac Mini?08:40
nirannoobuntu: i doubt it. i'm not exactly sure why the client isn't included08:40
ArniaI really fail to understand the point of the argument...08:40
bob2eyequeue: except it can make upgrades less automatic08:40
=== Xatter [Xatter@syru231-202.syr.edu] has joined #ubuntu
nirannoobuntu: but since you can install stuff while it's running, it's no biggie08:40
Zevinhey, synd, i think i found a driver you can use08:40
eyequeuebob2:  ah08:41
dokotritium: what is needed for python-gnome?08:41
syndsmouche: i see. taskbar as in the dock that magnifies when you put your mouse over it?08:41
=== Bizzeh [Bizzeh@host81-132-131-181.range81-132.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
noobuntuniran, true.  seems add/remove apps is frozen up though08:41
smoucheI was thinking about a mac mini, just to have a really quiet machine to use as a juke box or server or something...08:41
XatterMy laptop has USB Legacy enabled, and there is no option in the BIOS to disable it.  I can get Ubuntu to work with a USB Keyboard, but would really like to use the keyboard built into the laptop08:41
smoucheyes, synd.  The magnifying thing, I hate it!08:41
tritiumdoko, not sure yet.  crimsun is looking at it with me right now08:41
Xatteris there any way to tell linux to ignore the USB Legacy 'keyboard'?08:41
nirannoobuntu: huh? a program is frozen up, or the package selection for hoary?08:42
=== stone [~stone@fw.lnx.nu] has joined #ubuntu
syndsmouche: well, it can be disabled! I dont like it at all either.08:42
ZevinSynd: i think i found a driver for you08:42
=== johns^ [~john@decande.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
e_machinisthmmm... How come so many apps don't come with icons to make them pretty?08:42
e_machinistGonna have to make my own?08:42
noobuntuubuntu is the color of a nice warm cup of coffee.08:42
synde_machinist: like what?08:42
syndZevin: Oh, really?08:42
nirannoobuntu: i think i told you the wrong package to install for windows sharing, one sec08:42
smouchesynd, have you tried a mac mini?  any good?08:42
=== stone [~stone@fw.lnx.nu] has left #ubuntu []
Zevinits for the DWL-650 Rev.B that has the atheros chipset08:42
syndZevin: .inf file?08:42
=== bur[n] er has icons for most everything :)
syndsmouche: I have 2 of them08:43
Xatteranyone else had this problem?08:43
ArniaCentralised package management is great... but why does that preclude distributed packaging for third-party apps?08:43
smouchecool, synd!08:43
Zevinits a modified one from wildpackets, to use with air snort. maybe it will help08:43
syndsmouche: they are engineering marvels08:43
e_machinistsynd, in the bar at the bottom of the screen there is the correct opera icon... but I can't find the icon so that I can make a pretty launcher.08:43
syndsmouche: i took one apart... one word: wow08:43
noobuntuniran - smbclient, right?08:43
topylie_machinist: opera is another story. ask them :)08:43
BurgundaviaArnia: they must be able to coexist and the centralized must take precedence08:43
synde_machinist: you can probably find the icon or a picture online08:44
e_machinistYah, that is what I'm doing now.08:44
noobuntuniran: what froze up was the default add/remove software view.  when i switched to synaptic (advanced?) it worked08:44
smouchesynd:  I only worry about the ventilation on those things -- I would be running it in the summer in NYC, no air conditioning --08:44
ArniaWith the number of packaging systems out there, I feel like they're all different operating systems.08:44
smouchegiven they're so quiet, I worry about inadequate fans, cooling...08:44
Burgundaviasmouche: the apple people no what they are doing. If they overheating in NYC, then they would have huge numbers of returns08:44
Burgundaviasmouche: s/no/know08:45
=== Uscfan [~Uscfan@dsl081-233-226.lax1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== davewave_ [~davewave@29.201.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has left #ubuntu []
nirannoobuntu: yeah, but it seems it should be installed by default. ubuntu-desktop depends on it08:45
Drews_Bluntedanyon here smoke weed08:45
Drews_Bluntedanyone here puff chronic08:45
ArniaBurgundavia: Yes, but I think the central repository should be shrunk too so it can be maintained more efficiently08:45
Uscfanhey all, anyne in here heard of AJAX, the technology behind gmail and flickr???08:45
Drews_Bluntedsmoke smoke08:45
Drews_Bluntedtoke toke? anyone annyone?08:45
BurgundaviaArnia: shrunk?08:45
syndsmouche: well, I have two, plus an iBook g4 and an iMac g5.. all 3 being super quiet. I dont have a single problem with heat.. even multitasking and running iTunes visualizations.08:45
Zevincan anyone here bann blunt boy?08:45
BurgundaviaArnia: universe is about to be massively expanded08:45
=== revelater [~andrew@adsl-69-225-132-37.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ArniaBurgundavia: Concentrate on core system components for a desktop08:45
noobuntuniran - i'm updating packages - maybe that will fix it.  wondering it it wouldn't be a good idea to check for updates on livecd and offer to update at boot?08:46
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu
smoucheBurgundavia, I'm sure you're right, but I don't think users have been able to check them in those conditions yet...08:46
BurgundaviaArnia: why?08:46
topyliBurgundavia: that's natural, that's what universes do :)08:46
syndsmouche: if worse comes to worse, OSX has a built in temp monitor that if it gets too hot.. it automatically shuts down08:46
revelaterhey, i installed the proper drivers for my card but i am still getting low fps08:46
noobuntuBTW - livecd isn't going to touch my local HD's right?08:46
=== beamreach [~tporcella@] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaDrews_Blunted: this is for ubuntu talk. Please restrict it to them08:46
nirannoobuntu: nah, i don't think the live cd is meant to be dynamic, but since you can it's a nice hack to use08:46
=== seqBook [~chris@CPE0050bf1a898b-CM013349902353.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Telep [~telep@ZYYYKMDCCLXXXIV.dsl.saunalahti.fi] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaDrews_Blunted: s/them/that08:46
Drews_BluntedBurgundavia, sorry man08:46
nirannoobuntu: plus, after the live cd stagnates for a while, there'll be a lot of updates to install08:46
Drews_Bluntedubuntu is just soo cool08:46
e_machinistWhat size are the default icons in ubuntu? 32x32?08:46
smouchesynd, thanks.  I  may get one ... cool, another excuse to blow my tiny paycheck...08:47
revelaterBurgundavia: hey i am still getting low FPS... is there something else i need to do?08:47
syndsmouche: haha. well if you ever need suggestions on what to do.. feel free to ask08:47
BurgundaviaArnia: if people want to expand the centralised repos, then why not let them?08:47
noobuntuniran, so my current partitions will remain untouched, right?  this is a work machine with debian/win2k dual-boot installed08:48
dazedhow come my NFS files dont show up under "network:///" ? anyone know ???08:48
syndsmouche: I just love introducing people to Mac08:48
noobuntusynd, i think it could use some more interface tweaks though - even my OSX-only friend says he wishes he could turn off more of the effects08:48
Burgundaviarevelater: run glxinfo | grep 'OpenGL vendor string'08:48
Burgundaviarevelater: and tell me what you get08:49
Daehliehas anyone gotten nicotine to work to get onto the soulseek network?08:49
smouchesynd, just don't rave to me about i-pods! ;-)08:49
geneo93we all smoke weed all day long08:49
=== Jerub [~gideon@jerub.user] has joined #ubuntu
ArniaBurgundavia: who's repo? Ubuntu? Debian Sarge? Gentoo? FC3? Which distribution is linux? None of them... but then I'm resigned to this problem (as I see it) continuing... I'm just feeling quite annoyed. I don't think its a good thing.08:49
BurgundaviaArnia: if you have done any work in IT, you will know about the distinction between trusted and untrusted sources08:50
Jerubhi, I'm having a problem with ubuntu and openafs.08:50
=== Telep [~telep@ZYYYKMDCCLXXXIV.dsl.saunalahti.fi] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaArnia: the internet is the biggest untrusted source08:50
revelaterBurgundavia: Xlib:  extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0".08:50
syndnoobuntu: there are a few GUI tweaks for OSX..08:50
revelaterOpenGL vendor string: Mesa project: www.mesa3d.org08:50
Jerububuntu doesn't have 2.4 kernels (only kernel source, which is currently building), but has the openafs packages.08:50
BurgundaviaArnia: central repos are partially trusted08:50
Burgundaviarevelater: ugh08:50
CarlKBurgundavia - new drive in the e-box, install just stalled on the 2nd phase (after the reboot) - are you interested?08:50
Zevinanyone know how i can change my response to lid close? when i close my latop, ubuntu shutsdown. i just want it to turn off the screen08:50
Jerubthat depend on a kernel module that only builds against 2.2 and 2.4 kernels....08:50
Burgundaviarevelater: there is some foo you have do get it working08:50
Burgundaviarevelater: dig around the forums for it, I have forgotten sorry08:50
BurgundaviaCarlK: sure08:50
noobuntusynd, i imagine more are possible from the CLI but my friend doesn't know how to use t08:50
revelaterBurgundavia: uhh ohh...08:50
=== Telep [~telep@ZYYYKMDCCLXXXIV.dsl.saunalahti.fi] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93Daehlie:  yes08:51
revelaterBurgundavia: what forums?08:51
Burgundaviarevelater: Ubuntu ones08:51
=== Sav [~sav@] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviarevelater: let me see if I can find it for you08:51
syndnoobuntu: theres something called ShapeShifter08:51
revelaterBurgundavia: thank you08:51
nirannoobuntu: right, it won't touch your existing partitions. i don't even think it mounts them by default08:51
=== Telep [~telep@ZYYYKMDCCLXXXIV.dsl.saunalahti.fi] has joined #ubuntu
syndnoobuntu: it's pretty sweet, he can try it out08:51
=== xukun [~xukun@xm0027.uvt.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== revelater eats a cookie
=== sharni [~sharni@ppp85-49.lns2.mel3.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
xukunhi all08:52
=== inisfree [~cong@host81-7-40-134.adsl.v21.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Daehliegeneo93: what server did you use?08:52
ArniaBurgundavia: In which case, the core of the problem that repositories solve is web of trust. Could another, more effective, solution be found that decentralises these things so we use the web to maximum benefit?08:52
ZevinSynd: HA! found a driver for you still!:P08:53
revelateri think there is a z in decentralizes08:53
Jerubhmm. I think I got buried.08:53
e_machinistWhen I want to move a file to a root only folder what is the best method to do that?08:53
BurgundaviaArnia: yes, but there would be a lot of overhead for that as well08:53
syndZevin: hook a brother up08:53
FlonneDepends on the stream of Snglish you practise, revelater.08:54
Zevinits a realtek one for the DWL-61008:54
ArniaBurgundavia: Hmm... my business partner has done a lot of research into distributed trust webs using FOAF... I'll ask him08:54
syndyou think that'd work for my DWL510?08:54
=== james [~james@MACKWEST-173.ubishops.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Zevinyeah, its the same one. worksa for both08:55
ArniaBurgundavia: I don't think the overhead is that large, because the network can be locally small IIRC08:55
xukunI have done something very stupid, I have overwriten my ubuntu's grub boot menu with other linux versions grub boot menu and now I dont have ubuntu boot option in the list of os08:55
Burgundaviarevelater: read through this post. Ignore the 1st post08:55
syndZevin: ah, i just saw that it is supported on the link. Nice!08:55
jameshow come I can't hear flash in firefox?  I have a fresh install...   my sound works for GAIM and the rest of GNOME08:55
Flonnexukun, did you overwrite it with a text editor?08:55
revelaterBurgundavia: ?08:55
Zevin3rd day on linux, and i help someone:) hehe08:55
BurgundaviaArnia: Autopackage is nice for binary crap that we can't distribute, for everything else, I want it in my repos08:55
e_machinistWhen I want to move a file to a root only folder... what is the best method of doing that?08:56
xukunFlonne: no just sec please08:56
Burgundaviarevelater: there is some good advice for seeing that everything is as it should be08:56
Burgundaviarevelater: fglrx drivers take a lot of tweaking to get working08:56
inisfreeGood Morning. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300 with a Cisco Aironet, during the installation it was recognised perfectly, but in the normal boot proccess I've got the typical hotplug error with pciehp & schp, and the process "networking start" fails... (will fail again when I try manually). The Aironet is recognised because the applet that measures the signal works perfectly.. but I'm not able to start the network services... any idea plea08:56
Flonnesudo mv would be my suggestion, e_machinist.08:56
=== billy-420 [~billy@c-24-4-217-7.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
revelaterBurgundavia: what post though?08:57
ArniaBurgundavia: I'm sorry about this, I'm not trying to carp. I'm just keen to explore other avenues because I don't see how the fragmentation of repositories (and thus, operating systems) can be prevented without a controlled decentralisation08:57
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
xukunFlonne: I used this command: sudo grub-install --no-floppy --recheck /dev/hd08:57
Zevininisfree: need to install ndiswrapper08:57
e_machinistsudo mv filenametomove source directory? like that Flonne?08:57
BurgundaviaArnia: I see the problem that autopackage is trying to solve08:57
FlonneYes, e_machinist.08:57
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-202-192-44.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Zevinlook at the howto on the site08:57
BurgundaviaArnia: but I think it it does it in the wrong way08:57
ArniaBurgundavia: How is it the wrong way?08:57
BurgundaviaArnia: centralized repos make security fixed much much easier08:57
Flonnexukun, that shouldn't overwrite your menu.lst.08:57
jameshow come I can't hear flash media in firefox?  I have a fresh install...   my sound works for GAIM and the rest of GNOME... any ideas?08:57
=== nexus_ [~nexus@dsl-220-235-107-70.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaArnia: delivery of new versions08:58
xukunFlonne: hmm well it did08:58
inisfreeah.. ok Zevin, I thought the Aironet just worked "out of the box", without ndiswrapper08:58
=== Drews_Blunted [~drew@c-24-5-117-25.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
FlonneWhat kernel are you running?08:58
xukunFlonne: so it wasnt that stupid then :)08:58
Zevinmy broadcom did the same thing08:58
=== saik0 [~saik0@adsl-68-253-211-106.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
syndZevin: brb, im gonna boot up into my tower.. which means i gotta take this ethernet cable and plug it in the tower. boo08:58
saik0hello world08:58
inisfreeah, I'll try then, thx08:58
=== synd [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has left #ubuntu []
revelaterhello one08:59
e_machinistoh dang... I already did it... no wonder mv kept on giving me errors. I thought I was doing something wrong all along.08:59
Zevinreconized it all. still had to ndsiwrapper it08:59
Zevinpretty easy though08:59
Zevinjust downloaded it and make deb08:59
saik0is there a way to print your partition table in the console on an ubuntu base system?08:59
inisfreeok thxxxx :)08:59
Flonne"cat /etc/fstab", saik0.08:59
BurgundaviaCarlK: ping09:00
saik0Flonne, right but that assumes all partitions are in the fstab09:00
CarlKsailk - fdisk -l /dev/hda09:00
CarlKBurgundavia - gathering log files09:00
ArniaBurgundavia: I can think of other ways to do such notifications far more simply than centralised repositories... plus centralised repositories potentially have a horrible effect due to the principal of endowment. Simply put, upstream authors don't feel they possess the packages and therefore care less about them. Its the same thing that makes people love their car even if its a heap of junk metal09:00
BurgundaviaCarlK: ok, just wondering if you had vanished09:00
FlonneWhat CarlK said, saik0.09:00
saik0CarlK, fdisk comes installed on hoary?09:01
=== dazed [~dazed@host-208-60-229-83.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
CarlKi would hope so09:01
=== wongy [~wongy@] has left #ubuntu []
=== synd [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
syndZevin: what was that link again?09:03
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syndZevin: what was that link again?09:03
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pepsiuh ohs09:03
syndpepsi: i thought netsplits were a thing of the past !09:04
Burgundaviasynd: not on freenode09:04
=== gratuit [~mcneill@pcp986874pcs.nchrls01.sc.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ArniaBurgundavia: I guess all I wish is for some effort to be made to solve these issues cross-distribution. A division between system and end-user apps (eg Gnome as a system component, Inkscape as an end-user component) would seem a good division to use to me but then again I know nothing and am just lamenting pointlessly :)09:04
jamescan anyone help me w/ why my sound will not work in firefox?09:04
ArniaStill... it seems like something to test some of my research into identity on...09:05
=== psf [ewtyrmociw@] has joined #ubuntu
syndBurgundavia: I used to be an irc.msn.com regular back in my hayday.. and it suffered severely from netsplits and ultimately ended up having MSN shut down the entire thing. That's microshaft for ya.09:05
BurgundaviaArnia: from a security perspective, everything is equal. To a user, everything is the same09:05
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=== robitaille [~robitaill@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaArnia: and I completely understand the package for mulitple distros problem09:06
Myrtti<3 bitlbee09:06
BurgundaviaArnia: see opera for an example of crazyness related to that09:06
ArniaBurgundavia: Identity is vital to a lot of things... I may use software description as an object example in my next paper.09:07
jamescan anyone help me w/ why my sound will not work in firefox?09:07
Zevinok, anyways, about wine09:07
BurgundaviaArnia: the other issue with autopackage from what I understand is lack of communication09:07
topyliArnia: which field are you in?09:07
jlduggeranyone know if lm-sensors supports nforce3 motherboards?09:07
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaArnia: they didn't come to distros and say "how can we fix packaging", they just went and did it09:08
BurgundaviaArnia: and then it appeared on slashdot, so everybody and their dog is going to be bugging their favourite distro for it09:08
jlduggerunless their favorite distro already packages it09:09
=== StR [~StR@] has joined #ubuntu
jlduggeror rather the software they want09:09
jlduggernot the autopackager09:09
ArniaBurgundavia: I'm going to try and catch up with Mike Hearn... apparently he goes to my university (btw, I've been following AutoPackage, ZeroInstall and others for some time out of interest in different software distribution mechanisms)09:09
dealmo720how can I kill a prozess zombie?09:10
topylidealmo720: can't kill the undead09:10
topylidealmo720: it'll hang around until you boot09:10
stuNNedwhat .deb installs the initrd file in /boot?09:10
Arniatopyli: Semantic web, natural language understanding, cognitive semantics, information modelling09:10
CarlKBurgundavia - wb...  http://dev.personnelware.com/carl/temp/Mar30/1112165959/p1010001.jpg09:11
jlduggertopyli, are you serious?09:11
topyliArnia: ah. nerdy stuff09:11
BurgundaviaArnia: from a helpdesk/it admin perspective, I really like apt and the centralized repos09:11
=== FlimFlamMan [mike@ware15.dfs.uconn.edu] has joined #ubuntu
topylijldugger: yes. you know a way?09:11
jlduggeri would have thought kill -9 as super user would fix anything09:11
FlimFlamManwell, i can recommend against apt-get upgrade on ubuntu livecd - i'm noobuntu09:11
CarlKthe dir has the floppy made by http://dev.personnelware.com/carl/temp/Mar30/1112165959/cpl.sh09:11
=== bruno [~bruno@200-140-002-224.pvoce205.dial.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
topyliArnia: i wish the web was more sane though :)09:12
niranFlimFlamMan, did you try to upgrade the whole thing?09:12
FlimFlamManniran, yeah09:12
Zevinwhen i'm installing the base stuff for wine, it trys to install and update IE6, but it fails. any tips?09:12
=== oneifreak [michael@S0106000f66911642.lb.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaCarlK: I forget, did the install take eventually?09:12
niranp.s.: i just figured out you could tab complete nicks in xchat. awesome.09:12
topyliArnia: if it went semantic, it prolly would be _less_ sane but more intuitive :)09:12
FlimFlamManniran, i'm back on debian-sarge  atm09:12
niranFlimFlamMan, yeah i tried that once. bad stuff09:12
brunoguys, can you give me a tip?09:12
niranFlimFlamMan, only upgrade individual packages09:12
Arniatopyli: I enjoy my research... nothing more satisfying than describing an O(n^4) parser for psychologically feasible syntax model that produces ontological descriptions in OWL for use on an information system reflecting information from Gnome applications ;)09:12
topylijldugger: kill -9 won't kill zombies09:12
Burgundaviabruno: ?09:13
FlimFlamManniran, no big deal - just reboot - but i gotta yank the cord09:13
=== Arnia likes linking large fields together
brunoafter I install something through synaptic where does it go?09:13
FlonneZevin, look up Microsoft's Genuine Advantage program. That may be responsible.09:13
Burgundaviabruno: it goes to various different places09:13
jlduggertopyli, why not?09:13
topyliArnia: hehe. i see what you mean. NOT :)09:13
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2EA7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
brunoI dont know how to run somethings...09:13
FlonneIt's basically something to stop WINE from accessing updates.09:13
Burgundaviabruno: unlike say windows or macos x, ubuntu uses a db to track files09:13
niranbruno: look in the menu09:13
topylijldugger: they're not live processes. zombies eat no resources except room in the ps and top listings09:13
brunothere is no icon for them..09:13
niranbruno, which program are you trying to run?09:14
Zevinany way around it?09:14
=== synd [~phillip@h142.16.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has left #ubuntu []
Burgundaviabruno: most programs get installed into /usr/bin09:14
asubedihas anyone had any luck getting evolution to filter spam?09:14
brunosomething stream09:14
FlonneIf the update can be found on its own, you can probably install it "offline".09:14
niranwhat's the name of th epackage?09:14
Burgundaviabruno: gstreamer?09:14
brunoI donwloaded a bunch of things to09:14
=== aleitner [~aleitner@zux006-051-057.adsl.green.ch] has joined #ubuntu
jlduggertopyli, apparently you can try killing the parent process, provided it wasn't init09:14
=== MM2 [~moversti@www.edu.haapavesi.fi] has joined #ubuntu
brunoI want something to whatch mpeg and play dvds09:14
Burgundaviabruno: that just allows totem or rhythmbox to play mp3s09:14
brunodoes that help:09:15
FlimFlamManbruno, maybe you need to log out and back in to see it in the menus?09:15
niranbruno, you don't run gstreamer09:15