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=== ogra yawns
robitaillemorning?  I just put the kids to bed and my bed time is also coming up :)05:53
ogra5:51am here :)05:53
=== dholbach gives ogra the high five
Amaranth9 minutes until the meeting? just enough time to go smoke05:54
dholbachAmaranth: depends on WHAT you're going to smoke05:54
Amaranthmarlboro :)05:55
=== coastGNU Ahh, sun is rising...
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Alessioi'm here06:02
dredgoffs, wake the hell up! ;)06:02
coastGNUIt's my first time at a ubuntu-meeting. Will anyone give a start signal??06:02
=== jdthood [~jdthood@aglu.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
crimsunhey jthood!06:03
crimsunglad to see you're applying for maintainership :)06:03
PhythoncoastGNU: If you stay quiet you might not get notice06:03
schweebcoastGNU: best idea would probably be just to sit back and go with the flow :)06:03
jdthoodHello.  I initially thought the meeting was on #ubuntu, but obviously not.06:03
coastGNUschweeb: I'm just fighting not to flow asleep. :-)06:04
=== schweeb hands coastGNU one of his provigils
ograhmm, where's mako ?06:05
schweebmaybe he forgot, heh06:05
schweebnot so good!06:05
Amaranthshould have started 5 minutes ago :)06:06
coastGNUmay anyone ring Mako up?06:06
ograi pinged him in -devel06:06
dredger, relax.06:06
diamonddredg: at 5am, the real danger is of relaxing too much -)06:07
ogradredg, i'd like to, yes....06:07
smurfixogra: he's been idle for 3h, that's unlikely to have helped ;-)06:07
ograsmurfix, thats bad.....06:08
Alessiohi smurfix 06:09
Alessiomako is on the bed yet..06:10
coastGNUAlessio: Mako, which timezone, east coast USA?06:13
dredgso, does anyone have a way of reaching mako?06:13
Alessiothe meeting is postponed tomorrow night ;)06:13
dholbachcoastGNU: yes06:13
schweebmako's Eastern time06:13
AlessiocoastGNU, 0.00 am i think06:13
schweebit's midnight right now06:13
dholbachso thats no reason not to attend :-)06:13
schweebhe's usually awake this time of night...06:14
Alessioawake in a pub?06:15
jdthoodCan anyone here call this meeting to order or shall we consider it cancelled?06:15
jdthoodmdz?  Kamion?  thom?  lamont?  fabbione?06:16
Alessiosabfdl, where is he?06:17
dholbachjdthood: kamion and elmo are fast asleep, as for sabdfl i don't know, those 3 + mako can chair the CC06:17
coastGNUjdthood: May be it might be a good idea to start with a topic which may be discussed. So we may be able to get prepared for a follow up meeting?06:18
=== smurfix grumbles
jdthoodFirst item on the agenda is a list of new membership candidates.  We can skip that.06:19
dholbachdredg is about to send mako an sms06:19
jdthoodSecond item on the agenda is ' Need for IRC operators/moderators for #ubuntu?06:19
tritiumspeaking of that, bob2 should be here...06:19
coastGNU3rd item? LoCoTeams and Mailing list process06:20
jdthood"At the next CC meeting, everyone on the channel will be invited and there will be a decision for operatorship by rough consensus."06:20
fabbionesorry i am late06:20
ografabbione, nope06:20
ografabbione, mako is missing06:20
smurfixfabbione: Others are even later :-/06:20
fabbioneah ok06:20
jdthoodRef: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mako/cc-summary-20050322.html06:21
ografabbione, as well as the rest of CC06:21
jdthoodThird item on the agenda, as coastGNU pointed out, is: LoCoTeams and Mailing list process. We need a way to recognize when teams become teams and what the relationship should be between language lists, moderators, and LoCoTeams is -- if any.06:22
AmaranthHow do you volunteer to be an operator? Just say something? :)06:22
coastGNUAmaranth: By the principle of doocracy? Cite of Knut Irvyn, Skolelinux, 'We are a doocracy' :)06:24
ogracoastGNU, how does that work with having a dictator ?06:25
=== aj [aj-irc@azure.humbug.org.au] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== daniels [~daniels@202-44-183-17.nexnet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograoh, .au wakes up :)06:25
danielsi've been awake for five hours06:26
danielsand already uploaded two packages to breezy :P06:26
ograheh, i saw :)06:26
dholbachdaniels: you rock! we love you! :-)06:26
dredgdaniels: yeah, not to keep score or anything... ;)06:26
crimsunI've uploaded an updated xfdesktop4, too06:26
jdthoodI am considering the meeting cancelled.06:27
=== jdthood goes back to bed
=== dholbach just notices that the Beatles had a song "Rocky Raccoon" - sounds like a release name, eh?
danielsactually, i think three today ... depends on whether i did nvidia-settings today or last night (i can't remember)06:29
danielsdholbach: oh man06:29
dholbachdaniels: you're right, we might run into trouble with that one :-)06:29
Alessiocan the CC start?06:30
danielsthe thought of uploading stuff to rocky scares me06:30
dholbachhaha :-)06:30
Alessiowake up 6 a.m. for nothing?06:30
ajso what's meant to be discussed, can't you just have an informal meeting, and thrust minutes on to the slacker chairs when they wake up?06:31
crimsunaj: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda06:31
ograaj, there have to be approved a lot of members, which cant be made without their decision...06:33
ajoh, all decision making things06:33
ajcould work out a way to reco'nize when teams become teams06:33
AmaranthDoesn't everything need chair approval?06:33
coastGNUIf we figure out some arguments in a discussion it might be helpfull for a follow up meeting?06:34
Alessioogra, are we waiting only mako?06:34
ogralooks like...06:35
dholbachAlessio: the other CC members should be sleeping (as for sabdfl i dont know)06:35
ograi see no items that coud be handled without CC on the agenda06:35
Alessioi think that #ubuntu needs some operator06:35
Amaranthcall one of them? :)06:35
ograbob2 did a survey among possible candidates, he is missing too06:36
dholbachAmaranth: dredg sent an sms to mako06:36
Amaranthdoes a phone ring when it gets an sms?06:36
Amarantha little light just starts blinking on mine06:36
siretartAmaranth: depends on the phone ;)06:36
ograAmaranth, mine beeps...06:37
ajelmo's phone rings louder and louder 'til he wakes up06:37
dholbachpoor elmo06:37
Alessiobut is there any problem in syncronization of CC members ;) ?06:37
ajunfortunately he's coming to .au by next week and i value my life06:37
coastGNUAmaranth: depends on configuration, I would suggest to phone him directly. Should be the same number I would say.06:37
dholbachaj: hahaha06:37
Amaranthwhere is elmo located? i could get screamed at if he is in the US :)06:38
ograAmaranth, UK06:38
ajUK, where it's 4am or 5am or so06:38
Alessiobad time06:39
coastGNUAlessio: good time to get out of bed...06:39
Alessiobut why have they fixed that CC?06:39
dholbachi get myself another coffee, call me, if i take too much time :-)06:39
schweebI don't think elmo abides by the most normal of sleeping hours anyways, heh06:39
ajwhat, 3am to midday's not normal? :)06:40
Alessiofor rotate?06:40
Alessio41 minutes.. it's late06:42
=== Amaranth pictures them all saying "I'm sure one of the others will be there" and doing something else
schweebwell, mako's probably the best candidate for a phone call, if anyone has his number :)06:42
Alessiobad wake up this morning06:42
Alessio ;D06:43
ogracrimsun, you took a volovoguy background ? 06:44
schweebI'd call, but my cell phone is uber-out-of-range at my house06:44
tritiumI don't mind calling -- free long distance for me.06:44
crimsunogra: nope, for now I just followed upstream's request to change it to non-Xfld06:44
schweebtritium: same06:45
ogracrimsun, ah, because you wrote oliver....06:45
schweebI live in an area devoid of cellular signal06:45
crimsunogra: jani and I will work on getting/making some Ubuntu-specific Xfce artwork06:45
tritiumI'll call...06:45
Amaranthoh, mako is in US06:45
ogracrimsun, yeah, that sounds great....06:45
dholbachcrimsun: rock :-)06:45
Amaranthcell phone gets free long distance after 9pm, i can call06:45
tritiumThat's a Seattle area code, but I think he's in N.Y.06:45
dredgdholbach: that number is where i sent the sms to. either he's not checking his phone at all or my provider is silently dropping intl. messages06:46
Amaranthor tritium can06:46
dredgif someone wants to call him, fire ahead06:46
dholbacha call might be best06:46
diamonddredg: sms to us providers is a... gamble 06:46
Alessiowho call him? should i call?06:47
dredgdiamond: yeah, it's gsm though so i'm counting on it being sane(ish)06:47
crimsunI can if Mike doesn't06:47
crimsunor perhaps we both will06:47
crimsuntritium: are you calling?06:48
crimsunk, thanks.06:48
tritiumhe can be here in about 30 mints06:48
schweebworks for me06:48
=== ogra yawns
schweebwho needs sleep anyways06:49
crimsunok, so we will postpone for 30 mins06:49
=== dholbach takes the dog for a walk then
dholbachthanks tritium 06:49
crimsun0530 UTC then?06:50
diamondtritium: yay. cheers for making getting up at 5am not a complete waste of time -)06:50
schweebI suppose I should eat dinner06:50
=== dholbach high fives tritium, soon-to-be-made-MOTU
Alessio30 minutes?06:50
crimsun0515 would be closer to 30 mins, but 0530 is more considerate ;)06:50
Amaranthunless ubuntu isn't updating my time 30 minutes is 0521 :)06:51
tritiumOkay, just got off the phone.06:51
tritiumHe'll be here in roughly 30 minutes.06:51
crimsungreat, thanks.06:51
=== crimsun preps lecture notes
tritiumhowever, without the rest of the council, he thinks we'll push the meeting to Thursday06:52
=== HiddenWolf [~hidden@136.121.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
crimsunsounds reasonable to me06:52
dredgyeah, doesn't it take 2 to approve new members?06:53
tritiumSo he'll post to #ubuntu-news with the meeting reschedule details.06:53
ogradredg, afaik yes...06:53
dredgor is my sleep-deprived brain making things up?06:53
dholbachubuntu-news@ rather, hm?06:53
crimsunor -devel?06:54
tritiumdholbach, heh, yes :)06:54
tritiumhe specifically said "news"06:54
dholbachanway... i'm taking the dog out... bbl06:54
tritiumBut he'll still be back online soon, even if the meeting is canceled06:54
Alessiocan the meeting cancelled?06:56
Alessiothe i can come bacj to bed..06:56
Alessiowho can decide it?06:56
=== ogra grumbles...
ogranight all06:57
tritiumnight ogra 06:57
Alessioi come back06:59
Alessioto the bed06:59
=== ups [~ups@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Alessioi hope that the meeting'll be reschedule..07:00
Alessioin the next days--07:00
tritiumAlessio, plan on Thursday, according to mako07:00
Alessiosame time?07:00
schweebtritium: our Thursday or UTC thursday07:01
Alessiotritium, smae time?07:01
tritiumschweeb, I guess either wait 30 minutes or so and talk to mako, or watch for his post to ubuntu-news07:01
Alessionight all07:02
Alessio1 hour07:02
Alessiotoo late..07:02
Treenaks4*mumbles something about daylight saving*07:02
Amaranthyeah, it would be 11pm right now and i wouldn't be forcing myself to stay up :)07:03
Treenaksthe old time (1600 UTC) was not good for me (at 17:00 I'm in the bus home)07:04
Treenaksthis time is bad as well: I'm going to work in 5 minutes 8)07:04
Amaranthwell, hopefully the meetings won't go over an hour :)07:05
Amaranthhard to pick a time that people around the world can make07:05
TreenaksAmaranth: yeah,  rotating schedule would probably be best07:05
coastGNUAmaranth: May be we should use stardate time? ;-)07:06
Treenaks(sometimes 4:00 UTC, sometimes 8:00 UTC, sometimes 12:00 UTC, etc07:06
diamondTreenaks: it currently is on a 6 hour incrementing rotation07:11
Alessiothe next at 8:00 UTC i think07:11
Alessionight all07:11
dredgdiamond: naturally. the next meeting won't be held last week07:12
tritiumhi dholbach07:13
diamonddredg: ye..es07:13
dredgdiamond: remember, half the world's population is water. the other 96% is wheat.07:14
dredgthat's just not enough07:14
=== dredg loses the game
=== mako [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makotritium: greetings07:38
tritiumhi mako :)07:39
dholbachhi mako07:39
makohey everyone07:39
dholbachmako: any chance of getting someone of the other CC members here?07:39
makodholbach: hmmmm07:40
Amarantha couple of people that were on the agenda left already, didn't they?07:40
tritiummako, I hope you don't mind the phone call.  Did you make the "acceptance face" out of surprise?07:40
makoi think the chance of getting mark is very very low07:40
makotritium: no, i'm glad you called07:40
makoi put the phone number up there for a reason07:41
tritiumgood deal07:41
makocroatians calling me at 4am because their shipments are in customs.. less good :)07:41
makothis, fine :)07:41
makoso anyway07:41
makoi thought the meetings were scheduled for the tuesdays always.. 07:41
makoin any case, there has been confusion on this one, and some, er selective memory i think07:42
makowhen the meeting is at 4am, your memory gets selective07:42
makoso.. is there a log to speak of?07:42
Amaranthnot really, nothing has happened07:43
makowell, i suspect tritium conveyed my message07:43
tritiumI did07:43
makovoice->irc :)07:43
makoelmo and kamion have not been idle for too long07:43
schweebgreetings mako07:44
makolong enough than they're are not about to wake up and too long that they will just come back07:44
makoif people have issues they want to bring up, we can do a sort of mock meeting07:44
makoalthough we can't vote07:44
makosince it would be the mako council then07:44
makowhich, as much as i would like, seems a bit off :)07:44
makoand we'll reschedule for sometime in the next few days07:45
tritiumfor one thing, bob2 is not here to discuss ops for #ubuntu07:45
coastGNUmako: issues, shure I have :-)07:45
makoso, are most people interested in the IRC stuff?07:45
makothe #ubuntu operator stuff07:45
diamondmako: i'm here for the free sandwiches. oh, and membership ,-)07:45
diamond(which obviously is off the cards this morning)07:45
makodiamond: i was just about to cook something07:45
tritiummembership and irc07:46
=== coastGNU would like to discuss the loco topic..
makowho is here for membership?07:47
tritiummako, I, for one07:47
schweebme too07:47
robitailleand me07:47
=== siretart too
=== diamond raises a paw
schweebmako: if you look at the agenda, there should be like 20 of us here for membership ;)07:47
dredgmako: sent you an sms (apologies if you got it more than once)07:48
makoalright.. well i can go through the list of candidates and give you my impressions on the wiki pages 07:48
dholbachschweeb: 10 of them are here :-)07:48
makoit's all not-binding but if there is still to do, best to know before the real meeting07:48
dredgmako: if you got it at all...07:48
diamondmako: ah. that would be helpful, cheers.07:49
makoMartinEricRacine ? 07:49
mako(both were on older agendas and were asked to fill out their wik pages)07:50
makoschweeb: next, yes?07:50
dholbachshould be removed from the agenda, if they REALLY mean it, they can add themselves back to it... same should go for MaintainerCandidates (*mess*)07:50
schweebmako: yep07:50
makodholbach: i tend to agree07:50
makodholbach: ogra did some work on that. i thin kthe ball is in my court now07:51
dholbachthey will understand its no offense07:51
makoschweeb: cool, you're doing motu stuff, and another detroit loco guy?07:51
schweebyep, done a few packages, got gsf-sharp added as NEW07:51
makodetroit is ubuntu central07:51
makodholbach: he worked with you?07:52
dholbachyes, he did good work07:52
makoschweeb: cool, i don't forsee any controversy :)07:52
schweebalrighty then07:53
makoschweeb: thanks for you work dude :)07:53
dholbachsiretart: ping07:53
makolooks like you have a ton of motu packages07:54
siretartah yes07:54
siretartI'm there, im here :)07:54
crimsunyep, he's quite active in MOTU07:54
siretartyes, the list are the packages I had a look at and fixed the FTBFSes07:54
makowow, sounds good07:55
makosiretart: nice wiki page also :)07:55
makomakes your work on the project very clear07:55
siretartmako: thanks :)07:55
makosiretart: cool, i don't forsee membership being controversial :)07:55
siretarthooray! :)07:55
makosiretart: don't get too excited.. it's not official yet ;)07:56
makoThomasHood 07:56
dredghe fled07:56
ajwent to bed07:56
crimsunjdthood of Debian fame, shouldn't have an issues becoming a member07:56
makoi know thomas from debian07:57
crimsunyep, his ALSA work speaks for itself07:57
=== ajmitch_ supports schweeb for pres^Wmembership
makoLorenzoHernandezGarciaHierro ?07:57
ajmitch_trulux - working on SELinux & other stuff07:57
schweebajmitch_: lol07:57
Amaranthhe is the one posting Hardened Ubuntu messages to the -devel list07:58
ajmitch_he's done some good contributions for selinux that will hopefully get pushed for breezy - also libssp07:58
makoright, i see he seems to be most of the energy behind hardened ubuntu07:58
makoand debian for that matter07:58
makodo we know his nick?07:58
makothat's trulux?07:59
makoahh, ok07:59
makoi know him07:59
makoi irc with him all the time :)07:59
makoalright, we canm deal with that when he resurfaces07:59
tritiumtrulux is quite bright.  I chat with him often07:59
makoi'm mostly wanting to talk to the people who *are* here08:00
dredgmeh, i irc with batman. he'd kick both your asses. ors...08:00
makoto make a list of that08:00
dredgthat's diamond08:00
diamondmako: yo08:00
makodiamond: you are here08:00
makohot motu action, no?08:00
dholbachhe's a ROCKing MOTU candidate as well08:00
diamondmako: as best as i could in time for the release. i plan on being slightly saner in future, pick some packages, maintain them. etc08:01
ajmitch_plenty of MOTU candidates around08:01
makoajmitch_: definitely, it's great to see08:01
makodiamond: cool, well thanks for the late release push.. it's extremely appreciated08:01
diamondmako: thanks for the release -)08:01
=== mako will take full credit for that ;)
makodiamond: what other stuff are you interested in doing?08:02
diamondmako: i'm a c and python guy. i'm happy maintaining or devel, whatever needs to be done really08:02
makodiamond: killer.. i guess you'll find your niche with time :) but thanks for helping out in general :)08:03
schweebdiamond: python?  I have something you may be able to help with :)08:03
makoAlessioFattorini ?08:03
makoAlessio ?08:03
diamondschweeb: i'm happy to help if i can08:04
makoi certainly know alessio from his work on the italian loco08:04
AmaranthAlessio has been idle for an hour08:04
AmaranthI think he went to bed.08:04
makoalright.. well.. i'll mark down that he showed up08:04
schweebdiamond: Xen userspace tools... I was working on packaging them, but dropped cause of proximity to release...  according to fabbione they may not work with python2.4, so may need some python reworkage08:05
makoi'm already familiar with his work08:05
Amaranthhe away message translates to "I am sleeping" :)08:05
=== pitti [~martin@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
makoSimone Gotti ?08:05
dholbachmotaboy, brought some KDE love in08:05
=== pitti [~martin@box79162.elkhouse.de] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
=== pitti [~martin@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
dholbachworked with him and his packages weren't bad at all08:05
=== ups [~ups@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
diamondschweeb: i'm not an expert, but that sounds very interesting08:05
makodoes anyone know simone's nick?08:05
Amaranthmotaboy hasn't been online in 7 hours08:05
crimsunmotaboy, mako 08:06
dredgright, i need a couple hourss sleep before i start work. nightol.08:06
makodredg: thanks for showing up08:06
crimsunnight, dredg 08:06
dholbachsleep tight, dredg 08:06
tritiumnight, dredg08:06
makoJohnDong ?08:06
dredgcheers folks.08:06
schweebyea, I'm actually tired at 2am for once, amazing08:07
makospends 4 hours/day on the forums08:07
makothat's pretty intense08:07
makoanyway, i think that counts as a major contribution :)08:08
makowe've emailed08:08
AmaranthTheir wikipages should say their irc nicks. :P08:08
AmaranthYou should point that out for the people that get dropped.08:09
makoAmaranth: would be nice :)08:09
makoKassetra ?08:09
Amaranthdropped from the list, dholbach was saying something about that08:09
makoAmaranth: only the first two people who have not improved their wiki page over several weeks08:09
schweebAmaranth: only the 2 that had missed multiple meetings08:09
makoAmaranth: we're just taking them off temporarily so we don't have to skip them each meeting08:10
makoKassetra is another major forums contributor it seems08:10
Amaranthyou should add a note to the minutes then or something08:10
dholbachor add a to-be-revisited section on the wiki page08:10
makoi'm gonna be pleased to recognize those contirbutions08:10
makoalright.. into more familiar territory: DanielRobitaille08:10
makorobitaille: hello sir08:11
=== Amaranth should try to become a MOTU
makorobitaille: nice wiki page dude08:11
siretartAmaranth: done :)08:11
robitailleI tried to be complete :)08:11
Amaranthsiretart: ?08:11
makorobitaille: i think you've made the council's job pretty easy08:11
siretartAmaranth: my wikipage has now my irc nick ;)08:11
makorobitaille: you worked with anyone else who you think could vouche for you?08:11
Amaranthah, nice08:11
robitaillethom was supposed to vouch for me08:12
robitaillenot sure if he is around08:12
makorobitaille: i'm sure he's asleep08:12
diamondrobitaille: impressive wiki page08:12
tritiumactually, I think he's active in #ubuntu-devel08:12
makodiamond: seriously, yeah? :)08:12
dholbachhe's pm #ubuntu-devel08:12
makoi was like "prime minister?"08:13
makodamnit! i'm prime minister!08:13
diamondmako: seriously. it's a bit intimadating -)08:13
makorobitaille: cool dude, great example page for other people08:13
makorobitaille: thanks for the continued work08:13
makotravis newman is around?08:14
makopanickedthumb, yes?08:14
thomeh, sorry dudes08:14
=== diamond grins. nice nick
robitailleyou're welcome08:14
makothom: aren'y you supposed to be asleep?08:14
thommako: i'm downunder already08:14
dholbachthom: woohoo! :-)08:14
makothom: see you sunday08:15
thommako: indeed :-) 08:15
dholbachmonday :-)08:15
thomso yes, robitaille has been a huge help triaging firefox bugs; definitely should be a member08:15
AmaranthSo, is ubu where sabdfl gets to whip you all into coding way too much stuff? :)08:15
diamondAmaranth: -)08:16
thomAmaranth: it's looking remarkably like that08:16
makoAmaranth: apparently not.. it's where we do meetings until we drop and then go home and have to do all the things we said would we would08:16
schweebeither that, or it's just an excuse for nerds to sit on the beach getting drunk in .au ;)08:16
makoschweeb: i think there's little risk of that08:16
thommako: like Amaranth says - the whipping will happen at UDU, the coding after08:17
makothom: true enough :)08:17
makoMichaelRimbert ?08:17
dholbachtritium: here you go :-)08:17
tritiummako, here :)08:18
crimsuntritium has already been approved by the TB08:18
dholbachmade a MOTU yesterday, needs membership before08:18
makotritium: great.. i don't think it will be a problem08:18
makotritium: thanks for you work, and for calling me08:18
tritiumno problem :)08:18
=== dholbach high fives tritium
makoso.. 08:18
dredgmako: i take it that you didn't get the SMS's i sent then.08:19
makoi'm going to try to corner elmo and kamion tomorrow08:19
=== dredg larts his provider
dredgcruddy irish tat08:19
diamonddredg: aren't you asleep already?08:19
makodredg: did you send email or proper sms?08:19
dredgmako: proper sms08:19
makodredg: hmm.. i send and recieve those internationally all the time.. 08:19
dredgmako: yeah, i blame my provider08:19
crimsunit'll probably arrive when you're downunder08:20
dredgmako: meh, someone got hold of you which is the important thing08:20
dholbachwhen will next meeting be?08:20
makodholbach: not sure.. asap08:20
dholbachwill the semi-approved guys be notified somehow or will they have to show up next time as well?08:20
dredgdiamond: no, seems the 35mins i got earlier has broken me08:20
diamonddredg: ug08:21
dredgdiamond: *shrug*08:22
schweebdoes it matter if I show up for the next meeting, since my wiki page is fine?  It's likely it'll be scheduled while I'm unavailable (which is now 75% of the day)08:22
schweebstupid work... blocking IM and IRC now. grr.08:22
tritiumschweeb, mine too...08:22
robitaillesame here... 08:23
schweebI'll be working at DaimlerChrysler starting the 29th... I'm sure they've got all kinds of big brother stuff if I even attempt to do something out of line08:23
dredgheh, i'm the network admin. i control all that stuff here :)08:23
siretartdredg: definitly an advantage ;)08:23
schweebdredg: I used to be...  now I'm in charge of everything except the firewall08:23
tritiumI just hope the next meeting isn't Friday night, as I'll be at the U2 concert :)08:23
dredgschweeb: ah, i'm in charge of writing policy as well :)08:24
dredgyeah, just a bit ;)08:24
schweebI can't really f around with the new job, it's a contract, so they don't need any reason to fire :-/08:25
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schweebbut, it's for a quite pleasurable sum of money per hour08:25
dredgright, i'm going to read for an hour or so08:26
schweebI'm goin to sleep too08:26
makome too08:26
makothanks everyone!08:27
dredgnight mako 08:27
=== coastGNU would like to discuss the loco team topic, if the candidate election is done.
tritiumThanks mako08:27
=== dredg has timed some slayer to wake him up at 9am just in case
siretartnight schweeb and mako!08:27
dholbacherm did we have a decision on a date?08:28
tritiummako, let me know if you need a wakeup call ;)08:28
dholbachand the re-showing-up?08:28
dredgmako: let me know if you don't need a wakeup call but want someone to sms you anyway08:28
makodredg: np dude ;)08:32
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tritiummako, do you still plan to announce a meeting on ubuntu-news?08:33
tritiumno worries - I'll keep an eye out for the next meeting.  Good night...08:36
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Kamiongarrr, sorry I missed the meeting, after lurking in the technical board meeting I totally forgot that there was a CC meeting this week AS WELL02:45
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jdthoodWas there a meeting?  I gave up waiting for it to start at 04:30.05:33
ajjdthood: only kind of; mako did a quick review of applicants to see if anyone obviously needed to do more stuff05:33
makojdthood: cool, you were there?05:36
jdthoodI went back to bed at 04:30.05:36
ogramako, we all were there.... ;)05:36
ajmako: hey, i hear you're maybe taking the same flight from bne to cbr as me!05:36
makoaj: morning of the 17th?05:37
ajmako: yeah, qantas05:37
makowe're on the same flight.. :)05:37
ajmako: (i'm sure there were more than one, but Caesar says you're arriving at the same time too :)05:37
makoyeah, 10somethingish05:38
jdthoodmako: Are there meeting minutes or an IRC log?05:38
makothere is certainly a log05:38
makono minutes yet.. i haven't decided if i'm going to make them.. it was really a proper meeting05:38
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makoaj: that cool.. then we'll meet at the airport for sure05:51
makoi'll be mostly dead by then05:51
jdthoodIs there a members list for ubuntu somewhere?  http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UbuntuMembers only lists five names.06:02
dholbachjdthood: 6 now ;-)06:06
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Kamionjdthood: last I checked mako's been keeping a separate list; I thought it was on his list to update that06:10
Kamion(or obsolete it)06:11
makojdthood: there is a seperate list in a gpg signed text file06:12
makojdthood: i will publish it06:12
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