=== brenton [~brenton@ip68-110-139-182.nc.hr.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
kkathman_michel: yes...right click the desktop, choose "Configure Desktop" and then choose the screen resolution12:02
kkathman_michel: its under "display" on the left panel12:02
_michelyes i know that but it dosnt show more than 1024x800 an my screan is 19" it can more12:03
kkathman_michel: well, during the install, there was a screen that you are allowed to check those resolutions you want, do you remember that screen?12:03
_micheli wonder i had to compile my kernel maybe12:03
kkathmanno has nothing to do with the kernel12:03
_michelno i don't, maybe i 'll do it again i did it fast as i tries kubuntu12:04
kkathman_michel: yes its toward the end of the install...long list of resolutions you can choose from12:05
_micheli think it works nice enaough so i will do the install again and will be more carefull!12:05
kkathman_michel: good luck12:05
_micheldo u use it for a long time?12:05
kkathman_michel: not that long...about a month or so12:06
kkathman_michel: but I've done about 5 installs12:06
=== dcuadra [~dcuadra@] has left #kubuntu []
_michelwhat do u think about it are u pleased with it?12:06
kkathman_michel: very pleased...very easy to use and very stable12:06
_michelyes i think too, i installed it yesterday, i had mandrake before12:07
kkathman_michel: if you know anything about the xorg files...you can change your xorg.conf file to support the  resolutions without reinstalling, but Im not 100% sure how12:08
kkathmanyou could ask someone in #ubuntu probably12:08
_michelyes i think i will have a look before doing an install!12:08
_michelyes that too!12:09
=== yahalom [~yahalom@bzq-218-60-77.cablep.bezeqint.net] has joined #kubuntu
yahalomanyone here use the fglrx drivers?12:09
_micheldo u have kscd working ? mine is quiet, no sound!12:09
_ReDRuM_i use fglx drivers12:09
yahalommy fps is really low in kde12:09
kkathmanyahalom: I found a reference for you for configuring your ADSL12:10
kkathmanif you still needs it12:10
yahalomkkathman, thanx man. sorry i had to run, no offense meant.12:10
yahalomkkathman, yeah would be great12:10
kkathman_michel: yes mine works12:10
_ReDRuM_yahalom: you using konversation?12:10
kkathmanyahalom: is your connection PPPoE?12:10
yahalomi'm getting a very low frame rate in kde12:11
_michelok, maybe i will do a second install thought12:11
=== alex [~alex@] has joined #kubuntu
_ReDRuM_yahalom: if you are type /exec cmd fglrxinfo and if your not type fglrxinfo into a console and paste it to me12:11
yahalomkkathman, no i have cable i just need to know how to do it12:11
=== _exciton [~exciton@user-38lc488.dialup.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
yahalom_ReDRuM_, how do i know if i am or not?12:11
kkathmanyahalom: oh ok...12:11
_ReDRuM_yahalom: it's an IRC client that comes with KDE12:12
kkathmanyahalom: this may help I dont know:  http://www.ubuntuguide.org/#rp-pppoe12:12
_ReDRuM_yahalom: konversation is the only IRC client that comes with KDE - if your using it type /exec cmd fglrxinfo12:12
yahalomkkathman, thanx man12:12
_ReDRuM_just type it in your irc client if you dont know12:12
_ReDRuM_if it doesnt do anything open up a console and type fglrxinfo in there12:12
yahalom_ReDRuM_, i'm using xchat12:12
_ReDRuM_ok then open up a console and type: fglrxinfo12:13
kkathman_ReDRuM_: actually KDE also puts X-Chat on the menu too, but its primarily a Gnome app12:13
yahalomOpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.12:13
yahalomOpenGL renderer string: RADEON 9200SE DDR Generic12:13
yahalomOpenGL version string: 1.3.4893 (X4.3.0-8.10.19)12:13
yahalomthat is fine12:13
yahalomthats what i dont get :(12:13
_ReDRuM_your fps probably sucks because the ATI linux drivers suck.12:13
kkathmanwhiskers: Are you ok??? still around??12:14
yahalom_ReDRuM_, yeah should have gotten an nvidia card, but i play half life in gnome and xfce and its great, in kde i cant even play BZFlag or tuxracer12:14
_ReDRuM_the 9200SE kind of sucks too12:14
_ReDRuM_maybe KDE is hogging all your ram?12:14
_ReDRuM_maybe it's opened a background kaffeine process (media player) thats hogging all your cpu12:14
_ReDRuM_it likes doing that.12:14
yahalom_ReDRuM_, how do i find out?12:15
_ReDRuM_press ctrl+escape12:15
reagleBRKLNsince upgrading to ubuntu, if i click the korg alarm daemon in kicker, it doesn't start korganizer, does it work for other people?12:15
=== smouche [~bc@cpe-24-90-94-112.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmanhey there smouche :)12:17
kkathman_ReDRuM_: did you ever get the msi installer to work on Wine?12:17
whiskerskkathman, ok..we got ants working on ubuntu...so try to get it installed and i think we can solve the upload problem12:18
smouchehi kkathman!12:18
nargDo the kubuntu peaple know that there isnt any k menu updater on the kmenu by default? :p12:18
_ReDRuM_kkathman: dont use wine12:18
nargnor the menu editor...12:18
_ReDRuM_havent found anything from windows i cant live without :)12:18
yahalom_ReDRuM_, what am i looking for?12:18
_ReDRuM_yahalom: cpu load and memory usage12:18
kkathmanwhiskers: I might offer a different alternative, seeing that we have problems connecting together....there is another site called www.yousendit.com  and I know this one works well because I've used it before12:18
_ReDRuM_memory usage is along the bottom, click on the user column at the top to sort my cpu usage12:19
kkathmanwhiskers: also, it doesnt require you to sign up12:19
whiskerskkathman, forget all those stupid websites...they are just out to make money and rip you off...it already did not work...try to get ants p2p working and we can get something done.12:19
smoucheis anyone else puzzled by these constant upgrades to acroread?12:19
smoucheI get this when I dist-upgrade:12:20
smoucheGet:1 ftp://ftp.nerim.net unstable/main acroread 7.0-0sarge0.8 [23.4MB] 12:20
smoucheevery time!12:20
yahalom_ReDRuM_, its all low12:20
kkathmanwhiskers: well this one is absolutely free but I'll check out ants12:20
_ReDRuM_why would ubuntu be pulling in things from nerim and debian sarge12:20
_ReDRuM_looks like its another repo you added yourself to your list12:20
nargja, it does.12:20
_ReDRuM_btw, im not getting any acroread updates.12:21
smouchewell, yes -- 12:21
_ReDRuM_so thats your problem - some other guys broken or incompatible repo :)12:21
smoucheI guess i'll just comment out that repo for the time being12:21
smouchethanks _ReDRuM_12:21
_ReDRuM_install acroread from the kubuntu repo12:21
smouchegood idea12:22
narg... Either firefox is having the most insane memory leak ever, or OO.o2 is taking 500+ megs of ram...12:22
_ReDRuM_remove his one first :)12:22
kkathmanwhiskers: my apt-cache search ants doesnt come up with anything12:22
=== volker [~volker@i3ED6C773.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
_ReDRuM_narg: openoffice 2 is woefully unstable and not at all ready for production use12:22
nargThis isnt exactry production use, but thats still insane...12:23
_ReDRuM_it's junk - delete it :)12:23
_ReDRuM_just compiled mysql for pentium4 on a bloody opteron box :/12:24
kkathmankudos :)12:25
=== aaron [~aaron@hc652469e.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #kubuntu
_ReDRuM_it wasn't crashing either12:25
_ReDRuM_only noticed because i grepped the bash history12:25
=== _ReDRuM_ wonders how compatible opteron is with IA-32
kkathmanI just tried to download the source to gimpshop and the tbz is all facked up12:26
=== _ReDRuM_ goes back to work
=== aaron is now known as _t_
smouchehey kkathman -- did you get any errors like this when you installed opera? 12:29
smoucheCould not start plug-in executable 'operamotifwrapper'.12:29
smouchePlease install Motif.12:29
whiskerskkathman, ok..i have it on ants p2p if you want to get it...and that is working for a change12:30
whiskerskkathman, it is the only thing so far i have found to work12:30
=== amichai [~amichai@bzq-218-60-77.cablep.bezeqint.net] has joined #kubuntu
smouchethis is odd...12:39
=== smouche [~bc@cpe-24-90-94-112.nyc.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== smouche [~bc@cpe-24-90-94-112.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== darkaudit [~bpack@pool-151-205-45-125.clrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-151-197-228-28.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmanwhiskers: I cant find ants in any source12:44
=== sageek [~sageek@] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmansmouche: well no I didnt...but it depends on where you tried to get it from and what you dod12:45
=== darkaudit [~bpack@pool-151-205-45-125.clrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
sageekI Just installed superkaramba and loaded some fine working theme, and i see the icons on it, tho his bg is black and i can't see the text, tho it seems to be working..?12:45
whiskerskkathman, it is not source it is a type of jnlp file...just google for ants p2p12:46
kkathmansmouche:  Best thing to do is go to opera.com, and download the Debian Sarge version, but NO tar ball...just download the deb12:46
whiskerskkathman, download it to your desktop and execute with javaws in your java build directory12:46
kkathmanoh ok whiskers..sorry12:46
whiskerskkathman, that is ok..this new stuff is hard to learn...but you need jre1.512:46
smouchekkathman, that's what I did12:47
smoucheopera_8.0-20050316.5-shared-qt_en_sarge_i386.deb 12:48
smouchefrom the site12:48
=== ralph1 [~ralph1@66-214-31-21.lb-cres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #kubuntu
smouchewell, anyway, I was just wondering, 'cause I didn't see those errors the last time I tried opera --12:49
smouchebut maybe that was with gnome hoary...12:49
nargThats kinda sad when a package from the official servers segfaults upon startup...12:51
smouchewhich one, narg12:53
nargThe init python script returns an invalid type, and segfaults.12:53
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-151-197-228-28.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== darkaudit [~bpack@pool-151-205-45-125.clrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
smouchehello andrewski.  How are things in xfce land?12:55
andrewskismouche: pretty good and unfreezing of X.  can't say the same about kde land.... :/12:55
kkathmanwhiskers: Im getting nothing on ants here...it just connects to an irc client12:56
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-151-197-228-28.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== kkathman is giving up on gimpshop....its just NOT worth all this...I'd rather get WINE working
=== jordanau [~jordan@cable-24-181-119-185.abr.al.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== jordanau [~jordan@cable-24-181-119-185.abr.al.charter.com] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== cheniz [~deniz@server.vindobona.sth.ac.at] has joined #kubuntu
smoucheoh wow, cool -- I found this in the supported repo:01:05
smouchePolyglotMan - Reverse compile man pages01:05
chenizhi, i need some help about kdevelop 3.2. is there anyone there?01:05
smouchejust what I wanted -- something to transfer man pages to html...01:05
=== SpookyET [~not4_u@24-196-233-44.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
chenizdoes anyone one where the linker option is in kdevelop 3.2?01:06
whiskerskkathman, if it connects to irc client it is starting to work just fine01:06
=== dvoid [~dvoid@c-215fe155.2010-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
SpookyETMy iPod finally arrived today.01:06
whiskerskkathman, ok you have to open tcpports...4567 and 4568....and give it a while to connect01:06
kkathmanwhiskers: I could never get it to enable the "search" button01:06
chenizdoes anyone know where the linker option is in kdevelop 3.2?01:06
whiskerskkathman, you have to be connected to p2p first...that will come up automatically after you connect01:07
whiskerskkathman, this new stuff is complicated so i will try to get you through it01:07
=== justinlbarnes [~justinlba@70-97-228-151.dsl2.cok.tn.frontiernet.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== justinlbarnes is now known as RustyShackleford
whiskerskkathman, first be sure tcp 4567 and 4568 are open on your router01:08
=== jsubl2 [jsubl2@] has joined #kubuntu
whiskerskkathman, after you open the ports...then push connect on the first page and wait about 10 minutes i don't know why it takes that long01:12
kkathmanwhiskers: I seem to be connected... what was the file name you sent out01:12
Riddellhttp://www.osdir.com/Article5089.phtml Kubuntu app of the week01:13
=== smouche realizes he's had a new wireless router sitting in a box unopened for a week...
whiskerskkathman, the file is gimpshop2.tar.gz...but i don't see it in my search list at this time.01:13
whiskerskkathman, but type avi just to see if your search stuff is working01:13
whiskerskkathman, this new 3rd generation anonymous stuff is complicated01:13
=== lexhider [~lexhider@dip-220-235-84-171.vic.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
whiskerskkathman, type hello in the searh field and to search string01:18
whiskerskkathman, wait a couple of minutes and see if a list does not show up01:18
=== sageek [~sageek@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
whiskerskkathman, do you see a list yet of searching for hello01:22
kkathmanwhiskers: nope no matter what I do, the program reports that I am behind a firewall or NAT01:23
whiskerskkathman, ok...did you open ports 4567 and 4568 for tcp01:23
kkathmanwhiskers: And that simply is not true...I opened up 4500-500001:23
_t_anyone know anything about compiling zsnes01:23
_t_with autoconf01:24
kkathmanwhiskers: for both TCP and UDP01:24
whiskerskkathman, well ok...did you type "hello" and search string 01:25
whiskerskkathman, without the quotes01:25
=== incubii [~cb239b9e@cgi.by.vengefuldeath.com] has joined #kubuntu
incubiioh im excited01:25
kkathmanIt never gets that far...wont connect to a network because it thinks Im behind a NAT...I even tried with my Windows box01:25
incubiiupgrading to breezy right now01:25
incubiisorry for droppin in, but does thise have to do with the install kkathman ?01:26
kkathmanincubii: not really, it has to do with trying to get connected on a p2p01:26
incubiioh ok :)01:27
kkathmanincubii: Im comforted to know that Im impregnable01:27
kkathmanwhiskers: unless you want to try www.yousendit.com then I think we're at the end of the rope01:28
kkathmanthe forces of nature do NOT want me using ANYTHING graphical on Linux :)01:28
incubiianyone else using breezy ?01:29
incubiii know membrya is01:29
kkathmannot me yet01:30
kkathmangonna wait just a little while for it to calm down some01:30
incubiiim at work01:31
incubiiso i set the cron job to every 30 mins01:31
smouchewow, I finally managed to crash my panels -- that's new.  I was used to it with gnome...01:31
kkathmanlol  how many updates you getting every 30 mins?01:31
incubiisee how long it takes for the system to be brought to its knees01:31
smoucheheh, kind of refreshing look, no panels01:31
incubiiwell this one is 149mb01:32
smouchekicker etc01:32
incubiithe one before was 50mb01:32
kkathmansmouche: that happens to me everytime I start Quanta01:32
incubiiooo OO.org 201:32
kkathmanincubii: yah thats a little to unstable at the moment for me :)01:32
smoucheWhat's Quanta, kkathman?01:32
smoucheother than a kicker crashing app01:32
incubiiwork pays for me to do stuff like this01:32
kkathmansmouche: Quanta is a web development IDE01:32
incubiiWeb editor01:33
kkathmansmouche: in itself it works great, but every once in a while the kicker dies01:33
kkathmansmouche: sometimes it spontaneously comes back, occasionally I have to go to a shell and type "kicker"01:34
incubiiim hopin breezy fixes the cd/dvd troubles on my G401:34
smoucheI find this no panel view rather refreshing, actually...01:34
incubiibut that will be a while im assuming01:34
smouchemaybe I should set up a "killall kicker" launcher button or something!01:35
incubiikillall kicker && rm -rf /01:36
incubiithattl fix the problem01:36
smoucheyou know, that works pretty well -- I wouldn't be harming overall system stability, would I, if I did kill kicker frequently, just for kicks?01:37
smoucheI get this in term, when I do:01:37
smouchekicker: sighandler called01:37
smoucheI like the fact that the panels don't automatically restore themselves when I do that01:38
smoucheincubii -- what does && rm -rf / do exactly -- and please, no practical jokes -- I'm an innocent noob...01:39
=== darkaudit [~bpack@pool-151-205-45-125.clrk.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiah well dont do it01:40
smouchetoo late!!!!!!!!! you bastard!!!!!!01:40
=== narg_ [~narg@dsl-65-171-97-106.tcq.net] has joined #kubuntu
incubiibut if you had root privs then it would kill kicker then afterwards it would blow away your filesystem01:40
smoucheno I didn't do it.  I wasn't born yesterday...01:40
incubiiyou were born today?01:40
incubiiwow you grew up fast!01:40
smouchekillall incubii && rm -rf /01:41
smoucheI'm glad I'm using xchat for this -- if I were in a terminal with irssi, I could very easily accidentally invoke that command, just from the terminal history...01:43
=== MikeyFfm [~MikeyFfm@p54B0ECBA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
incubiikill -9 `ps-Aww | grep smouche | cut -f1 -d' '`01:43
smoucheI won't even ask...01:43
incubiiit grabs your process ID and kills you01:44
kkathmanyeah dont do that01:44
smoucheSeriously, I really like this de-paneled view here!01:44
=== HillTop [~chatzilla@cpe-66-91-252-59.san.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmansmouche: I have my kicker down to tiny01:45
incubiii like the default01:45
smoucheI've got keyboard shortcuts up the wazoo, so who needs all those distracting doodads on the edge of the screen??01:45
incubiibut then im running at 1600x120001:45
=== incubii reboots his breezy box
smoucheI've got four panels, overkill, but I like them, just not always -- and clicking the hide buttons gets annoying01:46
=== MikeyFfm [~MikeyFfm@p54B0ECBA.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
incubiiwow it rebooted01:48
incubiiwow open office loaded in 4 seconds01:48
smouchethat's fast for that sluggish beast01:49
incubiiuse to take 27 seconds01:49
=== cartel_ [~cartel@shinobi.thoughtcrime.org.nz] has joined #kubuntu
cartel_hey all01:50
cartel_does kubuntu support reading rockridge/joliet?01:50
cartel_or is it a restrictedformat?01:50
incubiiit shouldnt have any troubles reading it01:51
cartel_maybe this is a hybrid01:52
=== blenderhead [~blenderhe@adsl-157-192-125.jax.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== allee [~ach@allee.exgal.mpe.mpg.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== delltony [~delltony@c-24-99-11-118.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
whiskerskkathman, you know that is just so ridiculous that we can download but not upload on anything02:04
delltonyhi what happen to kplayer and or mplayer? 02:05
delltonyand whiskers you still going on about star wars02:05
whiskersdelltony, no...i am just trying to get anything working for uploads02:07
delltonyoh thats cool02:07
=== wirwzd [~wirwzd@c-24-218-115-209.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== _yavuz [~yavuz@83-134-81-32.Gent.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== jreuter [~jreuter@dhcp-044-207.cns.ohiou.edu] has joined #kubuntu
=== _yavuz [~yavuz@83-134-81-32.Gent.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #kubuntu
jreuterCan anyone help me get an mp3 player to work?  I've tried XMMS but it freezes, I've tried Totem and it says "could not open resource for writing" and I've tried Zinf, but can't figure out how to run it once installed02:18
=== TechLord [~jason@c68.115.87.182.roc.mn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Tm_T [travolta@a84-230-29-156.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiapt-get install amarok-engines02:19
incubiithen use amarok02:20
Tm_Tincu & others o/02:20
smouchehey, does anyone know a command to hide desktop icons?  I don't want to turn them off in settings, just kill them temporarily02:20
smouchehi Tm_T02:20
Tm_Tguess what02:21
=== _yavuz is now known as myss
Tm_Ttoo much absinthe :o02:21
smouchejreuter, zinf should run from a command line with "zinf" or from the run command -- ALT f202:22
smoucheit does for me, anyway02:22
Tm_Tsmouche: how are you anyway?02:22
smouchepretty good, Tm_T -- you?02:23
Tm_Thmm, not too good02:23
smouchewhat's going on?02:23
Tm_Tand, I suppose to be really drunk :p02:23
Tm_Tplah, just lost most of the pain :/02:23
Tm_Tmisconfigured body etc02:24
delltonyTm_T,  you could just rename the file with a . infront of them if i'm not mistaken that will make it hidden02:24
smoucheI'm not following you, Tm_T ...02:24
smouchebut you remind me; I've got three bottles of scotch sitting here that need drinking...02:25
jreutersmouche: I tried it from the command line but no luck02:25
jreuterI've installed Amarok now02:25
delltonysmouche, he just doesn't want the click here for porno icon :D i know all about haha02:25
smouchejreuter, it sounds like an app is locking up your sound system02:25
jreuterI think I have to kill some process though... one of the other players is using the gstreamer it looks like02:25
jreutermight be xmms02:25
jreuterbecause I've had to kill it before02:25
smouchetry typing top02:26
smoucheor CTRL - esc02:26
Tm_Tsmouche: I already drunk quite much scotch whiskey and continued with absinthe, but only lost my physical pains 02:26
smouchejesus, Tm_T-- absinthe?02:26
smouchetake it easy dude -- you'll be needing that body (and brain) for a while...02:27
Tm_TI'm allright02:27
smouchejreuter, what do you see running?02:27
jreuterwell, nothing that looks like it would be using gstreamer02:28
Tm_Tsmouche: just try it, with cola :p02:28
jreuterI have a lot running right now....02:28
jreuterlet me close out some stuff...02:28
Tm_Tstrange combination, being drunk without getting drunk02:29
smouchetry killing artsd , jreuter02:29
Raven_kde is putting a message at the top left. It says things every time I activate a window. I want to get rid of it. Maybe a debugging tool I turned on by mistake.02:29
Raven_Please help! It is driving me crazy!02:29
smouche"I can't forget ... I can't forget ... I can't forget ... but I can't remember what..." - leonard cohen02:30
Raven_"The KDE Windows Manager moveend", in one example02:30
smouche"the piano has been drinking, not me... not me.... not... meeeee " - tom waits02:30
jreutersmouche: That wasn't it02:30
jreuterright now I only have firefox, x-chat, and a terminal running02:31
jreuterwhat is artsd?02:31
Raven_"The KDE Windows Manager movestart", is a second example02:31
smouchewow, something is really gumming stuff up there jreuter -- can you hear event sounds?  are they enabled?02:31
jreuteryeah... they are fine02:31
jreuterthat's why I'm puzzled02:31
smoucheartsd is the sound engine, I think02:31
jreuterI see02:31
smoucheif you kill it, it's started automatically by sound applications, I think02:32
jreuteryeah it started back up almost immediately02:32
smouchewow-- you might want to try on the wiki02:32
jreuterI think I've tried too many programs...02:32
jreuterI'm going to try a few things and I might be back ... if not ... I got it working02:33
smouchemaybe logging out would help... ?02:33
=== StRgt [~str@] has joined #kubuntu
jreuterthat's what I'm thinking02:33
smouchegood luck!02:33
jreutersee you soon02:33
Tm_Tsmouche: btw ever tried absinthe with coke?02:33
smoucheI hope you mean coke as in cola, Tm_T -- and no, I haven't!02:34
Tm_Tyes, cola =)02:34
smouchehope I didn't give you any ideas ... ;-002:34
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tgreat stuff, as long as you don't drink too much! =)02:34
kkathmanHiya Tm_T :)02:35
Tm_THi kkathman!02:35
kkathmanHey Tm_T you've gotten Wine to work right?02:35
Tm_Tin my other box yes02:35
smouchebetter not mention alcoholic beverages right now in front of Tm_T, kkathman :)02:35
kkathmanTm_T: did you install that MSI thing when you did ?02:36
Tm_TMSI ?02:36
smouchehe might end up pouring absinthe on his keyboard...02:36
Tm_Thaha xD02:36
kkathmanTm_T: yes, the microsoft installer...some disks need it to install02:36
Tm_Tah, I only used it to install SPww2v7 :)02:37
kkathmanahh ok02:38
Tm_Tsmouche: I'm in quite sharp condition, but I supposed to be passed out right now ...02:38
kkathmanwell I cant seem to get the MSI installed using wine and I need it to install Paint Shop Pro02:38
Tm_Tkkathman: if you have windows install in your har drive, it'll help02:39
kkathmanTm_T: why?02:39
Tm_Twine can use it ;)02:39
kkathmannah I dont 02:40
smouchethis stuff is what always confused me about wine...02:40
kkathmanI also tried to get the source from gimpshop and when I tar that it gives error message :)02:40
incubiiwine shmine02:40
incubiii prefer bourbon02:40
narg_Hrm, does kcron work for anybody, or is it just broken for me? (Kcron as root that is)02:40
incubiioh you mean wine as in linux :P02:40
Tm_TI hate all emulation, original rocks02:40
smouchecan wine use stuff directly from an ntfs partition, or do I have to put the program files in a folder within linux?02:40
kkathmanI just need a graphical editor in linux...is that too much to ask :)02:41
smoucheor either?02:41
Tm_Tkkathman: Gimp!02:41
incubiiif you cant mount and read the ntfs partition then wine can use it02:41
narg_err... kkathman, just use gimp?02:41
kkathmanGIMP SUCKS02:41
narg_err... ok.02:41
kkathmandid I say that out loud?02:41
Tm_Tkkathman: no it don't!02:41
incubiiyou just have to config wine to though02:41
=== jreuter [~jreuter@dhcp-044-207.cns.ohiou.edu] has joined #kubuntu
incubiigimps interface is horrible02:41
kkathmanincubii: have you installed the MSI in wine?02:41
Tm_Tnah, it works02:41
jreutersmouche: Sorry to say, no luck for me02:42
narg_That it is, but it is a decent program.02:42
smoucheincubii -- wouldn't many programs also require writing back to the program files on the ntfs partition, and might that not cause problems?02:42
Tm_Tincubii: just need some time to learn, it's just fine02:42
incubiino ive never installed an MSI02:42
kkathmanits a decent program..but not when you've used PS7 all your life02:42
jreuterI had/have no programs running and still no luck02:42
jreuterdidn't even bring up my wireless yet02:42
smouchejreuter, sorry to hear that02:42
Tm_TGimp <3<3<302:42
incubiiwell if thats the case smouche and you have windows installed on your system as well you can use captive ntfs02:42
jreuterany idea what might be using the gstreamer oss device "/dev/dsp"?02:43
kkathmanincubii: I followed these instructions:  http://www.frankscorner.org/index.php?p=msihttp://www.frankscorner.org/index.php?p=msi and it still wont install02:43
jreuterthat's the error it's giving me02:43
kkathmanTm_T: Gimp <0.0000000102:43
smouche"captive ntfs" .  Ok, thanks incubii, I'll google that02:43
Tm_Tkkathman: I'll kick your ass ] ;=02:43
Tm_Tkkathman: http://www.kapsi.fi/~tm_travolta/kuvat/temp/kapsi.fi/kapsi002.png02:44
incubiiwell i can assure you that works in windows, but ive never tried it in wine.02:44
Tm_Tkkathman: http://www.kapsi.fi/~tm_travolta/kuvat/temp/kapsi.fi/kapsi003_02.png02:44
kkathmanwhats all that?02:44
incubiimind you what works in wine 1.0 doesnt mean ittl work in wine1.
Tm_Tkkathman: and only gimp ;)02:44
kkathmanTm_T: try doing this simple thing....go into gimp, enter some text, and do a drop shadow...then create a new layer, draw a straight line across the page, then try to move that line layer around....you cant do it...it will trash the layers everytime02:45
kkathmanplus, I'd LOVE to be able to see the drop shadow as I create it, not GUESS at it02:46
SpookyETUnbelievable!  I hate you windows, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you. There is a deadlock between windows and the iPod updater. neither can lock. i'm going to try to use amaroK on linux. unbelievable02:46
smoucheTm_T, cool wallpaper on there...02:46
Tm_Tsmouche: witch one?02:47
kkathmanit took me like 20 minutes to do those two steps that I can do in PS7 in about 90 seconds02:47
Tm_Tkkathman: that 003 was done in 2min ;)02:47
Tm_Tsmouche: ah ok02:47
smoucheI haven't looked at them all, but very nice02:47
narg_gah, cron/kcron are giving me crazy uid errors.02:48
smoucheit takes me 20 minutes just to close all the damn windows that Gimp opens.  Hate that interface02:48
Tm_Tsmouche: ah that one!02:48
kkathmansmouche: hehe02:48
jreutersmouche:  GOT IT!!! 02:48
Tm_Tsmouche: haha, I love gimp interface02:48
smouchejreuter, cool!02:48
kkathmansmouche: yes its quite...uhm....Non intuitive02:48
jreuterhad to change setting for the sound engine02:48
smouchehow'd you do it?02:49
jreuterxine instead of gstreamer incase someone else comes across it02:49
Tm_Tgstreamer <302:49
smoucheyou know, that should have occured to me, of course -- totem runs on xine on my system..02:49
jreuterall your help is much appreciated02:49
incubiiwhats wrong SpookeyET ?02:50
smoucheyou're welcome!02:50
jreuternow I just have to figure out how to get my battery info to show up and I'm set02:50
incubiioh he left02:50
=== narg_ is now known as Narg
=== myss [~yavuz@83-134-81-32.Gent.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tsmouche: when you learn to use gimp, you don't really miss any commercial apps :p02:50
smouchesorry I didn't think to ask about xine, jreuter!02:50
jreuterno prob02:50
incubiigimp has a long way to go02:50
incubiiwhen you can move photoshop fan boys over to gimp give me a call02:51
Tm_Tsmouche: I actually use gimp in my windows too (when I relly have to use windows)02:51
=== incubii still uses paint shop pro 3, cause it can draw lines
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-151-197-228-28.phil.east.verizon.net] has left #kubuntu ["Bis]
smouchei like paintshop pro!02:52
incubiii prefer it to photoshop02:52
Tm_Tincubii: blah, I found photoshop more difficult than gimp02:52
Tm_Tsmouche: yes PSP is great one02:52
incubiiwell we arent talking about you we are talkin about Photoshop fanboys. my friend at tantalus wont touch gimp because its shit02:53
=== ryman [Ryman@adsl-68-126-149-97.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #Kubuntu
incubiithat being his comment02:53
kkathmanTm_T: I can understand that, but if you are into web design and graphical arts, like my business is, you go with a super supported package..either Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. Once you learn one of those two, you can learn the other quickly.  Gimp is very abnormally layed out and not very standardized.02:53
incubiithey would have to recode their entire plugin suite02:53
smoucheI hate hate hate the Gimp interface. 02:54
incubiii think its great that gimp exists i just think it needs to tailor more towards those people to make it more wide spread02:54
Tm_Tkkathman: yes, but as a free software, powerful enough for me02:54
Tm_Tkkathman: you must separate commercial and home use02:54
incubiican the gimp convert to print format colours yet ?02:55
Tm_Teh, yes?02:56
Tm_Tjust try it02:56
kkathmanTm_T: true, but by saying that, and using that mentality, you are assenting to the fact that you dont think Linux is a commerical platform, and thats not true02:56
incubiiwell i know pre 2.0 it couldnt02:56
Tm_Tkkathman: no, I don't mean it that way02:56
Tm_Tkkathman: I mean, when you have money enough, you have more choices, not nessessary better though02:57
kkathmanTm_T: But the idea of Open Source, is more choice right?02:58
Tm_Tkkathman: yes, ofcourse02:59
kkathmanTm_T: I think you mean that your needs are rudimentary, so Gimp does fine for you...however, my needs, and a typical developer, have needs on a grander scale...including high productivity. Gimp doesnt meet that benchmark02:59
Tm_Tkkathman: but when you are student like me, you only can choose  the cheapest and the best from free ;)03:00
incubiiyou are both right03:00
kkathmanTm_T: Absolutely......But as a small business owner, I want that low investment too!!!!03:00
Tm_Tkkathman: yes, and then gimp is not the best choice :)03:00
kkathmanTm_T: And Im just disappointed that I cant do everything in Linux right now :)03:01
incubiiits a choice, and a nice choice but there are many others out there as well, some commercial some not03:01
incubiito each his own03:01
Tm_Tincubii: yes, and every choice have their own places as well03:02
kkathmanvery true03:02
Tm_Tblah, why this absinthe won't let me pass out03:02
incubiiits probably american, so its watered down L:P03:03
Tm_Tincubii: no this is not!03:03
Tm_Thaven't been in foreign country yet 03:04
kkathmanif a file is a tbz, do you still use tar to undo it?03:04
incubiidoesnt mean you cant buy american products :P03:04
kkathmanI havent seen that one yet03:04
incubiiid assume it was a tar file thats been bziped03:05
kkathmanincubii: now are you going to make global generalities?03:05
Tm_Tincubii: nope, but in local alcohol store, there is quite fidderent stuff than in America03:05
kkathmanincubii: so I should tar xvjf on it?03:05
incubiii was poking fun :P03:05
Tm_Tquite funy misspelling =)03:05
incubiiadobe bought out macromedia03:06
Tm_Tthat's old news03:06
incubiimaybe to you03:06
kkathmanit happened today :)03:06
incubiii live on the other side of the globe03:06
Tm_Tno, yesterday ;)03:07
incubiiit takes a while to get that stuff03:07
smouchesomehow "American" and "absinthe" are not two words I commonly see closely associated...03:07
kkathmanyesterday was sunday, no business transaction Tm03:07
Tm_Tsmouche: I thought so ;)03:07
incubiiyesterday was monday for me :P03:07
Tm_Tkkathman: no, it was monday ;)03:07
smouchesequel to American in Paris:  Americans on Absinthe03:07
Tm_Tok, more that stuff then03:08
kkathmanTm_T: Its still Monday here :)03:08
Tm_Tkkathman: eh, somethin' like 10am ?03:08
kkathmanthe press release on it was 9:03am my time03:08
Tm_Tpm I mean03:08
kkathmannah its only 8pm here03:08
smouche8:00 for kkathman, I think..03:08
smouche9:00 for me03:09
incubii11.09am here03:09
Tm_T0411 ;)03:09
=== myss [~yavuz@83-134-81-32.Gent.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tok, it's 0410 actually03:09
=== brainkilla [~petar@smin196-31.vdial.verat.net] has joined #kubuntu
incubiidamn right it is03:10
kkathmanwell I got the gimpshop source but have no idea what to do with it :)03:10
Tm_Tlooks like one of my computers have it's own time03:10
=== smouche is off to pop some White Castle hamburgers in the microwave
kkathmanyum smouche :)03:10
Tm_Tsmouche: !!!03:10
incubiiwhite castle doesnt exist here03:10
Tm_TI have some wurst sandwitchese03:11
kkathmanso who here is good at compiling?03:11
=== smouche is getting the munchies from all this vicarious drinking -- back later
whiskerskkathman, well you compile it....you will have to....i can't find any program that lets me upload anything on this linux03:11
darkauditwhite castle only in microwave form from Kroger or Giant Eagle...03:11
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #kubuntu
TechLordhas anyone got spambayes working with kmail03:11
kkathmanwhiskers I downloaded the source ok, and extracted, but Not sure where to go from here03:11
incubiii dont think we have those products03:11
Tm_Tkkathman: never compiled yourself?03:12
kkathmanTm_T: I did gaim one time03:12
Tm_Tkkathman: check README file ;)03:12
incubiii did LFS03:12
whiskerskkathman, well nano the README and INSTALL in top directory....then do ./configure --help       to see your options03:12
kkathmanbut this has alot of stuff that doesnt look like the gaim stuff I did03:12
kkathmanahh ok03:12
whiskerskkathman, then watch the errors all over the place as you are missing lots of important files...and you will have to go get each one of them...until you get a good compile03:13
Tm_Tkkathman: ok /msg me, maybe I can help ;)03:13
whiskerskkathman, i just see no way of uploading anything03:13
kkathmanwhiskers: I am very confident in www.yousendit.com  I have used that before and its very simple and no registration03:14
kkathmanwhiskers: but I understand your reluctance...you've been far too patient today with me :)03:14
whiskerskkathman, well i am so sick of all those programs not working but i guess i can try one more03:14
whiskerskkathman, give me your email address03:14
kkathmanwhiskers: please use this email this time ok:    kkathman@earthlink.net03:14
Tm_Twhiskers: SPAM!!? ] ;=03:15
kkathmanthats my main one and I know it will not have problems03:15
kkathmanTm_T: like I dont get any of that already :)03:15
Tm_Tkkathman: not enough _yet!_03:15
kkathmanI get almost 700 pieces a week that get trapped and another 40/day that dont :)03:16
smoucheTm_T -- you know, it'd be great if some of your wallpaper were in svg format...03:16
smoucheever think of converting them?  I don't know how or if that's done, actually03:17
Tm_Tsmouche: yes, but I'm not yet familiar with svg format ;)03:17
incubiiwhy am i the only person that doesnt get spam03:17
Tm_Tincubii: I don't get any spam03:18
=== _cure [~cure@p5495B386.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiwas begining to think i was the only one03:18
=== Tm_T and no spam since 1999
smouchewow, www.yousendit.com -- looks useful -- how big a file can you send with that I wonder?03:19
Tm_Tsmouche: you tell me, more absinthe or sleep?03:19
incubiimore absinthe :D03:20
Tm_Thmm, no sleep. not tonight, enough pain already03:20
incubiiittl result in sleep03:20
Tm_Tincubii: nope:p03:20
smoucheTm_T -- I vote for a long walk outside on a spring day.03:20
incubiiso you kill two birds with te one stone03:20
Tm_Tsmouche: eh, its night, so more absinthe while waiting sunrise then ;)03:20
smoucheoops!  heh heh , I moved Finland to another continent!03:22
smouchewrong time zone!03:22
kkathmansmouche: up to 1gb03:22
kkathmanbrb...dinner time03:22
=== kkathman is now known as kkathman-dinner
smouchewow, 1gb -- hmmm03:22
Tm_Tsmouche: +2 in here ;)03:23
whiskerskkathman-dinner, i don't get any spam anymore....i used to get a lot03:24
whiskerskkathman-dinner, i don't know if the isps filter it at the server level or what ...but i don't get any anymore03:24
=== binux [~binux@S01060003478e1f8c.rd.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
smoucheI think kkathman-dinner may actually be away, like, eating dinner, dude03:25
Tm_Tno way, dude!03:25
=== dani [~dani@] has joined #kubuntu
smoucheGo to bed Tm_T!  That's an order!03:25
=== dani is now known as danikata
Tm_T04:27 < Tm_T> no way, dude!03:25
danikatahi all03:26
incubiipre-emptive irc responses03:26
smouchehi danikata03:26
Tm_Tjust filled up my glass :p03:26
danikatahow to add root password ?03:26
danikatahi smouche03:26
incubiisudo passwd root03:26
Tm_Tdanikata: "sudo passwd root"03:26
smoucheTm_T, don't you have to be anywhere tomorrow?  er, today?03:26
Tm_Tok, I'm slow03:26
Tm_Tsmouche: nope, but in hospital in wednesday03:27
smoucheor is Tuesday some kind of "ok everybody gets to stay home with a hangover day" in Finland?03:27
Tm_Tsmouche: nope03:27
=== binux [~binux@S01060003478e1f8c.rd.shawcable.net] has left #kubuntu ["See]
Tm_Tsmouche: propably I don't even have hangover03:28
Tm_Tnever had03:28
danikatathx Tm_T & incubii03:28
smoucheTm_T, then really, slow down, don't pour extra poison into yourself; youll make the docs job harder...03:28
smouchedanikata, do you really really want a root password?  people usually urge against it in ubuntu-land!03:29
Tm_Tno, root is all you need!03:29
smouchesupposed to settle for sudo, for everything03:29
Tm_Tif it's wormwood root ;)03:29
whiskerskkathman-dinner, that website doesn't seem to be working either.....there seems to be no hard disk activity at all03:29
incubiii use root03:30
whiskerskkathman-dinner, i just don't have any idea what to do....it probably has something to do with this NAT stuff03:30
danikatayes i need root password smouche03:30
=== incubii gasps
Tm_Tsmouche: there is a reason why finnish people are thought as a hard drinker ;)03:30
=== abinadid [~abinadid@conr-adsl-209-169-96-208.consolidated.net] has joined #kubuntu
smoucheTm_T -- join #Tm_T03:32
smouches'il vous plait...03:32
=== Riddell [jr@muse.19inch.net] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tsmouche: should I say, I <3 you ;) ;)03:33
jsgotangcohi Riddell03:33
Tm_TRiddell o/03:33
abinadidhi guys i just bought my epson c66 printer i need i litle help here  : )03:33
smoucheno really, Tm_T, pop into #Tm_T for a second03:34
abinadidi just got it to work i'm so exited03:35
=== sladen [paul@starsky.19inch.net] has joined #kubuntu
whiskerskkathman-dinner, well i sure am tired ...it has been a long day ....and we tried so many programs and none of them work....i am going to leave the website you said on....but i don't think it is working either03:38
danikatakubuntu is great, greater than ubuntu03:41
incubiidoes anyone actually have an article saying adobe did buy macromedia out for 3.4b as i can only find ones saying they are going to03:43
whiskerskkathman-dinner, it just seems like it is virtually impossible to upload any data.....at least at this time....probably that NAT stuff03:44
abinadidyes they did i just wattch it in the news03:44
incubiiah ok03:45
abinadidwhat do you guys think03:45
abinadidyou think is good??03:46
incubiino, it was better when they were two companies. Now that they are one they have a monopoly and thus can do what they want03:47
incubiithey they kinda did before. who knows maybe its  agreat thing03:48
incubiitime for food, before coke digests my stomach03:48
abinadidwould you buy their products if the make a linux version??03:49
=== danikata is now known as danikata_away
=== wirwzd [~wirwzd@c-24-218-115-209.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiwell i have no use for their products at all, but i guess i would if i had a need and it was as good or better then their windows requivalents03:54
=== kubu101 [~just@concept7.cs.concordia.ca] has joined #kubuntu
kubu101hi there03:56
kubu101i runed kynaptic and it stalled...03:56
kubu101i had to kill it, and run sudo dpkg --configure -a  3 times to get everything resolved, are the apps installed or not? :P03:56
incubiitry to run it03:56
incubiiif it dont run its not03:56
kubu101well kynaptic run03:56
kubu101but is it installed, i selected like 300 pkg03:57
incubiidont use kynaptic03:57
kubu101the last time i lunch it it says03:57
incubiiuse synaptic03:57
kubu101run dpkg --configure -a03:57
incubiikynaptic is not very good right now03:57
kubu101the problem with kynaptic is there is no fucking console output03:57
kubu101so u don't know whats going on03:57
=== torpid [debian-tor@280a3adc5667347f.node.tor] has joined #KUBUNTU
kubu101ok so what i do?!03:57
incubiithere should be a kynaptic log somewhere03:58
kubu101ok... i rebooted and now i get ubuntu on gnome...03:58
kubu101with an orange login03:59
=== Rima [~Rima@] has joined #kubuntu
kubu101how come it reboots in GNOME?!!!!04:00
kubu101ok sesssions: KDE04:01
kubu101there's something REALLY WRONG HERE04:01
kubu101it feels like you install some app on an WinXP machine and you reboot in Windows 3.1104:01
=== whiskers [~whiskers@adsl-68-91-108-247.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
Rimais kubuntu still quite new? - it seems the take up has been with ubuntu not this one?04:03
kubu101synaptic = kynaptic with gnome interface04:03
kubu101you don't have any CONSOLE output!!!!04:03
Tm_Tkubu101: !04:03
incubiikubuntu just had its first release04:03
incubiisynaptic has console output04:04
Tm_Tkubu101: no, console interface is all you need04:04
incubiii have it on mine04:04
kubu101so now i uninstall alll the shit and reinstall it?04:04
kubu101i just want a freaking scrollbox window at the bottom :P04:04
kubu101showing what's going on04:04
kubu101ala mirc install04:04
Tm_Twhy not use Konsole?04:04
Tm_Tand apt-get etc04:05
kubu101why not fix your fucking usability apps ;)04:05
kubu101that's like saying the number + on your TI calc is broken... well use a pencil!04:06
Tm_Tok it's morning already04:06
kubu101here its late ;)04:06
kubu101does it shows?04:06
kubu101next question is... how do you install kde-apps ?04:06
incubiiusing what04:07
=== exciton [~exciton@user-38lc48o.dialup.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tkubu101: "apt-get install kde-apps" ;)04:08
incubiitheres a kde-apps package ?04:09
kubu101no such package04:09
=== mmuzzy [~mmuzzy@ip24-250-44-152.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
kubu101i mean stuff in kde-apps.org04:09
Tm_Tkubu101: !04:09
kubu101man, i really want autopackage or zeroinstall04:09
=== sorin [~sorin@24-196-233-44.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
kubu101this is really anoying04:10
Tm_Twhy not just compile it?04:10
=== exciton [~exciton@user-38lc48o.dialup.mindspring.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
sorinamaroK is not detecting my iPod.04:10
whiskerskkathman-dinner, well the web page says done but i never saw it send any data so see if anything is there ok04:10
incubiiyou have to mount the ipod partition first04:10
kubu101Tm_T: you should REALLY take comp6751 - Usability04:10
kubu101Life will be so much different after that ;)04:11
incubiishould be as simple as rightclickin on the ipod partition in media:/ and selecting mount04:11
Tm_Tkubu101: three commands, not that difficult04:11
kubu101maybe kde university should offer some04:11
kubu101it's not about difficult dude, it's all about usability04:11
kubu101i'm geek ok, but i don't use commandline except for scripting04:11
Tm_Tcommand line is all you need ;)04:12
Tm_Tbut back in IRCNet ->04:13
kubu101Tm_T install/configure apps from source only with something like fink04:13
kubu101last time i used fink in OSX, it took 8h to install shit04:13
Tm_Tbtw freeciv2 is out \o/04:14
kubu101ya we read /. 04:14
Tm_Tand already slashdotted :p04:14
Tm_Ttested every beta already =)04:15
=== kubu102 [~fplo@concept7.cs.concordia.ca] has joined #kubuntu
kubu102not bad04:16
Tm_Tmaybe should compile that stable too04:16
kubu101ya konversation is okay04:16
Tm_Tkubu101: haven't tried irssi?04:16
kubu102i don't know i run KDE in vmware right now04:17
Tm_T] ;=04:17
whiskerskkathman-dinner, did you ever get any email from that file04:17
kubu102wtf is that04:17
Tm_Tkubu101: irssi is command line irc-client04:17
kubu102a kioslave also :P04:17
kubu102that stinks04:18
kubu102! /quit04:18
kubu102<G> i didnt have to do ctrl-c :P04:18
kubu101ok back to mirc04:18
Tm_Tmirc sucks04:18
kubu101where's Qt designer04:19
kubu101mirc works with wine i think04:19
Tm_Tbut I have been using irssi over 5 years so that's all I use04:20
Tm_Tall I need =)04:20
=== sorin [~sorin@24-196-233-44.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiwhy would you want to use mirc on linux04:22
kubu101why not04:23
kubu101because im familiar with the interface until i write a KDE clone ;)04:24
incubiixchat is just as good04:24
kubu1011. too gnomish04:25
kubu1012. don't have all the feature04:25
kubu1013. don't support mirc script04:25
kubu1014. no toolbar04:25
Rimadoes kubuntu have an x based application installer?04:26
kubu101the windows can be tile/organized?04:26
kubu101kynaptic/synaptic but it sux? :P04:26
incubiiwell show me another IRc client that supports mirc scripts04:26
Rimalol - oh what to do, used kde for years... installed kubuntu at home and ubuntu at work... both look good ARGH too many choices04:27
incubiilol rima04:27
Tm_Tkubu101: 1. you don't need graphic interface 2. irssi have more features 3. irssi have more scripts (afaik) 4. toolbar? why spending time wiht your mouse?04:27
incubiilol Tm_T04:28
incubiiwhy dont you just change yer nic to irssi04:28
Tm_TI was doing that04:28
incubiidoes irssi support irc over port 8004:28
kubu101Tm_T: there's 90% out there who use mirc04:28
incubiiand proxy support04:28
kubu101convince the,04:28
Rimahmm kubuntu I think, I like kopete better than gaim - done! lol04:28
kubu101especially my g/f ;) wasn't KDE start out because the creator couldn't install X/Motif on his g/f computer ;)04:29
Tm_Tincubii: yes, you can use irssi with proxy OR you can use irssi as a proxy ;p04:29
kubu101*history* history :P04:29
incubiimight give it a go04:29
incubiimight be able to ditch CGI:IRC then04:29
whiskerskkathman-dinner, no wonder that guy was in here the other day asking for a static IP....he probably could not get any programs to work either04:30
Tm_Tincubii: you can't really tell what client I am using right now04:30
=== incubii is chatting with CGI:IRC from http://www.vengefuldeath.com
kubu101doesnt say on whois04:33
Tm_Tyes, there's irssi, but do I use it directly or is it just a proxy/bouncer?04:34
Tm_Tor do I use it directly AND as a proxy :p04:35
kubu101Tm_T: you think I should write a big KDE usability review^W rant?04:39
=== qcompson [~qcompson@resnet163-132.resnet.buffalo.edu] has joined #kubuntu
=== regeya [~shane@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
=== andrewski [~andrewski@pool-151-197-228-28.phil.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== incubii [~cb239b9e@cgi.by.vengefuldeath.com] has joined #kubuntu
incubiinup no such luck04:50
incubiithe proxy is too restrictive :|04:50
incubiicurse my fellow admin04:50
Tm_Tas long as ssh is not restricted, I'm fine =)04:53
=== Zugot [~bryan@pcp0010860530pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiif i had the code to this cgi:irc i could make it so much better, then agin i dont have the time to04:56
kubu101cgi:irc is what a perl module? :P04:58
incubiiits what im chatting through on some guys site04:59
kubu101CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program to use IRC from a web browser.04:59
kubu101there u go hack it!04:59
incubiilol its no good to me05:00
kubu101why not05:00
incubiii need somewhere to host the hack then05:00
incubiioutside of the firewall05:00
kubu101well hack it05:00
kubu101then contact the host webmaster :P05:00
kubu101u guys know perl right05:01
kubu101especially tm_t05:02
=== kubu101 dream in perl ;)
=== cosmobot [~zic@ts3-b124.Voronezh.dial.rol.ru] has joined #kubuntu
=== zic [~zic@ts3-b124.Voronezh.dial.rol.ru] has joined #kubuntu
kubu101u dont know perl!05:02
kubu101yes u dont know05:03
kubu101and u use a console irc client05:03
Tm_TI do know perl :p05:03
kubu101u know pugs05:03
=== ttf_ [~tom@p83.129.13.8.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #kubuntu
kubu101u know pugs or not :P05:04
=== whiskers [~whiskers@adsl-68-91-108-247.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
Tm_Tkubu101: eh, I even was codin directly 8085 assembly some years ago ;)05:04
kubu101me 205:04
kubu101well 808605:05
kubu101and pic's05:05
Tm_TAVR <305:05
kubu101Parallax Basic05:05
kubu101Verilog ;)05:05
incubiii know Brainfuck05:05
incubiidoes that count05:05
kubu101BF also05:05
kubu101u know extended Bf ?05:05
Tm_Tincubii: you know CMX?05:05
Tm_TCloaca Maxima!05:06
incubiino i used original BF05:06
incubiieven made a pascal compiler for it05:06
incubiithat was fun...not05:06
kubu101++++[++<---] +-.05:06
kubu101i made a perl interpreter of brainfuck files ;)05:06
Tm_TCMX is a great band ;p05:06
incubii++++++++++[>+++++++>++++++++++>+++>+<<<<-] >++.>+.+++++++..+++.>++.<<+++++++++++++++.>.+++.------.--------.>+.>.05:07
kubu101ya baby05:07
=== cosmobot [~zic@ts3-b124.Voronezh.dial.rol.ru] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
incubiii had brainfuck ASM going as well05:08
incubiibut i lost it05:08
Tm_Tthere was a time when all I knew was a basic ...05:08
incubiiQBasic 705:08
kubu101vb.net burk05:08
incubiibbc basic05:09
Tm_T512MTX <305:09
=== incubii yawns
kubu101gw-basic,qbasic,vb,tpw,hbasic,gambas,c,c++,tp,perl,php,batch,bash,tcsh,python,ruby,brainfuck,ebf,verilog,vhdl,salt,mBed,javascript,java,pic/pal,parallax basic,c sharp,D,m4,sed/awk,makefile,qmake,mirc script,director6,flash, am i missing anything ;)05:14
Tm_Tit's 0615 ;p05:15
kubu101toolbook, PL/SQL, Ada, Asic, VBS :P05:16
kubu101bash/ksh/csh, (does HTML/XHTML/SVG/XML/XUL/XAML counts?)05:17
=== incubii shudders@toolbook
Tm_Tthere is some problem with amaroK :/05:20
Tm_TI copied ~1700 mp3/ogg ifles into my /home folder, after that amaroK doesn't start :/05:21
Tm_Terr, files05:21
=== GilaMnstr [~GilaMnstr@HSE-London-ppp207611.sympatico.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== Rima [~Rima@port-222-152-55-236.fastadsl.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
incubiidunno Tm_T i only have 35 oggs05:26
Tm_Toh, just got it05:28
Tm_Tsomehow amaroK stayed in background05:28
Tm_Tit's quite ordinary problem05:35
incubiihappens to me often as i forget its loaded into desktop 205:36
Tm_Tactually it wasn't visible at all05:37
Tm_Tbut killall was teh tool ;)05:37
=== smouche [~bc@cpe-24-90-94-112.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
TechLordi need some  assistance with an hdd05:40
TechLordconnected over usb05:40
TechLordit's currently formated ntfs but i am unable to write to it05:41
crimsunwhat sort of assistance?05:41
crimsunthat's correct, you can't write to it.05:41
TechLordhow can i make it writable and still share with windows xp05:41
TechLordcan i format hfs 05:42
TechLordand how would i do that 05:42
incubiicaptive ntfs05:43
=== guser [~guser@adsl-171-31.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== guser is now known as fleabitten
Tm_TOR fat3205:45
Tm_Tfat32 is most usable05:46
fleabittenany one tried to get doom3 working under kubuntu05:46
Tm_Twise guy have have one partition formatted as fat32 ;)05:46
Tm_TI don't =)05:46
Rimaanyone able to get cedega to install under 64 bit version?05:47
fleabittendoom3 + kubuntu = crap05:47
fleabittendoom3 + ubuntu = sweet05:47
fleabittenanyone know why05:47
incubiiwell since you only provided that much information, no05:48
fleabittenanyone from AU05:49
=== incubii is
fleabittenim gone05:51
=== fleabitten [~guser@adsl-171-31.swiftdsl.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
smouchegood morning, good evening, whatever...05:52
Tm_Tyes =)05:53
smouchego to bed Tm_T!05:53
smoucheheh heh05:53
Tm_Tactually I suppose to watch morning news in a moment05:53
smouchesun up yet in the great far north?05:53
Tm_Teh, not yet but rising05:54
incubiiland of the rising sun05:54
Tm_Toh yes, sun is up!05:55
smouchesee, I timed that right.05:56
Tm_Tand, it rained snow last evening =)05:56
=== chavo [~chavo@102.sub-70-213-85.myvzw.com] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tyup, summer is coming very fast ;p05:56
incubiiive seen snow 4 times in my life05:56
incubiihad to go to the snow mountains to see it05:57
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=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== abinadid [~abinadid@conr-adsl-209-169-96-208.consolidated.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jeff_ [1000@ppp-cda-211.icehouse.net] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tehm, my nose is bleeding :)06:17
abinadiddo you know xlink kai??06:17
=== jeff_ [1000@ppp-cda-211.icehouse.net] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== raluke [~raluke@pcp0011113792pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
abinadidit is a software to play games on line06:20
Tm_Teh, not linux games06:21
abinadidno xbox games06:25
abinadid or ps2 06:25
=== kakalto [~kakalto@wired-210-54-56-110.ps.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
abinadidwith system lynk06:25
=== zic is now known as cosmobot
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=== foodcoman [~foodcoman@c-24-20-116-33.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
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jsgotangcoRiddell, how does Kubuntu Kwick Kompendium (Guide) sound?06:46
=== Mestapheles [~Captain@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
paulproteusThat's a great way to sell it. ;)06:47
=== itay [~itay@IGLD-80-230-101-137.inter.net.il] has joined #kubuntu
=== itay [~itay@IGLD-80-230-101-137.inter.net.il] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
jsgotangcoIm just messing around with the docs06:48
whiskerskkathman-dinner, are you there now06:49
=== itay [~itay@IGLD-80-230-101-137.inter.net.il] has joined #kubuntu
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=== uniq [charlie@] has joined #kubuntu
whiskersdoes anybody have limewire or gnutella working07:18
delltonyquestion for you guys when i put in a audio cd i get the following error: when i click on play 07:21
delltonyerror -kscd cdrom read or access error (or no audio disc in drive) please make sure you have access permissions for media:/hdc07:22
delltonywhat the hell now if i click on open the thing opens can i see the tracks07:22
delltonythen i can right click one at a time and copy it over then play07:22
=== _chavo [~chavo@47.sub-70-213-91.myvzw.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== pot [~pot@] has joined #kubuntu
potwhat the heck is kubuntu..07:28
delltonyyou see that thing up top called a topic07:28
delltonyread it07:28
=== |QuaD-_ [~QuaD@beac872-0b01-dhcp149.bu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
potjust read the webpage...07:29
potwhy not just make kde meta package on top of ubuntu..?07:29
crimsunthere is, it's called kubuntu-desktop07:29
=== uniq [charlie@] has joined #kubuntu
potsorry, i guess i should ask why is it packaged (as a product, a distro) differently than ubuntu if it is a subset of it?07:30
crimsunafaik, no one's selling kubuntu07:31
crimsunkubuntu is a community-developed and community-supported kde distro based on ubuntu07:31
crimsunit just happens that the kde packages are also in the ubuntu repos07:32
crimsunnot terribly different from say, Xfce, though it's in universe not main07:32
jsgotangcoKubuntu is a very big Riddell :)07:33
crimsunamong others, yep :)07:33
=== dimmak [~dimmak@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
potit's just that when xfce releases packages (for debian, etc) they just release package but don't rename the main distro/create a sub-distribution..07:37
jsgotangcopot, mind you kubuntu is a community effort that uses Ubuntu as base07:39
crimsunpot: erm, then you've not heard of Xfld?07:40
crimsune.g., Xfce+Knoppix?07:40
potso it's more of a need for community identity, the name signifies the kinship of the people with the common interest of putting kde on ubuntu?07:40
crimsunthat's one way of looking at it, though I certainly consider Kubuntu a legitimate distro07:41
potno.. i thought it'd be cleaner if each of the window mgr\desktop env projects create barebone packages for different distributions, and integration efforts (pre-configuration in form of liveCD or meta-preconfig-distribution) exists separately07:42
crimsunarguably they already do that in source tarballs07:43
crimsunwe have desktop "teams", so to speak07:43
crimsunfor instance, kubuntu can also be considered a desktop team for kde on ubuntu07:43
crimsunjani and I are the desktop team for Xfce on ubuntu07:44
kakaltohow's xubuntu coming along?07:46
poti see..07:46
jsgotangcoxubuntu...i'd like that07:46
kakaltome too07:46
jsgotangconow we have gubuntu, kubuntu then xubuntu07:46
jsgotangcothat's gonna be a nightmare for the docteam07:47
=== itay [~itay@IGLD-80-230-101-137.inter.net.il] has joined #kubuntu
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kakaltois the doc team called docubuntu? :P07:47
potdubuntu, i presume..07:48
jsgotangcono its just Documentation Team07:48
jsgotangcoright now we're doing stuff07:48
jsgotangcoUbuntu and Kubuntu07:48
jsgotangcowe expected something like this07:49
jsgotangcopeople calling ubuntu as Gubuntu, then Kubuntu now Xubuntu07:49
=== aisipos [~aisipos@dsl081-081-225.lax1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #kubuntu
jsgotangcothat's why we had the documentation trunk classified07:50
jsgotangcobut the problem is how to make a uniform help system07:50
jsgotangcothat won't cause that much overhead07:50
jsgotangcobecause ubuntu uses yelp07:50
jsgotangcoand kubuntu can just use konqueror07:51
jsgotangcobut we're not forced to yelp anyway07:51
=== kendu [~iJon@hotspeed.mesra.matrix.rumble.gcc.war.net.id] has joined #kubuntu
jsgotangcoi was even messing up the Kubuntu guide as Kubuntu Kwick Kompendium (KKK)07:52
kenduhi where is i can get how to of kubuntu like ubuntuguide ?07:52
kakaltomost stuff still applies, but there's a small FAQ on teh main kubuntu page07:53
kakaltomain kubuntu site, rather07:54
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kakalto. . . .08:07
=== kkathman-dinner is now known as kkathman
kkathmanevening/morning all08:09
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danikatahi all08:20
danikatai install synaptic, but i couldnt activated it 08:21
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__2kudos to kubuntu project09:03
jsgotangcoyou're welkome09:12
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danikatahow to add debian repository in kubuntu09:30
=== pointwood [~pointwood@] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltospiral, hi.09:34
spiralkakalto: hi09:39
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=== pvh [~pvh@S010600121729b5b8.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== danikata [~me@] has joined #kubuntu
pvhHas anyone else had KDE stick their windows to the top of the screen?09:49
kakaltopvh, yeh, I think so09:52
kakaltopermanently or momentarily?09:52
=== Vorik[NL] [~Vorik@apeldoorn.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
pvhkakalto: it was permanent10:08
pvhthen i noticed an empty, mysterious panel, which i killed and all was well once more10:09
pvhmy kubuntu install went very badly10:09
pvhthe second time i logged into my kde session, it complained about not being able to open something and crashed a few things10:09
pvhi had to recreate my panel set from scratch. no biggie for me, but...10:09
kakaltohave you tried installing ubuntu, then downloading kubuntu-desktop?10:10
pvhthat's how i did it.10:10
pvhi think things are doing okay now, but i thought i'd mention it.10:10
pvhi am still trying to find some way to make konqueror's icons space out more.10:11
kakaltoso have you tried installing kubuntu right from the start?10:11
kakaltoTm_T, hey10:11
pvhkakalto: nope10:11
kakaltopvh, you might want to consider, depending on how buggy it is10:12
=== Yenidge [~Floyd@adsl-68-251-112-129.dsl.sbndin.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltoI also got ubuntu, then kubuntu-desktop, but mine's working fine10:12
pvhkakalto: i'd rather not reinstall my whole system unless things get really hairy.10:13
pvhkakalto: i'd be more likely to spend some time in the trenches with dpkg looking for something in need of reconfiguration.10:13
kakaltohave you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?10:13
kakaltoor is it the other way around...10:13
pvhkakalto: what would that change?10:14
=== gnumdk [~gnumdk@] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltois it specifically X that's screwing up, or just kde?10:15
pvhmy money is on KDE, because my Gnome session is just fine10:15
=== pvh shrugs
pvhI'm not too worried about it.10:16
kakaltoso long as it works10:16
kakaltoenough for you to do things10:17
pvhyeah right.10:17
pvhfor me, fixing it IS the point10:17
kakaltokde just locked up10:17
kakaltoall I can do is type10:18
pvhkakalto: i hear there's a great kubuntu derivative called ubuntu10:18
pvhit's like kubuntu but it has Elf or Pixie or something instead10:18
kakaltoI see that gnome doesn't work under my setup...10:18
kakaltognome must be it :D10:18
=== culker [~culker@dsl81-215-14687.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltoexcuse me, I gotta CTRL ALT BACKSPACE10:18
=== kakalto [~kakalto@wired-210-54-56-110.ps.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
danikatahi all10:20
kakaltoI might try IceWM soon10:21
danikatai couldnt activate synaptic (i was installed)10:21
kakalto"activate" ?10:21
kakaltoyou mean run?10:21
kakaltoor edit repositories?10:21
kakaltowhat happens when you run it?10:24
danikatathere is error message ... like : dpl... pango couldnt load10:25
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=== mike [~mike@S0106002078cf224b.vs.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
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danikataand the kynaptic cannot install 10:36
kakaltodid you try "sudo apt-get install kynaptic" ?10:36
=== amichai [~amichai@bzq-218-60-77.cablep.bezeqint.net] has joined #kubuntu
amichaihi can someone help me. Until a minute ago XMMS worked great, now it says make sure that your sound device is working. Kaffeine works. any ideads10:43
kakaltohave you changed anything?10:43
kakaltolike, any settings under XMMS?10:43
amichaikakalto: no10:43
amichaikakalto: my mp3s were skipping so i changed the buffer in arts, but then returned it to system default10:44
amichaikakalto: so i guess my answer is yes ;)10:44
kakaltomaybe kaffeine is hogging the soundcard?10:44
kakaltodoes it just not work10:44
kakaltoor skip?10:44
kakaltoI assume you've installed the mp3 package?10:45
amichaikakalto: i wasnt running kaffeine before. it just doesnt work.10:45
kakaltoso, the sound just suddenly stopped working?10:45
amichaikakalto: on gnome it worked, i need a special mp3 package on kde?10:45
kakaltogive me a moment, I'll find it10:45
amichaikakalto: thanx. 10:45
kakalto"sudo apt-get install akode-mpeg"10:46
kakaltothen "killall artsd" to restart sound server10:46
amichaikakalto: I played an mp3 on XMMS i heard a mild skipping, so i wanted to change the buffer settings, after i did that when i tried to play the mp3 in XMMS it said that i need to make sure the sound device is configured properly. so i returned the buffer to default, and it still gave me the same error. so i tried kaffeine, and kaffeine works.10:47
Tm_Tgstreamer <310:47
kakaltoamichai, are you sure it wasn't just that mp3?10:48
amichaikakalto: i'll try again10:48
amichaikakalto: ok now it works10:48
kakaltoIf at first it doesn't work, kick it10:49
kakaltoif that doesn't work, defenestrate it (throw it out the window)10:49
amichaikakalto: lol. btw i removed kde cos i had artsd problem, but kubuntu is an amazing job, very very nice.10:49
kakaltoif that doesn't work, you've probably broken it10:49
amichaikakalto: lol10:49
kakaltothen, absquatulate (run away very fast)10:50
kakaltoso, amichai, you use gnome?10:50
amichaikakalto: i have gnome and xfce. i like gnome, got bored of it moved to xfce, like it, refused to use kde cos i didnt like it b4, then i downloaded kubuntu, and am very impressed.10:51
kakaltokubuntu is impressive.10:51
kakaltoit's kde 3.4, very new10:51
amichaikakalto: last time i downloaded kde i apt-get all the necessary files, so it wasn't as cool10:51
amichaikakalto: only thing is i use it in hebrew, and my splash screen flashes white interval, the english doesn't10:52
amichaiand my gl screensavers dont work, even though i can play half-life on cedega10:52
kakaltomy GL screensavers don't work either10:53
kakaltoprobably a bug10:53
amichaiand for those who play BZFlag. I'm one of them, when i first start its slow, until i change the graphic quality to high, and then back to experimental10:53
amichaikakalto: good to know, thought it was just me. where do i file it?10:54
amichaiotherwise its all good. i installed last night at 3am, so what do i know ;)10:54
kakaltowhere to file it? see if it's filed already at either www.ubuntuforums.org or www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/10:55
=== stelt [~stelt@dabrick1.kabel.utwente.nl] has joined #kubuntu
amichaikakalto: i dont think i have konsole. i only have the xfce one and the gnome one10:56
kakaltoI bet you do10:57
kakaltogo into a xfce or gnome terminal10:57
kakaltothen type "konsole"10:57
kakaltoyou'll find out soon enough :)10:57
amichaikakalto: yeah here it is. not in my menu though10:58
=== Chameleon22 [~serg@220-244-235-173-vic-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltoit should be under K --> System --> Konsole10:59
amichaiyeah...whatever i'll add it. do u use a toolbar on the top of the screen like macos?10:59
amichaikakalto: ok there it is, right at the bottom, too many apps10:59
=== gnumdk [~gnumdk@] has joined #kubuntu
amichaicos i want my taskbar at the top, anyway of doing that?11:00
=== gnumdk [~gnumdk@] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltotaskbar at the top?11:01
kakaltoit's not there already?11:01
kakaltounder which, kde? gnome? xfce?11:01
amichaikakalto: kde11:02
amichaikakalto: if u know xfce i want it to look like that.11:02
kakaltolike, taskbar & stuff at bottom, k menu & links at top?11:03
amichaikakalto: the opposite11:03
kakaltoRight click on any bar, go configure11:03
kakaltoif you want another panel, right-click, go "add to panel", "panel" then universal sidebar11:04
amichaikakalto: how do i move it to the top?11:04
kakaltoin the configure thing, there should be a bunch of rectangles under "position"11:05
kakaltoon the "arrangement" tab11:05
amichaikakalto: ok this screwed it all up. all my windows are stuck to the top11:06
kakaltosee where it says "Settings for: " then it has a drop-down menu?11:06
kakaltothat's how you select different menu bars11:07
kakaltothen change the position of each11:07
kakaltoI was meant to go to music practice like 2 hours ago :S11:11
kakaltoaww crap11:11
=== amichai [~amichai@bzq-218-60-77.cablep.bezeqint.net] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltonot cool11:13
kakaltome naughty11:13
amichaikakalto: ok i did it. not universal. universal screwed it all up was weird. i just added a regular bar which only contains the taskbar. sweet.11:14
Chameleon22does anyone know of any gui client to connect to a remote vpn via ipsec (shared secrets)11:14
amichaikakalto: lol11:14
amichaikakalto: what should universal do?11:14
kakaltoit means you can add anything to it11:15
kakaltoit's what I use11:15
kakaltoso I have my taskbar, the time, desktop switching11:15
amichaikakalto: u have it at the top?11:15
kakaltoand the rubbish bin11:15
kakaltonah, bottom11:15
kakaltoChameleon22, try googling it11:15
amichaikakalto: whats the difference? u can add whatever u want to the regular one. or u mean by dragging?11:16
kakaltoI'm not sure11:16
Chameleon22kakalto: i tried11:16
kakaltoI can drag this bar all over the place11:16
Chameleon22wouldnt ask 11:16
kakaltoChameleon22, try #ubuntu11:16
amichaikakalto: ah ok. i gtg. thanx for the help. take care.11:17
=== Quinn_Storm [~quinn@] has joined #kubuntu
Chameleon22kakalto: how about you just say "i dont know" or keep silent rather then hand balling people around, people like you give linux a myth of bad support11:20
kakaltothe thing is, I don't know, so I suggest google, since that's what always helps me. often, I forget about google, and others say it, and it's useful. I think you're not appreciating that I'm trying to help11:22
kakaltoatleast I gave it a go11:22
kakaltodid #ubuntu help, for that matter?11:22
Chameleon22kakalto: you have, just bit stressed 11:22
Chameleon22kakalto: nah :(11:22
kakaltodo you have a text-based version of it?11:23
kakaltonot good11:27
Chameleon22not at  all11:27
=== KaiL_ [KaiL@pD95D5DC9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
Quinn_StormChameleon22: what are you trying to get help with?11:29
=== dvoid [~dvoid@c-215fe155.2010-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
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Chameleon22Quinn_Storm: i need to be able to connect from kubuntu to checkpoint via a vpn using shared secret rather then certificates and freeswan is giving me the shits 11:30
Quinn_StormChameleon22: wow, that's way over my head unfortunately, I wish I could help11:31
Chameleon22Quinn_Storm: no problem mate :)11:31
=== kmanTFM [~kman@p5.pub.ro] has joined #kubuntu
membreyahmm VLC is segfaulting when I'm trying to play a DVD :|11:40
membreyaoh well, kaffeine works11:40
kakaltoVLC is strange anyway11:40
kakaltog'night all11:41
membreyait grabs the CSS keys then segfaults11:41
membreyameh..amd64 running breezy..what do I expect :P11:41
membreyaspeaking of AMD64..has anyone managed to successfuly get OO.o2 running on an amd64?11:44
Quinn_Stormbtw, quick little warning though people probably already know this...don't install amd64-libs-dev on a non-amd64 system, it diverts all the i386 headers away so that nothing will compile right11:46
Tm_THi membreya o/11:47
membreyahiya Tm_T \o/11:47
membreyalol Quinn_Storm 11:47
membreyafind out the hard way11:47
Tm_TQuinn_Storm: oh I was just doing it! ;p11:47
membreyagoing to try and grab the source for oo.o2 and see if i can't compile it :|11:47
=== hieudt [~hieudt@cpc2-lewi2-3-0-cust242.bmly.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
Quinn_Stormmembreya: yep -.- though I made some scripts and un-diverted stuff (the amd64-libs-dev package was not-installed but the diversions were b/c it errored out halfway through install)11:48
membreyamind you running breezy..so gcc411:48
Tm_Tmembreya: LFS ;)11:48
Quinn_Stormmembreya: you can use gcc3...I forget how...possibly setting CC and CPP env vars?11:48
Tm_TLinux From Scratch11:48
membreyaoh ok Tm_T ;)11:48
membreyadamnit, I'm probably going to have to --prefix this fucker..erm ..package :)11:49
Tm_Tmembreya: DYI OS ;)11:49
membreyaTm_T: sounds like gentoo to me :P11:49
membreyaDYI? Drive Yourself Insane? :P11:49
membreyadamn you oo.o11:50
membreyait gives the file as a .tar.gz..then all it contains are .rpms!11:50
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu []
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
membreyaWTF is with that11:50
Quinn_Stormoo.o sucks...I wish it wasn't the only office suite out there...koffice is just...bleh by comparison11:52
=== mirco [~mirco@frinat.fh-friedberg.de] has joined #kubuntu
Quinn_Stormbtw if you are gonna compile oo.o, make sure you have like 4gb scratch space available...according to the freebsd ports file it needs that much11:55
Tm_TI'm glad I can always use nano ;)11:55
Quinn_Stormheh my first editor on linux was pico...eventually I took the vim plunge11:56
=== _-InMa-_ [~Sunday@81-203-229-31.user.ono.com] has joined #kubuntu
_-InMa-_buenos dias, bon dia, good morning!12:00
_cureGuten Tag12:03
=== CellarDoor [~CellarDoo@d220-237-216-177.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
CellarDoorhey all12:11
=== CellarDoor is away: Away at the moment
=== CellarDoor is now known as Cellar|away
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ice_1963hello =)12:51
ice_1963hi tux12:52
ice_1963have a good day :)12:53
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=== March-RX8 [~dsfdsfdfb@host192-0.pool8250.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
March-RX8could someone tell me how to read from ntfs with ubuntu?01:04
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Tm_Tsmouche: hullo01:41
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smoucheHi Tm_T01:58
=== Chameleon22 [~serg@220-244-235-173-vic-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
smouchegood morning, er, afternoon01:58
smoucheHow are you, Tm_T --get any sleep?01:59
=== smouche is leaving for work in two minutes and not happy about it
smouchesee yas later01:59
=== bsene [~bsene@lesas7.sowi.uni-mannheim.de] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tsleep, what's that?02:02
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_nicolaihow do you add a panel to the kicker, say"games"02:27
=== _nicolai is now known as Kubuntu
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Chameleon22does anyone know of any GUI app I could use to connect to checkpoint vpn using shared secrets rather then certificates? or anything really besides open swan.02:34
=== fish [~fish@80-219-156-6.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
fishI'm thinking about switching from Suse to Kubuntu...can I ask some questions here or is the forum the better place?02:40
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@manz-d9bb08cb.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #kubuntu
fishhm, maybe the forum is the better place, eh? lol02:42
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Riddellfish: you can ask here02:51
=== skaman [~skaman@host198-6.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tbut all I gonna say is: "what? SUSE? you mean sushi?" ;p02:51
Tm_Teh eh02:52
skamanhey guys do somone remember how can i set the double clik on files?02:52
skamanis a stupid thing...but i can't find it!02:52
Tm_Tskaman: kcontrol -> 02:52
skamani know is somewhere there...but where!02:52
skamani'm getting mad02:53
Tm_Tperipherals -> mouse02:53
Tm_Tjust in the middle there02:53
fishwell I'm on Suse 9.1. now...and I used apt4suse and synaptic, it's quite good like this...so far I could upgrade to a new KDE version very easily by just clicking on the packages in synaptic...always worked without any problems...so when I switch to Kubuntu, can I still do this? I'm a bit confused about the release periods...you say every 6 months...do I have to wait for 6 months then until I can upgrade to a new KDE or what? if yes, will I run02:54
=== _root [~root@sat78-1-82-232-43-28.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== _root is now known as carrouf
skamanomg thanks!!!!02:55
skamanfish:every 6 months there's a new release not software upgrades02:56
fishoh I see...so when ther is a new KDE, there will be new Ubuntu packes and you can easily upgrade to it with synaptic or with apt-get?02:57
suistari've downloaded the kubuntu live cd.. its booting and loading until i have a white screen with a mouse, and then cd and hdd stop loading :/02:58
skamanfish:yes that's correct02:59
skamansuistar:try this boot cmd: "failsafe"03:00
=== neom_ [~neom@S0106000f6605567e.tb.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
neom_Whats the apt get command to update the system?03:00
neom_apt-get dis upgrade && something?03:01
neom_I froget. :(03:01
fishhm...what kind of packages does Kubuntu offer then? I mean...where can I check if e.g. oddcast is included? well if it's as easy to upgrade as on Suse with apt4rpm I will switch to Kubuntu...right now...03:01
suistarfailsafe, what does it do03:01
suistar<- beginner03:02
paulproteusapt-get dist-upgade03:02
paulproteusneom_: You must run "apt-get update" first; that updates the local idea of what packages are available.03:02
Tm_Tapt <303:02
skamansuistar:failsafe probably will the live cd work03:02
skamanis a fail safe boot :P03:03
Riddellfish: kubuntu has native apt so it has everything apt4rpm has and better03:03
suistarokay i will try it 03:03
skamanguys how to configure grub?03:03
fishRiddell: of course but wouldn't that be mixing Debian debs with Kubuntu debs? will there be problems?03:03
Riddellfish: there's no reason to mix debian and kubuntu debs03:04
Riddellkubuntu has everyhting debian has and more03:04
=== thomas [~thomas@pD95642BD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== segfault2k [~segfault@pc-16-79-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #kubuntu
fishRiddell: so *all* the packages are ported to kubuntu?! every 6 months? or when do you offer new packages? let's say there is a new KDE...then there will be new Ubuntu debs in what time? Suse has them up really fast...I'm a bit confused about this...it's what keeps me from switching03:06
Riddellso far we have a 100% sucess rate at having KDE packages in on the day or KDE release03:07
fishwow...ok...made my day...bye bye suse...backing up my music now and then it's gone....03:08
skamangood choice03:09
skamanwhy pay 4 suse if u could have ubuntu for free?03:09
Riddellsuse is also available at no cost for download03:12
skamanyes but is not the professional one03:13
skamanand anyway suse is a "particular linuxdistro"03:13
skamani used for 3 years03:14
=== raluke [~raluke@pcp0011113792pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
fishI think suse is ok...never had any problems...but they begin to do silly things now03:15
fishreal payed them some money...obviously03:16
=== _bofh [~bofh@adsl-42-18.swiftdsl.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== _chris [~chris@plgw.gw.fh-stralsund.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== Cellar|away [~CellarDoo@d220-237-216-177.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
fish(15:12:18) skaman: yes but is not the professional one  <---- not true...there is only a prof. version and it's available for download (no personal version anymore)03:17
_bofhHi all03:18
fishoh...can I keep my /home when I switch to Kubuntu? how?03:19
=== itay [~itay@IGLD-80-230-101-137.inter.net.il] has joined #kubuntu
_bofhKDE on ubuntu rocks.03:20
Riddellfish: if it's on a different partition yes03:22
fishok...good...it is :-)03:22
fishwell that's all I wanted to know...Kubuntu has a new user very soon...thanks for infos!! have a good day...byee! :-)03:23
=== itay [~itay@IGLD-80-230-101-137.inter.net.il] has joined #kubuntu
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segfault2kLastest version :  0.9.1 2005/04/13  04:00
=== raluke [~raluke@pcp0011113792pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
texelHello guys (& gals.) I have my iptables script that I had with my old Red Hat box and after some changes I'm ready to put it here. Where should I put this script in kubuntu?04:00
segfault2khttp:// <- how is the bg?04:00
maltenice, but why do you have such large icons? :)04:02
segfault2kdunno XD04:02
=== skaman [~skaman@host198-6.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== vanQ [vanQ@hki7-b8.kiinteisto.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== peter_ [~peter@ppp142-185.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #kubuntu
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Tm_Tok, this is not great, I need to edit amaroK source :p04:12
Tm_Tonly way to have player window and playlist window into separate desktops :p04:17
Tm_TI only need to figure out what I have to change04:18
=== baterah [~vasfcast@200-171-164-185.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== bad_mongo [~Jon@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Zugot [~bryan@pcp0010860530pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== JuNkPhreak|UnIx [~JuNkPhrea@tw4858.plantx.sbis.net] has joined #kubuntu
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Tm_Tok, fist of all, why not give multiple sizes OR huge size04:37
segfault2kis a big size :S04:41
=== segfault2k doin' right now the other sizes :S
=== _zao [~zao@zAo.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_TI like to use 1600x1200 =)04:42
Tm_Tit's easier resize smaller than bigger04:42
Tm_TI mean, quality04:43
segfault2kok :D04:45
=== segfault2k doing 1600x1200 =D
Tm_Tsome use 1600x1200 reso in their desktop, those rich bastards04:47
=== segfault2k uses only 1280x1024
=== _zao [~zao@zAo.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
maltesegfault2k, is it done in svg?04:48
Tm_Tsegfault2k: me too, 'cause have only old hot 17" crt :/04:48
segfault2kmalte: yup'04:49
Tm_Tso then that too04:49
=== raluke_ [~raluke@pcp0011113792pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
maltesegfault2k, include the svg then, kde can display that04:52
segfault2kim uploading04:52
segfault2kmalte: svg in 1600x1200 ?04:52
Tm_Tdoesn't matter really?04:53
maltesure :)04:53
Tm_Tif it's truly scalable04:54
malteof course it is - it's svg :)04:54
Tm_Teh, you can do it so many ways :p04:55
=== _x [~x@bl5-193-4.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #kubuntu
JuNkPhreak|UnIxonder why you cant mix kubuntu pkg's with reg deb 's05:15
_zaowho tried opera 8 final?05:15
segfault2kwhy if is exists konqueror :D05:16
=== _sim [~sim@ip-213-49-78-162.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #kubuntu
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malteJuNkPhreak|UnIx, it's not recommended05:26
JuNkPhreak|UnIxwell just wondered05:26
JuNkPhreak|UnIxlike the distro just dosnt ahve all the repos yet i need :{05:26
JuNkPhreak|UnIxunless you guys/gals know of any more i can add than the ubuntu guide page05:27
=== sdogi [~sdogi@217-159-240-76-dsl.est.estpak.ee] has joined #kubuntu
malteJuNkPhreak|UnIx, do you have multiverse/universe?05:29
JuNkPhreak|UnIxi use them all05:29
JuNkPhreak|UnIxjust didnt have all the pkg's yet im use to05:29
maltei think (k)ubuntu should have all that debian has05:30
maltewhat are you looking for?05:30
JuNkPhreak|UnIxso i will wait while longer , just wondering why they are using diff pkg's than debian i would think they would be the same05:30
JuNkPhreak|UnIxmaybe they will change to uni pkg's :}05:31
segfault2kwow, the new kubuntu theme for splashy really rocks :P05:33
paulproteusNew, like in Hoary, or New, like in Breezy?05:34
JuNkPhreak|UnIxyea i know :{05:34
=== kkathman [~kkathman@h-66-167-142-40.dllatx37.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmanmorning all :)05:35
=== raluke [~raluke@pcp0011113792pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
segfault2kpaulproteus: im creating the new theme05:36
=== kmanTFM_ [~kman@p5.pub.ro] has joined #kubuntu
paulproteussegfault2k: Oh, cool. :)05:38
=== hamtaro [~hamtaro@] has joined #kubuntu
=== spiral [~spiral@AToulouse-152-1-66-231.w83-200.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
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=== buz [~buz@217-162-134-188.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
_zaowhat is it that some (QT) programs donnot remember their own size??05:50
=== _zao is now known as zAo^
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=== cosmobot [~zic@ts3-b107.Voronezh.dial.rol.ru] has joined #kubuntu
JuNkPhreak|UnIxHmm with more reading i think i might try this distro once more , i think my repos where not done correctly 06:02
=== zic [~zic@ts3-b107.Voronezh.dial.rol.ru] has joined #kubuntu
JuNkPhreak|UnIxi need mostly codecs /win32 etc.... and kmplayer, and vlc + plugins06:03
JuNkPhreak|UnIxnot much of anything else06:04
JuNkPhreak|UnIxthe dep's kill me if i get the pkg's by them selves06:05
JuNkPhreak|UnIxis this horay ?06:08
=== raluke [~raluke@pcp0011113792pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Thoray for boobies?06:09
JuNkPhreak|UnIxwell they talk of horay or warty im reading on howto for repos06:10
=== segfault2k [~segfault@pc-16-79-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #kubuntu
segfault2khi! 06:10
segfault2kis finished :D06:11
=== tibal [~tibal@candide.tibal.fr.eu.org] has joined #kubuntu
ChoubakaI want one for regular Ubuntu too --;06:16
ChoubakaBut I can't use GIMP. my computer locks up if I try.06:17
ChoubakaOops. There is oen06:17
ChoubakaShould've read the site first.06:17
segfault2kChoubaka:  :P06:18
ChoubakaBut hmm06:18
ChoubakaHow do I use splashy? :p06:18
Choubakakernel patching required I assume06:20
Choubakaagain, read the site... 06:20
kkathmanmorning Choubaka  :)06:20
segfault2kChoubaka: that is the idea of splashy, no patching required06:21
Choubakakkathman: not morning here 06:21
kkathmanwell ok...good day, afternoon, evening :)06:21
=== danimo [~danimo@cmn9-d9ba6738.pool.mediaWays.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
kkathmanthat oughta cover it :)06:21
bericksonAnyone here when they are going to fix the Control Center Password issue so we dont have the use the kcmshell workaround?06:27
=== skaman [~skaman@host198-6.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== _allan [~allan@0x5358e6e7.esnxx2.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #kubuntu
ChoubakaHm, I have to install Grub to make splashy work? ;/06:30
skamanhey anyone knows wich plugin can i use with Firefox?(better if i can get it via apt-get)06:32
skamanjava plugin pardon :D06:32
Choubakajust install sun's .bin using java-package06:33
skamannothing apt-gettable06:34
texelskaman: http://neacm.fe.up.pt/pub/ubuntu-java/binary/sun-j2sdk1.5.0_01-2_i386.deb06:35
skamanthis works  well?06:36
skamanwow 63 mbO_o06:36
=== raluke [~raluke@pcp0011113792pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
maltesegfault2k, nice splashy theme06:51
=== Foodcoman [~berickson@mcdonaldwhsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
texelskaman: please note that I don't really know where that Java package came, OK?06:55
=== Mestapheles [~Captain@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== hussam [~hussam@] has joined #kubuntu
hussamI just switched from Fedora to kubuntu, so far so good but I have one question. what apt repositories to I need to set to get updates? everything in sources.list is commented.07:03
=== thomas [~thomas@port-212-202-198-196.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Thussam: uncomment all repos :)07:04
hussamok I did that. does kubuntu release security updates frequently? can I rely on that?07:05
FoodcomanCheck out http://www.ubuntuguide.org for howto's on Repo's07:06
hussamFoodcoman: thanks for the guide. I'm reading it now.07:08
Tm_Thussam: yes, there's security updates, ofcourse07:10
hussamTm_T: ok thank, security is that most important thing of course. :)07:11
Foodcomanhussam: NP07:13
Tm_TI just teached my sister to irc =)07:14
FoodcomanKeep the Peds... away from her.07:15
FoodcomanYeah the perverts.07:16
=== whiskers [~whiskers@adsl-68-90-244-229.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tshe's 27 and married with a big guy, no need to afraid that =)07:16
FoodcomanI wont let my kids in chat.... Oh hahahahaha.07:16
whiskerskkathman, are you here today07:16
hussamwill we be updated to kde 3.4.1 once its out? 07:16
=== Fhigo [~Fhigo@J88ed.j.pppool.de] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tmaybe marillat got it07:17
Fhigosup :)07:17
KaiL_hussam: will kde 3.4.1 come soon?07:17
Fhigoits still 3.4.0?07:18
FoodcomanHow would one check the version on their workstation?07:18
hussamnot sure but I know many people were complaining about kde 3.4  so I think the kde devs will rush kde 3.4.1 a bit07:19
Foodcomanwinver   <---Joking dont kick me out please.07:19
texelFoodcoman: In any application, Help -> About KDE07:19
KaiL_hussam: I know many people saying, 3.4.0 is great07:20
FoodcomanI just hate the password issue in Control Center.07:20
zAo^what is a nice font for whole KDE?07:20
=== spiral [~spiral@AToulouse-152-1-66-231.w83-200.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
texelzAo^: FreeSans07:21
hussamKaiL_: kuser and kopete won't work on all distributions.07:21
=== skaman [~skaman@host198-6.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
hussamKaiL_: or at least not properly07:21
KaiL_here kopete wirks 07:21
texelskaman: got any luck with Java?07:22
KaiL_not worse than with 3.3 at least (kopete always was very unstable)07:22
KaiL_kuser works too07:22
=== arcanjo [~arcanjo@24.Red-80-59-210.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== zAo^ [~zAo@zAo.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
hussamKaiL_: it does yes, but on some other distributions it doesn't07:23
KaiL_maybe a problem with that distribution?07:23
Tm_TzAo^: use bitstream vera sans mono ;)07:23
hussamKaiL_: probably so07:23
=== zAo^ doesnt like freesans srry :S
Tm_Tbitstream is ok07:24
hussamI think we will get kde 3.4.1 read this http://dot.kde.org/1113894130/1113910991/1113913787/1113915020/07:24
Fhigoi'm lovin it :)07:27
Fhigoi'm goin to install kubuntu on my ibook now :)07:28
hussamFhigo: it's really good, I just installed kubuntu less that an hour ago and it's working perfectly.07:29
Fhigosame here.. I'm already using it since 5 days or somethin like that :)07:31
kkathmanwhiskers:  are you around?07:31
=== elabdel [~elabdel@228.159.98-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== pradu [~pradu@] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmanHey Tm_T !07:33
hussamthe only thing I can't seem to do is run the tv card. I ran as root modprobe saa7134 but it still won't work. anybody has any ideas? 07:33
hussamIt used to work in fedora using same kernel version 2.6.1007:34
=== larard [~tom@] has joined #kubuntu
hussamany ideas?07:35
Tm_Tkkathman: hullo07:36
kkathmanTm_T:  Could you help me a little with a compile...I got a ton of these files and have no idea what to do...I know you do a configure, make and make install, but at what level and where?07:36
kkathmanTm_T: I am installing the build-essential, libglib stuff right now07:36
kkathmanTm_T: I downloaded all the gimshop stuff, and it is now in a directory set, there are alot of files there and Im not sure what I need to do, the README really didnt say07:39
Tm_Tjust run ./configure && make && make install in rootfolder of gimshop07:39
FoodcomanAnyone have a compelling argument as to why one would choose firestarter vs Shorewall?07:39
kkathmanTm_T: I also believe I have to deinstall gimp07:39
Tm_Tkkathman: eh?07:40
Tm_Tkkathman: why?07:40
Tm_TIthought gimpshop is only "theme" for gimp07:40
kkathmanuhmm no its a total redo of the menus etc07:41
kkathmanI was looking for whiskers as he has already done this, but I believe he's away for the moment07:42
=== xamdm [~xamdm@p5484B912.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmanls -l07:49
kkathmanoops wrong window07:49
kkathmanTm_T: whats this mean:   XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool?07:50
kkathmanwhat do I need to install?07:50
kkathmanahhh I think I found it07:52
=== malte [~fom@81-224-200-44-no45.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
\shguys...in kontact there is this "journal" feature..07:58
\shhow does it work for uploading journal entries to the web? which engines are supported?07:59
=== darut [~darut@host-ip82-199.crowley.pl] has joined #kubuntu
hussamI found  a linux-image 2.6.11 on kynaptic. should I install it?08:05
=== pussfeller [~todd@d187.rtcol.com] has joined #kubuntu
whiskerskkathman are you there08:08
=== cdr [~cdr@195-144-085-199.dyn.adsl.xs4all.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== baterah [~vasfcast@200-171-164-185.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
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=== WTF is now known as gimmyabreak
Tm_Thussam: if you like :)08:13
gimmyabreakhow you doing08:14
Tm_Tfine thanks08:15
gimmyabreakplease excuse me i am brand new to the world of linux :-) but can i get some support on this channel08:16
OllianderGreetings to all Kubuntu-Users! :-)08:16
=== March-RX8 [~dsfdsfdfb@host183-1.pool8252.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
texelOlliander: kgreetings!08:16
=== AndreH [andre@pD9FF5A2E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
March-RX8does anyone know where to config grub?08:16
gimmyabreakI AM NOT ALONE08:17
OllianderI'm really surprised how fast the Ubuntu&Kubuntu-Community is growing up... *g*08:17
March-RX8it' s one of the best linux developed08:18
FoodcomanI just migrated over from Mandrivel to Kubuntu/Ubuntu08:18
gimmyabreakThe company that i work for is migrating from Windows to Ubuntu in the next few month LOL08:18
buzi'm looking for a way to downgrade breezy to hoary08:18
buzprinting doesn't work in breezy08:18
March-RX8i prefer kubuntu than ubuntu08:18
AndreHhi, I installed kubuntu a few hours ago and configured nearly anything in kde yet. then I want to configure something in kde control center using root (I have to type in my password)08:18
AndreHthat is still working fine08:18
AndreHbut after a reboot, I am not able to configure in root mode08:19
OllianderWhy are you preferring Kubuntu, March-RX8?08:19
AndreHthere is no error message08:19
FoodcomanAndreH: Know issue08:19
March-RX8i find kde easier to use08:19
AndreHFoodcoman: so what to do?08:19
buzAndreH: try setting a root passwd with sudo passwd08:19
AndreHok I'll do08:19
March-RX8it was the same when i used rh and mdk08:19
buzthen you get a real root account08:19
OllianderMhm! OK, but I think Gnome is more efficient...08:20
gimmyabreakI also installed Kubuntu today and root is still working fine on mine. Although my touchpad aint08:20
texelAndreH: better yet, in a terminal run kdesu kcontrol08:20
FoodcomanAndreH: http://opensource.weblogsinc.com/entry/123400096003974208:20
AndreHah thank you08:21
March-RX8i used ubuntu for a short period, and i dint know where to go to configure etc, i always used kde then i choosed kubuntu08:21
March-RX8anyway it seems to give me some problems08:22
gimmyabreaki think it is better then ubuntu but i still need to get the hang of the new GUI08:22
OllianderMmmh, the fact with the configuration is most the reason why users prefer KDE-based desktops... *g*08:22
=== amiroff [~me@dsl81-214-21642.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #kubuntu
=== _Tortoose [~Tortoose@courbet-1-82-67-125-115.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
March-RX8do you know where to change the number of colours?08:23
hussamdoes kubuntu release each kernel when it's out? I'm asking because I found both 2.6.10 and 2.6.11 on kynaptic08:23
March-RX8you can upgrade kernel hussam08:24
March-RX8and i suggest you to download and install synaptic because it's more powerful08:24
kkathmanI personally dont trust synaptic...so I do all my apt-get's manually08:25
=== whiskers [~whiskers@adsl-68-90-246-164.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
March-RX8what about dependence?08:25
gimmyabreakcan you use synaptic to install any package08:25
kkathmanno difference actually, a pkg is a pkg08:26
kkathmansynaptic is just a gui for apt anyway08:26
kkathmanits really good for seeing what you have installed tho08:26
March-RX8yes, but using synaptic or kynaptic you dont have to search all the dep by yourself08:28
whiskerskkathman, i see you are back...ok...in the news...skype says they will allow large file transfers...so there is a solution08:28
kkathmanwhiskers: I am compiling as we speak...hopefullly it will work :)08:28
whiskerskkathman, but from what i hear you have learned how to find out what is missing and you have learned how to go get it08:28
whiskerskkathman, so as i think about it...you have found the better solution08:29
kkathmanwhiskers: there were a few dependencies but I found those as I did the configure08:29
whiskerskkathman, that is right....just keep tracking them down08:29
amiroffguys, is there a setting that makes menu letters not underline hotkey ?08:29
kkathmanwhiskers: I did08:29
whiskerskkathman, most are easy...but gimpshop was a little difficult....f4lm was quite difficult...and transcode was the most difficult so far08:30
=== skaman [~skaman@host198-6.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
March-RX8could someone help me? where i can go to change boot sequence in grub?08:31
=== phunky [~phunky@cpc3-rdng8-5-0-cust132.winn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== digitalwoot [~digitalwo@] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmanwhiskers: well it wasnt difficult, per se, but took several iterations of ./configure to get all the dependencies...did you uninstall gimp before or after your make?08:32
FoodcomanMarch-RX8: /bootgrub/menu.lst08:33
FoodcomanMarch-RX8: /boot/grub/menu.lst08:33
March-RX8thanks you so much08:33
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
=== brainkilla [~petar@smin199-149.vdial.verat.net] has joined #kubuntu
whiskerskkathman, no..if you get a successful compile with no errors...then try make install and fire it up08:34
kkathmanwhiskers: ok kewl08:34
kkathmanwhiskers: its a bit of a long make isnt it?08:34
whiskerskkathman, yes that one takes a while.08:35
whiskerskkathman, it is quite a bit of code08:35
kkathmanwhiskers: apparently....did your's make on the first try?08:35
whiskerskkathman, they seldom make on the first try...except the easy ones08:35
whiskerskkathman, so you have to pay attention to the errors and track down what causes them to fail08:36
kkathmanwhiskers: thats comforting08:36
March-RX8and how can i say it that i would have winzoz has predefinite?08:36
kkathmanwhiskers: will the errors be at the end?08:36
amiroffany KDE gurus here? please...08:36
whiskerskkathman, yes...if there are errors...the compilation will break...and you will be notified of the errors causing it to break08:37
kkathmanamiroff: whats the question?08:37
kkathmanwhiskers: ahh ok08:37
whiskerskkathman, sometimes they are out of date libraries....bad headers, etc08:37
kkathmanwhiskers: its been going for a good 15 minutes and no breaks yets08:37
whiskerskkathman, yes well...the longer you go with no error the better chance you have of getting the job done08:38
=== kkathman crosses his fingers :)
kkathmanwhiskers: its done...I dont see anything that says "error"08:40
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmanwhiskers: I see alot of these..Entering directory....nothing to be done for 'all'...etc08:41
kkathmanwhiskers: then leaving directory08:41
whiskerskkathman, that means that section has already compiled what was in it08:41
kkathmanwhiskers: well I guess I'll try the make install now08:42
whiskerskkathman, did you get to the end of the compilation with no errors08:42
amiroffkkathman: I want to make my menus not to underline the hotkey, is there a way yto do that?08:42
kkathmanwell sudo make install I mean08:43
whiskerskkathman, yes i guess you could do that....i just find it easier to be root most of the time08:43
kkathmanamiroff: I dont think there is a setting for that, but look in the control center anyway08:44
=== LeeJunFan [junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu
amiroffkkathman: believe me, I've looked everywhere08:44
amiroffit just makes menus less readble for me :(08:44
kkathmanwhiskers: done...now do I execute gimpshop or gimp ?08:44
whiskerskkathman, go to your menu and click on gimp but watch what comes up08:45
kkathmanah ha!!08:45
whiskerskkathman, now depending on how you set up your configure options...gimpshop may be in /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin...depending on what parameters you gave configure08:47
kkathmanahhh this is much more intuitive08:47
whiskerskkathman, but what do you do with that program?08:47
kkathmanwith gimp?08:48
kkathmanwhiskers: its in /usr/bin08:49
whiskerskkathman, well i see no real use for it...except the scanning feature and the printing feature08:49
kkathmanwhiskers: well I hope to use it as a pseudo replacement for PS7 or PSP08:49
whiskerskkathman, yes ok...if you want that to be the case...generallly ./configure  --prefix=/usr --exec-prefix=/usr    will take care of that part08:49
kkathmanwell I just executed the menu option and it worked08:50
whiskerskkathman, well i don't know about that expensive stuff...or what they do with it....but this has some basics for scanning in documents and printing them08:50
kkathmanwhiskers: I assume that the default is /usr/bin cuz all I did was ./configure08:50
whiskerskkathman, no..the default for many years has been /usr/local/bin....unless they changed it08:51
whiskerskkathman, it was designed that way to keep people from screwing up their system while they experimented on their code08:52
kkathmanwhiskers: ahh ok08:53
kkathmanhmm Im trying to type a text, and change the color to something, and its not letting me :(08:53
whiskerskkathman, well let me see here08:54
whiskershow do you type a text.08:55
whiskerskkathman, do you open a new document and click on a text button or something08:55
kkathmanwhiskers: bring up a new image, then click on the text ("T")08:55
=== Xeon3D [~Xeon@bl5-193-4.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #kubuntu
=== xamdm [~xamdm@p5484B912.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== skaman [~skaman@host198-6.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
kkathmanwhiskers: File -> New08:57
=== chx_ [~chx@IP-62-93.tvnetwork.hu] has joined #kubuntu
brainkillakaffeine 0.6 crashes on me08:57
kkathmannever mind I found it ;)08:57
brainkillaanyone with the similar experience?08:57
chx_base config fell into an infinite loop restartin' KDM08:57
chx_I thought I stopped it08:57
whiskerskkathman, ok...i got a new image and i pushed the text box...but it is greyed out and says create path from text08:57
chx_two days later when a whiptail process was silently eating 58% CPU I realized it sits there and eats the system.08:58
chx_now I properly killed it.08:58
brainkillachx_: happens to me with kaffeine ;)08:58
chx_next problem. this is tough.08:59
kkathmanwhiskers: I got it :)08:59
chx_somehow I created a (much) smaller FS than the partition it sits in08:59
chx_how could I fix this? It's irritating to have 70+ gigs of HDD sitting around unusable.09:00
whiskerskkathman, don't ask me how to use that stuff..but if you go to the tools menu there is some stuff...09:00
kkathmanwhiskers: I got it ok now...wow this is like SOOOOOOOOOO much better09:01
=== xamdm is now known as xamdm|afk
=== Xeon3D is away: Away at the moment
kkathmanwhiskers: Its no replacement for photoshop, but at least its more intuitive09:01
brainkillachx_: mke2fs is your tool09:01
chx_brainkilla: I suspected that. 09:02
chx_but how?09:02
chx_mke2fs expects a device.09:02
brainkillaand the empty space you have is unpartitioned?09:03
chx_according to fdisk /dev/hdb1 is around 80 gigs, according to df it is less than 10 gigs.09:03
chx_I know how I created this mess09:03
chx_this was supposed to be a backup HDD09:03
chx_I dd'd a partition onto it09:03
chx_but come Saturday, my primary HDD grew bad sectors09:04
chx_and I installed Kubuntu in a haste09:04
chx_now, I forgot to delete the backup partition09:04
chx_and installed Kubuntu into it09:04
chx_I do not wish to do an install again09:04
=== koivunej [~koivunej@85-194-198-190.wlannet.com] has joined #kubuntu
koivunejhow easy it is to install xfce alongside kubuntu 5.04?09:05
uniqit's basically just installing the packages.. and choose xfce from the login-manager. (session)09:05
koivunejuniq: just apt-get install xcfe and it will appear in the login manager?09:06
kkathmanTm_T: are you around?09:06
chx_koivunej: you may not need even Kubuntu, Ubuntu will do.09:06
uniqkoivunej: yes.09:06
brainkillachx_: so run fdisk, and try to create a /dev/hdb2 with it09:06
chx_brainkilla: but /dev/hdb1 spans the whole disk!!09:06
chx_brainkilla: on the partition level. the FS is smaller...09:07
brainkillaoh, now I get what you've done...09:07
chx_brainkilla: I shot myself in the foot.09:08
brainkillayeah, seems like ti ;)09:08
chx_I do not really dare to grab sfdisk and change the hdb1 size.09:09
brainkillatry that09:09
chx_I do not dare09:09
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
brainkillaall you can do is fuck up the partition table ;)09:09
chx_I am doing this business since 13 years09:09
koivunejdamn i guess i need to stop this session in order to make kdm to reload available session typeS?09:09
brainkillathat's what I did 6 months ago09:10
chx_I mean, partitions, filesystems and such. But now, I am without a backup for the first time and I do not dare...09:10
uniqkoivunej: probably.09:10
uniqchx_: you09:10
brainkillathen I installed ubuntu 09:10
uniqerr.. you've made a huge partition.. and a small filesystem on it? 09:10
chx_uniq: yes.09:10
=== chx_ is numb as a thumb.
uniqext3? 09:10
chx_now I resize the FS (noooooooooooooo) or resize the partition (maybe... is there a safe way to do it?)09:11
uniqand you want to expand the existing filessytem to the whole partition.. or decrease the partitions size? 09:11
uniqwhich option is best for you? 09:12
uniqresize the filesystem is the less risky option.. 09:13
chx_uniq: really?09:13
uniqboth are easy.. if you just don't fuck up  things :)09:13
uniqresize2fs to resize the filesystem.09:14
uniqyou might need to remove the journaling option from the filesystem.09:14
uniqand recreate it after the resize.. 09:14
chx_but, of course I'd need to boot another linux for that09:15
uniqanyway.. the manpage for resize2fs explains both actions.. pretty well.. 09:15
chx_'cos it can't resize mounted partitions09:15
uniqsure.. you'll need a livecd or something.09:15
uniqor a bootdisk with resize2fs and fdisk.. 09:15
chx_my old HDD still boots... to an extent... that'll do.09:16
chx_OK. Really, resize2fs sounds like a better option09:16
koivunejchx_: but always, you should backup anything _really_ important09:17
whiskerskkathman, apparently there is some kind of text editor when you click on the text button....it will open a text file and let you edit stuff....and then it seems to paste it  into the picture.09:17
whiskerskkathman, i have no idea what that is all about09:17
chx_koivunej: what's important is either not local or in my head, anyways. I am a web developer.09:17
whiskerskkathman, but the brush tool works....you can just move it around in the image09:17
uniqchx_: you really should backup.. i've had no problem with resize2fs so far.. used it like 10~ times or so.09:17
uniqbut anyway.09:17
chx_uniq: If I had a backup I'd already resized the partition09:18
chx_but , as I said I just used up my backup HDD as primary09:18
kkathmanwhiskers: yeah...I just need to know the trick about moving layers09:18
chx_'cos the primary went almost puff09:18
chx_maybe... I could back up the system to a DVD disk... maybe I have one or two. I usually backup between HDDs with dd... lazy :)09:19
whiskerskkathman, that stuff is way over my head...i suggest you check into #gimp or #gimpshop channels or #blender channels and stuff...maybe somebody knows09:19
chx_btw. Kubuntu and whole Linux rocks. My Sarge became unusable and all was in order two hours later on another HDD. This is pretty much impossible with Windows...09:20
koivunejkubuntu would rock if the hadn't removed kwrite "support" and prefer some kaffeine for playing a mp3 file (some odd file which you don't want on your amarok to screw up the playlist)09:21
koivunejnow it's just ok :) needs though pretty much tweaking09:21
=== joseluis1mx [~joseluis1@] has joined #kubuntu
chx_koivunej: I prefer beep-media-player for mp3 ...09:25
=== Super_Cat_Frog [~bob@80-192-168-123.cable.ubr02.blac.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== kkathman [~kkathman@h-66-167-142-40.dllatx37.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
koivunejchx_: well i just thought that from a total newbies pov, i still have hard time on using anything else than a commandline utility :) mplayer is great for playing an odd mp3 file for example09:26
=== zane [~zane@S010600062509d805.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== maurerr [~maurerr@p549FA83C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
zaneis there anyway to edit files in Konqueror with root previlgdes?09:27
Super_Cat_Froghi - does anybody know how to make dmesg print out all of the boot messages? at the moment it is only showing the last lines (its all "keystroke not recognised" or something to that effect09:27
Super_Cat_Frogzane - sudo konqueror or ksu konqueror09:28
zaneI tried "kdesu [Konqueror] " but that didnt work09:28
=== driva [~driva@12-216-42-87.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu
AndreHhm another question: I am using kubuntu with a laptop and found the nice utility KLaptop. but I am not able to activate the acpi things like standby, hibernate and so on09:28
Super_Cat_Frogzane - you might have to do this first:09:28
Super_Cat_Frogsudo xhost +localhost09:28
AndreHunder root it works09:28
darkauditzane: kdesu "konqueror --profile filemanagement"09:29
AndreHas a normal user it says I should install a helper application or set write access to /proc/acpi/sleep, I did that with chmod a+w /proc/acpi/sleep09:29
AndreHbut no change09:29
=== hieudt [~hieudt@cpc2-lewi2-3-0-cust242.bmly.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
Super_Cat_Frogandreh - what happens when you do "echo 1 > /proc/acpi/sleep"?09:29
AndreHuhm, nothing, except the screen flashes very shortly09:30
Super_Cat_Frogandreh - no output (in the console)?09:31
AndreHno, it just says something in dmesg: Stopping task... and after that: Restarting tasks... done09:31
zanedarkaudit: does sudo konqueror give me permission for few minutes or is it permanent?09:32
hieudtit will give you permission until the program is closed09:32
hieudti think09:32
zaneok thanx.. it worked.. i appreciate your help.. i was trying to get this thing to work for last few days.. 09:33
maurerrzane: try a rightklick on the file and open with => other application; there you type "kdesu kate"; tried right now it works :-)09:33
=== _miguel [~miguel@bl5-64-126.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #kubuntu
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
_miguelHello everybody09:35
hieudtAndreH: Are you trying to put your laptop to sleep??09:35
hieudttry shudown -z09:36
hieudti'm not sure if it is compiled in kubuntu generic kernel09:36
hieudtbut give it a try09:36
_miguelI've got a problem with my cd-writer09:36
_miguelIt's a HP cd4e USB09:37
AndreHhm, there is no shutdown -z09:37
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
AndreHfound another way: klaptop_acpihelper --suspend09:38
_miguelThe system recognizes the drive but I can't have acess to it09:38
_miguelIt gives me an error;09:38
AndreHbut thats pretty dumb because I end up having a black screen after waking my laptop up ;)09:38
hieudtcan you post your cat /proc/acpi/sleep09:38
AndreHjust a moment09:39
hieudt_miguel: what is the error?09:39
_miguel /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0:<3>Buffer I/O error on device sda, logical block 009:40
_miguelunable to read partition table09:40
_miguelit goes on and on with this error09:40
hieudtI got that problem once09:41
hieudtBut only with kernel 2.409:41
AndreHhieudt: the output of sleep is: S0 S3 S4 S509:41
hieudtAndreH: try echo 3 > /proc/acpi/sleep09:41
hieudtShould work09:41
hieudtI think09:41
AndreHok now he's sleeping ;)09:41
=== Akeru [~akeru@83-134-147-70.Liege.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #kubuntu
_miguelhieudth: i've googled for it but didn't find a solution :-(09:42
AndreHbut black screen after waking up09:42
hieudtTry echo 5 > /proc/acpi/sleep09:42
hieudt_miguel: Is your CDRW USB 2.0?09:43
_miguelhieudt: I don't think so. It's an old model - four years09:44
AndreHecho 5 > /proc/acpi/sleep does nothing09:45
_miguelanyway, I've just switch from mandrake and in that distro it worked09:46
=== _P_ [~princoscr@host-84-220-132-191.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
hieudtAndreH: Try echo 4 > /proc/acpi/sleep09:48
=== bleertep [~bleertep1@port-212-202-198-196.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #kubuntu
hieudt_miguel: Must be something with the kernel compilation settings09:48
Akeruany one could help me getting japanese input working for QT application ? (on amd64)09:48
AndreHhieudt: that did a suspend to disk I think and worked09:50
AndreHanyway, I think that suspend and standby isn't working quite well on my laptop09:51
AndreHhm, should I maybe compile my own kernel?09:51
hieudtAndreh: it worked anyway09:51
hieudtAndreH: everybody  should09:51
hieudtAndreH: generic kernel come with kubuntu is not very optimal09:51
AndreHok is there any trick to get the latest kernel using apt-get or do I have to manually get the kernel sources from kernel.org?09:52
hieudtthe default kernel source come with kubuntu is 2.6.10-509:53
hieudtthe latest kernel is 2.6.11, i think09:53
AndreHyes, and I would like to use 2.6.1109:53
hieudtSo it is nearly the latest kernel already09:53
AndreHbut only nearly ;)09:53
AndreHso a manuall install would be best I think?09:53
hieudtI think so09:54
hieudtI would think it is the only possible way09:54
hieudtbut by doing so09:54
hieudtyou missed some kubuntu kernel patches09:54
AndreHhm I think I will try both kernels tomorrow09:55
hieudti'm getting some sleep09:55
hieudtc ya all09:55
AndreHok thanks and c ya09:55
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=== hhup [~hhup@i-83-67-16-178.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== chx_ [~chx@IP-62-93.tvnetwork.hu] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
maxiMeJe dcouvre kubuntu.10:06
maxiMeJe connais relativement bien debian, mais je trouve un fort intrt  kubuntu. a m'a l'air plus "user friendly"10:06
=== _guest [~guest@12-217-46-200.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== _defcon [~defcon@dsl-084-056-236-220.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== phunky [~phunky@cpc3-rdng8-5-0-cust132.winn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
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maxiMeEt quand on met linux dans les mains d'un utilisateur lambda c'est bien d'avoir une machine simple d'utilisation.10:07
Akerubonsoir maxiMe 10:07
=== _defcon [~defcon@dsl-084-056-236-220.arcor-ip.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
maxiMeBonsoir Akeru10:07
Akeruany one could help me getting japanese input working for QT application ? (on amd64)10:08
maxiMeThat's an english channel ?10:09
=== baterah [~vasfcast@200-171-164-185.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
maxiMeOuch, excuse me for the french...10:09
=== Narg_ [~chatzilla@] has joined #Kubuntu
maxiMepeople join and quit this chan every time...10:11
Akeruyes and no one seems interrested in my question ;)10:11
maxiMeI cannot aswer to you about that question...10:12
maxiMewhen you say "input" you speak about keyboard ?10:13
Akeruin fact I can type japanese in GTK application but not in QT ones10:13
maxiMeAre you using kubuntu ?10:13
Akeruthis is why I need support for QT, if I ran Gnome I would not have any problem10:14
maxiMeI try to find something...10:14
AkeruDon't worry too much, I'll leave soon10:14
maxiMeyou can go into configuration center10:15
maxiMethen keyboard panel10:15
Narg_isnt there a thread about that on ubuntuforums?10:15
=== skaman [~skaman@host198-6.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== Olliander [~Olliander@p54B8354A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
maxiMeand select japaneese disposition10:15
AkeruNarg_: there is, but it does not work on me, maybe because of my amd64, not sure10:16
AkerumaxiMe: yes but I won't be able to write actual japanese caracters10:16
OllianderKubuntu rocks! But Kynaptic is...10:16
maxiMeI don't think that AMD64 change whatever on keyboard supports10:16
=== _tibal [~tibal@candide.tibal.fr.eu.org] has joined #kubuntu
OllianderYes, that's the fact Akeru! ^^10:16
OllianderThat's why I installed Synaptic...10:17
maxiMeAkeru: you get ubuntu first then you've installed kde packages or directly kubuntu ?10:17
=== cdr_ [~cdr@195-144-085-199.dyn.adsl.xs4all.be] has joined #kubuntu
AkeruIt might, since I _think_ I need a module called immqt which is not available, besides I'd like to use sKim, which has direct KDE support, but again no support for amd6410:17
AkeruI got the Kubuntu cd10:17
maxiMeOlliander: I'm using apt-get ... just like a real geek. I came from debian's world :)10:18
Akerunope, real geek use ./configure && make && make install ;)10:18
OllianderAh, thats cool maxiMe!10:18
OllianderI would do it your way too, but I'm a lazy-man... ^^10:18
=== duress [~duress@CPE000f665a0fe3-CM000a739a85ad.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
maxiMeAkeru: when you have a slackware... or from scratch :)10:19
AkeruI used to run gentoo...which btw, would not recommend anymore10:19
AkeruWell anyway, it is late here, gotta go10:20
=== ctqucl [~ctqucl@] has joined #kubuntu
=== alex [~alex@] has joined #kubuntu
maxiMebonne nuit10:20
Akeruse you every one10:20
alexhi everyone !10:20
OllianderA question: who would prefer Gentoo instead of (K)Ubuntu?10:20
=== ctqucl [~ctqucl@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
alexdoes anyone know the package name for the KDE dcop browser ?10:21
=== _-InMa-_ [~Sunday@81-203-229-31.user.ono.com] has joined #kubuntu
AkeruWell, I did prefer gentoo for 2 years...but now I don't anymore, this is a matter of taste10:21
maxiMeI can't install flashpluggin !!!10:21
ChoubakaI could prefer gentoo if compiling programs was done in a second or two.10:21
ChoubakaBut it isn't, so no. :)10:21
_tibalOlliander: Gentoo for speed ang lightness, Kubuntu for easy installation and apt10:21
Choubaka_tibal: "speed and lightness"? :P10:22
Olliander_tibal: Interesting... You use both of them?10:22
maxiMedoes any one success too install flashpluggin ?10:22
ChoubakaI have.10:22
maxiMeYou got it from apt ?10:22
Choubakafirefox fetched it for me and installed it. :p10:22
_tibalChoubaka: yes I think Gentoo is very fast and so light.. but I agree that it needs lot of disk space and time :)10:23
maxiMefirefox integration is good in Kubuntu ?10:23
OllianderBut... What I like about (K)Ubuntu... It is easy to install and configure, but you can modificate it how you want! Thats a fact I miss on many distri's like SuSE, Mandriva etc...10:23
Choubaka_tibal: Hm :/10:23
ChoubakaI wonder where the speed argument comes from.10:24
ChoubakaYou barely gain any speed by compiling yourself.10:24
_tibalOlliander: I used Gentoo but it's very boring to set up10:24
ChoubakaAnd it's the same software.10:24
Olliander_tibal: Thats what I think of it too...10:25
_tibalChoubaka: yes it's true but it boots up faster than Kubuntu... thats the result10:25
ChoubakaYou were talking about bootup? :)10:26
=== motaboy [~motaboy@host74-39.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
ChoubakaMy computer is usable under 5 seconds when I start it in the morning :p10:26
ChoubakaBecause I never shut it down in the first place :)10:26
_tibalChoubaka: grrrrr I'm not ecologist but I try to save a few electricity and so money :)10:27
_tibalChoubaka: Suspend to disk does work on my computer since I use nVidia driver10:29
ChoubakaI guess it'd be possible to make Ubuntu bootup fast too... just start some daemons on the background.10:29
_tibalhow do you did that ?10:30
_tibalI ever thank about kicking LVM and Raid... it takes a many seconds :)10:30
=== jan [~jan@host-67-35-40-83.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
janhi, question i have installed supertux and for some reason i can't get any sound from the game and the sound in option is grayed out. however sound works on the system as a whole10:32
janany suggestions?10:32
_tibalgoing to test10:32
_tibaljan: fully working on an updated Kubuntu with default settings10:34
janwell  let me do a update but i just ran one10:34
janlast night10:34
_tibaljan: oh :) i said i was uptodate but i didn't ran any update since 3 days :)10:35
janwell something isn't clickin for some reason10:35
=== ja5on [~jason@cpc4-pnwn1-4-0-cust90.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
jancause i get no sound on here as if the soundcard is locked or something10:35
janbut sound works with the test10:35
janand with cds10:36
=== ja5on [~jason@cpc4-pnwn1-4-0-cust90.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has left #kubuntu []
_tibaljan: one think you can test : try to find a static version on their website if they have one and test it10:36
maxiMeI go nowhere10:38
maxiMeBye everyone10:38
maxiMesee u10:38
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=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@ip68-228-220-82.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as angrykeyboarder
jantibal, got it working10:44
janyou have to change the defaults on the timeouts from 60 to a lower number10:44
janworks perfect10:44
=== amichai [~amichai@bzq-218-60-77.cablep.bezeqint.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== amichai is now known as yahalom
=== hiro [~hiro@adsl-49-182.37-151.net24.it] has joined #kubuntu
yahalomanyone know if an ubuntu book has been published, such as an ubuntu bible (there is a fedora core 3 bible)10:48
=== alex [~alex@] has joined #kubuntu
yahalomor even just a simple guide10:50
=== baterah [~vasfcast@200-171-164-185.dsl.telesp.net.br] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== kakalto [~kakalto@wired-210-54-56-95.ps.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
maltehm. is anyone else having trouble ripping cd's with konqueror? it works to begin with, but always dies unexpectedly after a while10:55
=== whiskers [~whiskers@adsl-68-90-233-90.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== cartel_ [~cartel@shinobi.thoughtcrime.org.nz] has joined #kubuntu
yahalomanyone have a solution to the gl screensavers not working?10:57
cartel_anyone having issues with the wallet?10:58
kakaltomalte, ripping  cd's with konqueror?10:58
maltekakalto, yeah10:58
maltedoes it work for you?10:58
kakaltowhy not just use KAudioCreator10:58
maltewell, it's easier to just browse with konq :)10:59
malteyahalom, it works for you?10:59
yahalomkakalto: r u also using the fglrx drivers?11:01
maltei'm trying KAudioCreator now11:01
kakaltofglrx? not sure11:01
yahalommalte: the gl screensavers?11:01
malteyahalom, no, ripping music with konqueror11:01
yahalomkakalto: the ati drivers, probably not.11:02
kakaltono, nvidia11:02
yahalommalte: haven't tried. 11:02
malteargh. kaudiocreator works fine11:02
yahalomkakalto: nice one. good choice. but ur gl screensavers dont work right?11:02
kakaltothey don't11:02
malteneither does mine :)11:02
yahalommalte: everything else works?11:03
malteyahalom, are we talking ripping or screensavers now?11:03
yahalommalte: ripping. let me try, putting some trance in now.11:03
malteok, thanks11:04
whiskersis there an isobuster app for linux11:04
malteyahalom, i can even play dvd's, so i doubt it has anything to do with my player11:04
kakaltoso, malte, ripping doesn't work at all?11:04
maltekakalto, i've only tried mp3, i'm trying wav now11:05
yahalommalte: "no possibility to retrieve info drom CDDB"11:05
yahalommalte: so no11:05
malteoh.. well, that's no problem for me11:05
whiskerson the news on slashdot...it looks like a big argument between apple and ms about who is going to take over the desktop11:05
yahalommalte: what is ur prob?11:05
malteyahalom, it stalls and then dies. it never gets past ~40%11:06
kakaltowhiskers, if Apple released Panther for X86, they would win :P11:06
whiskerskakalto, hey i stay out of that commercial stuff.....let those bigshots battle it out11:06
kakaltoI'd stick to linux11:06
yahalommalte: sux11:06
kakaltobut, whiskers, out of WinXP and Panther, I'd go Panther11:07
yahalommalte: ok now i'm also bugged. anyone having ripper issues?11:07
bleertepxorg-driver-fglrx for ati is installed on my system but the open-gl acceleration does not work. can anyone help?11:07
whiskerskakalto, well i don't know the pluses and minuses between either of them....and i don't care....let them argue about all that money stuff11:07
yahalombleertep: u still get mesa?11:08
bleertepwaht is mesa?11:08
whiskerskakalto, do you know of an isobuster program for linux11:08
whiskerskakalto, or is it possible to do it with mount command11:08
kakaltoisobuster? you mean cd-rip-to-iso ?11:09
bleertepok, thanks11:09
bleertepi have a try with mesa then11:09
whiskerskakalto, no...to bust an iso...and change the files in it11:09
yahalombleertep: umm ....type glxgears in konsole11:09
yahalombleertep: no11:09
yahalombleertep: f%^$% mesa11:09
bleertepthat goes really fast11:09
yahalombleertep: don't try mesa11:09
kakaltowhiskers, sorry, no, I don't know, tried google?11:10
yahalombleertep: ok what is ur fps?11:10
bleertepi havnt touched it yet11:10
whiskerskakalto, well i will try11:10
kakaltogood luck mate11:10
=== motaboy_ [~motaboy@host123-39.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
yahalombleertep: don't get excited by the gears, just minimize it and look at ur konsole11:10
yahalombleertep: ok thats terrible11:10
yahalombleertep: u cant even play tuxracer ;)11:10
yahalombleertep: what ati card u have?11:11
bleertepyeah, its really slow, and i got a x300 11:11
bleertepin a inspairion 930011:11
bleertepinspiron 9300 (dell)11:11
whiskerskakalto, the only thing i see is a commercial isobuster for windows11:11
yahalombleertep: ok...u did apt-get install fglrx?11:11
whiskerskakalto, there is no free isobuster for linux11:11
kakaltoperhaps it's called something else11:12
bleertepno, i got it via synaptic11:12
kakaltolike, not isobuster, but isochanger, isoeditor or something11:12
yahalombleertep: ok good. u got xorg right?11:12
KaiL_restarted X since? :)11:12
=== Foodcoman [~berickson@mcdonaldwhsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
whiskerskakalto, i can't find an isobuster program for linux11:13
yahalombleertep: ok then u did fglrxconfig?11:13
whiskerskakalto, would mount -o loop iso9660 source destination work11:13
bleertepno, i did not yet11:13
FoodcomanI am back to watch the master work!   =)11:13
kakaltowhiskers, sorry, I don't know, try #ubuntu11:13
whiskerskakalto, i can't ...i was banned from ubuntu and postgresql a long time ago11:14
kakaltoI'll try for ya11:14
yahalombleertep: ok so  u want help?11:14
whiskerskakalto, i am wondering if mount -o loop iso9660 source destination.....is just as good as that expensive isobuster program for windows11:14
bleertepyes please11:14
bleertepi just startet fglrxconfog11:15
=== knombat [~knombat@chello062178072214.25.11.tuwien.teleweb.at] has joined #kubuntu
yahalombleertep: in konsole type: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_backup11:15
yahalombleertep: in case u screw up11:15
whiskerskakalto, they got real mad at me for working on glom11:15
yahalombleertep: done?11:16
whiskerskakalto, but they don't know about kexi on kde11:16
yahalombleertep: ok now type: sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:16
=== _P_ [~princoscr@host-84-220-129-8.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== mrmanix [~mrmanic@208-59-175-109.c3-0.slvr-ubr2.lnh-slvr.md.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
bleertepmom, i need to get getedit first11:17
yahalombleertep: and go to ur monitor section, u'll need to find ur horizantl sync and vertical sync, know what i mean?11:17
yahalombleertep: it doesnt matter, whatever editor u like is fine11:18
bleertepyeah, it is a lcd, so should be at 60 hz, right?11:18
yahalombleertep: just u need to be able to see ur hsync and vsync11:18
kakaltowhiskers, yes, you can mount iso's like that11:18
yahalombleertep: whatever is in ur section. ubuntu detects it well. u found it?11:18
kakaltomount -o loop iso9660 source destination11:19
bleertephmm, i cant find the entrt for the syncs11:20
whiskerskakalto, well that sounds a lot better than the real expensive isobuster program for windows11:20
=== Alien_II [alien@static-nbl7-146.cytanet.com.cy] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltoapparently iso-mounting was covered on www.ubuntuguide.org11:20
=== astro76 [~james@astro76.user] has joined #kubuntu
kakaltoand I'm recieving a little flame for that11:20
yahalombleertep: should look like this: Section "Monitor"11:20
bleertepSection "Device"11:21
bleertep        Identifier      "ATI Technologies, Inc. Radeon Mobility M300 (M22)"11:21
bleertep        Driver          "ati"11:21
bleertep        BusID           "PCI:1:0:0"11:21
bleertepSection "Monitor"11:21
bleertep        Identifier      "Generic Monitor"11:21
bleertep        Option          "DPMS"11:21
yahalombleertep: then HorizSync and VertRefresh11:21
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has left #kubuntu ["Lmnar"]
yahalombleertep: thats all u have in ur monitor?11:21
KaiL_should work without hsync/vsync on a laptop (uses ddc then..)11:21
yahalombleertep: so lets follow KaiL_ 's advise11:22
yahalombleertep: so just exit it and type in ur konsole fglrxconfig11:22
\shguys..I don't know if you know it, but http://linux.blogweb.de/archives/9-Hewlett-Packard-and-Ubuntu-Linux.html11:22
bleertepstarted it11:23
yahalombleertep: u should be safe with the defaults. However make sure to when it asks u to use External AGP choose YES and not the default which is NO, and if u want to use cedega for games, choose compatible mode11:24
KaiL_\sh: I'd like much more, if HP would just start to make their laptops just compatible with linux11:24
yahalombleertep: remember u backed up ur xorg.conf so no need to sweat11:24
bleertepomni_lonnie, but it is not agp, it is PCIe11:24
KaiL_and NOT use broken bioses11:24
\shKaiL_: well..i have only problems with my irda ;) everything else is running nicely11:25
KaiL_bleertep: then please look, if the PCI-ID is right11:25
KaiL_maybe remove that line at all..11:25
KaiL_\sh: ever tried ACPI S3?11:25
\shKaiL_: what is it? my laptop is running 24 hours11:25
bleertepno, is it woth lookin at?11:26
yahalombleertep: yeah i know. I never tried this on a laptop. so just choose the defaults and then we'll see. if it asks u the agp thing, choose yes anyway11:26
KaiL_something, which I cann required to call a Laptop "Linux compatible"11:26
yahalomKaiL_: u familiar with flgrx on laptops?11:26
KaiL_esp as every other hardware is normally no problem11:26
\shKaiL_: it will come11:26
\shyahalom: runs11:26
KaiL_yahalom: not really, I only have nvidia and matrox cards :)11:27
\sh<- ati radeon 9600 mobility11:27
KaiL_oh, and an S3 *g*11:27
yahalomKaiL_: good one11:27
\shKaiL_: hehe :)11:27
yahalombleertep: where r u?11:27
whiskersbleertep, cedega is commercial...so don't get caught using it11:27
yahalombleertep: yeah dont be a bad boy11:28
KaiL_btw. has somebody tried recent laptops with the Ubuntu live cd?11:28
yahalomwhiskers: what is the non-comercial alternative?11:28
KaiL_does this work better than with knoppix?11:28
whiskersbleertep, you can use wine for very limited stuff...but it doesn't work very well11:28
yahalomwhiskers: i'd like to save me $5 a month11:28
bleerteplol, k whiskers11:28
KaiL_(where you need to give at least 2 parameters for all laptops..)11:28
whiskersyahalom, what are you paying $5/mo for11:28
yahalomwhiskers: cedega11:28
whiskersyahalom, oh...you are a legal customer....well i don't know of any alternative....wine is not very useful right now11:29
=== _chris [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
bleertepyeah, i actually dont really need all this 3d stuff, its just for the screensavers ... ;)11:29
yahalombleertep: go here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22496&highlight=howto+ati11:29
Foodcomanyahalom: cedega convert D3D calls to OpenGL?11:29
bleertepthanks a lot11:29
=== _chris is now known as billytwowilly
yahalombleertep: i have the 3d stuff and my gl screensavers dont work11:29
whiskersbleertep, are you using ATI11:30
yahalombleertep: other users are also having this prob, so if u dont see ur screensavers it might have nothing to do with ur driver11:30
whiskersbleertep, or nvidia11:30
yahalomFoodcoman: ???11:30
=== ruggero [~ruggero@host121-121.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
whiskersbleertep, are you using ATI or Nvidia hardware11:31
yahalombleertep: i can play half-life 2, but my screensavers dont work and  i have ati. other users here have nvidia and same prob11:31
Foodcomanyahalom: I thought I read that the cedega peeps tweek to make D3D games run by mapping D3D to OpenGL for X.11:31
KaiL_yahalom: bad howto.11:31
whiskersyahalom, i am trying to help you...are you using ati or nvidia hardware11:31
KaiL_you don't need to fight with make or alien on ubuntu 5.0411:32
yahalomwhiskers: ati11:32
whiskersKaiL_, hey alien is great...i busted a lot of deb and rpm source files with it11:32
KaiL_but you still don't need it11:32
yahalomFoodcoman: i have no clue man. For all the $$$ there is always a free legal way ;)11:32
KaiL_ubuntu has all the files11:32
yahalomFoodcoman: make one and i'll be ur customer.11:33
whiskersyahalom, ok...well nvidia has an extra command called nvidia-glx-configure enable........see if there is an equivalent ati command11:33
bleertepby the way: i love ununtu, i am using it for a week know and it was a bit tricky for me as a linux starter to get the Java sdk runing but now i allmost feel home :))11:33
Foodcomanyahalom: hehehe- Take a number!11:33
=== bzbb [~john@pc-68-118-189-186.will.ct.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
yahalomFoodcoman: lol11:33
yahalomwhiskers: hang on11:33
bzbbI'm having a problem with JuK11:33
KaiL_start following the howto with "fglrxconfig"11:34
yahalomwhiskers: no such option11:34
KaiL_and forget that make stuff at the end - the module should be there11:34
yahalomwhiskers: should have bough an nvidia card11:34
KaiL_but must be loaded!11:34
bzbbI switch the output to gstreamer, to test a gstreamer plugin, and now when I launch it, it loads the library, and then crashes with a sig 6 sigabrt11:34
=== mufa [~mufa@] has joined #kubuntu
whiskersyahalom, well...use a hexeditor on nvidia-glx-configure command and change it to work on ati board11:34
whiskersyahalom, or just try it...it might work11:35
=== ruggero [~ruggero@host121-121.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
KaiL_ok, who was it with the 9600?11:35
KaiL_yahalom: you?11:35
whiskersyahalom, type sudo nvidia-glx-configure enable.....and see what happens11:35
yahalomwhiskers: ati drivers are very sensitive11:35
=== diyojen [~knoppix@diyojen.user] has joined #kubuntu
whiskersyahalom, well you might have to go to their website and look around11:35
yahalomwhiskers: i'll play around, i dont want to stay up all night now though11:35
whiskersyahalom, get used to it11:36
yahalomKaiL_: no 920011:36
diyojenhow can install xawtv to ubuntu or kubuntu??11:36
whiskersdiyojen, do you have a capture card11:36
KaiL_yahalom: working DRI?11:36
yahalomKaiL_: yeh11:36
yahalomwhiskers: how will i remove it afterwards?11:36
yahalomwhiskers: i dont want any traces of something11:37
KaiL_ok, so who was here left with nonworking DRI (=slow 3D)?11:37
whiskersyahalom, well back up xorg.conf file before you begin...just in case it screws everything up11:37
diyojenyes whiskers ofcourse11:37
whiskersdiyojen, oh...that is why you want xawtv11:37
Foodcomanwhiskers: My next project is to get my haupaugge pvr-350 and myth working!11:37
yahalomwhiskers: let me ask the guys on #ati first, if they dotn know, i'll follow ur advise11:37
whiskersFoodcoman, i wish i could afford a haupage 250 even11:38
=== KevManU [~kevin@p50829387.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #kubuntu ["Bye]
=== ruggero [~ruggero@host121-121.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
diyojenok how can i watch tv on *buntu?11:38
=== ruggero [~ruggero@host121-121.pool8249.interbusiness.it] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
KaiL_diyojen: start xawtv? :)11:38
Foodcomanwhiskers: Sorry, slaved many hours!11:38
yahalomanyone find a solution to the kripper issue?11:39
yahalomCD Ripper11:39
Foodcomandiyojen: MythTV and many others if you have your driver and firmware for your card working11:39
diyojenKaiL_,  11:39
KaiL_diyojen: scantv before for the conf ;)11:39
diyojen am using ubuntu live11:39
diyojenand i cant find any tv program on it11:40
diyojeni search software add/remove11:40
KaiL_then install it on your hd :p11:40
Foodcomandiyojen: Bit of a hurdle!  Live11:40
diyojen AM NEW!11:40
diyojenim goning to install it if i can watch tv on it11:40
KaiL_you can after installing :P11:41
diyojenno way before?11:41
=== _michel [~michel@dyn-83-152-98-212.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #kubuntu
diyojenlook i prefer gnome , if i cant then i am going to use Knoppix :)11:41
KaiL_afair you can't install apps in the live cd :)11:41
Foodcomandiyojen: http://mythtv.org  click screenshots11:42
KaiL_knoppix has no gnome11:42
diyojenthere is any module or something to add my iso file?11:42
Foodcomandiyojen: ubuntu uses Gnome. No way you will get it all on customer ISO I think.11:43
KaiL_don't you belive, that it works, or why don't you install? :)11:43
Foodcomandiyojen: for live anyway.11:43
=== sorin [~sorin@24-196-233-44.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
diyojenmy hard disk is sata and its ntfs11:44
KaiL_make an ext3 partition on it :p11:44
whiskersFoodcoman, no...there is no way....ubuntu is much smaller than gentoo but still a basic system is about 10gigs11:44
whiskersFoodcoman, you might supply it on 3dvds11:44
diyojenfat32 posiible to install?11:44
Foodcomanwhiskers: Yeah I figured Myth is huge because of Mysql ect.11:44
Foodcomandiyojen: Let Windows die!   =)11:45
diyojenFoodcoman,  then my father let me die:11:45
Foodcomandiyojen: hahaha  Make him a believer over time then.11:46
diyojenand olso no MATLAB , or sap2000 on linux11:46
KaiL_whiskers: uhm, basic on 10gig?11:46
=== Blissex [~Blissex@82-69-39-138.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #KUbuntu
KaiL_you shouldn't install any comercial game you can find :p11:46
whiskersKaiL_, yes...that includes most development libraries and stuff11:46
whiskersKaiL_, i would say 3 dvds would be a basic system11:46
KaiL_then this isn't a basic system11:46
whiskersKaiL_, but crimson needs to find an equivalent to gentoo's env-update command11:47
KaiL_basic is something as featured as a MS Windows cd11:47
whiskersKaiL_, or etc-update or whatever11:47
KaiL_means kernel + X + kdebase :)11:47
Foodcomandiyojen: Buy a cheap drive so you have room to work..11:47
whiskersKaiL_, windows os...doesn't have any apps.....you have to pay thousands of dollars for a basic windows system11:47
whiskersKaiL_, nearly every app cost extra money11:48
KaiL_whiskers: openoffice + mozilla :))11:48
diyojenFoodcoman,  i can install tvtime from knoppix , from apt-get , why i cant do it from ubuntu?11:48
KaiL_diyojen: you know, that you can partition a disk?11:48
whiskersKaiL_, hey that is nothing....what if you need the windows fortran compiler....or photoshop for windows....or supernero for windows...or true image for windows or whatever.11:49
diyojenKaiL_,  i tyed but i cant make boot , 11:49
Foodcomandiyojen: you need to update your sources!  http://ubuntuguide.org11:49
diyojen2 os wich one gonna be start?11:49
whiskersKaiL_, all those apps cost extra money on windows11:49
KaiL_diyojen: you have lilo for that ;)11:49
bleertepyahalom, whiskers and KaiL_ thanks a million for the help, i just read the forumthread and think i am not goin to do this tonight, i will do it tomorrow and will let you know when i am on the sunny side :)11:49
diyojeni am NEW , i fucked my windows 2 times to try installing linux on d:11:50
Foodcomandiyojen: boot manager lets you configure!  Wont tell you its easy!  Check out the guide.11:50
yahalombleertep: also chat with guys on #ati11:50
KaiL_diyojen: you have a d:?11:50
yahalombleertep: good luck11:50
diyojenyes i have a d:11:50
KaiL_how big?11:50
diyojen40 gb11:50
KaiL_should work :)11:50
FoodcomanKaiL_: ...got my back!11:50
KaiL_I guess, after your work only linux boots?11:51
diyojenwindows can read from ext3?11:51
KaiL_but this doesn't matter11:52
diyojeni dont understand there is ntfs , ext or fat32 , why there is no global system , both linux and win can use hdd11:53
kakaltobecause microsoft is proprietory11:53
KaiL_fat32 is some kind of this basic system11:53
KaiL_but it is very basic - no permissions, no journal..11:54
diyojenbut i cant install linux on fat3211:54
kakaltoit's because fat32 isn't good enough11:54
kakaltontfs would be, but it's proprietory11:54
KaiL_you also can't install Windows XP on it (at least not without loosing very very much of it's functionality)11:54
=== astro76 [~james@astro76.user] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
diyojenif there is no permission then - linux world can make ext4 for win and linux:)11:55
Foodcomandiyojen: backup your d: stuff to put on C:11:55
KaiL_Foodcoman: he want's a dualboot11:55
KaiL_so why not just make one?11:56
KaiL_c: for Windows, d: for Linux11:56
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Foodcomandiyojen: Then let Linux take that empty space11:56
KaiL_(Linux names them hda1 and hda2 :)11:56
FoodcomanYeah true KaiL_ 11:56
diyojenKaiL_,  if my disk is sata its hda1 or sda1?11:56
KaiL_..and maybe a hda3 for swap11:57
FoodcomanLag is bad.11:57
KaiL_ah, sata - so sda11:57
diyojenthats the why my lilo dont work:)11:57
KaiL_but that doesn't change anything11:57
yahalomok...anyone know how i can find out if i have the oggEnc dependencies?11:58
KaiL_you need to configure lilo, tell it there, that it is on sda11:58
diyojenand there is someting more , knoppix says my c: >> hd1 , d: >> hd511:58
diyojenwhere is hda3,4 ?11:58
KaiL_an, extended partitions....11:58
kakalto4 is an extended thing, 3 might be swap?11:59
Foodcomanyahalom: Kynaptic and search ogg?11:59
KaiL_do you want a big explanation, or is "it is like it is" enough?11:59
yahalomFoodcoman: thanx11:59
diyojenok thanks i have to reset:)11:59
Foodcomanlibogggflac for example11:59
KaiL_kakalto: hda2 is the extended, hda5 is the logical volume in there, hda3  and 4 just doesn't exist12:00
KaiL_or so12:00
Foodcomanyahalom: If you installed an OGG player with dependencies is should get them all.12:00
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whiskershow come there is a kde hexeditor but no gnome hexeditor12:01

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