jbaileyfabbione: Around?12:04
Mithrandirjbailey: he tends to go to sleep fairly early, but is also around from early morning, so he should be here in five hours or so01:30
jbaileyHe also seems to be near his terminal often when he claims to be asleep, so.. =)01:31
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulfabbione: when you get a chance can you checkout the xternal-drivers-scsi-megaraid_removed-dell-perc.dpatch from my arch it merges fine but it hasnt been compiled tested04:35
fabbionejbailey ?06:16
dilingerlooks like he succumbed to sleep06:27
fabbioneno big deal06:29
fabbionei think i know what he wanted :)I06:29
fabbionethe sparcbuildd runned out of disk space :/06:31
fabbionekylem: meh...06:32
=== fabbione switches to centralized ccache
lamont-awayfabbione: centralized within one machine, or over gfs?06:59
fabbionelamont: hey06:59
fabbioneover nfs06:59
fabbionei don't have gfs running yet on sparc06:59
fabbioneit's just pure nfs07:00
fabbioneit seems to cache properly, you can set the parameters07:00
fabbionebut you cannot see the hits/missed info07:00
fabbionethat hounestly i can't care less07:00
fabbionehow do you feel btw?07:01
fabbione(that is kinda more important07:01
fabbionejbailey: i had to flush the ccache, sorry... but now it's much bigger and it will partially solve some of the disk space issues07:07
fabbioneand this is good... so a test build you do, gets cached and made available to the buildd chroot07:08
fabbioner/wind goto 407:20
=== lamont prepares to sleep
fabbionelamont: good night :)07:36
fabbioneare feeling better?07:36
lamonta day's sleep helped much07:36
fabbionetake good care07:36
fabbioneand i will see you later07:36
=== lamont needs to upload postfix to debian sometime soon
lamontanyway, night07:37
fabbionenight :)07:45
fabbionezul: the idea of the patch is correct, but the patch is not enough. it will create a driver conflicts for other cards07:59
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fabbionedilinger: still around?08:45
fabbionedon't upgrade to kenrel-package 8.13102:08
fabbioneit's borked02:08
fabbioneand won't build your kernel02:09
svenljbailey: pong ?02:24
svenljbailey: sorry, was on the plane, am in Austin, Texas now, anything in particular ? 02:24
jbaileysvenl: /me tries to remember...02:25
jbaileyWait a sec.  You went to Texas on purpose? =)02:26
jbaileyfabbione: CONFIG_PCI_NAMES is just the PCI ID to name mapping, right?  We don't use the names in hotplug, but I want to make sure that's all it is. =)02:28
jbaileysvenl: I'm blanking on it.  It might have been about a new grub snapshot I posted over the weekend to people.ubuntu.com/~jbailey/grub2. 02:30
fabbionejbailey: there is more than that but it is all kernel internal iirc02:30
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
jbaileyg'm Chuck02:38
zulhey jeff how goes the battle?02:39
jbaileyGood, just catch up on some reason in prep for UDU.02:40
zuljust got into work02:41
zulfabbione: so i take that patch was kind of ok02:51
zul-devel is unsually quiet02:58
=== Seveas [~seveas@dyn127.roaming.few.vu.nl] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
fabbionezul: partially ok...03:00
fabbioneit is not an external driver :)03:00
fabbionethe changelog sucked as usual :)03:00
fabbionewell check the new patch ;)03:01
zuli did..03:01
fabbionebut it was partially ok03:01
fabbionethe removal of #define PCIDI 0x29382903:01
fabbionewas wrong03:01
fabbionebecause the include is indirectly sourced03:01
fabbioneso basically you were losing the definitions of some IDs03:01
fabbioneanyway not a big deal03:01
zulah ok...well am still learning03:02
zulso the mergaraid.ko becomes megaraidlegacy.ko?03:02
fabbionehmm o03:04
fabbionethere is no need of a rename03:04
fabbioneis it?03:04
zulah ok..i was just wondering about this line:03:04
zul-       .name           = "megaraid",03:04
zul+       .name           = "megaraidlegacy",03:04
fabbioneobj-$(CONFIG_MEGARAID_LEGACY)   += megaraid.o03:04
fabbioneobj-$(CONFIG_MEGARAID_NEWGEN)   += megaraid/03:04
fabbionenah that's only an internal name03:04
fabbionefor the kernel03:04
fabbionethe real driver name doesn't change03:05
fabbioneit would break if i did a random rename03:05
zulso how is it going?03:06
fabbionewe only have a unionfs problem on ppc03:06
fabbioneit manages to kill gcc-3.*03:07
fabbionethe rest is ok03:07
fabbionewe need to work on checking the new drivers (before inclusion)03:07
zult-bone hasnt looked at it yet?03:07
fabbioneand check all the d-i overall03:07
zuli can start the new drivers03:07
zulthe unionfs stuff03:07
fabbionei doubt tbone can fix gcc :)03:08
zulbut but he is a god :)03:08
jbaileyfabbione: Are you sure the code is valid C?03:08
jbaileyI didn't take a look yesterday.03:08
fabbionejbailey: well i am pretty sure it is.. it compiles on 5 arches :)03:08
fabbionewith the same gcc version03:08
zuli blame ppc03:08
fabbioneme too03:08
fabbione+ gtk03:08
jbaileyThere's no #ifdef __arch_ppc__ frobnicate() #endif ? =)03:09
zulfor some of the gcc4 stuff i was looking at it baycom_epp doesnt build at all03:09
fabbionejbailey: houneslty i didn't dig too much03:09
fabbionejbailey: it's on davis ~fabbione/linux-source-<TAB>/fs/unionfs/file.c03:09
fabbioneor concordia or halley...03:10
jbaileyI'm tracing ldd at the moment.03:10
fabbioneor in baz at the above url :)03:10
fabbioneyeah don't worry03:10
jbaileyAnd thinking about what it will be like to meet Xu.03:10
fabbionei temporary disabled unionfs on ppc03:10
fabbioneit's not mission critical yet03:10
fabbioneit's more important to get mkinitrd and kernel-package fixes in the archive03:11
fabbionejbailey: i have been wondering about that too :)03:11
jbaileyAh, youv'e never met him either?03:11
jbaileyI thought he used to work for Canonical.03:11
fabbionehe is a part-time contractor03:12
jbaileyAh, does he still do stuff?03:13
svenljbailey: ah, well.03:13
fabbionejbailey: not right now...03:13
svenljbailey: BTW, i was thinking about mkinitrd and crypted filesystems for laptop last night.03:14
jbaileysvenl: I'd to hear your thoughts.  I've been wondering whether it's worth trying to autodetect the encryption, which might be hard if it's an encrypted filesystem on an lvm using evms on a raid drive or something crazy.03:15
jbaileysvenl: I'd been thinking that perhaps it would be nice to do something like optionally have a config where for each device you could just drop a file in place that would have  the information on what to do special to find it, or something like that.03:16
jbaileyThat way if it's a really wild config, it could always be custom.03:16
fabbionei am off for a nap03:17
fabbionelater guys03:17
jbaileygood sleeps, Fabio.03:17
svenljbailey: ok; let's speak about it at a later time. needto go to offline work now.03:19
jbaileysvenl: Cool, thanks.03:19
svenljbailey: BTW, have you tried hoary on your pegasos yet ? The install stuff i mean ? 03:20
jbaileysvenl: Nope.  Last I heard yaboot didn't boot a CD on pegasos.03:20
jbaileysvenl: I'm running current breezy on it right now from upgrading, though03:21
zulhmmm...invalid lvalue assignment03:26
jbaileyldd /bin/ls | sed '/linux-gate/d; /=>/ {s/.*=>[[:blank:] ] *\([^[:blank:] ] *\).*/\1/}; s/[[:blank:] ] *\([^[:blank:] ] *\) (.*)/\1/'04:15
jbaileyThere's a certain point when I wonder if it's just worth writing a 25 line C program to include in glibc to get this output a little nicer that doing this.04:15
jbaileyAnyone here got an amd64 handy?04:21
jbailey(running breezy)04:21
zulhey lamont how are you feeling?04:38
lamontpretty much better..04:41
lamontI should probably go grab some more sleep today though... I'm thinking long lunch04:42
zulthats good04:48
jbaileylamont: Hey - did you see my note the other day that I got patches from Carlos for building glibc on hppa?04:59
jbaileylamont: I just need to backport them to the 2.3 branch.04:59
lamontjbailey: coolenss05:00
lamonteta??? :)05:00
jbaileylamont: Post UDU, I'm guessing.05:00
lamontjbailey: I guess we'll live05:00
jbaileyI have a chroot on bdale's machine, I just don't hjave time in the evenings to hack on it right now with prepping to leave in a couple days.05:00
jbailey( I still have to do my damned taxes ) *g*05:00
lamontew.  weren't those like due?05:01
jbaileyApril 30th.05:01
lamontah, plenty of time then. :-)05:01
jbaileyAlthough, since these are from 2003, sort of.05:01
jbaileyBut they sent me a notice asking me to file them. =)05:01
lamontmine were absolutely clusterful05:01
lamontthis year I learned a whole lot more than I ever wanted to know about accelerated depreciation.  Then again, I wish I'd bothered to actually read that 5-10 pages or so a few years ago...05:04
jbaileyYeah, I'm definetly going to need a real bean counter next year.05:04
lamontI had a real bean counter e-file for me.. he found me a chunk more money.05:04
lamontturns out that the section 179 deduction is not limited by business profits in the case where all of your investement is at risk...05:05
jbaileyI was talking to one, but his office is slow in returning phone calss.05:05
jbaileySo before I had two weeks, and now I have 2 days.05:05
jbaileySo off to H&R block I go.05:05
=== lamont found a local competitor of H&R - they didn't want mine, since I had depreciation that I had calculated myself.
lamontthat's not 100% true - H&R said they'd call me back, but hasn't yet...05:06
=== lamont does a test build of today's 2.6.12 + hppa -pa3, just to give the A500 something to do while he's hacking on bugs
jbaileyfabbione: fixed initrd-tools just uploaded05:10
jbaileyfabbione: (when you wake up), can I toss #9903 to you?05:11
zuljbailey: heh..gcc405:12
zuljbailey: they can do what we do right in our baz archive and force gcc-3.3 in the makefile05:14
jbaileyThat's.. really sick.05:15
zulit is05:15
fabbionethey can go and die.. i already answered to that on u-devel05:16
jbaileyBug comment then: "Fabio utters Power Word DIE!, Roll 3d6 to determine chance of resistance?"05:17
zuli havent played d&d in such a long time that brings back memories05:18
zulgfs pukes with gcc4 as well ;)05:19
jbaileylamont: Hey, if Thibaut doesn't care about ia64 anymore, who's the official babysitter?05:19
fabbionezul: yes, but not in my branch :)05:19
fabbionezul: only the userland isn't fixed yet.05:19
zulfabbione: wrong lvalue in dio.c in line 195 i think05:20
fabbionei know05:20
fabbionezul: see /msg05:22
fabbionethat's the fix05:22
fabbionebut similar changes need to be done all over05:22
zulyeah i was about to fix it in my branch but nm05:22
fabbioneit will fail immediatly after on file.c05:22
fabbioneno don't spend time on it05:23
fabbionei have the fixes here05:23
zuli wont05:23
fabbionei am also waiting for upstream to see what they will do with this big fat patch05:23
jbaileyMmmmm..  big fat patches.05:24
lamontjbailey: will probably wind up being me for breezy - discussions to happen at UDU05:35
jbaileylamont: I can cheerfully split that with you.05:36
lamontdamn keyboard05:36
lamontwe'll talk.05:36
jbaileyI didn't see any space in the schedule for those discussions.05:36
lamont(er is we shifted right one..)05:37
fabbionejbailey: where did you upload the mkinitrd changes?05:40
fabbionei don't see any mail on -changes05:40
jbaileyfabbione: I just uploaded it again, but this time as a source upload.05:40
jbaileyI really wish that it would take the binary upload and just strip off the bits it doesn't want and go ahead.05:41
jbaileyBAh sed s/hoary/breezy/ time.05:41
jbaileyLet's see if third time lucky. =)05:42
fabbionejbailey: ehehe05:43
jbaileyObjet: initrd-tools_0.1.78ubuntu1_source.changes ACCEPTED05:46
fabbionenext is to wait elmo to sync kernel-package from sid05:46
fabbioneand we can start considering to upload :)05:46
fabbionegiven how much work there is still to do05:46
fabbionelamont: after you finish to build pa3, can you please upload the config updates and send me a build log?05:47
fabbionei need to check what is in the udebs and if kernel-wedge did warning about changes05:47
zulill start with some of the external drivers tonight05:49
zulbut now is time for lunch05:50
lamontfabbione: will do05:52
fabbionechocolate biscuits :)05:54
fabbionegood.. vblade and aoetools uploaded05:56
fabbionetime to finish the GFS suite...05:57
fabbione"white smoke from the vatican"05:59
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
fabbionethey have elected the pope it seems...05:59
jbaileyI wonder what they burn for the various colours of smoke.05:59
fabbionefor the white is marijuana.. for the black is ashish06:00
jbaileySo the longer it takes to do the election, the longer it will likely take, I guess.06:01
fabbionethe bell is ringing06:04
lamontfabbione: black smoke means that the structure is burning... :-)06:05
fabbionelamont: hehehhe not at the vatican.. things work differently there ;)06:05
lamontwell, it is rather difficult to burn rock, I guess...06:06
fabbioneand gold...06:06
fabbionevatican is a rich "to death" country06:06
lamontnah -  gold will burn - you just have to really heat it up first... rock is a bit harder.. :-)06:09
fabbioneall italian TV's are pointed to vatican06:10
fabbioneno name yet06:10
lamontfabbione: that's been done.06:10
lamont(nny that is...)06:10
fabbionenot to the public06:10
=== T-None is now known as T-Bone
T-Bonehey lamont!06:24
T-Bonelamont: did you see my mail from yesterday? :)06:24
lamontjust glanced at it though - was sick06:24
T-Boneow :-/06:25
T-Bonefeeling better i hope?06:25
lamontpretty much06:25
lamontwrt hppa/breezy: I'm keeping the kernel current, and we're waiting for glibc and gcc-4.0 fixes.  Then we can do something there06:26
fabbionebaz commit -s'initrd-tools of death'06:26
lamontmeanwhile, I need to make time to create the more complete archive in ~lamont/ubuntu-hppa06:26
=== lamont back in a few
T-Bonethat'd be cool06:26
T-Bonei'm waiting for that to advertise for the port... ;] 06:27
fabbionesee.. they elected the pope and T-Bone is back....06:28
=== fabbione suspects there is a connection
T-Boneoh they did?06:29
T-Bonenews.google.com seems unaware of that :P06:29
=== T-Bone goes to afp.fr
fabbioneturn on your tv06:30
T-Boneyeah, good idea06:31
fabbionejbailey: do you have any ETA to complete the Debian/ubuntu merge for cdbs?06:42
fabbionejbailey: some packages build-dep on them06:42
fabbioneon it even06:42
fabbionebenedicti XVI06:44
zulhmmm...new pope?06:46
zulcool..i hope it isnt that german guy06:46
fabbionehe is06:47
fabbione<fabbione> ratzinger06:47
fabbione<fabbione> german06:47
fabbionehe was born in 1927!06:48
fabbionedid they plan to change the pope again in 2 years?06:48
lamontT-Bone: afp? america's funniest pope? 06:49
fabbioneLOL @ the public...06:49
fabbionethey went all silent after they said the name of the new pope06:50
zulheh he suppose to be more conservative then john paul07:04
fabbionehe is07:05
zulheh...you know what would shut up all of these 2.6.11 bugs in bugzilla...inotify 0.2207:05
fabbionezul: right.. i forgot to parte bugzilla for inotify updates07:07
fabbioneoh actually..07:08
fabbionelamont: do we need to force gcc-3.3 build-dep for the kernel?=07:08
fabbioneok that we already use it.. but is it going to survive in breezy chroots?07:09
T-Bonefeeh. Yet another old geezer. And an Inquisitor, even07:09
T-Bonelamont: Agence France Presse. Check www.afp.fr (it's in English for you)07:09
lamontgcc-3.3 will not be in good virgin breezy chroots07:10
lamontfabbione: ^^07:10
fabbioneso i guess we need to build-dep on it07:11
fabbionegcc-3.3-hppa64 [hppa] , binutils-hppa64 [hppa] , gcc-3.307:11
fabbionethis should be enough....07:11
lamontI think so07:12
fabbioneand i guess breezy is not bootstrappable either to check07:12
=== lamont lunches
lamontit is.07:12
fabbioneoh nice07:13
lamontbut you have to fix breezy.buildd07:13
zulhehe...pope benedict makes baby jesus cry07:13
fabbionezul: told you07:13
zuli know i know07:13
lamontfabbione: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/breezy.buildd07:14
=== lamont lunches for real. back later
zuldamn it...i love power outages07:15
fabbionelamont: ok07:17
=== T-Bone tries to figure out how to get popcon ubuntu to work through an http proxy
=== T-Bone grumbles, cvs2svn doesn't build on Warty :P
zulyou arent having a good day are you07:31
T-Bonenothing worse than usual I guess07:31
fabbionei am almost considering to use CDBS to package the rh cluster suite....07:42
fabbionebut their cvs has problems07:44
fabbionewhen they add dirs to cvs, they don't show up with a cvs up07:44
fabbioneso you need a new checkout07:44
fabbionethat is fairly annoying07:46
=== fabbione watches sparc riding the wave of breezy universe
fabbionei am not sure i want to make one single big fat source and build all from it07:49
fabbioneor make 2726372 mini debs07:49
fabbionemini sources07:49
=== fabbione is too used to have huge source packages
dilingerfabbione: thanks, i'll keep away from new kernel-packages08:24
fabbionedilinger: it is already fixed in 8.132, but i still need to test it08:25
fabbionedilinger: instead you might want to grab the drivers-scsi-megaraid_splitup.dpatch08:26
fabbioneah crap.. elmo fixed the bug in katie to override NEW08:26
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | http://people.u.c/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/ stable: kernel-debian--pre35--2.6.10 playground: kernel-debian--pre1-- | There are no kernel bugs.. only broken hardware | http://pbx.mine.nu/artwork/036-lolwhat-linux-sarojin.gif
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulfabbione: you know good think i have an office..09:13
=== dilinger [dilinger@mouth.voxel.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
T-BoneHoly Lord, Gentle Genius of the TV Set and Saint Video Tape, forgive me for what I've done, for I knew not what I was doing ;P11:40
T-BoneI've been watching the Jerry Springer Show11:40
T-BoneI suspect this liable for capital punishment or something equivalent :P11:41
kylemT-Bone, putting yourself through that is punishment enough.11:49

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