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seb128elmo: libgnomecups sync please12:17
elmoseb128: odne12:18
KaiLelmo: amu told me to assign this to you: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10738 - he was only a bit late ;)12:22
seb128elmo: thanks12:26
=== minghua [~minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jcoleanyone here ever used acidrip in breezy?12:31
=== prevod [prevod@P2-247-20101.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jcolei think the ubuntu mplayer/mencoder is too old 12:31
jcolei'll use the non-ubuntu...12:32
blahrusjcole: installing now whats the issue?12:32
=== tritium [~tritium@12-202-89-11.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== mpt [~mpt@203-167-186-106.dsl.clear.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jcoleblahrus: i tried to rip a dvd with acidrip on ubuntu breezy12:47
jcoleblahrus: it doesn't work with ubuntu mplayer/mencoder so i installed the non-ubuntu one instead... works fine12:48
=== mvo goes to bed now
ogradiego, ?01:07
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@stunned.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
truluxtseng: I've exhausted my IQ quota for today, but got the tmp races thing and others in the security framework I refer within the spec01:40
truluxtseng: will upload when pearls.t-e.o comes again online01:40
=== jcole [~jcole@atlwebproxy2.core.hp.com] has left #ubuntu-devel []
truluxtseng: I still think we may want to have a look at vSecurity01:40
tsengat the stuff prior to vsecurity01:40
truluxtseng: it's much less intrusive and much more portable01:41
truluxtseng: ok01:41
truluxtseng: on vsec, I dunno why you don't like it01:41
=== gabaug [~gabe@12-221-89-54.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
truluxanyways, see you tomorrow01:42
truluxneed some resting here01:42
truluxtoo many time this week without sleeping01:42
truluxtoo much01:43
truluxIQ exhausted :)01:43
truluxgod night01:43
truluxgood night01:43
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tsume:) kde is broken02:27
tsume /var/cache/apt/archives/kdelibs-data_4%3a3.4.0-0ubuntu4_all.deb conflicts with knetworkconf :(02:27
KaiLyou use breezy, you are silly02:28
tsumeKaiL: yes, I use breezy :)02:28
ogrause gnome the ext weeks then ;)02:29
ogranext even02:29
tsumegnome sucks at restriction policies02:29
KaiLhttp://moba.linuxfaqs.de/kdelibs-debug2.sh << and there's the update-script02:29
KaiLeh, fix-script02:29
ograyou cant fix what is to come02:30
tsumeKaiL: hehe, you are prepared02:30
ograat least on tuesday KDE will brea heavily02:30
ograbreak even02:30
tsumeoh.. well damn02:30
tsumeI need my beautiful kde02:30
ograbut we need g++4 ;)02:30
KaiLogra: why do you thing gnome will survice that? :)02:31
ograKaiL, gnome == C , KDE == C++02:31
tsumeoh, a question to everyone who has a digital camera. Is your camera good, and do you have example pictures02:31
KaiLI guess, there will be enough C++ somewhere behind02:31
ograKaiL, not in gnome ;)02:31
tsumeogra: I've used kde on freebsd going from g++295 to g++33, I know what happens :)02:31
KaiLogra: maybe X-Server?02:31
KaiLor dbus?02:31
=== daniels [~daniels@amnesiac.heapspace.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogratsume, yep :) i survived the C++ transition in debian once ;)02:32
tsumeogra: its fun :)02:32
ograKaiL, dbus is already compiled with gcc402:32
danielshold on02:32
ogradaniels, not ?02:32
danielsif dbus is already compiled with gcc4, then libdbus-qt-1-1 has already transitioned02:33
ograoh, nope02:33
ograon tuesday then02:33
ograwe start on tuesday02:33
KaiLbtw. who has stolen libdbus-qt-1-1 from main, daniels? ;:)02:33
=== blahrus_ [~blahrus@12-223-50-121.client.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogradaniels, is dbus-sharp already enabled ? 02:33
KaiL..it's build-depend for kdebase...02:34
ajmitch_looks like I'll have to sto pusing kde apps for awhile :)02:34
ograi'd like to pull mono t main on monday02:34
KaiLwho knows a non-kde mail app, which can use kmails mailfolders? :)02:35
ajmitch_ogra: so any fixes we make to mono packages will be pushed through you (or someone else willing)?02:35
jdubcoming to you LIVE from the linux australia stand at the education expo!02:35
ajmitch_hey jdub 02:35
ograhey jdub 02:35
tsenghi dubster02:35
ajmitch_ogra: a good reason to get main upload rights then ;)02:35
ograajmitch_, looks like02:35
KaiLhi jdub then ;)02:35
tsengjdub: did you catch my luis photo going around the net?02:35
jdubthe one with the spooky stare?02:36
jdubit was rad ;)02:36
tsengthe photoshop job is great02:36
jdubso i was thining02:36
ajmitch_jdub: I'm sure the look was because of the other guy in the photo02:36
tsengsome guy made it a mug shot02:36
jdubwe should zombify him02:36
jduband put "BUUUUUUUUGS!" as the caption02:36
=== tsume should work on a kbeagle
tsumeI mean.. pyBeagle02:39
ograpy sounds good02:39
ajmitch_I think there was a python port of lucene underway?02:39
tsumeits better than bloating up a computer just for one application02:39
danielsogra: nope, it's disabled while mono's still in universe02:41
danielsogra: as soon as it goes into main, I'll enable it02:41
ogradaniels, as i said, its ready... monday should be the date..02:41
ograhmm, do i need a TB decision for that ? 02:42
=== luis_ [~louie@c-66-31-46-131.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ogra yays at tseng for a succsessfull gtk-sharp build
danielsogra: cool02:49
whiprushevening gents.02:51
tsengwhiprush: welcome to mono night02:51
tsengogra: hm waiting for x86 :P02:53
tsengogra: im dying to do f-spot02:53
ograi'm dying to see it02:53
tsengi wonder if it just lost the log02:58
ajmitch_hey whiprush 02:58
ograi see all three here02:58
ajmitch_tseng: what else is waiting that can be worked on?02:58
tsengajmitch_: i have it covered.. BenM built me a bunch of stuff from known-good svn that you wont have02:59
tsengis there cxx stuff you could fix? :P02:59
ajmitch_sure, I'll leave mono alone :P02:59
tsenghow is that crap getting in there03:31
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tsengogra: hm no f-spot log from amd64, it says arch any04:27
=== luis___ [~louie@c-66-31-46-131.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tritium [~tritium@12-202-89-11.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengogra: it was trying to build at one point, maybe blacklisted04:29
=== luis___ [~louie@c-66-31-46-131.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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jdubthis is GREAT05:15
jdubeveryone loves ubuntu05:15
PrediusHey, I'm in #ubuntu-love. =D05:15
zuljdub: are you at a conference?05:17
danielszul: education expo05:18
zulah cool05:18
Burgundaviajdub, what prompted that little statement?05:35
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PrediusWho doesn't?05:42
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jdubzul: at an enducation expo06:05
jdubzul: doing lots of ubuntu pimping :)06:06
PrediusWhere is that?06:13
=== aisipos [~anton@dsl081-081-225.lax1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubPredius: sydney, australia06:18
PrediusThe Ubuntu convention was in Melbourne, right?06:19
danielsnope, that was in Sydney too06:20
whiprushthis expo have a web page?06:24
whiprushjdub: take pics!06:24
Lathiatjdub: woo06:30
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bodis http://arch.ubuntu.com/apt@arch.ubuntu.com/ now the canonical tree for apt?07:03
bodis cvs.d.o/deity kept in sync?  dead?07:04
mpthi ajmitch_07:06
ajmitch_hi mpt 07:07
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danielsnew l-k-h makes xorg ftbfs07:59
Lathiatfixes my problems. :)08:01
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ajanyone know approximately how many MOTU people there are?09:33
tritiumaj, join us in #ubuntu-motu09:34
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danielsmorning mdz11:06
Burgundaviais 2 am here11:06
torkela really early morning then :-)11:07
mvohey mdz!11:07
=== echylo_ [~echylo@122-166.246.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ajmitch_hi mdz, mvo, et al11:09
Burgundaviamvo, you are going to hate me11:09
Burgundaviamvo, check you inbox11:09
mvoBurgundavia: oh, that was you? well ....11:09
Lathiatwhat did you do Burgundavia :)11:09
=== mvo got ~15 new bugs today
Burgundaviafiled about a dozen UI fix bus11:09
Burgundaviabugs even11:10
mvoBurgundavia: no, just the oposite, thanks for this :)11:10
Burgundaviampt did have a hand11:10
Burgundaviamvo, there are bigger and deeper issues to be looked at, but mpt and I agreed that a bug report isn't the best place for it11:10
mptyeah, they can't really be split into bug-sized pieces11:12
mvompt, Burgundavia: what would that issues be?11:14
mvo(the deeper ones)11:14
Burgundaviaa general UI redesign, to more user-centric11:14
mptmvo: The overall navigation11:14
mvoif it's not too much work for you I would be interessted in hearing about the ideas in some more detail. python-apt becomes more mature and it might be a good tool to play with new gui ideas11:16
mptI'll write up a spec for it11:16
ajmitch_mvo: how's the python-apt work going?11:17
Burgundaviamvo, are we talking dumping synaptic altogether?11:18
mvoBurgundavia: it's a stable and mature tool, I don't think it needs to be dumped. but having a different branch writen in python as a testbed for ideas11:20
Burgundaviaok, cool11:20
mptSynaptic 1.0, perhaps :-)11:21
|QuaD-_is it ok to dist-upgrade breezy? it wants to remove a bunch of dbus and hal libraries, but upgrades others11:21
|QuaD-_The following packages will be REMOVED:11:21
|QuaD-_  dbus-1 dbus-1-dev dbus-glib-1 dbus-glib-1-dev libdbus-cil libhal-storage011:22
=== mpt was going to say "Synaptic 2.0", then realized it wasn't at 1.0 yet
|QuaD-_  libhal0 libnautilus-burn0 python2.3-dbus tomboy11:22
Burgundavia|QuaD-_, dbus is in major flux, and this is not the place for such discussion11:22
Burgundaviampt, I will kick around some ideas for the repos dialog, and post to -devel11:22
|QuaD-_Burgundavia: ok11:23
mvompt, Burgundavia : :) I'll have to leave for today now, but maybe we can talk about it another day?11:29
Burgundaviamvo, np11:29
daniels|QuaD-_: don't worry about that11:30
=== trukulo [~trukulo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
daniels|QuaD-_: libdbus-1-1, dbus, libdbus-1-dev, libdbus-glib-1-1, libdbus-glib-1-dev, libhal-storage1, libhal1, libnautilus-burn1, and python2.4-dbus all get installed11:30
danielsthe only breakage is libdbus-cil and tomboy, which will get fixed up later11:30
=== mdke [~mdke@mdke.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
|QuaD-_daniels: so if i don't care about tomboy or libdbus-cil i am safe?11:39
Kamiond'oh, I just missed mvo11:40
Kamiondoko: you around? a query about isdnutils in ship11:40
dokoKamion: yes11:41
Kamiondoko: so isdnutils is a metapackage that pulls in lots of stuff, including things like an answering machine server11:41
Kamiondoko: in my view not all of it is necessary for ship, and I'm trying to trim out unnecessary things to make stuff fit on powerpc11:42
daniels|QuaD-_: correct11:42
dokoKamion: yes, I tried to remove it, but ... 11:42
Kamiondoko: would just ipppd do the job, or should we have isdnlog and/or isdnutils-xtools too?11:43
dokoisdnutils-base should be kept, and ipppd, maybe isdnlog11:43
dokoyes, isdnutils-xtools would be nice too11:43
Kamionisdnutils-base will be pulled in by the dependency from ipppd11:43
Kamionhm, isdnlog is half a meg11:44
dokodrop it11:44
Kamionok, I'll make it ipppd and isdnutils-xtools11:44
Kamionsince the latter's small and looks useful11:44
Kamionbut if I kill isdnvbox{client,server} then I can get tcl8.3 off the CD too :)11:46
dokoyes, sounds good11:46
=== rjo [~jordens@rjo.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
RiddellKamion: none of the kubuntu torrents seem to be working12:09
KamionRiddell: are any of the Ubuntu ones working?12:10
Kamiontorrent.u.c was broken recently12:10
RiddellKamion: ubuntu doesn't seem to be working either12:11
Kamionthom: can you help with checking out what's up with the torrents?12:13
thomKamion: i have to catch a train12:14
thomKamion: i'll look when i get home tonight12:14
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=== Nafallo == the_geek
dokoKamion: any reason, why libgtkmm2.0-doc is in main?12:26
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DanielNcan someone tell me how to set up an repositorie on ubuntu?12:32
DanielNor just how I build the Packages.gz ?12:33
Riddelldpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null > Packages && gzip -f Packages12:34
DanielNyes.. read that in a debian hwoto12:34
DanielNbut I can't find any package called dpkg-scanpackages12:34
Riddellpackages.ubuntu.com should turn it up12:34
Lathiatits in the dpkg-dev package12:35
DanielNah thanks!12:35
Riddelldevscripts should bring it and lots of other useful things in12:35
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-42-166.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamiondoko: at one point, libgtkmm2.0-1c102 was probably in main, so we brought the doc package with it12:38
dokobut it didn't leave, so the source is still in main, but not the libs12:39
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Kamiondoko: I've removed it12:47
dokohi pitti12:48
dokoKamion: thanks. do you build a CD before Monday?12:48
Kamiondoko: I just built one, but powerpc is still oversized12:49
Kamionby, like, 1 MB :P12:49
=== Kamion removes language-pack-pl and tries again
Riddellhow can I make a dpatch?12:52
dokoRiddell: dpatch-edit-patch12:53
tsenglamont: are gecko-sharp or f-spot affected by any kind of arch blacklist? dont appear to be building everywhere expected12:53
=== trulux [~lorenzo@trulux.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zygaKamion: why -pl ;-) ?12:55
Kamionzyga: next on the list12:55
Kamionthey're roughly ordered by population I think12:55
zygaKamion: I see12:55
zygaKamion: BTW why is ppc iso so big?12:55
Kamionzyga: more kernels12:56
KamionI've left language-pack-pl on i386 and amd64, and naturally it's first on the list to be added back if we have space12:56
zygaKamion: ah, lots of Gn cpus12:56
Kamionzyga: erm, sort of12:56
KamionG3 and G4 can use the same kernel; G5 is incompatible12:56
KamionG5 and the IBM POWER4 chips can use the same kernel12:56
ograKamion, whom do i ask for a seedchange for mono, its ready to go to main now (mono, gtk-sharp and gecko-sharp), would benice to have it in before the next dbus upload12:57
KamionIBM POWER3 needs a different kernel again, which used to be on the powerpc CDs, but I took that off12:57
Kamionogra: can you get pitti to have a look over it for security/supportability? (I'm sure he'll love me for this)12:58
Kamionif it hasn't been looked over already12:58
zygaKamion: interesting, are power3 chips common? how different are they to g3?12:58
ograKamion, ok12:58
pittiKamion: gulp12:58
Kamionzyga: not all that common any more, and totally different12:58
tsengdid we agree to gecko-sharp?12:58
pittiKamion: no, I didn't yet look at it, will do soon12:58
Kamionzyga: do not make the mistake of confusing POWERn and Gn :-)12:58
ogratseng, does it build on all arches ?12:58
Kamionthe numbering schemes are unrelated12:59
tsengnot currently, see my ping to lamont a few lines up12:59
ograoh, ok, so not gecko-sharp yet12:59
Kamionogra: once it's ready, ask me12:59
Kamions/ready/been checked/12:59
ograKamion, ok01:00
ajmitch_it'll be good to see it in main01:00
=== zyga learns new things every day :)
ogradbus will be happier01:00
KamionI'm away for most of today though, starting about now. *wave*01:00
ograciao Kamion 01:00
ajmitch_bye Kamion 01:00
NafalloKamion: bye :-)01:00
danielsKamion: enjoy01:00
Nafallodaniels: have you done anything to xine yet or is it working again for other reasons? :-)01:01
bluefoxicydaniels:  When is ubuntu going to integrate LookingGlass :D01:01
bluefoxicytseng:  hey, did you get my e-mail?01:02
tsengbluefoxicy: yes, im not sure what i was supposed to get out of it01:03
danielsNafallo: *cough*01:03
danielsbluefoxicy: sometime around never01:03
Nafallodaniels: and how shall I interpret that? ;-)01:03
danielsNafallo: look!  a diversion!01:04
bluefoxicytseng:  You said you might show up at baltolug a couple months ago but for various reasons nothing happened (I forgot my laptop one month, my presentation the next), wanted to know if you were still interested in coming01:04
tsengbluefoxicy: i moved months ago01:04
tsengso no.01:04
bluefoxicyso that's a no01:04
Nafallodaniels: hehe, oki :-).01:04
bluefoxicytseng:  plan B.  Teach me everything about SELinux in the next hour.01:04
bluefoxicydaniels:  I was kidding, though lookingglass is neat01:05
danielsall the technology is there01:05
danielsjust write a composite manager that intercepts events with xevie and translates them accordingly01:06
bluefoxicydaniels:  Or I could instead have something that zooms out and shows a bunch of small rectangular prisms from a top-down view, click one, it zooms in to show rows of rectangular prisms with windows displayed on them, you navigate with mouse gestures through and can get to any in about 5 seconds, click it, pick the facade (mouse gestures), and you got a desktop01:07
bluefoxicydaniels:  a la Hackers  >:D  ("GIMME A SYSTEM'S VIEW!")01:07
daniels... which would be a composite manager that intercepts events with xevie and translates them accordingly01:07
bluefoxicyyeah same thing01:08
bluefoxicyjust with a lot more eyes-boggling and a better chance of eventually pissing the user off01:08
=== Nafallo believe his touchpad have been cleaned by his girlfriend again.
NafalloI can't bloody control the damn thing.01:09
bluefoxicyNafallo:  Fire your girlfriend and hire a new secretary who can follow instructions?01:09
Lathiatmy touchpad has started tapping too much :\01:09
Lathiati think im going to turn taps off01:10
bluefoxicyohwell I gotta get ready for class and work01:10
bluefoxicyi'm out for the day01:10
Nafallobluefoxicy: well, the instructions ain't the problem. it's the lack of them.01:10
bluefoxicyNafallo:  I keep my equipment away from girls01:10
Nafallobluefoxicy: you don't have a geekgirl then ;-)01:11
bluefoxicyNafallo:  I have good physical security01:12
bluefoxicyif any girls come near my room my four dogs will rape their ankles01:12
bluefoxicy(damn chihuahuas)01:12
Nafallobluefoxicy: hmm, I can sence you don't have a girlfriend ;-)01:13
bluefoxicyobviously not01:13
bluefoxicywhen I move out of my parents' house, I'm gonna put a sign on my bedroom door that says "no girls allowed"01:14
bluefoxicyi'm also going to have like a million pillows, and build a fort out of them01:15
azeemoops, and I thought I was in #debian-women for a second01:15
zygabluefoxicy: -devel you see, no pillows allowed01:15
azeemdamn IRC channels lying close to each other on tabs01:15
ajmitch_hi azeem :)01:16
bluefoxicyzyga:  yes, no pillows allowed; you guys aren't allowed to sleep, get back to work.01:16
azeemhi Andrew01:16
ograhey azeem 01:16
zygabluefoxicy: sleep - yes, fortify - no01:17
azeemogra: hey01:17
zygabluefoxicy: join #freeciv-devel and propose new 'fortify with pillows' command for girl unit ;-)01:17
Nafallobluefoxicy: fortify is a -hardened thing ;-)01:17
=== Nafallo sings: I got the power!
zygaoh boy soon we'll need -devel-devel-devel to do real work ;] 01:21
=== Nafallo tries to go to -devel-devel :-=
Nafallohmm, lonely :-P01:22
zygaNafallo: nah, -devel-devel was so non-bork-bork-borkesque01:22
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elmo[upload.ubuntu.com's going down for 10 mins or so] 01:52
=== _d4vid [~Adam@speeddev.vm.bytemark.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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pittiHi seb128 02:27
ajmitch_hi pitti, seb128 02:28
seb128hey pitti 02:28
seb128morning everybody 02:28
pitti"Morning" ??? -> ETIMEZONE :-)02:28
seb128ah ah02:29
seb128so, who is bugzilla master and could give me admin rights? elmo?02:30
ajmitch_night all :)02:32
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ska-fanCan I update only certain packages from the development series?02:45
Treenaksska-fan: you don't want that02:48
Treenaksska-fan: why would you want that?02:48
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@nafallo.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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ska-fanTreenaks: I want the new evince02:52
Treenaksska-fan: just wait for breezy :)02:52
ska-fanWhen breezy comes out I'm gonna be in Novosibirsk for a year02:53
ska-fanI'm going in 3 months02:53
ska-fanI'm probably not going to be able to download much data there02:53
seb128grab it from Debian02:53
seb128new breezy one will require the new libc02:54
seb128the unstable one should work02:54
ska-fanTHe good thing is that when I return I can go to straight to breezy+1 02:54
ska-fanGNOME 2.1602:54
Treenaksnot Gnome 3? :)02:55
ska-fanThat would be even cooler, but I doubt that.02:55
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mjg59Kamion: Thanks, that CD image looks good03:05
mjg59Just need to check the modem, and I'll be good to go03:05
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seb128elmo: around?03:17
elmoseb128: kind of03:17
seb128du you know who I should ask to get bugzilla admin rights?03:18
seb128I would like to fix all the gnome stuff where the bugs go to debzilla by default03:18
seb128better to do that myself than bothering somebody03:18
mjg59Kamion: Ok, looks good03:21
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DanielNAre there any possibilities to set up an apt repository without root access? (only webspace)03:26
elmoseb128: thom definitely has admin rights, AFAIK.  mdz might also.  I'm afraid I don't, I only have root and mysql root and I don't know bugzilla well, so unless it's urgent, I'd prefer if you ask thom03:31
seb128elmo: not urgent at all, I'll ask thom, thanks03:32
DanielNand which Lathiat ?03:39
LathiatDanielN: eh?03:39
LathiatDanielN: oh how?03:39
Lathiati dunno theres various tool sfor setting up repositories03:39
Lathiatnone of them need root03:39
Lathiat(what you want to use depends on what your doing, setting up a mirror, an archive fo your custom packages, etc)03:39
DanielNWe are setting up a Backport server03:40
Lathiatfor your personal use?03:40
DanielNno for www.ubuntuusers.de03:40
Lathiatbackports of what?03:40
DanielNwe'll see that ;)03:41
Lathiat(im just trying to ascertain fi your mirroring backports.ubuntuforums.org, because they are evil)03:41
DanielNerr, no. we won't mirroring them :)03:42
ograwhat do you want to backport? and _why_ do you want to backport03:42
DanielNwe simply made packages03:43
DanielNor will make some ;)03:43
ograwill you offer regulary security updates ? will you care for the QA of the packages and do some monts of testing before you offer them ?03:43
ograwill you be able not to break all users upgradeability like the other backports do with insane versioning ?03:44
ograsorry, but i'm really not a friend of backports (like nobody here)03:44
DanielNI don't wan't to discuss about such things, cause I can't say much about this thing yet.. My question was just if it's possible to set up an apt repository without any shell access03:45
ogranope, not without shell access03:45
ogra(you asked about root access)03:45
DanielNsorry ;)03:45
DanielNso no way to put an archive on regular webspace?03:45
ograyou'll need at least user shell access, but that should work fine03:46
DanielNok thanks03:46
DanielNthat helps03:46
ska-fanLathiat: why are they evil?03:46
Lathiatska-fan: They break upgradability and are done by untrusted people among other things03:47
ograska-fan, read my list above.... that are only some of the problems...03:47
_d4vidplay Akon - Lonely.mp303:47
ograska-fan, they dont get proper QA testing etc...03:47
Lathiatand their target audience is new people03:48
Lathiatwho'll get scared off my broken things03:48
ogralots of the packages are packaged very broken ad break other things, overwrite files from other packages etc03:48
ska-fanThat certainly scares off03:48
=== Danten [~danten@h105n6c1o1049.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograjust building a checkinstall or alien package simply isnt enough...03:49
=== ska-fan_ [~ska-fan@dsl-084-059-056-225.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== henriquemaia [~henriquem@cb-217-129-175-184.netvisao.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograwat the hell makes them backport such a essential package, these guys are more crazy then i thought03:57
Lathiatsomeone shoot them03:57
Lathiatubuntuforums.org is hosted by !canonical right?03:58
Lathiatubuntuforums is akin to #ubuntu03:58
Lathiatexcept i spend time in #Ubuntu i dont bother with the forums03:58
azeemis their devel forum still being gated to ubuntu-devel?03:58
Lathiatthats evil03:58
ograand there is a part that is linked to ubuntu-users as well03:59
Lathiatcan we shoot them?03:59
Lathiatoblitrate them from the gene pool?03:59
ogranot with the CoC ...03:59
ograwe're not allowed :)03:59
Lathiati havent signed it yet, i could do it as an outsider03:59
Lathiatsome kinda conspiracy03:59
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Unfrgivenseb128: ping?04:03
seb128why people never say what they want04:04
Unfrgivenseb128: hi. you reviewed my fast-user-switch-applet and i had some questions regarding your comments04:04
seb128thanks for packaging it :)04:05
Unfrgivenwhat does this mean? "control.ac specify a requirement on gtk 2.6, the Build-Depends should reflect that"04:05
Unfrgivenseb128: np :) im just trying to fix it up so that it will satisfy your review :)04:05
Lathiatat a guess that means it depends on gtk2.6 but the build-dep doesnt depend on gtk2.604:05
ograUnfrgiven, you should add a build dependency on the devel libs of gtk 2.604:06
UnfrgivenLathiat: oh....04:06
seb128grep GTK fast-user-switch-applet-0.2.2/configure.ac 04:06
seb128require gtk 2.604:06
seb128so update the build-deps according to that04:06
seb128neither panel 2.0 or glade2 2.0 will force gtk2.604:07
Unfrgivenah right. oh i'll add a build-depends on on libgtk2.0-dev04:07
=== Danten [~danten@h105n6c1o1049.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Unfrgivenseb128: and also according to your comments, it says that having gnome.mk in a cdbs rules, means that you don't need to include autotools.mk? is this correct?04:09
seb128Unfrgiven: pick one, I don't get why you use autotools.mk04:10
Unfrgivenwell the cdbs documentation said that you need autotools and debhelper by default... and to add gnome.mk if its a gnome package... so i followed that04:12
seb128what documentation?04:12
seb128anyway you don't need to autotools.mk line04:13
Unfrgiventhe documentation used to be here https://wiki.duckcorp.org/DebianPackagingTutorial_2fCDBS04:17
Unfrgiventhe site seems down at the moment04:17
=== Sturmkind [~sascha@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Sturmkindhello again04:17
Unfrgivenseb128: but ok, ill drop the autotools :)04:17
seb128Unfrgiven: the website works from here04:18
seb128oh, the wikipage is not here, k04:18
Unfrgivenyep thats the one04:18
seb128look the first example04:20
seb128# Note that this class inherits from autotools.mk and docbookxml.mk,04:20
seb128# so you don't need to include those too.04:20
seb128include /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/gnome.mk04:20
seb128anyway that's just a detail, doesn't matter too much :)04:21
Unfrgivenseb128: yeah i guess im just going blind :)04:21
seb128bah, no, that's just a little detail point, don't worry ;)04:22
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Unfrgivenseb128: i've updated the package as per your review... i also added a depend on gksu as per dholbach's suggestion.04:38
Unfrgivenseb128: could you re-review it?04:39
Lathiatshouldnt you be using gksudo rather than gksu04:39
seb128Lathiat: gksu: /usr/bin/gksudo04:39
Unfrgivenseb128: i'm not able to access the wiki right not to update the MOTUNewPacakges page... you can get the package from http://ankur.ath.cx/ubuntu04:39
Lathiatseb128: oh04:39
seb128Lathiat: that's gksu04:39
Lathiatseb128: my bad04:39
Lathiatyeh si the wiki dead?04:40
seb128Unfrgiven: sure04:40
Lathiatare they doing the migration or something?04:40
Unfrgivenseb128: so gksu is right?04:40
LathiatUnfrgiven: yes, dont pay attention to me im an idiot. :)04:40
UnfrgivenLathiat: I'm sure you arent that bad :)04:40
Lathiati'm not ;)04:40
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Unfrgivenis there a good gnome based util to compare two directories?04:43
LathiatUnfrgiven: for comparing what exactly?04:43
Lathiattheres 'meld'04:43
pittignome-terminal diff -Nur :-)04:43
Lathiatwhich is like a tool for merging source code differences04:43
Lathiatand shows file differences etc04:43
Lathiatpitti: :)04:43
pitti(sorry, SCNR)04:43
zygaLathiat: frankly... piti is right04:44
zygaLathiat: what more do you need?04:44
Lathiatzyga: it depends what your doing...04:44
Lathiatzyga: have you ever used meld?04:44
zygaLathiat: no04:44
Unfrgivenwell in this particular case, im trying to see the differences between two versions of ndiswrapper.... 04:44
Unfrgiventhe new version is broken for me :(04:45
seb128Unfrgiven: no need to Depends on gksu, g-s-t already does that04:45
Lathiatmeld is ncie because it shows directory structure difference and then can open up files and look at their differences with side by side source and things spitting out showing what was added, removed, etc04:45
Lathiatand then lets you push changes back and forward04:45
Lathiatit also has an svn view04:45
Lathiatmakes merging changes itno trees fast04:45
zygaLathiat: like vimdiff but for whole trees04:45
Lathiatim sure you can do it with emacs or something to04:45
Lathiatzyga: and that04:45
seb128Unfrgiven: and why do you have a fast-user-switch-applet-0.2.2.tar.gz.cdbs-config_list ?04:45
Lathiatthe most usefull feature is that you can see the whole tree layout04:46
zygaLathiat: something like mc's virtual filesystem for .patch04:46
Lathiatand the files that differ04:46
Lathiatzyga: well it doesnst do patches04:46
Lathiati dont think04:46
Unfrgivenseb128: oh... ok i'll fix that. how can i see these sorts of dependency trees? is there a nice tool to dump it for me?04:46
Unfrgivenseb128: where do i have that file?04:47
seb128ls fast-user-switch-applet-0.2.2/04:47
seb128debian  fast-user-switch-applet-0.2.2.tar.gz  fast-user-switch-applet-0.2.2.tar.gz.cdbs-config_lis04:47
Unfrgivenseb128: found it... its an error04:47
seb128out of this the package seems to be ok04:47
Unfrgivenseb128: how does one determine redundant dependencies?04:48
Unfrgivenseb128: e.g. the gksu from g-s-t04:48
Lathiati hate speedstep04:48
Lathiatpowernowd hasno dont scale option04:48
Lathiatand when i kill it, sometimes speedstep decides just to drop down to 600 anyway and get stuck on it04:48
seb128Unfrgiven: knowing of the packages04:48
Unfrgivenseb128: ah so that comes with experience :)04:48
seb128Unfrgiven: the Depends is not really wrong ... but what uses gksu? Does f-u-s-a uses gksudo?04:49
Unfrgivenseb128: i didnt think so but dholbach said it would be a good idea04:49
UnfrgivenLathiat: couldn't us change its min and max limits to suit?04:49
Lathiatit doesnt have limits :)04:49
UnfrgivenLathiat: s/us/you/04:49
ograLathiat, sure04:49
Lathiatnot last check04:49
Lathiatmaybe it does04:49
Lathiatoh, so it does04:50
Lathiatit still gets stuck when powernowd is running anyway04:50
ograLathiat, in /etc/init.d/powernowd04:50
Lathiati think the speedstep driver is buggy04:50
ograLathiat, look for OPTIONS=04:50
seb128Unfrgiven: gksudo is for the applet or for user-admin?04:50
Unfrgivenwhich driver are you using?04:50
ograman powernowd shows you the possible options04:50
Lathiatyeh just looked04:50
Lathiati forgot about those04:50
CarlKanyone here care that http://www.ubuntulinux.org is not responding? 04:50
Lathiatstill means i have to change it when i actually go on battery04:50
Lathiatit should have an option to not scale on AC, i started to hack it in once04:51
Unfrgivenseb128: user-admin?04:51
seb128Unfrgiven: what uses "gksudo"? why do you depends on it? for a reason.. no ?04:51
Unfrgivenseb128: to be honest i see no reason to require it. dholbach said that it would be a good idea.04:52
seb128you have an option to configure the users04:52
seb128that's why you Depends on g-s-t04:52
seb128and that's this option which uses gksudo I think04:53
Unfrgivenseb128: ah i see. gotcha.04:53
seb128so this tools is user-admin04:53
Unfrgivenseb128: but since g-s-t depends on gksu, i shouldn't need it in the depends anyways04:53
seb128which use gksudo04:53
seb128my point is than the part using gksudo has to Depends on it04:53
seb128and that's not f-u-s-a04:53
Unfrgivenseb128: yep understood04:54
seb128I've just looked on the package04:54
seb128debian/rules:DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS := --with-gdm-config="/etc/gdm/gdm.conf" --with-gdm-setup="gksudo gdmsetup" --with-users-admin="gksudo users-admin"04:55
seb128keep it this way so ;)04:55
Unfrgivenseb128: yep :)04:55
seb128package is good imho04:56
Unfrgivenseb128: anyways i've updated the package again and its up for review04:56
seb128let's wait for daniel and upload it04:56
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Unfrgivenseb128: yep cool. thanks for your help04:57
seb128Unfrgiven: np05:00
UnfrgivenLathiat: meld looks quite good!05:00
Lathiati like it05:01
Unfrgivenanyways, im going to head off to bed 05:03
Unfrgivengnite all05:03
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lamonttseng: %f-spot: i386 powerpc s39005:50
ogralamont, s390 ???05:50
lamontgecko-sharp isn't blocked05:50
lamontogra: yeah05:50
ogralamont, hmm, the source package says arch: any05:51
lamontyeah, well, PaS says otherwise. :-)05:52
lamontPaS wins. :-)05:52
ograwhere does it get this info ? anywhere from the source package ?05:52
=== lamont goes to find a URL for th efile
=== kop|gone is now known as metallikop
=== ogra has f-spot running on amd64 since this morning .... even if its still unstable, its already working
ograhmm, thats simply wrong... and i doubt there is any mono for s390 yet05:55
ogras/mono/working mono/05:57
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
opihi guys05:58
zygaopi: hey06:01
opizyga: are you aware of a command that would query package list with a respository?06:02
opizyga: something like --get-selected but with main/ universe06:02
zygaopi: hmm, not really, what are you trying to do?06:03
opizyga: helpful script :P06:04
zygaopi: like installing stuff that less legal than main and universe?06:04
opizyga: no, testing what's in universe06:05
zygaopi: ah06:05
zygaopi: I cannot help you on this, sorry06:05
opiI'm looking around ;-)06:05
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=== zyga is using meld and is pretty amazed
=== Taliesin` [~Tali@] has joined #Ubuntu-devel
Lathiatzyga: :)07:27
Lathiatthe svn view is particularly usefull07:28
zygaLathiat: I never used svn07:28
Lathiatah ok07:28
zygaLathiat: I'm moving from cvs to arch07:28
Lathiatyeh i use baz07:28
zygaarch is pretty amazing too07:28
Lathiatits nice07:28
Lathiatnah, baz is much nicer07:29
zygashould I learn baz instead of tla?07:29
zyga(this suxx, 3 revolutions on one day?)07:29
=== tsume [~tsume@tsume.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zygaare they compatible?07:29
tsumetheres a bug in nautilus :(07:29
Lathiataltho if you want a baz arhive to be totally compatible with tla i think you hae to pass --tla to make-archive07:30
Lathiatbut you can read and work with tla archives fine07:30
Lathiatand with --tla they can read baz archives too07:30
Lathiatthe commands to baz are a little more sane07:30
Lathiatand they implemented url support to most stuff07:30
zygaso I can finish moving my current archives to tla and then start reading about baz07:30
Lathiatamong other things07:30
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@nafallo.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== gabaug [~gabe@216-43-99-149.dsl.mcleodusa.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lathiatseems to be nice07:30
Lathiatjamesh posted a comparison between cvs, svn and baz recently07:30
Lathiatmight be worth a read07:30
Nafallohi all!07:31
Lathiat(comparison of commands and how to acheive atasks with each)07:31
zygaCurrently I'm dumping my cvs logs and such 07:31
Lathiatnot like a comparison of the systems as such07:31
zygabecause these logs in particular are of little value07:31
zygaLathiat: cvs and svn don't meet the distributed requirement07:31
Lathiatzyga: right, but if you know cvs, reading his examples may help you grasp the basic concepts if you havent already07:32
Lathiatand perhaps shwo you how its different from tla if ouve got that sorted07:32
zygaLathiat: I more less already know/undestand tla07:32
zygaLathiat: didn't dig into hairy features too much but the most critical and fundamental stuff is there07:32
Lathiathttp://www.advogato.org/person/jamesh/diary.html?start=196 if your interesting07:32
Lathiathttp://www.advogato.org/person/jamesh/diary.html?start=197 <- some more info on distributed dvelopment07:33
zygamore reading, thanks :)07:33
zygameld is awsome in it's visual side07:34
zygaI can easily see what's changed with little effort07:34
Lathiatbah i got up to do something and now the latest enterprise episode is done so i want to watch that and will keep me up for another 45 minutes and its 1:30am. :)07:34
zygaand ... what is best, resolve conflicts 07:34
zygaLathiat: hehe07:34
zygaLathiat: I'm still pulling mine 07:34
zygahorrible crawl07:34
zygabtfnet got killed07:34
tsumethe idiots07:35
Lathiati sourced it somewhere else07:35
Lathiatits so stupid i cant watch thsi on tv here for at least 1-2 years so like07:35
Lathiatits their fault im "pirating" the tv show07:35
Lathiati understand movies, i dont download movies07:35
zygaI dont really feel like a pirate07:35
Nafalloit's not killed yet is it?07:35
zyga*AA crap is getting terible recently07:35
Lathiathaggai: as in btefnet or enterprise?07:35
Lathiatthis is the last episode of enterprise im about to watch07:36
zygaLathiat: both are gone now07:36
Lathiatzyga: indeed07:36
Lathiatbtefnet will apparently come back07:36
Nafallothe IRC-channel says it's just idling til they have a grip on the situation?07:36
Lathiatit seems like the person who owned the domain and ran the website did a runner07:36
Lathiatyou'll note btefnet.com is now asking for donations07:36
Lathiatbut if you read the irc channel topic, is says its not them, please do not donate07:36
zygaseems like the domain is gone from dsn now07:37
=== Nafallo is glad he has other sites ;-)
zygadarn I need farster torrent07:37
zygaI feel like modem days are back07:37
Lathiatzyga: for 21 or 2207:37
zygaLathiat: both07:37
zygaLathiat: I hot 29% of 22 going at 1.2KB/s07:37
zygagot even07:38
zygausually my gf pull stuff from IRC ;-)07:38
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=== zyga goes back to melding code :>
=== koke is now known as koke_nothere
=== Nafallo goes to make some food
=== Baby [~nena@baby.kavi.silver.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu-devel
NafalloBaby: :-)07:53
DanielNDoes someone know if the Apache Software License is GPL compatible ?07:54
=== Goshawk [~Vincenzo@host101-71.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Babyhi Nafallo :))07:58
zygaDanielN: hmm, was not that something that caused problems for perl or python some time ago?08:00
DanielNdon't know08:00
zygaDanielN: AFAIR there were some license issues but I'm not really sure08:01
zygaDanielN: there is a site that explains each license in details08:02
=== mdke [~mdke@mdke.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
DanielNI know.. at gnu.org I think08:03
zygaDanielN: something like that08:03
DanielNbut I think it must be compatible since apache is in main section08:03
zygaDanielN: I'd check if I were you08:05
zygawhich revison system does gnome use?08:14
ska-fan_with discussion going on atm08:15
=== zyga hopes they go to tla/baz
Nafallobaz.gnome.org :-)08:23
Nafallo... should be a good name indeed :-)08:23
zyganah ;] 08:24
zygaarch.gnome.org sounds okay08:25
zygais this okay?08:26
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wasabimy .apt thing is going to need to manipulate pinning08:33
=== ska-fan [~ska-fan@dsl-082-082-188-142.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
srbakerso what are my choices for audio players besides rhythmbox and muine?  any good gnome ones that i'm missing here?08:38
ska-fanThere's totem, but muine is really the best08:39
ska-fanand there's jamboree08:39
srbakeri can only get muine to do album and song, i can't get it to do "shuffle everything"08:39
ska-fanload everything in the playlist and shuffle it08:40
ska-fanbut muine is probably not meant for shuffle everything08:40
srbakermuine has some cool features.08:40
ska-fanI still miss a good way to make sure that my files have correct meta data.08:41
srbakeri like quod libet or whatever for tag editing.  that's cool08:41
ska-fanEasytag is mind-blowingly complex to use.08:41
srbakerex falso is a little resource heavy08:42
=== ska-fan [~ska-fan@dsl-082-082-196-021.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
srbakererm.  ex falso.  quod libet is a little resource heavy.08:42
ska-fansrbaker: thanks for that tip!08:45
ska-fannot in ubuntu it seems though.08:45
srbakerska-fan, you can run it directly from the source tarball :)08:45
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ska-fansrbaker: I was looking for that kind of app for two years, thanks again :)09:10
=== jnc [shadow@macco.pimpcat.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
srbakernp, it's pretty awesome :)09:11
mdkewhat burning app is shipping with breezy?09:11
Nafallomdke: dunno yet.09:11
Nafallomdke: or... nautilus-burner for data :-)09:12
mdkeNafallo, cool thanks09:12
mdkeis there likely to be one? for audio burning and such09:13
Nafallomdke: serpentine would be me bet.09:14
mdkehaven't tried that one09:14
mdkegood name09:14
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NafalloJaneW: hi dear :-)09:16
NafalloJaneW: hmm, there :-). but dear would be fine to ;-).09:16
JaneWhehehe hello09:18
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mdkemako, here?09:27
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JaneWanyone know how to change text colour on a wiki? (moin moin?)09:55
=== Unfrgiven [~ankur@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkeis the site down? i can't connect09:58
Riddellmdke: I was just about to poke elmo on the subject09:59
Riddellkubuntu server down too09:59
mdkelet us both poke him09:59
JaneWelmo everything in the data centre's going to disappear for 2-3 minutes...09:59
mdkeyes udu down too09:59
JaneWluckilly my change was saved first...10:00
mdkeJaneW, http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnFormatting on your previous question10:00
elmoit's back10:00
elmojanew: it's a wiki, you don't lose your changes if the website goes away temporarily10:01
elmo(the changes are in your browser only, until you hit save changes)10:01
mdkeJaneW, pretty unlikely colours will work on the ubuntulinux.org/wiki tho10:01
JaneWmdke: oic, thanks10:01
JaneWmdke: I think I was looking there, got stuck in the 'parser' section10:02
elmook, so now launchpad + authentication to the wiki / main website is going away for 10-15 mins.  sorry for the inconvenience10:02
JaneWelmo: you pest!10:02
makomdke: hey dude10:02
elmoJaneW: don't make me demonstrate my leet cross-continent menthos throwing skillz10:03
=== JaneW *giggles*
JaneWI dare you...10:03
=== CarlK [~ck2@c-24-13-52-189.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== JaneW must go - got a book to finish
=== Riddell wanders off to get some methos while waiting for the data centre to re-appear
JaneWRiddell: don't do it!!!10:07
JaneWyou're stronger than that... resist the temptation.10:08
Riddellmentos 10:08
Riddellmmm, minty10:08
=== JaneW shakes head... another one lost
Riddellreally should have stolen more of these at the end of the conference, I've almost run out10:08
=== JaneW still has some
JaneWbeen rationing them severely though10:09
mdkeoh hi mako10:10
JaneWok cheers10:10
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mdkemako, get my emails?10:10
makomdke: i'm not caught up on canonical email today10:10
mdkeoh right ok np10:11
makoor any other email actually10:11
mdkejust about that gpg business10:11
zygawhat's withe the mentos?10:16

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