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mdzjbailey: how is EarlyUserspace coming along?12:10
robertjmdz: do you know if last year's bounty budget rolled over into this year?12:10
surakmdz: it seems the one who's not working here is me. 12:11
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bluefoxicydoes OOo2 crash in breezy if you touch the menus12:13
surakkiko: we were talking on pvt. He corrected me, and I said that it didn't seem to work. But what does not work seems to be my brain after all that coffee...12:13
kikoheh :)12:13
ograbluefoxicy, probably, its breezy :-P12:14
mdzrobertj: not exactly, why?12:15
ograbluefoxicy, things are supposed to crash from time to time for your entertainment :)12:15
robertjmdz: just haven't heard alot about bounties12:15
mdzsurak: I am glad that it is working for you now12:15
mdzrobertj: you'll hear a lot more about bounties this week12:15
mdzsoon after I dig myself out of my email pit12:15
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mdzrobertj: if there's something specific you'd like to work on, contact me at any time12:15
robertjhehe, no there's not12:16
robertjI was just curious12:16
robertjI stick to php stuff mostly12:16
=== surak has a lot to learn. I'll put irc to an speech engine and leave it loud all night long, like that tv memory courses: "learn while you sleep at #ubuntu-devel"
ograbluefoxicy, which arch is that ?12:16
bluefoxicyogra:  I need to write a resume12:16
bluefoxicyogra:  38612:16
ograbluefoxicy, OOo 1.x too ?12:17
=== robertj is goign to give another go at cupid when hist dist-upgrade finishes
ograsurak, lol.... record it and sell the tapes if it worked ;)12:18
surakwho on those tv shows care if something works or not? I'll sell it anyway! :-)12:19
bluefoxicyogra:  don't have 1.x12:20
ograbluefoxicy, hmm but it could be a fallback if its urgent....12:20
bluefoxicyogra:  it doens't have opendoc format12:20
ograoh, ok12:20
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=== ogra uses vi for his texts
=== bluefoxicy uses formatting when he gets e-mail from *@fbi.gov
bluefoxicysometimes you just want it to look nice.12:21
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Keybuksurely getting e-mails from @nid.gov is better? :p12:30
Burgundaviacan someone take a look at this bug? I don't think the use meant to assign it to themselves12:31
Nafalloxorg_6.8.2-18 will need a kick to build?12:35
=== mvo goes to bed now
seb128'night mvo12:39
Nafallomvo: night :-)12:39
mvonight guys :) 12:40
surakmdz: Where are you?12:42
surakI mean, your geographic location12:42
kikosurak, LA.12:42
suraktks Kiko12:42
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NafalloBaby: wb! :-)12:44
Babythanks Nafallo :))12:44
mdzsurak: as kiko says, I'm in LA (UTC-7)12:47
surakKamion gave me the impression I'm always late to talk with him :-) and told me you would be in a better timeframe.12:47
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jordikiko: I did it man12:50
jordiI DID IT12:50
dokojordi: photos!12:51
jordidoko: hmm, none of the race with me right now, my flatmate has them12:52
kikojordi, tell us all about this12:53
jordiI have a sexy one of the prize I got tho12:53
jordikiko: I have a blog entry ready to be scp'd!12:53
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kikodo it12:54
ajmitchjordi: you live!12:54
jordiajmitch: I actually have no pain in my legs todayh. It's pretty weird12:55
ajmitchwell done :)12:56
jordilet me boot that lappy to get the story out12:57
jordiand the pic from the cam12:57
jordiI also fixed a RC bug for Sarge yesterday12:57
jordiintroduced a new one, which I just fixed.12:57
jordiIsn't that great12:57
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mdkeogra, still up? if i know you...01:03
lamontMVO even01:04
lamontaptitude doesn't like 64-bit architectures01:04
=== _Legion_ [~adebarbar@labi.fi.uba.ar] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontBuild-Depends: mozilla-dev (<< 2:
lamontenigmail has bad buildd-epends01:06
=== bradb [~bradb@modemcable087.14-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokolamont: mozilla did FTFBS on ia6401:10
lamontdoko: the issue is that enigmail build-depends on a version older than that currently found in the archive.01:10
=== lamont bets that libao needs dpkg-love
dokono, just a rebuild, libarts name did change01:12
dokofixing ...01:12
Nafallolamont: could xorg be kicked or shall I try to see if it builds locally first?01:15
lamontNafallo: it is ftbfs01:15
Nafallolamont: even since libx{au,dmcp} is rebuilt?01:16
lamonthrm...  /me kicks it for giggles01:16
=== robertj ahhs after finding a nice python wrapper for howl
jordihowl is non-free and evil :)01:22
robertjjordi: what's the blessed equivanelt then ;)01:22
jordirobertj: the world awaits your contribution!01:23
jordinone yet afaik.01:23
Nafallolamont: kicked locally to :-)01:30
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Nafallolamont: atleast it01:51
Nafallodamn enter01:51
Nafallolamont: atleast it's not the same builderror ;-)01:52
lamontNafallo: heh01:52
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mdzamu: what does "final package" mean in your qt-x11-free changelog?01:54
amugood question, right, would be better to put all changes visiable    01:57
Nafallogood night all!02:00
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lamontback later02:31
zulholy crap my internet connection is slow02:38
KaiL_somebody should look a bit at "installation without any network configuration", there seam to be billions of bugs02:38
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AndyFitzg'day bradb03:03
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KaiL_daniels: you duped 11127 to 1421, which seams to be about fallback for no ddc infos04:02
KaiL_that's wrong, 11127 is about screens, who really want such stipid resolutions04:02
danielsKaiL_: it's not wrong at all04:02
danielsKaiL_: if we get 60Hz, it's because we had to guess at a refresh rate04:02
danielsand that's going to happen because we're on amd64, and have no way to do DDC probing there yet04:02
danielsunless you meant something other than what you wrote in the bug report04:03
KaiL_what I mean is on i38604:03
KaiL_some screens (as my 15" CRT here) really list "1280x1024@60Hz" in ddcprobe04:03
KaiL_and that get's used04:04
danielsnot usually04:04
KaiL_I had "more than enough" such in #kubuntu ;)04:04
danielsxresprobe only gives you the *second* highest resolution04:04
danielsso if 1280x1024@60 is the highest and 1024x768@80 is the second-highest, it'll use 1024x768@8004:05
KaiL_and this second is what get's used?04:05
danielsif 1280x1024@80 is the highest and 1280x1024@60 is the second-highest, it'll use 1280x1024@8004:05
KaiL_then  why I get 1280@60Hz? :)04:05
=== A_Alam [~a_alam@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KaiL_does the 1x1 tell me something interesting in xresprobe?04:12
danielsKaiL_: how did you configure your server?04:12
daniels1x1 tells you things went really, really badly04:12
KaiL_nothing manually04:12
KaiL_like "monitor sends nonsence"?04:14
Burgundaviam vogt is mvo no?04:16
Burgundaviaok, I don;t see him here04:17
Burgundaviaok, dumb question. Is wxpython in Ubuntu/Debian linked against GTK1.x?04:17
danielsKaiL_: either that or my regexp is broke, yeah04:17
crimsunBurgundavia: two different answers.04:19
KaiL_hmm, but ddcprobe find's something04:19
crimsunBurgundavia: in Ubuntu Hoary, they're built against gtk204:19
crimsunBurgundavia: wxwidgets 2.5 has been removed from Debian04:19
KaiL_lol, "timing: 1280x1024@75 (VESA)"04:20
crimsunBurgundavia: in Ubuntu and Debian both, wxwindows (2.4) is built against 1.204:20
Burgundaviaso the program needs to link against 2.5?04:20
=== KaiL_ doesn't belive that this works ;)
crimsunBurgundavia: if you're using wxpython2.5.3, yes04:21
ajmitch2.4 & 2.5 can have a slightly differentA PI in some places04:23
KaiL_daniels: there we have the 1x1: "dtiming 1x1@642500"04:23
KaiL_somebody should send MS 100 firmware coders - after one week they have destroyed windows totally04:24
Burgundaviaare we talkign python 2.5? the dev version?04:25
KaiL_daniels: so your regex isn't broken, the firmware coder was just an idiot04:26
crimsunBurgundavia: I was talking about wxwidgets 2.5 (compiled against gtk2 in Ubuntu) and wxpython 2.504:27
danielsKaiL_: oh dear04:27
crimsunBurgundavia: the latter can be made to link against any version of python, though by default that should be 2.404:27
danielsi should blacklist that04:28
KaiL_the problem why xresprobe lists 1280 (the highest..) isn't solved04:28
Burgundaviacrimsun, the problem is that then wxpython stuff looks like ass, becuase it is gtk1.204:32
crimsunBurgundavia: err, in Ubuntu Hoary/universe?04:32
crimsunBurgundavia: hmm, so apt-cache depends must be lying04:33
Burgundaviaboth hoary and breezy show the issue04:33
Burgundaviacrimsun, so is the bug in the application or in wxwidgets?04:43
crimsunBurgundavia: afaict, wxpython 2.5 links against wxgtk 2.5 which links against gtk 204:44
crimsunBurgundavia: what application?04:44
Burgundavialondonlaw, only available in breezy04:45
crimsunthere's nothing wrong04:46
crimsunlondonlaw links against wxpython 2.4, which links against wxwindows 2.4, which links against gtk 1.204:46
=== Burgundavia thinks that applications that look like gtk1.x are a bug
BurgundaviaI think I noticed it with jsconfigurator as well04:48
crimsunas soon as Ron pushes wxwidgets 2.6 into Sid/experimental, it's time to ask for a sink04:48
Burgundaviasinking feeling?04:48
Burgundaviais there actual code changes to programs to make them work with 2.5 instead of 2.4?04:48
crimsunusually no04:49
crimsun2.5 is compiled with abi compat with 2.404:49
Burgundaviaso 2.5 does the messy work of moving from 1.x to 2.x?04:49
crimsunfor gtk, yes, but don't use 2.5 or Ron will scream at you04:50
Burgundaviaok, why is that?04:50
crimsunparticularly since he has been hassled about 2.6 enough04:50
crimsunthat and the license issue that caused 2.5 to be ripped out of Debian04:50
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Burgundaviaso once 2.6 comes out, we are going to have to manually rebuild all python packages to use 2.6?04:50
crimsunno, because that's built as part of wxwidgets 2.6 source04:51
crimsunoh, packages that depend on wxpython?04:51
Burgundaviabut apps like londonlaw?\04:51
Burgundaviasign me up!04:51
ajmitch2.5 isn't always compatible with 2.4, I've found04:52
crimsunajmitch: sadly04:52
Burgundaviaok, so there will be some upstream development needed04:52
Burgundaviawhat was the licence issue?04:52
crimsunplus there's talk of introducing an abi-incompat change into 2.6 (!)04:52
crimsunso some people are hassling for a version bump to 2.8 (!)04:53
crimsunit's all quite mad04:53
crimsunBurgundavia: Debian#30530004:54
Burgundaviaok, so a quite rundown. 2.6 is coming into debian and we will need to rebuild packages against it to get gtk2.x stuff. 2.5 didn't get into debian becuase of license issues.04:54
=== shaya [~spotter@user-0ccembr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
crimsunit was in Debian, but it will not be in Sarge04:57
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=== lamont fixes samba, cursing (but only a little) dpkg
=== thoreauputic [~prospero@wolax8-229.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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infinitylamont : What was broken with samba?06:39
lamontdpkg love06:40
lamontDEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE      := $(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE| sed 's/linux$$/linux-gnu/')06:41
lamontand then fix the if below to look for linux-gnu06:41
lamontthat's the current "traditional" fix for things that have suddenly stopped delivering lots of pieces of themselves06:42
infinitylamont : Have you uploaded that fix yet?06:43
lamontif you're lucky, the build fails.  If you're not, then the package does a good job of only deciding what should be there once...06:43
lamontjust barely06:43
infinityAhh, kay.06:43
infinityDid you merge with Debian at the same time?06:43
lamontuh.... 34.0.14a-1ubuntu206:43
lamontwhat's debian ahve?06:43
infinityKay, no then. :)  I'll merge later.06:43
dilingerinfinity: hey, is the apache2 pcre patch that you backported from 2.1 online anywhere?06:43
infinity(Just one revision higher in Debian, but it's an icky bug)06:44
infinitydilinger : The one from HEAD, or ours?06:44
lamontinfinity: and we need to pester keybuk and find out what verbage to file in the bug in debian for fixing it...)06:44
infinitydilinger : Ours is obviously online, in the source package.06:44
dilingerinfinity: i was hoping for a link that i could put in the upstream bug report06:44
dilinger'cause people are reopening the bug06:45
dilingerlinking to a diff.gz is suboptimal06:45
lamontinfinity: you should drop that on patches.ubuntu.com06:45
infinityAhh.  Well, extract it and put it in your people.d.o space, then.06:45
dilingerinfinity: then it doesn't stay up-to-date06:45
=== lamont wishes again that lunchpad was online
infinitydilinger : How up-to-date does it need to be?... It's tracking a stable release.06:46
infinityMmm... lunchpad.06:46
=== infinity is hungry.
=== lamont is sleepy
lamontmirror-missing | wc -l06:46
lamont150 :-(06:46
infinitydilinger : I need to forward-port my backport back to HEAD anyway, and submit my changes to Joe for 2.106:46
infinitydilinger : If you're feeling bored...06:46
dilingerinfinity: dude, i'm done w/ that crap ;p06:47
lamontif someone is really bored, I could use gcj support in ccache06:47
infinitydilinger : Heh.  Fair enough.  I'll find me a round tuit sometime before 2.2 releases, I'm sure.06:47
lamontesp since doko keeps uploading gcc-*06:47
dilingeri have no desire to do any sort of long term maintenance on it06:47
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tritiumfabbione, are you around?07:13
fabbionetritium: yes07:13
tritiumfabbione, there's some discussion in #ubuntu regarding kernel panics after the kernel security updates, and a thread on the forums.07:14
fabbionetritium: open a bug with all the info07:15
fabbioneusual procedure07:15
fabbioneusual info required.07:15
tritiumfabbione, okay.07:16
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Lathiatin firefox in hoary07:38
Lathiatif you open an unknown file you get a XUL error07:38
Lathiat(in this case, a .tiff)07:38
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infinityLathiat : Can you file a bug?07:52
infinityLathiat : I'll look at it later.07:52
infinityLathiat : Assign the bug to adconrad@ubuntu.com07:52
Lathiatinfinity: ok08:00
Lathiatinfinity: oh man08:03
Lathiatinfinity: its *really* broken08:03
Lathiatthe download manager doesnt work either08:03
AmaranthLathiat: You went from breezy breakage to hoary breakage, nice.08:05
LathiatAmaranth: oh yeh08:05
=== `anthony [~anthony@ekorp-203-63-137-225.eoff.ekorp.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
LathiatAmaranth: im still terrified of pressing random shortcut keys :)08:11
Amaranthhehe, i've gotten used to using the mouse for everything in gedit08:11
Amaranththat's the only app i use that i've had to change my habits in though08:11
Lathiat^-shift-t in g-t is what bites me most08:12
=== jarjar_must_die [~CoreTex@adsl-69-110-36-51.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranthnew tab, closes the window instead?08:12
Amaranthi don't do tabbed g-t, so i'm ok there08:12
Lathiati dont use it that often08:12
Lathiatbut i do it to do random things quickly08:12
=== xuzo [~xuzo@81-203-41-93.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranthnothing like a 1am phone call to scare the shit out of you08:15
Amaranthi thought someone died08:15
Lathiattut tut Amaranth 08:18
Lathiatsmeg died. :)08:18
Amarantherr, that's not possible08:18
Amaranthpygtk keeps it running when when you get an exception08:19
Lathiatby died i mean spat out a backtrace :)08:19
Lathiattrying to add an entry08:19
Lathiatfucking hell firefox is *totally* broken08:19
Lathiatbookmarks windows dont work either08:20
Lathiati assume everything is plain farked08:20
Amaranththat's a fucked up backtrace08:20
Lathiatmaybe i should go get the backports version ;)08:20
Amaranthit skips from one part of the code to another that aren't related08:20
Amaranthmaking you think .get_active() is causing the error08:20
Amaranthwhere were you creating the entry at?08:21
Amaranthwhat menu did you have selected?08:21
Lathiatclicked on sound &video08:21
Lathiatnew entry08:21
Lathiatput in details08:21
Lathiathit ok08:21
Lathiatnothing happened08:21
Lathiatthat spat out08:21
=== Amaranth tries to reproduce
Amaranth*** glibc detected *** realloc(): invalid next size: 0x085c67b0 ***08:23
Lathiatuh, ouch08:23
Amaranthyour problem is reproducable, mine isn't08:23
=== A_Alam [~a_alam@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranthfuck, i forgot a True08:26
Amaranthchange line 205 of /usr/lib/smeg/MenuHandler.py to         xmlparent = self.getMenuFromPath(path, True)08:27
Amarantherr, that's 204, i have a debug print in there08:27
Amaranththat'll do until i release 0.6.108:27
Amaranthneed to figure out how to load KDE icons to do that08:27
Lathiat:) cool08:27
Amaranthor maybe not, i dunno08:28
Lathiatim a sick sick puppy08:28
Lathiatim syncing maildir from my server to my laptop08:29
Lathiatthen running a local imap server so thunderbird can read it08:29
Amaranthyes, yes you are08:29
=== Amaranth hopes Matt Kynaston doesn't hate him
Amaranthhe sent me a MenuEditor class he thought i'd like to use then disappeared08:30
AmaranthThe class kinda sucked but i took some methods from it for my MenuHandler. I gave him credit, but it's licensed under the GPL and his code didn't actually have a license with it.08:30
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mvomorning pitti 08:46
bob2daniels: fontconfig.org seems fucked.08:49
bob2hah, which isn't so surprising when it only has one dns server08:50
danielsthat server should be alright though (gabe)08:50
bob2Name Server:NS.KEITHP.COM08:50
bob2(which is unreachable)08:50
danielsoh dear, no08:50
danielsyeah, that's the end of his DSL line08:50
\shmorning gentlemen08:51
fabbionehey pitti08:51
fabbionepitti: rumors are that one of the security fixes is making OOPSorama on hoary :/08:52
=== robitaille [~robitaill@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittifabbione: sounds like fun08:52
fabbionebut i can't see how and why. nobody gave me info yet (other than rumors)08:52
danielsfabbione: did you see the abi thing too?08:52
pittifabbione: bah, hardware problem 08:52
fabbionedaniels: yes. the abi is ok08:52
danielsfabbione: ok, cool08:53
fabbionedaniels: the check is done automatically at build time, otherwise FTBFS08:53
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pittitrulux: when you are here, please ping me back, we need to talk about the patch again09:20
Treenakspitti: have you packaged the LUKS tools already (or: are you planning to?)09:27
=== fwiffo [~fwiffo@dhcpserver0.oersted.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiTreenaks: dist-upgrade, plugin your encrypted stick and watch the magic happen... :-)09:35
pittiTreenaks: i. e. yes09:35
Treenakspitti: I mean the "other side"09:35
Treenakspitti: i.e.: how do I create an encrypted stick :)09:36
pittiTreenaks: cryptsetup has the LUKS extension, pmount calls it transparently, and g-v-m asks you for a passphrase and forwards it to pmount09:36
pittiTreenaks: ah09:36
pittiTreenaks: there is not yet a GUI tool for that09:36
pittiTreenaks: sudo cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/foo09:36
Treenakspitti: ok, "cryptsetup has the LUKS extension" was the missing piece of my puzzle09:36
=== chmj [~d3vic3@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiTreenaks: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/foo mystick09:36
Treenaksthanks :)09:37
pittiTreenaks: sudo mkfs.XXXX /dev/mapper/foo09:37
pittiTreenaks: I recently discovered that we don't even have a GUI tool to format things other than floppies09:37
pittiTreenaks: somebody should write a nice pygtk thingy which calls mkfs.* on a device and supports encryption09:38
Burgundaviapitti, why not extend the floppy formatter?09:38
Burgundaviamake it generic09:38
TreenaksBurgundavia: skipping "known" (i.e. mounted partitions), probably?09:39
TreenaksBurgundavia: and using HAL to get a list of "formatable" devices?09:39
jsgotangcofloppy formatter died on me (i don't have a floppy drive on my laptop)09:39
Burgundaviaas formatting a floppy is really the same operation as formatting a stick, from the users perspective09:40
TreenaksBurgundavia: clearing a CD-RW might as well be the same too09:40
Burgundaviagood point09:40
Treenaksfrom a user pov09:41
pittiwell, if the interface is tweaked a bit to just display the density dropdown if you actually have a floppy, that might be easier, yes09:41
Burgundaviait should automagically figure out the density and type09:41
pittiTreenaks: n-cd-burner, and probably other tools as well, automatically clean a cd-rw09:41
Treenakspitti: HAL is pretty clear on that right? ('this is a floppy drive' etc009:42
pittiBurgundavia: well, I can't run Ubuntu on machines that still have low-density drives anyway :-)09:42
Treenakspitti: I have a 5.25" floppy drive -- still works09:42
Burgundaviafor floppies that we can't figure it out, then it should offer the most common but have a list of the others09:42
Treenaksjsgotangco: I even have floppies.. we need a GWBASIC compatible BASIC interpeter! :)09:43
pittiTreenaks: "  storage.drive_type = 'floppy'  (string)"09:43
Treenakspitti: so that's easy09:43
pittiTreenaks: but no hint about the size09:43
Treenakspitti: hm.. that should probably be added then?09:44
pittiTreenaks: btw, if you test encrypted stuff, you can't unmount them properly in gnome yet09:44
pittiTreenaks: you have to use pumount for now, I only uploaded g-v-m yesterday night09:44
Treenakspitti: I have to use pumount anyway, because hald crashes when I plug in my GPS09:44
pittiah, that bug...09:45
Treenaksthe 239-entry backtrace, yes :)09:45
pittiTreenaks: it seems easy to fix, just no time yet...09:46
pitti#1  0x08057695 in hal_property_new_string (key=0x8068c70 "info.product", value=0x0) at property.c:8609:47
pitti^ null string for value, and it calls a function on it09:47
Treenaksah.. the string is empty/non-existent09:47
Treenaks"To test LUKS, you can use loop to make a blockdev out of any container file. The only requirement is that it's larger than 1mb." --> cool, 1.44M floppies work ;)09:47
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-50-235.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHey carlos, seb128 09:57
pittiTreenaks: I'm not at fixing hal, I'll fix that at a very low level to catch similar issues as well09:58
Treenakspitti: ok09:59
pittiTreenaks: argh, s/not/now/09:59
Treenakspitti: even more ok :)09:59
=== henriquemaia [~henriquem@cb-217-129-175-184.netvisao.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Simira [~Simira@179.80-202-212.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiTreenaks: are you on i386?10:03
Treenakspitti: yes10:04
pittiTreenaks: okay, I give you test debs in a minute10:04
Treenakspitti: but I'm not near the machine now, and the card isn't plugged in10:04
pittiah, too bad10:04
pittiTreenaks: well, then I just upload10:04
pittiI *know* my fix must be right *hehe*10:04
seb128hey pitti !10:07
Amaranthseb128: btw, pyxdg 0.11 is good now10:11
Amaranthseb128: he pulled the release and put it back up when we fixed the bug10:11
seb128he did 2 different 0.11?10:12
Amaranthyeah, not my idea10:12
seb128some upstream deserve some kicks10:13
Amaranthafaik the first one was only up about 45 minutes10:13
seb128not a reason10:13
danielsthat's what 0.11.1 is for10:13
seb128please tell him for next time :)10:13
Amaranthi did the same thing with smeg though :)10:14
Amaranthi uploaded 0.6, found the bug in pyxdg and pulled it. then i fixed some other little bugs in smeg and uploaded it again as 0.610:14
seb128what the issue with 0.6.1?10:14
BurgundaviaAmaranth, that is very bad, because as a user, if I downloaded it before your pulled it, I would think I have the latest version10:15
seb128packaging wise too10:15
AmaranthBurgundavia: I know, it was stupid. In my defense, I had been up 27 hours at the time.10:15
seb128if somebody packages the new version there is no way to change the .orig.tar.gz10:15
Amaranthsmeg 0.6.1?10:15
Amaranthline 204 in MenuHandler.py (/usr/lib/smeg/) needs to be         xmlparent = self.getMenuFromPath(path, True)10:16
Amaranthunless i figure out how to load KDE icons in the next hour i'm going to release 0.6.1 with just that10:16
Amaranththen i need a MOTU to sponsor my package :)10:17
TreenaksAmaranth: who wants those anyway ;)10:17
LathiatAmaranth: another bug, new items dont appear in smeg10:17
LathiatAmaranth: as in when you create them with smeg10:17
AmaranthLathiat: It's a timing issue, I think. If you click on the menu again they show up.10:17
\shAmaranth: smeg == python kde?10:17
Amaranthsmeg == gnome 2.10 menu editor10:17
Amaranthyes, i know what smegma is10:18
\shwhats your problem then with kde icons?10:18
Amaranthappearently they aren't in the hicolor theme so i need to load them another way10:18
seb128kubuntu guys have fixed that now10:19
Amaranthi was told that was fixed in kde CVS for the apps they ship, at least10:19
\shAmaranth: u read riddells blog entry?10:19
seb128\sh: you need to be agressive? when he changed that this was hoary10:19
seb128and KDE/hoary is b0rked 10:19
Amaranthkubuntu guys fixing it doesn't help gentoo and freebsd users :)10:20
Amaranthand no, that entry isn't showing up on planet ubuntu, is he on there?10:20
seb128neither hoary users10:20
AmaranthI guess PyXDG has something for this, but I need to get the name of the being used.10:20
=== AndyFitz [~Andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amarantherr, the name of the theme10:21
\shAmaranth: <ironicmode>You don't need to think about gentoo, all the guys are leaving gentoo</ironicmode> 10:21
Amaranthwhich as far as i can see gtk.IconTheme doesn't give me10:21
Kamionlamont: Keybuk said that the s/linux/linux-gnu/ thing was inappropriate, and that we should be preferring DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS if available instead10:27
mjg59AndyFitz: Could you possibly stick a copy of /proc/acpi/dsdt from your Dell up somewhere?10:31
=== _mvo_ [~egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jdthood [jdthood@x091.decis.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AndyFitzmjg59,  sure thing 10:34
BurgundaviaAndyFitz, is there a way to preview the artwork stuff you are doing?10:34
BurgundaviaAndyFitz, to give feedback?10:34
AndyFitzBurgundavia, it will be be packaged into ubuntu-artwork shortly if not already10:35
BurgundaviaAndyFitz, cool, thanks10:35
BurgundaviaAndyFitz, I have seen no update to ubuntu-artwork10:35
=== elbi [~elbi@cpe.atm2-0-1071006.0x50a0824e.abnxx3.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Treenaks loves mjg59's blog
=== spacey [~spacey@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranthdo the gconf python bindings come in python's pygtk package?10:38
Lathiati think so10:38
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@nafallo.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Nafallohi all!10:41
=== maswan [maswan@kennedy.acc.umu.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128gconf is a python-gnome stuff, not pygtk10:44
Amaranthpython-gnome2 or python-gnome2-extras?10:45
Amaranthnevermind, it's python-gnome210:46
=== AndyFitz [~andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AndyFitzmjg59  pmed10:47
Lathiatwoo ipw2200 monitor mode10:52
fabbioneyeah except that dpatch made the upload useless10:57
fabbionea new kernel will be on the way soon10:57
=== Lathiat laughs at fabbione
Lathiatfabbione: thanks ;)11:13
Lathiatfabbione: ive gone back to hoary for the moment anyway11:13
Lathiatthe X breakage is hurting my productivity11:14
=== Nafallo pinned X to hoary til 6.8.2-18 builds :-)
=== Zomb- [~eb@x118.rhrk.uni-kl.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== Zomb- is now known as Zomb
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seb128elmo: xpdf/hoary is b0rked according to some mail on the user list, the hoary index has a main path and the package is universe on the pool11:34
elmoseb128: err, right11:38
elmomore to the point, tho, xpdf wants to come back into main11:38
seb128do you know why?11:38
mjg59Hmm. I should really write up the HP stuff.11:38
elmocupsys b-ds on it11:39
elmo o xpdf: xpdf-common, xpdf-utils11:39
elmo   [Reverse-Depends: cupsys] 11:39
elmoerr, depends even11:39
seb128pitti: why, WHY? :)11:40
pittiseb128: cups uses xpdf to convert PDF to Postscript11:40
pittiseb128: in former times it used a verbatim copy of xpdf copy, which was *evil*11:40
seb128maybe it could use poppler? :p11:40
pittiseb128: why is this a problem?11:40
pittiseb128: I mean, why has xpdf to be demoted to universe?11:41
seb128xpdf is ugly, do we need it for main?11:41
elmopitti: daniels wants to drop lesstif11:41
pittiseb128: we can still have evince as default pdf viewer11:41
elmoso he can drop/not deal with xprint, AFAICR11:41
pittielmo: oh, that would indeed be nice11:41
seb128but we have 2 basecodes to support then11:41
elmoand xpdf is the last lesstif holdout11:41
pittiwell, cups does not need the frontend part11:41
seb128I don't really care, you are the one doing security support11:41
pittiseb128: supporting xpdf is reasonably easy, but supporting the old lesstif is a pita11:42
seb128any the hoary filename is b0rked11:42
seb128that is to fix :)11:42
pittiseb128, elmo: but does xpdf-utils really depend on lesstif?11:42
seb128no idea11:42
pitti(I can't see a dependency)11:42
pittino, it doesn't11:43
pittielmo: I can happily purge lesstif*, this only removes xpdf-reader, but not xpdf-utils11:43
pittiseb128: ^ 11:43
Lathiatfirefox seems to have fixed itself11:43
Lathiatinfinity: firefox seems to have fixed itself, nfi wtf was u11:44
Lathiatinfinity: p11:44
elmopitti: I think we should split the source, like we did for php4, dropping xpdf-reader entirely (rather than just demoting it to universe) is a bit harsh11:44
pittiseb128: I would like to have xpdf-utils in main, it's really useful11:44
seb128pitti: I don't really care as said, I just thought than having xpdf to support too is extra work11:45
pittielmo: can't we have -reader in universe, and -utils in main? we are already doing this for a number of packages11:45
pittiseb128: right11:45
elmopitti: no, -utils's source package (currently xpdf) has to be in main, if it's in main11:45
elmoif it's in main, it's b-d's (i.e. lesstif) have to be in main11:45
pittiah, crap, rihgt11:45
=== Robinho_Peixoto [~robinho@200164023071.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittielmo: okay, splitting the package would make sense11:46
pittishall I try?11:46
LathiatAmaranth: tip: "Smeg Menu Editor"11:47
AmaranthLathiat: SMEG = Simple Menu Editor for GNOME11:47
BurgundaviaAmaranth, you toot tip, should be "Edit the menus" or something similar11:48
LathiatAmaranth: yes but the menu item11:48
LathiatAmaranth: should say "Smeg Menu Editor"11:48
LathiatAmaranth: because "smeg" means nothing to someone11:48
Burgundaviait should say Menu Editor11:49
LathiatAmaranth: take "Firefox Web Browser", "Gaim Instant Messenger" for example11:49
Burgundaviaor SMEG Menu Editor11:49
bob2calling a serious app "smeg" seems a bit wrong11:49
Lathiatbob2: heh11:49
Lathiatbob2: but its so good11:49
pittielmo: would it be okay for you for "xpdf" source to only build -reader, and have the same orig.tar.gz for the source pkg "xpdf-utils" which spits out -common and -utils? copying the orig.tar.gz is a bit redundant, but actually separating the code is much work11:51
Amaranthbtw, what should my first entry into a debian/changelog be?11:51
elmopitti: sure, it's only 500K11:52
pittithen that should be fairly easy11:52
=== Goshawk [~Vincenzo@host21-102.pool8253.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
LathiatAmaranth: * Initial revision. or something11:53
Lathiat* hai2u, kthxbai11:53
Amaranthwould "Initial packaging" work?11:53
Lathiat"initial release" seems popular11:54
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: in fact, libpoppler actually sounds interesting...11:57
pittiseb128: if it has a reasonably easy interface, I'd rather convert cups to use poppler than to have the pain of keeping two xpdf packages12:00
pittiseb128: the code should be based on xpdf, does evince use poppler? (to get an impression of the quality)12:00
seb128it should12:00
seb128yes, it does12:01
seb128they have switch from xpdf to poppler like 2-3 months ago12:01
pittiseb128: does poppler have a nice command line tool?12:02
seb128that's only a lib atm12:03
AmaranthLathiat: 0.6.1 is out :)12:03
LathiatAmaranth: heh12:03
Lathiatthat was fast12:03
Amaranthyeah, i have up on the icon stuff12:03
Amarantherr, gave12:03
seb128pitti: you can read the README, there is some details on poppler here12:04
Amaranthdamn, one warning in lintian because of a copy/paste job12:04
pittiseb128: actually, having a proper pdf library was a longstanding wish for the packages that copied xpdf code, like cupsys and tetex12:05
Amaranthso rushed to release i forgot to check :)12:05
pittiseb128: so I rather invest my time to use the lib than to whack up xpdf, I guess12:05
seb128better option I think yes12:05
=== ogra_ [~ogra@p5089D860.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ogra [~ogra@p5089D860.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkemorning ogras12:10
Kamionum. is http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/testing/breezy_probs.html really true?12:12
Kamionzero uninstallables seems a bit optimistic12:12
thomseems extremely optimistic12:12
pittiseb128: hmm, ENODOCUMENTATION... :-(12:12
=== susus [~sz@p5089D860.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lathiatthom: heh12:13
KamionI think I must have caught it in the middle of mirroring; fixed12:13
=== pamri [~pamri@dialpool-210-214-122-119.maa.sify.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionwell, "fixed"12:13
=== henriquemaia [~henriquem@cb-217-129-175-184.netvisao.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionthat's more like it, THE ENTIRE WORLD is uninstallable12:14
elmo15 4,10,16,22 * * * sh /home/archvsync/archive-sync12:15
elmokamion: ^-- rookery's mirroring, FWIW12:15
seb128pitti: I'm asking on #evince if they have some hidden files about the API or something :)12:15
Kamionelmo: the britney mirror's a separate job; runs at 15,45 * * * *12:15
Kamionbut thanks12:15
elmoerr, you do your own mirroring?12:16
elmoanyway, if you do, I'd switch that to like 0,30, that's just before the cron.daily12:16
elmo(I'm assuming/hoping you're only mirroring Packages/Sources, so that should be more than enough time)12:16
ograi'm just patching dupload to have ubuntu as the first mirror, by default the $default_host variable is commented out, is it ok to set it to ubuntu and uncomment it by default ?12:24
jsgotangcobye bye12:24
\shogra: what about a postinst script for adjusting the settings12:27
ogra\sh, why, the default config is there... no need to fiddle with scripts in it...12:27
\shogra: right12:28
ograok, if there are no further objections, i'll upload it...12:29
=== Robinho_Peixoto [~Robinho@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkeogra, get my message?12:32
Kamionelmo: it's not mirroring the archive, I haven't set up the separate britney run on rookery yet; it's only mirroring the output of the britney run on jackass, i.e. one HTML file and one text file12:34
elmokamion: _oh_12:34
KamionI've shoved it back five minutes though12:34
=== Goshawk [~Vincenzo@host21-102.pool8253.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== thom wallops ogra for using blink tags :-)
=== Netsnipe [~netsnipe@c211-30-49-101.mirnd1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Netsnipehi everyone12:44
\shlibdnet-0.29 after renaming libdnetc2-0.29-0ubuntu1 ?12:44
Netsnipeseb128: ping12:44
Netsnipeseb128: can you please sync balsa and tsclient in ubuntu against what's currently in sarge?12:45
Netsnipeseb128: you guys are a bit behind and there's been a tonne of stabilisation patches = )12:45
=== _pamri [~pamri@dialpool-210-214-122-119.maa.sify.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shargl...native package12:46
=== mdke [~mdke@mdke.user] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-31-82.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Netsnipeseb128_: can you please sync balsa and tsclient in ubuntu against what's currently in sarge?12:47
Netsnipeseb128_: you guys are a bit behind and there's been a tonne of stabilisation patches = )12:47
KamionNetsnipe: we have automatic bugs to remind us of merges12:47
seb128_<seb128> no need to ask for syncs12:47
Kamionthey will all get done by upstream version freeze12:47
seb128_<seb128> just wait12:47
Netsnipeseb128_: never saw that message.12:48
seb128_that's why I copy it12:48
seb128_anyway balsa is universe12:48
seb128_so not a priority12:48
=== _pamri is now known as pamri
Kamione.g. https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1041212:49
Netsnipeseb128_: 2.3.0-2 that you copied had a RC bug12:49
ograNetsnipe, MOTU will care for balsa... if you got a prob with a universe package, feel free to join #ubuntu-motu ;)12:49
seb128_I didn't copied 2.3.0-212:49
=== hsprang [~henning@c129171.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionalso note the T-14 and T-13 weeks stages of http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseCycle12:49
Netsnipeogra: seb128 is my counterpart in the "parallel universe"12:52
Netsnipeseb128: http://packages.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/b/balsa/balsa_2.3.0-2ubuntu1/changelog doesn't list any other patches12:52
Netsnipebut anyway...I've got nothing else to add12:53
Netsnipetake your time. I've done all my hard work doing the squishing12:53
seb128_Netsnipe: yeah, I need to sync12:53
Netsnipethanks seb128_ 12:53
Netsnipeseb128_: if you're too busy you could always hassle me to join MOTU12:53
seb128_we could do that automatically if the Debian package was using a current version of gtkhtml12:53
seb128_IIRC it uses 3.212:53
=== jani [~jani@iv.ro] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Netsnipeseb128_: want to do some testing against the 3.5?12:56
=== _Legion_ [~adebarbar@labi.fi.uba.ar] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Netsnipes/to/me to/12:56
seb128_no, that's fine12:56
seb128_I will do the sync now12:56
seb128_just changing the Build-Depends to 3.612:56
Netsnipeseb128_: against 2.3,0-2sarge1 or 2.3.2-1?12:57
seb128_is: 2.3.212:57
Netsnipethat's fine12:58
Netsnipebtw: please pass on thanks to Ati (whoever does your Xhosa translations) from Erick Woods (upstream for tsclient)12:59
Netsnipeit's strange how that translation got to him12:59
Netsnipeseb128 merged it into the ubuntu package12:59
NetsnipeI merged it into the debian package12:59
Netsnipeand then upstream merged the debian patches12:59
seb128_he he01:01
seb128_does upstream have a bug tracker or something?01:01
seb128_I've no idea on what to do about tsclient bugs01:01
seb128_which is a pity01:01
Netsnipeseb128_: pretty much I am.01:01
Netsnipeseb128_: he's on my gaim list01:01
seb128_they should ask to use bugzilla.gnome.org01:01
Netsnipeseb128_: I'll hassle him about that.01:02
seb128_we have 8 bugs open on tsclient01:02
Netsnipeseb128_: yeah. I'll pass those on to him01:03
=== Robinho_Peixoto [~Robinho@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Netsnipeoh well gotta go. I'll get tsclient 0.140-1 uploaded into unstable once 0.132-7 gets pushed into testing01:04
Netsnipelater seb128 01:04
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pittiseb128: oh, libpoppler-glib-dev has a nice API, in contrast to libpoppler-dev01:28
Amaranthi suspect libpoppler-glib is what evince uses :)01:28
dokomvo: aptitude fails on amd64 and ia64. why doesn't aptitude b-dep on gettext und uses the system libintl?01:29
=== thoreauputic [~prospero@wolax6-185.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== doko_ [~doko___@dsl-084-059-053-209.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvodoko: let me have a look01:32
doko_mvo: aptitude fails on amd64 and ia64. why doesn't aptitude b-dep on gettext und uses the system libintl?01:32
mvodoko_: I'll have a look01:33
pittiseb128, elmo: forget the xpdf split, I modified xpdf's pdftops script to compile with poppler01:37
elmoyou mean cupsys's pdftops?01:38
pittielmo: no, that's a perl script that calls pdf2ps from xpdf-utils01:38
pittielmo: we can replace that pdf2ps by a lightweight version that uses libpoppler01:39
pittithe only question is whether I shall just integrate this into cupsys, or create a new source package "poppler-utils" or so01:39
pitti.. or modify the libpoppler source to create a new deb01:39
pittiright now I'd favor the cups integration01:40
=== trukulo [~trukulo@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Burgundaviaok, dumb question01:43
Burgundaviawhen Debian moves the GFDL stuff to non-free, is Ubuntu going to follow that?01:44
AmaranthGFDL is non-free? wtf01:44
robtaylorAmaranth: where have you been?!01:44
Amaranthappearently in the land of the sane01:44
Amaranthwhat's the argument?01:44
Burgundaviabasically the screwballs at -legal decided taht GFDL is non-free because it has some yucky bits01:44
robtaylorGFDL is non-free in lots (3) nasty ways01:44
mjg59Amaranth: It restricts various things that should be allowed01:45
Burgundaviaand thus all docs are moving to non0free01:45
bob2Amaranth: the gfdl is terrible01:45
Burgundaviainlcuding useful things like, say 'man gcc'01:45
bob2Burgundavia: lots of useful things are non-free01:45
Burgundaviawhich means those things will not be installed by default01:45
bob2it's a shame, but you can't go pretending they're not just because it would be nice01:45
Burgundaviabob2, but to call the GFDL non-free is splits the hairs ont eh back of the flea01:45
bob2it's really not01:45
Amaranthso basically all the documentation is moving to non-free01:45
elmoBurgundavia: no, it's really not01:45
elmoBurgundavia: this has nothing to do with -legal being full of morons these days01:46
bob2Amaranth: only documentation under that silly license01:46
elmothe GFDL really isn't free01:46
Burgundaviayes, the GFDL is not very nice01:46
mjg59Burgundavia: Approximately nobody within Debian claims that the GFDL is free01:46
mvodoko: aptitude fails because of a error in the configure bit that checks for gettext01:46
Burgundaviamjg59, but where is the sanity?01:47
bob2Burgundavia: blame gnu for concocting such a silly license01:47
Amaranthall of wikipedia is under that license... :/01:47
mjg59Burgundavia: We're working with the FSF to try to fix the license01:47
bob2Amaranth: which is another shame, but see what mjg59 is saying01:47
Burgundaviabob2, CC wasn't out then01:47
robtaylorBurgundavia: blame RMS for just going ' you dont understand' when anyoen tries to discuss it...01:47
mjg59The FSF are receptive01:48
bob2Burgundavia: CC is also non-free01:48
Amaranthbut you'd have to get every contributor to wikipedia to accept the new one01:48
Amaranthnot possible01:48
bob2Burgundavia: if you want a free documentation license, use the GPL or MIT01:48
Amaranthanyone got a link to the debian-legal archive for all this?01:48
Burgundaviabob2, ok, they are not specifically meant for docs01:48
bob2Burgundavia: indeed, but they're still better license for documentation than CC or the GFDL are01:48
AmaranthCC isn't either01:48
BurgundaviaAmaranth, about once a month it gets talked about01:48
bob2Amaranth: http://people.debian.org/~srivasta/Position_Statement.html01:49
mjg59CC is also being worked on01:49
Amaranthin other news, i hate hoary01:49
Burgundaviaelmo, what I really care about is that ubuntu is not goign to follow this absolutely insane path01:49
robtaylorBurgundavia: doesnt matter, you still often want to combine code and documentation, so licensing *needs* to be compatible. and preferably identical01:49
AmaranthBurgundavia: where could they move the docs to? restricted? that'd be silly01:49
Burgundaviarobtaylor, I understand all the legal issues, but there are times to use a nuke and times to use a popgun. This is using nuke to kill a flea01:50
robtaylorwhat *exactly* is the defining chacteristic of main vs retrictued, univers vs multiverse?01:50
robtaylori though it was free/non-free, but obviously not...01:50
Amaranthmultiverse is like universe's restricted, i think01:51
robtaylorBurgundavia: you're overestimating the issues dramatically01:51
bob2main is free and supported, restrictes i non-free (drivers) and supported, universe is free and supported, multiverse is non-free and not supported01:51
mjg59Burgundavia: Would you prefer that Debian place something that doesn't meet the DFSG in main?01:51
BurgundaviaI see all the license agruments, this is what I also see01:51
ajwhat, like the text of the GPL? :-P01:51
robtaylorbob2:  so gfdl docs wwill go in restricted/multi?01:51
BurgundaviaI type in 'man gcc' and I get nothing on a fresh install01:51
mjg59aj: Bah. Yes, well, that case is special.01:51
mjg59Burgundavia: Right. And how do you propose that be fixed?01:52
robtayloraj: taht iws frewew01:52
bob2Burgundavia: you get that anyway, since gcc isn't installed on ubuntu or debian by default01:52
Amaranththe text of the GPL is under the GFDL? :)01:52
robtaylorARGH. I'vew broken my keyboard01:52
Burgundaviabob2, man $program, where $doc is gfdl01:52
mjg59Burgundavia: (Leaving it in main isn't really possible without changing the social contract)01:52
Amaranthif it's in main it has to be Free01:53
mjg59Amaranth: Correct01:53
Burgundaviamjg59, that is cutting the world very black and white, which it is not01:53
mjg59So we can do that by fixing the license, which is what we're trying to do01:53
mjg59Burgundavia: "Free" or "Non-free" is a black and white choice01:53
bob2Burgundavia: a) this has been put off until after sarge, b) people are trying to unfuck the GFDL before the next release so that doesn't have to happen01:53
pittidaniels: is xpdf the only thing that still requires lesstif?01:56
elmohe fixed vim yesterday01:56
Burgundaviamjg59, bob2, robtaylor I see all the issues, and I have now read most of the emails and position statements, and I understand why Debian is oding it, but it still strike me as insane and overkill01:57
mjg59Burgundavia: If somebody can come up with a better solution, we're willing to do it01:58
mjg59But non-free stuff in main is not an acceptable long term solution01:58
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=== `anthony [~anthony@220-253-34-14.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
truluxpitti: ping02:03
pittiHi trulux 02:04
truluxpitti: hey fellow02:04
danielspitti: yep, so we can demote that to universe soon, and then later demote xp when mozilla gets fixed02:11
=== hsprang [~henning@c129171.adsl.hansenet.de] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
lamontKamion: ok.  I'll make a note of that.02:17
lamontinfinity: <Kamion> lamont: Keybuk said that the s/linux/linux-gnu/ thing was inappropriate, and that we should be preferring DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS if available instead02:18
lamontinfinity: for when you do the samba merge02:18
=== pablof [~kurumin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Burgundaviamjg59, that is the catch, as there is no easy solution02:21
kikoyo hackers of the 21st century02:23
bob2yo-yo, ki-ko02:23
danielswassup kiks02:25
=== astharot [~isager@kok-flts124.kddi-ok.ne.jp] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittihey kiko, how's going02:25
=== froud [~froud@ndn-165-128-37.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
kikoit's all cooking third-worldly02:27
=== AndyFitz [~andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AndyFitz  centreicq is so underrated02:28
seb128elmo: tsclient sync02:29
elmoseb128: done02:29
Mithrandirapt should accept comma separated lists on the command line.02:30
maswanelmo: Hmm. We still occasionally fail the archive-sync, and this with a timeout on an rsync that has run for 15 minutes.02:31
maswanelmo: isn't that a bit tight?02:31
elmomaswan: the timeout's definitely set to 7200?02:31
elmoI can do some tests, but I suspect it's not dropping on our end?02:32
maswan ftp-deb 41392 32062   0 14:32:06  pts/2  0:00 /usr/local/bin/rsync -rltv --timeout 7200 --exclude Packages* --exclude Sources* --exclude Release* --exclude Archive-Update-in-Progress-ftp.acc.umu.se se@syncproxy.ubuntu.com::ubuntu /export/ftp/mirror//ubuntu 02:32
maswanthat's the full command line that fails02:32
maswan(well, some of the time)02:32
elmomaswan: sorry, no, I mean it _is_ definitely 7200 on our end too02:32
lamont  poxml: Depends: libqt3c102-mt (>= 3:3.3.3) but it is not installable02:32
maswanah, ok.02:32
lamontpoor d-i02:32
elmoit's the same config + rsync as archive.u.c and I see long-running (days) rsyncs on that box02:32
maswanthis is quite odd then.02:32
ograAndyFitz, its perl, what do you expect ? ;)02:33
maswanwell, yeah, but the timeout doesn't trigger as long as both ends talk to eachother, even if it is slowly02:33
elmomaswan: well, if you can reproduce it reliably I can, strace our end02:33
maswanthe issue here is that some of the time, the local file system traversal takes ~5 minutes, during which it times out.02:33
maswanHmm. Well, I can try.02:34
elmobtw, according to the docs, our timeout setting overrides yours (as the client)02:34
maswanAh, ok.02:35
maswanrsync: read error: Connection timed out02:35
maswanrsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(162)02:35
maswanrsync: connection unexpectedly closed (3609970 bytes read so far)02:35
maswanrsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(150)02:35
maswanthat's the error message btw02:35
=== maswan runs off for a few minutes
maswanI'll see if I can make it reproducible02:36
elmoI'm stracing the current rsync atm02:36
fabbioneKamion: ping?02:37
maswanhope it fails then. :)02:37
elmomaswan: nah, it worked :(02:41
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp231-201.lns3.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmohow often are you syncing?02:47
Lathiat] 02:47
Nafalloelmo: 10 04,10,16,2002:48
elmoOH, two part sync.  duh02:49
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=== bradb [~bradb@MTL-ppp-146985.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
maswanelmo: :/02:56
AndyFitzbreezy,  its so unstable its practically on par with my ex ;)02:56
dokobug reports that the world needs:02:56
doko#287539: [l10n]  Initial Czech translation of norwegian debconf messages02:57
Mithrandirdoko: :P02:57
=== CarlK [~ck2@c-67-163-11-11.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== daniels high-fives AndyFitz.
\shMithrandir: ping :) need debhelper ;)02:58
Nafallodaniels: yay! latest xorg built on amd64 here :-).02:58
\shMithrandir: forget it02:58
maswanelmo: thing is, it works almost always when I run it manually. but for some reason, the cron:ed one breaks now and then.02:58
dokoMithrandir: btw, should an aspell dictionary depend on libaspell or aspell-bin/aspell ?02:58
elmomaswan: maybe strace on your end?  02:59
Mithrandirdoko: unsure.02:59
maswanelmo: It just seems like it is hitting the timeout, but a 5 or 10 minute timeout, not the proper long one.02:59
pitticupsys_1.1.23-7ubuntu2_source.changes ACCEPTED -> bye bye, xpdf!03:00
lamontSubject: Log for failed build of xorg_6.8.2-19 (dist=breezy)03:00
=== lamont pokes daniels
fabbioneahah i knew that!03:01
lamontpitti: so what do I use to display pdf's on my screen then?03:01
Mithrandirlamont: evince03:01
lamontor is it just that cupsys used to use xpdf?03:01
fabbioneno wonder amd64 did succeed.. it was the only one tested03:01
lamontMithrandir: what an obvious name03:01
pittilamont: I converted cupsys to use libpoppler03:01
Amaranthlamont: it's menu entry is "Evince Document Viewer"03:02
Amaranthevince > * though, it's starting be turn into something like OS X's Preview03:02
lamontAmaranth: there's a menu? :-)03:02
Mithrandirlamont: beneath the pile of terminals.03:03
lamontMithrandir: nah - that's the desktop03:03
thomwhy is it in GRAPHICS though?03:03
Amaranththom: good question03:03
Mithrandirthom: it has a window => graphics, surely.03:03
lamontthom: because it runs on a grahpics system?03:03
maswanelmo: I'll try.03:03
Amaranththom: gpdf and iirc xpdf got put there too03:03
Mithrandirthom: clickyclicky on the file itself, then?03:03
thomAmaranth: they were in the wrong place, too03:03
thomMithrandir: *sssh*03:04
Burgundaviathom, ggv is still there03:04
Amaranththom: not sure office would be better though, since it opens tiffs and such too03:04
kikoKamion, is the surak-call today?03:04
ograkiko, i was just about to ask03:04
fabbionedaniels, doko: you forgot to update the MANIFEST files....03:04
ograkiko, my evolution calendar thinks it 03:04
XofI hesitate to make this suggestion, but since evince is demonstrably both an image viewer and a piece of office software, why not give it entries in both menus?03:05
fabbionedaniels, doko: please do not forget sparc and hppa, kthxbye03:05
BurgundaviaXof, that means two .desktop files and all the attendant fun, plus menu bloat03:06
danielsfabbione: hm, I thought I did the MANIFESTs for everything03:07
=== daniels grunts.
Amaranthi see you guys have all these people making logos and mascots for breezy, how do i get in on the action? smeg could use some icon love :)03:08
=== tritium [~tritium@pal-171-072.itap.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
XofBurgundavia: does that answer boil up to "our software doesn't let you do that at the moment, and it's a bad idea anyway because I believe everything in the world should fit in exactly one category"?03:08
fabbionedaniels: apparently not.. check the logs..03:08
BurgundaviaXof, our software doesn't do it and it is a bad idea03:08
=== fabbione goes offline
Xofthat's a shame03:08
AmaranthXof: More like "the standard doesn't allow that and it's a bad idea anyway because some apps would end up in every menu and look ridiculous"03:09
Nafallo*hrm* nvu *hrm* ;-)03:09
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=== Robinho_Peixoto [~Robinho@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Robinho_Peixoto_ [~Robinho@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
SimiraNafallo: did you say your gf wanted a gerbil? We've got one too much atm...03:10
XofOK, well, it's not my distribution: by all means do what you think is right -- but I can't honestly say that your answers have seemed to be any more than rationalization03:11
BurgundaviaXof, there are good reasons why you don't want an app in multiple categories03:11
XofI believe you03:11
Kamionfabbione: yo03:12
Kamionkiko: erm, yes, probably, but I want mdz to be around if possible03:12
NafalloSimira: dunno. I could call her :-).03:13
Kamionkiko: they seem to be reluctant to give me any contact details; I still don't have any e-mail addresses for them, despite asking for e-mails several times03:13
danielsi guess naming a release 'what could possibly go wrong?' was just asking for trouble03:13
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kikoKamion, let me sort that out.03:16
=== tritium [~tritium@pal-171-072.itap.purdue.edu] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
pittiKamion: a while ago we talked about dropping all packages from the seeds that are depended on by language-support-*03:18
pittiKamion: shall I do that now? IMHO it's a good time 03:19
=== JaneW [~JaneW@wbs-146-152-96.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionpitti: um, is that actually a good thing? I don't think so03:20
Kamionpitti: I'd like to know exactly what would be removed rather than just saying "OK, let's nuke the lot"03:21
pittiKamion: essentially it's the whole "= Localisation =" paragraph03:21
pitti(minus *-locales)03:22
Kamionof which seed?03:22
=== spacey [~spacey@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionpitti: OK, although I think we should keep gettext-el there too03:22
pittiKamion: well, I don't _need_ to do that, we just discussed about this a while ago, and ISTR that you wanted to do that03:22
KamionI did? hmm, memory like a what's-its-name03:23
pittiwell, if you are unsure, we can leave it for now03:23
pittiI would go through the whole list and drop everything that has a reverse dep to lang-supp-*03:23
pittiso we would see which packages are not yet covered by langpacks03:24
pitti... but that is a good idea even if I don't commit the change03:24
KamionI'd be a little more cautious than that personally; there are things we explicitly want to have even though they happen to be currently depended upon by other things03:24
Kamionthe seeds are not meant to be leaf packages only03:24
Kamionthey're meant to be "stuff we want"03:24
pittiright, the l-support pacakges are sort of a second kind of seed03:25
pittiKamion: so should we do it the other way round then? add everything to the seeds that is currently a dep of a langpack, but not yet seeded?03:26
Kamionyou're being too black-and-white03:26
Kamionall I'm saying is that "already depended-upon by something else" is not sufficient reason to remove something from a seed03:26
pittiyes, agreed03:26
Kamionreason to remove something from a seed would be "we *only* need this because something else depends on it"03:26
Kamionas in, if the other thing went away, we wouldn't need it any more03:27
pittiwell, the idea was to have the langpacks be the l10n seeds03:27
pittito avoid redundancy03:27
KamionI don't mind you removing the stuff you mentioned explicitly above, under Localisation03:27
pittithis might be discussed on the ML or TB...03:28
Kamionit just worries me when you say you're going to go through and REMOVE EVERYTHING :-)03:28
pittiugh, no03:28
pittibasically the ooo-{help,l10n,...}-<lang> and similar packages03:28
Kamionthose should be fine, yes03:28
KamionI'm not sure I'm convinced yet by language packs as secondary seeds ...03:29
pittiok, then let's defer that until we discussed it at the ML?03:29
Kamionhow are the lists stored from which the langpacks are autogenerated?03:29
Kamionjust trying to think of considerations for derivatives, etc.03:30
pittiright now there is a langpack-o-matic subdirectory "support-depends" which has one file for each language03:30
Kamionwhich essentially behave like seeds? so support-depends ~= seeds and language-pack-* ~= ubuntu-meta?03:31
pittiI change support-depends/<Language> and call "./update-support"03:31
pittithis 03:31
pittibuilds new l-support-<lang> packages03:32
seb128pitti: well done for cups/poppler :)03:32
pittiseb128: thanks :-)03:32
pittiseb128: I wasn't aware of poppler, nice hint03:33
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Kamionfabbione: do you have that debootstrap/breezy.buildd diff handy?03:56
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pittihey Mr. do"rebuild the world"ko :-)04:29
Treenakspitti: emerge world04:29
pittiI need some fresh air, see you later04:30
ogratoday he learns spelling ;)04:30
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=== Dilago [~Dilago@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pamri is now known as pamri_AWAY
lamontright.  honey-do's.  back in a while04:46
lamontwell, back in about 20 minutes for a couple minutes, then gone for 2-4 hours04:46
fabbioneKamion: sorry, i was away.. i will need to retest it with the overall new crack, so just upload and i will do it with more quiteness.04:48
fabbioneKamion: also.. can we start pre-seeding 2.6.12 into main?04:49
=== wasabi [~wasabi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shmaswan: ping04:50
\shMithrandir: ping 2 ;)04:51
Kamionfabbione: I wouldn't bother with pre-seeding04:51
fabbioneKamion: re-checking the diff now04:51
Kamionjust upload and shift to main when it's ready04:51
fabbioneKamion: well we can shift to main anytime.. the kernel is there :)04:52
KamionI'm just about to upload debootstrap - it'll probably be broken on sparc because the required vs. base will be wrong, but that'll get sorted as soon as your builds come up to date04:52
fabbioneKamion: i am testing the diff right now...04:52
Mithrandir\sh: yes?04:52
fabbioneif you want to wait a couple of minutes..04:52
fabbioneotherwise go ahead and don't worry :)04:52
Kamionfabbione: ok, I'll wait04:52
\shMithrandir: see query :)04:53
Mithrandir\sh: see query yourself. :P04:53
\shMithrandir: hehe :) u need a build-dep bot ;)04:53
=== CarlK [~ck2@c-67-163-11-11.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== dand [~dand@gw.datagroup.ro] has joined #ubuntu-devel
maswanelmo: kread(3, " / 01 ", 4)                         Err#78 ETIMEDOUT04:55
=== Treenaks hugs seb128 for Subject: Accepted nautilus-open-terminal 0.2-1ubuntu1 (source)
elmonobody    7497  0.0  0.6  16352 14376 ?        SNs  14:36   0:02  \_ rsync --daemon04:58
elmonobody    7708  0.8  0.7  16628 14624 ?        SNs  15:54   0:01  \_ rsync --daemon04:58
elmothose are both you ..04:58
elmoand the first one is just waiting on my side04:58
fabbioneKamion: http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/buildd.diff05:00
fabbioneKamion: it works fine on both i386 and sparc05:00
fabbionewe get rid of some gcc-3.3 stuff05:01
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ubuntusomeone using ubuntu in ppc?05:01
ubunturoot@ubuntu:/# ybin05:01
ubuntuFailed to initialize HFS working directories: No such file or directory05:01
ubuntuybin: /dev/hda5 appears to have never had a bootstrap installed, please run mkofboot05:01
=== luis_ [~louie@c-66-31-46-131.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ubuntuI have this error when I try to install yaboot05:02
thomubuntu: users questions in #ubuntu please05:02
ubuntuis not a questions05:02
ubuntuis a bug05:03
thomno, it's not05:03
fabbioneubuntu: this channel is "There is a bug and this is the fix"05:03
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== spacey [~spacey@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont gets ready to run away
ograrun lamont, run (nad have fun)05:12
ograand even05:12
lamontlater all05:13
toresbehttp://homepage.eircom.net/~wastedyouth/gnu.jpg  :D05:14
ograogra@honk:~ $ sudo cfdisk05:14
ograSegmentation fault05:14
dilingeris that sudo or cfdisk that's segfaulting?05:15
ogracfdisk... sudo works with other apps05:15
mvois muine broken in breezy right now?05:15
ogramvo, might be... tseng is holding back some stuff...05:16
elmoheh, a broken sudo would have interesting consequences05:16
fabbioneogra, amu: ping?05:16
fabbioneit's cfdisk05:17
ografabbione, can we start testing finally.,...05:17
ghpoloim too scared to do this last dist-upgrade ;o05:17
fabbioneogra: i added a test case for OCFS2 in ClusterFileSystem05:17
fabbioneogra: the kernel is in the buildd now.05:17
fabbionethe tools are in universe05:17
fabbionewell the kernel is too :)05:18
fabbioneand i am off for a while.. i might pass by later05:19
ograno problem, i already run the last version...05:19
fabbioneogra: no no.. you need the one that is building now05:19
ografabbione, i know... 05:19
fabbionebecause in the previous version there is no OCFS205:19
fabbione2.6.11.92-1.3/ to be exact05:19
Kamionfabbione: all uploaded05:19
fabbioneKamion: thanks a lot :)05:20
fabbionethe new buildd chroots will show how is still abusing gcc-3.3 without declaring a direct b-d05:21
fabbioneunfortunatly dpkg still needs libstdc505:21
fabbioneotherwise we could have killed gcc-3.3-base too05:21
fabbionewell.. at the next round :)05:21
=== fabbione goes offline again
Kamionhaven't you rebuilt dpkg yet?05:25
Kamionnew dpkg shouldn't ...05:26
=== pamri_AWAY is now known as pamri
=== luis_ is now known as lu|away
=== mxpxpod [~BryanForb@wuw-ojr3gmca.dybb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Burgundaviaseb128, can you take a look at https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11126 ?05:40
BurgundaviaI suspect user error05:40
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== eruin [~eruin@213-145-179-140.dd.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmoKamion: do you know why /etc/network/interfaces no longer auto eth0's ?05:58
elmoin hoary installs05:58
opielmo: hotplug is rising it?05:59
elmoopi: yeah, not so much on a non-modular kernel05:59
opielmo: I was wondering that myself :-)05:59
eruinwhere would I file a bug agains this? after installing and selecting norwegian bokmaal all the way, this is my language var: LANGUAGE=nb_NO:nb:no_NO:no:nn_NO:nn:da:sv:en_GB:en   - I just don't get why danish and swedish is added in that mix - makes no sense at all05:59
opielmo: like mine :->05:59
Kamionelmo: netcfg only sets that up if the installer detected eth006:00
Kamioner ... and if it's not hotpluggable, apparently06:00
Kamion        if (!iface_is_hotpluggable(iface) && !find_in_stab(iface))06:00
Kamion            fprintf(fp, "auto %s\n", iface);06:00
elmoKamion: right, but warty put the auto eth0 unconditionally06:01
opiat installation process?06:01
elmowhich is kind of nice, given that if you switch to a non-modular kernel, you end up without a network interface06:01
opiwhat if I put a card that will not be modprobed by hotplug?06:01
elmoopi: that would be !iface_is_hotpluggable06:01
=== Yvonne [~fsck@cn-sdm-cr02-0229.dial.kabelfoon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
opielmo: that's why I've been asking it this code snip is a procedure from installation or every boot proecss06:02
Kamion  * Per Olofsson06:02
Kamion    - Check for hotpluggable (PCMCIA) network interfaces in06:02
Kamion      /etc/network/devhotplug and don't generate auto entries for them.06:02
Kamion      Also put them in a "mapping hotplug" stanza. Closes: #239284.06:02
Kamion -- Joshua Kwan <joshk@triplehelix.org>  Sun, 11 Apr 2004 22:55:40 -070006:02
Kamionopi: installer06:02
=== smurfix [~smurf@run.smurf.noris.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionelmo: that change was considerably before warty - only thing I can think of is that the installer has suddenly worked out your interface is hotpluggable06:03
pittiso far with "security"06:03
Kamionbut sounds like it's some evil PCMCIA thing, which I try not to touch06:03
=== Baby [~nena@baby.kavi.silver.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lifeless_ [~robertc@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionwhy does breezy's bash spin on waitpid() whenever a process exits?06:07
=== Kamion upgrades libc6 to see if he can make his chroot usable again
=== ozamosi [~ozamosi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamion11411 exit_group(0)                     = ?06:10
Kamion11408 <... waitpid resumed> 0x7ffff188, WUNTRACED|0x8) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argu06:10
Kamion... and then it just spins ...06:10
=== KaiL [KaiL@p548F796A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Ferry [~ferry@cust.15.118.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzkiko-fud: what time is the call?06:21
fabbionemorning mdz06:22
mvogood morning mdz 06:22
pittiHi mdz06:23
seb128hi mdz06:23
zulhey mdz06:23
=== GheRivero [~ghe@hiscpdprx01.upsa.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogramdz, we said 13:00 utc in #ubuntu-meeting last time we met ....06:33
mdzogra: who said 13:00 utc in #ubuntu-meeting for what meeting?06:33
=== henriquemaia [~henriquem@cb-217-129-175-184.netvisao.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionuh, we did?06:35
Kamionoh, damn, we did06:35
ogramdz, when kiko, Kaimon, me and the brazilians had the last UbuntuExpress meeting06:36
=== Kamion notes continued lack of phone number to call, anyway ;-)
ograKamion, did we say a conference call ? i noted #ubuntu-meeting06:36
mdzogra: I see06:36
=== pitti [~martin@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamion14:22 < kiko> Kamion: I would suggest setting up a weekly phone call with surak to checkpoint on how it's going06:37
ograKamion, ah...06:38
ograok, i missed that then...06:38
=== Lathiat [~lathiat@gasp.bur.st] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionsorry, I suck at this management lark06:39
ograheh... but at least you remembered the phone call... i only relied on evolutions calendar :)06:40
=== darkling [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Keybuk has tried management twice now, you'd think I would've learned from the first time
ograheh, did you learn it the second time ?06:43
=== rburton [~ross@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukI think so :)06:44
fabbioneogra: ppc and i386 kernel have been built finally06:44
fabbionei guess they will hit the archive at the next daily06:44
=== ogra upgrades the i386 ....
jdubgotta watch out for those barzilians06:44
fabbioneogra: "next daily" is in 20 minutes ~06:44
rburtonso, hoary claims to support the dlink dwl-g650+ card but mine is clearly Not Working.06:44
ografabbione, yep06:44
Kamionfabbione: so should I switch d-i over?06:45
fabbioneKamion: not yet. from the next upload.06:45
Kamioni.e. are you going to have this moved to main?06:45
fabbioneKamion: yes i would like to have it moved to main from now06:45
ograjdub, *g*06:45
fabbioneKamion: 1.4 will get d-i love and then we can switch06:45
fabbionebut notice that there will be no restricted modules until 2.6.12 is final from upstream06:46
fabbioneand that we are not respecting abi changes yet06:46
fabbioneotherwise we will land with 12 final -3874.106:46
Kamionin that case I'll wait for final for d-i06:46
fabbioneworks for me06:46
fabbioneit shouldn't be too far eithery06:47
fabbioneanyway.. dinner time06:47
fabbioneKamion: do we still need to seed the kernel to get it in main? or is it enough to ask elmo now?06:47
=== fabbione will read the answer later
Kamionfabbione: seed06:49
Kamionfabbione: until such time as linux-meta starts depending on it06:50
Kamion... stick it in supported06:50
fabbioneKamion: ok thanks06:50
fabbioneKamion: the seed archive is still on chinstrap?06:51
fabbionenever mind.. it's only slow to death :)06:52
=== ssb [~ssb@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
kiko-fudmdz, I can't really recall. let me get hold of surak07:01
=== CarlK [~ck2@c-67-163-11-11.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mxpxpod [~BryanForb@wuw-ojr3gmca.dybb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zenrox [~zenrox@wbar7.sea1-4-4-043-090.sea1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128Burgundavia: you should ask how he installed the distro07:08
=== cartman [foobar@cartman.developer.konversation] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Lathiat [~lathiat@gasp.bur.st] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Burgundaviaseb128, that was my next guess07:15
seb128maybe he upgraded from Debian or used the custom install07:16
seb128which could give that, a root account and his user not configured correctly07:17
Kamioncustom/server install doesn't do that, although there are other methods that could07:18
seb128which ones?07:19
=== tseng|work [~ccc27a01@sls-eb20p9.dca2.superb.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== trukulo [~trukulo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionseb128: expert mode07:26
seb128oh, I thought server was an alias to this one07:26
seb128k, maybe the guy used that07:27
kiko-fudKamion, surak called and said their network is down but he will email you guys with phone numbers and email addresses07:28
Kamionkiko-fud: thanks07:29
BurgundaviaKamion, so the installer has 3 modes? normal, server and expert?07:33
NafalloBurgundavia: four. server-expert also :-)07:33
Burgundaviapeople seem to like choosing expert for some reason07:34
Burgundaviavalidates them07:34
=== Nafallo chooses expert quite alot ;-)
=== Burgundavia trusts that Nafallo knows what he is doing
Nafallohehe, just when I got doubtful about that ;-)07:37
=== pitti_ [~pitti@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionexpert's for use when an installer developer tells you to use it. :-)07:44
NafalloKamion: ... or for us controlfreaks that love servers? ;-)07:45
Kamionyou don't need to use expert mode to install a server07:46
jdubexpert mode is pants07:46
Kamionyou need to use expert mode when the installer's going insane and you have a developer with you to hold your hand07:46
jduball the cool kids *aren't* doing it ;-)07:46
NafalloI don't need to do it; but I'm still a controlfreak. and expert gives you lot more control :-).07:47
=== nasdaq7 [gfhgfa@tkp-ip-nas-1-p130.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograthe cool kids use a magnetic pen to transfer the installation to disk ;)07:48
Kamionand expert has a lot of bugs that I pay no attention to because they don't matter enough07:48
Kamiongenerally duplicate questions and such07:48
Kamionbut it's possible that there's actually different default behaviour (not *too* likely because of how debconf works, but possible)07:49
NafalloKamion: hmm, I haven't had any errors yet :-).07:49
Nafallohmm, time to try xorg=6.8.2-20 ;-)07:50
=== zeedo [~zeedo@www.reboot-robot.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== cartman [foobar@cartman.developer.konversation] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cartmanlatest X.org (-20) works for anyone?07:55
=== nasdaq7 [gfhgfa@tkp-ip-nas-1-p130.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== mdke [~mdke@mdke.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tseng|worksupport in #ubuntu07:59
tseng|workand yes, Xorg breaks in major transitions07:59
cartmanuhn ok majorly borked08:01
ograyeah, isnt it great.... you actually *feel* the development going on :)08:02
jdubogra: have you read any of the ipodlinux stuff?08:02
jdubogra: they have some very interesting data transfer methods :)08:02
=== jdub goes to see if he can get some sleep again
ograjdub, in -users ?08:03
jdubogra: no, the project porting linux to the ipod08:03
ograor is there a distro i'm not yet aware of ?08:03
ograwow, nope, not yet08:03
=== ogra goes lookin....
\shipod linux?08:04
ograjdub, GO to BED ! dont make pia unhappy....08:04
trukulojdub, good night man08:04
tseng|workbye jdub08:04
=== mdke [~mdke@mdke.user] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
=== Dilago [~Dilago@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== shaya [~spotter@dyn-160-39-242-195.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayais X safe again? :)08:14
\shi think daniels uploaded -18 and went to bed ;)08:15
KamionI'm off out for a bit; should be back before tonight's round of meetings start, though.08:15
Burgundavia-20 is the latest08:15
shayaI see -2008:15
Kamion(failing that I have my mobile phone with me)08:15
\shoh i was asleep as well08:15
Burgundavia-20 doesn't fix the fonts issue yet08:15
Burgundaviabut it or an eariler release fixes the binary symlink issue08:16
\shis lubglu1-xorg and libglu-dev-xorg fixed?08:16
\shthe deps?08:16
doko\sh, yes gl is fixed08:17
=== shaya holds off for now
shayaalready downgraded to hoary X once08:18
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091d99.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHey dholbach 08:18
dholbachhey pitti :-)08:19
\shdoko: wonderfull..so I can work on arkrpg08:19
thomdoko: mozilla on ia64 seems to build ok with gcc-3.4; take it reverting to that isn't an issue?08:19
=== thom [~thom@amnesiac.heapspace.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== camilotelles [~Camilo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenakspitti: ping?08:20
=== pitti waves
dokothom: no, I don't think so. but we should revert for ia64 only08:20
Treenakspitti: should serial devices show up in the HAL device tree?08:20
Treenakspitti: because they aren't08:20
Treenakspitti: (/dev/ttySxx)08:21
pittiTreenaks: no idea, I don't have some08:21
Treenakspitti: not even empty ports?08:21
pittiI guess hal works for you now?08:21
Treenakspitti: yes, it stopped crashing08:21
pittiTreenaks: well, I have two serial ports in hal08:21
Treenakshm wait..08:22
pittiTreenaks: I have a "16550A compatible COM port" with info.category == serial+08:22
pittiand linux.device_file == /dev/ttyS108:22
Treenakssorry.. I just upgraded.. new kernel.. need to reboot first08:22
Treenaks2.6.12.. unstable abi.. *grr* :)08:23
mdzmjg59: ping?08:23
mdz(re: merging the hp stuff)08:23
thomdoko: indeed08:23
=== ironwolf_ [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenakspitti: it works..08:26
Treenakspitti: it looks ugly, but it works :)08:26
pittiTreenaks: define ugly?08:27
Treenakspitti: screenshot coming up08:27
Treenakspitti: http://foodfight.org/zut/Screenshot.png08:30
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@nafallo.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Nafallonewest Xorg didn't like me :-P08:31
pittiTreenaks: erm, what's wrong with this pic? I thought you would send me a hal-device-manager shot.. :-)08:31
Treenakspitti: hey!08:32
Treenakspitti: uh08:32
cartmanNafallo: it doesn't love anyone but daniels 08:33
Nafallocartman: hehe, true true ;-)08:33
Treenakspitti: reload08:33
cartmanNafallo: were you able to start it at least? :)08:34
cartmanNafallo: xinit was sitting here08:34
Nafallocartman: downgraded to hoary's xorg ;-)08:34
cartmanah -16 worked for me :-)08:34
=== jarjar_must_die [~CoreTex@adsl-69-110-5-197.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Nafallocartman: the damn thing had forgot my xorg.conf so I had to regenerate it.08:35
cartmanNafallo: ugh :/08:35
pittiTreenaks: uh, so that's where the empty string was...08:35
cartmanas bad as me installing nvidia drivers everytime Xorg updates :)08:35
cartmanto fix GL libs08:35
Treenakspitti: yes08:35
Treenakspitti: product info contains "CF CARD" "GENERIC", and 2 empty strings (it's a CF GPS in a CF-to-PCMCIA convertor)08:36
Treenaksand it has 2 serial port.. one which uses \r\n, the other only \n ... for THE SAME DATA08:37
Nafallocartman: well, when we have -21 I probably upgrade again ;-)08:38
cartmanNafallo: ah no way08:39
cartmanI won't be fooled this time :)08:39
cartmanxkb still borked already :/08:39
Nafallosomething does _not_ look as it should.08:39
=== netgrabber [netgrabber@host133-61.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== froud [~froud@ndn-165-128-37.telkomadsl.co.za] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Konversation]
dokoKamion, lamont: in debootstrap, libgcc2 should be added for hppa08:45
=== lamont asserts that Kamion will remember that
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@nafallo.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Goshawk [~Vincenzo@host21-102.pool8253.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tritium [~tritium@ee213-dhcp-9.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== KaiL [KaiL@p548F54B7.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz/Kamion/whoever: next time someone uploads ubuntu-meta, please add hppa to the list of architectures from ports.ubuntu.com.  kthxbye09:12
lamont(eventually, it'll be far enough along with ubuntu-desktop to make it worth actually adding on its own, but would be nice to get it automated early09:12
thomlamont: does firefox install now on hppa?09:16
=== maskie [~marius@196-30-108-143.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzjdub: have you worked out the schedule for gnome 2.12 yet?09:23
Riddellwouldn't it just be a copy the 2.8 schedule with the year bumped?09:30
ograRiddell, thats not KDE ;)09:30
Riddellogra: KDE doesn't have schedules, it's just released when we get good vibes09:31
ograhmm, not very reliable....09:32
=== AFK-Wolf [~hidden@136.15.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Burgundaviaas a second to the time based one, I like inkscapes feature based one09:32
AFK-WolfGuys, I just cleanly closed down ubuntu hoary, rebooted, and now I can't mount my / partition, grub error 1709:33
HiddenWolfcan anyone give me any pionters on what the F is going on?09:35
BurgundaviaHiddenWolf, this channel is for when you find a fix for it, #ubuntu is for finding that fix09:36
HiddenWolfBurgundavia, Give me any clue on what the F could have gone wrong, and I'll happily file the bug09:37
opitest installation of breezy in VMWare hurst :(09:38
lamontthom: dunno yet09:40
lamontit built09:41
=== shaya [~spotter@dyn-wireless-246-211.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontSetting up firefox (1.0.4-1ubuntu2) ...09:41
lamontUpdating mozilla-firefox chrome registry...E: Registration process existed with status: 109:41
lamontE: /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/installed-extensions.txt still present. Registration might09:41
lamont+have gone wrong.09:41
lamontmv: cannot stat `/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults.ini': No such file or directory09:41
lamontdpkg: error processing firefox (--configure):09:41
lamont subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 109:41
lamontuh, no.09:41
shayaanyone running 2.6.10-5-686 here?09:41
lamontor could a corrupt chroot cause that?  that is, do I need to start with something pristene09:42
shayaI think the kernel headers are broken09:42
shayainclude/linux/version.h has #define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.10"09:42
shayawhich is wrong09:42
shayashould be #define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.10-5-686"09:42
shayavmware refuses to compile b/c of that09:42
fabbioneshaya: holdon09:42
lamontvmware built for me just fine09:43
lamontdo you have linux-headers-2.6.10-5-686 installed/09:43
fabbione#define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.10-5-686"09:43
\shRiddell: are u having sometimes hickups with amarok?09:43
fabbioneno the headers are fine09:43
fabbioneyou are pointing to the wrong header directory09:43
shayaroot@dent:/lib/modules/2.6.10-5-686/build/include/linux # dpkg --status linux-headers-2.6.10-5-686 |grep Installed09:43
shayaInstalled-Size: 1760409:43
Riddell\sh: not on hoary09:43
Riddell\sh: which engine?09:44
shayaVersion: 2.6.10-3409:44
\shRiddell: some mp3s are bugging amarok...it stops responding..but no crash09:44
shayafabbione: eh?09:44
fabbioneshaya: /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10-5-686/include/linux/version.h says otherwise09:44
thomlamont: no, unlikely to be a corrupt chroot, sadly09:44
\shRiddell: arts09:44
lamontthom: bummer.09:44
thomlamont: oh well09:44
\shRiddell: but xmms is running fine09:44
lamontfix that? kthxbye.09:44
fabbioneshaya: #define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.10-5-686"09:44
Riddell\sh: try installing akode-mpeg from universe or use the amarok-xine engine09:44
shayafabbione: I edited it to that09:45
shayaand it works09:45
shayagot vmware built09:45
fabbioneshaya: that is out of a default install09:45
\shriddell: i will try...09:45
shayashould UTS_RELEASE and uname -r be the same thing?09:46
fabbioneshaya: apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.10-1-68609:46
lamontmore /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-686/build/include/linux/version.h 09:46
lamont#define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.10-5-686"09:46
lamontand are09:46
=== pablof [~kurumin@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontshaya: of course, this is really a #ubuntu question....09:46
shayashrug, dont know why mine is screwed up09:46
shayabroken header package is #ubuntu?09:46
lamontshaya: did you pull headers from /usr/src. or from /lib/modules?09:47
shayaI already built vmware09:47
fabbionelamont: the one from /lib/modules are a symlink to /usr/src09:47
lamont(this would be the channel to discuss your patch to fix the bug...)09:47
shayaI said how I fixed it09:47
shaya<shaya> should be #define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.10-5-686"09:48
lamontfabbione: why so it is...09:48
lamontshaya: and it is that in the package\09:48
lamontthat is, there's no bug'09:48
shayanot in what I had installed09:48
shayareinstalling and seeing what happened09:48
shayareinstalled version is correct09:48
fabbionelamont: UTS "2.6.10" doesn't appeare anywhere09:48
shayavery very weird09:48
fabbionethe minitmum is 2.6.10-509:48
fabbionefrom generic headers09:49
shayavery very weird09:49
lamontshaya: np09:49
fabbionedown to 2.6.10-5-$flavour09:49
shayawhy is EXTRAVERSION in the Makefile not set?09:49
lamontshaya: because that's done in the build rules09:49
JaneWREMINDER: there's a spec tech board meeting starting on the hour - 20:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting09:50
shayaI guess modules are still installed in correct place, so not a big deal09:50
mdztech board meeting on #ubuntu-meeting in ~10m09:52
=== mvo [~egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== xuzo [~xuzo@bolgo.cent.uji.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
camilotelles /join #ubuntu-meeting09:56
zuluh not exactly09:56
lamontKamion: I think palo will need partman-palo added to the installer seed as well.... thoughts?09:57
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Kamionlamont: quite right, done10:23
=== bradb_ [~bradb@MTL-ppp-146985.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== opi_r [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontdaniels: xscreensaver looks to be a dpkg-victim, maybe.10:32
lamontchecking for X11/extensions/XScreenSaver.h... no10:33
lamontmaybe not.10:33
fabbionelamont: wrong build-deps mostlikely10:33
Kamionor perhaps include path10:35
=== astharot- is now known as astharot
Kamiondoesn't build-dep on libxss-dev; I'm surprised that wasn't caught in hoary10:36
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=== opi_r is now known as opi
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surakwatching what's going on at #ubuntu-meeting10:47
Nafallosurak: TB :-)10:48
surakyup :-)10:48
kikohow's it going up north, surak?10:48
surakmuch better today! I'm just testing it to not be embarrassed in front of all because something I forgot :-D10:49
=== cassidy [~cassidy@f1-pc174.ulb.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
surakkiko: do you have a spare machine to try the installer? one which the hard drive contents are not important?10:54
kikosurak, hummm. hmmmmm.10:54
suraksomething to screw on? :-)10:54
kikosurak, I could set one up, but that's a bit of extra work for me -- you guys don't have test boxes there?10:55
surakI suppose it can work in a virtual machine, as long as the virtual machine hard drive can be 'safely' destroyed10:55
kikoit can always be safely destroyed.10:55
surakwe do10:55
kikoI have a P233 we could test on, problem is finding an intern willing to do it :)10:55
surakI'm already testing it on two of them10:56
kikohow's it looking?10:57
surakCurrently it just screws the partition, unless they are windows (then I resize them)10:57
KamionI just committed auto-resize code to partman-auto today10:57
Kamionideally you guys would be using that10:57
surakIll change it then10:58
Kamionfiguring out how to use partman(-auto) code will be a reasonably-sized chunk of work though10:59
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siretartKeybuk: I read that you are the guy who wrote MoM (merge o matic). It rocks. I wanted to have a closer look for a few local packages in a custom installation. Is the source for it available somewhere?11:12
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Keybukno, it uses a lot of code that we're planning to open source as part of the HCT project11:13
Keybukso today it isn't available, but it will be eventually11:13
seb128Keybuk: speaking about HCT ... gdm?11:14
siretartah. ok. but, whats HCT?11:14
Keybukseb128: am preparing a release today/tomorrow :)11:14
Keybuksiretart: a tool to manage source packages in revision control11:14
seb128I'm waiting on it to work on gdm ... :)11:14
siretartKeybuk: woah. sounds great!11:15
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suraklast testing, so I can show the script.11:17
srbakerhow do i ask dpkg what package owns /usr/lib/libGL.so ?11:17
srbakeri forget11:17
Keybuksrbaker: dpkg -S11:17
srbakerthat,s i kept trying dpkg -L11:18
Keybuksiretart: and, to be honest, is isn't that hi-tech; it basically downloads three packages and does some diff/patch to make a fourth11:18
siretartKeybuk: jupp. but the output is nice, and I don't want to reinvent the wheel ;)11:19
kikosurak, woo woo11:23
surakkiko: Let me finish the grub process and I'll paste the partition destructor over here :-)11:24
surakhum... I wrote something in portuguese. bad bad bad.11:25
=== ogra hopes surak thinks about renaming that part
ograbut at least some cool icons come to my mind for that name :)11:26
surak /s/destructor/ubuntu-express-installer :-)11:26
kikopartition destroyer, hmm, has an interesting ring11:27
mdzmvo: ping?11:27
mvomdz: pong11:27
mdzmvo: what patchlevel should I merge to get the current apt in breezy?11:27
mvomdz: just get all of apt--fixes--011:27
kikomvo, did you reach closure on the directory output crud?11:27
mvokiko: mdz is the last authority here :)11:28
srbakerubuntu-express-installer?  what's that/11:28
dholbachhttp://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuExpress iirc :-)11:29
surakits your personal partition destructor :-D11:29
srbaker*my* personal partition destructor comes in a twelve pack of bottles11:30
surakwill, it's being my one for a week now..11:30
ograsurak, i'll take over after you destroyed all your disks then ;) to make a nice ui11:31
surakthe damage is much more recoverable whan a 12-pack :-) as least in my test machines11:31
mdzmvo: ok. also, will the apt transition be completed today?11:32
mdzmvo: I can't seem to get all of apt/synaptic/aptitude/etc. upgraded together11:32
mdzaptitude still depends on libsigc++-1.2-5c10211:32
surak /s/whan/than11:32
mdzmvo: that's otavio's apt--fixes, or yours?11:32
ograKamion, ping ?11:32
mvomdz: my fixes branch11:32
mvomdz: I carefully picked the good bits out of otavios branch, not all of it was ready11:33
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mvomdz: aptitude upgrade seems to work for me, I get, what's your version?11:34
suraksomething I was to ask for days: should a user be created or the ubuntu one is fine?11:34
Kamionogra: pong11:35
Kamionsurak: ubuntu user should be removed and a new one created with proper name and password11:35
ograKamion, seed change for mono ? do we have to upload again for that ?11:35
Kamionthe installer has code to do the latter11:35
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Kamionogra: no, you don't need to upload11:35
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Kamionlamont: (xlibmesa-glu-* shows up in rene's partial NBS list)11:36
Kamionogra: what packages need to be seeded into main?11:37
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ograKamion, we are still discussing the apps, but for now mono and gtk-sharp are a go....11:37
ogratseng, ping11:37
tsengogra: pong.11:37
tseng + monodoc11:37
ograah, yes....11:38
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tsengthat will be pulled in as a gtk-sharp dep possibly11:38
ogratseng, anything we additionally need for dbus ?11:38
tsengi havent really read up on the seeds11:38
ograoh, gecko-sharp for aure11:38
tsengogra: no we need mono-in-main11:38
tsengwe can ignore gtksourceview-sharp1 i think11:38
tsengsince no one is using it afaik11:38
Kamiondon't think about it too hard, just list the packages you want and don't worry about dependencies in general11:39
Kamionas in the top-level packages11:39
ograKamion, i'll mail you a list then11:39
robertjif mono geos in main, does beagle as well?11:39
tsengrobertj: we will see what 0.0.10 looks like11:39
ograand probably some other mono apps11:39
Kamionrobertj: not automatically, but it's a major part of the rationale for mono-in-main11:39
tsengi am confident it will be alot more sane11:39
tsengand I can propose for main at that time11:40
tsengim not comfortable with the dbus version as it stands11:40
tsengall indications are beagle will be much more stable soon.11:40
robertjwhy not stick in the dbus and then drop out in a month if things are looking bad?11:40
robertjerr dbus version11:41
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ograrobertj, because half of our system depends on dbus11:41
tsengheh yes :)11:41
ograat least on the desktop11:41
robertjogra: but dbus doesn't die a horrible death if beagle misbehaves does it?11:42
ograrobertj, nope, but we cant just juggle with the versions here.... even with mono in main goes a bigger responsibility then in universe11:42
tarvidmy 3c556b card throws vortex_probe1 fails. Returns -22. Any hope of debugging that?11:43
ograsince it has to be supportable for 18 months11:43
surakKamion: I need now to worry with what happens after the machine boots - everything is borked.11:43
robertjogra: yes, but what I'm saying is that if it goes in now, and we have to revert to fam in a month, that should still leave plenty of time for things to fall into place, no?11:43
kikomdz, when will you have time to give me a ring? :)11:43
ograrobertj, fam ?11:44
tsengjdub: new gamin, dude.11:44
ograrobertj, fam is dead since hoary....11:44
Kamionsurak: need a bit more detail to help :-)11:44
robertjogra: errr, fam++11:44
ograrobertj, even inotify is fine....11:44
ograno need to worry about that....11:45
tsenginotify is fine in breezy11:45
ograkiko, you want to marry ?11:45
robertjand beagle does play nice with just inotify now?11:45
robertjso why not have that as the fallback position, try for something a bit more aggresive, and bail out in a set timeframe if its a no-go11:46
tsengwe need to update gamin first11:46
tsengbefore even talking about it.11:46
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tsengthe gamin inotify backend in the current ubuntuized package is pretty suck11:46
tsengthe new one is much improved11:46
robertj(speaking of suck...I got Tiger today and Spotlight is kinda sucky as well)11:47
tsengi would be comfortable proposing turning inotify back on for breezy once we get that in..11:47
tsengreally up to kernel team11:47
robertjTechnically it's fine but it doesn't query any non-local backends for the address book and that sort of thing11:47
KamionI thought inotify'd already been turned back on in the 2.6.12 kernel packages11:48
ograyep it has11:48
tsengi didnt notice that in the changelogs, but its quite possible11:48
zulKamion: it has11:48
tsenghm great.11:48
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srbakerwhoa.  joey's a little bitter today.11:52
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JaneWquick question and please don;t point me to #ubuntu but if I set my laptop to hibernate in ubuntu, when I restart must I use the normal boot up or recovery mode?11:56
elmoJaneW: #ubuntu11:56
tsengelmo: cold.11:56
KamionJaneW: normal11:56
elmojanew: [you realise I stopped reading after "don't point me to #ubuntu right? :-P] 11:56
Kamionrecovery mode basically just boots into single-user mode11:57
JaneWelmo: knew you would, it was  decoy :P11:57
JaneWok, think is I never get out of hibernate mode smoothly, and certainly not if I change networks in between...11:58
makocommunity council meeting in a few minutes in #ubuntu-meeting11:58
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