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zulfabbione: those video msleep patches have been pushed upstream12:37
mjg59fabbione: Not massively urgent, but it would be good to get them tested soon01:18
mjg59It can wait a while01:18
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mdzany reason to keep linux-source-2.6.11 around in breezy?01:59
zuli dont see why not imho02:03
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zulhmmm...there is usb suspend/resume config option03:12
zulfabbione: you around?05:22
zulhey lamont 05:56
zulhow goes it?05:56
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fabbionewe can upload the kernel today!06:17
fabbioneamazing :)06:17
fabbionelamont: did you try to build on hppa?06:18
fabbioneit might need some config tuning06:18
lamontfabbione: not yet, but it should be happy06:19
fabbionehmm i am not sure about OCFS206:19
lamontthe hppa buildds have been busy....06:19
lamontyou want a test build?06:20
lamontis not a big deal06:20
fabbionewell if you are happy with a possible failure, it's ok with me :)06:20
fabbioneOCFS2 did fail on ia6406:20
fabbioneup to you06:20
lamontthis week I'm not overly concerned with a failure, although it would be nice if it just worked,.06:20
fabbionehow long does it take to build?06:21
lamontlinux-source-2.6.12:    03:07:47 (12 entries, sigma 01:42:01)06:21
fabbioneor better.. will you stay awake long enough to see the results?06:22
lamontbut gcc-4.0 is ahead of it.. :-(06:22
fabbionehmm ok06:22
lamontlast build was just under 7 hours...  we're 4 hours into that06:23
lamontso it's more one of I'll be awake to see the results...06:23
lamontjust upload without worrying about hppa - if it dies, we'll fix it in the next round06:23
fabbionei guess you won't last 6 hours :)06:23
lamontI plan to be awake again in about 7 hours.06:23
fabbionealso because i have another set of patches to push pretty soon in .1206:23
lamontso, no.  no plans to last 6 hours.06:23
lamontit occurs to me that doing a test build in hoary probably doesn't really cut it.06:24
lamonthence the gcc-4.0 is first06:24
fabbionewell i am pretty sure i did catch all the dpkg-ar fuckage06:25
=== lamont does a mass-giveback on debian/{hppa,ia64}, just because he can
fabbionewell yeah we can upload 2 kernels in a raw :)06:25
lamont149 packages06:25
fabbionei will soon need to do that on sparc here06:25
lamontmany of which have been superseded, I expect06:26
fabbionei am letting the buildd to do as much as it can out of main06:26
fabbionebefore giving back half of it06:26
lamontI abused my local mirror into having source bolted on the side of the archive, so that I could build all of the cxxlibs, modulo missing build-deps.06:26
lamontI'd like to get main/cxxapps building this week, will deal with getting a real buildd running sometime after June 1.  :-)06:27
lamontMay 23 22:27:32 buildd: breezy: total 251 packages to build. :-(06:27
fabbioneahha only 251?06:27
fabbionei have like 2250 in the queue :)06:28
lamontTotal 52 package(s) in state Building.06:28
lamontTotal 44 package(s) in state Dep-Wait.06:28
lamontTotal 11 package(s) in state Failed.06:28
lamontTotal 795 package(s) in state Installed.06:28
lamontTotal 251 package(s) in state Needs-Build.06:28
lamontTotal 12 package(s) in state Uploaded.06:28
lamontTotal 1165 package(s)06:28
lamontit's not a full mirror06:28
fabbioneoh that's only main06:28
fabbionei figured that banning a few things from auto build is good06:28
lamontand doubtlessly has several hoary packages in there - I'm going to need to fetch the w-b output from p.u.c sometime and see what the actual archive is missing, and force that through06:28
fabbioneand i just build them manually in parallel06:29
lamontthat's most of main (minus kde), and all of cxxlibs.txt's packages06:29
fabbionethat's not too bad06:29
=== lamont has 2 machines chunking along at it... one that runs at about 20-25% of the other.
lamontseveral of the failed are 'needs hppa love'06:30
fabbioneisn't T-bone helping with hppa at all?06:30
lamonthaven't seen t-bone recently06:30
fabbioneneither did i06:30
fabbionei think i have seen only a few packages that needs real sparc love06:30
zulfor a kernel debug image you would have to fuck around with kernel-package wouldnt you?06:32
fabbionezul: why?06:33
zuli was just looking at the roadmap agaim06:33
zuli was thinking of having a dbg directory in debian/config and something like linux-image-2.6.12-x-dbg-686 or whatever06:37
fabbionezul: we will do something like config/i386/686-dbg or 386-dbg06:38
zulthat works..06:38
fabbioneit will be a normal flavour with all the possible debugging options turned on06:38
zuli was going through the debug options and have a list kind of06:39
fabbionewe might want to consider to add some kgdb patch to it, or whatever06:39
zulyeah 06:39
zullol....i like instruction number 2 http://www.ready.gov/nuclear_visual.html06:45
fabbioneService Unavailable06:47
zulstupid americans06:48
zulexcept lamont06:48
zulfor nuclear blast...06:48
zulinstruction #2...consider if you can get out of the area06:48
dilingeryea, stupid americans06:49
zuland everyone else...06:49
zuloh crap im in soo much trouble now :)06:49
lamontthey write those for the lowest common denominator06:49
zuli know but its funny06:50
lamontwe still chuckle about the instructions on a catch-allive mouse trap we bought a while back...06:50
lamontdisposal instructions began "go to a place where mice are needed"06:50
dilingerlamont: why they'd want to preserve the health of the lowest common denominator, instead of letting nature take its course...06:51
lamontdilinger: they want to give him enough confusion to have him outside debating when the wave hits... who said anything about preserving him06:51
lamontwell. sleepybye time06:53
fabbionenight lamont06:53
fabbionethat stuff is sick06:53
fabbionea nuclear explosion done at ground zero can mechanically destroy everything in a few miles radius06:54
fabbionewithout taking into account the heating generated by the explosion that would melt down basically everything06:54
fabbionethe fallout will do the rest 06:54
fabbionethis without taking into account the other 2 options of making an underground explosion (more mechanical destruction, less fallout) or in air detonation (less mechanical - much more fallout)06:56
zulof course you have this all planned out dont you :)06:56
fabbioneno, but the picture gives the feeling that walking a few yards away from the explosion is enough :)06:57
zulif you are a cockroach06:57
fabbionealso.. everybody had a nuclear radiation shield handy :)06:58
fabbionei always have one in my wallet 06:58
fabbionejust in case :)06:58
zuldont leave home without it :)06:58
fabbioneDON'T PUT CONDOM IN THE WALLET! they get ruined by the temperature! 06:58
fabbioneit's done in pure anti scratch metal06:59
zulmy nuclear condom for those special occasions06:59
fabbionei found this super hot girl.. almost radioactive...07:00
zulheh...i think im going to bed....night dude...i expect kernel built by the time i get up :)07:01
fabbionegood night07:04
fabbionei am going to upload 1.2 today07:05
fabbionewe need OCFS2 out for testing07:05
zulok even07:05
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fabbionehey JaneW 08:37
fabbioneJaneW: i was just waiting for you :)08:37
fabbionewe need a release name :)08:37
JaneWhi fabbione 08:39
JaneWfabbione: Merry Macadamia08:40
fabbioneworks for me :)08:47
fabbionedone :)08:47
=== fabbione does some baz dance
mjg59fabbione: Does this one have the acpi crack, or is that next time around?09:33
fabbionenext round...09:34
fabbionei am already merging them09:34
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | There are no kernel bugs.. only broken hardware | http://people.u.c/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/ playground: kernel-debian--pre1,3--
fabbionemjg59: i had to take this kernel out ASAP09:35
fabbionebecause i need tests on OCFS209:35
mjg59Sure, that's no problem09:35
fabbioneand the new version of GFS09:35
fabbioneme .. must .. find .. time .. package .. userland09:36
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fabbionethe GFS userland is a royal mess09:38
fabbionethe main issue is that there is part of it already packaged09:38
fabbionebut kernel and userland need to be in sync09:38
fabbionethat makes the other set of packages useless09:38
fabbioneHOLY JESUS!09:40
fabbionethe acpi patch is HUGE09:41
fabbionewhen you created the diffs, where they on top of what patch set?09:41
mjg59The version in the archive rather than the baz one, I think09:42
fabbioneok, did you apply them as last?09:42
fabbioneor first?09:42
fabbionethey both come from the bk acpi tree.. so i can mark them as "external"09:43
mjg59The second one isn't from the bk acpi tree yet09:43
mjg59It's from the mailing list09:43
fabbioneah ok09:44
fabbionewell i can still mark it as external09:44
mjg59I need to hack on it a bit more and submit it for that (need to get the _GTF method supported)09:44
fabbionehmm ok09:44
mjg59It makes several more machines work at the moment09:44
fabbioneand how many are going to break?09:45
mjg59It hasn't broken any of the ones I have access to09:45
fabbionei start to wonder how many laptops do you have...09:45
mjg596 with Ubuntu09:45
fabbionemy best guess is that you have one even in front of the toilet seat09:45
chmjmorning 09:46
fabbionehi chmj 09:46
mjg59And another one running the ubuntu kernel09:46
chmjthats a lot of laptops mjg59 09:46
mjg59chmj: Yup09:46
mjg59I tend to collect them...09:46
Mithrandirchmj: he's going to build a house of out them when he has enough.09:47
chmjMithrandir: I'd love to see that 09:47
=== mjg59 is expecting rather a lot more in the next month or so...
fabbioneMithrandir: ipw2200 1.0.4 is in09:48
fabbionei just uploaded the kernel09:48
Mithrandirchmj: either that, or he needs a new house for all the laptops.09:48
Mithrandirfabbione: rock on.09:48
mjg59fabbione: I need to feed you SATA suspend/resume support at some point09:48
fabbioneit will take a bit before it's on the mirror09:48
Mithrandirfabbione: universe for now?09:48
chmjmjg59: do you have any x40's ?09:48
mjg59Mithrandir: Odd you should say that...09:48
mjg59chmj: Only the one. I'm keeping it.09:48
fabbionemjg59: ok09:48
fabbioneMithrandir: yes09:48
mjg59fabbione: Currently SATA machines will entirely fail09:49
fabbioneMithrandir: the next one will go to main09:49
Mithrandirfabbione: *bounce*09:49
fabbionemjg59: SATA is a mess09:49
chmjmjg59: aah man, I trying to save for one of those, wish I had one :/09:49
fabbioneMithrandir: i had no time to give the kernel some d-i love09:49
fabbionegiven that we can push to main and start swithing to it09:49
infinityI heard that mjg59 was joing to mail me a T42, so I don't have to order one from IBM^WLenovo10:04
infinitySo, uhh...10:04
infinitymjg59 : Thanks!10:04
fabbionemjg59: bah 1.2 is FTBFS because dPATCH sucks10:05
fabbionei might as well get your patches in10:05
fabbionenow i understand why it was asking about some options I was sure i did pre-configure10:06
chmjfabbione: what was the decision, if any, on dpatch's removal ?10:06
fabbionechmj: yeah hopefully soon10:08
chmjfabbione: cdbs and I are mortal enemies though 10:16
fabbionechmj: i think i am going to add some sanity checks at build time10:19
fabbionelike lsdiff -H * |grep debian10:19
fabbionemjg59: your crack is FTBFS on ia6410:30
fabbione(at least..)10:31
fabbionethe others are still building10:31
mjg59fabbione: Oh, cock. Hang on.10:31
mjg59fabbione: In drivers/char/agp/hp-agp.c?10:32
fabbioneIn file included from drivers/firmware/pcdp.c:18:10:32
fabbionedrivers/firmware/pcdp.h:48: error: field `addr' has incomplete type10:32
fabbionedrivers/firmware/pcdp.c: In function `setup_serial_console':10:32
fabbionedrivers/firmware/pcdp.c:27: error: `ACPI_ADR_SPACE_SYSTEM_MEMORY' undeclared (first use in this function)10:32
fabbionedrivers/firmware/pcdp.c:27: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once10:32
fabbionedrivers/firmware/pcdp.c:27: error: for each function it appears in.)10:32
fabbionemjg59: ok.. no panic.. i will upload 1.3 without the patches10:32
mjg59Damnit. Ok, I'll take a look10:32
fabbioneso we can workout them properly10:32
fabbionewell if it's not too much work i can wait10:32
fabbionethe others need to build anyway10:33
=== mjg59 had tested x86
fabbioneyeah i am building amd64 and ppc too10:33
fabbioneit's probably a missing include or something10:33
fabbioneit should be simple to fix10:33
mjg59Yeah, it's a missing acpi include10:33
mjg59Goddamnit. You'd think Intel would actually test on their own hardware.10:34
mjg59        struct acpi_generic_address     addr;10:34
fabbioneinclude/acpi/actypes.h:#define ACPI_ADR_SPACE_SYSTEM_MEMORY    (acpi_adr_space_type) 010:34
fabbionelet see if that helps :)10:34
fabbioneIn file included from drivers/firmware/pcdp.c:15:10:36
fabbioneinclude/acpi/actypes.h:95:2: #error ACPI_MACHINE_WIDTH not defined10:36
fabbioneinclude/acpi/actypes.h:203:2: #error unknown ACPI_MACHINE_WIDTH10:36
fabbioneno it doesn't10:36
mjg59fabbione: Try just including acpi.h10:38
mjg59Uh, acpi/acpi.h10:38
fabbione#include <linux/acpi.h>10:38
mjg59Ooh, handy, Jeff's just posted a new libata suspend/resume10:38
mjg59Ok, yeah, linux/acpi.h should do10:39
fabbioneoh there10:39
fabbioneit builded10:39
mjg59It's possible that there'll be another couple of them10:39
fabbionethe point is.. why did it break on ia64 and not on the others?10:39
fabbionewill this fix break other stuff?10:39
mjg59That's an IA64-only driver10:39
fabbioneah ok10:39
mjg59It's likely that they've fixed all x86 stuff10:40
fabbioneno wonder :)10:41
mjg59fabbione: And PPC shouldn't have been touched10:41
mjg59(with luck)10:41
fabbionemjg59: it's building :)10:42
fabbioneother than the usual random ppc sigkills....10:42
svenlfabbione: why does breezy's make-kpkg tell me the just unpacked 2.6.11-rc4 tree is not a linux toplevel directory ? 10:44
fabbionesvenl: i have no idea.. works here10:45
svenlit tells me a warning about the cramfs patch.10:47
svenlfabbione: on pristine upstream 2.6.11-rc4 ? 10:47
fabbionesvenl: no idea. i don't even have 11rc4 here10:47
svenlerr, 2.6.12-rc4 obviously.10:48
svenlfabbione: should i fill a bug report ? 10:48
fabbionesvenl: i am not even sure what you are trying to do.. 10:48
fabbionecan you at least10:48
fabbione1) show me what you are trying to do10:48
fabbione2) how10:48
fabbione3) the full error10:48
mjg59svenl: 2.6.*11*-rc4?10:49
mjg59Oh, soryy10:50
svenlfabbione: i am trying to compile a kernel without cpufreq to track the sleep bug i and benh have been seeing with the latest ubuntu kernel in breezy.10:50
svenlfabbione: the bug is : when waking from sleep, the box shuts down.10:50
svenlsven@tael:~/kernel/linux-2.6.12-rc4$ make-kpkg --revision 1 --append-to-version -sven kernel-image10:50
svenlYou should invoke this command from the top level directory of10:51
svenla linux kernel source directory tree, and as far as I can tell,10:51
svenlthe current directory:10:51
svenl        /home/sven/kernel/linux-2.6.12-rc410:51
svenlis not a top level linux kernel source directory.10:51
svenl        (If I am wrong then kernel-packages and the linux kernel10:51
svenl         are so out sync that you'd better get the latest versions10:51
svenl         of the kernel-package package and the Linux sources)10:51
svenlPlease change directory to wherever linux kernel sources10:51
svenlreside and try again.10:51
svenl[Bsven@tael:~/kernel/linux-2.6.12-rc4$ ls10:51
svenlarch     CREDITS  Documentation  fs       init  kernel  MAINTAINERS  mm   README          scripts   sound10:51
svenlCOPYING  crypto   drivers        include  ipc   lib     Makefile     net  REPORTING-BUGS  security  usr10:51
fabbionehold on a sec10:52
fabbione  # See if we are running in a linux kernel directory10:53
fabbione  if ((!(-d "drivers" && -d "kernel" && -d "fs" && -d "include/linux"))10:53
fabbione      && (!(-d "dev" && -d "kern" && -d "fs" && -d "i386/include"))){10:53
fabbione    my @other_targets = grep (! m/^modules/, @ARGV);10:53
fabbione    if ($#other_targets != -1 || ! -d "include/linux") {10:53
svenli just untarred the 2.6.12-rc4 tarball from ftp.kernel.org, copied the default ubuntu .config, did make oldconfig, disabled cpufreq.10:53
fabbionethis is the check10:53
svenlfabbione: can you test it on your box or something ? 10:54
svenlfabbione: what is the :  && (!(-d "dev" && -d "kern" && -d "fs" && -d "i386/include"))){10:54
svenlfor ? 10:54
fabbioneit's like bash10:54
fabbioneif [ -d foo ] 10:55
svenlbut the first group is indeed kernel sources.10:55
svenlthe second line is strange.10:55
fabbionesvenl: i am checking.. give me a sec.10:55
fabbionesvenl: works here10:56
infinityThat check has been there for ages, and works fine.10:56
fabbionewhat version of the kernel package do yo heve?10:56
svenlwhatever was in breezy yesterday.10:58
fabbioneget ubuntu210:58
fabbionei uploaded yesterday10:58
fabbioneand please svenl, be always sure to have the latest stuff.. always :)10:59
svenlI don't get the message on sarge.11:00
fabbionesvenl: you need to upgrade11:00
svenlfabbione: one minute.11:00
svenlfabbione: are you making fun of me for running breezy ? 11:00
svenlfabbione: bah.11:00
svenlfabbione: sucks.11:01
infinityNo, he wasn't, but he probably should. :)11:01
infinityI don't run breezy yet, I just break it merrily.11:01
infinityAnd I know I'm not alone. :)11:01
svenlinfinity: i just got into that mess because i was trying to build the ppc64 biarch toolchain in the first place, to build ppc64 kernels.11:01
svenlinfinity: i know i need to reinstall.11:01
svenlinfinity: and it is worse, since i run beta biarch toolchain.11:01
infinityfabbione : Oh, the amd64 machine is up and running, BTW, should you need a testing bitch.11:02
svenlso, now apt-get is unhappy because i have libgcc 3.4.3-13ubuntu1 :/11:02
fabbioneinfinity: oh yeah... how many boxes do you have around?11:02
svenlfabbione: mmm, do i really need a separate cramfs patch, or did it make it upstream.11:03
fabbionesvenl: the cramfs patch has been there forever.11:03
infinityfabbione : Locally, only two.  The amd64 desktop from hell, and the i386 craptop.11:03
infinityfabbione : But I do most of my work on a remote PPC machine.11:03
fabbioneinfinity: hmmmmm11:03
infinity(And I can get a button bitch to reboot that one if I break it remotely, should that be necessary)11:04
fabbioneinfinity: you could play a bit with OCFS211:04
fabbioneeven in a single node cluster11:04
svenlfabbione: in that case, kernel-package should be patched to know about it maybe :)11:04
fabbionesvenl: dude... do you know what cramfs is used for?11:04
svenlfabbione: sure.11:04
fabbioneand in any case you can explain that to Manoj11:04
svenlfabbione: to read the initrd :)11:04
fabbionesince he is upstream11:04
fabbioneand the ubuntu patch is there only to deal with the new dpkg that is NOT in Debian yet11:05
fabbioneall the other stuff -> Manoj11:05
fabbionemjg59: In file included from drivers/char/agp/hp-agp.c:18:11:06
fabbionefails too11:06
fabbionelike you predicted11:06
svenlfabbione: ok.11:07
svenlBTW, do you have a packaged git already ?11:07
=== fabbione shakes Master ACPI mjg59
fabbionesvenl: it's in Debian and Ubuntu already11:08
fabbionemjg59: ?????? come on dude...11:09
fabbioneWAKE UP11:09
svenlfabbione: oh. ok.11:09
fabbioneinclude/asm/acpi-ext.h:15: error: parse error before "hp_acpi_csr_space"11:13
fabbionemjg59: i assume that acpi-ext.h is totally borked11:13
mjg59fabbione: acpi-ext.h should include acpi/actypes.h11:13
fabbioneyeah it seems to build11:14
=== fabbione updates the patch again
fabbionethat's not enough11:15
mjg59Same failure?11:16
fabbioneno much smaller11:16
fabbioneprobably it wants acpi/acpi.h11:16
mjg59Weird, the fix in -mm is just actypes.h11:16
fabbionefor the asm...11:16
fabbionebut the driver still fails to build11:16
mjg59What's the error?11:16
fabbione  CC [M]   drivers/char/agp/hp-agp.o11:17
fabbioneyeah with acpi/acpi.h goes on11:17
mjg59Ok, cool11:17
fabbionedo you still want the error?11:17
mjg59Nah, if it works then that'll do11:17
fabbionemjg59: amd64 is go11:51
mjg59fabbione: Excellent11:56
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fabbionemjg59: kernel uploaded02:24
=== fabbione does another baz dance
=== chmj laffs
fabbionelamont: 1.3 is on the way to the buildd's02:29
fabbioneyou might want to wait to build hppa02:29
fabbionei am tagging it now02:29
lamont1.3?  what happened to 1.2?02:30
fabbioneFTBFS because DPATCH sucks02:30
fabbionenot bad... 5 minutes into the buildd and 1.3 still didn't fail :)02:38
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | There are no kernel bugs.. only broken hardware | http://people.u.c/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/ playground: kernel-debian--pre1,4--
fabbionelamont: can you be so kind to tell me if 1.3 is building around?02:49
fabbioneso i can finish for now and come back in a few hours?02:49
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lamontbuilding *402:57
mxpxpodlast night I compiled the 2.6.12 kernel from breezy on hoary (powerpc) and ran into some problems with cpu frequency scaling... /sys/drivers/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor is unable to be opened or catted02:57
mxpxpodso powernowd won't start up02:57
mxpxpodhas this been reported?02:57
fabbionelamont: thanks02:58
fabbionemxpxpod: no and if you can't test it in breezy is pointless02:59
fabbionealso.. the kernel is in universe = unsupported (yet)02:59
mxpxpodthe sleep code for powerpc laptops in 2.6.12 is tons better than in 2.6.10 and I'd like to use it :(03:00
fabbionemxpxpod: sorry but i really don't have time to spend on half backports and stuff. benh knows it is broken03:00
mxpxpodfabbione: oh, he does?03:00
mxpxpodok, that's all I needed to hear :)03:01
=== fabbione goes off
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jbaileyfabbione: When you're back - do you have any thoughts on how to handle source drivers that aren't included in the kernel but would presumably need to be bumped with every release?03:15
jbaileyfabbione: I have someone asking for the spca5xx driver, which upstream doesn't seem to want to try and get into the kernel.  As long as it's not, I can't see us pulling it into main, but I'm curious what something like that would actually take.03:16
Mithrandirit's a fairly easy driver.  I'd love to see it in (since I need it for my webcam :)03:17
zuljbailey: * Add USB spca5xx driver:03:59
zul    - Add patch external-drivers-usb-media_spca5xx.dpatch.03:59
=== jbailey blinks
jbaileyI missed that one, obviously. =)04:00
zuli added it in the last upload04:00
jbaileyHmm, I guess I havne't updated.  My box is still running
jbaileyErr, no.  I updated this morning on anothe rbox and still don't see it...04:01
jbaileyzul: When was the last upload? =)04:02
zulgimme a sec04:02
zul12:25 gmt04:02
zulaccording to the breezy-changes list04:03
mjg59fabbione: New kernel has those patches?04:29
fabbionemjg59: yes04:42
mjg59fabbione: You rock. Thanks!04:42
fabbionemjg59: no problem dude.04:43
fabbioneamd64 is in :)04:44
fabbionenice nice04:44
Mithrandirshiny new crack?04:46
fabbioneMithrandir: quite a lot04:47
zulfabbione: that gcc4 fix didnt make it?04:53
fabbionezul: i didn't merge at all from you sorry04:54
fabbionei will for the 1.404:54
zulno problem...ill just add a bunch of stuff to 1,4 :)04:55
zulwhatever happened to t-bone?04:57
fabbionehe converted to gentoo05:00
fabbioneand he is probably porting gentoo to ia64 and hppa05:06
=== fabbione ducks
zulexcelent... build-686-dbg05:52
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zulback to poker..06:23
zulthere doesnt have to be like kernel-headers-dbg does there06:25
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zulbrb need to test the debug kernel09:12
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zuldang...so close yet so far away09:20
zuldbg kernel paniced on me saying it can mount my root partition09:31
fabbionefor your kernel panic09:46
dilingera penny for your kernel panic?10:02
zuldilinger: i turned on all the debug features in a .config for 2.6.12 and it paniced on me...10:03
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