dokohmm, libxau-dev and libxdmcp-dev are in the archives. strange, that they cannot be found ...12:07
dokolamont: ^^^12:09
lamontmissing buildd-deps, I bet12:10
lamontactually libxdmcp-dev is installed12:11
lamontno -I/usr/X11R6/include though...12:11
lamontgcc -c -fsigned-char    -I../.. -I../../exports/include   -Dlinux -D__powerpc__12:12
lamont+-D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309L                              -D_POSIX_SOURCE12:12
lamont+-D_XOPEN_SOURCE                                -D_BSD_SOURCE -D_SVID_SOURCE12:12
lamont+-D_GNU_SOURCE                            -DFUNCPROTO=15 -DNARROWPROTO12:12
lamont+-DHAS_SNPRINTF -DLIBX11                        -DPOSTLOCALELIBDIR=\"lib\"12:12
lamont+-g -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -g   -DUNIXCONN -DTCPCONN -DHAS_STICKY_DIR_BIT12:12
lamont+-DHAS_FCHOWN -DIPv6   -DX11_t -DTRANS_CLIENT -DFAIL_HARD   ConnDis.c -o12:12
lamontConnDis.c:38:23: error: X11/Xauth.h: No such file or directory12:12
=== lamont wonders if maybe they used to come from ../../exports/include
dokoyes, maybe ...12:13
lamontgst-plugins0.8 is ftbfs on ppc, btw12:13
dokolamont: lying, take a penalty card12:14
lamonton which?12:14
lamontah, was ubuntu2 that I looked at.   my bad12:15
lamontI am taking a penalty card12:15
dokotalking ;)12:16
dokohmm, but that isn't on the command line either12:17
dokoelmo: libestools1.2 (speech-tools) needs new/main love12:36
elmodoko: no, it needs to build12:38
elmocome on dude, these are things you can check yourself12:38
dokook, time to go to bed ...12:38
dokolibao is a *_GNU_TYPE victim ...02:12
=== rtcm [~jman@] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
=== lamont gets dragged off
dokoplease try to get pike7.6 and then swig1.3 in.02:40
danielsso, for what it's worth, -I/usr/X11R6/include won't gain you a thing03:34
danielsah, pkg-config and x11proto-core-dev03:38
danielsyeah, I remembered pkg-config while I was half-asleep, decided it wasn't worth getting back up for03:38
dokoheh, and the package is native03:41
danielsb-d-i vs b-d?03:47
danielsahr, stupid libGLw03:48
dokoyou did have Build-Depends-Indep, which is wrong, you build for architecture any, not all03:48
dokowould you mind writing down an email, what kind of things changed, which build-deps are likely to be replaced?03:50
danielshm?  it's only for two packages that I fucked up on04:00
dokono, in general: xinerama-dev needs to be added, xlibmesa-glu-dev -> libglu-dev-xorg, and so on ...04:01
danielsuhm, the xinerama-dev thing has been taken care of long ago, when we broke out xlibs-static-dev before hoary04:02
danielsthe only thing I've changed recently in terms of build-deps is xlibmesa-glu-dev -> libglu-dev-xorg04:02
dokoand libxau-dev was needed for libao ..., and a replacement for xlibmesa-dev, and probably unknown things. *please* write it down, not every MOTU knows about it04:04
danielsum, again, this has been around since before hoary04:08
danielsand there's no direct mapping04:08
danielsthere's just 'if it uses this, then it needs this, et al'04:09
dokoyes, *just*. please document it.04:13
dokogood night04:13
lamontmorning fabbione 06:12
fabbionedoko: gcc-3.3 did built fine :)06:41
fabbione3.4 starting now06:41
=== lamont sleeps
danielselmo: when you wake up, could I please have all of xorg's build-deps (in the newest versions) in concordia's chroot?07:05
fabbionehey daniels 07:06
fabbionedaniels: how difficult it is to switch a crappy Makefile to automake?07:06
danielsfabbione: not too hard ... program or library?07:07
fabbionea mix07:07
fabbionethere is a bit of everything :)07:07
danielsshouldn't be too hard07:07
danielswhat is it?07:07
fabbionered hat cluster suite07:08
danielsjust look at the packaging in xorg/lib/Xau07:08
fabbionetheir makefile system is totally retarded07:08
danielsand add bin_PROGRAMS = foo, foo_SOURCES = bar.c baz.c07:08
fabbionemeh dude... i add that to what?07:11
fabbionei know >< this much about autocrap07:11
fabbionei guess i will need to learn it07:13
danielsadd that to Makefile.am07:18
fabbionei am still puzzled by all the crap :)07:19
=== infinity was considering diving into autotools this week too..
infinityBut then I thought better of it.07:31
fabbioneinfinity: let's switch the kernel to autotools :)07:33
=== mvo [~egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
fabbionehey doko09:15
dokoPackage: x11proto-gl-dev09:15
dokoConflicts: xlibmesa-gl-dev (<< 6.8.2-19), xlibmesa-glu-dev (<< 6.8.2-19), libglu-dev-xorg (<< 6.8.2-19)09:15
dokowe did just change dozens of packages, now again?09:16
fabbionedoko: and you will keep changing them until the transition is completed09:17
dokono, I don't change them anymore, he can do it himself, 09:19
dokoand he doesn't want to document/tell the needed changes09:20
danielsi'm trying not to cause another ftbfs by waiting and testing09:23
danielsi can dump yet another version into the archive and see how that turns out, but I'd rather not09:23
danielsno-one needs to change anything09:23
danielslibglu-dev-xorg in -19 depends on x11proto-gl-dev09:23
danielsit's just an internal reorganisation09:23
dokoI'll only believe it, when I see it. does -19 fix xbase-clients?09:26
danielsand no, it won't, as I explained to you before09:31
danielsone version needs to get built and accepted, and then the next one will fix xbase-clients09:32
=== chmj [~d3vic3@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
danielsdoko: -19 source is uploading to chinstrap now, if you want to upload it then do that, but for the love of god test it in an up-to-date chroot first09:46
danielsi can't because my mirrors' mid-pulse, and I'm stuck in the middle of main -- can't debootstrap09:46
danielsi'm leaving soon and will be out for a few hours09:46
dokook, I'll ask elmo for build-deps on concordia, if that builds ok, then I'll upload it. can I start the build with -jN ?09:50
danielsfalls over badly when you try to parallelise it09:50
fabbioneis anybody using concordia?09:56
fabbioneor can i spin its load up?09:57
dokofabbione: no, please don't, trying to build xorg, when it's uploaded and build-deps are installed09:57
fabbionedoko: sure.. no problem09:57
dokodaniels: you have to fix xorg, to compete with fabbione for CPU time ;-)09:58
fabbionedoko: tsk :)09:59
fabbionedon't make me run -j40009:59
fabbionedoko: btw.. 80% of my load is disk I/O bounded10:00
fabbioneit's not all real CPU10:00
fabbionei have ccache configured on concordia10:00
fabbionedoko: but you are not even logged in on concordia!10:02
fabbioneoh great10:03
doko_when_ it's uploaded10:03
fabbionei hate DPATCH10:03
fabbione1.2 is FTBFS10:04
fabbioneFUCKING HELL10:05
fabbioneelmo: can you please install a sane version of vim in halley/breezy chroot? kthxbye10:23
=== _mvo_ [~egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
elmofabbione: done11:11
fabbioneelmo: thanks mucho11:11
dokoelmo: please could you install xorg deps on concordia/breezy?11:35
fabbioneelmo: don't :) i am building the kernel :P11:35
=== doko slaps fabbione ;)
elmofabbione: err, too late, sorry11:37
elmo(sorry, I really did start, like 20 mins ago)11:38
elmoI should have realised that's why it was going so slowly11:38
fabbioneahha :)11:38
fabbionedon't worry... i can stop if you need speed11:38
elmonah, it's cool, as long as it doesn't break your build11:39
fabbioneit shouldn't11:39
fabbionejust don't switch compiler version :)11:39
fabbionethat's enough11:39
elmodoko/daniels: done11:47
dokoelmo: please could you move libestools1.2 to main12:01
elmodoko: done, 30 mins ago12:01
dokofabbione, daniels: xorg -19 did cleanly build on amd64. I'm uploading the sources now01:06
fabbionedoko: hold on01:06
fabbionedid you change anything in the MANIFEST ?01:06
fabbionedoko: or can i see the diff please?01:07
dokonothing, see /home/daniels on chinstrap01:08
fabbionedoko: ok... seems alright....01:10
=== Seveaz [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
=== doko_ [~doko___@dsl-084-059-053-209.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
mvoit looks like the code in AM_GNU_GETTEXT is no longer working with 64bit/gcc-4.0. this caused aptitude to fail02:00
mvohas anyone seen that before?02:01
mvo^--- doko02:03
dokohmm, that should be fixed upstream?02:04
mvoI'll have a look02:06
jbaileymvo: I've seen it with g++, I think.02:08
mvothe bad code is:02:10
mvoreturn (int) gettext ("") + _nl_msg_cat_cntr + *_nl_domain_bindings02:10
mvoconftest.cc:100: error: cast from 'char*' to 'int' loses precision02:10
mvoand it comes from gettext.m402:10
mvoits just a matter to change it into long02:12
jbaileyYup, that's the beast.02:13
jbaileyYou need to run the gettext -f command or some such like that.02:13
mvo-f ?02:13
jbaileyFor some reason autoreconf -f -i didn't seem to be enough, I think because it calls autopoint rather than gettext (which seems a bit uselesS)02:13
jbaileyforce it to overwrite anything it had there before?02:14
jbaileyIf that doesn't work, ping me.  My brain is split a few other ways atm so I can't check it out.02:16
jbaileymvo: You will need to do an autoreconf after, though, to make sure that configure picks up the changes.02:16
mvoyes, I think it will work fine02:17
\shmvo: which package was it, where u had this error?02:39
mvo\sh: aptitude, it was fixed by using the latest gettext.m4 from the gettext package02:45
fabbionejbailey: impressive.. benc is on irc :)02:54
jbaileyShould we pounce and scare him away? =)02:56
\shmvo: was it something like this? check the last output of the build logs (http://hwdb.ubuntu.com/buildlogs/?show=http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/d/dar/2.2.1-1ubuntu1/dar_2.2.1-1ubuntu1_20050524-1145-ia64-failed.gz)02:56
jbaileyLast I heard from benc on IRC, he was doing fiarly well in a poker tournament.02:56
fabbionejbailey: i am already working on it.. but he has 23 hours of idle02:57
jbaileyHe's apparently not that far of a drive from here.02:58
fabbionejbailey: what are you waiting to knock on his door?02:58
jbaileyBut I think the border guards might question me having a body bound and gagged in the trunk to bring home with me.02:58
jbaileyNothing.  I've long ago accepted that I will get nothing useful out of him.02:58
lamontjbailey: that's why it's _very_important_ that he be quiet02:59
mvo\sh: let me check03:00
lamontand covered with coffee grounds, to confuse the dogs.03:00
jbaileyBetter that than poppy seeds...03:01
=== lamont figures border guarddogs are trained to alert on coffee as well...
jbaileyI'll do it at the Vancouver crossing.03:06
jbaileyBetween Vcr and Seattle, the guards would go nuts if they looked at coffee.03:06
jbaileyThe hard part is getting the trunk full of grinds up to body temperature so that he doesn't show up on a thermograph/03:06
mvo\sh: yep, just copy the gettext.m4 from /usr/share/aclocal/gettext.m4 to m4/ and call autoreconf (seems to work for me at least)03:06
jbaileymvo: That will probably work.  I usually prefer to update all of gettext so that at least I'm in a somewhat supported config.03:07
mvois there a wiki page about common problems with g++-4.0 and how to fix them? could be interessting for the MOTUs to share experience03:07
mvojbailey: runining "gettexize -f" ?03:07
mvojbailey: runining "gettexize -f -c"03:08
jbaileyADd -c03:08
lamontGroup.cpp: In member function 'std::string libfwbuilder::Group::_ZTv0_n16_NK12libfwbuilder5Group11getTypeNameEv() const':03:09
lamontGroup.cpp:55: internal compiler error: in cp_expr_size, at cp/cp-objcp-common.c:10103:09
lamontPlease submit a full bug report,03:09
\shmvo: ah .. u r my rescue :)03:09
lamontwoot.  same as arts03:09
\shmvo: i will try this workaround03:12
mvo\sh: jbailey advice is probably better, use "gettextize -f -c; autoreconf" instead of just copying the gettext.m4 file03:19
jbaileylamont: Still on hppa?03:20
mvo\sh: you can check the result by searching in the generated configure file. what should happen is: "return (int)gettext(""); " -> "return * gettext("")" 03:20
lamontjbailey: yes03:20
lamontit would appear that we have two instances of the same ICE03:21
lamontcouple more, and we can make a drink. :=)03:21
jbaileylamont: Do you have time to reduce it to a testcase?  Sounds like it might be time to punt it to upstream bugzilla.03:21
lamontI'll make time in the next day or two03:21
jbaileyI'm trying to remember is hppa-hpux is a secondary platform.03:22
\shmvo: first of all I get this after autoreconf: 03:26
\shconfigure.ac:17: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL03:26
\shautoreconf: /usr/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 103:26
\shapt-get install autobook for more brain autotools magic03:27
mvo\sh: dar?03:27
jbailey\sh: apt-get install libtool? 03:28
dokomvo: not explicitely, only references to the upstream release notes. Feel free to start one ;-)03:28
\shmvo: yepp03:29
\shjbailey: hmm...strange..03:29
mvodoko: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/GCC4CommonProblems03:39
dokomvo: ok, we need to link it ...03:41
\shgettextize -f -c is asking me to hit return ;)03:41
\shi should go home03:42
lamont\sh: that'd be bad for the autobuilder. :-(03:42
dokodaily aspell orgy ...03:44
mvodoko: updated and linked03:47
dokomvo: thanks!03:49
\shlamont: yeah03:49
\shmvo: did u see the same behaviour?03:49
\shi have to check again03:50
mvo\sh: about the return thing? yes. that's ok. just follow the instructions there and press ok. it needs to be done only once (and not on the buildd)03:51
\shmvo: so on the buildd this behaviour won't happen?03:52
mvo\sh no03:52
\shgood :)03:53
mvo\sh: :) the really interessting bit is "aclocal -I m4; autoconf"03:53
mvo\sh: feel free to add you experience to the wiki page!03:54
jbaileymvo: I think that's usually set through ACLOCAL_FLAGS or some such.03:58
jbaileyUpstream shouldn't trust that the user remembers to add -I m4 when running autoreconf.03:58
mvojbailey: ok, thanks03:59
\shmvo: autoreconf should call them all04:08
\shi need a faster package mirror04:12
\shde.archive.u.c is not fast enough with syncing ;)04:12
elmouse de.archive.u.uc as a fall back04:13
jbailey\sh: autoreconf seems to call autopoint now, which is a bit on the useless side.04:14
\shjbailey: soi u mean calling aclocal and friends "by hand" is better then to call autoreconf?04:14
jbaileyNo, autoreconf is always the right thing.04:14
jbaileyJust that in this case getting the gettext stuff updated seems a bit broken.04:15
jbaileyProbably because of the risk of screwing up C apis or something.04:15
dokoelmo: please could you install mysql-dfsg build-deps on halley/breezy?04:15
elmodoko: done04:18
danielsjust uploaded xorg -20 and I'm going to bed04:39
danielsthis means it's sure to FTBFS04:39
lamontdaniels: lol04:40
dokoxorg built while daniels was sleeping ;)06:28
=== cartman [foobar@cartman.developer.konversation] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
=== cartman [foobar@cartman.developer.konversation] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain
lamontIDLAny.cc:372: internal compiler error: in cp_expr_size, at cp/cp-objcp-common.c:10108:51
lamontthat's 3.  I guess I'd best start working on that testcase soon...08:51
jbaileylamont: Three instances at least makes it sound like it shouldn't be that hard to reduce.09:01
lamontjbailey: exactly09:05
lamont#3 was libfwbuilder09:06
dokoFailed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/hoary/Release  Unable to find expected entry  main/binary-hppa/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)09:25
dokoReading package lists... Done09:25
dokolamont: ^^^09:25
lamontyeah. no hoary/hppa09:26
lamonthoary/hppa is at http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/ubuntu-hppa/tree iirc09:26
dokook, ok, now to the breezy side of life ...09:26
lamontthat's at ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports where it belongs09:28
lamontand is slowly populating09:28
lamont37 packages queued up to sneak through the upload-straw09:28
fabbionei just trashed the gcc-3.4 build 3/4 of the way09:50
fabbionedoko: is it safe to start the build again with ./debian/rules build ?09:50
fabbioneit was running the testsuite when i did stop it09:50
dokofabbione: yes, if stamps/*build-stamp exists. do you want to restart the check?09:51
fabbionedoko: i basically did a killall make :)09:51
fabbionei didn't touch the source or the build dir09:51
fabbioneso i am just re-running ./debian/rules build09:51
dokoif you do not want to have tstresults, run WITHOUT_CHECK=yes debian/rules binary-arch09:52
lamontMay 24 13:34:08 buildd-uploader: Setting to Uploaded(breezy): eel2 09:54
lamontfabbione: you aren't planning to upload that abused child, are you?09:54
lamontevil evil man. :-)09:54
fabbionelamont: i plan to do a debdiff before uploading :)09:55
fabbione3 minutes to the meeting09:56
jbaileyThanks for the reminder. =)09:57
jbaileyHmm.  This is just the maintainer candidates review, right?09:57
dokoit was an "urgent" meeting ...09:58
jbaileyOh?  Hmm.09:59
dokofabbione, lamont: please add speech-tools, festival and firefox to the list of libraries to build first (sparc and hppa)10:00
fabbionei only have mozilla-firefox banned as application10:02
lamontdoko: actually the state of both architectures is that it's banned all cxxapps building... the rest just build as they come10:03
=== fabbione restarts gcc-3.4 build
fabbionei didn't like some scary messages while building the debs :)10:17
dokowhich ones?10:19
fabbionedoko: nothing to be worried about.. it was the interrupted build10:19
jbaileyHelps if I remember that it's a c++ compiler.10:31
jbaileydoko: Should be an easy fix for mysql.  Removing variable called 'new' from asm-ia64/atomic.h =)10:31
dokoheh, fine10:32
=== lamont wonders if anyone in particular has been babysitting the cxxlibs builds to get them fixed for xorg/dpkg pain
dokohey man, doing that for the last 5 days ...10:48
jbaileylamont: I see that there's a parisc CVS update for the kernel.  Is there a ChangeLog maintained for those patches?  It would be nice to know when it's time to see if some glibc stuf is happier.10:49
dokojabiley: ask on parisc-linux.org10:51
jbaileydoko: They're now on oftc, but yeah.10:52
fabbionedoko: now i am 100% sure... gcc on sparc is more strict than on other arches10:52
fabbioneand this sucks10:52
fabbionebig times10:52
fabbionecothreads.c: In function 'cothread_switch':10:53
fabbionecothreads.c:654: error: invalid lvalue in assignment10:53
fabbionemake[5] : *** [libcothreads_la-cothreads.lo]  Error 110:53
fabbioneon sparc is FTBFS10:53
fabbioneand that error is usually a macro on lvalu10:53
dokothat's 3.4?10:53
lamontfabbione: nah - it's that strict on others too10:53
fabbionethat's 4.010:54
lamontI have lots of those10:54
fabbionei have seen a few..10:54
fabbionebut why?10:54
fabbionegiven that is the same gcc and same code10:54
lamontbecause gcc-4.0 doesn't let you cast lvalues randomly10:54
Kamionthat line of code is #ifndef HAVE_MAKECONTEXT10:55
KamionI'm guessing sparc doesn't have that10:55
Kamion(or else the test is wrong)10:56
lamontdoko: figured you were.  was wondering if it was helpful for me to announce them as I trip over them, or if you're already just doing it and it's only channel-noise10:56
fabbione    GST_ARCH_SETUP_STACK ((char *) cothread->sp);10:57
jbaileydaniels: Hmm, the default path is now to /usr/bin/X11, but xbase-clients seems to still have things in /usr/X11R6/bin on ppc. =)10:57
fabbionethat's what gcc doesn't like :/10:57
=== fabbione hits seb128 with a sparc64 bat
jbaileyfabbione: Oo, did I miss something good? =)11:01
jbaileyOh, I see.  This is gstreamer.11:01
fabbionejbailey: it's all l-k-h fault!11:02
fabbione i know that!11:02
fabbioneyou are hiding it very well :P11:02
jbaileyfabbione: I try. =)11:03
=== jbailey waits for :03 to watch the lkh upload.
fabbioneit's already :04 :)11:04
jbaileyHmm.  /me reruns ntpdate.11:04
jbaileyWow, 49 seconds off.11:04
jbaileyOff an uptime of 3 days. =(11:05
fabbioneKamion: wow.. you did really a lot of magic in debootstrap :)11:05
fabbioneKamion: but really.. don't get too crazy about sparc, even if i really appreciate the extra work11:05
Kamionfabbione: that wasn't extra work11:06
Kamionfabbione: that was automatic :-)11:06
=== Kamion hugs ./breezy-update
fabbionei guess breezy will be a porting hell if Debian doesn't switch to gcc-4 soon11:11
jbaileyOr if they change the transition plan somehow.11:12
=== fabbione ponders the idea of making only sparc server
fabbionejbailey: can they? ;)11:12
fabbionelet see...11:12
fabbioneKamion for sure will not vote for a different plan...11:13
jbaileyfabbione: Depends if the release manager and ftp master decide that they hate Ubuntu that day... =)11:13
fabbionei know vorlon's wife.. that's like having vorlon's testicle in my hand11:13
Kamionit's been run past -release, no objections11:13
dokoheh, the plan was discussed on -release ...11:13
fabbionejvw owns me a few tons of beer11:13
fabbionewe can buy elmo11:13
fabbionedo we need anybody else? :)11:14
jbaileyJust doko, I guess. =)11:14
=== fabbione makes doko an offer he can't refuse
jbaileyI wonder how many packages in Debian will silently grow -#ubuntu# versions as lazy maintainers just upload the Ubuntu version. =)11:15
dokowe should switch to HEAD in unstable, it can compile KDE ;-)11:15
fabbionejbailey: almost nobody..11:15
dokoheh, pike7.6 was'nt prepared for an "ubuntu" in the release part of the version11:15
fabbionei am pretty sure they are too proud of their pure versions11:15
dokohmm, but xorg are the same packages, aren't they?11:16
fabbionenot that i know off at least11:16
fabbionehad 0 time to look at xorg in debian11:16
dokooh no ...11:16
Kamionthey're pretty similar11:17
Kamionthey've been merging changes back and forward AFAIK?11:17
fabbioneKamion: yes11:17
fabbionebut they are not the same11:17
Kamionand I was under the impression that they more or less imported Ubuntu packaging11:17
KamionI think doko meant "same structure"11:17
jbaileyfabbione: I thought of doing it with cdbs. =)11:17
fabbioneBranden is correctly over paranoid about maintainer scripts and code cleanup11:17
dokogcc-4.0 (4.0.0-8) experimental; urgency=low11:18
doko  * Synchronize with Ubuntu.11:18
fabbioneKamion: we are going modular... so there will be not much to share and i doubt daniels and Overfiend will agree on the same way of splitting or pkg names11:18
dokoKamion: same "-dev" packages would be very nice11:18
fabbionedoko: well that's because you upload both of them? :P11:18
fabbionedoko: i will try to play some mind jedi tricks to make that happen11:19
fabbionebut i am not sure i can manage11:19
fabbionethe 3 sides of the Force are all really strong11:19
fabbioneKamion: let's take over ubuntu and make it only a minimal server install! at least i will manage breezy with sparc :P11:21
Kamionfabbione: gravity seems to be the guy actually doing most of the xorg work in Debian?11:22
dokojbailey, the arch you wanted fix lkh for, did FTBFS11:24
fabbioneKamion: probably... i didn't even have the time to check out the tree11:25
fabbionei planned some debian work during the next weekend :)11:25
fabbionewife is away with scouts :)11:26
jbaileydoko: And how do you manage to see these so quickly after they happen? =)11:27
dokowell, I'm looking when I can safely upload next packages or poke lamont retrying some others, the read noise just hurd^Dts ;)11:29
dokoKamion: you did have a page with the status of installable/not installable packages. where?11:30
Kamiondoko: http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/testing/breezy_probs.html11:30
dokooops, the list got longer ...11:31
lamontKamion: would it be terribly painful to do another such report containing the scc architectures?11:31
Kamionlamont: it's on my list :-)11:31
lamontor maybe one-per report - hppa will look really ugly for a while.. :-)11:31
Kamionneed to knock something up on rookery11:31
lamontKamion: why is xorg 6.8.2-10 being used?  -20 should be in the archive...11:32
dokolamont: plese retry swig1.3 when the fire is out11:33
Kamionlamont: being used for what?11:33
Kamionlamont: oh, stale binaries I imagine11:34
dokohmm, that's just KDE11:34
Kamionthose are the latest versions of xlibmesa-glu-{dbg,dev} in breezy11:34
=== fabbione heads to bed
fabbionegood night11:41
jbaileyg'n Fabio11:45
=== ajmitch [~ajmitch@port162-41.ubs.maxnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-toolchain

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