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fir3Hi all12:14
fir3I need some help with my DVD drive...12:14
seth_kask away12:14
fir3...its not recognised by the kernel12:15
fir3"/dev/hdc" is missing12:15
kalenedrael1) are you sure it's /dev/hdc?12:16
fir3yes and the jumpers are set correctly12:16
fir3dmesg: NFORCE3-250: BIOS didn't set cable bits correctly. Enabling workaround.12:16
fir3strange isn't it?12:17
fir3dmesg: ide1: Wait for ready failed before probe !12:19
ijuzdid you jumper it master or cs?12:19
ijuzso retry with cs12:20
fir3for both drives?12:20
ijuzi has allready such odd things, it may help12:21
ijuzprobably also the cable is trash12:21
fir3well, maybe, but I really hate to say that: it works on windoze12:22
ijuzyes, unfortunally ide is a fpos with the documentation the same12:24
ijuzoh, one thing12:25
ijuzis the master at the end of the cable?12:25
seth_kslave in middle12:25
ijuz(it should be this way)12:25
fir3what is fpos?12:26
ijuzfucking piece of shit12:26
fir3it really is!12:26
fir3at least as long as it don't wirk12:26
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fir3I guess I'll really have to try another cable...12:28
fir3sick of trying now12:28
fir3thank you guys12:28
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tibalhi !12:34
tibalis it possible to disable the passphrase ask in Kmail on gpg signed mail sending ?12:35
=== claydoh [~claydoh@] has joined #kubuntu
tibali know it's unsecure... but only localy so what about typing a 35 caracters pass everyday12:36
seth_ktibal, not directly12:40
seth_ktibal, see http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_KMail_gpg-agent_kde12:40
seth_kgpg-agent is your answer12:40
tibalseth_k: tx i read it12:40
tibalseth_k: is it necessary to create ~/.kde3.3/env ? will ~/.kde/env work since i don't have any ~/.kde3.3/ ?12:43
seth_ktibal, that's a gentoo wiki, so yeah i'd adopt it for Kubuntu12:43
tibalseth_k: yes12:44
seth_kyou're welcome *sigh*12:46
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=== Mez slaps seth_k
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_freakhi all.01:35
_freakstupid question.  Is LINUX pronounced with a long i like the i in line or with a short i like the i in linen?01:38
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quickbrownfoxfolks. kubunto install freezes at "setting up xlibs"01:42
quickbrownfoxand on boot it freezes at "sysenter_past_esp"01:42
quickbrownfoxany ideas?01:42
KaiL_something is broken with a your disk or b your system01:43
KaiL_or c both *g*01:43
Mez_freak, actualluy, line... not linen... :D01:43
seth_kMez, it's not a long I O_O01:43
_freakuh oh.01:44
Mezseth_k, 01:44
seth_kit's 'lih-nux', not 'liy-nux', unless you're a brit maybe :D01:44
KaiL_seth_k: it is ;)01:44
seth_kI know, I know01:44
Mezpronounced same as the LINU in that01:44
=== seth_k searches
KaiL_but Tm_T might know better, he speaks the same language as Linus ;)01:45
seth_kmaybe it's a Missouri thing :D *everyone* I know uses hard I01:45
=== nxv_ [~nxv_@dsl-084-056-095-041.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
_freakI started a fight?01:45
quickbrownfoxKaiL_: that's quite broad :/01:45
_freakso, it's soft i like linen?01:45
seth_kdecide for yourself01:46
KaiL_quickbrownfox: do you have stabillity issues on other systems?01:46
quickbrownfoxKaiL_: no other systems to try it on01:46
seth_kdoes not sound like long I as in "drive" to me01:46
quickbrownfoxKaiL_: i'm on a laptop btw01:46
Tm_TKaiL_: wha?01:47
Mezno _freak, it's pronounced LINE UK01:47
seth_kMez, that's not what that link says...01:47
seth_klisten to the file01:47
Tm_Tit's Linux01:47
seth_kthanks, that helps :D01:48
seth_kthe recording almost sounds like LEE NUX01:48
Tm_Tseth_k: it's like "lenux" ;)01:48
_freakwe don't need a third uption01:48
_freakoption, too.01:48
seth_kTm_T: leenux or lenux?01:48
Tm_Tseth_k: say "unix"01:49
seth_kTm_T: lenux is a hard e, leenux is a long e01:49
seth_kyoo nix?01:49
Tm_Tyes, same "i" in linux01:49
seth_kI was right then01:49
=== seth_k laughs at Mez as Mez slinks off
seth_k:P j/k01:50
Tm_Twe pronounce letters quite straight way01:50
MezTm_T, if there's linus torvalds,01:50
Mezpromonuced line us01:50
Mezshoudldnt linux be line ux01:50
_freakI guess it wasn't a stupid question01:51
Tm_TI pronounce linus and linux same way01:51
KaiL_<Tm_T> we pronounce letters quite straight way << or better: as most europeans, but not the english people do? ;)01:51
Mezlin us?01:51
Mezyou dont promounce linus line us01:51
quickbrownfoxi don't think there are direct comparisons between the vowel sounds in Linus and those of the english language01:51
seth_kI pronounce Linus with short I01:51
sproingielinus pronounces it "leenoos"01:51
MezIt's lineus!01:51
quickbrownfoxthat's looks like linears01:52
KaiL_the english "e" is somewhat similar spoken to others "i"01:52
sproingiedamn furriner can't pronounce his own name ... they all need to learn 'merican and talk right01:52
KaiL_as in "english" ;)01:52
Tm_TKaiL_: yeah, somewhat01:52
MezI cant hear that01:52
Mezbut it's linus saying it01:52
KaiL_Mez: try the mp301:52
_freakthe open source communtity today was brought to it's knees today.  The question  long or short i.01:53
sproingieyou can't play a raw pcm wav?01:53
sproingiechances are you can01:53
Mezwell it;s taking ages :P01:53
Tm_Tfoooooood ;) ->01:53
sproingie_freak: that debate was over long ago, everyone pronounces it right now01:53
sproingieeven the media01:53
=== sproingie used to use a long I, but that was before hearing linus pronounce it
sproingiepersonally i think he shoulda stuck with the old name: freax01:54
_freakthat's easy.01:54
KaiL_sure? ;)01:55
_freakok, here's a question.  Anybody else having trouble with the apt-get repostories today?01:55
KaiL_sproingie: the pronounciation is somewhat "obvious" for most european people01:55
Tm_Tno vittu sanokaa lyhyt ii01:56
Mez_freak - read the topic01:56
sproingiedamn yooros can't speak 'merican neither01:56
MezWe are currently experiencing problems with the US and CA Ubuntu Mirrors01:56
=== ..[topic/#kubuntu:Mez] : http://www.kubuntu.org/~amu/kubuntu-5.04.2-i386-live.iso | Congratulations to motaboy on membership | KDE 3.4.1: deb http://kubuntu.org/hoary-kde341 hoary-updates main | Unofficial Kubuntu FAQ http://kudos.berlios.de/ | We are currently experiencing problems with the US and CA Ubuntu Mirrors | Wiki Transition Tuesday
Tm_Tand many other sites are "down" too01:56
Tm_Tlike kde sites01:57
_freakOh, that's what that meant.01:57
sproingiewhat the sam hell's going on?01:57
seth_kMez: US and CA mirror are the same machine01:57
MezSeth - I know01:57
_freakthought it was some irc thingy.  I'm a newb and half.  Sorry.01:57
MezI was quitoing the topic01:57
KaiL_one mirror for ~300Mio possible customers? ;)01:57
Tm_Tihme sakkia01:58
penguinboywhat does motaboy have membership to?01:59
Mezhe's ecome an ubuntu member02:00
seth_khe's a new Ubuntu Member02:00
penguinboymy name was never ont he topic line02:01
penguinboysniff sniff02:01
_freakdon't sniff too hard.  It's hot here.  I may stink.02:02
_freak(there's no 'may' about it)02:03
Tm_TI know it too well02:03
=== jeramy [~jeramy@dsl-139-209.aei.ca] has joined #kubuntu
_freakthanks for you help everyone.02:04
quickbrownfoxbuggery fuck. well i guess i just have to give up on kubuntu then02:04
penguinboyWelcome Jeramy...be careful....freakin's a stinkin'02:04
_freakfreaks a leavin.02:04
quickbrownfoxso far out of kubuntu, fc3 and suse, only suse has installed02:04
penguinboybye Freak!02:04
penguinboySuSE is always a good easy install02:04
=== incubii [~incubii@] has joined #kubuntu
quickbrownfoxfc3 just had some crazy error when starting the installer that i couldn't get around02:05
quickbrownfoxlinux has a way to go before it just works02:06
quickbrownfoxmaybe my being on a laptop doesn't help02:06
penguinboywhat went wrong with the Kubuntu install?02:06
quickbrownfoxfroze on setting up xlibs02:06
quickbrownfoxon boot it freezes at sysenter_past_esp02:06
penguinboyI had trouble with my install on my laptop too02:06
KaiL_quickbrownfox: amd64? ;)02:07
KaiL_penguinboy: what kind of laptop?02:07
quickbrownfoxmake? gericom02:08
penguinboyIBM Thinkpad R4002:08
KaiL_and what kind of trouble?02:08
KaiL_Gericom? Uhm... yeeees :)02:08
quickbrownfoxwhat's that supposed to mean :P02:08
KaiL_do you think, buying it was a good idea? *fg*02:08
quickbrownfoxit's was the best value when i bought it02:08
quickbrownfoxby quite a bit02:08
KaiL_...until you need a new Accu and they don't even react02:08
quickbrownfoxwell it's been fine for the past 10 months02:09
KaiL_that was mine too02:10
KaiL_2 more and it was dead02:10
Tm_Tei jaksa02:10
KaiL_asking for a new one? well, the shop ordered (that was in 2001)02:10
KaiL_no reaction until today02:10
quickbrownfoxwell one individual case is never enough to go on02:11
KaiL_Gericom is known to be very very bad quality...02:11
=== quickbrownfox hopes mine will last =]
KaiL_penguinboy: and what kind of trouble?02:12
penguinboyI partitioned my hardrive...installed....and then messed up the boot record...could not boot into Windows or Linux....took my forever to fix02:13
KaiL_quickbrownfox: what did you run on it before installing kubuntu?02:13
penguinboyif I could get Kubuntu to work with my wireless...I would dump Windows entirely02:13
quickbrownfoxsuse on the linux partition, and xp02:14
KaiL_penguinboy: I guess, the partition you used for kubuntu existed before? (or one with same size but other OS at the same place?)02:14
KaiL_quickbrownfox: was that stable?02:14
quickbrownfoxyes it was02:14
penguinboyyes Kail....the partition was used by Ubuntu02:15
=== _drake [~drake@c-67-164-146-242.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
KaiL_penguinboy: ok, then not the bug I saw02:17
KaiL_quickbrownfox: could you recheck, if the ISO you downloaded is ok?02:17
quickbrownfoxi verified the cd in the advanced installer02:17
quickbrownfoxand checksummed the iso when i downloaded it02:18
quickbrownfoxall good02:18
KaiL_penguinboy: http://madwifi.sourceforge.net/ - if my information about the WLAN chip is correct02:18
KaiL_quickbrownfox: did you try to install more than one time?02:19
penguinboythanks Kail!02:19
KaiL_maybe it was just some "wrong bit at the wrong place" situation? ;)02:19
KaiL_penguinboy: http://tuxmobil.org/ibm.html02:19
KaiL_there are around 40 howtos for the R40, maybe some of them help :)02:20
quickbrownfoxKaiL_: yes i did but after the second it messed up my partition table so i fixed that and deleted my linux partitions completely, then tried reinstalling02:21
KaiL_and broke both times at the same place?02:21
=== _drake [~drake@c-67-164-146-242.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
quickbrownfoxbetween the installations i resized some other partitions, so it probably didn't even use the same part of the hard disk02:22
KaiL_very strange, as there's nothing special done...02:23
quickbrownfoxwell i'm almost ready to label it as "one of those things" and wait till the next version and hope it doesn't happen again02:24
quickbrownfoxlike i'm doing with fedora02:24
=== rexykik [~knoppix@c-24-11-144-126.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
quickbrownfoxfc4 should be out today according to the schedule. i don't know if it's on schedule or not02:24
rexykikwhat is the command to make an ext3 filesystem?02:24
rexykikany switches?02:25
ijuzmany, but mostly the default is ok02:25
=== fasolla19 [~fasolla19@] has joined #kubuntu
KaiL_quickbrownfox: maybe you can find another computer to test the CD? :)02:25
rexykikwould it be mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda1 or /dev/hda02:25
penguinboy<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd">02:26
penguinboy<body>we are apt of borg - rpm is futile - you will be dpkg'ed02:26
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quickbrownfoxthere's another computer in the house but it's not really for fucking about with. i might try normal ubuntu and see if it's any different... though i prefer kde02:27
KaiL_lol (and this html bug sucks)02:27
KaiL_quickbrownfox: you can install kde on ubuntu, if nothing else helps - just install kubuntu-desktop02:28
quickbrownfoxif that works i'll stick kde on top02:28
quickbrownfoxbut for now maybe i'll just revise for my exams =] 02:28
quickbrownfoxthanks for trying kail. goodnight02:28
ijuzrexykik: /dev/hda1 most likely02:29
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
penguinboyHey Hey Monchy!02:36
monchyhey penguinboy02:36
monchyus ubuntu archive still fubar hey?02:37
penguinboyi think so02:38
=== apollo2011 [~apollo201@] has joined #kubuntu
monchydamn, wanted to get the codecs02:40
seth_kmonchy, just switch to http://archive.ubuntu.com02:40
seth_kmonchy, I think they've turned auth off for now, so it should work if you really want to use US02:40
=== _mae [~mae@dpc674653178.direcpc.com] has joined #kubuntu
monchyseth, archive was messing up as well :(02:46
monchyand yes i did update after changing my sources ;p02:46
=== _mae is now known as mae
=== delltony [~delltony@c-24-99-11-118.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
delltonyanyone here mind helping me get transcode installed so i can use dvd::rip?02:48
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=== liz4rd [~liz4rd@static24-72-76-248.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #kubuntu
liz4rddoes any one have a good repo list? 02:58
apollo2011I am trying to install Powermated for my Griffin Powermate, and when I compile it, I get this error: http://sial.org/pbot/1099703:00
apollo2011liz4rd: for?03:02
delltonyhey apollo2011 you ever messed with transcode?03:02
apollo2011try DVD Shrink under Wine03:02
delltonydang anyone besides me wanna convert my dvds to xvid03:03
delltonyi figure 3 dvds on one dvd is better tahn 1 :)03:03
ijuztranscode is also in the nerim.net repository03:03
ijuzas dvdrip03:03
delltonyi have dvd::rip installed03:03
delltonythe gui that is03:03
delltonybut its bitchin about transcode not being installed03:04
ijuzdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ sarge main03:04
liz4rdapollo2011: for apt...03:04
apollo2011ubuntu mirrors?03:04
delltonyok hang on03:04
=== Chameleon22 [~Chameleon@60-240-237-137-vic-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
apollo2011liz4rd: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Archive03:05
delltonyand you said transcode is relabled as dvdrip on that repository?03:06
ijuzno, but both are in the repository03:06
=== _smt is now known as sashmit
delltonyso apt-get install transcode?03:07
Mezijuz - I wouldnt recommend marillat, it breaks more things than fixes in ubuntu03:07
delltonyi keep getting dependency errors on transcode is why i was asking03:07
delltonytalking about libavcodec03:08
delltonyand i tried to install that but its no found anywhere03:08
=== _root [~root@stjh1-3027.nb.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
delltonydamn i give up i can' get this thing to install for crap03:13
=== jkeel [~joshua@kmc-ras1-p31.intrstar.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Tm_TK_ [travolta@a84-230-29-156.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
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spine55Can anyone point me to a howto upgrade the ipw2200 driver to the latest version? 03:41
=== grandpapriz [~grandpapr@rhhe30-32.2wcm.comporium.net] has joined #kubuntu
crimsunyou can grab the latest version from http://mirrors.kernel.org/debian/pool/contrib/i/ipw2200/ipw2200-source_1.0.4-1_all.deb03:42
crimsunthen you'll need to install build-essential, linux-headers-$(uname -r), and module-assistant03:42
crimsunthen you can install ipw2200-source_1.0.4-1_all.deb03:42
spine55thanks crimsum03:43
delltonyhey crimsun you had any luck with transcode by chance?03:43
delltonyor something that will allow me to convert vobcopied dvds to xvids03:44
crimsuntranscode doesn't build in sbuild due to missing build-dependencies in multiverse03:44
delltonyi have a bunch of dvds i bought that id like to put on a single dvd03:44
=== robert [~robert@] has joined #kubuntu
crimsunyou may be able to find it in ubp03:44
delltonyany suggestions?03:44
crimsunyou can either ask someone to backport it (if it's not already), or you can build it yourself03:45
delltonywell i downloaded he source and all but the configure screws me cause its wants the libavicodec.h or something like that 03:46
delltonyfrom ffmeg and i have installed ffmeg but i guess not the dev files i don't know its fustrating03:46
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seth_kapparently us mirror back up to par03:48
=== lmoretti [~lmoretti@CPE-65-26-218-197.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
delltonyconfigure: error: FFmpeg (libavcodec) required, but cannot compile ffmpeg/avcodec.h03:49
=== jkeel [~joshua@kmc-ras1-p31.intrstar.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Mezseth_k, you mean still broken?03:49
seth_kMez, no. Fixed. See #ubuntu03:49
seth_kcrimsun changed topic there03:50
lmorettiHi- New install- trying to install packages, using apt-get install, but I keep getting MD5Sum mismatches. (repository us.archive.ubuntu.com) 03:51
crimsunus.archive should be fixed03:51
seth_klmoretti, do an apt-get update03:51
=== FireEgl [Ariel@Atlantica.DNIP.Net] has joined #Kubuntu
lmorettiseth_k - still no go.03:52
lmorettifailed MD5s on libpango1.0-0_1.8.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb, libgnomecanvas2-0_2.10.0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb, libcairo1_0.3.0-1_i386.deb03:53
lmorettiI'm trying to install firefox.03:54
seth_khmm. Maybe you have bad downloaded versions of those? cd /var/cache/apt/archives and then sudo rm the three packages, then try apt-get again?03:54
lmorettithey arn't there.03:56
lmorettiexact error "Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pango1.0/libpango1.0-0_1.8.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb  MD5Sum mismatch"03:57
Mezseth_k, sudo apt-get clean is sager :D03:59
Mezsafer *03:59
seth_kMez, why clean the whole thing when he/she might need the other packages later? Just remove the failed ones. But they aren't even there :D04:00
Mezcause clean is always saer04:01
Mezsafer *04:01
seth_kokay lmoretti, sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list and change all http://us.archive to http://archive04:01
seth_ke.g. remove the us04:01
lmorettiok, did that, running an update.04:03
Mezsudo sed -e 's/us.archive/archive/' -i /etc/apt/sources.list04:03
Mezwhat a useful command04:03
lmorettised's on my list to learn one of these days.04:04
lmorettiok, looks like that cleared up my problems.04:04
seth_ksudo sed -e 's/us.a/a/' -i /etc/apt/sources.list is shorter :D04:04
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seth_kyou can't spell04:05
=== mode/#kubuntu [+o Mez] by ChanServ
=== ..[topic/#kubuntu:Mez] : http://www.kubuntu.org/~amu/kubuntu-5.04.2-i386-live.iso | Congratulations to motaboy on membership | KDE 3.4.1: deb http://kubuntu.org/hoary-kde341 hoary-updates main | Unofficial Kubuntu FAQ http://kudos.berlios.de/ | Wiki Transition Tuesday | Use archive.ubuntu.com if us.archive.ubuntu.com gives md5sum errors | sudo sed -e 's/us.archive/archive/' -i /etc/apt/sources.list
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Chameleon22does anyone have the same issue as me, when I lock the screen and live the machine like that for a while it logs me out!!! 04:15
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=== dakz [dakz@HSE-Montreal-ppp140884.sympatico.ca] has joined #Kubuntu
nmorseLike, fully locks you out?04:24
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monchyhey were now in the top 20 with ubuntu04:28
Mez?? monchy?04:28
monchyon distrowatch04:29
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Mezweird thinking of kubutnu as a distro04:30
monchydon't think it should be on there?04:30
Mezno i just find it weird thinking of it as seperate from ubuntu04:31
monchywonder what'll happen if theres a Xubuntu (XFCE)04:32
sproingieit gets distributed separately, it's a distro04:33
sproingiethere's lots of knoppix one-offs out there too that are nothing but remasters04:34
monchyblasted cd-rom04:39
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monchywish it would just die already instead of teasing me04:40
Mezhey Kamping_Kaiser 04:41
=== Mez goes and gets a shotgun for monchy
monchyi'll throw it into the air, you shoot04:41
=== monchy throws cd-r into the air
Kamping_Kaiserarvo mez04:43
Mezwanna test out k3b in breezy Kamping_Kaiser ?04:43
Kamping_Kaiseri cant get KDE to download :S04:44
Kamping_Kaiserotherwise yet04:44
Mezah fair enough :D04:44
MezI just builkt k3b :D04:44
monchytheres a new version?04:44
Kamping_Kaiser:) nerd04:45
Mezyes there is04:46
Mezit's just k3b didnt work in breezy before04:46
monchyhave any of you guys ever used blank kodak cd-rs before?04:47
Kamping_Kaiser*downloads kde*04:48
Mezgl Kamping_Kaiser 04:48
Kamping_KaiserKubuntu-desktop isnt coming down, because i don't have k3b adn oo.o2-KDE, but KDE will04:49
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Echo_MageYello all04:50
Echo_MageWow its awful quiet in here04:51
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Kamping_Kaiserffs i hate those people04:53
Tm_TI kinda like04:53
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Kamping_Kaiserhi tm_t04:54
Chameleon22does anyone have the same issue as me, when I lock the screen and live the machine like that for a while it logs me out!!! 04:55
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Kamping_Kaiserthats a feature isnt it?04:55
Tm_TChameleon22: log out?04:56
Tm_TChameleon22: you mean it ask your password?04:56
Chameleon22Tm_T: no, it logs me out, as in it shows login screen 04:57
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bryanhow do you pronounce kubuntu: "koo-buntu" or "kay-ubuntu"???05:25
bryanwhew!!! thanks... i just won the bet :)05:25
Chameleon22koo-buntu - i do any way 05:25
seth_kkoo boon too05:26
bryani think the kubuntu home page should have the pronounciation like the ubuntu site does05:26
seth_kkoo boon too or koo bun too?05:26
Kamping_Kaiseri say k' buntu05:26
Chameleon22when i look an some sites with firefox, the fonts appear to be to small, but when i look at the same site with IE or Konqueror fonts seem ok, is there way to fix this problem?05:27
Kamping_Kaiserseth_k imo the first way05:28
seth_kfood time05:28
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Kamping_Kaiseris small fonts the only problem?05:33
Chameleon22Kamping_Kaiser: ye seems like that 05:35
Chameleon22but interested why its like that only in firefx and other browsers look fine05:36
Kamping_Kaiserbut font size is an option05:36
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gethohthello everyone06:13
gethohti've been checking out kubuntu, after a long time away from linux06:17
gethohtit's been a nice re-introduction06:18
gethohti'm having a problem installing firefox though06:18
gethohtwhen i do an apt-get install firefox... i get a "failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pango1.0/libpango1.0-0_1.8.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb MD5Sum mismatch06:20
gethohti also get that md5 error with libgnomecanvas2-0_2.10.0-0ubuntul)i386.deb06:21
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Kamping_Kaisergetholt, take it off the US mirrors06:21
gethohtedit /etc/apt/sources.list?06:21
Kamping_Kaiserremove the "us." bit06:21
gethohtshould I comment out the security servers?06:23
pobstilare there any gameboy emulators for linux?06:24
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gethohtstill get the Md5 sum error, now with a "W: Couldn't stat source package list error06:29
gethohtit looks like it's still trying to pull it from the us servers06:29
gethohti even put uk.archive.ubuntu.com in the sources.list06:29
seth_kgethoht: did you do an apt-get update?06:30
gethohtnope.. let me try that06:31
gethohtok done with the update06:31
gethohtsame prob06:31
seth_khttp://pastebin.ca <-- paste sources.list for me?06:32
seth_kthere's no such thing as uk.archive06:33
seth_kit's called gb.archive06:33
gethohti tried it in the web browser first and it came up06:34
gethohtits pastebin.ca/1421706:35
gethohti think i might have been editing the wrong one06:35
gethohtthe wrong entry i mean... i was editing the entries at the bottom of sources.list06:35
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gethohti tried taking the us.  out of all the entries and i got a dependencies error06:38
gethohtlike it didn't want to automatically install all the dependencies for mozilla-firefox06:39
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gethohti haven06:41
seth_kjust run the command in /topic06:45
seth_ksudo sed -e 's/us.archive/archive/' -i /etc/apt/sources.list06:45
gethohti think that did it06:47
gethoht :)06:47
gethohtso it was just taking the us out of the sources.list then huh?06:48
seth_kyep, and apt-get update06:48
seth_kus/ca mirror is b0rked06:48
gethohtah ok06:48
gethohtthat sucks06:48
gethohtthanks :) now i can finally not use windows for anything )06:49
gethohtthanks again :) I appreciate it06:51
gethohti searched the ubuntuforums.org, google, linuxquestions.org and couldn't find a solution06:51
gethohtdoes kynaptic use the /etc/apt/sources.list file as well?06:53
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seth_kgethoht: yep, just another interface to apt06:55
gethohtwhat's a good mp3 player for linux?06:55
seth_kfor KDE, AmaroK, hands-down06:56
seth_kor XMMS if you must, but imo AmaroK > all06:56
gethohti was using bmp on slackware06:56
gethohtit was very winamp-like06:57
seth_kyes, bmp is a lot like winamp06:57
gethohti liked it alot, it even had a equalizer built into it06:57
seth_kAmaroK is a lot like iTunes06:57
seth_kso whichever makes you happy :)06:58
seth_kbmp is available in synaptic as well06:58
seth_kbeep-media-player i believe it is called06:58
Kamping_Kaiseryes it is06:58
nmorseI'm waiting for amaroK, et als. to get iTunes sharing support07:00
nmorseThat way I can play my family's playlists from my laptop07:00
nmorseand it should be even more interesting at college07:00
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nmorseJuk is the best KDE player anyway07:02
monchyhm, can't eject cd07:04
nmorseeject not working, eh?07:05
nmorseCD busy?07:05
monchystory of my life with this cd-r lol07:05
monchynot sure if it's the blanks i'm using or not07:05
nmorseCD drives are fickle07:06
monchyever used kodak cd-r's nmorse?07:06
nmorseNo, I use imation CD-R's07:07
nmorseAbout 5 cents a CD-R sometimes07:07
monchythese weren't too bad, 24$ for 5007:07
nmorseMakes coasters easy to forget about07:08
monchyCDN mind you07:08
nmorseSo, like $5 American?07:08
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nmorseSorry, had to take a jibe07:08
monchyhar har :p07:08
nmorseI like Canadian stuff07:08
nmorseIt's way cheaper, I buy stuff every time I go there07:08
monchyit's weird though, i've got a few CD-RW and they work fine, non-kodak07:08
nmorseSome CD-RW drives are more fickle than others about the types of dye the CD-R's use07:09
nmorseWhat color is the bottom of the CD?07:09
gethohtdamn synaptic is nice07:10
nmorseWhat color are the other ones you use?07:10
gethohtkynaptic is still a little buggy07:10
monchy1 sec07:10
nmorseKynaptic's easier to use, Synaptic has more power07:10
monchythey look the same07:10
nmorseReal men use apt, or aptitude, or the really brave use dselect07:11
nmorsemonchy: I guess they use a different dye with the same coloration07:11
nmorseSometimes you can tell visually, other times you can't07:11
nmorseTrial and error is the only foolproof method ever invented07:11
monchywell guess i'll buy a new cd-rom during the week07:12
monchyif they still don't read then a new burner07:12
nmorseBTW, what's with the wiki transition in the topic?07:12
monchyand if they still don't read i'll throw the f'n things out the window ><07:12
nmorseman, dadgum storm cuts off my dadgum internet for 45 seconds at a time07:14
nmorseI missed everything for almost a minute07:14
monchythunderstorm? :D07:14
nmorseSo does anyone know what the wiki transition in the topic refers to?07:16
nmorseYeah, thunderstorm07:16
monchyah i miss those07:16
nmorseThank god my laptop and UPS protect me07:16
nmorseBut not my internet07:16
nmorseWhat, you live in Alaska?07:16
nmorseOh, Canada07:16
monchybritish columbia07:16
nmorseSo near Alaska and Washington?07:17
monchylive about 4 hours away from the border07:17
nmorseI have a friend from Alaska07:17
nmorseHe heard thunder for the first time in his life 2 years ago when he moved to Oklahoma07:17
nmorseHe's an Alaskan native07:17
nmorseAs in Indian07:17
nmorseQuite funny, he jumped like he thought he was being shot at, so I hear07:18
=== duende [~duende@stjhnf01bb8-142162169036.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
monchylol, wonder if that's what the native-americans think around here07:18
nmorseTake them somewhere where there's thunder sometime07:19
nmorseIt'll be worth the trip07:19
monchywell they don't really like people here so that'd be hard ;p07:19
nmorseAh, yeah, you're near the territory they got to themselves, eh?07:19
=== ds9bsd [~ds9@ASt-Lambert-102-1-1-188.w193-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
monchyoh yeah, theres even a special tax on property07:20
nmorseBut you get Red Rose Tea, so no complaints07:20
nmorseThat's the best tea anywhere07:20
nmorseI love that stuff07:20
monchyluckily i won't have to put up with it for long07:20
nmorseMy family has it imported07:20
nmorseWhy not?07:20
monchyplanning to move back east around xmas time/new years07:21
monchygoing to be a cop07:21
nmorseEast, as in towards Ontario?07:21
monchyyeah, my home! :)07:21
nmorseAre you the one who always tells me Quebec isn't Canada?07:22
monchyno, but i agree with whoever says that07:22
monchysepartist bastards07:22
nmorseHeh, I like Quebec07:22
nmorseBut I also speak French07:22
nmorseand enjoy French food07:22
monchyi'd like to see how long they last alone lol07:22
=== liz4rd [~liz4rd@static24-72-76-248.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseIf it wasn't for the Quebecois' food I'd let them fall of the Earth07:23
monchyand the women07:23
nmorseand the women07:23
nmorseDoes most of Canada have legal marijuana like Quebec?07:23
duendewe don't07:23
monchyBC does pretty much, not sure about the rest of the country07:23
liz4rdOMG! it's leage in qubec????07:24
nmorseAh, just remembering some stoners on the Quebec Fort wall07:24
liz4rdwtf no way07:24
monchyi know there are blunt bros cafes in vancouver07:24
=== liz4rd lives in saskatchewan
=== thoreauputic [~prospero@wolax7-168.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
monchyhe's a prarie boy lol07:24
nmorseThat sucks07:24
nmorseThat's like Calgary07:24
liz4rdOMG no you didnt07:24
nmorseI love Canada07:25
liz4rdme to ^_^ *hugs canada*07:25
nmorseMore bitter rivalries than the States could ever have07:25
liz4rdand we have the hottest weman07:25
nmorseBut yeah, Quebec has legal weed and the women can (and do) go topless07:25
nmorsetry Montmorency Falls and the Fort Park07:26
monchyi think liz4rd is gonna have good dreams tonight @_@07:26
nmorsewent there with a high school group, of all people07:26
nmorseQuite funny to see the teacher's reaction07:27
nmorseand she's taking them back next summer07:27
liz4rdhttp://pastebin.ca/14222 how do i get rid of that when i ssh to my self from somewhere07:27
gethohthow is the healthcare system in canada? any downsides? because i've heard not too many bad things07:27
liz4rd(pastebin.com is down)07:27
monchyit's free07:27
liz4rdall free07:27
monchycan't complain there lol07:27
liz4rdits the best man07:27
nmorsetaxed, not free07:27
liz4rdoh well07:27
monchyoh, and mp3's are legal here07:28
nmorseIs it actually a good system07:28
liz4rdlow taxes shitty gov't :P07:28
nmorseI heard about the mp3's07:28
gethohtif I mount an ntfs drive in linux, is there any options I should put in the /etc/fstab?07:28
nmorseTaxes on CD-R's07:28
monchywe pay a tiny levy on blank cd's07:28
liz4rdhttp://pastebin.ca/14222 how do i get rid of that when i ssh to my self from somewhere07:28
monchyworth it though07:28
nmorseJust smuggle them across the border on foot07:28
monchynice to not have to worry about the RIAA hunting you down07:28
nmorseI could emigrate to Canada without running into one border patrol guy07:28
nmorseI actually went through Immigrations once, on the aforementioned Quebec trip (forgot my ID)07:29
monchybrb need to test this cd07:29
nmorseGreat country07:29
gethohtwhen I went up to montreal a couple summers ago, i got no hassle on the way into canada07:29
liz4rdacully just say you came for the cows the nstart mooooing and you'll get in free 07:29
gethohtcoming back into the states, they hassled the fuck out of me07:29
nmorseOnly in Calgary and Saskatchewan07:29
liz4rdlike cavity searchy?07:29
gethohtasked me if I had beef, and tobacco, and alcohol... and of course drugs07:29
nmorseComing into the states is much harder07:29
gethohtno no... not that bad07:29
nmorseLike, I Fed-Ex'ed my ID to myself07:30
gethohtsearched the bike though07:30
nmorseBah, neither US or Canada search cars07:30
nmorseThey ask if you have a gun07:30
nmorseYou say yes, they take it07:30
nmorseYou say no, they leave it with you07:30
nmorseThey melt them down too, not auction them like here in the states07:30
gethohtamerica is paranoid schizophrenic compared to canada07:30
gethohtif nations had psychological disorders07:31
nmorseSchizophrenic, not so much07:31
nmorseMore like Dissociative Identity Disorder07:31
nmorseWith associated paranoia07:31
nmorseThe deliberation's what kills you07:32
gethohti'm sick of the bullshit politics of the states07:32
nmorseA bureacracy is a dysfunctional mind07:32
gethohtstupid wars, corporate welfare07:32
nmorseI'm debating what to do after college in 4 years07:32
nmorseHawaii or Canada07:32
nmorseOr the People's Republic of Nathan07:33
nmorseSet it up on a remote tropical island07:33
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=== monchy throws cd-rs out window
nmorsethat bad, eh?07:34
monchyurge to kill rising07:34
monchyi want to know what friggin dye these use07:34
nmorseKodak dye probably07:34
nmorseDoubt they use an industry standard, why would they?07:35
monchykodak japan ltd dammit07:35
nmorseThis should teach you: never buy name-brand07:36
nmorseWelcome to Soviet Russia07:36
monchyback to no-names lol07:36
nmorseI always use the cheapest ones07:36
monchywhich always worked 110% for me before07:36
nmorseNever feel bad about a coaster, rarely make one07:36
nmorseThey'd be cheaper if you smuggled them in from the U.S.07:37
nmorseI'm sure I could set up a trade route from Buffalo07:37
nmorseNo supporting the RIAA that way either07:37
nmorseBig conversion vans full of illegal CD-R's07:38
nmorseI can see it now: me the head of the biggest CD smuggling group in the world07:38
nmorseBe quite funny if I got caught07:38
liz4rdyes names: "THe rerightables"07:38
nmorseWhat would they do?07:38
nmorseNo, think of an acronym for CD-RW07:39
nmorsesomething that would explain all the CD's adequately to Border Patrol07:39
liz4rdoh god...i'm drawing a blank07:39
nmorseSame here07:39
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=== shogouki [~nicolas@AMontpellier-251-1-72-2.w83-201.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseSomething involving DJ's maybe07:40
=== spiral [~spiral@lafilaire-4-82-224-249-43.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseor maybe just CD-R07:40
liz4rd:P yeah07:41
nmorseNeed an R word07:41
nmorseAny Canadian stuff that starts with R?07:41
nmorseWe could go the Quebec route and make the W stand for weed07:42
liz4rdrrrrr (like a growle)07:42
liz4rd:P lmao07:42
nmorseThen we can explain the conversion van too07:42
nmorseCrazy DJ's on Rural Weed07:42
nmorseThere we go07:42
monchyi'm glad all this stuff gets logged, it'll make a good story one day :p07:42
liz4rdOMG l33707:42
nmorseIndeed, this needs to be selectively bashed07:42
nmorseI like to look at my old Jabber logs07:43
nmorseSome of the conversations there have gone wild and all over the place07:44
nmorseEven more so than these ones07:44
monchyjabber all you use?07:44
nmorseYeah, nmorse@jabber.org07:44
nmorseSome AIM, some Yahoo, some MSN, sometimes07:44
monchydo you use gaim for all that?07:44
liz4rdpsi for jabber07:45
nmorseYeah, though its jabber functionality bugs me07:45
liz4rdamsn for msn07:45
nmorseI don't like Psi much either07:45
liz4rdhavnt used AIM of yahoo for awhile07:45
monchypoor poor kopete lol07:45
nmorseKopete's interface sucks07:45
monchyit could be good07:45
nmorseThe Open Usability guys probably died of heart attacks looking at it07:45
monchyno tabbed messaging though is a big no no07:45
liz4rdlol i agree07:46
nmorseText based MSN, like curphoo is for Yahoo?07:46
nmorseShouldn't be too hard to write07:46
nmorseUse gaim's libmsn or libgaim or whatever and write a Python text interface to it07:46
nmorseOr use centericq07:47
nmorseWhich is like Gaim for the CLI07:47
nmorsevoila, I'm on MSN in Konsole07:49
monchyblah i think i have to start using firefox07:51
monchyi miss ad-block07:51
nmorseThat's one thing Konqueror definitely needs07:51
monchycoming in 3.507:51
nmorseExcellent, then I'll probably switch over almost completely07:51
=== froud [~sean@ndn-165-131-32.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseWon't that version also include optional Gecko rendering?07:52
monchydev on 3.5 is supposed to wrap up june 30th, so should have it soon07:52
billytwowillylol http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~shane/stasj/pics/humor/div/527.html07:52
nmorseIf it has the Gecko rendering option, I'll never need another browser again07:52
monchynot sure on the optional gecko rendering, guys in #kde might know07:53
monchyoh i know the next version of konq has already passed the acid2 test07:54
nmorseThat's good, it'll be the first to be released that does that07:55
monchyso it's coming along at least07:55
nmorseThe guys in #kde say the gecko rendering hasn't had work done on it since last summer07:56
monchyouch, that's a damn shame07:57
mrmanicwhat is acid2?07:57
liz4rdSPAM! http://datapirate.ath.cx/4um/viewtopic.php?t=507:57
monchymrmanic: to quote the webstandards site; Acid2 is a test page, written to help browser vendors ensure proper support for web standards in their products.07:58
mrmanicoh nice.07:59
nmorseIt checks if they break properly07:59
monchysafari is the only other browser i know of that's passed it07:59
nmorsetime for me to go07:59
nmorseOmniWeb or whatever that odd Mac browser is07:59
nmorseCabsomething maybe?08:00
nmorseAnyway, time for me to go08:00
mrmanicoh ok08:00
nmorseThe ugly third-party browser08:00
=== nmorse is now known as nmorse_away
monchylater nmorse08:00
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liz4rdshould help me start up that forum08:02
liz4rdi would let someone moderate one08:03
monchyyou pay for that space?08:03
liz4rd40 gigs of space08:04
liz4rda friend hooked it up08:04
liz4rdi just dont know how to get known08:04
=== Ghetek [~Ghetek@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
monchythrow it in your part/quit message08:04
liz4rdhow do i do that?08:05
Ghetekmounting iso files in the console?08:05
monchydo you use konversation liz4rd08:05
monchyk then i don't know lol08:05
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
liz4rdhold on i'll jump on it08:05
Ghetekis it "$mount my iso file please" or "$mount my iso file pretty please"?08:05
=== liz4rd [~liz4rd@static24-72-76-248.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #kubuntu
monchysettings > identities > advanced08:06
liz4rdthere now i am08:06
froudGhetek: http://www.freebsddiary.org/iso-mount.php08:06
=== Ghetek [~Ghetek@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu ["bye]
liz4rdalright done08:07
liz4rdmonchy: would you help start it up? ...liek any ideas suggestions?08:07
monchyi'd like too, but when it comes to linux stuff i'm an idiot lol08:08
liz4rdme too08:08
liz4rdbut i know i have alot of stuff i could share08:08
liz4rdi want it to be more of a casual place tho :P08:09
monchymake a customization section for gnome & kde, i know people like that sorta stuff08:09
=== buz [~buz@80-218-107-8.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
monchyhah PS3 will run linux08:10
monchytoo bad it'll probably be like 499 cdn ><08:11
monchywith 1 stinkin controller and a demo disc08:11
liz4rdmonchy: go look now08:14
liz4rdshould i move the catagory up ?08:14
liz4rdto catch teh eye?08:14
liz4rdk done08:15
monchyyeah that's better08:15
monchyis that the aero glass theme btw?08:16
liz4rdum one moment08:16
liz4rdnice hey08:16
monchyyeah looks good08:16
monchyeasy on the eyes08:17
liz4rdwould you post there?08:17
liz4rdthe main question08:18
=== penguinz [~david@c-24-18-74-154.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
monchyprobably not, only because i really don't post on any forums08:18
monchyif i need want to talk there are people on freenode :p08:19
monchyer -need08:19
=== xxenon [~xxenon@] has joined #kubuntu
liz4rdok i understand ya08:20
liz4rdi'm not a forum person my self :P08:20
liz4rdsoon there will be a kick ass website08:20
monchyi'll keep it bookmarked though and i can lurk from time to time lol08:21
liz4rdok that be cool08:21
liz4rdyou know what08:21
liz4rdi should just enter a bunch of room and leave :P08:21
monchythey are all hyped over in fedora for tomorrow08:22
monchycore 4 releases tomorrow08:23
liz4rdi guess08:23
monchyit's like if breezy came out for us :p08:23
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=== markc [~admin@] has joined #kubuntu
markcwhat is the "proper" way to update the nvidia driver package after a kernel package update to 2.6.12 ?08:39
markcall I can find is -> apt-get install nvidia-glx08:40
markcand I can't see what that has got to do with the actual driver08:40
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=== BurgerMann [~burgerman@0x3e42a174.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
BurgerMannHi, does KDE have anything similar to MS Macros?09:31
liz4rdwhats MS Macros09:31
BurgerMannIt's basically a recording of mouse and keyboard actions09:32
liz4rdno clue09:32
BurgerMannoki :}09:33
liz4rdi like your name tho09:35
=== diktatorn [~diktatorn@c-6e8471d5.04-2012-73746f6.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
diktatornwhy cant i copy text form konqueror and past i to de konsole? :/09:38
liz4rddo you have a wheel on your mouse?09:38
Kamping_Kaiserdo you still have konqueror open?09:38
=== closure [~ubel@adsl-065-013-010-009.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
closurehi guys09:50
liz4rdOMG HI09:50
liz4rdman its boring here09:51
liz4rd*cricket noises*09:51
closureyeah i'm bored as piss myself09:51
liz4rdwhat time is it there09:51
liz4rdlol its 2 am here09:55
liz4rdnothing to (F WORD) to do around here at this time09:56
closurewhere you at?09:57
=== rodolfo [~rodolfo@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ikypakis [t9@] has joined #Kubuntu
closuregodamn backports10:04
closureoh wait10:04
closureit's working today10:04
closureholy jesus10:05
closureThe following packages will be upgraded:10:05
closure  acroread acroread-plugins clamav clamav-base clamav-freshclam dcoprss10:05
closure  foomatic-db-hpijs foomatic-filters-ppds gaim-guifications gnome-menus hpijs10:05
closure  kdenetwork kdenetwork-filesharing kdenetwork-kfile-plugins knetworkconf10:05
closure  knewsticker kopete kpf kppp krdc krfb kwifimanager libclamav1 libgcc110:05
closure  libgnome-menu0 libnspr4 libnss3 librss1 libsmbclient10:05
closure  linux-image-2.6.10-5-386 mozilla-browser mozilla-psm python-xdg10:05
closure  python2.4-samba samba-common smbclient sun-j2sdk1.5 xchat xchat-common10:05
closure39 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.10:05
closureNeed to get 163MB of archives.10:05
closurethat's intense10:05
Kamping_Kaiserthats a flood10:05
closurekamping go jump on a razor blade and tell someone who cares10:06
rodolfohi, after the boot this morning, the screen fonts were suddenly very big; the screen resolution did not change ...10:06
rodolfohow could that be?10:07
closurenot sure10:07
closureis it everywhere?10:07
closureor just in one app10:07
rodolfoevery app10:07
closureno clue10:07
closurechange it back10:07
rodolfothe font-size?10:07
rodolfostrange is that the value in the set-up did not change10:08
closurethat's very weird10:08
closuredid it change the display when you adjusted it?10:08
closurein the set up that is10:09
rodolfoI tried a smaller font, and it changed10:09
closurecomputers do strange shit sometimes10:09
rodolfobut to get to the original size, I have to set a very small value!10:10
closurei blame the matrix10:10
closureand the agents10:10
rodolfoit happened before with another distro10:10
rodolfomaybe its a graphics display driver problem10:10
rodolfoI tried to reconfigure xserver-xorg, but nothing10:11
rodolfowhat screen resolution do you use?10:11
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rodolfowhat should I add in sources.list to install "lame"?10:30
closurerodolfo, i think i use 1240x680 or whatever10:34
=== flag [~psn@] has joined #kubuntu
closurethat says it's a "web application"10:39
closuredoes that mean it would run in my web browser?10:39
rodolfoKamping_Kaiser: where do I find the lines to add?10:39
Kamping_Kaiserjust a minute10:39
Kamping_Kaiser^ yeh10:39
closurerodolfo, that address10:39
rodolfo:(     Unknown host10:43
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closurerodolfo, sorry no s10:51
rodolfoclosure, ok10:58
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mindspinhi, after uptading to kde 3.4.1 I'm experiencing frequently crashes of firefox and gxine. Any idea ?11:21
closurefirefox i've always had problems with11:26
closureand why are you running gxine?11:26
mindspinI like it and both worked pretty good before11:27
closurei mean why not use xine?11:27
mindspinno idea, vdeo is not that important for me but the firefox crashes are really annoying11:28
closurei switched from firefox to opera11:29
mindspinI love firefox11:29
=== webmind_ is now known as webmind
closureit's hard to set up but once it gets up it's far more stable and uses far less resources11:29
closurestill have no multimedia in mine thoguh11:29
closurebut then again i don't like multimedia in linux as i have yet to find any controls11:30
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=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntukubuntu VS. knoppix?11:44
buzknoppix is mostly live cd whereas kubuntu is preferably installed11:45
buzknoppix can be installed but keeps breaking when you upgrade it11:45
ubuntuI installed it, but it didn't not work on my pc with 2 video cards..11:46
=== Cellar|bbl [~CellarDoo@d220-238-219-95.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu [""Righteousness]
ubuntuyes, knoppix's init script have some problems when i upgraded kernel to 2.6.1111:47
ubuntuGentoo is great :)11:48
ubuntubuz, are u from mongo?11:49
ubuntuoh, good place :)11:50
=== hussam [~hussam@] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntuI'm from Beijing, China, i think you're from Mongolia from ur name :)11:53
hussamhey, I just rebuild synaptic 0.57 and installed it on Hoary.  But I didn't find and change from 0.55, is there a site for synaptic where I can find a changelog11:54
Tm_Thussam: hmm, google might help :/12:04
hussamok thanks :)12:09
hussamI built firefox linux installer from cvs 1.0.x branch today. 12:10
hussamthe build process took almost 70 minutes.12:11
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Mysteryi just installed kubuntu, just to check it out, so far i like it but i have a couple of issues12:36
Mysteryfirstly, for some reason konqueror is duplicating every file in my folders12:37
Mysteryfor example12:38
ztonzyMystery, I had the issue before too, just reload the dir12:38
ztonzyand it will be gone12:38
Mysterythere's two downloads, two music folder, two of everything12:38
ztonzybut I am using Gnome these days12:38
ztonzyMystery, yes...try to reload with CTRL+R or so12:38
ztonzybut it is strange12:39
Mysterywierd :S12:39
ztonzybut it shouldn't happen12:39
Mysterymaybe cus i have gnome installed aswell?12:39
Mysteryor something12:39
Mysteryztonzy: do you know what the button to show the toolbar is? for example blender is fullscreen, in gnome i press alt+F10 and the bar jumps up12:40
Mysterybut here it's different12:40
ztonzyMystery, dunno, can't remember, I removed KDE from system12:41
Mysterydoes anyone here know?12:41
=== Mystery looks around
Mysteryah well12:43
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Mysteryi have a small problem01:11
Mysteryafter i logged out and back in again01:11
Mysterythe time dissapeared somewhere o.O01:11
Mysterytime/date dissapeared01:11
Tm_Thmm, FreeCraft seems to be ok game01:12
Mysterycan anyone help?01:12
=== Kamping_Kaiser [~kaiser@ppp242-195.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #kubuntu
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MezMystery - right click the panel,01:22
Mezthen add to panel01:22
Mysteryi looked01:23
Mysteryno clock01:23
Mysteryit's gone01:23
Mysteryi looked everywhere for the clock01:24
Mysterysomething tells me it has turned into "applet 249"01:27
Mysteryand when i try to click it, it says it's broken01:27
Mystery"applet could not be loaded. check your installation"01:28
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Firetechhmm, how do I start udev with correct permissions? "sudo /etc/init.d/udev start" sets wrong group (root) on some devices (tty* among others), which causes some programs (xterm) to stop working...01:53
Firetechstarting it after "sudo su -" doesn't help either01:53
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foodcomanGood Morning, Afternoon, Evening?05:23
foodcomanHow would one turn off files going to Trash.  I would prefer to just have them deleted.05:23
seth_kmorning :)05:23
Riddellfoodcoman: shift-delete05:25
closurefoodcoman, you can press shift+del05:25
foodcomanThe KUDOS FAQ has some tips on showing and hiding the icon!05:25
closurefoodcoman, that's what i do05:25
foodcomanRiddell: closure:  That works for me.05:25
foodcomanNow that is reliable information...... 2 for 1!   =)05:25
closureoooh Riddell  he thanked me!05:25
closurelol j'k05:26
foodcomanI will let you guys fight over it!   ;-)05:26
=== DaveQB [~david@] has joined #kubuntu
foodcomanJoke:  Which is it?  Shift + delete or Shift - delete.  Why did they have 3 keys.  Seems like Shift Delete would be easier.05:28
foodcomanI have a hard time getting to 3 keys.05:28
=== airox [~airox@airox.user] has joined #kubuntu
airoxWhen I login into KDE (with kdm) I get a background of (in my case) Kubuntu. Right after that it loads my own selected background. Is there a way to alter the background that is between kdm and my own ??05:29
closurefoodcoman,  it's like yoga you train your fingers to do things other people's can't05:29
=== _buz [~buz@80-218-107-8.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
seth_kairox: Control Center > System Administration > Login Manager > Background should control that background05:32
airoxtnx, let me check it out :)05:37
airoxworks perfectly!05:38
airoxtnx again seth_k !05:38
seth_kglad i could help you05:40
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kalenedraelok, i need yacc and it's not in the apt repos06:33
mrmanicdo you actually need yacc?06:34
mrmanicor just a yacc-like tool?06:34
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kalenedraelok, i fixed it06:39
kalenedraelgot bison and flex06:39
kalenedraelyeah, so06:40
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Wimpiehi all, anybody has some nice KUBUNTU CD labels ?07:04
=== d8rt [~chatzilla@cderr3.simons-rock.edu] has joined #kubuntu
kalenedraelshouldn't be hard to make your own though07:06
philipacamaniacI remember seeing some on kde-look07:06
Wimpieany idea where ?07:06
philipacamaniacI present to you: http://process-of-elimination.net/?q=kubuntu_cd_labels_svg_and_png07:08
=== douglas [~douglas@dpc6745164251.direcpc.com] has joined #kubuntu
douglasHas anyone played hl2 in kubuntu here, and if so what optimizations can I make to make it run better?07:08
Wimpiephilipacamaniac : thx07:09
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edulixthe cursor movement sometimes (when CPU is doing something) is not smooth. how can I fix that ?07:17
=== tuni_ [~tuni@AFontenayssB-151-1-27-79.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
edulixI have an ATI with open source drivers07:18
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edulixhi !07:19
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@dra38-2-82-233-104-186.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntusomebody can help me ?07:26
ubuntuwhat's the root passwd on the live-cd of kubuntu ??07:27
philipacamaniacthere isn't one07:27
philipacamaniacuse sudo to do root activities07:27
ubuntuwhen i do : su : it wants a psswd07:28
philipacamaniactry "sudo -i"07:28
ubuntuyes 07:29
ubuntuthx !07:29
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poptixubuntu is like, a somewhat fixed debian07:36
poptixand kubuntu is a somewhat fixed debian with a decent gui07:36
_pablomi na,e is pablo07:36
_pablomy name is pablo07:36
_pabloand we?07:36
poptixmy name is pablo07:36
_pablook bery match07:37
edulixhey Xorg is using here 792mb of ram. wtf?07:37
mrmanicthat is a lot of ram07:37
ijuz_edulix: mappings, most likely07:37
edulixwell it's virtual ram, swap07:37
_pabloI'am Ispanish07:38
edulixbut I haven't got much more remaining07:38
edulixsoy espaol tb pablo :)07:38
_pabloyo tambien07:38
ijuz_there is some small tool to analyse what the memory footprint of X contains07:38
_pablocuatos aos tiebes07:38
ijuz_but i forgot the name ;)07:38
edulixpablo: esto no es un canal de ligue xD. tengo 18 just for the record07:39
poptixMi nombre es Pablo, y voy a matarle07:39
_pablopor que?07:39
edulixpoptix: yeah paranoia hehe07:39
poptixUsted toc a mi madre de una manera impura07:40
=== poptix stabs _pablo
mrmanic_pablo: please stop that.07:40
edulixsomeone please kick him07:41
mrmanicoh man, what I wouldn't give for chanops07:41
edulixpablo: madura un poco anda07:41
philipacamaniacwe don't have any ops07:41
mrmanicincidentally, #kubuntu-es is available for spanish-speaking kubuntu users07:41
_pablo v07:42
mrmanicit's empty, though.07:42
=== mode/#kubuntu [+o Riddell] by ChanServ
=== mode/#kubuntu [+b *!*pablo@85.55.2.*] by Riddell
=== _pablo was kicked off #kubuntu by Riddell (Riddell)
mrmanicRiddell: you're a rockstar07:42
philipacamaniacHurray! Three cheers for Riddell07:42
spiralhmmm... I've got a problem with kmail : for some e-mails I receive, I've got strange characters like []  instead of accents & so on in the preview mail, but not if I open the mail07:43
spiraldoes anyone here have any idea ?07:43
KaiL_what was that?07:43
edulixI suspected, hidden chanops in the channel are !07:43
philipacamaniaca bot, I think07:44
poptixspiral: your preview font is different than your view font07:44
mrmanicphilipacamaniac: a bot or some dude with WAY too much free time.07:44
=== shie [~shie@bzq-218-13-27.cablep.bezeqint.net] has joined #kubuntu
spiralpoptix: hmmmm, maybe... do you know where I should change this setting ?07:44
edulixmrmanic: I went to #kubuntu-es - empty but with a topic so yes, it exists :)07:45
poptixspiral: somewhere in the prefs i'm sure.07:45
poptixi don't think many mexicans have money, let alone reliable power, for a computer07:45
=== shie [~shie@bzq-218-13-27.cablep.bezeqint.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
poptixand the ones that do, probably speak english.07:45
edulixphilippacamaniac: perhaps someone has adapted spamassesin to IRC ?! hehe07:46
spiralpoptix: isn't it rather a problem with utf8 & so on ?07:46
poptixspiral: yes, the preview font probably isn't utf807:46
edulixpoptix: he was mexican ? 07:47
spiralpoptix: i don't find anything specific regarding fonts in the conf07:47
poptixedulix: shrug, he was speaking spanish =P07:47
poptixclose enough for me (a dumb white american)07:47
philipacamaniac"don't think mexicans have money" - way to spread the Ubuntu spirit... ignore the fact that a huge percentage of Americans are Hispanic07:47
poptixapparently he's actually spanish07:48
edulixpoptix: blah, I'm a dumb white spanish :P07:48
poptix(from spain)07:48
poptixphilipacamaniac: no, a large percentage of people in the USA are hispanic07:48
poptixthey aren't americans.07:48
poptixyou have to be a citizen for that.07:49
philipacamaniacthat's debatable, but since I'm a WASP, I won't say anything :)07:49
poptixi have no idea what that is, but it sounds like a racial slur =P07:50
ijuz_they are hiding in the usa with their ubunut boxes?07:50
edulixthat remains me the last operation of spanish goverment: to give papers (citienship) to people working here so that noone treats them like shit..07:50
philipacamaniacWhite Anglo Saxon Protestant (American) - The most hated person on the planet, maybe...07:50
poptixphilipacamaniac: ah, joy.07:51
philipacamaniacI'm just playing, dude07:51
=== buz_ [~buz@80-218-107-8.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
poptixpeople can whine about stereotypes all they want, but they exist for a reason =P07:51
edulixphilipacamaniac: well there a lot of chinese people in this world. whoever they hate will be the most hated person in the world, stadistically07:52
poptixi think the chinese hate taiwan =P07:52
philipacamaniacedulix: I like your train of thought... that's quite rational07:52
=== goo [~oo@gp2.fronter.com] has joined #kubuntu
poptixmaybe the british for colonizing them07:52
goohello. How can I get the kde-bluetooth package on ubuntu?07:53
philipacamaniacAnd I'm pretty sure they hate me07:53
gooI can't find out :(07:53
edulixphilipacamaniac: hehehe ;-)07:53
edulixwell now it's time to study a bit, see you later!07:53
edulixgoo: try to use kynaptic (or synaptic) to locate the package. search for common words like bluetooth.07:54
philipacamaniacgoo: It has't been uploaded to Universe yet, but the testing package is here http://dev.kubuntu.org.uk/~motaboy/ubuntu/ 07:54
foodcomanHas anyone installed the IVTV drivers and Mythtv?07:55
=== _buz_ [~buz@80-218-107-8.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
gooedulix: I tried... no cigar07:55
foodcomanI have a Hauppage PVR-350 I want to get working under Kubuntu!07:55
goophilipacamaniac: Nice!07:55
goophilipacamaniac: thanks a lot!07:55
foodcomanMythTV seems easy enough with Multiverse and apt...07:56
philipacamaniacgoo: There are a few problems (package-related, mostly). Read the comments here: http://ubuntu.com/wiki/MOTUNewPackages07:56
=== opi [~emil@oppeln-bronikowski.int.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== _buz_ is now known as buz
goophilipacamaniac: argh. How do I add that repo to my sources.list? deb http://dev.kubuntu.org.uk/~motaboy/ubuntu hoary ./   doesn't do the trick?08:01
=== douglas [~douglas@dpc6745164251.direcpc.com] has joined #kubuntu
philipacamaniacdon't add it to your sources.list - it is an experimental package, and a developer's personal repo. Browse to it in your web browser and download the package (it is a .deb file).08:02
gooah. ok.08:02
douglasWhere in kubuntu can I find a place to add options for agp cards (nvidia) so I can force 8x, fastwrite, and some other things. I read online that /etc/modules.conf is standard, but it's not there in kubuntu?08:03
Riddellgoo: remove the hoary08:03
Riddelldeb http://dev.kubuntu.org.uk/~motaboy/ubuntu ./08:03
=== mode/#kubuntu [-o Riddell] by ChanServ
=== slow-motion [~Slow-Moti@p548DE6BD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
philipacamaniacdouglas - graphics card options are set in /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:05
douglasoh, thanks08:05
douglasphilipacamaniac: Where would I use what they are saying on this page ? ---> http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=6008:08
gooHeh. "Bluetooth is listed, but is unselectable when I try to add a new bluetooth device..08:08
gooerr, a new obex device08:08
philipacamaniacgoo: it is an experimental package at this point in time - you can attempt to compile from source yourself08:12
goophilipacamaniac: It was the same problem in Gentoo 4 months ago - either kdebluetooth is f*cked or I have to go and read some manuals all over again... :(08:14
philipacamaniackdebluetooth itself is still in beta08:14
philipacamaniacI haven't personally tried it, so I can't say either way08:14
philipacamaniacdouglas: perhaps those options go in /etc/modprobe.conf  ?08:15
philipacamaniacdouglas: scratch that, it is obsolete, I think I found the place08:16
=== pascalfr92 [~miamiam_l@cha92-7-82-230-174-61.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
philipacamaniacdouglas: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=165361&postcount=208:17
douglassorry, I've been reading myself, I'll check it out.08:27
douglaswill I have to restart my box to test this you think?08:29
philipacamaniachmm, probably...08:30
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_chrisis Kweather broken in Hoary?09:31
=== orla [~orla@50C57424.flatrate.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== prevod1 [prevod@P1-225-20009.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has joined #kubuntu
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=== heart [~heart@p549C3ABB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
jeramy_chris: you just have to poke it a few times09:39
jeramyI added a weather station or two, closed it, re-opened it09:40
=== prevod1 [prevod@P1-225-20009.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has joined #kubuntu
philipacamaniacmaybe try "dcop KWeatherService WeatherService updateAll"09:40
jeramydeleted the "Unknown Weather Station" a few times...09:40
jeramyand now it works.  :)09:40
jeramyphilipacamaniac: I'd try that, but mine works now, and I don't want to touch it.  ;)09:41
=== prevod1 is now known as prevod
=== nmorse_away is now known as nmorse
_chriskweather keeps adding a 0000 station. - no matter how many times i delete it comes back09:50
=== jjesse [~jjesse@mail.ftpb.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== eric_p [~eric@par69-3-82-224-162-2.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
eric_phi, i need some help with kubuntu...09:58
eric_pi certainly did a mistake and now, when i enter my user name and password in kdm, kde won't start (kdm restarts)09:58
eric_pan idea ?09:58
eric_pi only installed a webcam driver recently, and i don't see any relation...09:58
=== _buz [~buz@80-218-107-8.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
mrmaniceric_p: that's pretty bad.10:08
=== Jeezis [~roger@jeezis.user] has joined #kubuntu
mrmaniceric_p: can you log in via the console?10:08
eric_pthe problem is to launch an x session10:08
mrmaniceric_p: did the webcam driver install modify your xorg.conf?10:08
eric_pi think that it doesn't modidy it10:09
eric_pbut i'm not sure: i used a script (quickcam.sh) which was in the driver source package10:09
mrmaniceric_p: check ls -la /etc/X1110:10
mrmanicand see what the modification date on your xorg.conf is10:10
eric_pis there a way to launch kde without kdm, or to repair kdm ?10:10
mrmanicI don't know about kdm10:11
mrmanicyou might investigate dpkg-reconfigure10:11
eric_pmrmanic: good idea to check the date of the file, thanks. (i can't tell you the answer for now for i had to boot another partition)10:12
eric_pmrmanic: I will try to investigate dpkg-reconfigure too10:12
mrmanicanother option is to move your .kde directory to .kdebak or something temporarily10:12
mrmanicin case something in your .kde dir is causing the issue.10:13
mrmanicand check the x logs10:13
eric_pok, i will try. but i fear the problem is not "user-related"10:13
mrmanicin /var/log/, I think10:13
eric_pi already checked the kdm log and the xorg log10:13
eric_pnothing bad10:13
mrmanicno dice?10:13
eric_ponly a few errors with font paths, but i think they already existed before10:14
=== kjalil [~kjalil@kjaleel.plus.com] has joined #kubuntu
froudcan anyone point me to some docs that give guidelines regarding the resource allocations on an X-Server for each X-Terminal connected by XDMCP?10:17
ijuz_application dependent10:17
=== ikypakis [t29@] has joined #Kubuntu
ijuz_and budget dependent10:18
ijuz_i would go for at least 100 MB/user10:19
froudjust need rules of thumb10:19
frouduse case is an Internet cafe10:19
eric_pmrmanic: thank you very much for your help ! I will reboot into kubuntu and try the hints you gave me. It's a pity I have only one computer so i can't chat during the time I do tests10:19
mrmaniceric_p: you could chat with a console chat app like ircii.10:20
froudcustomers come and go nver know what PC they will get on next visit10:20
=== kjalil [~kjalil@kjaleel.plus.com] has joined #kubuntu
froudijuz_: 100 MB RAM or Virtual Memory10:21
=== fase [~fase@p54AE18B9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
ijuz_froud: 100 MB should be enough, perhaps even a bit less, try it out10:21
eric_pyes, good idea...10:21
froudijuz_: so 10 users = 1GB RAM?10:21
=== eric_p [~eric@par69-3-82-224-162-2.fbx.proxad.net] has left #kubuntu []
ijuz_yeah, sounds resonable10:22
ijuz_hm, well, if budget is a problem, you could try first with 512, but i have doubts, depends on how many webpages opened etc.10:23
froudijuz_: does the server itself not need ram of its own?10:23
froudso min 256 for the server and 100 per session10:24
ijuz_froud: a bit, the question is your budget, the smaller it is, so more you can try, i would just stick in 2 GB and forget it10:24
ijuz_froud: really hard to say, when you allready have a server running, open several connections to it, use some Xnest on another system10:25
froudOK, and stick the normal swap guidelines?10:25
nmorseA couple of Gigs, dual Opterons and you can run about 30 thin clients10:25
nmorseThere's an article around here somewhere on it10:25
nmorseUsing PXEboot10:25
froudHmmm that's a good ratio10:25
froudnmorse: url10:26
nmorseHang on10:26
nmorseIt was about running a school lab on it10:26
froudyeah kinda need the same setup10:26
ijuz_froud: bigger swap doesn't harm, just do it at least double the size10:26
jjessei thought i read something on it in linux journal or something?10:27
jjessebout running a school lab or something?10:27
froudyeah I been googling and have null10:27
nmorseThat's a different article, but it might be useful10:27
=== arthurb [~arthurb@mar92-5-82-225-146-12.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
nmorsehttp://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7418 is the one jjesse was talking about10:27
froudanyone have ideas about a crm/billing software for a Linux-based Internet Cafe?10:28
froudnmorse: thanks10:28
ijuz_froud: you could also search for skolelinux10:28
nmorseBilling software, like to set a time to use it10:29
froudyes customer buy time and spend it in units10:29
nmorsehmm, I know you can set it up for limited amounts of time10:29
nmorseBut then you'd need to write a GUI program so they can select their account and how many units10:30
froudI tought there was a sofware called Open-Caffe10:30
nmorseand probably a system tray device to tell them how much time they have left10:30
nmorseNever heard of Open-Caffe10:30
froudnmorse: I wonder if such a solution exists10:30
nmorseProbably does10:31
nmorseI wonder if there's a linux channel on freenode here that does that stuff10:31
froudwhat whoul dyou google for?10:31
nmorseWhat are you using to do this, distro-wise?10:32
nmorseLinux Terminal Server Project, maybe?10:32
ijuz_look on freshmeat, surely somebody had this problem10:32
froudyeah I considered using ltsp10:33
ijuz_but anyway, when you worry about resources and can't put the money for a fast server on the table, you should get thin clients instead of xterminals10:33
nmorseIBM made a bunch of PXE-bootable PII systems10:33
nmorseYou can buy them by the truckload10:34
nmorseMaybe $30 a piece sometimes10:34
nmorseThen just have them boot off of the server, and instant systems with no local hard drives10:34
nmorseA 450 mHz PII will run KDE, et als. just fine if you put 256 MB RAM in it10:34
froudthat's the best way10:34
heartwhere do i have to write "numlockx" in so that it will be started on every boot?10:35
froudok dudes, thanks for everyting. must go bed now, sleeep needed10:35
ijuz_froud: the problem is that when a webbrowser blows up it affects other uses probably10:36
froudijuz_: I also have a copy of this http://learnlinux.tsf.org.za/courses/web-tuxlabs.html but its a bit more complicated that I want and expensive10:37
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eric_pmrmanic: i tried all your advices but nothing worked :(10:44
mrmaniceric_p: well that's terrible.10:45
mrmaniceric_p: I'm pretty much out of ideas10:45
eric_peven with a new user, impossible to launch kde10:45
mrmaniceric_p: do you have gdm installed?10:45
eric_pmy xorg.conf has not been modified10:45
eric_pno, i havent gnome...10:45
mrmanicI see.10:45
eric_pmaybe i could try to apt-get install it...10:46
=== duende [~duende@stjhnf01bb8-142162165203.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
mrmanicthat's an option10:46
mrmanicanother option would be to see if you have xdm installed10:46
mrmanicand try setting that as the default login manager10:46
eric_pxdm: command not found10:47
mrmaniceric_p: so you'd have to apt-get that too10:48
mrmanicor instead10:48
mrmanicI don't know what dependencies gdm has.10:48
mrmanicso I'd prefer to install xdm rather than gdm, if I were running a pure kde system.10:48
=== othernoob [~othernoob@p54A2C765.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== efiloN [~erki@] has joined #kubuntu
othernoobhey, when i click on storage media and get to media:/ in konqueror, nothing shows up. this never happened before.10:50
mrmanicothernoob: is kded running?10:50
eric_pmrmanic: i think i found my problem...10:50
mrmaniceric_p: what is it?10:51
eric_pi'm so stupid10:51
eric_pi installed gdm10:51
othernoobmrmanic how do i find out10:51
mrmanicothernoob: ps -A | grep kded10:51
eric_pi llaunched it, i tried to log in and i got an error message: can't write in the authorization file, or no space free on disk10:52
abiseni am transferring my files through sftp and the transfer speed is 1.1 MB/s where as it should be around 10 then i start multiple transfers and all are giving me 1.1 MB/s simultaneously so i guess there is some setting that is throttelling that speed 10:52
eric_pi tried df and... 0% free10:52
abisencan some body tell me if there is a setting (default) in kubuntu10:52
mrmanicthat'll do it.10:52
mrmaniceric_p: see if you can free up some space :)10:52
othernoobmrmanic, yea its running10:52
eric_pwhat is strange is that i could download the about 10 mo of gdm...10:53
mrmaniceric_p: is your /home on a different partition from your /?10:53
eric_ponly swp is on another partition10:53
mrmanicI have no idea, then.10:53
mrmanicothernoob: I'm not sure how to debug this.  I ran into it once before, and it was b/c kded died10:54
mrmanicothernoob: apparently that's not your problem10:54
eric_pok, i'll free some space and i will retry, thank you for everything10:54
othernoobmrmanic: i haven't rebooted yet, because i'm dling something, but its the first time it happened :/10:54
mrmanicnp.  I hope that was your only problem.10:55
othernoobnot a big prob at the moment, but a bit annoying10:55
mrmanicothernoob: you could always try killing and restarting kded.  I don't _THINK_ that would affect your downloads. (no guarantees, of course)10:55
othernoobmrmanic: i just copied everything i needed via konsole. i'll see if it's a permanent problem tomorrow :) but thanks, ill keep that in mind10:57
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heartwhat do i have to install so that i have java enabled in firefox?11:19
ruhibsee http://ubuntuguide.org/#jre11:20
heartin which repos. is "sun-j2re1.5"?11:22
=== kman___ [~kman@p5.pub.ro] has joined #kubuntu
heartget "E: Konnte Paket sun-j2re1.5 nicht finden"11:23
=== furtivefelon [~jason@CPE0004e2b67ac1-CM0012253e40d8.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
ruhibI use http://ubuntujava.yimports.com/11:27
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_chrisi caught the end of the sun jre conversation.  what repository is that in?11:32
=== nxv_ [~nxv_@dsl-084-056-104-054.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
eric_pmrmanic: i managed to launch kde :)11:34
eric_pthank you for your advices11:35
eric_pit was just a problem of disk space, (my disk is very very small) but apt-get clean was sufficient11:36
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