Luciph3rraga ... iso da 720mb .. entra in un cd da 80 ? so che non ci entra .. ma spero che qualcuno mi dica che c'e' un modo per farcela entrare ... 12:04
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Nafallohi! anyone care to reset my passwd? pwgen -cnys 72 generated one didn't work very well :-P02:15
HWolfpoor bugger. :P02:17
NafalloI have a bug assigned in there ;-)02:21
Nafallohmm, what does LP support password-wise? only A-Z, a-z, 0-9?02:24
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Nafallo64 chars worked, never mind02:26
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hasharhello there :))04:30
hasharhow can we see some progress in the translation ? :)04:43
hasharis that reviewed by a comity or something ? ;)04:43
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carloshashar, hi05:02
carloshashar, What do you mean by 'see some progress'?05:03
hasharI am translating stuff atm :)05:05
hasharlooks like if I dont check the "Someone should review this translation" the "todo" number is falling :)05:06
hashar(I only check it when I am sure though :p )05:06
carloshashar, the todo number tells you the number of strings that remain to be translated05:07
carloshashar, so is normal that it 'falls'05:07
carloshashar, if you set the 'Someone should review this translation' check box, your translation will not be used until someone else reviews it :-)05:07
carloshashar, am I misunderstanding you?05:09
hasharnot at all05:09
hasharexactly that :)05:09
carloshashar, if you have rights to modify translations, you can add them directly without waiting for someone else to revie them05:11
carloshashar, unless you have doubts and want that othe translation review it before anyone uses it05:12
Nafallocarlos: how do I get that right? :-)05:12
carlosNafallo, usually all products are open but Ubuntu translations05:13
carlosNafallo, just request to join your translation team05:13
Nafallocarlos: did that, sweden :-)05:14
carlosFor instance: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/people/ubuntu-l10n-es05:14
hasharI am doing french xchat05:14
carlosNafallo, let me check...05:14
Nafallocarlos: sure :-)05:14
carlosNafallo, my fault O:-)05:15
=== carlos moderates the queue
Nafallocarlos: I know ;-)05:16
Nafallocarlos: but I did not want to put it that way ;-)05:16
carlosNafallo, You need to talk with the other people in your team and choose a coordinator05:16
carlosso that person gets rights to moderate that queue05:17
hasharonce a string is translated (aka no more under todo), can users submit bug reports and give a better translation ?05:17
carlosand decide who is able to join and who should not join until his/her translation skills are better05:17
carloshashar, yes05:17
Nafallocarlos: oki. just have to squash a couple of bugs first :-)05:17
carlosNafallo, please, confirm me that you have the "powers" now :-)05:18
Nafallocarlos: yepp! :-)05:18
Nafallocarlos: thanks05:19
hashar"Connection reset by peer"05:19
hasharthat one cant be translated in french05:19
carloshashar, ?05:19
carloshashar, why?05:19
hasharcause everyone know about that guy named peer05:19
carloshashar, X-)05:19
carloshashar, same problem here in Spain, we got that translated as 'Peer has reset your connection'05:20
hasharthat's a very old joke ;)05:20
carlosit was fun05:20
hasharhmm I should commit something like "connection reset by Beer" instead05:20
hasharare easter eggs allowed ? :p05:20
carloshashar, I don't think the Spanish translator translated it as a joke...05:20
Nafallo_that_ would make ppl confused ;-)05:21
=== Nafallo imagines support questions about why the admins keep throwing beer at the servers
hasharI did )05:21
hasharis there some kind of karma  ?)05:46
hasharto keep track of people that make a lot of mistakes05:46
carloshashar, yes, we have that05:48
carlosbut we need to integrate it into rosetta05:49
carlosis only used in malone atm05:49
hasharat least the system exist )05:50
Nafallo80 :-)05:51
hasharbahhh https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/people/thoane/+translations05:53
hasharmoderation needed for the french ubuntu translators team :p05:59
hasharthe gpg thing wants me to change my email address :(06:01
hasharnm, it was just validating my second email )06:02
carloshashar, French team has an admin already, so you need to wait for him06:02
hasharfine :)06:02
hasharalso, is there a way to get a list of the top 10 projects requiring french languages ?06:03
carlosnot yet06:03
hasharor the top 10 almost completed ? :p06:03
hasharthe same )06:03
carlosright, the same06:05
hashara funny function would be:  "10 random" ;)06:14
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