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mdkeevening all01:58
Burgundaviapatch just went to the mailing list01:59
Burgundavianot from me01:59
mdkejust downloaded it now01:59
mdkewill check it out02:00
mdkei think its from Njal02:00
Burgundaviamore of my crazy ideas up on planet.ubuntu.com02:01
mdkethat patch is strange02:02
mdkehe has changed the title of the book ;)02:07
mdkeand uses ":p"02:08
Burgundaviamore a chatty style02:10
Burgundaviamight rub some people wrong02:11
squinnDon't apply the patch in my opinion.02:11
BurgundaviaI wouldn't02:11
mdkei won't02:11
mdkebut he wanted feedback so I will write to the list02:11
mdkesomething jeffsch was saying earlier today made me think about style02:12
mdkehe posted the gnome guide to writing so that things can be easily translated02:12
mdkeit gave lots of good advice02:12
rob^is the faq guide suppose to align with ubuntuguide.org or are we free to make whatever changes/additions as we see fit?02:53
Burgundaviaubuntuguide.org will eventually pull out of our repo02:55
Burgundaviaso change the faq as you see fit02:55
rob^ok good thanks02:55
mdkewe will need to work on it a LOT if its gonna ship02:55
rob^yeah.. well it needs to work in yelp atleast02:56
mdkelots of unofficial and dodgy things will have to go02:56
mdkerob^, no, that's not one of the things ;)02:56
mdkerob^, we will discuss it at the next meeting, but maybe we'll ship our docs in html, in which case yelp will support it02:57
rob^is it normal, when I use xmlto to check it, for there to be Ubuntukubuntu each time it is written etc02:58
mdkeyeah that will be discussed at the meeting too02:58
rob^ok good02:58
mdkewhen Sean wrote it, he intended to profile it for ubuntu and kubuntu02:58
rob^thats what I thought02:58
mdkewe will be deciding whether to continue with that02:58
rob^good good..02:58
mdkeok i'm for bed03:00
mdkenight all03:00
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jsgotangcooh hes out03:58
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jeffschyou called?08:33
jsgotangcoi did but i forgot what i was about to ask08:33
jeffschthat's ok. i forgot what i was about to answer08:33
jsgotangcooh wait08:34
jsgotangcoyou're here might as well ask you the best time to set a meeting again08:34
jsgotangcoim putting styleguide on top of the agenda08:34
jsgotangco12UTC might be too much for you08:34
jeffsch14UTC would be ok08:35
jsgotangcowhat time is that on your side?08:36
jeffschi'm at -070008:36
jeffschit would be 7am08:36
jsgotangcowhere is that in canada?08:37
jeffschwest coast08:38
jsgotangcosay i wanna ask you something08:38
jsgotangcoif its ok with you (its not ubuntu related)08:38
jeffschi wanna answer08:38
jsgotangcoi'll pm08:39
jsgotangcohey jeffsch, i just tagged Kubuntu Quick Guide "for review"08:47
jsgotangcoits like 95% done08:47
jsgotangco(just need to export an html preview of it)08:48
jeffschwe should put previews on the meeting agenda08:49
jsgotangcoand clean up the status ids of docs08:49
jeffschyeah. there's a lot of administrative stuff that needs doing08:50
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froudAfrican Greetings08:56
jsgotangcofroud, i just tagged kubuntu quickguide as for review08:59
jsgotangco(not sure if there is still anything to add on that book at the moment)08:59
froudjsgotangco: I saw a few sections that need text09:00
jsgotangcohmmm i missed some more?09:00
=== jsgotangco thought he got it covered last night
frouddunno you mean you wrote it already, last night09:01
jsgotangcoi did09:01
jsgotangcoits just two lines and two screenshots09:01
froudah cook be I have not goten to that, last night I just saw th emissing bits. perhaps you already fixed it while I was asleep09:02
jsgotangcoyeah i committed them earlier today09:02
jsgotangcooohhh esvn looks awesome in Ion09:02
jsgotangcoits a wm similar to ratpoison09:03
froudAh, cool09:04
froudyeah, 0.7.0 is gonna be a really cool release09:04
frouddid anyone test those make targets09:05
froudcant figure out why the pictures dont work09:05
jsgotangcoi did09:05
froudall the paths are correct but when I transform the path passed to the html is changed09:06
froudcant figure out why this changes09:06
froudguess I will have to ask on docbook-apps today09:06
froudkak, Hmmm, ppl have vivid imaginations :-)09:07
jsgotangcoi thought of this crazy idea, but i nevermind09:09
froudok you got me interested, what is it?09:09
jsgotangcoi was thinking of the qanda sets09:10
jsgotangcobut i remembered its silly to ship both formats09:10
jsgotangco(but then who shipped about ubuntu in html in the 1st place)09:11
froudhmmm no idea what you're talking about09:11
jsgotangcoheh like i said nvm09:12
froudabout ubuntu had to open in FF from System menu09:12
jsgotangcodo you have a crazy idea today09:16
mdkemorning campers09:17
froudcrazy day, no09:17
jsgotangcomdke, hi09:17
froudmorn mdke 09:17
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froudjsgotangco: dont feel like working today, perhaps go do shopping, catch a movie, go for long lunch somewhere09:18
froudmdke: did you, by chance, test the new make targets for kde09:19
mdkehaven't done yet09:19
mdkecan do if you like09:20
mdkeis there a make all for everything?09:20
jsgotangcoi wish i can do that today09:20
mdkeproblem is, I guess I'm gonna have to manually edit paths again in some stuff09:20
froudwould be nice, they work here, except of images, but will they work on another box. should?09:20
jsgotangco(shopping, movie, long lunch)09:20
froudjsgotangco: yep good to enjoy life09:21
mdkefroud, i am going to oxford today, so probably won't have time to do the editing of the docbook paths09:21
mdkeneed to get on the road ASAP09:21
froudhmm ok, if you see hendrik pls ask him about the docteam.u.c09:21
mdkeno plans to see him09:21
mdkeif I bump into him I will ;)09:22
froudjeffsch: ping09:22
froudjeffsch: see you made styleguide output build to build/ Thanks dude09:23
mdkego jeffsch!09:23
jeffschgo where? :)09:24
froudjeffsch: I have a bug on the make targets09:24
froudjeffsch: if you have time take a look and see09:25
jeffschthe images thing?09:25
froudI cant figure it out09:25
froudthe path is being out to images/ instead of ../../images09:25
jeffschnow that you mention it, i had the same problem about a month ago09:25
froudis it a stylesheet bug09:26
jeffschi can't remember the details09:26
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jeffschbut i didn't solve it :(09:26
jeffschat the time, i though it was due to my lack of knowledge09:26
froudwell take a look see09:26
froudif you have ideas let me know09:27
jeffschyeah i will... tomorrow though09:27
jeffschor actually, later on today :) it'sjust after midnight...09:27
froudjeffsch: note that the xsl custom later for kde is in kde/libs09:28
froudstrange thing because the nav and admin graphics do show09:29
froudjsgotangco: I marked several sections in kwick guide complete09:30
froudyou want them at awaiting review?09:30
jsgotangcowell if it passes on your standard, i guess the other sections are complete then09:31
froudleave them review for now09:31
jsgotangcoyeah we could release the doc for hoary if its complete then do a rework on some stuff to breezy-fy it09:32
froudyes you're right09:32
jsgotangco(the last kubuntu kde update had new entries)09:32
froudwhat 3.4.109:33
jsgotangcoit even moved some stuff09:34
jeffschok i sleep now. c ya09:38
mdkenight jeffsch 09:39
mdkejdub, can you push through that docteam meeting summary email on ubuntu-news?09:44
jsgotangcooh right09:45
jsgotangcojdub, also, about that email on the upstream doc /packaging...09:46
mdkenice point jsgotangco, jdub owes us an email!09:47
mdkeok i'm off09:49
mdkeback sunday prob09:49
mdkehave fun!09:49
jsgotangcoION ROCKS10:00
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froudjeffsch: ping10:28
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
froudstrange thing10:30
froudwhen I run the make targets on my suse box the images work10:30
froudwhen I do it on ubuntu, they don't10:31
jsgotangcothat is strange10:31
jsgotangcoi will try in my wc10:31
froudjsgotangco: what is your version onumber of docbook xsl10:31
jsgotangcolet me check10:32
froudmy suse boxes is running 1.65.110:32
jsgotangcoim running 1.66.1.-110:32
froudHmm that's the one installed with hoary10:32
froudin stylesheets10:33
froudor the xsl's in hoary are borked10:33
jsgotangcohmm it just makes a list of images in a text file10:36
jsgotangcohmm i also noticed the xref link to the xml was passed on to the html10:39
froudimages file in not important10:39
froudwhat path do you get in the html10:40
jsgotangcofor the images?10:40
jsgotangcogive me a sec10:41
jsgotangco<img src="images/C/kubuntu-remoteplaces.png" alt="Remote Places">10:41
froudyes same here, but that is wrong10:41
froudit should be <img src="../../images/C/kubuntu-remoteplaces.png" alt="Remote Places">10:42
jsgotangcohmm the images are exported10:42
froudas per the xml xref source10:42
froudyes, I copy the images10:42
froudnah this is a bug in 1.66.1-110:42
jsgotangcooh adi sent an email10:44
jsgotangcoto the list10:44
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jsgotangcofroud, new make file?11:31
froudsee trunk/kde11:31
froudjsgotangco: btw do you have computer dictionary installed11:32
froudjsgotangco: ?11:34
froudwould be nice if you could test it on the installation guide11:35
froudif you can install it and then run make kin from kde/11:35
froudin the output you should have a glossary section automatically populated11:36
froudjsgotangco: ping11:38
froudcan you test it11:38
jsgotangcohold on11:55
jsgotangcoi was teaching someone to use mediawiki11:55
=== froud grabs his keyboard and hold on for dear life
jsgotangcowhat mediawiki?11:55
froudno you said hold on11:56
froudso I am doing just that11:56
jsgotangcook downloading11:56
jsgotangcowhere does this deb file install?11:56
froudhere /usr/share/computerdictionary/11:57
jsgotangcook give me a minute, our dsl here is crappy11:58
froudwhile it downloads take a look at generic/instalguide/C/installation-guide.xml11:58
froudLook at end of xml file for11:59
jsgotangcook let me svn up first11:59
froud<glossary role="auto">11:59
froud        <glossentry>11:59
froud            <glossterm>Dummy</glossterm>11:59
froud            <glossdef>11:59
froud                <para>Now you see me, next you won't.</para>11:59
froud            </glossdef>11:59
froud        </glossentry>11:59
froud    </glossary>11:59
jsgotangcome copies that in kquickguide12:00
froudok, but see installation-guide.xml for examples of how to markup glossterms12:01
froudbroadcasts to the network for a <glossterm12:01
froud                        linkend="D-d0e6764">DHCP</glossterm> server and waits for a response.12:01
froudwithout glossterms you have no entries in the glossary12:02
jsgotangcook what do i do next make kqg?12:02
=== jsgotangco do make kqg
=== jsgotangco tweedle dee tweedle dum
froudum me thinks you should try kin12:04
jsgotangcohmm all?12:04
froudI did not see glossterms in kqg12:04
jsgotangcoi put a dummy just now12:04
froudyes but you must have glossterms in the doc12:05
froudotherwise ithas nothing to add12:05
jsgotangcohow would i know if a keyword is in the dictionary12:05
froudyou check the dictionary src12:05
jsgotangcook i'll make kin now12:06
froudoneday I will write a naviagtion tool for the dictionary12:06
froudbut for now its a case of searching the hardway12:07
jsgotangcothis is an example of a vendor drop right?12:07
froudnot quite, its a build dependancy12:07
=== jsgotangco checks out the output
jsgotangcoOMG that is awesome12:10
froudso it works for you. good stuff12:10
jsgotangcowait a minute12:11
jsgotangcoi see the glossary12:11
jsgotangcobut where are the links to these keywords?12:11
froudhow do you mean?12:12
jsgotangcook Glossary has "DHCP"12:12
jsgotangcoi was hoping any word that said "DHCP" in the book has a link to the glossary12:12
froudUmm there should be a link on one12:13
jsgotangcoYour network does not use a DHCP server.12:14
jsgotangcono link on the DHCP word12:14
froudhold lemme see12:14
jsgotangcochapter 712:14
froudAh ha, yes, I will fix that12:23
jsgotangcowhat was wrong?12:23
froudhold must fix and see12:23
jsgotangcoglossterms are awesome if we ship in html12:24
froudvery helpful saves you having to explain things like DHCP, DNS etc12:24
froudthe parameter settings are correct, so why is it not linking12:29
jsgotangcodoes it work in your suse?12:30
froudnot the links12:30
jsgotangcoso the word "DHCP" should link to the glossterm at the end right12:31
froudyes, it can do that on the first occurance or all12:31
froudI have set it to do so on first occurance only12:31
jsgotangcoquestion though12:32
jsgotangcodoes yelp recognize glossterms?12:32
jsgotangco(on xml that is)12:32
jsgotangcoi guessed right then12:32
=== jsgotangco curses yelp weakness
jsgotangcoits funny though, the system images appear but not the screenshots12:33
jsgotangco<glossterm linkend="D-d0e6764">12:34
jsgotangcoD-dnnnnn is from the D.xml right12:34
jsgotangcook i will study it then12:35
jsgotangcoso when you do make kin12:35
jsgotangcothe xsl looks into /usr/share/computerdictonary?12:36
jsgotangcoand lifts appropriate entries at the bottom12:36
froudso glossary terms can be managed in a single place12:37
froudand glossary sections can be auto generated12:38
jsgotangcobut that would also mean that everyone of us need to have the same glossary12:38
jsgotangcoto be able to use it12:38
froudyes, I used computerdictionary as a build dependancy12:38
jsgotangcoahh right12:38
jsgotangcooh well this is interesting..12:38
froudit will not crash if not found12:38
jsgotangcoif its not found, then there is no glossary entry in the html right?12:39
froudHmmm it is linking my side12:39
jsgotangcooh well too bad i gotta run for dinner12:39
froudbut the section glossary is built 12:39
jsgotangcowill try to come back later12:39
jsgotangcosection glossary but no entries12:39
jsgotangcosee ya12:40
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Njalhows everyone01:52
froudI am OK, dunno about the others01:52
Njaloh well01:52
froudand you?01:53
NjalGota damn cold it's height of the summer and i have a cold01:53
froudhe he, winter here and I just got over the flue01:54
NjalWhere you live?01:54
froudJohannesburg, South Africa01:55
NjalAh, York, England01:55
NjalWho are the mods for the list?01:57
froudno mods01:57
Njalwho looks and the material then?01:58
froudwhich material?01:59
froudyou mean mailing list?02:00
froudMmmm there are some people who are mailing list mods, but who I dont know. I dont get much into that stuff02:01
froudwhy, is there a problem?02:01
NjalI just submitted something and i was told via automated email a mod had to approve it02:03
froudAh yeah an attached file02:04
froudsometimes they get stuck02:04
NjalYes, i was just wondering what the status was, since everytime i svt up the file isn't updated02:04
froudsend a message to the list without attachment and ask them to release it02:04
NjalAsk them to add the file to the repo?02:05
froudUhm I think mdke had some comments if you have fixed them they resubmit02:05
frouddid you read matthews comments?02:05
NjalI don't understand what you mean by if you have fixed them they resubmit02:07
froudwas it you who submitted a patch yesterday?02:07
frouduserguide.xml(revision 1216)02:08
Njalthat's the one02:08
froudOK, Matthew reviewed it and gave comments.02:08
NjalI havn't seen them02:08
NjalWhere can i access these comments02:08
Njalthank you02:10
NjalHmm i better change my typing style :p02:12
froudwriting style, yes02:12
NjalIm one of these people that try to make it as light as possible, i blame the ...for dummies series of book i always read if i need to learn something new02:13
froudhe he02:14
froudtry a neutral posture when writing02:14
NjalI will02:14
NjalIt's learning the teretory really02:14
froudyeah, not a big issue, dont be offended by it02:15
NjalIm not02:15
NjalDon't worry02:15
NjalThere's more to be done in this user guide than i first though02:25
froudyes, lots to do02:26
NjalI thought it was almost finished, cool i can get more done02:26
froudnice because you can pick and choose your stuff02:26
froudno no lots of rooms for things to do, enjoy ;-)02:26
NjalAre we going for the whole images in the guide or is it all text?02:27
froudyou can use images02:27
froudbut b4 capturing02:27
froudcheck file:/home/sean/projects/ubuntu/trunk/gnome/images/C02:28
Njali don't have a trunk dir02:28
Njalnvm found the images anyway02:29
froudif the image is not already there, then create capture as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TakingScreenshots?highlight=%28ScreenShots%2902:29
froudyes you may not have a trunk because you have not done a full checkout of the repos, just the trunk02:29
froudif the image is there, then reuse it02:30
Njaljust to confirm we can't use figures of speach such as "There's more than one way to skin a cat", i can imagine how that might turn out translated02:30
froudcorrect, don't use them02:31
Njalanother question, what CD buring software come's installed by default02:31
Njali know there's the one built into nautilus02:31
froudthat's it02:32
Njaloh right02:32
froudwell stock apps that is02:32
NjalWe're using a stock OS for this though arn't we?02:32
froudyes and apply human theme02:33
NjalYes i have just read that, but my system is dying i think i'll wait on the screen shot's until i can repair my system02:33
froudOK, remember you can always use a qemu and the ISO02:34
froudyou can run linux under linux using an emulator and make captures from tha :-)02:35
NjalAh emulation, im not sure that my PC's good enough for that, it choked on the VMware demo02:36
NjalWhat's the default mail client?02:41
Njalhmm never got that to work02:42
Njalwill have to skip that section and let someone who can use it, write it02:42
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froudjjesse_: hi02:55
jjesse_hiya froud02:55
jjesse_running in windows mode today can't figure out why it won't let me connect at jjesse02:56
jjesse_and keeps adding the _ to it :(02:56
froudchange your nick /nick jjesse02:56
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
jjessenow need to figure out why it isn't letting me connect02:56
froudnow do /msg nickserv identify {$your-password}02:57
jjessealready did it 02:57
froudnow do /msg nickserv identify {$your-password}02:57
froudso have you looked at the outline for kug?02:58
jjessevery little, spent some time looking at it while i watched the piston loose last night02:58
froudthat sounds bad :-)02:59
jjessenba finals last game was last night 02:59
jjesseand i'm from  michigan so detroit is my team02:59
froudok, no wonder02:59
froudwell do take a look and see what you think. Add as you feel required03:00
jjessewill do its on the schedule for this weekend03:00
froudhavenot seen gtaylor around03:00
froudjjesse: btw you now make make targets for the kde stuff03:01
froudtry them and send feedback03:01
jjesseok cool03:02
NjalUm on the external drive bit does this include USB 'dongles'03:24
froudhow do you mean?03:24
NjalThere is a section that is called external drives as in hard drives does this include thet popular USB pen/dongle/mini/portable hard drives?03:25
froudguess it should03:26
NjalSince all i know about is the 'dongle' drives03:26
froudthat's ok, do what you know03:27
froudor do research about the ones you dont know so you can do the section03:28
=== gtaylor [~gtaylor@130-127-67-44.lehotsky.clemson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
froudgtaylor: good to see you03:35
froudgtaylor: outline is in svn03:37
gtaylorfroud: Good deal, how's it looking?03:47
froudnot bad, good enough for me to think it's time for input from you and jjesse 03:48
gtaylorgreat, I'll start playing with it today03:49
=== froud [~froud@ndn-165-139-210.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-doc
froudargh network splits03:52
froudgtaylor: did you respond to me. if so. I missed it03:53
gtaylorfroud: Yeah, I'm going to take a look at pitch some stuff in today03:53
froudcool look forward to it03:53
froudI have mainly done parts and chapters if these structures are OK, then I think we can start building the section outline in each of the chapters03:54
gtaylorlooks like a good start03:56
gtaylorhrm, need a section on package management03:58
froudunder the part on expanding ?03:59
gtaylorWell, I see you have one under Expanding Kubuntu but that might be a chapter on its own03:59
froudhe he03:59
gtaylorThere are a bunch of different ways to do package management, is the user guide supposed to go over GUI and Console ways of doing things?04:00
froudUmm mostly using Kynaptic04:00
gtaylorI wrote a bunch of Kynaptic stuff for the quickguide we can use04:00
froudbut some cli will be needed in order to add repositories to sources.list04:00
jjesseshouldn't it cover at least some of the console settings?  if i remember correctly the upgrade from wart to hoary was mostly console driven apt-get update and stuff04:00
froudonce you have repos's defined in sources.list the rest can be done va kynaptic04:01
froudsmart upgrade04:01
froudeverything up to Expanding is the stock installation04:03
gtaylorI didn't know there was such a thing as apt-get moo :)04:07
gtaylorwas wondering what that super cow powers stuff was04:07
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jjessehello enrico?04:40
enricojjesse: hi from LinuxTag!04:41
jjessehaving fun?04:41
enricolots! :)04:41
=== gtaylor is jealous
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