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zulfabbione: you around? probably not..06:43
infinityzul : He's taking a long weekend.06:51
zulyeah i figured that..06:51
zulwell im going to bed07:07
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mahmoudhello...I'm recompiling the kernel to add support to the "perfctr" module...it builds and installs fine, but when it boots it complains about a missing "/lib/modules/2.6.10/modules.dep" although it's there...any idea?07:10
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fabbionedid i ever mention NOT to close the door of the office in the summer because the room OVERHEAT!06:41
zulno i dont think you did06:44
chmjyeah, never 06:44
zulfabbione: oh yeah i start work tuesday06:49
zulso i have monday to relearn php 06:50
zulnow you dont get to hear me whine anymore...well less06:50
fabbionedon't even think to disappear you little tiny bastard :)06:51
zuli wouldnt do that to you :)06:52
fabbionegood boy06:52
zuli hanged out with jbailey-gcc on friday aswell06:52
fabbioneah nice06:55
fabbionedid you get to do keysigning?06:55
zulnah..he had to go back to the gcc summit06:55
zuli had to go get drunk with some college friends06:55
fabbionewell jeee it takes 1 minute to exchange fpr06:55
zulmeh...we didnt think of it06:56
chmjyeah, beer does that to people 06:59
zulactually it was vodka06:59
zulfabbione: i stole a whole bunch of patches from head this week07:02
fabbionezul: i will look at them during the week07:03
fabbionei am back only to restore my server07:04
fabbioneand i am seriously running away screaming from the pc'07:04
zulim just testing them now they should be in my arch by the end of the day07:04
zulno hurry07:04
fabbionei am off to unload the car while the RAID resync07:04
fabbioneit failed once already and that's not good07:05
zuli probably wont be around much next weekend since its canada day07:06
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