ograsebest, debian is a very wide field, which one are you talking about (sarge,sid, woody )?12:01
sebestall of them12:01
sebestexcept maybe experimental12:02
ograso its a lag of debian then...12:02
=== Gervystar [~gervystar@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sebestbut as i don't use debian, should i use the ubuntuX in the name?12:02
tsengif there is no debian version12:03
sebesttseng oki12:03
tsengthe first part is the debian revision12:03
tsengso 3.2.1-1ubuntu1 if its in debian as 3.2.1-1 and you make changes12:04
tsengsay debian has 3.2.012:04
tsengand you update it to .112:04
tsengits not 3.2.1-0ubuntu112:04
tsengmake ense?12:04
=== looksaus [~looksaus@83-134-125-28.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sebestyes i does, but i was using 0.6.4-0ethium1, should i name it 0.6.4-1ubuntu1 ?12:05
sebestfor upgrading to works?12:05
tsengwe only respect versioning from debian12:05
tsengnot random 3rd parties12:05
sebestoki, but what should i do for smooth upgrade?12:06
Amaranthif it's not in debian yet it's -0 right?12:06
ograthe first debian version will be 0.6.4-1, so it will supersede your pakage in ubuntu if you name it 0ubuntu112:06
looksaustseng, is there a motu who's interested in music notation?12:06
looksausit would be great to have lilypond packages12:07
tsenglooksaus: not that I know of12:07
ajmitchinterested, but haven't done much with it12:07
looksaus(I mean Lilypond 2.6 packages)12:07
tsenglooksaus: you are welcome to get involved12:07
ajmitchyou'd want to work with the debian maintainer for that12:07
looksausajmitch, of course, if I were willing to invest a lot of time in packaging skill building12:08
ajmitchgreat, it's thomas bushnell12:08
sebestogra , but what will happen when i apt-get upgrade? if the installed one is 0.6.4-0ethium1 ?12:08
ogralooksaus, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUAudio12:08
sebestand i name the new 0.6.4-0ubuntu1 ?12:08
looksausis he an ubuntu guy?12:09
ajmitch0ubuntu1 is higher12:09
sebestajmitch: oki thanx12:09
ajmitchlooksaus: no, a hurd guy :)12:09
looksausI thought so, but he could have been on both, right ;)12:10
looksausogra, is it acceptable for me to put something in there?12:10
ajmitchlooksaus: sure it is12:11
ogralooksaus, you probably should contact the guys... they dont have a MOTU to lead yet...12:11
ajmitchget in touch with them first12:12
ograso this team isnt right yet.... a MOTU team needs a MOTU12:12
ograelse you have no uploader12:12
looksauserr... sorry... you mean I should contact the audio guys first?12:12
looksausthe have them contact you?12:12
looksausthen have them contact you?12:13
=== niran [~niran@cpe-67-10-213-51.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogralooksaus, no, have them find a MOTU so their team can actually work12:16
ogralooksaus, a MOTU team without a MOTU is pretty useless... you cant upload changes....12:17
looksausogra, I was supposing that you were the MOTU people...12:17
ogralooksaus, yes, but i'm not in the audio team12:17
tsengi need to leave my computer before i get angry12:18
sebestogra, what is the next step when i have implemented the changes asked by daniel?12:18
ogralooksaus, since these guys seem to have interest in audio stuff, the should either become MOTU or find one who is interested in that...12:18
ogratseng, calm down...12:18
tsengim leaving :)12:18
ajmitchbye tseng :)12:18
ogratseng, i'm discussing since 1h with him12:18
ogratseng, ciao, relax12:18
tsengogra: you are a champion12:19
tsengsee you in 20 or so12:19
ajmitchirssi is really screwy today - cutting off first character of each line after the nick :)12:19
sebestwhat happened with tseng??12:20
ograsebest, annoying discussion on -devel...12:20
\shuh again a long text12:22
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Amaranthajmitch: that sucks12:27
ajmitch0:27 < Amaranth> jmitch: that sucks12:29
ajmitch10:27 < maranth> ass12:29
ajmitchyeah, it does :)12:29
Amaranthi did that on purpose :D12:29
ajmitchbut I'm using putty on windows to connect to screen at home..12:30
ajmitchwhich worked fine yesterday12:30
ajmitchok, ssh+cygwin works12:36
=== looksaus [~looksaus@83-134-125-28.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Looksaus]
=== herzi [~herzi@dsl-084-056-232-034.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograajmitch, even without ssh-krb5 ? *g*12:42
ajmitchogra: be nice :)12:43
ograheh, i am....12:43
ograi'm still bound to the CoC :)12:43
=== karlheg [~karlheg@host-250-237.resnet.pdx.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sebestbye all, and thanx for the advices!12:49
ajmitchbye sebest12:52
\shgoing to bed ...12:56
doko /msg ogra wer hat Dir den Schwanz festgebunden? ;-)12:57
ajmitchwb tseng01:22
=== dle-- is now known as dle
=== ydo_ [tbe@debian.as] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Nafallomy passwords are changed :-P03:00
Nafallo_all_ of them :-)03:00
=== Nafallo hugs pwgen for the excellent work :-)
=== amx [~amx@Ottawa-HSE-ppp255529.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
NafalloI'm going to bed. see you all later.03:01
=== bddebian [~bddebian@pcp08717033pcs.phnixv01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== niran [~niran@cpe-67-10-213-51.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianBah, where is everyone?03:26
ajmitchI was at lunch :P03:28
bddebianHeya homey03:29
ajmitchmaking friends in #d-d again, I see?03:30
bddebianWell I AM installing Breezy at the moment..03:30
ajmitchdist-upgrade from hoary?03:31
bddebianUhm, aye even03:31
=== tseng waits for colony 2
tsengi need to wipe this clean03:31
tsengloaded with crap03:31
bddebiancolony 2?03:32
tsengcolony 2.03:32
tsenga group of badgers are a colony03:32
tsengmilestone builds are called colony03:33
tseng1, 2, etc03:33
=== bddebian has much to learn apparently
bddebianShix, I keep getting md5 errors on oppenoffice.org203:34
tsengus mirror?03:35
ajmitchI think I need to learn tla-buildpackage03:36
tseng<3 svn-buildpackage03:37
ajmitchbaz is the way of the future03:37
tsengseen The Aviator?03:37
ajmitchwait, I don't think I did03:38
tsengits about howard hughes03:38
tsenghis torrets/panic attacks were he said "the way of the future" like 50 times03:38
squinnit's the way of the future..way of the future..way of the futuer03:38
tsenguntil they sedated him03:38
squinnyeah, that was the syphillis coming to him03:39
squinnsyphilis + ocd  = deadly combo03:39
bddebiantseng: Yes03:39
tsengbddebian: that mirror is permafucked03:39
tsenguse another for now03:40
=== squinn is downgrading to Hoary
bddebianNice.. :-(03:40
squinnany work I need I can debootstrap03:40
ajmitchsquinn: do you find breezy a little broken?03:40
bddebianAnu suggestions on a mirror?03:40
squinnajmitch, a little. i'm used to unstable systems but when i can't add an email account..that crosses the lien03:41
bddebianAnyone... Anyone... Beuhler03:42
bddebianajmitch: Is the an .au mirror?03:46
tsenggood night03:46
ajmitchbddebian: dunno03:46
ajmitchnight tseng03:47
=== ajmitch hopes xtla gets into breezy soon
bddebiangnight tseng03:47
bddebianIs there a list of mirrors somewhere?03:48
ajmitchprobably :)03:48
bddebianNo one knows another mirror??  The Ubuntu sites and Google aren't helping much.. :-(04:02
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=== rcliii [~rcliii@cpe-65-26-158-102.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchbddebian: try uk.archive.ubuntu.com then04:06
ajmitchor just archive.ubuntu.com04:06
ajmitch(same ip addresses)04:06
ajmitchthat may not work, us.a.u.c points to the same place04:07
bddebianbah :-)04:07
=== bddebian tries uk.a.u.c
bddebianAhh, now nautilus dies04:17
ajmitchhow is it dying?04:19
bddebiandpkg returned error 1 blah blah04:19
bddebianI'm doing a -f install now04:19
squinnhey, um..question for you04:20
ajmitchsquinn: yes?04:20
squinnwait maybe nvm04:21
squinnyeah, nvm04:21
bddebianHmm, seemed to have worked.04:21
=== bddebian crosses his fingers and reboots
squinnWhat do I do if my dpkg is damaged beyond belief04:24
squinnI kind of screwed it up.04:24
ajmitchhow badly?04:24
squinndpkg: configuration error: unknown option log: Success04:24
squinndpkg: configuration error: unknown option log: Success04:24
squinnI can't get anything to install badly04:24
bddebianCool, now X won't start and I can't use my keyboard.  Sweet04:24
ajmitchsquinn: ah, so configuration stuff, not 'dpkg has a totally broken status db'04:25
ajmitchbddebian: breezy Works For Me(tm) :)04:25
squinnwell the file i messed up i got from someone on main support chan04:26
ajmitchsquinn: look in /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg04:26
ajmitchdid you change that file?04:26
ajmitchwhat does that file have, and what version of dpkg do you have installed (latest from breezy?)04:26
squinncommented stuff04:27
squinnwhere log goes04:27
squinnand file i edited was  /var/lib/dpkg/info/dpkg.prerm04:27
ajmitchcomment out the log option04:27
ajmitchit was something recently edited, and if you haven't got a matching dpkg, it might complain like it is04:27
squinnas i wanted to dpkg to downgrade and it seemed to have some problems with /usr/bin/md5sum04:28
ajmitchyeah, downgrading dpkg isn't going to be fun04:28
ajmitchit'll most likely cause a lot of pain trying to downgrade substantial amounts04:28
squinnwell main concern is gettin dpkg at least usable04:29
ajmitchso comment out that option04:29
squinnmost other files dgraded quietly04:29
ajmitchdpkg should be usable now04:29
ajmitchhi chillywilly04:31
squinnajmitch, you're a god04:31
bddebianNetworking won't start in recovery mode?04:31
bddebianHeya chillywilly04:31
ajmitchsquinn: nah04:32
squinnand/or a developer04:32
squinnand/or a MOTU04:32
ajmitchjust a motu04:34
bddebianjust a MOFO04:34
ajmitchbddebian, as usual..04:35
bddebianWTF is up with networking in Ubuntu?04:37
=== CircuitRider [~chatzilla@adsl-65-43-166-36.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchbddebian: nothing wrong that I know of04:38
bddebianWhen I first installed I changed /etc/network/interfaces and it didn't do shit??04:38
ajmitchbecause you didn't do it right??04:40
ajmitchseriously, your 'bug report' is so vague as to be rather unhelpful :)04:40
bddebianOh, this is supposed to be a bug report?04:41
ajmitchno, but saying 'it doesn't do shit' won't get much help04:41
bddebianI set my interfaces file up the way I normally do in Debian and it was still using DHCP.  I couldn't set a static IP until I used the GUI interface04:42
ajmitchdepends if you took the interface down & put it up again04:42
ajmitchsince ubuntu uses the same networking packages as debian04:42
bddebianajmitch: I tried.  init.d/networking restart filed  .. stop failed.. etc04:43
ajmitchand start did what?04:43
ajmitchand the logs say?04:44
bddebianOh yeah, logs04:44
=== ajmitch thinks that #u-motu shouldn't be another support channel
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== martin [~martin@pc-62-30-33-77-pr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
martinjh99Morning all - Do you have any beginners documentation on creating packages?  I would like to create packages of KDE themes for my own personal repo...05:43
schweebmartinjh99: the debian new maintainer's guide05:44
schweebmartinjh99: it's at debian.org somewhere05:45
schweebor check https://wiki.ubuntu.com05:45
schweebthere is some documentation on there05:45
schweebunder the MOTU section I believe05:45
schweebthere's a pbuilder howto and such05:45
martinjh99I will have another look at the Debian maintainers guide - It went a bit over my head to start of with ;) Will have a look at the Ubuntu wiki as well!05:46
schweebsorry I can't help you with links, but you can find them just as easily as I can05:47
martinjh99No worries about that!  I can use Google with the best of them!05:47
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=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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Lathiathm i think im heading towards the dark side08:56
Lathiatim becoming fond of kde08:56
jsgotangcohmm that's not so dark08:56
jsgotangcowhat im probably using now is much darker08:56
jsgotangcoim using Ion08:57
Lathiatcan i get kmail to cache all messages?08:57
jsgotangcohmm who's the kde kingpin here08:58
jsgotangco(aside from Riddell)08:58
Lathiat\sh ?08:58
jsgotangcoahh yes a krew member *grin*08:58
=== dholbach [foobar@td9091aea.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shhey daniel09:00
dholbachhey stephan :)09:00
jsgotangcodholbach, daniel hey09:01
dholbachjerome! :)09:01
\shLathiat: cache all messages? u mean download them into a temp memory bucket and forget about everything after the app is closed?09:01
\shor do u mean only the message list?09:01
\shthe messagelist is downloaded and also saved in your .kde dir09:02
Lathiatnah as in, cache the contents of all all messages09:03
Lathiatso i can view them offline09:03
Lathiatand online without waiting09:04
=== herzi [~herzi@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shLathiat: no..only download all the stuff09:06
Lathiat\sh: and any idea if icanset "thread messages" on allfolders by default?09:06
\shLathiat: w8 i have to check where it is09:06
\shLathiat: configure kmail -> Appearance -> TAB Message List09:07
\shIn the General Options there is "Threaded Messages list"09:07
=== karlheg [~karlheg@host-250-237.resnet.pdx.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jsgotangcodholbach, its been a while since i saw/talked to you, how are you doing lately09:24
dholbachjsgotangco: i'm very busy with my thesis, an exam i have to write and my move to berlin (in 8-9 weeks it's over :))09:25
=== karlheg [~karlheg@host-250-237.resnet.pdx.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jsgotangcodholbach, you've been busy :)09:26
dholbachi still am09:27
dholbachbut i'm fine :)09:27
dholbachhow are ou?09:27
jsgotangcooh i'm doing good, a bit boring lately though09:27
dholbachthe MOTU world should help you get rid of tediousness :)09:29
dholbachalthough... we have tedious work as well :)09:30
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\shhmm..irgendwie schein ich doch in ein fettnaepchen getreten zu haben09:55
dholbachwhats wrong?09:55
\shi just wrote an article after I read your remark to michaels article ;)09:55
dholbachwhat are you talking about?09:57
dholbachwhat went wrong? i read your blog entry yesterday?09:58
dholbacheverybody who got a NEW package into ubuntu: file an rfp10:03
dholbachi'll have to do that myself10:03
dholbach(figure out how that works)10:03
=== niran [~niran@cpe-67-10-213-51.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shdholbach: the first guy misunderstood me :)10:13
dholbachfirst guy? michael?10:13
\shricardo (the comments on my article)10:13
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tsenghi dholbach12:14
dholbachre :)12:14
dholbachbrandon, how are you?12:14
=== tseng checks morning mail
tsengdholbach: good. are you done school yet?12:15
dholbachhaha :)12:15
dholbach8 weeks12:15
dholbachif i don't have a heart attack before :)12:15
jsgotangcomorning tseng12:15
tsenggymnasium ist scheishause12:16
tsenghi jsgotangco12:16
dholbachfachhochschule in this case, but it was a near miss ;)12:16
tsengist dem "tech" schule?12:17
dholbach"university of applied sciences"12:17
jsgotangcois that word an education thing12:17
dholbachit's a silly word :)12:17
tsengyeah german has different types of schools12:17
jsgotangcosounds silly12:18
tsengstarting wiht our highschool12:18
dholbachhaha :)12:18
tsengi think you graduate when you are about 15 or 16? and can get an unskilled job12:18
tsengor go onto a specialized school12:18
jsgotangcoschule is school?12:18
jsgotangcoim quite interested in the language12:20
tsengwell its fun, you can just throw random words together into one big long string12:21
tsengfachhoch is apperantly something about science. so you get fachhochschule :D12:21
dholbachhochschule would be highschool12:21
Treenaksfach is a subject, hoch is high12:21
Treenaksor is fach more like an occupation?12:22
dholbachnevermind me - i shouldn't be here anyway :)12:22
jsgotangcosounds fun12:22
tsengdholbach: :(12:22
tsengi would have studied more german if i stayed in school12:22
tsengi dont have the patience for this12:23
dholbachTreenaks: it's like a university, but it's a more practical, the groups are smaller - i like it better12:23
Treenaksdholbach: It's called "Hoger beroepsonderwijs" in Dutch I think :) they call themselves "University" abroad12:23
JanC"fach" means something like "skill"12:23
TreenaksJanC: *headdesk* of course12:24
JanCbut not exactly :)12:24
JanC"vak" in Dutch  :)12:24
dholbachTreenaks: dutch is so funny :)12:24
dholbachTreenaks: (you must think the same about german :)12:24
Treenaksdholbach: yes ;)12:25
JanCI think "Fachhochschule" would be "industrile hogeschool" in Belgian Dutch12:25
dholbachok... i try to find a segfault in my code ... see you later12:25
JanCor maybe just "hogeschool"12:26
jsgotangcoim going home12:29
jsgotangcosee you guys later12:30
dholbachbye jerome :)12:31
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dholbachsee you later03:14
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Nafallohi bddebian05:33
bddebianHi Nafallo05:33
bddebianOK, thanks to ajmitch, I have Breezy running.  Someone give me a bug to look at.. :-)05:40
\shcheers btw05:47
bddebianHello ivoks, \sh05:57
bddebianSo either I have to find my own bug, or you people don't believe me since I haven't done shit yet.. :-)05:59
=== terrex dice: ahora s que s, me ausento. taluego
ivokslots of questions :)06:01
bddebianSorry, I'm mainly playing around.  I think I do that too much..06:02
schweebbddebian: either go in malone and find an open one, or go through build logs06:02
bddebianschweeb: I know.  I was hoping someone knew of some more n00b tasks. :-)06:03
schweebyou could work on the wiki or something06:03
\shbddebian: 1. wiki 2. malone 3. cxx that was my way06:04
bddebianWell as I try to look at bugs, I am considering an MOTUn00b page ;-)06:04
\shbloody hell, i'm melting06:04
=== schweeb sits in air conditioned bliss
\shsince I came back from work, me too06:04
\shbut this is now riddiculus06:05
\shi need a new flat06:05
ivokshm... nice...06:06
=== schweeb is simultaneously at work and at home
ivokskde will do API for wikipedia06:06
schweebI love VPNs06:06
\shivoks: sure06:06
\shivoks: we're going on ;)06:07
ivoksgoing on? :)06:07
\shgoing on with our life ;) and our desktop ,-)06:07
\shbut I think gnome will also do some wikipedia stuff06:08
ivokslinux is looking good every day even better for desktop06:08
\shivoks: since 4 years now06:08
ivoks\sh: sure they will06:08
schweebhell, I've been using it as a desktop for like 3.5 years06:08
ivokssomeone will do that for windows too :) and osx06:08
\shas i wrote in my blog , linux is overdue for the desktop06:08
schweeb(linux that is, not KDE)06:08
ivoksschweeb: i'm using it since '98 :)06:08
\shschweeb: i'm running linux since 1995 as desktop06:09
schweebwell, I've been using linux since 97, but not as a full time desktop06:09
ivoksman, i need to loose weight06:11
ivoksnice, v9fs in linux 2.6.1306:13
ivoksubuntu should have certificat system :)06:15
bddebianwb siretart06:16
ivoksplan9's filesystem06:18
siretartand what kind of cert system would we need?06:19
siretartdo you mean a CA?06:19
schweebis there anything particularly useful about plan9, or its filesystem?06:20
siretartdoes anyone here has experience with mod python?06:23
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ivokshighway is done! finally... only 3 hours to split :)06:24
\shsiretart: ogra has06:26
ograhuh ?06:26
\shor python cgi only?06:27
siretartbtw, current status of revu can be seen here: http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/06:27
ogranope.... i dont abuse apache as application server ..... i have not had a case where a cgi wasnt good enough...06:27
\shogra: but your hwdb?06:27
siretartwell, mod_python isn't really much more than cgi.06:28
ogra\sh, cgi06:28
ogra\sh, and no, the slowness isnt caused by the fact that its a cgi :)06:28
=== shawarma [~sh@3E6B503C.rev.stofanet.dk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
shawarmahi! I need a piece of advise. I'm the package of user-profile, a new GNOME tool to change your passwd and GECOS info. The first version, I packaged had no version, so I just called it version 1.0, and my first package had the full version of 1.0-1. I made a new release called 1.0-2. Now, the author has adopted my versioning, and called his package version 1.0-3... What should I do now?06:35
shawarmaHow do I handle an upstream version that has dashes in it?06:36
ivokswho's upstream?06:36
shawarmaA dude called Domenique Tillleuil.06:36
ivoksshawarma: does he create debian packages as well?06:37
shawarmaNo. That's "my job".06:37
shawarmaivoks: Why?06:38
ivokshm... then ask him to version his program in x.y.z format06:38
ivoksshawarma: url of upstream?06:38
shawarmaivoks: Right. I'll do that, but now he has actually released a version with this version.06:38
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shawarmaWhat am I supposed to do if I come across another piece of software with a dash in the version? Just substitute a dot?06:39
ivoksThe new source can be found here Debian packages will have to wait for a while but as soon as i've got them, i'll post them here :)06:39
ivokshe does debian packages06:39
shawarmaNo. I do. :-)06:39
shawarmaI have an "agreement" with him,that he e-mails me whenever he releases a new version, and I package it.06:40
ivoksah, ok :)06:41
ivokstell him that he has to change versioning06:41
ivoksand you can apply diff to your package06:41
ivoksand bump version to 1.0-3ubuntu106:42
siretartshawarma: Personally, I'd package it with upstream version 1.0.3, and mention in the changelog, that its actually 1.0-306:42
ivoksor that...06:42
shawarmaI think that's what I'll do, actually.06:43
shawarmaThanks for the advice.06:43
ograshawarma, btw, your em-applet doesnt work :(06:44
ograshawarma, do you know if your upstream (about-me) is aware of this ? http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/DotUbuntuRegistrationClient06:46
Lathiathm, is anyone working on that?06:48
ivoksok, we need meta key for mouse :(06:49
ivokspresing left and right mouse key is stoopid06:49
ivokswin+left = middle key06:50
\shi have my progress bar in my listviewitem06:50
\shnow can I drink another beer06:50
Lathiatno, you may not06:50
ivoksyay! beer06:50
\shat least  I found kynaptic the first time useful :)06:51
Lathiatkynaptic seems fairly useless to me06:51
Lathiatdoesnt even have search :\06:51
Lathiatdamn these kde people, they have me tempted to switch06:52
\shLathiat: but it has one widget built in what i needed06:52
ivoks\sh is guilty! :)06:52
=== koke [~koke@adsl229-164.unizar.es] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shat least the idea how to do it06:52
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kokehi MOTUs!07:10
\shhoi koke07:10
kokeare universe uploads restricted yet?07:10
kokeI've fixed tla-buildpackage07:11
\shif you 're motu you can upload..if it's a new package, put it on MOTUToReview  or MOTUNewPackages07:13
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-motu: Ubuntu Masters of the Universe: Ubuntu Universe Repository Maintainers | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Calendar | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUTodo | please file universe bugs in https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/+bugs | review day! JOIN US: June, 27th
=== Topic (#ubuntu-motu): set by \sh at Sat Jun 25 22:09:29 2005
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ivoksi hate ubuntu's cupsys07:39
LathiatIT HATES YOU TOO07:39
ivoksyou just can't create user that will be unable to print :)07:39
ivoksso creating a decent print server is impossible07:39
siretarthow to add code to wiki?07:40
siretartwhats the code tags?07:40
siretart{{{ ok07:40
mitsuhikosiretart: I can be wrong but I thing {{{ is for processors07:41
mitsuhikoarr. think07:41
mitsuhikook. I was wrong {{{#ProcessorName is for Processors07:43
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siretartdoes anyone want to play guinea pig for revu? ;)07:45
Lathiatwhat it for07:50
Lathiatmotus to upload and then have it sposnored by someone else?07:50
siretartLathiat: it is aimed to be a replacement for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTOToReview and MOTONewPackages07:52
siretartI dont like the wiki for doing reviews. so I wrote revu ;)07:52
Lathiatso as a submitter, i would submit a package ?07:52
Lathiatwith revu07:52
Lathiatand then someone woudl review it?07:52
siretartLathiat: yes, sponsors will be able to download your package from revu, and upload it to the archive then07:53
Lathiatok i can do that07:53
siretartgreat :)07:53
siretartpass me your gnupg id then, (as instructed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/REVU)07:54
Lathiatsorry, gimme abit :)08:00
siretartn/p. I'm afk for lunch08:02
DanielNogra, ping08:03
ograDanielN pong08:03
DanielNwhat's the state of libsigcx-gtk-xx ?08:04
DanielNwould be nice if they're going uploaded, cause of libyehia :)08:04
ograDanielN ask ajmitch, its his package08:04
DanielNbut there's a bug report on bugzilla from you08:05
Lathiatsiretart: incoming08:05
ograDanielN and have a look at breezy-changes, i think he already uploaded08:05
ograsome time last week08:05
StoneTableogra:  I'm working on packaging a new version of drivel (1.2.3 is in now, 2.0.1 is out).  What's the new process for getting it reviewed?08:05
ograStoneTable, are you sure there is no 2.0.1 in debian ?08:06
=== StoneTable looks
Lathiatseb128 asked for drivel 2.0.1 to be synced from debain yesterday iirc08:06
StoneTableheh, so there is08:06
ograah, thats what i suspected08:06
StoneTablegood deal08:07
schweebspeak of the devil08:07
schweebseb just joined #u-d08:08
DanielNsiretart, rev is nice work :) is it possible to see the source.. never taked a  look over python stuff08:08
siretartDanielN: I can mail you the sources. sorry, no distribution tarball available yet08:08
DanielNogra, The following packages have unmet dependencies:08:09
DanielN  libsigcx-gtk-0.6-dev: Depends: libsigcx-0.6-dev (= 0.6.4-4) but it is not going to be installed08:09
DanielN                        Depends: libsigcx-gtk-0.6-1 (>= 0.6.4-4) but it is not going to be installed08:09
DanielNsiretart, would be nice.. mail it to neuenschwander@dev.erased.ch08:10
ograDanielN did it build ?08:10
DanielNogra, i'm trying to build yehia.. which has libsigcx-gtk-0.6-dev in deps08:10
siretartLathiat: you should now be able to proceed with uploading08:11
ograDanielN i know, i had yehia before, thats why i opened the bug about sigc08:11
ograDanielN did sigcx build ?08:11
DanielNogra, never tried08:11
ograajmitch uploaded on thursday.... so if its not in the archive you should look up its build log08:11
DanielNok.. can you point me again to the logs?08:12
Lathiatsiretart: yeh i have to unbreak my bzflag stuff first and its 2am and i want to sleep ;p08:12
Lathiati seem to have lost somethign somewhere and it thinks its debian native:)08:12
siretartDanielN: done08:14
ograDanielN http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/08:14
siretartLathiat: perhaps the orig.tar.gz?08:14
Lathiati'll find it later ;p08:14
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DanielNogra, hmm.. seems that my pbuilder want to fetch the old libsigcx08:33
ograDanielN update it08:34
DanielNdone it already 2 times08:34
ograwhat did the buildlog say ?08:34
DanielNit's ok.. and when i do apt-get source libsigcx i get the transisted one :/08:35
ograPackage: libsigcx-0.6-dev08:41
ograSection: libdevel08:41
ograConflicts: libsigcx-0.5-dev08:41
ograReplaces: libsigcx-0.5-dev08:41
DanielNon packages.ubuntu.com there is still libsigcx_0.6.4-4 and not libsigcx_0.6.4-4ubuntu1 :/08:44
ograDanielN see above (find the bug in my paste ;) )08:44
DanielNmhm sorry08:45
DanielNdon't find anything strange08:45
ogra0.5 isnt 0.608:46
DanielNbut should it replaces himself?08:47
DanielNor what08:47
ograand that 0.6 0.5 replaces should be clear, you dont need to mention it ....08:47
DanielNtell that ajmitch08:47
ograDanielN hey, you wait for him :)08:48
ograso poke him to provide a fixed package ;)08:48
DanielNso it _should_ replaces itself?08:48
DanielNhuh... :/08:48
DanielNbut not conflict08:48
ograsince the version didnt change, you have to force it.....08:48
DanielNajmitch, ping ;)08:49
ograDanielN, hmmit could also be the archive script....08:53
ograseems there is no binary ubuntu1 version  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/libs/libsigcx/08:53
ograDanielN so its probably a elmo problem...08:54
ogra(or infinity)08:54
DanielNyeah, it's not there, as i said :)09:08
DanielNonly source09:08
DanielNok then ping elmo ?09:08
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JanCjaldhar but personally I don't see anything that python is useful for that perl can't do already09:32
JanCtry rewriting zope in perl ?  ;-)09:32
siretartJanC: write code that is possible to understand 2 weeks later? *g*09:34
SeveasYou can do that in perl :)09:35
SeveasIt's just a bit hard...09:35
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siretartogra: ping09:48
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sistpotyI'm off for today... cya09:52
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ograsiretart, pong09:53
siretartogra: I havn't heard any comments from you regarding revu. do you miss some feature? do you like it?09:54
ograsiretart, i havent looked at the latest version yet.... i'll do after my dogwalk, he's waiting...09:54
siretarthave fun! :)09:55
ograSeveas, hey, thanks for the reply in ubuntu-devel ;)09:55
Seveasyw ogra09:55
SeveasYou are doing the good work, so thanks for that ;)09:55
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bddebianHello \sh10:03
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bddebian\sh: Did you ever find "an html guy" ?10:03
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0304.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHello ivoks10:06
ivokshi bddebian10:07
ivoksworking hard?10:07
bddebianNo, I don't seem to be much help :-(10:07
\shbddebian: not right now10:07
ivoksbddebian: i feel the same :(10:07
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
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ivoksarghh.... man it's too hot here10:32
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ograsiretart, let me see more if there is more, for now i'm fine with the tool and i think its a cool idea, but ask again if there is more to look at ;)10:45
siretartogra: I setup a wiki page for using it10:46
ograhaha, i still looked at http://siretart.tauware.de/review-tool/10:46
siretartregistration is only via mail by sending me the password (signed mail please)10:47
siretartogra: oh, I should remove that page ;)10:47
tsengso do you have to be a MOTU to upload?10:47
siretarttseng: no. you just need to be in the revu keyring10:47
ograsiretart, could you unzip the diff.gz on the fly ?10:48
siretartyeah, there is no possibility to register automatically for now10:48
ograand your demo had the buidlog included, that would be also a nice addition10:48
siretartogra: thats a good point for the todo list. yes, no problems10:48
siretartogra: I cannot build on my site. this feature will be in the next version hosted by \sh10:48
ograah, great... but we should think about a place in the DC10:49
siretartogra: I'd love to have it more integrated.  no problem10:50
siretartperhaps it could be a part of the launchpad? perhaps that would make authentication easier10:51
=== hsprang [~henning@d028218.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograsiretart, i'll talk with mdz and sabdfl about it.... i think for launchpad you would need to integrate it much more with the launchpad infrastructure... lets keep this in mind for v2 ;)10:51
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=== siretart kicks run-parts
siretarthi ajmitch11:07
bddebianHeya ajmitch11:07
ajmitchogra: about libsigcx - the conflicts & replaces on 0.5 were already there :) not sure why the build hasn't progressed to the mirrors though11:08
ajmitchbddebian: what's up?11:08
bddebianajmitch: Nothing. :-(  You?11:08
ograajmitch, yes, i grokked that later, it must be something with the archive or something holds it back for whatever reason11:09
ajmitchsiretart: great, so you need my gpg/ssh key & a random password for revu?11:09
ajmitchbddebian: sitting at work11:09
siretartajmitch: thats right11:10
siretartscripts to automate this are welcome ;)11:10
ajmitchsiretart: is the password for the website?11:10
siretartajmitch: only for that, yes11:10
ajmitchsince you could do uploads via scp11:10
ajmitchI can't automate something which I don't have any source to :)11:11
siretarthm. in principle, yes.11:11
siretartajmitch: oh, thats really no problem *g*11:11
ajmitchmentors.debian.net does scp uploads :)11:11
ajmitchchristoph haas used to hang around here11:11
siretartajmitch: do they provide everyone with shell access?11:11
ajmitcha long time ago11:11
ajmitchit's ben awhile since I used m.d.n11:12
siretarthm. I'm using dscverify to verify the changes file11:12
siretartso I would need a gpg key anyway.11:12
siretartthat should be a good practice for upcoming MOTUs ;)11:12
ajmitchgot automated lintian reports?11:13
ajmitchI could also hack up something for filing debian bugs >:)11:13
siretartcurrently, the process_uploads script just verifies if the changes file is correct and copys then all corresponding files to their location11:14
siretartafter that, some hooks are run for extracting the source package, run lintian and do other random things11:14
siretartbut, why doesnt run-parts want to run my shell files.. hrmpf11:15
ajmitchchmod +x?11:16
siretartalready done11:16
siretartaha, they may not end with .sh..11:17
ajmitchsiretart: what's your gpg id?11:18
siretartpub  1024D/945348A4 2005-02-12 Reinhard Tartler <siretart@tauware.de>11:18
ajmitchnevermind, found it on wiki11:18
ajmitchhopefully you got the mail..11:19
siretartyes, I got it11:20
ajmitchhmm, mutt might not have signedf it, one moment :)11:20
siretartyes :)11:21
ajmitchyou want it signed?11:21
siretartwould be better. since I need your keyid ;)11:21
ajmitchtry now..11:22
=== ogra just sent a very angry mail to ubuntu-devel....
ajmitchogra: oh..?11:22
ajmitchwhat have we done wrong?11:22
ograajmitch, read it, not you....11:23
ajmitchwill wait for it to show up in inbox11:24
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchcan take awhile, I've noticed :)11:25
siretartajmitch: your second mail also did not get signed :(11:25
siretartah, what is your keyid?11:26
ajmitchpff, it should have11:26
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ajmitchhey andrew11:28
siretartajmitch: done11:30
ajmitchsiretart: thanks11:30
ajmitchso I ought to be able to login, right? :)11:30
siretartwith username 'ajmitch@ihug.co.nz', yes11:32
ajmitchah right11:33
ajmitchI thought you'd have username as ajmitch11:33
ajmitchlogged in now11:33
Arrogancehey Andrew.  :)11:33
siretartperhaps the wiki page should be updated11:33
siretartajmitch: you should now be able to comment any upload11:33
ajmitchnow I just need to be able to grab uploads easily11:34
tsengsiretart: can I maybe hack on the stylesheet a little bit?11:34
siretartthe advocating feature was intended for NEW uploads, where a upload need 3 reviewers saying 'ok'11:34
ajmitchlike a master Sources.gz11:34
siretarttseng: your are perfectly welcome to do so!11:34
siretartI'll prepare a source tarball11:34
tsengthe orange is a little bit much for me :)11:35
siretarttseng: :)11:35
ajmitchsiretart: got open svn access for us all?11:35
siretartajmitch: I can give you svn access, if you want11:38
siretarthttp://siretart.tauware.de/revu-r30.tar.gz for anyone interested11:39
=== dholbach [foobar@td9091bb0.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartfor everyone, hmm. I'll think about it11:39
siretarthuhu dholbach11:39
dholbachhey tseng11:40
bddebianHello dholbach11:40
dholbachhi siretart11:40
ajmitchhey dholbach11:40
tsenghi dholbach11:40
dholbachdid you kick off the review day already?11:40
tsengdholbach: http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/11:40
tsengdholbach: siretart is the man!11:40
ajmitchwhen does review day start?11:40
tsengajmitch: "tommorow"11:40
dholbach27th all timezones11:40
ajmitchsince it's the 27th here already11:40
dholbachso here we go! :)11:40
tsengwhenever people start coming11:40
ajmitchand has been for nearly 10 hours11:41
ograajmitch, over all timezones ;)11:41
ograso it already started :)11:41
tsengits review day in NZ11:41
ajmitchso what shall I grab first?11:41
siretarttseng: and don't forget sistpoty. he was here today ;)11:41
dholbachi'll start in 20 minutes ;)11:41
ograajmitch, go ahead, start reviewing :)11:41
tsengthat is a very gross nick11:41
ogradholbach, its already 27th11:42
ogradholbach, you said all TZ :)11:42
ograso ajmitch should start reviewing... :)11:42
dholbachyeah, but it'll start in 18 minutes for me11:42
bddebianYeah ajmitch, do something for once. ;-P11:42
=== tseng will do a few this time tommorow
ajmitchI'll do most of mine tonight11:42
ajmitchsince I can't take too much time out of work :)11:43
ajmitchhas MOTUToReview been cleared of old packages?11:43
ajmitchlike Unfrgiven's iptraf that was uploaded?11:43
=== ajmitch will start with that, I think :)
=== ogra still tries to calm down...
dholbachwe should move all of them to "done"11:44
tsenggreat idea11:44
dholbachogra: what's wrong11:44
tsengis "done" really relevant/11:44
ogradholbach, read y last mail to -devel11:44
dholbachogra: in a minute11:44
ajmitchsome aren't done, but are just irrelevant11:45
ajmitchlike the selinux packages by trulux are mostly for main, and handled separately11:45
ograi'm really upset... this guy ignores me ... and rants about "universe is unsupported", "you should backup before using universe pgk's"11:45
tsengopenbox will totally fuck your box, dudes11:45
ograwhat a ignorant *censored*11:46
dholbachcalm down11:46
bddebianSuch hostility :-)11:46
dholbachdon't feed the troll11:46
ogradholbach, i try to...11:46
ajmitchgo outside, have a cigarette... :)11:47
bddebianajmitch: GREAT idea! ;-)11:48
ajmitchok, lathiat's bzflag has been sitting there, not uploaded..11:49
=== ajmitch reviews :)
ajmitchoh why did the debian maintainer make it a native debian package??11:51
=== siretart updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/REVU with all questions (and answers) I got today
Seveas tomboy (0.3.2-4ubuntu7) breezy; urgency=low11:52
Seveas .11:52
Seveas   * Rebuild for this weeks d-bus API11:52
siretartajmitch: I asked him11:52
Seveasare we having api-of-the-week contests?11:52
siretartajmitch: he is also upstream and releases for debian first11:52
dholbachsiretart: an encrypted mail?11:52
ajmitchsiretart: just because he's also upstream doesn't mean it should be a native package11:52
siretartdholbach: signed and encrypted would be best11:52
ajmitchsince it requires a ~9MB upload for even a spelling mistake in the control file...11:52
siretartajmitch: I didn't want to mess with him11:53
siretartI think I have his email somewhere around here11:53
ograSeveas, only for dbus :)11:53
siretartajmitch: ah, here: <quote>Just that I normally do the debian package before making the actual release tarball. For most releases the two tarballs are identical. </quote>11:54
ajmitchhow very irritating11:55
ajmitchI'm still downloading the files to review..11:58
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