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Mezgrr @ k3b02:22
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uniqmorning opi.09:49
JRegood morning !09:57
uniqhi jre.09:58
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dholbachjust wanted to tell: i think we're going to switch to  http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/index.py (explanation on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/REVU)  for reviews soon10:11
dholbachthe world will be a better place afterwards :)10:11
JRedholbach: cool :)10:15
dholbachyeah the wiki was a mess10:15
dholbachif you meet siretart, be sure to pay him a beer :)10:15
JRedholbach: sure! moreover when there was many person in the same time doing a reviez :)10:15
JRedholbach: i'll grat him on motu10:16
dholbachyeah and commenting was a pain10:16
dholbachit's still in development, but it'll rock in no time10:16
JRedholbach: i am wainting with impatience for the lintian/linda/pbuilder automatic test :)10:17
dholbachhaha, you should do that yourself at home already ;)10:18
JRedholbach: ;) 10:20
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JReallee, Riddell : kay v0.4.0 -> http://jr.falleri.free.fr/fichiers/devel/kay <- huge ameliorations10:35
alleeJRe: morning10:35
JReallee: morning :)10:36
alleeJRe: I'll give kay 0.4 a try tonight10:36
JReallee: i wait for your feedback! all that you have requested is in it!10:37
alleeJRe: Whow! Pitty that I have to work for life first.10:39
JReallee: lol10:40
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uniqriddell: ping.03:38
Riddelluniq: hi03:38
uniqi have kde 3.4.1 debs for amd64.03:39
uniqkdevelop is missing.. that's all.03:39
uniqand i'm compiling kdepim hoary2 now.03:39
uniqto close 822103:39
uniqi'm compiling from a livecd so it's -very- slow.03:40
Riddellwell done03:40
uniqthere are also updated ppc packages to close #822103:40
uniqif you just copy the diff from my repo and compile the i386 packages. we've closed it in all arches :)03:41
uniqit's all under http://frode.kde.no/hoary-updates/03:43
uniqthe amd64 packages are not tested, but it's buildt in a clean pbuilder setup.03:43
uniqi've also done some work on ipodslave. separating the header files into it's own package. didn't bother to make a package for each lib. it would be 3 packages with 2 files in each.. 03:47
uniqgot some more cleaning up to do before i publish that package.. though.03:48
uniqand i'm also looking at kio-apt but it don't know if we want it. it's just searching like apt-cache does.. and kynaptic already does that.. in a way. no options to install packages or anything.03:51
uniqmight just get confusing to be able to do the same things 10 different places.03:52
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Riddelluniq: yes, kio-apt is wanted.  I think kalyxo already packages04:43
Riddelluniq: poke me if I don't get round to looking at your amd64 and kdepim packages today, currently in the middle of hal fun04:43
uniqriddell: ok, i have kio-apt packaged already. just have to do some ubuntu spesific changes. make a patch to use packages.ubuntu.com instead of packages.debian.org, and remove some of the arches. etc. enjoy the hal fun.05:22
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Riddellhello pef 05:39
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Riddellhello spierrel 05:45
spierrelOh... There is also, I find the time the work of Christian Marillat which needs to be available for kubuntu...05:47
spierrelThe good thing is that I can ask him how he did the job (we live in the same city...)05:47
Riddellspierrel: I think backports may be doing Marillat stuff05:48
spierrelYes, should be enough...05:48
Riddellmaybe Mez knows05:49
RiddellMez: is backports doing marillat?  or was that just malitious rumours I heard?05:50
=== Riddell thinks Mez is busy with his girlfriend
Mezon fone05:51
Mezbackports have taken a coouple of things from marillat and rebuilt for hoary... but thats all05:52
JReMez: what sort of things ?05:53
Mezacroread I think05:53
MezI'm not too familiar with marillat05:54
Mezso you need to ask JohnDong not me05:54
spierrelJust a stupid question not to sleep dumb tonight: there are no binaries of breezy? Only the deb-src seems to work for me...05:54
Riddellspierrel: certainly are binaries05:54
JReMez: oki :)05:54
spierrelRiddell: May you give me your apt line for the binaries...05:54
uniqspierrel: depends on your architecture i guess.05:54
spierrelA i386 compatible... (PIV 2,4 Ghz - 1,5 Gb RAM)...05:55
Riddelldeb http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu breezy main restricted05:55
Mezwhy do you ask JRe?05:55
spierrelAfter, I have a G3 to compile for...05:56
JReno because there is some packages of Marillat which have license issues IIRC05:56
spierrelRiddell: It works...05:56
Mezah fair enough05:56
Mezwell backports will have to be rebuilt anyways05:56
Mezfor sdtuff to do with the buildd05:57
spierrelAbout the packages of Christian, some of them have issue and that's why they are not in the main stream... and the main servers...05:57
JRethat's why i thinked05:57
spierrelBut they are plainly useful... For example the w32codecs...05:57
Mezw32codecs = in backports05:58
spierrelGood news!05:58
spierrelOk... If it can be useful, I will check what is not done and tell you what I can work on... (kmldonkey, kmymoney2, kdissert...)05:59
MezI think it might be in the hoary-extra actually05:59
JRebut w32codec can be in official ubuntu repo ?05:59
JReIIRC on debian it's not on the official repo you have to add the personnal marillat website to get it06:00
Mezthats rtue about debian06:00
spierrelMez, JRe: It should be checked (about w32codec)06:00
JRebecause some of them are illegal06:00
spierrelJRe: Why illegal?06:00
JRelike the thing to read dvd i don't know if it's legal ;)06:01
Mezeverything will be cecked... we still need to sort stuff out with TB and CC about Backports yet, we havent got things finalised properly06:01
spierrelJRe: It depens the place you live! We are French and it's legal for us...06:01
JRespierrel: ok!06:01
Mezspierrel, hence multiverse :D06:01
spierrelBut I agree with you if you live in the States or may be GB...06:02
Mezhence multiverse ....06:02
Mezanyways ... 06:02
MezIm suire TB and CC will sort all this out with us :D 06:02
Mezso... for now06:02
Mezto bed!06:02
spierrelOk... Your version of kexi is quite old... I will install the source and build the last stable version (0.9)...06:02
JReMez: i am not worried to ;)06:02
spierrelMez: where do you live?06:03
Mezmy gf is ere06:03
spierrelOk... :))06:03
JReMez: in shot you live where your girlfrien id ;)06:03
spierrelI build the 0.9... 06:04
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Riddellw32codecs isn't legal anywhere06:49
JReRiddell: that's why i thinked07:03
froudanyone got any good documents on shell scripting with DCOP?07:04
Riddellfroud: what do you want to do?07:04
froudlearn DCOP07:06
froudI just discovered it :-)07:06
JRehow it's not reserved to shell script 07:06
JReyou can also call it from a regular application07:06
froudso tought there may be some good docs to get me going07:06
froudJRe: that's my point I dont know what I can do with it :-)07:07
JRefroud: http://developer.kde.org/documentation/tutorials/dot/dcopiface/dcop-interface.html07:07
JReto create an interface07:07
JReto use it  ;)07:07
froudJRe: thanks dude07:08
JRefroud: you're welcome ;)07:08
JRefroud: after you can read some source code of app using dcop 07:09
JRefroud: kdcop is a good start point ;)07:10
JRe(i am reading libkonq at the moment it's very educative!)07:11
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elmoRiddell: eh, why split out the mp3 thing?07:32
Riddellelmo: because we can't have mp3 in main07:32
Riddellprevious builds didn't have mp3 decoding at all, which is complained about a lot07:34
elmoRiddell: says who?07:34
elmothere's existing precedent for mp3 in main07:34
elmodecode, obviously07:34
Riddellelmo: mdz07:34
Riddellsame reason we have akode-mpeg package07:35
pefShould I use debhelper or cdbs to build packages for kubuntu ? Some people advise me to use cdbs, what's your point of view ?07:36
Riddellpef: personal prefernece.  cdbs hides a lot of what's going on which can be tidy or can be obscure07:37
elmoRiddell: would k3b be on the kubuntu CD?07:37
Riddellpef: if you're just starting with packaging you should learn debhelper stuff first07:37
Riddellelmo: yes07:37
pefso there are no recommendations ?07:37
elmoRiddell: ok, but the point is not that we can't have mp3 decode in main, it's that we can't ship it on the CD07:37
Riddellpef: probably best to learn debhelper then do cdbs07:37
elmoRiddell: so please don't split unless it would put mp3 decode on the CD07:38
Riddellelmo: yes.  but in this case it does go on CD07:38
elmoRiddell: ok, but you said earlier we can't have mp3 in main - we definitely can; that's my point07:39
pefRiddell, debhelper/cdbs is ~ to LaTeX/TeX  about level of abstraction ?07:39
pefTeX/LaTeX sorry07:39
Riddellelmo: sure, sorry for the confusion07:41
Riddellpef: I guess so (not being a tex user)07:41
Riddellpef: debhelper hides a lot behind all the dh_* scripts, and cdbs hides all those07:42
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pefRiddell, so debhelper is more suitable for my first kubuntu package ?07:43
Riddellpef: yes, if you don't learn debhelper you'll get stuck with cdbs quickly07:44
pefRiddell, thank you ;)07:44
Riddellhello mart 07:51
Riddellmart: going to become an elite kubuntu developer?07:52
martheh, I only popped in to see if the topic said anything about the cxx transition...07:52
Riddellmart: it's all done pretty much07:53
martyeah?  I was looking at the wiki and figured best not to pull from breezy just yet...07:54
martso aptitude says it will remove these if I dist-upgrade: http://rafb.net/paste/results/ydCQgs62.html07:58
martreckon it's worth a go :)07:58
Riddellmart: they all look fine07:59
Riddellthey're all replaced with differently named packages in breezy, e.g. kdelibs4 is kdelibs4c207:59
martwell, I'm holding you accountable when my machine breaks, Mr. Riddell !07:59
Riddellkde will be fine, it's X that's likely to break.  don't blame me for that :)08:00
martFetched 635MB in 4m38s (2283kB/s) :)08:05
Riddellmart: oh for access to superjanet again08:06
=== mart goes for the smoke-test
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martRiddell: well, that was a blast.  although to be fair, you got it spot on - X upgrade just didn't work at all08:58
alleemart: I can confirm that X breaks ;) fixing by hand again ... :(08:59
martfont's moving, and packages with overlapping sets of files got me, but hey g++ -v looks good :)09:02
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dholbachyou can begin to use REVU ( http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/ ) now11:08
dholbachwe consider it to be ready :)11:08
dholbachready enough ;)11:08
uniqok. maybe i should add ipodslave to it then.11:12
dholbachyeah, write a signed mail to siretart@tauware.de, he'll add you to the uploaders for it11:13
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/REVU knows it all11:13
uniqjust found out.11:13
uniqsiretart just got mail.11:17
dholbachah, my bad: you are already in #ubuntu-motu :)11:17
dholbachwell, i wanted to announce it here as well11:17
uniqi'm not following the discussion in -motu all the time. :)11:18
dholbachyeah, it was just because we were talking about a third person, but we were "in a room" with him at the same time ;)11:19
uniqah.. heh :)11:19
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