uniqwell, the file /proc/ide/ttyy7/media: should not exist.12:02
=== h [~h@p548AB2F7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
Far^Side|laptopI guess so, but the error messages scrolls so fast over the screen, I'm unable to see the first line and scroll lock doesn't work12:03
Far^Side|laptopuniq: ^12:03
uniqfar^side|laptop: it can be the initrd image is broken. even though i don't think so.12:04
uniqfar^side|laptop: all kernels give the same error? 12:04
uniqwhich kernel versions do you have installed? 12:04
uniqls -1 /boot12:04
Far^Side|laptopuniq: yes12:05
=== thingy [~jinesh@] has joined #kubuntu
Far^Side|laptopuniq: 2.6.10-5-386 12:06
Far^Side|laptop11-1-686 and -k712:06
Far^Side|laptop12-2-386 (breezy ver)12:06
Far^Side|laptopevery kernel is 2.6.x12:08
KaiL_the 2.6.11 are known to make problems12:08
troyseems to boot just fine on the laptop from the live-cd... going to attack it with the install cd next ...12:09
troyI like it though :)12:09
Far^Side|laptopKaiL_: well, the 2.6.10 didn't work either. 12:09
liz4rdtroy: :)12:09
troyhopefully my gf will like it too.... her install of XP is b0rked, and she cannot find her Compaq recovery disks...12:10
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uniqfar^side|laptop: well.. i don't have anymore bright ideas. it could be a udev issue though. if you can backup your important data (/home) i suggest reinstalling. it'll probably save you some time. (i should have recommended that in the firstplace.)12:16
Far^Side|laptopuniq: ok... 12:16
Far^Side|laptopuniq: well, thank you so much for the help so far. (To bad it fscked in the end)12:17
uniqhappy to help you destroy your system :)12:17
Far^Side|laptopuniq: lol12:18
Far^Side|laptopuniq: rm -rf / is a easier way though12:18
Far^Side|laptopbut it might be more fatale12:18
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_mercman konversation is fugly12:21
=== grimse [~malte@p5481DCBA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiamerc, that's why i prefer kvirc :P12:22
=== pv_ [~pv@jt11-57-1.tky.hut.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== john_ [~john@adsl-68-77-242-237.dsl.milwwi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
john_i modprobed vesafb, rebooted, and i'm stuck at 640x480, despite no changes in xorg.conf.  i ran modprobe -r vesafb to remove it, but when restarting x, i'm still at 640.  any ideas?12:28
=== lymz [~lymz@ip68-109-142-201.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
gdhjohn_: have you ever had X run at a res higher than 640 ?12:40
john_yeah, i was at 1024 before...12:48
john_which file specifies modules to be loaded at boot?12:48
gdhnone - 'discover' automatically detects the relevant modules to be loaded12:50
gdhjohn_: If it worked before, have you tried a proper power-off (with the power cable out for 30 seconds) to ensure your gfx card has fully reset?12:51
john_@gdh - fbcon and atyfb weren't loaded before i decided to modprobe them....12:51
john_yeah, i did.12:51
john_after modprobe/reboot, they show in lsmod.12:51
john_isn't that how it's supposed to work?  or is modprobe per-session?12:52
gdhmodprobe is just per-session12:52
gdhfew people need/want framebuffer support12:52
gdhsince X does 'its own thing'12:52
john_no tv-out on my card....12:52
gdhthere's likely to be a magic X 'Option' to fix that...12:53
gdhwhat X driver name do you use?12:53
john_it's a radeon750012:53
=== pod [~pod@dsl-212-139-163-120.access.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
gdh'ati' is the non-free binary one, yeh?12:53
john_it's what was loaded by default.  i'm not sure.12:54
john_i've had radeon installed on fc4, i think...same behavior, tho.12:54
john_well...i'm going to try adding those modules to blacklist.  we'll see, i guess...12:55
gdhjohn_: If you run " grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf " do you see 'Driver "ati" ' ?12:55
john_i haven't grep'ed it, but nano -w /etc/X11/xorg.conf shows it.12:55
gdhAm just trying to look at the manpage for options12:56
gdhcertainly the framebuffer driver has a 'Mirror' options12:56
gdhwhich seems to be related to tv out12:56
john_"ati" framebuffer driver?12:56
gdhno, 'radeonfb'12:56
gdhSo I suppose that's a 'yes' :))12:57
john_oh.  couldn't get that going.  blanked my monitor from x, and wouldn't load from console.12:57
gdhah you were jh0n2 ....12:57
john_from what i read, my best bet is vidixfb, or trying to set my monitor hsync/etc to the same as ntsc tv.12:58
john_might just be time to buy a new card.12:58
podAnyone have a Haupagge nova-t with kubuntu or unbuntu?12:58
john_well.  reboot with blacklisted modules.  need to get out of 640 before anything else.  ;)  thx for the help so far.  bbl.12:59
gdhGetting quality TV out is difficult :)12:59
gdhpod; there are at least 3 different 'Nova-T' models12:59
gdhtotally different hardware, same brandname / model...12:59
podOh lol12:59
podAny idea about the differences?01:00
gdhFortunately, all of them are supported by the linux DVB driver01:00
gdhlook on the card itself for the chip names.. TDA10046 maybe?01:00
podYeah, but whats the diff between the different chipsets?01:01
gdhhauppauge change chips based on what's cheap + popular, basically.. they all do the same job, just they change hardware to 'keep it interesting'01:02
nikkiagdh, they're 'today's ATI' :P01:02
nikkiai remember when the Mach series had a different core every week 'just for fun'01:02
podlol! typical01:03
nikkiain fact, we ordered 25 identical spec Gateways with Mach64s that were 'linux supported' for a render farm, there was 4 different Mach64 cores in the shipped machines01:03
=== john_ [~john@adsl-68-77-248-173.dsl.milwwi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
podHow hot do they get? I had a 550 pro a few weeks ago added least 8C to case temps and was burning hot to touch01:03
gdhnikkia: Feel the quality :(01:03
nikkiaonly 1 of which was supported by the linux ati drivers of the time01:03
john_where other than xorg.conf is resolution determined?01:03
nikkia(bear in mind, this was 1994ish)01:03
gdhjohn_: It isn't. xorg.conf is the source.01:04
nikkiajohn, if you have vesafb loaded (either manually, or by vga= on the kernel boot line) it will lock you to the defined fb resolution01:04
=== spungle [~spungle@p213.54.201.67.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #kubuntu
gdhjohn_: You can try to do something shitty like add         HorizSync       30-70 to the 'Section "Monitor"'01:04
nikkiajohn, you don't have Xorg's driver set to use the framebuffer do you ?01:04
john_no.  xorg='ati'01:05
gdhjohn_: I use 1024x768 at 85Hz and 70khz VGA bandwidth is enough for that01:05
john_let me ask this...how do i test the framebuffer?01:05
nikkiajonh, got vga= on your kernel boot line ?01:05
john_because i don't see /dev/fb001:05
nikkiatbh, i wouldn't, i've never found the framebuffer worth using01:05
liz4rdis it just me or are the repos down01:05
john_yeah, i didn't before this happened.01:05
nikkiait locks you to resolutions, and it causes lockups on some cards01:05
gdhI've only played with fb because of VDR / DVB stuff software mpeg2 decoding01:07
john_xorg.conf is loaded on each startx, right?01:07
nikkiabut if the fb is loaded in the modules list, it will stay loaded til reboot01:08
nikkiarmmod'ing it rarely, if ever, works01:08
john_remove module?  = modprobe -r?01:08
nikkia<= not used to this modern 'modprobe does everything' approach :P01:09
nikkiai'm still used to insmod and rmmod01:09
john_here's the other thing - i added vesafb, fbcon and atyfb to the blacklist, and they still show in lsmod.01:09
=== john_ has been using linux for about a week....
nikkiajohn, hmmmm01:09
=== blackkat [~blackkat@200-158-193-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
john_also ... the logon screen is smaller res too...isn't that before x?01:10
john_so it'd be something before xorg.conf?01:10
=== lahbib [~lahbib@adsl-156-111-192-81.adsl.iam.net.ma] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiajohn, that's kdm, it uses X so uses Xorg.conf too01:11
john_drat.  :/01:11
uniqgood night.01:11
nikkiai still suspect you have a vga= on yoru kernel command line01:12
nikkianight uniq01:12
john_which is in /boot/grub   ?01:12
nikkiajohn, yeah, /boot/grub/menu.lst01:12
john_one sec.01:12
lahbiby'a qlq qui parle francais ????01:13
=== Witigonen [~richardm@c-67-170-171-209.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
john_nope.  just ro quiet splash01:13
john_the last change i made between boots was installing vidix.  it was my first install from .tar.bz201:14
john_how do i uninstall something i manually installed?01:14
WitigonenHey all, I'm having a bit of trouble with wireless networking.  The card is detected and an IP address has been assigned, I can ping the router, but I can't ping anything external, on the 'net.  01:14
nikkiajohn,  you carefully delete all the files it installed, manually :/01:14
gdhjohn: do another 'make install' and watch what it does :/01:14
john_alright.  thx.01:14
gdhhopefully it'll only have put crap in /usr/local01:15
gdhso easy enough to find01:15
nikkiajohn, if you're VERY VERY lucky, you can try 'make uninstall'01:15
nikkiathat's not in the least common for makefiles to support tho01:15
gdhaye, make uninstall are few and far between01:15
john_where do i run that from?01:15
gdhthe same place you typed 'make install' from01:15
nikkiajohn, same place you did 'make install'01:15
john_ok.  thx.01:15
=== nikkia stares forelornly at her vpn to work
nikkiauploading 158MB of tar.bz2..... at 12KB/s :(01:16
WitigonenIs it a DNS issue, maybe?01:16
john_will there be an error if make uninstall doesn't work?01:16
nikkiawiti, if you try to ping somewhere, say www.yahoo.com  what happens ?01:16
nikkiadoes it try, or does it say 'host not found' ?01:16
john_i got some output.01:16
Witigonennikkia, unknown host.01:16
nikkiawiti, then its a DNS issue01:17
Witigonennikkia, but the DNS servers should be assigned automatically via dhcp, right?  01:17
nikkia*some* wireless routers return bogus DNS stuff in dhcp requests :/01:17
nikkiasome wired ones too, for that matter01:17
Witigonennikkia, under DNS on the Network Settings tab of control center, there isn't anything entered. 01:18
nikkiawiti, that'd be it then01:18
nikkiawiti, you can manually put the entries in /etc/resolv.conf, but...01:18
gdhWitigonen: can you ping IP adddreses? e.g. ?01:18
WitigonenVery strange that it isn't grabbing them via dhcp.01:18
nikkiachances are next time you do a DHCP request, they'll get trashed01:18
nikkiathere is a way in /etc/network/interfaces to append manually specified details to resolv.conf when the interface comes up01:19
Witigonengdh: I can.01:19
troyI'm feeling like a dummy right now, but what is the default root password after install?01:19
nikkiatroy, * :P01:20
nikkiaie, use sudo/kdesu/gnome-su and your user password01:20
troyhrm? *tries it*01:21
Witigonentroy, it's what you entered in as your user password - k/ubuntu uses sudo rather than an actual root user.01:21
gdhtroy 'sudo -i' gives you a root shell01:21
gdhplease try not to be lame with it01:21
nikkiagdh, whats the difference between -i and -s ?01:21
gdh-i does the whole ENVironment01:21
nikkiaoh, login vs shell01:21
gdhpaths and whatnot01:21
WitigonenHm. My network cards can't be enabled at boot.  And the actual wired one to another computer isn't working at all.01:23
nikkiawiti, yeah, isn't hotplug 'fun' ?01:23
=== Witigonen twitches.
nikkiawiti, most likely you need to add a 'map' line to /etc/network/interfaces, and hope it works01:24
gdhplug and pray applies to Linux as well as Windows :)01:24
nikkiagdh, when hotplug is involved, it certainly seems to01:24
nikkiai don't really get it either, the 'auto' keyword in interfaces seemed to work fine01:24
gdhnikkia: every time I boot I can see a roulette wheel being spun...01:24
=== john_ [~john@adsl-68-77-248-58.dsl.milwwi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiagdh, no, do not go there01:24
WitigonenHmm... it all seems to be set up correctly there.01:25
mrmanicgdh: is that a bootsplash?  I want it!  EYECANDY ME!01:25
nikkiagdh, i program video gambling games for a living, i am working on a roulette machine *right now*01:25
gdhmrmanic: silly man :))01:25
john_if i want to blacklist a module, just add modulename to /etc/hotplug/blacklist, correct?01:25
gdhnikkia: haha as long as tehre's a back door so you always win, then it must be worthwhile :)01:25
=== BROKEN_LADDER [~pral@h-69-3-236-189.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #KUBUNTU
nikkiagdh, nah, i like living01:25
gdhjust needs the right sequence of nudges... =)01:25
nikkiaat very least, i'm attached to my kneecaps, and i'd like it to stay that way01:26
=== gdh steps back and appreciates how fabulous the word 'nudge' is =)
gdhhaha :) ETOODODGY01:26
WitigonenGah, now the Control Center won't even let me access administrator mode.01:26
nikkiagdh, at least this project runs on linux, unlike most of the stuff i work with01:27
=== GPHemsley [GPHemsley@ool-182fc2c9.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== GPHemsley checks the FAQ before asking his question
gdhthere's a FAQ? :)01:28
=== Shuddertrix [Andrew@user-0cdvecn.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== judax [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== MrVoid [~ookii@pcp04395065pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
WitigonenIt fails on deconfiguring the network interfaces on shutdown, too.01:33
MrVoidFor the life of me I can't get dhcp to work, can anyone help me out?01:33
WitigonenMrVoid, I'm having DHCP issues too, what's up?01:34
MrVoidah well, i want it to work01:34
nikkiadhcp sucks, tbh01:34
gdhDHCP is lovely :)01:35
MrVoidi have my xp machine and my ubuntu machine both running of a hub, the xp works, but ubuntu has yet to work01:35
gdhMakes my life so much easier01:35
nikkiagdh, arp is technically better, but a pain to setup01:35
nikkiaand once you have a working radvd server, nothing is easier than getting IPv6 working :)01:35
WitigonenWhy wouldn't Control Center let me get into administrator mode?01:35
gdhnikkia: we do CTI based on IP address matchig to a phone extension, so knowing which IP is where is essential =)01:36
MrVoidi thought the way to restart dhcp was sudo ./networking restart in /init.d01:36
gdhMAC address -> IP binding is a must...01:36
WitigonenIt always just returns me to the last top-level thing I was looking at.01:36
gdhnikkia :  And it's kinda hard to set a static IP address on a diskless PXE boot workstation :)01:36
nikkiagdh, IPv6 w/radvd makes that even easier01:36
gdhnikkia: Sounds like incredible overkill =)01:37
nikkiagdh, your IP with radvd is based on your MAC01:37
=== GPHemsley seems to have the same problem as MrVoid
gdhnikkia: More essentially, it sounds like stuff I don't need to know yet =)01:37
nikkiaeth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:02:2D:8B:59:B201:37
nikkiainet6 addr: 3ffe:80ee:33e6:1:202:2dff:fe8b:59b201:38
nikkiaspot the pattern01:38
WitigonenGPHemsley, are you getting an IP at all?01:38
MrVoidheck, if someone told me how to manually enter my subnet address, gateway, ip, and dns servers i'd just do that01:38
MrVoidor how to restart dhcp01:38
=== GPHemsley notes he had a problem connecting with Slackware in the past, but that was rectified by editing some file
GPHemsleyWitigonen: No, I have an internal IP of
nikkiamrvoid, 'man interfaces'01:38
gdhnikkia: Assumes the rest of the network is IP6 aware- a bold assumption.01:39
nikkiagdh, thats what v4tunnels are for01:39
nikkiabesides, if more companies realise the benefits, we might start to see ISPs care more01:40
gdhheh :) give it 5 years or so...01:40
gdhonly when necessity forces change will change occur01:40
nikkiaor router manufacturers that care enough to put tunneling within their routers01:40
nikkiagdh, it'll happen soon01:41
=== Witigonen [~richardm@c-67-170-171-209.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu []
nikkiagdh, there is an explosion in IP address demand going to happen in the next year or two01:41
nikkiaand there just aren't enough IPv4 addresses left01:41
=== SlicerDicer- [~Slicer@] has joined #kubuntu
gdhCan I put a vote for just taking IP addreses away from AOL and allocating them to new ISPs ?01:42
nikkiagdh, most of the companies i deal with want to have internet services available from 'POS' devices in pubs, clubs, bookies, etc01:42
gdhor especially taking them from Apple's 17/8 which they're always so bloody vitriolic about01:42
nikkiagdh, atm, they're using ISDN -> central office -> NAT, but its starting to be a major hassle maintaining a huge pipe that can cope with all that traffic01:43
MrVoidok windows xp on the same machine works fine, why isn't ubuntu able to use dhcp?01:43
nikkiagdh, one of the companies i deal with, is looking at iTMS downloads in public places for ipod users, that alone will generate a LOT of traffic01:44
gdhnikkia: Some ADSL / BT Central pipe sounds right for that...01:44
nikkiagdh, you still need BT to put ADSL lines behind NAT01:44
nikkiagdh, there isn't enough IP space to allocate them all 'real' IP addresses01:44
GPHemsleyFor Slackware, it was suggested (and this is a while back) to type 'ifconfig eth0 up'... Does that apply here?01:45
gdhIf you are hosting the BT Central, the IP addressing is entirely up to yourself, yes...01:45
gdhGPHemsley: ifdown eth0 / ifup eth0 01:45
nikkiagdh, getting BT to support IPv6, and using that would be easier, especially since BT *do* support IPv6, they just don't allow anyone access to it01:45
gdhGPHemsley: it's 'aware' of /etc/network/interfaces01:45
gdhnikkia: Yeh, I have the capability to use ipv6 on BT Wholesale ADSL by running a standalone USB modem and use the pppoe userspace tools01:46
GPHemsleygdh: Permission denied01:46
gdhnikkia: But I personally have no need for v6 yet01:46
gdhGPHemsley: prefix with 'sudo' 01:46
nikkiagdh, no, i mean BT have serious IPv6 infrastructure, hiding behind the 'BTexact' R&D banner01:47
=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #kubuntu
gdhGPHemsley: all stuff like that needs root privs, which is what sudo (pseudo) gives you01:47
GPHemsleygdh: hmm... already configured01:47
nikkiagdh, they just don't seem to want to roll it out01:47
gdhnikkia: Yeh, no need, no demand, no point :)01:47
gdhthat's business.01:47
nikkiagdh, yeah, i spose01:47
nikkiagdh, but as i said, i think the demand is *almost* there01:47
gdhthey're not the BBC :)01:47
gdhIt'll take at least a year or two before v6 becomes a commodity01:48
gdhlonger than that for it to transit to a standard feature... 01:48
=== pobstil [~luke@218-101-69-204.dialup.clear.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
gdhand no useful website in the world will want to be v6-only for many many years yet01:48
gdhfor fear of losing traffic to legacy sites01:48
nikkiagdh, true01:49
gdhwhat's the score with Windows and v6 ? when does the support start in the stack? 01:49
nikkianot that it'd matter anyway, you'd just see things like NTL's trans-proxy doing auto-IPv4/IPv6 conversion01:49
gdh2000? XP ?01:49
nikkiagdh, 9801:49
gdhSeriously? wow.01:49
nikkia2000 before it was installed by default tho01:49
gdhnikkia: Hah, ntl's 'translucent proxies' are a seperate kettle of fish :)01:50
nikkia98 requires you to add support from the CD01:50
nikkiagdh, that's one nice thing about IPv6, it completely bypasses NTL's trans-proxies :)01:50
gdhI'm glad I'm on telewest, (not only because TW have no monthly caps...)01:50
gdhthe numer of times I had to view websites and manually tack on "?weiruewrouewr" to URLs...01:51
nikkiai use ipv4.sixxs.org to get around IP bans on NTL's proxies :)01:51
gdhjust so their fuqn proxy would reload the page properly01:51
=== pobstil [~luke@218-101-69-204.dialup.clear.net.nz] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
gdhthe concept of the inevitable ntl / telewest merger / takeover worries me re: monthly caps01:52
gdhI guess I'll just go back to ADSL if it happens :)01:52
nikkiagdh, NTL don't enforce their caps, yet, anyway01:52
nikkiaif they start enforcing them, i'll go back to DSL too01:53
gdhI know a couple of guys who got the warning letters and had their accounts suspended for a month01:53
nikkiaaltho i might give it a month for them to see the max exodus and change their mind :P01:53
nikkiaweird, i'm almost constantly BT'ing and i haven't had any letter01:53
gdhah, no my mistake.. that was because they were doing the 'gold.cm' Motorola SurfBoard hack :)01:53
gdhI mean, if you're going to set your download/upload to 10Mb / 768kb... it's not surprising you're going to get caught01:54
gdhfuqn retards01:54
gdhI gave up on bittorrent . I love usenet :)01:55
gdhI get full-speed all the time from news.blueyonder.co.uk01:55
nikkiai get full speed on most of my torrents01:56
nikkiabut thats because they tend to be small tight-knit community sites01:56
gdhStill infiltratable, still easily trackable :/01:56
gdhthat put me right off it all01:56
nikkiabut so is usenet, ultimately01:57
gdhYeh, but a single /large/ point of tracability01:57
=== PenguinBoy [~thepengui@24-159-145-55.dhcp.smrt.tn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
PenguinBoyhey guys01:57
nikkiagdh, that's not necessarily a positive point :)01:57
gdhimagine the press coverage of 'TW happily gives out customer usage data'01:57
gdh<droves cancel accounts>01:57
nikkiagdh, its happened before01:58
gdheither way, even if the risk is the same, BTorrent was too much like hard work :) www.newzbin.com is my friend :)01:58
PenguinBoyis newzbin a p2p?01:59
gdhread their site :)01:59
gdhpurely an index01:59
=== troy [~troy@wnpgmb01dc2-33-167.dynamic.mts.net] has left #kubuntu ["Bye"]
nikkiagdh, just wait until the MPAA claim ownership of message-IDs just like they have md5sums :)02:00
gdhhaha :) I was interested to read about MS's BitTorrent clone by basically distributing PAR-files instead of archive data..02:02
gdhI can expect that to be patented soon, then02:02
=== nikkia stares at her upload
nikkia30meg done, 128meg to go, i hope its done by 8am, as the guy that gets in first has a habit of assuming any network slowness == crashed win2k3 and rebooting the server02:05
nikkiahe did it once on a co-worker that was 300MB in on a 700MB upload, he literally cried02:05
gdhno resume?02:06
nikkiai dunno about mine, but he didn't, no, lousy IIS ftp server02:06
nikkiai'm using sftp, i've never had the oppurtunity of seeing how it handles resume02:07
gdhworth a couple of minutes of experiments just so you know for future02:07
dwmurphyuniq: are you doing any more of the x64 stuff right now? or is there enough for a core upgrade?02:08
nikkiai think uniq's sleeping right now :)02:08
nikkiahe said 'good night' about an hour ago, anyway02:08
dwmurphyk. thanks :)02:09
nikkiadear god, i think i just feel thru a time portal02:11
nikkiafell, even02:11
nikkiaa milkman's van just drove past, i didn't think anywhere around here had milk delivered since the 80s :)02:12
dwmurphymaybe it is the FBI (Flowers By Irene)02:13
nikkiadw, they're WAAAY out of their jurisdiction here, tho that's never stopped them before02:13
dwmurphyso the cia then :)02:13
nikkiadw, it could just have been a milkman, its not outside the realms of possibility02:15
nikkiaunlikely, yes...02:15
=== pobstil [~luke@218-101-69-204.dialup.clear.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
dwmurphywell that's just no fun ;)02:16
nikkiaactually, its kind of late/early? for a milkman anyway02:17
nikkiadon't they normally come out of their coffins at something more like 5am ?02:17
PenguinBoywelcome pobstil!02:18
pobstilhow are you?02:19
=== unome [~unome@ool-43513cf5.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiaanyway, i better go to bed02:21
=== deadlyshadow [~deadlysha@cpe-069-134-063-153.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowHey guys.02:26
deadlyshadowKubuntu freezes after running it for a while, can anyone help me with that?02:26
=== Shuddertrix [Andrew@user-0cdvecn.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== kalenedrael [~kalene@c-24-218-137-85.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowIs it because I didn't put a Swap partition or whatever?02:35
Mezdeadlyshadow, how much RAM does the machine that is freezing up have?02:36
=== PenguinBoy [~thepengui@24-159-145-55.dhcp.smrt.tn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== kalenedrael [~kalene@c-24-218-137-85.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
PenguinBoyhey hey hey kalenedrael!!!02:39
deadlyshadowMaking food. :)02:40
Mezdeadlyshadow, It shouldnt cause much of a problem... can you switch to any consoles (ctrl alt f1) for example when it freezes?02:41
deadlyshadowDon't know.02:42
deadlyshadowBut I'm surprised I've been on so long, it usually freezes.02:42
deadlyshadowTwice in like 30 minutes. :)02:42
Mezhello kalenedrael 02:45
Mezand /me slaps PenguinBoy 02:45
=== PenguinBoy slaps Mez around with a new version of ZenLinux!
kalenedraelyeah, i just installed the new nvidia drivers... now i can actually use opengl apps02:46
=== Mez slaps PenguinBoy around with katapult
Mezcongrats kalenedrael 02:46
=== PenguinBoy slaps Mex around with kalenedrael
=== Mez sighs and crosses his fingers that this k3b build doesnt give him as much crap as the previous versioin
=== PenguinBoy slaps Mez around with kalenedrael
MezMexican Mez!02:47
PenguinBoycomo esta usted, Senor Mez?02:47
=== pobstil runs into a wall
PenguinBoywhat r u doing pobstil????02:47
MezPenguinBoy, Me molestan02:48
=== pobstil has a concussiong from running into the wall :p
deadlyshadowDoes anyone know if Wine works with Maplestory?02:48
PenguinBoynot me02:49
=== Mez hands pobstil an ice pack
Mezdeadlyshadow, #winehq02:49
pobstilthanks Mez :) 02:49
deadlyshadowAlright, on Freenode?02:49
PenguinBoySenor Mez...can you go to this site and tell me what I need to download for a 386 with no DVD burner???  http://www.zenlinux.org/drupal/public/releases/02:49
MezPenguinBoy, this is the Kubuntu channel02:50
pobstillol are you converting?02:50
MezI'm not very likely to go and help you with anothe rdistro (that I dont know) now am i?02:50
PenguinBoybut there is no #zen channel that I can access....02:50
MezPenguinBoy, irc.zenlinux.org #zenlinux02:51
PenguinBoyit is just an iso listing...sheesh....LOL02:51
PenguinBoyhow did you find that infor so fast?02:51
pobstil#zenlinux hehe02:52
Mezclick on IRC02:52
Mezpretty easy really02:52
=== Mez rolls eyes
PenguinBoyin real life I am really not this stupid....really I am not....02:53
MrVoidwhat is that apt-get command to show information about a package02:56
MrVoidor seach for packages02:56
pobstilpacman -Si packagename lol02:57
gdhapt-cache show packagename ?02:57
Mezpacman ?02:58
Mezto show details - it's apt-cahce show packagename02:58
Mezto searhc02:58
Mezapt-cache search regex02:58
MrVoidty sir!02:58
Meznp ;)02:59
=== penguinboy [~penguinbo@24-159-145-55.dhcp.smrt.tn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
pobstila hoy hoy03:05
penguinboya hoy a hoy!03:08
pobstilslow reactions :p03:08
deadlyshadowDoes anyone know how to install Wine through Kynaptic?03:14
pobstiluse synaptic ^_^03:14
penguinboyyes...thats the answer...kynaptic is TERRIBLE03:15
penguinboyor do it from terminal03:15
pobstilterminal is your friend03:15
penguinboyyes...terminal is a wonderful friend03:15
deadlyshadowHow do I use Synaptic?03:15
deadlyshadowIf I have KDE?03:15
deadlyshadowInstall Gnome?03:15
pobstilthe same way you use it in gnome03:16
penguinboyload it....click on the reload button...and do a search and an install03:16
deadlyshadowI thought they didn't have Synaptic in Kubuntu. :S03:16
penguinboythey don;t03:16
GPHemsleygeez... is KDE buggy or is it just me?03:16
penguinboyyou have to download and install it from....TERMINAL!03:16
deadlyshadowWine or Synaptic?03:16
pobstildid you have gnome before kde?03:16
penguinboyjust sudo aptitude install Synaptic03:17
deadlyshadowI just reformatted. :)03:17
pobstilsudo apt-get install wine03:17
penguinboyand while you are in terminal just sudo aptitude install wine03:17
penguinboygreat minds think alike03:18
deadlyshadowWhen it gets done with Initializing package states... Done.03:18
deadlyshadowIt says its done.03:18
deadlyshadowI mean, it stops.03:18
penguinboycopy and paste it in here03:18
deadlyshadowGawsh (xD)03:18
penguinboyso we can see it03:18
deadlyshadowReading package lists... Done03:19
deadlyshadowBuilding dependency tree03:19
deadlyshadowReading extended state information03:19
deadlyshadowInitializing package states... Done03:19
deadlyshadowCouldn't find package "Synaptic".  However, the following03:19
deadlyshadowpackages contain "Synaptic" in their name:03:19
deadlyshadow  xorg-driver-synaptics03:19
deadlyshadowNo packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.03:19
=== Ghete1 [~administr@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadow0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:19
deadlyshadowNeed to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.03:20
deadlyshadowWriting extended state information... Done03:20
gdhyou ain't in Redmond any more03:20
penguinboydid you sudo apt-get update first03:20
deadlyshadowReading package lists... Done03:20
gdhcase is important03:20
deadlyshadowBuilding dependency tree03:20
deadlyshadowReading extended state information03:20
deadlyshadowInitializing package states... Done03:20
deadlyshadowThere. LOL.03:20
deadlyshadowPlease don't kick me. :(03:20
deadlyshadowHow come I always have the problems. (cries)03:20
gdh'synaptic' not 'Synaptic'03:20
unomeyou need some backports03:20
=== Ghete1 [~administr@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu []
deadlyshadowSomeone said Synaptic though.03:20
penguinboysudo apt-get install synaptic03:20
penguinboythat would have been me03:20
=== KevManU_ [~kevin@p5488AE11.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
pobstillinux is very case sensitive :p03:21
gdhdeadlyshadow: penguinboy needs a conical hat with a big 'D' on it :)03:21
penguinboyi accept full responsibility for the error and I will set in the corenr for 5 minutes for penance03:21
gdhhaha :)03:21
pobstilpoor poor penguinboy03:21
GPHemsleyI'm still having trouble getting the Internet to work...03:21
=== penguinboy sits int he corner of the cyberroom wearing a hat with a big "D" on it
gdhGPHemsley: join the rest of the world :)03:21
pobstilhe can't he has no internet haha03:22
GPHemsleygdh: The Internet connection in Kubuntu, that is...03:22
penguinboydeadlyshadow: I think you will prefer terminal to Synaptic though....i sure do!03:22
gdhGPHemsley: Yes I guessed as much :)03:22
gdhGPHemsley:  The internet is over-rated anyway, you're not missing much.03:22
deadlyshadowSometimes the Terminal is better than Synaptic.03:23
deadlyshadowAnd I got it working BTW.03:23
deadlyshadowIt's not apt-get03:23
GPHemsleygdh: Well, I'm having to ask for help on Windows... IDK if that counts as missing anything....03:23
deadlyshadowIt's aptitude03:23
gdhand on that note, I'm going to bed.. night, all =)03:23
penguinboyyes...i prefer aptitude03:23
deadlyshadowGoodnight, friend. :)03:23
deadlyshadowI think its done now. :)03:23
=== pobstil has neither
GPHemsleyAnyone else care to help?03:23
penguinboyhey pobstil....how can I download sunbird.....it is neither sunbird nor sunbird-mozilla03:23
deadlyshadowYay Synaptic installed!03:24
pobstilhave a look in synaptic and do a search03:24
deadlyshadowBad news, it just froze on me.03:24
penguinboypress ctrl+c03:24
penguinboydeadlyshadow: close terminal before you run Synaptic03:25
penguinboythat might help03:25
deadlyshadowWhy didn't you tell me. LOL.03:25
deadlyshadowI did, but then I opened it again.03:25
deadlyshadowHow do I close it?03:25
penguinboypress ctrl+c again then03:25
penguinboyctrl+c closes it03:25
deadlyshadowI did already.03:25
deadlyshadowIt's not closing.03:25
pobstilctrl c just cancels the process running in the terminal03:26
=== apokryphos [~dw@host-84-9-33-244.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
penguinboyi thought that is what he wants to do03:26
penguinboywhat is he trying to close...Sunapticv?03:26
pobstilc for cancell ^_^03:26
penguinboyis it open on your screen?03:27
deadlyshadowI can move it and stuff.03:27
penguinboypress ctrl-alt-esc and then click on it03:27
pobstilctrl+alt+esc and click on synaptic03:27
penguinboyi won03:27
penguinboyi won03:27
penguinboyi won03:27
penguinboydeadlyshadow: is everything okay03:28
penguinboyhe must have clicked on the wrong thing03:29
pobstillol he died03:29
=== deadlyshadow [~deadlysha@cpe-069-134-063-153.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowSorry guys.03:30
pobstilwell xfce4 has finished installing, I shall be back in a little while03:30
deadlyshadowAccidently hit CTRL + ALT + F103:30
penguinboybye pobstil 03:30
=== pobstil [~luke@218-101-69-204.dialup.clear.net.nz] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
deadlyshadowEach time I open Synaptic I can't do anything on it.03:30
deadlyshadowI can minimize it and stuff.03:30
deadlyshadowBut nothing else.03:30
deadlyshadowCan't close it without doing that one thing.03:31
penguinboyi have those problems at times to03:31
penguinboyi just keep opening and closing it until it worls03:31
GPHemsleyGah... and none of the "Administrator Mode" buttons are working03:31
=== Mez hates k3b... It's sooo annoying
deadlyshadowOK NM, I got it working. :)03:32
penguinboydeadlyshadow: just type sudo apt-get install wine at terminal03:32
penguinboybut k3b loves Mez!!!!!!!!!!!!!103:32
Mezk3b is being annoying and throuing up stupid erros in it's coding03:32
deadlyshadowNo, aptitude. :)03:33
=== GPHemsley kicks kubuntu
penguinboyokay use aptitude...but use terminal to install wine03:34
GPHemsleyNothing is working... samba, printing, Internet connection... 03:34
GPHemsleyand yet I can access this computer via its internal IP address03:34
GPHemsleymeaning that at least the network is working03:34
=== pobstil [~luke@218-101-69-204.dialup.clear.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
GPHemsleyCUPS won't seem to start...03:35
penguinboywb pobstil 03:35
pobstil:D howdy03:35
penguinboyhow do03:35
GPHemsleyand no one is listening to me... :(03:35
=== Kaiser_schlafen is now known as Kamping_Kaiser
pobstilcups smells03:35
penguinboyGPHemsley: sorry...your problem is beyond me.....03:35
penguinboyKK is real smart...ask him03:35
penguinboyhey hey hey KK03:36
Kamping_Kaiserhi penguinpoy03:37
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: I'm told you may be able to help?03:37
Kamping_Kaiserwhas up....03:38
Kamping_Kaiserno promices ;)03:38
penguinboyhe is modest03:38
GPHemsleywell, for one, the Internet connection won't work03:38
GPHemsleyIt connects to the LAN, but not to any WAN03:38
Kamping_Kaiserthrough a roupter/modem?03:39
GPHemsleytwo routers and a VoIP cable modem :)03:39
Kamping_Kaisercable? i just got adsl  :S03:39
Kamping_Kaisergive me a tic to read up03:40
GPHemsleyNow I know I had trouble with the Internet way back when I was first installing Slackware... I remember having to edit some file to add something to startup with the system... IDK if that applies here03:40
penguinboyGPHemsley: transgress can also be a help if you can ever find him in the room03:40
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: I doubt it makes a difference that it's cable, but OK03:41
penguinboytransgress is good with network issues03:41
Kamping_Kaiserdoes the modem have it's own ip?03:41
penguinboymore than likely03:41
Kamping_Kaiserif it's external he probably hasnt set gateway.........03:42
Kamping_Kaiseri spent 2 hours here yesterday finding that out03:42
penguinboyi still have not got my wireless working on my lap03:43
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, is the modem external03:43
Kamping_KaiserPB is itsupported or ndis wrapper?03:43
penguinboyi downloaded the drivers and configured ndiswrapper....but it still will not connect03:43
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Yeah, it's hooked up to the second router03:44
=== michael [~michael@ool-18bab1e4.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
penguinboyhey michael 03:44
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: I've got nested routers controlling a couple of my comps :P03:44
michaelis there a security advantage in not having the root password enabled?03:44
deadlyshadowDoes anyone know why Kopete keeps rejecting my MSN password?03:44
Kamping_Kaisermichael yes03:44
penguinboymichael: i think it just makes common sense to have it enabled03:44
transgresspenguinboy: whats up?03:45
michaelhaving it enabled or having it disabled?03:45
penguinboyhey hey hey my friend!03:45
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, so is your computer running via DHCP or static ip?03:45
michaeldeadlyshadow, there was a problem with msn authentication recently.  upgrade to the latest kde to fix it.03:45
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: The ones that work? DHCP, I think... they're all Windows computers, though03:45
penguinboytransgress how are you doing tonight?03:45
michaelI wanted to remove kaffeine, but for some reason, it's artificially being depended on the whole kubuntu desktop03:46
michaelwhy on earth is this?03:46
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: This one I'm on now dual boots XP and Slackware, though03:46
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: And Slackware works, last I tried03:46
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, i was wondering about the one that doesnt work.03:46
deadlyshadowDoes Kubuntu 5.04 come with the latest version of KDE?03:46
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: I believe I tried both03:46
penguinboyi believe so03:46
GPHemsleyon Kubuntu03:46
michaeldeadlyshadow, no.  You have to upgrade afterwards03:46
michaelkubuntu 5.0.4 comes with kde 3.4 -- the latest is 3.4.103:46
deadlyshadowSso I just go to upgrade?03:46
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, try static and set the gateway to your modems ip03:47
penguinboysudo apt-get upgrade03:47
Mezdeadlyshadow, http://kubuntu.org/hoary-kde-341.php03:47
deadlyshadowOH, I'm just using Synaptice. o_o03:47
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Hang on03:47
penguinboyuse terminal03:47
penguinboymuch better03:47
michaeldeadlyshadow, you need to add the repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list03:47
GPHemsleymichael: You using VoIP with Optimum?03:47
michaelyes, GPHemsley 03:47
deadlyshadowI see that.03:47
GPHemsleymichael: On Kubuntu, I presume?03:47
michaelwhy do you ask?03:48
GPHemsleymichael: I'm having some problems connecting to the Internet03:48
michaelI just installed Kubuntu a few days ago over my Slack 10.1 install03:48
GPHemsleymichael: You using any routers?03:48
=== claydoh [user103@] has joined #kubuntu
GPHemsleymichael: How did you set it up?03:48
penguinboyhey hey claydoh!03:48
MezExcuse me a moment while I go mad03:48
=== Mez yawns and shoves a sock in his won mouth then hits himself over the head with a squeaky ammer
michaelI plugged it in and it worked.03:49
GPHemsleymichael: Darn03:49
penguinboyMez is having fun with k3b!03:49
michaelGPHemsley, sorry03:49
GPHemsleymichael: I can connect to other computers on the network, but not to the outside Internet03:49
michaeldoes it work if you connect it directly to your modem?03:49
michaelI only started using the router a few weeks ago.03:49
claydohhi penguinboy 03:49
penguinboyhey hey03:50
GPHemsleymichael: Oh, IDK... but it'd be tough to do... I'd have to disconnect all the other computers to find out ~_~03:50
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, i recon set your gateway 03:50
michaelGPHemsley, well, that's part of the job of determining whether you're experiencing a hardware or a software issue.03:50
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: I though I had in the past... copied the stuff from XP03:51
=== unome [~unome@ool-43513cf5.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
penguinboywelceom unome!03:51
GPHemsleymichael: Well, everything else connected to the Internet the same way works... it's just not Kubuntu03:51
GPHemsleyGeez, a lot of OptOnliners03:52
michaelwhat can we tell you?03:52
michaelI've been mostly happy with optimum online03:52
unomepenguinboy: thanks03:52
michaelexcept for how they capped my uploads because of my bit torrenting03:52
GPHemsleymichael: Hopefully how to get my connection working :P03:52
=== GPHemsley thinks the worst part is their ban on host your own site
GPHemsleyhosting, that is03:53
michaelwell, if you live the Midwood area, I'd offer to come over and help03:53
michaelbut I'm kinda sorta busy03:53
GPHemsleyMidwood? heh, where's that? NJ?03:53
unomethey can't cap your uploads unless you have a static ip03:53
michaelMidwood is a neighborhood in brooklyn03:53
GPHemsleyoh... well, I'm out on the island03:53
michaelthey can and they will even if you have a dynamic ip03:54
michaelif you upload continuously, they will cap your maximum upload speed at about 15 kb/s03:54
GPHemsleywell, that sucks03:54
michaelI called and complained, and it's higher now03:55
GPHemsleyalright... let's see if I can get this... Kamping_Kaiser: feel like walking me through it? :\03:55
Kamping_Kaiseryeh, ok.03:55
Kamping_Kaiseropen konsole03:56
Kamping_Kaisersudo -s03:56
GPHemsleyOK, next?03:56
Kamping_Kaiservi <or your editor> /etc/networking/interfaces03:57
=== pobstil [~luke@218-101-69-204.dialup.clear.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
penguinboywn pobstil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03:58
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, does your system have more then one nic?03:58
GPHemsleyit outputs an error about it belonging to 1000 instead of 0 or something ebfore it loads...03:58
GPHemsleydoes that mean anything?03:58
pobstillol :D it's nice to be loved :p03:58
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Sorry, NIC?03:58
Kamping_Kaiserum... i don't recognise that error03:58
Kamping_Kaiserhi pobstil03:58
pobstila hoy hoy03:58
Kamping_Kaisergph, network card03:58
Kamping_KaiserNetwork Interface Card03:59
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
penguinboymake way for the monchmeister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1103:59
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Something about /var/tmp/something03:59
Kamping_Kaiseroh, did it talk about a swap file?03:59
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Nope, just kdecache and kde04:00
GPHemsleybeing owned by 1000 instead of 004:00
Kamping_Kaiseri cant help with that one, sorry :S04:00
Kamping_Kaiserbut i can try networking still ;)04:00
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: As for NICs, there may be a dial-up modem also installed, but it's not connected to anything04:01
GPHemsleys/may/seems to/04:01
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: And I'm connected to the LAN just fine04:01
Kamping_Kaiserso did the interfaces file open?04:01
GPHemsleyvia Cat-5(e?)04:01
Kamping_Kaiserok you should have a line like this:04:02
Kamping_Kaiseriface eth0 inet DHCP04:02
Kamping_Kaiserdo you?04:02
GPHemsleywoah... it's empty... it wasn't empty before... do typos make empty files? o_004:02
Kamping_Kaiserif you put the path in wrong, it will make a new file04:02
=== GPHemsley checks again
Kamping_Kaiser what your after is /etc/network/interfaces04:03
GPHemsleyah, I thought so04:03
Kamping_Kaiser:) *breaths*04:03
GPHemsleyyou said networking before :P04:04
GPHemsleythere it is04:04
Kamping_Kaiser:$ sorry04:04
Kamping_Kaiseryou have that line? does it say DHCP or static?04:04
GPHemsley"dhcp" is lowercase, but that's what it says04:04
Kamping_Kaiser(and it will have DHCP lower case, gaims correcting it for me)04:04
GPHemsleyI had changed it to static before, but I changed it back04:04
GPHemsleyah, ok04:05
=== pobstil [~luke@218-101-69-204.dialup.clear.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
Kamping_Kaiserset it static, and make sure you have an "address x.x.x.x" line and a "gateway x.x.x.x" line04:05
Kamping_Kaisernetmask and  hostname are option extras04:05
Kamping_Kaiseroh, netmask isnt :S04:05
penguinboywm pobstil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!04:06
penguinboywb i mena04:06
pobstillol everytime04:06
penguinboyhow's things down under04:06
pobstilI'm not australian :p04:06
GPHemsleyhm... what's hostname for?04:06
Kamping_Kaiserit's the computers name04:07
penguinboyno...you are a New Zealander04:07
Kamping_Kaiserit should match the "hostname" output04:07
penguinboyisn;t that still down under04:07
Kamping_Kaisernot down under uss04:07
pobstilno thats australian :p04:07
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: the command?04:07
penguinboyi c04:07
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, yours should look like this, just with different numbers http://pastebin.com/30451704:08
Kamping_Kaiserhttp://pastebin.com/304519 actualy this04:08
GPHemsleyyeah, with different numbers04:09
GPHemsleywait... "auto eth0"?04:09
=== GPHemsley checks to see if that's there
Kamping_Kaiseryes. but the second one... the first one was DHCP, we want static04:09
Kamping_Kaiserthere's? good04:10
GPHemsleythe "auto eth0" isn't there04:10
Kamping_Kaiseradd it in04:10
=== liz4rd [~liz4rd@static24-72-77-57.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #kubuntu
GPHemsleyOK, now what?04:10
liz4rdsee what happens when i come here04:10
Kamping_Kaisersave the file then in your root konsole write "ifdown -a && ifup -a"04:11
liz4rdwatch we wont talk about linux at all now :P04:11
Kamping_Kaiserspam goes up 1000%04:11
monchyentertaining spam04:11
pobstilspam spam psma kjskgnba;lkrejg04:11
liz4rdmonchy: THANK YOU04:11
penguinboyvery entertaining04:11
=== ookii [~ookii@pcp04395065pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: OK, now what?04:12
Kamping_Kaiserdid those commands run ok?04:12
Kamping_Kaisertry "ping google"04:12
ookiisince i've just switched to ubuntu, i need to know the equivelancy of some windows programs, like what is the linux equivelant of dvd decrypter?04:12
pobstiltry ping pong04:13
=== penguinboy slaps liz4rd around with the monchmeister
monchyget your hands off me04:13
=== pobstil puts his hands on monchy and calls him manky
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: ping google.com, you mean?04:13
GPHemsleyunknown host04:14
=== monchy cuts off pobstils extremeties
penguinboywhere did lizzy go?04:14
Kamping_Kaisergrr. so you set your gateway right? we might have to set dns or somthing silly04:14
pobstilextremities? what extremities?04:14
penguinboyeither or04:14
liz4rdlol now now children04:15
=== penguinboy looks around for childre
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Yeah, I set it like Windows has it04:15
=== pobstil slaps penguinboy for acting like michal jackson
penguinboyI'm bad...I'm bad...you know it04:16
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: And pinging all the local IPs works04:16
Mezless of the spam please04:16
Mezuse #spam for that04:16
Kamping_Kaisergphensley, i was having a problem where if Gnome was running  networking screwd up... i rebooted and it was fixed. but while that was on i was having problems a lot like yours04:17
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: So what do you propose? A reboot?04:17
pobstileveryone come to #spam!!!!04:17
Kamping_Kaiseri don't like telling people to reboot, have you tried already?04:17
liz4rdlol silly penguin04:18
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: A couple of times, but not since the changes you just walked me through04:18
penguinboycome join us in #spam for a spamming good time04:18
GPHemsleywhich means, not with "auto eth0"04:18
GPHemsleyFWIW, I don't particularly mind rebooting04:19
Kamping_Kaiserwell, give it a crack i suppose04:19
pobstilhehe he said crack04:20
=== GPHemsley sighs at pobstil
pobstilcome to #spam :p04:21
GPHemsleypobstil: How about you go to #spam and I stay here and get support?04:21
pobstilI am in #spam04:21
GPHemsleywell, good, them stop putting the spam in here04:22
=== Ghete1 [~administr@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Ghete1Ok here is a really hard question. i need a sega saturn emulator that will run the cd's, not isos or anything04:22
monchyremove the wedge from wherever you have it lodged and loosen up lol04:22
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Does ntp.ubuntulinux.org actually work?04:22
Kamping_Kaiseri sync every boot04:23
Kamping_Kaiserso it failed?04:23
GPHemsleybut even here on Windows I can't connect to it04:23
GPHemsleyat least, not via HTTP04:23
GPHemsleyBTW, it said "tempory fail at resolving name" or somesuch04:24
Kamping_Kaiserno, you would need ntp04:24
GPHemsleyah, well, that would make sense :P04:24
Kamping_Kaiser:) what Windows? i know xp can sync from a time server04:24
GPHemsleyyeah, but not via a web browser :P04:24
Kamping_Kaiser:P true04:25
GPHemsleyunknown host at pinging google.com04:26
ookiioh and another stupid question, can I use debian and regular ubuntu apt sources, or do I play it safe by only using kubuntu stuff04:27
Kamping_Kaiseryou can use Ubuntu sources, but Debian sources are not recomended04:28
Kamping_Kaiserbut you can use them04:28
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: What's next? :\04:28
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, i meditate and hope someone takes over.... (I'm thinking)04:28
GPHemsleyheh, ok04:28
=== Ghete1 [~administr@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu []
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, i have nfi. it's probably somthing realy obvious (it's probably the thing  i was dealing with 12 hours ago) but i cant think of an answer. if you have all your dns right, nfi 04:31
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: THat's always reassuring... :P04:31
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Any way I can manage this via the KDE interface?04:32
GPHemsley(which seems to be having problems of its own)04:32
Kamping_Kaiseri don't know... i don't use KDE :O04:32
Kamping_Kaiserare you sure your installs healthy? if your having probs with KDE04:32
ookiiwhat do you guys use to rip dvds?04:32
=== SlicerDicer- [~Slicer@] has joined #kubuntu
mrmanicI don't rip DVDs04:33
mrmanicMPAA tells me that's against god's way04:33
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Heh... 04:33
ookiithen you aren't exactly the target for the question :-.04:33
Kamping_Kaiserlol mrmanic04:33
ookiii only rip dvds that are not protected :-p04:33
Kamping_Kaiseri don't rip dvds ookii... so i cant help ;)04:33
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: I would think... they came off the CD AFAIK04:33
ookiii'm trying to get this dvd::rip thingie, but if it isn't on an apt source i'll never get it working04:34
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, can you try this? open a browser and go to on the box that wont work04:34
Kamping_Kaiserookii it's in marillat04:35
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Could not connect04:35
Kamping_Kaiserdvd::rip is a full featured DVD copy program written in Perl.etc04:35
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, then it's not a resoving problem04:35
ookiii did apt-cache search dvd::rip04:35
ookiibut alas i have no skills, so that could explain it04:36
GPHemsley(ew... PostNuke...)04:36
ookiiKamping_Kaiser: is marillat an apt source?04:37
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: What do you suppose it is?04:37
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, when you say cant connect, do you mean didnt find it?04:37
Kamping_Kaiserif so i don't think the computers making it too the outside world04:38
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: That's what the error said... "Could not connect to..."04:38
GPHemsleythis is Konquerer04:38
Kamping_Kaisergphemsley, what does "host" give you?04:39
GPHemsleyhmm... as a side note, CUPS seems to be working now04:40
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: In Konsole?04:40
Kamping_Kaiserin konsole04:40
GPHemsleyconnection timed out; no servers could be reached04:41
ookiiKamping_Kaiser: what is marillat?04:41
Kamping_Kaiseri don't think your box is getting out of the network04:41
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Hmm...04:42
Kamping_Kaiserookii marillat is an external repositry with all the dvd ripping/mp3 support/blah in it04:42
ookiideb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat stable main?04:42
Kamping_Kaiseri think they are listed on ubuntuguide.org, but not srue04:42
ookiii thought we weren't supposed to use debian sources04:42
=== GPHemsley runs to the bathroom real quick
Kamping_Kaiserookii as a rule your not, but these are an exeption if you want to use the computer for media or ripping ;)04:44
=== ep [~ep@ip68-97-122-98.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
ookiiaha, everyday I learn new tricks :-p04:45
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: OK, any other ideas?04:46
Kamping_Kaiserno, I'm about out... and I'm about to have breakfast ;004:46
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Oh, and what do you know about sudo dhclient?04:46
=== GPHemsley looks at the time
Kamping_Kaiser12:17 noon04:47
epHowdy, I installec ubuntu this AM, then added kubuntu-desktop via apt-get.  I ended up with the bug where konqueror segfaults often and sometime shows duplicate files on occasion.  Are ya'll familar with this and is there a fix?04:48
GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Geez.. where are you?04:48
Kamping_KaiserSouth Australia, Australia04:48
GPHemsleyah, no wonder04:49
Kamping_Kaiserno that would be ish04:49
Kamping_Kaisergph, where are you?04:49
Kamping_Kaiserin the states somewhere?04:49
pobstilNZ hehe04:49
GPHemsleyit's a quarter to 11 PM here04:50
=== Kamping_Kaiser kicks pobstil ;)
Kamping_Kaiserlol gph04:50
epI found a bug report so I know I'm not the only one: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=800904:50
GPHemsleyis that June 25th, 26th, or 27th?04:50
GPHemsleyep: Hmm... I think that happened to me earlier04:51
epit frustrating for me cause i'm really liking this distro but i'm just not a gnome guy04:52
GPHemsleywell, it seems it's fixed in 3.4.1...04:53
GPHemsleyKDE, that is04:53
epok now i've reinstalled and dont have kubuntu-desktop.  So how do i get that version of KDE? 04:54
epsorry i'm kind of new04:55
epdo i need the universal sources?04:55
epOr maybe i had 3.4.1 KDE version anyway?  What version would apt-get kubuntu-desktop install?04:58
unomeep, in a terminal type: kdesktop --version05:00
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=== CavalierBob [~bob@c-24-4-128-79.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
CavalierBobHey all!05:33
CavalierBobAnyone here know KOffice preferences fairly well?05:33
CavalierBobI need to revert to a original behavior and cannot figure out how to do it.05:34
=== CavalierBob [~bob@c-24-4-128-79.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
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GPHemsleyKamping_Kaiser: Woo hooo!!!!!06:10
=== Kamping_Kaiser hides ;)
Kamping_Kaiserhi :D06:11
GPHemsleyThose pesky routers06:11
Kamping_Kaiserthat the problem?06:11
=== foodcoman [~berickson@c-24-20-116-33.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
GPHemsleyyeah, something with their configuration got reset... Windows didn't mind, but apparently Kubuntu does06:12
GPHemsleyI fixed the configuration, then /etc/network/interfaces and voila06:12
Kamping_Kaiserheh. woot!06:12
Kamping_Kaiserbrill. well done mate :)06:12
foodcomanHrm I thought this was fixed.... but.06:12
=== gordon [~gordon@ool-182fc2c9.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
foodcomanWhy would my control center not log into administrator mode  in the file sharing module?06:12
Kamping_Kaiserdid you enter yoiur password/do you have a root password?06:13
Kamping_Kaiseryou happy gordon?06:13
gordonKamping_Kaiser: A bit :)06:13
Kamping_Kaiser:) that's a start06:13
=== gordon is now known as GHemsley
=== rofiq [~rofiq@rws.maltech.ne.jp] has joined #kubuntu
=== GHemsley puts apt-get to work
foodcomanI just set my root pass to match mine.  Kicks me back to the main Control Center screen.06:14
foodcomanOdd stuff.06:14
rexykikany of you get a webcam to work?06:15
=== GHemsley wonders if he knows how to use apt-get
foodcomanFrom a root console running kcontrol works!06:25
foodcomanKinda feels broke though.06:25
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=== bamboe [~bamboe@] has joined #kubuntu
=== GPHatesThis is now known as GPHemsley
GPHemsleythat was terrible timing there, Mr. Interrupt Service Gremlin06:28
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
=== kkathman [~kkathman@h-64-105-16-185.dllatx37.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== GHemsley [~gordon@ool-182fc2c9.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
GPHemsleyOK, I think I got everything fixed now06:43
GPHemsleydang thing couldn't make up its mind06:44
GPHemsleybut it should be all set now06:44
=== GPHemsley pats GHemsley on the back
monchypatting yourself on the back isn't allowed in here, take it to #spam06:44
GPHemsleymeh, it's only partially myself ;)06:45
monchyno casual talk is allowed either, only "support" remember :)06:45
GPHemsleynevertheless, I think I'm done here06:45
=== GPHemsley [GPHemsley@ool-182fc2c9.dyn.optonline.net] has left #kubuntu ["Thanks]
=== GHemsley [~gordon@ool-182fc2c9.dyn.optonline.net] has left #kubuntu ["What]
mrmanicmonchy: "support" only accounts for 10% or so of what I say in here :\06:47
monchyoh i know, he was just giving us a hard time earlier about what was being talked about and told us to take it to #spam06:47
monchyso i was trying to reiterate the same to him in a prickish way06:47
mrmanicah, ten four good buddy06:50
mrmanicover and out06:50
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=== unome [~unome@ool-43513cf5.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
ookiianyone know how to get the gpg keys for marillat working?07:09
crimsunI wrote instructions some months ago at wiki/AptAuthenticationInstructionsForHoary07:09
ookiiis this for the ubuntu wiki or the kubuntu wiki07:11
ookiiin fact i can't find what you are talking about07:16
ookiii did this gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net --recv-keys 1F41B90707:16
ookiibut it still doesn't work07:16
crimsunuse a different keyserver07:16
crimsunthat one's often overloaded07:16
ookiiit said it worked though07:16
ookiigpg: key 1F41B907: "Christian Marillat <marillat@debian.org>" not changed07:17
ookiii just need to export it or something07:17
crimsundid you follow the rest of the instructions?07:17
crimsunI typed out the precise procedure07:17
ookiioh i see it, before the keyserver must of timed out07:18
=== incubii [incubii@] has joined #kubuntu
unomewhile restarting, my system hangs at configuring network devices for like 2 minutes, any ideas?07:22
=== BkE [~bke@175.176-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
crimsununome: do you have multiple network devices, like a wireless ethernet connection and a wired one?07:23
unomeNah just two cards, one is connected eth107:24
ookiibah i can't even get what i want installed due to the dreaded "dependency hell"07:24
unometwo ethernet cards, one is directly connected to my cable modem, the other is just sitting there07:25
crimsunookii: what do you want to install?07:25
ookiii would like dvdrip sir07:25
ookiiwhich apparently is a frontend to transcode, which i can't get07:26
crimsununome: you may need to disable the other one in /etc/network/interfaces07:26
ookiiso i guess really i need transcode07:26
crimsunookii: did you try the backports repo?07:26
unomecrimsun: it is disabled as far as I know, but let me double check07:26
ookiicrimsun: i have all that stuff in my sources, dvdrip is on mallirat though07:26
ookiicrimsun: but maybe i'm not sure to as what you are referring to in the first place07:27
crimsunookii: have you read the notice on debian.video.free.fr?07:27
unomeauto eth0 <-- this one is just idle, should I change it from auto to something else?07:28
crimsunyou could comment it out07:28
crimsun#auto eth007:28
unomeK, thanks07:28
ookiicrimsun: the only thing i saw was the fat thingie about the segmentation faults07:28
crimsunookii: what about the bandwidth issues?07:29
unomesays: iface eth0 inet dhcp. what's iface?07:29
rideoutunome iface is short for interface07:31
unomeah, great to know thx07:31
unomeso hotplug scan for network devices at startup, is that it?07:33
ookiisorry i missed that, i'm going a bit crazy07:39
=== unome wish somone will write a Ubuntu book
=== gordon [~gordon@ool-182fc2c9.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
ookiihow about this one "configure: error: transcode depends on libz, but cannot links against libz"07:46
crimsunis zlib1g-dev installed?07:47
rexykikanyone know a good program to watch dvds on?07:47
ookiinah it wasn't, i forgot about the dev, i checked to make sure zlib1g was installed07:47
mrmanicrexykik: I watch VOBs on kaffeine07:48
unomerexykik: I use mplayer and xine 07:48
=== m0ns00n [~hogne@] has joined #kubuntu
ookiiand "configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check", i wish i could figure out what packages to install on my own07:56
crimsunookii: build-essential07:56
ookiity sir!07:57
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GPHemsleyAlright, you knew I'd be back...08:02
unomecrimsun: I see your vhost and wonder how it's done, can you point me to some reading material on the subject?08:03
GPHemsleyI've got some questions regarding apt-get, upgrading, and installing08:03
GPHemsleyFirst, how do I upgrade KDE?08:04
crimsununome: http://freenode.net/how_to_help.shtml08:04
unomedoesn't explain much :/08:07
crimsunmy cloak is a result of my continued monetary support of this network08:07
unomeah ok.08:07
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@ppp-70-244-121-231.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntugeez, ok, i have kubuntu live cd and need root so i can fix my linux system08:09
ubuntuwhats the password?08:09
=== ubuntu remembers he has konqueror
ubuntuhey thanks08:10
ubuntushoulda checked08:10
ubuntuhafta restart live cd?08:12
ubuntutakes a while lol08:12
GPHemsleyso... how do I upgrade KDE?08:13
ubuntuwhat pkg manager does k/ubuntu use?08:13
ubuntuwell gtg08:14
unomeGPHemsley: topic08:15
GPHemsleyk, thanks08:15
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rideoutubuntu: ubuntu uses debian packages, which use dpkg which has dozens of frontends08:18
rideoutalso $sudo su will get you root access08:18
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@ppp-70-244-121-231.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntuadding rescue to the boot parameters doesn't help08:23
ubuntuit doesn't take just 'rescue'08:23
=== BkE [~bke@175.176-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntuso i put the kernel08:23
ubuntu'live' then 'rescue'08:24
ubuntuand i dont have root still08:24
ubuntui guess i'll just use my old slackware cd's08:24
ubuntuthanks guys...08:24
ubuntuonce twice...08:25
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-149.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
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GPHemsleyunome: How do I upgrade the kernel?08:46
unomeGPHemsley: just like you would upgrade anything else08:47
unomesudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:47
GPHemsleyhmm.. ok08:47
GPHemsleyand installing packages that I don't already have?08:47
unomein fact, there is an upgrade available for your kernel08:48
GPHemsleythat's good... it's ~2 releases behind08:48
GPHemsley(not counting those funny below-point releases)08:49
unomeare you on amd64?08:49
GPHemsleynot 64, no, but I think amd32 (or whatever it's actually called)08:50
unomegreat, let me finish this upgrade by rebooting ::squeak::08:51
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GPHemsleyunome: So, wait, apt-get dist-upgrade will upgrade the Linux kernel?09:13
unomewill upgrade the system (everything) if I understand correctly09:14
GPHemsleydo I have to add any more sources?09:15
unomedepends on what you got already09:15
unomethis is what I got:L09:16
GPHemsleywhat are the backports for?09:16
=== _kane is now known as insanekane
GPHemsleyalright, well, KDE was updated... but the kernel is still at 2.6.10-509:23
unomewhat do you want to update the kernel for?09:26
=== monchy [monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
uniqdwmurphy: i'm doing more amd64 stuff. almost done, kdeaccessibility, kdevelop and kwebdev missing. 09:27
GPHemsleyunome: Is it not good to have an updated kernel?09:28
unomeyes, but if you ran apt-get dist-upgrade and there's no update fo the kernel, then you're fine, I guess09:29
=== GPHemsley shrugs
GPHemsleywhat about installing new software?09:29
unomelike what?09:29
GPHemsleylike Firefox, for instance09:29
unomesudo apt-get install mozilla-firefox09:30
unomebetter yet, use synaptic09:30
unomejust search for what you want, mark it for install and you're good to go09:31
GPHemsleyoh, right, I meant to check on that09:31
GPHemsleyooh, very nice09:33
unomethat was my impression couple of weeks ago when I installed Kubuntu09:34
=== _buz [~buz@80-218-107-8.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
insanekaneunome: isn't kubuntu the best ?09:38
=== dolny [~dolny@99-2.echostar.pl] has joined #kubuntu
GPHemsleyuh, were exactly is Firefox installed?09:42
uniqyou don't need to know :)09:42
uniqjust start it :)09:43
uniqif you can't find it in the menu you can try to run 'kappfinder' 09:43
unome.... /usr/bin/firefox09:43
GPHemsleyunome: Yeah, that's where I found it09:43
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Neuromantikworng window.. sorry10:45
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=== apokryphos [~dw@host-84-9-109-32.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
Far^Side|laptophow do I enable loging in irsii?11:24
iLLf8d/help log11:26
iLLf8dactually /help set not log 11:27
Tm_Twhy not /help log ?11:27
iLLf8dcause the outputs channel specific and i'm guessing he's most likely talking about autologging 11:27
Tm_T /se<tab> au<tab> etc11:28
iLLf8dFar^Side|laptop, keep in mind if you run that in screen in an env w/out much memory it'll chew it all up11:28
iLLf8dnoones here so i'm gonna spam11:29
=== iLLf8d listens to (XMMS Playing #1/1) Mark7__Evolutionary_Theory-Like_the_sun_[320kbps] -5158 (5:16/6:36)
Tm_TiLLf8d: should I kill ya?11:29
iLLf8dnot at 2am heh11:29
iLLf8dwhy you an nbk on this channel?11:29
iLLf8d_T for trigger?11:29
Tm_Tok, I just hate colours and "spam"11:30
Tm_Tbut I'm old fart, so I'll go ;) ->11:30
iLLf8dah well normally I'd agree tho if you're in a music channel or its 2am and theres only one other person in channel =P11:30
Far^Side|laptopthank you iLLf8d && Tm_T 11:31
iLLf8dmy last chan output shows Far^Side|laptop at 2:25 then before that before I came in at 2:02 =P11:31
=== nikkia coughs
iLLf8dsee even nikkia's set to cough every 30 min just to create channel output11:32
iLLf8ddead in here11:32
=== nikkia pokes iLLf8d in the eyes
iLLf8dman I feel like trolling this channel11:32
=== iLLf8d resists the urge
iLLf8di'm trying to avoid what I should be doing atm, and its not working11:33
nikkiai can't believe i've spent several weeks worrying how to deal with variable prizes, and it never occurred to me to actually ask the SDK for the prize amount i wanted - and discover, as I just have, that it auto-generates prizes based  on what you ask for11:33
iLLf8dnikkia, whatya talking about?11:34
nikkiaiLLf8d: work, i write video gambling software for a living11:34
iLLf8dah hrm11:35
=== grimse [~malte@p5481DCBA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
iLLf8dnikkia, some of that stuff is pretty boring any plans on taking it in new directions?11:36
nikkiaiLLf8d: i just do what i'm told to do11:36
iLLf8dthat kinda business huh 11:36
iLLf8dso you're not in the designer side areya11:36
=== Neuromantik [~Neuro@cpe-24-165-34-225.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiai'm a software engineer, not a designer11:36
iLLf8dah 11:36
iLLf8dNeuromantik, any luck?11:36
Neuromantiknot yet11:37
iLLf8ddidya try what I said11:37
iLLf8dnuke kdes startup and test from console before arts crap loads11:37
iLLf8dhe's having sound issues on his shiney new install11:38
nikkiaeveryone has sound issues on a new install :P11:38
nikkiaits the law, or something11:38
=== Neuromantik [~Neuro@cpe-24-165-34-225.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
iLLf8ddude you blow outta here  so fast11:39
Neuromantikno go11:39
iLLf8dyou're like a trance addict waiting for his next fix11:39
iLLf8dyou sure its loading the right sounddriver 11:39
Neuromantiklibmikmod.so2 error on launch of xmms .... I'll see if I need to symlink11:39
NeuromantikiLLf8d, emu10k1 .... 11:39
iLLf8ddebian and maybe ubuntu variants may fuck that up at times11:39
liz4rdOMG! Cheese!11:40
iLLf8dlibmikmod you don't need iirc11:40
iLLf8dits for mods I htink11:40
Neuromantikthat's the only error though11:40
Neuromantikand alsamizer shows the channels as unmuted11:40
iLLf8dtho you should install it anyway heh11:40
Neuromantikno menu 11:41
iLLf8dit plays country music just not trance11:41
iLLf8dyou' d have to kill yourself 11:41
=== Neuromantik [~Neuro@cpe-24-165-34-225.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
NeuromantikiLLf8d, have no clue why I have no sound ... really odd11:43
iLLf8dhe lives in jersey and bounces11:43
=== Far^Side [~farside@72.80-202-101.nextgentel.com] has joined #kubuntu
iLLf8dhrm 11:43
liz4rdwhat sound card?11:43
iLLf8dNeuromantik, you try catting to your devices?11:43
=== pointwood [~pointwood@] has joined #kubuntu
iLLf8dor uhm 11:44
iLLf8dhrm wonder if lspnp tools still works 11:44
Neuromantikliz4rd, audigy2 ... emu10k1 driver11:44
iLLf8dNeuromantik, try lspnp11:44
liz4rdo ok11:44
liz4rddid you try mod_probe ing it?11:44
Neuromantikit's not a problem with linux for me ... it's a problem with kubuntu11:44
iLLf8dliz4rd, hes not a noob (not that its a stupid question)11:44
iLLf8dliz4rd, my suggestions are just helping him to get through the checklist ya know heh11:45
iLLf8dyou know how you like to try 2000 things at once 11:45
NeuromantikE: Couldn't find package akode-mpeg11:45
iLLf8dliz4rd, keep dumping the suggestions in channel tho in case we missed one or you know more then we do11:45
=== pointwood [~pointwood@] has joined #kubuntu
Neuromantikwhere's the kernel ?11:46
=== Neuromantik looks around
Neuromantikmight as well just check it11:46
iLLf8dI doubt there'd be missing support11:47
iLLf8dits probably all modular too 11:47
liz4rdwell i was saying put the mod_probe in the /etc/modules file11:47
liz4rdthen restart11:47
liz4rdwhats the mod probe for that anyways>11:47
iLLf8dtheres a module mod_probe?11:48
iLLf8dliz4rd, type modinfo mod_probe 11:48
iLLf8detc modules should be a list of modules to be loaded 11:48
Neuromantikliz4rd, audigy and sblive use the 'emu10k1' driver11:48
iLLf8ddidn't know there was one named mod_probe tho 11:48
=== F_for_Fragging [~sander@a82-92-1-250.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
Neuromantiklsmod shows it fine11:49
iLLf8dI wonder if theres a tool that replaced lspnp stuff11:49
Neuromantikno command found for that11:49
iLLf8dyeah it was introduced with the pnpbios stuffs and may have gone away11:49
Neuromantikweird too ... xmms is playing the mp3s //// I can see the eq going nuts11:49
iLLf8dit was part of a wierd package too pcmcia-tools maybe  at the time11:50
Neuromantikthat's for laptops11:50
iLLf8dyeah I dunno why they put it there at the time it might be abandoned code11:50
iLLf8deqs going hrm11:50
=== Neuromantik kills arts
iLLf8dso its probably a device issue then I'd think11:50
iLLf8dsounds like the drivers loading and working (/me is guessing here)11:51
iLLf8dmake sure the sound device is setup right 11:51
iLLf8die in /dev11:51
=== bubaq [ac1b3123@gw2.cnet.sk] has joined #kubuntu
=== djim [~james@] has joined #kubuntu
Neuromantikthis is getting old quick11:55
=== bubaq [ac1b3123@gw2.cnet.sk] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
iLLf8dheh thats funny 11:58
=== BkE_ [~bke@199.88-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== erhnamdjim [~james@] has joined #kubuntu
iLLf8dheh no more neuro 12:10
iLLf8dwonder if he installed a different dist12:11
=== sparkling [~epoc@host27-51.pool81117.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
sparklinghi all12:11
iLLf8dno many all around atm12:12
sparklingis there someone experienced in installing kubuntu on an external usb2 hard drive?12:12
iLLf8ddoubt it at this time of night12:12
iLLf8dI'm like the only one active atm 12:12
sparklingoh ok :P12:13
iLLf8dlast other person was 25-30 min back12:13
sparklingok...however do you know a good howto to install kubuntu or linux in general on a hdd external?12:13
iLLf8dnot I I'm just watching the channel to see how responsive it is 12:14
iLLf8dI run debian, and other bsds 12:14
erhnamdjimI'm having trouble with mounting/unmounting floppies in Hoary. The first one I try mounts just fine, but KDE refuses to acknowledge when I try to unmount it (whether from the context menu or from the console). Any other disks that I then insert fail to be picked up.12:15
iLLf8derhnamdjim, does it umount or is it not?12:16
iLLf8dif it doesn't somethings probably keeping it open12:16
iLLf8dtry using lsof to see what it might be12:17
erhnamdjimumount unmounts it fine. In fact, the context menu works too. It's just that KDE doesn't seem to notice the fact12:17
=== sparkling [~epoc@host27-51.pool81117.interbusiness.it] has left #kubuntu []
iLLf8derhnamdjim, dunno i'm not a kde guru sorry12:19
erhnamdjimThe forums seem to show other people having the same problem, and one post seemed to indicate that it was a problem with KDE 3.4 rather than Kubuntu. I was just hoping that someone on the channel might know for sure12:21
iLLf8dtheres like 3 of us up12:21
erhnamdjimWhere are all the EMEA kubuntu users? :-)12:22
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
=== mindspin [~mindspin@p54B2B708.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== uniqwork [~9e705402@] has joined #kubuntu
=== `TUX` [~princoscr@ppp-217-133-31-196.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiaright, release done, emails sent, a little less stress present :)12:43
nikkiawith 15 minutes to spare, too ! :)12:44
Tm_Tuh oh12:45
Tm_Tany news about 2.6.12 kernel?12:45
uniqworknikkia: your project done? :)12:46
nikkiauniq, its not completed, there are outstanding issues before public release12:46
nikkiauniq, but we promised them an interim build this morning12:46
nikkiathe public release is supposed to be July 1, which is when they ship the machines to their customers12:46
uniqworkah.. ok :)12:47
nikkiauniq, once i'm done on this, i get to work on an internal project for the rest of the year12:47
nikkiawhich should be a LOT less stressful12:47
ChoubakaWhat project is this?12:47
uniqworknikkia: sounds nice :)12:48
nikkiai've been working on high profile public projects since december, both with pretty much 100% crunch time12:48
nikkiaChoubaka: i write software for video gambling terminals12:48
ChoubakaI see.12:48
nikkiathis particular project was a roulette terminal for the spanish market12:49
=== laser_tk [~laser@a84-230-146-184.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== laser_tk [~laser@a84-230-146-184.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiaso that what i do doesn't seem quite so off topic, i will point out that the company is using debian + java as their environment :)12:53
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uniqworkgah.. nothing to do at work.. going home.01:35
=== andrea [~andrea@adsl-208-185.37-151.net24.it] has joined #kubuntu
andreahey all01:40
=== Shuddertrix [Andrew@user-0cdvecn.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Thi kids01:45
=== nikkia ignores tm_t as she's definitely not a kid, so he can't be talking to her
=== incubii [~incubii@cor9-ppp2120.hay.dialup.connect.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
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ztonzyhi :)01:52
ztonzyI have trouble letting kdm autostart 01:52
ztonzyit just loads a non X login prompt01:53
Tm_Tnikkia: ;p01:56
=== _dwmurphy [~konversat@] has joined #kubuntu
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apokryphosztonzy: hey :). Is kdm the default Display Manager?02:17
apokryphosand, do you have the latest version? I recall previous versions being buggy like that02:17
=== Kamping_Kaise1 is now known as Kamping_Kaiser
Tm_Tapokryphos: well, if you install kubuntu, yes and yes(?)02:18
apokryphosTm_T: Not if you had Ubuntu and then installed Kubuntu, necessarily (as ztonzy here did)02:18
ztonzyapokryphos, yes it is02:18
ztonzyapokryphos, no, other way around...from start02:19
apokryphosYour KDM might be bust, then. Does GDM work fine?02:20
Tm_Tor display drivers are wrecked02:20
ztonzyapokryphos, I have told the system NOT to use GDM as bootmanager02:22
ztonzyI can read that in prompt, system tells me that02:22
Tm_Tehm hm02:23
apokryphosTm_T: I don't think it's that... a lot of people were having this same problem not too long ago. I recall upgrading KDM at the time and it didn't work02:23
apokryphosI'm on a different installation now, so not sure if upgrading it would've helped02:23
ztonzyhmm, how to fix it?02:23
ztonzybefore I even tried to uninstall GDM, but it didn't help02:24
apokryphosI've only really got two thoughts, (i) remove (and purge) kdm, and then try to reinstall, (ii) or report a bug and use GDM in the meanwhile02:24
apokryphosnah, it's not down to GDM, I'm pretty sure.02:24
ztonzybut if I kill kdm now...X will crash, right ?02:25
apokryphoskdm's not running, is it?02:25
apokryphosyou said it took you to login prompt..02:25
ztonzybut I typed 'sudo kdm'  for start and run me as user and X02:26
apokryphosand then what did you type?02:26
ztonzyas autologin for me as user02:26
apokryphosif kdm is working like that, then I guess we could just put it to autostart in some x file02:26
apokryphosnow, if I had only an idea which one it was ;-). I'll try to find out, hold on.02:26
ztonzymaybe easiest to re-install it all :P02:28
=== thingy [~jinesh@] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosMight just ask in #ubuntu, hold on02:28
=== m-fox [~m-fox@port-212-202-8-124.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #kubuntu
Mezwhats the prob with kdm?02:29
ztonzyMez, read above :)02:30
Mezyeah - lots of confusig stuff... someone explai to me simply so i dont have to read MASSES of backlogs02:30
ztonzyztonzy hi :)02:30
ztonzyztonzy I have trouble letting kdm autostart 02:30
ztonzyztonzy it just loads a non X login prompt02:30
ztonzysmall explain02:31
=== insanekane [~kane@] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosztonzy: try selecting it by typing update-alternatives --config x-session-manager02:32
apokryphos(oh, with sudo of course)02:32
ztonzyselecting ?02:33
uniqztonzy: 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm' and 'sudo invoke-rc.d kdm defaults' can also help you.02:33
Mezztonzt - check if /etc/init.d/kdm exists02:33
insanekaneuniq: what is this invoke-rc.d ? what does it do ?02:34
ztonzyuniq, I do wonder if I didnt do that yesterday with help from someone in here02:34
insanekaneuniq: is it better than /etc/init.d/kdm ?02:34
ztonzyMez, ok02:34
Mezdoes it?02:34
uniqsorry, make that 'sudo update-rc.d kdm defaults'02:34
ztonzyMez, yes02:34
uniqinsanekane: invoke-rc.d is for starting, stopping and restarting services.02:35
Mezztonzy, type02:35
uniqinsanekane: it does basically the same as /etc/init.d/kdm something.02:35
Mezsudo /etc/init.d/kdm start02:35
ztonzyMez, hmm why? I am in X02:35
ztonzywhat will happen ?02:36
ztonzyI dont want to kick X ;)02:36
apokryphosThe problem is that KDM can potentially start, it just doesn't autostart02:36
apokryphosdid you try that update-alternatives?02:37
=== kman___ [~kman@p5.pub.ro] has joined #kubuntu
ztonzynow I did:02:37
ztonzy*+    1        /usr/bin/gnome-session      2        /usr/bin/startkde02:37
apokryphosKDM is not selected there it seems...02:38
apokryphosdid you select 2?02:38
ztonzybetween  gdm/kdm ?  02:38
ztonzywhen I re-installed KDE (or kubuntu when we chatted about it)  yes I selected KDM02:39
apokryphosJust now, though, when you typed that command, was the * on 1 there?02:39
ztonzy*+    1        /usr/bin/gnome-session02:39
ztonzy      2        /usr/bin/startkde02:39
apokryphosis it on 2 now?02:39
ztonzyit is the star on #102:40
apokryphosselect for it to go on 202:40
apokryphosand I think that should do it...02:40
ztonzyI selected 2 and did the command again, and the star is in front of #2  now :)  thanks!02:41
ztonzyI hope it will work02:41
ztonzyI tried to get aMSN to run....oh man, what a work!02:41
apokryphosdon't use that :P. Kopete is great02:42
ztonzyuntil last...I could login and run...but only when none was online at my buddy-list...if they were, aMSN crashed02:42
ztonzyapokryphos, yah...wanted to test webcamera to windows users though02:42
apokryphosoh. aMSN has support for it? Cool.02:43
apokryphosI'll try it out now (aMSN)02:43
ztonzyin CVS version02:43
insanekaneuniq: oho ... is it possible for me to do the "configure network interfaces ..." thing after kdm starts ?02:44
insanekaneuniq: i need to get up the GUI asap02:44
ztonzyapokryphos, it is difficult to get it to run, with tcl/tk and all02:44
uniqinsanekane: sure, use update-rc.d02:44
apokryphosinsanekane: I don't know why, but that thing *always* failed on the first time for me. Telling it to retry always seems to work02:44
apokryphosztonzy: cvs version might explain why it crashes, then02:44
apokryphos(that's using DHCP, that is)02:45
ztonzyapokryphos, well, I had hard times to get latest version run too (not CVS...stable... 0.94)02:45
insanekaneapokryphos: hmm02:45
insanekaneuniq: how ? what does update-rc.d do ? does it compute the dependencies of the startup scripts ?02:46
=== duende_ [~duende@stjhnf01bb8-142162172163.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosztonzy: just got it from repos and it seems to work fine here02:46
=== wocko [~wocko@CPE-60-229-219-148.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
insanekaneapokryphos: same for me btw, it just timeouts after a long time, and i have to manually run dhclient to get my network up ... strange02:47
uniqinsanekane: no, it simply manages the symlinks in /etc/rc?.d02:47
insanekaneuniq: oh right02:47
ztonzyapokryphos, hm ok02:47
uniqinsanekane: you can try 'ksysv' it's apt-getable. does the same graphically.02:48
insanekaneuniq: actually, im looking for a more lasting solution :) im deriving my own distro from kubuntu ...02:49
insanekaneuniq: and looking at things like splash screen and also getting the GUI asap after the power button is switched on02:49
=== oldwulf [~jared@] has joined #kubuntu
uniqinsanekane: take a look at bootsplash then.02:50
insanekaneuniq: i took a look at splashy ... still a lot of work to be done there02:50
insanekaneuniq: bootsplash requires kernel patches correct ?02:50
insanekaneuniq: i want to maintain as much compatibility with Kubuntu as possible ... i really dont want to muck up the kernel :)02:51
insanekaneim waiting for the masters here to patch the kernel for me ;)02:51
insanekane(which i hope is in breezy)02:51
insanekanebtw, anyone got kusers to work ?02:53
ralfwhat is the breezy default compiler?02:53
insanekaneso far, i have not had luck to add any user using kusers02:53
insanekaneralf: gcc4.0 i think02:53
ralfinsanekane: and it compiles all packages?02:53
ralfhow many ftbfs gcc4 makes?02:53
uniqa few. but they are beeing fixed by the great motu team.02:54
uniqand others. :)02:54
uniq?? motu02:54
kinfo[MOTU]  Masters of the Universe are the brave souls who try to keep your universe in shape. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU02:54
=== spine55 [~spine@adsl-065-012-191-021.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
ralfthere are breezy live cd available?02:55
uniq!learn FTBFS Fails To Build From Source02:55
kinfoInprinted FTBFS (memory injection successful)02:55
uniqralf not that i'm aware of.02:55
ralfand breezy actually is in freeze?02:55
uniqno. don't think so.02:56
insanekaneuniq: know of any plans to add a splash screen to breezy ?02:57
=== nikkia returns
_buzwhats teh roadmap for breezy, anyway02:58
_buzi mean  bseidesa october release02:59
Tm_Tuniq: oh, seb128 aka sebr?03:00
Tm_Tnah, looks like different person03:01
=== Tm_T can't wait Kubuntu breezy goals =)
uniqinsanekane: http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/USplash03:05
ztonzyapokryphos, thanks for help03:07
=== chase [~Chase@stuartma.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== torz [~torz@p17-max1.qtn.ihug.co.nz] has joined #kubuntu
torzhello, I've got a really minor question.03:14
torzI just installed Kubuntu and trying to adjust the size of the icon size. I've changed it with kcontrol but the change isnt reflecting.03:14
Tm_Ticonsize in where? konqi?03:15
torzthe icons in konqueror arnt just wanting to change03:15
Tm_Toh, konqi has its own settings ;)03:15
torzkind of suspected that heh03:15
Tm_Tmenu -> view -> icon size ;p03:16
nikkiatorz, tbh, i've never been really happy with the icon size controls in the control centre, they're not particularly obvious as to which control changes which set of icons03:16
torzdamn it! so simple03:16
torznikkita: yeah i thought it had centralized control03:17
nikkiatorz, it does, but some apps ignore it :P03:17
torzyeah this is the first time I'm using KDE03:17
nikkiatorz, and then you have to play the 'is that 'main toolbar' or 'toolbar' game03:17
torzI've always used Gnome03:17
Tm_Ttorz: I'm glad you found the light ;--P03:17
torzyeah but I'm also a Mac OS X user :p03:17
nikkiatorz, dear god03:18
nikkiahow can any OS X user bear gnome ???03:18
torzin fact I'm chatting to you with OS X right now03:18
torznikkia: tell uni that :p03:18
torzplus RedHat is anal with KDE and is soooo biased towards Gnome.03:18
nikkiai remember my first comment on gnome, years and years ago03:18
nikkia'my god, it makes motif look pretty!'03:18
Tm_Ttorz: RH is a huge anal itself03:18
torzTm_T: agreed.03:19
Tm_Tbut we need those big suckers :/03:19
torzRHEL eh.03:19
insanekaneuniq: i looked at the roadmap ... most of the entries are very GNOME-ey ...03:19
Tm_Tinsanekane: yeah, it's Ubuntu-roadmap03:19
torzand theres something random with my background image as well03:20
torzI changed my taskbar to "tiny" right?03:20
insanekaneTm_T: yes ... i thought though, that they would consider kubuntu as well :)03:20
Tm_Tinsanekane: you should wait Kubuntu-roadmap to get some KDE related ;)03:20
uniqinsanekane: there is a kubunturoadmap too. 03:20
insanekaneuniq: oh right :) silly me ...03:20
nikkiatorz, the only thing wrong with kubuntu, for a OS X user, is the default 'bottom' position for the panel03:20
nikkiaubuntu defaults gnome's to the top, kubuntu should with KDE's too :P03:20
Tm_Tbottoms up!03:20
torzthen I specified my own image for a background and theres a significant black line where the task bar used to cover03:20
Tm_Tnikkia: no!03:20
nikkia(altho it only takes like 0.5 seconds to fix :)03:20
Tm_Tnikkia: no Gnome defaults please, just stick in KDE world ;)03:21
torzis "Centered Maxpect" the same as "Stretch"?03:21
insanekaneuniq: seen on KubuntuRoadmap -> "Kubuntu is already the best GNU/Linux distribution available." :)03:21
nikkiatorz, no03:21
nikkiatorz, it'd be called 'stretch' if it was :P03:22
nikkiatorz, maxpect retains the correct aspect ratio, iirc03:22
insanekaneuniq: i hope they do not mean "KDE desktop distribution"03:22
torzmmm wheres the stretch option grrr03:22
nikkiatorz, 'scaled'03:22
uniqinsanekane: you have to belive in what you're working on :)03:23
torzcant see it03:23
torzI'm looking at Options03:23
nikkiatorz, it should be just under 'tiled maxpect' i think03:23
torzwhich has Position, Colors, and blending03:23
nikkiatorz, in 'position' choose 'scaled'03:23
torzyep I did it03:24
torzbut still no difference03:24
insanekaneuniq: hehe :)03:26
torzbut man KDE is nice :~)03:27
torzalmost Mac OS X nice03:27
Tm_TI think KDE is far better03:28
=== ksb [~ksb@81-86-109-195.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiatm_t, in some ways, in others, OS X is better03:28
Tm_TOS X is pretty, true... but hey, where's choices?! :p03:28
torzmmm I guess Ive only used KDE for only 30minutes so far so its too early to judge.03:28
nikkiatm_t, OS X's benefits go beyond just prettiness, tho03:29
torzwith 10.4 Mac OS X has reached a new level03:29
Tm_Tnikkia: in some cases, yes03:29
nikkiai'd rate OS X's consistancy one of its key benefits03:29
torzi.e. Dashboard03:29
_buzdashboard is quite useless if you ask me03:30
torzand the Column view kicks arse03:30
torzits pretty03:30
torzand its useful03:30
nikkiatorz, look at superkaramba03:30
_buzas a matter of fact im sitting on a mac right now03:30
torz_buz: me too :~)03:30
_buzbut im using vnc to get to my kde ;)03:30
=== Distro^Junkie [~patrick@CPE000ae6c702bb-CM000e5ce665ba.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
_buzonly problem is that the wlan is slightly lossy03:30
torznikkia: my background problem with KDE is solved :~), just had to logout and log back in03:30
Distro^Junkieis there a problem with copying and pasting in konsole ?03:31
nikkiatorz, bizarre, usually changes should be instant03:31
nikkiadistro, only that you can't do it with the keyboard :P03:31
nikkiawell, you can paste with the keyboard03:31
Tm_Tnikkia: false03:31
nikkiactrl-c and ctrl-v don't do it tho, obviously03:31
nikkiayou might be able to setup a keyboard shortcut for copy, i haven't tried tbh03:32
torzbtw what controls the font size of under the icons in Konqueror? kcontrol or does it have its own thing like icon sizes03:32
nikkiai like to avoid changing keyboard shortcuts, too easy to get dependant on them, then be confused when using someone else's machine03:32
insanekaneDistro^Junkie: use Shift+Insert or the middle mouse button to paste03:34
Distro^Junkieok thanx insanekane 03:34
torzI'm going back to the basics and installing EPIC on Kubuntu :~)03:34
insanekaneDistro^Junkie: simply select the line with mouse to copy03:34
nikkiatorz, that isn't basics, that's stone-age :P03:34
torznikkia: haha03:35
nikkiatorz, why not just go back to ircII and complete the insanity :)03:35
torznikkia: I'm strong xchat fan you see. I started irc with BitchX back in the day.03:35
=== nikkia prefers kvirc
torzI still use BitchX over ssh actually03:35
torzsince uni doesnt allow irc traffic (arseholes)03:35
nikkiatorz, i've mostly switched to irsii when i need ssh/console irc03:36
torzbtw while I'm here what movie players do you guys recommend? I've always used mplayer but i want a change since this sytem is nice and fresh :~)03:36
insanekanetorz: kaffeine03:36
_buzvlc, mplayer or xine03:36
torztelling me to go have a coffee??03:37
nikkiai use xine, but only because i can't get mplayer to play ac3, and kaffeine crashes too often03:37
torzlol joking03:37
Shuddertrixwhat _buz typed03:37
insanekanetorz: no :) making a suggestion ... and i hope a strong one ;)03:37
torzwhats the most light-weight one?03:37
nikkiatorz, probably mplayer03:37
nikkiaor 'ffplay'03:37
insanekanenikkia: ive had kaffeine crash on me ... but not after i installed kubuntu03:37
torzI've always found mplayer to be good03:37
torzgmplayer :~)03:37
nikkiainsane, it crashes almost every time i try it, for me03:38
Tm_Ttorz: Kplayer!03:38
insanekanenikkia: hmm ..03:38
torzokie dokey, kaffeine is conviniently already in my system so I'll load it up.03:38
insanekanebut im not sure kmplayer is in any of the default repos03:38
insanekanetorz: haha ... :)03:38
torzbtw do I need to download additional codecs 03:38
nikkiatorz, probably03:38
insanekanetorz: probably :)03:38
torzor is kaffeine nice enough to already have heaps of codecs03:39
insanekanetorz: i do believe that the codecs are available in restricted03:39
insanekanetorz: err .. multiverse03:39
nikkiatorz, i haven't looked, but i'm guessing it uses the avcodec backend03:39
insanekanetorz: mplayer and kaffeine share the codecs03:39
insanekanetorz: or should i say mplayer and xine03:39
nikkiainsane, that depends on how each is built03:40
_buzkaffeine on ubuntu uses xine afik03:40
nikkiayou CAN build mplayer without avodec support, though you'd probably be insane to do so03:40
insanekanenikkia: u mentioned me ?? ;)03:40
=== nic [~nic@ARouen-152-1-55-174.w83-199.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== nic [~nic@ARouen-152-1-55-174.w83-199.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
torzmmmmmmmm kunbuntu doesnt automount cds????03:41
torzah my bad03:41
torzit was me03:41
torzput the cd in a bung way03:41
insanekanetorz: not automount ...but it does show up in media:/03:41
nikkia'bung way' ? i do not want to know....03:43
nikkialets just say, i had flashbacks to beavis and butthead :P03:43
=== jmiguel [~jmiguel@243.Red-83-43-43.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
torzhmmmm file arnt appearing in /media/cdrom03:44
torzthis stuffed up03:46
torzthis is stuffed up03:46
=== martinjh99 [~martin@pc-62-30-33-77-pr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
insanekaneumm ?03:53
insanekanetry /media/hd<partitionnumber>03:53
martinjh99Is there any way that you can install kdm without kubuntu-default-settings?  I prefer KDM to GDM but am not keen on the Kubuntu default settings...03:54
torzdamn even bigger problem03:54
torzkubuntu never asked me to set a root password03:54
Shuddertrixtorz: use sudo with your password.03:55
insanekanei dont think that kdm has kubuntu-deault-settings as a dep ... maybe try --force ??03:55
uniqkdm has kubuntu-default-settings as a dep.03:55
insanekanetorz: in Kubuntu, we use sudo :)03:55
insanekaneuniq: oho ...03:55
martinjh99It does at least on Hoary...03:55
torzah huh!03:55
torzits just disabled eh03:55
insanekaneuniq: where is the best place to set the default KDE encoding and locale ? I also need to set input method settings ... top of /usr/bin/startkde ?03:56
Shuddertrix'sudo passwd root' to set a root password if you have your heart set on it.03:56
=== chx [~chx@chx.user] has joined #kubuntu
uniqmartinjh99: you can be evil and edit the /var/lib/dpkg/status file. find kdm's entry and remove the depend there. but it's -strongly- not recommended. it can seriously break your system if you do something wrong.03:56
=== chx [~chx@chx.user] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Mezhmm... 03:57
uniqinsanekane: just for KDE? 03:57
Mezhow do i get my ~/.bashrc to run automatically when i load a konsole03:57
martinjh99uniq> Not a good idea... 03:57
uniqinsanekane: i'd suggest setting all the environment variables in /etc/environment if you can. 03:57
uniqmartinjh99: no, it's not a good idea unless you really know what you're doing.03:58
insanekaneuniq: excellent, thanks :)03:58
martinjh99Mez>Should work straight off as soon as you open a konsole window.03:58
martinjh99Uniq>Think I'll give that one a miss...03:58
insanekaneuniq: btw, I have 3 machines running Kubuntu in the most prestigious research libraries in Kerala, and one of the finest of India :)04:00
uniqinsanekane: great :)04:00
insanekaneuniq: basically, the library runs on Kubuntu now, as a result of one of my specialized library automation systems04:01
uniqcool :)04:01
insanekaneuniq: acually, i was proud to install it :)04:01
torzi fixed my mounting problem but mmmm had to manually do it... (hence I needed root)04:01
=== Shuddertrix has installed kubuntu on all the computers at the labs at the school :D
torzalthough I really shouldnt have to # mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /media/cdrom   every time04:02
insanekanehaah .. cool :)04:02
Shuddertrixnow, it's all of them, even the emacs/ibooks04:02
insanekanetorz: hmm .. u shouldnt really have to ... media:/ ioslave does it for you04:02
uniqtorz: make sure you have the 'pmount' package installed.04:03
insanekanetorz: i have so far not needed to mount cds with console, and after a small change to pmount, neither for hard disks04:03
torzuhhh kaffeine isnt bad at all. Nice program04:03
insanekaneuniq: isnt that installed by default in hoary ?04:04
torzstarting to like KDE :~)04:04
martinjh99Talking of mounting CD's how can I change it so I can run programs off em...  They are mounted noexec I think...04:04
insanekanetorz: haha :)04:04
=== dalbirdy [~dalbirdy@] has joined #kubuntu
uniqinsanekane: hey.. can i have the source with your pmount changes please? 04:04
martinjh99Torz>Now you liked KDE...? ;)  I have lked KDE since1.x...04:04
insanekaneuniq: emm ... sure, but its so small, id rather tell you what to comment out ;)04:04
insanekaneuniq: btw, i have read that the change i have made, is not recommended due to security ..04:05
uniqinsanekane: don't remember 04:05
uniqdon't remember if pmount is installed by default or not.04:05
torzmartinjh99: I'm still a OS X guy but meh KDE isnt bad so far.04:05
torzI've only used KDE for 1hr so far :~)04:05
torztoo early to judge04:06
uniqinsanekane: haven't had a look at the pmount source my self.. but i could need that feature at work.04:06
insanekanetorz: google for io-slaves, and u will like it more :)04:06
=== chx [~chx@chx.user] has joined #kubuntu
martinjh99Torz>Never used OSx or any mac os to be honest...04:06
torzinsanekane: okie dokey04:06
insanekaneuniq: sure, its simple enough ...04:06
torzio-slaves eh04:06
uniqinsanekane: ok. then don't bother with the source :)04:06
torzI'm running it on my ex router as well! Pentium3 550MHz04:07
torzand its running super nice04:07
chxI have a lame question. the wiki says about eclipse: Actually these breezy packages should build fine for Hoary too. You can probably just apt-get source them and let it rip.04:07
torzI was told that KDE is heavy as hell but man! it sure isnt04:07
chxis there something to RTFM?04:07
insanekanetorz: yes, ioslaves ... u can also check Help in Kubuntu to learn more about each io-slave04:07
torzinsanekane: sure will. At the moment I'm just amazed with how fine it runs on P3 550MHz.04:08
=== kriminal667 [~notme@c220-237-32-205.brasd1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
torzwhich shows how Kununtu isnt a dog at all04:09
Distro^Junkiewhat version of openoffice are we at now ?04:10
Distro^Junkiecan we get 2.0 yet ?04:11
martinjh99Openoffice is still at 1.1.4 there is a version of 2.0Beta in Universe I think - Its not the latest Beta though.04:11
KaiL_some beta04:11
torz2.0 with Database :~) I'm interested as well04:11
=== kriminal667 [~notme@c220-237-32-205.brasd1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
torzhopefully it'll eat MS Access04:12
insanekanemartinjh99: its not  .... but its very very nice :)04:13
martinjh99True - Using latest beta on Windows...04:13
chxhmmm when I last tried OO2 (M59 me thinks) it eat all my memory and panicked the kernel...04:14
martinjh99Should be better is now on 109 or there abouts...04:15
martinjh99Should download the latest one for Linux...04:15
martinjh99I am looking forward to KDE4...  Sounds like there is some new and interesting goodies on the way...04:17
=== duende__ [~duende@stjhnf01bb8-142162177248.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
torzdo you guys know how edit the options in context click (right click)? I want to add konsole in it04:18
insanekaneright click ?04:18
torz*how to04:18
insanekaneright click where ? on desktop ?04:19
torzlike Gnome... the first choice you have is the terminal04:19
insanekanenot sure if you can ... but probably via .desktop files04:19
torzwhich is nice04:19
Tm_Ttorz: rightclick on desktop -> configure -> 04:19
torzah huh04:20
=== rodolfo [~rodolfo@] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tbehaviour -> right button -> custom menu -> customize it ;p04:20
Tm_Ttoo damn simple04:20
torzthanks a lot04:20
Tm_Ttorz: but, why you need Konsole in there?04:20
Tm_Tyou can keep it open all the time04:20
Tm_Tlike I do, all 6(?)04:21
torzTm_T: true that but I'm soooo used to it being there04:21
=== `TUX` [~princoscr@ppp-217-133-31-196.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== lexhider [~lexhider@dip-220-235-84-150.vic.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
Distro^Junkiehey Tm_T what do you use when grabbing from svn ?04:23
uniqwell.. dinner.04:23
=== lexhider [~lexhider@dip-220-235-84-150.vic.westnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
insanekaneDistro^Junkie: eSvn is nice and easy :)04:25
Distro^Junkiewhat about all the tools for say making amarok install 04:25
Distro^JunkieI know i need gcc and autoconf04:26
Distro^Junkieand automake04:26
nikkialast time i built amarok, i think it needed a specific (old) version of automake, at that04:26
martinjh99Distro^Junkie - apt-get install build-essential04:26
uniqif you do 'apt-cache showsrc amarok' you get an idea about what you need.04:26
Distro^Junkiethanx martinjh99 that's what I was looking for04:26
martinjh99NP - DJ04:27
=== dalbirdy [~dalbirdy@] has joined #kubuntu
=== chx [~chx@chx.user] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Distro^Junkiehmmm what headers did you need martinjh99 04:29
Distro^Junkiechecking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!04:29
martinjh99Haven't compiled Amarok DJ...  Tend to compile KDE styles ;)04:29
martinjh99xlibs-dev I think or something like it..04:29
Distro^Junkiek found it04:30
nikkiax-dev these days04:30
Tm_TDistro^Junkie: Konsole: svn up blah blah04:31
Tm_Tnikkia: unsermake rocks04:32
=== sucho [~sucho@gw-dolnozemska.euba.sk] has joined #kubuntu
torzdamn kubuntu doesnt install gcc by default?04:33
=== JensK [~JensK@p5490390B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiatorz, no, and i found even when i had installed it, it didn't set up a default symlink for /usr/bin/g++04:33
torznikkia: is there a nice kubuntu package website where i can download it from04:34
nikkiaie, it just left g++ as /usr/bin/g++-3.4 or something like that04:34
torzln -s04:34
nikkiatorz, just chose it in your package manager of choice :)04:34
nikkiatorz, yeah, thats what i ended up doing, it might have been fixed now tho04:34
torznikkia: what package manager do you recommend?04:35
=== nikkia shrugs
nikkiai use aptitude, but that's me04:35
=== sucho [~sucho@gw-dolnozemska.euba.sk] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
torzsince you seem to have been using kubuntu for a while04:35
nikkianot that long, actually04:35
nikkiaonly about a month, 6 weeks maybe, before that i was a knoppix user04:35
Tm_Tapt from Konsole <304:35
nikkiatm_t, i find apt to be too painful when something 'doesn't quite go right'04:36
nikkiaeg, 'ok, i'm going to remove 4000 packages, including all of X, all of kde, all of gnome...' :)04:36
nikkia('argh, i only asked to upgrade vim!!!'04:36
torznikkia: I'll just use whats already there04:37
torzkynaptic or whatever04:37
nikkiatorz, i found kynaptic painful, tbh04:37
martinjh99Torz> I prefer Synaptic...04:37
nikkiait doesn't have all the features of synaptic04:37
torzdoes Synaptic come with Kubuntu?04:38
KaiL_torz: apt-get install synaptic04:38
KaiL_then yes .)04:38
martinjh99Yup - Just apt-get install synaptic will pull some gnome libs but not many04:38
nikkiayou'll probably end up with a full set of gnome libs over time anyway :P04:38
torzmartinjh99: you say it like its a bad thing :p04:38
nikkiathere's always *somethign* you want that needs them04:38
martinjh99Nahh not really just warning you... ;)04:39
martinjh99Like GIMP, Firefox for eg04:39
torzoh right04:39
nikkiamartin, why would people want gimp or firefox ? :P04:39
Distro^Junkiehy what's the kde headers named ?04:39
torzfirefox is nice04:39
nikkiadistro, kdelibs4-dev ?04:39
Distro^Junkiefirefox is awesome04:39
torznikkia: you dont like firefox?04:39
martinjh99Well I prefer Firefox to Konq...04:39
=== Kamping_Kaiser is now known as Kaiser_schlafen
nikkiatorz, it was 'humour'04:40
nikkianot very good humour, but humour04:40
torzkamil vs thunder bird, how bout that?04:40
nikkiatorz, gimp and firefox run on my machine pretty much 100% of the time04:40
torzthunderbird more rather04:40
nikkiausually several instances of each04:40
Distro^Junkienm found them 04:40
=== nikkia even writes gimp scripts occasionally :P
=== froud [~froud@ndn-165-143-84.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
torzdamn Kubuntu for not having gcc! can't do anything without it04:41
nikkiaonly when i positively have to, mind you :)04:41
martinjh99torz> apt-get install build-essential - That installs the compiler, make and other needed compiling things,,04:42
nikkia(which is usually after about the 400th time in a row doing the same mindlessly repetitive task, such as turning off layers :)04:42
=== dalbirdy [~dalbirdy@] has joined #kubuntu
torzah sounds good04:42
=== jjesse [~jjesse@mail.ftpb.com] has joined #kubuntu
martinjh99Doesnt install any headers you have to foind those yourself depending on what you are compiling...04:43
rodolfohi, is it possible/suggested to upgrade to kde 3.4.1?04:51
martinjh99Yup you can do it -you need to add another line to sources.list can't remember what it is off hand at the moment.04:52
=== mikl [~mikkel@mikl.active.supporter.pdpc] has joined #kubuntu
martinjh99Anyone know if you can have a connection to 2 servers at once with Konversation..?04:52
Distro^Junkiewas lame taken out of the repo ?04:53
Distro^Junkiecan't seem to download it04:53
martinjh99Not a clue...04:54
Distro^Junkiebackports still up ?04:55
martinjh99DJ BAckports is still about yeah...  backports.ubuntuforums.org04:56
Distro^Junkieahh that's why I got mirrormax as the backport04:56
martinjh99Thats the homepage!  My mirror is ftp2.caliu.info04:57
Distro^Junkieok found that martinjh99 04:58
Distro^Junkiethanx alot04:58
martinjh99No worries mate04:58
=== dalbirdy [~dalbirdy@] has joined #kubuntu
martinjh99Catch ya all later04:59
insanekanemartinjh99: yes you can connect to more than 1 IRC server04:59
=== grafand [~grafand@84-73-18-41.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
martinjh99Hows that just another /server command?04:59
Distro^Junkiecrap how do I add that in sources.list04:59
martinjh99DJ sudo nano -w /etc/apt/sources.list ;)04:59
Distro^Junkiewhat's the line I put in ?05:00
martinjh99deb http://ftp2.caliu.info/backports/ hoary-backports main universe multiverse restricted 05:01
martinjh99deb http://ftp2.caliu.info/backports/ hoary-extras main universe multiverse restricted 05:01
martinjh99deb http://ftp2.caliu.info/backports/ hoary-backports-staging main universe multiverse restricted  05:01
martinjh99deb http://ftp2.caliu.info/backports/ hoary-extras-staging main universe multiverse restricted  05:01
martinjh99Thats my entries...05:01
martinjh99You just need to work out where your mirrors are...05:02
=== sproingie [~chuck@64-121-15-14.c3-0.sfrn-ubr8.sfrn.ca.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== martinjh99 [~martin@pc-62-30-33-77-pr.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== troy [~troy@wnpgmb01dc2-33-167.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #kubuntu
troyanyone using the radeon express 200 vid chip successfully?05:08
=== penguinboy [~penguinbo@24-159-145-55.dhcp.smrt.tn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== martinjh99 [~martin@pc-62-30-33-77-pr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== gdh [~gdh@80-192-144-33.cable.ubr04.pres.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== spierrel [~spierrel@] has joined #kubuntu
=== troy [~troy@wnpgmb01dc2-33-167.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== nikkia mumbles about incorrect package descriptions
spierrelHi, I am currently building packages of kexi for kubuntu ...05:14
spierrelAre there people interested to test and check the result?05:14
spierrelPS: kexi 0.905:14
=== Mestapheles [~Captain@d142-179-138-139.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
Riddellspierrel: we have kexi packages, they're just stuck in the build daemons05:26
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== torz [~torz@p43-max1.qtn.ihug.co.nz] has joined #kubuntu
torzI need serious help with kppp fellows05:32
=== troy wonders how many teeth he'll have to pull to get this hardware working
torzThe problem is pretty random. I managed get kppp to connect to my isp but as soon as I click "continue" i get an error: Exit Status: 105:33
torzThe problem is pretty random. I managed get kppp to connect to my isp but as soon as I click "continue" i get an error: Exit Status: 105:33
torzThe problem is pretty random. I managed get kppp to connect to my isp but as soon as I click "continue" i get an error: Exit Status: 105:33
torzThe problem is pretty random. I managed get kppp to connect to my isp but as soon as I click "continue" i get an error: Exit Status: 105:33
torzmy bad05:33
torzThe remote system is required to authenticate itself.05:33
torzbut I couldnt find any suitable secret (password) for it to use to do so.05:33
torzthats the error I get :~(05:33
troytry creating a new Account in kppp to get the default settings.  looks like a config error of somesort05:35
torzmmm I have :~(05:35
nikkiatorz, sounds like a CHAP issue05:35
nikkiatorz, there's probably documentation on setting up CHAP authentication somewhere on the net05:36
spierrelRiddell: Is it possible to wonload them to test?05:37
torzCHAP eh05:37
nikkiabasically, you need to configure chap-secrets in /etc/ppp05:37
torzokie dokie05:37
nikkiatorz, there are 3 main methods of authenticating PPP05:37
Riddellspierrel: apt-get source kexi  in breezy05:37
troynikkia: kppp is supposed to take care of that...05:37
nikkia1) is the usual login/password, 2) CHAP, and 3) PAP05:37
nikkiaCHAP and PAP both rely on sending ppp configuration packets after connection and ppp is up and running, that ask the server/client to authenticate05:37
nikkiatroy, it does, sort of05:38
=== chx [~chx@chx.user] has joined #kubuntu
chxhi. is there a way to mount a filesystem through (S)FTP ?05:38
nikkiatroy, some ISPs send funnily formatted usernames that somehow don't confuse MS PPP systems, but DO confuse pppd/kppp05:38
uniqnikkia: you had a ipod right? 05:38
nikkiauniq, yeah05:38
troychx: in kde you don't need to... just use sftp:// from any file dialog/browser, etc.05:38
uniqnikkia: up for testing the shiny new and cleaned up ipodslave? 05:39
nikkiauniq, and its 'have' unless you know something i don't about when i went to the bank earlier :P05:39
=== nikkia checks her jacket pocket
nikkiauniq, tbh, ipodslave does me no good...05:39
chxtroy: it's a wide world outside of KDE05:39
nikkiauniq, i didn't realise until i tested it yesterday, that it doesn't support AAC files05:39
nikkiauniq, and all my music is in AAC05:39
chxtroy: it'd be great if I could mount whatever kio supports...05:39
troychx: true enough... there are a few projects that are working on something quite like that, however the names escape me at the moment05:40
uniqnikkia: ok.. but just to test the package? :)05:40
nikkiauniq, ok05:40
torznikkia: mmm I see05:41
troychx: http://kde.ground.cz/tiki-index.php?page=KIO+Fuse+Gateway05:41
nikkiauniq, have you uploaded it to the usual place ?05:41
nikkiano, obviously not :P05:41
torznikkia: so what do you suggest I do? look around google?05:42
uniqnikkia: the i386 package is building as we speak. i'll ping you when it's there. just realized i compiled it locally.. and that's ppc.05:42
troychx: as you can see, the work involved in this case far outweighs the real benefits for the casual user :)05:42
uniqnikkia: i'll tell you when it's done.05:42
nikkiatorz, reading this may help: http://www.faqs.org/docs/linux_network/x-087-2-ppp.authentication.html05:43
chxtroy: does the Ubuntu kernel support FUSE by default?05:43
troychx: not by default, no05:43
troychx: but it's just a module, so you don't have to rebuild the kernel or anything05:44
nikkiatorz, what you'll probably find, though, is that your ppp target is sending you junk auth requests, BT do for example, and you have to 'force' it to use the username your ISP supplied05:44
nikkiatorz, there's an option in pppd's config that tells it what CHAP authentication username to tell the remote end you want to use is05:45
=== fasolla8 [~fasolla8@] has joined #kubuntu
torzreading time :~)05:46
=== fasolla8 [~fasolla8@] has joined #kubuntu
=== JensK [~JensK@p54904ECE.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
troychx: you can use fuse without kio (still supports a lot of things)... see http://sourceforge.net/projects/fuse/05:47
troychx: the fuse-kio bridge docs are out of date anyway... not sure if it's actively maintained05:48
torznikkia: I'm starting to think using wvdial will be easier05:48
=== Heart [~jzdgc@p549C38FC.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
troydoes anyone know why IDE would be really slow using the ATI chipset? (and/or how to fix)05:50
=== aseigo [~aseigo@aseigo.kde] has joined #kubuntu
troymorning aaron :)05:52
nikkiatroy, most likely its using PIO05:52
=== _carlos [~carlos@] has joined #kubuntu
troyand as I'm new to *ubuntu, what is the recommended way to get a recent kernel?05:56
=== _carlos [~carlos@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== troy has used a combination of slackware and freebsd for the last five years....
penguinboytroy just type at terminal:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:57
uniqtroy: you can get the source from kernel.org and use the config from /boot/ too compile it.05:57
troyuniq: don't really feel like compiling it... just want a recent package05:58
uniqtroy: the most recent you find is the almost-2.6.12 in breezy.05:58
troyuniq: what do I need to add to my sources.list (or is there a FAQ someplace)05:59
=== _nate_ [~nate@] has joined #kubuntu
uniqtroy: i woundn't suggest upgrading to breezy.06:01
chxOK, I am trying to get FUSE working06:01
=== troy wishes chx luck
chxit's a kernel module, do I need to download and configure the whole kernel tree?06:02
=== chx hopes not
nikkiathis may seem like a silly question06:02
nikkiabut is there a way to do redirected IO with sudo ?06:02
troychx: depends how the package is set up... in some cases, you just need the kernel headers around06:02
=== torum [~torum@p45-max1.qtn.ihug.co.nz] has joined #kubuntu
chxchecking kernel source directory... Not found <= hm, I'll need this. 06:03
chxIs there a separate source for -k7 kernel or how do I get the same kernel ?06:03
uniqnikkia: redirect how? 06:04
troyuniq: is it safe to pull just a kernel from breezy and stick into hoary?06:04
uniqnikkia: i386 packages at http://frode.kde.no/ubuntu/ipodslave/06:04
nikkiauniq as in command > output, where output is in a dir only root can write to06:05
uniqtroy: i do it with powerpc. don't know for i386.06:05
troyuniq: well, if it break, the only thing I've lost is some time :)06:05
_nate_nikkia, have you tried sudo "command > output"06:05
_nate_nikkia, or something similar?06:05
torumnikkia: I flagged kppp06:06
torumnikkia: but if you ctcp me, you will see that I'm using Kubuntu :~)06:06
torumI used wvdial instead06:08
uniqnikkia: sudo sh -c "your command > bah"06:09
Choubakawhat's wrong with sudo command > bah?06:11
uniqit'll redirect the output with user permissions.. not root.06:12
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=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
=== spierrel [~spierrel@] has joined #kubuntu
=== spiral [~spiral@lafilaire-4-82-224-249-43.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== froud [~sean@ndn-165-143-84.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiauniq, which package do you want me to test?06:23
nikkiaipodslave or ipodslave-dev ?06:23
uniqipodslave-dev is just development headers.06:24
nikkiastill seems to work06:24
nikkiais there any significant difference ?06:24
uniqno. just packaging changes.06:24
=== regeya [~shane@adsl-sp3-cdale176.micgi.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #kubuntu
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=== apokryphos [~dw@host-84-9-35-11.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
chxthe trick for FUSE install is: install the relevant kernel-headers package. for me , its linux-headers-2.6.10-5-k706:44
chxwhere should I report that fuse-source package actually depends on linux-headers?06:44
troyshould be common sense06:44
chxtroy: oh come on06:44
troywhen building a kernel module, you need the kernel headers :)06:45
troysame thing happens for ATI drivers, etc.06:45
chxtroy: Oh yes. This is Linux. After you have done , and blow one hour with something it's trivial indeed06:45
chxlast night when I was installing grub for 1.5 hours06:46
troysorry, sometimes I forget what user level experiences are like... I last used a real package-based distro in like... 1999 :)06:46
chxafter it I was unable to tell why did it lasted so long06:46
troyor whenever mandrake 7 existed... :P06:47
troyyesterday I installed ubuntu on my girlfriend's laptop, after searching for a desktop distro of good reputation...06:47
troyand so today, I'm playing with it on my amd64 system06:48
troyso far, am impressed06:48
=== hon [~hon@mordad.ee.queensu.ca] has joined #kubuntu
honis there any kdm theme featuring user photos?06:53
insanekanehon: kubuntu splash :)06:54
insanekanehon: u can change the logos in the login manager in control centre06:55
honoops! I instantly changed the kubuntu splash to the gear06:55
honso I'll check kubuntu splash now. thanks06:55
=== _tron [~tron@] has joined #kubuntu
chxwithout logging out and in how can I get Linux to reread which groups I belong to?06:59
=== judax [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ramp [~ramp@] has joined #kubuntu
=== lynx [~lynx@200-174-199-58-amr.cpe.vivax.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
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=== hussam [~hussam@] has joined #kubuntu
=== uniq_ [~frode@] has joined #kubuntu
ztonzywhy wont some jpg gif and just some particular just show up in filewindow in konqueror07:29
ztonzywhile others dont07:29
insanekanemaybe because they are evil ?07:29
ztonzyuh ?07:29
uniqlike previews or show up at all? 07:30
ztonzypreviews works...07:30
ztonzyas icons in filewindow...but when doubleclick for higher size 07:30
ztonzythat some but some doesn't07:30
=== _yann [~yann@gabuzomeu.ath.cx] has joined #kubuntu
=== judax [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== mart [~mart@socksgw4.ncl.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== _sean [~sean@c-24-17-53-91.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== `TUX` [~princoscr@ppp-217-133-31-196.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== grimse [~malte@p5481F490.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== pv_ [~pv@jt11-57-1.tky.hut.fi] has joined #kubuntu
troywhat source should I be using for a most-recent kernel (I have very new hardware, needs additional support over 2.6.10)07:55
=== jeronim- [~jj@c210-49-82-219.rochd3.qld.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
uniqtroy: didn't the one from breezy work? 08:01
troydon't know the sources to get it ;)08:01
troylooking through FAQ's are leading around in big ole' circles...08:01
troyand also, if I add breezy sources, does that in any way inhibit my hoary sources? (I've never used a deb based distro before)08:02
=== Neuromantik [~Neuro@cpe-24-165-34-225.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
uniq?? p.u.c08:02
kinfo[p.u.c]  http://packages.ubuntu.com08:02
uniqthere you can search for files and packages.08:02
troythat's what I needed, thx :)08:03
uniqyou want to go to http://packages.ubuntu.com/breezy/newpkg_main to find your kernel.08:03
uniqhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/breezy/devel/linux-headers-2.6.12-2-686 this maybe? 08:03
uniqehm.. no sorry.08:03
martnah, need an image08:03
uniqnot linux-headers :)08:03
uniqhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/breezy/base/linux-image-2.6.12-2-686 - there. if you have a 686 compatible cpu.08:04
Tm_Tuh oh08:04
Tm_Tso there's 2.6.12 packages already?!08:05
troyI'm assuming I need to grab image, headers, and restricted-modules for that kernel version?08:05
=== ikypakis [t6@] has joined #Kubuntu
uniqyou only need the image to make it run. restricted-modules depends on your hardware.. headers is just for development.08:06
Tm_Tie if you have to compile modules etc08:07
uniqthings like that.08:07
Tm_Tlike I have to do08:07
uniqlooks like you also need a updated version of initrd-tools.08:08
uniqthat should be it.08:09
=== ralf [~matteo@openjlab.org] has joined #kubuntu
troyI'm going to try to get into irc from the kubuntu box... my router doesn't always like that...08:10
=== ralf [~matteo@openjlab.org] has joined #kubuntu
Neuromantikare the ubuntuforums resolving for anyone ?08:11
uniqubuntuforums.org has address
CavalierBobNeuromantik: not for me.08:14
Neuromantikty ;)08:14
hussamNeuromantik: ubuntuforums won't open here08:14
Neuromantiktrying to work out sound08:15
uniqit's my cache.. actually.. checking with outside nameservers and it won't resolve.08:15
Neuromantiksorry for the caps lock08:15
Neuromantikis it normal for kubuntu not to have sound (even though alsamixer shows the proper device) after installing ?08:16
uniqno, that's not normal.08:16
NeuromantikI know my sound works... was working in gentoo and winxp no problem08:17
Neuromantikbut kubuntu is just driving me insane08:17
Neuromantikwell ... anyone have an idea... lspci shows 0000:01:08.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 04), alsamixer shows the proper device and the channels are not muted//08:20
Neuromantikyet... no sound is coming out of my speakers08:20
=== troy_ [~troy@wnpgmb01dc2-33-167.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #kubuntu
troy_alright... should I follow the whole dependancy chain? (libc, etc.? or will I be okay?)08:21
CavalierBobNeuromantik: I have odd probs where the aRts daemon (artsd) can't find my sound device sometimes. No reason for it..sometimes several reboots needed.08:22
NeuromantikCavalierBob, hmm08:22
Neuromantikeven killall -9 artsd hasn't helped08:23
Neuromantikand setting kde to use alsa..08:23
Neuromantikok .. will try a reboot08:23
=== Neuromantik [~Neuro@cpe-24-165-34-225.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Neuromantikstill nothing08:28
troy_what is the command to update a package (assuming I've manually fetched the deb)08:29
=== troy_ still learning this whole deb thing
uniqdpkg -i package.deb08:30
Tm_TI won't say a thing08:30
Neuromantikgenerally ... when dealing with (k)ubuntu... it's best to use the specific ubuntu packages is it not ?08:31
Neuromantikthis sound issue has me stumped08:34
Neuromantikeven xmms is behaving as if I have working sound08:34
=== Neuromantik (Playing) Johann Sebastian Bach (Berliner Saxophon Quartett) - Contrapunctus 2 (0:39/5:56)
Neuromantikyet nothing from the speaks.... oss, alsa08:34
Neuromantikall the same (non) resultds08:35
troy_Tm_T: I'm coming from a long unix history, and never touched a deb in my life :)08:35
CavalierBobNeuromantik: That's the same prob I see when the daemon barfs on my sound device...evrything looks good but no sound.08:35
nikkiaNeuromantik: you have made sure the speakers are turned on, right?? :P08:36
NeuromantikCavalierBob, how I wish it would just work :)08:36
Neuromantiknikkia, ya08:36
Neuromantiknikkia, was in gentoo last night playing with Traktor via wine on this pc08:36
troy_anyway, going down for a reboot with new kernel 08:36
=== troy_ crosses fingers
Tm_Tuh oh08:36
NeuromantikCavalierBob, so ... maybe killing off artsd and restarting it enough times might just 'work' ?08:37
uniqtry to kill artsd and have xmms play directly to oss.. just to see if it's a artsd issue or not.08:38
=== deadlyshadow [~deadlysha@cpe-069-134-063-153.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
CavalierBobNeuromatik: I actually stop the sound server from the Control Center, reboot, restart the sound server, and, most times, it works. I have it set to autodetect there, but for awhile I was telling it to use ALSA. Now back to autodetect.08:39
NeuromantikCavalierBob, reboots really shouldn't be needed08:40
Neuromantiksimply running killall -9 artsd && artsd &   should do the same08:40
Neuromantiknope .. nogo on the oss08:40
Neuromantikunix_connect: can't connect to server (unix:/tmp/mcop-neuro/localhost_localdomain-1d49-42c04599)08:40
=== kman___ [~kman@p5.pub.ro] has joined #kubuntu
CavalierBobNeuromantik: I know...can't explain it. Just stopping the sound server and restarting didn't seem to work for me.08:41
Neuromantikweirdness :)08:41
NeuromantikI feel like a newb08:41
=== Neuromantik checks /etc/hosts etc
CavalierBobNeuromantik: I *am* a newb, so be warned! :)08:42
Neuromantikwhat's killing me.... I know it's probably something so tiny and simple08:43
Neuromantikyet where to find it... is my dilema08:43
Neuromantikeverything else works like a dream though08:44
Neuromantikand it's fast (kubuntu)08:44
=== deadlyshadow [~deadlysha@cpe-069-134-063-153.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowCan anyone help me with Baghira? :(08:44
deadlyshadowThe problem is that it doesn't show up in the CP or anything.08:45
F_for_Fraggingdeadlyshadow: what do you mean with CP?08:47
Neuromantikno clue on baghira... 08:47
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: did you install it from a deb?08:48
=== troy_ [~troy@wnpgmb01dc2-33-167.dynamic.mts.net] has joined #kubuntu
troy_well, new kernel works... sort of.  hangs on boot while loading modules for my perfectly typical ide cd-rom08:48
troy_disabled the cd-rom in bios and it boots08:48
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: or did you apt-get it?08:49
deadlyshadowSorry back.08:49
deadlyshadowControl Panel.08:49
F_for_Fraggingdeadlyshadow: to enable the theme you have to choose it in the Control Center under Appearence & Themes -> Theme Manager / Style08:49
troy_has anyone experienced an error on boot at all similar to this (amd64): hdd: cdrom_pc_intr: The drive appears confused (ireason = 0x01)08:50
F_for_Fraggingdeadlyshadow: ah, Control Panel... in KDe it's called the Control Center08:50
deadlyshadowYeah thats what I meant, sorry. :(08:50
=== BkE_ [~bke@47.219-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowBRB, my computer is messing up.08:51
Neuromantikok ... I'll try a reinstall08:51
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: I just installed it via apt-get and I see it in settings:/LookNFeel/Style and settings:/LookNFeel/Window Decorations08:52
=== lynx [~lynx@] has joined #kubuntu
=== deadlyshadow [~deadlysha@cpe-069-134-063-153.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowSorry back. :)08:53
unomewhat's baghira?08:53
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: I just installed it via apt-get and I see it in settings:/LookNFeel/Style and settings:/LookNFeel/Window Decorations08:54
F_for_Fragginga window decoration for KDe which looks like the mac theme08:54
mrmanicunome: it's a window decoration/style to look like osx panther08:54
unomeavailable via apt-get?08:54
deadlyshadowI don't see it. :(08:54
unomeI prefer authentic KDE look08:54
unomeany KDE looking themes available via apt-get?08:55
mrmanicunome: by "Authentic KDE look", do you mean plastik?08:55
unomemrmanic: any theme that dont mimic other OS's08:55
mrmanicI see.08:55
unomeKDE is unique and should stay that way08:55
mrmanicthere are lots of window decorations available08:56
mrmanicand widget styles too08:56
=== tekeo [~tekeo@adsl-3e74fadd.gavlenet.com] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowOH, I see.08:56
=== unome try to avoids compiling scripts from kde-look.org
deadlyshadowNo candidate version found for kwin-baghira08:56
deadlyshadowThats the problem.08:56
deadlyshadowHow do I fix it. :S08:56
tekeohello guys :)08:58
mrmanicprobably you'll need to modify your /etc/apt/sources.list08:58
mrmanichi tekeo 08:58
=== brk3 [~brk3@159-134-220-217.as1.rtd.sligo.eircom.net] has joined #kubuntu
tekeoI'm trying to install themes on kde08:59
deadlyshadowWhat do I add to it?08:59
tekeobut I just can't make it understand that it's themes :@08:59
brk3hi, can anyone tell me how to get midi working in kubuntu? I have a sound-font but not sure what to do next..08:59
mrmanicunome: apt-cache search kdeartwork08:59
deadlyshadowI can just add it from Repositoriess can't I08:59
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: I don't know, I don't use synaptic08:59
deadlyshadowIn Synpatic?08:59
unomemrmanic: I just installed it, assumed I had it for some reason but it wans't there08:59
tekeohow to install themes?08:59
mrmanictekeo: what exactly do you want?09:00
tekeoI download themes from www.kde-look.org09:00
=== monchy [monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowWhats Sid?09:01
tekeoand I unpack them and press install theme on control center09:01
deadlyshadowIt says to apt-get install it from Sid.09:01
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: sid is debian unstable.09:01
mrmanicone sec, I'll find the repository I used09:01
deadlyshadowCan I get it?09:01
deadlyshadowOK, thanks. :)09:01
=== deadlyshadow is still new at Linux. :)
=== apollo2011 [~apollo201@] has joined #kubuntu
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: have you enabled universe?09:02
=== unome just installed tons of kdeartwork (wallpapers, styles, icons ..etc) from synaptic
deadlyshadowNo, I haven't, most likely because I don't know what it is.09:02
tekeoso how to install themes09:02
mrmanicthat's the problem09:02
tekeodamn it09:02
mrmanictekeo: I don't know off the top of my head.  I don't tend to dl off of kde-look09:03
deadlyshadowWell, what do I do then?09:03
brk3unome: nice one :)09:03
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: kdesu kwrite /etc/apt/sources.list09:03
apollo2011How do you execute a .sh file?09:04
deadlyshadowsh filename.sh09:04
deadlyshadowI think.09:04
deadlyshadowSomething like that.09:04
deadlyshadowI'm not sure.09:04
tekeodoes no one know how to install themes :|09:04
unometekeo: what theme are you trying to install?09:05
brk3tekeo: dont think so! its annoying09:05
=== qos [~qos@dsl-084-060-016-180.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowHey, mrmanic, what do i do next?09:05
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: uncomment deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary universe09:05
brk3tekeo: i was asking the same thing here a while ago09:05
mrmanictekeo: which theme are you trying to install?09:06
tekeogreen on black09:06
mrmanictekeo: can you post me a url?09:06
deadlyshadowDone, now let me try. :)09:06
=== penguinboy [~penguinbo@24-159-145-55.dhcp.smrt.tn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
penguinboyis transgress here?09:06
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: make sure you update in synaptic first.09:07
mrmanictekeo: ok, give me a couple of minutes09:08
deadlyshadowYay, thanks.09:08
deadlyshadowNow lets see if Baghira works.09:08
tekeoI have to go now but can u post me a private message and I will check it in an hour09:08
=== bahadir [~bahadir@Fd273.f.strato-dslnet.de] has joined #kubuntu
deadlyshadowI still don't see it.09:09
=== _hippie [~hippie@pc-200-74-33-53.trinidad1.pc.metropolis-inter.com] has joined #kubuntu
unometekeo: the date on that theme is 14 Jan 04 you sure it will work with kde 3.4.1?09:10
deadlyshadowI see Baghira in the menu though.09:10
unomeSome peeps didn't even get it to work with Kde 3.2.209:10
deadlyshadowOH nm.09:10
deadlyshadowThere we go.09:10
deadlyshadowThanks. :)09:10
mrmanicdeadlyshadow: np.  glad you got it working09:11
mrmanictekeo: I think that theme format is too old.09:11
=== _hippie [~hippie@pc-200-74-33-25.trinidad1.pc.metropolis-inter.com] has joined #kubuntu
mrmanictekeo: try looking under Theme-Manager09:13
mrmanictekeo: I believe that theme-manager themes should easily import into theme manager.09:13
=== Sho_ [EHS1@dsl-082-082-088-007.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
Sho_Hi guys ... is there an estimated release date for the next Kubuntu yet?09:14
Sho_thank you09:15
=== Sho_ [EHS1@dsl-082-082-088-007.arcor-ip.net] has left #kubuntu []
=== F_for_Fragging [~sander@a82-92-1-250.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
mrmanictekeo: make sure that the file extension for the file that you download (or the file inside of the tar.gz that you download) is a .kth file.  .kth files should automagically import into theme manager and be available the next time you go to pick a theme.09:18
=== Neuromantik [~neuro@cpe-24-165-34-225.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Neuromantikarghhh @2 sound09:19
mrmanictekeo: you just have to click them to run them after unpacking them from the tar.gz09:20
Neuromantikanyone know where the kernel is ?   nothing in /usr/src/linux09:21
mrmanicNeuromantik: what exactly are you trying to do?09:21
Neuromantikget sound working09:21
mrmanicNeuromantik: kernel sources aren't installed by default in kubuntu, I don't think09:21
mrmanicNeuromantik: does your sound card show up under lspci?09:22
Neuromantikand alsamixer shows the channels as unmuted09:22
Neuromantik0000:01:08.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 04)09:22
=== poco [~poco@lyua.org] has joined #kubuntu
mrmanichi poco 09:24
=== Neuromantik [~neuro@cpe-24-165-34-225.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
pocoi got a little problem using the kubuntu install cdrom (5.04 on powerpc) : when i type a password wrong the first time, the second time the password is wrong and the installer always asks me to retype the password (for the second time)09:24
pocoi mean : i can't retype the password for the first time09:24
Neuromantikanother issue .... glxgears is going way too slowly09:25
mrmanicI can't help you with that one.09:25
mrmanicI've never experienced that.09:25
mrmanicNeuromantik: what video card?09:25
=== Neuromantik checks his old xorg.conf
Neuromantiknvidia 290009:25
mrmanicNeuromantik: I can't help you with that one either.  I have ATI09:26
mrmanicNeuromantik: do you know what module SHOULD drive your audio hardware?09:26
Neuromantikwent from 7000fps in gentoo @24 : 1280x1024 ... to 280 in kubuntu09:26
Neuromantikmrmanic, ya emu10k109:26
mrmanicNeuromantik: have you tried modprobing emu10k1?09:27
Neuromantikit's loaded09:27
Neuromantikshows up in lsmod09:27
Neuromantikeverything 'looks' proper09:27
Neuromantikwhich is why I'm going mad09:27
mrmanicwhat shows up under alsamixer?09:28
uniqpoco: you don't get an option to go back from where you're setting the password? 09:28
Neuromantikbeen using source distros for 3 years after using rpm distros for 3 years before that09:28
Neuromantikand now .. I feel newblike09:28
Neuromantikmrmanic, it shows the proper card09:28
Neuromantikit shows the channels unmuted09:28
mrmanicNeuromantik: is the volume >0 on the important channels?09:29
Neuromantikit's set up with master @ 80, pcm @ 8009:29
Neuromantikplus various other fields up09:29
Neuromantiklike I said .. it's driving me mad09:29
mrmanicand your speakers are plugged in? ;)09:29
mrmanicand turned on?09:29
Neuromantikof course ;)09:29
=== alternatyvus_iky [t34@] has joined #Kubuntu
Neuromantikwas using them in gentoo last night09:30
Neuromantikand winXP09:30
mrmanicwell, I'm at the end of my rope, I think.09:30
mrmanicsorry I couldn't solve your problem.09:30
NeuromantikI want to cat the bzImage to dev/dsp09:30
pocouniq : i cant :/ if i retry to use the installer menu for selecting the password, it says i type a bad password and want the first09:30
=== mrmanic is now known as mrmanic|afk
uniqpoco: i understand. hang on, i'm checking.09:32
Neuromantikcat /usr/share/irssi/help/beep > /dev/dsp09:33
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uniqpoco: it's known, and sadly there is no way around it in hoary. it's fixed in the next release. - https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1078409:39
uniqpoco: looks like you have to restart the installation process.09:39
mrmanicit irritates me when people grouse and complain b/c we don't have an answer for them, and then when we go and find the answer they don't bother to say "thank you"09:39
uniqthat's why i've started to say 'hang on'.. irritating when the guy you are browsing to help just leaves.09:40
Neuromantikmrmanic, point them to forums..... or rute :)09:40
Neuromantikultimate linux guide09:41
mrmanicI bookmarked it.09:41
unomewow good link09:41
mrmanicIt looks like some good reading09:42
Neuromantikit's a good bookmark to have09:42
Neuromantikhas tons of info09:42
nikkiauniq, just think how much fun your life is going to be next week when you get to sit here and be 'support' all day :P09:42
uniqnikkia: can't wait :)09:42
Neuromantikanyway to add universe via kynaptic ... or do I have to apt-get install synaptic ?09:42
nikkiaya, i bet09:42
mrmanicwtf?  all my toolbars just disappeared09:43
uniqyou can use a text editor.. or you can download synaptic if you want to do it graphically.09:43
=== unome can't wait to ask uniq questions all day
nikkiaunome, i think i'll come in here and ask stupid questions, just to make his life more interesting :P09:44
pocouniq: thanks09:44
nikkia./timer 600  /say what's the root password on kubuntu?   :P09:44
Neuromantikuniq, what do I edit ?09:44
uniqunome: i won't be here all day.. sadly. i'm going home to my parents.. and i'm going to help my father on the farm :)09:44
uniqneuromantik: /etc/apt/sources.list09:45
unomeuniq: ah linux + nature = can't get any better 09:45
Neuromantikuniq, you rock :) saved me for an unnecessay install09:45
nikkiauniq, i know its off topic, but where abouts in the world are you anyway ?09:46
uniqnikkia: norway.09:46
nikkiaah, i was thinking finland for some reason, but its all the same :P09:46
uniqgrph. "all the same " :)09:46
unomenorway must be far from Brooklyn, correct? ::grin::09:46
mrmanicNeuromantik: I just had a thought.  Are you a member of the audio group?09:46
Neuromantikmrmanic, yep09:47
Neuromantikmrmanic, like I said .. all looks proper09:47
=== nikkia listens to some nice music just to rub salt in Neuromantik's wounds
Neuromantikneuro@Equinox:~$ groups09:47
Neuromantikneuro adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev lpadmin scanner admin09:47
mrmanicNeuromantik: very weird.  If I think of anything else, I'll let you know, but I'm pretty much tapped out.09:47
Neuromantikmrmanic, hahah09:47
NeuromantikI am too09:47
nikkianeuro, only thing i can think of, really, is sometimes alsa will act like that if something else is hogging the device09:48
uniqnikkia: just to keep up the off-topic talk.. where are you? :)09:48
nikkiaie, sometimes if i'm running java, it grabs /dev/audio and everything else 'just pretends' to play sound09:48
nikkiauniq, UK, near london09:48
uniqok :)09:48
Neuromantiknikkia, alsa shouldn' .. oss will09:49
nikkianeuro, yeah, but i'm using alsa, so it must be an issue with the alsa-oss stuff09:49
nikkianeuro, and yes, i have dmix setup *shrug*09:49
Neuromantikcould be09:49
Neuromantikwonder if that's installed09:49
nikkiagah, unions!09:50
nikkiamy xmms just died out of sympathy with yours09:50
uniqhaha. my amarok still plays :)09:51
nikkiauniq, you know how this goes...09:51
nikkiaif amarok handled AAC files...09:51
Neuromantikif amarok didn't need to rebuild a damn DB everytime I add music to it09:51
NeuromantikI might use it09:51
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uniqyeah.. i know.. everything i have is mp3 so.. :)09:52
nikkiai actually do prefer amarok, at work i have all my audio transcoded to ogg, because the speakers are lousy anyway, and i use amarok there...09:52
uniqneuromantik: it doesn't have to.09:52
nikkiawell, used to, these days i unplug the speakers from the PC and plug them in my ipod09:52
nikkiaof course, these days me being in the office is a rare event09:53
nikkiai think i've been there 3 days in the last 4009:53
mrmanicdid I read something about ipodslave debs for hoary?09:53
uniqmrmanic: experimental ones, yes. 09:54
mrmanicuniq: you just made me the happiest man in this channel.09:55
uniqmrmanic: hope it's useable.09:56
uniqit's not very mature software from upstream.09:57
nikkiaits also useless if a lot of you ipod tracks are in AAC :/09:57
mrmanicluckily I'm all mp309:58
mrmanicso much so that I burn all my iTMS AAC tracks and rerip them as mp3 :\09:58
nikkiai even have a handful of ALE tracks on mine09:59
Neuromantikubuntu forums are back up10:01
=== Neuromantik checks
=== nikkia listens to 'Frank Sinatra'
Neuromantikthat's why10:05
nikkiaah, the jwz issue :)10:06
=== grimse [~malte@p5481F490.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkianeuro, you have a non-emu10k based audigy then ?10:07
Neuromantikgrabbing headers now10:08
=== Neuromantik has an audigy 2
Neuromantikwhen using gentoo .. I just built the driver statically into the kernel10:08
Neuromantikalong with mixer et al10:08
Neuromantiknever had a worry10:08
nikkianeuro, hmm10:09
Neuromantiknikkia, no10:09
nikkiaso you're not suffering the jwz issue10:09
Neuromantikemu10k1 drivers are in the kernel .. alsa merged with the linux kernel during the 2.5 kernel dev series10:09
mrmanicNeuromantik: when you say emu10k1 for the module name, you mean snd-emu10k1, right?10:10
Neuromantikthis is a specific ubuntu issue10:10
Neuromantiknow I no longer feel retarded :D10:10
Neuromantikwell ... I would REALLY not want to use it as a module10:11
Neuromantikit's not like I ever want to unload my sound10:11
NeuromantikI would prefer to build it statically into the kernel10:12
Neuromantikbut the driver name is emu10k110:12
NeuromantikI think right now I will be forced to use it as a module10:12
Neuromantikas I am so new to kubuntu10:12
uniqmodules are good.10:14
nikkiamodules do at least give you a chance to unload/reload rather than reboot if something goes TU10:15
mrmanicmodules can be removed and added as necessary (for system suspend and other things)10:15
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Tm_Thi kids10:16
monchyhi dad10:18
Tm_TI won't confess!10:19
nikkiawitch! :P10:21
=== _mika [~mika@ACB66854.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiaahhhhh, yes...10:22
=== nikkia listens to her favorite 'office' music
nikkiaS...T....F....U... right now!10:22
nikkiagreat music to have blaring out of your PC when some customers come in :P10:22
monchyis it a bougy office? like, uptight suits who are partially balding and say things like "swell"10:24
nikkiamonchy, nope, all fairly young10:24
nikkiai'm actually the oldest person in our dept10:24
nikkiasome of our customers are the 'old uptight suits partially balding' types tho10:25
monchybet ya have a good laugh at some of them :P10:25
nikkiaoh yeah10:25
nikkiaits a strange industry anyway10:25
nikkiamost of the people in it aren't that 'uncool' but you get some old fart that runs a betting shop somewhere that thinks he's 'important' :)10:26
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monchyi can see it being some fat guy named howard for some reason10:27
nikkiathen other times, you get the CEO of ladbrookes in and don't notice :P10:27
=== corsin is now known as _corsin
monchyohhh your a booky!10:27
=== _corsin is now known as mariner
monchynow that's a cool job10:28
marinerhi there10:28
nikkiamonchy, nope10:28
nikkiamonchy, i write software for video gambling terminals10:28
monchyso technically, you could rig one of the machines to be a winner every time?10:29
nikkiamonchy, if i want to go to prison, i spose10:29
nikkiaor worse10:29
nikkiaas i said last night, 'i'm attached to my kneecaps, and i'd like it to stay that way'10:29
monchyalways wondered how that software worked10:30
liz4rdwhats the windows media codecs package called?10:30
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douglasis there a manual way to change res in xorg with a terminal11:21
honI use xorgcfg -textmode11:21
=== blueyed [~daniel@iD4CC0E21.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
honbut I am not sure if it is the best way for that11:22
douglasxorgcfg textmode?11:23
douglasoh, so what happens if I fire up a program that needs a gui?11:24
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Tm_Tuh, I finally got my Kmail working11:49
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_zerohaving problems with arts11:57
_zeroaka no sound coming out at all11:57
_zeroanyone can help?11:57

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