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mdkecarlos, do you have a moment?10:26
carlosmdke, I'm a bit busy atm, but just tell me what do you need and I will answer as soon as possible :-)10:26
mdkecarlos, thanks, I've noticed we have some new translations for the documentation so before I export them I have some questions. The main one is that some of the translations still say 1 or 2 TODO, but appear to be finished if I look at them.10:28
carlosmdke, can you file a bug report with all details you can give us so we can debug the problem?10:30
carlosmdke, msgfmt --statistics file.po -o /dev/null should give you the right numbers10:30
mdkecarlos, so far i'm just looking on rosetta10:31
mdkei haven't downloaded anything10:31
carlosmdke, what do you get if you select 'untranslated' ?10:32
mdkecarlos, nothing because I don't have translation permissions on the file10:32
mdkecarlos, but i've checked and nothing is blank10:32
mdkean example is dke> i think those issues are already more than enough ;)10:33
mdke09:22 < jsgotangco> maybe we should move rosetta at a later date10:33
mdkestupid paste10:33
mdkedke> i think those issues are already more than enough ;)10:33
mdke09:22 < jsgotangco> maybe we should move rosetta at a later date10:33
mdkei am incapable of pasting the address ;)10:33
=== carlos is a bit lost...
mdkefinally pasted it10:34
mdkeah i see why10:34
mdketwo of the voices have review tags on them10:35
mdkecarlos, my fault10:35
carlosmdke, we are going to improve that10:36
carlosas is an UI bug...10:36
mdkecarlos, is there any way I can get to see "unstranslated" on such files?10:37
mdkerather than going through them all page by page10:37
mdkefor example, the French releasenotes has 1`TODO out of 127 voices, but I can't find it10:38
JanCmdke : download the po & open it in po editor   :)10:38
JanCas a workaround for now10:39
mdkeno other way right now?10:39
carlosmdke, not yet, I need to show again the filter now that we changed the approach when dealing with  non editors 10:39
carlosmdke, well, I think that perhaps, you can do it manually10:40
mdkeif I add my language as french will it show up?10:40
carlosmdke, add a show=untranslated argument10:40
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carlosI think it should work10:40
mdkewill try10:40
mdkecarlos, yay it works!10:41
JanCyes, that's nice10:41
mdkethe one untranslated string for releasenotes (fr) is "Matthias Ulrichs"10:41
=== JanC makes a note of this "hack" :)
mdkei will make a suggestion for that10:42
carlosJanC, I will try to get that UI part fixed this week so you don't need the hack ;-)10:42
JanCah, nice10:42
mdkethanks for your help carlos, JanC 10:42
mdkealso, thanks for the export all feature10:43
carlosmdke, you are welcome10:43
mdkethat's awesome10:43
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dholbachdid somebody else experience problems with logging in on launchpad/wiki?11:01
mdkei can log in to launchpad11:01
mdkenot wiki tho11:01
dholbachi tried to reset my password, but it tells me, i need to validate it and that it already is validated at the same time :)11:02
dholbachsounds like the database has a hiccup or something11:06
carlosdholbach, are you able to login into launchpad?11:06
carloswe are using the same id and passwords now11:06
dholbachas i said: i requested to change the password, i got the mails, everything went fine, when i needed to validate it, it told me that it was validated already11:07
dholbachwhen i want to log in, it tells me that it needs still validation :)11:07
carloswhat's your launchpad id?11:08
mdkefor me, login at launchpad is working while login at the wiki is not11:09
carlosdholbach, try to log in with danielholbach@mailempfang.de11:09
carlosdholbach, the other email is added twice as validated and pending to validate, I can fix it but I prefer to wait for the maintainer of that part of launchpad in case he needs to debug that 11:10
carlosmdke, are you using the email address as your username?11:10
dholbachhas not been validated too, hrm11:11
dholbachi always used dh@mailempfang.de11:11
carlosoh, ok11:11
carlosI got it11:11
carlosyou have them validated but you don't have any of them as prefered11:11
dholbachi'm quite sure i changed that11:11
dholbachbecause i had trouble in malone because of it11:11
dholbachoh cool, i'm logged in now11:12
dholbachlet's see if the wiki works again11:12
carlosdholbach, I fixed it by hand11:12
=== dholbach hugs carlos
dholbachthank you! you rock!11:12
carloswill ask salgado (the maintainer of the people part) when he wakes up11:13
dholbachso the wiki is still messed up, but now i know it's just the wiki11:13
mdkeyeah wiki still down here11:13
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Simiradaf, carlos: should I be able to upload .po-files in Rosetta now?01:00
carlosSimira, yes01:01
carlosSimira, sorry, I forgot to tell you it :-(01:01
Simiranp... but Rosetta is down right now?01:02
Simiraoh, now, there I got in01:02
carlosSimira, please confirm it lets you upload .po files01:07
Simiraworking on it right now... just have to find the right file to upload01:07
carlosSimira, ;-)01:10
SimiraI just have an extremely slow response from launchpad/Rosetta now...01:10
dafthe front page has a problem that makes it really slow01:11
Simirathe upload seemed to work, but there are no changes for the gaim statistics yet01:14
Simira(i uploaded the gaim nb.po which is 92% done)01:15
carlosSimira, as the message says, it takes some minutes 01:17
carlosto be effective01:18
Simiratumtidum... it takes ages just to load any page!01:19
carloswe got a problem with your .po file...01:19
Simiraso, you do...01:20
carlosSimira, could you confirm it does not shows any error with  'msgfmt -v -c yourpofile.po' ?01:20
Simira2073 translated messages, 61 fuzzy translations, 96 untranslated messages.01:21
Simirahandy commant, what is it?01:21
Simiracommando, even01:21
carlosSimira, is to compile the translation01:22
carlosinto the binary file gettext uses later01:22
carlosSimira, could you open a bug report with a link to that .po file please?01:23
carlosif you cannot upload it to any public place, send us it by email01:23
Simiraanyway, it seems it's changed the name of the last translator, and imported all the strings, it's just the statistics that lacks01:23
Simirathe po-file is from gaim.sourceforge, that should work well01:23
Simirabug report... you want that in Malone, right?01:23
carlosSimira, yes, please01:25
carlosSimira, does it means the import was done?01:25
Simiracarlos: yes, it seems so01:25
carlosI got an error in our log... so I don't understand how is that possible but.. anyway, it's a good thing :-)01:26
Simirahmm... no, you're right...01:27
Simirawhen I choose to show all untranslated messages, it shows from Strin #70 or something01:27
Simirabut it shows all strings when I choose All translated messages as well...01:28
Simira#1155 for you01:35
SimiraRosetta is becoming nice, btw01:37
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carlosSimira, thanks for the bug01:42
carlosSimira, could you give me urls to see what you see?01:42
Simirain Rosetta, you mean? https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/hoary/+sources/gaim/+pots/gaim/nb/+translate01:50
SimiraNorwegian Bokmaal translation for Gaim01:50
carlosSimira, the untranslated and translated issue you talked about01:51
SimiraI just choose "Show: Untranslated messages"01:53
Simirathe url is the same... I'll make some screenshots01:53
carlosSimira, no, that's enough01:55
Simirahm, I'm not sure about that...01:57
carlosSimira, hmmm01:57
Simiraif I choose "Last", and look at the last 50 messages or something, there are no strings???01:57
carloswith translated, I don't see the untranslated ones...01:57
carlosSimira, yeah, it's a bug in our batch system01:57
carloswhen you filter messages, we don't recalculate the pages :-(01:58
Simiraah, ok01:58
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carloslamont, around?05:48
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=== lamont__ wonders if baz-1.4-2 is safe to upgrade to (from1.2), or if he should expect surprises

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