sladenfroud: heavens no!  :-)12:43
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mdkerobitaille, sorry i forgot to tell you about the icon thing01:51
mdkehave replied on list now01:52
robitaillemdke:  ok.  So there is no point for me to work on these icons until a permanent solution is established.02:43
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jeffschhello jsgotangco 06:27
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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jsgotangcosorry i was out for lunch07:55
jeffschas long as you're not out *to* lunch! :)07:56
jeffschjsgotangco: i started an agenda on DocteamNextIRCMeeting08:02
=== ealden [~ealden@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcooh right i was about to to that later08:12
=== froud [~sean@ndn-165-143-84.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-doc
froudAfrican Greetings08:18
froudplovs: ping :-)08:19
froudjsgotangco: howzit08:20
plovsfroud: morning!08:20
jsgotangconot bad im just reading stuff i bought the oreily docbook at the bookstore last night08:20
froudjsgotangco: cool08:20
froudplovs: where the hell have you been dude, I missed you08:21
plovsfroud: :-) that's nice to hear, working and vacationing mostly, i'm working on a debian-installer for work to install our debian boxes08:22
froudplovs: cool, dude. you thinking of helping on docs?08:22
plovsthinking yes, but actually doing anything, not yet, i leave for another week in three hours, vacation is killing me :-)08:23
plovsbut later, i really would like to08:24
froudplovs: well, that's ok. you know that you are always welcome here08:24
froudplovs: but you will have to arrange for you commit account again08:24
froudplovs: we moved to svn in canonical server farm sometime back08:25
froudI dont remember you getting an acount08:25
plovsno problem, i know where to find you08:25
plovshow are things in the docs?08:26
froudplovs: enrico is still around, busy with work, send him a your public pgp and username08:26
froudplovs: we are making steady progress08:26
froudthe team has grown08:26
froudmore hands and eyeballs to work with, makes it cool08:27
froudplovs: jsgotangco is now secretary08:29
froudjeffsch: thanks for bringing strip path from xsl 1.68.1 to our custlayer08:31
jeffschyou're welcome. I still can't understand it's purpose though...08:32
froudjeffsch: what strippath08:33
froudyeah rather stupic template08:33
jeffschthere must be some method in the madness08:33
froudbut at least we can use our custom layers to circumvent such problems. That's the other good thing about custom layers08:34
froudI see that you have learned to swim well in xsl and the db nwalsh stylesheets ;-) cool stuff08:35
froudthe nwdb xsl's are hectic08:35
froudpowerful but hectic08:35
jeffschtweren't nuthin. I just grepped for "fileref" then followed the trail to strippath08:36
froudhe he08:36
jeffsch"swimming" would be an exageration08:37
froudwell even I admit that I tend to drown in them08:37
froudjeffsch: but that is where all the power of docbook is, so no choice must swim and sink there sometimes08:39
froudjeffsch: sorry I did not get to the style guide over the weekend08:43
frouddid everything else except that :-)08:43
jeffschI was thinking something like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocBookReference would be good for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StyleGuide/DocBookConventions08:44
froudyes like the kde markup guide08:44
froudjeffsch: I think gnome also has such an animal, right?08:45
jeffschyeah, but mostly in the GNOME Handbook of Writing Software Documentation08:46
froudyah, that's it08:47
froudwe most have a mix between the two, and we exclude some g and k specific stuff08:47
froudexcept for g and k specific aps08:47
froudbtw, ppl its a good idea to lookout for new apps that will be developed by k/ubuntu for breezy. If we can we should grab them and document them08:49
froudI heard that there is an update-notifier for kubuntu planned08:49
froudok morning coffee finished, time to start my day. c ya later08:50
jsgotangcoplovs, did hornbeck contact you09:14
plovsjsgotangco: not lately, no09:16
jsgotangcoplovs, he's been looking for you specifically, since he is writing a book and was looking for you09:18
jsgotangco(for APress)09:18
plovsjsgotangco:  i'll mail him, thanks09:20
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkehey jsgotangco 09:57
mdkeand everyone09:57
mdkejsgotangco, you haven't organised the meeting for this week yet?10:02
jsgotangcoi was thinking of doing it next week10:05
jsgotangcoits too soon to announce it now10:05
jsgotangcodon't you think10:05
mdkeman we have so much to do!10:05
jsgotangcoafter next week, we'll make it regular every 2 weeks10:05
jsgotangcodon't worry, i'll send an email later10:05
jsgotangcohold on10:06
jsgotangcolet me try this10:06
=== jsgotangco [~user@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcohmm ok this is kinda weird10:07
=== jsgotangco [~user@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcoim trying out ERC10:09
jsgotangcoever since im using ION, i've been wanting everything to be minimalist10:10
mdkean easy thing to organise the meeting would just be to make a permanent wiki agenda page, like the CC does, then no organisation is needed, it can just happen every 2 weeks10:10
mdkei think we should have one this week10:10
jsgotangcoif I finish compiling all issues and call up a meeting for thursday, i think it would be too soon IMO, i was thinking tuesday next week10:11
jsgotangcoand set up a regular 2-week interval meeting after that10:12
mdkethat is bad news10:13
mdkewe have lots of things we need to get sorted and have been waiting for the meeting10:13
jsgotangcohold on let me switch to a better client10:13
=== jsgotangco [~user@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcook this is much better10:15
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010497935pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcomdke: can we make an agenda right now10:15
mdkewell sort of10:17
mdkepersonally I can't log into the wiki10:17
mdkebut we can make one here, and I'll put it up later10:17
jsgotangcosame here10:17
jsgotangco1st up in agenda: StyleGuide10:17
mdkenext, whether to ship in html10:17
mdkenext, whether to profile our documentation10:17
jsgotangcohold on10:18
jsgotangcoi think we should still fill up the details on DocteamProjects10:18
mdkego on...10:18
mdkein what way fill up?10:18
jsgotangcodoc status and html previews10:18
jsgotangcothere's so much admin stuff to do in those ocs10:18
mdkethat's another issue10:19
mdkeok so we have 4 topics so far10:19
jsgotangcojust a way to upload them would do10:19
mdkewiki team could be a 5th topic10:20
mdkewhat else?10:20
mdkei want to talk about translation but it can be done at a later meeting10:20
jsgotangcothat's all i could thik of at the moment10:20
mdkei think that is enough10:21
jsgotangcoi thought translation is a rosetta issue10:21
mdkeits a lot10:21
mdketranslation is done in rosetta but then needs to be handled by us10:21
mdkebut it doesn't need to be discussed at the next meeting10:22
mdkei think those issues are already more than enough ;)10:22
jsgotangcomaybe we should move rosetta at a later date10:22
mdkemove rosetta?10:22
jsgotangcothe meeting :)10:22
mdkethat's what I said10:22
jsgotangcook to summarize10:22
jsgotangco1.) tackling the StyleGuide 2.)what would be the preferred docteam format to ship (HTML/XML)10:23
jsgotangco3.) document profiling10:24
jsgotangco(KDE/GNOME, etc.)10:24
jsgotangco4.) docteam.ubuntu.com (where will we host our status and preview docs)10:24
jsgotangco5.) creation of the wiki team (for...?)10:24
jsgotangcowhat you think?10:25
jsgotangcohmmm how will i describe #5 though10:26
jsgotangcooh wait let me look at your email10:26
mdkejust refer to the thread on the ML10:26
jsgotangcoalright how does 06.30.2005 14UTC sound10:28
mdkeit sounds awesome10:28
jsgotangcoright everyone is probably awake during that time (except the US)10:28
mdkewe can rotate times in future maybe10:29
jsgotangcoi was thinking of rotating between 14 and 2210:29
jsgotangcojust like what CC does10:29
jsgotangcoand thursday is a good day to adopt for the team10:30
jsgotangcomdke: ok are we happy with that :)10:30
mdkedunno, but I am10:31
jsgotangcoi don't see you smiling :)10:31
jsgotangcoalright, i'm composing the email now and will send it10:32
mdkesorry :D10:33
mdkejsgotangco, btw we can just have an agenda page on the wiki that people can add to, what do you think?10:35
jsgotangcolike that of the CC page?10:37
mdkeDocteamMeetingAgenda maybe10:37
jsgotangcogood idea, but i think any issues other than those we have for now will be covered after we finish the main agenda10:38
mdkefine by me10:38
jsgotangcocan you login to the wiki now? i still can't10:39
mdkei pinged elmo10:39
jsgotangcoalright, i'll just email this first on ubuntu-doc and ubuntu-users10:39
jsgotangcooh and ubuntu-devel as well10:39
mdkegood call10:40
jsgotangcook to finalize, the Ubuntu Documentation Project team will be having its FIRST regular meeting on June 30, 2005 at 14:00UTC10:42
jsgotangcowe will be having the regular meetings in 2-week intervals so the next meeting after the 30th would be on the 14th of July (time TBA)10:42
jsgotangcoWOW 14:00 UTC is an awesome time for me10:45
mdkewhat time?10:45
jsgotangcoand 7am on jeffsch's side10:46
jsgotangcohe said 14utc is cool with him10:46
mdkeoh good10:46
jsgotangcoin other news i have been completely taken over by emacs for my everyday work10:49
jsgotangco(i can even chat in here)10:50
jsgotangcomdke: let's post this agenda first on DocteamNextIRCMeeting then after that, we can use DocteamAgenda what do you think10:51
jsgotangcomdke: ping?10:58
mdkejsgotangco, sorry, here I am11:00
mdkeI would say use DocteamMeetingAgenda straight away11:00
mdkeemacs eh11:00
mdkei've become obsessed with urxvt+screen+irssi for irc now11:01
jsgotangcomdke: but we can't put it in the wiki now11:01
mdkejsgotangco, no problem, I'm happy to do it when the wiki is working11:01
jsgotangcook DocteamMeetingAgenda11:01
mdkei'll take it from your email11:01
jsgotangcohow do i describe document profiling?11:08
mdkei'm not convinced you need to describe all the agenda items in your email11:08
mdkethey can be expanded on on the wiki page11:08
jsgotangcoi just want a 1-line overview11:09
jsgotangco(after all, its not just us who will be reading it)11:09
jsgotangcomdke: sent11:28
mdkenice email11:38
mdkejsgotangco, ok when the wiki is back i will create the page11:39
jsgotangcojeezz i didnt know hula was already in universe11:40
jsgotangcomdke: thanks11:40
mdkeis it?11:43
jsgotangcosince hoary11:43
jsgotangcoi didnt even know11:43
jsgotangcooh cool i got my launchpad request for ubuntu members approved already11:45
mdkewhat's that?11:45
jsgotangcoall members should register there11:47
mdkewhat does it do?11:47
jsgotangcoit should automate everything in the future (signing of CoC, ubuntu.com addresses, etc.)11:48
jsgotangco(well not really everything)11:48
jsgotangcook im going home12:11
jsgotangcosee you12:11
mdkeok jsgotangco bye12:11
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jsgotangcomdke: i forgot12:37
jsgotangcocan you post the email in the wiki when it comes back12:37
jsgotangcobecause the email refers to a dead link for now :)12:37
mdkeyes sure12:38
jsgotangcothanks :) I'm out for the night then12:38
mdkeok night12:38
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sladenwhat do I need to edit:  https://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/components/02:45
sladenwant to add a little 2x2 square02:45
mdkei think you need to be webmaster02:46
sladenwith supported/unsupported  free/illegal   and put the four   main/restricted/universe/multiverse in the boxes02:46
mdkethose pages are official and as such I think are edited by the webmaster/mdz and other such peoples02:47
mdkesladen, another idea is to post to the recent thread on ubuntu-devel mailing list, where jdub and mdz have both said that improvements to that page are welcome02:48
sladenposted mdz a message02:53
mdkenot to -devel?02:58
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=== gtaylor [~gtaylor@130-127-67-44.lehotsky.clemson.edu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkehello gtaylor 03:45
gtaylorheya mdke03:49
mpt1400 UTC? As in, 2am?04:31
=== froud [~froud@ndn-165-143-84.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== jjesse [~jjesse@mail.ftpb.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkehi froud jjesse 04:51
mdkego gtaylor !!04:51
jjessehiya mdke04:51
gtaylorhey froud, looking at the kuserguide, I see you have subsections under Internet for messaging and stuff04:58
gtaylorBut when I hit the link, it takes me back to the preface04:59
=== froud goes to check
froudgtaylor: which part?05:00
gtaylorInternet: Messaging05:00
froud<chapter status="help">05:00
froud<title>Instant Messaging</title>05:00
froud<title>Section Tittle</title>05:00
gtaylorthat's the one05:00
froudthere is not link there05:01
gtaylorwell I'm looking at it with Yelp and under the Using the Internet chapter I have a list of subsections that are linked05:01
gtaylorthe HTML version works fine though but that takes a long time to build on this machine05:02
froudlemme see it in yelp05:03
froudarhg! darn yelp keeps craching on a valid document, I can't open it at present05:06
gtaylorhave you been testing using the html build?05:07
froudactuall I install the files and see them in khelpcenter or from the kio-slave help:/05:07
froudbut there are no links in that section05:08
froudactually there is no text in that section05:08
froudgtaylor: did you see the message about the preview site05:08
gtaylorI thought there was "..."05:08
gtayloryeah, looked good05:08
froudOk will will update it again tonight05:09
froudI will aim to update it once a day05:09
gtayloryeah, cron that sucker05:09
froudgtaylor: I just commited some patches on your patches05:09
froudyou should see them in your commit list05:09
froudgtaylor: try not use casual language05:10
froudlike "if you want to checkout your ..." :-)05:10
froudremember people at i18n have to translate this05:10
=== mdke nods and glares at gtaylor
froudand these things don't translate well :-)05:11
froudsome sematic errors05:11
froudyu can validate your document to find problems using the validate.sh in trunk/05:11
froudif you can't find the problem, then leave it and I will fix it05:12
froudother than that, great stuff. I take it you have id'd the parts you want to write :-)05:12
froudgtaylor: jjesse: if you want a part or a chapter/sect just mark it thus05:13
froud<part id="pt-expanding" status="writing">05:13
froud<title>Expanding Kubuntu</title>05:13
froud<!-- Sean Wheller: Writing this part -->05:13
gtaylorI'll probably start with the easiest sections first and work my way up05:13
froudthat way we will know who is where05:13
jjessegrin me 2 gtaylor05:14
froudcool, whatever you feel like doing05:14
jjessei'm leaving one of the projects that i am currently working on so i'll have more time to work on docs05:14
froudcool, good to know05:14
froudgtaylor: jjesse: do you understand why to change the status attribute as described in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamWork "Marking what you do"05:17
jjesseyup, so not to duplicate things, make sense to me05:17
gtayloryeah, I haven't done enough work in the userguide to warrant any status changes yet though05:18
froudOK, but also to get the status reports output correctly05:18
froudsee http://lnix.net/~froud/status/kqg-report.html05:18
froudthe author remarks col is generated from the value in the status attribute05:18
jjessebtw is it first come first serve to comit patches that come across the mailing list or how does that work?05:18
froudifyou leave an authorblurb it will add your comment05:19
jjesselike the diff that just came across05:19
froudjjesse: 1st come 1st serve05:19
froudjust make a note back to the list that you have applied it05:19
froudbut before commit do check the patch05:19
jjessenod, don't have the time now for the one just came across but was just curious05:19
froudin our mailing list?05:20
froudas far as I know all are done. lemme check05:20
froudah ha new one05:20
froudanyone with commit can checkit and commit05:21
froudif the patch is really bad, the politely reject, if not so bad, patch and fix before commit05:21
mdkehe never writes anything in his emails ;)05:21
=== froud goes on school run
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froudbb in 506:04
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froudhttp://lnix.net/~froud updated07:09
judaxfroud: Hi07:09
=== judax [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== Njal [~chatzilla@dsl-80-43-203-46.access.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== JonA [~jonathan@alxpc1jaa2.alx.aber.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Njalhows all?07:57
mdkegood thanks v much, yourself?07:58
Njalim good07:58
mdkethanks for patches07:58
Njalthey any good?07:59
NjalI havn't removed everything in the xml file again have i? :P07:59
froudhey judax 07:59
mdkethe last one looks like it can be applied07:59
mdkei will take a closer look later07:59
Njalcool thanks07:59
mdkethank YOU @_07:59
mdke@_ = :)07:59
Njalah kk, case of lazy finger :p08:00
NjalYou tryed auto package?08:00
mdkewhat is that?08:00
froudjudax: you looking for me?08:01
mdkewell no i haven't08:02
mdkei've never done any packaging08:02
NjalNo it's like um a universal package installation suite works the same for every distro08:02
NjalMeaning if there's an app that's just not getting backported you can install it through autopackage08:04
Njalhowever it also means YOUR in charge of keeping it up to date08:04
mdkei just use Ubuntu packages08:05
mdkenot even backports08:05
Njalah well i just like playing really08:06
mdkedoes sound quite cool08:06
NjalI am undecided yet, sounds good in theory installing a couple of packages and seeing what it's really like08:08
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judaxfroud: was just saying 'Hi' :)08:17
mdkedamn forums are down08:20
Njalforums are back08:56
mdkewicked thanks09:01
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