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Mithrandiron a freshly-installed hoary box, I get a loadavg of 6.0 with a set of kernel threads stuck in D12:37
Mithrandir: tfheen@rho / > ps ax | grep D PID TTY      STAT   TIME COMMAND 139 ?        D      0:00 [khubd]  182 ?        D      0:00 [kswapd1]  183 ?        D      0:00 [kswapd0]  774 ?        D      0:00 [kseriod]  953 ?        D      0:00 [md1_raid1]  954 ?        D      0:00 [md1_resync] 12:37
Mithrandirargh, that was totally unreadable12:37
Mithrandiranyhow, khubd, kswapd1, kswapd0, kseriod, md1_raid1, md1_resync.12:38
Mithrandiranybody got any bright ideas why they're stuck and how I can get them to unstick themselves?  Rebooting doesn't seem to help12:38
fabbioneMithrandir: what arch is that?12:52
fabbioneit looks like there are disk I/O problems and the raid rsync dies12:53
fabbioneraid sync12:53
Mithrandir/proc/mdstat seems happy12:53
fabbione             D      0:00 [md1_resync] 12:53
Mithrandirraid1: raid set md0 active with 2 out of 2 mirrors12:53
Mithrandirhdd: packet command error: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }12:53
Mithrandirhdd: packet command error: error=0x5412:53
fabbionethat can be a reason12:53
fabbionetry to disable DMA, make it boot12:53
fabbioneand see if it works12:53
Mithrandirhm, that's the CD-ROM. :-P12:54
Mithrandirthis is a pure SATA box12:54
fabbionecan try using the SATA compatibility mode in the BIOS?12:55
Mithrandirit doesn't have one, afaik.12:56
Mithrandirthis is a server, not a toy. :-)12:56
fabbionea real server uses SCSI12:56
fabbionenot SATA :P12:56
Mithrandirhttp://err.no/tmp/dmesg is the dmesg12:56
MithrandirSATA is the new SCSI12:56
fabbionea real server uses OLD and WORKING SCSI12:57
fabbionedevfs_mk_dir: invalid argument.<4>devfs_mk_dev: could not append to parent for /disc12:57
Mithrandirit uses LVM too.12:57
fabbioneStopping tasks: ===<6>md: md_do_sync() got signal ... exiting12:59
fabbione==<6>md: checkpointing recovery of md1.12:59
Mithrandirso twiddling to get around that should fix it?01:00
fabbionewhat controller is that?01:00
fabbionei am not sure.. but clearly the devfs_mk stuff is not normal01:00
Mithrandirfwiw, I see the same on a similar box which does not have the problem with load.01:01
Mithrandirhmm, I'll try rebooting it now that the raid is synced and such.01:02
Mithrandirok, so _something_ funks up the resync01:09
MithrandirI'm not sure what, but the reboot made it resync one of the raids01:09
fabbioneis it still stucked?01:20
Mithrandirnope, but it resyncs the raid now.01:21
Mithrandirif you look at the previous dmesg, it does:01:22
MithrandirStopping tasks: ===<6>md: md_do_sync() got signal ... exiting01:22
Mithrandir==<6>md: checkpointing recovery of md1.01:22
Mithrandir= stopping tasks failed (1 tasks remaining)01:22
Mithrandirwhile the last restart worked.01:25
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fabbionehey jbailey01:37
jbaileyHeya Fabio!01:38
fabbionejbailey: unfortunatly it is an initrd-tools problem01:39
fabbionei am going to add info on it, but we need it fixed asap01:39
jbaileyfabbione: I don't have enough info here to see what the problem is....01:43
jbaileyIs it the usual round of glibc fuckage?01:43
fabbionei just added them :)01:43
=== jbailey reloads
jbaileySure, this is just another driver alias thing.01:44
fabbionejbailey: remember that the megaraid still remains..01:45
fabbionethe driver has been splitted in 201:45
fabbioneold and new...01:45
fabbionebut i dunno how to fix that in mkinitrd01:45
jbaileyThere's a massive sed table in /usr/sbin/mkinitrd01:46
Mithrandirfabbione: I need to see if I can reproduce this problem, but it went away after the fully-synced system had booted.01:50
fabbionejbailey: yes, but this is not a rename or an alias01:50
fabbioneMithrandir: it's rather strange because i do usually test installs on raid01:50
Mithrandirfabbione: and LVM?01:50
jbaileyfabbione: Oh, sorry, I see.01:50
Mithrandirfabbione: hmm, anyhow, I'll see if I can reproduce it01:51
fabbioneMithrandir: i do all kind of stuff here :P01:51
jbaileySorry, I thought you mean megaraid for old kernels and megaraid_mbox for new ones.01:51
fabbioneMithrandir: lvm is not related to that01:51
jbaileyI'm still sleepy. =)01:51
fabbionejbailey: ehehe no01:51
fabbionewe splitted the driver01:51
fabbioneso that all the cool stuff is from the new one01:51
fabbionethe only 2 old controllers are supported by the old one01:51
fabbione(since the new one doesn't)01:51
jbaileyShould I just modprobe the new one first and the old one second?01:52
fabbionejbailey: that would be fine.. yes01:52
fabbionewe also have a test box...01:53
fabbioneso if you want we can test the fix01:53
jbaileyWhen I've cleared the cobwebs out of my head, I'll make a test package.01:53
jbaileyWas up very late for a city-wide party last night.01:53
fabbioneit's enough you give me the modified mkinitrd file01:54
fabbionewe can package it later :)01:54
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zulfabbione: when you get around to it can you do a merge kthxbye03:19
fabbionezul: fix your archive. kthxbye03:24
fabbionebaz abrowse zulcss@gmail.com--200503:24
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dilingeri have serious slowdowns switching between workspaces in hoary's X.  not sure if this is xorg or kernel being crap :(09:59
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dilingerfabbione: ubuntu-kernel list11:35
dilingerSubject:      [ghall@research.dfci.harvard.edu: Re: qlogic] 11:35
fabbionedilinger: yes.. we just started compiling it again11:37
fabbioneit's in the vanilla kernel11:37
dilingerfabbione: it's not actually distributable11:37
fabbioneit might not be DFSG free...11:37
dilinger(i need to update that wrt to qlogic, but i've talked to their lawyers a bunch, and they're going to dual license the firmware.. gpl/bsd)11:38
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fabbionedilinger: well the point is simple11:39
fabbionethere are some kernel developers that are making real crusades towards non GPL code11:39
fabbioneso if it is still there, i think it's usable11:39
dilingerthis is a different matter11:39
dilingerthis is GPL'd firmware11:39
dilingerthe GPL defines source as "preferred form for modification"11:40
fabbioneis the firware within the kernel?11:40
dilingerwhich binary firmware is not11:40
dilingerand friends11:40
dilingerthat's why we strip it out of the kernel11:40
dilingeralong w/ tg311:40
dilingerand a few other drivers11:40
dilingertg3 is cleared up in 2.6.12; we worked w/ broadcom11:40
dilingerwe're working w/ qlogic, and qla2xxx should be good to go soon11:41
dilingerthe other 6 drivers we strip are looking hopeless11:41
dilingerbut they11:41
fabbionewell i am already shipping them..11:41
dilinger're not as widely used11:41
dilingerok, well..11:41
fabbionealso the drm stuff11:41
fabbionemga (drivers/char/drm):11:42
dilingerok, that's fine11:42
dilingerthat's a different issue11:42
dilingerDFSG-compatibility is the reason why that's listed there11:43
fabbioneanyway.. i will look at it again another day11:43
fabbionei am way too tired to think about licence and firmwares11:43
dilingerthis isn't about DFSG-ness, this is about undistributable code11:43
fabbionethey should all just die11:43

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