dholbachi'm reviewing bum12:04
tsengim reviewing CSS :)12:06
=== siretart needs to get some sleep. sorry :(
siretartdholbach: I replied you. you should be able to login now12:06
dholbachsiretart: ROCK12:07
dholbachsiretart: thank you12:07
=== Mithrandir tickles dholbach
dholbachMithrandir: muhuhuahahahahaa :)12:09
Mithrandirdholbach: how's the ROCK show going?12:09
dholbachMithrandir: which one are you talking about? i feel like attending at least 3 at the same time :)12:09
Mithrandirdholbach: the Ubuntu one, naturally.12:10
tsengoh man this is looking nice12:10
tsengone minute12:10
dholbachMithrandir: we're having a review day atm :)12:10
HiddenWolfdholbach, got anything done?12:11
dholbachHiddenWolf: reviewing-wise?12:11
ajmitchit's just starting12:11
HiddenWolfheh, right.12:11
HiddenWolfIt's midnight for me.12:12
=== HiddenWolf is going to hug his pillow
dholbachREVIEW DAY! NOW!12:12
bddebianMidnight is the perfect time to start!12:12
=== HiddenWolf reviews dholbach; are those pink socks, you're wearing?
=== HiddenWolf grins
dholbachHiddenWolf: MAN! THIS IS UBUNTU! I'm NAKED! THIS IS POLICY!12:13
dholbachman... he didn't get it12:13
HiddenWolfdholbach, now you've given me nightmares!12:13
dholbachsissy ;)12:13
HiddenWolfdholbach, naked nerd is just scary.12:14
HiddenWolfHave fun guys12:15
dholbachbye HiddenWolf, sleep tight12:15
HiddenWolfGo MOTU, Go. :)12:15
dholbachROCK ON!12:15
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
ajmitchhey \sh12:15
tsengcheck this out.12:15
ajmitchooh shiny12:16
ajmitchlooks good12:16
\shstrange..after 2 hours in the office, all my beer is blowing with the wind12:16
\shtseng: nice :) absolutely12:16
=== ajmitch wishes he could have a beer at the moment
bddebianajmitch: They won't let you drink at work?  WTF? ;-)12:17
\shajmitch: all my alcohol in my blood is gone since 2 hours12:18
ajmitch\sh: you need more12:19
ajmitchbddebian: I know, very restrictive here12:19
siretarttseng: woah, looks great!12:19
tsengim just ripping it off from the wiki really12:19
ajmitchmy hours are reasonably flexible, since I'm doign 30 a week12:19
siretarttseng: is it just the stylesheet?12:19
tsengsiretart: yes12:20
\shajmitch: no thx...i will smoke one or two cigarettes thats all and then to bed12:20
tsengi think i made one change to html so far12:20
tsengmaybe 212:20
tsengjust adding the header12:20
\shah...our review day started12:20
ajmitch\sh: beer helps you relax & get to sleep :)12:20
tsengsiretart: ill tar it up and send it to you12:20
siretarttseng: great! :)12:20
\shajmitch: i had too many beers today ;)12:20
tsengsiretart: it is messy, just a few minutes hacking12:20
siretartah, huhu \sh12:20
\shhey siretart12:21
tsengsiretart: but i think it alreayd looks alot nicer12:21
tsengsiretart: tseng.ath.cx/revu.tar.gz12:21
ajmitchthis is where baz can be helpful :)12:22
tsengajmitch: hahah12:22
tsengajmitch: i just did "save page as" in firefox12:22
siretarttseng: integrated. thank you12:25
ajmitchhmm, bzflag could be reasonably hard to review12:25
tsengsiretart: rock!12:25
ajmitchthe diff between the 2 source trees is ~3MB :)12:25
tsengsiretart: oh, i changed the class of the div around login12:25
tsengsiretart: class=login12:25
tseng</3 the boxes around the form12:25
tsengand i changed Num of comments to "Comments"12:26
tsengthe line break in the th is teh suck12:26
siretarttseng: ah, I see. mom12:26
tsengman we rock so hard12:27
ajmitchlooks much much better now12:28
tsengthe other pages could use some love later12:28
tsengi didnt fetch them12:28
siretarttseng: please send me an email with gnupg id and email, I'll give you svn access. thats easier for us all ;)12:28
siretartand password12:28
ajmitchcentralised source repositories.. they can be annoying now :)12:29
tsengis the actual live checkout autoupdated?12:29
siretartajmitch: darcs is also very fine ;)12:29
tsengsent btw12:30
siretartno. I have to checkout that manually12:30
siretartok, then I'm choosing the pw ;)12:30
tsengmaybe i should make the header outside the conent div12:30
tsengso i can make it full width12:31
tsengsiretart: can you give me review access also please?12:32
ajmitchI need to package something new so it can get uploaded for review :)12:32
tsengthere should be an easier way for new people to get upload access in the future12:32
tsengat least as easy as it is now on the wiki12:33
tsenghey like..12:33
tsengthey post their GPG key in a form12:33
ajmitchyou still want to have manual approval12:33
tsengit sends thema  confirmation email (signed) to that address12:33
ajmitchespecially if you're autobuilding12:33
tsengand they can confirm12:33
tsengdoes that make sense?12:33
ajmitchsince an malicious package can still screw up an autobuilder12:34
tsenger, not signed, encrypted12:34
tsengwith their login info12:34
dholbachapart from some tiny things, bum is ready to go12:34
tsengajmitch: how would we know any better if it were more manual than this?12:35
siretarttseng: done12:35
tsengajmitch: if we never heard of the person12:35
tsengsiretart: you are on the ball12:35
ajmitchdholbach: unfortunate name though :)12:35
dholbachhaha :)12:36
siretarttseng: does a svn work? I just commited your changes (so far, still missing a bit)12:36
tsengyeah um12:36
tsenghow do i specify my user to svn?12:36
tsengmy local user is "brandon"12:36
siretartah. hm..12:37
siretartsvn co http://tseng@siretart.tauware.de/svn/revu12:37
siretartdoes that work?12:37
siretarttseng: I renamed your user to brandon, is that better? ;)12:38
tsenguh sure12:38
tsengthanks :)12:38
tsengits checkout http://blah --username foo, btw12:38
dholbachkat, here i come ;)12:39
=== tseng fixes Comments bit
tsengsiretart: first checkin!12:41
tsengsiretart: will this run on my local apache w/o extra modules?12:41
tsenghm i guess i have no DB12:42
siretarttseng: hm. it needs mod-python and postgres12:42
tsengyeah nm12:42
\shgoing to bed...cu todays morning :) and today is reviewday12:42
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
siretartwould need some haking to turn the queries of. Or you hack around in scripts/Comments.py12:43
siretartnot sure12:43
tsengyeah i wont screw with it12:43
siretartgn8 \sh_away12:43
tsengmy method for doing it the first time was ok12:43
tsengsave the static html from firefox12:43
tsengfor hacking12:43
siretartok. but I'm off for bed, too - really need some sleep12:44
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=== pjssilva [~pjssilva@201-0-19-88.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== goedson [~goedson@BHE052247.res-com.wayinternet.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachhow's the review party going on other places? :)01:51
ajmitchpaid work seems to get in the way :)01:52
ajmitchonly thing I uploaded was a package you didn't quite fix properly for cxx transition, dholbach  ;)01:52
dholbachoh well01:53
ajmitchno big problem01:53
dholbachyou know... other work got in my way01:53
ajmitchetting up libsvncpp-dev (0.8.0-1ubuntu1) ...01:53
ajmitchcannot create dhelp file '/usr/share/doc/libsvncpp0/html/.dhelp': No such file or directory01:53
schweebnext weekend I should actually have some time to upload a new gsf-sharp... although I doubt anyone actually uses it :P01:53
ajmitchsimple missing c2 :)01:53
ogra schweeb beagle does01:54
dholbachajmitch: i worked on this one?01:54
ajmitchschweeb: I'm sure you've got at least 1 user01:54
ajmitchdholbach: rapidsvn, according to changelog01:54
schweebogra: did it get added as a depend?01:54
dholbachajmitch: that must have been AGES ago01:54
schweebI seem to remember you had to enable a compile option to get it to use gsf-sharp01:54
ograschweeb, nope, but it uses it if available01:55
ajmitchdholbach: or maybe not, who know? :)01:55
schweebonly if you enable at compile time, I believe, ogra01:55
dholbachdid anybody test uploading to revu?01:55
ajmitchdholbach: doesn't matter at all01:55
dholbachajmitch: yeah ;)01:55
ajmitchdholbach: haven't got something to upload yet..01:55
schweebI'll bug tseng about it after I upgrade01:55
ograschweeb, nope, i think it works if installed...01:55
dholbachi have 6-7 packages01:55
ajmitchI could upload pnet 0.7.0?01:55
dholbachwill siretart have to review packages so they show up on it, after uploading?01:57
=== ajmitch checks to see if it builds :)
ajmitchthey should show up within 5 minutes01:58
dholbachhow can i add comments?01:58
dholbachit says "Sorry, no Commenting for contributors"01:58
dholbachand i do have an account01:58
ajmitchyou've logged in?01:59
ajmitchhmm, I get similar01:59
dholbachi'll at least upload all the crack i have ;)01:59
=== ajmitch not logged in, tries again
dholbachuploading feels GOOD ;)01:59
ajmitchcommenting works for me02:00
ajmitchgrr, patch didn't work properly, needs -p3 to apply02:00
ajmitchsimple-patchsys only tries up to 202:01
dholbachif commenting works, REVU is LOVE :)02:01
ograrvue _is_ love :)02:03
ajmitchoh good, looks like my package might build now ;)02:05
dholbachi hope i didn't confuse  revu  and  ubuntu  when i uploaded ;)02:05
ajmitchalmost time for a debian upload02:05
=== ajmitch will be back in 30min-1hr ;)
dholbachajmitch: you could comment02:06
dholbachmaybe i'm just in the looser-keyring or something02:10
tsengschweeb: huh?02:19
schweebtseng: does beagle use gsf-sharp if it wasn't enabled at compile time?02:19
tsengit uses it if its in the chroot02:19
schweebso it needs to be there on compile time02:20
schweebi.e. needs to be a build-dep02:20
dholbachans the package should depend on it, so the user has it too ;)02:20
tsengthat would be shlibs/clilibs stuff02:20
schweebof course02:20
tsengschweeb: gsf-sharp is probably all wrong at this point02:21
tsengthe mono dh_ stuff moved around02:21
tsengill fix it for the next beagle02:21
schweebI'm gonna redo the package in the next week or so, maybe02:21
tsengthey ar edoing new releases of evo-sharp and gst-sharp02:21
tsengeh if you want it, sure02:21
schweebdepends when you do another beagle02:21
tsenga few weeks02:22
schweebI should be able to have something by then02:22
tsengwell it will be a new upstream at the same time02:22
=== goedson [~goedson@BHE052247.res-com.wayinternet.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachi'll call it the day - good night02:28
=== ajmitch returns
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karlhegWhat if beagle could index files on .iso images?  I've got .iso that contain lots of HTML --- magazine archives.03:25
ajmitchit should be fairly trivial03:26
ajmitchconsidering you can open isos in file-roller from nautilus03:27
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
karlhegajmitch, or, perhaps soon, 'pmount' them and traverse them as a file system.03:28
karlhegI've had trouble with file-roller and some isos that... I can't recall; something to do with either having or not having rockridge? or Joliet?  I don't know much about it.  I reported it then; it may be fixed now.03:29
=== ajmitch shrugs
ajmitchI just meant that the code exists in userspace for reading isos, so a beagle plugin would be fairly easy03:32
Lathiatif you could pmount isos, that would rock03:35
ajmitchask pitti about it then :)03:35
karlhegI filed a wishlist in bugzilla, and it got marked as assigned, so perhaps it will be done.03:36
karlhegIt should be relatively easy for them to make it able to do that.03:36
karlhegajmitch, Sure... do you think that's better than pmounting it?  Hmmm... what about auto-pmount ?03:37
karlhegI wonder if 'autofs' can do that somehow?03:38
ajmitchI don't see a pressing need to mount stuff03:39
karlhegHuh.  I guess you don't need pmount for that really.  If all the iso files are in a conffile or central location, a shell script map can easily allow autofs mounting of iso images.03:42
Lathiatbut there not03:42
karlhegYour program, your call.03:42
ajmitchthat's the problem03:42
Lathiati just downloaded an iso03:42
Lathiati wantto mount it03:42
ajmitchI've got several isos scattered around the file system03:42
Lathiatif you can read the iso file as your user03:43
karlhegIf it works, it's fine with me.03:43
karlhegOne thing I don't like about beagle is the binding of f12.  I use that key in Emacs.03:43
Lathiati see no problem in lopback mounting it03:43
karlhegCan the binding be changed for Beagle?03:43
ajmitchLathiat: btw you picked a great package for someone to review with bzflag :)03:43
Lathiatajmitch: eh?03:43
Lathiatajmitch: oh, to 'test'? :)03:43
ajmitchno, just to try & pick out your changes03:43
ajmitchsince a diff between debian & ubuntu is about 3MB03:43
Lathiatyeh i need to fix them03:43
ajmitchdue to build evilness03:44
Lathiatthere was this one thing03:44
Lathiati class was being defined down the bottom of a file03:44
ajmitchand the fact that it's a native debian package & the author should be soundly smacked around a bit03:44
Lathiatand references from the top03:44
ajmitchfiguratively, of course :)03:44
Lathiatwhich built fine with g++-303:44
Lathiatbut not 403:44
Lathiatbut no idea how it biltin the first place03:44
Lathiatajmitch: heh yeh03:44
Lathiatajmitch: i was tryign to figure out if that was my fault or not03:44
Lathiatmaybe i should repackage it not to suck ;p03:45
ajmitchsadly the upstream author is the debian maintainer03:45
ajmitchwhich still doesn't excuse a native package, imho03:45
Lathiatajmitch: if it helps any, i personally changed almost nothing03:46
ajmitchI know03:46
ajmitchbut I still have to check for accidental changes & seeing what you did do03:46
Lathiatjut added a hack "class <blah>;", change some mcpu to march and fixed the build-deps03:46
=== Lathiat nods
ajmitchthe pain of reviewing :)03:46
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Lathiattanks ajmitch03:53
Lathiathave fun ;)03:53
ajmitchoh I'm sure I will..03:54
ajmitch1 issue is that the version number seems to autogenerate03:54
ajmitcheg in some files (.lsm, .info, .spec) the version number is the date you built it :)03:55
=== Lathiat looks around puzzledly
|QuaD-anyone feel like packaging somethign (ajmitch, Lathiat, hint hint ;) )03:55
ajmitchand that it has Makefiles in there that get generated... such a mess03:55
ajmitch|QuaD-: maybe03:56
|QuaD-ajmitch: http://browserbookapp.sourceforge.net/deskbar.html or http://gaim-assistant.tulg.org/03:56
|QuaD-gaim assistant is cooler, other is more useful03:56
ajmitchso why don't you want to package them? :)03:57
|QuaD-ajmitch: i do, i tried to package gaim-assistant, couldn't do it, no i just don't have time03:57
|QuaD-to learn03:57
ajmitchhave you put these on UniverseCandidates?03:58
ajmitchdo so03:58
|QuaD-on the wiki?03:58
ajmitchsince I know I don't have time for making/testing a new package at the moment :)03:59
|QuaD-ajmitch: np :)03:59
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@ACAC031C.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhi Amaranth04:03
ajmitchAmaranth: is smeg 0.7.5 usable witht eh current gnome-menus?04:04
Amaranthi'm not sure04:04
ajmitchtoday is review day, so I thought I'd check it out..04:04
ajmitch& ask you before I checked it :)04:04
AmaranthTIAS :)04:04
Amaranthi don't even have access to a machine that can run smeg04:04
Amaranthi won't for at least a week, maybe two weeks04:04
Amaranthand my domain expires in 15 days04:06
ajmitchcan't renew it?04:06
Amaranthno $$$04:08
Amaranthand no credit card04:08
ajmitchnot healthy04:08
bddebiansmeg?  Hehe, sounds too much like smegma04:09
Amaranththat's part of the reason i like it04:10
Amaranthplus the whole red dwarf thing04:10
Amaranthand it's 'Simple Menu Editor for GNOME'04:10
Amaranththe menu entry is 'Smeg Menu Editor', which is sort of like 'Damn Menu Editor' or 'Fucking Menu Editor' :D04:11
ajmitchwhich should probably be changed04:11
Amaranthno one knows what it is04:12
Amaranthexcept british people who would think it was funny, i'd bet04:12
bddebianNo smegma is d*ck cheese04:13
ajmitchwhich is why I think it should change04:13
|QuaD-ajmitch: one was on there, and i added the other :)04:13
Amaranthbddebian: I don't care what smegma is, I'm talking about smeg.04:13
Amaranthajmitch: You can patch it if you want, upstream is staying 'Smeg Menu Editor'04:14
AmaranthUnless you can think of a totally new name.04:14
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HostingGeekI found area 51! anyone intrested?07:18
=== Lathiat watches the feds rock up at HostingGeek's place and take him away
HostingGeekok ok ok I will tell you07:19
HostingGeekFollow these instructions:07:19
HostingGeek1. http://maps.google.com/07:19
HostingGeek2. Click on 'Satelite' (top right hand button)07:19
HostingGeek3. Search: Rachel, Nevada Tikaboo Peak07:19
HostingGeek4. Scroll to the left of the map a bit (left of 'Little a Le Inn') until you find a round white circle (a dried up lake)07:19
HostingGeek5. Zoom in just south of the lake - note the landing strips and buildings07:19
HostingGeekCongratulations, you have just discovered the US' top secret 'Area 51' base. It isn't on the maps, but it is on the freely available satelite images!07:19
ajmitchdon't spam this channel, please07:19
ajmitchit's rather annoying07:19
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
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=== dholbach [foobar@td9091b8d.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhi dholbach08:22
siretartgnarf. there was a typo in the process upload script.. :/  - sorry08:25
dholbachhey you two08:25
dholbachso i'll upload again, right?08:25
siretartlook first08:25
dholbachand how can i add comments?08:25
siretartI think all your uploads schon now be there08:26
siretart78 mails from the cronjob :)08:28
dholbachsiretart: it gives me "Sorry, no Commenting for contributors" - any idea for that?08:28
siretartdholbach: I forget to put you on reviewer. sorry. now you should be admin08:30
dholbachsuper, thanks for that08:30
=== \sh [~shermann@server3.servereyes.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartadmins can delete any comment, reviers only their own comments08:31
siretarthi \sh08:32
\shmoins siretart08:32
dholbachhey stephan08:32
\shhey daniel :)08:32
dholbachsiretart: who of you all worked on this?08:33
dholbachhey other-daniel ;)08:33
crimsuntoo many Daniels08:33
\shi need to do my normal office work first, before I start with reviewing :)08:33
siretartdholbach: sistposty (doing the db stuff like ER schema, and sql querys) and me. tseng updated the style.css yesterday08:34
dholbachyou guys absolutely ROCK08:34
dholbachthis is brilliant08:35
siretartI'm sure it has some  children's diseases, but I wanted to get a somehow working version online ASAP08:35
siretartthanks :)08:35
dholbachi'll announce it on the motu report08:35
dholbachnow we just need an rss feed for the comments and everybody's fine ;)08:37
dholbachif nobody of you does it, i'll happily hack on this post-breezy :)08:38
siretartrss feeds. hmm. I'm sure in python this is a 3 liner, if you know the right module ;)08:40
dholbachpython2.4-librdf :)08:41
siretartI know there must be something ;)08:41
dholbach*ARG* UPSTREAM! SHIPPING! CRACKFUL! debian/! *ARG*08:47
=== |QuaD-_ [~QuaD@pcp0011386062pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-motu:dholbach] : Ubuntu Masters of the Universe: Ubuntu Universe Repository Maintainers | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Calendar | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUTodo | please file universe bugs in https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/+bugs | IT'S REVIEW DAY TODAY! JOIN US AND FEEL THE LOVE!
Treenaksuh.. Review Day.. where's the HOWTO ;)09:08
dholbachit's pretty straight-forward: 1) have a look at wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU{ToReview,NewPackages}, 2) grab a random package, 3) leave complaints, slander, notes on improvement, comments on the wiki09:10
dholbachthat's it :)09:10
dholbachoh wait, we're ubuntu, no slander then :)09:10
dholbachsiretart: added a feature request ;)09:14
siretartdholbach: yes, the "old" tag is already implemented in the db (flag "isArchive"). The button "Archive this" is missing in the "actions" coloumn09:17
siretartI'll have to add that button and processing. I'll see into it later today. now I need to go to university09:18
dholbachthank you very much for doing this09:19
dholbachand have a nice day :)09:19
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=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0304.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivokssiretart: ping09:33
dholbachivoks: he ran to university09:33
ivokssiretart: good python book: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Programming:Python :)09:33
ivoksoh, ok09:33
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@ACA68734.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DanielN_atwelmo, ping09:37
ivoksso, review day!09:41
=== dholbach hands out "REVIEW DAY" caps to everybody :)
ivoks_reviewerlet's start.09:42
dholbachROCK ON!09:43
=== Amaranth knows enough to package, not review packages
ivoks_reviewermaybe breakfast first is better idea :)09:43
Amaranthplus i'm on a 200Mhz Pentium with 64MB RAM, 56k dialup, and Windows ME09:43
Amaranthso yeah, i don't think i can help09:44
=== Amaranth kicks things
TreenaksAmaranth: Windows MEH09:44
AmaranthTreenaks: Yeah, it sucks.09:44
AmaranthAnd I'm stuck like this until next monday or even the monday two weeks from now.09:45
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dholbachdoes the wiki work for you? editing/login-wise?09:57
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dholbachthesaltydog: once you fixed that stuff, i think i can give my ok :)10:06
dholbachthesaltydog: hi fabio, by the way ;)10:06
thesaltydogdholbach, I'm working now on it. Thanks!!10:06
=== JRe [~jre@adsl-169-178.36-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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dholbach\sh_reviewtime: if you can still access the wiki, would you be so kind and make a note that NEW NewPackages should go to  http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/index.py ? (and drop a link to [:REVU]  for explanation)10:14
JResiretart: congrats for REVU  :)10:16
Amaranthsiretart: Does that thing automatically run lintian and linda or do people upload the logs from those along with the package?10:20
=== Gervystar [~gervystar@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoks_revieweryeah! revu!10:27
thesaltydogdholbach, done.10:28
Riddellreview day today?10:43
Lathiatajmitch: howd bzflag go?:)10:44
Amaranthno one ever plays bzflag anymore10:44
Amaranthjust tossing that in there :)10:44
Lathiatif you dont play bzflag, you suck ;p10:46
AmaranthLathiat: X problems prevent my playing10:46
Amaranthsomething in mesa changed or something and something in a driver needs to be updated or something10:46
Amaranthyes, i have no idea10:46
Amaranthi filed a bug, they told me to use CVS (ha!)10:47
=== Amaranth goes to play continuum
Amaranththe only good thing about being on a windows machine is playing this10:48
Amaranthati radeon 700010:49
Amaranthi remember something about t_vertex, whatever that is10:50
=== jsgotangco [~user@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Lathiathrm wtf10:54
Lathiatnvidia drivers are not working10:54
ograhappy review day everybody10:54
Lathiathrm wonder whats broken :\10:54
AwayWolfLathiat, running 2.6.12?10:54
LathiatAwayWolf: yeh10:55
AwayWolfLathiat, restricted-modules didn get rebuild10:55
Lathiatnah im running the nv drivers10:55
Lathiatfor some reason the GL stuff isnt working10:55
Lathiats/nv/oficial nvidia10:55
JanCofficial nvidia driver is in restricted-modules10:57
Amarantherr, don't you need linux-restricted-modules for that?10:57
JanCso that won't work with a .12 kernel yet...10:57
AwayWolfLathiat, drivers are built against the kernel, so if you get a new kernel, you need new drivers, so a new module, or a 2.6.12 enabled compile.10:58
Lathiati downloaded them10:58
Lathiatand built them against 2.6.1210:58
ogreviewLathiat, if you ran the nidia driver before, your mesa lib was exchanged, so software rendering is broken10:58
ogreviewLathiat, thats normal10:58
Lathiatogreview: yeh and i just reran the isntaller again and its still happening10:58
ivoks_reviewernvidia doesn't work in breezy yet11:03
ivoks_reviewernvidia-glx needs to be repacked, wrong dependecys11:03
dholbachthe kubuntu guys had a great idea: they use   package-upstreamversion-0ubuntu0.<package-version-before-upload>11:16
dholbachthat's ingenious - that should be policy11:16
Lathiativoks_reviewer: dude, you dont get it11:16
dholbachinstalled packages even get superseded by 0ubuntu1 once it's in the archive11:16
Lathiati installed the official package from nvidias site11:16
Lathiatwhich has worked fine for a long time.. seems to have stopped now for some reason11:17
ivoks_reviewersorry :)11:19
\sh_reviewtimedholbach: u don't need to have a shlibs control file when u r using cdbs :)11:19
ivoks_revieweri did thtat too, and sometimes nvidia fails...11:19
dholbach\sh_reviewtime: it has a lintian override11:19
\sh_reviewtimedholbach: yes, and it's wrong :)11:20
\sh_reviewtimedholbach: see my review comments for katapult and kbandwidth :)11:20
dholbach\sh_reviewtime: that should be used only in EXTREMELY obscure cases11:20
\sh_reviewtimedholbach: it's a simple fix to get rid of the overrides11:21
dholbachone should fix the issues, not just the warnings ;)11:21
\sh_reviewtimeDEB_SHLIBDEPS_LIBRARY_kbandwidth := kbandwidth and DEB_SHLIBDEPS_INCLUDE_kbandwidth := debian/kbandwidth/usr/lib11:22
\sh_reviewtime(cdbs style)11:22
=== herzi [~herzi@c138194.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoks_reviewerherzi: ping11:28
ivoks_reviewerherzi: ?11:29
ivoks_reviewernot here...11:29
herziivoks_reviewer: pong11:31
ivoks_reviewerherzi: i'm checking your hula11:31
ivoks_reviewerherzi: hula (0.1.0+svn162-2) unstable; urgency=low11:32
ivoks_reviewerit shouldn't be unstable, but breezy11:32
herzii already uploaded svn23011:32
ivoks_reviewerhttp://www.blaubeermuffin.de/packages/hula - wiki says that ;)11:33
ivoks_reviewerthen 240?11:33
ivoks_revieweri can't find diff.gz11:34
ivoks_reviewerneither the source11:34
ivoks_revieweror, at least, debdiff :)11:34
=== herzi uploads it
ivoks_reviewerdebdiff would be fine if the package is allready in breezy11:34
siretartAmaranth: I installed a hook for lintian/linda. should work now11:35
jsgotangcohula is in universe?11:36
ograjsgotangco, old news :)11:36
ograjsgotangco, it in since hoary ;)11:37
ivoks_reviewerjsgotangco: yep11:37
jsgotangcoi didnt know that11:37
dholbachthanks to incredible herzi :)11:37
jsgotangcosomeone should package mediawiki then11:38
ogradholbach, who still misses every CC meeting ;)11:38
ograherzi, ^^^11:38
herziogra: last monday i needed to be in bed early because i was driving to linuxtag the day after11:39
herzi(where the gnome-people and the ubuntu-guy gave out more than 1000 ubuntu cds sets)11:39
dholbachROCK ON!11:39
ograhmm, wasnt the last CC around noon ?11:39
ograat least for us german11:40
herziit was?11:40
dholbachwiki.ubuntu.com/Calendar knows ;)11:40
ogra12:00 or 14:00 iirc11:40
dholbachat some stage we should start splitting out the libraries of hula, even if it's tedious work11:40
\sh_reviewtimeogra: not this time :)11:40
herzithe next one it at midnight, so i might get that one11:40
dholbachherzi: excellent11:41
ogra\sh_reviewtime, last time11:41
\sh_reviewtimelast time yes ;)11:41
herzidholbach: yeah, i still need to ping the guy who wants to package it for debian, if we're cooperating for both distros it'll be more easier then11:41
Amaranthherzi: You were the one that had to take them 1000 CDs because the 400 they got were gone the first day?11:41
herziwe spent 400 in 2 days :D11:42
=== hsprang [~henning@c214106.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograhey hsprang11:44
hsprangam i already too late to prevent you from reviewing th FAI package i made some months ago?11:44
hspranghey ogra11:44
ograhsprang, not if you upload a new one right away ;)11:44
hsprangogra, hmm, i guess there may be some troubles with it that would make reviewing of the old one waste of time.11:47
hsprangas i di'nt have the review day in mind i am not prepared, but yes,  i could see what i can do to get into it today11:47
hsprangshould i just renmove it from the list for until i have a new one?11:49
dholbachyeah, that sounds good11:49
hsprangdone. as getting the new package done involves installing a new machine as install server that was lost last week in a disk crash i can't do a promise, but i'll try!11:56
ograhsprang, grea :)11:56
hsprangogra, you mean the disk crash? :)11:57
ograheh, nope :)11:57
hsprangogra, actually, yes, backup was good and now i know to use smarttols...11:57
dholbachwould somebody attach a note to MOTUNewPackages that the page is considered to be a "transitional object" - provide a link to REVU and the REVU documentation11:58
Amaranthnote to self: when you only have 64MB of ram, don't open 1000 comment slashdot stories in firefox12:00
ograAmaranth, if you happen to only have 64MB, use dillo... or better lynx :)12:01
jsgotangcoever since I've been using Ion, things have been very fast on my side12:01
Amaranthogra: Windows12:01
ograAmaranth, lnyx for windows :)12:01
Amaranthdon't want to use lynx, i'd rather not use http at all12:01
jsgotangcohow does review day actually work? just review stuff in universe and what needs love?12:04
dholbachjsgotangco: we're processing MOTUToReview and MOTUNewPackages12:05
dholbachon the wiki12:05
dholbachreviewing NEW packages and make sure they're in a rocking state, before we get them in12:05
jsgotangcocandidate packages12:05
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jsgotangcoalright, its time for me to retire for the day12:12
jsgotangcobye everyone12:12
jsgotangcohave fun!12:12
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ograivoks_reviewer, you reviewed ion3 ?12:49
ograivoks_reviewer, did you testbuild it ?12:54
ograits ftbfs12:54
=== ups [~ups@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograAmaranth, wasnt smeg already approved ? its sill on MOTUToReview01:00
ivoks_revieweri'm using gcc-3.4 :((01:00
ograivoks_reviewer, in you pbuilder ??01:01
ograyour even01:01
ivoks_revieweri don't have pbuilder01:01
ograivoks_reviewer, use it :)01:01
ivoks_reviewerpbudiler means downloading same file couple of times...01:01
ograit caches01:01
ivoksi should build one :)01:03
Riddellogra: what's broken with ffmpeg?01:06
ograRiddell, are you an assembler guy ?01:07
Riddellogra: nope01:07
ogra  error: PIC register '%ebx' clobbered in 'asm'01:07
ogratons of that .... on i38601:07
ograall other arches build fine01:07
Riddellogra: it compiled successfully01:08
Riddellor does it need rebuilt?01:08
ograRiddell, the new debian package ?01:08
ograRiddell, the current hoary version segfaults on amd6401:09
Riddellright, sounds broken then01:09
ograbut until this debian package i needed to patch a lot to make it even compile on amd64... at least this is solved with the new version, but i386 still breaks01:10
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ajmitchhi all01:24
ajmitchwhat's new?01:24
=== jbailey [~jbailey@CPE00501836c657-CM014260028338.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivokspbuilder sucks :)01:31
ajmitchjeff! :)01:32
=== mpt [~mpt@203-167-186-117.dsl.clear.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhi mpt01:32
mpthi ajmitch, I have a simple question01:32
mptAll the games I've installed from universe have no sound01:32
mptIs that the sort of thing MOTU maintainers have the capacity to fix?01:32
mptor is it Too Hard?01:32
ajmitchif we could track it down.. it's possibly the sound server you're using01:33
ajmitchI stay away frmo sound issues mainly01:33
mptajmitch: not to get all jwz on yo ass, but presumably if I switched from whatever sound server I'm using now to whatever one a given game needs, sound in everything else would stop working, right?01:35
ajmitchI wouldn't know :)01:36
ajmitchI don't have any soundserver & everything just works fine01:36
niranmpt, installing polypaudio as an esd replacement usually fixes sound problems for me01:37
ivoksi'm bad reviewer :(01:37
niranmpt, well, it replaces them wth less annoying problems, like not having a gnome startup sound01:37
mptHelp, I'm stuck in the 1980s01:38
mptSo, should I report bugs about that for universe packages, or not bother?01:38
ivoksi don't use soundserver and everything is ok01:38
niranivoks, is that with dmix?01:38
ivoksbut dmix isn't that good01:39
ajmitchmpt: might as well01:39
mptok, ta01:39
=== mpt [~mpt@203-167-186-117.dsl.clear.net.nz] has left #ubuntu-motu []
ajmitchbetter to have an issue that we can close, imho01:39
ivokspardon, dmix is ok :)01:41
ivoksxine wouldn't start anymore :(01:41
ivoksyay! xine, muine and rhythmbox in same time01:43
=== ogra [~ogra@p5089D3B2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograajmitch, libsigcx should appear soon in the archive (it had NEW binaries)01:46
ograajmitch, in other news we have REVIEW DAY today !! :)01:46
=== susus_ [~sz@p5089D3B2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchI'm surprised that they didn't check the NEW queue previously :)01:47
ajmitchand I know, I started reviewing about 12 hours ago ;)01:47
ajmitchtook a look at bzflag, screamed in horror & searched for the nearest blunt instrument01:47
ajmitch(not due to Lathiat's changes, of course)01:48
=== Lathiat hides
ajmitchyou had to pick the ugliest package..01:49
Lathiatsorry ;p01:49
Lathiati got some time off, i should pet somemore01:49
Lathiatany recommendations for less ugly packages? ;)01:49
=== ivoks is still building pbuilder enviorment :(
ajmitchtake a look at the list of packages to merge01:50
ajmitchI should run up a list again for people to check :)01:50
Lathiatare you saying its  not possible to have an uglier package? ;)01:51
ajmitchoh no, it's certainly possible01:52
ajmitchsince we are pulling from debian01:52
ajmitchI should build better python code01:54
ajmitchthis script takes an age to run01:54
Lathiatajmitch: dont knwo anything about python-apt by any chance?01:55
sladenajmitch: try: import psyco01:55
ajmitchsladen: yeah, might work01:55
ajmitchLathiat: I know a bit01:55
LathiatJust wondering if I can use it to access a package cache that is not the one on the system01:56
ajmitchthis is a list of source package comparisons01:56
ajmitchyeah, by setting the apt configuration01:56
ajmitchI don't think there's another way, you might want to ask mvo when he's around01:56
ajmitchbut iirc that was what he told me :)01:56
Lathiatajmitch: i assume i can do that from within the script tho right?01:56
Lathiatlooks like your tool is doing just that?01:57
Lathiatah just parsing package lists01:57
Lathiati suppose i could do that instead01:57
ajmitchwhat are you trying to create?01:57
ajmitchI'm just reading in the source lists, running a comparison across every package I see01:58
Lathiatan apt-proxy like thing where you approve what updates go into the cache01:58
ivokshi tseng01:58
ajmitchin the most inefficient way possible01:58
ajmitchhi tseng01:58
LathiatSUS style (people were tlaking about it earlier)01:58
ajmitchtseng: btw this tool will also see what's in breezy but not in debian01:58
ajmitchI wrote it awhile back01:59
ajmitchjust got to write something to grab wnpp bugs nicely01:59
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=== mehrfachstecker [~aldomansk@p54AF8762.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== mehrfachstecker is now known as mfs|bot
ajmitchI can see we've got our work cut out for us in terms of merges02:03
tsengpython stuff?02:03
ivoksok, anyone using pbuilder? :)02:03
ajmitchtseng: a decent amount, but not all02:03
tsengpython merges should be easy02:03
ajmitchsome we can just ignore02:03
ajmitchDebian version of xfree86 is newer : 4.3.0.dfsg.1-14 vs 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu2602:03
tsengbeat up the debian maintainer until he merges it02:03
ajmitchthey are easy02:03
tsenghm well02:04
siretartok, uploads can now be archived by admins02:04
tsengwe dont care about xfree so much :)02:04
ajmitchsome zope packages for me to deal out some loving to02:04
tsengwhats your url again?02:04
tsengim at work02:04
tseng^ siretart02:05
ivokssiretart: hi02:05
ivokssiretart: i can't login to revu :)02:06
ajmitchif that's what you mean?02:06
ajmitchso many dholbach uploads on revu.. :)02:06
ajmitch${python:Depends}, python (>= 2.4)02:07
siretartivoks: use your complete email address as login02:07
ivokssiretart: i am..02:08
ivoks login for user "ivoks@grad.hr" failed, please retry02:08
ajmitchmaybe you forgot your password? :)02:08
siretarthm. rechecking password02:08
=== siretart can login as ivoks.. hmm
siretarthave you enabled cookies?02:09
ivoksmaybe i'm typing wrong pass :)02:09
ivoksit's pass that's wrong..02:09
siretartdo you remember your pass now?02:09
ivokswell, i think :)02:10
siretartshow in your sent mail folder *g*02:10
ivokssiretart: it's crypted :)02:10
siretartwell, yes ;)02:10
ivoksi would need your private key :)02:11
siretartcan you login now?02:11
ajmitchsiretart: when you say admins can archive uploads - you're the only admin? ;)02:12
siretartno, dholback is too02:12
ivokspbuilder is making me crazy :)02:13
tsengi wonder how i got 1px off in the th02:14
tsengcompared to the td in the style sheet02:14
tsengand only on the left side02:14
siretartok. i'm off now, have fun!02:18
ajmitchI think it's about time for me to sleep02:18
ajmitchnight all02:18
=== ajmitch will try & review some tomorrow :)
tsengbye ajmitch, siretart02:18
siretartn8 ajmitch02:18
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ivoksso, revu is for uploading packages?02:23
tsengit will eventually replace the wiki page02:23
tsengand enhance our workflow in reviewing02:24
ivoksok... but we should upload reviwed packages or we should review packages on revu?02:24
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksLathiat: ping02:30
\shthe system of reviewing via wiki page is not working properly...if one motu is reviewing, and found some errors, then the errors must be fixed first, before another motu can review again02:35
=== kiko-fud [~kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== tseng throws some fud at kiko
tsengwhois kiko-fud02:43
ivoksdo sources have to have .diff.gz?02:43
tsengivoks: they dont *have* to to work02:43
=== dholbach [foobar@td9091b8d.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengivoks: but its a very bad thing not to02:43
dholbachha... the wiki works again :)02:43
ivoksbzflag from Lathiat is example of such package02:44
tsengthat would mean you are changing the upstream tarball to include debian/ and such02:44
dholbachhi you two02:44
tsengivoks: this is called a native package02:44
ivokshi dholbach02:44
tsengivoks: if its that way in debian, its sortof proper to keep it that way02:44
tsengbut its gross02:44
ivoksall right, thanks tseng02:44
tsenghi dholbach02:44
ivoksi could use /var/cache/apt/archives for pbuilder02:46
tsengyou could02:46
tsengI am using apt-proxy now02:46
tsengfor all my machines and pbuilders02:46
tsengmorn bradb02:47
=== thesaltydog [~yoshi@host194-61.pool8023.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachcan i assume that   "../libtool: line 2358: 10778 Segmentation fault      ( ${SED} -e '2q' $lib | grep "^# Generated by .*$PACKAGE" ) >/dev/null 2>&1"   is not supposed to happend under any circumstances and the buildd is just wrong? :)02:47
tsengdholbach: im having a similar problem02:48
dholbachppc buildd?02:48
tsengdholbach: dh_makeclilibs segfaults on x86 buildd02:48
tsengmaybe others ive not looked02:48
dholbachoh hm02:48
tsengonly on one package02:48
kiko-fudtseng, tseng02:49
tsengi havent managed to summon infinity yet02:49
tsengwelcome to review day, kiko02:49
bradbhey tseng02:49
kikoomg, reviewday02:49
dholbachyeah kiko, you'll help us with the review day - AWESOME!02:49
ograkiko, so show us your work, we'll review it ;)02:49
tsengogra: yeah i dont trust his shoddy packages.02:50
=== kiko denies
=== mfs|bot is now known as mehrfachstecker
dholbachtseng: infinity and kamion just explained, that random segfaults on powerpc happen from time to time, they hope the ppc64 kernels (some time this week) will clear it up03:00
tsengthat doesnt say anything for x8603:01
ivoksoho, tseng, long time no see:)03:02
ivoksbzflag seems to be ok03:05
Lathiativoks: pong03:08
ivoksLathiat: hi03:08
ivoksLathiat: i just want to ask you did you forget bzflag diff03:08
ivoksbut i see it's native package...03:08
Lathiatit is03:08
Lathiatbut thats not my fault03:08
ivoksi know03:08
Lathiatajmitch was looking at it yesterday03:08
ivoksi wanted to ask you before i checked03:09
ivoksafter i checkes, everything is ok03:09
Lathiatheh ok ;p03:09
ivokstseng: ok, now that i checked package, i should upload it to revu?03:10
tsenghm the idea is to upload it first03:10
tsengand then comment on it03:10
ivoksok :)03:11
tsenganyway, it doesnt matter this time03:11
tsengyou can use the wiki03:11
ivoksi did use the wiki03:11
tsengok then03:11
=== Lathiat smacks thehammer
tsengrevu will be easy to keep track of03:11
tsengbut next time03:11
ivoksLathiat: W: bzflag-server: manpage-section-mismatch usr/share/man/man6/bzfquery.6.gz:132 6 != 103:13
ivoksLathiat: and README.WIN32?03:13
Lathiathrm did i break that or is it broken in the debian package?03:15
Lathiati basically touched as little as possible03:16
ivoksthat's in debian03:16
Lathiati'll fix that03:16
ivokscause it's upstream's README03:16
=== mitsuhiko [~mitsuhiko@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksoh, my wifi-radar got bad reviews :)03:21
tsengnetworkmanager > *03:23
Treenakstseng: oh it works now?03:23
Treenakstseng: last week it couldn't connect to my (wep-encrypted) network at home03:24
ivoksi don't like nm depending on bind :(03:25
tsengivoks: eh it runs a local caching name server03:26
tsengim not entirely sure why thats needed03:26
ivokswe should try not to start new services03:27
ivoksif not really needed03:27
ivoksbind for dhclient is really not needed03:27
Treenaksafaik it uses bind to do lookups, because you can reload bind & have "new working DNS"03:27
Treenaksbut if you edit resolv.conf, you need to restart the apps as well03:27
tseng< daniels> tseng: i assume because kicking all apps to re-read resolv.conf03:27
tseng          (*cough*FIREFOX*cough*) is a pain in the arse03:27
tsengthat makes sense03:27
=== mgalvin [~mgalvin@host-66-202-95-170.spr.choiceone.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mgalvinhi all03:27
ivoksso, we will end up running DNS on desktop systems :)03:28
Treenaksivoks: scarily, yes..03:28
siretart.oO( reviewing via revu is really more fun than via wiki... :) )03:28
ivokseven microsoft didn't do that :)03:29
ograivoks, i do...03:29
tsengwell i think IE still fucks up iof you change DNS03:29
ivoksogra: ?03:29
ograivoks, having a caching DNS locally is a fine thing.....03:29
Treenaksogra: locally: yes. but on
ograhaving bind running as this local dns is overkill03:30
ograTreenaks, nope, indeed03:30
ivokswe should have something else03:30
ivoksnot bind03:30
ivoksdjbdns :)03:30
ograi just run pdnsd normally03:30
=== Treenaks shudders at the thought of powerdns
=== Treenaks blames his employer
=== Lathiat shoots ivoks
\shsiretart: u have it running already?03:47
siretart\sh: http://siretart.tauware.de/revu03:52
siretart\sh: uploading should already work, but I have to add uploaders to my keyring and database manually03:52
siretart\sh: and many checkins since yesterday ;)03:52
=== imightbegiant [~imightbeg@ilamp-in-417.TIS.CWRU.Edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shsiretart: hmmm....use this as logo: http://www.mattel.de/images/pr/heman.jpg03:57
\shsiretart: and if u have time this evening lets get it running on the root server :)03:58
\shsiretart: u rock :)03:58
\shsiretart: and what do u want to use for autobuilding, sbuild or pbuilder?04:01
ivoksLathiat: why? :)04:02
=== ivoks isn't popular here :)
siretart\sh: LOL at the logo :)04:02
Lathiati just have a grudge against djb ;p04:02
siretart\sh: yes, lets do that later this week04:02
ivoksit was a joke :)04:02
ivoksoh, ion3...04:03
siretart\sh: for autobuilding: I would prefer sbuild, because others recommend it, and thats the software our buildd's are using. The output would be more even more comparable this way04:03
ivoksthat's trivial to fix04:03
siretartbut I never setup a sbuild, though04:03
\shsiretart: ok...i will try it on my laptop first :)04:04
siretartgreat :)04:04
=== jinty [~jinty@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== bddebian [~bddebian@user216-178-65-218.netcarrier.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksone question04:07
ivoksif i create file in /etc, in postinst script04:07
ivoksdo i have to add /etc in .dirs?04:07
=== bradb [~bradb@modemcable242.75-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mgalvinare package reviews being done yet?04:08
ivoksall day :)04:08
=== pef [~pef@erodia.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shsiretart: sbuild looks promising...I will do a test setup this evening...lets see ;)04:08
mgalvincool, could someone take a look at my cegui package?04:08
mgalvinand mmsrip?04:09
=== niran [~niran@cpe-67-10-213-51.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHello pef04:09
kikoI am having a problem with a silly java package04:11
mgalvini would like to get it into breezy since its a dep for other packages I am wokring on04:11
kikoSetting up sun-j2sdk1.5 (1.5.0+update03) ...04:11
kikomv: cannot stat `java': No such file or directory04:11
kikoupdate-alternatives: unable to rename java to /usr/bin/java: Invalid cross-device link04:11
kikoI suspect this means that the damned package doesn't assume /var and /usr are on separate devices04:12
kikois there a way to do all the unpacking etc a directory under /usr, such as /usr/tmp?04:12
tsengyou cant make a hardlink between devices04:12
tsengif thats what its trying04:13
=== tritium [~tritium@ee213-dhcp-8.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograkiko, yep... see man dpkg04:13
pefI have corrected the errors in my package in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUNewPackages, it's klibido, someone can check it ? thank you04:13
tritiumHello all.04:13
kikotseng, seems to be doing that, stupid package.04:13
=== mbeattie [~mbeattie@ool-4355f1f7.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograkiko, but note that we have blackdowns java in multiverse soon04:13
tsengblah andyfitz left04:14
ivoksi'll kill dholcbach :)04:14
kikoogra, man dpkg == no love04:14
siretartogra: blackdown in multiverse? they don't share the braindead distribution terms of sun?04:14
siretartthat would be great news!04:14
bddebianHeya tritium04:15
kikothey do afaik04:15
tritiumbddebian, how are you?  :)04:15
ograkiko, dpkg --unpack package_file ...04:15
bddebiantritium: Useless, how about you?04:15
\shpef: u talked to the maintainer guy from klibido?04:15
tritiumbddebian, no change here.04:15
pef\sh, yes, and I took his package for reference04:16
ivokshelp! help! :)04:18
\shpef: and why don't u use it directly, if it's coming from upstream=04:18
ivoksif I create file via potinst script, then it will not be removed on purge04:18
ivokshow to fix that?04:18
Riddell\sh: anything I need to do, anyone needing poked for review stuff?04:18
kikoogra, wtf does that unpackage to? :)04:20
pef\sh, because it doesn't install correctly without compiling the package from source http://klibido.sourceforge.net/ "Ubuntu Linux: The Debian package doesn't work on Ubuntu. However, after adding the deb-src to sources.list, it can easily be rebuilded on Ubuntu"04:20
ograkiko, unpacking ?04:20
ograkiko, *g*04:20
ograkiko, anywhere in /var/lib/dpkg i think04:21
ivoksogra: could you help me out a bit?04:21
\shpef: use the source package...(diff.gz,.dsc, orig.tar.gz) and rebuild it with the correct build-deps04:23
\shpef: cause if your package goes into ubuntu universe, u have to file an ITP with debian, and if there is already one, we have a syncing problem04:23
\shRiddell: ?? :)04:24
=== Vollstrecker [~werner@p54AB3B40.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kikoogra, nope04:25
=== Vollstrecker [~werner@p54AB3B40.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Verlassend"]
\shthink I will go home..and work further from home :(04:26
ograivoks, sorry, phone....04:26
ivoksogra: ok.. will wait :)04:26
pefklibido will be soon in the official debian repository, and I have already built an ubuntu package for it (from the official debian package), where should I put it for review ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUNewPackages is inadequate no ?04:29
tritiumJRe, ping04:32
JRetritium: pong04:32
tritiumJRe, I just noticed that you've packaged krecipes, and intend to contact me regarding merging our packages.04:32
JRetritium: right04:33
tritiumJRe, you're welcome to take it from me outright, if you like.04:33
=== pef is now known as pef_aw
ivoksmgalvin: ping04:34
JRetritium: you were forst packaging this so take a look at my package and if there is something youf dinf good, feel free to take it ;)04:34
pef_awJRe, hi ;)04:35
tritiumJRe, that's kind of you to offer, but if you want to maintain it, I think that's fantastic.04:35
JRehi pef_aw04:35
mgalvinivoks, pong04:35
ivoksmgalvin: i get 404 for your sources04:35
mgalviner, i just moved them, one sec...04:35
tritiumJRe, if you like, I'll take a look at your changes.  I take it from your comment that you split out the libraries into a separate package?04:36
ivoksi found them04:36
ivoks404 again :)04:36
ivoksok... working04:37
mgalvinok try now at http://www.simplifiedcomplexity.com/ubuntu/packages/source/04:37
ivoksnot good04:38
ivokscegui-mk2 (0.2.1-1) unstable; urgency=low04:39
ivoksshould be 0.2.1-0ubuntu1 breezy04:39
ivoksfix that, ok mgalvin?04:40
mgalvinok, that one, i was trying to get into debian and the maintainer has the updated package I made but hasn't uploaded it yet04:40
mgalvini will make that change so that we don't have to wait on him for now04:41
ivoksthat't reminds me...04:41
ivoksdo we check for RFP reports on packages?04:41
ivoksE: Couldn't find package libxerces26-dev04:42
ivoksoh, universe...04:42
tritiumJRe, I like what you've done.  Those changes were needed.  Since you're more focused on kubuntu, I'd like to let you have krecipes.04:42
JRetritium: okay if you prefer it this way ;)04:43
tritiumJRe, it's beneficial for both of us, and you've taken the next step, so go for it.04:44
JRetritium: okay :)04:44
ivoksmy CoC is approved04:45
tritiumJRe, thanks for doing that :)04:45
ivoksdon't get any wrong ideas :)04:45
=== bddebian is not touching that comment :-)
JRetritium: bah the program rock, end user should appreciate it (like my girlfriend...) ;)04:46
=== koke_ [~koke@adsl229-164.unizar.es] has joined #ubuntu-motu
koke_hi MOTUs!04:47
tritiumJRe, good.  I'm glad it'll work out :)04:47
koke_exams over! :)04:47
tritiumcongratulations, koke_ :)04:47
ivokshi koke_04:47
ivokskoke_: good job!04:48
koke_and only 3 days more of work :)04:48
koke_summer is here04:48
koke_I've been victim of SoC gossip :)04:48
koke_everybody thought I was accepted into Google SoC04:49
ivoksyou aren't?!04:53
koke_nope :( but I'll do FindingPackages anyway :)04:54
ivoksthat would be great04:54
koke_so... I've heard it's review day... what is left to be done04:55
koke_I need to recover my skills after so much study :)04:55
ivokstake a pick :)04:56
ivoksor https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUToReview04:56
mgalvinivoks, i made those cegui changes and the new package is up on my site05:01
mgalvini also updated the links on the wiki05:02
ivoksi'm building the old one05:03
ivokslooks good05:03
tritiumJRe, okay, I removed krecipes from my list.  :)05:06
tritium(on MOTUNewPackages)05:06
JRetritium: okay i'll work on this package for now!05:06
JRetritium: i'l look if there is a new upstream version first :)05:06
tritiumJRe, excellent.  Thanks again.05:06
ivoksmgalvin:  libcegui-mk2-0: description-synopsis-starts-with-a-capital-letter05:08
ivoksmgalvin: but that's debian problem...05:08
mgalvinok, i'm on it05:08
tritiumogra, has Willis been around lately?05:09
ivoksmgalvin: sorry, should've told you all mistakes in same time...05:09
ogratritium, i havent seen him05:09
tsengLathiat: huh.. ever used dovecot with krb505:10
ograivoks, so how can i help you ?05:10
ivoksogra: um... ah, yes!05:10
tritiumogra, okay, thanks.  He expressed some interest in gourmet.  Perhaps I should consider letting him package it, given my present work load.05:10
ivoksogra: if i create file via postinst script05:10
ivoksogra: it doesn't get removed on --purge05:11
ivoksogra: how to fix that?05:11
ograivoks, with a post/prerm script ?05:11
ivoksogra: right, but that will remove it on dpkg --remove to?05:12
ograit should, yes05:12
ivokshm... is that a problem? it's a configuration file for wifi-radar05:12
ivoksand, if i create file via postinst script, do I need to add etc in debian/dirs?05:13
ograit should work without that...05:14
ivoksmgalvin: i will give it OK but change that few things, ok?05:15
mgalvinivoks, ok, i made the changes already and am building the new package, it will be up on my site soon, thnx05:17
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=== jaldhar [~jaldhar@pcp09354467pcs.jersyc01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mgalvinivoks, just so you know, the new cegui is up on my site05:29
\shhmmm...i need some ubuntu hoary cds for friday05:29
ivokswhat's on friday?05:30
\shphp usergroup meeting in cologne05:30
ivoksuh, time for break..05:30
ivoksand a shower :)05:31
\shand strange that the cds for patrick arrived 2 weeks ago and my cds not *grmpf*05:31
=== \sh sits down and is drawing some ubuntu cd covers
ivoks\sh: i got reply from mako, finally :)05:33
ivokstime to go...05:34
ivokssee you05:34
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=== trygvebw [~trygvebw@216-24-197.5002.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shharharl...octave2.1 is going through..nice I can work again05:41
tritium\sh, that's good news05:42
\shtritium: at least my cxx stuff on my todo can be finished :)05:43
Lathiattseng: no (wrt krb5)05:43
=== DanielN [~daniel@80-218-240-48.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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siretart\sh: sistpoty has written a decent readme, check svn. this should be enough information to setup postgres and co05:58
\shsiretart: k05:59
mgalvinsiretart, ping06:01
tritiumsee you later06:07
=== tritium [~tritium@ee213-dhcp-8.ecn.purdue.edu] has left #ubuntu-motu []
siretartmgalvin: pong06:14
mgalvinsiretart, hi, the cegui maintainer is not going to upload cegui to debian for now so I have prepared it to be uploaded directly to breezy...06:15
mgalvinivoks OK'd it and i wondered if you could take a look at it, i would like to get it into breezy since its a dep for ogre06:16
siretartmgalvin: I'm currently at work, will review it if I get home (few hours)06:17
mgalvinsiretart, ok, no rush, i just wanted you to know its ready, thnx06:18
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0713.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksYes, I had similar problems and I gave up. I installed wifi-radar which06:22
ivoksdoes the job beautifully.06:22
ivoksoh, how nice is to hear this from users :)06:22
=== niran [~niran@cpe-67-10-213-51.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
uniqanyone up for reviewing a new version of my ipodslave package? - http://frode.kde.no/ubuntu/ipodslave/06:25
uniqyes, it's needed because it's no longer used in kde.06:30
uniqi've notified the author of ipodslave. but for now i must include it.06:30
ivokssomeone with more expirience whould review this...06:31
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JDahlI've noticed the Ubuntu bounty about Python scripting across Gnome applications - did anyone ever pick up the ball on that? I've recently become quite interested in Python scripting for Gnumeric, but their interface is very rudimentary.07:24
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=== t_ [~t@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianHello t_07:41
t_sorry to be a noon but what is motu?07:42
bddebianMaster Of The Universe07:42
t_master of the univers i get it!07:42
t_just being nosey really07:42
t_easiest linux idtro ever BTW07:43
=== RzR [~rzr@lav35-1-82-236-136-171.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
RzRi have a package ready , debian pple do not want :)07:44
t_sounds dubios07:44
RzRthe package is very simple see http://rzr.online.fr/q/Proxy07:45
t_not on this link...07:46
=== bradb [~bradb@modemcable082.64-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DanielNi don't get fixed it07:50
DanielNdammit :/07:50
DanielNinvalid use of void expression07:53
t_I shuld have RTFM - sorry guys! Bye.07:54
DanielNwhat's the problem?07:55
mitsuhikohey guys, does anyone know who I can ask something about the ubuntu hardware database?08:07
=== dholbach [foobar@td9091b8d.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengmitsuhiko: ogra08:08
ogramitsuhiko, me08:08
bddebianwb dholbach08:08
ogramitsuhiko, but why do you ask in -motu ?08:08
mgalvinhi dholbach08:08
dholbachhow's the review party going?08:08
dholbachsiretart: thanks for the reviews - i'll have a look at them08:10
mgalvinhow can a specify that a package is only for i386? nvidia-cg-toolkit x86 version08:11
dholbachin the Architecture: field08:11
mgalvinif the package is only for i386, should i also make the -doc only for i386?08:13
siretarthi folks!08:15
dholbachmgalvin: good question08:15
mgalvinhi siretart08:15
dholbachmgalvin: maybe not08:15
\shi would say all, cause it's independent08:15
\sh*yawn* re guys..this sleep was good :)08:16
siretartwb \sh :)08:16
siretartdinner, too ;)08:16
dholbachsiretart: you're on the news, erm i mean http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUNewPackages ;)08:16
mgalvini left it as all for now, but it just seems incorrect to be able to install docs on an arch where the package itself cannot be used08:16
dholbachsiretart: will uploads of fixed packages open a "new thread"?08:17
siretartdholbach: wooot! :)08:17
siretartdholbach: I have planned a flag in the db schema to differentiate between NEW and updated packages, but I haven't written the cronjob checking that yet08:18
dholbachsiretart: maybe you could link to the MOTUNewPackagesPolicy and PackagingTips/ReviewingTips at REVU08:18
dholbachsiretart: so it'll be a new one?08:18
=== JDahl [~qwerty@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2m1-135.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
siretartdholbach: good, Idea will add links in a second08:18
dholbachtake your time :)08:19
tsengdholbach: no, he is too fast08:19
siretartdholbach: I planned that a cronjob would check the package index from the archive and check if the package is already there08:19
\shdos anybody know a good start for sbuild?08:19
lamont__\sh: define "start"08:19
\shstart == howto?08:19
siretart\sh: http://people.debian.org/~aba/buildd/cheat.html is recommended often08:19
dholbachi'll be cooking and then do another 2-3 hours of review action :)08:19
siretartdholbach: have fun :)08:20
dholbachsiretart: we need color indicators of how many "advocates" there are for a package ;)08:20
tsengwe do.08:20
dholbach. o O { poor siretart }08:20
siretartdholbach: excactly what I had in mind: NEW Packages get another color, and with 3 advocates again another one08:21
\shsiretart: thx08:21
dholbachsiretart: with 1 2 3 :)08:21
dholbachsiretart: so we see what we can concentrate on, to get it in fast ;)08:21
siretartppl who want to speed up development are always welcome to contribute some code ;)08:21
\shsiretart: should we create also wanna-build and buildd stuff?08:24
\shwell, actually i will setup a buildd now, and then let's see if we can have fun08:24
siretart\sh: thats the part I didn't really understand completly, but as far as I understood it, we would only need wanna-build and buildd if we would want to build packages on other host, maybe on different architectures08:25
siretart\sh: sbuild seems to be the part how is started by buildd to do the actual building08:25
dholbachshall we add the    package-upstreamversion-0ubuntu0.<package-before-upload-to-ubuntu-revision>   pattern to our policy?08:27
\shsiretart: hmmm...so only sbuild then, no wanna-build cause it will send requests to the buildd08:27
siretart\sh: I think so. yes08:27
siretartdholbach: what problem do you want to solve with that policy?08:27
lamont__sbuild builds packages, buildd drives packages based on what is out-of-date in the archive08:27
\shlamont__: well, we need only sbuild08:28
lamont__\sh: right08:28
\shso i setup sbuild now, and testit....the trick behind it, it's the source repository, right?08:28
siretartdholbach: I've seen your reply. will add -i flag to lintian call08:28
dholbachsiretart: you can more easily see if somebody fixed something in the meantime and a potential 0ubuntu1 (once it's uploaded) even overrides the package you may have installed locally08:28
lamont__debootstrap --variant=buildd breezy chroot-breezy ...; create the right magic in /var/debbuild both in and out of the chroot; mount /proc and /dev/pts in the chroot08:29
dholbachsiretart: the kubuntu guys came up with it and i like it08:29
lamont__that's about all there is to it08:29
lamont__oh, and create the user in the chroot, and make sure that fakeroot got installed08:29
siretartsounds easy.. on my list :)08:29
lamont__\sh: as long as the chroot's sources.list point to a source repository, you can build that way, you can also sbuild -dbreezy foo_1.1.dsc08:30
\shlamont__: thx :)08:31
siretartdholbach: sounds not bad. I'm not sure how often we will have that problem, but it doesn't seem to hurt is anyway08:31
dholbachi'm going to upload - what? - 4 packages ;)08:32
dholbach4 new :)08:32
lamont__install -d -m0775 -o${U} $root $root/home/${U} ${root}/build/${U} \08:32
lamont__            ${root}/var/debbuild ${root}/var/debbuild/srcdep-lock08:32
lamont__for correct values of U and root08:32
siretart>> sudo mount --bind /proc /tmp/proc08:33
siretartmount: permission denied08:34
siretartthats the problem I cannot do it here08:34
\shlamont__: debootstrap --variant=buildd breezy chroots/breezy/ http://archive.ubuntu.com/archive ==> no breezy.buildd08:34
=== jaldhar [~jaldhar@pcp09354467pcs.jersyc01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lamont__\sh: which debootstrap are you running?08:35
\shargl...it's on hoary ;)08:35
lamont__yeah - you need to install the one from breezy08:35
tsengive been bootstrapping hoary and dist-upgrading the chroot08:35
\shlamont: not possible, run-deps are not fitting...08:36
tsengrather than screw around with pulling back glibc08:36
jbaileytseng: Downgrades from breezy glibc to hoary glibc are a bit finicky.08:36
tsengjbailey: yeah which is a good reason to avoid it08:37
lamont__\sh: then download it, unpack it, and copy foo/usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/breezy* into the real place08:37
\shlamont: only the breezy* from /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/?08:38
lamont__because there aren't any real changes other than adding the script08:38
lamont__the others should be identical08:38
\shbreezy.buildd is not in this dir...anyways08:38
lamont__from breezy?08:39
bddebianWhat do you folks use for maintainer and such, do you just leave it blank?08:39
tsengwe havent figured out a good process for the maintainer field yet08:40
tsengin most cases we make tiny changes that dont really make sense to change the maintainer08:40
tsengbut that still wrongly indicates bugs belong to debian08:41
bddebiantseng: This is not from Debian08:41
dholbachthat's what the Bugs: field is for08:41
tsengwell then the maintainer is the person who made the package08:41
bddebianGood, I'll put tritium then. :-)08:42
=== lamont__ puts his name in the changelog, and lets dpkg-buildpackage do what it wants
lamont__I don't change the control file08:42
mgalvini put my nvidia-cg-toolkit package up on MOTUNewPackages for review, there are some lintian errors, but i don't think these are fixable since it a prebuilt binary08:45
lamont__mgalvin: iz restricted?08:46
mgalvini haven't built this type of package before, so any advice is more than welcome08:46
\shok will go via hoary to breezy08:46
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-motu:dholbach] : Ubuntu Masters of the Universe: Ubuntu Universe Repository Maintainers | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Calendar | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUTodo | please file universe bugs in https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/+bugs | IT'S REVIEW DAY TODAY! JOIN US AND FEEL THE LOVE! | NEW package? go here: http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/
mgalvinlamont__, yes08:46
ogradholbach, i think your breezy goal needs to switch to green now ;)08:47
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-motu:dholbach] : Ubuntu Masters of the Universe: Ubuntu Universe Repository Maintainers | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUTodo | please file universe bugs in https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/+bugs | IT'S REVIEW DAY TODAY! JOIN US AND FEEL THE LOVE! | NEW package? go here: http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/
dholbachsorry for the noise08:47
ogradholbach, so JaneW will give you a gold star :)08:48
dholbachogra: it's not just MY goal, but siretart achieved QUITE A LOT with this08:48
dholbachogra: measuring the gold-star-ness of ExpandingUniverse isn't very easy ;)08:48
ogradholbach, doesnt matter, mention his part in the comments08:48
dholbachwe should something for UniverseCandidates and MOTUToReview as well08:49
dholbachthat'd be sweet08:49
bddebianYou should write step-by-step how-to's for morons like me too!! ;-)08:49
ogradholbach, but revu fullfillst te spec ;) so you can switch to the light green state.... if the tool is used day to day and apt-get.org is in switch to dark green (e.g. finished)08:49
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachi already thought about it: a good way of measuring, how much people like a special app might be counting unique WikiNames of personal pages08:49
\shsiretart: u have mail :)08:50
ograbddebian, thats tsengs/ajmitchs goal ;)08:50
dholbachogra: i'm a bist hesitant: you forget UniverseCandidates and gnomefiles.org/kdelook.org or whatever :)08:50
siretart\sh: just a moment ;)08:51
ogradholbach, but then you wil never achive the goal, you need to set milestones08:51
\shsiretart: u r the rocker of the month :)08:51
bddebianogra: Bah, but they already hate me. :-)08:51
ograbddebian, thats ok ;)#08:51
dholbachogra: i don't mind blue/green/yellow in this special case ;)08:51
ogradholbach, but canonical (JaneW especially) des08:51
mgalvinlamont__, its a dep of ogre3d which is used by many games08:52
dholbachogra: let me think about it08:52
ogradholbach, and siretart deserves to be put onto the goals page for that ;)08:52
ograas well a \sh08:52
ogradholbach, you might also rip me off as second and put these two in ;)08:53
\shogra: whatever it is...ask me first :)08:53
ogra\sh, fame08:53
\shogra: ah go away with fame :)08:53
dholbachsiretart: ^^08:54
\shogra: I'm not a monkey ;)08:54
ogra\sh, siretart, you both deserver a lot of fame for that :)08:55
\shsiretart: what should be the name of our sbuild?08:57
\shpeggy, march, bud, steve, marcy, al ?08:57
siretart\sh: done08:57
\shi'm up for marcy, the chicken ;)08:57
siretart\sh: elma, of course08:57
dholbach\sh: ouch :)08:58
\shok elma :)08:58
siretart\sh: ogras suggestion: elmo automated :)08:58
=== rcrochet [~rcrochet@rrcs-24-227-180-67.sw.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shhanging the user information for elma09:01
\shEnter the new value, or press ENTER for the default09:01
\sh        Full Name: Elmo Automated09:01
\shelma is setup :) congrats elmo :)09:01
\shnow i need a picture of elmo in a short skirt for the mails ;)09:02
dholbachoh man... poor elmo09:03
ograGUYS !!!09:03
ogra<ogra> sabdfl, http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/ do you tink we could have a vserver for that ?09:03
ogra<ogra> its python :)09:03
ogra<sabdfl> ogra: yes, with pleasure09:03
siretartgreat :)09:04
dholbachwoohoo! :)09:04
\shogra: we need to setup a sbuild for that...09:04
siretartogra: what kind of vserver is that?09:04
siretartogra: vmware? linux vserver?09:04
ograsiretart, no idea yet, but they are located in the canonical DC09:04
ogralinux vserver09:04
ograso we have plenty of bandwith09:04
siretartogra: thats the same problem as with tauware: linux vserver cannot run sbuild's :(09:05
ograhmm a pbuilder instead ?09:05
siretartogra: same problem: without the capability CAP_ADMIN, I cannot bind mount /proc and /dev/pts in the chroot09:05
ograi would suggest you just go on like planned for now, and we put it on the TB agnda for detailed discussion09:05
siretartand I don't think you would want to provide us with CAP_ADMIN09:06
siretartthat'll be best09:06
ograsiretart, doesnt CAP_ADMIN work in a chroot ?09:07
siretartogra: it does, but with CAP_ADMIN, but that's quite insecure09:07
siretarti'm no expert with linux vserver, but I think with CAP_ADMIN its possible to break out of the vserver.09:08
siretartbetter let's ask if its possible to run sbuild in the vserver and decide then09:09
ogralets see what TB says then09:09
\shlamont__: in the /var/lib/sbuild/source-depencies-stable what should I put there?09:10
lamont__\sh: empty file09:10
lamont__since that matches what the buildd will have.09:11
lamont__that file is used to provide a list of build-deps for packages that may or may not have them listed.09:11
lamont__ubuntu doesn't use it at all - you must have good build-deps09:11
=== jaldhar [~jaldhar@pcp09354467pcs.jersyc01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograIn /etc/fstab add a line like this as root user (in Ubuntu after09:16
ograinstalling root account has NO password so just type: su <ENTER> and09:16
ogravoila, you're root as ANY user)09:16
bddebianw00t == like yahoo or yeah haw, etc09:22
\shna thats clear09:23
\shogra: do u have hoary cds at home?09:24
\shat least 20-30?09:24
ogra\sh, 209:24
ograi386 only09:24
\shcrap..i need some for friday09:24
\shand my delivery is not there...09:24
\shand if I have luck, my gpg will be much more strong then now ;)09:26
\shogra: php ug meeting...and there r some devs of php around :)09:26
\shand some guys from o'reilly09:27
\shyepp..sebastian bergmann (php5 dev and book author) invited me and his next book will be released by o'reilly ;)09:28
\shnow it goes...lets try sbuild09:31
=== dr_kabuto [~dr_kabuto@ppp-225-159.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== \S2 [~s2@host110-40.pool8256.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartok, revu should now have its worst children diseases fixed. now some reviewing and then for the feature requests ;)09:37
\shsiretart: can't login09:40
\shand again09:41
siretart\sh: use username 'sh@linux-server.org' and the password you provided in the email09:42
\shelma@server3:~$ sudo rm -Rvf chroot-breezy/09:44
\shrm: cannot remove directory `chroot-breezy//dev': Device or resource busy09:44
\shrm: cannot remove directory `chroot-breezy//tmp/dir.MSZFoh': Device or resource busy09:44
Nafalloumount ;-)09:44
=== \S2 is now known as l337
\shsudo umount chroot-breezy/dev : umount: dev/: device is busy09:46
=== l337 is now known as simon123
ogra\sh, umount -l09:47
\sh-l dangling ;)09:48
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=== \S2 [~s2@host110-40.pool8256.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== sistpoty [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== l337 [~s2@host110-40.pool8256.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachsiretart: what was your complaint on marlin exactly? that i forgot the year of the copyright? like 2002-2004?09:57
siretartdholbach: yepp, the year. http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2003/12/msg00007.html has a good template09:59
bddebianIsn't it wrong that gourmet says it is GPL but doesn't have a copy of the GPL license?  At least not that I can see09:59
dholbachsiretart: ylright09:59
\shsomething i'm doing wrong10:00
\shcrap, what is it10:00
dholbachunfortunately new uploads break REVU slightly10:02
dholbachespecially if we should take the "new version policy" into account10:03
=== jinty [~jinty@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograbddebian, ask upstream to add a copy10:03
\shlamont__: Can't create lock file chroot-breezy//var/lib/sbuild/srcdep-lock/install.lock: No such file or directory <- normal for the first run, or should i install sbuild inside the chroot?10:04
lamont__you need to create those directories in the chroot, owned by the user that's running sbuild10:05
siretartdholbach: err, huh?10:05
\shlamont__: k thx10:06
dholbachsiretart: if you have at the index page10:06
dholbachsiretart: you'll see two clamtk entries :)10:06
dholbachsiretart: sorry, that's what i meant10:06
dholbachsiretart: and i'm sure if i upload *-0ubuntu0.2, i'll get another entry10:06
siretartdholbach: no, thats intended. because they are 2 different uploads10:06
dholbachsiretart: don't you think it'll clutter the site all up?10:07
=== GheRivero [~ghe@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachsiretart: but i can see what you mean10:07
siretartdholbach: I see your point, but I also want do be able to look at older uploads10:07
siretartdholbach: so older uploads should be archived immediatly10:08
dholbachsiretart: so we always have to upload a package we built with -S -sa10:08
siretartdholbach: for the time being, yes. Until someone figuers out how to fetch the orig tarball from the archive10:08
dholbachsiretart: "...you might find the packages..." -> "...you might find the pages..." :)10:09
dholbachsiretart: but now i'll stop complaining ;)10:09
siretartgnarf. thanks10:09
siretartnono, please go on :)10:09
siretartdholbach: I already have implemented a nuke facility but disabled the link to nuke off old downloads10:11
\sha jetzt ja eine insel10:11
dholbachoh, ROCK10:11
\shbc_1.06-17 is building ;)10:11
siretart\sh: w00t! :)10:12
\shah another error10:12
\shCan't open average time db /var/lib/sbuild/avg-build-times10:12
\shCan't open average space db /var/lib/sbuild/avg-build-space10:12
siretartperhaps touching them helps?10:12
sistpotyhi together10:13
\shlets see10:13
sistpotyr u just fiddling with revu?10:13
siretartsistpoty: huhu. yes, some kind of "finetuning", see svn log10:13
dholbachhey sistpoty10:14
dholbachyou guys ROCK!10:14
dholbachsistpoty: you're from nrnberg as well?10:14
sistpotysiretart: I'm just trying to get the css w3c-validated... can i update on tauware?10:14
\shsiretart: no10:14
sistpotydholbach: yes, (actually from fuerth)10:15
dholbachah cool10:15
dholbachif i should be there, i'll ping both of you for keysigning and beerdrinking ;)10:15
siretartsistpoty: just commit, ill update10:16
siretartsistpoty: i'm implementing the nuking now, dholbach is right, the page will fill up too quickly10:17
sistpotysiretart: could you update again?10:18
dholbachthe problem is that comments/advocates will be lost, right?10:18
siretartdholbach: the comments/advocates count for the upload10:19
dholbachthis will force people to have a look at it again and again10:19
siretartdholbach: see, what happens if packages actually gets uploaded in the archive? do you really want all old comments months ago to reappear?10:20
dholbachno, absolutely not, if it's uploaded to ubuntu10:20
siretartdholbach: what if the package gets uploaded, and later someone else prepares another upload. the comments from the old upload are most probably not valid anymore10:21
siretartyeah. thats the reason why commenting/advocating is so upload-centric10:21
\shno..can't get it10:21
\shlamont__: need another hint ;)10:21
dholbachsiretart: if a package gets uploaded you can nuke everything related to that package10:22
lamont__\sh: sup?10:22
\shCan't open average time db /var/lib/sbuild/avg-build-times10:22
\shCan't open average space db /var/lib/sbuild/avg-build-space10:22
siretartdholbach: I have a script (nuke_upload) ready whys deletes all comments and the upload tuple itself from the database. deleting the files on the filesystem must go manually atm. thats the reason why I havn't it enabled yet10:23
dholbachok, i see10:23
lamont__chown shermann /var/lib/sbuild /var/lib/sbuild/ /var/lib/sbuild/srcdep-lock10:23
lamont__\sh: both in and out of the chroot10:23
\shahhh :)10:23
dholbachsiretart: i really don't want to complain, you did awesome work, i'm just thinking about it10:23
sistpotyhm... maybe when there is new upload, we could give links to the old upload on the details page10:24
\shanother try10:25
\shthx lamont__ you're my favorite10:25
\shit works10:25
\shnow for the bloody mod_python stuff10:26
\shsiretart: sbuild works :)10:26
siretartdholbach: yes, I did think also alot about this one, but I considered the way it is now because it was easy and quick to implement10:27
siretart\sh: great :)10:27
\shlamont__: can I say to sbuild where it should store the resulting binary packages?10:27
siretart\sh: did you understand how the scripts in hook.d work? revu would 'just' need another hook for elma/sbuild10:27
lamont__\sh: sbuild stores them in .10:28
\shlamont__: right, but no way to say: put it there, instead of "."?10:28
lamont__not that I know of10:28
siretartdholbach: but you're right. there is absolutly room for improvment. still I think the current state is also more comfortable to use than the wiki10:29
\shsiretart: no i don't have a clue right now...I have to read10:29
siretart\sh: the scripts in hook.d are called with the directory in incoming as only parameter.10:30
\shsiretart: where is "hook.d" be places? in the chroot or in the main sbuild user dir?10:30
=== dooglus_ [~dooglus@rincevent.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== TMM [~hp@c51471f2c.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretart\sh: it's in the svn. it can be anywhere, you have to adjust that in scripts/process_uploads.sh anyway10:33
\shsiretart: so it doesn't have to do anything with sbuild...only with revu10:34
=== TMM [~hp@c51471f2c.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartdholbach: 'nuke' links enabled. be careful, no confirmation is asked ;)10:34
dholbachhehe :)10:34
siretart\sh: jepp!10:34
=== tseng > home
dholbachbye tseng10:36
ograhmm, tseng is bigger then home10:36
ogramust be a small house10:36
siretartor a really big tseng ;)10:36
Mithrandiractually, he overwrote everything in his home with himself.10:37
Mithrandirwhich will make him surprised when he gets there, I guess.10:38
siretartok. Now everyone with upload permissions to universe should be able to upload to revu, too!10:43
siretartthey cannot login, though, because they have not a password set. but uploading is a start :)10:43
=== doko [~doko___@dsl-084-059-070-029.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartwhops. I think I found a problem10:50
siretartthe uploads have a signed .changes file. so anyone could fetch the changes file and upload it to the archive.. hmm10:50
siretartI think I'll just delete the changes file after processing, what do you think?10:51
ograsiretart, but they have also signed changes files if they are in publich personal archives, whats wrong with that ?10:51
ograi.e. if i upload a package to my personal arch, i uploas dsc, diff.gz, orig.tar.gz and changes.... so you could grab it there anyway10:53
siretartogra: yeah, but perhaps there are some problems with the package, someone else grabs the package and uploads it to ubuntu. the upload will be accepted, because your key is also in the uploaders keyring of ubuntu10:54
dholbachsiretart: could we have a column for advocates per package/upload? ;)10:55
siretartdholbach: yes. already on my list10:57
dholbachexcellent *hug siretart*10:57
dholbachok uploaded a bunch of fixed packages10:58
dholbachsiretart: !!! :)11:01
siretartdholbach: was easier than I thought :)11:02
dholbachcount() is your friend ;)11:02
siretartwhat do you like better, 3(1), or 3/1?11:02
dholbachand an update of the title row maybe to indicate what's going on11:03
siretartyep, thats another file ;)11:03
dholbachwhat about the main uploaders? can they add comments too?11:04
dholbachseb128 and mvo did some reviews11:04
dholbachfabbione as well11:04
siretartdholbach: as soon as they mail my a password11:05
siretartmail me11:05
dholbachah ok11:05
siretartah "lost password" link would be great, too, but thats too much for this evening ;)11:06
dholbachi STRONGLY URGE each and every motu to USE REVU! NOW! upload your crack and shorten the lists on MOTUNewPackages, kthxbye11:06
sistpotyyippie, i got revu working on my own machine :) i'll document things in the readme g11:07
siretartsistpoty: w00t! :)11:07
siretartsistpoty: r47 checked in11:08
\shhmmm....what about a mailinglist ?11:08
sistpotywould be great... as well as commit mails :)11:08
\shi need a mailinglist...and I'm too lazy to setup mailman in my environment now ;)11:09
siretart\sh: mailling list for commit mails or uploads?11:09
siretartI think my mailman setup could still work here.. hmm lets see11:09
\shsiretart: commit mails, or buildlogs ;)11:09
siretart\sh: ah. good idea ;)11:10
\shand I can't login ;)11:10
\shno doesn't work11:11
siretartsistpoty: I enabled the commit mails for both of us11:13
sistpotysiretart: cool :)11:13
sistpotyn.b. is apache2 in ubuntu the same package as in debian (does the config-directory-structure differ?)?11:14
siretartsistpoty: http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/patches/apache2/ <- here is the difference to debian11:16
siretartno changes to directory structure11:17
siretarthm. mailman seems to be a bigger building site here..11:18
=== minghua [~minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartdoes anyone know frode doeving?11:19
\sh siretart can u look whats up with the login?11:19
uniqsiretart: it's me.11:20
siretart\sh: did you use your email address as login name?11:20
dholbachuniq: may i introduce you to siretart  :)11:20
uniqdholbach: thanks :)11:20
siretartah, hi uniq  - never read you before :)11:20
siretartuniq: I will add you to the keyring, but please get your key signed by someone in the strong set11:21
siretartuniq: this is a requirement for motus anyway11:21
=== blueyed [~daniel@iD4CC0E21.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
uniqsiretart: i'm working on it.. it's kinda hard where i'm located geographically.11:22
dholbachuniq: where are you?11:22
uniqnorthern norway, not even close to mithrandir and the others.11:22
siretartuniq: hm. I see..11:23
=== minghua [~minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
dholbachuniq: we have a process for that, you could send a copy of your keyID (you have to take it to a notary or bank or something, so they verify who you are) - send all this via snailmail to mako11:24
uniqdholbach: oh.. nice. that's probably easier and less expensive than a flight +++ to have it signed.11:25
\shsiretart: can u provide me with a apache config for mod_python...which packages11:25
dholbachuniq: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnsignedGpgKey11:25
dholbachso how's the review day going on?11:25
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0713.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachhey ivoks11:26
dholbachreview party! :)11:26
ivokshey dholbach11:27
ivoksi fixed wifi-radar :)11:27
dholbachi saw it11:27
ivoksreview uber alles :)11:27
dholbachwill you upload it to revu?11:27
dholbachi'll give my signature after another look11:27
dholbachrevu rocks11:27
ivoksyeah? great11:27
tsengogra: i was redirecting myself11:28
ogratseng, ahh, yes...11:28
siretartuniq: you got mail11:29
=== imightbegiant [~imightbeg@ilamp-in-417.TIS.CWRU.Edu] has left #ubuntu-motu []
uniqsiretart: thanks.11:29
siretartyou're welcome11:30
ivokssiretart: great job with revu!11:30
siretartivoks: thanks, but there is still a lot of work todo!11:31
ivokssiretart: we are here to help you11:32
ivoksok, uploaded to revu11:32
dholbachivoks: i remove it from MOTUNewPackages, ok?11:33
\shsistpoty: ping11:33
ivoksdholbach: ok11:34
\shanybody has a clue if mod_python is running with user/group settings when I set them in apache2?11:37
siretart\sh: I think it should run as user www-data11:38
\shsiretart: but sbuild user is elma ;)11:38
\shi need to get this in sync11:38
ivoksnot www-data11:39
ivoksthat's why there is suexec11:41
=== GazerWork [~gazer@mail.aktiv-assekuranz.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivokslilo flood :)11:41
=== katzor [~udssr@p54BA0A36.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengi wish he knew what a wallop was11:42
katzorhi guys, i tried to build a deb but it fails to sign...11:42
tsengim on 2 other networks and neither sends me global messages. certainly not begging for more money11:42
\shrock guys..11:43
\shanonymous uploads with new permissions runs ;)11:43
\shwe're coming to the end ;) lets make some python stuff running11:43
dholbachkatzor: hi, did you change the entry in debian/changelog to read your name and mail adress?11:43
=== mrfrost [~mrfrost@dsl-084-056-107-116.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
katzoroh, yes i did11:44
dholbachyou have a gpg key?11:44
katzorit gets shown when i pgp --list-key11:45
ivoksrevu is revulution :)11:45
dholbachmaybe set DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL?11:46
dholbachivoks: left a note :)11:46
katzori'll try11:46
GazerWorkdholbach, I'm not sure if I understood well your last commentary about my package (ceferino)11:46
dholbachGazerWork: hey :)11:46
ivoksthanks guys11:46
dholbachGazerWork: dpkg-source -x *.dsc wants a *_0ubuntu2.orig.tar.gz11:47
ivoksi'm still not familiar with cdbs, so that will wait for next release11:47
dholbachivoks: it's lovely :)11:47
dholbachGazerWork: <package>_<upstream-version>.orig.tar.gz would be ok11:47
dholbachivoks: hm, maybe use dpatch?11:48
dholbachivoks: at least your patch should be in debian/11:48
GazerWorkdholbach, but the package is ceferino_0.95.orig.tar.gz (0.95 is upstream version)11:48
ivoksit is in debian/patches11:48
katzorstill, it says gpg: skipped `Martin Schmeisser <SchmeisserMartin@gmail.com>': secret key not available11:48
katzorgpg: [stdin] : clearsign failed: secret key not available11:48
GazerWorkdholbach, why dpkg-sorce whats _0ubuntu2.orig.tar.gz ?11:48
dholbachGazerWork: let me have another look11:49
GazerWorkdholbach, thx11:49
dholbachkatzor: is this exactly what gpg tells you?11:50
katzoroh, yes11:50
ivoksdholbach: i'll checkout dpatch and do some changes tomorrow then11:51
dholbachivoks: it's easy to use11:51
GazerWorkkatzor, try gpg -K to see if your secret key is listed11:51
ivoksi'm sure it is11:51
ivoksbut it's 00:00 and i didn't drink water few minutes ago :)11:52
dholbachjust add the targets as mentioned in /usr/share/doc/dpatch to debian/rules and then dpatch-edit-patch my-brilliant-patch11:52
uniquhm. dput ate my ppc debs too.. oh well..11:52
dholbachuniq: source packages should be fine11:52
dholbachGazerWork: daniel@bert:~$ LC_ALL=C dpkg-source -x ceferino_0.95-0ubuntu2.dsc11:52
dholbachdpkg-source: failure: cannot read ./ceferino_0.95-0ubuntu2.tar.gz: No such file or directory11:52
katzordholbach, that lists my pub keys11:53
uniqdholbach: i know, just hoped dput would choose only source packages when i .changes as an argument.. but the .debs were uploaded too..11:53
siretartuniq: please upload with full source (option -S -sa) and no binaries to revu (just in case ;)11:53
GazerWorkdholbach, oks, I'll fix that11:53
dholbachuniq: what did you pass to debuild?11:53
uniqdholbach: i use pbuilder.11:54
GazerWorkkatzor, try using -k<keyid> when call dpkg-buildpackage11:54
dholbachkatzor: if you really have a gpg key with the same userID, i have no clue - you may want to ask on #ubuntu-devel11:54
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachuniq: yeah, but for building the source package before11:54
uniqdholbach: i have source packages and all.11:54
dholbachuniq: i'm sure you invoke something like    debuild -S -sa11:54
katzorill try, thanks for your effort guys!11:55
siretartkatzor: better build without signing (-us -uc) and sign your .changes with "debsign" afterwards11:55
dholbachuniq: how do you "update" source packages once you did a change?11:55
=== l337 [~s2@host110-40.pool8256.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
uniqdpkg-source -b source-dir/11:56
katzorGazerWork s Method hekped11:56
dholbachuniq: try    debuild -S   in the source tree (and -sa if you have to upload orig.tar.gz as well)11:56
uniqdholbach: after dpkg-source -b i run pbuilder build package.dsc11:56
dholbachuniq: yeah, that's good, but we're talking about the step before pbuilding :)11:57
GazerWorkKaloz, you're welcome11:57
=== sistpoty [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
uniqdholbach: ah.. stupid me :)11:58
dholbachuniq:   debuild -S   gives you the nice .dsc and .diff.gz and adds the information which files are going to be uploaded to .changes, if you add   -sa   you upload .orig.tar.gz as well11:58
dholbachuniq: don't worry - it took me ages to get the hang out of this ;)11:58
uniqthere. finally.11:59
uniqipodslave uploaded.11:59
ivoksdholbach: i have to put my patch in source tree, not debian tree?11:59
dholbachivoks: all the stuff you add/change goes into debian/12:00
siretartuniq: there was/is a small bug with the key. please use 'frode@lnix.net' to login in future12:00
ivoksi know that, that's why i'm asking12:00
GazerWorkdholbach, done :)12:00
ivoksdpatch-edit-patch: Error: "/home/ivoks/dcc/wifi-radar-1.9.4/debian/patches" is not the toplevel directory of a Debian package, aborting.12:00
dholbachah ok12:00
dholbachivoks: invoke dpatch-edit-patch from wifi-radar-1.9.4/12:01
uniqsiretart: ok. thanks.12:01
dholbachsorry for being unclear12:01
ivoksah, ok :)12:01

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