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infinityMorning, Fabio.06:39
fabbionehey infinity 06:54
fabbionethey will upgrade my adsl soon07:01
infinitySee, now I hate you.07:07
infinityI'm stuck at 1.5/256 for at least the next 6-9 months.  Maybe longer.07:07
fabbionei didn't decide to upgrade07:08
fabbionemy ISP did lower the prices07:08
fabbioneand they did send me a notification that they will increase my bw for the same price07:09
fabbionefrom 2M/512 to the above07:09
fabbionei can decide to lower the price and keep the bw :)07:09
fabbionebut more bw > *07:09
=== fabbione increases the ubuntu and debian mirrror partitions a bit more
infinityI assume you just carry partial mirrors?08:30
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Riddelldoko: did you see that wv2 needs recompiled for gcc 4?12:55
danielschrist, 6mb12:55
danielsinfinity: armadale doesn't have the iinet dsl2 infrastructure?12:56
elmosorry, my bad.01:10
elmolaminity: ?01:10
elmodaniels: I got suckered into upgrading a breezy chroot and have a fucked X (libx11-6 vs xlibs-data, file overwrites and conflicts)01:11
elmodaniels: is there a safe way to get out of this, or shall I just brute --force my way out?01:12
Mithrandirelmo: --force-depend-ing in the libx11-6, then just running apt-get -f install works, iirc.01:12
elmoMithrandir: good call, that seems happy.  thx01:15
danielselmo: yeah, need to fix that, thanks01:17
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infinityelmo : You rang?01:48
infinitydaniels : No, our exchange (Malvern) is scheduled to get iinet DSLAMs in Q3 this year.01:48
infinityelmo : Also, when do my two dead buildds get CPR? :/01:50
elmoinfinity: tomorrow, I hope01:51
elmoinfinity: hoary-backports is ready01:51
elmoon the katie side - are buildds ready?01:51
danielsyou're shitting me01:52
infinityThey will be first thing in the (my) morning, tomorrow.01:52
infinitydaniels : Bring it up tomorrow, if you want to hear a drunken rant on the subject.01:54
danielssounds like a plan01:55
danielsit sounds like arseloads of crack though01:55
daniels(and I do mean literal arseloads -- snorting it off a hooker's arse, in this case)01:55
infinityelmo : Does it allow source-only uploads from the main keyring, or only automated source "copies"?01:55
elmonothing yet01:55
elmowell, everything atm01:55
elmoI'm not sure how best to tie it down and/or import source atm01:56
infinityRight. :)01:56
infinityYeah, me neither.01:56
infinityThe whole thing is kinda making me want to cry.  I don't think anyone's really thoguht this through.01:56
infinityie: Without compartmentalising this in small "package groups" (ie: backport foo, bar, and baz, which al interdepend, but nothing else, lather, rinse, repeat), are we not going to end up with all backports being built against each other to the point where hoary-backports looks a lot like "breezy on hoary's glibc"?01:57
infinityI'm frightened. :)01:57
infinityOh well.  I'll whine later.  I'll make the buildds go in ~12 hours, and we can shove some source packages through to make sure it's happy or something.01:59
fabbioneinfinity: ahhaah02:01
fabbione"breezy on hoary's glibc"?02:01
fabbioneinfinity: what does make you feel so sure that new glibc won't land in backports?02:02
infinityBecause we'll blacklist it?02:02
jbaileyfabbione: If it does, I quit. =)02:02
infinityI'd prefer to blascklist all of main, but I don't think that'll fly. :/02:02
fabbionebut new glibc are sooooo 3133702:02
=== infinity -> anywhere without a computer.
fabbionecya infinity 02:03
fabbionei am going to stop soon too02:03
fabbionefor once i want to try the experience to stop within the contract working hours02:04
=== fabbione goes offline for a little while
chmjjbailey, 02:16
jbaileyHeya Charles02:16
chmjjbailey, ping 02:16
chmjhello 02:16
lamontelmo: buildd's are just waiting to be told to add it to the dist list03:21
lamontunless infinity already did that03:21
lamonthrm... crested doesn't seem to be happy03:23
fabbionehey lamont 03:24
fabbioneisn't crested one of the 2 dead amd64 buildd?03:25
fabbionetogether with king03:25
jbaileylamont: Heya, lagging on the gcc-opt stuff I owe you, I'll try soon.03:25
dokojbailey: I was looking into multiarch support, and discovered, that we always include i486-linux, even if we are compiling with -m64. Mithrandir did tell me you do know about it. So currently we cannot add multiarch support until it's fixed.03:42
jbaileydoko: ISTR that I also suggested how to fix it...  I can cook up a patch and pass it around for review.03:43
dokojbailey: did I miss something? I cannot find a report or an email03:45
jbaileyNo, when I told Tollef.03:46
dokoahh, ok03:47
dokoinfinity: ping04:31
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