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\shRiddell: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10464 is it actual?09:37
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\shhmmm...just patched akregator 09:56
pefhow can I find the right section in the control file for a package ? Is there any recommendations on how to choose a suitable section ? In the Debian documentation I only found this : http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-subsections10:00
pefmy package is datakiosk10:02
pefat the moment I think x11 is the most apropriate10:02
\shpef: less /usr/share/lintian/checks/fields.desc and search for section10:03
pef\sh: thank you :)10:06
pefany kde apps should have kde section ?10:07
\shdepends...kmail has mail as section10:08
\shbut the source (kdepim) has x1110:09
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hungerThese vanishing and reappearing kwallets are a PAIN!11:29
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hungerThe ksysguard applet is broken for good now...11:40
hungerIt can no longer display any data! It used to be only broken for cpufreq, then it worked again for a while, now it is completly dead.11:41
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Ayakopef: it's normal that www6.erodia.net is not responding? 12:29
pefAyako: yes, my gateway (wrap with m0n0wall) doesn't support ipv6, I will work at this later12:30
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\shRiddell: please  have a look on https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10464 ...01:30
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hungerWhat do I need to do to get a kde session in gdm/kdm after installing kubuntu-desktop?03:21
uniqselect KDE from the session list.03:24
hungeruniq: How do I get it listed there?03:24
hungeruniq: It is missing:-(03:24
uniqthe display managers find the .desktop file in /usr/share/xsesions/03:26
hungeruniq: Only gnome there...03:26
uniqksmserver should provide the kde file.03:27
hungerAnd shouldn't that kind of data reside in /etc?03:27
uniqapparently not.03:28
hungeruniq: Might be a good idea to add that to kubuntu-desktop...03:28
uniqkubuntu-desktop should bring it in.03:28
hungeruniq: It does not.03:28
uniqkwin and kdebase depends on it.03:28
hungeruniq: I did install kubuntu-desktop (it is at the newest version), but I was missing ksmserver.03:30
uniqyou installed it from the official ubuntu repositories right? 03:30
uniq3.4.0? 03:30
hungeruniq: Official breezy.03:30
uniqok. breezy. i'll check.03:31
hungeruniq: Last updated about an hour ago.03:31
uniqwell.. kdebase in breezy depends on ksmserver too.. 03:32
uniqwhat if you try to apt-get install ksmserver? 03:32
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froudhi, where can I download a colony 1 ISO for kubuntu?03:33
uniqfroud: not available.03:34
hungeruniq: Then a desktop file shows up in /usr/share/xsession.03:34
=== hunger wonders whether he has to log into kde three times for it to work (as he has to do with gnome).
uniqah.. nice one.. you discovered a problem with kubuntu-desktop.03:36
uniqkwin only suggests ksmserver and kdebase is not a dependency at all.03:36
hungeruniq: Good:-)03:37
hungeruniq: I was already starting to doubt my sanity.03:37
hungeruniq: (k)ubuntu behaves *really* strange today.03:37
uniqheh.. i just installed kubuntu on a pc at work today.. and it was so easy. i was sure i did something wrong.03:38
hungeruniq: Well, my laptop is too new for ubuntu:-(03:39
hungeruniq: Need all kinds of stuff that is not in ubuntu or is too old there.03:39
hungeruniq: And I am refering to breezy here;-)03:39
uniqthe work-laptop i installed on is a few years old. so everything was just working. that's nice :)03:39
uniqhunger: oh. pretty new laptop then )03:40
hungeruniq: Yep... T43p03:40
hungerA really nice machine... unfortunately so far only in windows.03:41
uniqthat is a very nice machine. 03:42
hungeruniq: tpm module doesen't work with breezy's (new) kernel, WLAN needs a newer wireless-tools, ubuntu insists on hdparm'ing the SATA drive and spams the screen failing, suspend and hibernate are broken, gnome does not start the first two times a user logs in, ...03:44
hungerNo idea whether the modem will work, IRDA and bluetooth is untested, buttons do not work yet.03:45
hungerAt least the thinklight works... so it was worth getting a thinkpad;-)03:46
uniqhehe :)03:46
uniqsounds like fun.03:47
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uniqsounds like fun.03:47
uniqriddell: updated kubuntu-desktop to add ksmserver. at http://frode.kde.no/ubuntu/breezy/kubuntu-desktop - please upload to breezy. thanks :)03:59
uniqa nice bonus for people to be able to login to kde after installing kubuntu-desktop :)04:01
hungeruniq: Thanks for fixing this so fast!04:04
uniqhunger: no problem, just need riddel to upload it for me. i don't have upload access.04:06
hungerHmmm.... why does the CDROM icon stay behind after I selected to have it ejected and have actually removed the CD from the drive?04:08
uniqin media:/ ? 04:09
hungerNo, on the desktop04:09
uniqno idea.04:09
hungerlooks like a problem here... kde just crashed.04:09
hungerAnd before that the gnome did behave *really* strange... so I think I have some issue here.04:10
pefI've build ubuntu package for datakiosk, I'v mentionned this here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuSuggestedPackages under "Suggested Packages that are being worked on", now where should I submit my package for review ?04:15
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uniqi can also take a look at it if you want.04:16
pefit's uploading..04:16
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pefuniq: if you have a few time to have a look : http://dl.erodia.net/kubuntu/datakiosk/04:37
pefuniq: oups, forget, I've missed the build-depends05:02
uniqpef: tell me when you're ready, if i'm not here i'll read the awaylog and look at it when i get some time.05:26
uniqriddell: updated kubuntu-default-settings with kuserrc changing start uid and gid to 1000 instead of 500. to close #1185405:31
pefuniq: I won't miss05:32
alleeuniq: just a weird idea, not sure if it works.  kconf allows to execute programs to get the value.  so something like grep '^UID_MIN=' | awk ... 05:36
allees/works/is worth/05:36
uniqwhy would you want that? 05:37
alleeHe, min_uid is 20000 on some hosts here (local uid policy)05:38
uniqhmm.. well.. 05:39
uniqusers this is kubuntu-default-settings :)05:39
alleeSo if, for whatever reason someone changes local setting via login.defs  kuser will pick it up automaticly.  But I guess only a minority changes the value05:39
alleeuniq: yes, it's default.  But to change it one has to fix a hardcoded 1000 in at least 2 places.05:40
uniqi'm aware of that.. the feature would be nice, but don't know where we should place that script.05:40
alleeuniq: directly in the conf file.  I don't remember what value[$ ]  is necessary to get embedded command executed05:42
uniqso we sould execute that each time kuser starts? 05:42
uniqhmm.. 05:42
alleeuniq: nevertheless it's a patholigic example. Your example just reminded me that there is such a feature.  maybe really handy at other places05:43
uniqyeah, totaly agree :)05:43
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froudnightly update to http://lnix.net/~froud/ complete09:11
uniqgreat :)09:15
froudgotta keep notifying people. hoping we can get more people to contribute09:16
uniqyes, your work is great :)09:16
uniqreally nice.09:17
froudall will change if there is a graphical installer. 09:17
froudI wonder if somebody here could check what I did with the .desktop files for kubuntu docs09:18
froudI got it working on my system, but I am not sure I did it correctly09:18
uniqwhich file do i check? 09:18
froudeverything in https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/kde/khelpdesktop09:19
froudinstruction in https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/kde/khelpdesktop/READ.INFO09:19
uniqand you're wondering what you did to make it work? 09:22
froudno it works as a plugin, but I am not sure this is the correct way to do it :-)09:23
uniqor if it's the correct way to do it?09:23
uniqah. ok.09:23
uniqi think it's the correct way.. but i'm no khelpcenter guru.09:25
froudhe he, ok09:25
uniqshould ask riddell or amu when they get back.09:26
froudnow I need somebody to make a debian/ folder so we can test packaging09:26
uniqthat i can do.09:27
froudthere's a few steps09:27
froud1. in kde/ do make kall09:28
froud2. tarball all of build/kde09:28
froud+ the the stuff in kdesktophelp09:28
froudinstall it in the locations described in READ.INFO09:28
froudthere are no dependancies09:29
froudas you can see I have used kio-slave help for things like CSS and links to upstream KDE docs09:30
uniqwhen you say kde/, you're talking about https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/kde/ right? 09:30
froudyes see Makefile09:30
froudMake kall build everything in build/kde/09:30
uniqok. got it.09:31
froudif I can get a package built I will upload it, nightly, to linx.net/~froud09:31
frouduniq: do we need to make a src package09:32
uniqthere will be a source package automatically.09:32
froudkubuntu-doc and kubuntu-doc-src ??09:32
uniqno need for that.09:33
froudOK leave it to you :-)09:33
froudthanks again for your help09:33
uniqthank YOU :)09:33
uniqfor your help on kubuntu docs :)09:34
froudhas there been any decision between OOo and KOffice?09:41
uniqnot that i know of. riddell and amu are busy with other stuff right now. and they are pretty much the kubuntu core.09:42
froudsure, just thought somebody may have had news09:43
uniqi'll tell you when i find out.09:43
alleefroud: your desktop files use in DocPath complete URLs, while app desktop files use patch relativ to /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/<lang>/09:52
froudallee: what does kde use en or C09:53
froudallee: I have not seen a language example in plugins09:54
alleefroud:  /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML has on en no C so I guess it's en09:54
alleefroud: but what <lang> is used is determined by controlcenters language settings09:55
froudI am not sure what I need to do about i18n09:55
froudat docteam our xml becomes pot and placed in Rosetta09:56
froudwe get back po files and create lang specific xml09:56
alleefroud: did you try install below /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/<lang>/kubuntu/?09:56
froudthen we store each lang in its own folder09:56
froudI can09:56
froudits a small change09:56
alleethat how khelpcenter docs are organized09:57
froudOK thanks09:57
alleeKDE docs are also splitted in POT and later reasambled.  Beast that does this is scipty afaik09:57
froudwe use poxml from kdesdk09:58
froudand then have our own scripts 09:58
froudI will also take a look at scripty09:59
alleemhmm there lots of Name[<lang>] =<empty> string.  Is this correct?  Shouldn't they be removed to the fallback Name= is used?09:59
froudwhere are you seeing that?10:00
alleeNo I have english desktop10:00
froudme too :-)10:00
froudwe are not using the kde make files10:00
froudperhaps we should10:01
froudbut then we also do not use the KDE DTD10:01
froudso the language stuff and transformations for all langs is done by us and then packaged10:02
froudeach lang has its own doc pack, I think10:02
alleeA Kubuntu DTD is fine here ;)   Btw. is there a variant of the ubuntu brownish CSS stuff that is blueish?10:03
froudallee: we use the docbook dtd no custom layer10:03
froudCSS is from kde10:03
froudwe get it from help://khelpcenter/common/10:04
froudBut I dont know how to add the blue top that you get in all other kde docs10:04
alleesorry fround I skipped form help:/ stuff to www.ubuntu.org CSS assuming you can read my mind :(10:04
froudIt would be need if we could have Kubuntu branding in the header of Kubuntu Docs10:05
alleelook at any KDE index.cache.bz2  to find out there customizations come from10:06
froudallee: CSS used is from KDE upstream. Trying to keep at least the formatting looking the same10:06
alleebtw. before you get a wrong impression.  content if far more important (congrats).  Nice outfit is a goody IMHO10:07
froudsure, thanks. I was actually hoping one of the developers could help me figure out the outfit stuff. I am good with docbook but not much good with the outfit stuff10:08
alleefroud: polishing is done before release ;)10:10
froudsure, thanks for the tip on those index.cache.bz2 files that has given me some direction. It's like figuring out a big jigsaw puzzle :-)10:11
alleelol.  the puzzle is fast at least;)10:11
froudwith your help, yes10:12
alleemhmm, when one uses a admin doc/Makefile.am doc/kubuntu/*.docbook as in all kde apps.  You get the KDE outfit for free (assume the header of the kde docbook)10:19
alleelooking at build log of kde apps:10:20
allee$ /usr/bin/meinproc --check --cache index.cache.bz2 /home/ach/kde/kipi/digikamimageplugins/0.7.3/digikamimageplugins-0.7.3/./doc/pt_BR_digikamimageplugins/index.docbook10:20
froudeven when you dont use the kde.dtd?10:21
alleefroud: no idea.  Btw. what would be the problem to use kde.dtd.  AFAIU it's a docbook extention (or whatever the right SGML name is for it)10:22
froudsome docs are profiled and therefore shared for gnome10:22
froudlike the install guide10:23
froudalso using KDE DTD reduces possabilities10:23
froudfor example print output10:23
froudxml > xsl;fo > pdf10:23
alleehmm, would it be hard to replace browish with blueish? in the ubuntu.dtd10:23
froudwe dont have an ubuntu.dtd only the docbook.dtd10:24
frouddo you see brown now?10:24
froudu using a gnome desktop?10:24
froudthe css file used in help://common/kde-default.css10:25
alleefroud: X again broken on breezy here.  So all I see right now is stuff on the web :(10:25
froudif you r using konqueror or khelpcenter it will use the css above10:25
froudthe cross refernces between Kubuntu docs to KDE docs also use the help:/ io-slave10:26
froudso we can do help://foo-app10:27
froudAt this time I will ship only HTML10:27
alleeI promise to fix X once again and try (hopefully uniq has some debs then ;)10:27
froudmainly because of publishing features10:28
froudKDE allows this10:28
froudbut in GNOME they only want to ship XML10:28
alleecan konqy display XML already?10:29
froudI dont think it should10:30
froudxml is not made for presentation10:30
froudits faster to load xml10:30
froudits faster to load html10:31
froudbut it seems that in kde the html is compiled into bz210:31
alleeI know that docbook is slower (that's the reason why index.cache.bz is there;) how does gnome help display the XML stuff?10:31
alleeI assume otherwise kde docs get too big10:32
froudyelp does on the fly transformation10:32
alleewithout bz210:32
froudbz2 makes sense10:32
uniqfroud: fyi yelp can't read .xhtml.gz. i asked shaunm.10:32
alleekhelpcenter does on the fly of *.docbook too but it's slow due to docbook -> html conversion10:32
=== uniq goes back to packaging.
froudbut not using the nwalsh xsl if you dont have equivalent xsl is not an option IMHO10:33
frouduniq: Hmm, I thought it did. thanks for the update10:33
froudallee yes10:33
uniqfroud: reads gziped info and manpages.. but not xhtml10:33
froudhe  he10:34
uniqhe said it's easy to implement though.10:34
frouduniq: for now I just want to ship the html. Perhaps we can use bz2 to make it smaller10:35
froudallee I have not used the .docbook extension10:35
uniqfroud: we can think about that later. first make the docs, then make the package, and then optimize later :)10:35
uniqcan i have a copy of that file please? 10:46
froudsudo apt-get docbook-xsl10:46
frouduniq: do you have a full checkout of https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk10:47
uniqno, and i don't want that either :)10:48
uniqi just want kde-stuff for this package.10:48
froudHmm if you want to build you will need it10:48
froudwe have shared external entities10:48
uniqno, i need libs/ common/ and this file.. 10:48
froudsure that will work too :-)10:48
uniqi include what i need file by file :)10:48
uniqto make a clean package.10:48
froudOK but you dont need to package those for HTML10:49
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uniqfroud: i just do 'make kall'.10:50
uniqand make kall asks for this file.10:51
froudyes it is part of docbook-xsl so you can do sudo apt-get install docbook-xsl10:52
froudits not a single file, but a whole package10:52
uniqok. great.10:52
froudno thanks to you10:53
uniq(i should have thought of that myself, didn't boother searching packages.ubuntu.com)10:53
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froudnite all11:16
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Riddelluniq: around?11:43
uniqriddell: yes11:43
uniqnice to se you around :)11:43
Riddelluniq: amd64 kde 3.4.1 on kubuntu.org now, could you test11:43
Riddellyes sorry, been moving house11:44
uniqah ok, no problem.11:44
uniqi closed some bugs in kubuntu-desktop and kubutu-default-settings too.11:45
uniqand i have a kio-apt test-package ready.11:45
uniqi can download and test the packages, yes.11:45
Riddelluniq: koffice too11:55
uniqok. will restart dist-upgrade.11:57

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