hussammrmanic: gets them to fix bugs faster as well12:02
uniqnmorse: he's not here right now, god. :)12:02
=== _ksb [~ksb@81-86-109-195.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseDoes anyone know why lineakd isn't included in Kubuntu by default anyway?12:03
uniqmost people don't need it.12:04
uniqyou can setup most keyboards in the control center.12:04
nmorseNot my Microsoft Media Keyboard, unfortunately12:04
nmorseMicrosoft's Hardware Division is the best part of the company12:04
nmorseExcept the Mac division maybe12:04
mrmaniciaw nmorse 12:04
mrmanicmicrosoft makes pretty nice hardware, IMO12:04
hussamhow do I queue downlaods in wget?12:05
nmorseAnd why is lineakd in universe, but not klineakconfig?12:05
nmorselineakd is a pain to configure by hand, but klineakconfig makes life way better12:05
uniqnmorse: doesn't it work if you select one of the other microsoft keyboard models? 12:06
nmorseSome of the keys won't even work being mapped by hand12:06
nmorsePain in the dadgum rear12:06
nmorseBut a great keyboard12:06
nmorseHmm, the compile error is that it can't find qlist.h12:07
uniqinstall libqt3-compat-headers12:08
=== Borg^Queen [~Borg^Quee@h-68-164-202-94.nycmny83.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ateves [~ateves@p5490439A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenHi people. I noticed that kde 3.4.1 is available for kubuntu. I was wondering it if could be used for Debian Sarge as well?12:17
=== ateves [~ateves@p5490439A.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Tm_TBorg^Queen: interesting question12:19
Borg^QueenDoes that translate to = You're the new gueina-pig12:19
hussamBorg^Queen: I doubt it because kdebase 3.4.1 on kubuntu depends on python2.4 and debian is still on python 2.3, right?12:20
Borg^Queenlet me check12:20
Tm_TBorg^Queen: wanna try most recent KDE?12:20
Borg^QueenWhich is?12:20
nmorsewell, the new release of lineakd fixed the bug that has nagged me for too long12:21
Tm_Ttrunk SVN & comlie it yourself12:21
nmorseAll three File Management Keys (My Docs, Pictures, Music) give one key id12:21
nmorseMy Documents is now the only button treated as real by lineakd and works flawlessy12:21
Borg^QueenNope it wouldn't work.12:26
Borg^QueenIts compiled against xorg right12:26
Borg^QueenSarge uses Xfree12:26
hussamBorg^Queen: when exactly will debian switch to xorg?12:28
Borg^QueenNext release no doubt12:28
Borg^QueenIn other words, in 3 years unless it does a major update sometimes before (which is very possible)12:29
nmorseI seriously doubt Debian will take 3 years for another release12:30
Borg^QueenFrom your kb to God's computer12:30
nmorseI bet they'll try to release in a year and half12:30
nmorseThough switching to Xorg will require an Xorg SPARC and ARM release12:31
nmorseIf I'm correct, Xorg is only on x86 and PPC right now (I may not be correct)12:31
hussamnmorse: indeed, there a too many advnaces in the linux world happening for debian to wait another 3 years.12:31
Borg^Queenat the rate of evolution, yearly releases and/or major upgrades will be needed.12:32
Borg^QueenRecent reports put gnu-linux in advance of M$ by 2.5 years12:32
nmorseI'd really like yearly debian releases though a year and a half isn't that long12:32
Borg^Queen1 year ahead of OS X12:32
nmorseDoubt it will be in anything but technical features12:33
Borg^QueenBetter than eye candy and fluf updates12:33
nmorseEye Candy can actually be useful12:33
Borg^QueenIf the app is useful yes.12:33
nmorseTry evince(?) on e1712:33
Borg^QueenWhat is that12:33
nmorsePhoto management becomes easier when the app itself is transparent12:34
nmorseI think that's the name of the photo app on e1712:34
Tm_Teye candy? who needs eye candy when we have irssi! ;--P12:34
Borg^QueenI use digikam, works great12:34
nmorseI'm actually using irssi right now12:34
Borg^Queeneye candy? We don't need no stinking eye candy12:34
Tm_Tnmorse: I wonder why... ;p12:35
=== HiFi_dk [~hifi@port321.ds1-abc.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseI'm using it because I didn't want to play with Konversation today12:35
HiFi_dkhi... how can i set my GTK fonts in kubuntu12:35
nmorseI think I was actually talking about evas12:35
Borg^QueenDo you have gtk-qt-engine installed?12:35
HiFi_dknope, will try that12:36
nmorseI think it's funny that the GNOME guys don't have the reverse of that yet12:36
nmorseThen again, QT apps must look darned pretty compared to most GNOME apps12:36
nmorseXFCE4 is the only GTK2 environment with eye candy really12:37
Borg^QueenI life KDE but I never knock gnome12:37
nmorseI only knock it on ugliness12:37
Tm_TKDE <312:37
Borg^Queenxfce4, really12:37
HiFi_dkBorg^Queen: what should that package be called ?12:38
nmorsegtk2-engines-gtk-qt I think12:38
Borg^QueenAye, something like that12:38
Borg^Queenone sec12:38
Borg^QueenAye, that's what is says12:39
nmorsethen he'll want switch2 so he can change the theme from any WM12:39
nmorsegtk-theme-switch is the package for that12:39
HiFi_dkBorg^Queen: hmm, can't find that with apt-cache ..?12:39
nmorseIs universe enabled?12:39
Borg^Queen`search under gtk-12:40
Borg^Queenswtich2 has a lot of bugs12:40
HiFi_dknmorse: would like the switch yes, but it doesn't seem to be in apt ...?12:40
Borg^Queencompile them yourself12:40
nmorseYeah you have to enable the universe repository12:40
nmorseNo compiling necessary12:40
nmorseAre you using synaptic or apt via the command line?12:41
HiFi_dkBorg^Queen: there are a lot of the other gtk engines, maybe i'm missing something in sources.list ?12:41
nmorseYeah, in sources.list12:41
HiFi_dknmorse: trying to use apt12:41
Borg^QueenI'm on a RH9 machine now, backing stuff up. Sorry12:41
nmorseAppend universe to the end of the lines you need12:41
Borg^QueenIf you have synaptic, use it to make a search12:42
HiFi_dknmorse: could you paste the line(s) i need ?12:42
nmorseHang on12:42
Borg^Queendo a search rather12:42
nmorseI'll paste in #flood12:42
HiFi_dkBorg^Queen: have the ksynaptic... but seems strange, no tree-update function ?12:42
Borg^Queenksynaptic isn't very good12:42
Borg^QueenUse synaptic to do the search12:42
Borg^QueenI have to say this is a nice community12:43
Tm_Tuse apt-cache to do the search12:43
nmorseIt really is a lot of the time12:43
Borg^QueenIf only kubuntu has a root account like Debian.12:43
Borg^QueenI find too many things are missing12:43
nmorsesudo passwd root12:43
Borg^QueenAye I know but it doesn't always work12:43
Borg^QueenIt is, however, a wonderful piece of work12:44
HiFi_dknmorse: are you pasting ?12:44
Borg^QueenI can't get the sudo thing to work all the time12:44
Borg^QueenMaybe I'm doing it wrong or messing something up.12:44
nmorseHiFi_dk: hang on, just do this: the top two lines starting with 'deb' just need to have the word universe attached to them12:44
nmorseAnd maybe the hoary-updates line12:44
nmorseThough if you want a sources.list file that includes Java and the Kubuntu updates I'd be happy to paste mine in #flood12:45
HiFi_dknmorse: think I got it, just needed to uncomment the lines... well well :)12:45
HiFi_dkwould like that12:46
=== Cyberax [~kvirc@cpc2-stoc7-6-1-cust174.midd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseThere you go12:48
nmorseSave that as a sources.list file in your home directory12:48
nmorseThen do the following command to it12:48
nmorseOh hang on, got to remember how to use sed12:48
nmorsesed /s/18:34 < nmorse>// -i ~/sources.list 12:48
nmorseCorrect me if I'm wrong on that command someone12:49
HiFi_dknmorse: thx... and gtk2-engines-gtk-qt works like a charm :)12:49
nmorseOh yeah, I love that thing12:50
=== hon [~hon@mordad.ee.queensu.ca] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^Queennice isn't it12:50
HiFi_dkhave to sleep, bye.. and thx12:50
=== HiFi_dk [~hifi@port321.ds1-abc.adsl.cybercity.dk] has left #kubuntu []
nmorseNow if only the GTK2 file selector would use GTK-QT12:50
nmorseI can't stand the hideous icons that make up that thing12:51
nmorseAnd the dadgum lack of ability to just input a location12:51
=== muntyan_ [muntyan@modem-0934.rns.tamu.edu] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseFirefox crashes opening /usr/bin/ so I can't tell it to use Azureus12:51
muntyan_hi guys. does someone know what script starts X if i use kdm?12:52
nmorseor maybe xinit12:52
muntyan_hm, then what script starts xinit?12:53
muntyan_i need to find a place to pass dpi setting to X12:53
Tm_Tin what case?12:53
muntyan_in case when i'm using kdm12:53
Tm_Taaah, xinit -dpi 10012:53
Tm_Tmuntyan_: or set you screen size in xorg.conf12:54
Borg^Queenmuntyan_: one sec12:54
muntyan_but who starts xinit? i don't do it, it's some script deep in /etc/12:54
Tm_Tstart -dpi it was12:54
Tm_TI need more caffeine12:54
=== _luke [~luke@] has joined #kubuntu
Tm_Tna, just ate12:55
Tm_Tnah +one12:55
Borg^Queen`There's always room for chocolate12:55
Tm_Tno more chocolate12:55
Tm_TI need coffee!12:55
Tm_Tdamn my fingwers12:56
=== _luke [~luke@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
muntyan_so any idea where arguments for X can be specified?12:57
Tm_Tmuntyan_: xorg.conf12:58
muntyan_thanks a lot12:58
=== muntyan_ [muntyan@modem-0934.rns.tamu.edu] has left #kubuntu []
Tm_Tatleast I did it there12:58
Borg^QueenThanks people. BBL12:59
=== duende [~duende@stjh1-2004.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #kubuntu
=== ychahibi [~ychahibi@adsl-103-171-192-81.adsl2.iam.net.ma] has joined #kubuntu
ychahibiHi everyone ! I am new to freenode, so I'd like to know how can I talk about Kubuntu, my problems, wishes, ideas, tests, tips ...01:35
uniqhi ychahibi. this is the place. here and the wiki. take a look at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu01:38
uniqwe also have mailinglists. http://lists.ubuntu.com01:38
ychahibiOk thanks ;)01:38
=== TrueChaos [~cameron@HSE-Ottawa-ppp326277.sympatico.ca] has joined #kubuntu
uniqychahibi: no problem, i'm on my way to bed.. good night and enjoy #kubuntu and freenode :)01:39
ychahibi:) Sweet dreams01:40
=== dafes [~dafes@c-24-98-1-10.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
dafesneed assist with flash install on Konqueror01:43
Mezsudo apt-get install flashplugin-mozilla01:45
dafesI get this : Couldn't find package flashplugin-mozilla01:45
ychahibiuse kynaptic instead01:46
dafesits not listed there01:46
ychahibido ctrl+f and search flash01:46
ychahibiexcuse me01:46
ychahibiadd repositories01:46
dafesyup its not listed01:46
ychahibisee KUDOS01:46
ychahibihttp://kudos.berlios.de/ 01:46
dafesis it because my installation does not have firefox installed?01:47
ychahibibut maybe it depends on mozilla01:48
ychahibibecause the package is installed in mozilla dir / plugins01:48
ychahibibut apt-get should automatically look up for missing dependencies01:49
dafesmine does not 01:49
Mezit's sudo apt-get instlal flashplayer-mozilla01:49
ychahibiDo you want me to send you my sources.list file ?01:49
MezIt's in multiverse so you need that in your repository01:49
=== mdm4301 [~mark@] has joined #kubuntu
ychahibinow copy it to /etc/apt01:51
ychahibisudo cp sources.list  /etc/apt/sources.list01:51
ychahibiafter that: sudo apt-get update01:52
ychahibiand then : sudo apt-get install flashplugin-mozilla01:52
=== newbie [~nobody@] has joined #kubuntu
ychahibiafter that go to Konqueror and configure plugins > add /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins to the directories01:53
=== lexhider [~lexhider@dip-220-235-84-192.vic.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== mdm4301 [~mark@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Ghetek [~administr@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Ghetekis there a gui for "jack"?01:58
=== chromate [~yaman@cpe-67-49-36-167.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== claydoh [user101@] has joined #kubuntu
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godsmokeGhetek: I really doubt it -- what would you need it for?02:00
godsmokeit's a daemon, and a client02:00
Gheteki just feel a bit overwhelmed by all the params02:00
chromatehas anybody noticed that the torrents are not working?02:00
godsmokeGhetek: well, I don't know of any -- and I think nobody is going to make one -- it's a one-time setup for the most part02:01
godsmokechromate: is the tracker down, or what?02:01
Gheteki just hate man pages02:01
Gheteki will print it all out02:01
chromategodsmoke: it says problem connecting to tracker, so i suppose so02:01
Gheteki like hard copies02:01
godsmokethere's documentation online, Ghetek 02:01
godsmokehowtos and all02:01
Gheteki will google it then02:02
godsmokesave ya the trouble: http://www.djcj.org/LAU/jack/02:02
godsmokelist of docs: http://jackit.sourceforge.net/docs/02:02
Ghetekhow long should a cedega cvs compile take?02:04
=== chromate [~yaman@cpe-67-49-36-167.socal.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu []
ychahibiIs there any Kubuntu news website ? Something like KDE's This month in SVN ?02:07
Tm_Tthere's ubuntu news02:08
KaiL_Tm_T: something evcept the announcements? where?02:09
Tm_Tuh oh02:10
Tm_Tplanet ubuntu :p02:10
KaiL_ah :)02:10
Tm_Tdefine news02:10
ychahibiOk ..02:11
Tm_Tbtw it's bugday tomorrow ;p02:13
KaiL_now :)02:13
=== MCCPicky [~ubuntu@CPE-203-51-77-181.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
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ychahibiDoes the gtk-qt-engine change gtk1 themes ?02:16
=== dwmurphy debates a third attempt to install kubuntu ;)
=== ychahibi [~ychahibi@adsl-108-170-192-81.adsl.iam.net.ma] has joined #kubuntu
ychahibiDoes the gtk-qt-engine change gtk1 themes ?02:20
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Tm_Tsad, so sad02:27
ychahibiIs there any way to make a kubuntu cd from my personal debs and configuration ??02:32
=== Shuddertrix [Andrew@user-0cdv20p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
ychahibi( Not a live CD )02:33
nmorsesure, ychahibi 02:33
nmorseBasically, just set up a task for tasksel with all of your personal debs on a list02:34
nmorseThen make the installer run tasksel and select your task02:34
nmorseEasy enough02:34
nmorseCan even do net install for updated packages02:34
=== duende_ [~duende@stjhnf01bb8-142163118142.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
ychahibiCool ! 02:36
=== duende__ [~duende@stjhnf01bb8-142162164178.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== duende [~duende@stjhnf01bb8-142163118087.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
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lexhiderkdebase compile fails, kbookmarknotifier, no rule to make target. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?02:59
=== KaiL [KaiL@p548F7E0B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
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(Borg^Queen/#Kubuntu) Ah06:04
Borg^QueenI've used both ext3 and reiser, had problems with ext3 but it could have also been because of a failing drive system06:05
Borg^QueenI'm using reiser on my debian sarge test system06:05
=== leo [~leo@] has joined #kubuntu
leohow can i remove this extra info that appears everytime i point the mouse over any icon in the KDE taskbar?06:11
Borg^Queen`right click on the taskbar, configure panel06:11
Borg^Queenor open kcontrol, and rumage through there,06:11
leoand to change the KDE start icon in the taskbar?06:14
Borg^QueenAh, the icon that appears depends on the icon theme you're using.06:15
leoduh!... so i must replace the KDE icon i want in the theme's folder06:15
Borg^Queenleo: you're going to do well with Linux06:16
leoi guess so...its more fun06:16
=== Fire_Egl [Ariel@Atlantica.US] has joined #Kubuntu
leotheres something weird...all the applications from gnome look horrible under KDE...its lik ethe fonts are huge and the color do not match06:18
Borg^Queenah, ok06:18
Borg^Queenget gtk-qt-engine and your gnome apps will use the kde themes (pretty much)06:18
leook, thanks :)06:20
=== Ephesius [~Ephesius@] has joined #kubuntu
leowhere are you from Borg^QUeen?06:22
Borg^QueenNu Joisey06:22
=== Ayreon [~Ayreon@142-165-63-44.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #kubuntu
AyreonHi, i've downloaded Kubuntu and i'm wondering, do I put it on CD and load it up in dos?... u kno out of windows, im switching to linux for the first time06:32
Ayreonhelp appreciated06:32
Borg^QueenAyreon: you burn the iso to cd with a cd burner app like easy cd creator06:33
Borg^QueenYou did download an iso yes?06:33
Borg^Queengood human06:33
Borg^Queendo you have a cd burner app?06:33
Ayreon"RecordNow!" under data06:33
Borg^QueenThat might do it06:33
Borg^Queenit should have a option to burn from an image or iso06:34
Borg^Queenan iso is an image btw06:34
Borg^Queenafter you install linux you burn offer up your old M$ software to the Gnu Gods by burning then in a bon fire out on the lawn06:36
Ayreonlol, thanks for the tip06:37
Borg^QueenNo no, its not a tip, YOU HAVE TO BURN THEM!06:37
Borg^QueenOther wise the Gnu Gods will be angry with you06:37
AyreonOh I dont want them to be angry with me :S06:37
Borg^QueenYou'll wake up to find your computer running Win95 alpha06:38
jbroomebut I don't have an Alpha06:38
=== Borg^Queen drops an anvil on jbroome
=== trog_ [~trog@240x22.ssimicro.com] has joined #kubuntu
AyreonOk when its on CD, what then06:39
=== Borg^Queen drops aseigo into a BBQ pit and BBQs him up
Borg^QueenPut it into your cdrom and reboot06:39
Ayreonah ok06:39
Borg^QueenYour computer should boot to the cd06:39
Borg^QueenDid you back up your data?06:39
Ayreonif not i set it to?06:39
Ayreonnot yet :O06:39
Borg^QueenNOT YET?06:40
Borg^QueenKill him06:40
AyreonOh plz forgive me =P06:40
Borg^QueenIts the first cybercommandment06:40
=== monchy [~no@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^Queen"Thou Shalt Backup Thy Hard Drives Weekly"06:40
sproingiebuh.  who the hell has space to back up a whole HD these days?06:41
Borg^Queen"Thou Shalt Place Thy Data Onto Removable Media"06:41
sproingienot like any linux distro comes preconfigured with a backup schedule either06:41
Borg^Queen"Thou Shalt Place The Removable Media In A Safe And Easily Accessible Place"06:41
sproingiei'd say both all OS's are doing a pretty poor job of getting people used to backing up their data06:41
=== sproingie .oO( both all )
Borg^Queensproingie: I do06:42
Borg^QueenDon't listen to sproingie! He's a heritic!06:43
Borg^QueenI cast thee down!06:43
Borg^QueenCan you tell I'm a "NixVangelist"?06:43
sproingiethere should be a wizard that starts when you first install, that guides you through creating a schedule to back up /home and /etc06:44
Borg^QueenI agree06:44
sproingieasks you what kind of data you're using, how often you want to do it, etc06:44
Borg^Queenbut I just use krusader to compress and test and k3b to burn do dvdr06:44
sproingiefor example, i'm fine with rotating through about 5 dvd/rw's for that data06:45
Borg^QueenOh wait there is a tool like that06:45
Borg^QueenIt's called Konserve06:45
sproingieit should start with a new install06:45
Borg^QueenInstalls are hard enough on newbies06:45
sproingieso is data loss06:45
sproingiethere should be a "things to do with your new install" folder then06:45
sproingieas you run each one, have it go away06:46
sproingieNT server has something like this, basically a checklist for setting up AD and such06:46
sproingiei mean, what does a new install do now when you start up a browser?  sends you to a more or less static page that congratulates you for installing, points to the community, and now you're all done06:47
sproingieand you're probably not.  there's always postinstall tasks06:47
Borg^QueenYou have many good points06:48
=== sproingie is trying konserve right now
sproingiethe wizard is a little spartan.  asking me for a source URL to back up06:49
=== sproingie hms, just running konserve won't cut it, since it really has to schedule the jobs as root
sproingiei suppose each user could have a separate backup schedule, but that's pretty awful06:50
Borg^QueenIt's a start06:50
sproingieideally, it'd be a control panel item06:51
Borg^QueenCan you code? If so, maybe its something you can do06:52
sproingieer jeez, konserve is just a file to file backup06:52
Borg^QueenDoesn't it compress? Have you checked out the options?06:52
sproingiesure, but i'm talking about something that can handle backup volume labels and catalogs and stuff06:52
sproingieso when time comes to back up, it gives you an alert that says "insert CD labeled `backup 3' and click ok"06:53
sproingieand when you want to restore a file, you can browse the indexes of the backup volumes06:53
Borg^QueenCreate one06:53
sproingieyeah, sounds like a fun little project06:53
sproingiei don't even have to deal with the backup mechanics themselves i imagine06:54
Borg^Queenlet me know when you get it done. I'll test it on all the machines here06:54
sproingieit's just a UI thing for the most part06:54
sproingiebasically just need a simple wizard for creating backup profiles on an industrial strength backup app06:55
sproingieand a simple alerter interface to prompt the user to insert the media when backup is ready06:56
AyreonBy backing up files, do you mean manually put stuff on cds/dvds? or do you mean theres a program or something that does it.  jw.  Because im on XP right now06:58
Borg^QueenI have always prefered to do it all manually. There's nothing like a human brain to do it.06:58
=== tomchuk [~thomas@cpe-69-201-141-234.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
AyreonIs there an option that will allow me to have two OS's? like keep XP and have the option to go on either one.  Just in case my transition doesnt go well at first07:01
sproingiemy brain is fine at some things ... remembering regular tasks ain't one07:01
sproingieAyreon: yes, you can dual-boot.  probably most of us do07:02
sproingiei'm not sure that the ubuntu installer can resize the partitions tho.  i used qt_parted off the system rescue cd to do it07:02
aseigoBorg^Queen: woah.. you're here!07:04
AyreonOk, so when it boots up theres something that says Duel-boot?07:04
aseigoBorg^Queen: have you moved to kubuntu?07:04
sproingieAyreon: when you install, you install grub (the GRand Unified Bootloader), which gives you a menu that allows you to boot linux or windows07:05
sproingiething is, you need to install linux on a partition that XP isn't on, and i think you need a partition resizer for that first07:05
sproingiei don't know if ubuntu's installer can resize the partitions.  i usually use the expert install, which is pretty different than the usual one07:06
=== shogouki [~nicolas@AMontpellier-251-1-59-24.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
leohow can i make an application like "karamba" to load at startup and remember my settings?07:07
aseigoleo: any apps that you leave running when you log out should start themselves07:08
Ayreonok thank you for the help, greatly appreciated.  I'll return shortly, i'm going to check this cd07:08
=== xbox [~xbox@] has joined #kubuntu
aseigoleo: if an app doesn't, you can add it to your autostart folder (in konqueror, open the Go menu, select Autostart, then right click and select New -> Link to Application07:08
leothanks a lot aseigo :)07:09
Borg^Queenaseigo: No, I'm on Debian Sarge but I use kubuntu for kid computers07:09
transgresssorry that was a funny statement07:10
aseigoBorg^Queen: kid computers? heh.. so .. you STILL don't have a recent KDE?07:10
=== Borg^Queen hits aseigo with a brick
aseigoBorg^Queen: and here i was hoping that you'd be able to have all the latest 'n greatest kde shite07:10
Borg^QueenKDE 3.4 jack07:10
=== aseigo takes the brick well
aseigosweet. so you are in the modern age =)07:10
aseigo3.4.1 or 3.4.0?07:10
Borg^Queen3.4.0, they don't have 3.4.1 for deb yet07:11
Borg^QueenI don't want to compile it myself.07:11
Borg^Queentoo lazy too tired07:11
Borg^QueenSo I read on kde-apps that people have changed your sex07:12
aseigohaha. oh?07:12
Borg^QueenAye,  a few times you were refered to as she07:12
aseigonice. that's pretty sweet.07:12
aseigosee, at the heart of it all everyone wants me at some level ;-P07:13
Borg^QueenYou can't wear any of my dresses07:13
aseigowho says i need any of yours? ;)07:13
Borg^QueenOnly for  your mind07:13
Borg^QueenI have nice dresses.07:13
Borg^QueenSome sexy some sweet an innocent (if I had the plasma rifle)07:13
Borg^Queenhide rather07:14
aseigosome occassions call for the former, some the latter07:15
Borg^QueenHave you guys read the lastest on LongHorn or rather shorthorn as its being called now07:15
Borg^Queenin this heat? No dresses07:15
Borg^Queenshort and a tank top07:15
Borg^Queenlet someone else wear them. Too hot.07:16
=== transgress just walks around naked
Borg^QueenMy Mind! My Mind!07:16
=== Ayreon [Ayreon@142-165-63-44.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #kubuntu
transgressnot really... it's hard to make a tam go w/ nude07:16
AyreonIt didn't work07:17
transgresshttp://irclikelife.com/oldsite/pics/100_0104.JPG  <-- that's me in a tam07:17
transgressa dread hat07:17
aseigoBorg^Queen: if the dresses are too hot, then you're wearing the wrongs ones ;)07:17
Borg^QueenNot the dresses, stocking and such07:18
Borg^QueenAyreon: it didn't boot to disc? Did you get your computer to boot to disc?07:18
AyreonIt didnt read it, I must of done it wrong07:18
Borg^QueenNice eyes, two of them even07:18
Borg^QueenCan you right click on the iso and see if there's a menu option to burn it to disc?07:19
aseigoBorg^Queen: ah, screw the stockings07:19
aseigonot literally. yeesh =P07:20
Borg^QueenThat's what I hate about winders, its always burning coasters07:20
Borg^Queenaseigo: with you, one never knows....07:20
Ayreonhm maybe its winrar thats messing the iso up? cause it all opens in winrar to view the stuff07:20
Borg^Queenwinrar is dangerous07:20
Borg^QueenIt often opens up viruses07:21
Ayreonok im getting rid of it07:21
Borg^Queenrar is the currently delivery format for M$ viruses07:21
=== transgress used winrar back in the day
=== transgress used to pirate every software known to man
Borg^Queentransgress: is old07:21
Borg^Queenyeah, win95, word 9507:21
AyreonOk, now its reading it normally.  Strict iso07:22
Borg^Queen`ah HA!07:22
=== Borg^Queen hits Ayreon with a stick
Borg^Queenbad human07:22
Ayreonok re-copying07:24
transgressme old?07:24
aseigoBorg^Queen: thanks for the vote of confidence =P07:25
Borg^Queenah ok07:25
Borg^QueenI'm bouncing servers Ayreon 07:30
AyreonOh ok07:30
Borg^Queentry now07:30
Ayreonhm, try what07:31
Borg^Queenthe ping07:31
Ayreonoh i never knew others notice :\07:31
Borg^QueenWe see all07:32
Ayreonim new to irc07:32
Borg^QueenFor example I know the truth about aseigo 07:32
Borg^Queenaseigo: is a small Canadian Goose pretending to be human in an attempt to gather information prior to the revolution.07:33
Borg^QueenI know07:33
Borg^Queen`He types with his bill07:34
Borg^QueenI can't say anymore07:34
=== slicslak [~slicslak@c68.112.133.26.stc.mn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenOf course the have to rescue Terrence and Phillip first07:34
aseigoBorg^Queen: hey. stop giving away all my secrets.07:35
Borg^Queenahemm I was lying everyone07:35
aseigodamn straight.07:36
Borg^QueenWell not completely straight07:38
aseigook. slightly straight.07:39
=== `TUX` [~princoscr@ppp-217-133-31-196.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenAye, Don Goose07:40
=== aseigo figures this would be a poor time to wrap the conversation around and pull out pics of him in dresses.
Borg^QueenOooops I mean aseigo 07:40
=== _P_ [~princoscr@host-84-220-139-31.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenI warn you. I beat men up that look better in dresses than I do.07:40
Borg^Queenand I look damn good in a dress if I say so myself07:41
aseigoi'll have to take your word for it .. don't think i've seen pictures of you .. you should go to a tech conf and do some kde promo so we can see you on the dot =007:41
Borg^QueenLOL I will one day when I actually know what I'm doing software wise.07:42
Borg^QueenHardware is easy07:42
aseigo(see how adroitly i try and con(vince) people to pimp for kde ;)07:42
Borg^QueenSoftware is an art form07:42
Borg^QueenI don't have to convince people to use KDE, 07:43
Borg^QueenI just let them use it for 10 mins07:43
Borg^QueenAfter that, they're hooked. I guess you can say I'm a pusher.07:43
=== bamboe [~bamboe@] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^Queen3.4 is soo way ahead of other GUIs. 07:43
Borg^QueenXp has nothing compared to KDE07:44
Borg^QueenXP users drool after about a 2 min demo07:44
Borg^QueenOh and there's an article (looking for the url) where computer experts say gnu-linux is about 2.5 years or more ahead of M$ and about 1 year ahead of OS X07:45
Borg^QueenExcept for useless eye candy and toys of course07:45
=== bamboe is now known as jaon
Borg^QueenI can't find the url right now but I do have the quote07:46
AyreonI looked up KDE, is it an OS or something?07:46
=== ikypakis [t25@] has joined #Kubuntu
=== jaon is now known as gayboy
aseigoAyreon: it's what we call a "desktop environment"07:46
Borg^QueenIt's a graphical interface07:46
Borg^QueenIts in your face07:46
aseigoAyreon: which is to say it's a technology platform for graphical applications, it's also a desktop/panels/file manager/etc that you expect on a basic GUI, and it's also a ton of applications that leverage all that07:47
aseigooh that. didn't i fix that just the other day?07:47
Ayreonok so in other words its like a theme?...07:47
gayboyif u like man join with me07:48
Borg^Queen"In a real world, head to head comparison, almost all open source OSes, particluarly gnu linux, show remarkable advances that will likely not be available in mainstream operating systems like Windows or OS X"07:48
Borg^Queengayboy: man is in the human race?07:48
=== trog [~trog@240x22.ssimicro.com] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^Queen"If I had to put years to this comparison, I would say FOSS (free open source software) in general is about 2 to 3 years ahead of Windows in real world usable applications/ tools and function. A decade head in stability and security."07:51
Ayreonok brb07:51
Borg^Queen"It will be at least a decade before Windows can claim to be as secure as Gnu Linux. This is odd considering Gnu Linux is just about 11 years old."07:52
Borg^Queen"This is assuming there is still an Windows OS however"07:52
Borg^Queenend quote07:52
Borg^Queengayboy: don't private msg me 07:52
=== spiral [~spiral@lafilaire-4-82-224-249-43.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenM$'s answer to this article was pretty much along the lines of "Oh yeah!"07:53
=== activelow [~jradford@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
=== daryl [~daryl@63-208-162-60.digitalrealm.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
=== closure [~ubel@adsl-065-013-010-009.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^Queenaseigo: what's new for 4.007:55
activelowppp question, on my thinkpad using eth0, then dialing out to the Internet I have to manually execute 'sudo route add default ppp0', can I put this somewhere so I dont have to do it everytime?07:55
=== gayboy is now known as hason
Borg^Queenclosure: any word will do?07:55
=== daryl is now known as darylp
Borg^Queenactivelow:  why are you using ppp?07:55
=== KevManU_ [~kevin@p5488AED4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #kubuntu ["Gone]
activelowBorg^Queen: to connect to the Internet07:56
aseigoBorg^Queen: oh jeez. shitloads.07:56
Borg^QueenI understand that. But can't you just set your net connection via kcontrol?07:57
closureBorg^Queen sure07:57
closureBorg^Queen just pick one07:57
Borg^Queenaseigo: ok give me some for instantes07:57
=== Ayreon [~Ayreon@142-165-63-44.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenThere, that's a good word07:57
aseigoimproved kparts and kxmlgui07:57
aseigonew networking an dthreading code07:57
AyreonIt didnt work again!07:57
aseigoa content browser (vs just a file manager)07:58
aseigokontact is going to see some massive rethinks07:58
Borg^QueenAyreon: I think you need to tell it to boot off the first  CdROM drive07:58
aseigonew multimedia engine (arts is going bye-bye)07:58
AyreonYes i've done that07:58
aseigopossibly moving to dbus07:58
Borg^QueenDo you have two drives?07:58
Borg^QueenWhat is that?07:58
Borg^QueenAyreon: try the other cd drive07:58
Ayreonok brb07:59
Borg^QueenSome drives will not boot from a cdr07:59
Borg^QueenWhat is dbus?07:59
aseigoBorg^Queen: DCOP replacement ..07:59
Borg^Queen`oh thank god07:59
activelowBorg^Queen: under network settings ppp0 isnt listed07:59
Borg^QueenIf you're using your network card (nic), then you are using eth008:00
=== bamboe [~bamboe@] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenIf its built in08:00
Borg^Queenaseigo: are they going to add the "Smite The Win-User" app?08:01
activelowIt is.  so I'm using the network, then use kppp to dial the internet, what tells linux to use ppp0 instead of eth0?  Right not I have to manually change the routes from the commandline08:01
Borg^Queenok so you're in DSL08:01
=== media [~media@guardian.foundation.org.za] has joined #kubuntu
activelowLan at work, with no Internet, phone line for Internet08:02
=== Borg^Queen grabs media and places him into the removable drive bay
=== slicslaked [~slicslak@c68.112.133.26.stc.mn.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^Queenactivelow: so you're dialing up to get to the net08:02
Borg^Queenoh ok sorry I  thought DSL08:02
Borg^QueenStart over again08:02
activelowusing kppp connects just dandy, but I go nowhere until 'sudo route add default ppp' from the commandline, essentially I guess telling linux to use ppp0 instead of eth008:05
=== aseigo returns
aseigoBorg^Queen: new widget engine and new icon theme, as well08:05
Borg^QueenWhat about the smite app?08:05
Borg^Queensee above08:05
aseigoHIG and CIG as well (usability and art guidliens, resp)08:06
aseigoer, guideline08:06
Borg^Queenactivelow: what distro are you using?08:06
=== Ayreon [~Ayreon@142-165-63-44.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #Kubuntu
activelowkubuntu of course :)08:06
Borg^QueenAyreon: no dice?08:06
aseigoBorg^Queen: yes. 50k volts of smitage08:06
aseigoso ... as i said. lots of changes08:06
aseigoand that's just the big obvious stuff08:06
AyreonI tried everything, and found I could press ESC and it would bring up  a boot screen to select drive.  it didnt work on either of them08:06
Borg^QueenLooking forward to it08:06
aseigo4.0 devel is going to take twice as long a "normal" release, e.g. from 3.3 -> 3.408:07
Borg^QueenAyreon: odds are the cdr is a coaster08:07
Borg^Queenaseigo: take your time  3.4 was SOO worth it08:07
AyreonWell, i've got someone coming over with a normal cd so i shall see if it will work then08:07
Borg^QueenWhat kind of cdroms do you have?08:07
activelowaseigo: I'd like to see the RSS reader in KDE supporting postcasts, that would be a nice feature so I can ditch iPodder08:07
Borg^QueenSome cdroms do not boot off cdrs08:07
Borg^Queenwhat is rss?08:08
Borg^Queenactivelow: dump your old kppp settings and start over again.08:08
Borg^QueenGo through it carefully08:08
Borg^Queenand "work around" is to call kppp as root08:09
activelowa way to subcribe to news channels, some with attachments08:09
Ayreoncd-rw (80) verbatims and just some normal cd recorables with no info.. if thats what u ment08:09
Borg^Queenbut that's not a good idea08:09
Borg^QueenAyreon: no I mean the actual cdrom in the computer08:09
Borg^QueenThat's good media though08:09
activelowBorg^Queen: I'll give it a go thnx08:10
Borg^Queengood luck08:10
Borg^QueenI've never really had any problems with kppp08:10
Borg^Queenbut I don't use it anymore (Thank God)08:10
AyreonASUS CD-S480/AH & HP DVD Writer 300c08:11
Borg^QueenThose are good08:11
Borg^QueenThe cd is coaster08:11
Borg^QueenOdds are you have an iso image on the cd and not the information contained in the iso08:12
Borg^Queenload the cd into the drive and see what you see08:12
Borg^QueenThen tell us08:12
Ayreonwhich 108:12
Borg^Queenthe burner08:12
=== buz [~buz@80-218-107-8.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^Queendo you see a bunch of directories or XXXXXXX.iso08:12
Ayreon'windows cannot open the file'08:13
Ayreonit does that by original file on hd08:13
Borg^QueenThere's nothing wrong with your computer and you're not doing anything wrong08:13
Ayreonit says the same msg on the hard drive now that winrar is gone08:14
Borg^QueenWhat is the msg?08:14
AyreonWindows cannot open the file: kubuntu-5.04-install-i386.iso --- to open this file, windows needs to know what program created it. windows can go online to look it up automatically, or you can manually select from a list of programs on your comp.  What do you want to do? 1. use the web 2. select prog08:15
Borg^QueenAAHHH ok08:15
Borg^QueenWindows has poor file association08:16
Borg^QueenOpen you burner app08:16
Borg^Queenlook for the phrase "burn iso to disc "08:16
Borg^Queenor  "burn image to disc"08:16
Borg^Queensomething like that08:16
Ayreonok on "RecordNow!" it only has options saying: Exact copy, data disc, or audio for car or home cd player08:17
Borg^QueenLook under File and so on08:18
Borg^Queenat the top08:18
Ayreontheres no menu bar, just options which doesnt give much08:18
Borg^QueenWhat app is this?08:19
Borg^QueenPlease tell me it isn't an M$ burner app08:19
Ayreon"Sonic - Record Now!"08:19
Ayreonit came with hp08:19
Borg^Queenok open the help feature08:19
Ayreoni think its mainly used for audio stuff08:19
Borg^Queenlook for "burning iso to disc"08:19
Borg^QueenI think so too08:19
AyreonI found something08:20
Ayreon"Understanding image files" (iso image files) i'll read on08:20
Borg^Queenok good08:20
AyreonOk it talks about what it is, but no instructions or anything . . .08:23
Borg^Queendo you have another app?08:23
Ayreonjust the main topics understanding image files and image file types* no other app but i can get nero08:24
Borg^Queenget nero08:24
Borg^QueenOdds are this is a toy app08:25
Borg^QueenMusic, mp3s etc08:25
AyreonOn my cd-rw theres a #80 on it.  Does it mean it can only be written so many times?08:28
=== BkE [~bke@241-229.240.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== activelow [~jradford@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
=== BkE_ [~bke@64.30-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
activelowBorg^Queen: I think there's a quirk/bug in kppp on kubuntu.  I ran kppp as root from a console, on connect it tries to set the default route but get's a "no such interface error" since it tries right after the connect but before ppp0 has been brought up08:34
Borg^Queenok sorry I was away a min08:34
activelowSo as root it still didnt set the default route08:35
Borg^QueenA cdrw can be written to about 1000 times assuming it wasn't damaged during a write08:35
Ayreonoh ok thnx08:35
activelowbut I edited /etc/ppp/ip-up and added route add default ppp0, and it works.  Only difference i can see is that ip-up is called AFTER ppp0 is started.08:35
Borg^Queenactivelow: sounds like you haven't got it connected to the correct port08:36
Borg^Queenactivelow: so you can connect this way?08:36
Borg^Queenok then leave it08:37
activelowI might post this inthe forums to see if anyone else has this issue08:37
Borg^QueenAye that's not a bad idea. Look for postings too.08:38
activelowall I need to do now is switch from a i386 kernel to i686, but I'm chicken.  I dont want to break anything08:38
Borg^QueenYou can't really08:38
Borg^QueenUse synaptic to install it08:38
activelowI barely had the guts to installed KDE 3.4.1 upgrade :)08:39
activelowmy konquorer still crashes, but less now... Hope that gets fixed08:39
=== daryl [~daryl@63-208-162-60.digitalrealm.net] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^Queenyou must offer up a proprietary software CD to the Gnu Gods prior to the upgrade08:39
activelowIf only sleep/hibernate worked on this thinkpad I'd rate kubuntu as perfect08:40
Borg^Queenactivelow: do you have any bookmarks the lead to web urls visible on the tool bar for konq?08:40
=== daryl is now known as darylp
activelowwhat toolbar is that?  The small side one with icons?08:41
Borg^QueenNope at the top don't you see any?08:41
activelowit's crasing in filebrower mode, not web08:41
activelowI only have the buttons and location toolbar08:42
Borg^QueenI know but sometimes if you have a bookmark on the toolbar that leads to an odd url, it crashes konq while shutting it down or opening a new tab08:42
Borg^QueenBeen my experience anyway08:42
Borg^Queenah ok08:42
activelowI see.. It's crashing on me when I'm just viewing directories with files08:43
activelowmuch less with 3.4.1 though08:43
Borg^Queenhmm odd08:43
activelowkde/Kubuntu on the whole has been VERY stable.  Like I said only if sleep/hibernate would work everything would be perfect.08:45
activelowI've went through 10 howtos on that and still nothing, although the last one said to install a i686 kernel..08:46
Borg^QueenCheck in at different times and ask if there's a fix08:46
activelowI will thankx08:46
AyreonOk I finally got nero working08:48
Borg^Queenok good08:49
Borg^QueenDo you see anything about burning an iso image?08:49
Ayreontheres burning image to disc08:50
Ayreonburn image to disc*08:51
Borg^Queena howto or an option?08:51
Borg^Queenburn image to disc, do it08:51
Borg^QueenDo you have empty space on your hard drive to install Linux?08:52
Ayreonok its begun08:52
Borg^Queenhow much space?08:52
Borg^QueenI mean unused space08:52
Ayreon107 gb08:52
Borg^Queennot formated and used by windows08:52
Borg^QueenAre you sure?08:52
Borg^Queenah ha08:52
Borg^Queenits unformated and currently unacessable via windows?08:53
Borg^QueenIf windows can see it, its formated and in use08:53
Ayreonwindows is on it08:53
Borg^QueenHouston we have a problem08:53
Ayreonwould partitioning do the trick?...08:54
Borg^QueenAye but you'll destroy your current install of windows08:54
Borg^QueenUnless you use something like partition magic08:54
aseigopft. who needs windows. ;)08:55
Borg^QueenAgreed but I don't want him to lose his data08:55
=== Borg^Queen hits aseigo with a stick
Borg^Queenback to the pond with you08:55
aseigommm.. hit me harder.08:56
Borg^Queenaseigo: the sinister08:56
Ayreoni could do that..... im not easy with it though.  theres a seperate HD thats recovery08:56
Borg^Queenstop that, gross yuck08:56
Borg^QueenAyreon:  that "separate HD" is a partition what would be destroyed as well08:56
Borg^QueenAnd you will find its useless08:57
Borg^Queen`Welcome to the wonderful world of Windows08:57
=== Borg^Queen throws a pixie at the monitor
=== bamboe [~bamboe@] has joined #kubuntu
Ayreonoh ok, well i have that other HD on cd's, cause the comp got me to put it on them ...08:57
Borg^Queenpardon what?08:58
Ayreonrecovery cd's08:58
Borg^QueenOk the recovery cds, format and restore the system to factory spec08:58
Borg^QueenIn the process you lose all of your data unless you have backed it up08:58
aseigoBorg^Queen: haha.. oh c'mon. a little s&m never hurt anyone. ;-P08:58
=== Borg^Queen whacks aseigo with a brick
Borg^QueenOooh you're right08:59
=== aseigo watched videodrome the other night, coincidently
Borg^Queenoooh you know what I found? The test film of Tripping The Rift.08:59
Borg^QueenMy goodness its nasty but funny08:59
Borg^Queenvideodrome is a weird movie09:00
Borg^QueenAyreon: how's it going. I have to go soon09:07
Ayreonits almost done09:07
Borg^Queenwhen its finished just see if you can boot to it09:08
=== judax_ [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenAfter that you need to either get partition magic, find a free equivilant09:08
Borg^Queenor backup your data and install windows into a smaller partions09:08
=== tomchuk is now known as tomchuk_zZzZ
Ayreonok im going to go test brb, and thanks for the help09:13
=== Mez [~mez@82-36-228-130.cable.ubr01.perr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== _mark [~mark@CPE-138-130-212-27.qld.bigpond.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== _mark_ [~mark@CPE-138-130-212-27.qld.bigpond.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== zenfoo [~zenfoo@AStrasbourg-251-1-16-43.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== m0ns00n [~hogne@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Ayreon [Ayreon@142-165-63-44.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #Kubuntu
AyreonSuccess! It works09:19
Borg^QueenWhat did I tell you. The other cd is coaster09:19
=== ateves [~ateves@p549042C9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
ateveshi, i have a problem with ubuntu's KDE loginmanager: it has the 1600x1200 resolution, but my profile runs with 1280x960. how can i change the resolution of the loginmanager?09:20
=== nikki [~nikki@3ffe:80ee:33e6:1:202:2dff:fe8b:59b2] has joined #kubuntu
=== nikki is now known as nikkia
Borg^Queenin kcontrol09:21
atevesyes, i'm in there09:21
Borg^QueenI can't remember I'm not on 3.4 right now09:22
Borg^Queensys admin section09:22
Borg^Queenlogin manager09:22
Borg^QueenThere's a button to active root previlages09:22
atevesi#m logged in as root09:22
Borg^QueenThe option should be there somewhere.09:23
Borg^QueenI'm not on 3.4 right now so I can't tell you anymore09:23
atevesno problem right now, for the option is not there :) i have had the same problem with suse 9.309:24
atevesso it is definitely KDE :D09:24
Borg^QueenThat I can't say09:25
=== The_bellman [~The_bellm@dsl.shannon.id.au] has joined #kubuntu
Borg^QueenWell GN to all09:28
=== _yh_ [~yh@biologi-36.bi.ITB.ac.id] has joined #kubuntu
=== SlicerDicer- [~Slicer@] has joined #kubuntu
Ayreonwhat will happen if my system is no longer bootable?09:49
AyreonIm running partition magic and it says if i dont install linux right a way it says that09:49
Ayreonis the kubuntu setup allow dual boot?09:51
=== BkE [~bke@109.95-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
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qoshow do i see which fireware version my ipw2200 wlan card uses? i want to set it into monitor mode, but that's only supportet in firmware version 1.04... so i try to find out which firmware i use...10:16
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buzdoes dmesg say anything?10:20
qosyeah, "cat /var/log/dmesg | grep ipw" did it :)10:21
buzis there any easy way to install xen on kubuntu?10:25
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Firetecheh? "Firetech #ubuntu :Cannot join channel (throttled)"10:32
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nikkiaFiretech: freenode are doing maint on 3 servers, so people are splitting off and on, they probably have a reconnect throttle on joins10:33
Firetechnikkia: I noticed that, I came in OK now.10:34
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wizzardhi there10:43
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wizzardpls, how do I remove a package without dependency check?10:43
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nikkiawizarrd, dpkg -r --force-depends10:45
=== froud is now known as froud-work
nikkiaor you can use --force-all, it doesn't really matter, but depends is the one thats the key10:46
wizzardthx much10:48
wizzardhm, I just removed libgcc1 and it seems it was not a good idea 10:52
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tommorrisHey all12:03
tommorrisCan someone please reseed kubuntu-5.04-dvd-powerpc.iso?12:04
=== paines [~paines@p508903C5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
tommorrisSo, is that possible?12:06
tommorrisBecause there's me and about five people who are stuck at 72.1%12:07
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Brydenn[WU] well looky there12:09
Tm_Thmm, I have only 386.iso :/12:09
Brydenn[WU] that was quick and painless12:09
Brydenn[WU] hehe12:09
Brydenn[WU] nice OS12:09
Tm_Tit is12:10
Brydenn[WU] damn12:10
Brydenn[WU] it even has Konversation instead of lame X-Chat hehe12:10
Brydenn[WU] wonderful :)12:10
=== nikkia perfers kvirc 3 anyway
Tm_TBrydenn[WU] : and irssi!12:10
nikkiaprefers, even12:10
Brydenn[WU] yah well mIRC owns all of you12:10
Brydenn[WU] hahaha12:10
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Brydenn[WU] is kopete better than GAIM?12:12
_peterHello all.  Can someone tell me where libc6 C Headers package is installed ?  12:13
Tm_TBrydenn[WU] : it will be ;)12:13
nikkia_peter, umm, /usr/include :)12:13
Brydenn[WU] hehe12:13
Tm_TBrydenn[WU] : running my tweaked Kopete atm, let's see if my changes will be accepted to ti12:13
Brydenn[WU] oh yah hey12:14
Brydenn[WU] big question12:14
Brydenn[WU] i dont remember setting up the r00t password12:14
Brydenn[WU] what is it by default12:14
nikkiaBrydenn[WU] : there is no root password12:14
Tm_Tsudo passwd root12:14
Brydenn[WU] then how do i make one12:14
nikkia[k] ubuntu uses sudo by default12:14
_peternikkia: thanks.  was that a noob *nix question, or should i have looked it up somewhere ?12:15
nikkiathere's really very very little need to set a root password12:15
nikkia_peter, it was noob-ish, but not really a noob question :)12:15
Brydenn[WU] why is there little need to set a root pass?12:15
Tm_Tnikkia: yeah, only old farts like me need that root account12:15
nikkia_peter, libc is *the C runtime*, thus the location for the headers is the default C include directory, /usr/include12:15
_peternikkia: is there a way for me to "look up" the install location of packages ?12:15
nikkiatm_t, i don't bother, and i'm an old fart, being using unix systems for 20 years12:16
nikkia_peter, apt-file can do it, in theory, i haven't had apt-file work for ages tho12:16
Tm_Tnikkia: uh, "old farts _like me_ " then ;p12:16
Brydenn[WU] so uh nikkia  why is there little need for me to set a root password?12:16
nikkiatm_t, i haven't yet found anything that needs a full root account over sudo -s12:16
nikkiaBrydenn[WU] : because you can do one-off commands with sudo, or get a root shell with sudo -s or sudo -i12:17
Brydenn[WU] in english please hehe i'm a n00b12:17
Brydenn[WU] hahaha12:17
nikkiathe ONLY reason to set a root password is to enable *some* programs that aren't packaged [properly]  that rely on a root password existing12:17
Tm_Tnikkia: old habit etc :p12:17
_petertm_t: I just learned about this.  ubuntu disabled root ON PURPOSE.  The way you access 'root' authority is via sudo.  Only the first account created on install (the one you named) has sudo access by default.   sudo can be added to other accounts later.12:18
nikkiatm_t, its a habit i got out of on OS X, which also uses the ''*' for root password, use sudo you damned fool' paradigm :)12:18
_petertm_t: the sudo password is the current login's  passwd.12:18
nikkiatm_t, the first couple of times i installed OSX i'd enable root12:18
Brydenn[WU] well i just clicked on KGpg (encryption tool) and it asked for the r00t password12:18
Tm_T_peter: oh I know12:18
nikkiaafter that, i got bored of doing it, and just 'learn to use sudo you damned fool'-ed12:19
Brydenn[WU] hhmm nevermind12:19
Brydenn[WU] hehe12:19
Brydenn[WU] i'm gonna play a bit more :)12:19
nikkiaTm_T: i also grew up on VMS systems where it was common to configure SYSTEM to not use a password per se12:21
nikkiaTm_T: in most cases, if you were an authorised system admin, you'd get assigned a second user password which would be used for the equivalent of sudo12:21
_peterAll    right.  I'm trying to install (read: build) VMWare Tools... it needs the kernel source header files... which package would that be ?12:21
nikkia_peter, kernel-headers-${uname -r}12:22
nikkia_peter, eg, kernel-headers-2.6.10-5-68612:23
Tm_Tnikkia: yup, but as I said, old habit...12:25
_peternikkia: sorry, i'm lost.  which  package would that be ?12:26
nikkia_peter, well, find out which kernel you're using, with uname -r12:27
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nikkiathen, if its 2.6.10-5-686, like i'm using, you'd want to install linux-headers-2.6.10-5-68612:27
_peterok, now I get it.12:27
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Tm_Tthere's no headers package for 2.6.1212:28
Brydenn[WU] ok someone help me with this one12:28
=== sten is now known as ztonzy
Brydenn[WU] for some reason i cant see my Windows HD12:29
nikkia_peter, you might be able to get away with installing 'linux-headers' which is a virtual package12:29
Brydenn[WU] all i see is the 8gig partition i made for Kubuntu12:29
nikkiait *should* automatically install the right version for your kernel, but i don't trust virtual packages :P12:29
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ztonzyhm, doesn't services work on freenode currently ?12:32
Tm_Tthere was some talk about taking servers down12:32
_peternikkia: ok, linux-headers* installed... where is it ?  Where can I lookup the install location of a package ?12:33
nikkia_peter, install apt-file, and read the man page for it12:33
ztonzyTm_T: aha12:33
ztonzyTm_T: so that's why X-chat didnt logon auto12:33
nikkialinux-headers gets installed below /usr/src thoguh12:33
=== ztonzy got UT2004 today...installing it ;)
nikkia_peter, you shouldn't really need to know where linux-headers is, to be honest12:34
nikkiait gets linked to from /lib/modules/${KERNEL_VERSION}/ and is automatically used when you compile kernel modules12:34
_peterAh, but VMWare tools installer is looking for it .  btw: I can't find apt-file package in Kynaptic12:36
nikkia_peter, vmware should find it automatically, it does for me12:36
_peterPlus I'm a developer and generally I wish to know where stufff like this is being installed.12:36
nikkia_peter, you aren't likely to need the linux headers yourself, unless you're writing kernel modules12:37
=== Tm_T is going wild!
nikkiaand then, you're likely to know where they are if you know enough to write kernel modules :)12:37
Tm_Tlet's see if I can break my system12:37
nikkia_peter, i understand the motivation to 'know where stuff is' but it tends to lead to the temptation to 'fiddle' which tends to lead to 'OMG BROKEN SYSTEM!'12:38
_peternikkia:   yes.  but developers are used to breaking things.12:38
nikkiai try to avoid it, personally12:38
nikkiaexplaining to my boss that the project is late 'because i broke my system fiddling about' usually doesn't go down too well12:39
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_peternikkia: whew.  VMWare tools installed.  Thnaks.12:44
=== nikkia returns to feeling pangs of buyer's remorse
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Tm_Tnikkia: I got a great idea, "let's install libc6 packages from breezy" :p12:50
nikkiatm_t, not your best idea, IMO :P12:51
Tm_Tnikkia: I know, I reinstalled hoary ones very quickly :p12:51
nikkiatm_t, i'm sure wizzard regretted removing libgcc1 too :)12:52
Tm_TI didn't touch it12:52
nikkiai really hate having to use vmware to listen to a radio station :/12:53
nikkiaits annoying too, the station in question has 'ogg streams for linux' for its other stations, but not the one i want to listen to12:53
nikkia(they even have IPv6 streams for those other stations!! :)12:53
nikkiaclearly the station believes that linux users want to listen to britney spears, and windows users want to listen to classic rock *sigh*12:55
Tm_Tnikkia: then listen my stream? (mp3 though)12:56
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Brydenn[WU] hey nikkia 01:07
Tm_Tpolakin kosto01:07
Brydenn[WU] i'm having some troulbe saving a line of text to fstab01:07
Brydenn[WU] says i dont have "write access" or that i need it anyway01:08
Brydenn[WU] how do i fix that01:08
nikkiayou need to edit it as root01:08
Brydenn[WU] k, how :)01:08
nikkiause sudo01:08
nikkiaeg, sudo vi /etc/fstab01:08
Brydenn[WU] omg VI01:08
Brydenn[WU] i remember that crap from CS18101:08
nikkiareplace 'vi' with whichever editor you want to use :P01:08
Brydenn[WU] i mean 161 haha01:08
Brydenn[WU] hehe is there anyway to run it via a GUI?01:09
nikkiayou can use sudo -e /etc/fstab too01:09
Brydenn[WU] like run as a "superuser" or something01:09
nikkiayou can use kdesu01:09
Brydenn[WU] where's that at, sorry for being so green hehe01:10
nikkiabut you still need to specify the command name, say you wanted to use kate as your text editor, you could press alt-f2, type 'kdesu kate /etc/fstab' and hit return01:10
=== Tm_TK [travolta@a84-230-29-156.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiakilled your system again, Tm_Tk ?01:12
nikkiaobviously not01:12
Tm_Tthats from my irssi box01:12
Tm_Tthere's some dns issues01:14
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nikkiahmmm, my VPN has gone extremely slow01:17
nikkiaprobably means someone at work is dl'ing porn again  *rolls eyes*01:18
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ToddMAThe quickest of questions... Is there any configuration "location" which specifies the distribution as being either Ubuntu or Kubuntu?01:23
Tm_TKubuntu = Ubuntu01:24
Tm_Tthey are mostly the same01:24
nikkiatodd, they're mostly identical except for the virtual packages 'ubuntu-desktop' and 'kubuntu-desktop'01:24
nikkiabut you can have both installed01:24
ToddMAAgreed.... that is the rub...01:24
Tm_Tso I think it's better to talk Ubuntu unless it's really needed to specify K01:24
ToddMAtrying to bug fix enhancements.... where people want the grub menu to show Kubuntu instead of Ubuntu01:24
nikkiatodd, you could check for one of the two -desktop packages, and assume that dist based on just one of them01:25
nikkiaand if both are present, prompt01:25
ToddMAthe update-grub script hardcodes Ubuntu....but don't know how to get it to differentiate.01:25
nikkiatodd, as i said, the only thing i can think of, is checking for the presence of kubuntu-desktop01:26
nikkiaor, perhaps better01:26
nikkiachecking for the non-presence of ubuntu-desktop01:26
ToddMAYeah - that's the only thing I came up with so far.01:26
nikkiathat way, a joint ubuntu/kubuntu system will show as ubuntu, which is probably better01:26
ToddMAThat is not a bad idea....01:27
Tm_TI think it should show as Ubuntu all the time ;)01:27
nikkiatm_t, i can understand some people not wanting it to01:27
nikkiait causes confusion in people that don't understand the link01:27
nikkia'eh? i installed kubuntu, not ubuntu'01:27
Tm_Tnikkia: no shit :p01:28
ToddMAso if exists /usr/share/doc/kubuntu-desktop and not exists /usr/share/doc/ubuntu-desktop then Title=Kubuntu01:28
Tm_Tnikkia: there's couple power user who are so mad about that and some other things they even consider to switch away from (K)Ubuntu01:28
ToddMAelse Title=Ubuntu01:29
nikkiatodd, yeah01:29
Tm_TToddMA: sounds good to me01:29
nikkiatm_t, they don't sound much like power users to me :)01:29
nikkiatm_t, i don't even look at the boot menu, i either hit enter or down,down,down, enter :)01:30
Tm_Tnikkia: no, I don't mean boot menu, I mean noob confusion with ubuntu/kubuntu etc01:30
ToddMAYeah the branding is kind of wierd.... for something tied so tightly.01:31
=== Mez [~mez@82-36-228-130.cable.ubr01.perr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
ToddMAAny thoughts on having something like a /etc/distro config file for setting the distro name: Ubuntu/Kubuntu/whatever may come in the future....?01:39
Brydenn[WU] kubuntu comes with firefox doesnt it?01:41
ToddMABrydenn: Not installed by default in kubuntu-desktop, but it is avail in the repository. 01:44
Brydenn[WU] yah i think i saw that01:44
ToddMAAnd usuable...although I have some minor complaints about it.... lol01:44
Brydenn[WU] well if i want to update to the latest version of firefox .... how would i do that via the repository01:45
ToddMAIn Hoary - command line : apt-get install firefox01:46
ToddMAor use the Package Manager for a gui installation01:46
ToddMAsudo apt-get install firefox that is.....01:47
Brydenn[WU] brydenn@Brydenn:~$ sudo apt-get install firefox01:47
Brydenn[WU] Password:01:47
Brydenn[WU] Reading package lists... Done01:47
Brydenn[WU] Building dependency tree... Done01:47
Brydenn[WU] E: Couldn't find package firefox01:47
ToddMAsudo apt-get update will download the latest package information.01:49
ToddMAHave you done an online update before?01:49
Brydenn[WU] no01:49
Brydenn[WU] i just installed this OS about an hour ago hehe01:49
ToddMAOK - that explains why it doesn't know about firefox.01:49
Brydenn[WU] damn01:51
kinfoi don't understand.01:51
Brydenn[WU] i did the update01:51
Brydenn[WU] adn then apt-get firefox... same thing though01:52
Brydenn[WU] cant find it01:52
nikkiaisn't it mozilla-firefox ?01:52
nikkiaits called firefox in backports tho01:52
ToddMAcould be - I am on breezy and I have both but only firefox shows up in main. mozilla-firefox is showing up in universe01:55
nikkiawell, my 'firefox' has a ubp version string, as does my mozilla-firefox, but the latter also has a 'ubuntu' version in the versions list01:56
=== dla [~dla@p54A75D21.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
ToddMABrydenn do a sudo apt-get install mozilla-firefox01:57
=== dla is now known as spaci76
=== _qos [~qos@dsl-084-061-007-233.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
ToddMAYeah nikkia for me right now in breezy I see mozilla firefox as Package: mozilla-firefox01:58
ToddMAPriority: optional01:58
ToddMASection: universe/web01:58
ToddMAInstalled-Size: 2410001:58
ToddMAMaintainer: Eric Dorland <eric@debian.org>01:58
_qoshey guys, how to format a harddisk?01:58
ToddMAArchitecture: i38601:58
ToddMAVersion: 1.0.2-0ubuntu501:58
ToddMAqos what kind of filesystem do you want to put on it?01:58
_qosfat? at first, i want to securly erase it ...01:59
ToddMAand yo do know that formatting will destroy all data on the partition right?01:59
_qossure :) ?01:59
_qosthats the reaseon ... ;)01:59
ToddMAWhy fat?01:59
_qosforget about formating, i only what to securly destory the data ...02:00
nikkia'securly erase' ?? /me waits for the 'OMG hurry, the FBI is here!!! tell me how!!' :)02:00
_qosno ... not realy ... hope so ..02:00
ToddMAand how securely erased do you want? There are utilities that will write a series of pattern of 0s and 1s across the partition....02:01
Tm_Tseveral times02:01
nikkiaqos, you want 'wipe', but it won't make the data completely securely deleted, nothing will02:02
_qosthat would be nice ...02:02
ToddMAis it a FAT partition now?02:02
_qosno... it is ntfs...02:02
ToddMAAnd you are running Kubuntu?02:02
nikkiaqos, apt-get install wipe, then look at the man page02:03
_qosthe thing with the 0 & 1 across sounds good...02:03
_qosi did it ... but it seems that its only for files, not for partitions ...02:03
nikkiaqos, the man page gives examples for wiping partitions02:03
ToddMAHow big of a partition are we talking?  This could take a Loooooong time02:03
_qos30 GB02:03
nikkiaqos, read the man page, and search for hda302:04
_qosi already found it ... thx02:04
ToddMAdd is the tool to use.02:04
nikkiatodd, not very secure02:04
nikkiatodd, there are some quite complex algorithms for secure erase, just dd'ing /dev/zero or /dev/random isn't ideal02:05
ToddMAagreed.  and it takes many 7+ writes 02:05
=== _unique [~unique@p5497D670.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiai think the US Gov specs 35 pass for mildly sensitive data02:06
_qosso. the drive is connected via usb ... i can see sda1 & sda 5. what have i to choose?02:07
nikkia(if its really sensitive,  you destroy the drive with thermite)02:07
nikkiatodd, seriously, none of the 'secure erase' are good enough for really sensitive data, destroying the hard disk utterly is the only way02:08
ToddMAI used to laugh in my Army days when we had all sorts of procedures for clearing out a Xerox copy machine after making a photocopy, but data was stored on unsecfured floppy disks02:08
nikkiatodd, *nod*02:08
ToddMAMade lots of sense.02:08
=== Mez [~mez@82-36-228-130.cable.ubr01.perr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== tommorris [~tommorris@i-195-137-69-156.freedom2surf.net] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
ToddMAYeah - it all depends on one's particular definition of "secure" data and how badly they don't want it recovered.02:09
_qos"wipe -kq /dev/sda" is that right?02:10
=== nikkia has done the 'clear the copy machine' dance too :/
nikkiaqos, the man page suggests against using it on the whole drive02:10
=== nikkia suddenly spots a flaw in the 'secure erase a drive' concept
nikkiaits going to do nothing if any of your blocks containing 'bits' of sensitive data are marked as bad02:11
nikkiathey'll happily be sitting way out of the disk controller's way when you're doing your secure erase, and thus not even remotely erased02:12
_qosthats not an harddrive which contains such sensitve information, i simply want to erase it, to prevent the next owner of using norton undelete or other programs like that.02:13
nikkiaah, the wipe man page specifically mentions the bad block issue02:13
nikkiawow, the author needs a tinfoil hat :P02:14
nikkiahe theorises that drive manufacturers in cahoots with the government secretely copy 'interesting data' to the bad block area so that the government can see your plans even if you erase the drive :)02:15
_qosso, what can you offer? ;)02:15
nikkiaqos, if its not that sensitive, just wipe the partitions, then repartition02:16
nikkiathe partition sizes aren't going to be worth anything anyway, so i wouldn't worry about wiping the entire disk surface - and it can cause problems, some drives store the geometry in an area close to the partition table, and wiping the entire disk surface could make the disk unusable02:16
_qosso, i dont know axactly that to type. wipe -kq <sda what> ?02:19
nikkiawipe -kq /dev/sda1    or whatever partitions you want to wipe02:20
=== chase [~Chase@stuartma.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== golanz [~golan@] has joined #kubuntu
_qosis there a way to erase the entire harddisk? not only a partition?02:22
nikkiaqos, i wouldn't recommend it02:23
nikkiathere's a fair chance it'll render the drive completely useless02:23
_qos:) okay. i did it a few years ago... with a dos program ...02:24
ToddMAHey nikkia how is your bash?02:29
nikkiatodd, reasonable02:34
ToddMAtrying to do: if [ -d /usr/share/doc/kubuntu-desktop -a ! -d /usr/share/doc/kubuntu-desktop] 02:35
ToddMAnotice the ! (not)02:35
ToddMAwhich doesn't work02:35
nikkiahmmm, you might have to split it into a nested if02:36
=== Kamping_Kaiser [~kaiser@ppp217-217.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #kubuntu
ToddMATHat is what I got to work.... but I couldn't believe that there wasn't a way to do <this> AND NOT <that>.02:37
ToddMAmy prob with the nested ifs is that I wanted to PASS in the first if/then and couldn't seem to pull it off so I ended up with reassigning distro="Ubuntu" just for filler02:38
nikkiatest isn't the greatest imo02:39
ToddMAmaybe a nested test? [ [EXPR]  -a [ ! EXPR]  ] 02:40
nikkiayeah, i was thinking that02:40
ToddMAI'm not a BASH guy - I'm more used to things like python or C or Java...02:40
nikkiasame here really, but necessity has required me to be vaugely proficient in bash over the years :)02:42
ToddMAnested tests don't seem to work.02:44
ToddMAis there a way to do a "pass" after a if [ ]  ; then?02:45
=== nikkia shrugs
=== apokryphos [~dw@host-87-74-3-213.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Mez [~mez@82-36-228-130.cable.ubr01.perr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
ToddMAgot it....02:48
ToddMAif ! [ -d /usr/share/doc/ubuntu-desktop ]  ; then02:48
ToddMA   if  [ -d /usr/share/doc/kubuntu-desktop ]  ; then02:48
ToddMA   distro="Kubuntu"02:48
ToddMA   fi02:48
nikkiahmmm, you could expand that...02:49
=== Mez [~mez@82-36-228-130.cable.ubr01.perr.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiathe else condition on the inside if, is going to be when neither exists, which is probably when you do a server install, so if someone wants it, you could call it 'Ubuntu-server' :)02:50
ToddMAI thought about that - but there are also situations..... Remember everyone having to uninstall ubuntu-desktop in order to get totem-xine?02:51
=== dolny [~dolny@102-195.echostar.pl] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiano, i only use kubuntu, so have no knowledge of that :)02:51
ToddMAIt was with Warty.  To get MP3 and such working you needed to install totem-xine which conflicted with totem which was needed by Ubuntu-desktop....02:52
nikkiamy pointless expensive purchase has been shipped!02:52
ToddMAWhat's that?02:53
nikkiatodd, a bass 'amp'02:53
ToddMAAhhhh.  a toy...02:53
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=== pointwood [~pointwood@] has joined #kubuntu
=== qos_ [~qos@dsl-084-061-005-101.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
qos_what are linux-headers?03:13
ToddMAsource files needed by some programs(modules) to compile against03:15
qos_ahh ... thx03:16
=== unique_ [~unique@p5497D670.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jeramy [~jeramy@ottawa-hs-206-191-28-29.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #kubuntu
qos_i am trying to install a newer version of the ipw2200 driver for my wlan card. but when i run "sudo make" there is going something wrong:03:27
qos_/bin/sh: cc: command not found03:27
qos_make -C /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-386/build SUBDIRS=/home/iface/ipw2200-1.0.0 MODVERDIR=/home/iface/ipw2200-1.0.0 modules03:27
qos_/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10-5-386/scripts/gcc-version.sh: line 11: gcc: command not found03:27
qos_/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10-5-386/scripts/gcc-version.sh: line 12: gcc: command not found03:28
qos_make[1] : Gehe in Verzeichnis /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10-5-38603:28
qos_  CC [M]   /home/iface/ipw2200-1.0.0/ipw2200.o03:28
qos_/bin/sh: gcc: command not found03:28
qos_make[2] : *** [/home/iface/ipw2200-1.0.0/ipw2200.o]  Fehler 12703:28
qos_make[1] : *** [_module_/home/iface/ipw2200-1.0.0]  Fehler 203:28
qos_make[1] : Verlasse Verzeichnis /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10-5-38603:28
qos_make: *** [modules]  Fehler 203:28
qos_join #ubuntu-de03:28
=== Kamping_Kaiser [~kaiser@ppp217-217.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #kubuntu
uniqqos_: please don't paste in the channel like that.03:34
qos_but where to paste?03:35
nikkia'noon uniq03:38
=== jeramy [~jeramy@ottawa-hs-206-191-28-29.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #kubuntu
uniqhi nikkia.03:43
=== trog is now known as troglodyt
ToddMAqos - do you have build-essential installed?03:47
=== ganjaben [~ganjaben@cust-39-156.dsl.versateladsl.be] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiagah, i'm sick of eclipse resetting my keyboard repeat!03:52
ToddMAhave you grabbed 3.1 yet nikkia?03:53
nikkiatodd, no, i'm using 3.1rc from about 3 weeks ago03:54
nikkiaa little afraid to upgrade incase it breaks my projects03:54
ToddMAwebsite is pretty dead....  I have seen a few reports of people complaining about it breaking things....03:54
nikkiathat's probably more 3.0 -> 3.1 tho03:55
ToddMAI wanted to wait to see if the VE plugin was updated too.03:55
ToddMAI had milestone 6 going a while back.03:56
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nikkiabtw, i got that annoying radio station playing natively in linux03:58
nikkiathru a combination of wget'ing the .asx to get the wma stream :P03:59
nikkia(and using mplayer to play the stream)03:59
nikkiajust waiting for bmp-wma to compile to see if that can play it03:59
nikkiabah, it can't04:01
=== nikkia notices the strange choice of codec in mplayer tho
nikkia'DivX Audio v2'04:01
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_cloudhi there is someone that can help me in compiling amule 2.0.3  plz?04:47
_cloudi have errors on make..04:48
uniq_cloud: ok, can you paste the error on http://kubuntu.pastebin.com ? 04:49
_cloudi'll paste first the ./ configure and the the make...04:49
=== Jeezis [~roger@jeezis.user] has joined #kubuntu
uniqjust paste configure first.04:49
uniqmake can wait.04:49
_cloudQuery failure: Can't open file: 'pastebin.MYI'. (errno: 145)04:50
_cloudselect pid,poster,unix_timestamp()-unix_timestamp(posted) as age, date_format(posted, '%a %D %b %H:%i') as postdate from pastebin where domain='kubuntu' order by posted desc, pid desc limit 1004:50
_cloudcannot load the page:huh:04:50
uniqhttp://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/ then.04:51
_cloudthis works04:51
_cloudcheck the post04:52
uniqinstall 'libgtk2.0-dev'04:54
_cloudghghgh i messed up and i done config two times..forgive that..04:54
_cloudah ok04:54
_cloudchecking with kynaptic04:54
=== chief [~chief@] has joined #kubuntu
_cloudok..installing libs..04:55
uniqwait. you need more.04:57
_cloudah ok...in fsact the result is the same..04:58
uniqyou need binutils-dev and libgd2-xpm-dev too.05:00
uniqthen you can try configure and make again.05:01
nikkiagreat, here comes the lightning again05:02
ToddMAfwiw I think you can find aMule in backports05:03
uniqnikkia: you're living in lightningland :)05:03
nikkiauniq, seems like it...05:04
nikkiauniq, tbh, i lived in america for 10 years, and we had FAR worse storms there than the UK ever sees05:04
=== judax_ is now known as judax
uniqheh.. ok.05:04
nikkiauniq, i will say this tho, last night's storm, i have never seen lighting 'bolts' that wide05:08
uniqhm.. sounds like a nice summer.05:10
uniq 17:10:18 up 26 days,  7:04,  3 users,  load average: 27.28, 19.18, 8.8305:10
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=== _judith [~judith@CPE0011095f2041-CM00e06f240dd8.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
_judithwhere can I grab firefox 1.0.4?05:28
_judithinstalling thruogh apt gives me an old bersion!05:29
Tm_T_judith: it's new version05:29
KaiLfrom mozilla.org05:29
ToddMAubuntu added fixes onto the 1.0.2 version of firefox05:31
_judithI thought we now have firefox 1.0.4...al I get from apt-get is 1.0.205:31
nikkiayou can either modify the config to report 1.0.4 (since FF's website won't let you ANYWHERE near the extensions with 1.0.2)...05:31
nikkiaor you can get the 1.0.4 from backports05:32
nikkiait doesn't really make any difference either way, except that the one in backports may or may not be able to print05:32
nikkia(it suggests 'xprint' but that's unavailable)05:32
ToddMAand changing the version string on the 1.0.2 is easy05:32
nikkiatodd, indeed05:32
_judithToddMA: how?05:33
nikkiajudith, go to about:config05:33
ToddMAdamn nikkia types faster than me..... lol05:33
nikkiaand then i've forgotten which key you change :P05:34
nikkiaset it to 1.0.405:34
_judithit worked!05:39
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ralfpackages on the install cd are the ones in te repository?05:58
ralfor there are some missing?05:59
ralfi have installed yesterday kubuntu on a non networked pc05:59
uniqon the cd or in the repositories? 05:59
uniqthe repositories have waaaay more packages.05:59
ralfnow i'm at home with adsl05:59
ralfok, so how can I know what to download now05:59
ralfsince i will not have later?06:00
ralfthere is a cd packages list?06:00
=== trog_ is now known as Troglodyt
ralfok, found06:02
uniqwhere did you find it?06:02
uniqah :)06:03
ralfanother question06:03
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ralfthat pc has a softmodem06:03
ralfrockwell chipset06:03
ralfhow can i grab some info on the modem06:03
ralfto look for drivers when i'll back to my adsl pc?06:04
=== apokryphos [~dw@host-84-9-109-200.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
ralflspci -vvv?06:05
ralfor there is another hack?06:05
ralfmaybe only the VID/PID will be enough06:05
uniqis this a laptop? 06:05
ralfi'll buy a serial modem later06:05
ralfbut i need networking soon06:06
ralfjust for emails and ftp uploading06:06
apollo2011Will the PowerPC version of Ubuntu run on an iMac?06:06
uniqapollo2011: yes.06:07
apollo2011uniq: ok thx06:07
uniqapollo2011: you can search ubuntuforums.org for more info on (k)ubuntu+mac.06:08
apollo2011uniq: its just that in the list iMac was listed justGx, iBooks, and PowerBooks...I figured it would run but wanted to check06:08
apollo2011will do06:08
=== hon [~hon@mordad.ee.queensu.ca] has joined #kubuntu
uniqapollo2011: i run kubuntu on my ibook myself. it's great.06:08
=== _nick [~nick@pcp01842494pcs.aubrnh01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
_clouda friend of mine too has ubuntu on ibook06:17
apokryphoswhat an excellent person that put together that FAQ in the topic; excellent stuff.06:17
=== nikkia lols at a web comic
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nmorseSo this is what working tech support for Apple must feel like07:34
nmorseA whole lot of nothing07:34
uniqhehe :)07:34
_cloudok i installed all the libs necessary 07:35
nmorseWell, there's still the fact that pyqt is borked in Kubuntu07:35
_cloudi reconfigured and done the make07:36
_cloudi'll paste the make07:36
nmorseCrud, did we get another security fix to the kernel?07:37
_cloudsplz see if this is correct07:38
uniqno error message? 07:39
_cloudno as you can see in the paste07:39
nikkianmorse: you could always head over to #ubuntu and listen to 1 million people moan about not having sound configured right :P07:39
uniq_cloud: then it's all good.07:39
_cloudok but...-now what i got to do to run this f**** app???-07:40
nmorseI could go to #alsa for that too07:40
nmorsemake install07:40
nmorseThen run it07:40
uniq_cloud: i would recommend getting 'checkinstall' from universe.. and run 'checkinstall' in the source directory.07:41
uniqmake install just makes a mess.07:41
uniqwith checkinstall it's easier to remove later.. 07:41
nmorseOh, I've heard of that, can't say I've tried it though07:42
nmorseWhat program are you compiling anyway?07:42
_cloudmmm checkinstall is asking me to create the package documentation directory?07:42
uniq_cloud: no on that.07:42
=== mepix listens to Peace_in_the_Holly_Land.mp3
_cloudok...it is creating all the stuff...i suppose that the summary is all correct.07:44
uniqwhen it's done.. and you get the info on how to remove it later.. you can start it.07:45
uniqi would guess 'amule' is the command.07:45
_cloud"This package will be built according to these values:"07:45
_cloudi think that the summary is correct..i proceed07:45
uniqah.. yes.07:45
nmorseanyone here ever actually had any use for Kugar?07:46
_cloudthere are no problems with the older version of emule that was installed07:46
uniq_cloud: maybe. you'll see.07:47
uniqit should be replaced if the summary said the packagename of your new package is the same as the old one installed.07:47
_cloudall works good man07:47
_cloudyou're great07:48
_cloudamule started :D07:48
uniqcorrect version too? 07:48
_cloudyes 2.0.307:48
_cloudit has loaded the incomplete downloads too... :D :D07:49
=== yourghetek [~user@c-67-174-254-167.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
_cloudit was the first time compiling a package07:50
_cloudehehhe i'll bet that you understood that :-)07:50
yourghetekis this a good linux compatible modem? "Communication controller: Conexant HCF 56k Data/Fax/Voice/Spkp Mode"07:51
mrmanicyourghetek: no07:51
yourgheteki will keep looking07:51
yourghetekkeep looking and lspciing07:52
mrmanicyourghetek: you can get a fine driver for it from linuxant.07:52
mrmanicyourghetek: it just costs like $3007:52
yourgheteki just want something that i can plug in and start calling from my computer07:53
nmorseIt's your friend07:55
yourghetekbut i want to use a phone line07:56
nmorseWhy bother?07:56
nmorseOur phone company's never given us anything but crap07:56
nmorseDang you SBC!!!!!!!!!07:56
yourgheteki want to click on a contacts phone number in kontact and pickup my bluetooth headset and talk07:56
=== tomchuk [~thomas@cpe-69-201-141-234.nyc.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
nmorseYou know, I knew a guy who did that using bluetooth to his cell phone actually07:57
nmorseFrom his Powerbook07:57
yourgheteki wanna see a mac g5 running kubuntu with the newest version of wine and running solitaire07:58
nmorseWine and a G5 do not mix07:59
nmorseWINE Is Not an Emulator07:59
yourghetekit was just a dream07:59
nmorseI know, but with the Mac-on-Intel said dream could come true08:00
nmorseThough sans G5 of course08:00
Tm_Thi kids08:00
yourghetekimagine running autodesk inventor or premiere pro on a g508:01
yourghetekor g608:01
nmorsehello Tm_t08:01
nmorseYou hear the linux kernel's been ported to Cell processors compeletely?08:01
nmorseIBM, Sony and I think Toshiba ported it08:03
ralfnmorse: yes08:03
nmorseThey even made a new filesystem for it I hear08:03
Tm_Tmyu bien08:03
yourghetekwho is they?08:03
ralfyourghetek: an high performance cpu08:03
=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #kubuntu
ralf8 ppc core08:03
ralfis in the playstation 308:03
nmorseVery cool for paralellized stuff so I hear08:04
ralfnmorse: is a virtual filesystem to handle the cpu08:04
nmorseSounds really neat08:05
ralfnmorse: we have to see if 08:05
ralfit is fast with normal operations08:05
=== jjesse [~jjesse@mail.ftpb.com] has left #kubuntu []
ralfas in fpu operations08:05
ralfa web server or a compiler doesn't need fpu08:06
nmorseI hear it's good at vectorized stuff at least08:06
=== zAo^ [~zao@zAo.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseHmm, is there no edonkey set for giFT?08:08
yourghetekso will the ps3 run linux?08:09
yourghetekb/c im sure that would be a lot cheaper than a system overhaul08:10
=== apokryphos is now known as apokaway
nmorseThe PS3 hard drive ships with Linux on it according to the Sony President08:10
=== free_mind [~root@201-13-17-45.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
yourghetekand "cell" is intel08:10
nmorseIBM actually08:11
yourghetekwill that be ok with wine?08:11
nmorseOnly x86 processors can use WINE08:11
yourghetekis that why i could never get wine on my amd64 machine?08:11
nmorseWhich at the moment are limited to Intel, AMD, and VIA08:11
nmorseBeats me about wine on AMD6408:12
buztransmeta sells x86 too, or did at least08:12
jeramyOnly if you're running a 32-bit OS08:12
yourghetekgoddamit buz08:12
=== gdh [~gdh@80-192-144-33.cable.ubr04.pres.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
buznot sure if there are any efficieons on the market, still08:12
nmorseTransmeta's used code-morphing software08:12
nmorseand they quit making those last I heard08:12
=== free_mind [~root@201-13-17-45.dsl.telesp.net.br] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
buzstill it was a x86 cpu08:12
yourghetekyou only wait to jump in when you have a cool line08:12
nmorsenotice the phrase "at the moment"08:13
buzi just passed by by accident ;)08:13
buzi just basically came from the shower08:14
buzafter getting drunk at school that is08:14
yourghetekthats what they all say08:14
buzbelieve whatever you want08:14
yourghetekhey i just tried ubuntu08:15
yourghetekits not my cup of tea but its not all that bad08:15
buzi hate gnome08:16
buzstinking foot it is08:16
nmorseI like KDE way better08:16
yourgheteki admit its simple08:16
yourghetekbut its great for beginners08:16
nmorseSimple the way Mac OS 9 was simple08:16
nmorseMessed up simple08:17
buzmacos is stubborn08:17
buzkde is not08:17
nmorseI meant Mac OS 9 and GNOME are a lot alike08:17
buzah yeah08:17
buzboth are crappy08:17
buzso yes08:17
nmorseI really want to try GNUStep08:18
buzi think nextstep is way overrated08:18
nmorseSupposed to be based off of NeXTStep just like OS X08:18
buzif osx is nextstep++ it ain't that bloody good08:18
nmorseI like OS X actually08:18
nmorseNot nearly as much as KDE though08:18
buzit's too inflexible for my taste08:18
Tm_Tpastebin.com is down08:18
nmorseon Linux08:18
yourghetekuse pastebin.ca08:18
nmorsetry pastebin.ca08:19
buzosx is like beauty, bugfree xp08:19
uniqtm_t: you can use paste.ubuntulinux.nl too.08:19
buzkde is like an environment to get work done08:19
aseigoyay for canada!08:19
nmorseWow, it sure is hard to get help regarding an Ubuntu PPC problem08:19
uniqnmorse: what's the problem? 08:19
nmorseMy iMac won't boot the kernel after install08:19
nmorseIt sits there spinning the little pipe for all eternity08:20
nmorseLoading Kernel |/|\|/08:20
Tm_Tuniq: sure, but--- it's not Kubuntu ;/08:20
uniqtm_t: yeah i know. :/08:20
nmorseI love #ubuntu-ppc08:21
nmorseWith it's topic of llama08:21
nmorseBoy, you'd think someone would make that a useful channel, but no08:21
uniqdon't think i can help you with that problem.. unfortunately.08:23
nmorseYeah, it's an old iMac that has some weird quirks08:24
nmorseHey, uniq, does Mac-on-Linux work well?08:24
uniqdon't know. i don't use mac os.08:24
uniqat all.08:24
uniqpure kubuntu for me.08:25
nmorseAh, I have some old Mac games that are fun to play08:25
nmorseLike Wizardry Gold08:25
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nmorsehey monchy08:34
monchyhey nmorse08:34
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elmagohi alll kann mir vielleicht jemand eine gute seite sagen wo ich server fr apt finde?09:09
buzwhat kind of servers09:09
uniqelmago: in english please? 09:10
elmagoi just installt kubuntu and i like to add some good stable servers in my source.list09:10
uniqhttp://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/38 is a good example.09:11
elmagoi have this servers already09:13
uniqif you want to change to other servers i can suggest de.archive.ubuntu.com if you're in germany.09:13
froudHello Kubuntu users. We are looking for people who would like to contribute to development of Kubuntu Documentation. Previews of the documents currently under development can be seen at nightly update to http://lnix.net/~froud/ Anyone interested in contributing can join #ubuntu-doc to discuss ideas09:13
elmagoyes iam09:13
uniqelmago: also se.archive.ubuntu.com is fast.09:13
elmagoi thought of some debian servers not only ubuntu09:14
=== duende [~duende@stjhnf01bb8-142163118087.nl.aliant.net] has joined #kubuntu
buzi'd advise against debian servers09:15
buzthey are bound to incur wreak havoc upon your system sooner rather than later09:16
buzso stay away from them unless you REALLY know what you're doing there09:16
elmagook thx09:17
uniqi agree with buz on that.09:17
=== JensK [~JensK@p54903607.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
buzon top of that, i'd also stay away from breezy for much the same reasons09:18
elmagocould it be that there are some packeges on the normal debian servers, that are not on the ubuntu servers09:18
jeramyThere shouldn't be.  Maybe some non-free stuff like the Marillat repository...09:21
jeramySpeaking of which, I tried to install avidemux yesterday, and it won't install.  :(09:22
elmagosorry for that question but iam a real noob in linux: how do i install a tar.gz archive? 09:23
elmagotar 09:23
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jeramyelmago: What's in the .tar.gz archive?09:30
jeramyAre you trying to install a program?09:31
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unome!kubuntu live10:01
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js_how can i turn antialiased fonts on?10:30
js_uhm i missed the small "turn on antialiasing button"10:32
=== amywilson [~amywilson@ppp-70-249-208-189.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net] has joined #Kubuntu
amywilsonhow do I install java on kubuntu 10:33
=== Ayreon [Ayreon@142-165-63-238.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #kubuntu
amywilsonis it the same as gnome version of ubuntu or is something different on it 10:35
ToddMAamywilson:yes procedure is the same as ubuntu10:35
=== yourghetek [~user@c-67-174-254-167.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu []
amywilsonok I can't find the link where I had the procedure stored for ubuntu 10:36
ToddMAthere are a couple of options.  One is listed on ubuntuguide.org and the wiki has info too..10:37
nikkiahmmmm, umbrello has suddenly forgotten what C++ is on me10:38
ToddMAhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Java15 10:38
ToddMAUmbrello is kind of flaky like that huh?10:39
amywilsonthank u10:39
ToddMAnikkia thanks for the thunderstorm10:39
mrmanicnikkia: umbrello made an executive decision.  C++: old and busted.  Python: new hotness10:39
ToddMAsounds like a reasonable choice for me...10:40
nikkiamrmanic, i like python, but no way is it the right choice for a millisecond sensitive multimedia app10:40
ToddMAUmbrello went up in flames with me when I mentioned Java10:41
nikkiatodd, we're still getting thunder & lightning here, btw10:41
mrmanicnikkia: I agree :)10:41
nikkiamrmanic, if there was a Qt/KDE binding, i'd use Ada, but there's not10:41
ToddMAWell Nikkia, it spread to Boston - cooled things down very nicely10:41
nikkiawell, there is, but its not very good, and its not in the repositories :)10:41
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nikkiaand as my 'languages compiled and thus not sucky for millisecond accurate apps' list in umbrello consists of Ada and C++, i think i'm stuck with C++10:43
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Tm_Tlaser_tk: et vaan osaa11:03
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laser_tkTm_T: en ni..:D11:10
=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #kubuntu
_fenhi can somone give me a list of the init modes for ubuntu11:10
spiral_fen: same as debian11:10
_fenok what are they please?11:11
spiral_fen: see http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/ch-customizing.en.html11:11
_fenty :)11:11
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amywilsonwell I have struck out twice now on trying to install the java 11:30
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Brydenn[WU] hey guys11:45
Brydenn[WU] have a question :)11:45
Brydenn[WU] i just installed FireFox via the package manager11:45
Brydenn[WU] but its version 1.0.211:45
Brydenn[WU] how do i update that and get the latest release?11:46
gdhcorrect. that's the newest version in Kubuntu11:46
gdhsecurity fixes have been applied already.11:46
pv_wait until autumn ;)11:46
SQFreakhe could enable backports.11:46
Brydenn[WU] so are you saying this is the latest stable version of FireFox... for Unbuntu?11:47
Brydenn[WU] k i'll just stick with that then until they make a new Kunbuntu package11:49
Brydenn[WU] hehe, i'm too new to this stuff to be messing around that much11:49
Brydenn[WU] thank you though11:50
Tm_TBrydenn[WU] : it's technically 1.0.4 with just other version number11:54
Tm_Tsame thing11:54
=== spiral_ [~spiral@] has joined #kubuntu
amywilsonyes it is the latest stable version of firefox but the version number is incorrect there is a thread on that it will direct you too which has the fix to be able to install themes and so on 11:55
=== spiral_ is now known as spiral
Brydenn[WU] oh i see11:56
Brydenn[WU] whats the command to save something in VI11:57
Brydenn[WU] been too long since ive had a programming class heh11:57
nikkia:w   :w! (to force)   :wq or :x to write and quit12:00

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