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Treenakswhat's " Dutch, Middle (ca. 1050-1350) " doing in my Preferred Languages list?02:42
jameshTreenaks: is it listed in any of the other boxes on the right on https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/rosetta/ ?02:47
Treenaksjamesh: not by default I think02:47
Treenakslet me see02:48
jameshTreenaks: I mean, is it listed in the "languages in Countryname" or "your browser languages" boxes02:48
Treenaksjamesh: no02:48
Treenaksjamesh: though "Dutch" is listed as both "Dutch" and "Dutch (Netherlands)"02:48
Treenaks(there's a Dutch (Belgium), which is supposed to be 99% identical, except for some expressions)02:49
jameshTreenaks: the default language selection is based on your IP address (using GeoIP data) and browser language preferences02:50
Treenaksjamesh: they're right, I just don't understand why Dutch is split up like that02:50
Treenaksjamesh: it isn't in most upstream packages02:51
carlosTreenaks, because one is related to your country and the other is country 'agnostic'02:51
jameshTreenaks: if there are both "Dutch" and "Dutch (Netherlands)" translations for an app, ones from the country specific message catalog get picked in preference to the plain "Dutch" ones02:52
Treenaksjamesh: ok, it might be good to specify that on the "Select your preferred languages" page, so translators choose the right one02:53
carlosTreenaks, jamesh, : Usually, if there are translations for both, it's because an UI bug we had in Rosetta. We are going to implemente a way to merge both02:53
carlosTreenaks, hmm, yeah, a small text explaining that would be a good idea, could you file a bug report about it at https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/rosetta/+bugs ?02:54
jameshTreenaks: by having both the generic and specifc languages selected, it'll make sure you get offered a PO file whether the app has "Dutch" translations or "Dutch (Netherlands)" too.02:54
dafyou shouldn't be seeing "Dutch (Netherlands)"02:54
carlosjamesh, but by default it makes no sense to have Dutch (Netherlands)02:54
carlosjamesh, because translations will not be shared with other countries that also speak Dutch02:55
JanC"dutch, middle" does make even less sense02:55
jameshcarlos: so is there no sense in having en_GB? :)02:55
JanCas nobody speaks it since about 1350 :-P02:55
carlosjamesh, that's a corner case ;-)02:55
carlosJanC, well, we have it, if someone wants to translate into it... :-P02:56
carlosJanC, which country code is it?02:56
Treenakscarlos: nl02:56
carlosJanC, which language code is it?02:56
jameshJanC: It probably has about as many speakers as Klingon02:56
JanCno idea, Treenaks says he sees it02:56
JanCin his default preferred languages list02:57
Treenakscarlos: Dutch is nl_NL and nl_BE, but I've never seen separate translations for those02:57
Treenaksdaf: I see "Dutch (Netherlands)" in the "Select your preferred languages" screen and in the "Languages in netherlands" box02:57
dafhmm, it's a bug02:59
carlosTreenaks, both are Dutch02:59
jameshTreenaks: some of the languages in the preferred languages list are probably there because of non-translation related locale data is stored for them02:59
carlosTreenaks, but one is talked in Netherlands and the other in Belgium? (not sure if that's the country name in english)03:00
jameshe.g. LC_MONEY, etc03:00
carlosTreenaks, both are Dutch, right, and thus, you should translate into Dutch03:00
carlosTreenaks, but there are sometimes, as jamesh says that you need to translate it for an especific country03:00
Treenakscarlos: nl_BE is spoken in Belgium, and nl_NL is spoken in the Netherlands, but both are Dutch, and I've never seen separate translations03:01
carlosTreenaks, then just translate into Dutch03:01
carlosTreenaks, is the same with es_ES, es_MX, es_CL, etc...03:01
carlosTreenaks, we only use 'es'03:01
Treenakscarlos: and en_US/en_GB/etc03:01
TreenaksI guess03:01
carlosnot really03:02
carlosin that case03:02
carlosen_GB does some updates03:02
carloslike change color by colour03:02
carlosTreenaks, that's what I said about  changes applied only to one country03:02
jameshcarlos: at least we aren't listing en@quot and en@boldquot ...03:02
carlosjamesh, not yet :-P03:02
carlosjamesh, but the variants will appear if they exists03:03
carloswhen we add support to them03:03
jameshcarlos: those two are useless variants introduced by the gettext maintainer, unless I'm mistaken03:03
carlosTreenaks, anyway, your point is valid, please file a bug and we will try to clarify it a bit in the language chooser03:03
Treenakscarlos: ok03:03
carlosjamesh, those should not be stored into the sources as are autogenerated files03:04
jameshcarlos: they are handled by a sed script, that converts straight quotes in msgids to UTF-8 curly quotes in the msgstrs03:04
carlosjamesh, yeah, I know ;-)03:04
jameshcarlos: the boldquot one seems particularly useless for modern graphical apps -- it makes the quotes bold using terminal escape codes03:08
carlosjamesh, well, it's the maintainer who decides if those .po files should be generated or not03:11
carlosfor instnace, we are not using them with GNOME 03:11
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