mdkeits all community love12:02
robitaillethen we'll nominate Burgundavia  for it...with a picture of him in a hot air balloon12:02
Burgundaviaok then12:02
mdkei think you have a reply on your NameSpaces request12:03
mdkebut its not clear who wrote what12:03
BurgundaviaYou can use subpages for that currently. They scale better than this weird concept obviously copied from MediaWiki.12:03
Burgundaviathat is what I didn't write12:03
mdkeyou have one on Templates too12:03
mdkeBurgundavia, yeah i checked the diffs12:03
BurgundaviaThis feature has been working for years12:04
=== Burgundavia bashes his head against the wall
k31th_woah amazing12:07
k31th_i got like 40 or 50 ubuntu CD's in the post this morning 12:08
mdkehi there k31th_ 12:08
=== robitaille still waiting for his CDs....
k31th_need to start on my DOC work really have had no time 12:08
k31th_robitaille: took a while 12:08
mdkek31th_, that would be awesome12:08
BurgundaviaI got mine12:09
k31th_all settled in at work now so i can do it there 12:09
k31th_infact 12:09
mdkeget paid to do it :D awesome12:09
k31th_yeah well i do the work whe its there and dneeds doing but i need to be there incase i need to go off site or some one rings up etc plus doing ubuntu docs will help improve my knowledge of linux / unix systems and commands 12:10
=== Burgundavia bashes his head against the wall some more
k31th_so its all benifical 12:10
k31th_just installed Ubuntu on my sisters Desktop 12:11
k31th_really like my new job my boss knows shit loads about linux / unix learning alot 12:12
k31th_started using vi instead of nano takes some doing getting used to sing cmd line in vi mode 12:13
mdkesup burgs/12:14
Burgundaviaoh, just stupid moin-ness12:15
k31th_such as?12:16
k31th_i bet12:16
k31th_a women is involved12:16
Burgundaviaand other stupid moin shit12:16
robitailleI didn't know Ubuntu kernel have version names12:18
robitaillezcat /usr/share/doc/linux-image-2.6.10-5-k7/changelog.Debian.gz  | grep -e "Release"12:18
robitailleThe "Gracious Gooseberry" Release12:18
mdkethe kernel team is crazy12:19
k31th_nuts 12:19
mdkein a good way12:19
robitailleyeah it's funny....The "Radioactive Radish" Release.12:19
k31th_The "Prickly Pear" Release.12:20
mdkei need a pet penguin12:20
mdkenever mind cats and dogs12:21
robitaillecan you litter train them easily?12:21
robitaillefor a while I had that dream of becoming a zoologist to go study pinguins in the south pole12:22
mdkei saw a program where penguins were wandering around in the middle of town12:23
mdkein north america somewhere i think12:23
k31th_i see dell are wacking those dell 20" LCD's out for 300 uk pounds and its the same pannel as the apple ones12:25
k31th_tempted i am 12:25
mdkei want a flat panel12:25
mdkebut it has to be 50 quid or so12:25
k31th_mdke: oh your in the uk12:25
k31th_where abouts ruffly 12:26
mdkeyou're in swindow12:26
k31th_nr it 12:26
=== mdke proves he has a better memory than k31th_
k31th_yous 12:26
k31th_london ? 12:26
k31th_ahh yes 12:26
k31th_i hve to go to london soon it install a server 12:27
k31th_Effort 12:28
k31th_to install a shitty windoze domain controller with exchange 12:29
Burgundaviaexchange is a lot of fun to play with12:30
k31th_its a heap of shit12:30
k31th_personally i think linux wendmail with imap and the use Mozilla Calander on a network share 12:31
k31th_is good enough 12:31
k31th_then use samba as a DC12:31
mdkeBurgundavia, robitaille #ubuntu-bugs12:34
Burgundaviawell, #moin was more friendly then I anticipated12:44
k31th_iv had enough of reading my C programing book12:46
k31th_must get some slee12:46
k31th_night 12:46
mdkeBurgundavia, they are friendly yeah12:47
Burgundaviawe even came to an agreement12:47
Burgundaviaand it was one I liked12:47
mdkewhat was that?12:47
Burgundaviaon this one12:47
mdkegood to hear12:48
Burgundaviaalex schemmer said that it would take about an hour or so12:49
Burgundaviawonder if I can convince ubuntu to pay for it?12:49
mdkeis enrico still happy to deal with our bugs?01:14
=== Burgundavia [~corey@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
robitaillewe'll have to ping one of the mailing list admin for ubuntu-doc to allow all these bug report to go through the mailing list.01:33
Burgundaviathats not me01:33
BurgundaviaI think mdke is one01:33
robitailleubuntu-doc list run by enrico at enricozini.org, jgotangco at gmail.com, bubbly1 at speedlink.com.au01:33
mdkejerome and liz01:34
mdkei don't see liz around much01:34
mdkebut jerome will do it01:34
mdkeok 10 more on their way01:34
Burgundavializ is basically gone I think01:36
mdkejerome is gonna have a heart attack when he gets the moderation list01:49
=== mdke writes email
mdkeideas on #3353 dudes?01:53
Burgundaviajust have to maintain our own packages for that stuff01:58
mdkeit can be edited in the debian source package right?01:59
Burgundaviadebian is splitting a whole lot of man packages out02:00
Burgundaviadue ot the GFDL stupidity02:00
mdketbh i don't think that man page is gonna be high priority right now02:05
mdkemaybe we can use the apt guide from the wiki and make an xml doc in generic/02:05
Burgundavianot really02:06
mdke#9082 is reported by Kinnison's dad02:07
mdkei need to get my parents on Ubuntu and submitting bugs02:07
mdkeok enough02:09
mdketime for bed02:09
BurgundaviaI need to move my parents to Ubuntu02:10
Burgundaviaand I file the bugs for my brother02:10
mdkenight Burgundavia 02:10
robitaille#3353...is that a doc team problem?  Or it will go into branding by individual packages, done by the maintainers of these packages02:12
Burgundaviaman pages are probably our issue02:14
uniqwell.. manpages are usually installed by the individual packages.02:15
uniqand good night :)02:15
=== mgalvin [~mgalvin@cpe-69-205-46-35.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mgalvinhi all02:53
mgalvini checked out the documentation and thought i would start contributing some place simple02:54
mgalvinis adding some gnome menu items under ubuntu-doc/gnome/menus/C an ok place for me to start?02:55
mgalvinis there any other particular place that would be best to start?02:56
Burgundavianot really03:02
Burgundaviapick something that interests you03:02
Burgundaviaand send patches to the mailing list03:02
Burgundaviaa few patches and then you get commit access03:02
mgalvinhow exactly is the ubuntuguide being used here? working on that content would be best since i wrote the ppc version and know that stuff.03:08
=== warthylog [~warthylog@port49.ds1-van.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-doc): set by mdke at Mon Jun 20 20:43:03 2005
jsgotangcoall doc bugs are already diverted to ubuntu-doc07:09
Burgundaviawas a gnome doc bug07:09
Burgundavianot ours07:09
jsgotangcoif we were in baz, we'd probably have access to upstream docs07:10
Burgundaviathe gnome doc project is essentially dead07:11
Burgundaviaand they are thinking of the same things as we are07:11
jsgotangcoif i remember right, jdub indicated this before07:11
Burgundaviahow can we revitalize them?07:11
jsgotangcothat we can adopt as a team project07:11
jsgotangcowell basically, all we do at the moment is WRITE documentation07:12
jsgotangco(although Ubuntu-specific)07:12
jsgotangcolike you said, there's so much to improve in existing documentation (although GNOME-specific)07:13
jsgotangcoand that the gnome doc project is essentially dead07:13
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froudAfrican Greetings10:45
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k31thmorning guys 11:18
froud-workmorn :-)11:18
=== rob^ [~rob@dsl-202-52-55-156.qld.veridas.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkegood morning11:30
=== mdke rubs eyes
rob^that dist-upgrade to breezy was smooth considering the state of x.org ;)11:31
rob^a few bugs though :(11:34
mdkebugzilla awaits11:35
mdkejsgotangco, thanks for doing the bug thing11:35
rob^yep, headed there now11:35
jsgotangcowell it kinda spammed the lists a bit though11:43
mdkestill, everyone around at the time agreed11:44
mdkeincluding mdz11:44
mdkejsgotangco, hope you don't mind11:46
mdketbh, documentation bugs have been completely unknown to the team til now, i think its a good idea that we do something with them, otherwise its unprofessional for people to file bugs and not receive a response11:47
jsgotangcowell it all went straight to enrico11:52
mdkeare you ok?11:57
jsgotangcoif you are asking how i am feeling today, well not so good, i feel i am going to have a cold11:58
mdkesorry to hear that11:58
mdketake plenty of green tea11:58
jsgotangcobut if you mean about bugs going to enrico, it is not an issue, we just werent able to notice it sooner11:58
mdkei meant how are you11:58
jsgotangcoi am cursing redhat at the moment11:59
mdkei just felt that enrico wasn't forwarding the bugs, so I thought the mailing list was a better solution11:59
mdkecorey and daniel and mdz and ogra agreed11:59
jsgotangcoyeah at least we'll get all bugs on the list11:59
mdkebugs that have been open for months can be dealt with12:00
mdkei think its cool12:00
=== ealden [~ealden@ipdial-191-235.tri-isys.com] has joined #ubuntu-doc
jsgotangcowhen is there going to be a tb?12:00
mdkethere was one last night12:01
mdkeso in 2 weeks12:01
mdkeooh new user12:02
jsgotangcoi wanted to attend12:02
jsgotangcoi thought it was tonight12:03
mdkei went to the meeting12:03
mdkei can tell you what happened if you don't fancy reading the log12:03
mdkeit wasn't that interesting12:03
jsgotangcoi bet12:03
mdkewhat were you interested in, koffice?12:03
jsgotangconot really12:03
jsgotangcoi mean the whole thing12:03
jsgotangcoubuntu-doc meetings are more colorful12:04
jsgotangcoaside from CC meetings12:04
mdkeok the issues were, language-pack splitting12:04
mdkeit was decided to split them into 312:04
mdkelp-gnome lp-kde lp-base/main12:04
mdkesee the mail by pitti to ubuntu-devel for further details12:04
jsgotangcowhat else?12:05
mdkethen they discussed whether koffice should ship by default with kubuntu instead of OOo12:05
mdkeno decision taken yet12:05
mdkeriddell will write up a page of pros and cons, but by the sound of it they are mainly cons: koffice is apparently well buggy12:05
mdkealthough the advantage is that it would get less buggy if shipped by kubuntu12:06
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010497935pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkewhat else12:06
jsgotangcoanything more interesting12:06
mdkeah they discussed the new REVU system that I don't really understand12:06
jsgotangcokde doesnt interest me at the moment12:06
jsgotangcoas i've been doing most of my stuff in ratpoison or ion12:07
mdke(for MOTU)12:07
mdkenever heard of em12:07
mdkeare they good?12:07
jsgotangcoif you prefer using the keyboard12:07
mdkei've been trying e17 recently, it rocks12:08
mdkeif immensely buggy12:08
jsgotangcohmmm i haven't been doing svn stuff lately12:08
jsgotangcoi have been busy with family12:08
mdkei gtg12:08
jsgotangcomy wife is still in KL12:08
mdkeeverything cool with family?12:09
mdkeah yeah12:09
jsgotangcowell i gotta go too..i gotta shop some stuff for home12:10
mdketake care12:10
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Njalhows you?02:06
mdkeNjal, fine thanks, you?02:11
Njalim ok02:11
Njalwhat's this about the gnome guide?02:12
Njalbit lost02:12
mdkethe gnome guide should be quite useful for our userguide, some of it is out of date, but there is much good material we can just copy and paste02:13
Njalfrom gnome.org i presume?02:14
mdkeyou can find it there yes, but it is also in gnome if you use gnome02:16
Njali didn't know that02:16
Njalnever really had purpose to look for it02:16
mdkeme neither02:17
k31ththis girl is SO HOT 02:23
k31thman i installed this asterisk at home and its nailed this CentOS server hard in the ass02:28
k31thtotal scripted install that takes over every thing 02:28
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mdkedoes anyone have any ideas for #9082?02:53
mdkei guess we need froud for that one02:53
uniqwell.. File:///usr/share/doc/xorg-common/FAQ.xhtml does not exist.. the FAQ.xhtml file is gziped and is named FAQ.xhtml.gz03:03
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melodiehello all :)03:26
melodiemdke are you present ?03:26
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jjessewow don' t read email for a day and swamped with stuff fromthe doclist04:43
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mgalvinfyi, i just uploaded my first faqguide patch to the list05:22
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jeffschhey froud, you there?07:11
froudwaz up07:12
jeffschsomebody said gnome docteam is dead. know if there is any truth to that rumour?07:12
Burgundaviabasically the main people who were involved were sun07:13
froudSun has been supporting it for a long time07:13
jjessei sense a but coming07:13
Burgundaviabut they have recently not being doing much07:13
froudnow they pulled out becuase of other deadlines07:13
froudso they must build a team all over again07:13
froudsad, really sad07:13
Burgundaviathat is coupled with lack of interest in hacking yelp07:13
=== froud is not allowed to go there
jeffschthey just released v1.6 of GNOME style guide a few days ago07:14
froudbut it takes more than just a few people to maintain all that is gnome docs07:15
Burgundaviathe problem with docs at the gnome level is that docs are so distro specific07:15
jeffschmenus are different, artwork is different07:16
froudfrom the docs?07:16
jeffschconfusing for users when help docs don't match reality07:16
jeffschyeah, gnome docs are specific to default gnome menus and artwork07:17
froudwell, its a fundamental flaw in the attitude FOSS has toward documenters07:17
jeffschyeah, they don't see the importance07:17
froudand technically GNOME docs are not hosted in a manner that supports any downstream support07:17
jjesseits that w/ a lot of projects, if there are any docs there in a wiki that isn't very good07:18
froudgnome is badly fragmented IMHO07:18
froudKDE has its problems, but the approach is different and it's easier to get support from downstreams07:19
froudyes saw that07:19
froudjeffsch: to develop documentation on a distro level you need a dedicated team of people paid to focus on, lead and move forward07:21
jeffschdid you see doc searls column in June Linux Journal?07:21
froudjeffsch: but free distros generally dont understand documentation07:22
jeffschthe column was about a school district switching to linux07:22
jjessei remember reading it now07:23
froudjeffsch: most fail to understand that docs are an integral part of "whole product" development and key to any "go-to-market" strategy07:23
jeffschbasically, they chose red hat because it has tons of documentation07:23
froudyes, and a paid team who does it :-)07:23
froudIt's just another example of how documentation is a fundamental component of any Linux "go-to-market" strategy07:24
froudunfortunatley most distros understand software development and not marketing07:25
jeffschyeah. see the ubuntu docs. the typical user gets lost pretty quickly07:25
froudeven our beloved Ubuntu falls short of this07:25
jeffschthe devels forget that non-devels might be interested in using the system too07:25
jeffschand the org is run by devels, no?07:26
froudyou said it, not me :-)07:26
froudgood on you07:26
jeffschdon't get me started on devels and their superior attitudes :)07:27
froudbut as I have learned people don't really want people excercising free speech when it comes to this subject07:27
jjesseaint that the truth07:27
jeffschimho there are two types of devel: Type I and Type II07:27
jjesseabout devels adn superior attitudes07:27
jeffschType I thinks he is a god07:27
jeffschType II thinks he is God07:28
froudyep, you have two choices. Like it or love it07:28
froudThe heart is in the right place07:28
froudbut the brain sees only 1's and 0's07:29
froudanything above the code is irrelevant07:29
jeroen_Hey guys, why don't you said up #ubuntu-doc-devel-interaction or something instead of bashing the devels (yes I know it was a joke)07:29
jeroen_replace 'said up' with found07:29
froudjeroen_: because the deserve it :-)07:29
froudeverytime one discusses this subject, somebody always take offense07:30
jjessebut that  is human nature07:30
jeffschdavid ottina is right about user profiles of ubuntu end-users07:31
jjesse+1 to that07:32
jeroen_jeffsch, what did he say/does he think about user profiles of ubuntu end-users?07:32
jeffschhe says we don't have them07:33
jeffschand implies that we need them07:33
jeffscha writer needs to know the audience. it affects what you write and how you present it07:34
jeffschyou write differently for a technical audience than you do for "aunt tillies"07:35
froudjeffsch: deja vue07:36
jeffschfor example, a technical audience knows right away what you mean when you write DNS when talking about the internet07:36
jjessefor some reason this whole converstation sounds familiar didn't we have it awhile ago?07:37
jeffschaunt tilly needs to have DNS explained in the text, maybe even a couple of paragraphs, and a glossary entry07:37
jeffschif red hat docs have that explanation for aunt tilly, then she will use red hat and not ubuntu07:38
jeffschor even worse, stick with windows(spit)07:38
froudjeffsch: this work was done by me on/around 16/0407:41
froudthe framework is there07:41
froudbut the will to execute is not07:41
jeffschi know. I added it back to the agenda for tomorrow's meeting07:42
froudhe he, rather you than me ;-)07:42
jeroen_jeffsch, how about making DNS clickable ?07:43
froud docteam.ubuntu.com - this has been agreed upon to host draft documents for review. The current status and preview pages at DocteamProjects is so outdated but prospective documentation members still refer to it the first time they encounter the docteam pages. This site will serve as a "staging area" for documents already tagged as "WIP" .07:44
jeffschjeroen_: that might be difficult in paper book format07:44
froudsince when was it agreed. I have not seen any acknowledgement about docteam.u.c only help.u.c07:44
jeroen_jeffsch, you mean printed documents? Well, you're right then07:45
froudIts called a Glossary ;-)07:46
jeffschjeroen_: plus making it clickable is a useability issue... some like it, some don't07:46
froud"DocteamProjects is so outdated but prospective documentation" only true for GNOME07:46
froudjeffsch: Hmmm, that's a debate07:47
jeffschyeah, it's almost religious. my feeling is, if your audience will like it, then give it to them. If not, then don't.07:48
froudjeffsch: if you want to fly the banner for all these issues, you're more than welcome. Just be warned that the road is booby trapped07:49
froudnot because of me :-)07:49
froudI may be accused of being a dictator again 07:50
jeffschbah. it just takes time, and patience. nothing gets done immediately.07:50
froudbreezy +607:50
jeffschmore and more people are noticing that we don't have user profiles07:51
jeffschso eventually, we will have them07:51
jeffschbut we won't have them tomorrow07:51
froudthe same applies to about 6 other debates we have had until now07:51
froudtoday I see people speaking about gnome and describing vendor drops07:52
froudthe otherday using db profiles07:52
froudbut I dont see it happening07:52
jeffschyeah. look how long people complained about wiki organization. now it's on our agenda for tomorrow.07:52
froudmeet and talk is easy dude07:52
froudthat's something else07:53
jeffschit's a step in the right direction07:53
froud:-) you believer you07:53
jeffschhey, we are reasonable people, and we play well together (usually)07:54
=== froud notices that meeting topic are all heavy discussions
froudwonder how long this meeting will take07:54
froudplay well, dunno about work well07:54
jeroen_What's wrong with the wiki organisation?07:54
froudcareful jeroen_ 07:55
froudlandmines ahead07:55
jeroen_what are they going to do, froud ?07:55
jeroen_bomb my computer?07:55
froud:-) at last one with a sense of humour07:55
jeroen_no, serious, jeffsch says people complain about the wiki organization, so I ask what's wrong with it07:56
jeffschit's disorganized. I'm speaking only of the docteam pages.07:56
froudseems to me people want to solve the worlds problems in a docteam meeting when they should be discussing it on the mailing list07:56
jeffschinformation is duplicated all over the place07:57
jeffschlots of it is out of date07:57
froudthat's being kind07:57
froudthe only way to find anything is to search07:58
mgalvinwhats the deal with the qanda styles, they are um... not displayed correctly, has anybody else used these to se what I mean07:58
froudyes you are using yelp07:58
froudyelp not support them07:58
froudtransform to HTML07:59
froudleave yelp 07:59
jeffschjeroen_: it's a docteam problem.07:59
froudjeffsch: its a community problem07:59
froudI dont see how docteam is responsible08:00
jeffschi'm only talking about the docteam wiki pages though08:00
jeffschthe wiki as a whole, well i don't know about that08:00
mgalvinis there are make target for the faqguide08:00
froudnot that I know of, perhaps in the gnome/Makefile08:01
jeffschno, not in gnome/Makefile08:02
froudactually that doc needs a profiled make target08:02
froudwhose up to it08:02
froudjeffsch: you maintaining the gnome makefile right?08:03
jeffschlooks like we need a generic/Makefile08:04
frouduse profile.os08:04
froudcould do08:04
jeffschfaqguide is in generic 08:04
froudfor instalguide i have a profile.os stringparam do kde08:05
froudfaqguide needs the same08:05
jeffschok. so how does mgalvin make an html of faqguide right now then?08:06
froudI can add the kde one and you can just copy and change it if you like08:06
froudhe must know how to use xsltproc :-)08:06
jeffschfroud: ok. add the kde one08:06
froudOK :-)08:06
uniqdoes yelp support gziped xhtml files? 08:06
mgalvini know how to use it08:06
uniqref. #908208:07
froudok then you can just transform it08:07
frouduniq: yes08:07
froudto the best of my knowledge08:07
froudso does khelpcenter08:07
mgalvinok, i'll just do that for now08:07
uniqfroud: any idea how i can make it not open in file-roller then? :)08:08
froudmgalvin: if you have some time I will add a make target for you08:08
mgalvinsure, that would be great08:08
frouduniq: he he some secrets of yelp are not documented08:08
froudbest person to ask is shaunm08:08
froudirc.gnome.org #docs08:09
uniqis /whois shaunm here the same guy? 08:09
froudthink so08:10
uniqthanks. i'll ask him.08:14
froudsvn commit -m add kfaqguide make target Makefile --non-interactive 08:16
froudSending Makefile08:16
froudTransmitting file data .08:16
froudCommitted revision 1290.08:16
froudsuccessfully (0)08:16
froudjeffsch: all yours darling08:16
jeffschgotta run. cya08:19
froudhmmm nice08:20
froudmakes a run for it08:20
=== jeffsch [~jeffsch@fatwire-201-201.uniserve.ca] has joined #ubuntu-doc
froudmgalvin: cd to kde08:23
froudmake kfaq08:23
mgalvinfroud, yup i see it, trying it now08:23
froudthat will make the K FAQ08:23
froudthere is not much kde stuff in that doc yet so 90% will be gnome08:24
froudfeel free to differentiate between kde and gome in that doc use the os attribute08:24
mgalvincool, that worked08:25
froudglad to help08:25
froudsorry there is no gnome make target yet08:26
mgalvinnp, thanks for making the kde target, at least i can see that one for now08:26
mgalvinis jeffsch going to have time to make the gnome target, if not maybe i'll take a crack at it08:28
jeffschmgalvin: i'm making it now, but if you wanna try, then lemme know08:29
jeffschi'm more than happy to let you do it08:29
mgalvinna, go ahead08:30
mgalvinit'll be good for me to see how you do it this way i can learn from your example, seeing the diff of what was added to make it work08:31
=== jjesse [~jjesse@mail.ftpb.com] has left #ubuntu-doc []
froudmgalvin: just do svn diff -r PREV --old Makefile --new Makefile  on the KDE makefile08:41
froudthat will give you my diff08:41
jeffschmgalvin: done. in svn now.08:45
froudthanks jeffsch 08:46
mgalvinthanks guys08:52
mgalvinthey both work good :)08:53
froudnightly update to http://lnix.net/~froud/ complete09:11
mgalvinshould i start working toward making the faqguide apply to breezy (where applicable), or are we just making things apply to hoary for now09:43
froudgo for breezy09:43
mgalvink, cool09:43
mgalvinis it alright if i change (k)ubuntu-packages to point to breezy, right now they point to hoary,  in libs/global.ent10:04
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mgalvinalso if i modifiy multiple files should i submit one patch for all, or seperate patches - one for each file?10:17
froudrather seperate10:17
froudthat way is easier to role back10:18
froudif needed10:18
mgalvinok, thnx10:18
Burgundaviamdke, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/26810:22
=== mgalvin sends 3 more patches to the list
mgalvinlater all11:00
froudnite all11:16
judaxfroud: nite11:16
=== JonA [~jonathan@alxpc1jaa2.alx.aber.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-doc

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