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jbaileywasabi: ping?01:34
jbaileyI'm curious if you've got the right ant bits in place, and you said you thought you might have an ecj.1 that I could just take for ecj-bootstrap.01:37
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wasabiProbably needs updating04:00
wasabiAnt's fine to the best of my knowledge. What's up?04:00
jbaileychecksum mismatch between the changes file and the diff.gz04:01
wasabiI have to hurry up and get ready for work. I over slept. bbl. ;)04:01
wasabieh? what the hell.04:01
wasabiI rebuilt that.04:01
jbaileyI can try again.04:01
jbaileyOo, eclipse is there now too.  Do you want that done as well?04:02
wasabiYup. ;)04:02
wasabiDo you mind trying to build it first?04:02
wasabiI have given it all the tests I can.04:02
wasabiRedownload ant.04:02
jbaileyNo prob.  I'll test on ppc and ia64.04:03
wasabiI have rebuilt it.04:03
wasabiI know it won't work on those still.04:03
wasabiBut you'r ewelcome to help fix it!04:03
wasabiEclipse suffers from a chicken-and-the-egg problem on !i38604:03
jbaileyAre you able to talk at work?  I don't want to make you late.04:03
wasabiyeah. thanks. bbl.04:04
wasabioh wait don't upload eclipse04:05
wasabiya'll don't support ~ in versions yet.04:05
wasabiI'll package the released 3.1 and that'll fix that. ;)04:05
jbailey'kay.  I'll do a test build anyway though.04:06
jbaileyant uploaded04:07
dokojbailey: b-d on java-gcj-compat-dev ?04:10
jbaileyjava-gcj-compat (>=1.0.28-4ubuntu1)04:12
jbaileyShould that be tweaked and reuploaded?04:13
jbaileyAnd will ecj-bootstrap need the same love?04:13
wasabiwhat is in -dev?04:17
jbaileywasabi: HAven't you left yet? =)04:18
wasabiJust finished shower heh04:18
jbaileyI was wondering if you had started using irssi in a screen session. =)04:19
wasabiSo I just had 15 seconds to think about j-g-c-dev. What's in it?04:19
wasabiThe only thing I can think of is the headers.04:19
jbaileydoko: ^^^04:19
jbaileyHelps to use nick highlights. =)04:20
wasabiAnd if so, everything should depend on both... as it's not a "Sun comaptible JAVA_HOME" without both.04:20
dokowasabi: and gcj, and rmic, and javah ...04:20
dokojbailey: ecj is a b-d of java-gcj-compat-dev04:22
wasabiWell, that's the thing though.04:22
wasabiTHe idea of j-g-c is to provide Sun compatibility.04:22
wasabiWithout both, it isn't Sun compatible.04:23
wasabime->work bbs04:28
dokowasabi: there is runtime compatibility (jre) and compile time compatibility (sdk). we don't want to have a compiler installed for using an application04:58
jbaileydoko: I think he logs in as a separate account at work, he probably won't see that until he gets home.05:00
=== jbailey does the summon wasabi dance.
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doko<doko> wasabi: there is runtime compatibility (jre) and compile time compatibility (sdk). we don't want to have a compiler installed for using an application08:06
dokowasabi_: ^^^08:06
wasabi_Hmm. Perhaps.08:28
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jbaileywasabi_: Does ecj-bootstrap need to be touched at all then, or can I upload it?09:30
jbaileyI've hacked in the manpage bits.09:30
wasabi_It should be fine.09:31
jbaileyAnd the eclipse directory was empty when I looked earlier.09:32
wasabi_Yeah. I need to upgrade it to 3.1 release.09:32
wasabi_I'll get it this evening.09:32
jbaileyAh, np.  I can look at the !i386 bootstrap issue for the package, too.09:32
wasabi_I can describe the problem.09:33
wasabi_There is a pre-built Jar named swttools.jar. What it does is copy the win32 x86 SWT source code to the other platform directories, and replace the "int" native handles with long for 64 bit. And some other stuff for other platforms.09:33
wasabi_swttools requires SWT to build from scratch.09:33
jbaileyecj-bootstrap uploaded.09:34
wasabi_So, you can't build SWT without swttools, and you can't build/use swttools without swqt09:34
jbaileyMake sure to pull the version from the archive when updating to get the manpage changes, please.09:34
wasabi_swttools isn't actually distributed though, I don't think.09:34
jbaileyI can poke a friend of mine who works on eclipse.09:35
wasabi_Right now I am simply removing it before the build starts, to make sure.09:35
wasabi_So !x86 fails.09:35
dokowasabi_: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/e/ecj-bootstrap/3.0.1-4ubuntu3/ecj-bootstrap_3.0.1-4ubuntu3_20050629-2111-amd64-failed.gz10:25
dokoplease can we keep ecj-bootstrap as solid as possible?10:26
wasabi_mmap not implemented?10:26
wasabi_what's that?10:26
wasabi_doko, there is no way I can test on amd64. ;)10:27
jbaileyUmm, AFAIK mmap is implemented fine on amd64.10:29
wasabi_it's a bug in gcj.10:29
wasabi_according to #gcj10:29

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