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chmjmorning 09:34
fabbionehey chmj 09:40
chmjfabbione: any crack ? 09:40
fabbionechmj: ?09:40
chmjfabbione: non-userland todo, that I can handle ? 09:41
fabbionechmj: fix all the bugs in bugzilla09:42
chmjfabbione: heh, ok 09:42
fabbionethere is stuff but it's not easy and it needs you to build on all arches09:43
fabbioneif you can do some bug triage it would be very good09:43
chmjok 09:43
chmjI'll have a look 09:43
fabbioneGO DPATCH !09:44
fabbioneIT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!09:45
chmjfabbione: ?09:45
fabbionechmj: they changed dpatch-edit in the last version09:46
fabbioneit can't be used for kernel anymore09:47
chmjoh 09:47
fabbione3 copies of the same source to make a PATCH!09:48
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chmjoh my 09:49
fabbionedpatch-edit-patch: * Copying /usr/src/wartydevel/kernel/breezy/linux-source-2.6.12-2.6.12 to reference directory.09:49
fabbionedpatch-edit-patch: * Copying reference directory /usr/src/dpatchtemp/dpep-ref.8xrjTj/linux-source-2.6.12-2.6.12 to work directory.09:50
fabbione+ the original09:50
fabbionefor one patch09:50
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fabbionehmmm there is a solution...09:58
fabbionethat's cleaning how we handle 00list09:58
=== fabbione thinks
fabbionethis debian/rules is a mess10:00
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fabbionethom: ping?10:47
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thomfabbione: hi11:15
fabbionehey thom11:26
fabbionethom: 34.3 release.. do you mind to commit to baz the work you have done?11:27
fabbioneboth in pre34.3 and tags..11:27
thomack, sorry11:35
fabbionethom: no problem :)11:35
fabbionei need to look at the patches.. since somebody is claiming regressions on i386?11:35
thomdon't see how, since they both only touch code under arch/x86_6411:37
fabbionei know :)11:38
thom* committed kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre34,3--2.6.10--patch-211:45
thomoh, and:11:52
thom* creating version kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--mainline-2,6,10-34,3--011:52
fabbionedid you also merge in mainline?11:53
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thomeh? i branched the pre to the mainline11:54
fabbione      kernel-debian--mainline--2.6.1011:54
fabbioneyes lamont did an extra branch were we merge the releases...11:54
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fabbionebasically the flow is:11:55
fabbionepre merge's into kernel-debian--mainline--2.6.1011:55
fabbionekernel-debian--mainline--2.6.10 branch to tag and to new pre11:55
fabbionebut any combination of the above is valid :)11:55
fabbionedon't ask me why lamont did it this way :)11:56
fabbionei was VAC when they started using baz :P11:56
thomhow amazingly fucking weird11:56
fabbioneprobably it helps baz to find the best merge point11:57
fabbionenot sure tho11:57
fabbionei had that kind of issues before11:57
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jbaileyzul: Slacking off at the new job already?03:10
=== jbailey hides.
=== zul smacks jbailey
zulgod this connection sucks03:12
zulthey are suppose to be putting fiber in the building this week03:21
jbaileyfiber gives you the runs.03:22
jbaileymakes you run faster.03:22
zulb.c boy...how was the drive back to toronto03:22
jbaileyWe detoured through the diefenbunked, back to Ottawa for food and then drove here.03:23
zulcool...ill be gong to diefenbunker one day03:23
jbaileyThe drive was pretty even the whole way.  Carlos and Kristine were geocaching, so we stopped pretty frequently.03:23
jbaileyIt's a hella-cool trip.03:23
jbaileyIf I come up to OLS with Angie, perhaps you can join us.03:24
Lathiathehe geocaching03:24
zulsure..i dont think that would be a problem..03:24
=== jbailey blinks
jbaileyIngen slik fil eller filkatalog03:26
jbaileyI'm guessing that's norweigian.03:26
=== jbailey sets his LANG variable.
Mithrandirjbailey: yeah, it is.03:28
Mithrandir"No such file or directory"03:28
zulhey lamont04:30
lamontmorning zul 04:35
fabbionehey zul04:35
zulhey fabbione how goes it/04:42
fabbionezul: good.. i am relaxing..04:42
fabbionetomorrow I need to do a lot of cleanup in the kernel04:42
zulgood...did you finish your gardening?04:43
fabbioneour debian/rules isn't exatly happy with the latest dpatch04:43
fabbionezul: no...04:43
fabbionethat will never end ;)04:43
zulheh...i know04:43
zulwhat did you break now? ;)04:43
fabbionei didn't break anything04:44
zulsure sure :)04:44
fabbioneit's the way dpatch-edit works that is changed04:44
fabbioneand it makes problem with the patch order04:44
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