jbaileylamont__: What are you rambling about?12:18
lamont__jbailey: doing the hppa archive-event12:19
lamont__hence rebootstrapping gcc-*12:19
jbaileyHas the fix for hppa-hpux gone into 4.0.1 now?12:19
lamont__this is g{cc,++}-3.412:20
jbaileyYeah, but for the rest of the archive, it would probably make sense to wait for that.12:20
lamont__that is, gcc-defaults points to 3.4 on hppa now. (1.24)12:20
jbaileyErr, just because of the function pointer bit?12:21
jbaileyOr is this to get past the everything-sucks-on-4.0 stage?12:21
lamont__just because pinters are completely b0rked12:21
lamont__pointers, even12:21
lamont__the everything-sucks thing is just a perk12:21
lamont__the pointer bug in 4.0 renders every .deb suspect12:22
jbaileyIn another day or two that bug will be fixed on 4.012:22
lamont__well then I'd better hurry and get through the sucky stage.. :)12:23
jbaileyYup. =)12:24
lamont__or at least put the gcc-default binaries on hold. :-)12:24
jbaileyThat would probably be better. =)12:25
lamont__binutils built.  now for glibc12:26
jbaileylamont__: Have comendered(sp?) a nice 8-way PA system? =)12:27
lamont___2_ hours.  sigh12:27
lamont__I have an A500 that I'll be commandeering tomorrow12:27
lamont__(likewise, sp??)12:27
lamont__2-way, 8GB RAM12:28
jbaileyYou seem to have it right.12:28
lamont__sadly, the buildd's run UP kernels, since they work better...12:28
jbaileyI thought recent PA kernels were supposed to behave better.12:28
=== jbailey shuts down spare machines in prep for the rolling blackouts.
lamont__jbailey: they're much better, but.. :-(12:31
jbaileyIs there risk of memory corruption leading to wrong-code generation, or just hangs and crashes?12:31
lamont__it tends to generate random segv's, from what I've seen12:37
lamont__but only under semi-heavy memory-pressure12:38
lamont__does -1ubuntu7 (glibc) have hppa tests disabled?12:38
jbaileylamont__: Looks like, yes.12:39
jbaileyI haven't done an -1u8 yet since we asked me to reenable it.12:39
lamont__kewl... will build faster. :-)12:39
lamont__Total 2 package(s) in state Building.12:40
lamont__Total 5 package(s) in state Installed.12:40
lamont__Total 6091 package(s) in state Needs-Build.12:40
dokolamont__, no need for doxygen if you build with -b -B12:46
lamont__doko: ah, coolness.12:47
lamont__but it builds fast. :-)12:47
=== jbailey wanders off for a little bit.
lamont__doko: with g++-3.4, nothing should need libstdc++5 any more, correct?01:20
dokolamont__: correct01:22
lamont__ok.  I'll just make it hard to upload anything that Depends: libstdc++5 :-)01:24
dokowell, the stuff that needs libstdc++5, doesn't build on hppa. like OOo101:27
lamont__and let us not forget gcc-3.3 :-)01:32
lamont__basically, I'll just make the automated uploader bounce anything that mentions libstdc++5, and then manually figure out what it really means01:32
lamont__some of that can get uploaded, the bulk just needs to be built in the right order01:32
dokowith the last batch of uploads I dropped the libstdc++5 rdepends from 880 to 530. at least on i386.01:33
lamont__this is more just me trying to make sure that I'm not accidentally building out-of-order.01:34
lamont__glibc is in install target.  coolness01:36
lamont__and then comes 24 hours to build all 3 versions of gcc :(01:38
lamont__doko: what's the minimum set of gcc-* to build?  3.4 and 4.0?  (do I really need the current gcc-3.3, or can I let the one from hoary [3.3.5-8ubuntu2]  get used?)01:39
dokolamont__: the one from hoary should be ok, although I don't plan any further gcc-3.3 uploads now. 3.3 is currently synced from Debian and I don't plan to update that one for a while. the next 3.3 uploads will just drop support for languages like java, treelang, objc, 01:41
lamont__I'll let gcc-3.3 eventually catch up, then01:43
dokoI'm innocent :-)01:57
lamont__you build-depend on it.  That's enough. :-(01:57
=== lamont__ tries ignoring breezy's arch: all packages for the momenbt
dokolamont__, for a bootstrap, you can disable java and ignore all the X b-d's02:00
lamont__pb is that I want to actually build the real source.02:01
lamont__after all, I have hoary/main02:03
=== lamont__ cheers - gcc-3.4 is actually unpacking source to build... build-deps met
lamont__with luck, it'll even build02:24
lamont__doko: would be nice if you hollered before uploading gcc-* this week - I'd like to let these builds finish and upload before I have to start new ones.02:38
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-toolchain: GNU Compiler Collection, Glibc, Binutils, Linux-kernel-headers | GLIBC Todo: hppa, sparc NPTL, i386 biarch, C++ ABI change: 33/55 library packages in the archives
=== Topic (#ubuntu-toolchain): set by doko at Thu May 19 00:40:28 2005
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lamontTotal 6 package(s) in state Installed.06:21
lamontTotal 6091 package(s) in state Needs-Build.06:21
lamontfabbione: I think sparc is ahead. :-(06:21
fabbionelamont: doh!06:21
fabbionei guess you are restarting with gcc-3.4?06:21
fabbionewell actually sparc has a bigger problem06:22
lamontsaddest part of it is that 33% of that 6 packages Depend: libstdc++506:22
fabbionebreezy libc6 is triggering a bug in gcc06:22
fabbioneand the kernel miscompile06:22
lamont(dpkg and doxygen) - I'll need to rebuild them eventually, but there's a new dpkg in debian (albeit FTBFS)06:23
lamontew.  poor sparc06:23
fabbioneso sparc has 3/4 of the archive.. but no kernel :)06:23
lamonthppa has almost .1% of the archive. :-)06:23
fabbionehow are you going to cope with the g++ transition?06:23
lamontg++-3.4 is libstdc++606:23
fabbionewill you do it later? or are you swutching only gcc- ?06:23
lamontso I get the transition06:23
fabbioneah ok06:24
lamontthe later switch from 3.4 to 4.0 is not an abi event06:24
=== lamont is most happy that 3.4 exists
fabbioneyeah that's right06:24
lamontbut must get to bed06:24
lamontwith luck, I'll have 3.4 and 4.0 by morning, and can semi-unleash the beast.06:24
fabbioneit sounds like i am the "GO TO BED" alarm clock in here ;)06:25
lamontyeah - that's the one... :-)06:25
fabbionegood night lamont06:25
lamontthe other thing I'd like to get is a list of all the packages that I need to build before I can build xorg, so that I can queue those up06:25
fabbionei think it will just go DepWait now06:26
fabbioneso it shouldn't be too difficult06:26
fabbionebut take into account daniels is going to upload/if he didn't already06:26
fabbionesome extra crack soon06:26
fabbione(i can't check.. my server crashed and secondary MX flushing)06:26
lamontfabbione: no, the issue is that things Conflict with older packages from xorg, so it's an ugly failure, not a pretty auto-depwaited thing06:31
lamontfabbione: but I got the list from daniels, so life is better.06:33
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elmo * glibc_2.3.5-1ubuntu7 builds:10:54
elmo[...] 10:54
elmo      but no longer builds:10:54
elmo        o 2.3.5-1ubuntu4: libc6-sparcv910:54
elmofabbione: deliberate?10:54
fabbioneelmo: yeps10:54
fabbionewe are killing sparc32 support10:55
fabbionesparc32 is going the same way as m68k10:55
fabbionedoorstep use basically10:55
fabbioneelmo: did you have any time to setup logs@ ?10:56
elmomeh, no, let me try and do that now10:57
fabbioneelmo: ok :)10:57
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doko_lamont-away: gcc-3.4_3.4.4-3ubuntu1 will FTBFS on hppa.11:55
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jbaileyOy, Fabio. =)01:34
fabbionehey jbailey 01:36
jbaileyDo I owe you anything still, or should I dive back into my task list.01:36
fabbionejbailey: a fix for glibc so i can compile the kernel? ;)01:37
fabbionei was told that also gentoo is hitting the same problem as we do01:37
Mithrandirjbailey: did you get your fix tested yesterday?01:37
fabbionenah go ahead with your list :)01:37
fabbionethere is nothing in my list for you today :P01:37
jbaileyMithrandir: I didn't - there was some cool things in parliament yesterday and so I spent my evening glued to news sites rather than working.01:38
jbailey(And a chunk of the day...)01:38
fabbioneanyway i am off for the next hour/today01:38
fabbionei had enough 01:38
fabbionecatch you later guys01:38
jbaileyg'n Fabio.01:38
Mithrandirthis vax is sloooooooooow01:39
Mithrandirjbailey: ok, tell me if you want me to power up my box.01:39
jbaileyMithrandir: In about 30 minutes okay?01:40
Mithrandirjbailey: sure, I just have to extend my hand to press the power button. :-)01:40
Mithrandirit's booting now01:40
dokojbailey: did you have a chance for the ecj-bootstrap upload?01:48
jbaileydoko: No, wasabi's box crashed before I fetched it, and he said that he had an ecj.1 for me in his other package.01:53
jbaileyAlso, the ant he had posted was corrupted.01:53
jbaileyjava-common was fine, though, so I did upload that.01:54
jbaileyI pinged him in #ubuntu-java a few minutes ago, I'm hoping to get this all done while he's still at home and has access to the box.01:54
dokook, fine02:16
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lamont-away../../src/gcc/cppdefault.c:75: error: `LOCAL_INCLUDE_DIR' undeclared here (not in a function)04:24
lamont -DLOCAL_INCLUDE_DIR=\"/usr/local/include\"04:24
=== lamont scratches his head
jbaileylamont: Run it through with gcc -E -dD into a file, and I can take a look for you.04:26
lamontgcc/hppa64-linux-gnu/3.4.5/../../../..`echo /usr | sed -e 's|^/usr||' -e 's|/[^/] *|/..|g'`/include/c++/3.4.5\" -DGPLUSPLUS_TOOL_INCLUDE_DIR=\"/usr/lib/gcc/hppa64-linux-gnu/3.4.5/../../../..`echo /usr | sed -e 's|^/usr||' -e 's|/[^/] *|/..|g'`/include/c++/3.4.5/hppa64-linux-gnu\" -DGPLUSPLUS_BACKWARD_INCLUDE_DIR=\"/usr/lib/gcc/hppa64-linux-gnu/3.4.5/../../../..`echo /usr | sed -e 's|^/usr||' -e 's|/[^/] *|/..|g'`/include/c++/3.4.5/backward\" -DLOC04:27
lamontAL_INCLUDE_DIR=\"/usr/local/include\" -DCROSS_INCLUDE_DIR=\"/usr/lib/gcc/hppa64-linux-gnu/3.4.5/../../../../hppa64-linux-gnu/sys-include\" -DTOOL_INCLUDE_DIR=\"/usr/lib/gcc/hppa64-linux-gnu/3.4.5/../../../../hppa64-linux-gnu/include\" -DTARGET_MACHINE=\"hppa64-linux-gnu\"  \04:27
lamont  -c ../../src/gcc/cppdefault.c -o cppdefault.o04:27
lamont../../src/gcc/cppdefault.c:75: error: `LOCAL_INCLUDE_DIR' undeclared here (not in a function)04:27
lamontbuild directory is purged - I'll rebuild it once gcc-4.0 finishes dying04:28
jbaileyIf you have to rebuild anyway, can you do it on j5k?04:28
jbaileyThat way I can poke into your build env.04:29
lamontyeah - but then I have to create said build environment04:29
lamontor do you already have a hoary chroot there?04:29
jbaileyI had a breezy one I think.04:31
jbaileyI suspect for this build, though, it wouldn't make that big of a different.  Dunno for sure.04:32
lamontgiven that we tossed the entire breezy hppa world.....04:35
lamontmay just be easier to create access for you on this machine...  wanna email me an ssh key?04:35
fabbionehey lamont 04:35
lamontmorning fabbione 04:39
lamontah, libcairo.  sigh04:40
doko<doko> lamont-away: gcc-3.4_3.4.4-3ubuntu1 will FTBFS on hppa.05:04
dokolamont: ^^^05:05
lamontdoko: GAH!05:05
lamontI need a buildable gcc-3.4....05:05
elmodoko: dude, I think you need to add some conflicts to gcc05:05
elmoalmost all my buildds got fucked by partial upgrades of gcc and not g++05:06
dokolamont: chinstrap:~doko/multiarch-include.dpatch05:07
dokoelmo: how does it fail?05:07
elmodoko: c++ compiler can not create excutable, or massive include file fuckage05:07
elmosee e.g. the apt build log for ssparc05:08
dokowhere can I get the log?05:08
dokoahh, Debian?05:08
elmoyes, sorry, wildly and abusively OT05:08
dokohmm, buildd only has a log of a sucessful build05:09
doko0.6.38 (sparc) (latest build at Jun 29 05:45: maybe-successful)05:10
elmofollow the link of version num05:11
dokoahh, yes, that's the changed internal gcc_lib_dir (/usr/lib/gcc-lib/...)05:15
dokoso, basically, I would have to add conflicts in cpp-3.3 to all previous versions of gcc-3.3, gobjc-3.3, g77-3.3, g++-3.3, gnat-3.3, treelang-3,3, gpc-3.305:16
elmoor Breaks: if we had that05:17
dokohmm, I did promise lamont not to upload gcc-3.3 again ;-)05:19
elmooh, don't do it again in a hurry, or I suspect ryan will fly over to kick your ass05:20
elmobut I think we should fix it at some point05:20
elmomost buildds are or will be fixed anyway05:20
lamontdoko: feel free to upload 3.305:32
elmofeel free not to05:33
lamontdoko: if the 3.4 build works for me on hppa, should I upload the source?05:34
dokolamont: no, elmo surely wants the dont-break-the-stupid-buildd patch there as well ;)05:40
lamontdoko: I just need to drop that into debian/patches?  or add it's name to something as well05:41
dokojust drop it in, it's a corrected patch.05:42
lamontreplaces the one there... got it.05:42
lamontdoko: so there will be a -3ubuntu2 or such sometime soonish?05:44
dokolamont: yes05:46
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=== lamont grumbles at doko for uploading ardour -1build1 when -1 was FTBFS everywhere
dokolamont: tell me, where I can get this information (besides scanning the build logs) ...08:32
lamontOTOH, -1build1 is far better than -1ubuntu1 :-)08:35
dokolamont: when do you want a gcc-3.4 -3ubuntu2 upload? 08:43
lamontanytime is fine08:44
lamontI'll let -3ubuntu1hppa1 finish building, and use that locally to let things run.08:44
dokook, finishing a test build here.08:45
lamontgiven hppa's gcc-defaults.... do I need to build gcc-4.0 before I open the floodgates?  (No hppa debs from gcc-4.0 in my archive)08:45
lamonthrm... actually, gcc-4.0 uses gcc-3.4 to build, correct?08:46
dokono, do you have an libgcc2 and libstdc++6?08:46
lamontno libgcc208:46
dokoyou need that one. it's built from the gcc-4.0 sources ...08:47
lamontthat work for you?08:47
dokoyes, I think so.08:47
lamontI'll run with that then08:57

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