uniqfroud: in the morning you might want to edit debian/copyright to your liking.12:14
frouduniq: did you merge my changes in Makefile to your copy? I don't see anything new in your makefile12:16
uniqi didn't. i can do it. and upload a new to the same location.12:16
froudyep because the version I have from you has nothing new12:17
froudAll done12:29
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uniqnow, you might want to make a script to move the debian dirs around. both needs to be in the root dir when building packages. i can't think of a way around that, since it's debian policy.12:29
uniqwhen packages for upload are buildt we must extract everything from svn and exclude what's going in the kubuntu-docs package.. if we don't it'll include everything in the source pacakge.D[D[D[D[D[D12:30
uniqand that's not good.12:30
Riddelluh oh, hunger is getting into asking about artwork administration01:27
Riddellhunger: I've asked about strandard places for wallpaper, they arn't interested01:28
uniqriddell: hi, would be great if you could test https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=8681#c2801:31
uniqi've tested a few times tonight and it's all good with that workaround.01:32
uniqon my two computers.01:32
uniqnow i'm going to bed. gnite.01:33
Riddelltesting for that beastie is near impossible01:33
Riddellit's on my todo list of course01:34
uniqok :)01:34
Riddelluniq: the trouble is that issue only crops up completely randomly so I can't test your workaround since I don't have the issue currently01:35
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hungerRiddell: About the wallpapers: Can't you just use whatever gnome uses?09:04
hungerRiddell: And maybe you can even throw out some of the backgrounds... Users will want their own anyway or may not care about what is installed, both groups do not really need the biggish default selection.09:07
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froudelmo: ping10:40
froudanyone here know the status of the graphical installer? When will it be on a colony cd so we can update the Installation Guide?11:47
Riddellfroud: you'll need to ask Kamion11:51
Riddellapt-cache show ubuntu-express11:51
froudRiddell: FYI we now have a vendor drop of KDE docs in svn11:52
froudRiddell: Oh an a debian build from uniq :-)11:52
froudRiddell: Kubuntu artwork. Will it continue the blueish theme?12:47
Riddellfroud: yes most likely12:48
Riddellcan't go wrong with blue12:48
froudOK thanks12:49
froudThoughts and ideas on the cover for the the printed version of the Kubuntu User Guide welcome http://lnix.net/~froud/artwork/kubuntu-cover.png01:00
froudinkscape src available at https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/artwork/kubuntu-cover.svg01:02
Riddelllooks nice01:04
Riddellno konqi?01:04
froudyes do you have or seen an svg version :-)01:04
Riddellkonqi doesn't do SVG very well it's true01:06
froudsee http://dot.kde.org/1097789248/ search for SVG01:07
froudis there CD artwork?01:18
Riddellhttp://dev.kubuntu.org.uk/~jr/kubuntu/  grep for .eps01:21
Riddellfroud: was done in Adobe Illustrator01:21
froudtanks. it's under free license?01:24
Riddellfroud: yep01:24
froudcool and for the cd itself like the orange and the red ones01:27
Riddell.eps and .ai01:30
froudOh wicked :-)01:30
Riddellthose should go somewhere more permanant really01:32
froudHmm the cd itself is rather bland01:32
RiddellI tried to keep it simple01:34
Riddellfroud: have you not seem the CDs?01:34
=== apokryphos7 [~dw@host-84-9-32-54.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
froudbut that pdf is bland01:35
Riddellfroud: want me to post you some CDs?01:36
=== apok7 [~dw@host-84-9-34-146.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
froudhe he, no its ok I just download the ISO and burn them for people. Of course they replace the CD's. No point you spending money. The whole point of something like shipit is to get  the software to people who can't download it.01:37
froudof course some people tend to abuse it01:38
frouddarn after sudo apt-get dist-upgrade I have no xserver and no kde01:38
froudshikes it was all removed :-(01:39
uniqhello kubuntuers.01:45
froudRiddell: quick mockup for CD http://lnix.net/~froud/artwork/kubuntu-cd-art.png thoughts?02:05
froudhello uniq 02:05
Riddellfroud: nice02:06
Riddellfroud: I'm not sure what the printing restrictions are with CDs, how many colours etc02:06
froudIts just a thought. Hmm r there restrictions?02:06
RiddellI'm not sure02:07
Riddellbut I know they changed the colours I gave them slightly so they can't have a full pallette02:07
froudI guess it depends on the technology the printer uses. I have CDs from LINUX Mag that are full CMYK02:07
froudI wonder who they use?02:08
froudThe sizes and shapes are a bit out on that image, I did not measure stuff :-) just a mockup02:10
Riddellslap it on KubuntuArtwork and it might get used for the next CD02:12
froudhow on earth to upgrade from hoary to breezy at this stage without losing xserver, kdm and all of kde02:16
Riddellcan you apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?02:16
froudsure but why do we lose it in the first place?02:16
uniqthe short answer is 'breezy isn't ready yet'.02:17
frouduniq: when do you anticipate it will be ready?02:24
uniq~october just before release.02:25
uniqit'll probably stabilize some time before that.. i hope.02:25
froudHmm, need GUI for docs02:28
froudneed to plan writing02:28
froudHow to write User Guide without GUI02:29
froudCould just use Hoary02:29
froudbut then need to know exactly what GUI changes will be in Breezy02:30
froudnot counting artwork02:30
Riddellfroud: seen kde-systemsettings?02:30
Riddellyou should :)02:31
Riddellbecause it's infinatly nicer than KControl and going to be in breezy02:31
froudooh dear02:32
froudthat changes much02:33
Riddelldocs have lots of KControl references and screenshots?02:33
froudUser Guide will02:35
froudafter dist-upgrade had to -f intstall and then only could I run install kubuntu-desktop, hope it works02:38
uniqjust found linuxcd.org nm.02:47
Riddellamu might be doing that02:48
uniqyou don't think i should refer to linuxcd.org? 02:51
uniq$1.99 isn't much for a cd.02:51
Riddelloh sure yes02:53
amuhttp://www.kubuntu.de/shop :)03:01
uniqmaybe i should buy kubuntu.no :)03:05
\shhttp://www.gnoppix.org/shop/catalog/ <- redirect to ,-)03:26
\shamu: what about reselling ,-)03:26
\shamu: and what about a drink this evening...I will come to dren ,-)03:33
amu\sh: sounds good, Anand from Sydney is right now at my home :)   03:38
\shamu: sounds great, when?03:41
\shor we all together go to a gentoo meeting in oberhausen *harhar*03:41
\shor csd in cologne? or php ug @schmidders in colone...all open for discussion, but I would like to have a drink in a nice pub ;)03:42
Riddell\sh: this akregator toolbar issue, I don't have those actions in the toolbar03:53
\shme neither...until i patched it ,-) 03:57
Riddellso what's he complaining about?03:58
\shi don't know...but it looks nicer and the functionality is improved ;)03:59
=== \sh is having a coffee and a ciarette...brb
uniqriddell: could you mention that the koffice 1.4 packages depends on kde 3.4.1 on  http://kubuntu.org/hoary-koffice-14.php ? 04:08
\shok..going home...amu will call u 04:58
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=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
Riddell\sh: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/python2.4-sip-qt3_3.10.2-1ubuntu2_i386.deb (--install):05:27
Riddell trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/sipconfig.py', which is also in package python2.4-sip4-qt305:27
\shRiddell: huu05:29
\shi have 4.2.1-1ubuntu305:29
Riddellpython2.4-sip4-qt3 is at version 4, python2.4-sip-qt3 is at version 3, and they clash on that file05:33
\shpython2.4-sip-qt3_3.10.2-1ubuntu2_i386.deb is for qt205:35
\shsorry, i just read the conflicts..05:35
\shi think it's a dupe05:35
\shanyways, I have to compile sip4 and pykde and pyqt with new releases tomorrow morning05:36
\shhmmm..what about makeing the python2.4-sip-qt3 stuff a compatiblity package? and remove the crap from the archives?05:38
Riddellhow do you mean a compatiblity package?05:39
\shReverse Depends:05:39
\sh  python2.4-sip-dev05:39
\sh  python-sip-qt305:39
\shput the package name inside the python2.4-sip4-qt3 package just like python-sip4.qt305:39
\shremove the real source package from the archives, finally it's an old upstream source05:40
\shthe debian maintainer put sip4 + pyqt inside one source package05:40
Riddelljust get rid of it I'd say05:44
\shwhat is the process to get rid of crap? ,-)05:44
Riddellthere was a wiki page somewhere05:45
Riddellthen e-mail elmo 05:46
\shk...will do everything tomorrow :)05:53
\shok..page updated..elmo pinged06:00
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froudRiddle: kde-systemsettings is that the name of the package in Universe?06:18
Riddellfroud: yes06:19
froudRiddell: is it in hoary universe or only breezy?06:20
froudI cant find it in hoary06:21
Riddellonly breezy06:22
froudpah will the deb install on hoary at all06:22
Riddellno, but you could recompile it06:23
froudlike I know how to do that :-)06:24
Riddellwget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/k/kde-systemsettings/kde-systemsettings_0.0svn20050613.orig.tar.gz http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/k/kde-systemsettings/kde-systemsettings_0.0svn20050613-0ubuntu2.diff.gz http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/k/kde-systemsettings/kde-systemsettings_0.0svn20050613-0ubuntu2.dsc06:24
Riddelldpkg-source -x *dsc06:24
Riddellcd kde-systemsettings06:24
froudbut somehow I must get a breezy desktop ruuning, otheriwise can do docs06:25
Riddellapt-get dist-upgrade06:26
froudRiddell: I did that and ended up with no xserver and no kdm or kde06:27
froudon apt-get -f install and then kubuntu-desktop the machine would no longer even boot06:27
froudso I have reinstalled hoary from scratch06:28
froudI tried dist-ipgrade twice with same results06:28
frouddpkg-buildpackage: Build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied; aborting.06:31
frouddpkg-buildpackage: (Use -d flag to override.)06:31
frouddebuild: fatal error at line 764:06:31
frouddpkg-buildpackage failed!06:31
froudgpg: skipped `Jonathan Riddell <jriddell@ubuntu.com>': secret key not available06:39
froudgpg: [stdin] : clearsign failed: secret key not available06:39
frouddebsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting....06:39
Riddellthat's fine06:40
Riddellmeans it got to the end of a debuild06:40
Riddellcd ..06:40
Riddelldpkg --install *deb06:40
froudoooh! nice06:42
froudso this will replace KContrl06:42
Riddellin kubuntu yes06:43
froudessentailly all that is done is to replace the main kcontrol. the parts gui's remain the same, right?06:44
Riddellthe ordering is slightly different too06:44
froudOk, so this will change k quick guide and user guide06:45
frouda big chunk06:45
Riddellsorry about that06:45
froudRiddell: what else will be changing form the GUI perspective06:45
froudno no its ok06:45
Riddellprobably nothing as significant06:45
froudso long as I know ahead and can somehow plan to work around it06:45
Riddellmight change the system menu (next to k-menu)06:46
froudRiddell: somehow I need a list of what will happen. even if it changes06:46
froudat least I can go by that06:46
froudis it possible?06:46
froudIt will also help for the release notes06:47
Riddellkinday tricky, a lot isn't planned in much detail06:47
frouddoes such a thing exist, even rudementry :-)06:47
Riddellwell the KubuntuRoadmap is the closest06:48
=== froud goes to see
froudnot found whats the url06:50
Riddellsearch for Kubuntu06:50
=== guinsel [~guinsel@81-203-46-54.user.ono.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
froud35 links, makes it kinda hard to know what is going on06:52
RiddellKubuntuRoadmap is the main onew06:53
RiddellKubuntuRoadmap is the main one06:53
frouddude all I have is this https://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=Kubuntu&titlesearch=Titles06:53
froudno roadmap there06:55
=== froud starts questioning his sanity
Riddellwhat's happened to the udu wiki?06:56
froudOk google got it06:56
froudis this it http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuRoadmap06:56
Riddellah, don't do https06:57
Riddellthat is confusing06:57
froudlogged in so default is https06:57
froudRiddell: "We will need our own version control repository, probably Subversion to match KDE" has this happened?07:02
froudRiddell: OK that's nice, now how do we know what is being done, what not, and what is the progress? ;-)07:10
froudRiddell: is there an ordered list of the items mentioned in the RoadMap with status alongside?07:14
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Riddellfroud: nope, no svn yet09:21
froudhave you considered a linode09:22
Riddellwhat's one of them?09:22
Riddelloh, virtual server09:22
froudI hear canonical is negotiating a buld deal09:22
froud= bulk09:22
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froudRiddell: ping10:44
froud[19:04]  <froud> Riddell: OK that's nice, now how do we know what is being done, what not, and what is the progress? ;-)10:44
froud[19:08]  <froud> Riddell: is there an ordered list of the items mentioned in the RoadMap with status alongside?10:44
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