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mgalvinhi jsgotangco01:16
jsgotangcomgalvin: hey01:18
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JonAHey guys, it the transcript of last night's meeting up? I've been snowed under with work this last week like never before :-)01:31
judaxI have not seen it yet, jsgotangco said he was going to do it when he woke up, I went to the mtg however01:32
jsgotangcothe chat transcript are always available in fabbione's shell01:33
judaxjsgotangco: you didn't sleep long01:33
jsgotangcoi haven't done the minutes...i just woke up 2 hours ago :)01:33
jsgotangcoyeah i can survive a 4 hour sleep01:33
judaxthat would kill me01:33
JonAjsgotangco: Got a URL for fabbione's webspace? Much appreciated :-)01:33
jsgotangcohold on01:34
jsgotangcohmmm brb im going to move to gnome01:36
jsgotangconeed to do some gui stuff now01:36
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jsgotangcohmm the live hula account doesnt seem to accept email01:41
JonAThanks for the URL, jsgotangco.01:41
judaxjsgotangco: aren't we basing our docspecs on the one for the StyleGuide?01:41
jsgotangcoJonA: its in the topic btw :)01:41
jsgotangcojudax: its favored for consistency, but the premise is that all docs should have an overview01:42
judaxagreed, I see that froud put some docspec outlines in svn for Kubuntu that are a bit different than the format that the01:43
judaxStyleguide uses01:43
judaxI was going to begin writing one and wanted to be consistent01:44
JonAjsgotangco: Hey, people read those things?! :-)01:45
judaxnobody ever said that :)01:45
jsgotangcohmmm strange the hula calendar app assumes every sched needs an invitation01:46
jsgotangcoeven events01:47
judaxanyway, I don't think it would look good if all docspecs were done differently01:50
jsgotangcoi agree01:55
judaxjsgotangco: I am going to do it on the wiki in the style the jeffsch used and worry about the stuff in svn later01:57
jsgotangcoyeah i agree we make it simpler first01:59
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watersevenHi there... Is anyone here that does translations? I am not sure if this is the right channel to get some help with rosetta.... 04:30
jsgotangcosure but translations are now done in launchpad...04:34
watersevenlaunchpad.... I can't find the template that has the 'Add/remove programs' application such that I can translate it.04:41
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jsgotangcojeezz this meeting minutes is long06:31
jsgotangcowe covered so much06:31
=== Liz is bad for not reading it
jdubhello liz.au06:35
jdubwhereabouts are you?06:35
Lizabout an hour south of sydney06:39
Lizin wollongong06:40
Lizi believe your wifes giving a talk next week at sclug :)06:40
Lizand im quite looking forwred to it06:41
Burgundaviaapparently Ubuntu has "something with python" 06:53
Liz btw jdub ..is there a way to produce a filter that will just delete an email on the list instead of defering it?06:54
Lizim thinking more of the email lotto emails that have been coming through06:54
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jdubBurgundavia: we do :)07:06
jdubLiz: there's a "discard all marked deferred" at the bottom and top07:06
Burgundaviajdub, I thought the comment was funny07:06
Lizjdub, is there a way to just filter all the lotto emails out without having to "discard all marked deferred"..or does that do an automatic filter?07:09
Lizi kinda thought that would do it on the whole email address07:09
jdubLiz: oh, not quite like that, no07:10
jdubLiz: when we shift the lists to the datacentre, we'll have reasonable spam filtering and so on07:10
=== Burgundavia observes that debian has terrible spam filtering, on less used lists
Lizahh..ok..thought id ask anyway :)07:14
jsgotangcohey Liz nice seeing you again08:12
Burgundaviathe stuff that google is funding for ubuntu has now been posted08:13
Burgundaviacool stuff08:13
BurgundaviaSmall business server, firewalls, python modules, simple backup08:14
jsgotangcooh so small business server has become a bounty08:18
Burgundaviahow about xen?08:19
jsgotangcono idea08:20
Burgundaviaif even half this stuff gets finished, it will be great08:20
Burgundaviano, it is also bountied08:20
Lizhi jsgotangco ..everyone..08:21
Lizexcuse my rudeness for not saying hi earlier08:21
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jsgotangcono problem i just arrived from lunch08:22
=== froud [~sean@ndn-165-143-84.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-doc
froudAfrican Greetings08:25
Burgundaviasalut froud08:25
froudhow r u Burgundavia ?08:27
Lizhiya froud 08:27
Burgundavianot bad08:27
Burgundaviamy relationship with my ex is getting better08:27
froudLiz my darling Linux Chick, where have you been08:27
froudBurgundavia: thats good08:27
Lizhere there and nowhere cause ive been lazy..heh08:28
Burgundaviaand I learned that one of the people i did Katimavik with has a kid, with another one of the people I did katimvik with08:28
Lizhow are you and family froud ?08:28
froudWe're good08:28
froudcold caus eits winter, but good08:28
Lizyeah, we have hte same complaint here08:29
Lizthat and too much rain08:29
froudyou in middle earth right?08:29
Lizwell..southern earth more like08:29
=== froud has a memory like a siv
Liznew south wales australia froud08:30
froudwe dont get rain in the winter, just chills08:30
Lizi think i prefer the rain to none08:30
froudOh yeah, no worries08:30
jsgotangcoi'd pay for winter in my place08:30
jsgotangcocost of airconditioning is killing me08:30
froudwell when I live din Melbourne it seemed to rain all the time08:30
froudjsgotangco: noooo heat, gimme heat08:31
froudjsgotangco: hot, slippery and swetty nights08:31
jsgotangcoi didnt know you lived in Melbourne08:31
froudyes, was on contract for a year with Medibank Private08:31
=== Burgundavia has wrong images of froud in his head now
mdkemorning all08:31
jsgotangcono way i'm so tired of hot, humid environments08:31
Lizhiya mdke 08:31
Lizi dont mind some heat08:31
froudjsgotangco: I grew up in Durban, hot and humid08:32
Lizand no images Burgundavia 08:32
jsgotangcobtw, meeting minutes almost done, sheeshh..we've covered so much last night the minutes are so long08:32
froudBurgundavia: wrong images are good08:32
mdkebut we made lots of decisions08:32
froudhello mdke 08:32
=== Liz is guilty for not reading any of the previous minutes
mdkeyo froud 08:32
Burgundaviafroud, sorry man, but not of you08:32
=== mdke is off to edubuntu
froudHe he I hope not08:32
jsgotangcook let me finish this first08:33
jsgotangcomdke: and i was about to ask you to review it first08:33
froudLiz: you gonna work on some docs08:33
mdkejsgotangco, did you write that?08:33
Lizshortly froud i will be08:33
Lizjust about caught up on all things ive put off with uni word08:33
froudCool, are you doing gnome or kde?08:33
jsgotangcomdke: write what08:33
froudthese days08:33
froudOk cool08:33
mdkejsgotangco, the doc you committed just now08:34
jsgotangcomdke: its in the wiki, its almost done08:34
jsgotangcomdke: yeah, it sucks08:34
froudquestion to all. Can I move trunk/debain to gnome/debian08:34
mdkewhat page is it in the wiki08:34
jsgotangcomdke: not in our wiki08:34
jsgotangcomdke: colin applegate wrote that, you should see him in the summit08:35
jsgotangcowell not should08:35
jsgotangcoi meant08:35
jsgotangcoyou might see him08:35
mdkejsgotangco, in the edubuntu wiki, what url is it08:35
mdkei can't find it08:35
jsgotangcomdke: its not there, i just grabbed it from the list08:35
mdke07:34 < jsgotangco> mdke: its in the wiki08:35
froudppl. Can I move trunk/debain to gnome/debian08:36
jsgotangcomdke: i meant the minutes08:36
jsgotangcofroud: why gnome?08:36
froudcause it is only gnome08:36
froudand we now have kde/debian08:36
jsgotangcofor consistency?08:36
mdkejsgotangco, ah i c08:36
froudyes and practical reasons08:36
froudduring build08:37
mdkejsgotangco, is there still a question mark over where the edubuntu docs are going to be worked on?08:37
jsgotangcomdke: if you catch up ogra, can you say hi for me08:37
jsgotangcomdke: yup, its still in flux....still have to wait for the live cd08:37
mdkei saw the list thread08:37
jsgotangcomdke: and tell ogra not to ignore the fish if its given to him heh08:37
jsgotangcomdke: maintaining documentation in moin is not a good idea IMO08:38
jsgotangcoalthough its possible08:38
mdkeyeah i'll let them know the limitations08:38
mdkehenrik knows em too08:38
jsgotangcohenrik is coming?08:38
jsgotangcooh cool08:39
mdkethank god08:39
mdkeotherwise there'd be not a single person i know08:39
jsgotangcooh they're incredibly easy to spot08:39
jsgotangcoogra looks like a rock guitar player08:39
mdkei'm not so good at the whole schmoozing thing so fingers crosse08:40
mdkeheh no08:40
jsgotangcocan you review that while you're here08:42
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jsgotangcoits almost done, just the wiki part and the jdub part08:42
mdkenot properly08:42
mdkei should leave soon08:42
mdkelooks comprehensive though!08:42
jsgotangcojeezz we had 2 solid hours08:43
jsgotangcoi barely slept..08:43
jsgotangcowoke up around 5:30AM08:43
mdkebloody hell08:43
jsgotangcoi had to leave by 6am08:44
mdkeand I thought I hadn't had much sleep08:44
mdkeok i'm off08:44
mdkesee ya later08:44
froudjsgotangco: nice work dude08:46
jsgotangcoalmost done..08:46
froudjsgotangco: your wife just came back from KL and you wake up at 5:30AM. No dude08:46
froudLiz: we need more linux chicks to help out on docs08:48
froudLiz: to bring some sanity to us and normalize the testosterone levels08:48
Lizheh...yeah right08:49
=== Burgundavia refrains from making any sort of comment
Lizchicken ..heh08:58
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=== froud hugs Liz
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=== Burgundavia gives froud the award for longest subject line in history
Burgundaviayour kde vendor drop09:38
froudAh ha, could not be helped, svn does that by itself09:39
froudOk changing computers. C you alllater09:39
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jsgotangcoalright the minutes are done10:06
jsgotangco(long read btw)10:06
robitaillethanks for the minute.  And totally agree with the very last quote from jdub (which explain why I didn't make it :) )10:11
jsgotangcoit was 2am on his side when it ended10:15
judaxthat commit email is dang near choking Kmail10:15
jsgotangcomine was 12am10:15
robitailleso I guess I made it to the wiki team without attending?  :)10:17
robitailleWhich is fine, I was going to send an e-mail about the fact that I'm all for that10:17
judaxbeginnings of a docspec for kquickguide are at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KQuickGuide10:18
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froudwhen changing /etc/apt/sources.list for the first time, is it worth removing the deb cdrom ?10:21
jsgotangcoi wouldn't really do that10:22
robitaillepersonally I never use the cdrom in my sources.list10:22
jsgotangcoi just find it handy though to have it because i wouldn't have to download everything just in case10:23
robitailleprobably because I can never find my Ubuntu CD... and I know all the updated stuff is online10:23
jsgotangcoits not an issue really if you have a nice online connection10:24
judaxI removed it, but I have fat pipe10:24
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froudyes, just thinking what is best to tell a user10:24
froudIMHO once you have the online repos you wont use the CD10:24
froudbut then, some people like to install from CD and patch later10:25
jsgotangcoyeah by default if there is no updated patch, it gets from the cd10:25
judaxfroud: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KQuickGuide as a start10:26
judaxvery young10:26
jsgotangcoowww you beat me to it10:27
judaxdone quickly, so not proofed or done yet10:28
froudjudax: cool dude10:29
froudI have to port it to svn10:29
froudwhen doing a dist-upgrade10:30
froudis it not better to do it just from a console login10:30
froudjust incase there are mater to do with the display manager and x10:30
robitailleI don't think it matters (but could be wrong).  I have done dist-upgrade from both console and X session, and can10:31
jdubno, no reason to10:32
judaxI have only ever done dist-upgrades from CLI, but I have done them from within the DE, maybe pressing my luck10:32
robitaillet remember  having a problem in one case not present in the other10:32
Lizbbl..the boy wants to use my machine10:32
judaxneed to sleep, short side of 4am here and the long side of a few Johnnie Walker's, take care10:33
froudHmm, OK thanks10:33
froudjudax: cheer10:33
frouddudes you may have seen an upstream kde vendor drop in vendor/kde/doc10:36
froudI will send mail to explain its use later10:37
froudnow question?10:37
froudwould ppl rather make a copy to trunk/kde/10:37
froudor work with it in vendor/kde/doc10:38
jsgotangcoi have no idea10:38
froudanyone else10:38
frouddarn svn is at 1.010:39
froudcan t use links10:39
froudneed svn 1.110:40
=== froud goes to find elmo
froudOK cant find him10:42
=== froud goes of fto talk to upstream
froudreally like the format Jeffsch has started for the doc specs11:22
froudsimple easy quick11:22
jsgotangcooh yeah11:25
froudanyone know where I can find information about the graphical installer11:26
jsgotangcohave you tried the udu wiki?11:31
froudyes, I found this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GraphicalInstaller?highlight=%28Installer%29%7C%28Graphical%2911:36
froudanyone know how far along this is. Will it be included in a Colony (which one) so we can update the installation guide ?11:43
jsgotangcoyou can try asking Kamion if he's online11:47
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froudkamion is meeting with mdz next week to discuss the graphical installer. When it will be available for documentation is still not known11:56
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NjalUnfortunatly i have to reinstall my system, due to a failing hard drive amung other things, so i will not be writing patches for the next few days12:07
jsgotangcoNjal: no worries, patches are always welcome anytime12:08
NjalI know, i'd rather not have to reinstall, but i have to, can someone email me the instruction's to set up the CVS again, since everything's gona be wiped12:09
jsgotangcosvn checkout https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk ubuntu-docs12:12
Njaloh i'll just save the page on to one of my CD's that i'm backing up on to12:13
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froudThoughts and ideas on the cover for the the printed version of the Kubuntu User Guide welcome http://lnix.net/~froud/artwork/kubuntu-cover.png01:02
froudinkscape src available at https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/artwork/kubuntu-cover.svg01:02
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mgalvinhi all04:35
=== ealden [~ealden@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
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froudAnyone installed Kubuntu Breezy?07:11
froudI'm having problems with the dist-upgrade07:12
froudwhen it finished xserver, kdm and kde are all removed07:12
froudonly a console remains07:13
froudanyone else had this problem?07:13
FLeiXiuSMight want to try #kubuntu :-P07:17
judaxfroud: I think there are X issues from what I read on the lists and boards, but there are easy fixes/workarounds07:18
judaxfroud: I have not done upgrade just what I read07:19
judaxfroud: bah, just whacked all my list mail07:19
froudOK, need to get a breezy running soon, there are some heavy changes. KControl Center is replaced with KDE-SystemSettings07:20
judaxthere is a pretty active current breezy X thread, I will ping you when I find it07:20
froudjudax: Riddle has pointed me here http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuRoadmap07:20
froudbut knowing what is and is not being worked on is hit-and-run07:21
froudStrange Ubuntu did work with a few nudges07:22
judaxok, I'll take a look at that page07:23
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mdkeevening all08:22
froudhello jjesse take a look at http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuRoadmap09:07
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judaxwell, there goes the Kynaptic documentation09:57
froudbut the main problem is that it is hard to know what is and is notbeing worked on10:25
froudhard to plan docs when its like this10:25
froudand a colony cd for breezy k is way to close to release10:26
jjessethat colony cd will be both ubuntu and kubuntu right?10:29
froudwell either way10:29
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