lamontmorning fabbione 06:44
lamont2.6.12 kernel from breezy is trying to build on hppa, btw.06:45
lamontI figure another 2 hours or so and it'll have an answer06:45
fabbionelamont: cool06:47
fabbioneit might fail creating udebs06:47
fabbioneall the last changes i did to it were quite complex06:47
fabbioneif it fails can you please put the log somewhere?06:47
lamontit's actually on a machine that I won't have access to until later... (at the office)06:48
fabbioneoh sure.. i am not going to play with the kernel until monday anyway06:48
fabbionei really need to do something different once in a while06:48
fabbioneand i am working on partman-auto-lvm06:49
fabbionethe sparc buildd's are idling :)06:49
=== fabbione does the universe give-back of death
fabbionemost of the FTBFS are due to stuff that needs X love or bootstrapping..06:51
fabbionelamont: did you finish to setup logs@ with elmo?06:51
fabbioneuh let's fix OO2 FTBFS06:51
lamontfabbione: it looks like logs@is pretty close - I'll try to be up early tomorrow morning to finish it with him.06:53
fabbionewhy is it so complex?06:53
fabbioneit tought it was a couple of .procmail rules to change06:53
lamontfwiw, I'm on holiday tomorrow, have someone delivering furniture sometime (which I need to prepare for), and heading off for friday/sat to colsprings06:53
fabbioneoh net :)06:54
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karlhegjbailey, Hello.09:10
karlhegjbailey, About to pull the update.09:10
karlhegbzr error message: error: docs/example_hook is already versioned09:12
karlhegI wonder if I sent everything, or what?09:12
karlhegI don't understand what the .moved files are.09:16
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lamontfabbione: either I have line-length issues (shouldn't) - but may well, or something lin hppa's linux-source-2.6.12 upload is new.06:00
lamont(it built successfully)06:00
lamonthrm... I'm betting I have line length issues on that machine...06:02
fabbioneit's mostlikely one of the new udebs06:53
fabbionei am pretty sure it's in the big changelog of death06:56
fabbionebut i need to go out now.. 06:56
fabbioneif you can't find it i will look at it06:56
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lamontfabbione: actually, I'm 99% certain I didn't fix take the steps needed to prevent the line-length issues there...  so there may be new udebs, but I doubt it ever got uploaded08:44
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=== lamont tries to decide if he cares about linux-source-2.6.10 for hppa...

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