highvoltagefirst post12:13
highvoltage^^^ sorry, wrong channel12:13
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ajmitchmorning all12:19
bddebianHeya ajmitch12:20
bddebianStick your tongue on those wires yet? ;-P12:20
ajmitchof course not12:37
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ajmitchwould I still be talking here if I'd done so? :)12:37
bddebianajmitch: Bah, it'll just sting a little :-)12:38
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whiprushtseng: ping04:14
ajmitchhey whiprush04:17
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jwilliamsajmitch: ping?08:17
Burgundaviawelcome to the dark side08:17
jwilliamsBurgundavia: :-)08:17
Burgundaviawhat distro do you run at home?08:18
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jwilliam1ajmitch: Sorry, my connection dropped.  Are you around?08:35
Burgundaviajwilliam1, not since you dropped08:35
jwilliam1Burgundavia: thanks08:36
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ajmitchhmm, I wonder what jwillians wanted..08:54
Burgundaviaajmitch, he also lives in NZ, but is having connection issues08:54
Burgundaviaajmitch, jdub gave him your name08:55
ajmitchah, I see08:55
Burgundaviaactually, I think whiprush did08:55
ajmitchdsl or dialup?08:56
Burgundaviadialup, poor soul08:56
ajmitchoh my08:57
ajmitchnot sure how I could have helped :)08:57
sladenwhiprush: the important thing is to file the bug;  itf it's on the wrong one of NM/madwifi I'm sure somebody will bump it to the correct one08:59
whiprushwell, my concern is this:09:00
whiprushI'm 90% sure the problem is with madwifi. because fedora ships a newer version of the driver and it works better.09:00
whiprushwhat I don't want to do is spam thom with 10 bug reports on something that's a madwifi issue and not NM-related.09:01
whiprushand given that madwifi is restricted, I don't know how useful "it sucks at scanning" will be.09:01
ajmitchrestricted just because of the firmware, isn't it?09:03
ajmitchI've also got a madwifi card in my laptop09:03
whiprushwhat I really want to do is replace the card, but, as mjg59's page points out, thinkpads have a whitelist of allowed mini-pci cards.09:04
whiprushwhich is just ... GRRRRR.09:04
whiprushsladen: as an OT note, did you make it to Lugradio live?09:05
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ivoksis anyone able to run eclipse on breezy?09:07
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sladenwhiprush: yup, we flogged t-shirts---there's a quick qriteup on -sounder09:26
whiprushyeah I read it.09:27
whiprushare there pics somewhere?09:27
sladenwhiprush: re: the thinkpad wifi IDs.  As you may have noticed mjg59 and I spent quite a bit of time coming up with solutiosn to get around the problem :)09:28
whiprushyeah, I spent like, an hour reading your pages.09:28
whiprushall I have to say is: you guys are nuts.09:28
sladenwhiprush: the seems to be a lack of piccys;  there's a few crap ones in various places;  shoving lugradio live into goodle brings up BillT's photos (BBC guy) and there are two other batches of camera-phone jobbies09:29
whiprushluckily the ubuntu-fu seems strong in them, so there musn't have been too much advocacy that had to be done.09:30
highvoltageubuntu-fu? is that like force?09:30
whiprushwell, it would have been nice for you to inflict them with ubunflu.09:30
=== whiprush thinks sladen is the linux-equivalent of typhoid mary.
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sladenurm. '#Ubunflu' is just something that happened and probably a side-effect of us all craving international travel.  Half-dozen people went down with a horrible illness and had an unproductive week of their lives wasted;  yourself, I, and others included.  At some point being forced to recall it is going to stop being amusing and start being irriating.  That point may already have passed;  it might even have passed after the first day trapped up in bed.09:51
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\shok...my office work is done :) now for the real excitement :)11:52
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tsengwhiprush: pong12:14
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Tm_Tok, I'll be gone for a week or 4 ->12:49
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\shfixing ace01:36
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\shgrmpf...libace5.4c2 is building now, now i have other problems...02:41
\shpatching time02:41
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thesaltydogSorry, mates, I have made a new program for Gnome. Should someone have a minute to look at it?03:21
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DanielN_atw\sh, ping03:35
\shDanielN_atw: pong03:41
=== GazerWork [~gazer@mail.aktiv-assekuranz.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DanielN_atw\sh, ups.. sorry, was away!04:28
DanielN_atwi'll ping you another time04:28
\shDanielN_atw: ok..tomorrow morning :)04:31
DanielN_atw\sh, uhhhh.. we'll see.. but i'm sure you know how "abschlussfeiern" are :))04:33
\shDanielN_atw: ah :) yeah from tomorrow afternoon i'll also on my way to party ;) first of all, buying a washing machine, and secondly CSD time :)04:34
DanielN_atwbut well.. topic will be yehia ;>04:36
\shright now, I'm fighting with ace04:37
DanielN_atwhave fun... :/04:37
\shi need to have a new upstream version (5.4.6 or something), cause all the others are not compiling with 3.4 or 4.004:37
\shbut now, it tries to search 'moc' in /bin/04:38
\shso i have to patch this arrogant piece of software04:38
DanielN_atwhehe.. arrogant piece04:38
DanielN_atwwe're providing binary software packages here at work too04:38
DanielN_atwbut well.. not debian packages04:39
DanielN_atwwe're windows only here (client side)04:39
DanielN_atwwe use columbus (try google)04:39
\shChristopher Columbus, Captain who found America04:42
\shno this is not columbus04:42
\shTeleColumbus, digital tv cable company04:42
DanielN_atwtry brainware then04:43
DanielN_atwor directly brainware.ch04:44
DanielN_atwshould work04:44
DanielN_atwsoo.... fireevening now :P04:46
DanielN_atwsee ya later04:46
\shu mean party night ,-)04:46
=== koke_ [~koke@adsl229-164.unizar.es] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DanielN_atwthat too04:46
DanielN_atwbut i wanted to say feierabend04:46
DanielN_atwfinnishing work, you know ;)04:46
\shyeah..i ave only ten mins left04:47
DanielN_atwme too.. regularly04:47
DanielN_atwbut it's friday ^^04:47
DanielN_atwi'm alone here atm..04:47
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DanielN_atwcu all guys04:47
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SEBesthello, i have a question about /etc/dbus-1/event.d directory05:54
SEBestas i understand it's a bit like /etc/init.d but for services depending upon dbus05:54
LathiatSEBest: sortof05:54
LathiatSEBest: basically, it you can make dbus activate a program when someone tries to activate something on the bus05:54
Lathiatand nothing is there to accep tit05:54
=== ivoks [~ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivokswhat a day...05:55
SEBestLathiat, but is it better to put the script in event.d or to make a link from init.d/script -> event.d/45script ?05:55
Lathiaterm, afaik, event.d is not the same format as an init script05:56
Lathiati could be wrong05:56
Lathiathrm, i am05:56
Lathiati got confused05:56
SEBesti think scripts in event.d are lsb compliant sysv scripts05:56
Lathiati think event.d then perhaps are services that are started when dbus is started05:56
Lathiatneither hal nor avahi use a symlink at the moment05:56
SEBestit's a debian specific thing because debian doesn't have any dependencies in starting services05:57
Lathiati wouldnt say its debian specific05:57
SEBestLathiat: i'm sebastien :)05:57
LathiatSEBest: i figured :)05:58
SEBestin fact i ask this, especially for avahi05:58
SEBestbecause you can compile avahi without dbus support05:58
SEBestin this case, there is no reason /etc/dbus-1/event.d exists05:58
Lathiatwell, there is05:58
SEBestso the script should be in /etc/init.d in this case no?05:59
Lathiatthats a bit of a touch question05:59
Lathiatperhaps putting it in /etc/init.d and then symlinking it to rc2.d or dbus-1/event.d depending on config05:59
SEBestso i was wondering, if it better to install it in init.d when DBUS is disable and event.d when it's enable or05:59
Lathiati think symlinking is better06:00
Lathiatcus then i can restart avahi from /etc/init.d06:00
Lathiatif i want06:00
SEBestyes, that was my idea, to always install in init.d and symlinks if DBUS is enable06:00
SEBesti was really surprised that debian initscript doesn't have any information about priority06:01
Lathiatit does06:01
Lathiatthe numbers06:01
Lathiatin rc?.d06:01
SEBestyes, but i don't mean this06:02
Lathiatits just order based06:02
Lathiatas opposed to priority based06:02
Lathiatthe init system used by debian doesnt support init dependencies06:02
Lathiatinit-ng for example does06:02
SEBestimagine i do this:06:02
SEBestupdate-rc.d -f ssh remove06:02
SEBestnow i can't put ssh back at the same order it was before, the information is lost06:03
Lathiatso you edit /etc/default and tell it not to boot like most debian packages do :)06:03
Lathiator tho in ssh's case06:03
Lathiatits /etc/ssh/no_ssh_on_boot or somerthing like that06:03
Lathiatsigh ubuntu s2.6.12 kernel does not play nice with vmware06:04
SEBesta bit hackish isn't it :)06:04
LathiatSEBest: the /etc/default stuff isnt so hackish06:04
Lathiatmost packages use that06:05
SEBestyes most06:05
SEBesti'm using vmware with 2.6.12, what problem do you have?06:05
Lathiatrandom kernel backtraces in vmware stuff06:05
Lathiatthat cause the machien to be responsive but useless06:05
Lathiatprocesses wont start06:05
SEBestin the host?06:05
Lathiatjust sit and hang06:05
SEBesti'm using breezy 2.6.12, you too?06:06
Lathiati get scheduling while atomic etc06:06
Lathiatand other cruft06:06
Lathiatseems to be a result of the vmware bridging code06:07
Lathiatdoing a null dereference06:07
SEBestvmware 5 ?06:07
Lathiathttp://www.vmware.com/products/img/n/vc_ss1_lg.gif <-- thats pretty coool06:08
SEBestreally cool!06:08
Lathiattoo bad it doesnt have a linux version06:11
SEBestthe web version is more limited?06:11
SEBestlathiat: did you know about this : http://ftp.cvut.cz/vmware/vmware-any-any-update92.tar.gz ?06:23
Lathiatats that?06:23
SEBestthe link06:24
SEBesti did check but it seems to be a fix for kernel 2.6.12 and vmware06:24
=== Lathiat wodners what the difference between ESX and GSX is
=== ogra [~ogra@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretarthi ogra. hi *06:41
siretartogra: how's london?06:41
ograbut i ffel quite exhausted... we had a long day06:45
ografeel even06:45
\shhey ogra06:48
\shguys, I'm full of happyness today :)06:50
=== \sh will have a shower now and gets ready to meet amu the first time, after 8.5 years of knowing him from IRC :)
ogra\sh, send greetings :)06:55
\shogra: will do...he has a visitor from sidney :) so much more fun :)06:55
\shmy jabber server is not crashing anymore :) i will go and buy a washing machine tomorrow, today some fun with amu, hey, great time for real life :)06:56
\shand i don't know if the picture is office compatible :)06:56
\shogra: and do me a favour please, if you have time, please check if you can get some english winegums, at the airport they're selling 1kg packets, try to catch one for me, pleaeaease :) I'll die for those winegums :)06:59
ograheh, lets see06:59
ogralooks like i have a bit of time on sunday afternoon06:59
\shas i said, if you have time or a bit of delay at the airport ;)07:00
\shok...7 o'clock time for the shower07:00
\shmy article about the ubuntu community model is spread everywhere even on e-linux.it07:15
\shreally surprising07:15
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ivokshi hi hrvoje07:51
hrvojehi ante :)07:51
ograhey ivoks07:56
ivoksogra: hi! how are you?07:56
ografine... london is a bit rainy07:56
ivoksah, right! edubuntu conference07:56
ivokstotally forgot about it07:56
ograi have to mentor a guy from bosnia for a google bounty :)07:57
ivoksi wish i could've join you07:57
ogranext time :)07:57
ivoksso.. what's objective of his work?07:57
siretartogra: never mind, here in nrnberg its raining, too :(08:00
ograhttp://ede.sf.net and http://xclass.sf.net for lightweight desktop08:00
ivokssiretart: hi!08:00
siretarthuhu ivoks08:00
ivoksin zagreb it was raining too :(08:00
siretartbtw, does anyone know a python module which does shell expansion?08:00
ograsiretart, at least they speak german there *g*08:00
siretartI want a expand('/path/to/*.changes/') to be evaluated to [ '/path/to/1.changes', '/path/to/2.changes' ] 08:01
ivoksso, xorg is going to release new X in septmeber08:01
siretartogra: ;)08:01
ivokstoo bad breezy will be frozen by then08:02
=== siretart is currently implementing the debdiff feature for revu ;)
ivoksuh!!! movie!08:02
ivokssiretart: you rock!08:02
ivoksok, see you guys08:03
ivoksplease welcome hrvoje08:04
ivokshe is interested in ubuntu, and he isn't just simple user, he knows lots of stuff08:05
=== hrvoje blush
ivoksok, time to leave...08:05
hrvojejust don't overdo it :)08:05
ivoksbye all08:05
siretartwelcome hrvoje :)08:06
hrvojesiretart: thanks! I also use ubuntu occasionally, it's a good distro.08:07
siretarthrvoje: :)08:09
siretarthrvoje: so you want to hang around with us here and have some fun?08:10
hrvojesiretart: kind of :) if it's allowed to hang out in here :)08:11
siretarthrvoje: of course you perfectly are! :)08:13
hrvojeare people here mostly developers or plain lurkers like me ? :)08:16
tsengthere are 65 nicks08:16
tsengand ~20 motus08:16
tsengand not all of us are logged in at all times08:16
hrvojegreat, then I won't stick out like a black sheep :)08:17
JanCsiretart : glob ?08:17
siretartJanC: Thanks!08:18
JanCpython comes with "batteries included"  ;)08:18
siretartnow I only need to figure out how this popen2 stuff works ;)08:18
siretartJanC: absolutly! :)08:18
JanCstarting with python 2.4 there is also subproces ( http://docs.python.org/lib/module-subprocess.html )08:21
siretarthm. I'm currently on sarge, so compatibility with 2.3 would be fine08:22
JanCah, also have a look here then: http://docs.python.org/lib/os-process.html  :)08:24
siretartmy problem is now rather that is seems to work rather on small outputs..08:33
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siretartdebdiff feature implemented09:58
=== JanC [~janc@dD5764BEC.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== weasel [weasel@seppia.noreply.org] has joined #ubuntu-motu
weaselso, what needs to be done to get a package in hoary/universe updated?10:41
siretarthi weasel ;)10:41
siretarthoary/universe is released. no updates to hoary, sorry10:41
tsengweasel: ping Nafallo10:42
siretartaah, then it goes to the MOTUSecurity Team10:42
weaseltseng: will do10:42
weaselsiretart: do they have a role account email address?10:42
siretarttseng: do you know any?10:42
=== siretart not :(
tsengno there is none10:43
tsengwe just CC stuff in a big circle10:43
tsengtorkel: Christian Bjlevik <nafallo@magicalforest.se>, Gerardo Di Giacomo <gerardo@linux.it>, Brandon Hale <brandon@smarterits.com>10:43
tsengtorkel: disregard pasting tabs sucks10:44
weaselshould I just send mail to those 3 addresses?10:44
tsengyou can subtract the last one10:44
tsengbecause its me and i dont have time10:44
tsengi think they kindly removed me from circulation already10:45
=== lsuactiafner [~noirrac@tpc-ip-nas-1-p232.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== JanC [~janc@dD5764BEC.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartJanC: I did it! (debdiff) :)10:48
JanCnice  :)10:49
=== trulux [~lorenzo@67.Red-80-25-56.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengsiretart: i think10:59
tsengthat it should not say  libcwd_0.99.40-2ubuntu1_source.changes1k10:59
tsengi know what the package is10:59
tsengi think it should have a nice, css "table"10:59
tsengchanges    lintian    linda   diff    dsc   orig11:00
tsengin no particular order11:00
tsengor, not nessecarily in that order11:00
tsenghorizontally though11:00
siretarttseng: well, the current implementation is rather an directory index. it displays all files included in that directory11:00
tsengi see11:00
siretartthis makes extending with extra analysis extremly easy11:00
siretartwhich was a big point in revu design decisions..11:01
siretartbut you are right, the details page could be made a lot nicer11:01
tsengif this was in PHP/MySQL i would have done it all myself11:01
tsenginstead of talking11:02
siretartWell, this is my first real python project.11:03
=== weasel [weasel@seppia.noreply.org] has left #ubuntu-motu []
siretartand postgresql should hardly be a barrier11:04
tsengwell, i dont have it11:04
tsengand ive never so much as looked at it11:05
tsengim lazy11:05
=== siretart too
=== siretart is too lazy for reviewing entries in the wiki..
tsengBurgundavia++ "11:07
tsengJust because you known your way around a desktop doesn't mean that you don't want a usable one"11:07
tsengsiretart: uh11:09
Burgundaviaseems to be a common flawed thought process11:15
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