lamontjbailey: you around?01:06
lamontdoko: ping01:42
lamont  gij: Depends: gij-3.4 (>= 3.4.3) but it is not installable01:43
lamont  libgcj4-dev: Depends: gcj-3.3 (>= 1:3.3.5-8ubuntu2) but it is not going to be installed01:43
lamont               Depends: libgcj4-common (>= 1:3.3.5-8ubuntu2) but it is not going to be installed01:43
lamontdo we expect that from hppa?01:43
dokolamont: looks ok, don't know what is wrong. sorry, I'm too tired. I'm currently uploading a 4.0 with PR22051 fixed.01:47
lamontdoko: ok.01:47
lamontdoko: gij-3.4 does not exist, for starters...01:48
lamontdoko: hold off on changing the defaults for hppa back to 4.0 for a little bit - if it's OK with you, I'll plan on uploading a new gcc-defaults once I've done some testing.01:49
dokolamont: hppa is your call ..01:54
lamontdoko: thanks01:56
lamontunicode.c:19:26: linux/string.h: No such file or directory02:06
=== lamont grumbles at jbailey
jbaileylamont: The whole header is wrapped with an #ifdef __KERNEL__ and doesn't have any definitions in it...02:14
jbaileyThe leading comment is: /* We don't want strings.h stuff being user by user stuff by accident */02:14
lamontjbailey: hfsplus, fwiw02:15
lamontand then there's: /usr/include/linux/socket.h:10: error: redefinition of `struct sockaddr'02:16
lamont/usr/include/linux/socket.h:17: error: redefinition of `struct linger'02:16
jbaileyIs this on hppa?02:16
jbaileyhfsplus includes socket stuff?02:18
jbaileySounds like the program is a mess.02:18
jbaileyCan you email it to me?  I'll fix it on Tuesday / Wednesday.02:18
=== doko grumbles at lamont not syncing packages (i.e. dhcp3)
lamontjbailey: that was iproute02:22
lamontjbailey: I'll send you some mail, yes.02:25
jbaileylamont: Cool.  I can chew through them pretty quickly and try to get the patches in upstream.02:25
lamontfabbione: _2_ buildd's now chunking along on hppoa05:47
desrtfabbione; word.06:59
fabbionehey desrt 06:59
desrtfound a couple of other issues with the actual kernel06:59
desrtbasically, some options are off that should be on07:00
fabbionecan you be more specific?07:00
desrtmouse button emulation and openfirmware tree under /proc07:00
fabbionei think they are built as module07:00
fabbionebut if you can tell me the CONFIG_ option it's easy to check07:01
desrtok.  the mouse button emulation is definitely missing, but for a good reason07:03
desrtit depends on ADB support which is (quite reasonably) disabled07:03
desrtit gives an error on startup.. no big deal07:04
fabbioneerror or warning?07:04
desrtmissing sysctl variables07:04
desrtthe other one is a bit more serious since it prevents yaboot from working07:04
fabbionemostlikely possible.. not everything has been ported to 64bit yet07:05
fabbionehmmm.. i understood there was no reason to use yaboot..07:05
desrtthis definitely works on ppc64.  i've done it before07:05
fabbionecan you still tell me option so i can check with others?07:05
desrtk. gotta find it :)07:05
fabbionethanks :)07:05
=== fabbione blames GTK for not shipping a ppc64 in this direction
desrtwhat am i supposed to use instead of yaboot?07:06
fabbionedesrt: no idea... 07:06
fabbionei don't own a ppc07:06
fabbionei ask around usually what is the best thing to do07:06
desrtfair enough :)07:06
=== desrt raises an eyebrow
=== lamont --> bed
desrtfabbione; ok.  the device tree is enabled, but broken07:15
fabbionebroken how?07:15
desrtroot@gorecki:/proc/device-tree# ofpath /dev/sda207:15
desrtofpath: /proc/device-tree is broken.  Do not use BootX to boot, use yaboot.07:15
desrtofpath: The yaboot HOWTO can be found here: http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/doc07:15
desrt(having booted using yaboot)07:15
desrti'm gonna google a bit07:16
fabbioneare you sure it's not just a warning?07:17
desrtquite sure07:17
fabbioneif you booted with yaboot, it somehow means that the device-tree is there07:17
desrtit needs to know the openfirmware device path of the harddrive07:17
desrt(in order to load the kernel image from it)07:17
fabbioneso how did you booted before?07:18
desrtafter i installed the ppc64 image i ran yaboot from inside the 32bit kernel07:18
desrt(which works fine)07:18
fabbionehold on a sec..07:19
fabbionehmm ben is not around...07:19
fabbionei will ask him when he shows up07:19
desrtok.  i'm still looking into it07:19
fabbionedesrt: you could try to look at device-tree with a 32bit kernel and compare the diff with a 64?07:21
desrtfabbione; doing that now07:21
fabbioneperhaps it is easy to spot07:21
desrtofboot works by grepping the output of ls -l | ^lr (ie: looking for readable symlinks)07:21
desrtthe ppc32 kernel is full of symlinks... none in the 64bit one07:21
fabbionehmmm interesting07:21
fabbioneok i will ask him07:22
fabbionedoko: ping?07:29
desrtfabbione; ok, basically the check performed by ofpath is stupid07:31
desrtfabbione; if i disable the check (or change it to check for the presence of directories instead of links) then yaboot is fine07:32
fabbionedesrt: can you test the same change on 32bit kernels?07:32
desrthm.  ok07:32
fabbioneif that change works, i see no problem in pushing it in the archive07:32
fabbioneif it was checking for symlinks there might be a reason that we don't know07:32
desrtworks fine07:32
desrtwell, in the event that it doesn't find symlinks it aborts07:33
desrtanyway.. the fix is positively trivial07:33
desrtline 674 of /usr/sbin/ofpath07:33
fabbioneofpath is part of yaboot?07:34
desrtchange ^lr to ^d07:34
fabbione(on i386 is a bit less trivial to check ppc packages ;))07:34
desrtalso change at line 43207:35
fabbionethat checks look completely dumb07:36
desrtit just checks if there's any files that have ls -l output starting with lr (ie: symlinks...)07:36
desrtyet it works perfectly fine without the presence of these symlinks07:37
desrti guess it just assumes that if the device tree is present it will always have symlinks in it07:37
fabbioneok i will ask Kamion to double check.. he is the ppc guy07:38
fabbionegiven that i can't test it locally07:38
fabbioneno problem :) thanks a lot for the debugging :)07:38
desrtthanks for your swift reply :)07:38
desrtcommit 5f64f73957f6cae3222f97f2599199ee562f7f3f07:40
desrtAuthor: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>07:40
desrt^^ see this07:40
fabbioneoh benh :)07:40
fabbionethe same ben i was going to ask ;)07:40
desrtya.  i know :)07:40
desrtbenh did some particularly heroic stuff in the kernel right around the time i got my ibook :)07:41
fabbioneyeah he still does :)07:41
fabbioneand he hangs here on freenode07:41
fabbioneif he did that.. i am confident in doing the change :)07:42
desrtso it's really a 2.6.10 vs 2.6.12 issue, i guess... not ppc32 vs ppc6407:42
desrtprobably means a new version of yaboot will be released soon anyway07:43
fabbioneprobably.. in the meantime let's fix it :)07:43
desrtsounds good to me07:43
fabbioneyaboot (1.3.13-3ubuntu3) breezy; urgency=low07:46
fabbione  * ofpath: fix checks of /proc/device-tree:07:46
fabbione    According to commit 5f64f73957f6cae3222f97f2599199ee562f7f3f07:46
fabbione    in 2.6.12:07:46
fabbione    [PATCH]  ppc32/ppc64: cleanup /proc/device-tree07:46
fabbione    [....] 07:46
fabbione    - Do not create symlinks for the short name and unit address parts of a07:46
fabbione      node.  These were never really used, bloated the memory footprint of07:46
fabbione      the device-tree with useless struct proc_dir_entry and their matching07:46
fabbione      dentry and inode cache bloat.07:46
fabbione   ofpath always assumed the presence of symlinks to verify a valide07:46
fabbione   /proc/device-tree. Change them to verify presence of directories instead.07:47
fabbione   Patch and tests kindly done by Ryan Lortie.07:47
fabbione -- Fabio M. Di Nitto <fabbione@ubuntu.com>  Fri, 01 Jul 2005 07:46:39 +020007:47
desrtrocking.  when will that be on the archives?07:47
fabbionein about one hour if it build properly...07:47
desrtthe infra you guys have going is seriously cool :)07:47
fabbionelet me see if i can test build it first07:48
fabbioneyaboot didn't get an upload in ages07:48
desrtso how did you swing a powermac (promise) from gtk?07:51
fabbionenah i was just kidding :)07:51
desrtoh :)07:52
fabbioneeverything that doesn't work is GTK's fault ;)07:52
desrtok.  i thought that was sort of weird :)07:52
desrtwe bought about 20 dual G5s at work half a year ago07:52
desrtthe work all you guys are doing on the toolchain and kernel to get ppc64 supported is vastly appreciated07:53
fabbionehmm it doesn't build with gcc-4.007:54
desrtprecious little does :P07:55
fabbionemeh sorry i was talking about yaboot07:55
desrtthat's what i understood07:55
desrtoh wow.  this code is special :)07:57
desrtit looks like the guy implemented KMP strstr() using intentionally-obfuse code07:58
desrtanyway.. it's just one problem and it's pretty easy to fix in a disgusting way :)08:00
desrtline 79 of lib/strstr.c should read "shloop: 0;  }" :)08:01
fabbioneoh yeah08:01
fabbioneuploaded now....08:04
desrthopefully this one works out a bit better08:05
fabbioneit will hit the archive in approx 1 hour08:05
fabbionei hope it won't break compiled with gcc-4.0 :)08:05
desrti did a build here with the 2 patches and dpkg -i'd the .deb08:05
desrtseems to be working08:05
fabbionedid you boot with it?08:05
desrtnope :)08:05
desrtit's the long weekend.  dare me to? :)08:05
fabbioneup to you :)08:05
desrtactually.  i have a G5 beside me08:06
desrti'll try on it08:06
desrtuh.  i patented "rocking"08:09
desrtpay up or cease and desist08:09
fabbioneok back to userland now...08:14
fabbionegotta fix some stuff today08:14
fabbionedesrt: enjoy the long we btw :)08:15
desrtsurely will :)08:15
fabbionei will come back to you for the headers stuff soon...08:16
fabbionetoday is userland work :)08:16
desrtya.. this channel is called -toolchain, after all08:16
desrt<just testing yaboot now... had to upgrade to breezy>08:17
desrtworks in 32bit mode08:18
desrtand 64.  doesn't look like gcc4 hurt it too badly08:19
desrti'm off to sleep now.  have a good day :)08:19
fabbionegood night :)08:25
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dokofabbione: pong10:49
fabbionedoko: mind if i upload OO2??10:52
fabbionemissing at least one B-D on libxkbfile-dev10:52
dokohmm, I'll add it, have a new milestone here finally. 10:53
fabbionedoko: ok.. i am completing a test build on i38610:54
fabbione(saw the failure on sparc)10:54
fabbioneand i will let you know if more is required10:54
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