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twb_if i install another hd, will windows be on it?12:01
NeoGeo64help how do i get ubuntu to see the truetype fonts ive copied into the TTF directory12:01
NeoGeo64ive tried running fc-cache12:01
cikilinwitch program sees dvd?12:01
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khermanstwb_, ???  dont put windows anywhere!12:01
khermanstwb_, its a virusand spreading fast12:02
josephSO, I am having trouble with my soundcard. XMMS won't play because it says the resource is busy. I do an fuser and get /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p:    6783m    What is that?12:02
thoreauputictwb_: what on earth do you mean?12:02
khermansjoseph, try disabling the sound server12:02
josephSo, it thinks the pcm is in use... but it isn't12:02
flughany easy fix on getting the icons for kde apps to show up in my gnome menus?12:02
unometwb_: if you mean you can mount it on the new hd then yes.12:02
josephkhermans, how? kill that job?12:02
khermansjoseph, System -> Preferences -> Sound12:03
twb_ok, as of now i have Ubuntu and XP, but i need to install another 40gb hd12:03
topylijoseph: it's in use by esd probably. tell xmms to use esd for output12:03
flughjoseph, try 'fuser -k -n file /dev/snd/.... etc' the -k will kill the offending process (a -v would probably tell you more about the process too)12:03
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josephtopli, I tried that... still no working.12:04
khermansjoseph, try my sggestion12:04
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twb_if i install a second HD, how can i set it up to cantain the same info as the other?12:04
khermanstwb_, you mean clone it?12:04
josephkhermans, ok, but I have no sound clicks or system sounds coming out now... but ok.12:05
twb_is that possible?12:05
khermanstwb_, "dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb12:05
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twb_....where do i put that?12:05
josephWell, do the fuser -k seemed to do it.12:05
thoreauputictwb_: if you use dd, be *very* sure you have your input and output right12:06
josephDamn, that killed Asterisks music on hold.12:06
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twb_ok, heres my situation...12:07
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kabanyone that knows where I can get a package for glade--12:08
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khermansim off to play some softball...12:08
wazdmini installed the nvidia drivers..it was really easy..i havent had any problems so far12:08
twb_i need my current HD setup(im moving away from home) my dad needs XP, is there a way i can put my xp on a new HD??12:08
salviacan anyone help me here with openvpn ?12:08
Seveasjoseph, fuser -k kills the process using that file...12:08
khermanssomeone msg me if they know how to set a SYSTEM WIDE proxy for all protocol piping to a socks v4 proxy12:08
wazdmini am still trying to fix my sound problem though12:08
kabtwb_, use norton ghost,12:09
Seveaskhermans, system -> prefs -> network proxy12:09
Seveasthat's as system-wide as it gets...12:09
cikilinwhat player do i need to see a dvd movie?12:09
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kabtwb_, or in linux use dd if=/dev/hdaX of=windows.iso, then when you have windows.iso put in other sys and move to this12:09
secataHi all12:09
Seveascikilin: Go to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats to find out all about mp3/dvd/flash/java/realplayer etc... support12:10
wazdmini know what my problem with sound is ..i just dont know how to fix it..i know from other people helping me that i dont have the correct sound modules loaded...what can i do to get the right ones12:10
khermansSeveas, sweet dude!!!12:10
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khermansSeveas, i had no idea that wes there -- was it in warty too?12:10
=== Xyrouz [~Xyrouz@0x3e42caa9.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
Seveaskhermans, iirc yes12:10
twb_windows.iso will go on a cd right12:10
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Seveastwb_, no12:11
twb_bom bom bom im so confused...12:11
Seveastwb_, it is not a cd-image iso12:11
Seveasthe .iso extension is misleading, kab should not have used that ::)12:11
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kabtwb_, you have a partition with windows XP in /dev/hdaX12:12
twb_is that a question?12:12
AlekHoe to remove apache 2????12:13
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thoreauputicAlek: sudo apt-get remove apache2  ?12:13
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wazdminmy comp runs so much better in a kde enviorment..i wonder y12:14
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secataHow do I write a file to a disk-image?12:14
topyliwazdmin: your box is kde-optimized :)12:14
Alekthoreauputic, ....broken package12:14
Alekit is apache2-common12:15
highvoltagesecata: you'd have to mount the disk-image rw12:15
jasoncohenwhat the hell is wrong with the webmin from backports? first, it doesn't work with sudo. you have to have your root account enabled. secondly, it says my ssh server isn't configured, and apparently the configuration for the webmin-sshd is blank.12:15
highvoltage(and have some space available in the fs)12:15
secataCan't mount it, as it has no fs...trying to make a boot disk image for Bochs12:15
ShadowsDI can't install the nvidia-glx drivers in Synaptic Package Manager.. any ideas?12:16
Seveasjasoncohen, welcome to backports, they suck sometimes :)12:16
secataI have heard of something called "rawwrite"?  But the only references I get is for the windows version...12:16
highvoltagesecata: so you want to create a fs first?12:16
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jasoncohenSeveas, should i use a pin so that ubuntu packages are used over backports?12:16
secataNo,  I want to write the file directly to the disk, as it is a boot sector...12:17
thoreauputicSeveas: I don't think problems with webmin are restricted to backports, judging from the number of times this has cropped up before12:17
wazdminanyways....srry for repeating but i keep getting a fatal sound server error..i am really worried..i have found people with the same problem but i cant find a solution12:17
secatawell, directly to the disk image that is...12:17
topylijasoncohen: as root, create a webmin user for yourself and give it rights. then you can disable root again12:17
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Seveasjasoncohen, whatever suits you best12:17
highvoltagesecate: dd if=/dev/zero of=disk.img bs=512 count=204800012:17
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highvoltagemkfs.reiserfs disk.img12:17
jasoncohentopyli, yeah, i already did that. now i'm trying to figure out why it's not seeing my ssh server12:17
Seveasthoreauputic, webminis indeed not the best packaged thing in Ubuntu12:17
pinky_when I try and download things I always keep XMP parsing error: syntax error12:17
highvoltagemount disk.img /mnt/12:17
Seveasbut it's in universe12:17
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jasoncoheni didn't have this problem in sid12:18
secataThanks...will try that...12:18
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cikilini installed mplayer and i cant see a dvd12:19
Seveascikilin, you might need libdvdcss212:19
ShadowsDim having trouble installing the nvidia-glx drivers12:19
cmathesonShadowsD: what kind of trouble?12:19
cikilini installed too12:19
topylijasoncohen: weird, my webmin does see the ssh server12:19
ShadowsDthey won't install12:19
jasoncohenSeveas, damn backports- webmin from hoary worked fine12:19
cmathesonShadowsD: be specific12:19
topylijasoncohen: it's from backports too12:20
ShadowsDI keep getting an error, hold on, let me just get the error12:20
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Seveasjasoncohen, aptitude purge webmin, disable backports, aptitude install webmin12:20
jasoncohentopyli, already did that12:21
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topyliSeveas: won't apt find the backports webmin from the cache? :)12:21
jasoncohenand then i installed webmin from backports and now it works12:21
topyligotta clean up12:21
a_monkeyhow do i install something from apt into /usr/local ?12:22
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topylia_monkey: you don't. why?12:22
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Seveastopyli, right, apt-get update in between :)12:22
thoreauputica_monkey: you don't - why would you want to?12:22
Seveasa_monkey, you don't (and really shouldn't)12:22
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a_monkeyi want to install python 2.3 separately12:22
a_monkeyblender requires python 2.3 libs12:23
d_i_how do change a users home dir in terminal ?12:23
a_monkeyand ubuntu uses 2.4 by default12:23
ShadowsDcmatheson, heres the error I get http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/34212:23
Seveasa_monkey, you can have both python2.3 and 2.4 installed simultaneously12:23
Xenguyd_i_: what change?12:23
a_monkeySeveas: really12:23
a_monkeySeveas: cool12:23
Seveasd_i_, usermod..?12:23
=== mikl [~mikkel@] has joined #ubuntu
d_i_i want to change a users home dir to /var/www/12:23
Seveasd_i_, or manyally editing /etc/passwd & /etc/shadow :)12:23
marshHey, would I be correct in assuming that Ubuntu has no 'autodetect' for my change in graphics card?12:23
Madeyeis there forex like application that work under linux12:23
thoreauputicd_i_: can I have some of what you are smoking?12:24
cmathesonShadowsD: that's not the error, that's just saying there is an error12:24
Xenguyd_i_: that sounds like a bad idea - I'll shut up now :-)12:24
cmathesonShadowsD: what does it say above that?12:24
Seveasd_i_, usermod -d does what wou want12:24
thenuked_i_: =) why on earth you would want to do something like that :D12:24
Seveasthenuke, there are very good reasons to do such a thing..12:25
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unomeXenguy: in the US, it is illegal to smoke your own home grown weed :p12:25
twb_i do i install Ultra ISO12:25
d_i_well i want to do so that when a user enters: ftp://www@domain.com/ that they will enter the /var/www folder so they can upload there webpage..12:25
twb_: ( it wont let me12:25
thenuked_i_: you are better off asking how to do the things you want to accomplish, rather than guessing the good solutions by your self and asking how to do that.12:25
LukeI'm trying to get sound working with alsa. I have an audigy 2 value with my alsa modules compiled in (which should autoload them at boot) but my sound does not work. anyone care to help me troubleshoot through?12:25
wazdminim clueless.what is win4lin12:25
ShadowsDcmatheson: 2 secs12:25
wazdminwindows in linux ?12:25
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Seveasd_i_, pureftpd/proftpd can do that without changing homedirs12:25
=== drstrangelove [~petr@r2bk163.chello.upc.cz] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasd_i_, pureftpd/proftpd can even have complete virtual users12:26
thenukeand how about symlinks?12:26
thenukethey should work too12:26
d_i_Seveas: how?12:26
d_i_i have installed proftpd12:26
Seveasd_i_, /usr/share/doc/proftpd12:26
Seveas(pureftpd can even have accounts defined in a mysql database, I use that)12:26
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ShadowsDcmatheson: heres everything from the terminal http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/34512:27
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marshthat a no? nobody knows if Ubuntu can autodetect the graphics card? Google doesn't say much either. A few people moaning that it doesn't work, but thats about it!12:28
cmathesonShadowsD: are you using synaptic to install, or what are you using?12:28
ShadowsDcmatheson: first it was synaptic, then I tried apt-get install nvidia-glx, same error12:29
cmathesonmarsh: what are you talking about?12:29
marshcan only find that 'ubuntu device database' in the startbar12:29
pinky_what is XML parsing error not well formed mean?12:29
pinky_followed by some other error codes12:30
pinky_when I try and download packages :(12:30
pinky_in firefox12:30
=== [2] punkass [~punkass@h70-66-240-253.sbm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
cmathesonShadowsD: remove the xorg-driver-fglrx package12:30
marshcmatheson, I just installed a new graphics card (matrox 450 dual - nothing flash) but now have no graphics. Unlike my old redhat box (with Kudzu) Ubuntu wont se the card, and I can see no autodetect processes12:30
marshor autodetect programs!12:30
twb_whats the command to locate a program?12:30
cmathesonmarsh: just reconfigure X12:31
cmathesontwb_: locate12:31
pinky_anyone answer my Q please :(12:31
marshand google seems to be backing up my theory that I have to d it by hand :(12:31
cmathesonpinky_: restart firefox12:31
cmathesonmarsh: it's good for you12:31
pinky_good plan batman12:31
=== joseph [~joseph@adsl-63-199-241-68.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
cmathesonmarsh: or just type dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:31
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zeeeeehi all, how do i safely switch to automake-1.6 as my default automake, instead of automake-1.4?12:32
zeeeeei believe there's more to it than just overwriting the symlink in /etc/alternatives12:32
cmathesonzeeeee: do you need it?12:32
marshcmatheson, is the dpkg command the way to reconfigure X, or was our first sugestion a different way round?12:32
zeeeeecmatheson, is it a bad idea to use it?12:33
pinky_still doesnt work :x12:33
Seveaszeeeee, sudo update-ulternatives --config automake12:33
Seveasupdate-alternatives that is12:33
twb_pllllllzzzzzz help12:33
cmathesonzeeeee: i don't think it's bad, i just think that it's a waste of time to fix stuff that isn't broken12:33
cmathesonmarsh: it all works12:33
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marshcmatheson, just wondered....12:34
zeeeeecmatheson, oh, i thought you were suggesting the backwards incompatibility defeating the purpose of automake12:34
zeeeeecmatheson, but yes i'm trying to use the nostdinc option12:34
cmathesonzeeeee: no, i'm not actually too familiar w/ the new version12:34
marshdont mean to be a pain in the arse - just curious to learn12:34
=== qqq_ [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
cmathesonmarsh: i like to edit the file by hand.  but the dpkg-reconfigure has a menu-driven system that is "easier" to use if you're not familiar w/ the xorg.config file12:34
twb_pllllllzzzzzz help12:34
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LukeI'm trying to get sound working with alsa. I have an audigy 2 value with my alsa modules compiled in (which should autoload them at boot) but my sound does not work. anyone care to help me troubleshoot through?12:35
Seveastwb_, a) you got an answer b) stop repeating c) try to spell correctly....12:35
Dr_Melectausw00tage. im finally online with ubuntu !_!12:35
=== wshaw [~jseattle@cpe-66-25-11-3.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
twb_geez ppl get so irritable12:35
d_ihow to i give rights to allusers on the system to write and read a folder..12:35
SeveasDr_Melectaus, it is only your imagination that thinks you are online :)12:36
zeeeeethanks Seveas12:36
Seveasd_i, chmod a+rw filename12:36
Dr_MelectausSeveas,  i dont give a scoobie, I am so happy i acomplished what i thought was dam near impossable12:36
qqq_Hei guys, I need minimal ubuntu install only some GUI - X-window system..12:36
Seveasd_i, you might want to chmod +t filename too, that makes sure no one can delete files from others12:37
Dr_MelectausI ave a usb modem which ubuntu didnt like12:37
=== psai_ [psai@hat.sein.zimmer.im.dunklem.k3ller.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== thoreauputic_ [~prospero@wolax6-014.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
SeveasDr_Melectaus, aha :)12:37
Dr_Melectausso i had to bridge te connection12:37
=== jarufe [~jarufe@114-110-112.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
d_iSeveas ok thanks again :)12:37
qqq_i tried the expert-install mode, how to install the X with Gnome for example then12:37
Dr_MelectausSo im useing a dows machine as a gateway12:37
=== ShadowsD [~Gangstaki@] has joined #ubuntu
SeveasDr_Melectaus, please document your attempts on the wiki, it will be helpful to others12:37
=== jarufe [~jarufe@114-110-112.adsl.terra.cl] has left #ubuntu []
jasoncohenhow often does the update manager check for updates? i used cron-apt in sid. is that necessary in ubuntu?12:38
ryan_This is the machine Dr_Melectaus / im useing as a gateway12:38
=== nalioth_wrkn is now known as nalioth
thoreauputic_qqq_: try ` sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop `12:38
Seveasqqq_ install the various gnome packages12:38
Seveasthoreauputic, he didn't want that12:38
thoreauputic_Seveas: ah, OK12:38
Dr_Melectausseveas. i got help from torti- But sure ill take all the info from the convo  and document it for others !_!12:38
qqq_Seveas: i have to install some X firstly?12:39
Seveasqqq_, these are the gnome packages installed by default: http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/34612:39
Seveasthey will drag in X as dependency12:39
thoreauputic_Seveas: is that right? In Debian I had to install x-window-system-core or similar?12:40
=== lips [~lips@132-bem-14.acn.waw.pl] has joined #ubuntu
qqq_Seveas: it sounds easy, if i could do it this way12:40
=== ateves [~ateves@p54903403.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasthoreauputic_, hmm, It *should* install it, that's what the dependency system is for...12:40
topylii guess installing gnome-core will take care of everything12:40
=== DukGalNamu [~andrew@adsl-69-225-137-126.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
DukGalNamuanyone here play maelstrom?12:41
ateveswhat do i have to add to (mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/win -t auto -rw) so that every user can access the partition?12:41
atevesonly this command in the console12:41
topyliDukGalNamu: of course :)12:41
lipshi all12:41
qqq_so i do "sudo apt-get install gnome-core" sit back and relax ? :)12:41
=== nalioth is now known as nalioth_wrkn
Seveasateves, -o umask=000012:41
Seveasif you mean write with access12:41
DukGalNamutopyli: ummm, i am getting an error trying to play, its saying timed out waiting for frame 012:41
topyliqqq_: check moon phase and wave a dead chicken over the box :)12:41
DukGalNamutopyli: ever get that before?12:42
thoreauputic_Seveas: hmm... OK I don't know for sure: I installed Hoary using the "server" option and just did what I used to do with Debian, which was to install the X stuff first...12:42
qqq_topyli: xexexexe12:42
qqq_thoreauputic: advise pls:)12:42
=== roberto_ [~roberto@201009034061.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputic_qqq_: well, doing what Seveas sugests will do no harm at least ;)12:42
qqq_see i have gimplike software to run on linux (filmgimp aka cinepaint) and I want minimal gui with linux12:42
roberto_BOA NOITE AMIGOS12:43
topyliDukGalNamu: dunno, my maelstrom works fine :\12:43
DukGalNamutopyli: hmmm....12:43
=== ShadowsD [~Gangstaki@] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasroberto_, please watch your caps lock12:43
DukGalNamuachk!!! i don't care that much...12:43
=== DukGalNamu [~andrew@adsl-69-225-137-126.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu []
roberto_ok foi mal12:43
=== ngd [~neil@] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasroberto_, and we speak english in here as you should be able to see :)12:43
thoreauputic_qqq_: for really minimal, you can ` sudo apt-get install x-window-system-core xterm ` ;)12:44
=== elgordo123 [~mark@pool-68-237-172-169.lsanca.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasthoreauputic, lol :)12:44
lipsadvise needed: do you know how to contact shipit department of canonical? i organise an event, so i want to order quite a lot of cd's. i'm sending them emails, and see no reply...12:44
=== [2] punkass is now known as punkass
LukeI'm trying to get sound working with alsa. I have an audigy 2 value with my alsa modules compiled in (which should autoload them at boot) but my sound does not work. any suggestions?12:44
roberto_no speak inglish12:44
Seveaslips, when is the event?12:44
lips3rd-7th august12:44
Seveasroberto, portugues..?12:44
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@pcd317021.netvigator.com] has joined #ubuntu
lipsSeveas 3rd-7th august12:44
Lukeroberto_: hablas espanol?12:45
=== markus2 [~markus@rei41112.stw.gm.FH-Koeln.DE] has joined #ubuntu
=== caonex [~caonex@ip70-177-55-187.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveaslips, come to the next CC meeting (#ubuntu-meeting, july 5th, 22:00 UTC) and talk to mako12:45
elgordo123Bad partition here!    I am trying to make an image ag a 23.9 GB partition onto a ext3 partition.   I keep getting "File Size Exceeded".    I thought ext3 file size can be as big as volume.  Is that not right?12:45
lipsgreat advice, thank you12:46
elgordo123I have 84GB on that ext3 partition...12:46
terjei hate to be so utterly retarded but how do I start ftpd?12:46
Seveasterje, which ftpd did you install?12:47
roberto_hablas uno poquito12:47
maeapt-get install vsftpd && /etc/init.d/vsftpd start12:47
lipsSeveas just help me with UTC, wikipedia don't know it - is it greenwich time?12:47
Seveasmae, the postinst script will start it :)12:47
maeactually you shouldn't have to start it manually12:47
Lukeroberto_: ?hablas espanol?12:47
roberto_jo brasileiro (brazil)12:47
maeSeveas, :)12:47
Seveaslips, indeed, try the command date --utc12:47
thoreauputic_lips: yes, UTC is equivalent12:47
terjethat's what I wanted mae, thanks. I didn't install ftpd I guess.12:48
Seveaslips, it'll be midnight or 1am in poland...12:48
Lukeroberto_: i dont speak porteguese =)12:48
wazdminhas anyone ever experienced a fatal soun server error message..cpu over load aborting now..if so..what is the problem12:48
elgordo123terje.  I like to use proftpd for a ftp server12:48
Seveasroberto_, #ubuntu-pt / #ubuntu-pr12:48
Seveasroberto_, #ubuntu-pt / #ubuntu-br12:48
lipsSeveas OK, thank you once again12:48
elgordo123Isn't ext3 file size can be as big as volume right?12:49
LukeI'm trying to get sound working with alsa. I have an audigy 2 value with my alsa modules compiled in (which should autoload them at boot) but my sound does not work. any suggestions?12:49
cmathesonLuke: turn up the volume12:49
roberto_seveas thanks12:49
wazdmini get same prolems12:49
Lukecmatheson: done so already12:49
=== will [~will@1-1-7-19a.ars.sth.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== JackShit [~jackshit@ip68-228-160-100.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== joseph [~joseph@adsl-63-199-241-68.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
josephI can't share my soundcard between asterisk and xmms!12:52
roberto_obrigado a todos que  me passaram dicas das outras lista12:52
josephWhy is that.12:52
josephIf I load asterisk I XMMS says pcm is in use.12:52
qqq_thoreauputic: can I pm you?12:52
josephIf I stop asterisk I can play mp3s.12:52
thoreauputicqqq_: OK12:52
=== mikl [~mikkel@] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasjoseph: To make xmms or beep-media-player actually play things, change the audio output plugin to eSound12:53
=== sktrdie [~sktrdie@213-156-52-103.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
sktrdiehello It's my first time on ubuntu12:54
sktrdieI would need some help12:54
sktrdiefirst off... how do I isntall apps from the package system?12:54
josephIt will play if asterisk is not running.12:54
cmathesonsktrdie: run 'synaptic' if you want a graphical thing, otherwise go w/ 'aptitude' from the command-line12:54
sktrdiecmatheson.. isn't it apt-get?12:55
=== Moe_ [Moe@dyn216-8-132-49.ADSL.mnsi.net] has joined #ubuntu
josephSeveas: xmms will play when asterisk isn't running.12:55
cmathesonsktrdie: use aptitude instead12:55
cmathesonsktrdie: aptitude is a smarter front-end to apt-get12:55
sktrdiei'm confused12:56
sktrdieo well12:56
sktrdieso for example12:56
^thehatsrule^apt-get is CLI...12:56
sktrdieaptitude mplayer?12:56
^thehatsrule^command line12:56
=== bimberi [~bimberi@DC-244-159.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #ubuntu
^thehatsrule^if you like console, just use that12:56
josephWhen I run asterisk, xmms can't access the soundcard12:56
=== Kaltzu [~Kaltzu@addr-82-128-218-145.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu
^thehatsrule^so use, apt-get update12:56
^thehatsrule^apt-get install mplayer12:56
sktrdieif I do apt-get mplayer it says Invalid Operation mplayer12:56
sktrdieo install12:56
^thehatsrule^first update tho12:57
=== GNAM [~fsddsfsds@host9-241.pool80183.interbusiness.it] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
cmathesonsktrdie: 'aptitude install mplayer'12:57
=== caonex [~caonex@ip70-177-55-187.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
josephOh well... I guess I can't use both asterisk and xmms at the same time on ubuntu... damn, I hate the thought of going back to mandrake.12:57
josephI know it's just a config, but hell...12:57
cmathesonjoseph: then freaking fix it12:57
josephcmatheson, I have no idea how.12:57
cmathesonjust tell them to use esd12:58
josephI have no idea how to share the soundcard on this thing.12:58
wshawnalioth are you here12:58
sktrdie^thehatrule^ it says that it couldnt find the package12:59
=== struggler [icechat5@h36.160.40.162.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mgalvin [~mgalvin@cpe-69-205-46-35.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasjoseph, make both use esd and you're set. Ranting will get you nowhere...12:59
=== elgordo123 [~mark@pool-68-237-172-169.lsanca.fios.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
josephSeveas, if I could decode what you mean, I would try it.01:00
sktrdieany help??01:00
strugglerintellistation reboot fails with 'GRUB HARD DRIVE ERROR' on reboot to finish install. Can someone help?01:00
cmathesonsktrdie: start up aptitude01:00
cmathesonand search for mplayer01:00
Seveasjoseph, for xmms I already gave the answer, for asterisk you will have to dig through the configuration01:01
sktrdiecmatheson: can't I do it with apt-get?01:01
cmathesonsktrdie: have you added universe/multiverse to your repositories01:01
cmathesonsktrdie: DON'T use apt-get01:01
cmathesonsktrdie: just type 'aptitude'01:01
cmathesonsktrdie: and then hit '?' and read the instructions01:01
jasoncohenlibgnutls11-dev appears to be a broken package. apt-get install libgnutls11-dev  Depends: libgnutls11 (= 1.0.16-13) but 1.0.16-13ubuntu0.1 is to be installed01:01
cmathesonsktrdie: and then hit '/' to search01:01
=== tombs [~tombs@h141156.upc-h.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
josephSeriously... if I go into xmms, my only options are alsa, oss, and esound... is esound esd?01:01
jasoncohenanyone else notice this problem in hoary?01:01
cmathesonjoseph: yes01:01
=== leo [~leo@S010600904babe4e8.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
josephIt is set to that... and it will not work with asterisk running... does that mean asterisk is using esd also?01:02
leoheya.  anyone here running ubuntu on either a compaq r4000 or HP zv6000 series laptop?01:02
=== ramblingturtle23 [~ob@c-67-185-63-205.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasjoseph, no, that means asterisk is *not* using esd01:02
Seveasif both would use it, you could hear sounds from both....01:03
josephah... so, I have to change asterisk to use esd...01:03
=== TrickyPhillips [~Trickyphi@adsl-68-121-245-26.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== T5 [~Jan@VPN202-201.vpn.hu-berlin.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== TovAre [~TovAre@126.80-203-19.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
josephhmmm, no where does it mention for asterisk using esd... I will have to research this more.01:05
=== lcarlos [~lcarlos@] has joined #ubuntu
lcarloshow can i play subtitles in ubuntu???01:06
yuachtlcarlos, that isn't really a ubuntu matter01:07
cmathesonlcarlos: you need to be way more specific... what player are you using, what kind of file is it, etc01:07
=== ateves [~ateves@p54903403.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
js_whats the reason ubuntu installs rsyncd?01:07
=== Rotund [~joe@d13-229.rb.lax.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
ateveshi! i tried to get amarok singing under ubuntu, but no plugin works, xine, gstreamer and so on. it's a basic soundblaster card (ALSA) and all system sounds are played01:08
=== mauper [~mauper@dsl-082-082-185-074.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
lcarlosis an avi file and i don't know which player can play subtitles01:09
TovAremost can01:09
maupersigh, any ideas where I can get libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 ?01:09
sktrdielcarlos: download VLC01:09
TovArewhich player are you using?01:09
Seveasateves, make sure it uses esd..01:09
lcarlosi have VLC01:09
zeeeee--db-attach=yes --verbose --tool=memcheck --leak-check=yes --leak-resolution=high01:09
punkassanyone have ubuntu on a acer 4101 laptop01:09
TovArepress s for subtitles01:09
zeeeeewoops sorry01:09
lcarlosbut i don't know how to play subtitles01:10
cmathesonlcarlos: mplayer, totem... probably most of them can.  but you'll need the corresponding subtitles file afaik01:10
TovArenot all avis have subtitles.01:10
=== HaRDaWaY [~jugon@234.Red-83-53-178.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
HaRDaWaYhi people01:10
=== gorkon [~jmclaugh@cpe-65-25-147-100.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasmauper, libstdc++2.10-glibc2.201:10
=== jind [~jind@217-162-89.7002.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
atevesSeveas: it does01:10
mauperSeveas: thnx01:11
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3pa5.dial.inet.fi] has left #ubuntu []
=== ElfGuy [~dendory@modemcable056.166-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== arentie [~marndt@CPE-69-23-109-1.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== lcarlos [~lcarlos@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
HaRDaWaYi have a toshiba satellite m40-145, with wifi ipw2200, when put on power on wifi's button, my ubuntu tells me a lot of warning messages of uhci_usb, and when i make: modprobe ipw2200 it tell me: ipw2200: unable to send command TX_POWER, can you help me please?01:12
terjedoes anyone know how to set default answers for the live CD such that the users don't get prompted for any questions when the CD boots? I've already fixed the isolinux boot stuff but I'm wondering about the other stuff.01:12
=== a_monkey [~elmunky@user-0can33s.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
mauperSeveas: yep, hyades runs :)01:13
terjequestions being: default language, keyboard, etc.01:13
terjeI'm trying to create a sweedish chef live CD that just plays clips of the sweedish chef when it boots.01:13
terjefor my sweedish co-worker :)01:13
=== ElfGuy [~dendory@modemcable056.166-203-24.mc.videotron.ca] has left #ubuntu []
terjeI'm there, except for the nagging questions.01:14
jasoncoheni tried adding backport deb-src lines but it failed. are there no src packages available?01:14
BockBilbois it possible to have kde and gnome installed on a same pc w/o compatibility pronlems?01:14
SeveasHaRDaWaY, google for your laptop model, some need an intricate trick before the wireless works01:14
yuachtterje, hehe, i'm swe ;)01:14
=== [1] punkass [~punkass@h70-66-240-253.sbm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Harti [~Harti@dsl-084-059-159-085.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mgalvin [~mgalvin@cpe-69-205-46-35.nycap.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Seveasjasoncohen, indeed01:14
=== Harti [~Harti@dsl-084-059-159-085.arcor-ip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
terjeyuacht, I'll send you the link to the iso when I'm done :)01:15
yuachtdo so01:15
chrissturmterje: do the live cds ask questions?01:15
=== zeeeee [~zeeeee@p1.almaden.ibm.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jasoncohenSeveas, damn, backports is crap, heh01:16
arentieMy wifi card is a Linksys PCI WMP54G v2.  I'm having difficulty finding a driver that works with NDISWrapper.  Does anyone know of a site where I may acquire a driver that works?01:16
cyphasehttp://cyphase.homelinux.com/blog/ - Bush's Favorite Phrase01:16
terjeyes, they ask for your language preferences.01:16
jasoncohenSeveas, lol, my firefox 1.0.4 from backports won't let me install extensions. it says i need to upgrade to 1.0.401:16
Seveasjasoncohen, you can email John Dong to give you access to the source01:16
Dr_Melectausshouls a .asx stream play in music player?01:16
chrissturmterje: i know that this will be easier with the next ubuntu version. but theres surely a solution now too01:16
Seveasjasoncohen, you don't need FF from backports01:16
=== david_ [~david@h-68-164-231-172.chcgilgm.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasjasoncohen: Open firefox and in about:config set general.useragent.vendorSub to 1.0.401:17
HaRDaWaYSeveas, i am looking for help in google, from 2 months ago01:17
=== ShadowsD [~Gangstaki@] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenSeveas, if it's 1.0.4, why would it show as 1.0 ?01:17
atevesd'oh amarok doesn't sing at all01:17
BockBilboSeveas, is it possible to have gnome and kde at the same time?01:17
jasoncohenBockBilbo, yes01:17
Seveasjasoncohen, ENOIDEA01:17
SeveasBockBilbo, of course01:18
jasoncohenSeveas, i regret using backports now01:18
arentieMy wifi card is a Linksys PCI WMP54G v2.  I'm having difficulty finding a driver that works with NDISWrapper.  Does anyone know of a site where I may acquire a driver that works?01:18
Dr_Melectausshouls a .asx stream play in music player?01:18
BockBilbobut, i remember having problems with sound and some other stuff in debian when having both isntalled01:19
Seveasmplayer can handle that Dr_Melectaus01:19
Seveasif you have w32codecs installed01:19
BockBilboso im gonna install ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop01:19
Dr_MelectausSeveas, hw do i get them Seveas01:19
Seveasfrom mplayerhq.hu01:19
=== hartmanr [~hartmanr@cpe-024-088-094-029.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== sktrdie [~sktrdie@213-156-52-103.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
cafuegoBockBilbo: Whoa, living dangerously.01:19
Dr_Melectausok thanks01:19
sktrdieI cant get apt-get to work01:20
BockBilbocafuego, why do u say that?01:20
hartmanris there a msn msger for ubuntu01:20
sktrdieany package i say it tells me that it couldnt find it01:20
jasoncohenBockBilbo, he's probably just being sarcastic01:20
Seveashartmanr, yes, installed by default01:20
hartmanrcool thans01:20
BockBilboi see01:20
Seveashartmanr, applications -> internet -> gaim01:20
qqq_Guys, does anyone know what's that error msg: (EE) NV(0): No valid FB address in PCI config space01:20
TovAreI just installed ubuntu. Where can I find the monitor configuration tool?01:20
jasoncohensktrdie, you have to add sources and then apt-get update01:20
=== jgomo [~jgomo@] has joined #ubuntu
cafuegoMaybe just a little bit. I should have added a ';-)'01:20
sktrdiejasoncohen? how do I do that?01:20
SeveasTovAre, there is none :)01:21
jasoncohensktrdie, http://ubuntuguide.org/#extrarepositories01:21
SeveasTovAre, what are you trying to accomplish?01:21
Seveasjasoncohen, BAD IDEA!01:21
Seveasthat has backports and marillat by default...01:21
=== costoa [~costoa@24-107-234-119.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
TovAreI would like 1600 resolution on my 21", not 640 like it is now.01:21
hartmanrnext ?01:21
=== kanichEEE [~kaniche@WLL-27-pppoe087.t-net.net.ve] has joined #ubuntu
SeveasTovAre: To find out how you can change your display resolution, go to http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:22
kanichEEEWhere I can find a guide to install nvidia drivers?01:22
hartmanrwhat about a cisco vpn client?01:22
SeveaskanichEEE: You can read all about binary-only driver issues on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto01:22
=== [2] punkass [~punkass@h70-66-240-253.sbm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
arentieyeah, I need help installing a cisco vpn client too01:22
Seveashartmanr, try openvpn (not installed by default, but available from the repositories)01:22
hartmanrarentie: where did you get the client from?01:22
hartmanrthanx: seveas01:23
=== |wolfie| [Ogami@] has joined #ubuntu
kanichEEESeveas, and for the nforce2 mobo chipset i dont need anything no?01:24
Dr_Melectauswhats the command to apt get (or what ever it is) gstreamer0-1.8-mad_0.8.9-0ubuntu4_i386.deb01:24
cafuegokanichEEE: No, that's fully supported.01:24
=== lcarlos [~lcarlos@] has joined #ubuntu
arentieapt get install (application)01:24
kanichEEEk thanks.01:24
SeveaskanichEEE, maybe for the onboard network card01:24
lcarloshow can i install bochs???01:25
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: i think you want ` sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.8-mad ` ?01:25
sktrdiejasoncohen: extra repositories?01:25
Dr_Melectausthanks thoreauputic01:25
=== slask3n [~slask3n@217-115-161.7002.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
sktrdiedon't i need to install just the apt-get packages?01:25
arentieDr: what thor said will work better! :)01:25
Seveassktrdie: Adding Repositories: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto01:25
Seveassktrdie: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all official Ubuntu repositories, go to paste.ubuntulinux.nl/3801:25
z|banditoi'm installing kubuntu on an older laptop, and it gives kernel choices to install; linux-386, linux-image-386, and linux-image-2.6.10-5-386 ... i am guessing that the first two are 2.4 based kernels, with the last choice being a 2.6 kernel, but what's the difference between linux-386 and linux-image-386 , for example?  anything else?01:25
Dr_Melectausarentie, i want it so i can play Mp3's01:25
=== ind3x [~ind3x@] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasz|bandito, they actually are all the same :)01:26
Dr_Melectausand gstreamer0-1.8-mad_0.8.9-0ubuntu4_i386.deb is the one that plays mp3's isnt it?01:26
z|banditolol.. o.O01:26
Seveaslinux-386 and l-i-386 are mere metapackages01:26
pgidzterje you want to look at this and see if it helps https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveCDCustomizationHowTo01:26
TovAreAnother question, I havnt gotten my wireless drivers upn running yet, but apparently sudo requires network access?01:26
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: just use the command I gave you above01:26
Seveasinstall linux-386 though, it will facilitate easy upgrading01:26
=== ind3x [~ind3x@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
Seveasz|bandito, a word of advise: KDE is a resource hog and not suitable for older machines01:27
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic, will it enable me to play mp3s?01:27
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: with totem or rhythmbox, yes01:27
=== Nameless1 [~nameless1@ppp108-42.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
z|banditowell, i thought gnome would probably be faster, but the installation was choking on python and i thought i would see if i could get something on the hdd with it01:27
z|banditoit's weird though, as the live cd boots fine01:28
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic: says there already installed01:28
Dr_Melectausbut i cant play mp3's oddly01:28
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: you can also use beep-media-player, which plays mp3 by default - just enable esound output01:28
z|banditoso it can't be an inherent incompatibility.. ubuntu actually has provided the best hw support for that box so far of a few distros01:28
Dr_Melectauswhere can i get hold of beep media player thoreauputic01:28
sktrdiedoes anyone here have  apowerbook with Ubuntu?01:29
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: sudo apt-get install beep-media-player01:29
=== ford [~ford@He878.h.strato-dslnet.de] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: it's in the universe repository01:29
jakobbgAPM is not available on default setup - how do I make it available for my laptop?01:30
=== judax [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
TovArewhat can I do when sudo doesnt work? It complains about host lookup.01:31
=== [2] punkass is now known as punkass
=== lcarlos [~lcarlos@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== ricardo [~LV@ALamentin-101-1-10-58.w81-248.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== madsen [~madsen@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Emptiness [~Emptiness@ip-114.net-81-220-9.versailles.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== jseattle [~jseattle@cpe-66-25-11-3.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jseattlehello nalioth01:32
sara_poo__whats the default cd-recording application with a ubuntu install?01:32
sara_poo__running gnome01:32
SeveasTovAre, do you have a root account enabled?01:32
=== unome [~unome@ool-43513903.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
sktrdiedamn.. apt-get doesnt seem to find anything01:32
sktrdiehow do I update it with every app01:32
=== daniminas [~daniminas@ic69-195.intercanal.com.uy] has joined #ubuntu
Seveassktrdie, post your /etc/apt/sources.list to paste.ubuntulinux.nl01:32
bassgoonfor the ppc livecd should I boot with a -powerpc3 on a g3?01:32
Seveassara_poo__, gnomebaker or graveman01:33
sara_poo__Seveas, thanks, what one do you prefer?01:33
sktrdieSeveas? what?01:33
sara_poo__Seveas, for disc -> disc backups01:33
=== bulletbrain [~bulletbra@9a2cb96c6a1240e2.session.tor] has joined #ubuntu
Seveassara_poo__, neither, I like both01:33
sara_poo__Seveas, lol, ok.  What one do you think i should start with, for disc -> disc backups01:33
Seveasgnomebaker is fine01:34
sktrdieSeveas: http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/34701:34
sktrdiethis is my01:34
sara_poo__Seveas, thanks01:34
sktrdiebut apt-get doesnt seem to fetch any package01:34
unomeSeveas: where do I go to mail/access in Ubuntu?01:34
sktrdieI've tried apt-get mplayer and nothing01:34
daniminashello room.. i'm searching for a package.. xdialog..01:35
Seveassktrdie, http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/34801:35
Seveascopy the changes...01:35
=== Aoi^ [~Kaltzu@addr-82-128-218-145.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu
sysrq /topic01:35
thoreauputicdaniminas: in the universe repository01:35
uboturepositories is probably http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto01:36
kanichEEEHas anyone tried this? http://ubuntuguide.org/#installnvidiadriver - and what differences has with the official one?01:36
sysrqhrmm guess it's just the one mirror that I use that stopped running it's ftpd heh01:36
Seveasunome, what do you mean..?01:36
sktrdieSeveas: ok changed. now what?01:36
daniminasok =)01:36
unomeSeveas: in sendmail ... usually it's /etc/mail/access01:36
SeveaskanichEEE, that one is OK01:37
Seveasunome, ubuntu uses postfix by default01:37
kanichEEEDo I get any improvement?01:37
unomeK mate01:37
Seveassendmail is the buggiest program ever, it's worse than windows01:37
Seveassktrdie, sudo apt-get update01:37
unomewindoze ::spit::01:37
TovAresevaas, no it was a fresh install. I need sudo to enable the root account.01:38
=== TovAre is trying a re-install withou
sktrdieSeveas: nice its working01:39
SeveasTovAre, then boot into recovery mode01:39
SeveasTovAre, and edit /etc/hosts01:39
Seveasthe line with should say:   localhost.localdomain localhost YOUR_HOSTNAME01:39
TovAreoh, ok. Ill try that next time :) Just erased the HD.01:40
sktrdieSeveas: i just installed mplayer-powerpc01:40
Seveasheh, ok :)01:40
sktrdiehow do I run it now?01:40
=== yolajb [~yolanda@] has joined #ubuntu
Seveassktrdie, applications -> sound & video -> mplayer01:40
=== Fazer [~fazer@CPE0050f276c615-CM0012c90fe42a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
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FazerHello, does anyone know how to reduce the font size in the console?01:40
sktrdieSeveas: not there01:40
sktrdiealso if i try typing in terminal01:40
=== Discipulus [~disc@main042.ppp.rockriver.net] has joined #ubuntu
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DiscipulusI have it figured out!01:41
Discipuluswhere's sly?01:41
unomeFazer: right click > edit profile > General > Font01:41
Seveassktrdie, typing mplayer in the terminal should work...01:41
Fazerunome: no no, like in the Console (without x11)01:41
unomeoh, you got me there01:41
=== reka [~Unknown@WNPP-p-203-54-44-131.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
sktrdieSeveas.. nope01:42
SeveasFazer, you need to boot with the vga=773 option to get 1024x76801:42
sktrdieI'm afraid I havent setup something01:42
Seveassktrdie, then the package has not installed correctly...01:42
=== IrIT [~seje@] has joined #ubuntu
wazdmincan someone help me setup my sound...01:42
SeveasFazer, there are other vga= boot options for other resolutions, GIYF :)01:42
=== [1] punkass [~punkass@h70-66-240-253.sbm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveaswazdmin: please stop repeating the same question. If someone knows, (s)he will answer. You can try posting on the mailing list too.01:43
arentieDoes anyone know where to get the driver for a Linksys WMP54G v2 wifi card?01:43
sktrdieSeveas: ..01:43
=== bpuccio [~brian@ool-457a9d77.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
wazdmini ask like once every two hours01:44
wazdminthats not repeating01:44
pgidzarentie the windows driver01:44
Seveassktrdie, paste the output of dpkg -l *mplayer* on paste.ubuntulinux.nl01:44
Seveaswazdmin, it is. Stop it.01:44
concept10wazdmin, it would be better for you to just state the problem not just ask for help01:44
slyim here dude01:45
slyim always here i have no life away from the pc01:45
Discipulussly, haha01:45
Discipulussly, alright, well, I took my computer to my ISP today01:45
Discipulussly, and we decided that it's the modem01:45
=== abli [abli@nilus-852.adsl.datanet.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Discipulussly, that before we look to the PC for causing problems, we should look at the modem01:46
slyas long as they ddnt blame linux im happy01:46
slythats what my isp blamed mine on01:46
Discipulussly, so he's gonna see if he has any old US Robotics external modems that work that he could give / sell me01:46
Discipulussly, I can chat on AIM, Yahoo!, and IRC just fine01:46
Discipulusjust can't really look at any websites01:46
Discipulusunless I have 10 minutes to wait between content01:46
slyseems  you have a real nice isp01:47
slyall i get off mine is greif01:47
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wazdminBTW..i have tried posting for about two days now in forums...and i have stated my problem close to twenty times..and around the third this guy tells me to stop repeating my self01:47
ablihi! i'm trying to to download the install CD via bittorrent using the ubuntu-5.04-install-i386.iso.torrent file, but I get an "urlopen error (111, 'Connection refused')" error. Am I doing something wrong?01:47
SeveasDiscipulus, ehm, that is a known bug in firefox (actually it's a bug in your ISP, but easy to work around in firefox)01:47
SeveasDiscipulus: Open firefox and go to about:config. Now search for network.dns.disableIPV6 and set that value to true. Restart Firefox to see the effect.01:47
bulletbrainwazdmin, and now you're repeating it in here. j/k ;-)01:48
concept10wazdmin, good grief, post your problem, dont complain01:48
Seveaswazdmin, the smart people are at the mailing list. Not at the forums01:48
=== caonex [~caonex@ip70-177-55-187.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
wazdminu guys are so damn touchy01:48
concept10wazdmin, okay, I will help you if you stop complaining, lets get to business what is the problem?01:49
Seveasconcept10, his main problem is not listening to what people are suggesting. A few people including myself have already tried to help...01:49
DiscipulusSeveas, nah, it's not that, it's my connection. My modem, actually. ISP shows I'm connected at 46333 (which I should be) but a speed test shows I'm connected at 710001:49
maehow can i enable the cups administration tool??01:49
=== chesty [~chesty@unconcerned.org] has joined #ubuntu
concept10Seveas, okay - I wasnt here, just walked in01:50
_simpleand then they akill the ident..01:50
SeveasDiscipulus, ah ok, well, keep this one in mind too, it's a very common error :)01:50
caonexwhat log file would be appropiate to see what is causing my box to freeze? I suspect that the action has something to do with my power supply. This is because the monitor in my bios is detecting some anormalities. My memory is ok, I am certain because I have run memtest about 3 times already.01:50
=== [1] punkass is now known as punkass
DiscipulusSeveas, will do!01:50
=== arentie [~marndt@CPE-69-23-109-1.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
slyi got least 4/5 old 56k's i could have gave you01:51
tahorgcaonex: try to boot without acpi nor apic activated01:51
slyid happily post em out if u lived in the country01:51
arentieI've installed openvpn via Synaptic.  How do I run it?01:51
tahorgarentie: you have to configure it first01:51
tahorgvi /etc/openvpn/blah.conf01:52
=== MachineScrew [~machineSc@ip68-225-114-187.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
tahorgthen /etc/init.d/openvpn restart01:52
tahorgarentie: there is no "point-and-click" configuration01:52
MachineScrewdamn I am board01:53
sara_poo__i just did a default install, and sound doesn't work.  Where do i start?01:53
=== TriBalde [vampyre@m59.net81-67-104.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
arentie so, what do I insert in place of the "blah"? :01:53
=== TriBalde is now known as wHisKy
tahorgarentie: it's no magic command01:54
tahorgarentie: what you want to do ?01:54
rekasara_poo__: define "doesn't work". do you get any sound at all? e.g. when you click on the firefox icon on the panel.01:54
=== Daehlie_ [~daehlie@bc116121.bendcable.com] has joined #ubuntu
tahorgarentie: you have to write a configuration file for what you want to do01:54
=== daniminas [~daniminas@ic69-195.intercanal.com.uy] has joined #ubuntu
tahorgthen put this conf on /etc/openvpn01:55
=== Shuddertrix [~andrew@user-0cdv20p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
tahorgthen reload the service01:55
sara_poo__reka, when I use mpg321 on a mp3 file it says "Can't find suitable libao driver.  (is device in use?)01:55
sara_poo__reka, i've tried as root also01:55
arentieI want to connect to ip address
Seveassara_poo__, do you hear system sounds..?01:55
caonextahorg, hmm, how do you acomplish that with grub?01:56
Seveassara_poo__, do you have multiple sound cards (like a built-in one and a real card)01:56
sara_poo__Seveas, nope, just a built in one.  On my previous distro I used the snd_via82xx module, with alsa01:56
caonextahorg, you just add that to the line, right after the root indication?01:56
=== Shuddertrix [~andrew@user-0cdv20p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
sara_poo__i have loaded this module01:56
sara_poo__without an error01:56
Seveassara_poo__, hmm, what does amixer say?01:57
sara_poo__Seveas, not a whole lot, everything appears to be fine01:58
=== trog [~trog@240x10.ssimicro.com] has joined #ubuntu
caonextahorg, ?01:58
sara_poo__Seveas, alsamixer notices my card as a VIA 8237 correctly01:58
Seveassara_poo__, aha, is it muted in any way..?01:58
sara_poo__Seveas, doesn't look like it.  'mute' in a terminal is not found... not a command01:59
sara_poo__(was in my last distro though)01:59
tahorgcaonex: yes01:59
Discipulussara_poo__, you could tell through alsamixer if it was muted...01:59
Seveassara_poo__, in alsamixer you can see it...01:59
tahorgcaonex: add in the kernel= line01:59
sara_poo__it's turned up01:59
=== trog [~trog@240x10.ssimicro.com] has joined #ubuntu
sara_poo__the volume01:59
tahorgcaonex: noacpi noapic01:59
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@157.besecure.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Seveassara_poo__, try: mpg321 -o esd01:59
sara_poo__and if it was muted, why would mpg123 give me an error?01:59
caonextahorg, what both stand for?02:00
Seveassara_poo__, ubuntu uses esd, so mpg321 needs to be told to use esd02:00
caonextahorg, why they are not working?02:00
sara_poo__Seveas, same results with -o esd02:00
=== uc50ic4more [~robert@d36-69-80.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Seveassara_poo__, ok: what does lsof | grep /dev/dsp say?02:00
ramblingturtle23sara_poo_: are the codecs installed they must be installed to play mp302:00
tahorgcaonex: some motherboard are buggy02:00
FazerSeveas: GIFY ?02:01
sara_poo__ramblingturtle23, lemme find a wav, what can i play a wav with?02:01
FazerSeveas: How do I set vga=773 ?02:01
tahorgcaonex: this is a workaround, not a real solution02:01
SeveasFazer, Google Is Your Friend02:01
ramblingturtle23sara_poo_: need codec for that to02:01
FazerSeveas: Okay, vga=773, does that go in menu.lst for Grub?02:01
Seveasand you set it in the #kopt line of /boot/grub/menu.lst02:01
tahorgcaonex: what chipset is on your MB ?02:01
sara_poo__here is my exact message:  http://pastebin.ca/1658402:01
sara_poo__error message02:01
FazerSeveas: ah i see.02:02
SeveasFazer, put it only in the #kopt line02:02
caonextahorg, VIA02:02
rekaFazer: yep, append it to the kernel line02:02
Seveasand run sudo update-grub afterwards02:02
tahorgcaonex: (I don't say "the problem is this one", I'm just trying to help you to find the problem)02:02
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Seveasreka, DO NOT do that manually :)02:02
Seveasalways use the #kopt line and the debian kernel automagicary :)02:02
Fazerreka: sweet02:03
rekaSeveas: sorry, he's changing the framebuffer isn't he?02:03
FazerSeveas: thanks you.02:03
Seveasreka, indeed02:03
caonextahorg, I suspect my power supply because not the VSB 5V but the other  +5 is turning out to 4.5 -4.602:03
rekaFazer: yeah, listen to Seveas instead of me. :)02:03
Seveasbut if you append it to the kernel line, you will lose it on kernel upgrades02:03
Fazerreka: :)02:03
FazerSeveas: that isn't a big deal..02:04
rekaSeveas: ah, ok. :)02:04
caonextahorg, so titleUbuntu, kernel 2.6.10-5-38602:04
caonexkernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.10-5-386 root=/dev/hda3 ro quiet splash02:04
caonexnoapci noapic02:04
FazerSeveas:  after appending to the kernel options line, I run grub-update?02:04
=== blackfaith [~abood@adsl2.col12.cyberia.jo] has joined #ubuntu
tahorgcaonex: that's ugly :(02:04
Seveascaonex, DO NOT paste in here02:04
js_Fazer: no02:04
SeveasFazer, yes02:04
caonexSeveas, i am sorry i did not think it was going to be that long.02:04
Seveasjs_, do not give bad advise...02:04
rekaSeveas: also, i thought you don't need to run anything to update the grub menu, unlike lilo.02:04
caonexSeveas, i meant to paste one line02:04
=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #ubuntu
tahorgcaonex: if you want to paste /j #flood and tell it02:05
Seveasreka, well, you do need to if you use the debian zutomagic kernel list features02:05
js_Fazer: what file did you edit?02:05
caonextahorg, or ubuntu.pastebin.com ;), so how should i modify it?02:05
Seveasreka, you can also edit all kerenl lines manually, but this is easier :)02:05
Fazerjs_: menu.lst02:05
rekaSeveas: righto then02:05
js_Fazer: have you got grub in your mbr?02:05
=== reka waits for the easier questions :)
Seveasjs_, the # kopt line02:05
=== KhaBal [~erkan@c220-237-142-131.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
js_Seveas: ok02:06
Fazerjs_: as far as i know, Ubuntu come swith Grub by default.  Which is what I use.02:06
SeveasFazer, correct02:06
js_nevermind then02:06
tahorgcaonex: you have to put the option at the end of the line02:06
FazerIts all good.02:06
tahorgcaonex: not on a new line02:06
SeveasFazer, to make this change effective, you need to reboot02:06
Seveasthere is no way of doing this without a reboot unfortunately02:06
caonextahorg, at the end of the line containing the kernel and the root partition, you mean?02:06
KhaBaleverytime i change my host name and reboot, the host name changes to the old hostname, how can i do it that every reboot the hostname stays the same thing i want02:06
tahorgcaonex: yes02:06
tahorgcaonex: this is a kernel option, as root= is02:07
FazerSeveas: ah, I see.  Will do when I am done watching Jon Steward :)02:07
SeveasKhaBal, how exactly do you change the hostname?02:07
=== jmjones [~jmjones@adsl-35-6-238.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
caonextahorg, perfect, i guess this is the problem for my dads computer as well, he has a msi motherboard and it restarts from time to time.02:07
KhaBalSeveas: sudo hostname <name>02:08
cafuegocrud, i think my pci ide controller is busted02:08
tahorgcaonex: sometimes it can be fixed with a bios upgrade02:08
caonextahorg, i am trying to get him to love linux, especially ubuntu, and he keeps telling me that it logs him out. Well he just upgraded it.02:08
SeveasKhaBal, that only lasts until reboot indeed, you need to edit /etc/hostname (and /etc/hosts if you want sudo to continue to work!!) for a more permanent change02:08
=== socomm [~socomm@adsl-69-111-123-241.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== uc50ic4more [~robert@d36-69-80.home1.cgocable.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== heatxsink1 [~NickG@mail.comglobal.com] has joined #ubuntu
hartmanrseveas: how to change root using sudo02:09
heatxsink1hello all02:09
KhaBalSeveas: continue to work?02:09
jasoncohendoes ubuntu's firefox have all the security patches in 1.0.3 and 1.0.4? when i checked the security notes i found most but not all of the security issues from mozilla's site listed02:09
socommhartmanr: sudo passwd02:09
SeveasKhaBal, sudo needs the correct hostname to be present in /etc/hosts02:09
Seveassocomm, do NOT just advise that02:09
Seveasit's a Bad Thing02:09
Seveashartmanr, what are you trying to accomplish..?02:10
=== theplateau [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasjasoncohen, yes it does have all of them02:10
jasoncohenhartmanr, you can do sudo -s with the same affect02:10
hartmanri installed ubuntu earlier and i want to change the default passwrd for root02:10
KhaBalSeveas: thanx02:10
Seveashartmanr there is no default password02:10
caonextahooie, can i change noapci with sysctl, without restarting?02:10
=== jo [~jo@cc667024-a.ensch1.ov.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenSeveas, why are only some of the MFSA's listed?02:11
Seveashartmanr, in fact ubuntu has no root password, and you really should keep it that way02:11
Seveashartmanr: You can read all about root/sudo issues on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo02:11
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@pcd317021.netvigator.com] has joined #ubuntu
hartmanrok then i want to change it from whatever it is to something else02:11
caonextahorg, can i change noapci with sysctl, without restarting?02:11
=== NeoGeo64 [~neo@adsl-068-209-123-016.sip.aby.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
socommhartmanr: Ubuntu is a rootless distro.02:11
KhaBalseveas: and my resolution changes to 800:640 from time to time, I want it to stay on 1000(forgot the number but its over 1000 resolution) everytime i reboot02:11
=== web [~web@66-227-154-9.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
hartmanrwell when you su02:11
caonexsocomm, I have root02:11
jodownloaded breezy but then wont instal no good the iso02:11
KhaBalsoemtimes its 1000, sometimes 80002:11
Seveasjasoncohen, no idea, you should ask on the ubuntu-devel mailing list02:11
hartmanrthe password it asks for02:11
caonexsocomm, I use root for everything.02:11
socommcaonex: By default there is no user named root.02:11
Seveashartmanr, you don't use su on ubuntu02:11
=== jtan325 [~jtan325@colfax.cs.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Seveashartmanr, you use sudo on ubuntu02:12
Seveassocomm, there is, the password is just disabled...02:12
sara_poo__socomm, i thought there was, it's just no pw02:12
=== marcin_ant [~marcin@www.e-dev.tele2.pl] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasjo, read the topic02:12
sara_poo__socomm, nobody knows the pw02:12
sara_poo__i'm going to guess mine02:12
Seveasdo NOT use breezy yet, it's too instable02:12
caonexSeveas, I use su in ubuntu, what do you mean by that?02:12
pgidzjo you could try burning your iso at slower speed see if that helps02:12
hartmanrlet me think02:12
jtan325if i need to install python using ./configure, make, and make install, and i need to install to a specific directory instead of /usr/local/bin, how do i do this?02:13
Seveascaonex, using su is not the Ubuntu way of doing things :)02:13
sara_poo__jtan325, i'd read the ./configure --help02:13
sara_poo__jtan325, see if its in there02:13
Seveaspgidz, burnomg slower will not repair a broken distro :)02:13
Seveasjtan325, please install python from the repositories...02:13
jopgidz i stik wit dis for wile than later i wil run breezy02:13
caonexSeveas, but isnt it more secure to have only one admin access?02:13
Seveascaonex, absolutely not02:14
Seveascaonex, read that wikipage for a discussion about it02:14
joSeveas i think also that not the problem02:14
=== siimo [~siimo@siimo.user] has joined #ubuntu
tahorgcaonex: I don't think so, but I sincerely don't know02:15
siimo hi anyone here work with a ext cvs server?02:15
jtan325Seveas, i normally would, but i have to install specifically 2.3.3 for our work servers02:15
=== Shuddertrix [~andrew@user-0cdv20p.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
jtan325that's all02:15
Discipulusjtan325, ./configure --prefix=<the-prefix-minus-bin>02:15
socommSo what's the root default password?02:15
joist was deteking progie on setup then brok down02:15
rekahas anyone else had their computer hang on logout? screen goes black, won't return and i have to force reboot02:15
jtan325thanks guys02:15
Seveasjtan325, aha...02:15
socommOr maybe `toor'.02:15
=== lei- [~none@adsl-68-95-36-232.dsl.lgvwtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Discipulussocomm, there is no default root password02:15
Discipulussocomm, it's disabled by default02:15
socommIt was joke.02:16
Seveassocomm: You can read all about root/sudo issues on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo02:16
hartmanrseveas: the command to change the root password is this :sudo passwd root02:16
Seveassocomm, there actually is *no* password for root...02:16
jtan325socomm, don't do it02:16
Seveashartmanr, correct, but try not to do it since the default on Ubuntu is sudo and for instance all menu entries use it02:16
socomm`sudo passwd', but people here are against that.02:17
socommEspecifying root is redundant.02:17
Seveassocomm, not really...02:17
rekajtan325: fyi, checkinstall is a nicer way if you really want to install stuff from source.02:17
Seveassudo does not se $USERNAME02:17
caonexSeveas, well to me using root, su is the same a sudo, is just that the users in the sudoers file basically belong to the root group.02:17
Seveascaonex, sudo can do much more fine-grained access control...02:17
unome...and timing is less 5 minutes I think02:18
caonextahorg, when apci tries to work, where does it document its moves?02:18
caonexSeveas, I just have that debian mind in me ;)02:18
jtan325ahh but i am doing this from the command line02:18
Seveascaonex, surgically remove that ;)02:19
=== QMario [~qmario@adsl-70-241-18-1.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #Ubuntu
tahorgcaonex: try to cd in /proc/acpi/02:19
jtan325so i am going to do ./configure --prefix=(the prefix)02:19
Seveasjtan325, checkinstall is also commandline ...02:19
jtan325and then make, and make install02:19
Seveasmake and checkinstall02:19
caonextahorg, but that is not static, there isnt one?02:19
=== kevogod [~kevogod@68-115-7-181.dhcp.stpt.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
caonexSeveas, so what do you mean by fine-grained02:19
jo Seveas wy is the colc time not responding?02:19
QMarioIs there a linux version of Quicken or Microsoft Money for Ubuntu?02:19
Seveascaonex, read man sudo or man sudoers02:19
=== sweeny [~scott@c-67-163-233-246.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
socommSeveas: If you wre not specify root as the initial user `sudo passwd' would have the same effect, if I'm not mistaken.02:20
socommIn that case I would think that root is redundant.02:20
joi put time on amsterdam  but ceapt them same ron time02:20
KhaBalSeveas: everytime i use the command sudo this error comes up sudo: unable to lookup Erkan via gethostbyname()02:20
T5QMario, i think there is starmoney02:20
=== jurgen [~jurgen@dsl-082-082-104-215.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
QMarioT5, is it free?02:20
Seveasjo, please try to speak proper english, you are completely not understandable...02:20
socommQMario: gnucash02:21
joi did setup time zone amsterdam02:21
=== tiglionabbit [~nick@c-67-171-159-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jobut its staning the same ron time02:21
caonexSeveas, he means: why is the clock time not responding?, whatever that means.02:21
Seveasjo, wtf do you mean with ron time..?02:21
caonexSeveas, wrong time02:22
=== _douglas [~douglas@dpc6745164251.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
joits off the time02:22
QMarioThank you T5 and socomm. :-D02:22
=== QMario [~qmario@adsl-70-241-18-1.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has left #Ubuntu []
caonexjo: I understand you02:22
=== moparfan90 [~moparfan9@ool-457a66fa.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
caonexSeveas, if you need me to translate, hehe02:22
Seveasjo, set your bios clock to GMT or tell ubuntu that the bios clock does not use GMT02:22
caonexSeveas, he is writing as he pronounces..02:22
caonexjo talk to me, and i will translate02:23
joi wont to have ijscream02:23
KhaBalSevas: what does it mean?02:23
moparfan90hello all02:23
joandt a date witch monica d02:23
SeveasKhaBal, that is what I meant with: if you want sudo to work, edit /etc/hosts02:24
KhaBali did02:24
KhaBalwhat do you change?02:24
KhaBal127.0.0.1 localhost.localdomain localhost localhost02:24
moparfan90anyone know where i can download doom 3 for free for linux?02:24
Seveaskhabal change the last localhost to erkan02:24
KhaBalthat would be illegal moparfan9002:25
Seveasjo, als je liever in het Nederlands chat, kom dan naar #ubuntu-nl02:25
rekajo: you want icecream and a date with monica d. ??02:25
Seveasdamn, too late :)02:25
socommmoparfan90: No such thing.02:25
jtan325holy crap Seveas you can speak nl?02:25
moparfan90antone have doom 302:26
socommDoom 3, perhaps you mean the demo?02:26
unomeor ther server02:26
Seveasjtan325, I am from NL :)02:26
moparfan90no. the game. i only want the multiplay part02:26
xabbu|There is a unofficial installer for doom3 for Linux, but you still need the original install cds.02:26
jtan325cool Seveas02:27
socommmoparfan90: Go buy the retail version, I believe it comes with the linux port on the disk.02:27
moparfan90o  ok. you know how much it is?02:27
socommmoparfan90: Nope, check on froogle. or something.02:28
unomedoom3 is like a year old already, isn't it?02:28
socommSee you.02:28
xabbu|Yeah almost.02:28
=== [koji] [~[koji] @host-67-128-166-59.entouch.net] has joined #ubuntu
socommTo the best of my knowledge, yes.02:28
=== siimo [~siimo@siimo.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== concept10 [~concept10@c-67-166-167-125.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== _unome [~unome@ool-43513903.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== digitalfox|circu is now known as digitalfox
=== j_ [~j@ip24-250-14-227.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
MachineScrewcan any one tell me how to set up an anymous proxy for my laptop02:31
j_whats the file for your default window manager?02:31
_unomeKonversation crashes on me one more time and I will switch to xchat or other client.02:31
rekaSeveas: excuse my ignorance, but what do you call yourselves?  netherlandians?02:31
reka_unome: kde apps tend to do that. :)02:31
Seveasreka, no, dutch02:31
j_yes, I don't like many kde apps02:31
j_reka: can you think of a good kde app?02:32
=== reka obviously prefers gnome
_unomereka: not if you roll'em yourself02:32
Seveas(it's both an adverb and a noun)02:32
MachineScrewguess thats a no02:32
=== Efwis gotta go gang, my oldest brat wants the computer, I'll be back in about 30-45 minutes
j_I actually like tOra, and i don't know of a gtk replacement02:32
_unomelet's not get kde-gnome war here, I get touchy when someone badmouth KDE :(02:32
rekaj_: no.  i 've had horrible experiences with them.02:32
jakobbgj_: tora is the best timesaver there is02:32
Seveas_unome, KDE sucks02:33
j_jakobbg: have you tried aqua data studio?  It's good for multi-db stuff02:33
=== Seveas ducks
jakobbga new release was out the other day02:33
slywekk said02:33
MachineScrewOK how can I get an KDE app to look right in GNOME with out installing KDE02:33
=== _unome leaves
j_jakobbg: of tora?02:33
=== Fr0Gs [~Fr0Gs@] has joined #ubuntu
MachineScrewand somthing better thant qtconfig02:33
jakobbgj_: yeah02:33
Seveas_unome, don't "_02:33
jakobbgj_: no, i haven't - isn't that applish?02:33
=== verden01 [~verden@] has joined #ubuntu
j_jakobbg: it's a java app, but one of the better java apps i've used.   It connects with no problems to db2, oracle, sql server, postgres, mysql02:34
=== Fazer [~fazer@CPE0050f276c615-CM0012c90fe42a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
j_jakobbg: nice schema browser, etc.02:34
=== ScislaC [~scislac@ip68-2-249-199.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
rekaMachineScrew: what programs are we talking about?  perhaps we could recommoned non-KDE alternatives. :)02:34
slyi could only get my desktop how i wanted it with gnome02:34
jakobbgj_: sounds great as long as it works for oracle - got an url!?02:34
FazerSeveas: That vga=773 didn't work.  I added it at the end of the #kopt line.02:34
j_jakobbg:there is a catch....02:34
MachineScrewSkype mainly02:35
j_jakobbg: it's not free for commercial use02:35
SeveasFazer, did you run update-grub?02:35
jakobbgno problem, we're loaded :-). as long as it's open source.02:35
j_jakobbg: but i've been on a trial for about 2 months.  they don't shut it out ever.02:35
rekasly: me too.  i can't use anything else now.02:35
FazerSeveas: oh shoots, that's the command, I was trying grub-update and was stumped of why it wasn't working.. =/02:35
Fazerlet me try that02:35
MachineScrewand HP tools02:35
jtan325Seveas, how does one look at the ubuntu source? i'm a cse student, just curious to see if there's anything i could contribute02:35
slyadmitingly i was kde at vey first02:35
SeveasFazer, lol :)02:35
KhaBalis synaptic working for u guys02:35
j_jakobbg: I don't have a url, but a quick google for aqua data studio should show ya02:35
KhaBalcoz its not working form e02:35
slythen xfce . now gnome02:35
KhaBalit saying synaptic is not available please check network connections02:36
Seveasjtan325, with apt-get source you download the source of a package02:36
j_anyone know where my default window manager setting is stored?  It was to /usr/bin/gdm initially... etc02:36
=== holycow [~a@S0106000fb51e6051.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
jakobbgj_: found it02:36
Seveasjtan325, all help is appreciated in the MOTU (team of volunteers that maintain the vast majority of packages)02:36
jtan325Seveas, right. is there a place with a list of "ubuntu could use this..."?02:36
rekaj_: iirc, ~/.gnome202:36
rekaj_: ah whoops02:37
j_reka: whree is the global one, where you set your login manager type thing02:37
rekaj_: sorry, misread that. :)02:37
j_ah, ok02:37
j_ah, found it02:37
Seveasjtan325, Bugzilla ;)02:37
j_ /etc/X11/default-display-manager02:37
jtan325haha of course02:37
Seveasand the various MOTU packages on wiki.ubuntu.com02:37
=== spiderworm [~tellim@ip68-3-31-10.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
j_be right back, gotta reboot stuff02:38
arentieHow do I remove/uninstall compiled sofware?02:38
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
j_but there is other ways too02:38
=== tamara-18rt [~oireoer@] has joined #ubuntu
=== othernoob [~othernoob@p54A2C854.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
j_apt-get remove or fdisk02:38
Seveasarentie, if you installed it from the repositoreis: apt-get remove02:38
jtan325Seveas, aw man you gotta be a New Member first for MOTU02:38
Seveasotherwise: hope for a make uninstall in the Makefile02:39
jtan325doesn't that require actually making contributions first02:39
=== McScruff [~mcscruff@cpc1-folk1-3-0-cust41.asfd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasjtan325, you can make a contribution without being a member02:39
=== Fazer [~fazer@CPE0050f276c615-CM0012c90fe42a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
FazerSeveas: wow, that works awesomly.02:39
FazerSeveas: thanks =)02:39
rekaarentie: that's why it pays to use checkinstall.  you can just uninstall the deb file it creates iirc02:39
Seveasjtan325, just talk to the MOTU about what you want to do02:39
jakobbg*making mental note to self*: removing .xsession-errors while gdm is running is not a good idea.02:39
Seveasjtan325, #ubuntu-motu is the place to be for that :)02:39
=== Sophistication [~KLF@sophistication.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== george_ [~george@adsl-68-91-122-148.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
MachineScrewso can any one help me make skype look less ugly under GNOME without installing KDE02:40
MachineScrewor qtconfig02:40
jtan325Seveas, there's no one there?02:41
rekaarentie: please keep it in the channel.  more people can help that way.02:41
reka<arentie>: how do I perform the uninstall of the ndiswrapper that I compiled at /usr/src?02:41
arentiehow do I perform the uninstall of the ndiswrapper that I compiled at /usr/src?02:41
=== sarmiento [~sarmiento@61-214-90.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasjtan325, you must have misspelled the name when /join ing02:41
othernoobis the wine version in the repos stable and works smoothly?02:41
=== trog [~trog@240x10.ssimicro.com] has joined #ubuntu
arentiebasically, I followed the directions at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SetupNdiswrapperHowto02:41
Seveasyou're not in the channel :)02:42
Seveasarentie, these are bad02:42
sweenyarentie: can you do 'make uninstall' in the source dir?02:42
jtan325Seveas, you are right. stupid me02:42
=== uc is now known as toran
Seveasyou should simply install linux-restricted-modules02:42
FazerSeveas: do you know how to watch movies properly in mplayer though? It seems that after I changed the vga settings, mplayer functions weirdly02:42
=== j_ [~sara_poo_@ip24-250-14-227.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
SeveasFazer, describe 'weirdly'...02:42
KhaBalafter you compile .tar file make makeinstall does, is the folder needed anymore?02:42
arentieno, I receive the error: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SetupNdiswrapperHowto02:42
KhaBalor do you just delete it?02:42
=== bimberi [~bimberi@DC-244-159.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #ubuntu
MachineScrewso that is a no to hun ?02:42
arentiei receive the error: root@marndthomepcubuntu:/usr/src # sudo make uninstall02:43
arentiemake: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.02:43
FazerSeveas: hmm, nevermind, it was an .mpeg file that I was playing.  Played an .avi file and it works fine. The problem is that the files that I play aren't fullscreen.02:43
MachineScrewoh well02:43
=== Davey [~davey@212-0.8-67.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
smackok what the heck.. visudo opens nano? shouldn't the command be nanosudo then?02:43
=== dolny [~dolny@102-195.echostar.pl] has joined #ubuntu
Seveassmack, visudo opens $EDITOR02:44
sarmientoI install the nvdia driver from the nvidia page, bun now I cant't run th graphic mode02:44
jtan325Seveas, is linux-source the only source i can browse?02:44
jtan325i've seen parts of that already through my OS class i took recently02:44
Seveasjtan325, no, you can download sources for a package with apt-get source $packagename02:45
sarmientosomebody can helpme?02:45
Seveasbeware!: it downloads to the current directory02:45
rekaKhaBal: you can just delete it.  but [1]  you can't uninstall without the makefile [2]  you should only compile from source when it isn't in the repo.  even then, use checkinstall for easy uninstallation.02:45
Seveasjtan325, it would be wise to apt-get install maint-guide (and read that) if you plan on doing packaging02:45
arentiewhat do i do to create the uninstall for ndiswrapper at /usr/src?02:45
niransarmiento, the best way to install the nvidia driver is to use the prepackaged one ubuntu provides02:46
Sophisticationsarmiento, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx02:46
jtan325Seveas, what i meant was the ubuntu source02:46
=== philnk1 [~aaaphilba@dpc6682050001.direcpc.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Seveas off, it's 2:46 am here
Sophisticationsarmiento, sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings02:46
jtan325is there source code for "linux with ubuntu"02:46
jtan325or is that what source-linux means, when it says "with ubuntu patches"02:46
FazerSeveas: night.02:46
slyhour ahead of us :)02:47
Fazer8:46 here.02:48
FazerPM that is.02:48
philnk1after installing ubuntu on the hard drive, there was no option for configuring a dialup modem.  what package didn't install for dialup services?02:48
Fazerheh, my bank account say $66602:48
sarmientobut now i can't run graphic mode with the first kernel02:48
=== rdenatale [~rick@166-82-49-174.quickclick.ctc.net] has joined #ubuntu
rekaphilnk1: you can set it up thru places->network servers iirc02:49
bimberiphilnk1: or possibly System -> Administration -> Networking02:50
=== dolny [~dolny@102-195.echostar.pl] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
=== Flannel [~flannel@ca-crlsca-cuda2-c4b-172.crlsca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
rekaphilnk1: yes, that's probably better. :D02:50
rekathanks bimberi02:50
=== david_ is now known as david`afk
=== reka has always used wvdial
sarmientoI think that the pach crash the configuration02:51
bimberireka: np :)02:51
philnk1i guess that i bypassed network setup during install because i thought ppp would be available anyway02:51
=== moparfan90_ [~moparfan9@ool-457a66fa.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
rekaphilnk1: i wouldn't worry.  my modem wasn't detected either.02:51
sarmientowhat can I do?02:51
sarmientoAre there some way to reinstall the basic configuration?02:52
=== philnk1 [~aaaphilba@dpc6682050001.direcpc.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== steven_ [~steven@ct-seymour-cmts2b-46.wtrbct.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
steven_my screen resoluction is 2 big how do i change that02:53
ubotufixres is probably http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:54
rekasteven_: there you go.02:54
=== bah [048830696@ACD1FE15.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
MachineScrewany body have any info on how to make skype look less ugly02:58
=== ateves [~ateves@p549076A4.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
atevescan maximized windows cover a panel as in KDE?02:58
steven_how do i change the root password it never asked to give me one02:58
=== nandidi [~nandidi@] has joined #ubuntu
atevessudo passwd root02:59
=== nandidi is now known as sobralense
atevesenter YOUR password02:59
=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #ubuntu
steven_that doesnt work02:59
atevesyour desired root PW and again02:59
rekasteven_: there isn't one02:59
ubotuextra, extra, read all about it, rootsudo is at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RootSudo02:59
ateveswhy can't maximized windows cover my panel?03:00
atevesthat hurts me :D03:00
tiglionabbitStoneTable: you don't need a root password.  You can use sudo03:01
ateveshe left ;)03:01
tiglionabbitheh I thought that was an s in your name and hit tab03:01
smackdoes this nano editor that comes up when you run visudo check for parse errors?03:01
tiglionabbitoh steven.  dah similar names, I'm sorry03:01
smackI guess I'll just try typing nonsense and see what it does. :)03:02
tiglionabbitsmack: according to the manual, yes it does03:02
smackwe shall see! ;D03:02
=== tenshiKur0 [~tenshiKur@S0106000d93cb5211.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== geekboy [~geekboy@pcp04910374pcs.benslm01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
KhaBalhow do i move all the files in this folder, its just going to take too long to copy one byo ne03:03
smackoh nano writes sudoers.tmp and runs that through some kind of parse checking thing after.03:03
KhaBalhow do i just move all the files?03:03
socommKhaBal: `man mv'03:04
=== Doomgaze` [~Doomgaze@] has joined #ubuntu
=== McScruff [~mcscruff@cpc1-folk1-3-0-cust41.asfd.cable.ntl.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
KhaBalman page has nothing about moving everything at once03:04
socomm`mv * target_directory'03:04
tiglionabbitKhaBal: how much stuff do you want to move?03:05
KhaBal50 files in a director03:05
KhaBaljoin #mplayer03:05
tiglionabbit* should represent all filenames in your current directory03:05
=== wweasel [~weasel@modemcable178.135-81-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
socommYou could always go in with nautilus and do a CTL+A and CTL+X and go to a dir and paste them.03:06
tiglionabbitto move multiple files, list them and then put a directory name as the last parameter03:06
=== remyforbes777 [~remyforbe@cpe-24-209-235-191.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@pcd317021.netvigator.com] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
=== leo [~leo@S010600904babe4e8.gv.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
BockBilbois there any way to make gtk programs l03:06
TokenBadin ubuntu if I want to see how many files are in a dir and all its sub dirs how would I do that?03:06
BockBilbo*look bether in kde?03:06
socommBockBilbo: Yes.03:06
wweaselhey. question: apparently ubuntu has a bug with firefox that i can fix by using apt-get. what do i apt-get for the fix?03:06
=== sirdanny [~sirdanny@] has joined #ubuntu
BockBilbosorry for the typo03:07
=== gobeavs [~ross@207-118-74-107.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== rodrigo [~rodrigo@] has joined #ubuntu
socommBockBilbo: Yes.03:07
=== rodrigo [~rodrigo@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
sirdannyhola alguien habla espaol??03:07
rekahehe. round the twist is on tv.03:07
BockBilbosocomm, how com?03:07
CarlFKis /etc/network/interfaces where I would set a static IP?03:07
BockBilbosirdanny vete  a #ubuntu-es03:07
socommI forget the hack but you can go search on kdelook.org03:07
BockBilbothanks socomm03:07
rekasirdanny: #ubuntu-es03:07
socommSearch in the gtk section I  believe, there should be something there.03:07
wweaselanyone? what do i apt-get to get the fix for the firefox bug?03:07
rekawweasel: what bug do you speak of?03:08
othernoobis the wine version in the repos stable and works smoothly?03:08
ramblingturtle23wweasel: just update your system03:08
socommothernoob: Works good enough.03:08
=== caonex [~chatzilla@ip70-177-55-187.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
othernoobsocomm, define good enough ;)03:08
=== omniscient [~omni@d211-31-222-144.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
socommAs good as wine has ever worked.03:09
ateveshow can i get rid of the CDROM icons of the mounted devices on the desktop?03:09
jtan325the workaround is to do about:config03:09
wweasel"Ubuntu distributed a new version of Firefox which contains the security fixes from Firefox 1.0.4, however, they did not update the version number"03:09
jtan325and then03:09
jtan325filter "vendor"03:09
socommateves: gconf-editor, search volumes icon.03:09
=== infie [~tinyirc@203-206-144-158.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
othernoobsocomm, from my experience, that's not very..uh..good03:09
wweaselramblingturtle23, i tried that, my system is up to date03:09
jtan325and the one that says 1.0, change to 1.0.403:09
othernoobhad major probs with it on fedora core 303:09
caonexSeveas, what is the tool to like fsck to check reiserfs?03:09
=== toti [saaloo19@] has joined #ubuntu
ramblingturtle23the is a specific update for the firefox plugin bug03:09
othernoobeven some ppl in #wine couldnt help me there ..03:10
TokenBadis there a way to tell?03:10
sirdannyhola alguien habla espaol??03:10
KhaBalis synaptic working for you guys?03:10
=== infie [~tinyirc@203-206-144-158.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
KhaBalits not showing anything ATM03:10
caonexsirdanny, S ve al canal #ubuntu-es03:10
socommsirdanny: El canal espanol es #ubuntu-es.03:10
caonexsirdanny: Sabes como entrate a otros canales?03:11
jtan325just do "/j #ubuntu-es"03:11
wweaselramblingturtle23, apparently i can apt-get the proper version. what is the module to apt-get?03:11
atevessocomm: thanks!03:11
TokenBadin ubuntu if I want to see how many files are in a dir and all its sub dirs how would I do that?03:11
socommateves: No problem.03:11
jtan325search for mozilla-firefox03:11
=== someluser [~someluser@70-32-157-34.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
ramblingturtle23wweasel: this i think will fix it mozilla-firefox-gnome-support03:11
=== toti [saaloo19@] has left #ubuntu []
someluserazureus can't access port 688103:11
someluseranyone know why?03:11
socommPerhaps it's being blocked by your firewall/router.03:12
ramblingturtle23wweasel: to answer your question 1.0.403:12
someluseri don't have one03:12
budluvayou have to forward that port if your behind firewall/router03:12
j_is there anything that writes microsoft visio files for linux?03:12
CarlFKI have 2 nics: 3c509 and eepro - how do I make the 3c509 eth0 and eepro eth1?03:12
socommSome ISP's may block that port as well.03:12
=== [1] punkass [~punkass@h70-66-240-253.sbm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
someluserit didn't before03:12
socommsomeluser: Just use another port.03:13
somelusersocomm; doesn't azureus need that port for tracker info?03:13
CarlFKsomeluser - I would switch to another port - 50630 is a good one03:13
somelusersocomm; ok, thanks03:13
socommNope you can configure it to use another port other than the you just said.03:13
CarlFKsomeluser - the .torrent defines what port the tracker is on03:13
=== erommer [~rommer@203-219-130-10-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
CarlFK(aka, no.)03:14
wweaselhmm...it says mozilla firefox is already the newest version03:14
ramblingturtle23wweasel: are you trying to install extensions in firefox03:14
erommerif i have a script in /etc/cron.monthly that needs the root password to work, how can i make it work ?03:14
socommwweasel: I believe there's an entry for this in the wiki.03:14
TokenBadso no one know?03:15
tiglionabbitif you want to install addons to firefox, you need to change the version number03:15
socommwweasel: Try running a search on your favourite search engine.03:15
tiglionabbittype about:config into the address bar03:15
someluserCarlFK; you said to set the incoming tcp listen port to 50630 right?03:15
=== Jo3bCoOl [~kmsharpe@adsl-12-116-60.gsp.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
CarlFKsomeluser - yeah - that is todays date... ust as good as any other port03:16
someluserCarlFK; ok03:16
tiglionabbitand change the entry general.useragent.VendorSub to 1.0.403:16
=== EvilDork [~grey@64-18-99-236.adsl.catt.com] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbityou can use the filter field to search for it03:16
=== lampshade [~lampshade@tconl92168.tconl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Jo3bCoOlhi... I installed ubuntu from a download file burned to a disk03:16
wweaselsocomm, found it. and the fix. thanks :)03:16
Jo3bCoOlit didn't let me set a root password03:16
=== tiglionabbit just explained it
Jo3bCoOlhow do I do that?03:16
tiglionabbitJo3bCoOl: you don't need a root password, use sudo03:16
bimberiCarlFK: Have a look at /etc/iftab and "man iftab"03:17
uboturumour has it, sudo is http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RootSudo03:17
wweaselramblingturtle23, no, i was trying to fix the ubuntu firefox bug (https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10681)03:17
lampshadeJo3bCoOl:  don't worry about it, just use sudo03:17
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@localghost.us] has joined #ubuntu
someluserJo3bCoOl; sudo passwd root03:17
tiglionabbitthat will set a root password, but you don't need one03:17
someluserroot is yout user password03:17
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@localghost.us] has joined #ubuntu
CarlFKbimberi thanks03:18
=== TovAre [~TovAre@126.80-203-19.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@localghost.us] has joined #ubuntu
=== socomm [~socomm@adsl-69-111-123-241.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu [":wq"]
Jo3bCoOlthat didn't work03:19
TovAreIm disconnected from the internet and need to install the kernel sources to build some network drivers. Is it on the install cd-rom?03:19
Jo3bCoOlI tried to open a root terminal03:19
wweaselJo3bCoOl, have you tried doing: sudo <commands>03:20
=== zenwhen [~zenwhen@localghost.us] has joined #ubuntu
someluserset the root password in a normal terminal first03:20
=== promet [~promet@adsl-66-126-169-128.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Quest-MasterBluecurve is sexy03:20
wweaseland then it should ask you for your password, insert your user password03:20
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wweaseljo3bCo0l, on ubuntu the default root password is your user password03:21
rekaTovAre: you need to install the linux-source package that matches your kernel03:21
someluserCarlFK; i get a "cannot map incoming peer data" error from the port you gave me03:21
TovArereka, do you know where I might find one for the latest ubuntu?03:21
TovAre2.6.10-5-386 #103:22
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rekahmm, how does one go about making a /home partition?  i assume this step would be done during install?03:22
tiglionabbitdoh, ran out of batteries03:22
rekaTovAre: apt-cache search linux-source03:22
tiglionabbitreka: it makes a home directory for all users automatically03:22
wweaselreka, yes, that is done during the install03:23
rekaTovAre: looks like you need the 2.6.10 one03:23
Jo3bCoOlis K available for ubuntu03:23
tiglionabbitreka: it should be in /home/$user03:23
Jo3bCoOlI like that better than gnome03:23
tiglionabbitJo3bCoOl: yes.  install kubuntu-desktop03:23
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TovAreapt-cache didnt give any results03:23
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rekatiglionabbit: i was told it's better to keep a seperate partition for your home directory so when you reinstall, you can just that.03:23
someluserCarlFK; i'm getting nat errors from the port you gave me03:23
wweaselenable universe03:23
reka*just use that03:23
rekatiglionabbit: to restore settings etc03:23
bryannoob here and im havin some major problems... anyone to help?03:24
tiglionabbitreka: oh, home partition, sorry I misread.  You can do that during the install, yes, or get gparted or qtparted and change your partitions with those03:24
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rekatiglionabbit: hmm, i just had a bad experience with gparted. :)03:24
tiglionabbitreka: it is indeed something you usually do during install03:24
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wweaselbryan, just ask03:25
tiglionabbitwell, try qtparted?03:25
rekatiglionabbit: so wouldi just make a partition in the installer?  how do i direct it so it uses it as /home/<user> then?03:25
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somelusercan anyone else help me fix azureus?03:25
tiglionabbitreka: it will know.  Just make it a partition with the mountpoint "/home"03:25
bryanthanks, sorry... grub screwed up my mbr on xp and i already did a new install there... i can't get it to work03:25
rekatiglionabbit: thanks.  i'll keep it in mind for my next install.03:26
tiglionabbitbryan: grub is supposed to write over the mrb.  It will add options to boot both ubuntu and windows on its little menu.03:26
rekatiglionabbit: but otherwise, could i just backup the entire /home/<user> directory if need be?03:26
CarlFKsomeluser - what is the IP of the box you are running az on?03:26
wweaselbryan, i am not sure. do you mean, you don't get a grub menu on boot?03:26
bryani read about that, but it didn't... it won't load anything; it just keeps hanging03:26
someluserCarlFK; one sec03:27
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wweaselhmm...so you can't boot into anything?03:27
Jo3bCoOlso kubuntu is a totally different OS than ubuntu?03:27
tiglionabbitbryan: what do you see when you start up?  Does it have an error number?03:27
tiglionabbitbryan: perhaps you need to direct your bios to boot from hard drive, rather than CD or something03:27
CarlFKJo3bCoOl - it is the same, only different ;)03:27
tiglionabbitJo3bCoOl: it's sort of separate, but they're trying to bring them together03:27
bryannope, just hangs... im running xp on hda and trying to run ubuntu on hdb...03:27
rekaJo3bCoOl: just different window desktop environments afaik03:28
CarlFKsomeluser - thats a public IP, so you shouln't be having any problmes03:28
tiglionabbitJo3bCoOl: doesn't stop you from installing the packages from both of them simultaneously.  ubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop do not fight03:28
someluserCarlFK; i know03:28
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CarlFKsomeluser - do you have a 2nd nic, like maybe a wifi card that az is trying to use?03:28
Jo3bCoOlwhy can't normal linux people be this helpful03:28
Jo3bCoOlall I get from the linux channels is RTFM03:28
TovArereka you know of any browsable ubuntu package download sites where I might find the kernel source?03:28
tiglionabbitJo3bCoOl: that's because linux users are arrogant bastards03:28
bluechildwaz up all03:29
rekaTovAre: packages.ubuntu.com03:29
new2ubuntuWhat would be the reason to troubleshoot ubuntu with gnome, rather than just trying kubuntu?03:29
Jo3bCoOlarrogant is being nice too03:29
bluechildjust switched to linux03:29
rekaTovAre: why not jsut use apt-get/synaptic though?03:29
bluechildubuntu kicks ass03:29
bluechildgood stuff...03:29
wweaseltiglionabbit: if you have kde and gnome at the same time, how do you choose between them?03:29
bluechildmy friend lestat gave me the image03:29
Jo3bCoOlit likes my ATA drive03:29
rekanew2ubuntu: ?03:29
someluserCarlFK; i removed my other nic and reinstalled ubuntu03:29
Jo3bCoOlother linux flavors don't03:29
bluechildill never go back to xp03:29
tiglionabbitwweasel: when you're logging in, click on "Sessions"03:29
TovArereka, I dont have internet on that computer yet. I need to compile the driver first.03:30
wweaselah, gives you the choice there?03:30
CarlFKsomeluser - did you install any sort of firewall thingy?03:30
rekaTovAre: ah. i guess you know how to install deb packages offline then?03:30
someluserCarlFK;  guarddog, but it's not running or configured03:30
new2ubuntui've done 3 installs with 3 different cd's and I get error after error while trying to start X03:30
Jo3bCoOlcan you burn cd's in linux?03:30
tiglionabbitwweasel: yup, it will list all of the window managers you have installed, so you can get some more, like xfce4 as well03:30
wweaseltiglionabbit, i always figured i could have one or the other, so i just stuck with gnome. cool, thanks :)03:30
CarlFKsomeluser - even money says that is what is screwing you up.03:31
erommerJo3bCoOl: ya03:31
TovArereka, Ill figure it out :)03:31
tiglionabbitwweasel: not only can you have more than one, you can run more than one at a time!  Applications -> System tools -> New Login03:31
rekanew2ubuntu: what sort of errors/problems?03:31
someluserCarlFK; azureus wasn't working before i installed it03:31
TovArei know dpkg --install so far :)03:31
new2ubuntuI get a 'not configured properly" message03:31
CarlFKsomeluser - what problem were you trying to solve by installing garddog?03:31
someluserCarlFK; none03:31
tiglionabbitwweasel: it will start the next one on another virtual terminal, control-alt-F803:31
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bryanis there anywhere i can get a detailed, step-by-step installation guide for ubuntu?03:32
CarlFKI hate to ask... what else did you install for no reason?03:32
tiglionabbitthere should be03:32
bluechildbryan your asking alot03:32
bluechildread a book man03:32
someluserCarlFK; i don't know03:32
bryantoo poor03:32
new2ubuntuand I get this message during my first boot of the system after installing03:32
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rekanew2ubuntu: can you get to a terminal?03:33
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ubotu[fixres]  http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/FixVideoResolutionHowto03:33
bryanthanks tiglionabbit03:33
rekanew2ubuntu: go to the link ubotu spat out.  there's a command to reconfigure xorg.03:34
tiglionabbitnew2ubuntu: what does it say isn't configured properly?03:34
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new2ubuntuthanks. Will this allow me to configure the rest of the system? (root password and whatnot)03:35
someluserCarlFK; i uninstalled guarddog, restarted azureus and it still gives me a nat error03:35
tiglionabbitnew2ubuntu: you don't need a root password.  Use sudo03:35
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Fazerblargh, bored.03:36
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tiglionabbitFazer: play chromium03:36
new2ubuntuOk, thanks. i'm off to do it03:36
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Fazertiglionabbit: what be that?03:37
tiglionabbitFazer: a game for linux, space shooter03:37
tkieselHi all.  I had (yet another) question. My wife and I are about to reformat her old Windows Xp partition. (woo hoo!)  I am uncertain as to the location of GRUB though, and don't want to leave her computer unbootable.03:37
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rekatiglionabbit: that's impossible to beat. :)03:37
rekachromium that is03:37
leitaohello, i am having a crucial doubt about top and swap. In my swap header i see that 0 kb of swap is in use, and when i see the swap per process, i saw my Xorg using 83m, what is that?03:37
Fazertiglionabbit: ah, hehe, nice.03:37
tiglionabbittkiesel: if your bios was made within the last 10 years, grub should properly write over the MBR and display a menu on boot for what OS to run.  You can rezise NTFS partitions, btw, so you could install both OSs at the same time03:38
tiglionabbitreka: you haven't played nethack, have you?03:38
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tkieseltiglionabbit: Nice. Well, we're actually just getting rid of her Win Xp partition for the space. She's decided to go Ubuntu 100%.03:38
rekatkiesel: it's usually on the windows partition iirc.  so yes, you'll wipe it out.  you'll need to reinstall it.03:39
tiglionabbittkiesel: have you used linux much before?03:39
wweasellol, i did the ctrl shift f8 thing and got lost :P03:39
tkieseltiglionabbit: For the last several months, yes.03:39
rekatiglionabbit: no, i haven't03:39
tkieselreka: *nods*  What's the best way to accomplish it if that happens?  Live CD or the install disk perhaps?03:39
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tiglionabbitwweasel: oh sorry.  control-shift-F# switches between your virtual terminals.  The first 6 are text-based, the 7th and up are graphical03:40
tiglionabbitoh I mean control-alt03:40
tiglionabbitvery sorry03:40
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Dr_MelectausIm starting to love ubuntu :D, and its all thanks to thoreauputic. He is a top bloke03:40
wweaseltiglionabbit: no problem :) i just got linux and i am having fun learning about it03:41
tiglionabbitreka: try it.  `telnet nethack.alt.org`.  It's really hard03:41
rekatkiesel: boot from install cd, type rescue <ENTER>.03:41
tkieselreka: Awesome.  That's it?03:41
rekatkiesel: then when you get to the terminal, type grub-install /dev/hda iirc03:41
Dr_MelectausI want thoreauputic's Babies !_!03:41
tiglionabbitwait a sec, what are you telling tkiesel how to do?03:42
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: OK OK -n that's enough !! Please *grin*03:42
tkieseltiglionabbit: How to install GRUB if erasing the old win partition destroys it.03:42
rekatkiesel: i won't gaurantee that will work though.  i recently stuffed up my partitions and got an error 17 from grub03:42
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tiglionabbittkiesel: what's your current partitioning setup?03:43
rekai just reinstalled everything03:43
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tkieselErrr. Lovely.  Maybe I'll back up /boot in case. lol.03:43
ubotuIIIEars: Wish i knew03:43
ubotuubuntu is, like, http://www.ubuntolinux.org or FAQ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/03:43
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CarlFKsomeluser - I don't think is your ubuntu box03:43
tiglionabbitfix that entry03:43
tiglionabbit"ubunto" ?03:43
rekatkiesel: well, i got it from here: http://ubuntuguide.org/#restoregrubmenuafterwindowsinstallation03:44
tkieseltiglionabbit: First partition on the disk is primary, contains the old Win XP install.  The rest of the disk is an extended partition that includes the various partitions Ubuntu is using.  swap, /, /home/, and a FAT32 shared part.03:44
=== reka really shouldn't be recommending ubguide though
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thoreauputicOK, the so-called Real World beckons - see you all later ....03:45
tiglionabbittkiesel: okay.  So you're going to delete the windows partition, and then what?03:45
Dr_Melectausbye thor03:45
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tkieseltiglionabbit: Format it.  reiserfs or maybe ext3.  Space for the wife's files.  The /home partition is getting cramped. ;)03:47
IIIEars450 ppl here - Ubuntu must be good only 700 ppl in #debian - :)03:47
tiglionabbituse ext303:47
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tiglionabbityou can do this all with gparted, right?03:48
tkieselWas planning on it, yes.03:48
tiglionabbitI don't see how it would affect your booting03:48
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tkieselHrrrm.  Any way to tell which physical device /boot is on? I don't see it referenced in /etc/fstab] 03:49
tiglionabbitseth220993: with what?03:49
tkiesel/etc/fstab that is..03:49
seth220993I'm trying to install something, and I need the install directory for mozilla firefox03:49
seth220993I'm trying to install flash03:49
tiglionabbittkiesel: when you type `mount` does it list it?03:49
rekatkiesel: sudo fdisk -l03:50
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tkieselUn momento. Gotta ssh onto the wife's machine to check that.03:50
seth220993 I'm trying to install something, and I need the install directory for mozilla firefox to install macromedia flash03:51
rekaseth220993: why not just install it from the repo?03:51
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seth220993I'm a definate newb03:51
tkieselfdisk -l returns an asterisk under the "Boot" heading for the Windows NTFS partition.  That answers that question I guess? lol.03:51
rekaseth220993: have you enabled multivers/universe?03:51
seth220993not a clue, but I want to install it in root, to be accessib le by all users03:51
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tiglionabbitseth220993: which mozilla-firefox03:52
seth220993newest version03:52
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seth220993newly installed everything, nothing's been altered03:52
tiglionabbitseth220993: who's on first.  lol.  which is a command03:52
rekaseth220993: hehe, no, type that in a terminal03:52
tkiesel*waves to everyone who's comign in*03:52
tiglionabbitseth220993: actually, you'd be better off trying `dpkg -L mozilla-firefox`03:53
benjiI like ubuntu very much :)03:53
LinuxNewbiecan ubuntu like specify the users who will be shared with the internet connection?03:53
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tkieselGlad to hear it, benji. :)03:53
wshawseeking nalioth of houston03:53
LinuxNewbieis that possible?03:53
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tiglionabbitseth220993: actually, the best way to install flash is to go to a flashed site and click on the puzzle piece that shows up03:54
LinuxNewbieto specify specific users that will recieve internet connections03:54
tiglionabbitfirefox has a built-in flash installer03:54
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - huh?03:54
tkieselLinuxNewbie:  I think so, but I need more info about your setup.03:54
Sophisticationtiglionabbit, that will require extra fonts or it will fail03:54
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LinuxNewbiecan ubuntu do that03:54
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tiglionabbitSophistication: no it wont, it worked for me and everyone I know03:54
seth220993I did03:54
ironmcI'm still having a printer problem I have an HP psc2110 and when I check the driver installation I get this  message The PPD/usr/share/cups/model/PSC-2110.ppd is already installed - still no printing03:54
geargolemQuestion about Nvidia setup.03:54
LinuxNewbielike i have users, i want only the 3 users will recieve internet connections03:55
Sophisticationtiglionabbit, not if he has updated..03:55
LinuxNewbiebut they are all connected to the network03:55
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - are you thinking of an internet caffee, where people have to pay to get access?03:55
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seth220993I don't know what to do here03:55
tkieselironmc I've got an HP psc1315.  Have it printing and scanning both in Ubuntu.  Let me find the wiki entry for you. :)03:55
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seth220993I dont' know what to do here03:55
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LinuxNewbiei have a server that share internet connection03:55
tiglionabbitseth220993: updated what?03:55
=== twb_ [~twb@dt182na8.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ironmcthiessel  thanks03:56
=== tiglionabbit grabs pizza
LinuxNewbiebut the thing is if i shared it all of them will have internet connections03:56
alnris there a way besides df to see what disk drives ubuntu knows about. I just installed it as a vmware guest,and df doesnt show a raw disk that I defined in the ubuntu vm03:56
LinuxNewbiei want just specific users to have the internet03:56
twb_is there a way to clone my windows for free?03:56
LinuxNewbieand the others dont have it03:56
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - how is that different than the internet caffee?  (other than they don't pay you)03:56
seth220993so is there no set install directory? that is ALL I need, and I don't know how to find it03:56
tkieselHere you go, ironmc. This shoudl get you set up. :)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HpPscHpPhotosmartSeriesAllInOnePrinters?highlight=%28print%2903:56
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LinuxNewbiei run a laboratory in i school03:57
ironmcthiessel thanks again  -  been working on this for a week03:57
tiglionabbitalnr: mount03:57
twb_i have a question someone03:57
tiglionabbithi again, twb_03:57
=== tinman [~tinman@ool-44c1026d.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
twb_whats up man03:57
tkieselNo prob ironmc. I was banging my head against the wall about the scanner function. This set it up just right. :)03:57
LinuxNewbieso i just want to specify who will recieve the internet connections but still the others are connected in the lan03:58
twb_is there a way i can clone windows of this hd and onto another?03:58
tiglionabbitseth220993: the directory which your file is installed in can be fonud with dpkg -L mozilla-firefox03:58
tiglionabbitI mean your program components03:58
LinuxNewbiethere is03:58
LinuxNewbieuser acronis03:58
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - basicaly, you want the same thing.03:58
seth220993it says I need to specify03:58
tiglionabbittwb_: clone windows??03:58
alnrit didnt mount anything (there are 4 linux partitions including a LVM (2?))03:58
LinuxNewbieso there is a way?03:59
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - yes.  many03:59
twb_yes, i need the windows i have on this hd onto another, but still keep it on this one too...03:59
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - easiest thing that comes to mind is Squid03:59
=== BROKEN_LADDER [~pral@h-69-3-236-189.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #UBUNTU
tiglionabbittwb_: I don't understand that question03:59
LinuxNewbieso squid can do that?03:59
seth220993'need an action option03:59
LinuxNewbiespecify the users03:59
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - hmm, that will just proxy web trafic... do you need full access, or just web browsing?03:59
=== optiout [~alex@dsl231-055-253.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbiefull access04:00
CarlFKthen forget squid.. (i think)04:00
=== nomasteryoda|w [~nomastery@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbieive tried proxy settings04:00
optioutJust curious -- What makes ubuntu any better than debian?04:00
seth220993the attitude04:00
tiglionabbitoptiout: easeir to use04:00
nomasteryoda|weasy as hell to install04:00
nomasteryoda|wand easy to maintain04:00
seth220993the philosophy, and the ease of use and user-friendliness04:01
tiglionabbitoh, and newer packages04:01
CarlFKthe people make it better04:01
tkieseltiglionabbit and reka:  Here's my plan. Format the partition and reinstall GRUB from the rescue terminal of the install CD, then copy over the existing grub menu to the new boot partition.  Good idea? Bad?04:01
=== CarlFK claps for the hard working peope
tiglionabbittkiesel: any reason you need a boot partition now, but didn't before?04:01
LinuxNewbiegot another question, what is the best linux for users restrictions04:01
optioutso the anaconda-like installer, and the newer apt releases is the reason that you are better than debian?04:01
b_e_n_zthere's no anaconda like installer04:02
nomasteryoda|wcomparison: suse kernel - current  and ... ubuntu kernel 2.6.12-3-386 i'm using04:02
LinuxNewbielike you can restric the use of yahoo, or chat software04:02
tkieseltiglionabbit: There's a boot partition. It's just housed in the Windows partition we're going to destroy.04:02
nomasteryoda|wvery nice04:02
optiouto -- I assumed there was, since they said it was easier than debian04:02
seth220993anyway, the dpkg L mozilla-firefox command, it says I need an action option04:02
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - I think you need to browse sf.net ...  I was looking for something like this about 6 months ago, there are about 50 relevent projects04:02
tiglionabbitoptiout: ubuntu has regular releases and upgrades, so it wont get 3 years behind like debian does.  We are nice people, and try and make things easy to use04:02
Dr_MelectausI got online with ubuntu and i use AOHell :D04:02
tkieseltiglionabbit: So the short answer to your question is that there was a boot partition before. lol04:02
LinuxNewbiewhat is the best linux version for user restrictions04:03
tiglionabbittkiesel: oh04:03
=== nalioth_wrkn is now known as nalioth
nomasteryoda|wDr_Melectaus, where did you find the package???04:03
tiglionabbittkiesel: then why do you need to change anything?  lol sorry I'm not being very helpful..04:03
optioutmeh -- I hate debian -- I think the whole newer releases is a huge step forward, but it still seems iffy  :\04:03
nomasteryoda|wDr_Melectaus, for aohell?04:03
rekaoptiout: what distro are you using?04:03
_unomeDr_Melectaus: steve case must proud of you :D04:03
optioutgentoo and slack04:03
nomasteryoda|wheck, i'm proud04:03
tkieseltiglionabbit: Because the existing boot partition is about to be eradicated when we format that part of the drive, and my wife needs a bootable computer.  lmao.04:03
Dr_Melectausnomasteryoda, im not useing a package, I bridged the connection from a windows machine that dials into aol without useing there bloatware04:03
nomasteryoda|wah, ok04:04
Dr_Melectaus_unome,  steve case? who is he04:04
_unomeDr_Melectaus: ask someone on AOL.04:04
LinuxNewbiethe owner of AOL04:04
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Dr_Melectaushe is a propper bellend then04:04
nomasteryoda|wwell, I introduced an Idea to the fools, er nice people over at Linspire ... that they and netzero need to release their little deb package so people can get cheap nationwide access04:04
Dr_Melectausi would quite happily fart in his general direction04:04
optioutthanks guys04:04
=== D[a] vey [~davey@212-0.8-67.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbiehey dr...04:05
nomasteryoda|wi'm still waiting on an update from them04:05
LinuxNewbiecan i ask some question04:05
Dr_Melectausyes LinuxNewbie ?04:05
nomasteryoda|wand there is the aol dialer package for linux04:05
LinuxNewbiewhat is the best linux version that you tried04:05
Dr_Melectausuhm. i just started useing ubuntu 2 days ago so i may not be able to answer as well as the others04:05
LinuxNewbiewhen it comes to user restrictions04:05
smackLinuxNewbie: I bet everyone has a different answer to thtat.04:05
seth220993I say ubuntu04:05
=== jasoncohen [~jason@pcp0011382713pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
seth220993tried suse and mandrake04:05
smackLinuxNewbie: also, by linux do you mean the kernel or do you mean distrobution?04:06
Dr_MelectausLinuxNewbie, if your talking about user freindlyness, and ease of use. Ubuntu ;)04:06
seth220993love love love ubuntu, minimalist and beautiful04:06
othernoobLinuxNewbie: LFS04:06
tiglionabbitLinuxNewbie: what sort of restrictions do you want to ..   lol, I don't grade a distro by what it restricts me from doing04:06
Dr_Melectausrestrictions? pfft. God knows04:06
LinuxNewbiewell i just like the basic restrictions04:06
Dr_Melectausif you want to feel restriced use dows </crap joke>04:06
tiglionabbitLinuxNewbie: Oh I know, NO distro!  Then you can't do anything!04:06
smackI grade a distro by what the default wallpaper is when you first login.. luckily ubuntu ditched the hugging people.04:07
jasoncoheni have KDE 3.4.1 installed from kubuntu sources. when i try to install kdemultimedia-dev i get errors saying that the 3.4.0 version of akode, kdelibs4-dev, artsbuilder, kdemultimedia-kio-plugins, kmix, kscd, and libkcddb1 are needed but apt-cache show kdemultimedia-dev shows that the 3.4.1 versions are dependencies of kdemultimedia-dev 3.4.1-10ubuntu0hoary104:07
tiglionabbitsmack: lol, that's a pretty bad criteria04:07
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - check out http://linus.yhspatriot.net/cs/docs/ubuntu_howto/UbuntuLTSPInstall04:07
othernoobtiglionabbit: do you think the question was, which distro has the most restrictions...or least?04:07
rekajasoncohen: have you joined #kubuntu yet?04:07
jasoncohengood idea, heh04:07
=== hastalavista [~iajs@201008029092.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitothernoob: he wants to restrict his users from doing things, like using the internet...04:07
LinuxNewbiewell the restiction that users can use the internet on specific times04:08
smackLinuxNewbie: I'm a fan of debian based distrobutions. Ubuntu ranks #1 for a debian based desktop distrobution. But to each his own.04:08
LinuxNewbieand some can04:08
smackranks #1 for me that is ;)04:08
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - somewhere areound there it talks about systems like what you are kinda talking about04:08
LinuxNewbieim a windows server users04:08
LinuxNewbieuser i mean04:08
othernoobah okay, i didnt follow the whole convo04:08
LinuxNewbiebut i can find anything to restrict the internet04:08
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - I think you need to document what you are really trying to achieve04:08
LinuxNewbiewhen my students are log in04:08
b_e_n_zwhen Steven Ballmer said .NET and SQL Servers are doommed, you better start replacing your windows servers04:09
smackLinuxNewbie: your probably familiar with vmware then. I suggest you install a couple different ones and play with them. ;)04:09
hastalavistai'm brazilian and need help with mysql + phpmyadmin in hoary. . .04:09
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seth220993could I get this last answer? in dpkg L mozilla-firefox, what do I do next?04:09
LinuxNewbiewell when you use those thinds04:09
LinuxNewbiethings i mean04:09
LinuxNewbieu wil use a proxy setting04:09
tiglionabbitseth220993: what?  "IN"?  No, it's dpkg -L mozilla-firefox04:09
TokenBadin ubuntu if I want to see how many files are in a dir and all its sub dirs how would I do that?04:10
tiglionabbitseth220993: dpkg is the Debian PacKaGe manager, -L is the option for List, and mozilla-firefox is the argument for it04:10
seth220993then what, I get a blank04:10
=== [1] punkass [~punkass@h70-66-240-253.sbm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitseth220993: you shouldn't get a blank if you typed it write04:10
tiglionabbitif you typed it right and have firefox installed, you should get several hundred lines of files04:11
seth220993k, got a lot of them04:11
seth220993took a bit04:11
tiglionabbit500 lines, woo04:11
seth220993so which one?04:11
tiglionabbitwell, look through them for what looks like a firefox directory04:12
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tiglionabbityour flash installer should give a good example04:12
tiglionabbitI'm pretty sure you can install flash directry through firefox though-- have you tried that?  Go to newgrounds.com or somewhere else with flash, and click on a puzzle piece04:12
tkieseltiglionabbit: Okay. I just checked out her GRUB menu.lst. The Grub root is referring to (hd0,1) Which is the second partition on her first hard drive. That's her current Ubuntu /, meanign that I'm nto going to be wiping out any kernels here.  Thanks for the help!04:12
LinuxNewbiehey guys04:13
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LinuxNewbiehave you tried red hat04:13
LinuxNewbieis that anygood?04:13
seth220993alright, thanks very much, if I need help I'll come back, very grateful04:13
LinuxNewbieim downloading it right now04:13
tiglionabbitLinuxNewbie: red hat sucks.  I'd say try Fedora instead04:13
=== Fazer [~fazer@CPE0050f276c615-CM0012c90fe42a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitI have not used Fedora, but I hated red hat a lot04:13
FazerSo, how's everyone tonight?04:13
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LinuxNewbieso how about mandrake?04:13
rekatiglionabbit: apparently fedora sucks too04:13
=== _simple [~ident@adsl-2-13-207.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbieis mandrake anygood?04:14
rekaLinuxNewbie: from what i've heard, all rpm based distros are problematic with dependencies04:14
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - none of the popular distros are going to even come close to what you seem to be looking for04:14
tiglionabbitreka: oh.  Maybe mandrake then.  Whatever.  I like deb distros best anyway, heheh.  I'll go from here to gentoo, no need to return to rpm hell04:14
=== theplateau [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
rekabut those opinions came from people in here though :)04:14
smackreka: 1997 called and they want their generalization back.04:14
rekatiglionabbit: i completely agree.  deb all the way. :)04:14
tiglionabbitreka: I thought Fedora's YUM was supposed to solve that problem04:14
LinuxNewbiethats why im open to suggestions04:15
concept10I used fedora for a year04:15
rekasmack: well, it wasn't *my* generalization.04:15
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - hows that documention coming?04:15
rekatiglionabbit: apparently it still has problems04:15
concept10yum is good but doesnt stackup well against APT04:15
smackreka: :D04:15
LinuxNewbiewell basically ive search the internet for what im looking for04:16
LinuxNewbieive found nothing04:16
smackLinuxNewbie: are you intending to experiment with desktop stuff or server stuff?04:16
=== arentie [~marndt@CPE-69-23-109-1.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitLinuxNewbie: then you're not being specific enough.  And what you want can probably be accomplished with scripts04:16
=== Ravarin [~null@netmagi.net] has joined #ubuntu
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - you must have skipped sf.net in your search04:17
=== ookii [~ookii@pcp04395065pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
arentiehow do i make an uninstall of the ndiswrapper?04:17
tiglionabbitarentie: did you install it using apt/synaptic?  if so, just remove it using them04:17
concept10reka, tiglionabbit: yum solves alot of dependency problems but some of the problems are inside rpm04:18
ookiiso what is the theory for installing new cards in linux, install the ati card first then get the drivers, or somehow install the drivers first and then stick in the card?04:18
concept10ookii, first way04:18
LinuxNewbieso here it is, i have a server right to share the internet connection, then i have users, which are my students, and some users that are faculty, then here is want i want, i want to restict the internet connection of stundent and still they are connected to lan, but the faculty can access the internet will full access04:18
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - document what you need, then /join #iptables04:18
=== tenshiKur0 [~tenshiKur@S0106000d93cb5211.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
ookiiconcept10: ha ok, thanks04:18
=== waterseven [~waterseve@] has joined #ubuntu
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CarlFKLinuxNewbie - put that on a web page and be prepared to add to it - you are about 1/4 done04:19
arentieno I created it using the following compiling: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SetupNdiswrapperHowto04:19
LinuxNewbiewhen you do that, they will be identify using the IP's04:19
CarlFKso it is Users or Machies that you are trying to manage?04:19
concept10LinuxNewbie, you can close outgoing port 80 for internet04:19
CarlFKusers have an anoying habbit of waking around04:20
waterseven(Hi there... does anyone knows where is the template where the menu item 'Add/remove programs' and the application itself can be translated?)04:20
LinuxNewbiefor users?04:20
LinuxNewbiecan i specify which users can be close04:21
concept10LinuxNewbie, yes04:21
LinuxNewbieoutgoing port 8004:21
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - look in sf.net again.  what you want is there - it may just take some searching to find it04:21
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - and stop calling machiens users04:21
concept10LinuxNewbie, actually not users, a specific machine04:21
CarlFKwhat did the machine ever do to you to deserve being called a user04:21
tiglionabbitwaterseven: 'the template'?04:21
concept10Although there maybe solutions available to restrict users04:22
arentieis there something that does the opposite of the command "make deb"?04:22
tiglionabbitarentie: what you want to do is dpkg -r and the names of the packages04:22
CarlFKconcept10 - yeah, but user based is way harder than mac04:22
waterseven(the Hoary template where I can find the strings that translate those specific things I mentioned)04:23
tiglionabbitI mean no, that's wrong04:23
waterseven(in Rosetta... launchpad.ubuntu.com)04:23
concept10CarlFK, I understand that.  I just said it maybe possible04:23
tiglionabbitarentie: the thing you want to undo is dpkg -i.  Let me read the manual04:23
tiglionabbit(you can to, man dpkg)04:23
=== rince2k [~rince@dsl-084-056-130-194.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
CarlFKconcept10 - although no matter how may proposals get apporved, as soon as the thing goes up, some teach is going to want to sit at a student's box and get to the net04:23
LinuxNewbiethats why04:24
tiglionabbitoh yes, I was right the first time.  dpkg -r and the packages04:24
=== siorfin [~siorfin@CPE-65-29-183-16.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbiei want the students usernames to be restrict04:24
=== atc [~stephen@69-161-205-34.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
arentieSo, instead of dpkg -r, I want dpkg -i?04:24
LinuxNewbienot the machine04:24
tiglionabbitarentie: yes04:24
tiglionabbitarentie: you'll want to use the name it installs as, when it says "selecting previously deselected package _________", not the file name04:24
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - make up you mind, document it, have it handy for people to read....04:24
arentieOk, so the package is Ndiswrapper...is that what I use?04:25
CarlFKLinuxNewbie - your project is a bit too complex to describe in a few IRC lines04:25
LinuxNewbiethe users04:25
LinuxNewbiethe students usernames04:25
LinuxNewbiethat is i want to restrict04:26
LinuxNewbiethat is all i want04:26
LinuxNewbienothing more04:26
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=== nxvl [~nxvl@barovia.americatelnet.com.pe] has joined #ubuntu
waterseven(Anyone here that does translations? )04:28
nxvlhow can i download windows-codecs to see mi windows videos on linux? there was a package i don't remember his name04:28
=== _4strO [~astro@AStrasbourg-251-1-3-177.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
naliothnxvl: w32codecs04:29
nxvlthnx u04:29
naliothnxvl: or you can go to www.mplayerhq.hu  and d/l the "essential pack"04:29
nxvlnxvl@Marvin:~$ apt-cache search w32codecs04:30
tiglionabbitnxvl: you need to enable the universe repository04:30
tiglionabbitand restricted04:31
tiglionabbituncomment things in /etc/apt/sources.list04:31
nxvlrestricted is the one i didn't have04:31
arentiewhat does the following command do? sed -e "s/misc/kernel\/drivers\/net\/ndiswrapper/g" debian/rules > debian/temp04:31
nalioths_dognxvl: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all official Ubuntu repositories, go to paste.ubuntulinux.nl/3804:31
nalioths_dognxvl: Adding Repositories: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto04:31
tiglionabbitarentie: that is stream editor, and I don't know how it works, but it is witing something from /debian/rules over the file debian/temp04:32
CarlFKclosest I can find is avifile-win32-plugin - but I don't think that is it04:32
=== waterseven [~waterseve@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
tiglionabbitCarlFK: what you looking for?04:32
jasoncohenthere was no reponse in #kubuntu but i figured out the problem. apt-get is trying to install kdelibs4-dev from hoary rather than the kubuntu source and that conflicts against the 3.4.1 packages i have installed. i don't know why it's using hoary's packages though.04:33
jasoncohenapt-get install kdelibs4-dev=3.4.1-0ubuntu0hoary1 complains that it can't be found04:33
CarlFKtiglionabbit - trying to help nxvl04:33
jasoncohenbut it shows in apt-cache show kdelibs4-dev04:33
nxvlit still say there is no such package04:33
nxvlnxvl@Marvin:~$ bajar w32codecs04:34
nxvlReading package lists... Done04:34
nxvlBuilding dependency tree... Done04:34
nxvlPackage w32codecs is not available, but is referred to by another package.04:34
nxvlThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or04:34
nxvlis only available from another source04:34
tiglionabbitCarlFK: the package is indeed called w32codecs04:34
tiglionabbitnxvl: read http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats .  It details it there04:34
Dr_MelectausCould someone help me, im wanting to install an edimax ew-7108pcg wifi card04:35
=== ttyS0 [~ttys0@] has joined #ubuntu
misfit_toyis there a GUI for starting , stopping , changing system services in ubuntu?04:37
=== PTKsleep is now known as PTK
Dr_MelectausCould someone help me, im wanting to install an edimax ew-7108pcg wifi card ??04:37
=== misfit_toy would like to tweak what services are running and it would be much easier with a nice GUI...such a thing?
misfit_toyI know FC has one, but what about Ubuntu?04:37
calceasiest to just uninstall the services that shouldn't be running04:37
misfit_toycalc, no, because I might want one later04:38
calcits not terribly hard to reinstall later either ;)04:38
misfit_toyso my guess is there isn't one huh?04:38
calcthere might be some gnome sys tool thing that does it04:38
PTKnxvl, are you using the 64 bit distribution by any chance?04:38
nxvlnalioth: i know how to use apt, i was a Debian user04:38
misfit_toycalc, in FC it's system-config-services04:39
calcbut other than that most people using debian/ubuntu just don't install unneeded services04:39
nxvlPTK: nop, im using i38604:39
misfit_toycalc, but ubuntu installed a few I don't want running *all the time* and I'd like to be able to control that.04:39
=== Invisible_Magi [~Invisible@] has joined #Ubuntu
misfit_toyI see, there is no such thing, bummer.04:40
=== Travis|H [~travis@68-112-201-98.dhcp.eucl.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
calchmm i don't see any non-essential ones running on my box04:40
calcmisfit_toy: which ones in particular?04:40
=== calc notes he didn't uninstall/disable any either
misfit_toycalc, that is beside the question, I"m asking if there is a gui for service controls....if there is none then that's fine.04:40
calcwell you said that it installed by default some services that you didn't want running so i was just trying to figure out what those could possibly be :)04:41
calcsince on my box at least all that is running that might be non-essential is gdm04:41
misfit_toycalc, but my question was 'is there a gui to control services'04:41
calcmisfit_toy: i'm not at my ubuntu box so i can't check, sorry04:41
misfit_toycalc, thanks04:42
PTKmkintry gives a warning -- cpio:   /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 (0x0000002a95556000): No such file or directory and produces a useles image <--- anyone know why that happens when the file exists?04:42
PTKmkinitrd even04:42
=== Grunt [~Grunt@grunt.wikipedia] has joined #ubuntu
misfit_toyPTK, at first I thought it said 'ministry' lol04:42
=== ttyS0 [blitz@chules.net] has joined #ubuntu
calcthere is a runlevel configuration for gnome-system-tools which is installed on ubuntu so it might do it for you04:42
misfit_toyPTK, I thought your box was born again.04:42
GruntDr_Melectaus: or I can just join in here, because I know I'll mess something up somewhere ;)04:42
misfit_toycalc, cli?04:43
Dr_Melectausoh hi Grunt04:43
=== Hackmo [~sean13@82-41-83-57.cable.ubr01.dund.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
HackmoHey all04:43
Dr_Melectausyea thanks04:43
Hackmohas anyone installed beneath a steel sky?04:43
calcmisfit_toy: gnome system tools obviously is a gnome program... which is GUI04:43
Hackmoor know how to start it..?04:43
Gruntright, so we were going to set you up with an ndiswrapper-utils package04:43
=== CVirus [~cvirus@] has joined #ubuntu
calcmisfit_toy: there is a cli tool to do it as well besides the obvious remove symlink04:43
Dr_MelectausGrunt, im a bit of a n00b so go easy on me04:43
misfit_toycalc, I understand that but I thought you meant it was a cli under gnome...sorry for the misunderstanding04:43
Grunt..there should already be a copy on your computer, so04:44
Gruntopen up a root terminal and type "apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils"04:44
calciirc the cli tool is update-rc.d04:44
misfit_toyGrunt, make sure you don't install ndiswrapper with apt-get, it's not the latest and doesn't work with all cards. I ran into that this week.04:45
Dr_Melectausok its installed Grunt04:45
CVirusguys i've got partitions C,D,E,F,G and my windows partition is D ... and my  C is 7 gigas .. so i installed ubuntu on it but i didnt find windows in my boot loader ... tip please ?04:45
Gruntmisfit_toy, you seem to have more experience at this than I do, in that case04:45
Gruntmisfit_toy, Dr_Melectaus needs some help setting up ndiswrapper with his network card04:45
=== __Ace__ [~love@h55l211.delphi.afb.lu.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== fundle [~fundle@216-160-236-153.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
fundlecan someone tell me how to mount a remote xp drive?04:46
GruntDr_Melecatus: well, while we figure out who's going to be helping you, go find the driver CD that came with the network card04:46
Dr_MelectausGrunt,  just continue man, i trust you04:46
=== Doomgaze [~Doomgaze@] has joined #ubuntu
misfit_toyGrunt, I'll shut up04:46
Dr_Melectausi have it right next to me Grunt04:47
Travis|Hi am trying to setup my system to watch television via a local network stream .. at first I thought I would try out NSV (Nullsoft Video) but NSV seems to crash the hell out of mplayer. So instead I went with windows media encoder. It streams fine to my other Windows based PC's but I can't get mplayer to open that either. Is there some trick to getting streaming video to work with Mplayer?04:47
misfit_toyGrunt, just wanted to point that out04:47
rob^has anyone else had problems burning dvds in breezy, even with growisofs04:47
Gruntmisfit_toy: feel free to chime in at any point in time - I much prefer doing this sitting in front of my own computer04:47
=== nxvl [~nxvl@barovia.americatelnet.com.pe] has left #ubuntu []
bimberifundle: Try to connect to it via Places -> Network Servers04:47
misfit_toyGrunt, what wifi nic are we doing here?04:47
CVirusguys i've got partitions C,D,E,F,G and my windows partition is D ... and my  C is 7 gigas .. so i installed ubuntu on it but i didnt find windows in my boot loader ... tip please ?04:47
Gruntlet's see..04:47
Gruntmisfit_toy: <Dr_Melectaus> Could someone help me, im wanting to install an edimax ew-7108pcg wifi card on ubuntu04:47
Dr_Melectaus an edimax ew-7108pcg wifi04:48
GruntDr_Melectaus, ok, put the CD in04:48
=== misfit_toy watches
Dr_Melectaustis in04:48
Gruntlook on the CD04:48
Gruntyou want to find a *.inf file04:48
=== tigliona1bit [~nick@c-67-171-159-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gruntonce you find it04:48
Grunter, wait, there might be more than one *.inf file.04:48
=== stevef_ [~stevef@pool-64-222-117-63.burl.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
tigliona1bitoops, pulled my cord out04:48
fundlebimberi: trying that04:49
misfit_toyDr_Melectaus, there will be some folders, find the w2k or wxp folder, the files are there04:49
=== tigliona1bit is now known as tiglionabbit
Gruntthanks, misfit_toy.04:49
misfit_toyw2k usually works better04:49
Travis|Hi am streaming via windows media encoder, and on my Windoze based PC I simply point my WMP @ http://192.168.2.xxx:5199 and it opens up the video stream and plays it. When I try to do the same with Mplayer, it simply says "Unable to open URL"04:49
GruntIn any case, once you find the right driver, go to a root terminal and run "ndiswrapper -i /media/cdrom/path/to/the/*.inf04:49
fundlebimberi: can i mount it that way too ?04:49
CVirusguys .. no one gonna help me ?04:50
sobralenseis there any way to install "transcode" package using the stable sources?04:50
Dr_Melectausgot them04:50
GruntDr_Melectaus: did you see my last line?04:50
bimberifundle: oh ok - misunderstood your q.  Not sure.04:50
fundlebimberi: I think i'm good from here04:51
Dr_Melectausshit, ill need to have a better look. it containes multiple drivers for diff cards04:51
Dr_Melectausneed to find the specific one04:51
GruntI don't think it would hurt to install more than one04:52
Dr_Melectausright got it grunt04:52
GruntDid you run the "ndiswrapper -i ..." from a root terminal?04:52
Quest-MasterTravis|H: http://www.videolan.org04:52
Dr_Melectausuhm not yet04:52
Dr_Melectausill try now grunt04:52
Grunt"ndiswrapper -i /media/cdrom/path/to/the/*.inf"04:53
=== alnr [~alan@cpe-69-200-85-107.nyc.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
Dr_Melectausdid you say win2k xp or 9x works better?04:53
Dr_Melectausto the folder than containes the 3 files or to a certain file in the folder04:54
Gruntto the *.inf in that folder04:54
Dr_Melectaus.cat .inf .sys04:54
CVirusGrunt: i've got partitions C,D,E,F,G and my windows partition is D ... and my  C is 7 gigas .. so i installed ubuntu on it but i didnt find windows in my boot loader ... tip please ?04:55
Travis|HQuest. i'll give that a shot04:55
=== bluechild [~bluechild@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Grunt shrugs
GruntCVirus: I've never had any reason to attempt a dual boot, so can't help you.  Sorry. :/04:56
CVirusguys anybody got experience with dual boot ?04:57
GruntDr_Melectaus: you still with us?04:57
_unomeNo new emails in any folders matching 'inbox'04:57
Dr_Melectausits saying its not the right path04:57
tiglionabbitCVirus: me04:58
CVirustiglionabbit: got my question ?04:58
=== pschulz01 [~pschulz01@eth6067.sa.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
GruntDr_Melectaus: what's the exact message it's saying?04:58
=== cmatheson [~cmatheson@63-225-57-243.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
Travis|HVLC sits there04:59
tiglionabbitCVirus: generally windows's main components are installed to the drive it calls C.  You may have deleted windows!04:59
Dr_Melectausfuck, i closed the terminal04:59
Grunt(keep in mind that things need to be case sensitive in the console!)04:59
Travis|Hit doesn't play a stream =/04:59
pschulz01Greetings.. how do I set environment variables so they take effect pemanently.04:59
CVirustiglionabbit: LOL ... no dont worry .. its on my D04:59
tiglionabbitCVirus: well, when I installed ubuntu, it detected windows properly and added it to my menu.lst.  Anyway, now that you're using linux, you should use linux terminology for your volumes05:00
GruntDr_Melectaus: so open up another one and try, try again ;-)05:00
PTKpschulz01, how permanently?05:00
=== misfit_toy laughs WITH Dr_Melectaus ...heheh, happens to the best of us.
tiglionabbitCVirus: can you tell me what linux calls them, like hda1 and such?05:00
pschulz01PTX: restart machine... ed. EDITOR05:00
=== misfit_toy steps away for some wine, as in crushed grapes, not windows crap.
pschulz01PTX: restart machine... eg. EDITOR05:00
CVirustiglionabbit: actually its not my pc which is having dis problem and i forgot to check for those info in /proc05:01
CVirustiglionabbit: i just want to add windows to grub menu05:01
NeoGeo64lol wikipedia has a simple english section now05:01
Dr_MelectausGrunt, ndiswrapper -i /media/cdrom0/Drivers/EW-7108PCg/Win2K/Rt2500.INF rt2500 is already installed. Use -e to remove it05:01
Dr_Melectausthats what i got05:01
GruntYou already succeeded, then :-)05:01
tiglionabbitCVirus: your physical hard drives are called a, b, c, etc.  The partitions on them are 1 2 3 etc counting from the start05:01
Gruntright then05:01
Gruntlet's see if that worked05:01
Gruntwe're going to step you through a one-time runthrough and if that works we'll show you how to set it up across reboots :)05:02
Gruntstill have that root terminal open?05:02
Gruntdo "modprobe ndiswrapper"05:02
tiglionabbitCVirus: are you asking me how to configure /boot/grub/menu.lst properly for windows to be selectable?05:02
=== Flannel [~flannel@ca-crlsca-cuda2-c4b-172.crlsca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
CVirustiglionabbit: yup05:02
=== Flannel is now known as FlannelKing
=== qqq___ [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu
pschulz01I can put environent variables in ~/.bash_profile but this doesn't seem to do the trick05:02
PTKpschulz01, if you only need it when you're using a shell add export EDITOR='whatever' in your $HOME/.bashrc05:02
digitalfoxwhy doesn't audio work in flash?05:03
pschulz01PTK: What about if I run something from the desktop?05:03
jtan325pschulz01, .bash_profile only gets exectued if you log in from the command line05:03
tiglionabbitCVirus: first you need to know what partition it is on.  Is it on the first partition of your primary hard drive?05:03
Dr_MelectausGrunt, is anything meant to come up after it?05:03
GruntDr_Melectaus, no05:03
pschulz01jtam325: thanks. That would explain that one.05:03
Gruntyou do, however, have a wlan0 interface now05:04
Dr_Melectausk then it worked :P05:04
tiglionabbitCVirus: join #flood05:04
CVirustiglionabbit: the first 7 gigas of space which was C is no linux ... then D is winblows05:04
Gruntdo "iwconfig wlan0 essid (essid_of_network)"05:04
PTKpschulz01, I'm not sure I'll look into it.. someone else might know though05:04
GruntIf you don't know the essid, do "iwlist wlan0 scan"05:04
Dr_Melectausi dont have a home wifi network unfortunatly, its just for wardriveing05:04
Gruntwell then, do the latter and see if there's any wifi networks in the vicinity :)05:05
Gruntwhile you're at it...05:05
Gruntdo "ndiswrapper -m"05:05
pschulz01PTK, jtan325: eg. I want to launch tkcvs from icon or the menu, and would like to have CVSROOT set.05:05
Grunt(that'll keep wlan0's existence across reboots)05:05
jtan325pschulz01, i think .bashrc does the trick05:05
jtan325at least it works for me05:05
=== will [~will@c-24-23-145-194.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_MelectausAdding "alias wlan0 ndiswrapper" to /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper05:05
bimberiCVirus: Paste the output of "sudo fdisk -l" to http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/05:05
GruntDr_Melectaus, you now have a working wireless interface :)05:06
jtan325pschulz01, .bashrc gets executed when you log in through the graphical login05:06
CVirusbimberi: tiglionabbit managed to help me :)    thanks fella05:06
Dr_Melectausgrunt, is there any apps i can get that will give me a GUI ?05:06
Gruntit occurs to me that you'll probably need to edit /etc/network,05:06
jtan325alternatively, there's a .gnome file somewhere05:06
jtan325but i stick to .bashr05:06
GruntDr_Melectaus, I don't know of any, but I'm sure the people in here do :-)05:06
pschulz01jtan325: thanks.05:06
Dr_Melectausok man thanks ;)05:06
=== caah^_^ayu [~ok@] has joined #ubuntu
Gruntincidentally, did you find any wireless networks with a scan? ;-)05:07
Dr_Melectauswhat about airsnort?05:07
=== asimismo [~chatzilla@dsl231-060-187.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== macrain [~macrain@CA5A4287.adsl.mana.pf] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Melectausdoes anyone know of a GUI i can get for my gfx card?05:07
Grunt..wifi card, wasn't it? :)05:07
CarlFKDr_Melectaus for wifi look for wifi-radar05:07
Dr_Melectausdoes anyone know of a GUI i can get for my wif** card?05:07
Dr_Melectauscheers CarlFK05:08
Dr_Melectausyes Grunt thanks lol :P05:08
digitalfoxhow do I make firefox use esd for it's sound device?05:08
asimismoGot a pop-up on install about Lilo. Any hints on how to move forward? Doing software raid...05:08
macrainquelqu'un parle franais ?05:08
=== chaps0063 [~chaps0063@pcp02115427pcs.lebnon01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
CarlFKDr_Melectaus http://kazakshan.homeip.net/ubuntu/wifi-radar_1.9.3-2_i386.deb05:09
_unomemacrain: tu as essaye #ubuntu-fr ?05:09
CarlFKI hear it works ;)05:09
Dr_Melectauscheers CarlFK05:09
=== alvaro [~alvaro@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mikeworking [~mikeworki@pool-68-238-122-97.atl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
macrainj'y vais05:09
Dr_Melectauscarlk can i do it by sudo apt-get05:09
chaps0063Hello, since I updated to the 2.6.10 kernel, my sound has not been functioning correctly, has anyone experienced similar issues?05:09
Dr_Melectausor do i just download it from the site05:10
=== Grunt [~Grunt@grunt.wikipedia] has left #ubuntu ["I've]
CarlFKDr_Melectaus - um.. maybe ;)  it was posted to the ubuntu mail list - no really any instructions05:10
chaps0063Ok, nevermind, a restart fixed it.05:10
=== NeoGeo64 [~neo@adsl-068-209-123-016.sip.aby.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkinghello - my office wants me to have my /home (which is in a separate part.) as encrypted. Do I do this during install or afterwards? The idea is that if the laptop is stolen, the theif is strangely out of luck.05:11
NeoGeo64how do i attach files in thunderbird05:11
NeoGeo64like mp3 files05:11
=== swe3tdave [~swe3tdave@toronto-HSE-ppp4000512.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkingNeo -- is that you Dee?05:11
=== swe3tdave [~swe3tdave@toronto-HSE-ppp4000512.sympatico.ca] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
NeoGeo64how do i attach files in thunderbird05:11
=== CVirus [~cvirus@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
NeoGeo64do you know05:11
NeoGeo64im trying to attach data files05:12
mikeworkingNeo -- sorry, I have a friend installing Ubuntu for the first time tonight who is named Dee and has a handle of Neo.05:12
NeoGeo64not an image like it wants me to do05:12
tiglionabbitchaps0063: sound is a little messed up with esd.  Finding you can't run two programs at the same time with sound rights?  I don't know how to config it right, but http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats comes close05:12
NeoGeo64i like ubuntu its pretty good05:12
mikeworkingAnyway, anyone know how to do an encrypted /home partition to protect my laptop if stolen?05:12
_4strOmIRC v6.14 Khaled Mardam-Bey05:13
PTKmikeworking, I haven't done it myself but try the loopback crypto fs05:13
=== welton [~welton@200164250178.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_MelectausCarlFK, how do i install it05:13
stevef_mikenetworking: I don't know how to do it, but what you may want to google for is "encrypted loopback file system"05:13
Dr_Melectausadd remove progs?05:13
tiglionabbitNeoGeo64: I don't use thunderbird, but I'd assume there is an "attach" menu item, and a little paperclip icon05:13
NeoGeo64there IS an attach menu05:13
mikeworkingPTK -- that's what my friend Alvaro from Brazil said to do. I'm not used to this "encrypted loopback".05:13
mikeworkingI shall Google now for it.05:13
NeoGeo64but it just has Attach Image, ATtach link05:13
NeoGeo64its gay05:13
NeoGeo64i dont want to attach a fucking picture!!! i need to get these data files emailed asap!!05:14
NeoGeo64but thunderbird sucks05:14
mikeworkingNeo, lighten up. We can help.05:14
NeoGeo64im jk05:14
NeoGeo64im not really mads05:15
=== bdraw [~bdrawbaug@53-248.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkingWhen you compose a msg, do you see a button called Attach at the top?05:15
tiglionabbithm, I think I'll download thunderbird and play with it then05:15
PTKmikeworking, http://www.flyn.org/docs/ehd.pdf <-- seems to be just what you need05:15
bimberimikeworking: There is this - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedFilesystemHowto05:15
NeoGeo64outlook 2003 is better than tbird05:15
NeoGeo64fo sho05:15
=== Jeezis [~roger@jeezis.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== _simple [~ident@adsl-2-13-207.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
bdrawhello I am new to this distro and I need to install libmotif3 but when I type apt-get install libmotif3 it returns an error indicating that it cannot be found. Any one have an idea?05:15
tiglionabbitNeoGeo64: why do you say that?05:16
mikeworkingOkay, so Neo is having fun here. I get it. Always the last one to figure out stuff, I am.05:16
alvaroI had the nvidia drivers05:16
chaps0063has anyone installed this on an AMD system with an Asus a7n8x-deluxe?05:16
Dr_Melectausim trying to install a prog i downloaded to my desktop and i put it in my home dir. when i tried to run it this is what i got sudo apt-get install wifi-radar_1.9.3-2_i386.deb05:16
Dr_MelectausE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)05:16
Dr_MelectausE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?05:16
NeoGeo64actually i really like gnome05:17
NeoGeo64i can mouse over mp3 files and itll play05:17
tiglionabbitDr_Melectaus: are you running two apt frontends at the same time?05:17
NeoGeo64thats cooool05:17
bimberibdraw: You need to enable the "multiverse" repository05:17
Dr_Melectausuhm, i have it on my machine05:17
Dr_Melectausi got it from a website05:17
bdrawbimberi, thanks, I will google that!05:17
ubotu[repositories]  http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto05:18
stevef_Dr_Melectaus: you install .deb files with dpkg... dpkg -i filename.deb05:18
=== Kamping_Kaiser [~kaiser@ppp231-181.lns3.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
bimberibdraw: Have a look at the link from ubotu (above)05:18
david`afkgentoo owns!!!05:18
=== jesus [~jesus@] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Melectausthanks Stevef05:18
Travis|HI'm trying to play a windows media encoder stream on my linux box, and i can not for the life of me get it to work. i have the w32codecs installed, i've tried mplayer, videolan, and totem-xine now and still have not had any luck. the stream does work on my other PCs (as well as this one when windows is installed on it)05:19
tiglionabbitNeoGeo64: um, there is a giant Attatch icon in my compose window, which appears to allow me to attach any file05:19
tiglionabbitNeoGeo64: I don't see what your problem is05:19
NeoGeo64hang on05:19
NeoGeo64let me see05:19
=== yufada [~kuntilana@] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkingYikes. This loopback encrypted filesystem -- that's a rat's nest of work.05:19
NeoGeo64oh shit05:19
stevef_Travis|H: is the stream public? Post the URL and maybe we can test it05:19
NeoGeo64i missed that05:19
tiglionabbitsend, contacts, spell, ATTACH, security, save05:19
NeoGeo64im stupid05:19
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitNeoGeo64: it's a huge paperclip icon.  Are you blind?05:20
Travis|Hsteve: no its just a local stream so that i can keep the bitrate high05:20
NeoGeo64no i was high05:20
NeoGeo64or am high rather05:20
NeoGeo64thanks for finding it05:20
NeoGeo64anyways i gotta go i gotta drive home on the expressway doing 85mph05:20
=== tiglionabbit sighs
stevef_Travis|H: bummer. wmv streams seem to work OK for me w/ totem-xine and the extra codecs05:20
tiglionabbityou read bash.org too much, don't you, NeoGeo6405:21
NeoGeo64i really didnt see that huge paperclip icon05:21
Travis|His there some trick to registering the codecs with totem-xine?05:21
jesusjesus@satan:~/cube$ sudo ./cube_unix05:21
jesusinit: sdl05:21
jesusinit: net05:21
jesusinit: world05:21
jesusgame mode is ffa/default05:21
jesusinit: video: sdl05:21
jesusinit: video: mode05:21
=== androxxl [~andro@BSN-77-244-239.dsl.siol.net] has joined #ubuntu
jesusinit: video: misc05:21
tiglionabbitjesus: um, stop, please05:22
jesusinit: gl05:22
bdrawyou guys are great!, thanks for the help that is just what I needed!05:22
jesusinit: basetex05:22
jesusinit: sound05:22
jesussound init failed (SDL_mixer): No available audio device05:22
jesusinit: cfg05:22
Travis|Hi know there was for totem-gstreamer there is a "gst-register-0.8" which seemed to update/register totem with all the codecs05:22
jesusinit: localconnect05:22
jesusinit: mainloop05:22
tiglionabbitcan someone boot jesus?05:22
mikeworkingOkay guys, so if encrypt. loopback of a partition is a real pain, how hard is it to have some folders that are encrypted and I save my stuff to that? I need to protect the laptop's info in case of theft.05:22
jesusread map packages/base/metl3.cgz (239 milliseconds)05:22
jesusCyclops by metlslime05:22
jesusgame mode is ffa/default05:22
tiglionabbitjesus fucking STOP05:22
jesusFatal signal: Floating Point Exception (SDL Parachute Deployed)05:22
NeoGeo64I remember when I worked for bellsouth technical support and my coworkers and i would blaze right before work and id stumble into my cubicle ripped every morning.  id clumsily log in and space out on the phone.  one time i fell asleep on the phone with a customer becasue i was so burned out.05:22
tiglionabbitgo to #flood if you want to paste things05:22
jesusif i have to cd into a directory then use sudo to run a game how can i make a shortcut to run it on my desktop?05:22
jesusi accidently pasted all that instead of my question05:22
=== surly [~zic@user-0ce2ksl.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== MachineScrew [~machineSc@ip68-225-114-187.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
stevef_Travis|H: in the preferences there is a button to install codecs... or they can be placed manually in /usr/lib/win32 (I think... I'm on a PPC now so I can't check)05:23
=== qqq_ [~ubuntu@] has left #ubuntu []
NeoGeo64my friend came into work drunk as hell one morning and busted his nose on the keyboard when he passed out05:23
tiglionabbitjesus: you can make a launcher05:23
tiglionabbitjesus: right-click on your gnome desktop, and create one05:23
smackjesus: you shouldn't need to sudo to run a game either.05:23
=== IceDC571 [~IceDC571@c-67-188-217-227.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
NeoGeo64bellsouth doesnt care if its employees use drugs or drink even during work05:23
=== Discipulus [~disc@main013.ppp.rockriver.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== misfit_toy [~guy@cpe-70-112-252-226.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
smackwoot! where is bellsouth located?05:24
stevef_smack: :)05:24
NeoGeo64theres this one stall where everyone snorts cocaine in05:24
NeoGeo64and i never go near it05:24
IceDC571isnt bellsouth in the east coast?05:24
jesusif i have to cd into a directory then use sudo to run a game how can i make a shortcut to run it on my desktop?05:24
tiglionabbitjesus: gksudo and the command, then it will make a graphical password entry box for you05:24
tiglionabbitmake that your launcher command05:25
NeoGeo64georgia, florida, alabama, north and south carolina, tennessee, lousiana and kentucky05:25
NeoGeo64thats the bellsouth region05:25
tiglionabbitjesus: does the current directory matter?05:25
=== george_ [~george@ppp-68-89-184-207.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitjesus: you could make a script05:25
IceDC571why dont they have sbc?05:25
NeoGeo64because bellsouth is better than sbc05:25
tiglionabbitjesus: what's the game?05:25
NeoGeo64i get 2950kbps down05:25
jesusyea cuz i installed it from the tarrball05:25
jesusits cube05:25
NeoGeo64Yeah, that's right, WE DON'T HAVE SBC IN MY AREA.  I couldn't get their shitty service even if I wanted to!05:26
NeoGeo64That makes me feel good inside.05:26
IceDC571why do you think sbc is so shitty?05:26
IceDC571its good here05:26
NeoGeo64my friend had it05:26
mikeworkingHi. I need real help with my encryption question and I'm looking for the short solution that works fast on a day by day basis. The encrypted loopback part. looks great, but is too time-consuming to implement.05:26
NeoGeo64and it sucked05:26
NeoGeo64he got like 200kbps down05:26
NeoGeo64they never fixed it or even tried to fix it05:26
NeoGeo64always blaming it on him05:27
IceDC571lol.. i get 4mb down with my sbc dsl05:27
Discipulusmikeworking, EncFS05:27
NeoGeo64he called the BBB on SBC and still nothing05:27
chaps0063how do I mount a dvd drive that i just inserting into my laptop?05:27
PTKmikeworking, are u looking at the device mapper way from the ubuntu wiki or the loopback fs way?05:27
NeoGeo64so he cancelled his service and now he has a t105:27
tiglionabbitjesus: this one?  http://sourceforge.net/projects/cube/05:27
NeoGeo64which is pretty cool05:27
DiscipulusNeoGeo64, haha, he called the BBB?05:27
NeoGeo64he did05:27
NeoGeo64and the bbb wouldnt do anything because of whatever05:27
=== eliman-laptop [~eliman@pool-70-107-16-27.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kfg [~kfg@pcp09864685pcs.bbridg01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
surlyanyone configured nagios05:28
jesuswell im using kde i asked this question in the kubuntu room but nobody answered05:28
NeoGeo64the southeast is really the only area of the country that hasnt been bought out05:28
NeoGeo64yet anyways05:28
NeoGeo64im right on top of my central office05:28
NeoGeo64i mean its literally next door05:29
Discipulusthe BBB can't do anything over a large corporation05:29
IceDC571my average on sbc dsl is 350kb/sec, not bad05:29
Discipulusthat's only 1 complaint out of THOUSANDS of customers05:29
NeoGeo64im about 300 feet away from the bellsouth phone building05:29
jesusyea i installed cube from sourceforge05:29
=== stevef_ is now known as stevef_zzz
asimismoAnybody know how to install lilo on raid1?05:29
=== phaedrus44 [~phaedrus4@cpe-24-198-29-175.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
NeoGeo64my signal is so strong that if i could uncap my line id get like 8000 down and 850 up05:29
DiscipulusSBC can afford to pay the BBB05:29
=== tiglionabbit downloads cube to try it out
NeoGeo64i live out in the country too05:30
DiscipulusNeoGeo64, haha, decent, I know someone who gets 4000 down on Cable through Comcast for 19.99 a month05:30
tiglionabbitjesus: if you installed it properly, I doubt you should have to be in its directory and using sudo05:30
NeoGeo64my friend lives in a town north of here only 800 ppl live there he has dsl05:30
jasoncoheni keep getting these strange errors in apt-get where a -dev package says its base package can't be satisfied because it's looking for the pre-security update version05:30
IceDC571Discipulus: i get 4000 down for 19/month05:30
IceDC571i called comcast up, said i was paying too much05:30
IceDC571they said, we'll lower your month payment and up your bandwidth05:30
jasoncoheni can fix it by forcing the newest version in synaptic, but why should i have to?05:30
DiscipulusIceDC571, haha, decent05:30
tiglionabbitIceDC571: really?05:31
DiscipulusIceDC571, I gotta talk to Verizon, I'm sure I can get 3mb DSL for 19 a month05:31
IceDC571yep, comcast is sweet when you threaten to cancel05:31
DiscipulusIceDC571, we already have their Verizon Freedom package, which is like 80 a month as it is05:31
bimberimikeworking: Did you have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedFilesystemHowto ?05:31
mikeworkingOh. Hi, PTK. Was reading Google a moment. I'm back. And same to you bimberi... thanks.05:31
DiscipulusIceDC571, yea, that's what my friend did, said they were gonna switch to DSL, and they gave it to 'em for 19.9505:31
IceDC571Discipulus: i would rather get Verizon than my current SBC dsl05:32
mikeworkingHow do I put bimberi and PTK in a new chat window from the rest? (X-Chat)05:32
Discipulusthey're changing their TV package, which is gonna cost an extra 20 a month, but they lowered their internet by 30 a month05:32
=== siimo [~siimo@siimo.user] has joined #ubuntu
PTKmikeworking, not sure u can05:32
IceDC571Discipulus: doesn't Verizon offer DirecTV service too?05:32
DiscipulusIceDC571, not that I know of05:32
Quest-MasterComcast forever :D05:32
=== tiglionabbit uses comcapst
PTKmikeworking, take a look at the wiki bimberi mentioned though, it looks long but fairly detailed05:32
tahorgmikeworking: open you own channel and tell them to join05:32
=== limer [~limer@69-174-31-248.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571im stuck on sbc because i have them for my phone service, internet service, dish service (dish network), wireless service (cingular)05:33
siimofor some reason my resolution is stuck at 640x480  http://www3.150m.com/Screenshot1.png :-(05:33
Kamping_Kaiserhow do you find what's running on a port? i have seen it here before, but cant find it in my logs.05:33
tahorgmikeworking: /j #mybrandnewchannel05:33
IceDC571so its guna be a pain to cancel all of that05:33
phaedrus44hey hey...05:33
DiscipulusIceDC571, yea05:33
IceDC571siimo: edit your xorg.conf05:33
DiscipulusIceDC571, that sucks05:33
phaedrus44i am using mepis right now...why would i switch to ubuntu?...05:33
phaedrus44it looks really pretty...are there advantages?05:33
Discipulusphaedrus44, cuz Ubuntu is a very nice OS, but if you're happy with what you have now then don't switch.05:34
Discipulusphaedrus44, apt-get05:34
IceDC571but sbc isnt that bad compared to like... um... uhh... aol broadband? lol05:34
mikeworkingThe wiki looks like it might take me a week to get through. Yikes.05:34
phaedrus44doesnt all debian have apt-get?05:34
=== chaps0063 [~chaps0063@pcp02115427pcs.lebnon01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Sophisticationaccess to it pretty much05:34
tahorgphaedrus44: apt-get comes from debian yes05:34
bimberimikeworking: I probably won't be of much more use  -  I was simply aware of the wiki entry05:34
DiscipulusAOL Broadband is a rip dude. They don't even offer broadband, they lower your payment to 9.99 a month and have you get a different ISP for the broadband service05:34
Discipulusit's pretty gay05:35
=== mello6 [~mellowyll@c-67-162-226-133.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
limerDiscipulus speaks the truth05:35
mikeworkingThanks, I'll keep hunting. There has got to be an easier way. I can make a ram disk in like 5 commands, but this loopback encrypted thing is just nuts.05:35
Discipulusmikeworking, I already gave you a link05:35
IceDC571haha try getting AOL broadband working in linux05:36
IceDC571they'll be like um.. we require you to use a spyware capable OS05:36
Discipuluslol, there's a doozy!05:36
chaps0063how do I get my dvd playback to not be so jerky?05:36
=== kakalto [~kakalto@wired-210-54-56-105.ps.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571chaps0063: enable DMA on your dvd drive05:36
Discipuluschaps0063, what program are you using to view it?05:36
=== asimismo [~chatzilla@dsl231-060-187.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== reka [~Unknown@WNPP-p-203-54-44-131.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Discipulusyea, what IceDC571 said05:37
=== new2ubuntu [~chatzilla@d22-235.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
chaps0063Discipulus, recommend something else?05:37
Discipuluschaps0063, Nah, I like Xine05:37
chaps0063how difficult is it to enable DMA?05:37
IceDC571chaps0063: if you feel like following a tutorial and typing a few commands in a terminal05:38
tahorgchaps0063: hdparm -d1 /dev/hda05:38
sobralensechaps0063, I think could be this:  http://www.ubuntuguide.org/#dvdplayback05:38
tahorgchaps0063: /dev/hdc I assume for your dvd05:38
IceDC571well he could just type (mount) in the terminal and find out what matches with cdrom line05:38
ubotu_unome: Bugger all, i dunno05:39
=== lucky_penguim [~duarte@bl5-231-102.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
=== siimo [~siimo@siimo.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== CerBerO_ [~CerBerO@pc-138-47-120-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkingEasy way to do encrypted filesystem *might* be:05:40
Discipulusmikeworking, did you look at the link I gave you?05:40
=== Discipulus feels VERY ignored...
=== limer passes Discipulus a beer
=== Discipulus chugs 20 and passes out
=== limer that man can't observe time for even ONE second
ironwolfI did encrypted filesystem with crypt-disks05:41
Discipulusironwolf, he's ignoring everyone...I don't think it's too cool05:42
mikeworkingDisc.. I'm back05:42
Discipulusmikeworking, did you look at the link I gave you?05:42
mikeworkingUm, you said "EncFS". I'll give that a try05:42
DiscipulusYea, I gave you a link to it...05:42
=== jasoncohen [~jason@pcp0011382713pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
chaps0063enabling DMA worked, thanks!05:43
mikeworkingam now, Disc...05:43
mikeworkingLooks interesting. Thinking and reading...05:44
jasoncohenthere seems to be something very wrong with apt on my system. i haven't seen anything like this on sarge, etch or sid. i have backports and hoary main, restricted, multiverse, universe in my sources.list file. i did an apt-get install gaim and i'm told gaim depends on gaim-data 1.1.4-1ubuntu4 but 1.3.1... is to be installed05:44
IceDC571chaps0063: make sure DMA is enabled everytime you boot05:44
=== `crimsun [~crimsun@wifi.tel-ott.com] has joined #ubuntu
chaps0063IceDC571, how do i go about that?05:44
IceDC571lets see05:44
mikeworkingDiscipulus: Can I apt-get EncFS?05:45
Discipulusmikeworking, hmm, probably not05:45
limerhow might I go about getting the last port on my santa cruz to output?05:45
new2ubuntuIs there some sort of configuration that is supposed to happen when you first boot your system?05:45
IceDC571chaps0063: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3094905:45
new2ubuntuLike, right after you install.05:45
Discipulusyou can get Fuse though05:46
DiscipulusEncFS is built on Fuse05:46
chaps0063IceDC571, thanks.05:46
Discipulusapt-get install fuse-utils05:46
=== arentie [~marndt@CPE-69-23-109-1.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== gobeavs [~ross@207-118-74-107.dyn.centurytel.net] has left #ubuntu []
mikeworkingThanks, Discipulus -- you may have something here.05:46
Discipulusand then you'd have to install encfs by source05:46
`crimsunyou also need fuse-source, module-assistant, build-essential, and linux-headers-$(uname -r)05:47
=== FlannelKing [~flannel@ca-crlsca-cuda2-c4b-172.crlsca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== elizabeth [~elizabeth@] has joined #ubuntu
=== BROKEN_LADDER [~pral@h-69-3-236-189.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #UBUNTU
=== mlambie [~mlambie@dsl-202-72-151-181.wa.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
mlambiewhat's the best way to benchmark a raid array?05:48
mlambieie, test the read and write speeds05:48
arentieHey, I wanted to let all the Ubuntu users know that I successfully configured my Linksys WMP54G!  I'm pumped about it because I've worked on it for a long time!05:48
atrus_grats :-)05:48
=== craig [~ronald@pcp09207860pcs.pimaco01.az.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bimberiarentie: well done!05:49
mikeworkingarentie: You have booted up your Linksys router with Ubuntu?05:49
IceDC571are you serious?05:49
atrus_that would be a wifi card05:49
limerwoot!  go arentie woot!05:49
=== george_1 [~george@adsl-68-90-233-233.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
arentieI'm serious! :)05:49
chaps0063has anyone had any luck with WPA-PSK and getting it to work?05:49
arentieI know...I need a life, but it's those little things that sometime make one happy05:50
atrus_anyone out there using Ubuntu on an AMD 64 Turion chip?05:50
erommerchaps0063 you need to use wpa-supplicant05:50
erommernot that i know how05:50
=== mario_ [~mario@CableLink39-251.INTERCABLE.net] has joined #ubuntu
limerdo you have to specify a suffix with gunzip?05:50
chaps0063erommer, where do i get that?05:50
IceDC571i want to run ubuntu on my ipod05:50
FlannelKingyou cant05:51
erommerubuntu repositories i believe05:51
DiscipulusI wanna run Ubuntu on an xbox05:51
IceDC571you can actually if i work on it for a few weeks05:51
erommerDiscipulus: i tried that05:51
IceDC571ever heard of the linux on ipod project?05:51
DiscipulusIceDC571, no, what about it?05:51
arentieI want to run Ubuntu on my refridgerator05:51
erommerDiscipulus: i installed debian on my xbox then changed the repositories to ubuntu's, then did a dist upgrade05:51
Discipulusarentie, your fridge have an HD and a CPU?05:52
IceDC571i want Ubuntu installed on my air conditioning system05:52
erommeri want ubuntu on my computer05:52
Discipuluserommer, and it worked?05:52
erommerdiscpulus: yea05:53
IceDC571i'll have two buttons.. i push tux for cool and the freebsd devil for heat05:53
mikeworkingWell, if arentie is going to brag, I must brag too.05:53
=== unome [~unome@ool-43513903.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
DiscipulusIceDC571, haha, that would be awesome05:54
mikeworkingLast night, I stayed up to 3am getting my X40 Thinkpad to PXE boot an Ubuntu install from another Ubuntu system.05:54
arentieYeah, it's a pimped-out fridge05:54
mikeworkingThe X40 comes only with a hard drive and net connections -- no DVD/CDR.05:54
CarlFKmikeworking - like this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LocalNetInstall  (I almost feel bad posting it...)05:55
IceDC571the future is downloading your software05:55
IceDC571actually the future is here, people still have removable media because um.. they want to burn illegal stuff05:55
IceDC571at least thats the only use for my drives :)05:55
PTKlol CarlFK yes that was a rather evil thing to post :)05:55
digitalfoxis there an RSS screensaver for XScreensaver yet like Mac OS X has?05:55
mikeworkingCarlFK -- sort of05:55
=== rronkiv [~rronkiv@ip68-101-245-236.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
Discipulusarentie, wtf? How much did you pay for it?05:55
=== beavis_ [~administr@] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkingMy technique was a lot of hunt and peck, but the end solution was actually quite quick to build.05:56
mikeworkingIt was far less work that what you posted.05:56
beavis_wanna ask a question .... can ubuntu also join a ADS network ?05:56
beavis_does it require more task than Centos ?05:57
CarlFKmikeworking - yeah, about 1/2 of that iis preseeding it so you don't have to answer any questions05:57
alvaroif I install nvidia drivers from www.nvidia.com how can i install now the good drivers using apt/get?05:57
arentieGood Night everyone...thanks for the laughs and the help!  Me need sleepie05:57
=== Markrian [~markrian@82-68-11-182.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== parabolize [~paraboliz@68-69-136-167.clspco.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
PTKnight arentie05:57
=== phaedrus44 [~phaedrus4@cpe-24-198-29-175.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkingIn a nutshell, fire up tftpd, fire up dhcpd -- both, not easy to configure for a newbie -- copy some stuff from Ubuntu CDROM to /tftpboot, then choose PXE to connect to it from laptop -- you're thrown auto. into install, but it's a net install.05:58
new2ubuntuhow do I initiate a configuration after I boot the first time and I am unable to start gnome? (I need to configure it correctly apparently but I can't do so)05:58
=== Surye_ [~Surye@ip68-6-221-216.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkingThen, it will moan that it needs an Internet connection eventually, so you have to switch cables from isolated net to Internet.05:58
CarlFKmikeworking - also I figured out how to avoid some of the copying: mount the iso under the /tftpboot and make a link from www to it05:58
=== mello6 [~mellowyll@c-67-162-226-133.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mikeworkingThen, it will install everything almost perfectly, but for me, at least, it was missing a bunch of gnome junk and I had to apt-get a dozen items to repair that.05:59
mikeworkingBTW, CarlFK, why did you use WWW? I never had to do that. Was easier without that.05:59
CarlFKso that it would load everything from the CD image - no need for the internet connection06:00
=== MrNaughty [MrNaughty@d199-126-25-30.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitnew2ubuntu: is it failing to start x or what?06:01
IceDC571i dont understand why ISPs dont come with free high speed porn06:01
PTKis there an 'ubuntu way' of rolling your own kernel?06:01
=== elmaya2 [elmaya2@] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitIceDC571: you just need to look hard enough, it does06:01
new2ubuntuYes, it fails to start x06:01
tiglionabbitnew2ubuntu: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg will attempt to reconfigure it06:02
new2ubuntuI do that and follow it through, it configures it to be out of range, no matter what I input06:02
tiglionabbitwhat is out of range?  your refresh rate?06:03
new2ubuntuit can't auto-detect my screen, and It's not just my install, the live CD doesn't work either,06:03
new2ubuntuout of range06:03
tiglionabbitdo you have a manual for your monitor?06:03
new2ubuntuNot in hand,06:03
tiglionabbitdo you have any OS that runs properly with that monitor?06:04
new2ubuntuXP,  knoppix (live CD) mandrake06:04
tiglionabbitoh, and the buttons..  if you press the buttons on it, does it display its refresh rate?06:04
=== pyro_chaos [~none@c-67-173-133-172.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbityou could try typing in the refresh rate it should have06:04
pyro_chaoswhats up06:05
pyro_chaosi have a quick question about ubuntu06:05
tiglionabbitask away, pyro_chaos06:05
pyro_chaosdoes it have a program like slackware's swaret or gentoo's emerge/portage tree that allotw easy and quick downloads of programs and their dependancies06:05
=== Pixel83 [~pixel@p54AAC2A0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Discipuluswhich is a frontend to apt-get06:06
tiglionabbitpyro_chaos: now that you're on a debian-based distro, you can use apt.  You may use it via apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, or several other frontends available06:06
Discipulussynaptic is installed by default ;-)06:07
=== SQFreak [~sq@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nalioth is now known as nalioth_zZzZz
=== pow3r [~roque@200-112-142-226.bbt.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
pyro_chaossweet its built on debian06:07
pyro_chaoswell thnx06:08
=== pyro_chaos [~none@c-67-173-133-172.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== jansen [~jansen@] has joined #ubuntu
SQFreakMy system clock loses about 1 minute every half-hour in Linux, not in Windows. Any reasons that could happen?06:08
beavis_wanna ask a question .... can ubuntu also join a ADS network ?06:08
tiglionabbitSQFreak: is your clock set up properly?  Is it set to update itself over the net?06:09
SQFreaktiglionabbit: yes; whenever it updates, it updates to the right time, but in the interrim it's wrong06:09
=== phaedrus44 [~phaedrus4@cpe-24-198-29-175.maine.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitSQFreak: that's odd...   don't know..  but it's just a minute, does that matter a lot to you?06:10
Dr_MelectausAre there any programs like limewire for nix?06:10
jansenhow to install the enlightment 17 for ubuntu?06:10
^thehatsrule^Dr_Melectaus: limewire06:10
tiglionabbitDr_Melectaus: gtk-gnutella06:10
=== denial [~deny@] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Melectausdoes limewire run on nix?06:10
DiscipulusDr_Melectaus, limewire works on Linux06:10
^thehatsrule^Dr_Melectaus: yes, its java06:10
SQFreaktiglionabbit: yes, because after a few hours, it's ten, fifteen minutes off, and that's a big deal.06:10
Dr_Melectaussee if i download a prog from the net onto my desktop06:10
Dr_Melectaushow do i install06:10
Dr_Melectausinstall it**06:10
DiscipulusDr_Melectaus, you don't need to download it yourself06:11
DiscipulusDr_Melectaus, you're runnign ubuntu right?06:11
SQFreakDr_Melectaus: Depends on the app.06:11
Dr_Melectauscan i apt-get limewire?06:11
^thehatsrule^jansen: theres lots of info on the web... maybe like apt-get install e17 ?06:11
DiscipulusDr_Melectaus, apt-get install limewire06:11
SQFreakDr_Melectaus: apt-get install limewire06:11
denialI have a shell variable set in /etc/profile, and when I start an eterm from a gnome launcher the variable gets read. When I launch a gnome terminal it does not, does anyone know why?06:11
Dr_Melectauscan you apt get with other nix distros to? or is it just ubuntu06:11
DiscipulusDr_Melectaus, if ever you have a question on what can be installed via apt-get, do apt-cache search <prog-name>06:11
DiscipulusDr_Melectaus, Debian based distributions06:12
SQFreakOr use Synaptic's search.06:12
syndDr_Melectaus: debian based distros06:12
syndDr_Melectaus: and id stay away from limewire : )06:12
=== AlexMBas [~AlexMBas@] has joined #ubuntu
DiscipulusDr_Melectaus, others have similarities though...for example in Gentoo it's called emerge and you download and compile the source instead of a binary package06:12
=== unome [~unome@ool-43513903.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
lampshadeArchlinux has pacman for installing binaries06:12
syndbut apt-get kicks the hell out of emerge06:12
Discipulussynd, why's that?06:13
=== koinasake [~koinasake@c-66-176-123-100.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Melectausdammit, it isnt returning anything for limewire in apt-cache search06:13
syndDiscipulus: limewire is a resource hog06:13
tiglionabbitDr_Melectaus: you need to add repositories06:13
syndDr_Melectaus: are your repositories ok?06:13
Dr_Melectausive got lots of repositories. I overwrited my own with thoreaputics !_!06:13
tiglionabbitDr_Melectaus: edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file and uncomment some, for universe and restricted.  You may need to add multiverse06:14
syndDiscipulus: gtk-gnutella is much better than limewire06:14
Dr_Melectausi have thors sources.list :P06:14
=== jtan325 [~jtan325@D-128-208-151-193.dhcp4.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
syndDr_Melectaus: if your sources.list is correct, then you should be able to apt-get install limewire06:14
Dr_Melectausill try gtk-gnutella06:15
jtan325anyone here use aterm?06:15
DiscipulusDr_Melectaus, I suggest giftd personally06:15
SQFreakIf you guys would take a look at the pastebin, I just pasted something from dmesg that I think may be the problem. Does that give anyone any clues? I think it also is affecting the speed of MP3/OGG playback when on battery. (This is a laptop.)06:15
Discipulusanyway, I'm out for the night06:15
Discipulusgood night all06:15
syndSQFreak: its better if you copy/paste the pastebin url06:16
Dr_MelectausDiscipulus, whats giftd ?06:16
limerDr_Melectaus: the daemon that keeps on giving?06:16
SQFreaksynd: http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/34906:16
=== RichardC [~richardc@sdn-ap-005tnnashP0291.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jasmuz [~jasmuz@70sdl30m45.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
=== AlexMBas [~AlexMBas@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Shadowpillar [~Shadow@pool0157.cvx22-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net] has joined #ubuntu
Shadowpillarhow do I reconfigure X?06:17
limerDr_Melectaus: http://gift.sourceforge.net/06:18
=== _james_ [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
limerShadowpillar: I just did this.  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:18
Shadowpillarlimer: thanks, that's what I needed06:18
limeryw, glad someone taught me :D06:18
=== AlexMBas [~AlexMBas@alexandre.beigetower] has left #ubuntu []
=== Shadowpillar has a 3dfx voodoo 3 on his one machine
KhaBalusually when you type a programs name into the console it would run the program, but with mplayer nothing happens06:18
=== AndyFitz [~andy@nat-pool-brisbane.redhat.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== cmatheson [~cmatheson@63-225-57-243.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
RichardCmy dial-up connection speed in ubuntu 5.04 is less than half of what it is in windows, using the same modem06:19
RichardCdoes anyone know why?06:19
jtan325anyone here use aterm?06:19
cmathesonjtan325: i do06:19
limerRichardC: what speeds are you seeing in windows?06:19
RichardCit is an isa plug-n-play hardware modem06:19
RichardCus robotics06:19
cmathesonRichardC: well if you're getting 5.04k, that is 56kbps06:20
jasmuzRichardC: i have the same modem and im not having that problem06:20
RichardCbetter yet, is there a way to fix this, so i have a chance of using linux?06:20
RichardCthere is no way i can use linux easily with a slower-than-normal dial-up connection speed06:20
limerI had always heard ISA PnP modems are hard to config in linux generally speaking06:20
jasmuzRichardC: have you tried upping the baud rate to the port?06:20
jtan325cmatheson: what are your settings?06:21
jtan325i mean, what are the parameters you pass in?06:21
RichardCin windows, i connect right around 40kbps (according to windows and to several bandwidth testers)06:21
=== Doomgaze [~Doomgaze@] has joined #ubuntu
cmathesonjtan325: i pass a bunch... what kind of settings are you looking for?06:21
=== krischan [~krischan@p54B80B4A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
NeoGeo64i want to upgrade my kernel to the i686 version06:22
NeoGeo64what do i need to get in the package manager06:22
jasmuzlimer: you are wrong06:22
RichardCjasmuz: how do i do that exactly?06:22
jtan325ummm just anything06:22
jtan325i like to try by experimenting06:22
jtan325rather than reading :-)06:22
limerjasmuz: ok06:22
=== pow3r [~roque@200-112-142-226.bbt.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu
jasmuzRichardC: are you connecting via ppp, right?06:22
rekaNeoGeo64: sudo apt-get install linux-68606:23
RichardCcmatheson: im using ubuntu 5.04, not downloading at 5.0406:23
cmathesonjtan325: haha, i use 'aterm -tr -sh 20 +sb -fg gray -bg black' (and depending on the background, sometimes i stick on a -tint <color>06:23
jtan325how much better is aterm than gnome-terminal?06:24
jtan325they both support transparency06:24
spowersaterm is WAY quicker06:24
cmathesonNeoGeo64: 'apt-cache search kernel-image', and then install the one you want06:24
RichardCjasmuz, im not sure.  the only way i've connected is through the gnome menu06:24
jtan325how so?06:24
spowershow is it quicker?06:24
spowersit's quicker06:24
jtan325moving around the screen is less laggy?06:24
cmathesonjtan325: i hate gnome-terminal's guts.  it sucks.  the only thing i like about it is the i18n06:24
spowersin every single possible way06:25
jtan325what do you mean by "guts"06:25
jasmuzRichardC: that is a wrapper for the ppp, run sudo pppconfig on your terminal06:25
jtan325i thought they're both the bash shell....06:25
cmathesonjtan325: i mean the squishy black crap that flows inside it's body (i'm not saying the source is ugly or anything, it's just a bloated peice of crap for a terminal (same w/ the kde one))06:25
=== [koji] [~[koji] @host-67-128-166-59.entouch.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== riffic [~riffic@c-65-34-206-155.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Octane [~octane@dsl092-100-149.nyc2.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
rifficso i think breezy is kind of screwed up tonight06:26
jtan325lol ok i'm convinced06:26
RichardCjasmuz: can i do that while im connected?06:26
jtan325i don't lose anything by using aterm right?06:26
cmathesonjtan325: there's nothing to lose06:26
jasmuzRichardC:not really06:26
spowersjtan325: it's just a terminal.. everything runs inside the terminal just the same06:27
rekacmatheson: does it have tabs?06:27
cmathesonreka: no. i use screen w/ it though so it doesn't matter06:27
spowersonly quicker.06:27
spowersyou will lose the ability to click on URLs inside of the terminal06:27
spowersaterm doesn't care about urls06:28
spowersor anything for that matter.. it just does its job06:28
RichardCjasmuz: im currently updating apt. can i just ctrl+c and continue it when i reconnect?06:28
=== tigliona1bit [~nick@c-67-171-159-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
RichardCmeaning, i ran apt-get update06:28
=== KillerSmurf [~ksmurf@S010600112f82c311.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
cmathesonRichardC: no, but you could ^Z to put it in the background for now06:29
jasmuzcmatheson: he is going offline06:29
=== leon [~leon@c-67-161-129-39.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
leonhello everyone06:30
tigliona1bituhh, what's good about aterm?06:31
=== schnuffi [~schnuffi@pD9FD3D04.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
tomchuktigliona1bit: lightweight, customizable06:31
=== Cidolfas [~null@adsl-64-175-241-207.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
jtan325where are the icons for programs usually stored?06:32
jtan325i.e. firefox06:32
tigliona1bittomchuk: I just got and ran aterm.  It looks awful.  Typed 'man aterm' in it and it formatted it really badly and had a lot of warnings06:32
leonI need some advice regarding ubuntu on a vmware system06:32
cmathesonjasmuz: that's cool, as long as he just stops it for a sec06:32
unomejtan325: try /usr/share/icons/06:32
KillerSmurfIs anyone have fony problems in firefox and terminal?06:32
tomchuktigliona1bit: you customize aterm using ~/.Xdefaults, I've got a nice clean one somewhere if I can track it down...06:32
=== schnuffi [~schnuffi@pD9FD3D04.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
Dr_MelectausIs there a terminal cmd that allows me to see how much space is being used/free in MB or GB on my hdd?06:33
=== han_ [~han@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Zotnix [martin@ool-43573260.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
tigliona1bitdf -h for putting it in MB, GB06:33
jasmuzguys i have a silly question to ask, i have tons of bookmarks under a ntfs partition how do i add them to my firefox under Ubuntu?06:33
=== han_ is now known as wizo
tigliona1bitjasmuz: do you have the partition mounted?06:34
jasmuztigliona1bit: yes06:34
Dr_Melectaussweet thanks06:34
tigliona1bitactually, I have no idea if linux firefox can talk to windows programs...06:34
jasmuzi also have firefox in win06:34
tigliona1bityou could grab the files and plop them in the directory I bet06:34
=== NeoGeo64 [~neo@adsl-068-209-123-016.sip.aby.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
tomchuktigliona1bit: http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/35006:35
leonwhere is the gcc program found in ubuntu06:35
stevef_zzzjasmuz: the file format should be compatible... so if you just want to transfer your bookmarks, then just copy the appropriate file(s) into your profile.06:35
limerjasmuz: you might try importing them through firefox's import/export under "manage bookmarks"06:35
cccjasmuz: you can export your bookmarks into a file and import them in linux firefox06:35
jasmuztigliona1bit: that is too much of a windows thinking06:35
jasmuzlimer: wont do06:35
tigliona1bityeah, it probably is...06:35
unometigliona just copy bookmarks.html from your firefox profile (windoze) to your home dir and then import them from firefox06:35
jasmuzthanks guys06:36
tigliona1bityeah, that's what I meant, unome's got it06:36
jasmuzbut one issue06:36
jasmuzFirefox in Ubuntu wont let me import06:36
jasmuzdosent do anything at all06:36
=== tigliona1bit is now known as tiglionabbit
jtan325how do you "source" .Xdefaults06:36
tiglionabbitjasmuz: that's true.  Simply replace your bookmarks.html file06:36
jtan325or do you have to logout06:36
spowersjtan325: xrdb -merge .Xdefaults06:37
limerjasmuz: good news, just did it meself06:37
=== RootsLINUX [olsen@adsl-70-240-10-58.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
wizohmm, anyoen has any ideas y i cant see my azumeus in my system tray?06:37
jasmuzwhat about the new links ive made?06:37
limerlook in Docs and Settings\username\application data06:37
=== norris__ [~norris@user-1120ted.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== spowers [~sam@65-103-68-113.eugn.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu []
leonDoes anyone know where the GCC program resides?06:38
stevef_zzzleon: /usr/bin/gcc ?06:38
wizoleon: usr/bin06:38
KhaBalcan anyone help me with the following error everytime i run apt-get, I want to just delete it because im sick of that error http://phpfi.com/6787506:38
wizohmm, anyoen has any ideas y i cant see my azumeus in my system tray?06:39
stevef_zzzleon: you can always tell where a program is by typing 'which gcc' or 'type gcc'06:39
=== PPC_Guy [~ntempleto@197-57-178-69.gci.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== stevef_zzz is now known as stevef_
PPC_Guyhey all, having issues with a knoppix 3.9 hd install recognizing a Creative Labs dvd (internal) player..06:40
leonvmware tools is requiring me to tell it where the binary file is for my compiler06:40
PPC_Guykinda of linux n00b here too06:40
=== malakhi [~malakhi@] has joined #ubuntu
CarlFKPPC_Guy - did you try the Ubuntu Live DVD?06:42
leonstevef_: I used the synapric installer to select GCC4 and installed it06:43
leonstevef_: but when i type in "which GCC" or "type GCC" it does not find it06:43
PPC_Guynope.. Don't have mine as of yet.. This is a build from knoppix 3.906:44
=== curut [~curut@] has joined #ubuntu
curutcan anyone help me aliitle here06:45
curuti am a new linux user started iwth ubuntu and there is this command asking me for libpng06:45
stevef_leon: hmmm... on my system /usr/bin/gcc is a symlink to gcc-4.006:45
curutbut when i try to apt-get install libpng , libpng is not found06:45
curutso what the dir for libpng?06:46
Dr_MelectausSee the take screenshot option, how do you make it so the screenie doesnt come out the size of a thumbnail06:46
`crimsuncurut, you should have libpng12-0 already installed06:46
leonSould i try to tyupe in /usr/bin/gcc/gcc-4.0 ?06:46
stevef_leon: and /usr/bin/gcc belongs to the gcc package. So maybe in addition to gcc-4.0 you also need to install gcc as well06:46
`crimsuncurut, are you trying to compile an application?06:46
KillerSmurfHey all I'm having issues with my Fonts.  ANy quick tips?06:47
=== SpecialBuddy [~matt@c-24-11-130-184.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
stevef_leon: no, it's /usr/bin/gcc-4.006:47
wizoleon, dun forget cd <==06:47
`crimsuncurut, if so, you need to install the libpng12-dev package06:47
wizooh yeh06:47
leonstevef_: Ok06:47
leonI will try that06:47
lpihhey i'm on windows now and i'm wondering if ubuntu has NTFS support by default06:48
`crimsunlpih, it has read support by default06:48
wizolpih, u have to mount it06:48
wizou cant write but only read06:48
stevef_leon: specifying /usr/bin/gcc-4.0 as your compiler will probably work, but most packages that need a C compiler will look for /usr/bin/gcc so it's a good idea to install the gcc package.06:49
curuthey they coulnd find libpng12-dev06:49
Octanewhat are the "libavcodec1" and "libavcodec2" packages?06:49
=== cmatheso1 [~cmatheson@67-42-255-116.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
PPC_Guyquetion: how would I tell if the right packages are even installed to use the dvd drive as such?06:49
leonstevef_: What is the location of the "gcc" program on your machine? /usr/bin/gcc-4.006:49
leonThe answer "/usr/bin/gcc-4.0" is invalid.  It must be the complete name of a06:49
leonbinary file.06:49
leonWhat is the location of the "gcc" program on your machine?06:49
stevef_leon: actually, I always install the build-essential packages which depends on gcc and g++06:49
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
curut`crimsun, they couldn;t find libpng12-dev06:49
Dr_MelectausSee the take screenshot option, how do you make it so the screenie doesnt come out the size of a thumbnail06:49
stevef_leon: /usr/bin/gcc-4.0 is a binary file. Type 'file /usr/bin/gcc-4.0'06:50
leonstevef_: Thanks you so much for your help , i feel inadiquite for this linux stuff. But i am learning06:50
`crimsuncurut, do you have the main repository enabled?06:50
stevef_leon: no problem... i've been using Linux for YEARS and I still feel like a newb :)06:50
lpihyeah good06:50
curut`crimsun, this is the original msg Error: PNG support required for GUI compilation, please install libpng and libpng-dev packages.06:50
lpihrocks :)06:50
curut`crimsun, what is repository?06:51
`crimsuncurut, in ubuntu, the packages are libpng12 and libpng12-dev06:51
=== davi1 [~redactech@] has joined #ubuntu
`crimsuncurut, type: apt-cache policy libpng12-dev06:51
stevef_leon: just do 'apt-get install build-essential' and then your compiler will be /usr/bin/gcc. Problem solved.06:51
`crimsuncurut, then paste the output onto pastebin.ca06:51
=== java_4_ever [~kwunderli@d53-64-50-242.nap.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
leonstevef_: I will do that06:51
__Lamont__Anyone know how to troubleshoot a PS/2 mouse that doesn't work after install?06:51
=== davi1 [~redactech@] has left #ubuntu []
wolverianhmm, my keyboard doesn't work correctly in breezy. I wonder if that's to be expected06:52
stevef___Lamont__: you should probably start by looking at /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:52
=== jezreel [~jezreel@] has joined #ubuntu
curut`crimsun, http://pastebin.ca/1660106:53
__Lamont__wolv I don't know about it but I've heard knowledable ppl suggest breezy doesn't work right06:53
wolverian__Lamont__: yes, it certainly doesn't, but then again, I don't see such a bug in the bugzilla either06:54
=== cubicool [~cubicool@c-24-99-152-236.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
__Lamont__stevef - I'll check it out06:54
cubicoolhello all06:54
=== java_4_ever [~kwunderli@d53-64-50-242.nap.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
PPC_Guydmesg |grep 'DVD' shows the drive06:54
stevef___Lamont__: also, check that both the 'psmouse' and 'mousedev' kernel modules are loaded.... lsmod | grep mouse06:54
curut`crimsun, its only 1line...06:54
`crimsuncurut, you don't have the main repo enabled06:54
`crimsuncurut, you need to either uncomment it manually in /etc/apt/sources.list then refresh or use Synaptic to enable it06:55
=== java_4_ever [~kwunderli@d53-64-50-242.nap.wideopenwest.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== jasoncohen [~jason@pcp0011382713pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== atrus__ [~atrus@c-67-177-181-157.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncoheni'm getting constant skipping when i play DVD movies in xine or totem. cpu usage doesn't seem to be the problem. i have 60% free06:56
=== hyphenated [~cgilmour@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Derreck [~derreck@69-162-63-128.stcgpa.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
curut`crimsun, i am a real new in linux i dont reallly understand the uncomment, refresh and synatic06:57
`crimsunjasoncohen, and the dvd drive has DMA enabled? is the sound using esd or alsa directly?06:57
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
__Lamont__stevef - I shoudl grep the xlog for those values?06:57
`crimsuncurut, I don't have access to Synaptic, so I can only explain the manual method. Open a Terminal, and type: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list06:57
curut`crimsun, ok i am there am i suppose to remove ##?06:58
__Lamont__I have pretty limited linux experience though fortunately it mostly is with using bash in an x-less environment :p06:58
`crimsuncurut, locate the line that reads "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary main restricted"06:58
stevef___Lamont__: the modules? No. You can either do 'grep mouse /proc/modules' or 'lsmod | grep mouse'06:58
`crimsuncurut, make sure that line has no #s in front06:58
jasoncohencrimsun, how do i check the DMA setitngs. i was using auto for audio- i changed to alsa with no afefct06:58
`crimsunjasoncohen, sudo hdparm -d /dev/hdX06:58
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@AC91AB7F.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
`crimsunjasoncohen, substitute X with the device letter06:59
stevef___Lamont__: other than firefox, the only other program I usse is bash ;)06:59
jasoncohencrimsun, huh, it's off06:59
=== bluefoxicy [~bluefox@pcp0012069148pcs.whtmrs01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohencrimsun, how do i enable DMA?07:00
__Lamont__Xlog seems to show that it recognized my mouse is not a normal basic mouse - recognized a 5-button mouse (I have a fairly newish logitech mouse though it's passed through a KVM07:00
`crimsunjasoncohen, -d107:00
curut`crimsun, sould i uncomment the other one too?07:00
`crimsuncurut, not really necessary, you can if you wish07:00
curut`crimsun, ok07:00
Amaranthhey guys07:00
stevef___Lamont__: by mouse not working, are you getting an error? Or is the mouse just not moving the cursor? X is starting ok?07:00
`crimsun'lo Amaranth07:01
jasoncohencrimsun, that fixed the problem07:01
`crimsunjasoncohen, good07:01
Amaranthsorry to blow things completely off topic here, but does anyone know how to get paint off of glasses? :)07:01
curut`crimsun, how do i save?07:01
__Lamont__stevef - ubuntu boots to X just fine. Mouse cursor is center screen and doesn't move07:01
`crimsunAmaranth, what sort of paint?07:01
jasoncohencrimsun, that was done automatically in debian. shouldn't it be done automatically in ubuntu?07:01
curutits in form of dos.. there is this whole bunch of letter below07:01
stevef___Lamont__: and you've checked that the modules are loaded?07:01
Amaranth`crimsun: err, lead paint?07:01
curut`crimsun, o tryed opening maunually form GUI, but i cant edit anything form there07:02
Amaranthjasoncohen: It's dangerous turning on DMA for everyone, some drives have issues with it.07:02
`crimsunjasoncohen, not necessarily, but you can edit /etc/hdparm.conf07:02
=== thoreauputic [~prospero@wolax8-111.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
__Lamont__working on that now.  Xlog shows "loading /use/XllR6/lib/modules/input/mouse_drv.o07:03
stevef___Lamont__: was the mouse plugged in when the system was turned on? I've heard that PS/2 devices can't be plugged/unplugged while the system is running.07:03
`crimsuncurut, did you use the nano command I gave you?07:03
jasoncohencrimsun, /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 shows dma = on07:03
`crimsunAmaranth, lead? erm, where did you get lead paint? :)07:03
=== paul_ [~paul@242.064.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
curut`crimsun, yep ok done its changed07:03
Amaranth`crimsun: They still sell it for industrial paint jobs.07:03
stevef___Lamont__: specifically what I'm asking is if the kernel modules are loaded.... open a terminal and type 'grep mouse /proc/modules'07:03
`crimsunAmaranth, ah. Thought you were painting a house or something.07:03
curut`crimsun, so i can install it now?07:04
jasoncohenAmaranth, can't the system tell if it's a farily new drive? debian usually has pretty safe settings. if sarge enabled DMA, i would think ubuntu could07:04
Amaranthwell, i was :)07:04
thoreauputiccrimsun: artists still use lead white, too :)07:04
__Lamont__stevef - grep mouse /proc/modules shows psmouse and mousedev - and yes was plugged in during install/boot07:04
leonstevef_: What is the location of the directory of c header files that match your running kernel?07:04
curut`crimsun, btw waht does nano mean? , sado is like artificial root access right?07:04
__Lamont__stevef - I'ma find a boring basic PS/2 mouse without lots of extra buttons and piug it in without my KVM, and reboot07:04
Amaranth`crimsun: I forget, does gasoline take paint off?07:05
stevef_leon: hmm.... there is a linux-headers package that provides the kernel's internal C headers, that is probably what you want.07:05
leonstevef_: yes, that sound right07:05
thoreauputicAmaranth: turpentine or white spirit :)07:06
paul_stevef: easy way to see what modules are loaded = lsmod07:06
=== ghostless [~ghostless@pool-71-100-103-217.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
stevef_leon: actually, I think it's versioned based on the kernel you're running... so do dpkg -l | grep linux-image and install the coorresponding linux-headers package.07:06
`crimsunAmaranth, I'm not a toxicology expert, but from what I read, warm water and a general-purpose cleaning solution should suffice07:06
stevef_paul_: yeah, I know.... I showed two ways above :)07:06
leonstevef_: ok i will07:06
Amaranththoreauputic: Isn't that bad for the lenses?07:06
=== Amaranth tried to paint without his glasses, it wasn't pretty
Amaranthdon't let a blind man paint07:07
=== PPC_Guy [~ntempleto@197-57-178-69.gci.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
thoreauputicAmaranth: ah, you want to clean leanses? That's different - sorry I jumped in07:07
IceDC571try painting on a naked body.. it feels wonderful07:07
`crimsuncurut, did you update /etc/apt/sources.list?07:07
stevef___Lamont__: ahh... the kvm could be the culprit. try to remove that from the equation and see what happens.07:07
Amaranththoreauputic: Yeah, I need to clean my glasses.07:07
AmaranthIceDC571: My cousin's girlfriend painted on his chest, it was fun watching him try to tear it off. :D07:08
__Lamont__stevef - OMG... maybe I should stick to windows. Apparently I'm an idiot. I went to unplug the mouse and realized.... I had the wrong mouse on my desk. (Work at home with Laptop USB mouse, gaming machine mouse, and all others on the KVM - I'd connected the wrong one to the linux box... *slap*07:08
thoreauputicAmaranth: if your glasses are not coated, it won't hurt07:08
curut`crimsun, erm the command is apt-get update /etc/apt/sources.list?07:08
Amaranththey aren't07:08
thoreauputicif you have lens coating, probably a bad move07:08
=== factorx [~factorx@dsl-084-060-015-171.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571Amaranth: try it the other way around, im sure its more fun to watch :D07:08
__Lamont__stevef thanks for your help. Apparently what I needed was some sleep. *bonk*07:08
=== arleal_ [~arleal@] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthIceDC571: haha, it was fun because it was painful07:08
thoreauputicAmaranth: well, uncoated lenses won't absorb any solvent07:08
leonstevef_: thank you for your patience with me.07:08
Amaranththoreauputic: coated ones would have the coating stripped off, wouldn't they?07:09
thoreauputicAmaranth: probably07:09
arleal_Anyone have problems compiling QT programms? on ubuntu?07:09
=== thoreauputic is an ex-photographer
=== stevef_ slaps __Lamont__ with a fish
curut`crimsun, oo nvm its takes no argue ok its updated...07:09
arleal_I get lots of undefined reference to..07:09
=== __Lamont__ falls into the river
stevef___Lamont__: no problem... I've done some SUPER dumb things too ;)07:09
IceDC571i need help, i think im getting bored with gnome, i might want to try another window manager07:09
curut`crimsun, oo ty man it working07:09
__Lamont__Nobody should have 3 mice on their one desk.. I need a bigger KVM I guess :p07:10
=== RichardC [~richardc@sdn-ap-013tnnashP0032.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
__Lamont__I have 5 computers in here that I use and 2 CPUs under my desk that I'm trying to decommission :p07:10
stevef___Lamont__: I have two on my desk (mice) but I've never askied anyone on IRC why one won't work ;)07:10
=== HostingGeek is now known as Mircosoft
jasoncohenif ubuntu's update manager is set to check for updates every day, what time does it run? that can't be set as far as i can tell07:11
curut`crimsun, are u very busy? i want to ask u some question abt linux07:11
`crimsuncurut, ask away07:11
IceDC571i should get a huge live rat and stuff an optical laser up its tummy and embed clicks below its eyes07:11
=== __Lamont__ sits facing the corner with a point hat at the front of the class
=== digitalfox is now known as digitalfox|sleep
thoreauputicAmaranth: on uncoated glasses, you can use an old toothbrush to clean them - glass is pretty hard07:12
RichardCis that what i need to do in order to play mp3 files?07:12
cmatheso1RichardC: yes07:12
Amaranththoreauputic: They're already pretty scratched up, dunno if I want to risk that.07:12
cmatheso1IceDC571: i like windowmaker07:12
=== cmatheso1 is now known as cmatheson
curut`crimsun, is sado, an command like to give root access like? what is nano?07:13
cmathesonIceDC571: (black|flux|open)box is pretty rad too07:13
thoreauputicAmaranth: hmm - the only thing that can scratch glass is something as hard as glass07:13
IceDC571cmarqu: i might try enlightenment(sp?)07:13
=== synd [~phillipma@h76.40.55.139.ip.alltel.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
IceDC571wait wrong person07:13
IceDC571stupid autocomplete..07:13
cmathesonIceDC571: the new enlightenment (the one that's been in development for like the past 7 years) looks way stinkin' rad, but the current stable version is pretty outdated (it's still pretty cool though)07:14
thoreauputicAmaranth: plastic is a different matter - a lot of "glasses" are actually plastic these days07:14
`crimsuncurut, sudo is "superuser do". It allows the invoker to use root privileges (or another user's privileges).07:14
`crimsuncurut, nano is a simple text editor.07:14
RichardCjudax: using pppd to connect worked.  my connection speed is normal.  however, is there something like kppp (i know, its for kde) i can use in gnome to do the same thing?07:14
=== nootrope [~nootrope@pool-68-239-113-244.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenis it recommended to use kubuntu's KDE 3.4.1 packages or is it safer to use hoary's 3.4.0?07:14
RichardCheh, like a gppp07:14
=== stevef_ [~stevef@pool-64-222-117-63.burl.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
curut`crimsun, ahh ic .. i find it hard to get around linux like installing stuff and controling the software and driver... is there any guide that teach new bie like me?07:15
`crimsuncurut, there's excellent documentation on the Ubuntu web site.07:16
=== mindstorm [~mindstorm@] has joined #ubuntu
=== cyrus [~cyrus@] has joined #ubuntu
cmathesonRichardC: right click on the panel and go to the add (applet) option... i think there's one there07:16
=== icaro [~icaro@adsl-ull-204-24.44-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
RichardCi see it, but it doesnt use ppp07:17
RichardCit does the same thing as system->admin->networking does07:17
RichardCwhich is slow07:17
RichardCi had to use terminal to connect07:17
=== icaro goood morning at all
RichardC'pppd file /etc/ppp/peers/Minspring'07:17
curut`crimsun, oo ty i have this problem now is kina looking for X11 support, the msg is Error: X11 support required for GUI compilation what the pakacage i need to install?07:18
paul_curut - if you're running ubuntu, use the synaptic-package manager from System -> Administration - very straightforward to install new packages07:18
`crimsuncurut, x-dev07:18
cmathesoncurut: xlibs-dev?07:18
=== steven_ [~steven@ct-seymour-cmts2b-46.wtrbct.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
steven_how would i install firefox07:19
curutcmatheson, x-dev ty07:19
`crimsunit's already installed, steven_07:19
steven_a newer version07:19
cmathesonsteven_: don't07:19
curutpaul_,oo ty paul07:19
=== DrSchlauf [~Sven@p548960DD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
`crimsunsteven_, the version in hoary-security fixes known issues07:20
steven_wtf does that mean07:20
arleal_I have a QT proggie compilation problem anyone knows whats the problem? http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/35307:20
paul_yw + very :D07:20
arleal_I have a QT proggie compilation problem anyone knows whats the problem? http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/35307:20
=== arleal_ is now known as Rowters
steven_how would i insatall firefox!!!!!!!!!!!07:21
=== Rowters is now known as Rowterius
curut`crimsun, i still have the same error msg after installing x-dev, is there anything else i need that connected to X?07:21
`crimsuncurut, what precisely is it asking for?07:21
cmathesoncurut: it's xlibs-dev07:21
BurgundaviaSteveA, you already have the latest version07:21
=== RichardC [~richardc@sdn-ap-013tnnashP0032.dialsprint.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Burgundaviasteven_, ^07:21
=== DrSchlauf [~Sven@p54895FD4.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mindstorm [~mindstorm@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jdkycdoc [1000@] has joined #ubuntu
steven_how DO I INSTALL FIREFOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:22
paul_there's also the extra backport repositories - they newer07:23
thoreauputicsteven_: it's pointless - the latest hoary firefox has all the security fixes: all you need to do is type about:config in the location bar and change the vendor sub string to 1.0.407:23
Burgundaviasteven_, you already have the latest firefox07:23
paul_steven - have you searched using Synaptic???07:23
thoreauputicsteven_: stop it please07:23
`crimsuncmatheson, it's better to recommend libx11-dev in that case07:23
nootropesteven_: you're getting obnoxious07:23
Burgundaviapaul_, there is a bug in ff that they cannot tell whether or not a version has been patched07:23
steven_no the latest is 1.0.4 i have 1.007:23
cmatheson`crimsun: really?07:23
paul_nope, you can get Firefox 1.04 off the backport repository07:23
Burgundaviasteven_, you have all the security fixes for 1.0.4 backported07:23
steven_where is that07:23
`crimsuncmatheson, yeah, I always recommend x-dev unless libx11-dev is actually needed07:23
thoreauputicsteven_: you can read, right?07:23
Burgundaviapaul_, that is not useful advice07:24
=== juanpa [~juanpa@] has joined #ubuntu
curut`crimsun, ty i think cmatheson heled it07:24
steven_u can suck my dick rite07:24
`crimsuncmatheson, though most people probably will want the latter, as you said07:24
curut`crimsun, oo that installed too many stuff?07:24
paul_Backports is at http://www.ubuntuguide.org/07:24
thoreauputicsteven_: you are on thin ice07:24
curutcmatheson, ty07:24
=== jasmuz [~jasmuz@15sdl30m44.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviasteven_, that is rude and against the Ubuntu code of conduct, I suggest you stop07:25
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o crimsun] by ChanServ
steven_i suggest u suck my dick07:25
`crimsunsteven_, watch the language07:25
paul_Burgundavia - not useful advice? care to elaborate?07:25
steven_suck my fuck07:25
thoreauputicjust kick the idiot07:25
steven_fuck suck it07:25
PTKsteven_, the hell is wrong with you man?!? your question has already been answered several times to boot07:25
Burgundaviapaul_, he already has the latest firefox, but there is a bug in ff that makes it impossible for update.moz to tell that07:25
paul_oh, there's a setting in about:config...07:26
thoreauputicBurgundavia: I told him how to fix that07:26
`crimsunsteven_, last warning.07:26
steven_lick my butt07:26
=== mode/#ubuntu [+q *!*@ct-seymour-cmts2b-46.wtrbct.adelphia.net] by crimsun
=== Nikolas [~nikolas@cs181112178.pp.htv.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== mindstorm [~mindstorm@] has left #ubuntu []
cmatheson`crimsun: ok cool07:26
Dr_MelectausJesus there a hostile bunch in #debian arnt they07:27
PTKactually on the ff topic, why is it that the changes were backported rather than just u/g wholesale?07:27
`crimsunPTK, only the security fixes were backported, because the non-security bugfixes aren't guaranteed to not introduce further bugs07:28
paul_good point - you can get 1.0.4 off the backport repository, works for me07:28
=== mindstorm [~mindstorm@] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaPTK, longstanding debian policy07:28
PTKoh okay07:28
=== jasmuz is now known as jasmuz_ZzZz
BurgundaviaDr_Melectaus, #debian has a history, unfortunately. They do a great disservice to an otherwise great distro07:28
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o crimsun] by crimsun
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: heh - #debian is a nice spaectator blood sport ;-)07:29
PTKso whats the policy on feature upgrades? only on majoe releases?07:29
BurgundaviaPTK, no new features, only crashers and security holes07:30
=== cyber1993 [~cyber@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthevery question you ask in #debian gets someone spewing an FAQ, 'RTFM', or a message from apt telling you to RTFM (points to the manual)07:30
BurgundaviaPTK, except at the release of a new version, warty/hoary/breezy07:30
Burgundaviawe don't need to bash #debian here07:30
PTKBurgundavia, fair enough07:30
AmaranthBurgundavia: They scarred me. :/07:30
Burgundaviathats fine, there is #debian-recovering for that07:31
=== mindstorm [~mindstorm@] has joined #ubuntu
PTKBurgundavia, sorry thats what I meant by major release07:31
BurgundaviaPTK, indeed, I typed, then read07:31
thoreauputicactually amidst all the stupidity there are some very good people in #debian - I learnt a lot there07:31
Amaranthbob2___ is from #debian :)07:31
`crimsunas long as we're all respectful, it doesn't matter what happens "there" :)07:31
thoreauputicAmaranth: indeed07:31
__Lamont__I know ubuntu tries to make most administration doable in the GUI - I'm very limited linux but all of it is bash. Ages ago I set up an sshd and a Samba installation on my home net. Are there ways to do that sort of thing via GUI or do I go back to bash for stuff like that?07:33
`crimsun__Lamont__, you may use Synaptic to install openssh-server07:33
curutwhat pakaged does that need? , i intalled gtk-engine-dev, the error still there tho Error: The GUI requires GTK devel packages (which were not found).07:34
curut any help ty07:34
=== desplesda [~desplesda@CPE-143-238-232-34.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
`crimsunlibgtk2.0-dev or libgtk1.2-dev, depending on the version it asks for07:35
__Lamont__`crimson, thanks. I'll take a look at it. I didn't know what it was but I found it in the menus now. :)07:35
__Lamont__My X / Gnome / KDE experience is... um... nil :p07:35
=== nootrope [~nootrope@pool-68-239-113-244.res.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
Dr_MelectausBurgundavia, thoreauputic , why are they so all uptight in debian?07:36
__Lamont__On that note, are there any good books that are ubuntu-specific or am I best finding a good book on general debian / GNOME topics?07:36
BurgundaviaDr_Melectaus, no idea, this is #ubuntu07:36
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: hard to say - there's a certain tradition of umm... arrogance I guess07:36
Lukemy microphone isnt working even though all the volumes are turned up... anyone have any ideas what this might be?07:36
Dr_Melectausthis is a good chan. always people offering help, good manners07:36
Luketrue that =)07:37
=== benplaut [~benplaut@cpe-66-8-184-56.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== desplesda [~desplesda@CPE-143-238-232-34.vic.bigpond.net.au] has left #ubuntu [""]
`crimsunLuke, it can be rather tricky, because you need to enable the microphone selection in multiple places, and some sound chipsets require additional finagling07:37
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: don't judge Debian by the channel - it's a great distro07:37
curutcmatheson, what does this Error: The GUI requires GTK devel packages (which were not found). refer to?, i installed GTK-engine-dev but still have the same error07:38
thoreauputiccurut: I think `crimsun already answered you above07:38
Luke`crimsun: any idea where else I may need to look? i'm using the same kernel that I did on another distro on this same computer where the mic worked so i know my kernel config is correct07:38
`crimsuncurut, did you see what I typed above regarding libgtk2.0-dev or libgtk1.2-dev?07:38
cmathesoncurut: you'll want libgtk2.0-dev (or maybe the older libs... does it tell what version you're looking for?)07:38
curutoo sry07:39
curuti missed that07:39
Dr_Melectauscan i apt-get login-themes ?07:39
cmathesoncurut: generally if it says you're missing something when you want to compile, just add -dev to the name of the library it wants07:39
`crimsunLuke, I highly doubt it's a kernel issue; much more likely to be a mixer issue. An element needs to be unmuted.07:39
cmathesoncurut: you can use apt-cache or aptitude/synaptic to look for the exact name of the lib07:39
Luke`crimsun: well i'm trying to use all alsa/hardware mixing (i've got an audigy 2 value) and i've unmuted and turned everything up in alsamixer07:40
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: anything to do with login, try apt-cache search gdm | grep <keyword> (i suggest)07:40
Luke`crimsun: what else could access different elements?07:40
`crimsunLuke, did you press F4 to access alsamixer's Capture view?07:41
Luke`crimsun: yea07:41
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: looks like there's a gdm-themes package...07:41
curutcmatheson, yea i tried with the synatic, just too many files hahah confused me07:41
`crimsunLuke, and unmuted capture, then selected the one you want to capture via F3 and spacebar?07:41
curutcmatheson, oo waht abt the apt-cahce how do i use that?07:41
Luke`crimsun: my card has never been able to select a capture channel07:42
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic, not sure if ive got it but is it called xbanner?07:42
thoreauputiccurut: apt-cache search <keywords>07:42
cmathesoncurut: it does a lot (you can read the man-page), but apt-cache search <foo> is pretty usefull (usually you'll want to pipe it through 'less', as it may spit out many package-names07:42
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: umm... no idea07:42
`crimsunLuke, with the space bar?07:42
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: try gdm-themes07:42
Luke`crimsun: yea there is nothing to toggle07:42
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic, whats the name of the one you got and ill try putting that in07:42
Luke`crimsun: audigy 2 value07:42
`crimsunLuke, in F3 view?07:42
Luke`crimsun: f3 is playback07:43
`crimsunLuke, you still have to select the element with the spacebar in F307:43
curutoo ok ty07:43
Luke`crimsun: yea i'm trying it right now... there is nothing togglable07:43
=== ramblingturtle23 [~ob@c-67-185-63-205.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== LinuxNewbie [haring@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbiehow can i install squid in ubuntu07:44
`crimsunLuke, very odd. Have you tried alsa-source from universe?07:44
Luke`crimsun: no but in gentoo it was the same and my mic worked there07:44
LinuxNewbieive download a ZIP file07:44
=== _linuxAS_ [~linuxas@cmbe-212-89-16-88.telecable.es] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbiei dont know what to do next07:44
thoreauputicLinuxNewbie: don't do that07:44
LinuxNewbiedo what?07:45
paul_LinuxNewb - don't do that - just open Synaptic Package Manager - search on squid & install07:45
thoreauputicLinuxNewbie: use synaptic or apt/aptitude07:45
`crimsunLuke, "the same"...version?07:45
LinuxNewbiecould you walk me through it07:45
Luke`crimsun: "the same" = non-togglable07:45
=== _linuxAS_ [~linuxas@cmbe-212-89-16-88.telecable.es] has joined #ubuntu
=== TestDummy [~testdummy@user-v8lmefn.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicLinuxNewbie:  sudo apt-get install squid07:46
`crimsunLuke, did you remember to adjust the volume in F4?07:46
TestDummyOkay... how do I put this...07:46
Luke`crimsun: yea its all turned up07:46
LinuxNewbieok wait07:46
=== epselon [~epselon@p548AE67E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
TestDummyThe hard drive I have with Ubuntu died, and, it so happens GRUB was on there too, so now I can't even do anything at all...07:46
=== riffic [~riffic@c-65-34-206-155.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Brik [~max@213-140-6-121.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== cst [~cst@p508F8666.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
cmathesonTestDummy: use the cD as a rescue disk07:47
paul_Linux Newbie - Click System -> Administer -> Synaptic Package Manager07:47
TestDummyOkay... how?07:47
`crimsunLuke, please paste the output of amixer onto pastebin.ca07:47
Luke`crimsun: un momento07:48
Luke`crimsun: http://rafb.net/paste/results/2HkKl793.html07:48
TestDummycmatheson: How do I use it as a rescue disc??07:49
paul_If you have a rescue disk, the disk will have grub on it - just hit C & you have a grub prompt - I use RIP07:49
=== juanpa [~juanpa@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== gobeavs [~ross@207-118-74-107.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
TestDummyKinda hard for me to be making rescue discs when I can't even boot into either OS.07:50
cmathesonTestDummy: i'm not sure w/ ubuntu, i've only done it w/ debian... you could probably google it pretty easy07:50
Dr_Melectausif i wanted to search for new system sounds what would be the name of the file i would be after?07:50
`crimsunLuke, doesn't seem like that's the entire paste07:51
TestDummyYou tell me to use it as a rescue disc, I ask you how and you say you don't know??07:51
Luke`crimsun: lemme check07:51
Luke`crimsun: it is07:51
`crimsunLuke, look on alsa.opensrc.org under the emu10k1 sections. Sorry, but I've had a long day of traveling and need to sleep.07:51
Luke`crimsun: alright thanks07:52
=== hyphenated [~cgilmour@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jonathan_ [~jonathan@host81-158-251-218.range81-158.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicTestDummy: from memory, you type "rescue" at the first prompt in the installer07:53
Dr_Melectausif i wanted to search for new system sounds what would be the name of the file i would be after?07:53
thoreauputicTestDummy: and it boots to "rescue" mode07:53
TestDummyAnd what is that supposed to do?07:54
thoreauputicTestDummy: just tried it and that is indeed what it does07:54
=== [1] punkass [~punkass@h70-66-240-253.sbm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
TestDummyI don't think I'll be able to reinstall Grub or anything, I don't even think I can do a dual-boot anymore with a dead hard drive07:54
thoreauputicgives you an opportunity to mount your drive and salvage your data or whatever you need to do07:54
paul_if you can get grub on cd, you can fix it07:55
TestDummyEh, I don't need to do salvage, nothing important on that particular drive07:55
TestDummy(Which is a good thing...)07:55
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-52-12.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicin that case, what *do* you want to do?07:55
TestDummyWell, since it was a dual-boot, and the drive with Ubuntu on it no longer working..07:56
TestDummyI can't boot into either Ubuntu or Windows anymore.07:56
Amaranthhe wants to get windows working again07:56
thoreauputicTestDummy: if the drive is dead and contained nothing important, I'm wondering what you want to do with it07:56
=== parham [~parham@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicAmaranth: he's using "drive" in the windows sense?07:57
TestDummyWhat I need to do is get it so I can boot back into Windows. I can't right now because it seems Grub was on the drive with Ubuntu, the one that died on me.07:57
parhamhi, i have to ask something, what can we expect from new release in 13th October 2005?07:58
Dr_Melectausif i wanted to search for new system sounds what would be the name of the file i would be after?07:58
TestDummyReal pain in the ass the drive went out... Ubuntu is one of the best distros I've tried, imo. :|07:58
thoreauputicTestDummy: would you not use a windows rescue tool then?07:58
TestDummyI dunno.07:58
TestDummyI haven't ever had this problem before.07:58
TestDummyI don't know which tools to use to get the problem fixed.07:58
=== Amaranth remembers something about fdisk /mbr
=== atrus_ [~atrus@c-67-177-181-157.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
paul_you can probably just restore the windows MBR if windows is all you need atm07:59
Amaranthbut that's only for Windows 98 and 95, iirc07:59
thoreauputicAmaranth: w98 only I fear - I think XP uses "fix mbr " or something07:59
TestDummyBleh, it was a Ubuntu/XP dual bot.07:59
Amaranthyou need to boot your winxp cd then08:00
Amaranthchoose to fix a current install, one of the options of things to automatically fix is the mbr08:00
thoreauputicTestDummy: it's something like "fix MBR" - maybe google for that with "XP"08:00
=== Marble2 [~Marble@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TestDummyI feel so stupid being in a IRC channel for a Linux distro, asking questions that pertain to Windows -_-08:00
TestDummyI have slight memory of what I did one time before..08:00
=== parham [~parham@] has joined #ubuntu
parhamre hi08:01
=== pablo928 [~paul@az-yuma-cuda1x-159.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
parhamhow can i switch from Gnome to KDE in Ubuntu?08:01
thoreauputicparham: install kubuntu-desktop08:01
unomeparham: you have KDE installed?08:02
TestDummyHeh, I'm glad I have a few livecd's around :| . Without em, I'd be stuck with no help :(08:02
gobeavsTestDummy - don't worry....I asked a programming question about Windows in here once....wasn't one of my finer moments :-P08:02
parhamwhat is kubuntu-desktop, i just installed the Ubuntu CD and it has Gnome and it has the problem that its desktop freezes sometimes08:02
parhamand i have never done this before08:02
parhamso i do not know that much08:02
thoreauputicparham: tell us about the problem first then - we might know how to fix that08:03
parhamis KDE better than Gnome?!08:03
thoreauputicparham: that isn't likely to be the problem :)08:03
paul_oh no, wrong question :D08:03
=== TestDummy see a opinion war coming
unomeparham: not better, it's just a matter of taste (not the entire truth, but will do I guess)08:03
aleksiparham: you can get kde via apt-get, and after that you can choose kde when logging in08:03
parhamwell, everytime i add a ftp server on the desktop and unmount it, it seems that desktop does not respond anymore08:04
TestDummyWell isn't that great08:04
parhambut everything else works08:04
TestDummyThe cd bluescreened..08:04
TestDummyHow typical08:04
thoreauputicI doubt that a desktop freeze will be fixed by switching to KDE, however08:04
parhamand after 5 or 10 minutes it works again08:04
TestDummyRight when I need it the most.08:04
Amaranththe winxp install cd bluescreened?08:04
TestDummyYes it did..08:04
Amaranthwtf, i didn't even know that was possible08:04
parhambut the bad news is that it does not happen all the time08:05
TestDummyWell, it just did.08:05
TestDummySo I'm sure it's very possible...08:05
TestDummyOkay, let's try this again..08:05
=== ikypakis [t18@] has joined #Ubuntu
Juhazwell, the installer, at least the second stage, runs in windows so sure it can bsod08:05
=== jakobbg [~jakobbg@] has left #ubuntu []
parhamany idea?!08:05
TestDummyI'm not trying to install it :|08:05
unomeparham: I had the freeze problem like you, I fixed it by installing the right driver for my video card and setting the right resolution and refresh rate.08:05
TestDummyI'm trying to get the rescue part to work...08:06
thoreauputicTestDummy: I suggest again that you google "XP fix MBR howto" or similar08:06
parhami think it recognizes my video card because the color is just fine and the resolution is 1024x76808:06
parhamthat is what it should be08:06
TestDummyEh.. Firefox takes so long to load up on this thing :(08:07
TestDummyAnd it did it again..08:07
=== Gman_ is now known as GmanAFK
unomeparham: what vid card do you have?08:07
TestDummyPerhaps if I..08:07
parhamit is a Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop with ATI 7500 Radeon 16 MB08:08
gobeavsTestdummy: do you want to know how to fix your MBR for windows?08:08
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbiegot another question08:09
unomeparham: I think you would want to read this howto: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24557&highlight=ATI+7500+Radeon08:09
TestDummyEh, stupid computers..08:09
LinuxNewbieis it possible for windows to connect to the LINUX server08:09
LinuxNewbielike ubuntu08:10
LinuxNewbielike XP is my client08:10
=== [1] punkass is now known as punkass
LinuxNewbieand ubuntu is the sever08:10
thoreauputicLinuxNewbie: using samba, yes - is that what you mean? For file sharing etc ?08:10
LinuxNewbieand windows can automatically connect to its assign folder?08:11
thoreauputicLinuxNewbie: you would need to set up samba as a server on the Linux machine08:11
=== tux [~tux@cp69851-a.tilbu1.nb.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbieyep ive installed samba on ubuntu ang squid08:12
LinuxNewbiesquid is for the internet right08:12
thoreauputicI don't use windows - someone else might know about samba08:12
LinuxNewbiesharing u mean08:12
thoreauputicsquid is a caching proxy08:12
thoreauputicsamba is for networking with windows08:13
highvoltageor linux :)08:13
LinuxNewbieso it will act as the proxy server for the internet08:13
thoreauputicor linux ;)08:13
Dr_MelectausHmmmm. is there any way to save an image as .jpg rather than png ?08:13
=== maydayj [~maydayj@ip101028.101.nas.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputichighvoltage: I prefer NFS :)08:13
Dr_Melectaustook a screenshot, and its .png08:13
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: sure08:13
Dr_Melectaustrying to get it to save as a jpg in gimp08:13
TestDummyThere it didn't this time..08:13
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic, please enlighten me08:14
parhammmm, can anyone describe to me, if that is because of video card, why just desktop freezes?08:14
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: just tell it to use .jpg08:14
LinuxNewbieis there anyone here know how to configure a shared folder in linux so that upon login of the user it will automatically connect to that shared folder?08:14
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic,  tell it in what sense08:14
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: gimp will save in many formats08:14
smackLinuxNewbie: smb? you can add it to your fstab.08:14
Dr_Melectaushmmmm, thoreauputic i tried save as and it didnt give me the option. only .png08:14
=== Hoxzer_ [~niko@b62-248-137-93.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbiei have samba in my ubuntu08:15
LinuxNewbiebut now im using windows server 200308:15
LinuxNewbieit has that capabilities08:15
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: well, open it and save it as .jpg, or you can install imagemagick to do it directly from CLI08:16
LinuxNewbiebut i want to shift to linux08:16
TestDummyAha, there08:16
Hoxzer_Can I run bittornado in GNOME?08:16
Dr_Melectaussave as?08:16
TestDummyI got the default MBR restored, it seems to boot now08:16
TestDummyToo bad I lost my Linux install >:(08:16
=== maydayj is now known as maydayj_
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: save as, choose .jpg08:16
TestDummyI'll have to replace that hard drive sometime soon :|08:16
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: why do you want .jpg? png is way better...08:17
TestDummyWell, I'm gonna get going now. Thanks for the help.08:17
gobeavsyou didnt lose the linux install....can't you just use a liveCD to reinstall grub?08:17
gobeavsc ya08:17
TestDummy(And don't worry, I'll be sure to reinstall Ubuntu once I get that new hard drive :) )08:17
Dr_Melectausnah, need a smaller file size thor08:17
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic, **] 08:17
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: you can compress .png - you choose a lower quality08:18
=== dean_ [~dean@] has joined #ubuntu
=== maydayj_ [~maydayj_@ip101028.101.nas.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-182-237.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Melectausok i think ive got it thoreauputic08:19
=== DarthFrog [~rob@S0106000625d8c60a.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== [1] punkass [~punkass@h70-66-240-253.sbm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxNewbieyou been online for quit a lot08:20
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: imagemagick is worth instlling - it can do all kinds of things08:20
=== atrus_ [~atrus@c-67-177-181-157.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicLinuxNewbie: yeah, i'm a bot ;)08:20
DarthFrogIs Xen available for Ubuntu?08:20
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic, can i apt-get it?08:21
=== dean_ [~dean@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: of course :)08:21
=== Dr_Melectaus wants to marry apt-get
=== pablo928 [~paul@az-yuma-cuda1x-159.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== parabolize [~paraboliz@68-69-136-167.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: for screenshots you can do, for instance " import -window root screenie.jpg "08:21
=== ealden [~ealden@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xenguy [~gnu@xenarchy.ca] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicwith imagemagick08:21
dean_hi. im using blackbox wm and want to get dual head working. i was told i needed 'xorg', which is installed, and ive created an xorg.conf - how do i start using xorg? what should default-display-manager be, leave that as /usr/bin/gdm?08:22
=== theplateau [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicyou can also do convert, from one format to another08:22
thoreauputiceven "convert screenie.jpg screenie.pdf " if you wish08:22
=== Blue_Summer [~robert@cpc1-leed4-5-0-cust211.leed.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Arilou [~david@S01060011954e59bc.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== goliat [~goliat@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: reading the man page for imagemagick is quite an eye opener...08:24
Blue_Summerlo all, i installed wine through synaptic where would the icon be?08:24
ArilouShould I upgrade to Hoary Hedgehog?08:25
Blue_Summerbecause its cool :)08:25
Amaranthwell, no one here uses warty so it'll be hard to get help08:25
Blue_Summersorrry i don't know the official changelog08:25
=== DarthFrog [~rob@S0106000625d8c60a.vc.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
Dr_Melectaushmmmm, thoreauputic i got the imagemagic package and installed it. But it doesnt appear to be anywhere08:25
=== chillywilly [~danielb@] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaDr_Melectaus, it is a command line tool, it has no menu item08:26
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: heh - try " display something.jpg"08:26
Dr_Melectausohhh right08:26
chillywillyare the backports repos down?08:26
Amaranthhoary has GNOME 2.10, xorg instead of xfree86, python 2.4, and a bunch of other stuff08:26
Amaranthchillywilly: You have to use a mirror.08:26
Arilouis there a difference between updated version of warty and unupdated version of hoardy?08:26
chillywillyAmaranth: ok, well I was but no dice on that mirror either08:27
=== znotnam [~znotnam@pool-71-110-68-165.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Arilouperformance improvements?08:27
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: and do look at the man pages - you won't understand them, but it will give you an idea of the power of the tools08:27
AmaranthArilou: possibly08:27
Amaranthchillywilly: Try another mirror?08:27
Arilounew interface?08:27
XenguyArilou: just do it08:27
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic, man pages? is that on there website or something08:27
Amaranthjust the latest versions of things, bug fixes, etc08:27
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: type " man imagemagick"08:28
=== [1] punkass is now known as punkass
Amarantherr, newer versions of things08:28
ArilouI will not bother updating then... :)08:28
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: linux has manuals built in08:28
XenguyArilou: that's just dumb IMHO08:28
Blue_SummerAmaranth, i just installed Wine through synaptic bow how do i access wine?08:28
AmaranthArilou: Ok, but you won't be able to find anyone to help you with it.08:28
AmaranthBlue_Summer: Run 'wine file.exe' from a terminal08:29
Arilounow that's a good reason to update!08:29
paul_Blue - install winetools will get you going most easily08:29
Blue_Summerkk ty08:29
AmaranthArilou: No one here uses warty08:29
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: typing "man <command>" should be the first thing you try for any command or package ;)08:29
AmaranthArilou: Unless you want to pay canonical for support. :)08:29
Blue_SummerAmaranth, sorry i'm a noob, whats the command to run a program from the terminal?08:29
Burgundaviawarty runs out in a while08:29
AmaranthBlue_Summer: 'wine file.exe'08:29
Blue_Summerlol ty08:29
BurgundaviaArilou, you still have just under 10 months of support for warty08:29
XenguyArilou: if you are so cautious, then check the changelog08:29
AmaranthBurgundavia: 18 months from release08:29
BurgundaviaAmaranth, indeed, when breezy+1 releases next April08:30
paul_Blue_Summer - after you've installed wine, you still need a few windows dlls - winetools will take you through the necessary setup08:30
Arilouwell most of the time i don't use support08:30
Ariloui fix things myself...08:30
BurgundaviaArilou, support includes security updates08:30
Blue_Summerpaul_, so i need to mark wine tools for installation?08:30
Arilouoh I see so support == updates :) i get it now08:31
chillywillyhmm, but I can browse this repo with my web browser so I do not understand why I get Ign lines when doing an apt-get update08:31
paul_yep, do that - then run 'wt2'08:31
LinuxNewbiehello can anyone give me an idea about IPTABLES?08:31
XenguyLinuxNewbie: shorewall08:31
ArilouI just finished setting everything up on warty....08:31
Arilouoh well08:32
LinuxNewbieis IPTABLES like a software like samba?08:32
Blue_Summerpaul_, i don't have the winetools in synaptic only winedoc08:32
LinuxNewbieor squid?08:32
paul_well, iptables is a packet filter that uses rules to tell what gets in & what gets stopped08:32
Arilouit's a firewall08:32
XenguyLinuxNewbie: Jesus H Christ08:32
jasoncoheni'm a bit confused about the security support in hoary. although main is the only repository with full security support, i've seen several security fixes in packages from universe. these security updates are not mentioned on the security announcements page but the updated packages are released from security.ubuntu.com. who is responsible for these security updates?08:32
=== riffic_ [~riffic@c-65-34-206-155.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenand to what extent is universe supported08:33
Burgundaviajasoncohen, if it is fixed in Debian, it may be ported to Ubuntu08:33
LinuxNewbieok thanks08:33
Burgundaviajasoncohen, every issue in Universe will not be fixed, but some might08:33
Ariloudon't bother with it unless you really have too08:33
XenguyLinuxNewbie: your real question is what do you want to do? :-)08:34
jasoncohenBurgundavia, are there any plans to increase the size of main so more packages get security updates?08:34
Burgundaviajasoncohen, some things get included into main, but only useful, non-overlapping things08:34
Dr_Melectausthoreauputic, you  know how you told me how to apt-get new logon themes, what would it be to get some new system sounds ?08:34
jasoncohenBurgundavia, why is main kept so small?08:34
paul_Blue - oh, well you'll need to install dcom & internet explorer - gimme a sec, I'll find an URL...08:34
jasoncohendebian's main is massive\08:34
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: that I don't know, sorry08:34
=== ivoks [~ivoks@wall3.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu
Blue_Summereveryone: i installed winedoc but i don't seem to have winetools anymore08:35
Burgundaviajasoncohen, debian has 1000 developers, ubuntu has about 5008:35
Blue_Summerso shouldwe all go download debian? lol08:35
Burgundaviajasoncohen, and why support stuff where another package already does the job08:35
Dr_Melectausthanks anyhoo thoreauputic08:35
thoreauputicDr_Melectaus: if you type "locate *.wav | less " you'll see quite a few sounds, though :)08:35
ArilouUbuntu is the best08:35
ProttieI think ubuntu has everything I need.08:35
=== airmikey [~airmikeyy@c-67-160-238-101.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Prottieit has sawfish and aterm so I am happy :D08:35
Dr_MelectausProttie, i agree08:35
Blue_Summeri don't know what they are lol08:36
Blue_Summereveryone: i installed winedoc but i don't seem to have winetools anymore08:36
jasoncohenwell, i've used testing and sid on my laptop. i found sid a bit too unstable, but testing is great. unfortunately there's no security support08:36
=== concept10 [~concept10@c-67-166-167-125.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenon either sid or testing- that's why i decided to use hoary08:37
Prottiesid is testing now?08:37
jasoncohensid is always unstable08:37
ArilouBlue_Summer:check in sinaptic installation manager for winetools and install it...08:37
paul_BlueSummer - winetools isn't in the supported repository - I've had to add the backport repositories to get winetools, also wine in hoary is old & problematic - u'd better update to the backport wine packages08:37
Burgundaviajasoncohen, this is how an app enters main https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportGnomePower08:37
=== Dutchy [~Dutchy@ipd50ae694.speed.planet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenetch is the new testing08:37
thoreauputicProttie: no, Sid is always Sid :)08:37
Blue_Summerok ty gtg08:38
ProttieI have never really liked debian on other stuff than servers due to the choice between packages from last century og unstable and breaking packages.08:38
=== LeaChim [~LeaChim@host81-139-254-201.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenProttie, well, that's because you're ignoring testing08:38
jasoncoheni found testing to be at least as stable as ubuntu- but security upgrades can take forever08:38
thoreauputicProttie: Debian unstable is not really unstable in the sense of "broken"08:39
LeaChimI'm trying to add an item to my applications menu - how do i do it?08:39
chillywillytotem tells me that this dvd seems encrypted and am I trying to play it without libdvdcss but I have libdvdcss2 installed from the backports08:39
jasoncohenand only if the maintainers make updates08:39
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-084-056-169-054.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
LeaChimchillywilly, i got that - i only managed to get totem to play dvd's when i installed mplayer - i have no idea why08:39
=== Daehlie__ [~daehlie@bc116121.bendcable.com] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohentesting is usually quite stable- there's rarely any big issues08:39
ArilouLeaChim:Good question..08:39
thoreauputicjasoncohen: agreed08:39
bluefoxicyno sound in breezy  :(08:40
Prottiethoreauputic: it was when I used it. they even broke pam once so that my system got completly broken.08:40
jasoncoheni've had more problems with ubuntu than sarge or etch actually08:40
bluefoxicythe card shows up but no sound comes out >:(08:40
=== aisipos [~aisipos@dsl081-081-225.lax1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
chillywillyhow can you redirect mplayer to ue esd?08:40
IceDC571wow, synaptic is really picky on repos08:40
thoreauputicProttie: it has its moments, yeah :)08:40
Prottiebluefoxicy: have you turned up the volume?08:40
bluefoxicyProttie:  volume's fine.08:40
bluefoxicynothing's muted.08:40
chillywillylibdvdnav: Suspected RCE Region Protection!!!08:40
bluefoxicyLinux icebox 2.6.12-3-k7 #1 Tue Jun 28 15:31:42 UTC 2005 i686 GNU/Linux08:40
chillywillyis that a problem?08:40
jasoncohendoes anyone here have a dell inspiron 8200. i can't get hibernate to work properly. it takes forever to go into hibernate mode and it doesn't resume08:40
bluefoxicydell is trash08:41
ProttieI am getting my dell today... I think08:41
Arilouhear hear08:41
Prottieand yes. dell is trash08:41
jasoncohenyeah, but it works fine08:41
jasoncohenand hibernate worked fine in xp08:41
ArilouWhiteboxes are the best08:41
jasoncoheni don't really care. it's just that ubuntu makes a big deal about the hibernate support08:41
Prottiebut as apple is switching to intel I am not going to buy a new powerbook until they have changed. going to use the cheap dell for about a year or so.08:41
jasoncoheni was wondering if others are having this problem08:41
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a80-127-80-154.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== karlheg [~karlheg@host-250-237.resnet.pdx.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ArilouI never actually tried to go into hybernate mode...08:42
=== thoreauputic is in a constant state of hibernation
curuthey what the command to list out all the device running08:43
chillywillymy maplyer crashes08:43
ArilouIt's linux man08:43
concept10jasoncohen, I have tried hybernation once but it doesnt resume, I have a hp laptop08:43
jasoncohenmaybe it'll work better in breezy08:44
bluefoxicymy laptop acts weird when I suspend it08:44
bluefoxicyit suspends08:44
bluefoxicyand then when I turn it on it boots08:44
concept10but I havent had any stability issues thus far08:44
bluefoxicyand after it boots it comes up the way it's suspended08:44
bluefoxicyi'm like wtf?08:44
=== atrus_ [~atrus@c-67-177-181-157.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
bluefoxicyit starts running init scripts08:44
chillywillyI can play this DVD up to a certain point and then it stops at that point and totem bitches about libdvdcss...but the output messages say it finds libdvdcss08:44
Ariloudon't expect too much from linux :)08:45
bluefoxicyand suddenly X comes up with Rhythmbox paused half way08:45
bluefoxicyand I'm like08:45
jasoncohenit's really nice that ubuntu includes nvidia, fglrx, madwifi in linux-restricted-modules08:45
curutguys i have this problem i just finihsed installing gmplayer, i tried running .avi file08:45
concept10jasoncohen, I tried kubuntu yesterday on a dell laptop and it couldnt detect the ethernet, windows wouldnt either, maybe it was broken08:45
jasoncohenthat is strange08:45
jasoncohenworked fine here without any configuration08:46
jasoncohensame on debian08:46
concept10what do you have, inspiron?08:46
jasoncoheninspiron 820008:46
curuterror msg [ao oss]  audio_setup: cant open audio device/dev/dsp:device or resource busy08:46
curutany help?08:46
jasoncoheni think it's a 3com 10/100 card08:46
jasoncohenand i have a wg511t and a wg511 for wireless08:46
jasoncohenformer uses madwifi and the latter uses prism5408:46
concept10jasoncohen, this one had a broadcom ethernet chipset08:47
jasoncohenhow has ubuntu achieved so much in so little time?08:48
concept10I intstalled ubuntu on a old celeron box the other day and it crashes alot, will not run gnome at all, I have been running xfce on it.  I think it maybe the wireless setup, but the wireless setup works fine08:48
=== aisipos [~aisipos@dsl081-081-225.lax1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
concept10jasoncohen, communtiy and money08:49
jasoncoheni suppose it helps to have debian's packages as a base but it still must take a lot of effort to debug the packages for a stable release08:49
=== swarm [~swarm@] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohendebian has the community but no money08:49
Burgundaviajasoncohen, ubuntu tries to alter as few pacakges as possible08:49
jasoncohenso, ubuntu relies a great deal on debian basically08:49
BurgundaviaUbuntu would not exist without debian08:50
=== Xenguy [~gnu@xenarchy.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviaubuntu auto syncs any change from debian into ubuntu08:50
jasoncoheni switched from mandrake to debian and really liked it08:50
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@157.besecure.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
curuthey guys i have this error msg [ao oss]  audio_setup: cant open audio device/dev/dsp:device or resource busy when i try to run MPlayer can anyone help me?08:50
thoreauputiccurut: try "killall esd" and run it again08:51
curutthoreauputic, waht is est?08:51
jasoncoheni installed sarge on my desktop mythtv box and was using testing & then sid on my laptop but i wanted something more stable than sid but without the security updates that caused me to leave testing08:51
curutthoreauputic, waht is esd i mean08:51
jasoncohenwhat are the big goals for breezy?08:51
thoreauputiccurut: esound - enlightened sound daemon08:51
=== aisipos [~aisipos@dsl081-081-225.lax1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
concept10jasoncohen, check the wiki, breezy goals08:52
thoreauputiccurut: it like sto hog the sound system ;)08:52
jasoncohenhttp://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDownUnder/BreezyGoals ?08:52
=== holycow [~a@S0106000fb51e6051.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputic*likes to08:52
Burgundaviajasoncohen, yes08:52
Burgundaviajasoncohen, and http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/BreezyBounties for listing of the SoC bounties for Ubuntu08:52
curutthoreauputic, OO ty alot man08:52
jasoncohenis there a point where breezy will be in a useable state for testing?08:53
jasoncohenlike an RC08:53
Burgundaviajasoncohen, already is, mostly08:53
BurgundaviaX is going modular and lots of path breakage, not so much recently08:53
jasoncohenany plans to include a gui LVM tool in breezy/08:53
jasoncohengparted is nice but libparted doesn't support LVM08:53
Burgundaviagparted work is a SoC thing08:54
Burgundaviasee the bounties page08:54
jasoncohenand a gui tool for setting up WPA would be great since wpasupplicant is nice but very difficult to setup from scratch08:54
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> kornbluth.freenode.net
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-52-12.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaNM is already in ubuntu and will be installed by default08:54
chillywillyok, I have determined that it is only this specific DVD that will not play because of the region coding crap08:55
Burgundaviabut it only does wep I think08:55
jasoncohenBurgundavia, yeah, but you can setup WEP with network-admin08:55
jasoncohenNM allows for multiple wireless networks though, right?08:55
BurgundaviaNM allows a bunch of cool things08:55
Burgundavialike network auto detection and other stuff08:55
jasoncohenhas it been backported to hoary?08:55
Burgundavianeeds major deps08:56
Burgundaviatalk to the backports people08:56
jasoncohenit installs in sid but didn't work for me08:56
jasoncohenalso, why isn't boot-admin included? it's in gnome-system-tools on debian but not ubuntu. lilo.conf has a windows entry but when i start up it goes immediately into ubuntu without a menu option08:57
BurgundaviaI have no idea08:57
HrdwrBoBjasoncohen: ubuntu uses grub.08:57
BurgundaviaI think there is a plan to work on something better08:57
jasoncohenHrdwrBoB, it installed lilo for me08:57
jasoncohenHrdwrBoB, i had grub on it before from sid08:57
=== lizdeika [~lizdeika@mail.northway.lt] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenBurgundavia, i see nothing about LVM support in the graphical paritioning tool section08:58
Burgundaviajasoncohen, then bug the person who is doing the google soc thing08:58
=== lizdeika [~lizdeika@mail.northway.lt] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
concept10Burgundavia, what is NM?08:59
Burgundaviaconcept10, NetworkManager08:59
Burgundaviaa new tool from Redhat for managing wireless and wired networks, in a transparent way08:59
Burgundaviaie, no command line foolery08:59
holycowBurgundavia, url?08:59
concept10whats the package called?08:59
Burgundaviaconcept10, in breezy, network-manager09:00
Burgundavianot in hoary09:00
holycowburgie, i see you weren't involved in the victoria warez shakedown this week as your still online09:00
concept10Burgundavia, has that been ported to debian yet?09:00
=== tiglionabbit [~nick@c-67-171-159-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenso, why did ubuntu install lilo on my system?09:00
Burgundaviaconcept10, no idea, don't use debian09:00
jasoncohenshould i install grub?09:00
Burgundaviajasoncohen, it shouldn't have09:01
Burgundaviadid you sideways upgrade from debian?09:01
holycowBurgundavia, danke for the linkage09:01
holycowlooks cool09:01
=== Burgundavia is a news junkie
jasoncohenBurgundavia, no, i did a re-install09:01
=== LeaChim [~LeaChim@host81-139-254-201.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Burgundaviathat is truly odd09:01
Burgundaviadid you do an expert install?09:01
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010497935pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenBurgundavia, i wiped sid's / and created / out with an ext3 LVM2 volume09:01
jasoncohendoes grub support LVM for a root partition?09:02
jasoncohenmaybe that's why09:02
=== tiglionabbit [~nick@c-67-171-159-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowoh heh, i like that09:02
holycowthats great09:02
holycowi wonder how it handles roaming09:02
holycowno more kizmet for me i guess09:02
Burgundaviaholycow, very well, from what I understand09:02
concept10Burgundavia, I mean ubuntu09:02
Burgundaviaconcept10, it is going to be installed by default in Breezy09:02
=== wmealing_ [wmealing@wmealing.user] has joined #ubuntu
wmealing_where would i find the java that i could use with ubuntu ppc ?09:03
holycowBurgundavia, you guys fucking rock09:03
holycowv v cool09:03
jasoncohenso, anyone know if grub supports LVM as a root partition? i don't know why lilo would be used otherwise09:03
Burgundaviaholycow, don't blame/laud me, I just report the news and document it09:03
=== rob^ [~rob@rob-ubuntu.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
robitaillewmealing_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaPPC09:04
holycowas part of the ubuntu team  you shall also reap the glory09:04
holycowyey ubuntu!09:04
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010497935pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
concept10Burgundavia, well do you have _news_ if there is a package avail now of NM?09:04
Burgundaviaconcept10, I have installed it on my mahcine09:04
wmealing_robitaille, grat !09:05
Burgundaviahowever, breezy is not recommended for the faint of heart or those who needs to get actual work done09:05
concept10Burgundavia, I dont run breezy, the question was basically is it avail for Hoary.09:05
spo0nmanwhat is the entry in the source.list i need to chane/put in order to get packages from Universe?09:06
=== ivoks [~ivoks@wall3.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenother than installing grub, what do i have to do to replace lilo with grub?09:06
Burgundaviajasoncohen, install it into the mbr09:07
spo0nmanjasoncohen: read the fine manual ... you need to edit menu.1st and do an "install" of stage one.09:07
Burgundaviaspo0nman, universe09:07
Burgundaviaspo0nman, you might also want multiverse09:07
robitaillejasoncohen:  install hrub, make sure /boot/grub/menu.lst is correct, then run grub-install09:07
spo0nmanBurgundavia: replace stable with universe09:07
Burgundaviaspo0nman, say again?09:07
spo0nmanBurgundavia:can you point me to a wiki  page?09:07
Burgundaviaconcept10, ask for a backport09:07
spo0nmanBurgundavia what is the entry in the source.list i need to change/put in order to get packages from Universe?09:08
=== Silent_Bob [~Silent_Bo@242.064.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ghettotexan [~alohabob5@adsl-68-20-181-8.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
spo0nmanBurgundavia: danke.09:08
Burgundaviaspo0nman, np09:08
jasoncohenspo0nman, it's really only a matter of uncommenting a few lines in /etc/apt/sources.list09:08
=== jonathan_ [~jonathan@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== cikilin [~cikilin@] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviaany other questions about breezy stuff?09:09
=== teddy` [root@d209-107-101-94.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowBurgundavia, does it come with fries?09:10
teddy`hello... does anyone know the system req's for ubuntu?09:10
holycowinquiring mind want to know09:10
wolverianteddy`: are you seriously IRCing as root?09:10
holycowteddy`, log the fuck out right now to an unpriviledged account09:11
teddy`lol yea.... im on a 333mhz trash heap09:11
jasoncohenrobitaille, do i need to create menu.lst as there currently isn't one09:11
Burgundaviaholycow, please watch the language09:11
Burgundaviateddy`, that is quite sane advice09:11
=== ukato [~trey@ip24-251-109-39.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycoweh, sorry09:11
teddy`one sec... ill switch acounts09:11
=== teddy` [root@d209-107-101-94.abhsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== dwa_ [~dwa@garrut.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
spo0nmanjasoncohen: i know ... i didnt know what to write there...09:11
=== zeff [~gdarcy@corp-gw01.imrworldwide.com] has joined #ubuntu
ukatoif i am killing a process with the "kill" command, and it's not dying, is there anything i can do09:12
Burgundaviakill -9 it, but that is seriously not recommended09:12
highvoltagekill -9 ?09:12
Burgundaviaman kill09:12
=== mangore [~mangore@cpe-70-112-83-242.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
robitaillejasoncohen: I guess.  I have never installed grub after the fact manually.  I would have assumed some sane defaults would have been created for you.09:12
ukatowould it be dangerous09:12
ukatothe kill -909:12
Burgundaviaukato, what are you killing?09:12
=== mangore [~mangore@cpe-70-112-83-242.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
ukatoa game that hung up09:13
Burgundaviafor instance, kill -9 init would be a "bad thing"09:13
Burgundaviaukato, not a major issue then09:13
wolverianukato: that is fine.09:13
ukatooh ok09:13
ukatothanks guys09:13
=== robitaille thinks kill -9 is a very dangerous thing...but very useful sometimes.
AmaranthBurgundavia: You can't kill init :)09:13
jasoncohenunfortunately, since it's using lilo, reinstalling the kernel won't create a menu.lst09:13
BurgundaviaAmaranth, yes you can, I have done it!09:13
=== Burgundavia was very drunk
ukatohurray, it worked09:13
ukatowhat does the "-9" do09:14
ukatojust wondering09:14
AmaranthBurgundavia: Then you found a bug and/or were imagining things.09:14
Burgundaviaprobably a bug09:14
Burgundaviawas my old RH 8 box09:14
robitailleukato:  man kill09:14
wolverianukato: sends the KILL signal (number 9). man kill for the rest09:14
Amaranthukato: Tells it to quit with a little more force.09:14
=== Xyc0 [~Xyc0@ip70-179-1-7.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
ukatoah, ok. sorry, still not quite fully in the habit of checking man pages09:15
ukatothanks again09:15
=== zxy [~ralph@host-84-9-108-216.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviaholycow, sorry, no fries with Breezy09:15
Xyc0I got ndiswrapper to use my wireless finally, but now my boot time lags when it is configuring the networking.  Can anyone suggest a resource to fix that?09:16
=== ivoks [~ivoks@wall2.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu
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=== Tomcat_ [~Tomcat@p54A18BB5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== zxy__ [~ralph@host-84-9-109-22.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_MelectausHow come when ever i try to install limewire i get this ..09:21
Dr_Melectaussudo dpkg -i LimeWireLinux.rpm09:21
Dr_Melectausdpkg: status database area is locked by another process09:21
=== `sg [simon@] has joined #ubuntu
BurgundaviaDr_Melectaus, do you have synaptic running?09:22
=== sugoruyo [~george@ppp40-adsl-216.ath.forthnet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Melectausahhh yea09:22
=== teddy` [admin@d209-107-101-94.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xyc0Dr_Melectaus: you need to convert the rpm to a deb09:22
Dr_Melectaussheet. how do i conver it?09:22
Xyc0sudo alien Lim.rpm09:22
Burgundaviaalien shouldn't need sudo09:23
Xyc0spell out the Limsire prart09:23
sugoruyohi, can anyone help me with some weird mouse stuff?09:23
teddy`What's the minimum specs for ubuntu?09:23
Xyc0oh yea your right, just alien then09:23
Xyc0beh still getting used to this super user shet09:23
jasoncohenhmm, i think i'll just rebuild gnome-system-tools from debian09:23
Burgundaviateddy`, according to my nice pressed cds, they are 32 mb ram, and 350 to 1.8 gb to install into09:23
=== drosan [~allan@0x5358e6e7.esnxx2.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
teddy`so my 333 Celeron, 64mb ram, and 4 gb hd will take it? what about my 8mb MAtrox Millenium 2 Card? it's all running under slack 7 now09:24
HrdwrBoBteddy`: that will be fine09:24
Burgundaviateddy`, it will be slow, but will work09:24
jasoncohenfor some reason the gnome-system-tools package doesn't include boot-admin in hoary or breezy although the package description still lists it09:25
HrdwrBoBit'll be slow with 64mb ram in GNOME09:25
=== P3L|C4N0 [~gcamposm@] has joined #ubuntu
teddy`is KDE an option?09:25
Burgundaviajasoncohen, it was removed, unknown reasons09:25
=== berkes [~Miranda@d46082.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBKDE is if anything worse09:25
Burgundaviateddy`, install kubuntu-desktop afterwords09:25
jasoncohenBurgundavia, unknown reasons?09:25
HrdwrBoBteddy`: the basic fact is that machine is obsolete09:25
Burgundaviajasoncohen, I have never asked, so unknown to me09:25
HrdwrBoBmore ram will make it run a LOT better though09:25
teddy`kubuntu-desktop? what's it look like?09:25
jasoncohenBurgundavia, i thought the ubuntu developers generally don't touch debian packages09:25
berkesI try to get a prism wireless card going, on Ubuntu,09:25
sugoruyoteddy`, i'd try something like xfce or icew,09:26
berkesgot the wlan-ng package installed,09:26
Dr_Melectausonce ive  converted it to a deb what do i do xt09:26
jasoncohenberkes, you just need the firmware09:26
Burgundaviajasoncohen, stuff that is in main is usually quite heavily editing09:26
Dr_Melectausonce ive  converted it to a deb what do i do Xyc0 ***09:26
teddy`i know this machine is a beast.. going thru divorce.. alll i have.. nuff said09:26
berkesbut I cannot find how and where to get the actual kernel modules09:26
berkesany hints?09:26
=== whiprush [~jorge@arslinux.com] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenberkes, http://prism54.org/~mcgrof/firmware/09:26
Xyc0Dr_Melectaus: install the .deb file using dpkg09:26
teddy`hmm... wondering if its even better to hold off until i get a new box and run and older version of mandrake or something09:26
jasoncohencp to /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/isl3890 (or firmware of your chip)09:26
Xyc0Dr_Melectaus: also make sure synaptic is closed09:26
berkesjasoncohen, thanks09:27
jasoncohenberkes, the module is already included with the kernel09:27
jasoncohenyou just need the firmware09:27
sugoruyois there anyone who can help me with these mouse problems???????09:27
Xyc0I got ndiswrapper to use my wireless finally, but now my boot time lags when it is configuring the networking.  Can anyone suggest a resource to fix that?09:27
berkesjasoncohen, okay. thats why i could not find the package for the module :)09:28
teddy`can ubuntu be installed via HD or cd install only/09:28
Dr_MelectausXyc0,  do i put the .deb in my home dir then in terminal "sudo dpkg -i LimeWireLinux.deb09:28
jasoncohenberkes, almost all modules are included in the kernel as a module or built in and ubuntu even has linux-restricted-modules which includes closed source modules like nvidia, fglrx, madwifi etc.09:28
Silent_Bobteddy - ubuntu installs from the CD only no probs - of course, the repositories are online09:28
=== hor [~hor@pD9E1956E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
Xyc0Dr_Melectaus: cd to the directory it is in, probubly already in HOME, then exicute 'sudo dpkg -i Lim.deb'09:29
drosanany way to do a network install of ubuntu?09:29
Xyc0you can network install anything09:29
Dr_Melectausam i meant to put lim.deb ?09:29
=== bosewicht [~bosewicht@bosewicht.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
teddy`now as in network do you mean over the LAN or over tcp?09:30
jasoncohendrosan, ubuntu doesn't have a network install CD like debian09:30
Xyc0Dr_Melectaus: No i am just being too lazy to spell out LimWireLinux.deb09:30
fabbioneyes we do09:30
jasoncohenfabbione, oh, where?09:30
Silent_Bobyes, but it's a different iso09:30
drosanjasoncohen: Ok, that was what i was looking for09:30
jasoncoheni guess i was mistaken then09:30
Xyc0Dr_Melectaus: if you type out the first few letters then hit TAB it finishes it for you09:30
Dr_Melectausshit how do i cd to hom, im in melectaus@ubuntu09:31
sugoruyohello? anyone out there????09:31
drosanfabbione: thx09:31
Dr_Melectausi need to go back a dir09:31
Xyc0Dr_Melectaus: thats it09:31
Dr_Melectaushow do i go back cd  ../home09:31
Silent_Bobjust "cd" will do it09:32
highvoltageDr_Melectaus: back where?09:32
highvoltageto /home?09:32
Dr_Melectausim in /home/melectaus09:32
Silent_Bobwell, to /home/USER09:32
highvoltagecd ..09:32
Dr_Melectausyes i need to /home09:32
highvoltageor cd /home09:32
Silent_Boboh, then "cd .."09:32
Xyc0Dr_Melectaus: I would suggest taking a class in BASH or reading up on BASH promt09:32
highvoltageor cd ../09:32
teddy`say if a guy didnt have accesss to a burner could he copy the ubuntu cd to say /Ubuntu, boot up, and install from that dir?09:32
Xyc0teddy`: not quite09:33
teddy`not quite, meaning it is possible thou?09:33
Silent_Bobnever seen disk only install as an option, but not saying it can't be done09:33
Xyc0teddy`: How would your computer know to look for it there09:33
highvoltagehmmm.. i've wondered about that too. does ubuntu have any kind of net install atm?09:33
Xyc0teddy`: You can mount the updates and install that way, but to reformat your system and install it must be via CDROM09:34
=== satzgi [~satzgi@p548ADBE0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kangpeh [~kangpeh@ny-chicagost2a-181.buf.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviasugoruyo, what do you need help with?09:35
sugoruyowell it's about the mouse on my laptop09:35
=== IceDC571 [~IceDC571@c-67-188-217-227.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Burgundaviasugoruyo, what is it doing/not doing?09:35
IceDC571is there such thing as a taskbar in enlightenment?09:36
=== ivoks [~ivoks@wall2.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu
sugoruyowhen i boot ubuntu live-dvd09:36
berkesjasoncohen, so I now have the firmware, the modules, and the linux-wlan-ng package (configured and all), any hints as to how and where I must get the firmware included?09:36
sugoruyothe touchpad works09:36
sugoruyobut when i install it doesn't09:36
jasoncohendid you copy and rename it to isl3890 in /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware ?09:36
jasoncohenwell...do that09:36
berkesjasoncohen, okay, i will, where can I find a readme or howto on that?09:37
berkesbecause I need to reboot intu ubuntu, in order to do that09:37
jasoncohenberkes, i just gave you the URL09:37
sugoruyoso i was wondering: if it works on live then there is hardware support for it09:38
sugoruyowhy doesn't it work on install though?09:38
jasoncohenlol, i recompiled gnome-system-tools from sid which has boot-admin (i checked by filename), built it, then made a deb package with checkinstall -D but dpkg -L doesn't show a boot-admin binary09:39
=== The_bellman [~rjs@dsl.shannon.id.au] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncoheni tried a regular make install too- no go09:39
berkesjasoncohen, yes, thqt is zhere I got the firmware, but no readme or so there, it seems09:39
jasoncohenwhat do you expect the readme to tell you?09:39
Amaranthjasoncohen: If you got the source package from sid why didn't you just build it?09:39
Amaranthjasoncohen: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc09:40
jasoncohenyou copy the firmware into place, insert the card and then setup your WEP key & SSID in network-admin - system > administratin > networking09:40
=== jo [~jo@cc667024-a.ensch1.ov.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenAmaranth, ok, i'll do that09:40
=== yuacht [~zth@] has joined #ubuntu
=== andy_ [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:230:1bff:feb7:2528] has joined #ubuntu
=== macintoshr [~t3h@232.cust15.sa.dsl.ozemail.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
macintoshrok the sticker project was going well09:45
macintoshrwe had a sticekr on most computers...09:45
=== Geoffroy [~grivat@geoffroy.staff.calvix] has joined #ubuntu
macintoshruntil some BLOODY WINDOWS USING FUCKTARD went around peeling them off09:45
Amaranthyou were putting ubuntu stickers on computers and a windows user peeled them all off?09:46
Xyc0Anyone get WAP to work?09:46
Myrttistickers suck09:46
Myrttiuse flyers instead09:46
=== Ghete1 [~administr@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthmacintoshr: Did you introduce him to a baseball bat? :D09:46
macintoshri should have09:46
macintoshralthough a few bins still have windows stickers on them09:47
=== epl [epl@4-1-4-39d.gmt.gbg.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xyc0 [~Xyc0@ip70-179-1-7.sd.sd.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
jasoncohenAmaranth, is      dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b ok?09:47
=== Nermal [~pprior@pc2.packadsl.ftech.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
macintoshrpowerbook battery about to run flat...09:47
satzgihi, i have a huge problem:09:48
=== carlos [~carlos@69.Red-80-33-181.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
holycowhttp://planb.cloudnine.net.nz/  <-- nifty09:48
satzgiafter install on my travelmate, ig got "invalid boot sector"09:48
Ghete1I have an ethical question. I just crashed my car and I have had to cancel a semester of college b/c i havent the means to get there or the money to fix my car. someone close to me has offered me a pretty good amount of money to set up a kolab server and a few clients. i have always recieved help free of charge here at the ubuntu and kubuntu channels. should i take this job?09:48
=== twb_ [~twb@193-83.200-68.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
twb_hi, is it possible to duplicate a partition onto another HD?09:49
AmaranthGhete1: If you're getting paid to do something and you're asking us if we can tell you how to do it, that isn't right.09:49
Ghete1haha no09:50
Ghete1i just want to know if its right09:50
=== ficoc [~ficoc@p508727CB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenGhete1, you're offering a service. you're setting up something that would require time and effort from the person who is offering you the fee. what's the problem?09:50
SeveasGhete1, of course it's right09:50
=== xxenon [xxenon@] has joined #ubuntu
macintoshrgo for the server09:51
macintoshrif you need the money09:51
SeveasI get paid too for maintaining a few Ubuntu servers and an Ubuntu cluster...09:51
Ghete1i guess so09:51
twb_can someone please help me?09:51
=== action09 [~action09@albator.cyber-networks.fr] has joined #ubuntu
SeveasGhete1, people are encouraged to provide support, either paid or for free09:51
macintoshryeah go for it09:52
macintoshri have no ethical problem with it09:52
Ghete1thanks guys09:52
macintoshras long as you aren't ripping them off09:52
macintoshrand actually need the money09:52
SeveasA lot of communuty members here devote a lot of time to helping random people. A lot of companies devote more time to people who really need their support since they don't know shit about linux...09:52
Juhazit's no different for any other job...09:53
twb_i need to know something about partitioning09:53
Juhazbesides, consider that if you don't do it, who knows, they'll go ahead and do exchange installation instead, poor souls lost to microsoft09:53
satzgican someone plese help me wit my bootsector problem ?09:53
SeveasGhete1, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/supportoptions/paidsupport/document_view09:54
=== pgidz [~redhat@i-195-137-48-98.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jonathan_ [~jonathan@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Seveasanyhow, brb, breakfast time..09:54
=== robitaille [~daniel@d154-5-117-228.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== monchichi [~digwater@adsl-69-110-21-230.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Melectausthe bit where it says create the new file and put cd /opt/LimeWire/09:56
concept10Ghete1, when are you going to start on this?09:56
Ghete1Seveas: whoa by comparison they are cheap09:56
whiprushtwb_: hang out a bit an be patient, someone who can help you should be along sometime.09:56
Dr_Melectausit wont let me save the file09:56
Ghete1i will start tuesday09:56
jowil upgrade to breezy kill my xorg?09:56
twb_whiplash: ok, thank you09:56
concept10Ghete1, it doesnt seem to difficult to setup, just need some patience and time09:57
jowil upgrade to breezy kill my xorg?09:57
Nermalit will kill lots of things09:57
yuachtjo, why write twice?09:57
Nermalbud sadly not the user09:57
Ghete1concept10: yeah its easy stuff. kolab, postfix, shorewall, apache... and 10 clients09:57
monchichijo, it will kill you firstborn child also09:57
Nermalmy command works :)09:58
satzgiafter install on my travelmate, i got "invalid boot sector", how can i solve this prob?09:58
jobut iso from breezy is olso no good09:58
sugoruyoso noone has an idea about why this happens???09:58
whiprushtwb_: I'd offer advice but when it comes to things like partitions and whatnot it's best to wait for an expert to wake up. :)09:58
=== heatxsink [~jmioph@c-24-7-127-192.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jowont setup get stuk on boot09:58
joits thet goos site for breezy iso that work?09:59
joolso for amd6409:59
concept10sugoruyo, what is that?09:59
Seveasjo, breezy is not in a workable state yet...09:59
whiprushmost breezy iso's won't work.09:59
jooke thanks09:59
sugoruyoconcept10, i have a laptop09:59
whiprushtoo much in flux.09:59
whiprushbest wait for colony 2.09:59
jooke i was thinking it was my10:00
SeveasColony 2 can be finished soon...10:00
monchichiflux is fun10:00
whiprushyeah, wait a  day or two for colony 2 to be pushed out.10:00
sugoruyoconcept10, when i use the live-dvd10:00
sugoruyoconcept10, the touchhpad works10:00
sugoruyoconcept10, but when i install it doesn't...10:00
sugoruyoconcept10, i was wondering if anyone had a clue as to why this happens10:01
=== goldfish [~nldlsjdlk@carbon.redbrick.dcu.ie] has joined #ubuntu
=== mwe [~mwe@port462.ds1-ynoe.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xyrouz [~Xyrouz@0x3e42caa9.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
concept10sugoruyo,  maybe the livedvd has a better driver for your touchpad10:02
sugoruyoconcept10, how can that be?10:02
=== Ghete1 [~administr@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
sugoruyoconcept10, the dvd has the driver and uses it when boot live but when i install it doesn't?10:03
sugoruyosounds a bit silly to me10:03
concept10sugoruyo, may sound silly to you but anything is possible.  Are you installing from the same dvd?10:04
sugoruyoof course10:04
=== athlon [~athlon@174pc.wohnheimg.uni-frankfurt.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== jamey3 [~jamey@82-37-129-139.cable.ubr01.telf.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
monchichisugoruyo, try a sudo modprobe psmouse10:04
jamey3I accidentally wiped my MBR by running the NT setup; how can I restore this to load Ubuntu's grub/lilo?10:05
monchichisugoruyo, and run "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" to see if its detected10:06
=== chillywilly strangles totem-xine into playing this Firefly DVD
concept10sugoruyo, another suggestion: Run the live DVD and see what driver it is using and compare to the installation10:06
Seveasjamey3, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows10:07
=== theine [~theine@d013224.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu
jamey3Seveas, thanks... I will look on the Wiki next time :-)10:07
twb_any experts in here yet?10:07
=== djp [~david@dynamic-62-56-58-90.park-s46b.dslaccess.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
sugoruyothanks guys i will but after i reinstall, it all of a sudden started churning out messages about nautilus crashing (windoze style) and i don't like that10:08
=== SteveA [~steve@djoh.olf.sgsnet.se] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
djphi there. can anybody tell me why a daily crontab job that i have setup has failed to run? is it because i need a return at the end of the command? i.e., a blank line at the end of the crontab file?10:08
Nermaltwb_, just ask the question10:09
tiglionabbitI'm back10:09
=== cbruggeman [~cbruggema@AAmiens-104-1-6-13.w217-128.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
mwedjp, is the pc turned on at the time of the job? if not is anacron installed?10:09
=== IceDC571_ [~IceDC571@c-67-188-217-227.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== hardcampa- [~hardcampa@c-dd1272d5.01-134-73746f22.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #Ubuntu
twb_is there a way to duplicate a partition onto another Hd?10:10
=== Dr_Melectaus [~Doc@ACD8A25F.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbittwb_: why do you want to do that?10:11
mwetwb_, df10:11
djpmwe: yes, pc is on. anacron is installed.10:11
twb_i need to set up Windows fo rmy dad cuz im leaving10:11
=== tiglionabbit [~nick@c-67-171-159-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
monchichidd not df10:11
mwedjp, then I don't know, sorry10:11
IceDC571_is there a way to kick my other screen name off freenode? i'm signed on twice and it wont let me switch10:11
mwemonchichi, yes of course10:11
tiglionabbitIceDC571_: /msg nickserv ghost yourusername yourpassword10:12
=== berkes [~Miranda@d46082.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
berkesback :)10:12
IceDC571_lol nevermind.. the other me quit10:12
=== IceDC571_ is now known as IceDC571
berkesjasoncohen, you told me that the modules are in the kernel already,10:12
tiglionabbitalright, then just do that next time, IceDC57110:12
berkeshowever, lsmod shows no modules for wlan-ng10:12
djpmwe: no probs, thanks anyway10:12
berkesalso, jasoncohen, the firmware you pointed me to, is already installed in ubuntu10:13
jamey3Hm, I need to restore the MBR of my Ubuntu machine but the only machine with a CD burner is that one. Can I somehow install Ubuntu again on the second (empty) partition and then use this to boot the previous install?10:13
berkesso, all in all, i am no furhter yet :)10:13
=== zach [~zach@] has joined #ubuntu
berkesany more hints how to get a prism chipset wireless card running in ubuntu?10:14
twb_whats the command? dd...10:14
=== telemaco [~telemaco@92.Red-81-35-13.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
monchichijamey3, you shouldnt have to resort to that10:14
jamey3monchichi, how can I solve it another way?10:15
Amaranthboot the cd in rescue mode10:15
Amaranththe install cd, that is10:15
monchichijust boot a cd in rescue mode or a livecd10:15
jamey3ah, how do you do that?10:15
monchichiand rewrite the mbr :)10:15
Amaranthon that prompt where you normally just hit enter at the beginning type 'rescue' and hit entry10:15
jamey3Amaranth, thanks10:15
concept10jamey3, what wireless card do you use?10:16
jamey3concept10, I don't... it's a normal LAN10:16
Amaranthafter that you make grub reinstall the mbr, google should know how to do that (i don't)10:16
=== cedjo [~cedric@] has joined #ubuntu
=== JanC [~janc@dD5764BEC.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
monchichitwb_ "dd if=partition1 of=partition210:16
concept10jamey3, ok - what is it called?10:16
jamey3concept10, it's the one on the Abit NF7-S rev2.x motherboard10:16
=== jamey3 looks it up
=== voidmasta [~c0de42@dsl-nat24.hotsprgs.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== telemac1 [~telemaco@188.Red-83-53-82.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
berkesjamey3, onboqrd cards are most often intel/SiS10:18
=== scaroo [~scaroo@232.218.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_MelectausIve got the eciadsl package that allows you to use adsl modems. If your not to busy could you direct me to a link that would help me set up an adsl bb modem?10:18
Dr_MelectausCould someone**10:18
=== heatxsink [~jmioph@c-24-7-127-192.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== goldfish_ [~nldlsjdlk@carbon.redbrick.dcu.ie] has joined #ubuntu
jamey3berkes, okay but I don't know why concept10 wants to know what my LAN card is!?10:18
twb_do i need a cd or anything, monchichi10:18
berkeshehe jamey3 :)10:18
=== tium [~LaLu@dsaf2.net1.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu
scaroohi ppl, does any of you know in wich package i can find the gcj-dbtoo-4.0 ?10:19
concept10jamey3, to find out what chipset you use, gosh!10:19
=== stevin [~ubuntu@gw.bfad.de] has joined #ubuntu
monchichitwb_, you shouldnt. ive never copied a whole partition using dd but it should work in theory10:19
=== GNULinuxer [~ghoseb@gnulinuxer.user] has joined #ubuntu
berkesanyone else here with a wireless card and the linux-wlan-ng drivers?10:19
=== goli [~sunil@] has joined #ubuntu
berkesmonchichi, AFAIK dd is not very error safe,10:20
Amaranthscaroo: breezy?10:20
jamey3concept10, I could've told you my mobo chipset straight off! nForce2 =)10:20
concept10berkes, I setup one the other day10:20
twb_so, it would go : dd if=hd01 of=hda03 ?10:20
berkesif one of the disks has a small problem, it will corrup everything10:20
=== satzgi [~satzgi@p548ADBE0.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
concept10jamey3, the chipset of the ETHERNET10:20
berkesconcept10, so, any hints or links?10:20
jamey3concept10, lol10:20
berkesconcept10, I am quit lost.10:20
jamey3concept10, Realtek RTL8201B10:21
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010497935pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== aspro [~geoffverd@220-253-98-216.TAS.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== optik [~optik@81-178-46-38.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
berkesah, jamey3, look at rt2500.sourceforge.net10:21
=== adnans [~adnans@noterik2.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
berkesthats where the drivers for reltek are developed10:21
asproHey, is breezy running _okay_ at the moment?10:21
jamey3berkes, 404 :S10:21
Juhazberkes, huh? ralink != realtek10:22
concept10berkes, ftp://ftp.linux-wlan.org/pub/linux-wlan-ng/10:22
monchichiberkes: what would you use? (instead of dd)10:22
jamey3concept10, why would I need LAN drivers though?10:22
Amaranthscaroo: Is that for accessing MS Access databases?10:22
concept10berkes, but I used this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DLinkDWL520E1?highlight=%28dlink%2910:22
asproI need the version of parted that comes with it to install next to my tiger parition, but if it is completely borked atm I wont download a build10:23
Dr_MelectausIve got the eciadsl package that allows you to use adsl modems. could somone if who isnt too busy direct me to a link that would help me set up an adsl bb modem?10:23
concept10jamey3, you are trying to fix your onboard ethernet interface?10:23
=== Elyseum [~Elyseum@d5153EF05.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== zeedo [~zeedo@www.reboot-robot.net] has joined #ubuntu
jamey3concept10, nope I'm trying to repair my MBR10:23
berkesconcept10, that ftp, is the sqme as the debian linux-wlan-ng package i already installed10:23
monchichiDr_Melectaus have you tried ubuntuguide.org ?10:24
Amaranthaspro: Even if it's running ok right this minute it might not with the next upgrade.10:24
concept10jamey3, sorry!  I thought you were trying to fix your ethernet10:24
berkesjamey3, oh, only the MBR, then indeed you must use dd.10:24
=== FLeiXiuS [~fleixius@pcp0010497935pcs.essex01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
asproAmarath, sure, but if its okay now i wont upgrade for a short while :)10:24
asproI dont need it for anything important10:24
=== stefan_dk [~stefan@0x535d66ea.boanxx16.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthaspro: Well, it was ok a week ago, I haven't upgraded since then.10:25
concept10berkes, what is the problem your are having?  have you installed the driver and cant get access?10:25
jamey3concept10, no problem =)10:25
=== jeroen_ [~jeroen@cp413115-a.tilbu1.nb.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
asproOh well, Ill try it anyway, hopefully its not bung :)10:25
Dr_Melectausmonchichi, yes10:25
concept10jamey3, I just cleaned my glasses10:25
=== concept10 note to self: insert contact lenses
berkesconcept10, the problem is thqt i cant seem to find the modules that I have to load10:26
IceDC571why do so many people like engage over gdesklets?10:26
monchichiDr_Melectaus, and you did this: http://ubuntuguide.org/#rp-pppoe ?10:27
berkesconcept10, I installed the package, but got lost from there.10:27
concept10berkes, one more time, what card are you using?10:27
monchichiengage has a systray10:27
berkesconcept10, 3com somethingsomething ?me looks up the number10:27
jamey3What does the Ubuntu Installer rescue mode do? It feels like I'm completely reinstalling :/10:27
berkesconcept10: 3Com 3CRWE777A10:29
berkesaccording to the docs online it should be supported by wlan-ng10:30
Dr_Melectausmonchichi, it doesnt detect the modem10:30
scarooAmaranth, i dunno;, but the postinstall script of ec lipse-jdt fails because the "gcj-dbtool-4.0" binary is not present10:30
Dr_Melectausi need to somehow force it to10:30
=== bcroq [~bertrand@bruz.freeskop.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthscaroo: eclipse is being worked on10:30
=== frenchgit [~Ben@ABordeaux-253-1-7-102.w82-125.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
monchichiDr_Melectaus, sorry, i cant help you... ive never had ppoe10:31
scaroook, so wait and see10:31
=== satzgi [~satzgi@p548ADBE0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== aytek [~aytek@] has joined #ubuntu
=== KhaBal [~erkan@c220-237-142-131.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
frenchgithi there - I'm looking for some help getting my pcmcia rt2500 wireless card up and running10:32
KhaBalhow do i change resolution by command?10:32
KhaBalresolution of my monitor?10:32
satzgihi, i have the same problem with my mbr as before:10:32
voidmastactrl+alt plus and minus should switch resolution10:32
jamey3satzgi, same as I had?10:32
aytekhi guys - i have a problem about pptp can anyone help_10:33
satzgiafter install, "invalid bootsector"10:33
jamey3satzgi, yeah you need to boot the Ubuntu install CD and type rescue and then press ENTER10:33
jamey3or that's what I've been told10:33
concept10berkes, im looking for you10:33
=== nameless1 [~nameless1@ppp108-42.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Edulix [~edulix@136.Red-80-59-147.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== holycow [~a@S0106000fb51e6051.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sven [~sven@p508D5EF1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Silent [~Silent_Bo@242.064.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Edulixhi !10:34
EdulixI have unmet dependencies10:34
Edulixafter trying to do an apt-get -f install, I get an error:10:34
Edulixdpkg-divert: `diversion of /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 to /usr/lib/fglrx/libGL.so.1.xlibmesa by xorg-driver-fglrx' clashes with `diersion of /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 to /usr/lib/nvidia/libGL.so.1.xlibmesa by nvidia-glx'10:35
frenchgitI've got the driver installed and iwconfig sees the card fine, I've got the WEP key and ESSID set in kwifimanager and it shows a perfect connection strength but scanning for networks comes up with nothing10:35
Edulixand I don't even actually want to install flgrx, so whatcould I do ?10:35
monchichiEdulix: you have both the ati and nvidia drivers installed...10:35
=== golanz [~golan@] has joined #ubuntu
monchichiapt-get remove  xorg-driver-fglrx10:36
Silentfrenchgit - does your card have rfmon support?10:36
=== george_ [~george@adsl-68-88-233-176.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
scarooAmaranth, ok i found out : it is in the gij-4.0 package10:36
Edulixmonchichi: that's funny: "Package xorg-driver-fglrx is not installed, so not removed"10:36
pgidzfrenchgit try it without a wep key and see if it works10:37
frenchgitin the /etc/network/interface file I removed the keys I set10:37
Amaranthscaroo: File a bug in malone please.10:37
frenchgitand just let kwifi deal with it10:37
=== Madeye [~Jad@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== zyth [~kyth@S01060013102db441.nb.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
frenchgiti'll try without the key...10:38
Dr_Melectaushow would i find the path to my usb adsl modem ?10:38
monchichiEdulix, hmm, were you trying to install the ati package?10:38
monchichiDr_Melectaus, check in /dev/usb10:39
Edulixmonchichi: yeah10:39
Edulixmonchichi: anyway that wasn't my intention10:39
monchichior cat /proc/bus/usb/devices10:39
Edulixmonchichi: nor to have nvidia-glx, neither :P10:39
=== gm78 [~gm78@S01060040ca4ec68d.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== KhaBal [~erkan@c220-237-142-131.brodm1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
EdulixI want just to install other packages, but in order to do that, it's necessary to execute apt-get -f install10:40
KhaBalwheres the conf file in ubuntu guys?10:40
IceDC571/etc/X11/xorg.conf ?10:40
frenchgitright, kwifi detects the network with a scan with and without a key10:40
monchichiEdulis, try dpkg --purge nvidia-glx zorg-driver-fglrx10:41
EdulixI've tried to "Package xorg-driver-fglrx is not installed, so not removed" but I get "The following packages have unmet dependencies:"10:41
frenchgithowever in 'network settings' the card is greyed out as 'not configured'10:41
monchichiKhaBal what conf file...?10:41
=== Jimbob [~jcape@c-24-14-115-101.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
gm78KhaBal, Which conf file r u looking for> There are many many different conf files in ubuntu10:42
Edulixmonchichi: it seems that apt sometimes gets a bit tricky eh!10:42
monchichiEdulix, without all my typos ...10:42
ubotufrom memory, java is https://wiki.ubuntu.com//Java10:42
Edulixmonchichi: of course :P10:42
gm78Edulix, Are you having problems with the nvidia drivers or something?10:42
=== pulk [pulk@jolt6.modeemi.cs.tut.fi] has left #ubuntu ["]
monchichisometimes apt gets a little confused is all :P10:42
frenchgitif I set it as 'configured' and choose dhcp with no WEP or ESSID set then the card activates fine10:43
pgidzfrenchgit what card have you got10:44
Edulixgm78: nah, I was trying to install all the package from an "old" ubuntu installtion to my new one, via dpkg /path/to/var/cache/apt/archives :P10:44
frenchgitan ovislink based on the rt2500 chipset10:44
frenchgitand I'm running it on a hp nx6110 laptop10:44
gm78Edulix, ah.....is that such a good idea?10:44
Edulixgm78: in fact I have an old ati that use non of those driver mentioned but the already open source and installed one10:45
frenchgiti should mention I fiddled with setkeycodes to get the wireless button working10:45
frenchgitsetkeycodes e078 12910:45
Edulixgm78: why not ? hehehe10:45
=== lionel_ [~lionel@10.21.96-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu
frenchgitI don't k now if that has anything to do with it..10:45
gm78Edulix, how good is the 3d on that graphics card?10:45
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-31-215.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
frenchgitin dmesg I get ra0 : no IPv6 routers present10:46
Edulixgm78: not much: "ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500] "10:46
Edulix(from lspci)10:46
=== twb_ [~twb@193-83.200-68.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== davi1 [~redactech@] has joined #ubuntu
=== jo [~jo@cc667024-a.ensch1.ov.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
johm cut breezy set up10:49
=== maddler [maddler@] has joined #ubuntu
=== djp [~david@dynamic-62-56-58-90.park-s46b.dslaccess.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
frenchgitmaybe it's the key? should it have spaces?10:51
monchichibreezy is worth installing just for the flashing window list notifier10:51
djpwhen you run a cronjob does it create a log file anywhere?10:51
=== frenchgit cluctches at straws
monchichi.. or mayeb not10:51
pgidzfrenchgit how did you type in the key10:51
djpor do you need to give a sepcific command in the crontab?10:52
=== cikilin [~cikilin@] has joined #ubuntu
frenchgitpgidz with kwifi in the config editor10:52
=== snake [kult@adsl-145-173-192-81.adsl2.iam.net.ma] has joined #ubuntu
pgidzfrenchgit did you type it 123546 try 123-123-123-123 in that format10:53
frenchgitpgidz, ok.. hang on10:53
=== cikilin [~cikilin@] has joined #ubuntu
=== IceDC571 [~IceDC571@c-67-188-217-227.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
cikilinis hard in linux10:55
=== lambert [~lambert@d80-170-42-9.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
cikilini cant a lot10:55
Edulixcikilin: what is hard in linux ?10:55
cikilini want to see a movie witch is a dvd10:56
cikilini cant10:56
frenchgitpgidz, nope nothing changes - the network is still detected but no ip coming through10:56
=== lambert [~lambert@d80-170-42-9.cust.tele2.fr] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
monchichicikilin.. sure you can10:57
Edulixcikilin: yeah, you need to install libdvdcss I belive10:57
djpok. i gather to get a log file of cronjobs executed i need to add something like the following to the specific cronjob, > /home/user/cronlogs/jobs.log. would that be correct? otherwise i gather no log is created10:57
cikilinevery player i install i does not working for me10:57
cikilini installed install libdvdcss10:57
Edulixcikilin: it's not installed by default because of legal concerns. of course it could just ask you "would you like to install needed software to watch this movie ?", but ...10:57
=== lambert [~lambert@d80-170-42-9.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Edulixcikilin: search for dvd in synaptic and install everything related, then open totem and try, that's what I would do hehe10:58
monchichicikilin: is it having trouble detecting the dvd or decrypting it?10:58
benplaut\quit "goodnight everyone"10:59
Edulixbye benplaut :)10:59
cikilinis wrirting mplayer interrupted by signal 11 in module:decode_audio10:59
Edulixcikilin: uhm did you tried with totem ?11:00
=== Heaviette|aw [~Heaviette@ip-114.net-81-220-9.versailles.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Edulixcikilin: it's the gnome default media player11:00
pgidzfrenchgit have you got a wep set on your router if so you could take it of and see if your card gets an ip11:00
=== mikl [~mikkel@mikl.active.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
=== Dr_Melectaus [~Doc@ACD8A25F.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
cikilinTotem could not play 'file:///home/cikilin/Blade 3/Blade trinity RO by bisart.nrg'.11:00
monchichicikilin, you might want to do sudo apt-get install totem-xine first, got better compatibility11:01
=== migma [~migma@] has joined #Ubuntu
Edulixnrg, what's that ? :P11:01
monchichinot a real dvd!11:01
monchichiits like an iso11:01
=== evita18tr [oireoer@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthcikilin: 1) that's an nrg (sort of like iso), not a movie and 2) talk about warez and pirating things is not allowed here11:01
EdulixAmaranth: who says it's warez ?11:02
EdulixAmaranth: talk about private copy, for example11:02
cikilini took it from torent site11:02
Edulix(in my country you *are* allowed to make private copies even from other people)11:02
=== Petrov [~peter@200-154.240.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
frenchgitpgidz, i'll try but I don't have access to the router11:03
Edulixcikilin: see: "nrg2iso - Extracts ISO9660 data from Nero ".nrg" files"11:04
Edulixmaybe you could install that and then either mount the iso or burn it11:05
AmaranthEdulix: Look at the file name...11:06
AmaranthEdulix: Plus, he already said it was an illegal copy11:06
EdulixAmaranth: he mentioned "illegal" where ?11:07
Amaranth <cikilin> i took it from torent site11:07
monchichihe said he took it from a torrent site..11:07
djpdoes anyone know if ubuntu keeps a log of cron jobs executed?11:07
IceDC571it looks like its ripped by someone too11:07
monchichithat implies that its warez.11:07
EdulixAmaranth: when you downdoad from peer to peer, you are doing a private copy (from peer to peer)11:07
AmaranthEdulix: I don't know of any country that allows you to download movies.11:08
EdulixAmaranth: Spain11:08
monchichiedulix, tell that to the CIA that busted down on a bunch of fools today11:08
AmaranthEdulix: I know Canada allows you to do it with music.11:08
frenchgitpgidz, no access to the router11:08
=== tvelocity [~tony@ipa201.6.tellas.gr] has joined #ubuntu
frenchgitdamn it11:08
zythyep, Canada rocks :)11:08
pgidzfrenchgit have you tried to ping anything to see if it works11:08
Edulixwell sorry for you guys, but here in spain we can do private copies (from everything but software)11:09
=== Edulix muahhahaha
frenchgiti get network unreachable - no ip address i guess11:09
IceDC571so um.. convert it to an iso and view it in totem, simple as that11:10
SeveasAmaranth, Netherlands :)11:10
=== Amaranth wonders if downloading from a US peer means you broke a US law...
Seveasdownloading is (still) legal here, uploading not11:10
Amarantheven if you aren't in the US, i mean11:10
djpdoes anyone know if ubuntu keeps a log of cron jobs executed?11:11
EdulixAmaranth: if I downloaded from a US peer being me in spain, no problem to ME11:11
Amarantheven if it was legal here i wouldn't do it11:11
SeveasAmaranth, the US peer is probably breaking the law11:11
Seveasbut an ES or NL peer downloading it not11:11
IceDC571the US peer is just stupid for wanting to share movies in the first place11:11
SeveasThe downloader is breaking the implicit rules of good netizenship though :)11:11
IceDC571why cant you just buy the full quality dvd from a shop?11:11
Amaranthi buy my music off iTunes (support the artists, easier) and watch movies in the theater (their entertainment system is nicer than mine)11:12
EdulixIceDC571: that's his business :P11:12
Amaranththe US peer is breaking US law, of course11:12
monchichiSeveas, check the link, people in netherlands got rolled on too11:12
EdulixIceDC571: are you really doing that question ? maybe becuase it's not cheap ?11:12
Amaranthanyway, this is all highly off-topic and is actually one of the banned topics, so yeah11:13
Edulixhehe ok11:13
Seveasmonchichi, those aren't downloaders, but crackers :)11:13
IceDC571Amaranth: would libdvdcss2 be illegal in the US?11:13
monchichitrue, but they targeted crackers because they cant possibly target all the downloaders11:14
IceDC571decss i mean11:14
Amaranthcanada too11:14
Amaranthand much of the EU11:14
SeveasAmaranth, well, to be really strict: this kind of discussion is not one of the 'banned topics' since we're not supporting people trying to do illegal things ;)11:14
sobralenseOk ok, U have great theaters with a brand new movie playing .. but here...11:14
cikilincan anybody help me see a dvd on linux?11:14
IceDC571so how do I view dvds in linux legally? pshh..11:14
AmaranthIceDC571: You pay $30 for this program that only works on one version of one distro.11:15
IceDC571Amaranth: whats that?11:15
=== nitroXL [~tekkno@BSN-77-45-12.dsl.siol.net] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthIceDC571: No idea.11:15
AmaranthIceDC571: The distro is turbolinux, iirc.11:15
Edulixmonchichi: maybe it was illegal to distribute the things but not to download them ?11:16
IceDC571i dont really watch dvds on the computer anyway11:16
IceDC571so i guess im good11:16
aileanyou can watch dvds in linux legally by paying a royalty11:16
Edulixactually I belive some distros distribuced some parts of libdvdcss that are legal11:17
Edulixso that you can play dvd but not rip it11:17
Amaranthlibdvdcss is not legal at all11:17
EdulixAMaranth: talk with linspire about that :P11:17
AmaranthEdulix: They're nuts.11:17
IceDC571lol.. linspire wont be legal for long..11:18
AmaranthBreaking the encryption to play a movie is just as illegal as breaking the encryption to rip a movie.11:18
IceDC571i cant believe walmart gave in to their deal11:18
EdulixIceDC571: I think that if they do that it's because it's legal, and they are surely more informed than me, I don't know about you...11:19
AmaranthEdulix: No, the guy that started linspire just likes to piss big people off.11:19
IceDC571linspire has been in court several times11:19
monchichiwho owns the css license?11:20
monchichican i watch the movies i bought?11:20
IceDC571the css? i have no idea, decss.. no one11:20
=== Amaranth only knows about the DVDCCA because they sued a friend over DeCSS
=== hannes_ [hannes@dna251-74.satp.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
aileanbut surely the dvd libs are as legal as the openoffice word format?11:22
=== mwe [~mwe@port462.ds1-ynoe.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
aileanopenoffice have reverse engineered that, just as the dvd libs have been reverse engineered11:22
=== Sionide [~sphinx@cpc4-hem12-6-0-cust227.lutn.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Heaviette|aw [~Heaviette@ip-114.net-81-220-9.versailles.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571theres things you arent supposed to reverse engineer due to copyright laws11:23
Amaranthwell, i suppose you could try to get in on the DMCA's reverse engineering clause, but no one has successfully done so yet11:23
IceDC571openoffice format isnt a reversed engineered word format, they're different11:23
jeroen_ailean, maybe, but US law is fucked up11:23
aileani know11:23
jeroen_because it is encrypted it's evil11:23
Amaranthplus iirc illegally releasing a trade secret doesn't make it lose it's trade secret status11:23
EdulixIceDC571: if it isn't reverse enginereed then how did they achieve that ?11:24
=== nico_32 [~nico@2002:5477:7843:5:2e0:18ff:fef4:bdd7] has joined #ubuntu
aileanonline gambling is illegal - from a country with the biggest gambling industry in the world . . .11:24
AmaranthEdulix: They took the key out of a player11:24
Amaranthafter that people figured out how to generate keys11:24
IceDC571reverse engineering isnt illegal until you break a copyright law11:24
Amaranthat least i think so11:24
Amaranthi could go ask jon, but i think he is sleeping :)11:25
=== tmyneii [HydraIRC@] has joined #ubuntu
Dr_Melectausis there anyway to set a program back to default, for some reason gaimbittorrent aint working11:25
Edulixsome countries have very controversial laws, specially the US...11:25
jeroen_reverse engineering is legal in most European countries when done for compatability11:25
=== Dreco [~administr@c1-115-rrba.isadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571thats why compaq reverse engineered ibm build a pc.. or whatever that thing was called before, and it was perfectly legal11:25
AmaranthDr_Melectaus: completely remove it in synaptic and reinstall it11:25
aileanit should be legal if only to stop market dominance11:25
Dr_MelectausAmaranth, thanks11:25
=== kpagarigan [~kpagariga@] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthIceDC571: The IBM PC BIOS didn't have encryption on it11:26
jeroen_for example the Dutch copyright law clearly states that you can reverse-engineer for compatability11:26
AmaranthIceDC571: And that was a strict clean room reimplementation11:26
aileanwhat about wine?11:26
aileanrecreating windows to run windows programs without buying windows11:26
Amaranthyou can't patent, copyright, or trademark an API, wine is fine11:26
=== kpagarigan_ [~kpagariga@] has joined #ubuntu
kpagarigan_hello to all11:26
Amaranththey aren't emulating windows11:26
=== anatole [~anatole@a84-0-161-70.adsl-pool.axelero.hu] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranththey're implementing the win32 api11:27
IceDC571wine is not an emulator ;)11:27
monchichiyou can patent a double click but not an api?11:27
aileanno, they're trying to recreate it, no?11:27
=== myosotis [~myosotis@lap34-1-82-224-141-250.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranththey aren't trying to recreate windows11:27
Amaranththat's reactos11:27
aileanthe double click wasn't patented was it?? :)11:27
=== ukato [~trey@ip24-251-109-39.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
monchichiMS has the patent on the double click11:27
Edulixin fact the pantent is in n-click11:28
Amaranthailean: clicking an input device on a mobile device a certain number of times does a certain action11:28
=== theplateau [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranththat's what was patented11:28
IceDC571i love how apple still has one mouse button to make our lives miserable11:28
=== LinuxNewbie [~kpagariga@] has joined #ubuntu
ukato"OSS device "/dev/dsp" is already in use by another program", anybody know how i could fix that11:28
Edulixso that depending on the number of clicks you do you can configure different actions to be executed11:28
LinuxNewbiehello to all11:28
AmaranthIceDC571: It forces application developers to not have things that are only available from context menus.11:29
AmaranthIceDC571: and it's easier for a newb11:29
=== GNULinuxer [~ghoseb@gnulinuxer.user] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthukato: kill esd11:29
jeroen_found it: Article 45m of the Dutch copyright law (auteurswet)11:29
lifelessAmaranth: one mouse button does not force that11:29
lifelessAmaranth: see for instance the apple key, option key, ctrl key and various combinations11:30