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karthik_r085Hello, My name is Karthik. I would like to actively contribute to Kubuntu and KDE. What is the process I need to go to become one of the maintainers?06:14
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froudAfrican Greetings08:46
froudRiddell: any ideas on how we can plan documentation development?08:54
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froudRiddell: when you have some time let's discuss how to plan documentation development09:28
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frouduniq: hi01:30
uniqhi froud.01:34
froud:-) looking good01:34
froudall working well now and package name changed to fit requirements01:35
froudjust wish I could get a breezy system installed01:35
uniqsounds great.01:35
froudeach time I do a dist-upgrade I endup with no xserver and no kde01:35
uniqi just got a office with a decent internet connection.01:35
froudI have tried it a few times01:35
froud:-( not having much fun01:36
uniqi'm at my parents place for the summer.. and they have dialup.01:36
uniqhmm.. i'll try with my breezy chroot.01:36
uniqeverything installs nicely on my breezy.02:15
uniqdid you try to apt-get install kubuntu-desktop after it's been removed? 02:16
uniqfood. bbl.02:26
frouduniq: I was upgraidng from hoary to breezy02:31
froudedit sources.list adding breezy repos02:31
froudsudo apt-get update02:31
froudapt-get dist-upgrade02:31
froudafter install no xserver or kde02:32
froudcant apt-get install kubuntu-desktop cries for lots of dependancies02:32
froudapt-get -f install02:32
froudand then no can boot box02:33
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Riddellpef: dood, how's datakiosk coming along?04:08
pefRiddell: I come back from a 3 days travel, that's why I was silent during this time ;)04:09
pefI just have to write the correct build-depends using pbuilder, and it's ok04:10
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mart(repeat of yesterday)04:24
marterm, could anyone with tetex-doc installed see if this works, please? kdvi /usr/share/doc/texmf/tetex/TETEXDOC.dvi.gz04:24
martin breezy04:24
uniqgive me a few mins to update my breezy chroot and i'll test.04:29
martcool, thanks04:31
hungermart: I get an error uncompressing that file from kdvi.04:33
mart"KDVI had trouble interpreting..."?04:34
martDetails = "The DVI code set a character of an unknown font"04:34
hungermart: Nope... I get that after uncompressing the file with gunzip though.04:34
martok, at least it's not just me04:35
martxdvi opens it, I take it?04:35
hungermart: Yeap.04:36
hungermart: Both the compressed and the uncompressed version.04:36
martok, what's best? file a bug on bugs.kde.org? or ...?04:38
uniqhmm.. kdvi 3.4.1 from kubuntu.org reads it nicely. 04:39
hungermart: Dunno... I'd go for launchpad if that wasen't so annoying to use:-)04:39
martwhah? isn't that what I'm using? hang on04:39
martKDVI 1.3 (Using KDE 3.4.1)04:39
hungeruniq: I'm using kdvi 1.3 which comes with kde 3.4.1 and it does not work here.04:40
uniqworks in hoary.. with the 3.4.1 debs.04:41
martyeah, it worked in hoary for me04:42
=== mart dist-upgrading breezy again
uniqI can't test my breezy chroot yet, still downloading updates.04:42
mart(it was stuck on libwv dependency)04:42
martFetched 112MB in 52s (2123kB/s)04:43
martall networks should be at least that fast :)04:43
hungermart: That only encourages peaple to use bigger images and videos on there webpages...04:45
martthe question begs why I didn't just purge libwv and only upgrade the packages I needed :(04:45
uniqwell.. i'll go home for dinner. bbl.04:45
martI love hindsight04:45
martuniq: ok, see you04:45
=== mart bouncing X
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mart-woah! hard crash!04:57
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marthunger: uniq: well, I still see the error in the latest version05:00
hungermart: I am on the latest version, too.05:02
marthunger: when I upgraded, all the icons in my K menu got bigger too, you have this?05:03
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hungermart: Haven't noticed yet.05:05
martseems to be an option that's not settable in the gui too05:10
martgrep MenuEntryHeight /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde-profile/default/share/config/kickerrc05:10
Riddellthat's deliberate05:10
martbah, I've just put it back to 1605:11
Riddellwhy?  don't you like 22?05:11
martprefer 1605:11
Riddellbut 22 is so much easier on the eye05:11
mart22 involves too much head movement05:11
mart(did I just say that?)05:12
martand mouse movement too, 22 is like using the default XP menu05:12
pefRiddell: the datakiosk package is here for review ;) http://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/datakiosk/06:20
Riddellpef: needs a .orig. file06:24
Riddellpef: also version number should be 0.7-0ubuntu106:24
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pefRiddell: corrected07:01
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froudOk now I am pissed attempt six and I cannot get dist-upgrade to do the correct thing.....HELP!!!!!07:10
froudhow hard can this be ... somebody please I am doubting my sanity here07:11
froudmust I update to 3.4.1 before dist-upgrade will work?07:13
martfroud: what's wrong?07:13
froudOK, from CD I install Kubuntu Hoary07:13
froudI then change sources.list to breezy07:14
froudapt-get update07:14
froudapt-get dist-upgrade07:14
frouddownload, install, install07:14
froudno xserver or kde07:14
froudcant even apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:15
martfroud: best to check what apt-get's gonna do first :)07:15
froudcarry on07:15
martor use upgrade instead of dist-upgrade if you don't want any packages to go missing07:15
froudok so upgrade instead of dist-upgrade07:15
froudthat's it 07:16
martwell, you may need to use dist-upgrade every now and then07:16
martbut upgrade will never remove anything, so use it if you don't want to read the list of what will be removed07:16
froudI thought when you changed distro version you needed to do a dist upgrade?07:16
froudOk well here goes nothing07:17
martbut that was the first option - check what it's gonna do first :)07:17
martso what's the error?07:17
froudall I have is a console07:17
martoh, hang on07:17
froudno xserver installed07:17
martdid it install xserver at all, or is it just not running?07:17
froudnot installed07:18
marteep, that's bad07:18
froudlemme do an upgrade and see what 'appens07:18
martbuh? amarok just played a whole album without crashing... unprecedented!07:27
=== froud holds thumbs and crosses legs. pray
martfroud: ?07:28
froudmart: upgrade running will see in about an hour or so :-)07:32
froudRiddell: you there, let's plan how we will get the Kubuntu docs done :-)07:32
=== froud thinks Riddell is avoiding the question
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Riddellfroud: it's on my todo list after subscribing to REVU and answering summer of code dude07:36
Riddellfroud: what needs planned?07:36
froudwell I have no way of knowing what is going to be done and what wont from the roadmap07:36
froudits all a muddle of maybe's07:37
froude.g kynaptic or kapture07:37
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RiddellI don't know about kynaptic or kapture either07:37
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froudif I know what will be then I can outline and plan for that07:37
froudok can we start with what we do know07:37
froud"Breezy we may delay the Kubuntu release to be able to use 3.5" how likely does this look07:39
Riddellfroud: I think it's not likely, it'll release along with the rest of ubuntu07:39
froudat 3.507:39
Riddellat whatever the latest KDE is07:40
RiddellKDE has no release plan07:40
froudyes I saw that07:40
froudso do you expect a 3.507:40
froudlow medium high probability07:40
Riddellabsolutly no idea I'm afraid07:41
Riddellso medium I guess 07:41
froudkdeaccessiblity in main and installed as stock?07:41
Riddellrelease could happen or it could not, depend on how soon the KDE 4 branch is usable07:41
Riddellwon't be installed as stock07:41
Riddellbut it should be in supported, I wonder what the process is for that07:42
froudone less to do :-)07:42
froudkdevelop in main and installed as stock?07:42
Riddellsame thing07:42
froudKOffice 1.4 I understand wont be07:43
Riddellseems openoffice has the upper hand in that debate07:43
froudawk shuchs07:43
froudKDE Bluetooth07:44
froudany idea07:44
Riddellkdebluetooth should be07:44
Riddellkiosktool is in universe, but won't be on CD07:45
Riddellother two I'm not sure about07:45
froudkdebluetooth will be stock install07:45
froudso will display in kde-systemsettings07:45
Riddellshould be yes07:45
froud"There is likely to be more as well" are there more, b'sides kde-systemsettings07:45
Riddellmore what?07:46
froudthings like the above07:46
Riddellnot off the top of my head07:47
froud"Kubuntu 5.04 made several improvements to the default KDE menu, tidying up the applications and menu structure and including a System menu for access to system places. We would like to further tidy the applications on the menu and improve the system menu to include the non application entries from the k-menu and remove duplicates between the two menus."07:47
Riddelljuk will probably go in famvour of amarok with gstreamer07:47
froudany ideas of what will be done here07:47
Riddellfroud: like it says :)07:47
froudZeroconf support07:48
froud"As part of a move to including the best KDE applications which are not part of KDE itself we will investigate packages such as metabar (a context sensitive sidebar for Konqueror), Kompos as a full screen task manager to manage windows and katapult to start applications and bookmarks as a complement for minicli (Alt-F2)."07:48
froudany idea on this07:49
Riddellfroud: zeroconf seems like a no due to licences07:49
Riddellfroud: metabar and katapult yes07:49
Riddellfind them on MOTUNewPackages07:49
froud"We would like all user's home directories to come with predefined folders by default. These could include Documents, Music, Pictures and others. The folder names will need to be translated for the appropriate language settings if possible. Appropriate applications should be modified to use these folders at startup."07:49
Riddellnot kompose07:49
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Riddellfroud: default folders were going to be done elsewhere, I'll ask about that07:50
Riddellhello Soneras 07:50
Sonerashello everybody07:50
froudUbuntu has a net install option available which uses a small image and tftp to boot a computer completely over the network. We would like to have a similar option for Kubuntu and will work with the Ubuntu netinstall developers to make this available. We also want Full Automated Installation for Kubuntu.07:51
froudwill it be :-)07:51
Riddellfroud: kamion has promised to look in to netinstall, no response on the bugzilla entry so far07:52
froudUpdate-notifier is an important part of Ubuntu which ensures users can keep their system updated with the latest security packages or development versions. A KDE version of update-notifier is needed and should be ready by the next release.07:52
froudAnother innovative tool from Ubuntu is hwdb, the hardware database frontend. We would like to work with the hwdb developers to create a KDE/Qt frontend for this so it can be included in Kubuntu. 07:52
froudthese two07:52
RiddellUpdate-notifier is stuck on what to do with the package manager07:54
Riddellhwdb ogra has promised to port to KDE07:54
froudgreat I will chat with him as I did docs for gnome version07:54
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froudFuture versions of Ubuntu will have a graphical installer, possibly based on installation direct from the live CD. Kubuntu will need a Qt version of this, which will likely require Qt bindings to debconf.07:54
froudwill there be a Qt version07:55
Riddellfroud: we're in trouble if there isn't :)07:55
martheh :)07:55
Riddellmotaboy: froud was just wondering how kdebluetooth was coming along07:55
SonerasI see you're discussing the implementation of qt-alternatives to the ubuntu programs. I've a little question about such; did somebody already look into the possibility of a 'personal-' kind of firewall for one of the next releases? I think I've read Ubuntu looks into using firestarter (good one) some time - but i can't find a decent Qt alternative (besides guarddog, which is a more complex solution).07:55
motaboyRiddell: I think that kdebluetooth is ready for release, only that Fred and me doesn't have much time in these days.07:56
froudmotaboy: installed it here and it works a treat, thanks07:56
motaboyfroud: :D.07:57
RiddellSoneras: it's not something I've looked in to.  firewalls arn't high priority for kubuntu 07:57
froudRiddell: I have started adding kde-system settings to kubuntu quick guide07:57
froudRiddell: http://lnix.net/~froud/kquickguide/C/ch03s07.html07:57
froudI will now add kdebluetooth07:58
Riddellfroud: nice07:58
froudRiddell: the quick guide is a good place to outline a tour of kubuntu desktop and nice to help define what needs more docs in the User Guide07:58
martSoneras: I just tried guarddog yesterday, it's not a tool for a complete newbie, but maybe it would be worth talking to upstream as it's not far off?07:59
froudRiddell: r there any other changes, other than kdebluetooth, that will be in kde-system settings as a part of the stock install07:59
martSoneras: (I mostly liked it, but I see your point)08:00
Riddellfroud: I don't think so except I should look into why it doesn't pick up the theme manager08:00
froudOK I would not know, so if you find problems like tings missing or stuff that will be added it would be good if you could update me08:01
Sonerasmart: I do like guarddog too, but I think the purpose is different from firestarter and the second is more what users might expect - I guess. Just something I've been wondering about today08:01
froudSoneras: good example is SuSE Firewall08:01
froudeasy to use, no fuss, just works08:02
martSoneras: http://www.simonzone.com/software/guarddog/guarddog2_protocol.png08:03
Sonerashave to take a closer look, didn't really use the SuSE Firewall yet. somehow I like the firestarter aproach. but might not be such a big issue for kubuntu yet08:03
martSoneras: I reckon that could be improved by making Zone, Logging and Advanced menu options, leaving user with just enable/disable protocol08:04
martSoneras: most users have only one NIC anyway, so hiding "zone" not an issue, until you want to do something complex08:05
froudRiddell: I will document this log on lnix.net/~froud if it changes, please update me so I can plan it. This way I can direct contributors on what to do and what not08:05
froudSoneras: SuSE Firewall is very simple, just the basics08:05
froudblock all08:05
Sonerasmart: I've guarddog in the background but didn't configure it yet. does it have some kind of an 'agent' that tells the user whats going on / allowing him to accept/block requests on-the-go?08:06
froudopen all08:06
froudif you want to do more you need to stop it and use SuSE Firewall 208:06
martSoneras: ah, clever feature.  no, it doesn't have that.08:07
martSoneras: I think I properly see your point this time :)08:07
Sonerasmart: don't know if you've seen firestarter lately (no I don't want to make an ad here), but this is very close to what I'd consider perfect for kubuntu08:07
Sonerasmart: only it's gtk :(08:08
froudRiddell: does kandy work now08:08
froudor does it just support Nokia08:08
froudanyone got opinions on what Kubuntu User guide should be08:09
froudI dont think we want another KDE User manual, the upstream one is good08:10
froudOf course there are those things kubuntu desktop specific08:10
Sonerasfroud: btw. I wanted to ask some time, if there already is some kind of internationalization of your documentation going on? Maybe it's something I could help out with.08:11
froudSoneras: we upload to Rosetta use kdesdk xmlpo to make pots08:11
Sonerasfroud: I think it should mostly focus on the thinks specific to Kubuntu - like configuration utilities not available in vanilla KDE and such. And then take the other parts from upstream.08:12
froudk, go one08:12
froudgo on08:12
Sonerasfroud: ok, I'd have to sit down and read up on those things first, but maybe I can do some translation / language-specific screenshots (german that would be)08:13
froudgreat, we freeze with ubuntu release schedule08:13
froudand then upload to rosetta08:13
froudpo files come back to us08:13
Riddelllanguage-specific screenshots are tricky, there was talk of a tool that could take screenshots in all the different languages, don't know if that every happened08:13
froudand we make lang packs of the docs08:14
Sonerasso, is there already somebody working on it? specifically a german translation .I would like to help out, but honestly at this point I doubt I could manage a translation o nmy own.08:15
froudSoneras: once it gets into rosetta anyone can work on it08:15
\shwhois frode@lnix.net?08:15
froudwe dont yet have any k docs in rosetta08:16
froudwhois frode@lnix.net? = uniq 08:16
\shah ;)08:16
pefsomeone can check my package ? http://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/datakiosk/ I have to go but I will read your messages when I come back in a few hours, thank you :) 08:16
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Sonerasah, wait a sec. rosetta was the canonical translation utility, was it?08:16
froudyes see launchpad08:16
Sonerasah, very nice. Is there a schedule for having docs in rosetta yet?08:18
frouddepends on how we get them done08:18
froudif we have something worth uploading08:18
froudbut generaly we freeze with the schedule, tag and upload08:19
froudthen rosetta picks it up08:19
froudthat's for ubuntu, I dunno if it will work the same for kubuntu08:19
froudI can speak to carlos08:19
\shuniq: ping?08:19
Sonerasok. as long as there's nobody already doing stuff I can work on it a bit localy and then enter it when the docs are in rosetta. is there some kind of priority the docs should be done?08:20
froudSoneras: you are welcome to do so in our svn08:31
froudSoneras: best thing is to translate sections as the are completed08:31
froudIf you are subscribed to kubuntu-devel or ubuntu-docs you will see my messages08:32
Sonerasright now I'm having a look here http://www.lnix.net/~froud/. These are only previews, right? so they don't reflect the current state I suppose08:32
froudThey are quite up to date08:32
froudwe are starting from scratch08:32
SonerasI'm subscribed to kubuntu-devel. Is it a good idea to subscribe ubuntu-docs, too for this?08:32
froudfirsttime we are doing kubuntu docs08:32
froudmyself and two three other people at Kubuntu docs have given interest in Kubuntu-docs08:33
froudI cant say what they will contribute or how much, but I will be focused on completing the Kubuntu User Guide08:34
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froudanyone is welcome, you dont need to write perfect English, we will edit it08:34
froudSoneras: you can checkout the main stuff needed for Kubuntu docs at https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/kde08:36
Sonerasmmh. as I'm not a native speaker and don't have a feel for what should be in and what shouldn't just yet I figured it might be a better idea for me to 'just translate' a bit. though I have to tell you that I'm far from beeing a professional writer in german as well - though technical (although not too technical) documentation shoudl be quite ok.08:36
froudSoneras: well you take what you want to do... no pressure08:37
froudSoneras: they docs must be for newbie users08:39
froudso ideas for the books are welcome08:40
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Sonerasyes, that was what I meant. I've no problem with the technical aspects (I work as an admin), so I have to concentrate on writing towards a newbie audience. But that's just like writing a knowledgebase entry for first level support... =)08:41
froudlol, yes and you can't really assume any technical know how08:42
Sonerasyes, just like first level support :D08:43
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uniq\sh: pong?08:48
\shuniq: i just have problems building your kioslave08:48
\shcan u check on REVU?08:49
uniq\sh: oh, which of them? 08:49
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uniq\sh:  did you install the build depends? (scons)08:55
\shuniq: debuild -S -k 08:56
\shi didn't even start the pbuilder08:56
uniqthen you're missing scons. and that's why it doesn't build.08:57
\shis scons needed for building the dsc?08:57
uniqit's needed for clean.08:57
\shuniq: do u need it badly? what is scons btw08:58
uniqscons is a make replacement.08:59
\shargl ;)08:59
uniqscons clean ~ make clean08:59
uniqbbl, food again.09:02
\shdamn..right now I can't concentrate...09:03
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tvoRiddell: yeah?09:21
Riddelltvo: what are you currently working on?09:22
tvoRiddell: I just fixed one of the bugs in the locate: protocol in konqueror09:23
Riddelltvo: does the locate author have CVS or the like?09:23
tvoRiddell: have to check, I'm going to send a mail asap09:23
tvoRiddell: didn't see any $Id$'s or other traces of CVS though09:24
tvoRiddell: I was still wondering though, what's the best behaviour of locate protocol?09:26
tvoRiddell: there are 3 options IMHO:09:26
tvoRiddell: 1) it behaves like it did originally, ie. if a dir contains more than a certain number of hits, than it's displayed as "(%d Hits) %s", %s being the full path09:27
Riddellthat does seem quite nice09:29
=== Riddell wonders what options 2 and 3 are
tvoRiddell: 2) the current behaviour of my local copy, ie. each hit is shown. It is shown as a file if the pattern matches the filename part, shown as a directory if the pattern matches the directory part09:30
tvoheh, it's quite difficult to explain09:30
Riddellwhat happens in 1 if a directory matches?09:31
tvoRiddell: 3) Like 2), but each directory hit is added twice, once like 2) and once as "Search for <pattern> in <directory>"09:31
tvonothing special, it gets counted as a hit in it's parent directory09:32
tvoand if this parent directory contains too many hits (configurable) the parent dircetory is displayed09:32
Riddellif you locate foo and you have a directory with lots of items called foo then it returns results for all those items just because they're in a directory called foo09:34
Riddelldoes that happen with any of the options above?  (seems to me it should just return the directory)09:35
tvothat happens only with 109:35
tvowith 1, if there's a dir foo with N-1 files in it (with N is the max-hits-per-dir-threshold), it shows the list of files09:36
Riddellthat seems silly09:37
tvoif there would be one more file in foo it would have been collapsed into a "(%d Hits) %s" like directory09:37
tvoyeah, that's my opinion too09:37
tvocurrently I have 2 and could go for 309:37
Riddell3 sounds fun but might end up with usability issues09:38
Riddelltvo: do you know Sander Koning askie?09:39
RiddellI believe he's at your uni09:39
Sonerasfroud: still around? I've a small question regarding the docbook format of the docs09:39
tvoactually, I know quite a lot of Sander's, don't know the surnames though:)09:40
tvoso maybe I should check09:40
tvoRiddell: I'm going to fix local-to-a-directory searches now: this would allow 3 (I could make it configurable..)09:44
Riddelltvo: sounds good09:46
Riddelltvo: do you know baz?09:47
tvoRiddell: no, what's it?09:47
Riddelltvo: bazaar, the version of arch made by canonical09:48
Riddell(I don't know it either) but if you did it would work as a short term revision control system09:48
tvoRiddell: of the versioning systems, I've only used CVS.09:49
tvoRiddell: you mean with a local repository?09:49
Riddellyeah, but it probably isn't worth it09:49
RiddellI guess ask the locate author if he has a repository and if not apply for a KDE account09:50
froudSoneras: yep I am here09:50
froudRiddell: think you should find solution to svn :-)09:52
=== tvo is now typing a mail to the locate author
froudSoneras: ping09:57
Sonerasfroud: sorry. back09:59
froudquestion on docbook09:59
Sonerasfroud: I'm wondering about the docbook format. with which app will they be viewed`khelpcenter?09:59
Soneraspassing the docbook to the khelpcentercommand came up with an unformated view09:59
froudno you need to transform it10:00
Sonerasand while editing, do you simply use a text editor?10:00
froudkate will do it10:00
Sonerasso there will be now yelp like docbook viewing in breezy for kde?10:00
Sonerasnow = no10:01
froudSoneras: no kde ships html10:01
froudif you want you can transform the xml on your machine10:01
froudyou need the following; docbook, docbook-xsl, xsltproc10:02
froudthen you should just do a checkout of the directories needed10:02
Sonerasok, did both10:02
froudboth what10:03
Sonerasinstalled the tools you said and did a checkout (did that before)10:03
Sonerashow would I transform into html?10:03
froudoK  but you only did checkout of the core parts10:03
froudyou need10:03
froudand https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/kde10:04
Sonerasah, I see. only got kde10:04
froudok then look at the Makefile in kde/10:05
froudbtw common/ libs/ kde/ must all be in the same dir10:05
froudto build all the docs that will go into kubuntu-docs-0.1ubuntu1-all just do make kall10:06
froudOh do make a folder build/kde relative to those dirs10:06
Sonerasoh, wrong window =)10:07
froudthe make will build the html there10:07
Sonerasshould build/kde in the same folder as kde/libs/common, or one folder above?10:08
froudthose three folder should be relative to each other10:08
froudmkdir build10:08
froudmkdir build/kde10:09
froudthen cd kde10:09
froudmake kall10:09
Sonerasah ok, got it wrong at first10:09
froudlet me  know if it works for you10:10
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Sonerasfroud: ok, it worked. got some nice html in build/kde. I had to checkout generic as well though.10:22
froudOooh yes, sorry10:23
froudOK that is how you build it to view it10:23
froudto edit it you can use any text editor10:23
froudkate works10:23
froudyou will also need to validate your xml for well-formed and valid10:24
froudcheckout https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk/validate.sh10:24
froudto the root of those folders10:24
froudnow you can just do ./validate.sh path/to/foo.xml10:25
froudand it will check that your docbook is valid against the dtd and well-formed10:25
Sonerasok, I'm reading the docs at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamStepByStepRepository as well, so I hope I'll be fine. bause I got to go for today.10:26
Sonerasthanks for the quick help getting me started10:26
froudsure no problems10:26
SonerasI'll be sure to come back with more questions tomorrow ;)10:26
froudhe he no worries10:26
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froudnight all10:33
Riddelltvo: if you want to use arch/baz I'm told you can set up a local repository, get an account on launchpad then publish to the supermirror10:47
Riddelltvo: it's been suggested that if you want to do something uber-cool you could alter locate to update on inotify events rather than on a daily crunch10:48
tvoRiddell: ok, in that case, I'll wait for the reply of Armin Straub (the kio_locate author), and if he doesn't use a versioning system, I'll teach myself arch/baz10:50
tvoRiddell: I'll add it to my todo list and read a bit about inotify10:51
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tvoRiddell: btw, are there any guidelines for a WIP project wiki page?10:51
Riddelltvo: WIP project?10:53
tvowork in progress10:53
Riddellnot that I know of10:54
Riddellbut include lots of details10:55
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pefRiddell: thanks for uploading the package, but for the missing .desktop file, what should I do ? 11:03
Riddellpef: did I upload it?11:04
Riddelloh cool, it made it to revu11:05
Riddellwhat's he on about, it has a .desktop file11:06
pefRiddell:  but why " Needs .desktop entry" in the comment ?11:07
=== crimsun [~crimsun@crimsun.silver.supporter.pdpc] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellpef: no idea, the .desktop works for me.  possibly it doesn't work on gnome for some reason or possibly he's just nuts11:30
tvoRiddell: I've created an intial version of a wiki page, in case you're interested: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuFileSearch11:44
tvoneeds lots of changes though11:46
Mezah .... Riddell ... this is better channell...11:58
MezI'm about to package new bugfix for k3b - want it or not11:58
RiddellMez: yes please12:00
Mezbuilding now :D12:01
RiddellMez: could you add a mimetype file for .iso files so they get opened in k3b?12:01
RiddellMez: and do we want the Burn to Disk action in Konqueror's right click menu?12:01
MezRiddell, yes (if I can figure out how) and no (becuase burn to disk = work withcdrdao IIRC)12:02

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