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mdkehi there any launchpad types around right now?05:08
mdkemy problem is the following05:08
mdkei have a number of email addresses registered under my lp account. One is set as my contact address, however my wiki subscriptions go to a different address, and I wish them to go to my contact address!05:08
lifelessmdke: mmm05:15
lifelessmdke: I think you should file a bug for that05:16
mdkelifeless, ok filed as 122005:21
lifelessspiv, the guy that wrote the moin integration is on leave just now05:22
lifelessI don't know if anyone else will pick it up before he comes back or not05:23
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mdkemoin integration?05:24
=== mdke looks for channel logs
lifelessmdke: the wiki <-> launchpad linkage05:25
mdkethe auth linkage?05:26
mdkeit would be pretty cool to have the ability to register when on the wiki too05:28
mdkei hear a lot of people who can't find how to register to post on the wiki (admittedly due to a lack of instructions on the wiki page, but still)05:29
lifelessyes, I hear that that is on the todo list05:29
mdkeoh great05:29
lifeless(better instructions and a link)05:29
mdkeoh yes that definitely is05:30
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SteveAsabdfl: no reason at all01:06
sabdfldaf: those two projects were ddtp-ubuntu and?01:06
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dafsabdfl: drupal01:07
sabdfldaf: ddtp-ubuntu seems OK01:07
sabdflthere is only one productrelease01:07
sabdflmaybe the query i gave you was borked?01:07
dafcould be01:08
dafor maybe a difference between staging and production?01:08
sabdfli'm looking at production01:08
sabdflstaging could only have less data01:08
dafI have to go and talk to the estate agents for a bit01:11
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Bug 1204 - add +sourceadmin links to product page for buttsource team (patch-1998: morgan.collett@canonical.com)01:15
dafsabdfl: looked more closely at the staging data01:16
dafsabdfl: looks like drupal has 6 product series, with 1 potemplate on each01:16
daf6 series is a lot, maybe they got confused01:16
dafsame for ddtp-ubuntu01:16
daf4 series01:17
dafright, back later01:17
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sabdfldaf: i dont think that's the case01:17
dafI was reading those columns the wrong way around01:17
sabdflthey are all the same series01:17
sabdflso we are ok01:17
daf6 po templates on drupal's product series 17801:18
daf4 po templates on ddtp-ubuntu's series 396401:18
daf(names 'main' and 'ubuntu' respectively)01:19
sabdflso as long as the query didn't hide other problematic products, we should be ok01:19
sabdflstub will get us a definitive answer shortly01:20
sabdfli've fixed the issues bjornt raised, just running tests now01:20
sabdflif it looks good, i'll land it shortly01:20
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=Steve]  translation groups browser code cleanup (patch-1999: daf@canonical.com)01:39
stubsabdfl: There are only two01:42
stub ddtp-ubuntu | ubuntu01:42
stub drupal      | main01:42
stub(product.name | productseries.name )01:42
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morgssabdfl, daf, stub: ddtp-ubuntu is mvo's product for translating ubuntu stuff not imported into LP yet...01:49
morgsWe had a discussion about 2 weeks ago about how to mangle^Wstructure the product / series / release so that he could represent ubuntu -> breezy -> main and ubuntu -> breezy -> universe etc.01:51
morgsSo if the structure is wrong, please suggest to mvo how it should be set up..01:51
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  use higher-level Librarian API in POFile DB code (patch-2000: daf@canonical.com)02:04
lifelessdaf gets patch 2L02:11
SteveAWARNING: patch log robert.collins@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0--patch-169 has been deleted from tree /scratch/dists/launchpad.02:14
SteveAThe best merge point may not be chosen02:14
SteveAlifeless: any idea what that's about?02:14
lifelessSteveA: yes, its considering that as a base for the merge, but it can tell that its not present - which is correct02:18
lifelessso its telling you about that so that if you get a weird merge, you know02:18
SteveAi see, i think02:19
SteveAi was confused seeing a message about buildbot for an operation on the launchpad tree02:19
lifelesswe joined the trees to move the importd code across02:20
lifelessbut its not a full merge which is why that warning is appearing02:20
SteveAokay, that makes sense02:20
SteveAmagic crowbar merging02:20
SteveABjornT: hello02:29
SteveABjornT: i got a test failure on xx-upstream-bug-task-listing-submitted-by-me.txt, which i can't reproduce running that test in isolation. 02:30
SteveAthe error was a re-ordering of results.02:30
SteveAi wonder if there's some query that should have an orderby that doesn't have on.02:30
SteveAi also get an error with 40-private-upstream-bug-not-visible-to-nonsubscriber-user.txt02:31
BjornTSteveA: ok, i'll take a look at it02:31
SteveAreproducable by running python test.py -f canonical.launchpad.ftests.test_pages02:31
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  add a menus debug page on +debug-menus. (patch-2001: steve.alexander@canonical.com)02:34
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dafsalgado: did what Steve said answer your question?02:40
salgadodaf, yep. :)02:40
dafok :)02:41
dafwhere's kiko today?02:41
SteveAdaf: latest merge into RF will be useful information to diagnose menus problems.02:41
SteveAit is probably sufficient information for me to fix menus problems, on its own.02:41
dafis there a fix for the problem I found this morning?02:41
SteveAi'm working on that02:41
SteveAi need to break for lunch very shortly02:41
dafI need to go back out shortly02:42
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Keybukwhat's this one?02:43
SteveAhi scott02:43
SteveAthis is where we're discussing things now02:43
Keybukis launchpad-dev going?02:43
SteveAwe'll see how it goes here for a week or so02:44
SteveAif it works well with just the one channel, we'll stick with that02:44
jameshsabdfl: review sent02:45
sabdfljamesh: thanks, you're a star, is it a train smash?02:47
BjornTSteveA: the tests pass for me, but i think i know what's wrong. in BugTask.search we need to make sure that id is always present in the orderBy parameter. i'll fix it.02:48
jameshsabdfl: there were a number of issues I noticed.  Probably not much more than I'd expect for a diff that size02:49
sabdfldaf: did stub come up with any surprises on the productseries / release / potemplate thing?02:50
sabdfljamesh: ok, thanks, i'll try land it today02:50
lifelesssabdfl: btw, the CIA guy is starting at vmware the week after the baz sprint, hes to busy to come as hes moving house02:52
dafsabdfl: he said:02:52
daf12:42:30 <stub> sabdfl: There are only two02:52
daf12:42:32 <stub>  ddtp-ubuntu | ubuntu02:52
daf12:42:32 <stub>  drupal      | main02:52
daf12:42:46 <stub> (product.name | productseries.name )02:52
dafso, no suprises02:52
dafsalgado: where's kiko?02:52
lifelesssabdfl: also, aaron bentley can't come, nor can John Meinel - work and presenting a phd respectively.02:53
lifelesssabdfl: I'd like to invite Matthieu Moy who is doing a lot of UI work for baz, and patch merging - is that ok.02:53
dafMatthieu seems to be doing a ton of stuff recently02:53
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SteveABjornT: great.  do you know if there was any warning indicating there would be a problem?02:53
kikowhat's up?02:53
SteveAyo kiko, dude02:54
dafit's the kiko02:54
lifelesskicking it with kiko02:54
kikoomg it's the #launchpad gang02:54
SteveAi'm about to [trival]  in an improvement to the fascist to make it less ugly when complaining02:54
dafkiko: didja get my mail from yesterday?02:54
jameshkiko: see the new pending-reviews page?02:54
kikodaf, I should have -- which one?02:56
kikojamesh, yeah, looks neat!02:56
dafkiko: the pyflakes harness02:56
kikojamesh, the "%d conflicts" text is wrapping oddly though02:56
kikodaf, ah, sure did -- we look pretty bad eh? :)02:57
jameshkiko: just make your browser window a bit wider :)02:57
dafkiko: yup :)02:57
SteveAnbsp ?02:57
dafkiko: well, the import * ones are mostly ok, I think02:57
jameshSteveA: yeah.  That would probably work02:57
dafkiko: but the undefined names are red flags02:57
dafkiko: and the 750-odd unused imports aren't too good02:58
kikojamesh, I can't, it's overflowing into my desk :)02:58
kikodebonzi, ping?02:58
debonzikiko, pong02:58
dafjamesh: or just put the number there, with "Status (conflicts)" in the header02:58
dafjamesh: and "merge (3)" in the body02:58
kikodebonzi, did you take care of the stuff I asked you about on friday?02:58
SteveAdaf: import * is okay only when what you're importing from provides an __all__02:59
dafor make a separate column for conflicts02:59
jameshdaf: sounds reasonable02:59
dafSteveA: yes -- unfortunately, pyflakes doesn't distinguish yet02:59
SteveAdaf: there's an approved merge from andrew that makes the fascist complain about that in our code02:59
debonzikiko, nop yet... I intend to do that today02:59
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Bug 1203: add FTP release root details to +sourceadmin (patch-2002: morgan.collett@canonical.com)02:59
kikodebonzi, please do02:59
dafSteveA: yeah, I saw it02:59
SteveAdaf: i'll merge that sometime soon02:59
SteveAseeing as i'm just about to trivial-in a conflict to it02:59
debonzikiko, yep02:59
BjornTSteveA: i don't think there are any warnings for these kind of problems. maybe there should be a warning if you order by only non-unique columns?02:59
kikolifeless, are you around to hep me fix any issues with merging? :)02:59
lifelesskiko: sure02:59
kikowill try shortly03:00
lifelesskiko: though it is 11, I will be retiring soonish03:00
SteveABjornT: can you file a bug on that and assign it to andrew?03:00
SteveAhe can look into it when he gets back from vacation03:00
BjornTSteveA: sure03:00
lifelesssabdfl: ping03:09
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sabdfllifeless: pong03:10
lifelesssabdfl: did you see my comments about attendees for brazil ?03:10
lifelesssabdfl: 17 minutes up in your scrollback03:10
sabdfllifeless: is he involved with both baz and baz-ng?03:11
dilysNew Malone bug 1227 filed on product The Launchpad by Bjorn Tillenius: Ordering by only non-unique columns should produce a warning.03:12
lifelessyes, with a bias to the baz codebase03:12
lifelessactive on the bzr list03:12
lifelesssabdfl: ^^^03:17
sabdfllifeless: perfect03:17
sabdflwill need to get cracking on a visa, probably03:17
sabdflwhere is he coming from?03:17
lifelesssabdfl: yup, I'll email him right this minute03:18
lifelessat least, thats his email domain - .fr03:19
kikohe won't need a visa then03:20
kikohe will need accomodation and transport sorted out, though03:20
lifelessemail sent03:22
lifelesskiko: can you talk with ddaa/jblack/keybuk if you have a merge problem03:23
lifeless11:30 - sleep time03:23
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Remove DOAP from pagetitles (patch-2003)03:23
kikolifeless, the problem is that merge trouble will be PQM-related03:23
kikoI've been waiting for 20m for a star-merge03:23
mptkiko, who's Juliana Godinho?03:23
Keybukit's worth noting that if your merge problem is huge numbers of conflicts/problems, it's likely that mesh-merge broke -- sometimes "merge --star-merge" (which is what PQM still does, iirc) works03:23
kikolifeless, can you at least double-check if my setup on your side looks okay?03:24
kikompt, no idea -- why?03:24
mptkiko: She wants to be my Orkut friend and she's from Sao Paulo, so I assumed it was your doing03:24
kikompt, sabdfl, BjornT: I think if we are to keep the bugtask and bug pages separate (not go with the context-sensitive pages) then I think we should start using the Task word in the UI and using that in our documentation.03:25
lifelesskiko: its building a merge for stub at the moment03:25
kikompt, following that rationale I think it should be Task Notes or Task Whiteboard03:25
kikoit has nothing to do with status03:25
lifelesskiko: was 23:23 < dilys> Merge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Remove DOAP from pagetitles (patch-2003)03:25
lifelessmeant to be yours ?03:25
mptkiko: It's to do with status 80~90% of the time03:25
mptwell, perhaps that's a bit presumptuous of me03:26
sabdflkiko: i'll make some further planned tweaks, then let's see if you're happier03:26
mptbut it'll be about that once keywords are implemented03:26
kikolifeless, nope.03:26
sabdflmpt: is she hot?03:26
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kikolifeless, I won't keep you -- just pray that PQM will work for me03:26
lifelesskiko: ok, night03:27
kikompt, what is presumptuous is thinking that people will associate "Status" with the current situation of the task.03:27
mptsabdfl: yeah, but a bit young, even for me03:27
kikosaying Task Notes or Task Whiteboard helps also associate the information with the task03:28
kikowhich is a good thing since the content there isn't posted anywhere03:28
kiko(and I think that's a pretty confusing thing)03:28
mptwhat do you mean by "posted anywhere"?03:28
lifelessnight all03:28
kikompt, emailed?03:29
kikooh, it is actually03:29
kikompt, your rename didn't change the mail notification for "explanation of status"03:29
kikoso now the label in the web UI and email differ03:29
mptkiko: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/67703:29
mptarg, I thought I changed all occurrences03:29
mptmaybe I was just looking in templates/03:29
mptI'll fix that03:30
kikompt, read the description of that bug03:30
kikompt, that bug is arguing for a bug summary03:30
kikowhich we already have!03:30
mpter, no it's not ...03:30
kikoit /is/03:31
mpt"Fix has been backported from CVS and pending for 6.8.2-11; in the meantime, http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/radeon_drv.o fixes it" is no way a bug summary03:31
kikoCurrently, if I were to look at a complicated X bug, I'd have to look through about a bajillion comments, some of which may or may not be relevant, to find what's currently going on.03:31
kiko-- danielst03:31
mptIt's talking about the *status* of the bug in a particular place03:31
kikompt, that's not the use case the reporter described in the bug description.03:32
kikoI see your point03:32
kikobut there are (unfortunately) two different things -- the status of the bug, which evolves over time, and the status of the task, which also evolves03:33
mptA summary of the bug is "The cursor goes flickery on a secondary monitor with a Radeon driver."03:33
kikoby "status of the bug" I perhaps mean "diagnosis of the bug".03:33
kikoand that in many cases evolves03:33
kikoit may have started out as03:33
mptYes, which is why it's editable :-)03:33
kiko""The X pointer goes flickery"03:34
mptthough people used to other bug trackers won't do that as often as they should03:34
kikoat any rate, that bug is now double-fixed.03:34
mpttrue enough03:35
SteveAhi bradb 03:36
bradbhey SteveA 03:36
kikosabdfl, okay, but if we are to segregate the task and the bug completely, then we need to have a name to call the former, and Task is as good as any.03:36
kikosabdfl, I'm going to land my branch of (partially experimental) malone changes; you let me know what you thought and we can tweak or revert parts03:39
salgadompt, around?03:45
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  linkreport.py tweaks (patch-2004: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)03:49
SteveAdaf: i've fixed the menus bug you reported.  i need to do a little rearranging of the tests before i commit it.03:56
dafjust let me know when I can merge03:57
mptsalgado: barely03:58
salgadoSteveA, how do I get the index of the item I'm iterating on, inside a tal:repeat?04:04
salgadompt, nevermind, I already sorted out the problem I had04:05
SteveAsalgado: for future reference, http://www.devshed.com/c/a/Zope/ZPT-Basics-part-3/1/04:06
kikoKinnison, cprov: how's the buildd merging coming along?04:07
Kinnisonkiko: I was going to catch up with cprov at 15:30 my time04:08
cprovkiko: 75% done04:08
Kinnisonkiko: but there's an answer for you in the meantime :-)04:08
SteveAsimpleTAL does not fully comply with the TAL / TALES specification04:08
kikobradb, sabdfl: weren't we going to nuke the /malone in /malone/bugs -- ?04:08
SteveAbut, the reference for the 'repeat' variable is correct04:08
cprovkiko: I'm finishing gpg-ng review too04:08
kikookay cool04:08
bradbkiko: i don't know.04:08
salgadoSteveA, great. thank you ;)04:08
bradbkiko: but if MaloneFrontPages has anything to say about it, then that may be the direction in which we're heading04:09
bradband i was planning to work on that right after the FBN code response/merge is complete (hopefully this morning)04:10
kiko sabdfl, is there not a way of constructing a link to a remote bug for a watch?!04:10
SteveAhow do i remove a lock on a revision in my mirror on chinstrap?04:11
KinnisonSteveA: baz lock-revision -b sftp:/......04:11
=== bradb wonders if the canonical URL infrastructure would know how to cope with bug watches
bradbif not, it probably should04:12
sabdflkiko: yes, there is, BugWatch.url (but it's in debbugssync, which just got reviewed and which i hope to land today)04:14
bradbSteveA: are canonical URLs "scriptable" at all? given an object for which there is a canonical URL, can i write an arbitrary little bit of code in some little black box somewhere to calculate the canonical URL in my own way (e.g. for external bug watches)?04:15
sabdflbradb: canonical_url gives the url INSIDE LP04:15
sabdflyou;ll need something else to link to the bug outside04:15
bradbah, ok04:15
sabdflBugWatch.url is in debbugssync, landing today04:16
bradbmakes sense04:16
sabdflbradb, SteveA: is there a fix in RF for that bug ordering issue? i'm seeing it too04:16
SteveAbjorn is on it04:16
SteveABjornT: ?04:16
sabdflwill it not show up on chinstrap? if so, i could land immediately04:17
SteveAsabdfl: feeling lucky?04:17
SteveAgive it a try...04:17
BjornTSteveA: i haven't started yet with it, but i'll do it now04:18
=== kiko cries
sabdflKeybuk: have you landed hct-enable yet?04:34
Keybukhasn't been approved yet04:34
Keybukjust spoke with jamesh about that, not 5 minutes ago, in fac t04:34
Keybukapparently your debbugs branch had it merged in?04:34
jameshsabdfl: your branch includes half the patches in Keybuk's branch.  I was thinking it would be better to get one merged in before reviewing the other, so I don't get you both fixing the same problems in different ways and creating conflicts04:35
bradbSteveA, kiko: does this mean the ML is public now too?04:43
kikonot yet AFAIK, but that was the intention.04:43
bradband the wikis?04:44
bradb(er, at least the LP wiki?)04:44
dilysNew Malone bug 1228 filed on product Sympa by Olivier Salan: Empty msgstr entries replaced with 24 white spaces04:44
kikobradb, the intention was the LP wiki moving into the new public wiki04:45
bradbwhoa, cool04:45
jameshthe reviews mailing list archives are public (but not advertised)04:45
bradbwas that intentiona? :)04:46
bradbintentional, even04:46
kikonot sure.04:46
jameshprobably not04:47
sabdflSteveA: did you create an archive called  steve.alexander@canonical.com--z8 ?04:48
sabdflKeybuk: yes, i merged it in because it was small, and i expected it to be landed last week04:49
sabdflso i wanted to get a head start on resolving any conflicts04:49
sabdflif i hand a branch off to you, please don't let it sit out there04:50
KeybukI haven't been04:50
sabdfli handed it off to you a week ago04:50
Keybukyes, and I put it up for review immediately04:50
Keybukand have been merging your changes from there04:50
Keybukand resolving conflicts with rocketfuel04:51
Keybukand I've nagged daily about getting branches, including that one, reviewed04:51
KeybukI've even spoken to kiko and SteveA about the current review bottleneck04:52
sabdflseems crazy that a small branch like that has not been reviewed yet04:52
bradbsabdfl: SteveA might not be around, but yes, he created that archive for, IIRC, his blazing fast workstation04:53
bradbsomething about it being tricky to work with one archive across two different machines04:53
Keybukthere seems to be a week backlog on reviews04:53
sabdflwho added the +sourceadmin link on the product page?04:54
morgssabdfl: me, it's for Admin only04:54
morgsrequested by ddaa04:54
sabdflmorgs: even so, i don't want to go scattering arbitrary action links into the pages themselves04:54
morgsOK, do you have any suggestions, or should I just revert?04:55
Keybukso I think I've done everything I can do for that branch, short of flying out, holding a gun to a reviewer's head, and making them review it :p04:55
sabdflmorgs: i'll revert when landing debbugssync04:55
sabdflKeybuk: ok, thanks04:56
sabdflnext time, please say "these have sabdfl changes in them" i.p.o. the gun04:56
Keybukit does actually say that on the PendingReviews page04:56
KeybukI put it there in the hope it would speed it up a bit04:56
Keybuk...now I'm getting distracting flashbacks of a scene from Swordfish04:58
kikoperhaps the worst movie featuring computers ever04:59
Keybukit has Halle Berry in it, not wearing very much ... this makes me somewhat forgiving of its other faults05:00
jameshsorry about missing the branch last week -- I was working on other things and didn't put in enough time on reviews05:00
dafkiko: so, do you think it's worth committing flaky.py?05:00
kikodaf, I do think so, yes -- and SteveA and stub will know how to better deal with making it a part of the process05:01
dafkiko: it has pyflakes as a dependency05:02
kikothat's true -- and unpackaged pyflakes at that.05:02
kikowe could include it, of course.. :)05:02
dafwe could get the arch team to import it05:03
dafthen just use their import in the LP config05:03
kikosounds good05:05
kikotalk to jblack or ddaa about it :)05:05
=== ddaa [~ddaa@ordo.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
ddaadaf: here05:07
dafcan we get pyflakes imported into arch?05:08
dafif I give you the details05:08
dafit's in svn somewhere05:08
ddaadaf: something prevents you from filling in the details on launchpad?05:08
dafmy own ignorance?05:08
ddaadaf: are you willing to learn?05:09
dafof course!05:09
dafI'm guessing I need to go to the registry05:09
ddaaYes. You need to look for the product05:11
dafis browser/sshkey.py dead or what?05:11
ddaayou can also create a new product from the registry home page https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/doap05:11
ddaaOn the product creation page, you fill in the name, summary, description and homepage.05:12
dafwhat next?05:14
ddaaThen you create a series (Add Branch) for the mainline, and fill in the svn details.05:14
ddaaIn the meantime, I review your product.05:14
sabdflhow do i stop a pqm merge?05:14
sabdfllifeless: ^?05:15
ddaadaf: good job, product approved as is.05:15
sabdflcould you remove the one I just submitted please?05:15
Keybukhe's in bed :-/05:15
kikosabdfl, lifeless is asleep by now05:15
dafsabdfl: a workaround is to temporarily move your mirror on chinstrap out of the way05:16
Keybukdaf: ewww, but effective :p05:16
dafyep :)05:16
daf'course, best not to try to mirror to it in the meantime05:17
dafddaa: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/pyflakes/+series/0.105:19
ddaadaf: as I understand it, you need to create a main series, not a 0.1 series, since (1) the project releases from trunk (2) there are no overlapping releases of different releases05:20
ddaaKeybuk: correct?05:20
ddaadaf: I can fix it. Do not create another series.05:20
ddaaThat will just cause clutter.05:20
sabdfla better workaround is to try to mirror a fix before pqm merges from your branch :-)05:20
ddaadaf: bah... Keybuk's away...05:21
dafhe was here a minute ago05:21
ddaadaf: I'm very confused by all this series crud that landed on our head last week. I'll need to wait for him to get here before proceeding.05:22
ddaaThough... what concerns me most, is that if I cannot understand how we should input things, how can we expect our users to do it right?05:23
bradbhear, hear05:23
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  add __all__ to browser/product and project (patch-2005)05:28
ddaaho, dilys is here now..05:28
dafddaa: this channel is now the primary Launchpad channel05:28
dafmorgs: around?05:29
ddaado we have some bulgarian-speaking staff/community around?05:37
dafjamesh: yeah, looks like the bug.py changes are irrelevant now05:40
dafjamesh: I've just committed a bunch more import cleanups to that branch05:40
sabdfljamesh: this is an excellent review, thank you very much!05:46
SteveAsabdfl: yes, steve.alexander@canonical.com--z8 the canonical work archive for my workstation.  The workstation's name is "zeus8".05:51
SteveAKeybuk: I'll be doing a lot of reviews myself this week.05:51
kikobradb, can you cook for me a query which tells me how many bugs have more than one bugtask open (so I can run that in production)?05:52
bradbkiko: sure, one sec05:52
bradbkiko-fud: select count(*) from bug where id in (select distinct bug from bugtask group by bug having count(*) > 1); appears to do the right thing05:55
bradb(p.s. by "open" i assumed that you meant a task with any status, but if you meant for it to be filtered further, e.g. New/Accepted/PendingUpload, etc. I can adjust it)06:00
mptkiko, such a query won't mean much until we have multiple distributions actively using LP06:02
morgsdaf: I'm back...06:03
dafmorgs: hi!06:04
dafmorgs: do you know anything about browser/sshkey.py?06:04
morgsdaf: no...06:04
morgssounds like a foaf thing?06:04
dafyeah, could be06:04
dafsalgado-lunch: do you know anything about it?06:05
SteveAmorgs: I reviewed your bug 1205 branch.  The branch needs some more work.06:15
=== dda1 [~ddaa@marvin.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Made DatabaseImportFascist output clearer. (patch-2006: steve.alexander@canonical.com)06:19
morgsSteveA: thx06:20
Keybukddaa: back properly now, what's up?06:33
ddaapyflakes releases from trunk and does not have overlapping releases on two series06:34
ddaabut daf did the obvious thing and created a 0.1 series06:34
Keybukuh, ok06:35
KeybukI'd either move the CVS details from the artificial "main" series to 0.106:35
ddaaKeybuk: should I: 1. tell daf don't do that 2. put the svn details for trunk in 0.1 3. create main and put the svn detail there (so we end up with a main without ftp and a branch w/o rcs 4. rename 0.1 to main06:35
Keybukor do the opposite, remove the "0.1" series and move the details to the "main" series06:35
Keybukthe effect of both would be the same06:35
Keybukand in the long game, it doesn't really matter, because when a person cares about pyflakes comes along, they can model it how they like06:36
Keybukand both are equally valid points of view06:36
ddaaAnd break importd.06:36
ddaaImportd has a 50% chance of breaking when the job name changes, and it's currently [project-] product-series06:37
ddaabecause it's running on two slaves and we have not even yet specced job migration.06:37
Keybukwe'll cross that bridge when we come to it06:39
ddaaKeybuk: I also have met a couple of interestingly evil cases wrt to release series.06:39
ddaaI need your advice on handling those.06:40
ddaadia, it appears to be a simple project, but they cvs repo is full of branches that look like that would be release branches (DIA_0_94_RELEASE, DIA_0_94_PRE2 DIA_0_94_DEVEL, DIA_0_94_DEV), but actually the ChangeLog for the 0_94 tag (actual release) appears to be on the MAIN branch.06:42
Keybukheh, probably post-fact branching06:43
ddaaProbably SNAFU in my opinion.06:43
Keybukgiven we can't even import CVS branches yet, I'd take the cotton wool tactic06:43
SteveABjornT: approved your ordering fix.  one minor comment.06:43
Keybuk(putting some in your ears and going "LA LA LA" until the problem goes away)06:44
ddaaSo I got confused and filled the ftp details on a 0.94 release, that actually looks like it has no legitimate existence (as it was released from MAIN).06:44
BjornTSteveA: thanks06:45
ddaaSo, I'm not clear on whether I should move the ftp details to MAIN (which appears to be the closest thing to the tarball) and what should be the match since various pre-release tarballs for 0.94 (and there are many of them) are more closely related to various branches...06:45
Keybukyeah, do that06:45
ddaaand if I move the ftp details to main, what should I do with the dummy 0.94 branch that remains?06:45
ddaa"and what should be the glob since various pre-release..."06:46
Keybuknuke it06:46
ddaagiven that the only way to delete series so far is to use pqsl06:46
ddaaso it does not look like it's very much something that's meant to be done06:47
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  add __all__ to browser/product and project (patch-2007: morgan.collett@canonical.com)06:47
Keybukrename it to "1.0" and comment that it's "in potentia" :p06:47
ddaaKeybuk: so, your call is "just put ftp details in main with an inclusive glob, let the changesets to the pre-releases be whatever they want to be, and nuke the 0.94 series"...06:48
ddaaOkay. Makes some sense.06:48
Keybukin the case where the glob only matches one logical set of tarballs06:48
ddaaDefine logical.06:49
Keybukwell, a set of tarballs that go together in the right order06:49
Keybukie *.tar.gz probably isn't logical, but blah-0.94.*.tar.gz probably is06:50
ddaawell... I only put globs of the form "blah-*.tar.gz" in main06:52
ddaaa glob like "blah-0.94*.tar.gz" (note that I omit the dot after 94 to match things like 0.94-pre2) would belong in a 0.94 series in my understanding.06:52
ddaa(also to match things like 0.94.tar.gz and 0.94.1.tar.gz)06:52
ddaaKeybuk: do we agree?06:52
KeybukI'd be careful with that06:52
Keybukbecause 0.94-pre2 probably sorts *after* 0.94 :p06:53
ddaaOh, yes, I forgot to ask you your definition of "order"...06:53
Keybukcurrently we use whatever order the FTP/HTTP site does06:53
Keybukbecause that's usually asciibetical anyway, except that some places actually do work hard to present it in the right order06:53
Keybukin other words, there's no sort() in dyson06:54
ddaaI though it were doing only ftp.06:54
Keybukdyson can traverse HTTP indexes06:54
ddaaWhat kind of indexes?06:54
Keybuk(but not yet usefully traverse "download.html" type pages)06:54
ddaaI mean, how does it know what it can traverse?06:54
Keybukwould work06:55
ddaaokay, how does it know what it _cannot_ traverse?06:55
Keybukit will traverse down to any lower URL which ends with a /06:55
Keybukso, you could give it http://bazaar.canonical.com/releases/06:56
Keybukand it'd see that debs/ rpms/ and src/ were all "directories" under that URL06:56
Keybukand traverse them06:56
Keybukin src/ it would only see files (nothing ends in "/") so would only download those that matched the glob06:56
ddaaokay... makes sense06:57
Keybukit doesn't yet work with html pages and stuff, simply because we want to try and avoid downloading the entire web ;)06:58
dafaww, why not?06:58
Keybuk(by html, I mean download.html or pretty pages; and not the html-style indexes)06:58
ddaaactually, dia appears to be in the right order06:59
ddaabut how should we handle cases like: ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/automake/06:59
Keybukautomake is one of those cases where there should be _no_ MAIN series07:00
Keybukthere's a 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, etc. series07:00
ddaaYes, there's a main series for the cvs MAIN07:00
Keybukthere really, really shouldn't be :)07:00
Keybukautomake cvs MAIN isn't that interesting07:00
Keybukjust like libtool MAIN isn't interesting07:00
Keybuk... well, in the sense that nothing is released off it07:00
ddaais it interesting in providing a root for imports of other branches?07:01
sabdflKeybuk: still interesting for people to branch off07:01
sabdflmost coders will want the trunk07:01
Keybuksabdfl: yes, just mean interesting for a discussion about ftp releases07:01
Keybukactually, iirc, automake merge _to_ head and not from it07:01
ddaaright, so main is still interesting, it just must not have ftp details.07:01
Keybukbut I may be wrong, I haven't really done much with it for a year or so07:01
ddaaBut my question was about ordering of tarballs.07:02
Keybukthat particular example would need some massaging ;)07:03
ddaaHow that that affect data input on launchpad?07:03
Keybukinput as if that worked07:04
ddaaI like this answer.07:04
ddaaOne last evil case and I'm done for today.07:05
=== ddaa starts believing that the amount of inconsistence in release management around the world is unbounded.
Keybuk(if you want the real answer, that's what the "version style" field is all about -- but there's no point trying to define the possible values for that until we've actually found out what they are)07:05
Keybukthere are as many methods of release management as there are releases ;)07:06
=== ddaa makes a cigarette before asking the last question
ddaaKeybuk: currently breezy packages cyrus-imapd-2.1, eventually it will package 2.207:09
ddaaThe cvs server does _not_ have release branches.07:09
ddaahowever, if you examine the ftp repo07:09
=== bradb-bbl & # vaccinations
Keybukok, so they have a single-minded development model07:09
ddaayou see that there are overlapping 2.1 and 2.2 releases that require different series to be imported correctly.07:10
dafddaa: what state is pyflakes in now?07:10
Keybukhow do they manage this overlapping effect without releasing 2.1 from a branch?07:10
ddaadaf: I will rename your 0.1 series to main. Please fill in the svn (in "edit source") and ftp (in "edit series details") details for the series.07:11
ddaaKeybuk: I do not know. They probably do something stupid like tarball-based version-tracking...07:11
Keybukprobably the 2.1 changes aren't in CVS anywhere07:12
ddaayeah, my guess too07:12
Keybukyou'd need a 2.1 series for them07:12
ddaaso, a main w/o ftp details, and 2.1 series w/o cvs details?07:12
Keybukyeah, seems reasonable to me07:12
ddaathat goes in too-hard? or completed? I understand that such incomplete series will cause a report from launchpad.07:13
Keybukwhy would it be incomplete?07:13
Keybukif it had FTP details, it's a "useful" series07:13
ddaabecause one series would have cvs (main) and the other would have ftp (2.1).07:13
Keybukthat's an accurate model of upstream though, from what you tell me07:13
ddaaThe question relates to our own process of managing import data.07:14
Keybukdo you read this "report from launchpad" ?07:14
ddaaI do not even know where it is. lifeless referred to it previously, so I assume it exists or will exist.07:14
ddaabonus question07:15
ddaaHow can we expect our users to understand this model and follow these guidelines. That's a complex and non-obvious set of rules.07:16
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: fix ordering problem when searching for bugtasks. [r=stevea]  (patch-2008: bjorn.tillenius@canonical.com)07:16
Keybukah, but the users will be the upstream07:16
Keybukor, at least, someone in a distro who works closely with upstream07:16
Keybukso they'll understand the model they use07:16
Keybukand will input the data in their own way07:16
ddaathat means they will likely know what they do. Not that it will be input correctly for our model.07:17
Keybukour problem isn't actually inputting the data, it's figuring out how to model it07:17
Keybukwe don't have a model07:17
Keybukwe're not forcing them to put the details in any particular way07:17
Keybuklaunchpad in fact lets them put them in how they want07:17
Keybukwhich is good07:17
ddaawell, so pyflakes could just have a main branch with svn and a release branch with 0.1, that would not hurt, would it?07:17
Keybukit's entirely harmless07:18
ddaamostly? ;)07:18
Keybukthe only reason I'd say _we_ shouldn't do that is that it's more typing ;)07:18
Keybukand more for the upstream to undo later07:18
ddaaI can tell you that we are entirely willing to do it that way if it means less fucking around to what to input.07:19
ddaa* to know what to input07:19
=== cprov wonders if there is any special detail in running "os.stat" in LP context, the result is diferent (CTIME is newer than python prompt)
Keybukwe need to just keep the lower branches looking nice07:20
Keybukso when upstream come along later, they can start some serious pruning and gardening and get the topiary they were looking for07:20
ddaaSo, the only important constraints is that the ftp glob of a series must match only tarballs that form a logical sequence, and must be in a productseries whose name is vaguely relevent. Aside from that, the rcs details can be entirely shuffled around?07:21
ddaalike have MAIN in 0.1 and an hypothetical release_0_1 branch in main?07:21
ddaa(not meaning to do that, just testing for edge cases)07:22
KeybukI think 75% of upstreams will probably just have a single branch of development07:22
Keybukthey might keep renaming it07:22
Keybukor they might leave it at MAIN07:22
Keybukthose 25% that don't, are also the kind of control freaks who'll gleefully create lots of information in launchpad07:23
Keybukall we need do is put enough data in to make it immediately useful07:23
Keybukand then our users will do the rest for us07:23
ddaaI know some control freaks who would hate to create information in anything they have not invented themselves :)07:23
Keybukthen the Ubuntu or Debian guys would fill it in, etc.07:24
ddaabtw, you did not answer my question07:24
Keybuksorry, what was your question?07:25
ddaaddaa: like have MAIN in 0.1 and an hypothetical release_0_1 branch in main?07:25
dafddaa: ok, I've put the SVN details in07:25
KeybukI don't understand the question?07:25
ddaaAside from that, the rcs details can be entirely shuffled around? like have MAIN in 0.1 and an hypothetical release_0_1 branch in main?07:25
dafddaa: there is no FTP as far as I know07:26
ddaadaf: is there a download page, autogenerated HTTP index pages are good.07:27
ddaadaf: my understanding of ftp details just increased by an order of magnitude since I asked you for ftp details.07:28
dafddaa: I don't think so, no07:28
dafddaa: only a link to the latest release on the homepage07:28
=== ddaa goes out to check
ddaadaf: that is what you are looking for: http://divmod.org/static/projects/pyflakes/07:29
dafI'm sure it 404'd me when I tried that before07:29
ddaadaf: autotest import running07:37
ddaatoo many links... I'm going to play janitor for a bit07:38
ddaaI really need to find the time to fix that bug.07:38
ddaalifeless seems to think that rm'ing tmpdirs when you create them by the thousand is some sort of luxury...07:38
Keybukdescent importd-audit% baz commit -s "add some info for ddaa"07:40
KeybukNo commitable locations for importd-audit@canonical.com are registered07:40
Keybukimportd-audit@canonical.com/audit--0: not a valid archive name or url.07:40
Keybuk... 07:40
Keybukany ideas?07:40
ddaaunregistered archive07:40
Keybukdescent importd-audit% baz whereis-archive importd-audit@canonical.com07:40
ddaa"No commitable locations for importd-audit@canonical.com are registered"07:41
dafwhat does "baz tree-id" say?07:41
kiko-fudbradb-bbl, thanks07:41
Keybukdescent importd-audit% baz tree-id07:41
ddaaKeybuk: you need to remove the read-only "hint" in the ~/.arch-parms/archive/importd-audit@canonical.com file07:41
Keybukcat: /home/scott/.arch-parms/archive/importd-audit@canonical.com: No such file or directory07:42
ddaabah... /archives/07:42
ddaadon't be such a pedant :)07:42
Keybukah, "archives"07:42
Keybukthat wasn't deliberate pedantry, I haven't had time to learn the new locations stuff yet07:42
daflooks like there's a category/branch missing from the tree's version07:42
Keybukok, that seemed to work07:43
ddaadaf: the branch-id component of the name has always been optional07:43
dafor the c-b-v restrictions got changed and nobody told me07:43
dafhow confusing07:43
dafhow does it know which branch to commit to?07:43
ddaabut it's discouraged to omit it, because user tools tend not to support that well07:43
ddaabecause it only commits revisions07:44
ddaahowever, the ambiguity is annoying is some cases, e.g. archive-mirror limiting07:44
ddaasome incidental and peripheral evil of the namespace07:45
ddaaa bit like version-0 and versionfix...07:45
ddaathings that looked like good ideas at the time07:45
=== ddaa -> dinner
salgadodaf, I think all code from browser/sshkey.py was moved into browser/person.py and whoever removed the last bits forgot to remove the file07:45
dafsalgado: ok, shall I nuke it then?07:47
salgadodaf, please07:47
kikonuke it and don't care bout regrets07:48
=== sabdfl [~mark@sabdfl.silver.supporter.pdpc] has left #launchpad []
kikosalgado, what about bug 1220?08:16
kikodebonzi, and after you're finished, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/121208:18
=== debonzi goes check 1212
salgadokiko, my best guess is that the wiki is not using a person's preferred email08:20
kikosounds like that to me as well08:20
=== kiko sighs
kikodaf, I see pt, pt_BR and pt_PT listed at https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/gnomebaker/unknown/+pots/gnomebaker08:21
kikodaf, is that because you haven't landed that fix in production yet?08:21
dafit's because PO files for those language codes exist08:23
dafwe don't have the code to merge them yet08:23
kikohow do we fix that?08:23
dafthis is similar to the people merge problem08:23
kikowe should do that asap to avoid translations being wasted08:23
kikodaf, even hiding them is better than leaving them as-is, you know08:23
dafwell, we don't want to lose data for our users08:24
dafmaybe hiding them would be workable08:24
dafI need to sit down and think what the PO file merge algorithm would look like08:24
kikoit's not data which is very useful though08:24
kikodaf, how many of these do we have?08:24
kikoI don't think pomerge is as important as peoplemerge, which is why I'm saying that hiding may be the better solution08:25
dafI don't know how many we have08:26
dafI'll check08:26
=== bradb returns from the stabbi^Wvaccinations
kikodaf, how many of them have significant numbers of translations?08:35
dafhmm, not sure how to count that08:38
kikome neither08:51
=== jblack [jblack@] has joined #launchpad
kikoKeybuk, ping?08:54
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-29)09:05
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: Error message formatting (patch-22: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)09:06
kikoSteveA, are you onto bug 1193 too?09:10
bradbSteveA: i wanted to bring the DocWrapper from: http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Cookbook/Python/Recipe/358228 in LP. 1. can i? 2. if so, what legal-fu needs to be done? 3. if 1 and 2, does it belong in helpers.py?09:12
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-30)09:35
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: Fixed a "panic" in lock-revision -b (patch-23: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)09:36
Keybukkiko: sup?09:37
kikoKeybuk, hctapi is using a dead class09:38
Keybukwhich one?09:38
kikocan you nuke all that cruft rs=kiko09:38
Keybukwhy is that dead?09:38
Keybukgiven it's declared in that module09:38
kikoam I totally confused?09:38
=== kiko goes to look
Keybukit would seem so09:38
Keybukit's defined at the top of hctapi, basically just as a "typeful" way of holding both a SourcePackageRelease and DistroRelease at once09:39
kikoI see09:39
kikoI see09:39
kikoKeybuk, then really you need to fix up _pathlookup.py to use it09:40
Keybukwhat's _pathlookup.py ?09:40
kikosomething BjornT has hacked on recently09:40
=== kiko has no clue
Keybukme neither09:41
Keybuknothing to do with me09:41
Keybuklooks like BjornT took my code and used it for something in malone09:41
Keybukand I can't see how that'd work either, it's missing major chunks09:42
Keybuk(like, for instance, the definition of that class)09:43
kikono _pathlookup.py is not malone-specific09:43
Keybukwhat else uses it?09:44
kikoI see, I see09:44
kikoI didn't know anything about it.09:44
KeybukI knew Bjorn wanted to use similar stuff to the HCT URL scheme for Malone's e-mail interface09:45
Keybukbut I didn't realise he'd already stolen the code and merged it09:45
Keybukand the reviewer for that needs shooting, because it just won't work <g>09:45
Keybukif we want a system-wide "path" scheme for referring to an object in the database, it's really something we should spec09:46
Keybukrather than just stick in ad-hoc09:46
Keybukas otherwise things might be missed09:46
Keybuklike in HCT it's no good just having a SourcePackageRelease, we need to know the reference DistroRelease because otherwise we can't lookup what ProductSeries it's associated with (keyed on SourcePackageName & DistroRelease)09:47
Keybuk(which is the reason that little class exists at the top)09:47
bradbkiko: did you see those DocWrapper questions i asked SteveA? in essence, i'm wondering if anyone will mind if i bring in a class from a Python cookbook recipe, which solves the problem of wrapping multiple paragraphs of text (textwrap.wrap and .fill expect their arg to be a single paragraph, and producably suitably weird return values if you thought you could hand it a multi-paragraph string to be wrapped.)09:50
kikoKeybuk, I see your point. agh.09:51
kikobradb, what's it licensed with?09:52
kikoKeybuk, I'll email BjornT :-(09:52
bradbkiko: no idea. http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Cookbook/Python/Recipe/358228 doesn't give me any obvious indication.09:52
bradbthough http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Cookbook/ says "We invite you to contribute code, comments, and ratings for recipes in these Cookbooks. All contributions are reviewed by our Cookbook editors, ensuring a consistent level of quality. The recipes are freely available for review and use."09:53
bradbso maybe it's enough to give a URL to the recipe i stole?09:53
kikoshould be09:55
kikoyou need to point this out to your reviewer, AAR09:55
bradbyes, i'll note it09:56
Keybukthat being said, I'm all for a common path scheme to refer to any given object in the database and path scheme to get from one place to another; with a common library to do just that09:57
Keybukbut it's probably so far down my interest and todo list, that it's compost ;)09:57
ddaaKeybuk: re dpkg import10:01
Keybukyes? hello10:01
bradbkiko: can bugs that expose implementation details be left non-private from now on then?10:01
ddaaThe cleanup is currently blocked on stub requesting a script to clean the db crud related to the dpkg@zubuntu.com10:02
bradb(e.g. that refer to class names, filenames, etc.)10:02
ddaa... dpkg@bazaar.ubuntu.com archive.10:02
ddaaThat is branch, archnamespace, revisions, etc.10:02
ddaaI wanted to let you know. I'm probably not going to work on that specific issue anytime soon as there are more pressing things requesting my attentions (new imports, pending merges, svn import fixes).10:04
ddaadaf: pyflakes now on http://arch.ubuntu.com/pyflakes@bazaar.ubuntu.com10:07
dilysNew Malone bug 1229 filed on product The Launchpad by Brad Bollenbach: ISourcePackageSet was being used in database/distrorelease.py but not imported10:07
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=kiko]  improvements to PO export mail suggested by Kiko (patch-2009: daf@canonical.com)10:09
kikobradb, no clue, but that bug was reported by daf to the ML last week10:10
bradbah, no wonder i couldn't find it ;)10:10
ddaaKeybuk: what kind of glob should I used to match bpalogin-2.0.2.tar.gz but _not_ bpalogin-2.0-linux.tar.gz (that is a binary distribution)?10:13
ddaaThe corresponding source tarball is bpalogin-2.0-unix-src.tar.gz10:13
Keybukbpalogin-2.0.*.tar.gz ? :p10:13
ddaathere's no 2.0.1 tarball there :)10:14
SteveAkiko: 1193 should be fixed when i merge the latest menu-fu10:14
Keybukpick one that seems sensible to you10:14
SteveAbradb: talk to me10:14
Keybukeven it means making multiple series10:14
Keybukor just pick what seems to be their current scheme10:15
SteveABjornT: thanks for the review.  i'll go and merge.10:15
bradbSteveA: there's a problem with textwrap.wrap and .fill: they assume there argument to be a single paragraph.10:15
ddaaThey have no "current" naming scheme, the last release dates back to 2003...10:15
ddaaand that's the 2.0.2 one10:15
bradbSteveA: so, if you pass a multi-paragraph string, and expect it to Do The Right Thing, you'll be surprised in unpleasant ways.10:15
Keybukmy suggestion seems fine10:15
ddaaI think I'm just going to make series for 2.0.2...10:15
SteveAbradb: is this for use in emails?10:15
Keybuk2.0.2 is the current one10:16
Keybukso we don't really care about anything before that10:16
ddaathe naming scheme so far appears to be totally inconsistent10:16
bradbSteveA: that's one use case, yeah. i don't know offhand if there might be others.10:16
Keybukbpalogin-2.0.*.tar.gz  would work10:16
Keybukand catch .3 if it ever appears10:16
SteveAbradb: let's keep the realm of imagination out of the discussion for now ;-)10:16
ddaaKeybuk: okay, sounds reasonable.10:16
bradbSteveA: http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Cookbook/Python/Recipe/358228 is a recipe to fix that problem. it introduces a DocWrapper class.10:16
bradbit's a small class that Just Works10:17
Keybukif a maintainer or upstream care about history, they can import that later10:17
bradbSteveA: so, can we use this DocWrapper class?10:17
SteveAbradb: i'll take a look10:17
jordihmm. where's carlos10:17
ddaaKeybuk: I'm pretty sure that nobody loves this thing. It's just a tool to work around Telstra stupidity.10:17
Keybukindeed, it strikes me as one that nobody's ever likely to care anything about10:18
SteveAjordi: i haven't seen carlos today10:18
ddaaKeybuk: but there's likely to be a new release soon, as there will be a telstra network upgrade that may break the tool...10:18
Keybukurgh, it's one of Anibal's packages ... RUN AWAY!10:18
ddaaMy mission is to bodly go in the wildest, most crufty corner of the tarball realm.10:19
ddaaSo running away is not an option.10:19
SteveAbradb: the code is under the python licence.10:19
KeybukI always thought you looked somewhat like I imagined Rincewind to look like10:20
=== ddaa googles
Keybukcomplete with the half-smoked rollup10:20
SteveAbradb: so, yes, we can use it.  i need you to do some special things though.  are you ready for it?10:20
bradbSteveA: ready10:20
jordiSteveA: ok10:21
jordiSteveA: mdz has a pic to show you, taken yesterday at a restaurant :)10:21
SteveA1. it needs to go in its own module, because it isn't "owned" by canonical.10:21
ddaaKeybuk: I guess that's not a compliment... that does not appear to be a most heroic character http://www.ie.lspace.org/books/whos-who/rincewind.html10:21
SteveAjordi: good lord, not more eggs!10:21
Keybuknot his character, just the general look10:21
Keybukhe runs away a lot10:21
bradbSteveA: roger that10:22
SteveAbradb: stub has some ideas about where such things should go, but I suggest we stick it in lib/contrib, and (eventually) move BeautifulSoup there as well, as it doesn't seem to have a decent place to live.10:22
=== ddaa shakes head and goes back to work
bradbSteveA: e.g. lib/contrib/docwrapper.py?10:23
jordiSteveA: lol10:23
SteveA2. its module needs to say where it came from, including that it is under the python license (i think python uses US spelling), and crediting the author.10:23
jordiSteveA: dude the EGG MAN was on the menu. WITH A PICTURE10:24
SteveA3. the code looks pretty simple, but it depends on a complex api.  i'd like you to add a doctest to it.10:24
SteveAjordi: awesome.  did they serve walrus too?10:24
jordiSteveA: I'm positive about it, but we asked for eel instead.10:25
SteveAjordi, mdz and a walrus walk into a restaurant.10:25
SteveAjordi and mdz order an egg each.  the walrus orders three.10:26
SteveAthe waiter tells them all to get out.10:26
SteveA"sorry, we don't server walrus!"10:26
SteveAbradb: what do you think?10:26
kikoI think you have "server" imprinted in your brain10:26
SteveAbradb: not about the lame joke -- about the plan for using the code?10:26
SteveAwhat was it in south africa?  waitron?10:27
jordiSteveA: lol10:27
bradbSteveA: sounds reasonable. btw, how did you know it was under the python license?10:27
SteveAbradb: you ask all those awkward questions ;-010:27
bradbi ask the questions that others are AFRAID TO ASK10:27
SteveAbradb: http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Cookbook/Python10:27
SteveAlook at the foot of the page10:27
SteveA "Except where otherwise noted, recipes in the Python Cookbook are published under the Python license ."10:28
kikodoes monkeypatching imply a derivative work, I wonder10:28
SteveAkiko: yes, it does10:28
ddaaSteveA: Not clear, that can be seen as a feature of the client code.10:29
ddaaas long as third party is not allowed to be client of the monkey-patched code.10:30
SteveAddaa: that would be for you and an army of lawyers to decide.  me, i keep it simple.  if it looks derived, then it probably is.10:30
ddaalib-patching-lib, bad. App-patching-lib might be okay.10:30
ddaaSteveA: good rule of thumb. "If you feel the need to ask if it's dead, then it probably stinks".10:31
SteveAduncan booth was giving that as a rule of thumb for sending wine back in a restaurant10:31
SteveAif you think it possibly is bad, then is it10:32
ddaasounds like he's an annoying patron :)10:32
SteveAhe's trying to train himself out of the british habit of accepting any old crap in a restaurant10:32
SteveAyou are fortunate to be french, and have standards in these things10:33
ddaaI have to admit, wine really have to taste cork for me to return it.10:33
ddaaI should probably be more picky.10:33
SteveAdaf: on the schooltool list:10:34
SteveAHi everyone, i need to translate schooltool to catalan language before september (i want install it in my high school), but the rosetta tool don't work !! when we can translate with rosetta? or what if i translate directly from the po files?10:34
ddaafailure to enforce own rule :)10:36
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-31)10:36
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: Better formatting for output messages (patch-24: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)10:37
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dafddaa: awesome!10:51
dafSteveA: can we find out what problems they're having?10:51
dafkiko: right, we have pyflakes in arch10:52
kikodaf, next step, convince SteveA to get it into our config :-)10:53
SteveAdaf: i forward you the message10:53
SteveAdaf: send me an email about pyflakes telling me everything i need to know about what you've looked at so far.  i'll queue it up on my todo list.10:54
dafSteveA: ok10:54
SteveAbradb: note that some of the incidental code from that cookbook example sux0rs10:57
SteveA       try:10:57
SteveA            FILE = open(args[0] , 'rU')10:57
SteveA            text = FILE.read()10:57
SteveA        finally:10:57
SteveA            FILE.close()10:57
SteveAso, if open() raises, then the finally will error out too10:57
SteveAall the more reason to have a good test :-)10:57
bradbyeah, i wrote textformatting.txt just now10:58
SteveAbradb: unless someone wants to review it for you tonight, stick it in my review queue and i'll look at it tomorrow10:58
bradbthis is stuff i'm doing in response to salgado's review of my FormattingBugNotifications branch.10:59
bradbpresumably he'll be the one to review this, or would you prefer to review it?10:59
SteveAwe can get the contrib stuff in separately, if you like11:00
SteveAif not, i'm fine with salgado doing it11:00
bradbok, since i've already been working on it on the FBN branch, and the FBN branch depends on it, i think i'll get salgado to have a look at it when i'm done with the other changes11:02
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: r=BjornT Latest menus code.  Fixes various bugs, and introduces absolute url targets. (patch-2010: steve.alexander@canonical.com)11:06
kikodaf, did you fix bug 1146 with your sourcepackage landing?11:10
dafyes, I did11:10
kikoclose it!11:11
bradbsalgado: around?11:11
salgadobradb, yep11:14
bradbsalgado: i was wondering: i'm thinking removing the ILaunchBag usage from BugMessageFactory is going to require a bit of thought on how to be able to access the bug and owner (this is factory code automagically called by Z3's form machinery, so it's not as simple as me changing a callsite, because there isn't one). is it possible for me to skip that task, but make as my next task a little branch to remove *all* Malone usage of the I11:17
kikodaf, does bug 1155 still apply?11:18
kikonever saw any traction there..11:18
salgadobradb, can't you simply move BugMessageFactory to browser code, and make it call IBugMessageSet.new()?11:18
dafkiko: dunno11:19
dafkiko: Carlos is master of stats bugs, and rewrote the importer recently, so he may be more up to speed on it than I am11:19
bradbsalgado: er, yeah, i guess i could create a view for this class to "create" a callsite for it an fix it in that way.11:20
bradbnot a big deal. /me fixes it11:20
salgadobradb, I thought you wouldn't even need a view. can't you use factory="canonical.launchpad.browser.BugMessageFactory"?11:21
bradbsalgado: if i put this *Factory under browser/ it would be the first instance that we'd have every done that in LP, AFAICS11:23
bradbi think our standard is that the content creation stuff lives under database/, but please correct me if i'm wrong11:23
salgadobut the creation will not be in the browser code. it will still be in database code11:24
bradbi got the impression that the Right Way to fix this was: 1. replace the factory with a method on IBugMessageSet, 2. create a BugMessageAddView. 3. (at a guess...) override its .create method to call that set explicitly, with the user and the bug gotten from the ILaunchBag11:25
salgadoI think it's weird having a factory pointing to browser code, but I can't see other way of doing that (unless you create a view class)11:25
bradbsalgado: is a FooFactory something that creates Foos?11:26
salgadoI guess so11:27
bradbsalgado: if Foo is a content object in LP, does a thing that creates Foos belong under browser/?11:28
salgadobradb, no. that's why I asked you to create IFooSet.new() (which will live in database/)11:29
bradbwe agree on that11:29
bradbdo you still think it's a good idea to move the Factory itself into browser code (regardless of the implementation details of what it does to create a Foo?)11:29
bradbor do you think it's better to use a view?11:30
salgadoyou'll have to write less lines of code if you use a factory="browser/...", and that's why I suggested doing it. but if we have a policy against that then you should probably create a view11:33
salgadothe code of the view or the factory will be almost the same.11:34
bradbyes, you're right, it will be. given that it's under browser/, i think i'll take the view approach, unless you object11:35
salgadoit's up to you. I'm ok with either way11:36
bradbcool, thanks11:36
dafwhat the problem with having the factory in the database code?11:42
salgadodaf, in this case, the factory was using ILaunchBag.user11:43
dafok, why is that bad?11:43
bradbbecause it's database code. database code should be pretty dumb.11:44
bradbif its behaviour changes based on some ILaunchBag thing, it's harder to maintain11:44
dafwhy doesn't the user get passed into the factory?11:45
bradbat the time i changed it, the ILaunchBag was on its way to sorting out world peace11:45
bradbbut now i see the error in my ways, and that no db code should rely on it11:46
bradbin any case, the *Factory stuff is nasty as well. it really wants to be a method of the appropriate *Set.11:46
bradbi'm tempted to do a whole branch dedicated just to that11:46
dafmm, FooSet.new seems to be a good pattern11:47
bradbwe seem to be inconsistent in how we do that currently.11:47
bradb.new, .createFoo, .newFoo, etc.11:48
kikodaf, so, I wanted to get to the bottom of SourcePackage and BinaryPackage traversal tomorrow too11:51
kikodaf, I believe that I'll have my code RF-merged tomorrow morning at which point I'd like to proceed to fix bug 112711:51
kikodaf, can we sit down and get some traction on that together?11:51
dafby traversal, are we talking about canonical URLs?11:51
dafok, SP should be fixed11:52
dafBP should be easy11:52
dafhmm, 1127 is blocked on 1147?11:53
dafI'm not sure I grok that one11:53
kikoit's bug 1147 actually :)11:53
dafI stumbled across this the other day11:54
kikothe issue is this11:54
daf(see my "Dude, Where's My Source Package?" mail)11:54
kikoI can't produce a link to what the bug task is associated with11:54
kiko(I know)11:54
kikoa bugtask can be filed on a distro, a source package name in a distro or a distro package name in a distro 11:54
kikoit would be nice to get somewhere meaningful given those items11:55
dafyou repeated yourself there11:55
kikos/distro package/binary package/11:55
kikothere is currently no way to hop from a task to its target11:55
kikothat's bad.11:55
kikoI have some code that does some of that11:56
kikobut the real fixes depend on some soyuz internals hacking11:56
kikodon't you link to source and binary packages?11:56
dafRosetta links to source packages11:57
dafwe don't have no truck with binary packages (yet)11:57
kikoI see.11:57
kikowhat do you have to identify a source package?11:57
dafdistro release + sp name11:57
kikohow did you conjure that link?11:57
kikoyou need a named source package in a distro release11:58
daffrom canonical.launchpad.database import SourcePackageSet11:58
dafsp_set = SourcePackageSet(distrorelease=self.context.distrorelease)11:58
dafsp = sp_set[self.context.sourcepackagename] 11:58
dafsomething like that anyway11:58
dafso, I want a getSourcePackage(name) on IDistroRelease11:58
kikoI want that on IDistro 11:59
dafhow does that work?11:59
kikodon't ask me11:59
kikoI just want it11:59
dafwhat would it return?11:59
kikothere could be a page representing an SP in a distro11:59
kikoif there isn't there should be11:59
kikobecause it's so cool to do11:59
dafdon't you need some release context there?12:00
dafit could return a list of source packages12:00
dafone for each distrorelease that has it12:00
kikoor perhaps prominently display the latest package in the current release12:00
kikowhich is 99% correct12:00
dafI'll take your work for it :)12:00
dafyou could easily do distro.getCurrentRelease().getSourcePackage(name)12:01
kikothat could work12:01
dafand presumably likewise for binary packages12:01
kikobinary packages are a bit more complicated IIRC12:02
dafthen again, binary packages need an architecture, right?12:02
dafit might be appropriate to throw some SubSet objects in12:02
dafthis is data that is cross-sectional12:02
dafit goes across our data hierarchy12:02
dafrather than down it12:03
kikodo you mean a magic binary package? :-)12:03
dafno :)12:03
dafthis is an object that knows about a distrorelease and a binary package name12:04
dafand can tell you about all the binary packages that match those12:04
kikothink about what a source package is :-)12:04

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