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fabbionehey crimsun 09:00
fabbionehey chmj 09:00
fabbionecrimsun: happy with alsa 1.0.9 in the kernel?09:01
crimsunhey fabbione :)09:01
chmjhey fabbione 09:01
chmjhey crimsun 09:01
crimsunhi chmj!09:01
crimsunfabbione, it's loads better than 1.0.6 =)09:01
fabbionegood :)09:04
crimsun:) Thanks for updating.09:04
fabbioneno problem.. hopefully :)09:09
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fabbionehey zul02:17
fabbioneyour server is down?02:17
fabbionei couldn't sync from baz02:18
zuldont worry about it..nothing in there, i didnt do anything this week02:22
fabbioneyeah, but i can't merge nothing if the server is down02:22
fabbionenot even l-n-s-m02:23
zulgimme a sec..02:23
fabbionetake your time...02:24
fabbionei am going to merge tomorrow anyway... i burned the morning now :/02:24
zulshould be good now02:25
zulback to php...yay!02:27
zulnoprobs i been slacking off this week but ill be back for preX,402:29
fabbioneno rush dude02:29
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fabbionehey JaneW 03:42
fabbionei was just thinking about you03:42
fabbionei need a name ;)03:42
fabbione  The "Jane's flying back home" release.03:42
fabbionewas going in very soon ;)03:42
JaneWfabbione: heh03:46
chmjhey JaneW 03:47
JaneWhey chmj03:47
=== JaneW is here with kids ;)
JaneWfabbione: Obtuse Oats03:47
fabbioneJaneW: thanks.. done :)03:48
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zulyay...i made my first commit to the product at work...04:37
fabbionehow much did you break?04:37
zulat first? a couple of things..:)04:38
chmjand then ?04:39
zuland then...a couple of more things  until i beated it into submission04:39
zulkind of like what i do for ubuntu stuff04:41
fabbioneok.. i am off for today04:43
fabbionecya tomorrow guys04:43
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HiddenWolfDoes anyone here know if the lirc modules are inside the ubuntu kernel?08:27
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HiddenWolfcrimsun, do you know?08:38
`crimsunerm, I have no context, so forgive me if I don't know what you're asking08:39
HiddenWolfI was asking if the lirc modules should be in the ubuntu kernel.08:40
`crimsunfor Warty, Hoary, or Breezy?08:40
HiddenWolfI'll upgrade to Breezy if they're there tho. :)08:41
`crimsunI see nothing in amd64's generic config on Hoary that leads me to believe they're included08:43
HiddenWolfWould it be a problem to include them?08:43
HiddenWolfat least in breezy?08:43
`crimsunwell, they won't go into Hoary since it's frozen08:44
=== HiddenWolf just got a remote, and isn't a big fan of kernel recompiles
`crimsunwhat version are you looking at?08:44
`crimsunnote that there's version of lirc-modules-source in hoary/universe08:45
HiddenWolfI haven't installed those yet.08:46
`crimsunyou should be able to compile it if you have build-essential, module-assistant, and linux-headers-$(uname -r) installed08:46
`crimsunyou don't need to recompile the kernel to add lirc support. Just compile the kernel modules externally using the above method.08:46
HiddenWolfyeah, that's my piont. I don't enjoy installing all that build-etc stuff. :(08:47
`crimsunif you have additional questions, let's move this to #ubuntu08:47
HiddenWolfmy question was, would it be possible to consider it to build them by default?08:47
`crimsunif you can verify they'll build using just those config changes in the current one, I think it's possible. It's not my call, however.08:49
`crimsunmake sure you read the topic here.08:50
HiddenWolfcrimsun, so if I decide to build them, can you give me a step by step rundown? haven't done a build in years...08:51
=== HiddenWolf switches to #ubuntu
HiddenWolfCan I beg anyone's help here? :S09:41
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