lamontlibgcrypt7 build-depends: libgcrypt-dev (>= 1.1.12-5), but libgcrypt-dev is a virtual package... --> ftbfs12:12
lamonthrm... or maybe there's a newer libgcrypt-dev and it's just not built yet... nm12:12
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HostingGeekthat was someone else abusing my open session06:59
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DanielN_atwis there an uml patch for kernel 2.4?09:47
mortDanielN_atw: howdy09:47
crimsunyes, DanielN_atw09:47
mortyou allright?09:47
DanielN_atwhowdy mort09:47
DanielN_atwmort, yep i am :)09:48
DanielN_atwcrimsun, in debian sarge?09:48
DanielN_atwnothing found09:48
mort         (__)09:48
mort         (oo)09:48
mort   /------\/09:48
mort  / |    ||09:48
mort *  /\---/\09:48
mort    ~~   ~~09:48
mort...."Have you mooed today?"...09:48
mort(little motivation in the morning)09:48
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DanielN_atwmort, not yet.. but there are too meetings today, so.. i will moo ;>09:49
mortDanielN_atw: meetings? with laptops?09:50
mortwithout it's just plain boring09:50
\shDanielN_atw, two meetings?09:50
DanielN_atwmort, without :)09:50
mortDanielN_atw is a busy businessman guy09:50
crimsunDanielN_atw, http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/k/kernel-patch-uml/ ?09:51
DanielN_atwcrimsun, hrmpf....09:51
DanielN_atwbut thanks ;>09:51
crimsundoesn't appear to be in "stable" according to packages.d.o, though09:51
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=== Am|NickTaken [Amaranth@AC9FA6F8.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DanielN_atwno patch for 2.4.2710:01
DanielN_atwonly 2.4.26 and there are no sources :/10:01
=== Am|NickTaken [Amaranth@AC9FA6F8.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mortDanielN_atw: kernel.org10:04
mortDanielN_atw: why not a fresh tasty 2.6 burger?10:05
jsgotangcoits probably full of cholesterol *grin*10:06
=== jsgotangco hides
=== Gervystar [~gervystar@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ivoks [~ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksi don't know for you, but i have non working X in breezy :)10:39
mortwho needs X anyway?10:39
jsgotangcoright just do everything in emacs *grin*10:40
AmaranthI know someone like that10:40
Amaranthhe does run X, but only because he uses firefox from time to time10:40
Amaranthotherwise it's just ratpoison (screen for X minus detaching) and emacs10:41
jsgotangcoi use ion10:41
ivoksX is good10:46
ivoksit enables you to have more terminals and it's much nicer then screen10:47
ivokstime to go...10:52
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Amaranth\sh: Having fun? :)11:13
=== JanC [~janc@JanC.member.lugwv] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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\shAmaranth, yes..gnome is not working as expected11:19
\shand I wonder why kontact works faster running gnome then directly in kde11:20
\shstrange behaviour11:20
Amaranthoh, it does that when it loses it's controlling terminal?11:21
AmaranthGNOME has less baggage? :)11:22
Amaranththose KDE guys are drawing me in though11:23
\shnormally it loads the full bloat of kde11:23
Amaranththey lured me in with hot chicks who can code and kick my ass11:23
Amaranthi can't say no, she might hurt me11:23
\shAmaranth, which chick can code and kick ass?11:24
=== \sh didn't get the point
\shah u mean this aussie girl11:26
\shI thought she didn't code, she is more the webmistress or something11:26
sivangAmaranth: aussie girls? where? :-)11:27
Amaranthsivang: #kde-devel11:27
sivangAmaranth: :-)11:27
Amaranthi have to clean this mouse out every other day11:28
Amaranthi wish i had my mouse :/11:29
\shsivang, http://www.kdedevelopers.org/user/view/80811:30
mitsuhikoAmaranth: not good: http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/view/90011:30
\shbut this new girl on da debian planet looks nice11:31
\shactually too young for me,11:31
mitsuhiko\sh Christine Spang?11:31
\shyep...thought she was german...11:31
=== ivoks [~ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
mitsuhikoivoks: moin11:32
\shour security chief comes right now into the noc, talking to my teamleader...11:33
\shsounds like: "Hey, you security man, why do u write in german, use more abbreviations...nobody understand german at all, but everybody know the abbr."11:34
=== ivoks [~ivoks@backup.grad.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivokswow! new icons :)11:38
Amaranthfor what?11:42
ivoksclearlook theme11:43
ivoksfirefox finally has it's own icon11:43
ivoksimho, clearlooks shold be default11:44
jsgotangcobut we're using human :(11:45
Amarantherr, 'clearlooks' doesn't have icons11:46
ivoksit does11:46
Amaranthyou mean andy made some new icons?11:46
Amaranthclearlooks is an engine11:47
Amaranththe icons are/were etiquette11:47
ivokswell, i have clearlooks there11:47
jsgotangcoits probably andy's etiquette stuff11:47
mitsuhikoivoks: screenshot?11:48
ivoksit's just few icons11:48
mitsuhikoi think its the etiquette theme11:48
ivoksbut icons are very similar11:49
Amaranththen it's his new one11:49
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ivoksAfter unpacking 2935MB disk space will be freed.12:08
=== doko [~doko___@dsl-084-059-083-254.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivokshttp://www.koncar-inem.hr/racunala/racunala/niko.htm - this is laptop :)12:14
ivoks2x DVD DL burner :)12:16
=== SloMoSnail [~slomo@vpn-imt1.uni-paderborn.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksyep.. this is desktop replacment12:20
jsgotangcodoes anyone here have a live account with the hula-project.org?12:23
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mortDanielN_atw: I'm sure you want a debian/rules tshirt12:58
mortDanielN_atw: I CCed you12:58
=== __face [~face@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DanielN_atwmort, ping01:39
mortoi DanielN_atw01:39
DanielN_atwwhat kind of tshirt?01:40
mortDanielN_atw: debian tshirt, described in log01:41
mortwith the debian swirl01:41
DanielN_atwnow i understand :)01:41
DanielN_atwit's a joke.. that debian rules...01:42
DanielN_atwdamn UML01:42
DanielN_atwmy server's down.... no ssh connection anymore :/01:43
=== sistpoty [sistpoty@faui00n.informatik.uni-erlangen.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadrejahello, motus01:45
DanielN_atwuehh comadreja :)01:46
=== __face [~face@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadrejaI was here yesterday01:46
comadrejahello DanielN_atw :)01:46
comadrejaI intent to help on ubuntu, would there be any way to get into the community ?01:46
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengis ssh-askpass-gnome broken?01:52
tsengas it, there is no executable01:52
tsengno its in /usr/lib01:52
DanielN_atwcomadreja, what sort of contribution?01:56
DanielN_atwi know, i asked this already.. but is someone working on PHP5 packages for breezy?01:58
DanielN_atwit's a must, if we want to be at fedoras state ;)01:58
DanielN_atwmort, what about the shirt now?01:59
\shDanielN_atw, the debian guys? ,-)02:02
comadrejaDanielN_atw coding, maintaining02:02
DanielN_atw\sh, in would prefer an ubuntu shirt too02:05
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comadrejaDanielN_atw : you think I could help with some coding ?02:15
tseng\sh: did you have to remind us of the jmaynard costume?02:22
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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\shtseng, hehe ;)02:25
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tseng\sh: probably a good reason not to use gentoo02:26
\shtseng, bug mako...he reminds me of that ,-)02:26
\shDanielN_atw, believe me, since I got my original redhat fedora everybody wanted to have this gimmick...so an ubuntu shirt is not what I want to have ;)02:27
=== TMM [~hp@c51471f2c.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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comadrejahow could I assign myself a bug ?02:34
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ivokshi all02:50
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ivoksdid anyone of you tried human theme for firefox?04:20
ivoksit's so good, it should be default in firefox04:20
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has left #ubuntu-motu []
tsengivoks: is it based on the industrial theme?04:25
tsengby garrett04:25
ivoksbasicly, it just adds icons04:26
tsengwell try industrial04:26
tsengits the best04:27
ivoksindustrial for firefox?04:27
ivoksok, found it04:27
ivokshm, big N04:28
ivoksthey are very smiliar04:29
ivoksthey have same icons, but this one has nicer icons for bookmarks04:29
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siretartRiddell: you just made an upload to revu, did you?07:38
siretarthi folks!07:38
tsenghi siretart07:38
Riddellsiretart: yes, was wondering what would happen07:38
ivokssiretart: you record every upload?07:38
Riddellsiretart: I also just sent you an e-mail asking for an account07:38
Riddellat least I think I did, mutt was a bit weird with gpg07:38
siretartRiddell: you did everything all right, but I'm currently debugging some scripts here. the fault is on my side07:39
siretartRiddell: you don't need to reupload, I will fix it from here07:39
siretartivoks: yes, the register_upload.py script is run by a cron job, and I get every run via email. For debugging reasons07:40
siretartbtw, sistpoty improved the query for the index.py, the result can be seen here: http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/index_new.py07:41
ivoks:)) ok07:41
ivokscheck it out: http://master.grad.hr/~ivoks/breezy.jpg07:41
siretartafter debugging my stuff here I will integrate this into index.py07:41
siretartivoks: whoooo! that looks great! what graphics card and driver do you use for that?07:42
ivokssiretart: that's with nv driver :)07:42
ivoksnot nvidia, but nv07:42
ivoksthe Free one :)07:42
siretartivoks: which card do you use?07:42
siretartwhich model07:42
ivoksit's irrelevant07:43
ivokswith nv driver you don't get 3D :)07:43
siretarthm. I don't assume my 6600gt works with nv07:43
ivoksdoes it work with nvidia?07:43
siretartsure. I'm currently using it in a twinview setup07:44
ivoksthen you could make this work! :)07:45
ivoksbut, it's buggy07:45
siretartI'd rather spend my time on revu ;)07:46
ivoksi agree :)07:47
ivokssee you soon07:47
siretartcu ivoks07:47
=== motaboy [~motaboy@host8-3.pool80183.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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\shok..doing some motu work...08:12
\shwhois frode?08:14
\shsiretart: putting the irc nick next to the uploader would be nice ;)08:16
siretart\sh: uff. hm.08:16
siretartwe would need a page where users could adjust their userdata for that.08:17
siretartputting on the todo list08:17
Burgundaviathe idea that I mentioned to tseng was the following08:19
BurgundaviaName (ircnick)08:19
Burgundaviaala p.g.o08:19
\shi would like to see it also on p.u.c08:20
siretartah. ok08:22
=== siretart is not familiar with gentoo infrastructure..
Burgundaviap.g.o planet.gnome08:23
\shoh ;)08:23
\shbut it's the same on gentoo.org08:23
=== `crimsun [crimsun@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartBurgundavia: any comments on the current revu index.py? We (sistopty mostly) implemented your suggenstions with the icons08:34
siretarthi `crimsun08:34
`crimsunhi siretart08:36
=== lsuactiafner [~noirrac@tpc-ip-nas-1-p116.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgundaviajust checking it out08:38
Burgundaviamy idea was for just one icon08:38
Burgundaviafor status08:39
Burgundaviabecause new automatically means needs work08:39
Burgundaviado I misunderstand the work flow?08:40
siretartNEW means that 3 motus need to sign-off the package, because its NEW in ubuntu08:40
Burgundaviathere is New status and new vs updated packages08:41
Burgundaviawhich is confusing08:41
siretartnot NEW packages mean "normal" package updates, and require only one motu agreeing08:41
Burgundaviain my terminology, that would be a updated package, that is New on Revu08:41
Burgundaviaand thus would get the lightbulb icon and the updated icon08:41
siretartI tried to solve this by separating the sort order, first not NEW packages08:41
siretartBurgundavia: I use the word "NEW" for packages in the ubuntu NEW queue, and "new" for new in revu. You see the difference? ;)08:42
siretartsweet! eclipse from multiverse with gcj in GTK2 look08:43
BurgundaviaI don't see an elegant solution to this, not yet at least08:43
Burgundaviatseng and I talked about splitting the tables08:43
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgundaviacurrently, I have no icon for packagetype=New but I have an icon for status=new08:45
BurgundaviaI think you are using the same icon for both?08:45
Lathiatsiretart: what package do i need to install to get that going?08:45
siretartno, i use the lamp icon for NEW package08:45
siretartLathiat: for what going?08:45
siretartLathiat: I apt-get install'ed eclipse-jdt08:46
Lathiat70M of packages, <3 java08:46
siretartbut it's nice GTK! wooh! :)08:47
siretartand it's free. no need for that stinking sun jre anymore!08:47
Riddellsiretart: do I have an account on revu?08:48
Lathiatwonder if i can get azureus runnign on free java stuff08:49
Lathiatit almost runs on ikvm except that doesnt ahve network operations implemented :)08:49
siretartRiddell: in a sec, mom08:50
Burgundaviasiretart, another comment, from looking at the package page, it is not clear whether someone is merely commenting (and thus advocating No), or downchecking (and thus advoctating NO)08:50
siretartRiddell: try to login with jriddell@ubuntu.com, and press the "recover" password link08:51
Burgundaviado you want to keep the comments and advocates in one section, or split them out?08:51
siretartRiddell: btw, are you working for canonical?08:51
Riddellsiretart: contracted08:52
siretartBurgundavia: do you really think we need to seperate "downchecking" and "merely commenting"?08:52
Burgundaviabecause it not clear what status the package is at08:52
Burgundaviaand who can downcheck and who can't08:52
Burgundaviaie, if I make a comment, it has no weight08:52
Burgundaviatseng and I mocked up a new package page08:53
Burgundaviashowing the status and package type08:53
siretartatm, only reviewers can comment anyway. uploaders can comment only on their own packages08:53
Burgundaviamy issue still stands08:53
siretartI see. hm08:54
Burgundaviamy idea was to change the words to a checkmark and an X08:54
Burgundaviaand nothing for a straight comment08:54
Burgundaviaso the uploader can quickly see where they are at08:54
siretartthis would require schema changes in the database... hmhmm08:55
Burgundaviadid you see all the talk that tseng and I did about status icons?08:55
siretartI think it would be least painfull to implement this when moving to the new home08:55
Burgundaviathe current system is going to scale very badly, due to excess time to figure out what is happening08:55
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgundaviasiretart, minor further note, the icons should have tooltips, showing the word for the status08:59
siretartBurgundavia: how do they work? alt tag?09:00
Burgundaviaalt tag09:01
herveno, title tag09:01
siretartbut the icons do have alt tag09:01
hervealt is a text-only alternative09:01
=== Burgundavia hasn't done html/css is a very long time
Burgundaviatseng was working on completely redoing the front page09:02
Burgundaviadon't know where he got with that09:02
Burgundaviasiretart, you got something odd going on with ordering of uploads09:03
Burgundavialooks like it might be ordering by upload time09:03
siretartyeah, the ordering is quite tricky now, I am experimenting with a usefull one ;)09:04
Burgundaviarelating to icons, my idea was to clearly define which needed to be commented on09:05
Burgundaviathus any package, either packagetype=new or updated, would get the status=new when first uploaded09:05
siretartfirst, there are uploads concerning non NEW uploads, because they should be handeld quickly. then NEW Packages, then done packages09:05
Burgundaviaand any pacakge that was status=needswork and got a new upload would revert to status=new09:06
=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0787.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgundaviaand any package that had a downcheck would change to status=needworks, regardless of any upchecks on it09:07
siretartI think I understand what you want to acheive, but that currently nontrivial to implement09:07
=== Burgundavia figures that most of his bluesky stuff is non-trivial
tsengBurgundavia: eh09:12
ivoksshouldn't objects in notification area be background free09:12
tsengBurgundavia: i sort of gave up on that for now09:12
tsengBurgundavia: im not motivated to duplicate the setup for development09:13
Burgundaviathe world is not going to end if you don't love my ideas09:13
Burgundaviaor implement them right away09:14
tsengi thought most of them were fine09:14
tsengif i didnt, i beat you into liking my way09:14
Burgundaviaanybody know if any gnome company is hiring in the usablity/UI area?09:15
ivoksheh, they should09:15
tsengmediweb or something09:15
tsenghang on09:15
ivoksBurgundavia: what are your ideas?09:15
ivokssorry, i wasn't arround to listen to you09:15
tsengBurgundavia: read http://off.net/~tberman/diary/09:16
Burgundaviaivoks, ok, just throwing ideas around to make it easy to review stuff09:16
Burgundaviatseng, I think I saw that one, but cheers09:16
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ivokssiretart: hi, i will abuse your revu now :)09:35
ivokswow! icons! :))09:35
siretartivoks: :)09:35
ivoksok, explain icons :)09:36
ivoksand resizing would be nice :)09:36
siretartjust give me resized pictures ;)09:36
Burgundaviathere are more icons coming09:36
ivoksheart is for uploaded packages?09:36
BurgundaviaI am doing some to show how many successful reviews a package has09:36
Burgundaviaheart is for ready to upload09:36
ivoksok, hammer is for not apporved yet09:37
ivoksand lamp?09:37
ivoksi adore my gnome desktop right now :)09:37
Burgundavialamp is for packages not in Ubuntu09:38
Burgundaviasupposed to be an up arrow09:38
siretarttooltipps implemented09:38
ivoksman, you have too much free time :)09:39
ivoksok, i'll do some reviewing now09:39
siretartnah, unfortunatly not :(09:39
ivoksyou know what would be good to have?09:40
ivokseasier download09:40
ivoksnow we have to download file by file09:40
ivoksit would be great to have one bzip or gz to dowload09:40
ivoksor even tar09:40
ivoksno need for compress09:40
siretartafter the move, that should be no problem09:41
ivoksjust with .dsc .diff.gz and .tar.gz09:41
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ivoksok, why wifi-radar isn't ready for upload?09:46
ivoks(it's not complaining, I'm interested in procedure)09:47
sistpotyivoks: it's a new package and afaik new packages should have 3 motu's advocating09:48
sistpoty(at least this way the images are displayed)09:48
ivoksand for packages that aren't new, only one motu advocate is needed?09:49
sistpotyafaik yes09:50
ivoksok, thanx09:50
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siretartdoes anyone know if sh uploaded kio-locate? it has now 3 sign-offs and should be ok to go in..11:01
siretarthi ajmitch11:09
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