lamontmframe.m: In function 'mframe_decode_return':05:01
lamontmframe.m:1579: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 2 of 'NSGetSizeAndAlignment' differ in signedness05:01
lamontmframe.m:1711: internal compiler error: in assign_stack_temp_for_type, at function.c:60505:01
lamontgnustep-base ICE05:01
lamontinteresting... ISTR ICE there before on either hppa or ia64, gcc-3.x05:02
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lamontelmo: could you locate glibc_2.3.5-1ubuntu7_hppa and tell me what I did wrong that it's not in the archive??? (iz NEW, maybe???)_07:25
elmoRejected: libnss-dns-udeb_2.3.5-1ubuntu7_hppa.udeb: can not overwrite existing copy already in the archive.07:34
elmoguess it was uploaded too soon - try again?07:34
lamontok.  re-uploading08:44
lamontnote that the .debs don't seem to have actually been removed from the archive (at least initially) - could that be the issue?08:44
lamontPackages didn't list things that had .debs in the archive..08:45
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