matt_someone must have done this before12:00
=== socomm <3's Pepsi.
gotonpobut wild cherry pepsi kicks cherry coke's ass12:00
naliothmatt_: come back later12:00
jasoncohenmatt_, you're having problems with a mouse driver?12:00
naliothmatt_: you've been asking that for hours now12:00
naliothmatt_: someone will be in here who can help you12:01
matt_I'm stuck12:01
unomematt_ I got MX 700 mouse working the same way I told you12:01
matt_this command is giving me problems12:01
scizhosearch the web matt_12:01
matt_gcc evtest.c -o evtest|12:01
=== remyforbes777 [~remyforbe@cpe-24-209-235-191.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Saithr [~chrishau@ti112210a080-4258.bb.online.no] has joined #ubuntu
remyforbes777socomm: that didnt work12:01
=== {{Snake] ] [~{{Snake] ] @cm-81-9-144-118.telecable.es] has joined #ubuntu
matt_gcc evtest.c -o evtest12:02
matt_it doesn;t compile12:02
SaithrHey, quick question, first time installer of kubuntu, is this the place to ask questions or is there a seperatae channel for kubuntu?12:02
socommremyforbes777: What didn't work?12:03
matt_errors when I run gcc evtest.c -o evtest can u help unome12:03
remyforbes777im sorry12:03
remyforbes777for some reason my nickname was guys12:04
unomematt_ I wish, sorry12:04
naliothSaithr: you can ask here or #kubuntu12:04
remyforbes777you told me to do make modules && and then make modules_install12:04
remyforbes777i still get that error12:04
concept10matt_, what is your mouse model?12:04
topylimatt_: without seeing evtest.c, no-one can tell why it's not correct12:05
matt_mx 1000 laser12:05
socommremyforbes777: Join #linux, they'll be able to help you there.12:05
=== cavediver [~jonas@] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcHwhats the diffrent type of media players out there? besides beep and xmms12:05
mirakhow to change the temporary folder that nautilus uses to burn dvd's ?12:05
=== Burrito [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcHthere was a really snazzy one that could play almost anything you through at it12:06
matt_evtest.c:96: error: `KEY_ZENKAKUHANKAKU' undeclared here (not in a function)12:06
matt_evtest.c:96: error: nonconstant array index in initializer12:06
unomeChurcH: amarok is what i use12:06
=== stisev [~stisev@64-121-92-140.c3-0.sfo-ubr1.sfrn-sfo.ca.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
stisevHi all12:06
cavediverHi, i have a problem with thunderbird. It seems the enigmail module fail to start... anyone have that problem ?12:06
stisevI just switched to KDE12:06
stisevWhat a difference12:06
ChurcHis that the one that looks like winsucks media player12:06
socommKDE == Bloat.12:06
topylistisev: it is different yes12:06
stisevGnome is nice (seems less bloated) but KDE has some really nice stuff12:06
unomestisev: you've seen the light? :)12:06
=== Gman_ [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-1.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== virgule [~virgule@modemcable247.67-81-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
stisevunome: Yep!12:06
stisevKDE also came with konversation12:06
stisevwhich I'm really, REALLY liing12:07
stisevXChat is nice and all but konversation is nicer imo :)12:07
unomeKonvie is lil bugy tho ;(12:07
ChurcH_of_FoamYit was a media player and i can't remeber what it was12:07
=== Syedburns [~Sye@ip70-186-22-171.ma.dl.cox.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
unomeyes atleast for me12:07
ChurcH_of_FoamYbut it was kinda round the main control12:07
virgulehow to disable some modules? ie: ieee1394?12:07
ChurcH_of_FoamYin the center12:07
=== confrey [~dario@] has joined #ubuntu
naliothstisev: irssi12:07
concept10virgule, rmmod12:08
unomeirssi is DA bomb :)12:08
virgulethx, does it disable permanently?12:08
topyliChurcH_of_FoamY: are you talking about audio player or all-round media players?12:08
stisevWhat;s weird is there's no "open terminal" in the context menu of KDE12:08
ChurcH_of_FoamYall round12:08
concept10virgule, I think you can comment it out in /etc/modules12:08
naliothstisev: its under 'actions'12:08
topyliChurcH_of_FoamY: mplayer, xine, vlc12:09
unomestisev: it's under utilities12:09
socommMy god, Konversation is a great piece of poop.12:09
=== socomm barfs.
ChurcH_of_FoamYmplayer i think thats it and vlc isen't that bad either12:09
naliothunome: he's talking context menu12:09
=== mago_Do_asfalto [~zemanel@a83-132-98-25.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYi think mplayer comes really close to wm912:09
=== neofeed [~moritz@p548DD01D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
topyliChurcH_of_FoamY: crappy playlist though12:10
socommmplayer is alot better than wm9 ....12:10
=== Dr_Melectaus [~Doc@ACD676A0.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYhey i used windows most of my life12:10
ChurcH_of_FoamYso i have to compare stuff to that12:10
ChurcH_of_FoamYeven though there is no comarason for most of the things12:11
scizhowindows is the best12:11
stisevirssi? hehe12:11
scizhofor gaming12:11
=== skyrje [~skyrje@129.Red-80-34-22.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
unomeChurcH_of_FoamY: you are forgiven for your sins (using windoze)12:11
ChurcH_of_FoamY^_^ yay12:11
topyliChurcH_of_FoamY: i've let go of the dream of an do-all-end-all media player12:11
topyliChurcH_of_FoamY: so i've separated audio and video stuff12:11
stisevirsii is OK for a CLI IRC client12:11
concept10matt_, this may help you: http://floam.sh.nu/index.xhtml?page=guides&section=mx100012:11
stisevsocomm: What??? Why do you say that?12:11
ChurcH_of_FoamYyea but i use file assoiciations to take care of that12:12
ChurcH_of_FoamYi use multiple players for diffrent things12:12
=== salva [salvahus@] has joined #ubuntu
stisevI like Konsole heh12:12
ChurcH_of_FoamYsome are better than others at a specific type of media12:12
Dr_MelectausHi there12:12
naliothstisev: you'll like gnome-terminal better (and eterm is better than both)12:12
ChurcH_of_FoamYso i make the associations as needed12:12
ChurcH_of_FoamYi love ubuntu's console12:13
stisevnalioth: I've tried gnome-terminal12:13
topyliChurcH_of_FoamY: with video, you don't need much of a playlist. with audio, it's the n:o 1 factor12:13
naliothstisev: try eterm12:13
stisevIt's nice I guess but KDE's looks really nice12:13
dennis_anyone has any ideas on this: Gaim has sound in Gnome, but not in KDE?12:13
stisevnalioth is that in KDE too?12:13
dennis_on my laptop12:13
unomeeterm, aterm xterm ...12:13
=== salva [salvahus@] has left #ubuntu []
stisevunome: KDE has xterm12:13
scizhodoesnt kde use kopete?12:13
naliothstisev: you'll need to use apt or synaptic to get it12:14
stisevwhat's the difference in Xterm12:14
ChurcH_of_FoamYmy suggestion to you all12:14
stisevnalioth: I used synaptic to install KDE12:14
=== ^thehatsrule^ [tehats@tehats.0ffice.info] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYfrom a linux noobs point of view12:14
stisevnalioth: It looks like I have xterm12:14
=== anto9us [~antoninus@cpc2-ptal1-5-1-cust109.swan.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChurcH_of_FoamYnever install kubuntu alone12:14
stisevnalioth: is that OK?12:14
=== libicocco [~libicocco@62-15-95-150.inversas.jazztel.es] has joined #ubuntu
stisev(the same thing_)12:14
ChurcH_of_FoamYit's way to difficult to use12:14
virguleis this really mendatory to have like 3 gpg-agents and 3 dbus-daemon- running?12:14
ChurcH_of_FoamYso install ubuntu first than apt-get kubuntu12:14
ChurcH_of_FoamYand you'll have extreem ease of use12:14
stisevIs there any way to bind the START MENU BUTTON on my laptop to KDE's start menu-type thing12:14
=== Fazer [~Fazer@CPE0050f276c615-CM0012c90fe42a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Quest-Master [~qmaster@c-24-99-26-36.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
FazerI am soo bored that I ate all my cookies12:15
^thehatsrule^windows button? should do that auto12:15
=== conffrey [~dario@] has joined #ubuntu
cavediverNoone have problems installing enigmail for thunderbird 1.0.2 ?12:15
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #ubuntu
concept10cavediver, nope, whats the problem?12:15
naliothstisev: there are plenty of terminal emulators12:16
unomestisev: try Kcontrol > Regional & Accessibilities > Keyboard Shortcuts12:16
naliothstisev: i personally think Konsole blows12:16
conffreyhi everybody12:16
cavediverconcept10:  Warning: Enigmime module not available12:16
cavediverERROR: Failed to access Enigmime service!12:16
naliothstisev: gnome-terminal is satisfying12:16
cavediverEnigmime Service not available12:16
stisevnalioth: why though?12:16
naliothstisev: but eterm roX0rs12:16
stisevnalioth: it all seems the same tko me.12:16
stisevnalioth: I like the tabs in Konsole12:16
virgulexterminal is my personal fav (part of XFce4 desktop)12:16
concept10cavediver, how did you install it?12:16
=== mig` [~devild@user-0cdf80q.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
stisevnalioth: instead of having tens of terminal windows open, I have one with tabs12:16
naliothstisev: then use Konsole, and leave the tweaks and mods to us folks who can't stay away from the .rc files12:17
airmikeyyo guys  hows breezy12:17
cavediverconcept10: using the xpi.12:17
ChurcH_of_FoamYbroken still12:17
cavediverairmikey: it's a mess.12:17
naliothstisev: two words "gnu screen"12:17
airmikeyany 1 here running it in 64 bit mode12:17
cavediverwent back to hoary12:17
stisevnalioth: GNU screen?12:17
cavediverairmikey: i did.. went back to hoary i386 from breezy AMD6412:17
stisevnalioth: You have to understand that I'm still somewhat new to Linux :p12:17
naliothstisev: i can have hundreds of terminal sessions going in ONE gnome-term12:17
stisevAh cool12:18
stisevnalioth: cool12:18
stisevnalioth: Do you know how to change from 24 hour time to 12 hour time in GDE12:18
concept10cavediver, hmm, i dont know, maybe try reinstall12:18
mig`i'm about to install ubuntu from the dvd, however in order for it to work, i am going to have to make sure the initrd file loads usb2.0 drivers (so that the kernel can find the hdd where i'm going to install ubuntu to), is there a way to do this from the installer? or do i have to install ubuntu, then boot into the livecd and recompile the initrd file?12:18
topylinalioth: i didn't ever realize "gnu screen" was two words12:18
naliothstisev: completely new and learning exponentially, i'd say12:18
stisevnalioth: ??12:18
mig`please someone help me, its the only thing keeping me from using ubuntu at the moment, and i want to use ubuntu12:18
=== ep [~ep@ip68-97-122-98.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothstisev: you've just learned of many different terminal emulators12:19
mig`i dont know how to make an initrd file, or (better yet) can i specify built in usb 2.0 support into the kernel?12:19
naliothstisev: not to mention 'gnu screen'12:19
mig`(from the installer)12:19
stisevnalioth: Do you know how to change form 24 hour time -> 12 hour itime in KDE12:19
zenlunatichow will one upgrade to breezy from hoary when breezy is made available for final release?12:19
naliothtopyli: how many words did you think it was?12:19
stisevnalioth: also, do you know how to change the one click open behavior to two clicks (to open a file)12:19
topylinalioth: one of course :)12:19
cavediverconcept10: it's funny. I'm installing 0.92 and that's what it sais after installing. But after a restart it sais 0.9012:19
naliothstisev: in the clock settings (or international) i'm not sure, i dont use KDE all that much12:20
=== Afroman [afroman@c-60e870d5.04-271-73746f34.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #Ubuntu
naliothstisev: the oneclicktwoclick stuff is in konqerors prefs, i believe12:20
naliothstisev: but if anyone is in there, #kubuntu would be better to ask12:21
concept10mig`, you are trying to install to usb external drive?12:21
jasoncohenstisev, that can be changed in kcontrol12:21
mig`concept10: correct12:21
concept10mig`, why not internal and forget the hassle?12:21
mig`i've completed 1st stage of install before, however i can't boot into the system after the reboot12:21
naliothzenlunatic: by simply changing 'hoary' to 'breezy' in your sources.list (people dont do this now, or you'll be sorry)12:21
mig`concept10: internal is windows (which i use for work), plus i'd like to walk with my ubuntu installation12:21
AfromanI have a question guys, how does one sees what hardware is in the computer, and if their drivers work fine12:21
stisevnalioth: what exactly IS #kubuntu?12:22
jasoncohenstisev, open kcontrol, go to peripherals and then mouse- choose double click rather than the default single click12:22
=== craigevil [~craig@24-176-22-0.dhcp.klmz.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
stisevnalioth: KDE ubuntu?12:22
=== Fanskapet [Fanskapet@d213-101-26-122.swipnet.se] has joined #ubuntu
naliothstisev: the chat room concerning kubuntu12:22
naliothstisev: chat rooms names all start with #12:22
concept10mig`, bios must support booting from USB, check the wiki, someone wrote a page up, you just have to look around12:22
virguleANYTHING working with breezy12:22
jasoncohenstisev, you can install KDE on ubuntu. apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:22
AfromanI have a question guys, how does one sees what hardware is in the computer, and if their drivers work fine12:22
mig`concept10: the problem is that after 'linux is uncompressed' i can't get past pivot_root12:22
mig`my guess is that it can't find the block device (because the usb driver hasn't been installed and thus it cant detect it)12:23
jasoncohenstisev, kubuntu allows users to install KDE by default w/o having to install it themselves12:23
=== Saithr [~chrishau@ti112210a080-4258.bb.online.no] has left #ubuntu []
mig`concept10: my bios does all of this12:23
jasoncohenstisev, basically, anything in debian is also in ubuntu12:23
=== Xira [~nicholas@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xiraoh my god.12:23
mig`i install grub to the usb hdd, and in bios i make it primary disk, so i just boot into ubuntu (if its plugged in)12:23
AfromanI have a question guys, how does one sees what hardware is in the computer, and if their drivers work fine12:23
XiraUbuntu even detected my wireless card that isn't supported by ndiswrapper12:24
Xirai heart ubuntu12:24
=== confrey [~dario@] has joined #ubuntu
inemodoes anyone know if WINE running under ubuntu will run MSN 7?12:24
mig`heh, my wireless card was detected too :p12:24
mig`ok, i'm checking out the wiki12:24
thenukeinemo: do not use wine for such task X-I12:24
unomeinemo: wine runs everything for me under Ubuntu12:24
thenukeinemo: try AMSN12:24
mig`concept10: you have any idea where i should look in the wiki?12:25
mig`any keywords to search for maybe?12:25
Afromanhow does one see if hardwares in the computer and if the computer has detected them???12:25
=== mig` tries initrd
inemothenuke: used it, prefer adium under OS X, but want to run MSN 7 on ubuntu as VPC is too slow on my old iMac12:25
topyliinemo: isn't gaim installed by default? it will handle msn12:25
naliothmig`: this may help a little https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TitleIndex12:25
Afromananybody can help me??12:25
concept10mig`, usb install12:25
unomeXira: dont you love it, Ubuntu detected my digital camera/dl'ed the pics and I was browsing the cam in no time12:25
inemotopyli: yeah, wanted the webcam support more than anything though12:25
naliothAfroman: lspci12:25
concept10mig`, http://www.google.com/search?q=install+ubuntu+usb&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:unofficial12:26
Afromannalioth, and how do I know if they are working fine???12:26
naliothconcept10: nice browser ;)12:26
Xirayeah, I even donated and I pass out ubuntu cds at weekly lan partys12:26
unomeAfroman: what nalioth said lspci and lshw12:26
=== andrew_ [~andrew@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
naliothAfroman: you can also go to system > admin > device manager  (its at the top)12:27
Afromannalioth, unome, what is what???12:27
naliothXira: keep up the good work12:27
Xiramy wireless network's SSID is "all connections are logged mofo" :>12:27
Xirathx nalioth12:27
matt_how do I make all windows open in one12:27
confreyhi, I can't mount two cdrom, how can I recover datas from them?12:27
unomeit's what is says lspci for pci and lshw for all12:27
naliothAfroman: open a terminal and type "sudo lshw"12:27
matt_instead of seprate12:28
Afromannalioth, done that...12:28
concept10nalioth, unoffical firefox?!12:28
naliothXira: i drive a taxi in houston, tx. you should SEE some of the ssids i pick up12:28
=== James_Ward [~jeward@] has joined #ubuntu
Afromannalioth, but I don't see my modem, that is the one I'm looking for12:28
XiraI can imagine12:28
naliothconcept10: you let your underwear show12:28
concept10nalioth, what do you use ?12:29
naliothAfroman: if its a winmodem, you are probably out of luck12:29
Xiramy network just uses 128bit WEP.. if they break that it's logged, and it pinpoints their lat/long12:29
Xiraso i can go outside and bash them up with a baseball bat12:29
Afromannalioth, and how do I know if it is a win modem or not??12:29
James_WardHi, I have a low memory machine without a bootable CD that I would like to install ubuntu on.  Is there a way to boot from sarge diskettes and then invoke ubuntu deoo12:29
naliothconcept10: what i use is not the thing, when i direct someone to google i tell them to google "search terms" not send a browser string12:29
mig`i'm following the links, haven't found anything yet, still looking though12:29
Quest-Masterlmao Xira12:29
James_Warddebootstarp instead of debian?12:29
naliothconcept10: i'm very privacy aware12:29
=== ralf [~matteo@openjlab.org] has joined #ubuntu
concept10nalioth, I mean what app do you use to see wlan networks12:30
naliothXira: i dont even stop for locked APs, i just drive around the corner to the next shared one12:30
Afromannalioth, and how do I know if it is a win modem or not??12:30
naliothJames_Ward: use woody diskettes12:30
=== zxy [~ralph@host-84-9-32-248.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Xiranalioth: good man12:30
naliothAfroman: pull the box out of the closet?12:30
James_Wardnalioth, Does that allow me to install ubuntu?12:31
naliothconcept10: macstumbler i believe12:31
=== synthetic_ [~synthetic@69-171-24-167.kntnny.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xirai can understand trying to break WEP keys, but when my SSID is "all connections are logged mofo" i hope they undertstand I mean buisness12:31
synthetic_How do you get file-roller to work with .RAR12:31
=== rasputnik [4082ll-be-@cpc2-cdif2-3-1-cust41.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
concept10nalioth, I dont care about if someone knows my browser type, that is always broadcasted to every site you goto, unless you have hacked it off12:31
naliothJames_Ward: after you get your minimal network-aware debian up and running, you can change the sources list to point to ubuntu sources12:31
naliothJames_Ward: then you'll be fixed right up12:31
nalioths_dogJames_Ward: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all official Ubuntu repositories, go to paste.ubuntulinux.nl/3812:32
James_Wardnalioth, I tried that with sarge and it didn't go well.  Woody will?12:32
Xiraconcept10: I have my user agent spoofed to Google Browser .3 Internal just to spook people :)12:32
naliothconcept10: it doesnt matter bout browser type12:32
concept10I want to change my type to IE12:32
naliothJames_Ward: yes, woody is far behind current ubuntu12:32
synthetic_When Google takes over the world, I will gladly join their army.12:33
=== john_ [~john@host217-42-111-212.range217-42.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== aeolist [~aeolist@ppp167.dialup.ntua.gr] has joined #ubuntu
concept10there is a firefox extension for it I believe12:33
James_Wardnalioth , Thanks, I'll try that!12:33
Xiratry the extension page12:33
Xirathere are a few agent spoofers12:33
=== takmadeus [~takmadeus@] has joined #ubuntu
naliothXira: i respect locked APs, cuz for every locked one, there are 12 open ones12:33
Xiranalioth: amen12:33
synthetic_Anyone know how to get file-roller to work for rars?12:33
Fazersynthetic_: might wanna start early and rack up on your PhDs ;)12:33
naliothconcept10: just change it in about:config12:33
concept10Xira, nalioth  whats the point besides compatibilty?12:34
Xiranalioth: I understand WEPs are rather easy to break, that's why I have a neat logger + lat/long pinpointer12:34
Xiraconcept10: to spook log hunters12:34
takmadeusanyone here has an ATI card?12:34
Xirahave fun12:34
synthetic_Fazer:  good idea12:34
Xiraget a free .mac trial but spoofing your user agent to safari12:34
naliothconcept10: there are no ups/downs for user agent strings12:34
XiraIE only sites12:34
Xiratakmadeus: yes, but i only run 2d drivers12:34
naliothconcept10: some sorry bastiches send you to differnt pages if you report anything other than IE12:34
Xiraati writes horrible drivers12:34
Xirai'm sorry12:34
naliothi make up the weiredest user-agent-string i cna imagine12:35
synthetic_No one knows how to get .rar to work in ubuntu?12:35
=== Strife [~mdepalati@69-163-127-58.crlsca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
takmadeusXira: can you give me a copy of fglrx.ko?12:35
naliothim sure it makes the webmaster chuckle at who has visited12:35
Dr_Melectausis slackware a nix distro? or a seperate OS12:35
Xiratakmadeus: where's that located?12:35
naliothsynthetic_: install unrar or unrar-nonfree12:35
Quest-MasterDr_Melectaus: nix distro.12:35
takmadeusXira: I deleted mine by mistake12:35
=== blackaxis [~blackaxis@pcp01078162pcs.midval01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
mig`concept10: how about if i just go with the regular install, but boot into the live environment after install, mount up the hard drive, and re-make the initrd file to load up the usb driver ?12:35
Xirawhat dir is it in?12:35
concept10Xira, nalioth: I was thinking about sending out some flyers in the area telling residents I will secure thier networks for $20 bucks, I drove around with my laptop on day for about 20 mins and found about 30 unsecured wlans12:35
synthetic_nalioth where do i get those?12:35
=== blackaxis [~blackaxis@pcp01078162pcs.midval01.tn.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== mactiny [opera@nps-ip-nas-1-p136.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
naliothDr_Melectaus: slackware is a linux distro12:35
mig`i just dont know how to do that, (i haven't found anything in the wiki, or the google links)12:35
Xirathat's a misleading advertisement12:36
naliothsynthetic_: use synaptic (and have all the repos enabled)12:36
Dr_Melectausahhh k thanks nalioth12:36
Xirayou can secure their network to an extent12:36
nalioths_dogsynthetic_: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all official Ubuntu repositories, go to paste.ubuntulinux.nl/3812:36
=== confrrey [~dario@] has joined #ubuntu
nalioths_dogsynthetic_: Adding Repositories: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto12:36
takmadeusXira: /lib/modules/(kernel number)/kernel/drivers/video12:36
socommapt-get install unrar12:36
Amaranthtakmadeus: Why does he have to give it to you?12:36
=== socomm [~socomm@adsl-69-104-173-70.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has left #ubuntu [":wq"]
naliothconcept10: i wouldnt do the flyer thing12:36
Amaranthi'd recommend unrar-nonfree12:36
Amaranthsince it opens more files12:36
concept10mig`, sounds like a plan, but I cant help you with that one12:36
Amaranthtakmadeus: Ubuntu provides that12:37
Amaranthsearch in synaptic for fglrx12:37
takmadeusAmaranth: well, I asked him if he could give it to me, as I deleted my fglrx.ko by mistake12:37
naliothconcept10: i'd put flyers up advertising "tired of windows? i'll help you gain freedom!!" and help em with ubuntu12:37
Amaranthtakmadeus: Reinstall the package12:37
jasoncohendoes only main & restricted get non-security updates after a release?12:37
Amaranthjasoncohen: Err, you mean super critical crasher fixes?12:37
takmadeusAmaranth: what is its name?12:37
jasoncoheni.e - should there be a hoary-updates line for universe and multiverse12:37
Amaranthtakmadeus: search in synaptic for fglrx12:37
mig`can anyone help me?12:38
mig`hmm, let me google it12:38
Amaranthjasoncohen: those exist but i don't think the MOTUs have time to put anything in them12:38
concept10nalioth, when people come to my house they always want to use my computer, I have setup another box in the back room for guests, they always ask "What is this umboontoom thing?"12:38
mig`what is the command to switch into the environment of the installed system from the livecd, is it: chroot ?12:38
jasoncohenAmaranth, yeah- well ubuntu's sources.list file does not include a hoary-updates for multiverse or universe. i'm wondering why.12:38
concept10mig`, yes12:38
Amaranthmig`: yeah12:38
naliothconcept10: and i hope you send them home with the fancy official ubuntu cd package12:38
Xiratakmadeus: http://synchronizedesigns.us/fglrx.ko12:38
takmadeusAmaranth: I have fglrx aready installed.... but in its files there is no flgrx.ko....12:38
Xirathat's mine using the 2d drivers12:39
Amaranthtakmadeus: Tell synaptic to reinstall the package12:39
concept10nalioth, I want to order some, do they take forvever? Im in texas also12:39
=== j_ [~sara_poo_@ip24-250-14-227.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenAmaranth, also, there appears not to be a security line for multiverse12:39
=== strider [~strider@pcp04424263pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
takmadeusAmaranth: OK, I'll do it, thanks12:39
mig`i guess i'll just read up12:39
naliothconcept10: burn copies off, until you recieve the official ones12:39
mig`on it... thanks12:39
Amaranthjasoncohen: yeah, multiverse is mostly closed source things that are packaged, they can't make security updates for them12:39
naliothconcept10: i have a mac and give away more x86 copies12:39
=== Amaranth still hasn
Will__I have little linux goody-bags at the door at my place12:40
Will__Some sweeties, some CDs and a little tux doll to take home12:40
James_Wardnalioth, I need root.bin and what else from woody?12:40
jasoncohenAmaranth, so, there's no reason to add a hoary-updates line for universe or multiverse?12:40
Amaranthconcept10: You'll get your hoary CDs some time after breezy+1 is released12:40
concept10nalioth, you say you drive a cab?  do you pass them out to passengers?12:40
Amaranthconcept10: hehe, they are swamped with orders12:40
Amaranthjasoncohen: No, not really.12:40
concept10Amaranth, :) I think some people are abusing the system12:40
=== john_ [~john@host217-42-111-212.range217-42.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthconcept10: You mean ordering 400 CDs just for fun?12:41
takmadeusthanks guys, I think I cn solve the problem now thanks to you..... I'm off to try it out.... I'll tell you if it worked, thanks12:41
craigevilis there an official cd cover image12:41
naliothJames_Ward: you can go to debian.com and get floppy images from there for woody12:41
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o Seveas] by Seveas
concept10Amaranth, nalioth: Ive seen people auctioning the box of CDs12:41
Xiraopenoffice packages are so huge12:41
=== Seveas goes to hibernate
Seveascya all12:41
naliothconcept10: if the passenger is interested, yes12:41
synthetic_so i got rar and unrar and i'm trying to unrar it but it's failing for every file12:41
synthetic_i did normal and sudo12:41
James_Wardnalioth, I am looking at the 1.44 images directory, but it isn't obvious which is the boot disk?12:41
=== concept10 right behind Seveas in a minute
=== Amaranth will hopefully be back late tonight or tomorrow, at home!
FazerXira: indeed12:41
concept10Amaranth, go home!!!!!!!!12:42
Amaranthotherwise i'll be back tomorrow night on crap dialup on windows ME for another week12:42
Fazersynthetic_: what type of file is it?12:42
Fazersynthetic_: is it a multiple big rar file?12:42
naliothconcept10: well i hope they get caught and their nuts roasted (charred nuts taste awful)12:42
=== sixhat [~david@195-23-147-60.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: you'll need several, i believe12:42
thespiritoftalhi I am a beginner to linux can someone explain me step by step how to install java in ubuntu?12:42
synthetic_just one rar12:42
cavediverHow can I play .nsv streams ? It should be audio+video. I think it's shoutcast12:42
Xirahmm.. whenever i boot into ubuntu, reboot into windows after booting into ubuntu, my display is corrupted on windows with artifacts until i restart12:42
Xirait's really weiurd12:43
James_Wardnalioth, I see a bunch of driver disks and a root disk, but which one is the boot?  Any idea?12:43
nalioths_dogthespiritoftal: for java: download the .bin file from java.sun.com, apt-get install java-package, chmod +x [the .bin file] , make-jpkg [the bin file] , dpkg -i [the generated .deb file] 12:43
=== holycow [~a@S0106000fb51e6051.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
concept10Xira, have you tried streamtuner?12:43
naliothJames_Ward: i'd imagine it would be the root disk12:43
Xiraconcept10: no, what's that?12:43
James_Wardnalioth, Oh, okay, I'll try that, thanks!12:44
nalioths_dogcraigevil: Please do not advise ubuntuguide. Item 3 here explains https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewUsersNetworkGuidelines12:44
concept10Xira, sudo apt-get install streamtuner streamripper     and report back!12:44
Xirawhat's it do..?12:44
jasoncohenhuh, apparently there are hoary-updates for universe- and quite a few12:44
concept10Xira, http://www.nongnu.org/streamtuner/12:45
thespiritoftalapt-get install gives error saying Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied) Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?12:45
=== Melectaus_ [~Doc@ACD7BFF2.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
TokenBaduse sudo12:45
TokenBadsudo apt-get install streamtuner streamripper12:46
synthetic_Anyone know?12:46
=== ryan_ [~ryan@blk-224-149-16.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Two]
synthetic_I'm trying to unrar a .rar and it fails on every picture inside12:46
Xirawhen i do an apt-get update12:46
XiraI'm getting this12:46
nalioths_dogthespiritoftal: You can read all about root/sudo issues on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo12:46
thespiritoftalplz someone help me12:46
cavediverNoone know how to play .nsv files ?12:46
Xiraroot@evermore:/home/nicholas # apt-get update12:46
XiraIgn http://people.debian.org ./ Release.gpg12:46
XiraGet:1 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hoary Release.gpg [189B] 12:46
XiraGet:2 http://security.ubuntu.com hoary-security Release.gpg [189B] 12:46
XiraIgn http://people.debian.org ./ Release12:46
XiraIgn http://people.debian.org ./ Packages12:46
XiraHit http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hoary Release12:46
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o Seveas] by ChanServ
XiraHit http://security.ubuntu.com hoary-security Release12:46
=== mode/#ubuntu [+q XiDuS!*@*] by Seveas
XiraHit http://people.debian.org ./ Packages12:46
=== mode/#ubuntu [+q Xira!*@*] by Seveas
freddyi cant believe this...this is amazing...and ironic at the same time......all this years i had so much problem trying to plug my ipod on linux....and now that i get ubuntu it is so easy......but the ironic part is...now the basics wont work.....SOUND and WIRELESS.....shit :(12:46
TokenBaduse sudo12:46
cavediverno spam !!!12:46
=== mode/#ubuntu [-q XiDuS!*@*] by Seveas
TokenBadlike I showed xira12:46
naliothplease dont flood12:47
=== jpaixao [~jpaixao@] has joined #ubuntu
naliothXira: you will be ground into sausage for sure12:47
Seveasgood thing i didn't go yet :)12:47
^thehatsrule^synthetic_: use unrar x files.rar ?12:47
=== Xira [~nicholas@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ryan_anyone here using Nvidia module and AMD k7 kernel?12:47
^thehatsrule^synthetic_: thats the command for eXtract with paths12:47
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=== marcin_ant [~marcin@www.e-dev.tele2.pl] has joined #ubuntu
=== jode [~jode@S0106000d8802739b.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xira [~nicholas@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jayparadise05 [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== aigarius [~aigarius@] has joined #ubuntu
unomeryan_: yes. Linux kubuntu.homelinux.org 2.6.10-5-k7 #1 Fri Jun 24 18:51:20 UTC 2005 i686 GNU/Linux12:48
ryan_heard that using a 686 compiled kernel, fixes the stability and freeze problems...anyone try12:48
unomeryan_: it did for me.12:48
freddyi dont know why the sound wont work......when i try to play something....i can see it playing it....but i cant hear shit :(12:48
jodeDoes anyone know anything about "apollon"?12:48
freddyjode,  rocks12:48
virgulefreedy: have you played with the mixer?12:49
Quest-Masterfreddy: Checked Volume Control?12:49
cavediverfu**, I hate Nullsoft stupid video crap..12:49
naliothfreddy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoundProblemsHoary12:49
ryan_unome: so are you using i686 or k712:49
jodeI can't locate my giFT???12:49
freddyryan_, are you ryan_ ?? from boston?12:49
unomeryan_: k712:49
freddyQuest-Master, yes nalioth ok, virgule what mixer?12:49
Quest-MasterThe one in your system tray12:50
synthetic_^thehatsrule^, I did unrar -e and its gives me an error, unrar -x does it but all the files still fail12:50
ryan_unome: any freezes I have an old mx 420 and it is constant...same kernel as you now12:50
Melectaus_you know how your ethernet is eth, what would a wifi pcmcia card be?12:50
synthetic_why does everything in Linux have to be complicated12:50
freddyQuest-Master, yes it wont sound :(12:50
naliothsynthetic_: if you run "unrar --help" it will give you lots of it12:50
unomeno freezes here, using 6600 GT just fine.12:50
Seveassynthetic_, that is the opposite of true12:50
Quest-MasterWhat is your card?12:50
^thehatsrule^synthetic_: perhaps the files are corrupt? i just use unrar x file.rar just fine..12:50
Seveassynthetic_, on windows everything has to be compiled, linux has interpreters for a LOT of interpreted languages...12:50
Melectaus_Quest-Master, was that directed at me?12:51
jodecan anyone tell me the path for my giFT installion in apollon?12:51
ryan_unome:  any specials in the xorg.conf?  Nvagp is set to what in your setup12:51
Seveas(and uses these a lot by default)12:51
freddyQuest-Master, no card, integrated.12:51
=== garnertr [~tom@24-113-117-91.wavecable.com] has joined #ubuntu
naliothsynthetic_: when you ask unrar for help, it will tell you how to keep all damaged files12:51
unomeryan_: let me check.12:51
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mode/#ubuntu [-bbb *!*@cc667024-a.ensch1.ov.home.nl *!*@ mikeusa!*@*] by Seveas
=== mode/#ubuntu [-b Xira!*@*] by Seveas
synthetic_Seveas, on a technical standpoint i'm sure it's a lot more streamlined, but from my perspective, I'm on a soundless, mouseless laptop that is using my Xbox's cat5 because I can't get wireless12:51
=== mode/#ubuntu [+b *!*@cc667024-a.ensch1.ov.home.nl] by Seveas
flughwhere's the desktop switching app?12:52
jodeI need help with Apollon.12:52
cavedivernsv someone ?12:52
Quest-MasterMelectaus_: What?12:52
cavediverI need help12:52
craigevilAnyone know wher you can get cd cover images for ubuntu?12:52
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o Seveas] by Seveas
=== seif [~seif@P5117.pallas.wh.tu-darmstadt.de] has joined #ubuntu
ryan_jode: Gift can be found in /usr/bin or sbin, just look.  All settings are in your home in .gift12:53
unomeryan_: dont have Nvagp.12:53
ryan_unome: cool, I'll try disabeling the NVagp and use the linux AGP  thanks12:53
jodethanks ryan!12:53
synthetic_nalioth, i'm in the help menu right now, and i see nothing12:54
Xirahttp://rafb.net/paste/results/3g1oR228.html -- can anyone help me?12:54
synthetic_nothing that will solve my problem at least12:54
synthetic_and no, the files aren't corrupt12:54
=== KungFuKiD [~KungFuKiD@2002:44bb:e1c5:0:1331:1331:1331:1331] has joined #ubuntu
ryan_Xira:  that shows that two repos are not found...maybe wrongly typed?12:55
Xiraryan_: I haven't booted into Ubuntu in a long time12:55
Xiraa few months12:55
Melectaus_you know how your ethernet is eth, what would a wifi pcmcia card be?12:55
Seveasnerim has changed12:55
Seveasand should not be used for hoary anymore12:55
XiraSeveas: so what should I do? I'm sort of lost12:56
=== craigevil [~craig@24-176-22-0.dhcp.klmz.mi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu ["Where's]
Seveasremove all deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net entries from your sources.list12:56
ryan_Xira: and now you want to do work in it?  check your /etc/apt/sources.lst and make sure all those repos are still active12:56
=== Seveas is now really going to hibernate
synthetic_Can anyone please helpme12:56
=== unome pokes Seveas and run
=== mode/#ubuntu [+o Seveas] by ChanServ
synthetic_I'm really getting frustrated12:57
Xirawhat should i replace the nerim entries with?12:57
=== unome was kicked off #ubuntu by Seveas (Seveas)
synthetic_No mouse, no wireless, no sound, and I can't even unrar12:57
=== unome [~unome@ool-43513a2c.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== unome ducks
unomety :p12:57
=== mode/#ubuntu [-o Seveas] by Seveas
Xirawhat should i replace the nerim entries with?12:57
Seveasor possibly backports12:58
SeveasXira: To find out the location of backports, go to backports.ubuntuforums.org/url.php12:58
ryan_Xira what packages in particular are you looking for?12:58
=== doug_ [~doug@c-67-169-169-128.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pirata80 [~pedro@166.Red-83-53-35.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== zukalk [~zukalk@] has joined #ubuntu
Xirapaste is broke12:59
=== doug_ [~doug@c-67-169-169-128.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
zenlunatichow official is this channel?12:59
Xirathat's my sources.list01:00
Xirawhat should i replace the nerim entries with?01:00
=== Flik [~flik@d205-250-152-214.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xirait's been a few months since i've booted into ubuntu01:00
=== crazyfox [~lfox@cpe-66-25-34-88.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jasmuz [~jasmuz@123sdl30m44.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
anto9uszenlunatic: it's listed on here http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/01:01
Xiraanyone? :<01:02
=== stefan_dk [~stefan@0x535d66ea.boanxx16.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
crazyfoxXira, anyone what?01:02
ryan_Xira: try ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/dists/ ...add the /dist/ to each entry01:02
=== x0563511 [~x0563511@2b271745cc777a2a.session.tor] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenit's strange that ubuntu's sources.list doesn't have a line for hoary-updates universe when there are actually updates available for universe01:02
crazyfoxjasoncohen, i think its for stabilty01:02
=== afroman [stevo@c-60e870d5.04-271-73746f34.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #Ubuntu
x0563511Anyone have an idea how long a shipit order for 8 standard, 1 amd64, and 1 ppc would take?01:03
=== zxy [~ralph@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
Xiraryan_: so for example, deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/dist/debian-marillat/ ?01:04
=== crazyfox is really nalioth
crazyfoxx0563511, the same time for one disk or 100 (6-8 weeks)01:04
robitaillex0563511:  who knows.  I'm still waiting for my CDs months after ordering them. But many others have received them already.01:05
afromannalioth, about the modem, I don't know if it is a win modem or not01:05
=== visor [~gustavo@red-corp-] has joined #ubuntu
crazyfoxafroman, what kind of puter is it?01:05
afromannalioth, I can't even figure out what brand it is01:05
Xiraryan_: hm?01:05
afromancrazyfox, I have it in my laptop01:05
=== crazyfox is going back to t'other puter now
ryan_Xira: ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/dists/01:05
afromananyone can help me??01:06
jasoncohendoes backports have a GPG key that can be imported to get rid of the annoying authentication errors?01:06
=== UdontKnow [udontknow@udontknow.staff.freenode] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncoheni don't see anything on the site01:06
anto9usafroman: what's the model of your laptop?01:06
=== fesja [~fesja@6.Red-80-38-208.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
afromanFujitsu Amilo M142001:06
=== fesja [~fesja@6.Red-80-38-208.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
afromananto9us,  Fujitsu Amilo M142001:07
naliothafroman: what kind of puter is it?01:07
naliothafroman: i'm 95% certain you have a winmodem01:07
x0563511so nobody can give me an idea how long the shipit order will take? I seem to remember my first order (2 disks) taking several months, coming from sweden.01:07
afromannalioth, what do U mean puter???01:07
=== viriatus [~ricardo@195-23-244-243.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu
afromannalioth, it is in the laptop01:08
naliothafroman: "puter" substandared abbreviation for "computer"01:08
unomejasoncohen: if you are using backports.ubuntuforums.org then wget http://backports.ubuntuforums.org/backports/pubkey.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -01:08
visoris there an encoder to convert mp4 to another format in gstreamer?01:08
=== viriatus [~ricardo@195-23-244-243.net.novis.pt] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
naliothafroman: is it built in? if so, i'm pretty sure its a winmodem01:08
afromannalioth, sorry...:D01:08
=== cavediver [~jonas@] has left #ubuntu []
afromannalioth, yes it is build in01:08
jasoncohenunome, it's asking for a username/passwd01:09
jasoncohennevermind, sorry01:09
unomenot public any more then01:09
afromannalioth, but wasn't that there was a way to install drivers for win modems??01:09
=== LinuxSword [~sword@sword.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== mello6 [~mellowyll@c-67-162-226-133.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxSwordanybody there?01:10
x0563511Will I be able to find a way to play with my motorolla phone under Ubuntu?>01:10
naliothafroman: winmodem support is still very small01:10
=== LinuxSword gets number after latest customer ;)
=== mike333 [~miuke333@S0106001217e3e751.ss.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenunome, HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 Authorization Required01:10
jasoncohenAuthorization failed.01:10
jasoncohenguess it requries a username/passwd to access the key01:10
naliothafroman: you'd be quicker finding a supported usb or hardware modem01:10
=== jtan325 [~jtan325@D-128-208-151-176.dhcp4.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511ok.... respond if you can read this message please01:11
mike333hpw do i set up dhcp terminal server with ubuntu01:11
jtan325has anyone gotten gdesklets working?01:11
unomejasoncohen: I dont think you can use ubuntuforms backports any more, my bad01:11
afromannalioth, no, I know it is possible to fix this01:11
cccx0563511: yes?01:11
LinuxSwordi have a UT99 installing problem01:11
jasoncohendoes http://ubuntu-backports.mirrormax.net have the key?01:11
x0563511ccc: thanks, just checking whether I was being ignored or not :D01:11
naliothafroman: there is a way for everything01:11
LinuxSwordanyone can help me?01:11
visorx0563511: which model you have?01:12
unomejasoncohen: I wouldnt know let me check01:12
naliothLinuxSword: you need to ask a question first01:12
cccx0563511: oh ok :D svensk?01:12
=== grogoreo [~warty@81-86-227-192.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
unomedoesnt seem like it01:12
LinuxSwordwell... what can i do about an installtrap thingy?01:12
x0563511the windows program "P2Kman" works fine, I would assume there is something out there in FOSS01:12
afromannalioth, so what is the way01:12
naliothafroman: i have no idea, i run a iBook01:13
mike333im shure its easy, i just cant figure it out . any help would be apreciated. :)01:13
=== mindphasr [~mind@CPE-24-208-21-49.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenunome, none of the mirrors seem to have anything but /dists01:13
afromannalioth, the modem is a PCtel HSP56 MR Modem01:13
grogoreofor some reason badblocks is stopping at 35 with the command sudo badblock -c 256 /dev/hde01:13
unomejason, it would be great if they did01:13
afromannalioth, what linux do U run on an iBook01:14
mindphasrhow broken is breezy right now?01:14
naliothafroman: ubuntu of course01:14
naliothmindphasr: scary broken01:14
jasoncoheni hope backports does become an official project. then we wont' have to deal with the authentication issues + will have source and changelogs01:15
naliothafroman: go here http://www.linmodems.org/01:15
visorx0563511: im trying the same but with an E380, so far i found 4 apps to to something with cellphones, gnokii, p3nfs, kmobile and the other one i cant remember its name, have a look at kmobile.sf.net or at moto4lin.sf.net01:15
James_Wardnalioth, It's not recognizing my PCMCIA ethernet card.  Any ideas?  It's a NE2000 clone.01:15
=== Flik [~flik@d205-250-152-214.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: i'm sorry, but we're out of my league here01:16
unomejason, yeah I saw some discussion about that in the forums.01:16
=== jode [~jode@S0106000d8802739b.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511The requested URL / was not found on this server.01:16
x0563511Apache/1.3.33 Server at kmobile.sourceforge.net Port 8001:16
James_Wardnalioth, I was afraid of that.01:16
=== soulfly [~Soul@1-1-10-29a.lk.lk.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
jodewhat is a good file sharing program for ubuntu?01:16
naliothJames_Ward: got any other pcmcia cards around (friends perhaps)?01:17
James_Wardnalioth, Maybe I could install from CD, but I don't see the woddy CD images?01:17
=== cmatheson [~cmatheson@70-58-103-23.slkc.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardnalioth, I do... I have a 3com.01:17
naliothJames_Ward: they were at the same place as the floppy images (or close by)01:17
x0563511visor: all I need is file and .seem access... would I have that with some of those apps?01:17
cmathesonhey, does anyone know the command to switch to the dvorak keyboard layout in X?01:17
naliothjode: what protocol do you like?01:17
jodedoesn't matter01:18
visorx0563511: i misswrote the server name, it is http://kmobiletools.berlios.de/01:18
naliothJames_Ward: dont waste time/bandwidth on the full cd image, there are woody netinst cd images available01:18
cccjode: for direct connect i'd recommend linuxdc++, for bittorrent: azureus01:18
=== ookii [~ookii@pcp04395065pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothjode: there's emule, gtk-gnutella, bittorrent01:18
naliothjode: dc++01:18
soulflyhi. im trying to " # aptitude install ~g.* " on hoary with uni, multiverse, backport and a few others. The command takes all cpu in the background (takes very long time). Anyone know the complexity of the algorithm?  anyone has a solution?01:19
naliothjode: whatever you are used to using01:19
ookiii'm having the hardest time trying to unrar something, i've downloaded the unrar package but it still isn't working, does anyone have any suggestions?01:19
=== tiredbones [~tiredbone@dsl-69-50-49-57.pivot.net] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511ookii: smack the publisher for using rar?01:19
=== xxtreme [~xxtreme@] has joined #ubuntu
jodeok, thanks01:19
naliothsoulfly: comment the backports until you need something from them01:19
ookiix0563511: ha, i wish01:19
=== strider [~strider@pcp04424263pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardnalioth, Oooo, I got net!  ;-)01:20
soulflynalioth: okay, some cyclic dependancy there that aptitude cannot handle?01:20
mindphasrcd WebIS.Pocket.Informant.2005.v6.00.ALL.PPC.Keymaker.Only-COREPDA01:20
ookiiha strider, you're in rockville maryland, i'm from bethesda :-)01:20
lsuactiafnerhey nalioth01:20
lsuactiafnercompared to other ppl01:20
lsuactiafnerhow much do i help?01:20
mike333kan someone help me set up a DHCP  terminal server with ubuntu ?01:20
lsuactiafnerppl like seveas are great tho01:20
lsuactiafneri think he helps most?01:20
stridercould anyone help me with cups? I have serched the web, checked the manual but still cannot find any information as to how to fix it01:20
naliothsoulfly: nah, i just recommend official ubuntu sources01:21
=== ratbert90 [~ratbert90@131-183.69-92-cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothlsuactiafner: help? hinder? it's all in the eye of the beholder   ;)01:21
striderI am a newbie01:21
lsuactiafnerstrider : all you need a is a c-cup..01:21
stridercool ookii01:21
lsuactiafneryeh suppose i hinder more01:21
ratbert90hey, is there a unstable/super up-to-date/beta repository server?01:22
lsuactiafneris there a way to play avi with mplayer on a remote machine via ssh and have the sound also stream along to the local machine?01:22
soulflynalioth: ahh. thanks. but it doesn't address my problem01:22
ratbert90for packages and whatnot?01:22
xxtremeanyone know how to install spca5xxx for webcams01:22
naliothsoulfly: nah, but might solve some problems b4 they happen01:22
naliothsoulfly: apt-get not workin?01:22
=== define [~user@modemcable175.44-37-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
naliothsoulfly: or synaptic?01:22
mike333 kan someone help me set up a DHCP  terminal server with ubuntu ?   pleease01:22
x0563511visor: kmobiletools seems to be... lacking in what I want. Basically I want to hack the phone to hell and back. Already done so in windows...01:22
James_Wardnalioth, Can you give me that link to ubuntu sources.list again?01:23
nalioths_dogJames_Ward: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all official Ubuntu repositories, go to paste.ubuntulinux.nl/3801:23
definehi guys,01:23
definejust one question:01:23
=== Arnaud [~Arnaud@AMontpellier-152-1-78-51.w83-201.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
soulflynalioth: I tried to install all packages and now it finished with the biggest dependancy problems list I've ever seen01:23
visorx0563511: then i must say im sorry because thats all i know about mobile phone in linux01:23
naliothsoulfly: backports01:23
defineIs the ubuntuguide.org guide trustworthy01:23
naliothdefine: not really01:24
definewhy not?01:24
naliothdefine: here ya go01:24
=== concept10 [~concept10@c-67-166-167-125.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
nalioths_dogdefine: Please do not advise ubuntuguide.  Advise https://wiki.ubuntu.com instead.  Item 3 here explains why https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewUsersNetworkGuidelines01:24
x0563511visor: well thanks though. Nobody else even responded\01:24
definethank you01:24
FLDI am root If you see me laughing you better have a backup!!01:25
=== azol [artem@] has joined #ubuntu
zukalkhow do i 'chmod -r' my entire $HOME dir to other users, so that only i (and root..) can see what's in it?01:25
striderlsuactifner: could you please elaborate?01:25
lsuactiafneri dont think i will01:26
lsuactiafnermaybe i should01:26
=== `crimsun [~crimsun@rchp4.rochester.ibm.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== SpaceminD [~rdo@po-217-129-253-103.netvisao.pt] has joined #ubuntu
soulflyzukalk: i think it's chmod you want..   remove the x-flags from the directories as others... $ find /home/myself -type d | xargs chmod o-x01:26
SpaceminDi need some help to change my screen resolution,01:26
SpaceminDi cannot change it to 1024*76801:27
anto9uszukalk: make them nontraversable -x01:27
defineok thank you,01:27
SpaceminDi only have 1280*1024 and higher resolutions :(01:27
defineif i entered a few commands found on the ubuntuguide.org...01:27
ratbert90What is a good unofficial repository server?01:27
definewhat should i do01:27
zukalksoulfly, anto9us, thanks both. what are the x-flags?01:28
=== mig` [~ubuntu@user-0cdf80q.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
definelike, i changed a few sources lists for my updates an stuff01:28
naliothSpaceminD: that is the first time i've seen someone complain about a large rez01:28
SpaceminDalguns tugas aki ?01:28
zukalkSpaceminD, h01:28
James_WardMe too.01:28
nalioths_dogdefine: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all official Ubuntu repositories, go to paste.ubuntulinux.nl/3801:28
anto9uszukalk: on directories it's traverse ie. "see what's in them"01:28
SpaceminDnalioth, i did edit xorg.conf and removed the "1280" and rebooted, but i only get 1280*1027 damn01:29
naliothdefine: how long have you been using the unofficial sources?01:29
definebut when i tryed uodating via the package manager afterwards01:29
naliothSpaceminD: add 1024x76801:29
=== Garathor_ [~Unknown_@] has joined #Ubuntu
definei go alot of CANNOT IDENTIFY PACKAGE!01:29
SpaceminDand in xorg.conf the monitor model ir compaq v500 and mine is a daewoo01:29
zukalkanto9us, do i need to -r too?01:29
defineerr AUTHENTIFY*01:29
naliothdefine: that is common when the packager doesnt provide a gpg key01:29
=== Kyral [~Linux@cpe-24-59-34-66.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
n3Cdaewoo suX01:30
naliothdefine: but for system stability, stick with official repos01:30
anto9uszukalk: yes, otherwise they can access by using an explicit path01:30
n3Ci have daewoo tico :>01:30
defineok, doesnt really meen my sysem i compromised does it...01:30
naliothdefine: if you NEED something from backports or marillat, uncomment those lines for that program only, and then comment them back out when you've gotten it01:30
SpaceminDSection "Monitor"01:30
SpaceminD        Identifier      "default"01:30
SpaceminD        Option          "DPMS"01:30
SpaceminDSubSection "Display"01:31
SpaceminD                Depth           2401:31
SpaceminD                Modes           "1024x768" "800x600"01:31
SpaceminD        EndSubSection01:31
zukalkanto9us, thanks01:31
naliothdefine: prolonged use of unofficial repos, can cause your system to be nonupgradeable (and nondowngradeable)01:31
=== MachineScrew [~machine@ip68-225-114-187.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
SpaceminDi have like tis and i cant get the 1024*768 res :(01:31
James_Wardnalioth, edit sources.list, apt-get update and the apt-get dist-upgrade?01:31
naliothdefine: seen a lot of user have to reinstall cuz of prolonged use of unofficial repos01:31
naliothJames_Ward: yes01:31
naliothSpaceminD: please dont flood01:31
naliothSpaceminD: you will be turned into hamburger01:32
=== cyphase is happy
defineso, basicly, i should undo what i did here, which is this: http://www.ubuntuguide.org/#extrarepositories01:32
cyphaseI just converted someone to Ubuntu01:32
SpaceminDi am an hamburger now with this 1280* resolution :(01:32
cyphasefrom windows01:32
naliothSpaceminD: you can try to reconfigure xorg if you wish01:32
=== aigarius [~aigarius@] has joined #ubuntu
SpaceminDnalioth, what is the command to do that ?01:33
naliothdefine: yes, stick with the official repos for your daily updates, and what i said about proggys you just have to have01:33
naliothSpaceminD: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"01:33
anto9uscyphase: well done :)01:33
defineexcelllent then its settled01:33
MachineScrewwill ubuntu run on a P2 300MHz using GNOME01:33
naliothcyphase: keep up the good work!01:33
naliothMachineScrew: yes01:33
naliothMachineScrew: if you have lots of ram01:34
defineand apart from installing a firewall and nessus, is there anything that is an absolute must for my desktop right now?01:34
anto9usMachineScrew: yes01:34
naliothdefine: you do not need a firewall, by default ubuntu has no open ports01:34
MachineScrewnalioth: 512mb but not much video ram01:34
IceDC571MachineScrew: i think you should run a lightweight windowmanger like xfce01:34
naliothMachineScrew: gnome will work01:34
IceDC571ohh.. if you have 512mb of ram then thats fine01:34
defineoh ok01:35
defineis it counter productive to have though?01:35
defineor useless?01:35
MachineScrewbecause my girlfriend got a P2 laptop on ebay for 17001:35
naliothdefine: and no 'phone-home' software that i know of, either01:35
MachineScrewit has windows 200001:35
MachineScrewI thought to give her an upgrade01:35
naliothdefine: no, you can have what you like, it's your puter01:36
defineok thank you for your help01:36
naliothdefine: you might give this a read, its about firewalls http://software.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=05/05/09/1846213&tid=78&tid=13001:36
ratbert90ok, HOW do I get mplayer?  Do I have to install it from source?01:36
naliothdefine: actually its about firewall frontends01:37
zukalksoulfly, i get an error about xargs01:37
crimsunratbert90, get it from multiverse. You'll need both universe and multiverse repos enabled.01:37
=== x0563511 [~x0563511@86364894178b657e.session.tor] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@157.besecure.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
x0563511visor: check this out: http://moto4lin.sourceforge.net/01:37
ratbert90crimsun, what is a good repository server for ubuntu01:38
defineok, yea i see...01:38
crimsunratbert90, the default ones in your /etc/apt/sources.list suffice01:38
nalioths_dogratbert90: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all official Ubuntu repositories, go to paste.ubuntulinux.nl/3801:38
visorx0563511: yep yesterday i did, but it seems my model isnt supported01:38
zenlunaticMachineScrew: give her free software01:38
definewell i need somehting like that, cuz, well, im not quite the software engineer i may seem to be (lol)01:38
zenlunaticMachineScrew: istead of propreitary01:38
naliothdefine: nothing wrong with frontends to ease the text drudgery01:38
x0563511visor: sorry. Mine is a v400, they support the one before, and the one after.01:39
x0563511visor: so I assume mine will work01:39
=== Spug_ is now known as Spug
=== bratsche [~bratsche@dsl093-053-083.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571visor: which model do you have?01:39
=== bratsche [~bratsche@dsl093-053-083.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
chibifsAptGetOrg page in the wiki also shows some repositories that have semi-compatible package listings.01:39
=== orangey [~orangey@] has joined #ubuntu
visorIceDC571: E38001:40
chibifsThough I really don't think they should list the repo's that have the playstation bios files and Scumm full games :P01:40
=== kafeine [~kori@] has left #ubuntu ["f0ck]
James_Wardnalioth, Should I let it do the coreutils and stuf, or interrupt and swap sources now?01:40
naliothJames_Ward: as long as you have a minimal system running (can see the net, have terminal, etc), you can swap sources01:41
rob^can someone give me some advice on this: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45684&highlight=dvd+burn01:41
naliothJames_Ward: you want to install "ubuntu-desktop"01:41
=== vladuz976 [~ubuntu@pool-71-106-211-189.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
vladuz976hi i am running ubuntu from live CD right now. i wanted to test hardware before install. seems that i have a problem with screen resolution. can someone help?01:42
naliothrob^: try k3b01:42
=== tvelocity [~tony@ipa252.4.tellas.gr] has joined #ubuntu
naliothvladuz976: system > prefs > screen rez01:43
rob^nalioth, ok, but why isnt gnomebaker etc working?01:43
vladuz976nalioth, i know but that drop down menu is very limited01:43
naliothrob^: idk, but i've used lots of em, and for me k3b works best (graveman and gnomebaker seem kinda 'unfinished' to me)01:44
vladuz976nalioth, best i get is01:44
James_Wardnalioth, Will xfce4 suffice, I doubt gome will be useful in 32M RAM.01:44
=== tinman| [~tinman@ool-44c1026d.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothvladuz976: on the liveCD i believe you are limited, but you might try the help when the disk first boots01:44
rob^nalioth, well if it works I'll be happy either way01:44
naliothvladuz976: i believe you may be able to pass rez to the kernel at that point01:44
zenlunaticJames_Ward: um. X won't be useful in 32M ram.01:44
vladuz976nalioth, what do you mean?01:44
vladuz976nalioth, the live cd?01:44
=== Drunk8118757 [~RaymanCon@CPE0040f4893b9e-CM000f9f53e71a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: heh yup, you are gonna be a console cowboy on that thing01:45
=== Drunk8118757 [~RaymanCon@CPE0040f4893b9e-CM000f9f53e71a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu []
zenlunaticJames_Ward: links, lynx, w3m, bitlbee, irssi, screen get to know them01:45
naliothvladuz976: when the livecd first boots, it says "press <whatever> for help, <enter> to start ubuntu"01:45
James_Wardnalioth, What I am after is the ubuntu flawless wireless.  The ultimate goal is svncviewer and madwifi.01:45
naliothvladuz976: press for help01:46
vladuz976nalioth, ok i am gonna reboot and try that01:46
zenlunaticJames_Ward: and get some paper porn because you won't be viewing it online01:46
vladuz976nalioth, what to you press to get into the help menu?01:46
James_Wardnalioth, What is the cool gnome wireless package?  gnome-config?01:46
naliothJames_Ward: doubtful you are gonna see any gui goodness01:46
naliothvladuz976: i have no idea, it will tell you when it boots01:46
James_Wardnalioth, svncviewer works very fine.01:46
vladuz976nalioth, thanks01:46
=== mikeym [~mikeym@S0106001124755572.fm.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571i dont see why windows 98 can run on 32mb of ram but X cant01:47
naliothJames_Ward: there is a wm for older systems called 'matchbox' i believe01:47
nightswimand X server from the 90's probably can01:47
zenlunaticIceDC571: I blieve 98 needs 64 megs actually01:47
crimsunIceDC571, it can if you have at least 64 MB of swap01:47
James_Wardnalioth, No worries, what do I load to get madwifi and wireless goodness?01:48
crimsunIceDC571, you'd have to run a really slim wm (or none at all) with very few extensions loaded01:48
zenlunaticJames_Ward: wtf is "wireless goodness"?01:48
naliothJames_Ward: not sure, i have ubuntu-desktop on mine01:48
James_Wardzen, iwconfig and friends.01:48
naliothJames_Ward: after you get your stuff switched and d/l you can use aptitude to search for the wireless stuff01:49
naliothJames_Ward: lots of it is there by default01:49
James_WardI don't need X at all really, if I can get the wireless working reliably.01:49
=== bpuccio [~brian@ool-457a9d77.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_WardI haven't found a distritubtion whose wireless works even as remotely well as ubuntu.01:50
=== JDigital_ [~jdigital@host81-153-145-41.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pavel [~pavel@adsls4217.brno.tiscali.cz] has joined #ubuntu
=== christian [~NewbiNeed@HSE-Montreal-ppp141123.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
James_WardWHat I mean to say is, Ubuntu's wireless is peerless!01:51
pavelyou are right01:51
naliothJames_Ward: you making puns?01:52
zenlunaticJames_Ward: why would you need X to get wireless working?01:52
=== matt_ [~matt@stjh1-4051.nl.aliant.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardzen, I don't, but I love the gui network config tool.01:52
naliothJames_Ward is being punny01:52
zenlunaticJames_Ward: i didn't even know there was a gui network config tool01:52
James_Wardzen, Oh you should try it, it's excellent!01:53
matt_any way to get my thumb buttons and wheel working in ubuntu01:53
zenlunaticJames_Ward: um my networking has worked out of the box01:53
bpucciounome: nice background, sort of has a blair with feel to it01:53
=== vladuz976 [~ubuntu@pool-71-106-211-189.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
unomeI like it =)01:53
=== scorpix_ [~scorpix@] has joined #ubuntu
vladuz976nalioth, hey i rebooted, i didn't get any help option01:53
JDigital_Hello, everyone. I have the same problem as this fellow, and request a solution, if anyone can give one! http://lists.debian.org/debian-ssh/2005/02/msg00036.html01:54
naliothguys, whats the button to push for the help (boot options, res options, etc) on the liveCD?01:54
James_Wardzen, You don't have challenged hardware.  ;-)01:54
IceDC571unome: i dont get it..?01:54
zenlunaticJames_Ward: i guess not01:54
unomeIceDC571: get what?01:54
zenlunaticJames_Ward: i buy apples for a reason01:54
zenlunaticJames_Ward: apple computers that is01:54
IceDC571"its coming, can you hear it?"01:54
naliothzenlunatic: be nice01:54
James_Wardzen, I'm installing on a p166 MMX with 32M RAM and no bootable CD.01:54
naliothJames_Ward is hardcore01:54
unomeIceDC571: you mean you can't hear anything? check your sound lol01:55
James_Wardzen, I have an 17" powerbook... it runs OS X.01:55
IceDC571unome: there we go, got some alsa static01:55
=== borkdox [~borkdox@dhcp-206-53-67-76.myeastern.com] has joined #ubuntu
borkdoxany breezy amd64 users?01:55
naliothJames_Ward: it'll run ubuntu fine, too if ya got a supported usb wifi dongle (or a cat5 cable)01:55
=== bimberi [~bimberi@DC-244-137.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #ubuntu
vladuz976no one else here has the resolution problem i have?01:55
James_Wardnalioth, I had ubuntu on it, but th tou01:55
James_Wardnalioth, I couldn't stand that it wouldn't use the builtin wireless.01:56
naliothJames_Ward: to me, that'd be a small thing01:56
=== shaman [~xxxxxxxxx@as5300-17-113.cnt.entelchile.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== shaman [~xxxxxxxxx@as5300-17-113.cnt.entelchile.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
naliothJames_Ward: i'm fixin to buy a new imac, and its gonna have ubuntu on it01:56
naliothJames_Ward: cat5 plugged into the back01:57
James_Wardnalioth, It is small, but it just didn't lok right with a wireless card sticking out of it... ;-)01:57
matt_anyone in here using a mx 1000 laser mouse..... need some help please01:57
naliothJames_Ward: you're not so hardcore to open it up and hardwire it right to the board?01:57
James_Wardnalioth, I don't do hardware.  :-)01:57
naliothJames_Ward: it's easy. i've replaced the HD in this iBook myself01:58
JDigital_Hello, everyone. I have the same problem as this fellow, and request a solution, if anyone can give one! http://lists.debian.org/debian-ssh/2005/02/msg00036.html01:58
James_Wardnalioth, HDs are pretty plug 'N play.01:58
naliothJames_Ward: have a new G4 ibook that i'm debating opening and hardwiring a supported usb wifi thing inside01:58
James_Wardnalioth, Replacing the wireless would be another story?01:58
James_Wardnalioth Really?  I thought that would be hard?01:59
=== mig` [~devild@user-0cdf80q.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: not at all02:00
James_Wardnalioth, I wish someone else would have suggested installing from woody before the last 10 attempts from sarge.02:00
=== oferw [~oferw@85-250-7-225.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: well, we come and go in here, guess you have been missing me (or some1 who could've suggested woody)02:00
James_Wardnalioth, You should get that idea out there for low memory install solution.02:00
naliothJames_Ward: which idea?02:01
James_Wardnalioth, Installing from woody.  It's not out there on the website/FAQs.02:01
naliothJames_Ward: will put it somewhere02:01
James_Wardnalioth, And so far, it is proceeding exceedingly smooth.02:01
=== tiglionabbit [~nick@c-67-171-159-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardnalioth, Sarge go into a horrible mess.02:02
borkdoxthere is currently a horrible mess in breezy's 32bit libs on amd6402:03
borkdoxopenoffice is broken02:03
=== BluesRocker [Pendragon@smin-i63.dial.b92.net] has joined #ubuntu
borkdoxcedega does not run02:03
=== sven [~sven@pdbn-d9bb9375.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_WardWoody install is a bit primitive, but anyone trying to do this will maybe be able to figure it out.02:03
crimsunborkdox, one word: "Breezy"02:03
=== gm78 [~gm78@S01060004e28f5eac.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
borkdoxcrimsun, i like bleeding edge02:04
James_Wardborkdox, Then you must be willing to bleed...02:04
JDigital_Hello, everyone. I have the same problem as this fellow, and request a solution, if anyone can give one! http://lists.debian.org/debian-ssh/2005/02/msg00036.html02:04
crimsunborkdox, then it's a lovable mess02:04
BluesRockeranybody can help me with install of ubunyu 5.04 ?02:04
naliothborkdox: and now you are bleeding02:04
James_WardBluesRocker, What the problem is?02:05
BluesRockeri cant start gnome02:05
James_WardBluesRocker, It's never started?02:05
borkdoxnalioth, doom3 runs nice tough, because it has its own libs02:05
BluesRockerno, i login and that s it02:06
borkdoxthe thing is i cannot run half life 2 which was running very nice under cedega without chroot02:06
naliothborkdox: i'm sure amd64-breezy has its oohs and ahhs (but also its' "ouch #*$&)(EE*#" too)02:06
BluesRockerit s fresh instalation02:06
naliothBluesRocker: how do you login?02:06
naliothBluesRocker: picture or text?02:06
jasoncohenJDigital_, so, your ssh client hangs on ubuntu if you try to connect to a remote SSH server or does the SSH server on ubuntu hang when a remote user tries to connect to your SSH server?02:06
naliothBluesRocker: type "startx" at the prompt (after you log in)02:07
BluesRockeri tried02:07
BluesRockernot know command02:07
naliothBluesRocker: and what happened?02:07
naliothBluesRocker: the command is "startx"02:07
James_Wardnalioth, A kernel upgrade will likely contain madwifi modules?02:08
goldfishBluesRocker: you got an nvidia card?02:08
BluesRockeryes fx520002:08
naliothJames_Ward: i have no clue what madwifi is02:08
=== utta [~utta@c-24-128-224-224.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishBluesRocker: you might need to get the nvidia drivers.02:08
BluesRockerok, where?02:08
ubotugoldfish: I haven't a clue02:08
James_Wardnalioth, Provides device drivers for Atheros wireless cards.02:08
naliothgoldfish: VESA drivers would get him goin02:08
goldfishnalioth: Ah roight.02:08
James_Wardnalioth, Is stock ubuntu.02:08
cafuegoJames_Ward: they're not in the kernel. You need additional packages for 'em02:09
goldfishnalioth: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?02:09
crimsunBluesRocker, install nvidia-glx, then execute sudo nvidia-glx-config enable02:09
naliothgoldfish: http://lists.debian.org/debian-ssh/2005/02/msg00036.html02:09
borkdoxi just wish there was a distro with the way of gentoo but precompiled/binaried (long compiles was my main reason for leaving gentoo and adopting ubuntu)...02:09
naliothgoldfish: disregard02:09
naliothfsckig buffer02:09
James_Wardcafuego, I'm dist-upgrading from woody.  Any idea what package would have madwifi in it?02:09
naliothgoldfish: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BinaryDriverHowto02:09
JDigital_jasoncohen: My ssh client is Ubuntu. It hangs regardless of which of the four servers I connect to; one freebsd, one unknown, two debian woody.02:09
BluesRockeri ll try02:10
naliothBluesRocker: run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and choose the VESA driver02:10
jasoncohenJDigital_, have you tried purging and re-installing SSH?02:10
naliothJames_Ward: you can search at packages.ubuntu.com for madwifi02:11
thenukeJames_Ward: google ubuntu + madwifi02:11
jasoncohenJDigital_, apt-get remove --purge openssh-server openssh-client02:11
thenukeJames_Ward: packages.com wont find it02:11
jasoncohenJDigital_, or you can use synaptic's complete remove option02:11
JDigital_I'll try that...02:12
James_Wardthenuke, No?  If I search for ath~pci?02:12
James_Wardath_pci I meant.02:12
cafuegoJames_Ward: Debian doesn't contain madwifi.02:12
thenukeI dont know about ath_pci02:12
JDigital_Removing ubuntu-base ...02:13
JDigital_Removing ubuntu-desktop ...02:13
JDigital_Removing ssh-askpass-gnome ...02:13
JDigital_Removing openssh-client ...02:13
=== bimberi [~bimberi@DC-244-137.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #ubuntu
freddyok totem by default can play...NOTHING02:13
James_Wardcafuego, I'm on an ubuntu system via an atheros card as I type.02:13
JDigital_Don't I need ubuntu-base?02:13
thenukeJames_Ward: don't flood the channe02:13
JDigital_freddy: that's why I use mplayer02:13
cafuegoJames_Ward: Yes, but ubuntu is not Debian.02:13
JDigital_tabbing out loud02:13
James_Wardcafuego, I know.  That's why I want ubuntu, it just works.02:13
freddydoes mplayer have a GUI?02:14
freddyi mean...02:14
JDigital_gmplayer does02:14
HrdwrBoBbut it sucks02:14
freddyi know it has one02:14
cafuegoJames_Ward: Yes. In the mean time, Debian does not contain madwifi drivers, as they are not free.02:14
JDigital_gmplayer is mplayer with gui02:14
jasoncohenJames_Ward, madwifi is actually already included in ubuntu02:14
freddyah ok nice02:14
JDigital_mplayer is easy to learn the keyboard controls to02:14
jasoncohenJames_Ward, it's in linux-restricted-modules02:14
cafuegoJames_Ward: join #debian and type '/msg dpkg madwifi'02:14
jasoncohenjust modprobe ath_pci02:14
cafuegoJames_Ward: ... that will tell you where to find the debian ones.02:14
James_Wardcafuego, I've been there, done that.  It wasn't stable.02:14
jasoncohenhe doesn't need to if he's in ubuntu02:14
James_Wardjasoncohen, I'm dist-upgrading from woody.02:15
cafuegoJames_Ward: Then perhaps ndiswrapper02:15
jasoncohendoes that work?02:15
James_Wardjasoncohen, sounds like I need linux-restricted-modules then?02:15
cafuegoJames_Ward: upgrading from woody? If you know what you're doing, yes.02:15
jasoncohenJames_Ward, yes02:15
James_Wardjasoncohen, Thanks!02:16
jasoncohenuse aptitude - not apt-get02:16
jasoncohenJames_Ward, aptitude -f dist-upgrade --with-recommends02:16
James_Wardjasoncohen, Oh?02:16
=== xinel [~xinel@dsl-220-235-10-243.wa.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
cafuegomaybe, aptitude fuckes up depends on occasion02:16
xineldo n do n do oo hey all02:16
James_Wardjasoncohen, Uhoh, the apt-get dist-upgrade is already well in progress.02:16
jasoncohenthat's what the sarge release notes recommends- apt-get simply can't handle the complex dependencies introduced between distros 3 years apart02:16
jasoncohenJames_Ward, just pray then02:16
freddyhrmm question...my sound wasnt working....on xmms i opened xmms and changed the driver to eesound....does that means is going to work everywhere in the system?02:17
James_Wardjasoncohen, Seems to e doing great so far.02:17
JDigital_So do I actually need these packages, "ubuntu-base" and "ubuntu-desktop"?02:17
jasoncohenJames_Ward, you can use apt-get dist-upgrade w/o issue to upgrade from one ubuntu release to another but woody is over 3 years old. the differences between sarge & woody are staggering02:17
crimsunfreddy, if you use the default Ubuntu sound configuration, yes, using esound will work.02:17
jasoncohenthere are 2x the packages- from 8k to 15,25002:17
=== liable [~linux@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardjasoncohen, nalioth recommended woody as it was old enough that the dist-upgrade would be more likely to work.02:17
=== Burrito [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenJDigital_, they're meta packages02:18
cafuego!dstats hoary02:18
ubotuUbuntu Distro Stats on hoary... 16270 packages, 1437 maintainers, 31005 MB installed size, 9820 MB compressed size.02:18
tiglionabbitjasoncohen: those packages are of nothing.  They are just to pull in a large amount of programs typical of an install.  You can remove them and nothing bad will happen02:18
jasoncohentiglionabbit, i know02:18
=== Melectaus_ [~Doc@ACC8AE79.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
tiglionabbitoops, i meant that to JDigital_02:18
jasoncohenJDigital_, you can remove them but why bother? they take up no space02:19
jasoncohenthey're really just there to make it easier for you to install a base system02:19
JDigital_They removed themselves when I removed openssh-client and openssh-server like someone up there told me02:19
naliothJDigital_: you can put them back later02:19
naliothJDigital_: after you reinstall the ssh02:19
jasoncohenJDigital_, ah, yeah, ok- well now you can apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-base to get the packages you lost back02:19
JDigital_I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. No effect!02:19
naliothjasoncohen: what is the difference 'tween aptitude and synaptic (besides curses and X)?02:20
=== patjoh [~patjoh@licia.dtek.chalmers.se] has joined #ubuntu
xinelanybody know of a site that explains how to remotely manage a linux pc?02:20
jasoncohennalioth, aptitude is supposed to have better package handling when dealing with massive ugrades between distributions that have great differences and complex dependencies02:20
jasoncohennalioth, it's not really an issue on ubuntu02:20
JDigital_I like synaptic02:20
JDigital_good solid program02:20
naliothjasoncohen: ah, i was just wondering (cuz of the aptitude zealotry i see in here, lol)02:21
jasoncohennalioth, apt-get is fine for ubuntu02:21
naliothxinel: use ssh to access the pc, then you have control of it02:21
jasoncohenand aptitude can't be used together with apt-get/synaptic02:21
jasoncohenthe databases will get out of sync and you'll see aptitude trying to re-isntall already installed apps or apps that were uninstalled for no apparent reason02:21
James_Wardjasoncohen, Ever?02:21
jasoncohenand you have to purge and re-install02:22
jasoncohenaptitude that is02:22
=== EL_ALKIMISTA [Santon@adsl-200-136.tricom.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== EL_ALKIMISTA [Santon@adsl-200-136.tricom.net] has left #ubuntu []
JDigital_I use apt-get and synaptic02:22
nalioththought aptitude used the same dpkg database as apt-get?02:22
jasoncohenJames_Ward, well, most ubuntu users probably upgrade every 6-12 months so i don't really see the need for aptitude02:22
jasoncohenJames_Ward, synaptic can install recommends just as well as aptitude02:22
James_Wardjasoncohen, but one should never mix hem?02:22
xinelnalioth: thnx02:23
jasoncohenit'll completely screw up aptitude02:23
thenuke /last James_Ward02:23
jasoncoheni tried- beleive me02:23
jasoncohenaptitude's database gets out of sync and it doesn't know what's installed and what's uninstalled02:23
James_Wardjasoncohen, So having done my dist-upgrade via apt, I should never run aptitude.02:23
jasoncohenit'll start doing really weird things like trying to install apps which were uninstalled and there's no obvious reason why02:23
=== mannyc [~Manny@matht456.maths.unsw.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: apt-get is fine for ubuntu02:23
jasoncohenif you do an apt-get remove --purge aptitude and an apt-get install aptitude the problem goes away02:24
=== arbeck [~dani@c-24-19-255-77.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
JDigital_I wish someone would have paid me for the time I've spent trying to get to the root of this problem. I'd be rich.02:24
jasoncohenyeah, on debian you need aptitude02:24
=== DonL [~don@d206-116-131-181.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
JDigital_I've been struggling with it since February. There's a thread about it on the forums that nobody reads.02:24
jasoncohenwoody and sarge are completely different distros- 7-8,000 new packages, completely different dependencies, 3 years of changes02:24
jasoncohenubuntu doesn't really have that issue with 6 month releases02:24
James_WardAll I have ever used is apt-get, the gui-ish ones confuse me.  :^)02:24
jasoncoheni like synaptic for checking changelogs, holding packages etc.02:25
arbeckhas anyone ever seen a server get owned where after reboot it displays a login prompt that doesn't work?02:25
James_WardWhat's the curses one?  I absolutlely loathe it.02:25
crimsundselect? aptitude?02:25
jasoncohensynaptic is a very good package management gui and apt is the best package management system02:25
crimsunI prefer aptitude's apt-get form02:26
naliothdselect suX0rs02:26
jasoncohenJames_Ward, aptitude has a curses gui that's kind of ugly/hard to use02:26
jasoncohensynaptic is 100x better02:26
crimsundselect is just fine; I simply prefer aptitude02:26
naliothJames_Ward: but on a console-only system ya take what's available02:26
James_WardSo, should I ever require a gui, I can use synaptic.02:26
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d3-7.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenbut dselect is pretty cool02:26
jasoncohenJames_Ward, yes- use synaptic02:26
jasoncohenthe other guis are crap frankly02:26
jasoncohenlike gnome-apt and ksynaptic02:27
naliothi personally have never understood how to use dselect or aptitude02:27
jasoncohenwith dselect you can do a clone of a system02:27
naliothjasoncohen: ya mean kpackage and kynaptic?02:27
crimsunaptitude can be used identically to apt-get (with the exception of source and build-dep)02:27
jasoncohen"dpkg --get-selections > foo.txt" on the source, copy foo.txt to the destination and run "dpkg --set-selections < foo.txt ; apt-get -u dselect-upgrade" on the destination.02:27
JDigital_$10 paypal to the man who can get ssh working for me.02:27
=== omaru [~omaru@] has joined #ubuntu
James_WardJDigital, :-)02:28
tiglionabbitJDigital_: apt-get install openssh02:28
jasoncohennalioth, isn't there a gnome apt frontend?02:28
DonLJDigital_, you're serious aren't you? lol02:28
jasoncohenJDigital_, apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client02:28
jasoncohenor apt-get install ssh02:28
cafuegoHow about real money and not paypal toy money?02:28
JDigital_I apt-get installed openssh-client after I uninstalled it earlier. No effect. Still won't work.02:28
naliothjasoncohen: idk, i use synaptic02:29
JDigital_Still broke like it has been since I switched to Ubuntu in February.02:29
jasoncohennalioth, i was right- apt-cache show gnome-apt02:29
cafuegoWell, my rates start at $165/h or part thereof, so sorry.02:29
naliothJDigital_: do you live in the houston area?02:29
jasoncohenJDigital_, perhaps you might want to try breezy's openssh - 4.102:29
=== BluesRocker [Pendragon@smin-i63.dial.b92.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== arbeck [~dani@c-24-19-255-77.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jasoncohensorry- sids02:30
JDigital_nalioth: no.02:30
jasoncoheni don't know if breezy has 4.1 yet02:30
naliothJDigital_: and if you're considering breezy, perhaps you might want to compile ssh by hand02:30
cafuego!info ssh breezy02:30
ubotussh: (Secure shell client and server (transitional package)), section net, is optional. Version: 1:4.1p1-4ubuntu1 (breezy), Packaged size: 32 kB, Installed size: 72 kB02:30
BluesRockeri tried xserver-xorg but said it is not installed02:30
jasoncoheni guess they have02:30
cafuegoBluesRocker: Time to install it, then.02:30
JDigital_The topic advises me not to use breezy :)02:30
BluesRockerfrom where?02:30
naliothBluesRocker: type this: "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"02:31
cafuegoBluesRocker: apt-get install x-window-system02:31
jasoncohenJDigital_, add a deb-src line for breezy, apt-get update, apt-get build-dep ssh, apt-get source -b ssh02:31
naliothJDigital_: yes, that is a safe way to sample breezy02:31
=== Burrito [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
cafuegojasoncohen: Doing that will make you end up with an ssh package identical to the precompiled one. What would be the point?02:32
naliothcafuego: JDigital_ is not running breezy02:32
JDigital_how do I get a deb-src for breezy02:32
jasoncohencafuego, from breezy- not hoary02:32
cafuegoAah :-)02:32
jasoncohenJDigital_, sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list02:32
cafuegoThe best way to sample breezy is to switch off your machine and then try to use X.02:32
JDigital_I mean, what is the URL?02:33
naliothJDigital_: clone one of the deb-src lines from your sources.list and change hoary to breezy (anyone else do this, they will pay with their sanity)02:33
cafuegoGives you the same experience without the frustration of havuing to actually fix it.02:33
jasoncohenJDigital_, copy your deb lines and change to deb-src02:33
mig`hmm, the initrd that ubuntu default install makes available loads usb-storage (which technically should load a usb hdd right?)02:33
naliothsomething like that, anyway02:33
mig`but its still not loading02:33
jasoncohenis  ubuntu-backports.mirrormax.net down?02:33
crimsunmig`, well, usb mass storage, yes02:34
freddyhrmm this is weird02:34
freddymplayer is not playing anything02:34
jasoncohenJDigital_, all of ssh's build-deps from breezy can be satisfied02:34
crimsunmig`, are you trying to use a usb thumbdrive?02:34
JDigital_Oh shit, I just accidentally deleted the main respository02:34
cafuegoJDigital_: Quit without saving02:34
naliothfreddy: did you visit the sound problem wiki?02:34
freddynalioth, well i got sound working...lol02:35
naliothfreddy: good!02:35
freddybut....is there a way like a flag to run a file on mplayer without sound?02:35
freddynalioth, thanks a lot02:35
=== parabolize [~paraboliz@68-69-136-167.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddynalioth, now...wifi is what i need :D02:35
lsuactiafnerfreddy : -ao null02:36
naliothfreddy: if you have a supported card, you should already have it02:36
freddynalioth, linksys...only works with ndiswrapper :(02:36
=== freex [~freex@] has joined #ubuntu
lsuactiafnerfreddy : -ao null -nosound so it ignores the audiostream02:36
=== freex is now known as aatim
=== mannyc [~Manny@matht456.maths.unsw.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu
naliothfreddy: ah, you know more than I, then (i'm spoiled with an iBook)02:37
freddyhahaha mplayer plays the file without sound....if i try to play it normal...it just fails :(02:37
naliothfreddy: do you know the word 'compile'?02:37
mig`crimsun, i'm trying to use a usb hard drive02:37
JDigital_sounds like a sound problem02:37
naliothfreddy: can you make apt compile?02:37
crimsunfreddy, are you using -ao esd ?02:37
mig`crimsun, i completed step1 of installation on a usb hdd02:37
crimsunmig`, ok, and is scsi_mod loaded?02:38
mig`however, i can't boot into the system to complete step 202:38
mig`oh, no heh02:38
mig`that could be why!02:38
freddycrimsun, im doing mplayer file.avi -ao null02:38
crimsunfreddy, ...so you don't want sound?02:38
jasoncohenJDigital_, actually, instead of doing apt-get source -b ssh, you should do apt-get source ssh and then build manually02:38
lsuactiafnerapt-get build-dep mplayer then compile it yourself..02:38
freddybut i dont get it...all the system bells sound!02:38
mig`right now i'm on the livecd, i can chroot into the usb hdd where it was installed02:38
lsuactiafnerif you need sound -ao help02:38
jasoncohenbecause breezy's ssh requires a newer version of libc6 than hoary has02:38
JDigital_I'm not particularly familiar with compiling Linux software manually.02:39
naliothi dont see why he can't d/l the source from the website/homepage and build it himself02:39
crimsunJDigital_, it's ok, Ubuntu makes it a cinch02:39
naliothJDigital_: its easy02:39
freddycrimsun, no...i mean..when i try to play a file just normally, and it hangs....so i thought that the sound might be the problem...and i wanted to know how to remove sound when playing......and someone told me that was the way....thats why i did that....and i saw that it actually works without sound02:39
crimsunJDigital_, sudo apt-get build-dep openssh-server && apt-get source openssh-server02:39
=== Burrito [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunJDigital_, then you'll need to compile it as the others have suggested02:40
DonLfreddy, so sound actually kills the whole app?02:40
freddynow what you said...gave me the video WORKING with sound!!! YAY!02:40
jasoncohencrimsun, apt-get build-dep ssh will also work02:40
freddyDonL, yes...but -ao esd worked!02:40
jasoncohenit'll get the deps for both the client and the server02:41
freddynow...how can i make it default so i dont have to do that all the time =/02:41
naliothfreddy: i'm sure in your mplayerrc there is a spot for what sound daemon to use02:41
jasoncohenactually, it doesn't matter since it uses the same source package02:41
mig`hmm, would it be better for me to edit the initrd file already existant, or create a new one using mkinitrd ?02:41
Melectaus_Is there any software for burning DVD's ?02:41
mig`(by chroot'n into the system from this livecd)02:41
Melectaus_apt-get style preferably02:41
freddywhats the mplayerrc?02:41
jasoncohenMelectaus_, gnomebaker, k3b etc.02:41
jasoncohenMelectaus_, there are many- pick one02:41
crimsunjasoncohen, precisely, and ssh is a virtual package. It's always preferable to use a precise one.02:41
naliothMelectaus_: k3b02:41
Melectaus_ok jasoncohen tah02:41
Melectaus_nalioth, ;)02:42
jasoncoheni like k3b02:42
naliothguys, does mplayer have a rc file?02:42
crimsunyes, in /etc/mplayer*02:42
lsuactiafnerheh, one thing i dont have02:42
=== bccs [~bruno@201009084235.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
bccshi there02:42
DonLfreddy, I don't know if this will help, but if you start mplayer, right click on it, hit preferences, then audio....02:42
naliothcrimsun: how bout in the $homedir?02:42
jasoncohenwhy would openssh built on hoary require breezy's libc6?02:42
crimsunnalioth, ~/.mplayer/config02:42
bccshas anyone here installed mono on hoary through apt-get?02:43
=== [newbie] [kvirc@pouet.dnsalias.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== _Burrito_ [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothjasoncohen: cuz they're using breezys source repos02:43
jasoncohenwait- i was wrong02:43
naliothjasoncohen: and the diffs and all that mess call for a different libwhatever02:43
crimsunjasoncohen, it should build fine barring any more recent build-dep requirements02:43
jasoncohenJDigital_, just do apt-get source -b ssh02:43
jasoncohenyou can then do  dpkg -i openssh-server_4.1p1-4ubuntu1_i386.deb openssh-client02:44
jasoncohenit worked fine her02:44
freddyjeDon YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!02:44
jasoncoheni don't quite understand it02:44
naliothfreddy: you should have (like crimsun said) a ./mplayer/config file02:44
freddyDonL, YAAAAAAAAAY!02:44
jasoncohenas breezy's ssh requires a newer version of libc6 but it works02:44
naliothfreddy: ya got it switched in the prefs?02:44
freddyi love you guys all02:44
crimsunjasoncohen, if you compile it in Hoary, it uses Hoary's libc602:44
DonLNow I need some help02:44
=== burrito__ [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddybetter thing is that im tryign with a britney spears video....and she looks ....shiiat...02:45
DonLI still can't get firefox to print directly. I've spent all afternoon, and finally gave up02:45
=== ptlo [~senko@cmung677.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohencrimsun, so, as long as you compile in hoary, it'll work in hoary regardless of it's dependencies in breezy?02:45
=== _Burrito_ [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
crimsunjasoncohen, yep02:45
lsuactiafnerwhat gcc version does breezy have?02:46
naliothlsuactiafner: 4.002:46
lsuactiafnergoin to like breezy very much02:46
lsuactiafnerheh, ubuntu aint bad02:47
jasoncohenJDigital_, heh, now i have to remove the 4.1 packages02:47
=== jayparadise05 [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
jasoncohenJDigital_, but it works- the server started up and i could connect02:47
lsuactiafnerwith nice init.d and 800mb of deps+libs its pretty nice02:47
jasoncoheni just want to use the hoary version so i get security updates02:47
freddynow...hmm...this error cracks the hell out of me....its asking for a font each time it starts lol02:47
mig`crimsun, right now, i'm trying to call mkinitrd (while chroot'd into the usb hdd from this livecd), it tells me to mount procfs which i do, and then when i call mkinitrd (the call is: mkinitrd -k -o /boot/initrd.mig -r /dev/sda1) and it gives me the following error:02:47
DonLEvery time I try to print directly from Firefox, the browser dies, and nothing prints. If I save the file in another program like openoffice, then it will print fine02:48
lsuactiafnerfreddy : get fonts for mplayer from mplayerhq02:48
lsuactiafnerfreddy http://www.mplayerhq.hu02:48
mig`/usr/sbin/mkinitrd: The working directory /tmp/mkinitrd.H5Ustl will be kept.02:48
freddylsuactiafner, already did buddy...but i dont know where the fonts go on the system02:48
mig`/usr/sbin/mkinitrd: /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-386: Not a directory02:48
mig`/usr/sbin/mkinitrd: MODULES needs to be set to none?02:48
lsuactiafnerfreddy : lets see02:48
lsuactiafnerin .mplayer/font/02:49
freddylsuactiafner, LOL02:49
crimsunmig`, does /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-386/ exist?02:49
freddythis is what i find like WTF about ubuntu http://www.deviantart.com/view/20175320/02:49
mig`i call: ls /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-386/ and i get a full listing02:49
jasoncohenJDigital_, how did it go?02:49
DonLI just got mplayer fonts from synaptic. There they were02:50
naliothfreddy: in your home directory in .fonts02:50
lsuactiafnerwow icecream is nice, and tea is nice02:50
freddyi just love how it works with the ipod02:50
freddyits fricking amazing02:50
dennis_this is bizarre. Firefox has no sound, but IE 6.0 installed via Crossover office has the sound. What gives?02:50
freddyi hope there isnt a bad bug or something02:51
naliothdennis_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoundProblemsHoary02:51
dennis_thx, nalioth. I'll check this out02:51
freddydennis_, bizarre lol02:52
mig`ideas as to why mkinitrd thinks /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-386 doesn't exist?02:52
mig`remember, this is inside a chrooted environment02:52
zenlunaticanyone use jabber here?02:52
mig`i'm on the livecd now, and that terminal is chrooted into my usb hdd02:53
James_Wardfreddy, It's not that hard in my experience.02:53
freddyJames_Ward, installing it with ndiswrapper?02:53
freddyi havent had luck in any distro ive tried02:53
James_Wardfreddy, I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 with roadcom that uses ndiswrapper.02:53
=== MikeStyle [~mike@adsl-67-124-198-224.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddybroadcom.....thats mine!02:53
freddytoshiba here02:53
James_Wardfreddy Mine works great under ubuntu.02:54
James_Wardfreddy, The trick is finding the right device driver from Windoze.02:54
James_Wardfrddy, Do you have Windoze installed still?02:55
=== thenostradamus [~nostradam@txaubp-248-91.fusionbroadband.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Kyral [~Linux@cpe-24-59-34-66.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
MikeStyleuhmm i ran sudo apt-get install k3b and all it did was update everything i had. and k3b isnt installed. what happened02:55
freddyJames_Ward, hells no :(02:55
James_Wardfreddy, Toshiba install CDs?02:56
freddyJames_Ward, but i downloaded the driver that works for my card02:56
freddyits a pcmcia card buddy02:56
=== RootsLINUX [olsen@adsl-69-152-72-184.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardfreddy, Ooooohhhhh, mines02:56
mig`let me try restarting into the installer and doing what i found on a wiki02:56
James_Wardfreddy, Well, did you find the drivers and load them into ndiswrapper?02:57
naliothmike333: did you try installing k3b again?02:57
freddyJames_Ward, im about doing it today02:57
naliothcrap i hate similar nick02:57
James_Wardfreddy, ndiswrapper -i <driver-file> as I recall.02:57
naliothask and run, did ya see that?02:57
freddyJames_Ward, yup..02:57
freddyndiswrapper is installed by default on the system?02:58
=== sumon [~sumon@CPE00045ae1aa74-CM0012c91d7508.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardfreddy, and then there's a way to ask ndiswrapper if it sees any hardware.02:58
James_Wardfreddy, I don't remember, but I think so.02:58
James_Wardfreddy, let me see if it's on this Casio Fiva I'm on now.02:59
sumoncan i ask questions here?02:59
James_Wardfreddy, Yep.02:59
DonLsumon, sure03:00
James_Wardfreddy, well, I have hernel modukles anyway.03:00
naliothsumon: ask away03:00
sumonhow to grant permission to the current user..03:00
=== jtan325 [~jtan325@D-128-208-151-122.dhcp4.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
sumonsay I want write in a file > something03:00
sumonit says permission denied03:01
jtan325when i try to play a file using xine or vlc, it complains about "insufficient resources allocated". any ideas?03:01
jtan325sumon, use "sudo"03:01
freddyi cheated on mplayer and made a symb link to another ttf font i had on my system....lol03:01
sumonyes i used03:01
jtan325it gives your "root" permissions03:01
=== gus [~gus@] has joined #ubuntu
jtan325sumon, then maybe some other program is using it?03:01
James_Wardsumon Are you using > redirection?03:02
naliothsumon: what exactly are you trying to do (and where?)03:02
DonLfreddy, everything works for you now?03:02
gusHello everyone!03:02
freddyDonL, wifi03:02
freddydamn i cant install ndiswrapper03:02
freddyapt-get wont bring it...gonna check repo03:02
DonLI must profess to know absolutely nothing about ndiswrapper03:02
sumonsay something > some.php03:03
=== estebandido [~estebandi@cable-leon126-44.ibw.com.ni] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishfreddy: did u try apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils ?03:03
James_Wardfreddy, ndiswrapper-utils - Userspace utilities for ndiswrapper03:03
estebandidoevening, all03:03
James_Wardsumon, > won't work with sudo methinks.03:03
James_Wardsumon, sudo -s and then do it.03:03
freddygoldfish, James_Ward  that worked thanks :D03:03
estebandidoanyone here good with webmin?03:04
sumonwhat does sudo -s do?03:04
James_Wardsumon Gives you a root shell.03:04
freddynow...to download the driver03:04
naliothsumon: keeps a command shell open for 5 minutes03:04
freddyJames_Ward, cant you just throw me the driver you used?03:04
estebandidoi can't get ssh server to start03:04
goldfishestebandido: whats happening?03:04
James_Wardfreddy, That system is home behind a NAT, can't reach it.03:05
freddyaww :(03:05
goldfishestebandido: Is it installed?03:05
estebandidoit doesn't see the host keys, even tho they're in /etc/ssh03:05
naliothholy cow! apple just started selling color ipods and they're already available in the refurb room at apple03:05
James_Wardfreddy, Likely a diffeent driver anyway.03:05
goldfishnalioth: link?03:05
sumonthanks a lot03:05
naliothgoldfish: www.apple.com/store/ click on the red tag at the bottom right03:05
naliothgoldfish: i'd send a link, but they are all individualized03:06
estebandidoany thought, golfish?03:06
DonLI really appreciate all you people who have command of the terminal. I usually point and click where I can.03:06
JDigital_...and after all that, it seems that it's still not working.03:06
goldfishnalioth: thanks03:06
James_WardDonL, some of us preceed point and click... ;-)03:06
=== silent_scream [aar@athe730f-1433.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishestebandido: hmmm, not really im afriad never had that problem :/03:06
naliothDonL: the terminal is your best friend, more power, and it will be with you when X goes home to momma03:06
estebandidodamn.... anyone?03:06
estebandidoanyone good with ssh server?03:07
James_WardSeems like ssh day.03:07
silent_screami would like to know the kernel version of ubuntu 5.0403:07
DonLI'm trying to learn, and I must say I know a lot more about it now than when I started with Linux. The speed improvement is amazing!03:07
crimsunsilent_scream, 2.6.1003:07
crimsunsilent_scream, plus a lot of patches03:07
James_Wardsilent_scream, uname -a03:07
estebandidoJames_Ward, any ideas?03:08
James_Warduname -r actually.03:08
=== Heart_2 [~jzdgc@p549C3869.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
silent_screamcrimsun: is that the the default version after installation?03:08
crimsunsilent_scream, yes. 2.6.10-5-38603:08
James_Wardestebandido, Mine started out of the box?  I think?03:08
naliothsilent_scream: unless you're on a PPC03:09
estebandidomine worked, and then stopped03:09
James_Wardestebandido, Ah, so....03:09
James_Wardestebandido, Any idea why?03:09
estebandidoi used to be able to ssh in, but then i tinkered with webmin03:09
James_Wardestebandido, Ah, sooooo.... :-)03:09
estebandidonow the server won't start03:09
naliothestebandido: you've found your problem03:09
=== KarlosII [~KarlosII@S0106000f3d5ae683.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #Ubuntu
estebandidoyeah, but i didn't do anything serious03:10
=== gus [~gus@] has joined #ubuntu
=== krischan [~krischan@p54B80EB1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidonothing that should make it forget where the host keys are03:10
naliothestebandido: if it did work and doesnt work now, it evidentally was serious enough03:10
=== arenner [~arenner@d60-65-114-237.col.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mrzero [~ole@orwen.net] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidohow would i wipe it out and start clean?03:11
James_WardIs webmin part of ubuntu?03:11
gusalguien habla espaol?03:11
naliothgus: en #ubuntu-es03:11
DonLnalioth, could estebandido reinstall?03:11
estebandidoyo, pero no se si puedo ayudar03:11
naliothestebandido can remove and purge openssh-server03:11
estebandidogood grief, i don't want to reinstall the whole thing03:12
estebandidoah, that's better03:12
naliothestebandido: it's just a couple clicks of the mouse03:12
estebandidoapt-get uninstall?03:12
naliothestebandido: uninstall and purge03:12
estebandidothanks... brbr03:12
=== UrbanFox|sleep is now known as UrbanFox
estebandidobrb, even03:13
James_Ward(be right back, really!03:13
DonLnalioth, that's something I don't know how to do. Is there an apt-get command for purge?03:13
crimsunapt-get --purge remove $package03:14
naliothDonL: yes, you can do it in synaptic also03:14
=== silent_scream [aar@athe730f-1433.otenet.gr] has joined #ubuntu
James_WardWhat does purge do, exactly?03:14
crimsunremoves unaltered conffiles03:14
DonLYes, I know about synaptic, but I'm trying to learn command line. Thanks.03:14
naliothDonL: in synaptic it's the 'complete removal' option03:14
freddyany of you have any idea how to go about listening mp3 on the Rythbox?03:14
=== madmavric [~user2@host-142-204-9-69.midco.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunfreddy, did you install gstreamer0.8-mad?03:14
naliothDonL: "apt-get --help" will provide lots to think about03:15
freddydamn what a name...mad03:15
freddycrimsun, no buddy03:15
madmavricanybody know how i would edit files without root access?03:15
crimsunthen do so.03:15
silent_screamguys where can i find the kernel sources for ubuntu 5.04 kernel? (2.6.10-5)03:15
DonLAhhh. Okay. That's what complete removal does. I didn't know that03:15
nalioths_dogfreddy: Go to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats to find out all about mp3/dvd/flash/java/realplayer etc... support03:15
crimsunsilent_scream, install linux-tree-2.6.1003:15
DonLnalioth, I will read that.03:15
madmavrichow to edit config files without root access?03:15
naliothmadmavric: only your files03:15
ChurcH_of_FoamYall new cartoon @ www.illwillpress.com Enjoy!03:15
silent_screamcrimsun: that was not my question03:15
madmavrici need to edit apache03:15
silent_screami need a site03:16
freddycrimsun, is that the plugin?03:16
naliothsilent_scream: www.kernel.org if ya want pristine03:16
freddynalioths_dog, ok ok03:16
silent_screamto find the kernel sources03:16
madmavricanybody know how to edit config files ?03:16
naliothmadmavric: you don't have sudo access?03:16
James_Wardmadmavric, sudo vi <config files>03:16
crimsunsilent_scream, Ubuntu's kernel has lots of patches applied. Simply inspecting the vanilla source will not suffice, hence I pointed you to a package that includes both the source and the patches broken out.03:16
freddycrimsun, ok done....now ?03:16
madmavricsudo doesnt work03:17
madmavricjames that exact ?03:17
naliothfreddy: did you read that URL?03:17
James_Wardmadmavric, In what way doesn't it work?03:17
crimsunfreddy, now restart Music Player and load your mp3s03:17
freddynalioth, i am03:17
James_Wardmadmavric sudo id03:17
zenlunaticanyone have a jabber acct on jabber.org?03:17
madmavricno write permission for file yada yada yada03:17
guswhy xmms freeze when I open a Mp3 file?03:17
freddycrimsun, woah...thanks man...gotta write all this shit down03:17
crimsungus, choose the esound output plugin instead of the oss one.03:17
naliothfreddy: when you finish reading it, and implement what it says, you'll be in business03:17
gusok, thanks, let me test.. (PD: sorry for my bad english) =P03:18
=== UrbanFox is now known as UrbanFox|dinner
naliothfreddy: ya aint got to write nothing down except this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com03:18
madmavricI keep getting the no write permissions no matter what command i try03:19
=== mig` [~devild@user-0cdf80q.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
freddynalioth, lol thats a LOT to write down03:19
naliothfreddy: it's all on the wiki03:19
James_Wardmadmavric, what does the command 'sudo id' produce?03:19
freddyyeah..it was  a j/k03:19
madmavricthis is most aggravating that root access for configuring files isnt enabled03:19
silent_screamno no i can't find the kernel sources... i need a site... the kernel is 2.6.10-5 (after the default installation of ubuntu) i don't need patches...03:19
madmavricno write permission03:19
mig`umm, ok, i think there might be something wrong when i chroot into a stage 1 installation03:19
crimsunsilent_scream, then install just linux-source-2.6.1003:20
James_Wardmadmavric, Type in: sudo id03:20
madmavrici did damnit, same result03:20
mig`i chroot , mount proc, append /etc/mkinitrd/modules, then call mkinitrd -o /boot/initrdimg -r /dev/sda103:20
James_Wardmadmavric, sudo id said no write permission?03:20
madmavricyes for the third time03:20
silent_screamcrimsun: where can i find it?03:20
mig`and it gives me an error about /lib/modules/2.6.10 not being a directory03:20
crimsunsilent_scream, in the main repository03:20
James_Wardmadmavric, Very strange...03:20
madmavricubuntu is very strange03:20
=== geekboy [~geekboy@pcp04910374pcs.benslm01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunsilent_scream, just grab it using apt-get/synaptic/dselect/aptitude03:21
madmavrici dont like being treated like a child03:21
crimsunthen stop acting like one03:21
James_Wardjeward@fiva:~/Desktop$ sudo id03:21
James_Warduid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)03:21
James_Wardcrimsun, Good point.  :-)03:21
freddyubuntu is DA BOMB03:22
freddyi love it03:22
freddyi have to see if my wifi works tho03:22
freddybut im too excited making my music list :D03:22
crimsunmadmavric, the first thing you need to check is that /var is mounted with write permissions enabled03:22
James_Wardmadmavric, If sudo id says something about no write permissions... it's not sudo.03:22
crimsunmadmavric, with the default Ubuntu install, that means that / needs to be mounted with write permissions enabled.03:23
=== dougsk [~doug@65.61.112-64.ptr.llix.net] has joined #ubuntu
silent_screamall that i ask, is a site to download the 2.6.10-5 kernel sources03:23
madmavricvar is mounted with write permissions, now how do i do that????03:24
crimsunsilent_scream, I told you: any standard Ubuntu mirror.03:24
crimsunsilent_scream, for instance, archive.ubuntu.com03:24
James_Wardsilent_scream, I don't understand how crimsun didn't answer your request?03:24
DonLwell, I must go and barbeque. Thanks again for all your help folks.03:24
=== BROKEN_LADDER [~pral@h-69-3-236-189.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #UBUNTU
silent_screamanother mirror crimsun?03:25
=== DonL [~don@d206-116-131-181.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
James_Wardmadmavric, Issue the command mount and look for something like: /dev on /.dev type unknown (rw,bind)03:25
James_WardOoops, wrong line.03:25
crimsunsilent_scream, here, choose a mirror for this file: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-source-2.6.10/linux-source-2.6.10_2.6.10-34.3_all.deb03:25
madmavricthis is all russian to me, for something that should already be enabled03:25
James_Wardmadmavric, /dev/hda6 on / type reiserfs (rw,notail)03:26
=== lampshade [~lampshade@tconl92168.tconl.com] has joined #ubuntu
mig`crimsun, i'm doing everythign like it should be done, but mkinitrd gives that error03:26
mig`that directory -DOES- exist03:26
lampshadeAnyone in here run WOlfET on ubuntu?  Or linux in general for that matter?  I got some questions about some weird behavior.03:26
madmavrica fucking distro that cant be edited, real bright03:26
zenlunaticis there a such thing as a blank wallpaper file? a friend wants the blank wallpaper ubuntu uses.03:26
=== slomo [~slomo@p5487F13E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== madmavric [~user2@host-142-204-9-69.midco.net] has left #ubuntu []
bimberimadmavric: it might be enabled - these people are trying to get to the cause of your problem for you03:26
James_Wardmadmavric is projecting.03:26
crimsunmadmavric's problem is a case of PEBKAC.03:27
freddyi wonder if theres a way to make the fonts look crispier03:27
freddythey kinda look weird03:27
=== bruno [~bruno@201009084235.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
freddyscreenshot ^03:27
James_Wardcrimsun, I'm afraid to ask, but what does that mean?03:27
brunoa dumb question03:27
crimsunJames_Ward, problem exists between keyboard and chair03:27
brunowhat's the default root password on ubuntu?03:28
mig`bruno: there isn't one03:28
lampshadebruno:  use sudo03:28
crimsunmig`, I'm sorry, but initrds are not my expertise. Someone else here may know. Have you checked tldp.org?03:28
mig`you can either use sudo03:28
mig`or set one using passwd03:28
freddyhehe you guys get that question like 100 in a minute03:28
James_WardPeronsally, I think ubuntu's no root login is an excellent idea.03:28
=== sfilho [~sfilho@201-13-149-172.dial-up.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
mig`i haven't checked tlpd.org, let me try now03:28
freddyJames_Ward, hells i agree so much03:28
brunotks very much03:29
goldfishbruno: the sudo password is the password of the account u added during the installation.03:29
crimsunmig`, if that's too general, try looking in other distros' forums. Fedora and Gentoo both have great resources.03:29
mig`how can i view an environment variable?03:29
sfilhohi there! is there some tool that auto-detect my modem on my laptop compaq nx9005?03:29
goldfishmig`: what is it?03:29
crimsunmig`, echo $SOMETHING03:29
=== seth_k [~seth@24-117-104-21.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardmig, echo $whatever03:30
mig`goldfish, i'm trying to make an initrd file03:30
mig`but i'm getting an error from mkinitrd, it says that /etc/s)modules/2.xxx/ is not a directory (when it really i03:30
mig`(when it really is)03:30
chibifsBlah, this is such a pain.03:30
James_Wardmig I like set|less03:30
chibifsAnyone want to help me with this gnome-kde icon script? :P03:30
=== stub [~stub@203-217-37-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== omaru [~omaru@] has joined #ubuntu
brunoi'm trying to compile mono 1.1.8, but when i use "sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr/local", i get "C compiler cannt generate executables"03:31
brunowhere can i read about the origin of this problem?03:31
goldfishbruno: CFLAGS03:31
brunoi'm sorry, i'm a complete newbie03:31
sfilhothe modem is the ALi Corporation M5457 AC'97 Modem Controller, but I don't know which driver I can use03:31
mig`hmm, let me see03:31
mig`i think i have to set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH03:31
mig`because i tried: echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and its blank03:31
mig`however, in mkinitrd.conf that is what LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to03:31
mig`could that be why?... lets see03:31
brunoCFLAGS, ok. i'll google that.03:31
=== kyncani [~kyncani@lns-vlq-25-ren-82-254-145-48.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== stub [~stub@203-217-37-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== lakin [~lakin@dsl-hill-66-18-228-60-cgy.nucleus.com] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardbruno Sounds like gcc might not be working?03:32
sfilhoanyobe could help me?03:32
goldfishnah i got that error when installing gentoo, it was to do with my cflags....03:32
mig`James_Ward, how would i set it?03:33
James_Wardgoldfish, Could also be due to no gcc at all...03:33
cafuegosfilho: sfilho You need a payware driver for it.03:33
goldfishJames_Ward: true...03:33
mig`i'm trying: echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and im getting blank output03:33
=== freddy gets ready for wifi
goldfishbruno: have you done, sudo apt-get install build-essentials ?03:33
mig`i tried: set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH /lib/modules/2.6.10-5-686/03:33
cafuegosfilho: The last time I tried that particular driver, it didn't want to compile on mine.03:33
brunogoldfish, not really03:33
=== PAVEL_UPN [ircap751@] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishbruno: ah ok.03:33
James_Wardmig export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=whatever03:33
mig`then: echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and i get blank output03:33
mig`ahh ok03:33
goldfishbruno: what happens if u type gcc in a terminal ?03:33
James_Wardgoldfish, Good question!03:34
sfilhocafuego, nice, so I have to search for  'payware'03:34
mig`i get that its not a valid identifier03:34
estebandidonalioth, James_Ward, I reinstalled ssh-server03:34
James_Wardmig Drop the $03:34
cafuegosfilho: Let me find you the site you want...03:34
brunook, you're making me look stupid right now, but i guess i'm being one, really. :)03:34
goldfishbruno: no im not :)03:34
estebandidonow i have to move the new host key to known_hosts03:34
brunotks for the help, i'd better study more.03:35
sfilhocafuego, thank you very much03:35
estebandidois that a simple cut-and-paste thing?03:35
cafuegosfilho: I spent AAAGES lookinf for the damned thing, may as well make sure others benefit too :-)03:35
cafuegosfilho: http://www.consultmatt.co.uk/linux/nx9005/03:35
sfilhocafuego, ok :)03:35
goldfishbruno: sudo apt-get install build essentials03:36
goldfishbruno: then try your configure again03:36
=== Sheruno [~Sheruno@118.Red-80-25-178.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
brunook. tks.03:37
sfilhocafuego, oh, conexant driver :-\03:37
sfilholinuxant I meant03:37
cafuegosfilho: yeh03:37
freddyand then i have to get my tvcard working on my desktop03:38
freddyand with wifi and tvcard i will be more than happy03:38
cafuegosfilho: The info about pcmcia (the config.opts file) on that page is really useful too.03:38
cafuego!info omke hoary03:38
=== UrbanFox|dinner is now known as UrbanFox
sfilhocafuego, right... let me try... and thanks again03:38
JDigital_conexant :rolleyes:03:39
estebandidoJames_Ward, how do i copy my new host key into known hosts?03:39
James_Wardestebandido, Why do you think you need to do that?03:39
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardestebandido, Are you trying to set up passwordless access?03:40
=== gbic [none@Ottawa-HSE-ppp264583.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== rob^ [~rob@rob-ubuntu.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidono, but my old host key was interfering03:40
estebandidoanyway, I figured it out03:41
James_Wardestebandido, I'm sorry,b tu are you having trouble sshing in, or out?03:41
estebandidoit was just copy and paste03:41
=== Nylira [~Nylira_70@cc71313-b.ensch1.ov.home.nl] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidoout is no problem03:41
naliothgoldfish: so dja see anything tempting?03:41
James_WardSo, rm .ssh/known_hosts on the system you're trying to come in from.03:41
cafuegough, stupid recursive symlink03:42
NyliraAnyone have any experience with VSTFPD and virtual user setups?03:42
estebandidoyeah, i figured it out03:42
estebandidostill haven't tried webmin, tho03:42
=== Burrito [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardestebandido, I wouldn't.03:42
=== mebaran151 [~mebaran15@c-24-126-1-10.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidowhy noy?03:43
James_Wardestebandido, That's what got you in this mess in the first place.03:43
James_Wardestebandido, What do you need webmin for?03:43
estebandidoto allow remote logins03:44
James_Wardestebandido, No.03:44
estebandidowhat, then?03:44
James_Wardestebandido, Checking.03:44
naliothestebandido: you dont need webmin to allow remote logins03:44
naliothestebandido: just your username and IP03:44
estebandidojust as well, it hasn't done much good03:44
estebandidoexcept i'm on a local network03:45
naliothestebandido: and the problem with local vs wan is?03:45
estebandidoi *think* i have port forwarding done right, but something doesn't work03:45
naliothestebandido: it's the same procedure03:45
James_Wardnalioth, Is inbound ssh enabled by default or must it be turned on?03:45
naliothJames_Ward: if you install openssh-server its on03:45
James_Wardnalioth, K.03:45
naliothestebandido: what kind of port-forwarding?03:46
estebandidoon the router03:46
estebandidosending requests to port 22 to this machine03:46
=== juanpa [~juanpa@] has joined #ubuntu
naliothestebandido: from where are you tryin to access your box?03:46
naliothestebandido: nother local machine or the WAN?03:46
estebandidoultimately, from work03:46
goldfishnalioth: yeah :)03:47
naliothestebandido: dmz your box03:47
estebandidono, other machines on the network work fine03:47
naliothestebandido: open it completely to the WAN03:47
estebandidohow do i do that?03:47
naliothestebandido: in your router admin screen, you should see a 'dmz' setting (maybe under games/gaming)03:47
estebandidoi'll look03:48
naliothestebandido: setting your machine in the dmz will forwared ALL ports to your machine03:48
James_Wardnalioth, Wow, I wonder if my router... oh wait, it's ehind a cable modem.03:48
naliothestebandido: and then all you'll need is the IP from the router (so you can get there from outside your local network)03:49
naliothJames_Ward: that will work03:49
James_Wardnalioth, Maybe I can DMZ the router which can in turn dmz a host?03:49
=== vladuz976 [~vladuz976@pool-71-106-211-189.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: you can dmz yours, too03:49
estebandidosure enough03:49
James_Wardnalioth, Fasminating.03:49
vladuz976does anybody know a good ide for C++ on linux(ubuntu)?03:49
naliothestebandido: James_Ward: i only recommend DMZ for *nix boxes03:49
=== kkathman [~kkathman@h-66-167-142-222.dllatx37.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidoand ubuntu is pretty secure otherwise?03:49
naliothestebandido: James_Ward: dmz for windows boxes leads to zombies03:50
estebandidoyeah, no surprise03:50
naliothestebandido: you wont have any trouble03:50
James_Wardnalioth, Windows? What's that?  ;-)03:50
naliothJames_Ward: it's a virus people pay for03:50
naliothestebandido: do you have webservers, ftpservers, etc running?03:51
James_Wardnalioth, Man, two times in two months, a windoze box has gotten infected and dropped my network to its knees.  I wish I could just say No windows on my network!03:51
estebandidono, none of that03:51
gbicanyone tried lids on ubntu yet?03:51
lampshadeJames_Ward:  how?03:51
naliothestebandido: then you only have a ssh port open, and only you have the user/pass it wants03:51
estebandidoso, why does it still refuse my connection when i try to connect to my external IP?03:51
crimsungbic, no, but I've been considering it. If only I could find some time...03:52
gbiceste if youre paranoid, edit your hosts.allow / deny03:52
James_WardI know, I should just put the windows boxes on their own switch and leave them to fend for themselves... :-)03:52
naliothJames_Ward: install a ubuntu box inline to the network running a chain of proxys (one of which should be a clamav proxy)03:52
James_Wardlampshade, I don't know how, but it's one nasty virus.03:52
naliothestebandido: are you inside the local network?03:53
James_Wardnalioth, That intercepts virii in transit?03:53
naliothestebandido: does it allow ssh access from inside the network? (to your local ip?)03:53
=== krazikamikaze [~jay@adsl-64-173-40-45.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidoah, let me see03:53
James_Wardestebandido, ssh localhost even?03:54
naliothJames_Ward: yes, and cuts down on bandwidth, too (because you use a caching proxy server in there)03:54
=== ice1963 [~gary@pcp0010958907pcs.brghtn01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: that doesnt work too well03:54
James_Wardnalioth, I'll have to look into that!03:54
naliothJames_Ward: ssh localhost doesnt work too well, in my experience03:54
James_Wardnalioth, Not even for testing?03:54
=== abbot45 [~abbot45@66-168-21-183.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== aeddan [~aeddan@] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidonalioth, i can ssh across the network, but that's it03:55
=== aaron [~aaron@c-24-2-85-66.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardestebandido, You're 98% there!03:55
estebandidoand stalled03:55
naliothJames_Ward: go to http://devel.squid-cache.org/  and you will discover all kinds of ways to keep your network running03:55
James_Wardnalioth, danke03:56
naliothestebandido: perhaps you should make a guest account and call a friend from off network to try to log into it03:56
estebandidohmmm... maybe, or just try from work tomorrow03:56
naliothJames_Ward: but caching proxys are just one step to network security (aside from dumping all the windows boxen)03:56
abbot45im having a problem with the gimp.  i am grabbing a color from one image with the eye dropper, then painting it on the new image, but its comming out a slightly different color.  when i grab the color from the new image the html notation is different even.03:56
=== linoleum [~linoleum@AMarseille-152-1-59-6.w83-201.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidobut it's strange it doesn't work here03:57
naliothestebandido: i have my machine DMZ'd and i can get to it from all over houston03:57
linoleumhey, peolpe, under ubuntu, do you have the transparence under gnome?03:57
mig`this is getting so tedious03:57
naliothestebandido: i've never tried to connect to the external IP from inside the network03:57
freddyJames_Ward, you still around?03:57
estebandidothere's no reason it shouldn't work...03:57
James_Wardfreddy, Si.03:57
naliothestebandido: no, but things can be funny sometimes03:58
freddyes que estoy apunto de instalar la tarjeta03:58
aaroncan someone help me with GnuPG?03:58
estebandidowhat if i ssh out to my web host and then ssh back?03:58
crimsunaaron, shoot.03:58
James_Wardestebandido, Good test.03:58
freddyno sabia que podias hablar espanol :D03:59
estebandidoy yo, tambien03:59
aaronI understand that SHA1 has been broken, and would like to sign my email with SHA512.  How can I do this?03:59
freddyhow good :D03:59
gbicjust use openssl to gen a cert then03:59
naliothaaron: whats up03:59
jasoncohenis HashKnownHosts yes the default option for /etc/ssh/ssh_config in ubuntu? JDigital_ has that option but i don't from a fresh install and he says he didn't edit it04:00
naliothfreddy: estebandido can y'all do that in #ubuntu-es?04:00
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
estebandidoanyway, my connections are still refused04:00
naliothestebandido: you DMZd the right IP on the network?04:00
James_Wardjasoncohen, Not in mine.04:01
aaronI have tried the 'setpref' command when I edit my key, but all my text is still signed with SHA1, even after setting it to SHA51204:01
estebandidoyeah, checked it04:01
=== toran [~me@d3-176.rb3.clm.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothaaron: you can generate a new one, it asks you how you want it04:01
jasoncohenJames_Ward, i don't understand how he has it04:01
naliothaaron: or you can 'gpg --help'04:01
estebandidois there an allow file?04:01
James_Wardjasoncohen, Webmin?  ;-)04:01
jasoncohenJames_Ward, perhaps04:02
naliothestebandido: hosts.allow i believe was mentioned earlier04:02
aaronnalioth: I would rather not generate a new key, as many friends and family have my public key04:02
naliothgoldfish: ya comin back or has the apple got your tongue?04:02
jasoncohenJames_Ward, he says he didn't use webmin04:02
goldfishnalioth: i'm back :)04:02
James_WardTADA, woody-> ubuntu dist-upgrade complete!04:02
naliothaaron: that is the only way i know to change the encrytption level04:02
=== James_Ward dances with joy.
jasoncohenJames_Ward, cool04:03
naliothgoldfish: you didnt know about that page?04:03
goldfishnalioth: nope.04:03
goldfishit'a nice04:03
naliothgoldfish: i like apples policy: any refurb they sell, they warranty it like a new product (and you can get APP on em, too)04:03
gbicbrb, booting to nix on my laptop04:04
goldfishnalioth: yeah it's cool04:04
naliothgoldfish: unlike the intel manufucturers, where its refurb=30 days or until you get home04:04
=== James_Ward reboots holding his breath...
=== luminerd [~luminerd@c-24-2-69-204.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothgoldfish: and i have 0 problem runnin PPC04:05
luminerdhow hard is a dual boot windows/ubuntu install of ubuntu?04:05
naliothluminerd: not hard at all04:05
goldfishluminerd: not hard at all.04:05
James_WardUhoh, lilo's munged.04:05
mig`how would i make directory point to another?04:05
goldfishmig`: ln -s04:05
estebandidonalioth, i also run ppc04:05
naliothmig`: symlink04:05
estebandidobut i still can't get in04:05
KyralJames_Ward, sudo apt-get install grub :P04:05
naliothestebandido: they're great, arent they?04:05
estebandidoi like 'em, always have04:05
estebandidoanyway, i set hosts.allow to ALL04:06
naliothluminerd: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WindowsDualBootHowTo04:06
James_WardKyral, I have to get the system back up first... ;-)04:06
naliothestebandido: i'm not sure whats up with you, it works internally on the network, it should work from the WAN04:06
naliothestebandido: i'm thinkin the router didnt save or something04:06
mig`ok it seems to be working now04:06
mig`ok, it worked!04:07
KyralJames_Ward, Rescue CD?04:07
estebandidook, thanks for your time04:07
mig`let me edit grub's menu.lst04:07
James_WardKyral, I have a grub floppy.  Any idea what arguments the kernel needs?04:07
KyralJames_Ward, nope :P04:07
cafuegoluminerd: There's a trick to a dual-boot install. That trick is to make sure you install windows first, THEN linux.04:08
mig`ok, let me try to restart04:08
KyralI haven't had much success with screwing with the boot process04:08
luminerdyea, cafuego I have done it with PCLinuxOS before but PCLOS sux0rs04:08
naliothluminerd: and thats all ya got to remember (aside from makin enough space for ubuntu)04:08
luminerdSo, Gnome is the default WM?04:08
luminerddoes Ubuntu come with anything else?04:08
naliothluminerd: yes04:08
cafuegoluminerd: Ubuntu will detect windows and add it to the boot menu. it requires no special effort.04:08
naliothluminerd: whatever you like04:08
luminerdthat's cool04:08
luminerdI'm gonna add e17 :)04:09
=== nybble [~nybble@d36-29-58.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ttyS0 [blitz@chules.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothluminerd: kde, gnome, xfce, enlightenment, *box, and on and on04:09
James_WardUhoh pcmcia not present...04:09
cafuegoluminerd: About 31 GB of software04:09
nybblewho here runs ubuntu on their server?04:09
=== vladuz976 [~vladuz976@pool-71-106-211-189.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
James_Wardnybble, I have it on one.04:10
nybbleJames_Ward: sweet. i'm not alone04:10
=== gbic [~chris@2001:5c0:8fff:fffe:0:0:0:29b9] has joined #ubuntu
luminerdcafuego, serious?04:10
luminerdcafuego, that much comes with ubuntu?04:10
gbicahhhh, much better04:10
cafuego!dstats hoary04:10
ubotuUbuntu Distro Stats on hoary... 16270 packages, 1437 maintainers, 31005 MB installed size, 9820 MB compressed size.04:10
James_Wardnybble, Mine's a backup server with 1.5T disk array attached,04:11
luminerdOh dang04:11
luminerdI can't do ubuntu then04:11
naliothJames_Ward: you can put a proxy server box inline on your network, and it'll cut down on bandwidth and keep a lot of nastiness from your windoze boxen04:11
cafuegoluminerd: Why not?04:11
luminerdbecause my hard drive's only 40g!04:11
cafuegoluminerd: There's no rule that says you _have_ to install everything.04:11
luminerdplus, someone told me there was only 1 install cd04:11
nybblejames_ward: cool... *drool*04:11
luminerdcafuego, oh, I see04:11
naliothluminerd: thats for EVERYTHING04:11
luminerdOk so how many cds are there for everything?04:11
James_Wardnalioth, My PCMCIA is busted...04:11
nybblejames_ward: i'm going to turn a box here into a NAS box04:12
naliothluminerd: none04:12
naliothluminerd: one isntall cd, and apt-get the rest04:12
luminerdsomeone clue me in...04:12
naliothJames_Ward: both of em?04:12
cafuegoluminerd: You cannot install 31GB of stuff, some things conflicts with other things. normally a desktop install would be around 2GB.04:12
luminerdwhat if you don't have internet04:12
nybblejames_ward *hopefully using unbuntu04:12
luminerdon the ubuntu comp I don't have net04:12
cafuegoluminerd: If you don't have internet you wouldn't be here asking questions ;-)04:12
naliothluminerd: the install disk will give you a pretty usable desktop04:12
=== virgule [~virgule@modemcable247.67-81-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardnalioth, Says PCMCIA not present...04:12
luminerd...*pretty* usable?04:12
=== mellinux [~mello@c-67-162-226-133.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothJames_Ward: for both of your cards?04:13
luminerdoh well I'll just connect it to the net just so I can apt-get04:13
nybbleluminerd: good enough to start04:13
luminerdwhere can I get info on all the apt-gettables04:13
naliothluminerd: packages.ubuntu.com04:13
cafuegoluminerd: All the basics are there for a normal desktop machine with office. Gimp, email, browser, C/C++ development environment etc.04:13
=== aeddan [~aeddan@] has joined #ubuntu
luminerdok thanks04:13
James_Wardnalioth, You don't understand, it doesn't even see PCMCIA on the system...04:13
virguleuh oh.. I just compiled and installed xchat 2.4.4 but 'about' still say 2.4.1 ???04:13
luminerdyay :) GIMP!!04:13
luminerddoes Audacity come?04:13
naliothJames_Ward: ok. i'm not sure where to go from here, then04:13
virgulewhat it the trick here?04:14
cafuegovirgule: Did you run 'make install 'on a tarball? You're a bad person.04:14
James_Wardnalioth, Yeah, I think I'm DOA.04:14
cafuego!info audacity04:14
ubotuaudacity: (A fast, cross-platform audio editor), section universe/sound, is optional. Version: 1.2.3-1 (hoary), Packaged size: 1610 kB, Installed size: 4680 kB04:14
virgulethen dpkg -i xchat...04:14
naliothJames_Ward: thats funny tho,04:14
crimsunluminerd, come again? audacity does work, but you need to disable esd first.04:14
luminerdwhat's esd?04:14
=== cafuego also expects audacity will not be on the CD.
virguleEnlightenment Sound Daemon04:15
James_Wardnalioth, Maybe the way PCMCIA is addressed changed?04:15
crimsunluminerd, esd is the sound daemon that Ubuntu uses by default. And cafuego's right on target - you'll need to enable the universe repository to install audacity.04:15
luminerdOh that04:15
naliothJames_Ward: i have no clue, i'd restart it with the other card in04:15
cafuegoluminerd: esd is a sound server, which allows multiple applications to output sound simultaneously.04:15
estebandidonext question... why does firefox maxout the processor so often and so long?04:15
luminerdcafuego, are you frickin serious?!04:15
naliothestebandido: cuz it sux04:15
luminerdI've been looking for something that does that for ages04:15
cafuegoPlease stop accusing me of knowing what I'm talking about.04:15
estebandidoah, i see04:15
naliothestebandido: try galeon, epiphany, kazehakase04:16
estebandidoany solutions?04:16
estebandidocool, i will04:16
James_Wardnalioth, Do I still need an initrd if I am booting from disk?04:16
Kyralluminerd, ESD == the suxxor04:16
cafuegoluminerd: Yes. Gnome uses esound, KDE ises ARTS. Both are sound server systems. (they work locally and networked)04:16
naliothJames_Ward: sorry, i drive a taxicab, i dont know what initrd is04:16
nybbleanyone have an ideal setup idea for making a NAS box?04:16
James_Wardnalioth, :-)04:16
luminerdKyral, why?04:16
cafuego!initrd is satan04:16
ubotucafuego: okay04:16
virguleKyral: how did you upgrade xchat?04:17
luminerdDude, I've always used Alsa, and it's the worst04:17
Kyralsudo apt-get update?04:17
=== aeddan [~aeddan@] has joined #ubuntu
luminerdI don't like Alsa because I can only hear sound from one program04:17
virgulei just did the regular ./configure; make; checkinstall... where is the trick? :)04:17
KyralI can hear sound from multiprogs with ALSA04:17
James_WardnaliothGuess not, there's no initrd file.04:17
cafuegoluminerd: esd runs on top of alsa04:17
naliothnybble: i'm ignorant, but whats NAS?04:17
ubotucafuego: I give up, what is it?04:17
luminerdcafuego, I see, well that sounds cool04:17
Kyralcheckinstall makes a deb I think04:17
nybblenalioth: network attached storage04:17
Kyral!info xchat04:17
cafuegoubotu: You are useless.04:18
luminerdeh, I have to go04:18
ubotuxchat: (IRC client for X similar to AmIRC), section net, is optional. Version: 2.4.1-0.1ubuntu5 (hoary), Packaged size: 248 kB, Installed size: 672 kB04:18
ubotuI think you lost me on that one, cafuego04:18
=== Burrito [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu
virgule!info xchat04:18
naliothnybble: make.com had a cool little page up04:18
luminerdthanks for the help btw!04:18
crimsunluminerd, alsa can be configured (via dmix) to output multiple sounds simultaneously.04:18
Kyral.....where the hell DID I get 2.4.3?04:18
naliothnybble: makemagazine.com whatever it is04:18
crimsunluminerd, in fact, it's enabled by default in Breezy.04:18
Kyraloyah, backports :D04:18
cafuego!info xchat breezy04:18
ubotuxchat: (IRC client for X similar to AmIRC), section net, is optional. Version: 2.4.3-0.1ubuntu2 (breezy), Packaged size: 237 kB, Installed size: 652 kB04:18
Kyraland its already in Hoary Backports :D04:19
naliothnybble: i got a chuckle out of their project04:19
=== aru [~aru@65-100-8-71.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
cafuegosane people use irssi, not xchat backports04:19
KyralX-Chat > All04:19
=== skel_ [~skel@pcp08123387pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
KyralBackports == Stable :D04:19
cafuegoKyral: if you want stability you shouldn't be using X to begin with.04:20
Kyral!info xchat backports04:20
gbicSomeone was saying they were able to get their x800 to work in hoary... I am just curious to know how they managed...I have an x600 mobile and have yet to manage to get hardware rendering to work04:20
Kyralcafuego, I'm a sucker for eyecandy :D04:20
James_WardAny PCMCIA experts here?04:20
cafuegoKyral: buy a mac04:20
=== votu [~votu@IP-62-216-122-164.telemail.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Kyralcafuego, not enough money :D04:21
naliothKyral: bullfeathers, they are $49904:21
nybblenalioth: too bad they want a subscription04:21
cafuegomac minis are cheep04:21
naliothKyral: cheap04:21
=== virgule [~virgule@modemcable247.67-81-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
nybblemmm... mac minis04:21
naliothnybble: you are at the wrong site04:21
naliothnybble: let me see04:21
nybblenalioth: ah04:21
Kyralnalioth, I need money for school next semester and I couldn't find work for this year04:21
=== Dr_Willis [~willis@12-222-71-130.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
aruis there a gui app for formatting hdds in gnome?04:22
HrdwrBoBnot as such04:22
HrdwrBoByou can get gparted04:22
cafuegoubotu: go away04:23
=== ShamblyHermit [~Shambly@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tom89 [~EB@5612ab288d3964c9.session.tor] has joined #ubuntu
aruk, thanks04:23
Tom89is Ubuntu like linux?04:23
unomeroot shouldnt be in sudoers or am I wrong?04:24
nybbleits not just "like" linux... it most possibly "is" linux!04:24
=== Xira [~nicholas@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Burrito [~Gonzalo@pc-237-165-239-201.cm.vtr.net] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
KyralI think I have a new quitline04:24
unomeUbuntu is the only usable linux I know Tom8904:24
=== jasmuz [~jasmuz@52sdl30m44.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
=== rince2k [~rince@dsl-084-056-134-194.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ubotu [~blootbot@ubuntu.cc.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
nybbleyes, what unome said04:24
XiraHey guys, my sound used to work, but now I just get: ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:868:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave04:24
XiraError while initializing the sound driver:04:24
Xiradevice: default can't be opened for playback (No such file or directory)04:24
Xiracould anyone help?04:24
nybbleTom89, Ubuntu is a _distribution_ of linux04:25
Tom89what Xira wrote looks complicated...04:25
naliothnybble: i'm sorry, but i can't find the link04:25
nybbletom89: their are many different _distributions_ of linux04:25
nybblenalioth: thats oki04:25
nybblethx anyway04:25
naliothnybble: it was some fellas project using slightly older scsi drives to make a 1.5tb raid array for >$25004:25
KyralHoly cow! He is running OpenBSD04:25
=== elam [~elh@rrcs-65-31-70-38.central.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Tom89sorry, poor attempt at trolling04:26
nybbletom89: but Ubuntu is a very user friendly distribution. With one of the easiest, and most powerful installers i have seen04:26
Tom89I'm just really bored04:26
=== bwlang [~bwlang@ip68-0-217-114.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothXira: those pix are kewl04:26
goldfishTom89: omfg RETARD !!!oneoneoneoneoneoneone04:26
KyralThe CTCP Version shows the TRUTH!! :P04:26
naliothXira: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoundProblemsHoary04:26
goldfishctcp version me :)04:26
nybbleKyral: who is?04:26
=== virgule [~virgule@modemcable247.67-81-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== xMaximex [~xmaximex@modemcable186.214-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Kyral>Tom89< CTCP VERSION04:27
Kyral-Tom89- VERSION irssi v0.8.9 - running on OpenBSD sparc6404:27
nybbleon a sparc..04:27
goldfishtry me !!!04:27
nybblego him04:27
Tom89I'm horribly bored...04:27
Xiranalioth: thx..04:27
unomeguys, root shouldnt be in sudoers list or am I wrong?04:27
Xirawhich pics?04:27
naliothunome: nope04:27
Kyralgoldfish, lol how do you do that?04:27
unomenalioth thanks04:27
naliothunome: not sposed to be there04:27
nybblenice version goldfish04:27
unomegotcha :)04:27
naliothKyral: what did it say?04:27
goldfishKyral: irssi variable.04:28
nybble-goldfish- VERSION You have just been h4x0r3d04:28
goldfishnybble: :)04:28
=== Kyral hits Tom89 with a Linuxmaehamaeha
=== Tom89 needs more beer
KyralAny idea on how to do that for XChat?04:28
=== nybble throws a linksys router at tom89
=== freex_ [~freex@] has joined #ubuntu
naliothKyral: do you see the power of irssi?04:28
nybblea BEFW11S4 to be exact04:28
Tom89chix dig irssi04:28
=== Kyral makes Tom89 use WinMe
=== elam [~elh@rrcs-65-31-70-38.central.biz.rr.com] has left #ubuntu []
Tom89no no no no!04:29
goldfishKyral: yeah, sudo apt-get irssi-text && sudo apt-get remove xchat --purge04:29
=== gus [~gus@] has joined #ubuntu
goldfish+ install in there somewhere04:29
=== xMaximex [~xmaximex@modemcable186.214-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
gbicTom89: Ultra?04:29
Tom89gbic: Ultra 1004:29
Tom89nice little box04:29
gbicI have one of those as my gteway04:29
=== Kyral makes Tom89 read the source code for WinMe
Xiranalioth: none of those seem to work, it seems my sound device has disapered04:29
James_WardLooks like dist-upgrade upgraded pcmcia but not the kernel.04:29
Xirai get no sound globally04:29
gbicT1 as my AppGate server04:29
KyralCower in FEAR TROLL!04:29
nybblethe word "box" is bringing dark thoughts to my mind04:29
=== Tom89 twitches
gbicNow to convince my wife I need a Fire04:30
James_WardI think I'll give up for today.04:30
Tom89Sun makes some nice hardware04:30
James_WardThanks all!04:30
HrdwrBoBhow do I make nautilus work the way it's supposed to again?04:30
naliothXira: i'll keep a look out for it  ;)04:30
gbicBut love, I require 8 CPU's to load balance all my apps.04:30
=== Kyral replaces Tom89's internet browser with a beta of IE7!!
HrdwrBoBie: don't close the window I came from04:30
=== James_Ward [~jeward@] has left #ubuntu []
Xirait was working fine04:30
=== Tom89 slaps Kyral
KyralI am really bored04:30
nybbleme too04:30
gbicgo read some man pages then04:31
KyralI know I know04:31
nybblenotably 'man woman'04:31
KyralActually I have this RP thingy I have to do but am putting it off04:31
KyralI want that shirt....04:31
nybbleatleast 'man man' is something04:31
gbicman "the man"04:31
KyralI could prolly put something in my bash_alias...04:32
nybblei love the default page for apache in ubuntu04:32
nybble'Move along, nothing to see here... :-)'04:32
luminerdhow much impact would oeimport.dll and usbport.sys have on a windows install?04:33
gbicI think youre lost luminerd04:33
nybbleyes, you are04:33
gbicOh, my fault, this IS #windows04:33
nybbleyes, join #windows04:34
=== Tom89 twitches
luminerd...I'm in the middle of setting up a dual boot man04:34
nybbledual boot man pages?04:34
unomeI *am* wrong root should be in the sudoers list hehe04:34
unomeroot is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.04:34
gbicI'm almost sure usbport.sys is a needed file04:35
gbicnot sure about oem*04:35
nybbleoe import.dll04:35
gbicahh yes04:35
nybblesome sort of importing04:35
nybbleor such04:35
gbicoutlook express import04:35
gbicis my guess04:35
=== freddy_ [~freddy@] has joined #ubuntu
nybbleor its exporting your info to MS04:35
nybblei second that, gbic04:35
gbicperhaps it's the file that generates bsod04:36
naliothfreddy_: ok now, everythings cool...04:36
gbicyay freddy_04:36
freddy_i am almost getting an orgasm04:36
gbicnow secure it for god sake04:36
KyralI think we should jump into #windows going "MSN Spaces Ripped off the Ubuntu Logo!!"04:36
=== lilian [~lilian@] has joined #ubuntu
nybbleor do what i do, run an unsecure one, and a secured one04:37
freddy_what do you mean secure it?04:37
gbicrun a nice honeypot04:37
=== Xira [~nicholas@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
gbicuse encryption04:37
freddy_i dont wanna go doing the WEP crap..maybe i fuk it up =/04:37
liliantheres something weird...i typr "su" and then my password...but it says its wrong..and its not wrong04:37
freddy_lilian, sudo -s04:37
XiraHi guys, I have a problem. My sources.list file is a few months old, as this computer hasn't been used in awhiel. It seems all the nerim mirrors are nolonger. What are I to replace these mirrors with?04:38
lilianohh thanks freddy_   im a newbie04:38
Kyraland yes, I have found uses for the Windows keys on my keyboard!04:38
freddy_lilian, np04:38
XiraWhat am I supposed to look up on there?04:38
XiraThat's like giving me al ink to google.com04:38
freddy_omfg omfgomfgomsfdgosaemrg43qeoghn5o53 im on the BATHROOM WITH LINUX!!!!!!!!04:38
gbicuse your imagination04:38
KyralI mapped the left one to Workspace 1 and the right one to Workspace 204:38
gbicstop and breathe for a second04:39
gbicand relook at your QUESTION04:39
=== stisev [~stisev@64-121-92-140.c3-0.sfo-ubr1.sfrn-sfo.ca.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== allio_ [~omfg@202-169-215-101.megapass.worldnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Kyralnow, if only I could get the Menu key to open the GNOME Menus04:39
stisevHi all04:39
stisevHi tiglionabbit:04:39
jasmuzfreddy_: calm down!04:39
freddy_omg....this is amazing04:39
freddy_i swear to god im on the bathroom with linux04:39
freddy_after all this years trying to04:39
stisevfreddy: eh?04:39
freddy_god damn distro04:39
nalioths_doglilian: You can read all about root/sudo issues on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/RootSudo04:39
gbicyou are the first one04:39
=== JDigital_ [~jdigital@host81-153-145-41.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
freddy_i am getting an orgarsm04:39
gbicgood thing youre in the can huh04:40
goldfishmy wireless connection dies when i go into my bathroom :/04:40
Tom89that's too weird....04:40
naliothfreddy_: well you're in the right place for it04:40
=== arentie [~marndt@CPE-69-23-109-1.new.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
freddy_nalioth, LOL04:40
freddy_i love you guys04:40
Xiragbic: no mention of it there04:40
jasmuzfreddy_: you can take a load off and chat at the same time!04:40
freddy_and what was the thing that helped me to get it working?04:40
KyralI wanna have sex and use Linux at the same time....04:40
jasmuzgoldfish: make yourself an Wifi antenna04:41
freddy_that ONE!04:41
chibifsDoes anyone know of a gnome-kde icon conversion script? It's taking too long to symlink these. ._.04:41
Kyraloh wait...I already do04:41
freddy_goldfish, it is so awesome...linux and the bathroom04:41
freddy_so cool04:41
arentiemy computer doesn't hibernate after I've installed my wifi...can someone help?04:41
gbicI made myself a 14db gain antenna for my orinoco04:41
goldfishjasmuz: haha04:41
nalioths_doggbic: Please do not advise ubuntuguide.  Advise https://wiki.ubuntu.com instead.  Item 3 here explains why https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewUsersNetworkGuidelines04:41
gbicmy bad04:42
=== xMaximex [~xmaximex@modemcable186.214-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
freddy_ubuntuguide is bad?04:42
naliothfreddy_: read the URL04:42
jasmuzgoldfish: im going to make one...just to "sniff" packets that might be floating around04:42
naliothjasmuz: in the bathroom?04:42
freddy_this is fucking hilarious....now im running out of batterie.....*sigh*04:42
=== xMaximex [~xmaximex@modemcable186.214-200-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishjasmuz: cool04:43
=== vipernicus [~vipernicu@h206.47.255.206.cable.lngv.cablelynx.com] has joined #ubuntu
KyralPLUG IT IN!!04:43
=== adwait [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
Kyral......its a really odd experiance when you have an A/C vent right behind the tiolet......04:43
freddy_i love ubuntu...now i have to play with themes to make it look good04:43
adwaithello all04:43
vipernicuswhat are the steps in setting up a custom kernel for ubuntu, i've tried rolling my own 2.6.12, but it will not boot04:43
jasmuznalioth: nope...around my area...not into the bathroom04:44
vipernicusare there any special options for mkinitrd?04:44
KyralFreddy sudo apt-get install gnome-themes-extra04:44
naliothjasmuz: heh04:44
Kyralor something like that04:44
Daveyfreddy: I find the Clearsky + Deepblue Color == awesome ::D04:44
freddy_jasmuz, woah...around your "area"?04:44
freddy_do you guys know if there is anyways to make the fonts look better?04:45
luminerdcan I boot off of a cd-rw?04:45
freddy_the render seems a little odd04:45
Xira99% [Connecting to ubuntu-backports.mirrormax.net (
Xiraits stuck04:45
goldfishfreddy_: some guides on ubuntuforums.org04:45
=== ttyS0 [blitz@chules.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddy_oh..then im right...im not crazy right? they do look a bit odd?04:45
adwaitluminerd: yes u can, provided it is a bootable cd04:46
Xirahelp? >.>04:46
naliothluminerd: yes04:46
luminerdsweet thanks04:46
naliothgoldfish: do i have to put the dog on ya?04:46
naliothXira: dont use BP04:46
Xirawhat do i use then04:46
=== UrbanFox [~urbanfox@68-118-240-62.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== aethyr [~aethyr@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nomasteryoda [~nomastery@ip24-252-193-86.mc.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Exposure [~exposure@a80-126-234-67.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== TongMaster [~TongMaste@157.besecure.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
stisevSo what are some must-have apps for Linux (ubuntu)04:46
jasmuzlocal wardriving04:46
=== willy [~willy@p54B0F8BD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddy_gnome-themes-extra....no such package04:47
stisevI like KDE04:47
=== user00265 [~dragon@user00265.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
Kyralfreddy_, apt-cache search themes04:47
naliothXira: what are you after?04:47
goldfishnalioth: am i not allowed recommend ubuntuforums ? :)04:47
Kyralits in there, I know I didn't have the right package04:47
Xiraapt-get update04:47
freddy_freddy has quit?04:47
freddy_what the..04:48
goldfishhe has.04:48
Kyralstisev, azureus, gdesklets (NO DATA PACKAGE!!)04:48
freddy_Kyral, woah...that brought a lot of stuff hehe04:48
=== bpuccio [~brian@ool-457a9d77.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mobiGeek [~chatzilla@CPEc2cdc91b1d31-CM000f212f9e50.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Xira          [~chatzilla@CPEc2cdc91b1d31-CM000f212f9e50.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] 04:48
Xira          has joined #ubuntu04:48
Xira19:48 -!- rcliii [~rcliii@cpe-65-26-15804:48
Xira          [~chatzilla@CPEc2cdc91b1d31-CM000f212f9e50.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] 04:48
Xira          has joined #ubuntu04:48
naliothgoldfish: not with my glasses off04:48
goldfishnalioth: hehe.04:48
naliothgoldfish: sorry04:48
=== rcliii [~rcliii@cpe-65-26-158-102.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
mobiGeekmorning folks!04:49
naliothXira: what program are you after?04:49
adwait,orning ,obgeek04:49
naliothXira: just use the official repos04:49
goldfishnalioth: np.04:49
gbiche just wants to update04:49
Xiraim just trying ti fscking apt-get update04:49
Xiraand im getting nothing but problems04:49
gbicnot install one particular pkg04:49
mobiGeekI am new to debian/ubuntu distros.  I need to rebuild php4 (I have a 3rd party module), so i pulled down the source with   "apt-get source php4".   Where does the source go?  is there a way to get a listing for this pkg?04:49
naliothXira: use just official repos04:49
Xirai just followed ubuntuguides to replaces my sources.list04:49
Xiraand im getting that04:49
naliothXira: OH!04:50
naliothXira: ubuntuguide is satan04:50
goldfishXira: they are not official repos.04:50
nalioths_dogXira: For a ready-to-use sources.list with all official Ubuntu repositories, go to paste.ubuntulinux.nl/3804:50
KyralBackports IS STABLE!!04:50
goldfishubuntuguide sucks and causes problems.04:50
=== auk [~scott@h-69-3-183-86.lsanca54.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xiraall of the non-offical repos dont have a lot of software04:50
Xiraso wtf04:50
=== Kyral changes his nick to "Official Defender Of Ubuntu Backports"
Xirai boot up my 2 month hoary instalation04:50
Xirano worky04:50
Xirai replace04:50
Xirano worky04:50
Xiraso wtf am i to do04:50
naliothXira: WHAT are you after?04:51
=== shaman [~xxxxxxxxx@] has joined #ubuntu
=== shaman [~xxxxxxxxx@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
Kyral...have you been using sudo apt-get update?04:51
goldfishapt-get update --heterosexual04:51
=== jayparadise05 [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
gbicjust retry apt04:51
Kyralwhat? Valid question04:51
Xiranot you04:51
=== gpfreitas [~chatzilla@200-140-164-126.bsace7024.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
gbicwith short attention spans04:52
=== XIra [~XIra@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddy_and i need some icons...jeez...i dont like this ones so much04:52
stisevDoes anyone know if enemy territory will run on Ubuntu?04:52
naliothXIra: how long have you been using the sources from ubuntuguide?04:52
XIraI *just* replaced it. The ones I had before were broken as well04:52
Sophisticationstisev, yes04:52
Kyralnow sudo apt-get update04:52
gpfreitasJust to be sure: any known problem between Ubuntu and Windows XP SP2? (This is my dad's machine...)04:52
Kyralthen sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:52
goldfishmobiGeek: can u not just apt-get install php4 ?04:53
stisevSophistication: will this one work04:53
freddy_something like THIS is nice http://www.linuxpeach.com/menus_icons.png04:53
mobiGeekgoldfish: no, 3rd paryt app needs to be compiled against the php4 source.04:53
naliothXIra: prolonged use of nonofficial repos will lead to a box that cant go forwards or backwards04:53
Sophisticationstisev, http://www.3dgamers.com/dlselect/games/wolfensteinet/et-linux-2.60.x86.run.html04:53
XIrai just followed ubuntuguides04:53
XIraand i update04:53
XIraand thats what happened04:53
XIrabefore you ask04:53
XIraread the link04:53
Kyralnot found04:53
goldfishmobiGeek: /usr/src/ maybe...04:53
=== majic [~majic@nc-69-69-52-5.sta.sprint-hsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
mobiGeekhow do I find out what files are included with an apt-get'ed package?04:53
XIrarafb is broken04:53
mobiGeekgoldfish: no, no code in /usr/src other than the kernel04:54
gpfreitasstisev: I've run it on a Debian Woody box, so you should be able to run it on ubuntu.04:54
bpucciofreddy_: hmm, that is nice looking04:54
goldfishmobiGeek: ah right, sorry, just a guess :/04:54
goldfishnalioth: where does source go after a apt-get source moo04:54
majicI just installed Ubuntu 5.04, all was well. I did the upgrade which said there was 22 packages to install. They installed fine, now Gnome refuses to start. I'm gonna try searching for this on the forums.04:54
lilianhow can i know the directory where my firefox is, so i can install the java plugin in the right directory04:54
freddy_bpuccio, hells yeah...i want something like that lol04:54
naliothgoldfish: /var/apt/cache/somewhere in here04:54
=== satyarso [~ws6@] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishlilian: 'locate firefox'04:55
Sophisticationstisev, Also you might wanna grab Enemey Territory Fortress as well -- http://www.etfgame.com/files/mirrors/etf_15_linux.shtml04:55
bpucciofreddy_: yeah, the icon theme is nice, I'd like that04:55
stisevgpfreitas: How do I know if it's compatible with Ubuntu (Debian)04:55
=== do_ [~do@] has joined #ubuntu
goldfishmobiGeek: /var/apt/cache/somewhere in here04:55
goldfishnalioth: thanks.04:55
freddy_but woah...i think i found my theme04:55
stisevSophistication: Is there a way to tell if the package I'm downloading is compatible with my system04:55
XIranalioth, http://pastebin.com/30709204:55
stisevSophistication: just by looking at the file/04:55
Sophisticationstisev, I play ET & etf in ubuntu's latest.04:55
XIraKyral, http://pastebin.com/30709204:55
gbicxian, duplicate entries ....04:55
=== Tom89 [~EB@5612ab288d3964c9.session.tor] has left #ubuntu ["its]
Kyralis ET Single player?04:55
Sophisticationstisev, yes it will be04:55
=== XIra is now known as Xira
SophisticationKyral, MMOP04:55
gbicw/e your impatient nick is04:56
stisevSophistication: aren't there different flavors of ET? one for redhat,etc.04:56
=== qt2 [~qt2@pool-68-238-56-102.port.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
gpfreitasstisev: I really never checked if it was compatible with Debian, I just installed the NVIDIA driver, installed and ran it.04:56
adwaitmobigeek: or maybe /var/spool/apt/...04:56
XiraI just pasted what was there on ubuntuguides04:56
Xirabut apperantly they're wrong04:56
=== hyphenated [~cgilmour@] has joined #ubuntu
Xiraand so is everything else04:56
Kyralhmm, compared to HALO?04:56
Xiraso what am i supposed to do04:56
naliothXira: how long have you been using that list?04:56
SophisticationKyral, I play Multiplayer on a 64 player server04:56
gbicmine works fine04:56
XiraI said already nalioth04:56
goldfishmajic: i've heard removing ~/.gnome might slove the problem....04:56
Xiraseveral times04:56
gbicso Ill assume you mucked something up04:56
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@AC9FA6F8.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
Xirai just replaced them. and they were broken before i replaced them04:56
Sophisticationstisev, no 1 linux et file for all distros .04:56
KyralXira....it updated fine....04:56
Xiragbic, look04:56
gbicI dont need to look , I already see04:57
Xirai stopped booting to ubuntu for 3 months or so04:57
Xirai boot back04:57
naliothXira: debian pkgs dont play nice with ubuntu04:57
Xiraand nerim is gone04:57
gbictry upgrade now04:57
Xiradon't you understand!?04:57
naliothXira: what is people.debian.org?04:57
gbicapt-get upgrade04:57
gbiclet it run04:57
gbicgo grab a valium04:57
Kyralgod I want to SMACK this guy now04:57
gbicand some herbal tea04:57
Xirai just did gbic04:57
Xirayou don't listen04:57
stisevSophistication: acknowledged. thanks.04:58
KyralXira shaddup and listen04:58
gbicgod youre about as usefull as tits on a bull son04:58
Kyralit WORKED04:58
bpucciostisev: are you an Arstechnica guy?04:58
Kyralnow issue sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:58
KyralNO QUESTIONS!!04:58
stisevbpuccio: yep :)04:58
stisevbpuccio: Hi Brian04:58
gbicIm off to do my lids setup04:58
KyralI know its cliche, but you won't like me when I'm angry04:59
stisevbpuccio: You an Arsina?04:59
stisever bpuccio : Arsian?04:59
bpucciostisev: was, no longer there, been a long time04:59
Xirawhy bother :/04:59
KyralDid you do it?04:59
freddy_omfg this is the distro man04:59
freddy_the distro04:59
freddy_i mean04:59
freddy_the distro04:59
Amaranthanother week away from home04:59
Kyraland what happened?04:59
Amaranthi should go buy a modem04:59
Xirait upgraded04:59
Xirai did this about an hour ago04:59
Kyralty :D04:59
adwaitAmarnath: u indian04:59
KyralNow what thing do you want to install?05:00
Amaranthadwait: No, but I've been told my name is.05:00
mobiGeekOMG: "apt-get source php4"  downloads and extracts the tarball to the current directory ???05:00
AmaranthmobiGeek: Yes.05:00
Xira.. I just want to update my apt-get lists/mirrors by using apt-get update..............05:00
Xiraupdate != upgrade05:00
Daveywho the heck is still using PHP4? :)05:00
AmaranthDavey: Ubuntu users05:00
=== Kyral smacks Xira upside the head
=== mobiGeek raises his hand
DaveyAmaranth: lame ;)05:00
KyralThat WORKED!!!05:00
seth_kbut true :P05:00
AmaranthXira: What is the error, what is in your sources.list?05:00
DaveyAmaranth: I got PHP5 working just fine :)05:00
Xiraupgrade is not update05:00
DaveyAmaranth: heck, I'm using CVS HEAD as of 5 minutes ago :)05:01
Amaranthadwait: Know what it means?05:01
XiraAmaranth, I am using the sources.list from ubuntu guide, the error is here:05:01
KyralAmaranth, he is getting Duplicate Entry errors on Updating05:01
mobiGeekDavey: Ubuntu CVS head or PHP ?05:01
naliothAmaranth: here http://pastebin.com/30709205:01
KyralI'm trying to tell him that it still updated....05:01
=== gpfreitas [~chatzilla@200-140-164-126.bsace7024.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has left #ubuntu []
DaveymobiGeek: PHP05:01
=== majic [~majic@nc-69-69-52-5.sta.sprint-hsd.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== ttyS0 [blitz@chules.net] has joined #ubuntu
mobiGeekoh brother...05:01
mobiGeekbleeding edge is not what I need right now.05:01
DaveymobiGeek: I know what I'm doing ;)05:01
mobiGeekSo do I, but my customers won't.05:02
adwaitAmarnath: It actually is a place in india............and literally means "Immortal Master" or something like that...(Amar = Immortal, Nath =Master (I think))05:02
DaveymobiGeek: hehe05:02
freddy_now....i have no sound on firefox05:02
DaveymobiGeek: luckily my boss trusts me :)05:02
freddy_this is weird05:02
Xiraim running an apt-get upgrade right now05:02
AmaranthXira: Post your sources.list, I'll post a correct version.05:02
=== rasputnik [3931ll-be-@cpc2-cdif2-3-1-cust41.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
XiraAmaranth, yessir05:02
naliothfreddy_: use galeon, epiphany or kazehakaze (or pick from the dozens of web browsers available)05:02
naliothfreddy_: firefox kinda sux05:02
freddy_Amaranth, what the heck? i have a theme on gnome with your name lol05:03
naliothXira: Amaranth is gonna tell you what we've been telling you05:03
freddy_nalioth, really? :(05:03
Amaranthfreddy_: Heh, I hate that theme.05:03
freddy_is it yours?05:03
freddy_you amde it?05:03
mobiGeekfirefox is just fine.  what exactly sux about it?05:03
goldfishfreddy_: opera is nice.05:03
goldfishmobiGeek: slow.05:03
=== Amaranth stabs opera
Amaranththat guy lied05:03
stisevI LOVE opera05:03
mobiGeekslow?  you on dial-up/05:04
naliothmobiGeek: some users find it .. .. sucking (as in memory, and CPU)05:04
Amaranththeir CEO had better be swimming05:04
KyralAmaranth, you should I have seen it, we had a guy going "is Ubuntu like Linux" and he ran irssi on OpenBSD on Sparc05:04
freddy_im just having a problem with no sound on it thats it05:04
XiraAmaranth, http://synchronizedesigns.us/sources.list05:04
goldfishmobiGeek: 2 meg line.05:04
AmaranthKyral: haha05:04
=== adwait is bored
=== IceDC571 is bored
XiraAmaranth, ?05:07
ubotuI guess ubuntu is http://www.ubuntolinux.org or FAQ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/05:07
=== mannyc [~Manny@matht456.maths.unsw.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthXira: http://rafb.net/paste/results/OtFh2d78.html05:07
nalioth!info wget breezy05:07
freddy_now whats the gnome default browser?05:07
ubotuwget: (retrieves files from the web), section web, is standard. Version: 1.9.1-10ubuntu2 (breezy), Packaged size: 196 kB, Installed size: 1476 kB05:07
XiraAmaranth, replace mine with that?05:07
IceDC571freddy_: firefox05:07
=== desplesda [~desplesda@CPE-143-238-232-21.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthXira: Yep.05:07
freddy_IceDC571, lol05:07
naliothfreddy_: gnomes default? probably galeon or epiphany05:07
freddy_i think its epiphany05:07
Kyral!info galeon05:07
ubotugaleon: (GNOME web browser for advanced users), section universe/gnome, is optional. Version: 1.3.20-1ubuntu4 (hoary), Packaged size: 671 kB, Installed size: 1560 kB05:07
XiraAmaranth, thank you kind sir ;.05:07
=== Kyral dead pans
freddy_when i used to use mandrake...it came with epiphany05:08
IceDC571well at least the default in ubuntu is firefox05:08
Amaranthfreddy_: GNOME default is epiphany05:08
nalioth!info prozilla breezy05:08
Kyralisn't that what we were telling him?05:08
freddy_IceDC571, yup, and thats what matters actually thanks05:08
Kyral!info epiphany05:08
AmaranthKyral: Sometimes examples work better than instructions.05:08
ubotuepiphany: (Clone of BoulderDash Game), section universe/games, is optional. Version: 0.5.1-1 (hoary), Packaged size: 576 kB, Installed size: 2260 kB05:08
naliothprozilla is not in breezy?05:08
freddy_why the heck i dont get sound in firefox..thats kinda odd man05:08
Xirahow is breezy btw?05:08
Kyralin a bad way05:08
naliothfreddy_: go back to that sound URL on the wiki05:09
AmaranthX is going through the final transition05:09
Amaranthwell, hopefully the final transition05:09
adwaitfreddy_: sound where? flash?05:09
=== archive [~archive@81-178-225-173.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
freddy_oh...lemme see if i can find it again nalioth05:09
KyralSo once that is done, Breezy != very broken?05:09
freddy_adwait, yes05:09
=== ben0ne [~ben0ne@200217086022.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthKyral: Heh, probably not.05:09
AmaranthKyral: Lots of apps made stupid assumptions about X.05:09
nalioth!info proz-gui05:10
XiraI ordered some more CDs a few weeks ago. Will they be Breezy?05:10
naliothno prozilla comes with ubuntu?05:10
KyralSo, we have to wait until Oct...05:10
archivei am wondering if you can help... i'm sorry for barging in like this, but i have an issue with warty i can't solve... sure is simple...05:10
naliothXira: probably not05:10
goldfisharchive: ask away05:10
naliotharchive: you arent barging in05:10
=== desplesda [~desplesda@CPE-143-238-232-21.vic.bigpond.net.au] has left #ubuntu [""]
archivemy sound device is somehow not recognised05:10
Amarantharchive: Ouch, no one here uses warty anymore. :)05:10
KyralI'm gonna friggin' laugh if it comes out on the 4th(My Birthday)05:10
Xirawell the last time i ordered cds05:10
Xirait took like05:10
Xira3-4 months05:10
Xiraat least05:10
adwaitfreddy_: try tht link05:11
Xiraso im wondering if they'll be breezy or not05:11
AmaranthXira: I ordered mine the day hoary released and haven't gotten them yet. Be patient.05:11
=== nybble [~nybble@d36-29-58.home1.cgocable.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
archiveis there anyway you could help me figure this out as i'm trying to get a machine together asap05:11
AmaranthXira: They will be hoary.05:11
=== Syedburns [~Sye@ip70-186-22-171.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
XiraI got my first set05:11
archivefor g8radio05:11
=== jasoncohen [~jason@pcp0011382713pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
XiraWhich are hoary05:11
XiraI just ordered another set a few weeks ago05:11
jasoncohenhow do i enable DMA on my dvd-rom drive permenantly?05:11
XiraI ordered my set before Hoary went Final05:11
Xiraand when I got my cds05:11
adwaitarchive: g8radio? i assume thts a streaming site?05:11
Xirathey were hoary final05:11
IceDC571yeah mine took 3-4 months and it was Hoary, i think i ordered them right when hoary came out05:11
archiveyes, but from my title you may imagine i am not streaming. i'm just trying to put another box here05:12
archivebut we want sound on it, so as to be a bit multifucntional05:12
archivein our context ;)05:12
Kyralarchive: Upgrade to Hoary05:12
adwaitarchive: right..........not sure what the problem is? sound not wokring/05:12
XiraBy the way, is there anyway I can make (excuse my poor terminalology) non-X have a larger resolution? (the screen when X is not on, pure terminal)05:12
archivewould rather try to fix without 3 your upgrade if poss05:13
IceDC571i think i'll add sound to my refridgerator, so i when i open it i hear streaming radio05:13
archiveadwait: e.g from xmms05:13
stisevAnyone using Opera here05:13
naliothIceDC571: samsung has beaten you to that, i believe05:13
gbicLG has it also05:13
adwaitIceDC571: shouldnt be difficult......place a speaker in there and ur on05:13
Xirano, opera suxor05:13
=== ttyS0 [blitz@chules.net] has joined #ubuntu
stisevopera sucks?05:13
freddy_adwait, holy....thanks man05:13
goldfisharchive: in prefences goto output plugin and change it to alsa, see if it works05:13
adwaitarchive: ok.....well have u installed gstreamer?05:14
=== seth_k is away: food
adwaitfreddy_: quick reply :D05:14
mobiGeekFrom which package does one get apxs ??05:14
freddy_adwait, i love you05:14
Xiraits all about Deer Park05:14
archive'make sureyour soundcard is configured correctly, you have the correct output plugin selected, no other prog is blocking the sound card'.05:14
=== HaroldJohnson [~harold@pool-71-106-94-146.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddy_jesus i have so much to write down05:14
archivegoldfish: have donne - same result05:14
naliothXira: Deer Park?05:14
archiveadwait: no05:14
adwaitarchive: go to preferences and choose esound05:14
HaroldJohnsonHello everyone05:14
gbicnew mozilla beta05:14
goldfisharchive: have u tried the other output options available?05:14
archiveadwait - same result05:14
Kyralnalioth, the FireFox Beta05:14
naliothKyral: xira: ah05:14
HaroldJohnsonI'm surprised to find so many here05:14
=== nalioth doesnt use FF
KyralWTF? Galeon depends on Mozilla-Browser05:15
=== geesus [~paul@220-244-218-250-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthKyral: Yep, it uses the mozilla engine05:15
HaroldJohnsonI'm trying to install Ubuntu on an Old World PowerBook05:15
XiraKyral, ep..05:15
naliothKyral: and so does galeon, and kazehakase and others05:15
Xirait uses gecko05:15
geesusHi. Theres a bug in ubuntu, who do I have to sleep with to fast-track its fixing? :D05:15
adwaitarchive: hmm.....are the other sounds wokring? like the sounds when u click the icons in ubuntu etc.?05:15
naliothHaroldJohnson: wow, you're hardcore05:15
Kyraland are the backports down?05:15
freddy_ any of you guys know how to add plugins to totem? or you guys hate totem?05:15
HaroldJohnsonNo, seriously - can anyone help?05:15
archiveadwait, goldfish - have tried other output plging the only one that does not complain is diskwriter, but i am imagining this does not do what i want!05:15
=== zerboxx [~zerboxx@d57-203-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthKyral: Seems like mirrormax is at least.05:15
mobiGeekFrom which package does one get apxs ??05:15
Kyral!info apxs05:15
IceDC571lol Kyral05:16
adwaitarchive: there are 4 plugins, alsa, OSS, esd05:16
IceDC571go to google and search for it05:16
AmaranthmobiGeek: apt-file will tell you05:16
IceDC571it isnt that hard05:16
KyralI'm lazy!05:16
mobiGeekAmaranth: thanks.05:16
Xirathanks for the help again araw1-05:16
naliothHaroldJohnson: hang on a minute05:16
Xiralol >.>05:16
Xirablame autocomplete :P05:16
archiveadwait: see above - none work05:16
mobiGeekAmaranth: and where do I get apt-file ?05:17
AmaranthmobiGeek: sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update && apt-file search apxs05:17
adwaitarchive: hmm k05:17
archivei do not have a /dev/dsp05:17
mobiGeekAmaranth: cool, thanks!05:17
archiveis this expected?05:17
jasoncohenanyone know how to permenantly enable DMA on a drive? i set dma = on in /etc/hdparm.conf but it didn't stick05:17
AmaranthmobiGeek: At least I think that'll do it, I'm not on an ubuntu machine (buying a modem tomorrow)05:17
KyralThey should use a rotating server kinda thingy for Backports, like you go to one addy and it randomly sends you to one of the other servers05:17
=== jasmuz [~jasmuz@94sdl30m44.codetel.net.do] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthKyral: round robin DNS?05:17
XiraI'm having problems with my sound too05:18
XiraIt.. stopped working05:18
AmaranthKyral: Start a thread in their subforum.05:18
adwaitarchive: i dont hv it either........so i guess its fine05:18
KyralAmaranth, if that means what I said, yes05:18
IceDC571thats like trying to go to irc.freenode.net, it randomly gets you to a mirror05:18
mobiGeekAmaranth: Couldn't find package apt-file05:18
goldfishjasoncohen: thats where u set it, there's some examples on ubuntuforums.org  , i cant remember how to do it off-hand.05:18
XiraAnd when I try to start up artsd, it says it can't open /dev/dsp05:18
XiraI don't know what happened05:18
AmaranthmobiGeek: Ok, it's got a similar name.05:18
XiraBut I'd love to have sound again!05:18
AmaranthmobiGeek: search for it05:18
geesushow do I check\set my locale ?05:18
archivexira  - its the sound problem day here!05:19
Amaranthgeesus: /etc/environment05:19
geesusAmaranth: thank you :)05:19
IceDC571what do you think is the best sound card for linux?05:20
Amaranthdoes anyone know of any modems that you know work with ubuntu05:20
archiveso what does ubuntu call its sound devices?05:20
XiraSigh, does anyone know how to make ubuntu reconfigure my sound config?05:20
IceDC571Amaranth: modems as in dial up?05:20
stisevHey guys05:21
gbicis esd running?05:21
stisevHow do I install 'et-linux-2.60.x86.run"05:21
stisevIt's not a .deb so I can't use dpkg05:21
gbicchmod +x blah.run05:21
AmaranthIceDC571: Yeah.05:21
gbicthen /.blah.run05:21
Xiraroot@evermore:~# esd05:21
XiraALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:868:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave05:21
=== aru [~aru@65-100-8-71.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xirai dont think so05:22
adwaitcan somebody tell me quick how to add an xmms skin to it, after downloading the gz file?05:22
gbicps aux | grep esd05:22
mobiGeekxira:  ps -ef | grep esd05:22
archiveso i am clueless as to what my problem is, or how to go about solving it....05:22
Xiraroot@evermore:~# ps aux | grep esd05:22
Xiraroot     13256  0.0  0.0   2908   636 pts/0    R+   20:22   0:00 grep esd05:22
=== freex_ is now known as aatim
goldfishadwait: extract it to ~/.xmms/skins i think is the way05:22
archiveis there and alsaconfig thingy? how do i know if i'm using oss or alsa? or neither?05:22
Xiraroot@evermore:~# ps -ef | grep esd05:22
Xiraroot     13262  9177  0 20:22 pts/0    00:00:00 grep esd05:22
virguleI would put them in /usr/share/xmms/Skins05:22
stisevgbic: hey05:22
stisevgbic: I tried chmod +x et-l*.run05:23
stisevgbic: but it didn't do anything05:23
virguleno news is good news05:23
gbicdid you run it?05:23
gbicsh blah.run05:23
aruI used gparted to format my two other drives but now I need to make them mount in /home/aru, does this need to be done manually or is there a program for it?05:23
Xiragbic, so?05:23
=== Xaqueth [~doesnt@dsl-tregw1k51.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
stisevit's uncompressing now05:24
gbicone sec05:24
stisevExtraction failed.05:24
stisevSignal caught, cleaning up05:24
gbictoo many open windows05:24
naliotharu: what filessystme are the 2 new drives?05:24
stisevgbic: Private message OK?05:24
arunalioth: ext305:24
gbicwhat is the .run ?05:24
aruI tried to format and mount them during the install but it wouldnt let me05:24
naliotharu: a simple addition to the fstab should suffice05:24
adwaitok yup..tht was it goldfish thanks05:24
stisevgbic: No idea05:24
archivehow does one add modules in 2.6 kernels... modconf was a 2.4 phenomenon, i believe... is there a replacement?05:25
arualright, thanks05:25
goldfishadwait: np05:25
gbicyou have no idea as to what you are going to potentially install??05:25
Kyralarchive, modprobe?05:25
gbicwhat kind of card is it05:25
XiraIt's an integrated intel card, worked great with ubuntu05:26
=== AlexMBas [~AlexMBas@] has joined #ubuntu
gbictry modprobe snd-*05:26
archiveKyral i t seems i have to know the names in advance.. this seems like a step backwards05:26
Xiraroot@evermore:~# modprobe snd-*05:26
XiraFATAL: Module snd_* not found.05:26
XiraIt's an Intel 82801DB-ICH405:26
archive modprobe snd-*05:26
archiveFATAL: Module snd_* not found.05:26
gbicmy bad typing05:27
gbicopen up /etc/modules05:27
archivei also have some intel something... how do i find out?05:27
adwaithmm........i cant decide between xmms and rhythmbox........any idea which one is better?05:27
gbicdo you see anything realting to your snd05:27
archivemodprobe snd_*05:27
archiveFATAL: Module snd_* not found.05:27
Xiraroot@evermore:~# /etc/modules05:27
Xirabash: /etc/modules: Permission denied05:27
goldfishadwait: beep-media-player05:27
goldfishadwait: is my preffered app.05:27
gbicvi /etc/modules05:27
Xiraim in05:28
=== CRasH180 [~NoThanks@adsl-32-202-199.bna.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
adwaithmm....i guess ill try tht too goldfish05:28
=== AlexMBas [~AlexMBas@] has joined #ubuntu
gbic sudo lsmod | grep snd05:28
adwaitno way to skin rhythmbox is there?05:29
IceDC571adwait: no05:29
freddy_i would like to know too05:29
archivesnd_intel8x0           33068  005:29
archivesnd_ac97_codec         59268  1 snd_intel8x005:29
archivesnd_pcm_oss            48168  005:29
archivesnd_mixer_oss          16640  1 snd_pcm_oss05:29
archivesnd_pcm                85540  2 snd_intel8x0,snd_pcm_oss05:29
archivesnd_timer              23172  1 snd_pcm05:29
hondjeadwait: only by changing your gnome theme05:29
archivesnd_page_alloc         11144  2 snd_intel8x0,snd_pcm05:29
archivegameport                4736  1 snd_intel8x005:29
archivesnd_mpu401_uart         7296  1 snd_intel8x005:29
archivesnd_rawmidi            23232  1 snd_mpu401_uart05:29
archivesnd_seq_device          7944  1 snd_rawmidi05:29
archivesnd                    50660  9 snd_intel8x0,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_timer,snd_mpu401_uart,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq_device05:29
freddy_pasting = BAD05:29
archivesoundcore               9824  1 snd05:29
archivesorry, will get flood ban05:29
Xiragbic, http://rafb.net/paste/results/PqESwi84.html05:29
adwaithondje: tht really doesnt change much except te borders/title bars maybe05:29
nomasteryodaarchive, try http://pastebin.com05:29
archivesorry sorry05:30
hyphenatedarchive: content like that should go in a pastebin ;-)05:30
nomasteryodaor rafb.net05:30
adwaitarchive: pastebin.ubuntulinux.nl05:30
archiveok, i have may wris tslapped enough now05:30
=== edgeoc [~edgeoc@ool-44c04d25.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
hondjeyeah, you can't do too much with the theme05:30
nomasteryodawow, cool05:30
gbictry alsamixer05:30
hondjewell, you can, but you need a theme engine and the like05:30
Xiragbic, My card used to be in alsamixer05:30
Xirabut its not anymore05:30
=== AMDXP [~vegeta@cpe-24-160-75-238.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Xirai honestly dont know what happened05:30
=== hondje uses amaranth with w/ gartoon icons
archivealsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device05:31
goldfisharchive: run 'alsamixer' from a terminal, check stuff isnt muted.05:31
archivealsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device05:31
=== Xaqueth [~doesnt@dsl-tregw1k51.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== tenshiKur0 [~tenshiKur@S0106000d93cb5211.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
gbicboth have the same errors05:32
XiraI remeber installing this package in synaptic that combined alsa and artsd or something of that sort05:32
Xiramaybe thats it?05:32
gbiccould be05:32
XiraI just don't remember the name05:32
gbicdo you have alsa-modules installed?05:32
gbicbrb need cold glass of h2005:32
freddy_h20? thats like an explosive?05:33
XiraHow do I check?05:33
ubotuI haven't a clue, IceDC57105:33
gbicuse synaptic is you want05:33
gbich20 is WATER05:33
gbicyou fool05:33
IceDC571thats h2o05:33
freddy_h2O is water ;)05:33
XiraI have alsa-base05:34
Xirai dont see alsa-modules05:34
gbicsue me05:34
KungFuKiDh20 is acid05:34
=== nalioth is now known as nalioth_wrkn
IceDC571zero doesnt stand for oxygen.. oh god05:34
gbich20 is ubuntu juice05:34
gbicinstall it05:34
Xirai dont see it in synaptic05:34
adwaitanybody knows if i can get yahoo mesenger to use esound/alsa?05:34
=== brittle [~brittle@adsl-69-225-50-53.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
hondjewhat's better for watching streaming video online, real or .asx?05:35
KungFuKiDadwait: in wine?05:35
Xirasearching for alsa-modules in synaptic comes up with nothing05:35
archivehows that ;)05:35
CRasH1801 hydrogen + 2 zeroes = 1 hydrogen05:35
freddy_do you guys know of any appl that i can use to extract the songs of my ipod?05:35
adwaitKungFu: no......messenger for unix05:35
=== eric__ [~eric@ip68-109-3-214.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== quidam [~quidam@] has joined #ubuntu
KungFuKiDadwait, which one?05:35
archiveie no alsa-modules cos it no longer exisits05:35
Xiragbic, http://rafb.net/paste/results/IwPLFM78.html05:35
adwaitkungfukid: the yahoo messenger for unix/linux.....downloaded off the yahoo site05:36
Kyralfreddy_, I believe that gtkpod can05:36
KungFuKiDthe  official unix yahoo client doesn't support voice05:36
adwaitthe official one05:36
XiraI have alsa-utils05:36
hondjeadwait: that client sucks terribly05:36
brittleephpod is good too05:36
archiveme too05:36
KungFuKiDadwait, it doesn't support voice05:36
hondjeadwait: gaim is way better05:36
adwaitkungfukid: i know........but those sounds tht it makes whn the messages arrive........05:36
IceDC571i like to use wine and aim for direct connections05:36
archiveXira nad i sit in same boat, except mine is a new install, xira apparently had somethign running before. odd no?05:36
KungFuKiDadwait: try gaim-vv05:37
adwaitbut the other clients dont support offline messages.........05:37
archivexira what are you running? warty? hoary?05:37
Xiralatest version05:37
Xiraupgraded an hour ago05:37
KungFuKiDadwait, http://gaim-vv.sourceforge.net/05:37
=== omg [~laish@81-178-82-192.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571ohh yeah baby.. my whorey hedgehog05:38
adwaitkungfukid: going...05:38
IceDC571i love mine05:38
adwaitkungfukid: which one comes with ubuntu, preinstalled?05:38
=== toto [~will@CPE-24-167-250-116.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== jon_ [~jon@d57-203-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
KungFuKiDadwait, grab the tar ball and build it05:39
=== jon_ [~jon@d57-203-244.home.cgocable.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
adwaithmm....gaim refuses to connect05:39
=== jon_ [~jon@d57-203-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddy_time to configure my main box05:40
IceDC571adwait: maybe you're dreaming and you're not really chatting with us05:40
=== bimberi [~bimberi@DC-245-166.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #ubuntu
adwaiticedc571: huh?05:40
=== zerboxx [~zerboxx@d57-203-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
adwaiticedc571: i meant the gaim installed on the pc with uibuntu05:40
IceDC571adwait: are you connected to a proxy or firewall?05:41
adwaiticedc571: i am connected thru and adsl router which has builtin firewall05:41
=== QMario [~qmario@adsl-70-241-18-1.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net] has left #Ubuntu []
=== seth_k is back.
=== pressure_man [~pressure_@ip-202-37-228-1.internet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
pressure_manwho wants to start a bounty for a php5 package in universe or breezy/main ?05:43
mebaran151a bounty05:43
mebaran151I could make a pkg ....05:44
mebaran151if I ever took up learning to do it05:44
pressure_mani could fly a jumbo jet... if i ever took up lessons.05:44
Amaranthpressure_man: It's being worked on05:44
pressure_manAmaranth: any pre-release pkgs?05:44
Amaranthnot that i know of05:45
=== adwait [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Amaranth looks for the comment about it
=== D1 [~damian@pool-71-104-123-53.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
pressure_mani was using ones from http://people.debian.org/~dexter/ until the guy bumped up a version number in required pkgs05:45
=== ptolo [~senko@cmung143.cmu.carnet.hr] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthpressure_man: If they existed they would be for breezy.05:45
pressure_mani don't have a problem with that.05:46
airmikeywell guys is brezzy ...ready05:46
pressure_mani'm going to try building some for breezy from a deb-src on the url i mentioned above05:46
pressure_manin its entirety, no.05:46
Amaranthairmikey: Not even close, actually.05:46
pressure_manbut individual packages are ok05:46
pressure_manheck, it's probably even ok as a complete os, as long as you only do the 'server' install (no gui)05:47
Amaranthpressure_man: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=12222#c305:47
pressure_manthat's php4-mysql05:48
stisevhi all05:48
stisevCan anyone help me install Enemy Territory/05:49
stisevI downloaded "et-linux-2.60.x86.run" from an FTP site05:49
stisevdouble clicked to decompress but I keep getting this error message05:49
=== rkulagow_ [~rkulagow_@c-67-167-67-120.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthpressure_man: Read the comment...05:49
adwaitstisev; i dont think thts a compressed file........u need to run it using sudo sh <filename>05:49
pressure_manyup.. at the bottom. sounds good. i wonder how soon is soon.05:50
stisevadwait: What is .run representative of05:50
adwaitstisev: of a binary file......likewise .bin05:50
zerboxxIs there any easy way to change the permissions of a folder, and all files and folders within it?05:50
stisevadwait: Acknowledged05:50
gbicRgr that.05:50
stisevadwait: I did the Sudo sh, but it does the same thing05:50
stisevadwait: The same text that comes up in the window comes up in sudo sh05:51
gbicdid you chmod +x file.run ?05:51
totozerboxx: on the command line, chmod -R05:51
stisevstand by05:51
stisevstisev@SEVLAN:~/Desktop$ chmod +x et-*05:51
adwaitaah yes05:51
gbicnow sh flie.run05:51
stisevas you can see, that command produced no result.05:51
gbicit did infact05:51
stisevstand by.05:51
=== ShamblyHermit [~Shambly@] has joined #ubuntu
adwaitstisev: chmod +x <filename>05:51
stisevgbic: : explain.05:51
adwaitstisev: tht makes the file executable05:51
stisevchmod changes the permission files does it not?05:51
stisevgbic:  Same result05:52
stisevgbic: "Extraction failed"05:52
gbicwhat is your "result"05:52
adwaitstisev: yes.....it gives u the exectue permission....there are three permissions read/write/exectute05:52
gbicbroken downlaod maybe05:52
stisev.................................................................................Extraction failed.05:52
stisevSignal caught, cleaning up05:52
stisevgbic: I don't think so. I downloaded it twice.05:52
stisevgbic: Did the same thing o_O05:52
gbicdo you have an md5 to check it05:52
gbicneed sleep05:52
stisevgbic: I know how to do that on Windows, but how would do it on XP/05:53
gbicwork tomorrow05:53
stisever XP = linux05:53
zerboxxtoto: chmod -R then what?05:53
stisevEnemy Territory et-linux-2.60.x86.run.zip 258MB or mirrors Mar 21, 200505:53
stisevmv et-linux-2.60.x86.run.zip et-linux-2.60.x86.run (rename file)05:53
stisevchmod +x et-linux-2.60.x86.run (make executable)05:53
stisevsh et-linux-2.60.x86.run (run installer)05:53
adwaitstisev: hmm....do u hv an md5 to check the download?05:53
=== bryan [~chatzilla@1Cust4982.an1.dca17.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
stisevthat's what a website told me05:53
totozerboxx: then the mode (eg a+x) followed by the target (eg the thing you want to change)05:53
=== Shuddertrix [~andrew@user-0cdv20s.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
stisevadwait: eh?05:53
=== nalioth_wrkn is now known as nalioth
gbicyou need to unzip05:54
adwaitstisev: to check tht the file is fine, u can calculate the md5 checksum and check it with the md5 provided on site05:54
gbicyou cant just mv a zip to a .run05:54
=== Xira [~XIra@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
rkulagow_hi, all.  doing my first foray into diskless booting.  i've got the installer running via pxe, and in /etc/dhcpd.conf on a debian box i've set a "option root-path "/nfsroot/basement/"; however the installer is insisting on partitioning the 15GB drive that's in the test machine.  what i'm trying to do is to have it install to the root path via NFS and not to the local drive (which currently has FC3 on it).  do i need to install ubun05:54
gbicunzip file.zip05:54
gbicrun the file05:54
stisevgbic: It's weird.05:54
adwaitthe instructions seem to say simply rename it05:54
totostisev: file extensions on unix aren't as 'important' as they are in windows.05:54
stisevgbic: It has no .ZIP extension05:55
stisevthe file is called et-linux-2.60.x86.run05:55
gbiclooks like a zip to me05:55
gbicamuse me05:55
gbicand unzip it05:55
stisevnono.. that's just from a site.05:55
stisevStand b05:55
stisevgbic: What's the best way to unzip it05:55
stisevunzip + filename?05:56
totounzip FILE05:56
stisevArchive:  et-linux-2.60.x86.run05:56
stisev  End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not05:56
stisevlooks like it's not a zip file05:56
gbicthe original dl you had05:56
gbicwas it a zip05:56
stisevgbic: no05:56
stisevgbic: I downloaded it like this05:57
gbicas your instruction said to mv zip to run05:57
stisevgbic: The instructions I posted were off some other site.05:57
=== pressure_man [~pressure_@ip-202-37-228-1.internet.co.nz] has left #ubuntu []
stisevgbic: I downloaded it from an FTP05:57
=== spanish [~dom@ppp17-165.lns2.syd3.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
gbictry another mirror05:57
gbicperhaps that file is corrupt05:57
adwaitstisev: i think the file is broken05:57
gbicwhich it seems05:57
XiraDoes anyone here know how to make the non-X (pure terminal) resolution bigger?05:57
=== karthik085 [~karthik08@12-208-111-104.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
gbicIm off to bed05:57
bryanhi all... two questions:05:57
bryan1.  how do i force ubuntu to give me the correct screen res?  my lcd is 1024x768 but ubuntu only allows 800x600?05:57
totoXira: yup05:57
bryan2.  how do i install a package, like "somepackage.deb"?05:57
gbicus Canadians arent off tomorrow05:57
stisevgbic: : thanks for the file05:57
totoXira: :-)05:57
Xiratoto: mind telling me how?05:58
stisevbryan: : dpkg -i <package name>05:58
stisevbryan: actually, use ........05:58
=== Kamping_Kaiser [~kaiser@ppp220-145.lns3.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
adwaitsudo dpkg -i <filename>05:58
stisevbryan:  sudo dpkg -i <package name> ( you'll have to enter your password)05:58
totoXira: i append a vga=MODE string to my kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst05:58
totoXira: here's what i've got...05:58
bryanstisev: thanks...  any ideas about #1?05:58
=== freddy [~freddy@] has joined #ubuntu
freddyno sound on the main box either05:59
=== freddy cries
totoXira: kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.10-5-386 root=/dev/hda1 ro quiet splash vga=0x031805:59
adwaitbryan: edit xorg.conf, check if ur drivers are the right ones05:59
=== goli [~sunil@] has joined #ubuntu
Xirai'm squeemish at messing with my boot flags05:59
bryanadwait: i did that, but it still wont recognize05:59
=== adwait thinks how many ppl he has helped since yesterday with the same resolution issue.........
totoXira: there are other ways, but i've found editing menu.lst to be the easiest05:59
stisevbryan: no idea05:59
bryangoogled a bunch, seems like a common problem for lcd screens05:59
adwaitbryan: ok try adding the resolution u want manually to the xorg.conf05:59
bryanstisev: thanks anyway06:00
stisevbryan: np06:00
bryanadwait: did that...06:00
naliothbryan: rerun "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and choose the resolutions you want06:00
bryannalioth: thanks!06:00
totoXira: you could also look at svgatextmode06:00
totoXira: although I have little experience with that.06:00
=== lilian [~lilian@] has joined #ubuntu
Xirakernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.10-5-686 root=/dev/hda2 ro quiet splash vga=0x031806:01
bryanthanks for all your help, gang!  :-)06:01
naliothXira: whats with the rack of hard drives?06:01
Xiranalioth, eh?06:01
totoXira: that'd be ok, if 0x0318 is the mode you want.06:01
Xiratoto: what res is that?06:01
Xirai'd like 1600x120006:01
totoXira: try 'sudo hwinfo --framebuffer' to see what your setup is capable of; mine is set for 1024x76806:02
Xiranalioth, how are you spying into my house?06:02
freddynalioth, that link you gave me earlier have info about fixing sound? i dont recall..06:02
naliothXira: you sent a link to a buncha pix a while back06:02
naliothXira: one of em was a rack of HDs06:02
Xirai have a lot of storage06:02
=== murphis [~nathan@h208.239.40.69.ip.alltel.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothfreddy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoundProblemsHoary06:02
Xirahwinfo is not a command06:03
naliothXira: share the wild story of what it is...06:03
totoXira: 'sudo apt-get install hwinfo'06:03
Xiranalioth, it's 4.5TB of storage06:03
XiraI do a lot of video editing06:03
Xiraand I backup the movies I buy06:03
totoXira: niiiiice.06:03
XiraIt's local storage06:04
Xirapowered by ubuntu06:04
totoXira: what do you use for video editing (under linux)?06:04
XiraI don't06:04
XiraI use a mac for video editing06:04
totoXira: gotcha.06:04
Xiravideo editing on linux is pretty moot06:04
biovorekino is for video editing, not that good though..06:04
totoyeah, i've used that in the past...06:04
IceDC571at least the roots of OSX is unix06:04
naliothXira: you rule!06:04
totoi don't really *need* to do video editing...06:05
totoXira: any luck with the console res?06:05
IceDC571its hard enough just to get video playing correctly with linux06:05
Xiratoto: i'll find out when i reboot this box :)06:05
lilianhow can i make ubuntu to not syncronize the clock everytime when loading the system?06:05
=== archive [~archive@81-178-225-173.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
stisevwhy do I ALWAYS have a hard time installing crap on Linux06:06
IceDC571lilian: disable the ntp service06:06
jasmuzIceDC571: that isnt true06:06
=== jrshannon [~jrshannon@S0106000f3d5cf89d.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
stisevI'm trying to install Lmule06:06
freddyim getting this error alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device06:06
Xiralilian, alternately, while its trying to resolve, hit ctrl c06:06
Xirathat should stop it06:06
Xiraskip it rather06:06
lilianokay, thanks you both :)06:06
IceDC571lilian: Boot-Up manager for gnome is pretty good for editing services that run on startup06:06
archivexira - your problem solved yet?06:06
jasmuzstisev: dont you mean amule06:06
stisevjasmuz: huh?06:06
Xiraarchive: somewhat06:07
stisevjasmuz: Lmule06:07
naliothXira: how do you have all those HDs plumbed in?06:07
stisevjasmuz: what is aMule06:07
archivedoes the sound work?06:07
ubotuIceDC571: I don't know06:07
nalioth!info amule06:07
IceDC571what the crap.. i dont know how to make anything work on this bot lol06:07
ubotuamule: (aNOTHER eMule P2P Client), section universe/x11, is optional. Version: 1.2.6+rc7-2 (hoary), Packaged size: 1992 kB, Installed size: 5888 kB06:07
stisevjasmuz: cool let me try it out06:07
stisevjasmuz: Can I PM u:?06:07
freddyomg :(06:07
Xiranalioth, ATA06:07
naliothXira: ya got extra PCI ata controller(s) in the box?06:08
Xiran, special mobo06:08
Xiraintel server mobo to be specific06:08
naliothXira: ah. well i was just wondering06:09
Xirathat picture i had was before I got a secure grounded glass case for that rack06:09
Xirathat was ultra-ghetto06:09
naliothXira: fixin to build a dual-amd64 box and was gonna load it with storage06:09
=== IIIEars [~bill@cpe-24-30-191-199.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
freddyanyone have any idea on how to fix that little problem?06:09
naliothXira: ghetto, but cool running06:09
Xirai would've killed myself if that rack tipped over06:09
totofreddy: which?06:09
freddyalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device06:09
freddythat ^06:09
Xirathank god its in a secured locked grounded glass case with breathing and AC now06:10
Xirai can sleep at night06:10
IceDC571Xira: can i see?06:10
Xirasure, when i go out to the store and buy some batteries06:10
naliothIceDC571: its glass, dont fog it up06:10
Xiracamera == dead06:10
=== guatenais [~guatenais@] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571Xira: can i come over and see it?06:10
naliothXira: show him the ghetto pix06:10
Xira1 sec06:11
hondjewhat fortran compiler does breezy have?06:11
totofreddy: i had that problem once, actually...i'm trying to remember how i fixed it.06:11
IceDC571i want to draw my name on the glass!!06:11
freddytoto, :(06:11
Xirahttp://synchronizedesigns.us/ubuntu/hddrack.jpg -- before the new case06:11
=== freddy prays
Xiraghetto setup06:11
archivegbic bit baffled... no .asoundrc06:11
archivewill redo...06:11
nalioth!info fortran breezy06:11
XiraIceDC571, http://synchronizedesigns.us/ubuntu/hddrack.jpg06:11
Xirabefore the rack case06:12
naliothhondje: i'm not asking right, or it doesnt have one06:12
=== absinthe [~ljh@cpe-069-134-151-118.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
naliothhondje: you can ask the same as me06:12
IceDC571Xira: lucky you!06:12
nalioth!info g77 breezy06:12
guatenaiseverybody here06:12
ubotug77: (The GNU Fortran 77 compiler), section devel, is optional. Version: 4:3.4.3-3 (breezy), Packaged size: 1 kB, Installed size: 40 kB06:12
=== ghostdog [~daniel@c-24-99-188-21.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
totofreddy: tried alsaconf?06:12
hondjeah, thanks nalioth06:12
guatenaishi xira06:12
=== norris [~norris@user-1120hsa.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
hondjemissed that feature :)06:13
XiraIceDC571, I got a large metal grounded case with glass dooors, ac unit and breathing holes06:13
freddytoto, i dont have alsaconf as a command06:13
Xiraplus i replaced that CRT with a 15" LCD06:13
guatenaiswhere are you from06:13
IceDC571Xira: how many people can you stuff in it?06:13
ghostdogquestion, is there a problem with the parted and libparted packages?06:13
totofreddy: 'sudo apt-get install alsa-utils'06:13
guatenaiswhere are you from xira06:13
bimberi!info gfortran breezy06:13
ubotugfortran: (The GNU Fortran 95 compiler), section universe/devel, is optional. Version: 4.0.0-1 (breezy), Packaged size: 0 kB, Installed size: 32 kB06:13
naliothghostdog: there shouldnt be problems06:13
IIIEarsHello! - I would like to put two commands together the second command waiting to start after the first has finished it doesn't need information from the first command.06:13
freddytoto,  alsa-utils is already the newest version.06:14
ghostdogI am doing an apt-get install and it stops at )%06:14
naliothIIIEars: command1 && command206:14
hondjeThanks, bimberi06:14
ghostdogall other packages are fine06:14
=== AMDXP [~vegeta@cpe-24-160-75-238.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
totofreddy: hmm...06:14
bimberihondje: yw :)06:14
guatenaishello everybody can helpme06:14
IIIEarsnalioth - you have done it again! :) - Thank You.06:14
archivearchive will reboot, and if fails and returns here with no other suggestions ill retreat to demudi....06:14
guatenaishello somebody can help me06:14
naliothguatenais: help with what?06:15
Xiraguatenais, citrus heights, ca06:15
guatenaisi wanna install skype buy i can not06:15
=== lakin [~lakin@dsl-hill-66-18-228-60-cgy.nucleus.com] has joined #ubuntu
guatenaisbut i can install06:15
hyphenatedguatenais: why not?06:15
ghostdogthat is strange, everything related to parted, qtparted, etc.. hangs when apt-getting06:16
hyphenatedguatenais: I have it installed and working fine06:16
naliothghostdog: do you have unofficial repos?06:16
freddyi can install but can not? O_o06:16
=== Keizer` [~keizer@pcp0011054043pcs.lehgha01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Keizer`Sup guys06:16
guatenaishow did you do06:16
Keizer`I gave away three Ubuntu CDs the other day.06:16
ghostdogI play around with universe but always disactivate them after getting a certain package06:16
Keizer`What's the sudo apt-get command to upgrade everything? I'm on my laptop which I don't use often and needs and update.06:16
naliothKeizer`: dja get invitations to help install, too?06:17
hyphenateddpkg -i thedebfiledownloadedfromskype.deb06:17
IceDC571i give ubuntu cds to the homeless.. they might be rich someday06:17
totofreddy: can you play any sounds?06:17
freddythis problem doesnt look as easy as the one i had with the laptop :(06:17
freddytoto,  nada...nothing....zero06:17
guatenaiswhat did you do06:17
totofreddy: zilch...06:17
naliothghostdog: you can keep uni and multi enabled all the time, watch the backports and marillat06:17
guatenaisi can not install skype06:17
Keizer`nalioth, Heh06:17
freddytoto, zilch?06:18
ghostdogby the way, today I erased my last ntfs partition :D06:18
IceDC571ive had so many problems with marillat, it messed up my whole system once06:18
naliothghostdog: BP and marillat are not good for prolonged use (no matter waht anyone else says)06:18
freddythat a command or something?06:18
totofreddy: also means zero.06:18
naliothghostdog: congratulations!06:18
guatenaissomebody can speak spanish06:18
hyphenatedguatenais: we can chat here, no need to chat over dcc06:18
=== blasphemy [James21@user-1804.l2.c1.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
hondjeguatenais: #ubuntu-es06:18
naliothguatenais: hablamos espanol en #ubuntu-es06:18
totofreddy: well, have you done some deeper looking? what module does your card use?06:18
guatenaiscan you help me06:19
freddyno card06:19
hondjenalioth: seveas said backports are safe now....06:19
AMDXPI am having space issues what can uninstall with ubuntu06:19
ghostdogman I am dumb!06:19
jasmuzguatenais: te puedo ayudar06:19
ghostdogapt-setup disable cdrom :Retard06:19
totofreddy: still has a chip in it. more or less the same thing.06:19
freddytoto, intel then lol06:19
naliothhondje: use them if you like, i'm only enabling them if there is a proggy i cant live without (and then i'm puttin the # back)06:19
guatenaistengo un problema con la instalacion de skype06:19
freddyjasmuz, yes you can "te puedo ayudar" but in #ubuntu-es06:20
totofreddy: for example, my laptop has integrated sound...what's the output of 'lsmod | grep snd'?06:20
ghostdogok, I feel like such a noob xD06:20
ghostdogthanks for the help06:20
=== archive [~archive@81-178-225-173.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
hondjenalioth: hehe06:20
jasmuzim taking care of it06:20
=== hondje is also paranoid
freddytoto, lots of stuff06:20
=== archive very dispondent
freddytoto, ill paste in a paste thing06:21
naliothhondje: did you know that someone here posts these logs onto the web?06:21
hondjenalioth: my trolling is googlable? :o06:21
naliothhondje: yes it is06:21
blasphemyHi guys i have a question on partitioning i am currently running XP but would like to set Ubuntu up also although i am a little unsure, so i thought i'd write down what was onscreen, i still want to keep XP..06:21
hondjewell, if it helps someone googling for 'how do I do this common thing', I'm all for it06:21
=== didymo [~ashley@CPE-61-9-197-223.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
jasmuzguatenais: talk to me in query06:21
freddytoto, ^^06:22
goldfishblasphemy: you'll have to resize your hard-drive and make soem free unpartitioned space for ubuntu.06:22
naliothblasphemy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WindowsDualBootHowTo06:22
archivesound still not working06:22
naliothblasphemy: all the tools are on the install cd06:22
totofreddy: so your card is probably called 'bt87x; or similar. have you googled for that?06:22
archivehave edited asound.conf06:22
naliothblasphemy: but you can move things if you have partition magic b4 you install06:22
archivebut still same messages06:22
absinthewhat's a good picture viewer for Xfce?06:23
freddytoto, no didnt know my card was called like that...gonna google a bit lol06:23
naliothhondje: yes, it surprised me t'other day, i was googlin for some help, and googled MYSELF06:23
archive$ alsamixer06:23
archivealsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory06:23
naliothabsinthe: feg06:23
totofreddy: ok...see especially: http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/doc-php/template.php?module=bt87x06:23
=== krischan [~krischan@p54B8123E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
archiveit clearly doesn't like definition 'defrault'06:23
naliothabsinthe: hang on a minim06:23
absinthenalioth, ok06:24
blasphemySCSI1(0,0,0)(sda)-200.0GB ATA ST3200822AS #2 Primary 4.4GB fat32 #1 Primary 195.7GB ntfs................SCSI2(0,0,0)(sdb)-200.0GB ATA ST3200822AS #5 logical 200.0GB........Is it SCSI2?? I have "Configure software RAID", "Configure the Logical Volume Manager", "Guided partitioning" & "Help on partitioning"06:24
naliothabsinthe: feh06:24
nalioth!info feh06:24
ubotufeh: (imlib2 based image viewer), section universe/graphics, is optional. Version: 1.2.7-1 (hoary), Packaged size: 271 kB, Installed size: 500 kB06:24
blasphemyI am confused as to what to click on06:24
naliothabsinthe: there ya go06:24
absinthenalioth, thanks!06:24
=== Kitsune747 [DarkTails@S010600e018cbe12b.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
blasphemyscsi1 is the windows one???06:25
naliothi'm not familiar with scsi drives06:27
freddyomg im getting no love06:27
naliothfreddy: what about the orgasm?06:28
cafuegonalioth: They're identical to ide, except are called sdX instead of hdX06:28
blasphemyBut it should be safe to do whatever to SCSI2, without effecting windows, right ????06:28
=== ilba7r [~ilba7r@d141-64-4.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Arkxhello, I'm a newbie trying to install ati drivers on amd64.. however, synaptic only finds some xfree86 drivers - I was under the impression I am using xorg. How come it can't find xorg drivers?06:28
blasphemyEven if ya dont know what you're on about kinda thing06:28
=== brute_farse [~brute_far@24-48-182-37.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== luminerd [~luminerd@c-24-2-69-204.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["An]
=== ilba7r [~ilba7r@d141-64-4.home.cgocable.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== luminerd [~luminerd@c-24-2-69-204.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
IIIEarsnalioth - Can you play a sound at the end of a command string?06:29
=== adwait [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
naliothIIIEars: sure06:29
adwaithello again ppl06:30
naliothIIIEars: something like this comand1 && command2 && mpg321 <soundfile>06:30
freddynalioth, the orgasm was in my laptop.....but now my main box wont work the sound06:30
IIIEarsnalioth - Thank You06:31
naliothcafuego: blasphemy: then i'm confused due to formatting in this channel06:31
cafuegoblasphemy: Well, if you're sure you got no data on the second drive, then just tell it to use the whole disk.06:32
naliothblasphemy: can ya put that info in a pastebin?06:32
=== SpecialBuddy [~matt@66-227-181-249.dhcp.trcy.mi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
naliothblasphemy: or what cafuego said will do06:32
cafuegoblasphemy: The whole *second* disk, that is.06:32
rkulagow_i'm pasting this again; didn't get a response.  any clues?06:33
rkulagow_hi, all.  doing my first foray into diskless booting.  i've got the installer running via pxe, and in /etc/dhcpd.conf on a debian box i've set a "option root-path "/nfsroot/basement/"; however the installer is insisting on partitioning the 15GB drive that's in the test machine.  what i'm trying to do is to have it install to the root path via NFS and not to the local drive (which currently has FC3 on it).  do i need to install ubun06:33
blasphemyHey splitting it into smaller bits is too confusing for me right now, but yes i am pretty sure, so thanks guys, thats what i'll go for..06:33
SpecialBuddydoes anyone know how to put the little computers that show if there is a network on the toolbar of kubuntu06:34
archiveok how do i load the snd modukles06:34
adwaitright click on bar/ add to panel/select the network monitor06:34
adwaitok no....thts gnome.........but its probably same for KDE06:34
SpecialBuddyI don't know if they have network monitor06:35
naliothSpecialBuddy: what adwait will work for you06:35
totoarchive: sudo modprobe MODULE06:35
adwaitSpecialBudyy: theres only 1 way to find out.....06:35
archivethis is very boring there are hundreds of snd_modules... which ones do i need?06:36
=== xophEr [~xopher@a80-186-215-184.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
totoarchive: which card do you have?06:36
archivegod knows something on an intel mobo06:36
archiveshall i unpack?06:36
totoarchive: unpack?06:36
cafuegorkulagow_: if you want to run an nfsroot system, you need to not use the pxe installer, but run a local debootstrap install (install diskless) and then set up NFS and pxe.06:36
freddyif you are staying? unpack then06:37
naliotharchive: a 'lspci' or 'sudo lshw' should provide some info06:37
freddydont know at what time is your flight..but ok06:37
SpecialBuddyarchive, couldn't see anything like network monitor06:37
archiveunscrew the box and investigate, or somehow or other determine the nature of the beast ;)06:37
cafuegorkulagow_: The pxe installer will NOT allow you to set up a netbootable system, it's intended to boot up systems without floppy/cd and THEN to install to local harddisk.06:37
archiveSpecialBuddy ? sorry?06:37
SpecialBuddythats ok06:37
totoarchive: ah. probably not necessary. see nalioth's comment.06:37
naliothSpecialBuddy: open synaptic and search for "network" you should find the knetworkmonitor06:37
rkulagow_cafuego: thanks.06:38
=== Mestapheles [~Captain@d142-179-138-139.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Ray|v|an-1010 [~raymanrey@dsl-200-78-27-206.prod-infinitum.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
archivei should say at this stage lsmod |grep snd ---> nada06:40
=== Xira [~XIra@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliotharchive: how bout the "sudo lshw"  ?06:40
=== spanish [~dom@ppp17-165.lns2.syd3.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
spanishi need some help with this. i get a black border/no fulllscreen 3d with fglrx06:41
=== mactiny [opera@nps-ip-nas-1-p136.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has left #ubuntu []
spanishi hear heaps of ppl have the same prob06:41
archivenalioth: added http://pastebin.ubuntulinux.nl/39306:41
freddyif anyone have sometime to keep helping me with my sound i would apreciate it06:42
freddycause i got lost06:42
rkulagow_cafuego: i'm trying to parse "run a local debootstrap install"; so, on my NFS / TFTP server (debian woody), are you saying that i need to apt-get install the diskless package?06:42
SpecialBuddynalioth, do you know of anything to use for volume like on gnome06:42
adwaitfreddy:repeat please.........*maybe* i can help :p (H06:42
adwait(heck  i can try atleast )06:43
=== wxy [~wxy@as6-200-56-74-141.mexdf.axtel.net] has joined #ubuntu
naliothSpecialBuddy: kmixer i believe provides a volume control06:43
naliothSpecialBuddy: may be kmix or something06:43
naliotharchive: keep that pastebin, cuz i'm no help with your hardware issue06:44
archiveaumix, kmix, alsamixer06:44
naliothbut now people can see what ya got06:44
wxyHi there! Need help resetting Thunderbird as default mail client.06:44
=== HaroldJohnson [~harold@pool-71-106-94-146.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
archivenalioth : this needs to be sorted tonight, now... if noone here can help i'm going to try installing a differnt distro06:45
naliotharchive: do what you must, i just point to folks and URLs06:46
naliotharchive: i'm not a tech hardware guy06:46
spanishwxy in 'preferred applications' change it there. in the preferences menu06:46
naliothask your question again06:46
archiveso, is there anyone who can help me with my problem?06:46
freddyadwait, it wont work :(06:46
=== freddy cries
archivemaybe someone can just tell me how i might install the relevant modules, and or why they are not loaded?06:46
wxyPrefered applications in Control Center?06:47
archiveloading all the relavent snd modules by hand, given that i do not know what they are seems wrong06:47
archivenlioth: yes, i understand, thanks for your time thought - it was appreciated.06:47
=== toto [~toto@CPE-24-167-250-116.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== enabl [~paul@host-84-9-95-246.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
spanishwxy, thats for gnome. i guess u arent06:49
adwaitfreddy: wht wont work? the sound?06:49
=== toto [~will@CPE-24-167-250-116.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
spanishi have a prob with fullscreen 3D with fglrx. i have a black border. can anyone help out?06:52
=== pagefault [Eric@pagefault.active.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
=== bryan [~chatzilla@1Cust128.an2.dca17.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pagefault [Eric@pagefault.active.supporter.pdpc] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== kgrimm [~chatzilla@cpe-069-134-161-191.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== pagefault [Eric@pagefault.active.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
=== brute_farse [~brute_far@24-48-182-37.sbtnvt.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
unomespanish: cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status06:53
bryanhey all, back again for more help... ive "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and setup my screen resolution, but ubuntu still won't display properly.  any ideas?06:53
spanishunome: i have an ati card06:54
unome:x sorry06:54
naliothbryan: you can't switch resolutions?06:54
unomeI assumed nvidia since most problems are nvidia's06:54
bryannalioth: not at all.  xorg.conf only shows 1024x768 but thats not even a choice in screen resolution06:55
naliothbryan: but during the reconfigure you selected more rez'?06:55
bryannalioth: i want 1024 but hoary only shows 800x600...06:56
=== jayparadise05 [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== UrbanFox is now known as UrbanFox|sleep
spanishunome: i used that howto to install driver originally, ill scour some forums06:57
=== nalioth is now known as nalioth_sleeping
=== Zotnix [martin@ool-43573260.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jsgotangco [~user@] has joined #ubuntu
=== yao [~yao@] has joined #ubuntu
spanishdoes anyone know if qtparted can resize ext3?07:02
=== daddius [~daddius@cpe-24-193-64-169.nyc.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== rkulagow_ [~rkulagow_@c-67-167-67-120.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
=== mebaran151 [~mebaran15@c-24-126-1-10.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== ikypakis [t24@] has joined #Ubuntu
=== thechitowncubs [~thechitow@c-67-175-52-127.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tclhal [~Hal@www.heisler.net] has joined #ubuntu
zerboxxwhen do do "sudo apt-get upgrade" it says that some mozilla-firefox things have been held back, why? do I want to get it anyways? and how?07:04
yaodoes anyone know if there is a tool for pl/sql?07:05
adwaitzerboxx: could u paste wht it exactly says to the pastebin07:05
zerboxxadwait: sorry, pastebin?07:05
spanishzerboxx: apt holds back modules that will cause a conflict07:06
thechitowncubshey everyone, my sister has been using ubuntu and the only problem she is having is with cd burning... i installed graveman for her and it goes about as slow as my grandma on a 4 wheeler07:06
thechitowncubswhat do you guys recommend07:06
=== Pixel83 [~pixel@p54AADD62.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
daddiushey, am i able to install nvidia drivers?07:06
thechitowncubsshe is using a Pentium 500mhz07:06
zerboxxadwait: /39507:06
spanishthechitowncubs: check out gnomebaker07:07
adwaitzerboxx: hmm.....like spanish said, apt-get holds back packages tht cause a conflict, but conflict with wht :S07:07
thechitowncubsspanish: been there done that07:07
thechitowncubssame slowness07:07
adwaitzerboxx: maybe ur running firefox and tht could be the reason?07:07
jasmuzthechitowncubs: gnomebaker07:08
=== xiang [~xiang@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
zerboxxadwait: ah maybe!07:08
=== Arnia [~jgeldart@host86-133-221-174.range86-133.btcentralplus.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== McSatan [~Mcsatan@user-0c9ad3d.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
thechitowncubsjasmuz: been there done that, its still slow as all hell07:08
zerboxxadwait: nope07:08
jasmuzthechitowncubs: how much ram do you have?07:08
yaodoes anyone know if there is a tool for pl/sql?07:08
thechitowncubsjasmuz: she is runnin on 256mb07:08
spanishthechitowncubs: get the necessary kde libs and get k3b07:08
zerboxxadwait: I was using the synaptic thingy before and it looks like it's the 1.04 version of firefox, which I need/want...07:09
adwaitzerboxx: the firefox installed with ubuntu is alreadt 1.0.4, just tht they forgot to increment the version number07:09
zerboxxadwait: could the upgrade fix that version number?07:10
jasmuzthechitowncubs: that is odd..07:10
adwaitzerboxx: heres wht u do...go to firefox and type about:config in the address bar07:10
=== jtan325 [~jtan325@D-128-208-151-122.dhcp4.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
jasmuzthechitowncubs: cant expect much of a 500 mhz pc...but...07:10
adwaittht will show u a table of various keys and their values07:10
thechitowncubsbut the problem is it didn't go this slow on windblows07:10
jtan325how do you change the "system fonts" used? i.e. right now i am trying openbox and its fonts are rather ugly07:10
adwaitzerboxx: now find the key general.useraget.vendorsub.and edit its value to read 1.0.407:10
dbernar1_thechitowncubs: tried xfce? sorry if redundant, jsut got home07:11
=== chibif1 [~chibifs@67-36-23-17.ded.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
jasmuzthechitowncubs: there are a lot of programs that burn cd's07:11
dbernar1_oh, just slow for burning a cd?07:11
=== chibif1 [~chibifs@67-36-23-17.ded.ameritech.net] has left #ubuntu []
thechitowncubsjasmuz: shes trying to burn an Audio CD07:11
jasmuzthechitowncubs: i would recommend her also to use Xfce instead of Gnome07:11
thechitowncubsShe needs something user friendly and intuitive, gnome is fine for that07:12
dbernar1_ya, xfce for sure, gnome is extremely slow on such a machine, I had one recently.07:12
zerboxxadwait: thanks! any other changes to about:config I should do (other than those listed in the ubuntuguide)?07:12
dbernar1_altho xfce has no desktop, but is intuitive, and fairly modern.07:12
adwaitzerboxx: nope....tht will get u started with the extentions for firefox, if thts wht u wanted to do07:12
hondjeone could always run nautilus w/out the --no-desktop07:13
zerboxxadwait: yup, miss all my extensions since I moved from xp07:13
adwaitzerboxx: right :)07:13
thechitowncubsher computer isn't extremely slow but it would be helpful if it would convert the audio faster for audio cds07:13
dbernar1_weird, mine was soooooo slow.07:14
dbernar1_like, minutes before opening a window.07:14
=== BL4NK [blank@ppp-69-229-39-168.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
thechitowncubsits slow but not completely worthless07:14
dbernar1_ya, like a minute for ff.07:14
dbernar1_anyhow, good luck:)07:14
thechitowncubswell ff opens slow ya...07:14
=== lucky_penguim [~duarte@bl5-229-29.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
thechitowncubsi was just wondering if i could see what the problem is07:14
=== siimo [~siimo@siimo.user] has joined #ubuntu
thechitowncubsits converting like a snail in quicksand07:15
thechitowncubsi'm likin my analogies tonight07:15
siimosomeone with hoary have 5 mins for me?07:15
=== yao [~yao@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
jasmuzsiimo: sure07:15
stisevAnyone running KDE here07:15
dbernar1_nice analogy, agreed.07:15
linuxboysiimo: go ahead07:15
=== ubuntumax [ubuntumax@cpe-66-27-205-217.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
stisev(I know about Kubuntu but that channel seems to be dead :( )07:15
ubuntumaxi need help installing boot loader07:16
thechitowncubsubuntumax: i can help07:16
=== guatenais [~guatenais@] has joined #ubuntu
thechitowncubswhile i wait for day of defeat to download07:16
=== digitalfox|RO is now known as digitalfox
guatenaisdonde estas07:16
kgrimmhow does ubuntu compare to fedora 4 in performance ?07:16
thechitowncubskgrimm: um, thats a bad question07:16
siimojasmuz linuxboy, can you check if this affects hoary still http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22524   if your version is up to date07:16
adwaitkgrimm: umm both are good07:17
ubuntumaxi have currently, win98, win2k, and ubuntu (installed in that order).  Linux boots fine, however, windows does not.  When i select Microsoft Windows from grub screen it hangs after the chainloader +1 line and I can't boot it anymore.  I can workaround it by using fixboot and fixmbr, but then I lose my linux choice07:17
adwaitkgrimm: if ur looking for lots of apps to come directly pre installed FC4.....if u like to install only rhe oens u need, ubuntu07:17
jtan325does anyone know how to install a new font?07:17
=== Amuro [~amuro02@S01060012171a4154.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubotuhondje: Wish i knew07:17
thechitowncubskgrimm: ubuntu is more of a complete project imo, ubuntu just fits well for a broad range of users07:17
=== trog [~trog@240x10.ssimicro.com] has joined #ubuntu
hondjeI wish you did too, ubotu07:17
Amuroif anyone remembers me lol07:18
thechitowncubsgood community, better package mangement07:18
=== Trace [~Trace@] has joined #ubuntu
linuxboysiimo: nope. I can,t see the fonts at 25%07:18
Tracehello, I am very instrested in hareware detection of ubuntu, Can anyone give me some advices?07:18
siimolinuxboy, nevermind i found the bug its fixed in breezy07:18
jasmuzsiimo: havent seen that07:19
linuxboysiimo: may be its for that font, but by default it works fine for me07:19
=== jack_ [~jack@] has joined #ubuntu
jasmuzsiimo: dont go into breezy07:19
kgrimmwill the live/install dvd be worth the bother? need a decent unix for a laptop,, it keeps overheating on gentoo compiles07:19
siimolinuxboy, if you read carefully if you make zoom to 75% fonts become smaller but in warty they didnt they stayed the same size07:19
thechitowncubsubuntumax: did you modify your grub.conf and change the partition windows is on?07:19
jtan325does anyone know how to "install a font"?07:20
zerboxxUmm when I watch videos on totem, the audio and video seem to not be in sync, any idea what the problem is??07:20
thechitowncubsyou can tell by taking a look at your partition table through something like gparted07:20
thechitowncubsor a terminal command that i don't know07:20
adwaitubuntumax: is windows on the master driver?07:20
ubuntumaxthechitowncubs:  no07:21
ubuntumaxjust clean installs on all07:21
thechitowncubsubuntumax: did you use ubuntuguide.org to add your microsoft windows choice?07:21
Amurowhats the update command07:21
Amurofor pacakges again07:22
ubuntumaxi installed everything default07:22
thechitowncubssudo apt-get update07:22
thechitowncubssudo apt-get upgrade07:22
thechitowncubsor sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade07:22
ubuntumaxgrub boot loader will let me list my windows drive, but when it goes toboot it, it hangs07:22
=== stisev [~stisev@64-121-92-140.c3-0.sfo-ubr1.sfrn-sfo.ca.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
hondjeor sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get --assume-yes dist-upgrade07:22
thechitowncubsubuntumax: i know that07:22
ubuntumaxi am currently on the win98 install07:22
Amurook now another question07:23
=== hondje wonders how long we can make this
stisevthat control alt esc killed konversation07:23
ubuntumaxcan't get into ubuntu unless i reinstall grub again07:23
adwaitubuntumax: is windows on the primary master drive?07:23
thechitowncubsubuntumax: did you install ubuntu after you installed all of those windblows os's?07:23
Amurohow do i make it so when i turn pc on it doesnt give me 5 seconds to choose which os to load07:23
ubuntumaxyes, all are on 1 drive07:23
=== poningru [~poningru@pool-71-101-67-91.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntumaxyes i did ubuntu last07:23
=== lcarlos-away [~lcarlos@] has joined #ubuntu
lcarlos-awayhow can i convert a CD to mp3???07:24
ubuntumaxive tried reinstalling ubuntu several times....also tried update-grub07:24
adwaitubuntumax: when windows hangs......does it say something like rootnoverify or only root?07:24
=== ealden [~ealden@] has joined #ubuntu
ubuntumaxhda 0,307:24
kgrimmanyone using ubuntu on thinkpad?07:24
ccclcarlos-away: use for instance goobox07:24
=== pepsix [~pepsi@] has joined #ubuntu
thechitowncubskgrimm, no but whats the probmel07:25
lcarlos-awayccc thanks!!!07:25
zerboxxCan anyone help me setup my Tungsten|E?07:25
thechitowncubslcarlos-away: or soundjuicer which is installed by default07:25
kgrimmnone that i know of, am wondering if it works ok?07:25
ubuntumaxadwait: ?07:26
adwaitubuntumax: nevermind....07:26
Amurowhats the command to install a package thats tar.gz ec. xine07:26
Amuroeg. xine*07:26
adwaitubuntumax: not much idea abt ur problem :)07:26
ubuntumaxill do some more reading07:26
Amuroreinstall windows07:26
adwaitzerboxx: i dunno wht tht is.......but whts the problem07:26
Amurowhats the command to install a package thats tar.gz ec. xine07:27
Amuroerr sorry07:27
thechitowncubsAmuro: xine isn't in tar.gz07:27
Amuroit is when i dled it07:27
thechitowncubssudo apt-get install xine xine-gui i think07:27
thechitowncubsdon't quote me on that07:27
Amurowhat about other programs i want to install07:27
zerboxxadwait: palm, can't get it to recognize computer, or viceversa07:27
Amurolike cedega,(bought and paid for)07:27
stisevAnyone here use Wine?07:27
Amuroduno how to install that07:27
lcarlos-awayccc but in goobox i can't convert a CD to mp3  how can i do ir07:28
stisevI'm trying to install "Admuncher" in wine.  It seems like it did something. but where would it install the program?07:28
=== hehe [~hehe@] has joined #ubuntu
Amurooi another thing i need drivers for ATI Radeon 9600XT07:29
Amurofor linux any idea where to get them?07:29
zerboxxadwait: I may have just figured the palm problem out, but I still have an audio/video sync problem (nothing to do with palm)07:30
=== lcarlos-away [~lcarlos@] has left #ubuntu ["Abandonando"]
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@AC9FA6F8.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== JanC [~janc@JanC.member.lugwv] has joined #ubuntu
=== Strife [~mdepalati@69-163-127-58.crlsca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== jtan325 [~jtan325@D-128-208-151-122.dhcp4.washington.edu] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571why is it so hard for linux developers to make gapless audio playback?07:32
jtan325hate to sound like a broken record, but does anyone know how to change the "system font" that's used?07:32
Amuroi know what u mean i cant play video07:32
Amuroaudo lags07:32
Amuroand the video splits up ;\07:32
IceDC571heh.. i guess im not alone07:33
IceDC571i hate noticing things that other people could care less about07:33
IceDC571jtan325: are you on gnome or kde?07:33
jtan325IceDC571, gnome07:33
jtan325IceDC571, but really, trying to get this working for openbox07:33
Amurowhich graph are u in when theres a foot print07:33
Amuronext to Applications07:33
IceDC571jtan325: goto System > Preferences > Font07:34
=== guatenais [~guatenais@] has joined #ubuntu
=== frequency [~frequency@cpe-24-28-173-234.elp.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #ubuntu
jtan325IceDC571, thank you07:35
jtan325IceDC571, will this "carry over" if i use open box?07:35
jtan325i get the impression that open box somehow runs on gnome..... or something (*so confused*)07:35
IceDC571jtan325: i dont have experience with open box.. sorry07:36
IceDC571!info openbox07:36
ubotuopenbox: (standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager), section universe/x11, is optional. Version: 3.2-7 (hoary), Packaged size: 192 kB, Installed size: 916 kB07:36
=== tigliona1bit [~nick@c-67-171-159-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jtan325ubotu, so the changes would carry over?07:36
ubotujtan325: parse error: dunno what the heck you're talking about07:36
tigliona1bithey guys, what repository is the w32codecs package in?07:36
=== pallav [~pallav@202-74-209-204.ue.woosh.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571i dont know, is openbox based on gtk?07:37
tigliona1bit!ubotu w3codecs07:37
ubotuBugger all, i dunno, tigliona1bit07:37
ubotuI guess w32codecs is http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RestrictedFormats or http://ubuntuguide.org07:37
pallavwhere can i find w32codec package??07:37
pallavhe he he07:37
=== Tomcat_ [~Tomcat@p54A18EE1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
pallavhi tiglionalbit07:37
IceDC571www.ubuntuforums.org is a nice place to look over for all you newbs07:37
=== salryman [salryman@openwire.metawire.org] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571ive setup my whole system just by reading howtos there07:37
=== salryman [salryman@openwire.metawire.org] has left #ubuntu []
dbernar1_jtan325: in case you dont know, ubotu is a program.07:38
IceDC571a robot too07:38
jtan325dbernar1_, yeah, i embarrasingly learned that07:38
dbernar1_how a robot, read the definition:P07:38
=== siimo [~siimo@siimo.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== alp [~alp@vpn-002.vpn.net.ed.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_then your IRC is a robot too.07:38
dbernar1_a robot moves, ubotu dont.07:39
ubotuAmaranth: No idea07:39
=== ilba7r [~ilba7r@d141-64-4.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_he should know what he is.07:39
IceDC571omg.. windowmaker.. the wm ive been searching for for my whole life!07:39
ubotuAmaranth: I haven't a clue07:39
jtan325if i just downloaded a font, where would i place it so gnome/X could recognize it?07:39
=== Xira [~XIra@c-24-10-51-201.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
IceDC571i have to install it.. i must07:39
jasmuz! info w32codecs07:39
ubotujasmuz: I don't know, could you explain it?07:39
IceDC571its "!info"07:39
IceDC571no spaces07:39
dbernar1_no spaces07:39
Xiraall the sound in my applications work. but not in the ubuntu system, none of the system sounds / startup sounds work. and i alsamixer doesnt have my card either07:39
Xiracan anyone help?07:39
jasmuz!info w32codecs07:40
ilba7rhi i am a newbie who want to set up a lan i basically have two pcs and a wireless router any help to a site that introduces the setup is appreciated07:40
pallavi m trying to install the w32codec07:40
AmaranthIceDC571: You're a NeXT fan?07:40
pallavand it comes up with this message saying that "Package w32codecs is not available, but is referred to by another package.07:40
dbernar1_ilba7r: well...are both your computers online?07:40
ilba7ri now can ping the one pc from the other but has problems with ssh07:40
=== Jesse1 [~ubuntu@147.027.dsl.brs.iprimus.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
ilba7rdernarl_ yes07:41
=== liz4rd [~liz4rd@static24-72-77-57.regina.accesscomm.ca] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_ilba7r: and what are you doing now? setting it up so the computers can talk to each other without the Internet?07:41
jasmuzpallav: you need to add the backports in order to have them07:41
liz4rdwhen i try open alot of programs07:41
liz4rdi get this error:  error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:41
liz4rdi ge thtta error07:41
liz4rdsynaptic says i have them07:41
liz4rdhow do i fix this07:41
ilba7rdbernarl_ basically i want to configure file sharing and printer sharing so if i do it over the net or directly is not a problem07:42
Jesse1liz4rd, reload them07:42
liz4rdi installed them07:42
Xiraall the sound in my applications work. but not in the ubuntu system, none of the system sounds / startup sounds work. and i alsamixer doesnt have my card either - can anyone help me with this problem?07:42
liz4rdand still07:42
dbernar1_ilba7r: one NIC in each computer?07:42
ilba7rdbernarl_ what is a NIC as i said i am a newbie07:43
AmaranthXira: System->Preferences->Multimedia Systems Selector07:43
IceDC571if wmaker released a new version today how long do you think it would take debian to put it in their repository?07:43
AmaranthXira: Change the input and output sinks to either esd or oss07:43
dbernar1_ilba7r: a network interface card, what you plug the ethernet cord into on the computer.07:43
AmaranthXira: oss would probably be better07:43
dbernar1_IceDC571: stable, unstable, or testing?07:43
ilba7rdbernarl_ yap i hocked up one through eth0 the other is wirless and i installed nidswrapper07:43
Xirastill not seen in alsamixer07:44
liz4rdi get this error:  error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:44
pallavthanks guys07:44
liz4rdi have them07:44
IceDC571dbernar1_: unstable07:44
liz4rdhow do i fix this?07:44
ilba7rdbernarl_ basically both can access the net through a main router i have at home07:44
dbernar1_wirelessly, or wired?07:44
dbernar1_now, I mean, does wireless work?07:44
AmaranthIceDC571: If it was a major version release it would take quite awhile I suppose.07:44
XiraAmaranth, no avail07:44
ilba7rdbernarl_ my notebook uses a wirless connection my main pc uses a wired one07:45
=== IIIEars [~bill@cpe-24-30-191-199.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthIceDC571: If it was a minor release with few changes needed to the packaging it could take as little as a week or two.07:45
AmaranthXira: oss isn't an option?07:45
Xirait is07:45
dbernar1_ok, and on the main pc, there is only one NIC, one plug for the ethernet?07:45
Xirabut it doesnt make my soundcard detected in alsamixer07:45
Amaranthit won't...07:45
ilba7rdbernarl_ yap07:45
Amaranthalsamixer is alsa, you're using oss now07:45
AmaranthGNOME sounds ('ubuntu sounds') use gstreamer, you've just told gstreamer to use oss07:46
IceDC571Amaranth: alright, thanks07:46
IceDC571ill be back07:46
dbernar1_ilba7r: wait now, I will find a link, since I dont know how to set up separate IPs for the same NIC.07:46
=== _root_ [~Unknown@dsl-Chn-static-] has joined #ubuntu
Xirathe GUI sound control works07:47
dbernar1_Does anyone know how to set up multiple IPs on one NIC?07:47
jdubAmaranth: (gnome alert sounds use esd directly)07:47
ilba7rdbernarl_ ok thanks for your help07:47
XiraIntel 82801DB-ICH4 (Alsa Mixer)07:47
Amaranthjdub: Err, I thought that changed/was changing.07:47
Xirais what my gnome sound GUI is07:47
Xiraand it works07:47
jdubAmaranth: nup07:47
jdubnot thus far, anyway07:47
AmaranthXira: Not sure what to say then.07:48
ben0nedbernar1_, ifconfig eth0:x ip07:48
ilba7rdbernarl_ by the way my router already gave the home pc a local ip and my notebook another local ip07:48
AmaranthXira: I have those sounds randomly work and stop working, seemingly with each new gstreamer version.07:48
AmaranthXira: But since jdub says those aren't gstreamer I'm lost.07:48
=== Corical [~corical@] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_ilba7r: ya, they have the local IPs, hmm..then maybe we just need to set up the router.07:48
dbernar1_check this out, do you have a GUI ftp client, like gftp?07:49
ilba7rdbernarl_ as i said also i can ping my notebook from my home pc and vise versa so they can see each other do not know why though i can not use ssh07:49
=== guatenais [~guatenais@] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_ah, so do you have the servers installes?07:50
Amaranthilba7r: One of them has an ssh server installed and the other has an ssh client?07:50
Amaranthilba7r: Also, I think the server defaults to local connections only.07:50
=== hondje [~hondje@c-67-174-186-96.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_it could be the router blocking ports, I think...07:50
ilba7rdbernarl_ do not know what is servers installes07:50
dbernar1_is an ssh server installed on one of the computers?07:51
ilba7ramaranth do you know how can i reset it07:51
guatenaisjazmus where are you07:51
ilba7rdbernarl_ it is installed on both07:51
tigliona1bityo, how do I check the speed at which I'm connected to the internet?07:51
dbernar1_ok, do you know if your router has port 22 open?07:51
tigliona1bitwhat's some good benchmarking for it07:51
ilba7ramaranth i think you are right i can ssh to local address only07:51
dbernar1_tiglionabit, you upload a file to your ISPs online storage space using ftp.07:52
ilba7rdbernarl_ will check it out07:52
=== zerboxx [~zerboxx@d57-203-244.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== votu [~votu@IP-62-216-122-164.telemail.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthilba7r: It involves editting config files with a text editor. I don't know what files or what to change.07:52
guatenaissomebody can help me07:53
=== scorpix [~scorpix@as17-122.qualitynet.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== WildTangent [~vicecityb@d141-169-31.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
tigliona1bitdbernar1_: is there any way a little more convenient than that?07:54
=== crimsun [~crimsun@] has joined #ubuntu
guatenaissomebody can help me07:54
tigliona1bitguatenais: I'm sure they can07:54
WildTangentguatenais: what you need?07:55
=== SlicerDicer- [~Slicer@] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_no clue, what was the issue, I lost the text. tigliona1bit07:55
guatenaisi need install skype07:55
=== judax [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
WildTangentapt-get install skype isnt it?07:55
SlicerDicer-what does uucp group do in ubuntu I cant seem to find any reasonable use for it07:55
WildTangenthold on, time to get out the guide07:55
dbernar1_no, I think you get it from their site07:55
ilba7rdbernarl_ i just enabled it07:55
tigliona1bitdbernar1_: testing connection speed07:55
ilba7ramaranth thank you for your help my friend07:55
thechitowncubswildtangent: no07:55
dbernar1_tigliona1bit: that is most correct.07:55
thechitowncubsits propreitary07:55
=== david [~david@h-68-164-231-172.chcgilgm.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_you are not connected to the Internet, tho, you are connected to your ISP, your ISP is connected to the internet.07:56
=== stisev [~stisev@64-121-92-140.c3-0.sfo-ubr1.sfrn-sfo.ca.cable.rcn.com] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_connection speeds to various Internet sites will vary07:56
unomeconnection speed test? try ping hehe :)07:56
tigliona1bitdbernar1_: so what, just get a large file and pull out a stopwatch?07:56
stisevback on windows now07:56
WildTangenthmm wonder if he got that...07:56
ilba7rdbernarl_ openning port 22 did not work07:56
stisevkind of weird without Konversation's tabs. hehe07:56
dbernar1_tigliona1bit: that way you will test your bandwidth on the network, your ftp client should report the speed.07:57
ilba7rdbernarl_ i installed though gftp07:57
dbernar1_unome: connection speed/delay is dependent on several factors. Ping measures the transmission delay.07:57
dbernar1_can you test connection to the other computer, and see what speed you get, if very high, then it is working on the local network, if slow, then you are going over the internet.07:58
dbernar1_ilba7r: ^07:58
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
=== pengo [~xtofu@] has joined #ubuntu
thechitowncubswhy doesn't linksys support Linux at all?07:58
thechitowncubseven though they use it on their routers07:59
SlicerDicer-what does uucp group do in ubuntu I cant seem to find any reasonable use for it07:59
HrdwrBoBthere is no reasonable use for uucp07:59
=== nekohayo [~Nekohayo@pc203.quamnet.com] has joined #ubuntu
ilba7rdbernarl_ i am trying to connect through gftp but the connection is taking too long07:59
=== adwait [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
=== nekohayo [~Nekohayo@pc203.quamnet.com] has left #ubuntu ["Buh~bye!"]
dbernar1_so no connection to the other computer?08:00
ilba7rdbernarl_ how can i test the connection to the other pc the ping test say the delay is some milli sec08:00
adwaithello ppl08:00
=== SQFreak [~SQ@cpe-066-056-121-131.triad.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_is it 0.something ms, or 34 ms for example?08:00
adwaitzerboxx: sorry i had phonecall............u solved ur problems with the sound?08:00
ilba7rdbernarl_ do i have to install gftp on both pcs08:01
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY [~shane@24-177-160-171.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
pengowhat's with the date format "Mar 24 05:49 2005" (time in the middle of a date) and why do programs like "ar" use it?08:01
dbernar1_ilba7r: no, but an FTP server on the computer you are trying to connect to would help.08:01
ilba7rdbernarl_ it av 1.5 ms08:02
=== bryan [~chatzilla@1Cust5413.an4.dca17.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== vinicius-br [~vinicius@201-1-176-67.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
ilba7rand i have broad band so already have hi connection speed08:02
dbernar1_ok, that is the local network, that is good. Now, tell me what you are tryuing to achieve again.08:02
vinicius-bri am problem in bootsplash08:02
bryananyone have any experience with netzero and ubuntu?08:02
vinicius-bri am installed bootsplash, restart my ubuntu... full black08:02
=== DrSchlauf [~Sven@p54894528.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthbryan: I know you're going to have a hard time, if you even get it working at all08:03
bryanamaranth: whys that?08:03
Amaranthbryan: Anything that isn't standard dialup has little to no support on linux systems08:03
ilba7rdbernarl_ ok i am now trying to connect from my notebook to my home pc i am using gftp i put in the address user name and passwd it has tried now to connect four times but failed08:03
=== gm78 [~gm78@S01060004e28f5eac.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== adwait [~adwait@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Hylas [~Hylas@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
gm78Hey all. Does anyone here play Unreal Tournament 2004?08:04
Amaranthilba7r: You need to install an ftp server on the home machine08:04
bryanamaranth: even with the linux package from netzero?08:04
=== k4rp0r [~k4rp0r@dsl-hkigw10n5d.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
dbernar1_ilba7r: home pc has a ftp server installed?08:04
Amaranththey have a linux version?08:04
ilba7rdbernarl_ will install it now08:04
SQFreakWhen I try to unmount my NTFS filesystem that Ubuntu mounts automatically, the system locks up completely. It's basically made it so I can't shut down the system cleanly. Any suggestions? I think there's a corrupted part of the MFT that Windows keeps detecting but won't fix.08:04
Amaranthbryan: well, if that works awesome, otherwise i doubt anyone here uses it08:04
bryanamaranth: thanks anyway!  :-)08:05
dbernar1_ilba7r: proftpd if you want08:05
=== James_Ward [~jeward@] has joined #ubuntu
SlicerDicer-what does uucp group do in ubuntu I cant seem to find any reasonable use for it08:05
gm78Amaranth, yeah, they have linux and mac versions08:06
ilba7rdbernarl_ what is proftpd?08:06
James_WardDoes anyone know the aptitude command line to upgrade for woody to ubuntu?08:06
pepsixanyone using lirc?08:06
SlicerDicer-pepsix yep08:06
ilba7rdo i have to open port 22 in my firewall too i use firestarter?08:06
crimsunJames_Ward, have you adjusted /etc/apt/sources.list?08:06
zerboxxadwait: no, when watching a video, the sync is off, no idea how to fix it08:06
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu
gm78My friend was going to lend me the dvd, does anyone know if the linux version of unreal tournament 2004 is included on the dvd?08:07
James_Wardcrimsun, I will in a minute...08:07
pepsixSlicerDicer-, what are you using for an IR receiver? built into a video capture card?08:07
dbernar1_ilba7r: proftpd is the ftp server. FTP uses port 21, SSH 22, HTTP 80, and some other ones.08:07
SlicerDicer-pepsix, yep hauppauge ir receiver08:08
=== IceDC571 [~IceDC571@c-24-23-181-75.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ilba7rdbernarl_ so do i need to install proftpd08:08
dbernar1_ya, or another ftp server on the computer you want to get the files from using gftp08:08
dbernar1_so a server is the computer you connect to, client the one you connect from08:09
ilba7rdbernarl_ i installed gftp on both and i reset the port to 2208:09
pepsixSlicerDicer-, did you have to do anything special to get it to work? mode2 says /dev/lirc doesnt exist, which is untrue08:09
James_Wardcrimsun, I am at the point where it's going to install the base system.  If I overwrite debootstrap with the one from ubuntu with the ubunt CD loaded, will it do the right thing?08:09
dbernar1_the server computer needs to have an FTP server program installed in order to connect to it using an ftp client program, such as gftp08:09
ilba7rdbernarl_ ok i understand now08:09
dbernar1_good, that was my intent:)08:10
crimsunJames_Ward, sure.08:10
James_Wardcrimsun, I'll give that a go.08:10
dbernar1_you do that:P08:11
pepsixSlicerDicer-, i have a hauppague wintv radio card, but i guess its really a winfast tv2000 xp08:11
James_Wardcrimsun, Oh wait, it won't call it right will it?08:11
crimsunJames_Ward, why mess with that? Just dist-upgrade from Woody.08:12
=== hiya [~FrostedFl@ool-18b95d0a.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardcrimsun, Last time I tried that, I had no PCMCIA when I rebooted.08:12
=== nuggien [~duc@adsl-67-118-13-79.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
gm78James_Ward, ill give u a warning, download the ubuntu iso and be prepared to reinstall08:12
pepsixhrm.. perhaps if i install lirc-modules-source08:13
James_WardI have the ubuntu CD in the drive.08:13
nuggienhow do I get a script in /etc/init.d/ to be run at boot time?08:13
nuggienlike cpufreqd08:13
gm78James_Ward, oh, lol, i should pay more attention then08:13
crimsunJames_Ward, what prevents you from booting from the CD?08:13
ilba7rdbernarl_ does proftpd needs configuration i know i took a lot of your time so perhaps a link to a site where i can learn is more helpfull08:13
James_WardOld hardware.08:13
hiyahello im having a problem i have no idea on how the whole linux thing works anyway when i try to intstall ubuntu i get a error message that says try burning iso at a slower speed so i did no help08:14
gm78James_Ward, you should be able to enable booting from a cd in the bios08:14
gm78James_Ward, i have a pentium mmx computer that can boot from a cd08:14
James_WardMine can't.08:14
James_WardSCSI CD.08:14
crimsunJames_Ward, so what prevents you from using something like http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hoary/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/ ?08:15
James_Wardcrimsun ubuntu initrd is too big for 32M RAM.08:15
crimsunfor netboot?08:16
James_WardI believe so.08:16
hiyaanyonw ?08:16
hiyaanyone ?08:16
=== bcroq [~bertrand@bruz.freeskop.net] has joined #ubuntu
ilba7rhiya can you explain in more detail08:16
hiyalets see08:16
hiyait gets to around 50% in installing the base system then i get tons of errors08:17
crimsunJames_Ward, I'd try the netboot option if you haven't already.08:17
ilba7rfrom the cd you burnt right08:17
James_Wardcrimsun, I just untar that and boot from it?08:17
hiyai burned 3 cd's already08:17
IceDC571ahh.. i love windowmaker.. its so fast08:17
James_Wardcrimsun I would love to.08:17
ilba7rhiya have you checked the hardware compatability08:18
crimsunJames_Ward, not exactly. You can find standard netboot instructions for Debian on the Web; they're nearly drop-in for Ubuntu.08:18
hiyalets see its a celeron 64mb ram08:18
James_Wardcrimsun, Okay, I'll try it.08:18
hiya4 gig hd agp card08:18
=== tseedmund [~edmund@220-245-255-115-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
hiyai mean it seems like the stuff is new enough right ?08:19
=== transgress [~transgres@68-191-96-214.dhcp.dctr.al.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
ilba7ri am trying to check the hardware compatability for you08:20
ilba7respecially the ram08:20
hiyai didnt see a compatbility page08:20
=== pablo928 [~paul@az-yuma-cuda1x-159.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== transgress [~transgres@68-191-96-214.dhcp.dctr.al.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
transgresshey what happened to the ubuntu wikis?08:21
=== Mr_Smiley [~smiley@CPE-144-136-182-237.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
hiyaill see if i can get the errors again08:21
=== pepsix [~pepsi@] has joined #ubuntu
hiyai burned the iso at 8x08:22
tseedmundDoes anyone use a thinkpad?08:22
hiyadont see a problem there08:22
James_Wardcrimsun, I have already copied vmlinux and initrd.gz to hard drive partitions and booted those.  Will this netboot require less RAM?08:23
crimsunJames_Ward, are you using the versions in that directory?08:24
crimsunthe netboot directory, that is08:24
James_WardNo, got them off the install CD methinks.08:24
=== freddy [~freddy@] has joined #ubuntu
freddydoes anybody know why im getting an error when trying to load alsamixer? :(08:24
freddyim about to bail08:25
James_Wardcrimsun, These are smaller?08:25
crimsunJames_Ward, try the netboot-specific versions08:25
ilba7rhia https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport this is the link to the supported hardware08:25
crimsunfreddy, what sound chipset?08:25
James_Wardcrimsun, K.08:25
freddyalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device08:25
crimsunfreddy, what's your audio lspci -v line?08:25
hiyaok ill look at that thanks ilba7r08:25
=== davi1 [~redactech@] has joined #ubuntu
hiyaall my hardware seems to be checking out08:26
freddycrimsun, gonna paste on pastebin08:27
ilba7rhiya then try another mirror to download ubuntu perhaps there was an error in the download08:27
hiyaok ill try that now08:27
freddycrimsun, http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/39808:27
James_Wardcrimsun, That IS a smaller ramdisk...08:28
crimsunJames_Ward, :)08:28
=== _linuxAS_ [~linuxas@cmbe-212-89-16-88.telecable.es] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunfreddy, that's because your sound hardware isn't supported by the default alsa drivers in ubuntu; they're too old. You need the version in alsa-source from universe.08:29
=== topyli [~juha@dsl-hkigw3pa5.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
hiyadownloading now be back in a few08:30
crimsunfreddy, it's really quite simple. Just install build-essential, linux-headers-$(uname -r), and alsa-source.08:30
freddycrimsun, my card is too old?08:30
crimsunfreddy, no, the drivers are too old.08:30
freddyoh sorry08:31
freddyomg crimsun i hope this works08:31
crimsunit does. I've been through this procedure with a few dozen people already.08:31
freddylol ok08:31
freddygonna try those 3 steps08:31
crimsunwell, that's just the first portion.08:31
=== drummer87 [~owen@c211-30-10-48.artrmn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
freddyoh ok08:32
crimsunI'm walking you through it.08:32
freddylemme install that08:32
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@pool-71-243-147-198.buff.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== goliat [~goliat@] has joined #ubuntu
=== IceDC571 [~IceDC571@c-24-23-181-75.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddycrimsun, im on the second ill let you know when im done08:33
freddythanks a lot man08:33
freddyand btw i found a trick in the ubuntu site to make the fonts look crispy in gnome and now it looks awesome man08:34
freddyi really love this08:34
IceDC571morning :)08:34
IceDC571would anyone consider firefox to be a bloated browser?08:35
=== kangpeh [~kangpeh@ny-chicagost2a-181.buf.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunbloated? well, it certainly could be optimised further, but it's less bloated than mozilla08:36
kgrimmcompared towhat ? IE?08:36
=== hondje finds mozilla to be faster lately
IceDC571no.. like native gnone browsers, epiphany i guess08:36
IceDC571i guess im just using too much old pcs lately08:36
IceDC571i miss my amd6408:37
=== Trace [~Trace@] has joined #ubuntu
=== xinel [~xinel@dsl-220-235-10-243.wa.westnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
TokenBadwhats a good video player for ubuntu besides totem08:37
=== IceDC571 cant believe he just asked if his favorite browser was bloated
James_Wardcrimsun Oooo, exploded badly.08:37
IceDC571TokenBad: theres the kde side of apps, kaffiene (sp)08:38
freddycrimsun, ok done the 3 steps08:38
freddywhat should i do next?08:38
=== davi1 [~redactech@] has left #ubuntu []
crimsunfreddy, sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-source, choose "no" for Plug n' Play, "yes" for debug, and the azx driver08:39
=== bcroq [~bertrand@bruz.freeskop.net] has joined #ubuntu
freddybuild ALSA with ISA PnP support?08:40
crimsun(see above)08:40
freddyPnP plug n play08:41
crimsunJames_Ward, where?08:41
James_Wardcrimsun, Do you know the fancy aptitude command for upgrading from woody?08:41
James_Wardcrimsun, It ran out of memory and kernel paniced.08:41
ilba7rhia are you still here08:41
=== kzm [~ketil@sefirot.ii.uib.no] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunJames_Ward, all you need to do is change /etc/apt/sources.list once the base system is installed, then update && dist-upgrade08:42
=== konki [~konki@pool-71-111-151-64.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardcrimsun, I did that before and had no PCMCIA afterwards.08:42
=== pablo928 [~paul@az-yuma-cuda1x-159.losaca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
crimsunJames_Ward, was the pcmcia-cs package installed?08:42
freddycrimsun, ok..i did the azx driver....hit enter..and the blue window closed and throw me on command line again...08:42
James_Wardcrimsun, I did the update over pcmcia.08:42
James_Wardcrimsun, When I rebooted, it said no pcmcia present.08:43
crimsunJames_Ward, but was it removed for some reason via the dist-upgrade?08:43
=== IceDC571 [~chatzilla@c-24-23-181-75.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardcrimsun I am not sure.08:43
konkihow do i install LIMEWIRE... problem--->   konki@MOMO2:~$ /home/konki/Desktop/LimeWireLinux.rpm08:43
konkibash: /home/konki/Desktop/LimeWireLinux.rpm: Permission denied08:43
transgressget the non rpm08:44
transgressfor one08:44
crimsunfreddy, good. Now: cd /usr/src && sudo tar xfj alsa-driver.tar.bz2 && cd modules/alsa-driver && sudo debian/rules binary_modules KSRC=/usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r) KVERS=$(uname -r)08:44
Amaranthkonki: sudo alien LimeWireLinux.rpm08:44
James_Wardcrimsun, I'll install woody again.08:44
freddyok lemme try to understand.08:44
Amaranthkonki: then sudo dpkg -i <created deb name>.deb08:44
crimsunfreddy, you can just copy n' paste that command (everything following Now:)08:44
transgressi'd still suggest the nonrpm08:44
konkitransgress, where can i get it???08:44
Amaranthtransgress: If by non-rpm you mean deb, of course.08:44
transgresswell the limewire page normally has it08:44
transgressAmaranth: i meant .tar.gz08:45
freddycrimsun, and change the $ for my version right?08:45
Amaranthtransgress: Otherwise converting an rpm to a deb is better than installing a .tar.gz, since it has no package management (can't be easily removed)08:45
konkiAmaranth, what does that mean??08:45
Amaranthkonki: Run those commands.08:45
crimsunfreddy, nope, just copy and paste that exactly08:46
transgressAmaranth: well for one there is checkinstall... and also alien can mess up... not to mention the .tar.gz is not meant to be installed... just run in place.08:46
konkiAmaranth, run them on the terminal??08:46
Amaranthkonki: Yeah.08:46
freddycrimsun, ok a hell lot of stuff going on08:46
James_Wardcrimsun, Maybe the new mod-dep made the old kernel forget how to find pcmcia?08:46
Amaranthtransgress: checkinstall makes me cry and if alien messes up you can still uninstall the package08:47
crimsunJames_Ward, hmm,  but module-init-tools should have been installed as part of the dist-upgrade.08:47
IceDC571lol Amaranth08:47
konkiAmaranth, konki@MOMO2:~$ konki: sudo alien LimeWireLinux.rpm08:47
konkibash: konki:: command not found08:47
konkikonki@MOMO2:~$  konki: then sudo dpkg -i <created deb name>.deb08:47
konkibash: created: No such file or directory08:47
konkithats what happened...08:48
kgrimmanyone have the live/install where i can get to it? bittorrent says 4 days to download08:48
freddydo you guys know of anyone with a tv card working under ubuntu?08:48
Amaranthkonki: Don't literally run the second one. For the first one you need to install the lsb packages.08:48
WildTangent/quit <(^_^<) <( ^_^ )> (>^_^)>08:48
WildTangentTHE KIRBY DANCE!08:48
James_Wardcrimsun, Do they require 2.6 kernel?  Cause it booted 2.208:48
transgressAmaranth: how does it make you cry?08:48
Amaranth2.2? wtf08:48
kgrimmlive/install dvd,, that is08:48
crimsunJames_Ward, module-init-tools is for 2.6, yes. modutils for 2.0-2.408:48
=== Guybrush|Numb [~franz@] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthJames_Ward: Are you trying to go from debian potato to ubuntu hoary?08:48
James_WardAmaranth, woody08:49
IceDC571isnt woody for debian? hmm?08:49
James_Wardcrimsun Okay, then it didn't install or make itseklf boot from the right kernel.08:49
Amaranthtransgress: It's not a real package.08:49
pengohow do i... install another "locale".. like japanese or german? (so it will appear in locale -a)08:50
crimsunfreddy, yep, it's supposed to spew like that.08:50
=== j2dope [~j2dope@203-206-242-34.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
konkiAmaranth, i got the lsb packages installed...08:50
Amaranthpengo: I think it's language-pack-<lang>08:50
pengothanks Amaranth08:50
freddyits still doing stuff08:50
Amaranthkonki: Then your system has issues...08:50
freddycrimsun, and it finished08:50
pengohey Amaranth from tasmania?08:50
j2dopemy nautilus cd burner isn't working quite right. whats another reliable GUI alternative for ubuntu?08:50
IceDC571j2dope: have you tried gnomebaker?08:51
Amaranthj2dope: k3b and gnomebaker08:51
TokenBadkaffeine don't work08:51
TokenBadis there another08:51
James_WardAmaranth, To bring you up to date, I dist-upgraded woody and it booted the woody kernel instead of ubuntu and therefore had no pcmcia.08:51
crimsunfreddy, now: sudo dpkg -i ../*.deb08:51
j2dopecan i get k3b even tho ubuntu is gnome?08:51
crimsunj2dope, sure08:51
konkiwell, Amaranth, is there any other way in order to install limewire...08:52
James_WardAmaranth, I'm in the process of reinstalling woody.08:52
AmaranthJames_Ward: You can't use lilo or grub to tell it to boot the 2.6 kernel?08:53
freddycrimsun, ok thats done, and i have a message on the middle of my desktop that says Volume Control has quit unexpectedly. Dont Reload / Reload08:53
konkiAmaranth, this came up right now...08:53
James_WardAmaranth, I'm not sure it even installed the 2.6 kernel.08:53
crimsunfreddy, reload08:53
konkisudo alien LimeWireLinux.rpm08:53
konkikonki@MOMO2:~$ sudo alien LimeWireLinux.rpm08:53
konkiFile "LimeWireLinux.rpm" not found.08:53
freddyok done crimsun08:53
crimsunfreddy, cat /proc/asound/modules08:53
freddycrimsun, nadda08:54
=== HiddenWolf [~hidden@136.180.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunfreddy, ok, then reboot08:54
freddyok...should i spect any sounds when rebooting?08:54
Amaranthkonki: Ok, you need to give it the full path to where the LimeWireLinux.rpm file is08:54
James_WardAmaranth, I have a tar file with ubuntu debootstrap and the ubuntu CD in the drive.08:54
crimsunfreddy, only after it finishes08:54
AmaranthJames_Ward: Heh, I've never tried it.08:54
freddyok crimsun brb...i hope i get a sound08:55
AmaranthJames_Ward: Too much work to backup and format?08:55
=== AceMan [~me@81-178-216-230.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
konkiAmaranth, i downloaded it to my desktop...08:55
James_WardAmaranth, Backup and format what?08:55
konkiso how do i do that??08:55
Amaranthkonki: Ok, sudo alien ~/Desktop/LimeWireLinux.rpm08:55
AmaranthJames_Ward: Whatever is on the machine that is worth going through this horrible hassle.08:55
=== floo [~gary@host-84-9-74-18.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
James_WardAmaranth, There's nothing on the machine.  I can't install ubuntu any other way due to low RAM and non-bootable CD.08:56
=== Ray|v|an-1010 [~raymanrey@dsl-200-78-27-206.prod-infinitum.com.mx] has joined #ubuntu
konkiAmaranth, this came up now        limewire-free_4.9.1-1_i386.deb generated08:57
konkiis the installation complete??08:57
Amaranthkonki: sudo dpkg -i ~/Desktop/limewire-free_4.9.1-1_i386.deb08:57
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flooCan anyone help me with firefox?  Text on pages goes out of frame and i have to scroll horizontally to read anything.08:58
Amaranthfloo: Blame the website.08:58
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=== freddy [~freddy@] has joined #ubuntu
=== digitalfox is now known as digitalfox|sleep
freddycrimsun, OMG MAN I GOT SOUND!!!!08:59
freddyi love you08:59
freddythanks a lot man, i really love you08:59
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crimsunnp :)09:00
tigliona1bithey, how do I use a joystick in prboom?09:00
konkiAmaranth, it says errors were encountered while processing09:00
James_WardAmaranth, I'm doing the ubuntu debootstrap using the CD.09:00
Amaranthkonki: What errors?09:00
AmaranthJames_Ward: I know nothing about debootstrap09:00
konkisudo dpkg -i ~/Desktop/limewire-free_4.9.1-1_i386.deb09:00
James_WardAmaranth, Me either.  ;-)09:00
freddycrimsun, i wonder something tho....if i have to kinda format my desktop....jesus i dont want to bother anyone again with this...09:00
konkioops..konki@MOMO2:~$ sudo dpkg -i ~/Desktop/limewire-free_4.9.1-1_i386.deb09:00
konkidpkg: error processing /home/konki/Desktop/limewire-free_4.9.1-1_i386.deb (--install):09:00
konki cannot access archive: No such file or directory09:00
konkiErrors were encountered while processing:09:00
konki /home/konki/Desktop/limewire-free_4.9.1-1_i386.deb09:00
=== GNULinuxer [~ghoseb@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthkonki: sudo dpkg -i limewire-free_4.9.1-1_i386.deb09:01
freddyso is there a way that you can kinda paste me the steps you told me in order to get it working?09:01
freddycrimsun ?09:01
James_WardOh, one thing that makes me wonder is, it installs i686 libc6... that won't run will it?09:01
whiprushmorning Amaranth, crimson, *.*09:01
whiprushcrimsun even. :p09:01
freddycrimsun, like scroll a bit and paste them on pm for me..in order to save them09:01
konkiAmaranth, should a file named limewire-free_4.9.1-1_i386.deb appear on my desktop??09:01
Amaranthmorning whiprush09:01
crimsunmoin whiprush09:02
Amaranthkonki: Probably not, thus the new command to run. :)09:02
j2dopehmmm. gnomebaker couldn't do dvds. with nautilus it keeps saying 'incorrectly encoded string' when i try to burn. any suggestions?09:02
crimsunfreddy, "format your desktop"?09:02
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=== bonggnu [~eric@135-23-28.dial.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
freddycrimsun, lol...my computer09:02
konkiAmaranth, ok done unpacking, is it done??09:03
=== judax [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has left #ubuntu ["So]
crimsunfreddy, if you need to, just search the Ubuntu forums for "azalia" or "azx"09:03
Amaranthkonki: Should be, yeah.09:03
freddycrimsun, oh lemme check09:03
bonggnuhi i installed ubuntu today, and all works fine, but when i rebooted, i do not have sound, many players plays the sound, but this doesnot "sound", i check the phisycal connection, alsamixer, etc09:03
konkiAmaranth, yeah i think so, thanks alot! lemme run it and see if it works...09:03
Amaranthj2dope: err, gnomebaker does DVDs09:04
James_Wardcrimsun, Maybe the only problem before was booting the wrong kernel.  But the i686 libc6 sounds like a bomb.  Is there an i586 libc6 on the CD?09:04
bonggnui am using hoary09:04
j2dopeAmaranth: my bad i didnt realise my dvd burner wasn't selected09:04
j2dopemy desktop is cluttered and i can hardly see the monitor im trying to burn with :P09:04
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crimsunJames_Ward, there's the standard i386 (non-suffixed) libc609:05
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konkiAmaranth, i'm clicking on the program but it doesn't seem to respond...09:05
Amaranthkonki: You don't click on the RPM.09:06
James_Wardcrimsun, One thing I tried was installing to a USB drive on another system and then copying that over the network.  But the install system was i686 and my i586 died when it booted trying to use i686 libs.09:06
Amaranthkonki: If there isn't anything in your menus you'll need to run 'limewire' from a terminal09:06
Amaranthkonki: Why limewire though? giftoxic and azureus are better09:06
konkii am clicking on the one on the internet menu bar...09:06
Amaranthkonki: and easier to install09:06
James_Wardcrimsun, At least I think that was what happened.09:06
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konkiwell  i havn't tried either one of those... which one is better???09:07
James_Wardcrimsun, I still have the ubuntu USB stick if you think I can tweak it to use the right libraries?09:07
bonggnuhow can i install avidemux into hoary?09:07
=== judax [~judax@ppp-69-148-18-161.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
konkiAmaranth, which p2p is better??09:07
James_Wardlimewire is unstable in my experience.09:07
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crimsunJames_Ward, perhaps if you remove libc6-i686 from the usb stick it may work. I don't know offhand, because I've not tried such a procedure.09:09
Amaranthkonki: azureus and giftoxic both use the same backend09:09
James_Wardcrimsun, I was just thinking that.  Well, this will be reaady to boot in a minute.  I'll do a grub-install before I try it.09:10
Amaranthkonki: azureus has more features, giftoxic fits in with GNOME and is easier to use09:10
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=== Kpjas [~Kpjas@pg223.czestochowa.sdi.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
KpjasHello Could you help me with Perl modules, please ?09:10
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=== action09 yop
=== mebaran151 [~mebaran15@c-24-126-1-10.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
James_Wardcrimsun, woody installed the kernel and drivers before debootstrap.  Maybe I have to do it manually from the CD before I reboot?09:11
konkiAmaranth, thanks i'll find check em out and i'll be back if i need some help installing it, anyways thanks alot!09:11
crimsunJames_Ward, worth an attempt09:11
Amaranthkonki: They are both in synaptic09:12
James_Wardcrimsun, So I need kernel, kernel-modules?09:12
konkiwhat does synaptic means?09:12
crimsunlinux-$(uname -r) and linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r)09:12
crimsunerr, the first should be linux-image-$(uname -r)09:12
James_Wardcrimsun Danke09:12
konkii'll check the dictonary.. lol09:12
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KpjasWhere do I find perl modules LWP::UserAgent and Encode ?09:14
=== Doomgaze` [~Doomgaze@] has joined #ubuntu
James_WardKpjas, cpan.org?09:14
Amaranthkonki: It means you can use apt-get to install them09:15
Amaranthkonki: synaptic is a GUI that makes it easy to use apt, I figured that's what you used (no offense)09:15
KpjasJames_Ward: any Debian/Ubuntu packages not around ?09:15
freddy132. HOWTO: Font de-uglification LOL09:15
freddywhat a title09:15
mebaran151any of you guys got an easy solution09:15
James_WardKpjas, I don't think so.09:15
mebaran151to mount an ftp filesystem like it is local09:15
=== [1] punkass is now known as punkass
mebaran151ftpfs looks defunct09:15
Amaranthmebaran151: LUFS09:16
mebaran151I tried LUFS but it segfaults09:16
mebaran151FUSE seems like an application thing09:16
mebaran151I havent seen it applied in the manner which I need it to be applied09:16
whiprushthey all kind of suck09:16
KpjasJames_Ward: :( and it contradicts the statement that Debian has a wide software base ;-)09:17
jsgotangcowhiprush, hey :)09:17
whiprushhey jsgotangco09:17
James_WardKpjas, Perl modules are packaged by perl people.09:17
freddycrimsun, thanks a lot really09:17
James_WardAnybody remembver the syntax to get perl to download and install modules?09:18
freddynow my tv card..09:18
freddydo you guys think that its going to be hard to get a tv card working?09:18
freddyand how do i add a launcher to the gnome meny?09:18
KpjasJames_Ward: perl -MCPAN -e shell09:18
=== send [~WinNT@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranth!tell freddy about smeg09:18
crimsunfreddy, np09:18
James_WardKpjas, Looks like you're on top of it.09:19
Kpjasbut it doesn't work for me James_Ward09:19
freddyAmaranth, thanks09:19
James_WardKpjas, What does it say?09:19
Amaranthcafuego: Perhaps ubotu should NOTICE instead of PRIVMSG? It makes it easier to notice (most clients put NOTICEs in the window you're looking at).09:20
crimsunJames_Ward, there's also dh-make-perl09:20
KpjasI need to install three modules and it fails with some cryptic msgs09:20
freddynow how do i install a .deb package?09:20
freddydeb file.deb?09:20
Amaranthcafuego: Also, I can give you the UbuntuBot nick if you want it (I own it).09:21
KpjasJames_Ward: I'll keep trying with less recent modules09:21
James_Wardcrimsun, Okay, ase system installed successfully.09:21
Kpjasbye for now09:21
=== Kpjas [~Kpjas@pg223.czestochowa.sdi.tpnet.pl] has left #ubuntu []
freddyhrmm i have no deb.09:21
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anatolecan someone tell how to disable trash for some drives?09:23
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[ubu-e] demonHi I have started European Ubuntu Clan. This is a tc:e clan. tc:e is a free tactical shooter. Anyone interested ?09:26
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[ubu-e] demonwe have started the channel #ubu-e09:31
James_Wardcrimsun, Is there any way I can install linux image and modules from the CD without having to resolve all the dependencies manually?09:32
tigliona1bitJames_Ward: apt09:32
cafuegoJames_Ward: Add the cd to /etc/apt/sources.list and use 'apt-get install'09:32
SeveasJames_Ward, when you install ubuntu it installs linux-386 (ie: kernel+modules) automagically09:32
tigliona1bitJames_Ward: man apt-cdrom09:32
James_WardSeveas, I'm upgrqading from woody.09:33
crimsunJames_Ward, you only need linux-image-2.6.10-5-386 and linux-restricted-modules-2.6.10-5-38609:33
tigliona1bitJames_Ward: why don't you use the internet?09:33
SeveasJames_Ward, ack