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alleepef: do you know why the h*ll datakiosk using .pro extention?  so no datakiosk mimetype or *.pro (due to ambiguity) :(12:05
pefallee, pro like project12:05
pefI will contact the author about that12:06
alleepef: I know but .pro is not uniq to datakiosk :(12:06
pefallee, yes, I have already seen them12:07
pefbut where ?12:07
alleepef: suggest kdk Kde DataKiosk or dkk for DataKiosK,  aka kwd ksp ... ;)12:07
pefkdevelop ?12:07
alleepef qmake12:07
allee+ AFAIK12:07
Riddellpef: no man page?12:09
alleeRiddell: my fault.  read backlog12:09
peferf :12:10
alleeRiddell: [22:29]  <allee> IMHO better a bug than a disapointing manpage (manpages have a bad enough reputation already)12:10
Riddellfair enough12:10
Riddellpef: looks like a work of perfection to me, want me to upload it to REVU?12:11
pefRiddell, yes, please12:12
alleepef: ah, idl uses .pro files for their.  Quite popular and expenstive pdl like (or was it vice versa ;) tool12:13
allees/their/their scripts/12:13
Riddellpef: hmm, it doesn't seem to clean at all now12:14
Riddelllots of dpkg-source: cannot represent change to src/src/datakiosk: binary file contents changed12:15
pefRiddell, If I "make clean" into the source this not happens again12:15
alleeRiddell,pef: app icons in hicolor, actins icons in crystalsvg.  maybe works, I'm confused,12:16
Riddellallee: why are you confused?12:16
alleeRiddell: why not all png's in hicolor (that the f.d.o fallback right).12:17
=== allee should install gnome to check how kde apps look/work there :(
Riddellallee: that is the correct thing to do for applications outwith KDE such as this one, but generally programmes using KDE put icons in crystal because that's what official KDE does12:18
alleepef: yeap. clean: target misses a make clean12:18
alleeRiddell: and they find them in gnome environment?  Well it's late, better not dive into this water now.12:20
Riddellshouldn't dh_clean do that?12:20
Riddellallee: find what in gnome environment?12:20
pefdh_clean -k I suppose12:21
Riddelldon't think so12:21
pefIt's very interesting to make packages, there is a _lot_ of things to learn :)12:23
Riddellyes, certainly is12:24
Riddellyou removed  -$(MAKE) distclean12:24
Riddellfrom the clean target12:24
Riddellallee: do you know what the - does infront of that?12:24
pefRiddell, because I had a "error2: cannot build the distclean target"12:25
alleeRiddell: ignore status code != 0 afair12:25
Riddellpef: I don't get that error12:26
Riddellallee: suspected so, thanks.  makefiles are strange12:26
alleepef: debuild, then: make clean work12:26
alleeRiddell: yes.  I try to always c&p examples.12:27
alleepef: config.gues  +s?12:28
pefyep, typo, I don't understand why this file isn't deleted :)12:29
pefdo you know the "libre software meeting" at dijon, france ?12:30
alleeAfter debuild, I could not find config.gue* at all.  That confusing12:31
alleepef: me? no12:33
pefI'm currently there, meeting with very interesting people12:33
alleepef: lucky guy.  I had to miss Linuxtag because too busy :(12:34
pefrm -f build-stamp12:34
pef# Add here commands to clean up after the build process.12:34
pefrm -f config.guess config.sub12:34
pef/usr/bin/make distclean12:34
pefmake[1] : Entering directory `/home/loic/dev/kubuntu/datakiosk/datakiosk-0.7'12:34
pefmake[1] : *** No rule to make target `distclean'.  Stop.12:34
pefallee, too bad :/ I'm student with a lot of free time, I try to use it as best12:34
pef$(MAKE$ doesn't invoke the right Makefile no ? the right Makefile is into the src subdirectory12:35
alleepef: enjoy this time.  I wasted too much time in pubs at university ;)12:35
alleepef: Makefile in top dir calls src/Makefile12:36
pefallee, but the top Makefile has no distclean target12:36
alleepef: I wonder myself why Riddel suggested distclean.12:37
Riddellit does have a distclean target for me12:39
alleedistclean here too12:40
pefI don't understand the error212:40
alleeRiddell: distclean is the right choice, sorry for the stupid question12:40
Riddellpef: are you calling it before doing a build?12:41
pefRiddell, I have it during the debuild process12:42
alleemake clean; make distclean; give -2 too.  Rebuilding amd only make distclean works here12:42
alleepef: that's fine. if src is already distclean you get error code 2.  But clean target should ignore such errors12:43
pefallee, isn't it error 1 if ignorable ?12:44
=== allee remebers now why he loves cdbs and does not miss dh_* makefiles
alleepef: error is error.  If it can be ignored depends on context.12:44
alleepef: here src is already distclean and we can ignore when make distclean fails ;)12:45
pefallee, it's a ditry behavior12:45
alleehe, he12:46
pefI have to leave, the connection will be cut to get out all the geeks :)12:54
pefgood night !12:54
alleepef: bye12:54
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froudmorn ppl changes to http://lnix.net/~froud were successfull uploaded yesterday night09:24
froudRiddell: please see http://lnix.net/~froud/ for summary of our chat09:24
froudRiddell: then see http://lnix.net/~froud/status/kqg-report.html to see how these comments apply to the kquickguide09:24
froudif anyone else notes stuff that will change or wishes to give us notice of changes please let me know so I can add then to these outline remarks09:25
froudthis way when we document we can see problem areas and react acordingly09:26
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alleefround: would be nice if kpg-report.html has links to docs so one can directly review10:19
alleeRiddell: wasn't there a plan to include digikam* kipi* in default install?  There are still in universe10:21
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uniqhmm.. interessting. after installing breezy i can't change to the vt's with ctrl+alt+fX.11:38
uniqand my nice norwegian characters doesn't work in X.11:38
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uniqriddell: where did the knetworkconf you uploaded to hoary-updates go? it's still ubuntu4 in hoary-updates, the renaming of icons were introduced in ubuntu5. (which is in breezy)12:17
uniqactually, ubuntu6 which is the latest version is in breezy.12:18
=== Riddell been slightly distracted by london being blown up
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uniqhum.. udev in breezy doesn't make /dev/dsp for me..02:54
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Sonerasfroud: are you there?06:22
froudHello Soneras 06:23
froudwaz up06:23
SonerasI'm still looking around the docs. Can you tell me what would be the best place to start (translating locally, I'll later up into rosetta). 06:23
froudWhew!! at present it is not a good time for translations because we are at the start of writing for Kubuntu06:25
froudI think the first place you will be able to start is the kubuntu quick guide06:25
froudbecause it is a quick guide it will be finished first06:25
froudbut there are bound to be many changes between now and the end06:26
froudthat would render translations out-dated06:26
froudcould be very frustrating for you06:26
froudyou sure you want to start now06:27
Sonerasno, not so sure anymore ;)06:27
froudIf you want I will prepare a POT file for Kubuntu Quick Guide06:27
SonerasI was under the impression there were parts that are completely done already.06:28
froudno not for kubuntu06:28
froudbut I will ping you as things happen06:28
froudhave you worked with POT/PO files before06:29
Sonerasno, unfortunately not06:29
froudOK it's simple really06:30
froudI will explain near the time, but all you do is translated strings06:30
Sonerasok, that's fine06:31
SonerasI'll just fool around with the docs a bit in the meantime (can't promise to produce anything usefull though). Oh and I'll be generally annoying here on IRC :D06:32
froud:-) no worries06:32
froudpatches welcome I'l fix the English06:33
Sonerasthe screenshots should be translated too? Did you find anything about the tool to autmatically create screenshots for docs ?06:36
froudthere is no magic tool06:36
froudwe just use imagemagic06:37
froudbut yes, we would have screen captures for each language06:37
Soneraswill the default layout change for breezy? like iconset, windeco, fonts, colours... has there been a decision on this? cause it would affect the screenshots we make.06:39
froudcan you join #ubuntu-doc?06:39
Riddelliconset no, windeco only if I find something suitable, fonts no, colours no06:39
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froudSoneras: in general we dont care to much about these issues. Taking screenshots is a time consuming task06:40
Sonerasah ok, cause I'd have liked to see a change in colour and font size ^^ I will join ubuntu-docs, something special there?06:41
froudso unless the screen in wrong, we dont care about the fonts, colors etc06:41
froudNo just thought it may be better to discuss these things there06:41
Sonerasah that's nice. It's been a long long topic on the kde doc list - not beeing able to change the default style because of doc screenshots06:42
RiddellSoneras: what would you like changed about colour and fonts?06:42
Soneraswell, font's are a bit big imo and colours could be brighter / "nicer"06:43
SonerasI see this is a pretty subjective topic though. 06:43
froudSoneras: so long as the screens all use the default (current) theme06:43
Sonerasactuall started a thread at kubuntu-devel list, but not many replies yet.06:43
RiddellSoneras: could you give us a screenshot so I can see what your fonts are like?06:44
Sonerasone sec06:44
Sonerasthe one in the background06:44
Sonerasthat was the way kubuntu looket out of the box on my setup and the others I've seen.06:45
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Riddellmy fonts are the size of the one in the forground06:48
RiddellI wonder what makes the difference06:48
Sonerasthats the way they are in gnome for me - that' ok. has it to do with different dpi settings?06:49
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marthey, that's nice.  my brother sent me a text saying he hasn't been blown up. :)06:51
Riddellvery thoughtful06:56
RiddellSoneras: different dpi's are quite possible but I don't know enough about it to say so06:57
Sonerasriddel, ah ok... actually I filed a bug report about the font size (maybe not a good ide though :-/), cause I wasn't sure if it's right to have that big fonts. (no 12450)06:58
Riddellyeah that's fine07:00
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Sonerashello pef07:17
pefhow can I avoid a Makefile target failure when there is nothing to do ? (a distclean target)07:24
Riddellpef: what do you have?07:24
pefRiddell: the error2 of yesterday :)07:25
Riddellpef: what do you have in debian/rules?07:29
pefRiddell: http://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/rules07:31
Riddellpef: try putting a - infront of it07:33
Riddell-$(MAKE) distclean07:33
pefRiddell: yeah :) where did you find that ? I tried -i option of make without success07:37
Riddellmakefiles are weird07:37
=== Riddell goes out
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Sonerasfroud? kinda doc-unrelated question; yo state "may be replaced by gstreamer." at the amaroK doc. will another player using gstreamer replace amarok, or will there jsut be the gstreamer engine for amarok?07:53
froudSoneras: not sure yet, I think the developers have not yet made a decision on that and other stuff07:54
pefcould someone have a look at my package ? :) http://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/datakiosk/07:54
froudwhat is it?07:54
=== Soneras likes amaroK and would shed a tear if it where gone :'(
froudpef: will it install on hoary07:56
froudwhat is datakiosk07:56
Sonerasdoesn't seem like it (just tried)07:56
froudhmm what was the incantation to rebuild07:57
froudHmm database interface tool07:58
peffroud: no, breezy07:59
froudno. it only installs on breezy? or no, it cannot install on breezy08:00
froudonly installs on breezy I guess08:00
Sonerasyeb:  datakiosk hngt ab von* kdelibs4c2 (>= 4:3.4.1); aber: *depends on08:01
peffroud: only on breezy08:02
froudpef: sorry I still dont have breezy system08:03
pefis see packages in universe need fixes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuSuggestedPackages "Suggested Packages that are being worked on", what's the work to do ?08:13
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froudanyone got suggestions for the section "Contributing to Kubuntu" in the User Guide09:41
froudHow does one go about contributing?09:41
froudDo we just follow all that stuff on Ubuntu or do we have a different method09:42
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loicwhy, when I want sysv-rc sources, I get sysvinit sources ? I use apt-get source10:08
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=== tvo updated my wiki page
tvosomeone who knows QRegExp's here?10:58
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Mezlol, Riddell, Phil finally got round to signing my key!11:22
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