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stibbyi have a question about kdevelop12:28
stibbyon the sidebar, to see your files12:28
stibbycan you set it to display as a tree?12:29
stibby(tree-view; a view setting in konqueror, as well as quanta ide)12:29
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_ubuntuis this a chat room 12:30
stibbyyes, it is kubuntu's chatroom12:30
stibbyyou are in the right place12:31
seth_kstibby: I really have no idea (just letting you know you're not being ignored)12:31
stibbyi'm not getting an answer in #kde either :(12:32
stibbyand afaik, #kdevelop is mostly norweigens12:32
stibbyif it wasn't for this setting i can't find, i'd ditch my other IDE12:34
seth_kwhat other IDE do you use, stibby?12:38
stibbyQuanta-Plus and Eclipse12:39
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seth_kI use both of those, but not KDevelop12:39
stibbythey both have this feature as default12:39
stibbydoes Quanta have support for Java?12:39
stibby(not JSP, Java)12:39
seth_kYes, it has Java highlighting12:40
seth_kunder Sources/Java12:40
unomehowdy kubuntunians12:41
stibbyseth_h: i'd try it, but its not currently on my computer12:41
stibbyits a possibility, though12:41
seth_khi unome 12:47
seth_kstibby: doesn't Eclipse do everything you need for Java? <3 Eclipse12:48
stibbybut i don't like its highilghting and its in GTK12:48
stibbyand i'm working on individual-file-projects12:48
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ChurcH_of_FoamYcan anyone help me get a second hard drive going?12:58
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nightfireI am running gentoo for a few years now. But i build up a secondary machine to check out some other distributions. Now I want to test kubuntu01:21
seth_kgood choice01:21
nightfireseth_k: i like all versions of linux but not suse fedora ....01:22
nightfirewhat is the special thing from kubuntu ?01:23
nightfirewhat makes it effective?01:23
seth_kWell, Kubuntu is Debian-based, so we use APT for package management01:24
seth_kKubuntu also has a quick release cycle (just 6 months) and so is very up-to-date01:24
nightfireoh cool I used debian one year01:24
nightfireI can use apt-get to update too ?01:24
nightfirecool sounds good01:25
kalenedraelapt-get update, apt-get upgrade01:25
kalenedrael"update" updates the package lists, "upgrade" upgrades packages01:25
nightfiregentoo and debian are my favorites till now01:25
kalenedrael(as one would expect)01:25
kalenedraeli like apt01:25
kalenedraelkubuntu has been quite friendly so far01:26
nightfireI am installing it in that moment 01:26
seth_kI run Breezy Kubuntu on both my boxes now01:26
stibbyis that the newest release?01:27
nightfireI want to know all linuxes but I will allway have one gentoo box01:27
nightfirethe last one i was testing was archlinux01:27
fromozeseth_k is breezy considered beta now?01:28
seth_kBreezy is the unstable version of (K)Ubuntu01:28
seth_kfromoze: no01:28
fromozejust alfa?01:28
nightfireqt4 comes with kde4 ?01:28
seth_kfromoze: it doesn't really go like that. Colony 2 is out01:28
seth_knightfire: yes01:28
nightfireI can't wait :)))01:28
fromozeI mean if is waiting for tester or only devs01:28
nightfiresaw some pictures from the gentoo developers01:28
nightfireit looks hot01:29
fromozeI can't wait for plasma :)01:29
fromozeMy systray is too much populated XD01:29
fromozedon't know plasma?01:29
monchycodename for kde401:30
fromozeis the kde4 replacement for kdesktop, kicker, superkaramba...01:30
=== nomeansyes [~tricoma@157.Red-83-37-68.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
fromozeand kompos to :D01:30
nightfireno never head of it01:30
nightfireare there some alpha / beta screenshots?01:31
fromozethe web is down now01:31
fromozebut in kde-artists there're some mockups01:31
nightfirei am test on my gentoo box enlightenment-0.1701:31
nightfiresounds intersting01:34
nightfireis here someone using openoffice 2.0 beta?01:35
seth_ki am01:36
nightfirei run it on my gentoo box01:36
nightfirebut i have not used it much01:36
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nightfireOn my gentoo box it seems to be stable :)01:37
seth_kay, is quite stable01:38
seth_k113 is very close to final01:38
monchyfaster than the 1.1.4 release? loading time wise01:39
seth_kdunno, i haven't used 1.1.4 in so long01:40
seth_kI would guess not, it's pretty dog-slow01:40
monchydamn shame01:40
fromozeIf you don't understand spanish you can just read the  benchmarks http://diegocg.blogspot.com/2005/07/openoffice-20-vs-11.html01:43
fromozethe first starting to a blank documen and the second opening a .doc01:43
fromozeit looks it would be slower01:43
fromozeI don't know if in fedora with gcj it goes better :?01:44
monchyk i'm going to use babelfish on that lol01:45
fromozeI don't worry about, I prefer koffice and I just use kile for my works :D01:45
nightfirei use openoffice BASIC01:45
monchyi may just use abiword, it's supposed to be slim and fast01:45
fromozebetter kword if you're on kubuntu :)01:46
monchyon sarge + xfce01:46
fromozeand why not latex?01:47
nightfirelatex is cool01:48
fromozewith kile is really easy to use and learnt01:48
nightfirehrt Weird Al - Windows 95 Sucks.mp3 at 128kbps [2:05 of 2:09] 01:48
fromozegood night, going to bed!01:50
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nightfireto use the nvidia drivers on Kubuntu I have to install them manually? 01:50
nightfireor is there an automated way?01:50
seth_ksudo aptitude install nvidia-glx01:51
nightfireseth_k: is that the 3d accerated driver?01:52
seth_kindeed it is01:52
monchybe thankful you don't own an ati card01:52
seth_ki do :/01:52
seth_kone of each01:52
seth_kati is death01:52
monchyme too, just an ati though01:52
nightfirei am using linux too long01:53
monchyand i cry myself to sleep every night thinking about it01:53
seth_knvidia: sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx01:53
nightfireto buy a ati card ^^01:53
seth_kati: three hour manual install01:53
monchynah doesn't me that long01:53
nightfireits is on gentoo the same ^^01:53
monchy25 minutes01:53
seth_kyeah, i exaggerated for effect01:54
seth_kalthough the first time I did it it did take me several hours01:54
monchybut yeah, pain in the ass all the way01:54
nightfireI couldnt set a root password during the install01:54
nightfireor i have missed it01:55
seth_kKubuntu doesn't use root01:55
seth_keverything is sudo01:55
seth_kand you use your own password01:55
nightfirethat is the first thing which i do change ^^01:55
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nightfireI edited the xorg.conf.  driver "nv" --> driver "nvidia" is that correct in kubuntu too ?01:59
nightfireend commented out the dri modules02:00
seth_knightfire: sounds good so far02:00
nightfireok then i change the sync ranges and reboot02:00
seth_kgood luck02:00
seth_kjust restart X02:00
seth_kdont' reboot02:00
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nightfireseth_k: i meant that ^^02:01
nightfireit works and the screnn is centered now :)02:02
seth_kglxgears! glxgears! </chant>02:03
monchyk i think i'm brave enough to try gentoo now02:04
nightfirelooks good02:04
nightfirevincent nighty # glxgears02:04
nightfire51902 frames in 5.0 seconds = 10380.400 FPS02:04
nightfire51071 frames in 5.0 seconds = 10214.200 FPS02:04
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nightfireand root has now a password02:05
supernixI wonder why when you insert the Kubuntu CD in it brings up a dialog that says Ubuntu ?02:06
nightfirekubuntu is based on ubuntu02:07
=== js_ [js@ua-83-227-232-164.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
nightfireonly kde02:08
nightfireinstead of gnome as far as i know02:08
=== doctor_salvia [~death@pool-70-105-77-179.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
doctor_salviaare there any engineers in here?02:08
supernixBut I would think they would then bring up a menu that said Kubuntu instead02:08
nightfiremonchy: gentoo is very great02:09
nightfirei have never seen something better than portage02:09
monchyhard to get installed and stuff?02:09
doctor_salviai have a MOS devide apparently to do wit hradiation that is built with an architecture scaled as small as a micron02:09
monchyi'm only familiar with ubuntu and sarge lol02:09
supernixhmmmm portage what is that ?02:10
nightfiremonchy: no 02:10
=== sog [~sog@] has joined #kubuntu
nightfirethe package managemant02:10
nightfireemerge 02:10
monchybeen wanting to try it for a while but it is quite intimidating ;p02:10
nightfireemerge kde and gentoo is going to install kde02:10
supernixOIC didn't know that they had that last time I peeked at Gentoo it was using compressed files to install packages02:10
nightfirei am not good in english, what does mean intimidating ?=02:11
supernixmeans scared02:11
nightfiresupernix: sources02:11
nightfirehave to be compiled locally02:12
nightfirebut you can tune the compiler flags02:12
nightfireneeds time but 02:12
nightfirespecially on slow machines you get a good result after compiling02:13
nightfireI was trying apt-get install mc02:16
nightfirebut ubuntu did not find it 02:16
supernixHmmm I don't see any Gentoo LiveCD02:16
nightfiresupernix: use knoppix02:16
nightfireit is much more comfortable02:16
nightfiresupernix: i can guide you through the installation if you want02:17
supernixI would use knoppix but it wont support my printer well at least I never could get it to work02:17
nightfiresupernix: no 02:17
nightfireuse knoppix to install gentoo02:17
supernixI have the live DVD of Knoppix02:17
supernixAh I see what your saying now02:17
nightfireit is ok 02:17
nightfirethe dvd is 3.502:18
nightfireisn't it ?02:18
supernixActually yes and no they have a DE version of 4.0 out but I have a remastered version that defaults to English02:18
nightfirein knoppix are only 2 points diffrent to the livecd installation02:18
nightfirecool a germen 4.0 version ?02:19
nightfirei am going to download 02:19
supernixYou can find the information on distrowatch02:19
supernixThe DVD is so kewl it has so many programs on it02:19
nightfiredo you want install gentoo now?02:20
supernixSadly enough for me I never could get the printer to work02:20
supernixThanks nightfire for your generous offer but I am only testing the Live CDs and DVDs now02:20
nightfiresupernix: i can help you02:21
supernixI seriously am thinkig of switching to Linux though they really have done great at making things work better02:21
nightfirea printer to get to work is quite easy02:22
nightfirewhat printer do you use02:22
supernixI use the HP Deskjet 515002:22
supernixit is hooked up using USB02:22
=== kl [~kl@p548F5B23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nightfirethat one works great with gimp print02:22
nightfire/dev/lp0 or /dev/usb/lp002:23
supernixOddly enough Kubuntu had no problem printing to my printer but Knoppix just would not work for me02:23
supernixWhat is that /dev/lpo ?02:23
nightfire0 = zero02:23
nightfirethat is the devicenode02:24
supernixOIC so just look in /dev/ for the device lp0 ?02:24
nightfireyes or /dev/usb/lp002:24
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nightfiremaybe you need to get a ppd file from02:24
supernixIf I reboot to Knoppix DVD can you help me get it working ?02:25
nightfirei can02:25
supernixOk I will be right back then thanks in advance for your help nightfire02:28
supernixAh man he left me02:29
=== nightfire [~nightfire@dsl-082-083-236-112.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
supernixLOL I thought you left me high and dry for a second LOL02:29
supernixBRB and thank again02:30
nightfiresupernix: no i worked on a script and had to restart irssi02:30
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supernixHiya everyone02:42
supernixOk now what should I do first to get the printer working02:43
nightfireyou are using knoppix ?02:44
nightfireinstalled on harddisk?02:44
supernixnah just the live DVD02:44
nightfirei didn't do that but it should be the same02:44
nightfirethe first way you can try is02:45
nightfirego to the controlcenter02:45
nightfirehow is angeschlossene gerte called in the english kde ?02:45
nightfireconnected devices ?02:46
nightfiresomething like that02:46
=== The_bellman [~rjs@dsl.shannon.id.au] has joined #kubuntu
nightfireare you at that point now?02:47
nightfireor go here02:47
supernixYes when I went to the printer section it said could not connect to cups02:47
nightfiremaybe it is free for your printer02:48
nightfireyou must start cups02:48
nightfirewithout that it will not work02:48
nightfirekonsole 02:48
nightfire/etc/init.d/cups start02:48
nightfireor cupsd 02:48
nightfirei am not sure02:49
nightfirethere is only one02:49
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=== ChurcH_of_foamY [~kisain@24-177-160-171.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
ChurcH_of_foamYanyone here good at installing hard drives?02:51
=== darylp [~daryl_jus@63-208-162-60.digitalrealm.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
ChurcH_of_foamYand getting them to run in linux?02:51
nightfireChurcH_of_foamY: sure02:51
=== darylp [~daryl_jus@63-208-162-60.digitalrealm.net] has joined #kubuntu
nightfirewhat is your problem02:51
ChurcH_of_foamYi am putting a hard drive in my box and don't know how to set it up02:52
ChurcH_of_foamYcan you help?02:52
nightfiredo you know exactly wehere you put it in?02:52
nightfireprimary master ....02:52
nightfirewhat do you want now mount it or format it?02:53
nightfiredo you know what mount is?02:54
supernixI tried it again and after I went through the process of adding a printer it gave me a error can't connect to cupsd02:54
nightfiresupernix: did cups start?02:54
nightfireThe commom unix printing system must be running02:55
supernixWell I did do su cupsd then it went back to prompt02:55
ChurcH_of_foamYnightfire both02:55
ChurcH_of_foamYi paly to use it to store a vast amount of data02:55
nightfireChurcH_of_foamY: ok did you alreate a partition ?02:56
ChurcH_of_foamYno i have no idea how to do any of it02:56
nightfiresu cfdisk /dev/hdb02:56
nightfireand create a partition there02:56
nightfirei am new to ubuntu02:56
supernixhmmm just did cupsd again and exited signal 1102:57
seth_kno worries02:57
nightfirebut not to linux02:57
nightfireor do so02:57
nightfiresudo passwd root02:57
nightfireand login as root02:57
ChurcH_of_foamYUnknown id: cfdisk02:57
nightfireas long as you are configuring02:57
nightfireChurcH_of_foamY: can you do sudo passwd root ?02:58
nightfiresupernix: how did you do cups?02:58
supernixI clicked administrator mode in the control center now it is asking for a password02:58
ChurcH_of_foamYk done02:58
nightfireChurcH_of_foamY: now type su02:59
nightfireand enter the password you gave root02:59
nightfiresupernix: no02:59
ChurcH_of_foamYk done02:59
nightfiretry /etc/init.d/cupsd start02:59
nightfireChurcH_of_foamY: now try cfdisk02:59
nightfirecfdisk /dev/hdb02:59
supernixI did /etc/init.d/cupsd start and it said no such directory03:00
ChurcH_of_foamYok now what?03:00
nightfiresupernix: then your knoppix version is not supported03:01
supernixah thanks03:01
nightfireyou need cups or lpd03:01
nightfirewithout you can't print03:01
nightfireChurcH_of_foamY: create a partition03:02
nightfiretell me if you are ready03:02
nightfirebtw sorry for my worse english 03:02
ChurcH_of_foamYok created a partition03:02
nightfirei am german 03:02
ChurcH_of_foamYit's ok03:02
nightfirewrite it now03:02
nightfirenow tell me what type of file system do you want?03:03
nightfireI prefer reiserfs but some others ext303:04
ChurcH_of_foamYis riserfs anygood?03:04
nightfirethen do the following now03:04
nightfireChurcH_of_foamY: All has it advantages and disadvantagesd03:04
ChurcH_of_foamYso what do i do for ext303:05
nightfiremkfs.ext3 /dev/hdb103:05
=== unome [~unome@ool-4351863e.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
nightfireI never run windows on one of my machines :) 03:06
ChurcH_of_foamYok done03:06
=== kl [~kl@p548F5B23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nightfirenow crear a directory03:06
nightfirewhere you want to mount the disk03:07
nightfiremkdir 03:07
ChurcH_of_foamYk done03:07
nightfirethen do 03:07
nightfirenano /etc/fstab03:07
nightfirewhere is the exact dirctory where you want to mount the drive?03:08
nightfireadd that line03:10
nightfire/dev/hdb1               /path_to_mountpoint               ext3        noatime,rw              0 003:10
nightfirebut change path_to.....03:10
nightfireto the directory where you want to mount it03:10
ChurcH_of_foamYwell where it says shane@foamy~$03:10
ChurcH_of_foamYin the dir attic03:10
nightfire in  /attic ?03:10
ChurcH_of_foamYthat must be it ^_^03:11
nightfire/dev/hdb1               /attic               ext3        noatime,rw              0 003:11
seth_knightfire: noatime?03:11
nightfireoh it is from riser03:11
ChurcH_of_foamYi want any user to be able to read and wright to this drive03:12
ChurcH_of_foamYso just use the same command?03:12
nightfirechange noatime to defaults03:12
nightfireafter that save it03:13
nightfireand do03:13
nightfiremount /attic03:13
nightfirethen your harddrive should be mountes in /attic03:13
ChurcH_of_foamYmount: mount point /attic does not exist03:14
nightfiremkdir /attic03:14
bonggnuhi, in k3b i can not make an audio cd from mp3 files, the error says "error decoding audio tracks" 03:14
godsmokebonggnu: do you have the mp3 libs?03:14
ChurcH_of_foamYi already did03:14
nightfirels -lsa /attic03:15
nightfiresays what?03:15
ChurcH_of_foamYin terminal it's in shane@foamy:~/attic$03:15
ChurcH_of_foamYi don't know how else to put it accept how it says03:15
bonggnu says /usr/bin/cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open '1,0,0'.              03:15
bonggnubut i have cdrecord!03:15
=== dutch [~dutch@cpe-065-190-182-028.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
ChurcH_of_foamYnightfire did i stump you? i'm sorry >.<03:16
nightfirewhat happens when you do03:16
godsmokeChurcH_of_foamY: you're a retard ...03:16
nightfiremount -t ext3 /dev/hdb1 /attic03:17
godsmoke~/attic is NOT /attic03:17
ChurcH_of_foamYgodsmoke fuck you leave me alone you little 10 year old peace of shit03:17
godsmoke~/attic is /HOMEDIRECTORYSTRUCTURE/attic03:17
nightfiredid you create it in your homedir?!?03:17
godsmokenightfire: look at the directory he's referring to03:17
godsmoke<ChurcH_of_foamY> in terminal it's in shane@foamy:~/attic$03:17
ChurcH_of_foamYyes i think so03:17
bonggnugodsmoke: cabn you suggest me something about my problem with k3b ?03:17
nightfireit is late here03:17
nightfirei am tired03:18
ChurcH_of_foamYi know it's ok03:18
ChurcH_of_foamYand thank you03:18
godsmokebonggnu: nope -- don't know off-hand -- I'd play around with it03:18
nightfireChurcH_of_foamY: than you must change03:18
nightfirein fstab to /home/user/attic (user = your username)03:18
nightfiremaybe you have to chmod the directory03:19
nightfirethat is diffrent in some distributione03:20
nightfirecan you mount it now ?03:20
nightfireif yes then try    df -h03:21
nightfireand check if it is listed there03:21
nightfirethen you can do03:22
nightfireand work futher as normal user03:22
ChurcH_of_foamYis that all?03:22
ChurcH_of_foamYthank you so much03:22
nightfireno problem03:22
ChurcH_of_foamYi really appriciate all the help you have given me03:22
ChurcH_of_foamYyour alot nicer than some of the people in this room03:23
nightfireWhy not03:23
ChurcH_of_foamYwhy not what?03:23
unomeNo new emails in any folders matching 'inbox'03:23
nightfireit means that it is normal for me to help if i can03:24
nightfirebad translated from german03:24
ChurcH_of_foamYit's ok03:24
ChurcH_of_foamYi undrstand man03:24
ChurcH_of_foamYwell you have a nice night and again thanx03:24
nightfireu 203:24
supernixDoes anyone know the password for root in Knoppix ?03:30
nightfireand you set one03:30
nightfirethere is no root password by default03:30
nightfirefor i in `qpkg -I -nc | grep kde`;  do emerge -C $i ; done ; 03:31
nightfireoh sorry03:31
nightfireI wanted to do that on my console03:31
nightfireirssi was irritating me 03:31
nightfirehow can i install midnight commander in kubuntu03:33
nightfireapt-get install mc 03:33
nightfiredoesn't work03:33
=== ChurcH_of_FoamY [~kisain@24-177-160-171.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
kalenedraelnightfire, define "doesn't work"03:34
=== _kl [~kl@p548F5B23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nightfirehe doesn't find the any packages03:35
kalenedraelpaste your /etc/apt/sources.list to some pastebin03:36
nightfireok 03:36
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-149.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
nightfireis there something wrong?03:45
kalenedraelone moment03:46
=== kalenedrael is slightly busy
kalenedraelah, open up universe03:47
kalenedraeluncomment those lines03:47
nightfireall ?03:47
kalenedraelthe two lines that only have one hash next to them03:47
kalenedraeler, the four lines (two and two)03:47
nightfirei am not familar to kubuntu so far 03:50
nightfireusing gentoo for a long time 03:50
nightfirebut now mc is installing03:50
=== JayParadise [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
kalenedraelyes, all the "interesting" packages are in universe03:51
_klthe VERY interesting ones not (libdvdcss2 and w32codecs)03:52
nightfireI will now need to get a working development-enviroment ^^03:52
nightfireapt will help me :)03:52
JayParadisewasnt dvdcss involved in a legal dispute in like 200003:52
_klJayParadise: yes, but it03:53
JayParadisei saw this movie caled nyc hackers and it talked about it03:53
_klJayParadise: yes, but it'sstill required to watch most DVDs on Linux03:53
JayParadiseso the ability to copy dvds originated on linux and migrated to windows?03:53
JayParadisei see03:54
_klI think so03:54
nightfirehow are deamons such as ssh started and added to a runlevel in kubuntu ?03:54
kalenedraelwith scripts03:54
kalenedraelin /etc/init.d03:54
_klat least on Windows this is only used for illegal thinks, on Linux not03:54
JayParadiseyea i gotta edit mine to kill the ntp 03:54
kalenedraeland symlinks to them in /etc/rc*.d03:54
nightfiredo i need to link them manually03:54
JayParadiseso tru _kl 03:54
kalenedraelyou shouldn't03:54
kalenedraelJay, you can manually hit ctrl-c when it's starting ntp on boot to kill it03:55
JayParadiselots of windows users just pirate all day, i used to too. when i switched to linux i havent pirated 03:55
nightfireok 03:55
kalenedraelor you can remove it from rc*.d but i imagine that it is useful03:55
kalenedraelheh, in linux there's no need to pirate03:55
nightfirei will now install the ssh deamon03:55
JayParadisekalenedrael: when i do that, i end up stopping the boot process, when i get frusterated i try to send signals, ctrl c, d , z etc03:56
kalenedraeli thought ssh was supposed to be installed from the cd03:56
JayParadiseand it will stop, i have to leave the room for it to start right03:56
JayParadisethat and mysqld03:56
JayParadisei dont use it so may as well remove it03:56
kalenedraelis this with kubuntu?03:56
JayParadisewell yea thats what i boot into03:56
kalenedraelhmm, odd03:57
kalenedraeli can hit ctrl-c while it's starting anything and kill it03:57
nightfirekalenedrael: i did not found ssh in /etc/init.d/ ...03:57
nightfirebut now it is after installing it03:57
JayParadisei wish there was a way to change the way you open documetns with certain appplications, like the kde way rather than the gnome way03:58
kalenedraelnightfire, i think it's sshd03:58
=== wirwzd_ [~wirwzd@c-24-218-115-209.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
JayParadisegedit for example, im tryin to get to /etc/init.d and i have to manually go to it, itd just be quicker the kde way, sure there is a way to change that but .........eh03:59
kalenedraeloh, right03:59
kalenedraelno, gedit is gtk-based03:59
kalenedraeland gtk comes with its own file opening thing03:59
nightfirekalenedrael: it is not there because i wrote ssh and pressed tab03:59
kalenedraelkde uses qt03:59
kalenedraelnightfire, ok03:59
nightfireok works04:01
nightfireafter generating a key04:02
goathey for wireless how do i find my mac address?04:02
=== kl_ [~kl@p548F5B23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
seth_kiwconfig should do it04:03
seth_kifconfig for non-wireless stuff04:03
JayParadisein the directory /etc/init.d04:03
JayParadiseif i delete scripts in there04:03
JayParadisewill they not load?04:03
kl_damn konversation, doesn't want to reconnect after S304:03
JayParadiseim on konversation04:03
JayParadisei like it04:03
kl_I like it too, but this bug sucks04:04
JayParadise./etc/init.d seems like it has all the services that boot and i see ntpupdate there, im htinking if i simply delete it if itl stop04:04
kl_one of the 2 remaining prblems here (the other one is a very loud fan after resume)04:04
kl_4h01m - goood :)04:05
JayParadisedeleting /etc/init.d scripts wont harm the system right? like it wont futily search for ntpdate forever on boot if its gone04:06
JayParadiseits allright, other places to ask04:06
kl_hmm, stromversorgung fr Soundkarte kann man doch auch abwrgen :)04:07
seth_kJayParadise: just chmod them non-executable04:07
seth_kJayParadise: that way they're easy to re-enable should you ever want them again04:07
nightfirei am going to bed04:08
nightfire@ all04:08
seth_knight nightfire 04:08
seth_kkl_: after S3?04:08
kl_resume from suspend04:08
seth_kah right04:08
kl_then you need to reconnect, but the entry in the menu doesn't want to work04:09
seth_kbugs.kde.org :D04:09
seth_kor maybe filing an ubuntu bug would be more appropriate, dunno04:09
kl_maybe it's a pebkac issue  ;)04:10
kl_well, time for sleep (for me and for this Laptop)04:11
=== hike [~hike@] has joined #kubuntu
hikecan someone help04:13
hikei have problems with my kcontrol app04:13
hikeevery time i click on the administrator mode button after giving it my password it returns to the top page04:15
seth_khave you installed KDE 3.4.104:17
=== othernoob [~othernoob@p54A2E7D0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
hikefor example if i want to go into the admin mode in the "internet & network -> network settings" i click on the admin mode button and after giving it my pass it'll return me to the "internet & network" page04:17
seth_khike, that problem happens with KDE 3.4. Have you installed 3.4.1?04:18
=== BROKEN_LADDER [~pral@h-69-3-236-189.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #KUBUNTU
hikemy kde version is...04:18
hikecan i just do an apt-get to install it?04:19
seth_khike, you need to upgrade. See /topic and click the KDE 3.4.1 link04:19
goatwhere do i check my KDE version?04:20
goatnvr mind04:20
hikei want to know that too cause y checke mine in kcontrol04:21
hikeis there a command to know my kde ver04:21
hikeseth_k: where do I see "/topic"04:22
goattype "/topic" at the bottom04:23
goatand i found out my kde version by right clicking on the kicker (Startbar for windows people like me) then help>about KDE04:23
seth_khike, just hit help > about KDE in any KDE app to see your version04:23
hikeok got it04:23
goatkciker = start bar right?04:24
seth_kso go to http://kubuntu.org/hoary-kde-341.php/ and follow the directions there to upgrade04:24
hikegreat thanx you guys04:24
=== jsubl2 [~jsubl2@] has joined #kubuntu
hikei followed instrucctions did an apt-get update and apt-get install kde and it says I have the newest version04:32
seth_kuse kynaptic04:35
seth_kand mark all upgrades04:35
seth_knot install04:35
godsmokedo NOT use kynaptic04:36
godsmokedo "apt-get update"04:36
godsmokeand then "apt-get dist-upgrade"04:36
hikegot it04:36
hikei regularly use kpackage04:36
seth_koy godsmoke, kynaptic isn't THAT bad :P04:37
godsmokewell, I wouldn't suggest any *ynaptic04:37
godsmokebut, kynaptic is especially bad04:37
hikewell thanks again04:38
hikeim off04:38
hikegood bye from Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico04:38
seth_kbye hike 04:39
godsmokegoodbye from Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA, World, Universe04:39
goathey seth_k  my upgrade aint workin04:40
godsmokegoat: what's the problem?04:40
=== hike [~hike@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
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=== Kapubaten [~Goppi@] has joined #kubuntu
Kapubatenhi. i'm new user for kubuntu and a newbie04:51
Kapubatencan anybody help me 04:51
Kapubatenhow can i see my windows files thru kubuntu. try it but it seem can't mount04:51
seth_khi Kapubaten 04:51
Kapubatenhi seth04:52
seth_kcan you paste the contents of your /etc/fstab for me at http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl ?04:52
godsmokeKapubaten: have you followed the instructions on http://www.ubuntuguide.org/?04:52
=== Jeezis [~roger@jeezis.user] has joined #kubuntu
godsmokewhy on earth would ubuntu need its own pastebin04:52
godsmokeKapubaten: that would be a good place to start04:52
Kapubatenthanks godsmoke04:52
Kapubateni will look into it now ;)04:53
godsmokethere's a section called "Windows"04:53
godsmokeit explains a few methods04:53
godsmokeno problem04:53
Kapubatenprevious i'm using knoppix but one of my friend give me kubuntu04:54
Kapubatenand it look so easy04:54
seth_kKubuntu is very friendly04:55
Kapubatenone more question... hehehe04:55
seth_kask away :)04:56
Kapubatensamba..... from kubuntu to communicate with window file it very easy by just type smb:// ( example )04:56
Kapubatenbut when come kubuntu to kubuntu...... it can't04:57
godsmokewell ... there's no universal linux file sharing system04:57
godsmokeyou have to chose the option that's best for you04:57
seth_kyou must enable file sharing in the KDE control panel04:57
godsmokeNFS fits most people's needs04:57
Kapubatencan kubuntu be a server?04:58
godsmokeKubuntu is just a set of linux packages04:58
Kapubateni mean act like a server 04:58
godsmokeanything can be a server04:58
Kapubateni hope new version of kubuntu will add in "Wine" package 04:59
godsmokewine is already there04:59
Kapubatennot in my laptop05:00
seth_kyep, sudo aptitude install wine05:00
godsmokesudo apt-get install wine ...05:00
seth_kyou can install all sorts of stuff through the apt system05:00
godsmokeI don't know why aptitude would be chosen there05:00
Kapubatenhold on05:00
Kapubateni want to try now05:00
seth_kbecause aptitude can keep track of dependencies in a better manner. It's always a good move to make05:01
godsmokesege: aptitude doesn't track dependences05:01
godsmokewine is in universe05:02
godsmokeso, he'll need to add that05:02
Kapubaten sudo apt-get install wine05:02
KapubatenE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.05:02
Kapubateni get this info godsmoke05:02
godsmokeKapubaten: do what it tells you ...05:02
godsmokeit obviously broke the last time you were installing something05:03
seth_kgodsmoke: http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2004/04/msg11344.html05:03
Kapubatenin that web05:04
seth_kit will keep track of what packages are pulled in by dependencies alone, and remove those packages when they are no longer needed.05:04
godsmokesege: deborphan does that05:04
godsmokethat's not aptitude05:04
godsmokethat's kept track of internally05:04
=== closure [~ubel@adsl-065-013-010-009.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
godsmokeaptitude just calls it up05:04
seth_kmy point is that apt-get doesn't do the same05:04
KapubatenE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.05:05
godsmokeaptitude is bloat -- there's no reason to instruct a user to launch it to install a simple package05:05
Kapubatenhelp me on this godsmoke05:05
godsmokeKapubaten: I told you to do what it said05:05
seth_kKapubaten: sudo dpkg --configure -a just like it says05:05
Kapubatenok ok05:05
Kapubatenhold on05:05
closurei'm bored05:05
godsmokethere should be an english comprehension test to talk in here05:06
godsmokeit's a real problem sometimes05:06
closurewhat's something fun to play with ?05:06
Kapubatensudo dpkg --configure05:06
Kapubatendpkg: --configure needs at least one package name argument05:06
Kapubatenwhat does it mean?05:06
Kapubatengot it05:06
Kapubatensudo dpkg --configure -a05:07
KapubatenSetting up gdm ( ...05:07
Kapubaten * Reloading GNOME Display Manager configuration...05:07
godsmokewhy are you installing gdm?05:07
closureoh man i hate gdm05:07
Kapubatenwhy must gnome. i love kde05:07
godsmokeKapubaten: you TOLD it to install gdm, obviously05:07
Kapubatennow under setting up05:07
godsmokeit didn't do it on its own05:07
KapubatenSetting up yelp (2.9.3cvs20050222-0ubuntu4) ...05:08
Kapubatenfinish godsmoke05:08
godsmokeKapubaten: please, don't paste every step05:08
Kapubateni already install wine05:09
godsmokeok -- then there's no problem05:10
Kapubatenit write05:10
godsmokeI don't know what that means05:10
KapubatenE: Package wine has no installation candidate05:10
seth_khe needs universe05:10
godsmokeyou need to add the universe repositories05:10
Kapubatenwhat that ? :))05:10
godsmokelook it up -- it's on the ubuntu website05:10
godsmokeit's also on ubuntuguide05:11
Kapubatenthat a lot guys05:11
Kapubateni need to go05:11
=== dicrapio [~bhrich902@cpe-24-58-20-219.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
Kapubateni need to see my boss05:11
Kapubatenthanks a lots05:11
dicrapioneed some help disabling the blank screen that goes off after being idle05:12
Kapubatenwhere are you from godsmoke & seth_k?05:12
godsmokedicrapio: blank screen?05:12
godsmokedicrapio: you mean -- a screensaver?05:12
KapubatenI'm from malaysia. Bye and Thank you.05:12
dicrapioafter not using the computer for a whjile05:12
dicrapioscreen goes black05:12
godsmokeI'd assume that you'd go to the screensaver settings -- and tell it to not turn off the screen, or not make it black05:12
seth_kKapubaten: Missouri, USA05:13
seth_kKapubaten: best of luck05:13
godsmokeif it's actually shutting off the lcd, then it might be in the power settings05:13
dicrapionah  i think think is xorg's default setting05:13
dicrapioor, is there a place i can put a command to be executed when i log in to X05:15
seth_kin KDE, go to ~/.kde/Autostart05:18
seth_kyou can put shortcuts or shell scripts in there05:18
seth_kand they will be executed upon login to KDE05:19
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kubuntufanhow do I install themes??07:01
kubuntufanthere is no configure file!07:02
kubuntufanhelp!!!!!!!!! how do I install new themes??07:02
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stisevhi all07:59
stisevHiyyas =)07:59
supernixcould someone please explain why when I boot into the LiveCD that it messes my clock up ?08:00
stisevanyone use VMWare here. (I know, but this is ubuntu question!)08:00
stisevThe person in #vmware helped me out, but eventually we came to point where linux took over or something.08:00
goatuhhhh my upgrade to KDE 3.4.1 isnt going too well08:02
=== loren [~loren@69-12-132-188.dsl.static.sonic.net] has joined #kubuntu
lorenw00t man it feels soOOoOO good to run a kvm switch08:02
lorensimplifies things so much08:02
stisevhow so08:02
loreni have windows on and linux at the same time08:03
stisevmakes things MORE confusing =p08:03
lorenjust convienient08:03
stisevwhen the kvm doesn't work =p08:03
stisevloren: what kind of KVM?08:03
supernixLOL not always I had a old one that would mess your keyboard up and such08:03
kubuntufanhelp how do install new iconsets??08:03
supernixThe digital KVM solves that issue though08:03
goatok so i added deb http://kubuntu.org/hoary-kde341 hoary-updates main to my /etc/apt/sources.list and then i try to upgrade with kynaptic but it doesn't upgrade....08:03
kubuntufanhelp how do install new iconsets??08:04
kubuntufanhelp how do install new iconsets??08:04
supernixyes ?08:04
stisevsupernix : what's a digital kvm?08:04
stisevkvm over IP?08:04
=== buz [~buz@80-218-107-8.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
supernixinstead of using a analog switch it uses a digital switch08:05
stisevcan you explain that a little more?08:05
kubuntufanhow to install new themes???????????????????????????08:05
=== ikypakis [t30@] has joined #Kubuntu
stisevdigital switch?08:05
goat isnt a kvm switch jsut a box to alternate between two or more computers controller by one single keyboard + mouse?08:05
goatbut is digital like no box maybe?08:05
supernixYoull have to look them up on google to get the whole ball of wax about how they work internally08:05
stisevah k08:06
stisevThe way I do it -->08:06
goathaha... more 1337 than me i guess08:06
stisevWindows XP SP2 is my main sys on my laptop08:06
stisevI've got VMWare 5 workstation with linux on it08:06
stisevworks great08:06
stisevBUT, i'm trying to get all the graphics stuff working08:06
goati need to get around to SP2 :/08:06
kubuntufanNO ONE HERE TO HELP!!!08:06
stisevfor accelerated graphics (the driver)08:06
stisevkubuntufan: calm down08:06
kubuntufanplz help me how to install new themes/iconsets08:07
supernixWhy in the world is it that you only have the highest resolution of 1024 x 768 when my ATI card can do much more08:07
stisevin vmware?08:08
crimsun_check the vertical refresh and horizontal sync parameters in /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:09
=== chromate [~yaman@cpe-67-49-34-31.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== loren [~loren@69-12-132-188.dsl.static.sonic.net] has joined #kubuntu
lorenit appears my situation doesn't come without a sense of irony i guess lol08:10
lorenWhen i switched the kvm switch to windows to change the song it erm, make linux freek out08:11
=== stisev [~no@64-121-92-140.c3-0.sfo-ubr1.sfrn-sfo.ca.cable.rcn.com] has left #kubuntu []
chromatei've got a fresh install of kubuntu running, when i try to upgrade/install anything else i get this error: Failed to fetch http://thefileurl MD5Sum mismatch... try runing with --fix-missing, but that does nothing ... it doesn't install08:11
lorenrepeating input08:11
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
lorenchromate: try a different computer jk :P08:11
chromateloren: try switching to a terminal before using the kvm switch08:11
lorenchromate: thanks08:11
crimsun_chromate: use a different mirror, say, ca.archive or uk.archive or archive instead of us.archive08:11
chromatecrimsum: is us.archive down?08:12
crimsun_chromate: no, it's just having issues again08:12
supernixWhy in the world is it that you only have the highest resolution of 1024 x 768 when my ATI card can do much more08:12
lorenchromate: cool that worked :P08:12
lorenchromate: thanks :P08:12
chromatesupernix: your monitor may be limiting it08:12
chromateloren: np08:12
supernixThat sucks it works fine under XP08:13
chromatesupernix: ah. are you sure you're using the ATI drivers then?08:13
lorenchromate: look for statistics online possibly to find the max resolution08:13
supernixWell not sure I just boot it up and go08:13
lorenchromate: if it can go higher maby look into getting drivers other than Generic08:13
lorenwhoops, wronge person08:13
loren[16:13]  <loren> chromate: look for statistics online possibly to find the max resolution08:14
loren[16:13]  <supernix> Well not sure I just boot it up and go08:14
loren[16:13]  <loren> chromate: if it can go higher maby look into getting drivers other than08:14
chromatesupernix: so you haven't done any manual config?08:14
chromatesupernix: check in the kcontrolpanel to see if there's any information about the video card, and what driver is being used by xorg08:14
supernixNah I didnt know if I could change the configuration08:15
lorengoat: check the kubuntu channel lol08:15
supernixYou have been so helpful can you please tell me why when I boot to Kubuntu that it messes my time up on my PC when I reboot back to XP ?08:15
chromatecrimsun_: thanks, that seemed to have donet he trick08:15
=== [BkE] BNC [~bke@116.23-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
qbiti altered my xorg.conf to get 1152x864 by manually editing it08:16
lorenwhere's xorg.conf located? curious08:17
qbitits in /etc/X1108:17
lorenhaha here we come 40000x200008:18
qbitget your Horizsync and VertRefresh numbers to match your monitor08:18
qbitthen in the Section Screen => Subsection Display add in what you need08:19
lorenis it me, or is Kubuntu the easiest to use version of linux available08:19
lorenim curious what people have tried that comes close08:19
qbitcheck out your /var/log/Xorg.0.log extensively for information08:19
qbitI'm a FreeBSD type and have tried Suse 9.1, and about a week ago I pulled the iso down and installed it08:20
qbitbeen using FreeBSD for a long time and wanted to learn more about how Linux is coming along08:21
qbitso far I am kind of liking it08:21
goatstill looking for help upgrading to KDE 3.4.1.... if you don't want to answer that's cool but could you direct to a place where I could get some help?08:22
qbithaven't tried the KDE 3.4.1 upgrade yet so I don't know08:23
=== loren [~loren@69-12-132-188.dsl.static.sonic.net] has joined #kubuntu
goati followed instructions but I'm not getting it all08:23
qbitfrom what I've read it should be just a matter of adding in the right lines into the sources.list08:23
goati hit the link in the topic here08:23
goatand added the line08:23
qbitbut since I haven't actually done it can't say if it works   :-)08:24
goatthen i go in kynaptic and upgrade through that but im not sure im getting the right packages and I also know that some are "unabled to be installed"08:24
qbityeah - I just got KvIRC 3.2.0 installed using kpackage doing it manually, now anything I want to add in Kynaptic now wants to remove it first08:25
qbittalk about an annoyance08:25
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
goaty does installing gotta be so hard with nix :/08:26
goatthis is my second try at nix lol08:27
qbitI'm spoiled by the FreeBSD ports system08:27
lorenwhys that?08:27
lorenis it nice?08:27
qbitit just works08:27
goatwhat is it?08:27
goati liek that line "it jsut works"08:27
qbitit's a system for compiling software08:27
qbitit handles dependencies pretty well08:28
lorenlol, technically because the license is under BSD you could port it just like that *08:28
loren(not the porting part, but being able to that is)08:28
loreni think08:28
qbitand is maintained by programmers who develope software patches so things can "port" to 'BSD08:28
qbitI've heard the Gentoo is like that08:29
qbitbut never used it either08:29
loreni tried installing it like 10 times08:29
lorennever worked08:29
lorenand then somehow i got a live cd? don't ask me how08:29
lorenand it was alright-ish08:29
loreni think i downloaded that distro more than any other distro ever08:29
qbit'BSD makes a better server and I'm beginning to believe things like Kubuntu make a better desktop08:30
supernixHow many of you have used the liveCD to install Kubuntu permanently or in a dual boot with XP ?08:30
lorenhm? what livecd?08:30
qbitI dual boot XP08:30
loreni kvm xp08:30
lorenmore convienient08:30
qbitI have two drives, one with XP - one with Kubuntu08:30
supernixKubuntu is a livecd as best I can recall08:30
qbitand the install was easy!08:31
lorennice :P08:31
crimsun_there's a Kubuntu install iso08:31
goaty the need for a live cd?08:31
supernixI have however heard that you can use the CD to install Kubuntu08:31
crimsun_I run the live cd, though08:31
lorenis there any difference installing from a livecd other than installing from the reg version?08:31
qbitperformance wise the 2.6 kernel is now up to being about equal with 'BSD08:31
crimsun_loren: you can't install from the live cd08:31
lorencrimsun: AH, i was confused lol08:31
supernixAh so you can't install from the LiveCD ?08:31
qbitit seems the drive speed is a little better in Linux and network speed is better in BSD08:32
crimsun_supernix: correct. Use the install cd to install Kubuntu onto the hard drive.08:32
lorenqbit: you think so? hmmh, what made BSD better in the past? imo linux is still pretty messy08:32
lorenqbit: ah08:32
qbitloren: I agree with the messy part big time08:32
goati set up a dual boot system with lilo and mandrake about half a year ago08:32
lorenqbit: i wish there would be an anual "clean-up month"08:32
=== otep[sch] is now known as otep
lorenqbit: it would hella make things eay better08:33
goat^^ just using the mandrake install disc08:33
qbitbut until recently Linux couldn't hold a candle for speed but that is going away08:33
supernixHow well does Kubuntu do about partitioning ?08:33
supernixOr better yet is it ok to go with the defaults ?08:33
=== BkE [~bke@116.23-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
lorensupernix: it worked fine with defaults for me, but i didn't partition it with windows, so dunno08:33
lorensupernix: best bet would be to partition it with kubuntu or whatever, install windows, and then install kubuntu i think08:34
lorensupernix: i'm actually pretty stupid though when it comes to linux, but that's what i would do08:34
supernixAh ok just curious as I have installed other distros only to find out the programs partition was to small or the users partition was not big enough08:34
qbitinstall windows first, then install kubuntu and let it install grub into the mbr for a boot menu08:34
goati jsut did my install yesterday and im wondering if i recall a "dual boot" option but im really not sure, however, the partitioning under kubuntu install was much more difficult than my mandrake dual boot install which had gui and everything08:34
lorensuperix: ah, nice, i do know mandrake is the smoothest partitioning distro ever though, and xandros can take ntfs and turn it into ext3, mandrake erm just works, kubuntu, i assume it works alright as it is debian derived08:35
supernixMandrake is hard to beat or at least they were several years back08:35
qbitmy windows install is on my first drive and the kubuntu is on the second, and when it came to write out the bootloader [grub]  I put it on the mbr of the first drive08:35
goatback then i was somehow able to install a dual boot even when i didnt know linux called harddisks by hda/hdb etc. lol08:35
qbitit's so easy even an MCSE can do it   :-)08:36
lorensupernix: i agree with that fact on mandrake, ah but here's another thing lol, ok install windows on NTFS, install linux on ext3 and give them a couple gigs more space than you think they'll need for data and programs, and then make another parition fat32 so it's cross-platformed08:36
=== shogouki [~nicolas@AMontpellier-251-1-3-82.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
supernixBut I positively hate those RPM08:37
supernixOMG they suck08:37
lorenqbit: ROFL ahhaha, it makes me really laugh sometimes how stupid Techs are, they know $hitz about a lot of stuff and have things easy08:37
qbitthank god for alien08:37
goatyea dont go the way of mandrake 08:37
goati am liking kubuntu much more even if i cant figure out the whole apt thing08:37
lorengoat: i agree, mandrake is overbloated with too much software like suse08:37
lorengoat: it affects the speed of the OS with the 3/4 cds08:38
supernixI used freebsd once and it was great installing programs with it as it would get and build everything for you08:38
qbitloren: I've had a CNE, CNE, and currently work as the MCSE drone  :-)08:38
lorengoat: nice, as for the apt thing, it's actually kindof simple and easy, least for me, i got used to it easily actually08:38
qbiterr second CNE was supposed to be CBE08:38
lorengoat: maby it's because you were what is CNE?08:39
lorenwhoah i meant to erase that08:39
lorenwhat is CNE?08:39
qbitCertified Novell guy08:39
lorennice :P 08:39
qbitCBE is for Banyan Vines08:39
supernixI will have to play with Kubuntu more before I commit to it08:39
loreni dont get what the silly certifications are08:39
supernixMy friend says that Kubuntu is the best of all the distros08:39
goatloren: apt's getting annoying because KDe aint updating and i tried to set up the whole "backports" thing but thats also having troubles08:39
qbitpaper certs are worthless08:40
lorenwhy not just have a "Linux Administrators Certification"08:40
qbitbut if you have serious experience you can just walk in off the street and take the tests08:40
goatloren: but its probably my noobness really08:40
lorengoat: owch, you might be compelled to use gentoo then as i've heard it's heaven and have wished for a porting of portage08:40
qbitI've seen so many "admins" over the years who just didn't have any real "ability"08:41
supernixUm Gentoo is it ok ?08:41
goatlol, i figure if other peopelk can use kubuntu.. y o y can't i? haha08:41
lorengoat: not compared to me lol, i started serious in febuary, and then my windows computer died for a month and i just used linux unable to re-install xp, i actually didn't want to swithc back, there was no reason to08:41
lorensupernix: i tried the live cd and yes it is "ok"08:41
lorensupernix: from what i hear it makes you do everything08:41
lorensupernix: which is fine if you know what your doing, but if not you're prolly screwed08:41
supernixGentoo has a liveCD ?08:41
lorenlike me08:42
lorensupernix: that's the strange thing08:42
goatloren: i still need my windows for itunes and gaming and newsgroups08:42
lorensupernix: i downloaded it like 20 times and one time it came out a live cd08:42
lorengoat: i know what you mean08:42
=== arte [~arte@AStrasbourg-251-1-72-221.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
supernixOk I am rusty as can be on Linux but I have used it in the past just switch back because of lack of interoperability of programs and hardware support was lacking08:42
lorenit's actually quite sad that that was my first impression08:43
lorenbut recently i didn't want to go back because it "just worked"08:43
=== tnet02 [~tnet02@] has joined #kubuntu
supernixok that is blowing my mind that one the 20th time it turned out to be a LiveCD08:43
goati cant find a decent newsread for nix that can deal with NZB's or anything08:43
lorensupernix: i know, dunno how actually, but i was expecting it to boot a installer or something and it booted up in linux lol, maby their installer is their live cd? i dunno really08:44
lorengoat: newsgroup?08:44
lorengoat:  what is NBZ08:44
lorengoat: for news sites.../whatever i visit www.osdir.com as they have screenshots of just about everything and erm also have news on nix and lin08:45
goatloren: haha dont worry its usenet, the "original internet" where people post and download articles08:45
lorenhaha nice08:45
lorenthey might come back with that with RSS08:45
goatnewsreader is a program for interpreting the binary articles and NZBs make everything much easier08:45
lorenjust have a universal RSS application that reads news sites and puts it in the app08:46
goatyea RSS is different but its so cool08:46
loreni admit i havn't used it yet >.<08:46
lorenexcept my blog supports it08:46
goati love akregator08:46
goatits much better than my windows news aggregator08:46
qbitkind of like Akregator does08:46
lorenfinally a subject i can talk about and know stuff, websites lol08:46
goatyou should seriously look into gathering RSS feeds for all your favorite sites08:47
qbitthe main difference is rss is only one way whereas nntp is not08:47
goatits real easy08:47
loreni wonder if OSDIR does RSS hmmmhmMMHMmh08:47
qbitit sure cuts down on the time factor08:47
loreni bet08:47
lorendownload factor as well08:47
lorenit would have been killer in the 56k day and age08:48
goatlol yea08:48
goatit does08:48
loreni wonder man08:48
goatsee that "XML" icon in the top right corner08:48
lorenif they had you download the rss and the template seperate08:48
qbitI'm still on 56k here at home -lol08:48
lorenand render it in an application08:48
lorenthat would kill anything alive for 56k08:48
lorenthere'd be no reason to switch to dsl08:48
lorenand the template file on the first line would say the last date the template was updated08:48
goati just upgraded from DSL to cable08:48
qbitI'm waiting for fiber - I want an oc-3 right to my house08:48
lorenthere'd be no reason to include headers and footers of the template08:48
lorenis cable better for you?08:49
lorenLOL qbit08:49
goatyes its like two times as fast as my old DSL08:49
lorenqbit: move near a school and steal it ;)08:49
lorengoat: what state?08:49
goatalso, old DSL was through AOL = not real internet08:49
lorenAOL = crap08:49
goatim in CA08:49
qbitAOL  -   Ughh!!!08:49
lorenhowever they are being nice to Linux though so im not so hard on them now08:50
goatlol how?08:50
=== froud [~sean@ndn-165-142-120.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
goatthey dont support linux08:50
loreni forgot, i read somewhere that aol did something with either the new netscape, or aim or AOL for linux or something like that08:50
lorenwhich at least made me respect them to a degree after being crap08:50
goatugh, i couldnt use linux on my old internet line without aol browser which is not made for linux blah blah blah computer without internet = nothing these days08:51
lorenWine? ROFL08:51
lorenyou could, nah you prolly tried it08:51
lorenKubuntu has a dial up feature08:51
lorenwhich makes me wonder actually08:51
=== stisev [~no@64-121-92-140.c3-0.sfo-ubr1.sfrn-sfo.ca.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
stisevhi all08:52
stisev anyone here?08:52
stisevsilly/stupid/and easy question08:52
lorenwelcome to #kubuntu, can i take your order?08:52
stisevI finally got vmware tools installed on vmware 5.0 workstation08:52
qbitwe're all asleep  :)08:52
lorennice stisev08:52
lorenit's 4am according to my KDE clock ROFL08:52
stisevi want to change the resolution of the screen, but I'm on a laptop08:53
stisev someone said "Control + ALT + numpad keys" to change res on desktops08:53
lorennice lol08:53
stisev but how do I do it on a laptop??08:53
lorendoest do it for me08:53
lorenhmmh strange08:53
lorenmaby they used a different distro with custom features08:53
qbitctrl + alt + plus or minus numpad key on a regular monitor08:54
qbitbut the xorg.conf has to be set up with all the various resolutions too08:54
qbitlaptops prolly only have one resolution default08:55
lorenwas it goat or qbit that was from BSD?08:55
goatnot such a silly/stupid/easy question? haha08:55
goatnot me loren08:55
goatughhhhh wnat to update this KDE08:55
loreni actually hmmh, had a bad impression of BSD from this one dude that wrote a nasty artical about linux, is it pretty good?08:55
qbitBSD has it's ups and downs08:56
lorenimo i installed Solaris (which was really crap compared to their "cutting edge" thing on the site)08:56
lorenqbit: yeah? what's that08:56
qbitback in the 4.x days it was really good, then in the early 5.x days it sucked pretty hard08:56
stisevqbit: that doesn't work08:56
qbitnow it's up to 5.4 and beginning to recover08:56
stisevqbit: pressing alt control + plus or minus doesnt work :(08:57
qbitmy next expirement is Solaris 1008:57
lorenqbit: ah, i don't really understand why there's really a division of the developers, it doesn't make sense to me08:57
lorenqbit: why not just focus on one OS?08:57
supernixI never could get an answer about the clock issue08:57
qbitstisev: yeah it's prolly only setup at one resolution only08:57
lorensupernix: what's that?08:57
stisevqbit: it asked me before what res to run08:58
qbitloren: it really is one os with branches08:58
stisevqbit: I picked the one I wanted 1280x102408:58
stisevqbit: but it didnt do it08:58
supernixwhen I boot up to Kubuntu it messes up my time and when I boot back into XP I am like many hours into the future and such08:58
qbitdid you read th /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?08:58
stisevwhat's that08:58
qbitin there you'll see a scan of all the resolutions X attempted08:59
lorenqbit: hmmh, that's true, coz for linux "linux" is the kernel, and bsd, i guess they have their kernel or whatnot08:59
stisevqbit: k08:59
stisevqbi: stand by08:59
lorenqbit: i think 0_O08:59
qbitloren: BSD isn't just a "kernel" - it is a complete operating system08:59
goati think my KDE is updating now09:00
=== Mestapheles [~Captain@d142-179-138-139.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
qbitwhat did you do?09:00
goatthis is hilarious09:00
lorenqbit: 0_O hmmh, interesting concept, i bet it keeps it clean, but then what's the difference between NetBSD and FreeBSD...etc09:00
goati pressed update in kynaptic for like the 9th time and this time it showed all these new packages from the right server and with all the KDE apps and 3.4.1 in the filename09:00
qbitnetbsd runs on more diverse hardware, driver support gets developed here09:01
supernixNetBSD is the base for OS X that apple used09:01
goati guess it jsut wasnt retrieving form the server the first 8 times i tried throughout the day09:01
lorengoat: you press update, and then you press upgrade09:01
lorengoat: the cable gods don't like you lol09:01
qbitfreebsd is the best workload server and openbsd concentrates on security audits09:01
qbitbut there is a lot of transfer between the three09:01
goatloren: the www.ubuntu.org gods must have been on coffee break09:01
lorenqbit: but they're the same operating system?09:01
goatthats where the files are coming from09:02
lorensomeday i hope linux gears twards the user as well as the already geared programmers09:02
qbitloren: they were once the same os years ago before they branched09:02
=== claydoh [~claydoh@] has joined #kubuntu
stisevqbit: please go here: http://pastebin.com/30877009:03
stisevthat's the vga section of the lo09:03
qbitand recently a new branch called DragonFlyBSD has forked off of FreeBSD 4.809:03
lorenqbit: ah, i understand, they got more manpower and the manpower branched out, where as linux is like a freeking redwood tree or something09:03
lorenI actually checked that out09:03
lorenwas worth looking at09:03
loreni'll tell you which BSD i liked was PC-BSD09:04
MestaphelesOS x uses more htan just nbsd, in fact more based on fbsd09:04
lorentheir Application management system looked so freeking awsome, i just loved it09:04
qbitthe branching is more a political difference kind of thing about the direction of developement personality wise09:04
=== daryl_just_daryl [~daryl_jus@63-208-162-60.digitalrealm.net] has joined #kubuntu
lorenjust like linux09:04
lorenwhere in reality it would be great if everyone could work together, but people think different things are good 09:05
loreni'll tell you what i really think about linux as being pathetic though09:05
qbitstisev: i didn't realize it was vmware09:05
loren#1 just about every linux website is badly made, as well as www.linux.org not living up to it's obligation just by the address09:05
qbitstisev: you might be limited to whatever the vmwaretools drivers have to offer09:06
Mestaphelesbsd branches off because of personality issues, not politics I would say.  Theo De Rhadt basically got kicked out of nbsd, and as did the founder of mirbsd from obsd.09:06
lorenit's template is crap, i've made 70 templates and emailed them regarding working on their template just like i emailed debian, and never got a reply, and they deserve to give their users a software map of linux above all09:06
qbitstisev: but once when i played with it i got 1024x768 out of it09:06
lorenstisev: install vmware tools09:06
stisevloren: I did09:06
lorenstisev: strange09:07
qbitstisev: your hsync range is too low to support 1024x768 though09:07
stisevLoren: this is AFTER vmware tools was installed09:07
stisevIt's a brand new laptop09:07
stisevalmost top of the line09:07
qbitcheck the monitor specs for the correct hsync numbers09:07
lorensistev: dunno lol, it should work, unless the lappys slow like my lappies09:07
lorenok maby not09:07
stisev1.6Ghz P-M  1680x1050 samsung09:07
lorenOH man, i figured it out lol09:08
qbityou need to put the horizontal sweep frequencies that the samsung is capable of in the xorg.conf09:08
qbit33khz is only going to give you vga09:09
lorenforever i tried to figure out why Fedora Core has so many users when their distribution is so awful, their distro works on low end computers where running kubuntu on 400mhz would literally kill it to death, most people dont try linux on a "good" computer and mis-evaluate it based on its awful preformance on hardware made out of crap09:09
lorenman that was what was really making me wonder lol09:10
qbitkind of like running Oracle in 256MB RAM09:10
supernixHow do you know where to download Gentoo ?09:10
lorenOracle actually has some pretty cool commercials09:10
qbitfastest way to watch a hard drive die I've ever seen09:10
lorensupernix: search google for "Gentoo Torrent"09:10
lorensupernix: or on the gentoo site "Get Gentoo"09:10
lorenqbit :P09:11
lorenanyone in here game programmers?09:11
qbitbeen a long time since I saw a kline09:11
=== pointwood [~pointwood@] has joined #kubuntu
buzmhh maybe that's his quit message?09:12
lorenreal? kickass, what langauges/liberaries do you use09:12
buzpeople do have those "funny messages" ;)09:12
qbitcould be - but what a truly weird quit message09:12
buz"Konversation terminated" is somewhat interesting, too ;)09:13
qbityeah - now that you mention it it has to be a quit 'cause a kline is something else entirely09:13
=== daryl_just_daryl is now known as darylp
lorenhow do you seperate konqueror's browser functions from it's file manager settings09:14
loreni mean browser settings*09:15
qbitkfmclient openProfile filemanagment09:15
qbitor openProfile webbrowser09:16
qbitbut actually I just use one to do both09:16
qbitit gets the kio_part plugin based on the mime type09:16
lorenvery nice09:17
qbitso you can control it with the file associations configs09:17
lorenanyone think IE7 will have full CSS2 support?09:18
lorenand actually "Render Correctly"09:18
qbitI've been wondering what the deal is with vector graphics09:18
lorenwhat do you mean09:19
qbitI've been playing with inkscape and I can display an svg in a browser but it won't render when in a web page09:19
qbitsvg = scalable vector graphics09:19
lorenyeah] 09:19
loreni looked into those actually09:19
qbita better replacement to raster like gif, jpeg,png, etc09:19
lorensvg is very nice with icons (especially on KDE's menu)09:19
loreni dont know actually, web browsers probably arn't built for them yet as they're not completly into mainstream yet? that'd be my guess09:20
=== darylp [~daryl_jus@63-208-162-60.digitalrealm.net] has joined #kubuntu
qbitinstead of having multiple versions of a page for different resolutions svg support would do away with that09:21
lorenmost sites dont use multiple versions09:21
lorenin order to counter that we use 100% tables with repeating background images for the titlebar09:22
qbitactually if you write your web pages to the xhtml-transitional DTD it will look almost the same in any browser09:22
lorenreally? hmmh, insteresting09:22
qbiteven IE09:22
loreni was actually tempted to get into XHTML a couple days ago09:22
lorenit seemed so powerful compared to html09:22
lorencurrently though i guess php works for me lol09:22
qbitxhtml-transitional also turns on a hidden compatibility mode in any Gecko based browser09:22
loreni get it's convienient lol09:23
qbitno more tables - CSS rules!  :-)09:23
lorenpff, i hate css09:23
goathey how do i make firefox my default browser so that it opens with all links instead of konqueror?09:23
lorenonly becuase off the in-operability09:23
lorenand the fact that they dont use structures09:23
lorenwhich makes the code hard to read in my oppinion09:24
qbitin control center under kde components chooser there is a "default web browser" selection09:24
lorengoat: i think it has to do with file types or mmi settings09:24
lorenqbit: that's right, now i remember lol09:24
lorennever take advice from a windows-man lol09:24
qbitI am a Windows MCSE   - :-)  LOL09:25
loreni would be a CCNA but i quit because it was garbage anyways09:25
loreni went through like 75% and got pissed at the teacher09:25
qbitit pays the bills but I don't want to see Windows when I come home at the end of the day09:25
lorenno wonder you use linux09:25
lorenmy bro is a computer tech/repair guy and he hates the thing09:26
=== buz refuses to use windows
qbitMy next cert should be the CCNE but I'm real lazy09:26
lorensometimes you see him yelling at the thing lol09:26
lorenor you could give your bosses the finger and tell them you already know more than that lol09:26
=== wincide [~tricoma@157.Red-83-37-68.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
qbitfirst rule of maintenance - if it works don't fix it09:26
loreninstead of learn sometime so useless as IEEE was one of the companies that mostly influenced IP09:27
lorenqbit: i couldn't agree more09:27
qbitsecond rule - hit it with larger and larger hammers until you need a new one09:27
buzzeroth rule: format c: helps with windows09:27
qbitI do have a question though: in BSD the ifconfig can manually specify settings like media type and media options in case of an incorrect autonegotiation09:34
qbithow can I force a NIC to full-duplex in Linux?09:35
Mestapheleshey guys, I'm getting a failure with "Configure a multiseat system" twice on two different burned cds, whose md5s check out.  Might this be a ubuntu specific issue?  If so does kubuntu installer CD do anything different that would prove beneficial?09:36
goatare u trying to hook up dual monitor?09:50
bonggnuhi i have troubles with cdrecord in ubuntu hoary , i can toast cdr disc09:55
Mestaphelesgoat: no. I just wrote to daniels and he's aware of the problem.  Says linux multiseat-udeb/disable_multiseat=true might fix it.  I was going to try another CD, but I'm downloading the kubuntu-ppc cd to see how it fairs.10:05
=== unome [~unome@ool-4351863e.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
MestaphelesI knoow it under mines kubuntu, but I waanted to do a minimal install like I used to on debian.  I guess I' find out if typing "server" at the first prompt will allow this.10:07
=== qbit [qbit@66-44-106-161.s1177.apx2.lnhdc.md.dialup.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== _cory [~cory@cpe-065-184-111-251.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== apokryphos [~dw@host-84-9-109-100.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
_corydoes anybody know how to configure ndiswrapper to work on a 64bit OS?10:26
=== stage [~stage@cust.9.216.adsl.cistron.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== stage [~stage@cust.9.216.adsl.cistron.nl] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== darylp [~daryl_jus@63-208-162-60.digitalrealm.net] has joined #kubuntu
uniq_cory: won't work. the drivers are 32bit, can't include that in a 64bit os. afaik.10:29
uniqmestapheles: server install does what you want.  :)10:29
_cory:( so no wifi in 64?10:30
uniqwhat card? 10:30
_corybroadcom bcm430610:30
_coryvery common10:30
uniqthen, no.10:30
_corywhy not?10:30
Mestaphelesuniq: thanks10:30
Mestaphelesputing kubuntu in, rebooting10:31
uniqcory: i have the same card, in my ibook,  but only ndiswrapper will work.10:31
uniqand, ndiswrapper does not work on ppc or amd64.a10:31
_corywow that sucks, what's the reasoning for it not working on amd64?10:32
uniqbroadcom beeing stupid.10:32
_corywhy can i not install ndiswrapper on my amd64 pc?10:33
uniqas for ndiswrapper on amd64, you can't take a 32bit driver and put it in to a 64bit kernel.10:33
uniqthe kernel will need a 32bit compatible mode, or something, to make it work.10:34
uniqin practice it's not possible now.10:34
_corysooo what exactly are the 64 bit users doing?  Just installing the 32 bit OS?10:36
uniqprobably.. but i just found something promising.10:36
=== chase [~Chase@stuartma.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
_coryawesome, is that avaiable to download now?10:37
Poromieswow, 64bit supports is developing mad fast O.o10:39
Poromiesnew support every week <3 o/10:39
uniqof course after i sold my amd64.10:39
uniq_cory: http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/index.php/FAQ#Can_I_use_ndiswrapper_in_64-bit_mode_for_AMD64.3F10:40
Poromieswell, i think the "64bit boom" is just starting, as Intel has its 64bit stuff out and amd has released 64bit semprons and all10:40
=== chase [~Chase@stuartma.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
Poromiesand because of xp64, device manufacturers now have to do 64bit drivers for the masses10:42
_corythx uniq:  one of my problems is the deb file for download at ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net is using the i386 arch. and i need amd6410:42
_corythats what the installer is telling me10:42
=== goat [~goat@c-67-180-69-31.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Mestapheleskubuntu-ppc has the same multiseat problem as ubuntu-ppc10:46
uniqmultiseat problems? 10:46
goatuniq: sup?10:47
Mestaphelesyes, the screen goes red and spits out info on falure to install.10:47
uniq_cory: get the source and run 'make deb' from the source directory.10:47
uniqhi goat.10:47
uniqmestapheles: oh.. never encountered.10:48
uniqsounds bad.10:48
goatuniq: ive been making some progress today :)got KDE 3.4.1, got wmv's workin on kaffeine... im slowly settling in10:48
Mestapheles"Configure multiseat system" is part of hte error message10:48
uniqgoat: great :)10:48
goatdoes multiseat mean double monitor?10:48
Mestaphelesit may be model specific as I don't see anything at the ubuntu-ppc forums10:49
MestaphelesI'm running a 400 mhz iMac DV10:49
=== shogouki [~nicolas@AMontpellier-251-1-3-82.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #kubuntu []
MestaphelesI suppose I could reinstall warty and upgrade10:50
uniqmestapheles: is it like this https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11912 ?10:51
goatwhat AIm client do you guys prefer?10:52
Mestaphelesso it doesn't look ppc specific10:53
goatif you use it...10:53
uniqmestapheles: did you do a integrity check? 10:53
uniqgoat: i use kopete for MSN and ICQ.. i don't use AIM.10:53
goatim using kopete right now but im wondering if i should switch to gaim...10:54
uniqwhy would you do that? 10:55
goatmy kopete seems rather buddy10:55
Mestaphelesno, but this is the third CD10:55
uniqoh.. ok.10:55
Mestaphelesand all the md5s checked out10:55
MestaphelesI'll post an add on to bugzilla, because it isn't a one time incident10:56
goatall my screen names jsut doubled :/ one for upper case one for lower for each buddy10:56
=== samuelk [~samuelk@h141n1fls32o279.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== lippel [~frank@osterfeld.developer.kde] has joined #kubuntu
lippelwhat is the [k] ubuntu way to set up iptables? i have iptables installed, but no /et/init.d/iptables script exists11:05
uniqi suggest using guarddog and/or guidedog11:06
=== lancellor [~lancellor@conr-adsl-209-169-101-49.consolidated.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== DavidLeeRoth [~dlr@24-53-198-69.miamfl.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
lippeluniq: actually i have iptables set up, i just want to save it and have it restored on restart11:08
lancellordo you know how to restore my sistem??11:08
DavidLeeRothHey guys11:08
goathey how do i find my MAC address for wirelesS?11:08
uniqlippel: then you can use iptables-save and iptables-restore in a simple script.11:08
uniqgoat: 'ifconfig' tells you.11:08
lancellori installed a new video card and now i can't use kubuntu11:09
uniqlancellor: depends on what's wrong11:09
DavidLeeRothwhats goin on with you all?11:09
=== brouken [~brouken@dsl-hkigw2mc7.dial.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
DavidLeeRoththats absolutely ridiculous11:09
DavidLeeRotha modern OS should work correctly goddammit11:09
DavidLeeRothi love linux more than anything11:09
DavidLeeRothbut win32 never (EVER) has a Hardware detect prob11:10
lancellorand i reinstalled on other hard drive and i can not do anything11:10
DavidLeeRothplug and play is far superior to hotplug11:10
lancellori tried to install synaptic and this is what i get11:11
DavidLeeRothlinux doesnt even work properly on its own11:11
DavidLeeRothi use it in VMware11:11
lancellorFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libg/libgnomecanvas/libgnomecanvas2-0_2.10.0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb  MD5Sum mismatch11:11
lancellorE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?11:11
DavidLeeRothapt-get update11:11
DavidLeeRothapt-get upgrade11:11
lancellori did it11:11
DavidLeeRoththen apt-get moo11:11
lancellorwhat moo mean11:11
DavidLeeRothtry it11:12
uniqlancellor: don't use the us.archive.ubuntu.com mirror. change it to archive.ubuntu.com11:12
lippeluniq: hmm, i wonder why ubuntu doesn't provide the init script from debian11:12
DavidLeeRothyouve never seen that?11:12
DavidLeeRoth"are you experienced?" -Jimi Hendrix11:12
goati had to retry my upgrades today 9 times before it finally found kde 3.4.111:12
lancellorbut i don,t have text editor11:12
uniqlippel: don't know. maybe enought init scripts already.11:12
lancellorkate is not working11:12
goatthat is my beginning experiences with nix11:12
DavidLeeRothim not using x right now11:12
uniqlancellor: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list11:13
DavidLeeRothim just using irssi in a terminal window11:13
lancellorok let me try11:13
DavidLeeRothdo you like my voice?11:13
goatdo peeps in this channel have voices and ops?11:14
goatall mine say everyone is a regular user or away...11:14
uniqthat is correct.11:15
DavidLeeRothi have a really good voice11:16
DavidLeeRothyou might know me from Van Halen11:16
goatstuff you11:17
DavidLeeRothim serious11:17
=== DocTomoe [~martin@ppp-82-135-73-134.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
DavidLeeRothtobacco road, yankee rose, the patented scream (Yeahhhhaahwhahahhaha!)11:17
goathoray for IRC11:17
lancellorhow do i save it11:17
DavidLeeRotho yeah #kubuntu all the way11:18
goata little birdie jsut flew in my window and told me the members of van halen don't know what IRC is11:18
DocTomoeWhere do I have too look for errors if KDE does not produce any sound output, but gnome does?11:18
uniqlancellor: ctrl+x - answer yes.11:18
DavidLeeRoththe little birdie said van hagar11:18
=== goat smiles but has to go
=== DavidLeeRoth Squeals!
=== goat asks for an autograph
maltenp Van Halen - Jump11:19
=== DavidLeeRoth signs your tits
nikkiaoi, DLR, go back to singing lousy 'easy listening' covers and leave VH alone! :P11:19
DavidLeeRotho i love that song (i did write it)11:20
DavidLeeRothfuck dat B-otch11:20
=== DavidLeeRoth kicks your ass back to tobacco road
nikkiaDLR, sorry, can't picture DLR these days without thinking of 'california girls'11:21
DavidLeeRothI made that song just for the money11:21
=== mode/#Kubuntu [+o uniq] by ChanServ
uniqhi nikkia.11:21
nikkiaoh, i'm sure, shame about the respect lost :P11:21
nikkiahi uniq11:21
DavidLeeRothi recommend that you listen to some of my harder albums11:21
DavidLeeRothlike skyscraper11:21
DavidLeeRothor some of my singles11:21
DavidLeeRothlike A Little Aint enough11:22
nikkiaDLR, i have, thanks...11:22
DavidLeeRothor tobacco road, or yankee rose11:22
uniqdavidleeroth: this is #kubuntu, sourds like #randommusicchat fits your needs better.11:22
=== DavidLeeRoth grooves to his own muzak!!!
=== fromoze [~fromoze@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _P_ [~princoscr@host-84-220-136-222.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
DavidLeeRothdavid lee roth digs linux nowadays11:23
lancellorupdate source list but same problem11:23
DavidLeeRothDLR is just trying to spice up this chat11:23
uniqlancellor: did you update the list of packages? 'sudo apt-get update' 11:23
DavidLeeRothits always dead11:23
DavidLeeRoththen apt-get upgrade11:23
DavidLeeRoththe two go hand in hand11:23
qbitbut have you seen Junior's grades?11:24
lancelloryes sir11:24
DavidLeeRoththe cradle will rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yowza yowza yoza mother fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrr11:24
qbit~and the cradle rocks on!11:24
lancelloreverithing look good untill i tried to install synaptic or anything else11:25
uniqdavidleeroth: back on topic please.11:25
DavidLeeRothapt-get remove synaptic11:25
lancellorlet me try11:25
DavidLeeRoththen apt-get remove gnome_bullshit11:25
DavidLeeRothuse kynaptic if you need a package manager11:25
lancellornot installed so no removed...11:26
DavidLeeRothUniq, aka senor buzzkill, not only do i have a great voice, but i am helpful also11:26
DavidLeeRothisnt synaptic a gnome package?11:26
uniqlancellor: did 'apt-get update' work without errors? 11:26
lancelloryes but let me check again11:26
DavidLeeRothhave you guys heard of porn-get11:26
DavidLeeRothfrom the "Lesbian" crew11:27
uniqdavidleeroth: you make alot of unnecessary noise.11:27
DavidLeeRothive heard of it11:27
DavidLeeRothand its for real11:27
DavidLeeRothi just cant find it11:27
=== mode/#Kubuntu [+q davidleeroth!*@*] by uniq
uniqlancellor: if apt-get update worked, you can try to 'apt-get install synaptic' again.11:28
lancellorno errors11:28
=== mode/#Kubuntu [-q davidleeroth!*@*] by uniq
lancellori did it twicw but did not work11:29
uniqwhat is the error? 11:29
DavidLeeRothdo i got voice?11:29
lancellorit is up there11:29
fromozeHi, I'm  having problem with the knemo icons on the systray.. I didn't have them and I get a conflit wirh kdenetwork installing knemo. Any suggestion? Package bug? Version are:knetworkconf   0.6.1-3ubuntu4 andknemo_0.3.1-2ubuntu1 on amd64 branch.  11:29
lancellorFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libg/libgnomecanvas/libgnomecanvas2-0_2.10.0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb MD5Sum mismatch11:30
DavidLeeRothi have a problem concerning the amd6411:30
uniqfromoze: do you have hoary-security and hoary-updates enabled in your /etc/apt/sources.list ? there is a update knetworkconf in hoary-updates to fix those conflicts.11:30
=== nikkia growls
=== DavidLeeRoth is now known as Hagar_Killer
uniqlancellor: did you change all 'us.archive.ubuntu.com' to 'archive.ubuntu.com' in /etc/apt/sources.list ? 11:31
Hagar_Killeri have a prob converning the amd6411:31
lancellori used the list from the ubuntu guide11:31
uniqhagar_killer: ok, ask then.11:31
Hagar_Killeri made an ubuntu cd for the amd64 arch, and when i load the cd, my pc makes a long beep and says my cpu doesnt support long mode11:32
lancellorlet me check for that  <uniq>11:32
Hagar_Killerbut i have an amd64 athlon 3000+11:32
qbitwhile on the subject of packaging probs, i used kpackage to manually install kvirc 3.2.0 because kynaptic didn't list it and now kynaptic wants to remove it in order to install anything new11:32
Hagar_Killerso i am stuck using the 32 bit version11:32
qbitis there a manual fix to make this go away?11:32
fromozeuniq: I think yes, 11:33
Hagar_Killerdoes anyone know what the fuck is wrone?11:33
uniqqbit: it's probably because it's a debian package, not bade for ubuntu.11:33
uniqhagar_killer: don'11:33
qbityes - debian sarge211:33
qbitok that makes sense11:33
uniqhagar_killer: don't swear please.11:33
fromozeuniq: may be not for universe and multiverse, I'll see :)11:33
=== Hagar_Killer wonders what don' means
nikkiamy SO went to london.... and it looks like there's been a terrorist attack on the tube system, and mobile phone is not answering11:34
uniqfromoze: knetworkconf is in main so universe isn't needed.11:34
buzthat sucks11:34
buzfriend of mine is somewhere in the greater london area11:34
lancellordo i have to change to 'archive.ubuntu.com in all of them??11:34
buzbut so far it's not reall confirmed to be an attack is it11:34
Hagar_Killerdoes someone know what the cpu problem means11:35
nikkiabuz, no, but they're saying 'there was at least one explosive device'11:35
uniqnikkia: what happened to london? (i'm on a too slow connection to read news atm)11:35
buzthe definition of explosive device is the point11:35
uniqlancellor: yes.11:35
nikkiabuz, but as you said, its not confirmed11:35
nikkiauniq, explosions in the tube11:35
nikkiauniq, several, by the sounds of it11:35
Hagar_Killerwe need a new channel called #peoplewhowanttotalkaboutlondonmorethanlinux11:35
uniqnikkia: oh.. bad :/11:35
nikkiabuz, yeah, could be a bad mobile phone battery for all we know11:35
buzor a bottle of booze11:35
nikkiabuz, my SO should be alright....11:36
nikkiadidn't leave til about 9, and apparently the explosions happened at 8:5011:36
buzchances are exceedingly slim that she got hurt11:36
buzor he11:36
buz(as my SO is always a girl ;-)11:36
Hagar_Killerwhat does SO stand for?11:37
Hagar_Killerim a retard11:37
nikkialooks like the cells are b0rked in london11:38
nikkiai'm not even getting an attempted ring now11:38
lancellori'm running apt-get update now and i fixed what you told me11:38
uniqnikkia: probably overloaded. did you try sms? 11:39
uniqlancellor: great, then i think it'll work.11:39
Hagar_Killerdid you apt-get upgrade11:39
lancellorupdate work no problems11:39
Hagar_Killer(after update)?11:39
lancellorno problems up and working11:40
nikkiauniq, trying, turned receipt notification on too11:40
lancellor<uniq> thanks for your help and patience11:41
uniqlancellor: no problem :)11:41
Hagar_Killerdoes davidleeroth have voice?11:42
Hagar_Killercuz i wanna change back11:42
lancellordoes anybody plays xbox on line??11:42
Hagar_Killeri do11:42
Hagar_Killerxbox live11:42
lancellorno 11:42
lancellorwith xlink kaid11:42
lancelloris free11:42
Hagar_Killeri played Halo Online (Halo 1) via a router and some win32 soft11:43
Hagar_Killerits not as kool though11:43
Hagar_Killerand xbox live is so damn cheap11:43
Hagar_Killerit is dude11:43
nikkialooks like they're saying it was bombs, and so far the list is about 10 stations11:43
=== boga [~judith@CPE0011095f2041-CM00e06f240dd8.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Hagar_Killer is now known as DavidLeeRoth
lancellorit is not about that personally i don't care about xbox live features i just want to play online11:44
DavidLeeRothdo I have voice in here?11:45
lancellorplus i don't want to give more money to Gates11:45
=== wirwzd [~wirwzd@c-24-218-115-209.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
nikkiawoohoo, finally, call connected11:46
qbituniq: in /var/backups/dpkg.status.0 the kvirc packages are marked: Status: purge ok not-installed11:46
=== apokryphos [~dw@host-84-9-109-100.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
nikkianever got to liverpool street, apparently, they turned the train around about 2 miles out11:47
qbituniq: i think when I figure out what to put here I can work around my problem11:47
lancellorif anybody uses xlink kaid this is my name 11:47
=== apokryphos [~dw@host-84-9-109-100.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
DavidLeeRothnever would have guessed11:48
=== DavidLeeRoth is now known as Hagar_Killer
Hagar_Killeranyone have linux on xbox?11:48
lancellori have a live cd that runs xebian11:49
uniqqbit: you probably want to take a look at /var/lib/dpkg/status - i strongly recommend not to change anything there though.11:49
Hagar_Killermy xbox kernel is too new to do the xbox linux thing11:49
Hagar_Killerive tried before11:49
Hagar_Killerive researched it11:49
lancellormy xbox is 1.6 version11:50
=== apokryphos7 [~dw@host-84-9-109-52.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
lancelloryou guys try xlink kaid is fun11:51
Hagar_Killeri have the real deal (xbox live)11:52
lancellorbut you can't  use a modified xbox11:53
=== brouken [~brouken@dsl-hkigw2mc7.dial.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== dlr [~dlr@24-53-198-69.miamfl.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
lancellorand all the good stuff that comes with a modified xbox like linux and xbmc and other stuff11:55
=== dlr is now known as Hagar_KIller
=== Hagar_KIller is now known as Hagar_Killer
fromozeuniq: Reading about the bug, I see that "Breezy has the fix, and Kubuntu.org has updates for Hoary users" May there're some special kubuntu repositories?  Or, may be  the fix is only for i386. I'll try to use breezy package.11:56
uniq?? sources.list11:56
kinfo[sources.list]  example /etc/apt/sources.list with all official repositories plus KDE 3.4.1 and Koffice 1.4 from kubuntu.org can be found at: http://kubuntu.pastebin.com/30380211:56
Hagar_Killeris hoary pronounced whore-y?11:56
Hagar_Killerive always wondered11:56
qbituniq: thanks11:57
fromozemy sources.list are diferent only because an 'es' before 'archives' , but I think it must be something about locales11:58
=== chowells [~itops@VPN.accessdevices.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
uniqfromoze: do you have the kubuntu.org repositories? 11:58
fromozeI don'n know, Isn't the official ubuntu ones?11:58
=== Hagar_Killer is gonna go to sleep
fromozeI've kde341 and koffice if you mean that11:59
uniqfromoze: that's what i mean.11:59
uniqhagar_killer: good night.11:59
=== ruben [~ruben@80-29-23-139.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ruben is now known as oihuu
=== oihuu [~ruben@80-29-23-139.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
lancellorgood night you all12:01
fromozegood morning for me XD12:01
qbityup - same here - will be time to g to work soon  :(12:01
=== unome [~unome@ool-4351863e.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
uniqfromoze: you need 'deb http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary-updates main restricted' in your sources.list file.12:02
uniqline 5 in the example sources.list12:03
=== wirwzd [~wirwzd@c-24-218-115-209.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
fromozeuniq: I got it :/ but for amd6412:03
uniqfromoze: knetworkconf should be buildt for all architectures.12:05
fromozeuniq: Which version have you installed? 12:06
uniqi'm on breezy.. Version: 0.6.1-3ubuntu612:06
uniqyou should get 0.6.1-3ubuntu4 from hoary-updates12:07
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
fromozethat's the one doesn't want to get installed...12:07
broukenhow to make quake 3 run, i have an ATI graphics card and managed to get glxgears and fgl_glxgears to run. but after i try to run quake 3 those wont work after. quake 3 exits with some error and sometimes im back at the login screen.12:09
uniqfromoze: try to get ubuntu5 from here http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/knetworkconf/12:10
fromozebrouken: take a look on the xorg logs12:10
fromozebrouken: /var/log/Xorg.0.log 12:11
broukenah, thanks. sorry im new :)12:11
fromozeuniq: I get a lot of dependecies errors, is the breezy package? 12:12
fromozebrouken: You must find there the error, because nobody can divine the problem you can get :)12:12
uniqprobably.. hang on i'll find a hoary package for you. i thought ubuntu5 was uploaded to hoary-updates, but looks like it's not.12:13
fromozedon't worry too much12:13
=== OculusAquilae [~bastian@p548D2F80.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
fromozeThe main thing was to now if it was a bug or something like that, personally isn't a very important problem for me ;)12:14
fromozesory 'now' --> 'know'12:14
uniqit was fixed, i fixed it. i'm sure it was uploaded too.. but something must have gone wrong somewhere.12:14
=== apokryphos7 is now known as apokaway
=== Fraeon [kzer-za@85-194-204-72.wlannet.com] has joined #kubuntu
qbitbrouken: I don't have experience with ATI cards but investigate two things: look for openGL crashes and there is a thing called DRI that you might need for 3d acceleration12:17
qbitbrouken: I just don't know much about DRI 'cause all my stuff is NVidia12:17
=== nxv_ [~matrix@dsl-084-056-126-251.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
uniqfromoze: thanks for reporting it anyway. i'll investigate.12:19
broukenyeah xorg log says DRI failed12:19
fromozeuniq: are you the maintainer? O_o12:19
fromozewich version of Q3? 12:20
uniqfromoze: no, but i'm trying to help out when needed.12:20
fromozeif you don't use the 1.32b version you need to write some command to say where is there driver12:21
fromozeversion 1.x uses dri and for new cards you must point it to opengl This was my problem onces I've installed quake12:21
fromozeuniq: Ok, nice ;) 12:22
=== kbdcb [~radio@intelligence.kajko.se] has joined #kubuntu
OculusAquilaeIs kynaptic developed for kubuntu?12:24
=== _ubuntu [~ubuntu@lns-vlq-43-mon-82-252-107-218.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== _ubuntu [~ubuntu@lns-vlq-43-mon-82-252-107-218.adsl.proxad.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== berkes [~berub@83-134-59-135.Antwerpen.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== otep [~otep@AP-] has joined #kubuntu
berkeshey there12:33
berkesjust wondering if there is an application for kubuntu that warns me for updates. 12:34
OculusAquilaewould be nice12:35
OculusAquilaeand doesn't seem so hard to code12:36
berkesthere is one for gnome a tray applet. 12:36
uniqnot available for hoary.12:36
uniqwill be in breezy hopefully.12:36
berkesbut I do not like gnome applets im my kde tray, they always seem to break somehow.12:36
berkesubuntu 4.05 comes with a tray applet, uniq12:37
uniq5.04 yes, i know.12:37
uniqbut not kubuntu 5.0412:37
berkesaah yes. 12:38
berkesbut you are saying tehre will be one in breezy, uniq. 12:38
OculusAquilae5.10 isn't so far away :-)12:38
uniqberkes: it's one of the goals for breezy.12:38
berkescool. 12:38
berkesOculusAquilae: how far is "so far" ? 12:39
OculusAquilaeis kynaptic specially coded for kubuntu?12:39
uniq2005.10 - 5.10 :)12:39
uniqoculusaquilae: no12:39
OculusAquilae3 months 12:39
=== lancellor [~lancellor@conr-adsl-209-169-101-49.consolidated.net] has joined #kubuntu
berkesaah that is not so far, indeed.... compared to debian releases anyway ;)12:40
=== JayParadise [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
OculusAquilaeuniq: but I don't find any project page12:40
OculusAquilaeis this applet in breezy already?12:41
=== dargo [~dargo@245.Red-80-39-84.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
OculusAquilaehi dargo12:43
dargoI have a problem somebody helps me?12:44
OculusAquilaewe can't know if we can help you12:45
=== brouken [~brouken@dsl-hkigw2mc7.dial.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
dargoMy connection (with eth0) doesn't start auto when initiating the system12:47
OculusAquilaetry to start kcontol as root ( ALT+F2 ) "kcontrol"12:49
dargoI must take it with ifconfig whenever beginning?12:49
=== ralf [~matteo@openjlab.org] has joined #kubuntu
dargoyes that already I have tried it12:50
OculusAquilaeand at Internet & Network -> Network-Settings you can configure that it starts automatically12:50
=== tango_ [~nome@adsl-ull-126-118.44-151.net24.it] has joined #kubuntu
OculusAquilaehave you tried to install initng? I have a problem after that too?12:51
dargoyes 12:51
OculusAquilaeyou should do it, after that i had the problem too, but it is possible that it isnt initng12:52
dargook thanks12:53
FraeonSo, any linux gurus capable of answering why homepna had to be enabled manually after the kernel version 2.6.9?01:05
FraeonOr was it 2.6.701:05
FraeonAnyhow, an odd number, I'm sure.01:05
=== chase [~Chase@stuartma.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
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FraeonI guess nobody can explain it.01:10
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supernixWell I tried Gentoo last night let me tell you that was a waste of a CD03:16
supernixI tried everything I could to get the KDE desktop to run but typing kde and nothing03:17
=== shogouki [~nicolas@lap34-1-82-225-184-33.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
uniqsupernix: and now you are using kubuntu? 03:18
supernixAh yeah03:18
supernixafter all the stuff that I tried Kubuntu was the best03:19
supernixIt is actually the only distro that will allow my ATI card to run at 1024 x 204803:19
supernixAnd also the only one that detected my printer 03:19
uniqoh.. :)03:20
=== shogouki [~nicolas@lap34-1-82-225-184-33.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
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supernixI just got finished setting up the printer again and this is something I could not do on Knoppix or Ubuntu and certainly not on Gentoo03:23
supernixHave they changed enough about Linux in the last 2 or more years to warrant buying a new manual ?03:29
uniqyes, i think that might be a good idea.03:30
supernixany suggestions on what to buy ?03:30
uniqalot is changed. atleast if you're doing anything close to advanced.03:30
uniqdepends on what you want.03:30
supernixKubuntu related would be best03:30
uniqthe best kubuntu material is at http://lnix.net/~froud/ - not in paper form yet.03:31
uniqand as explained on the page, it's still under development.03:32
supernixYou have been very helpful thanks03:32
supernixI am curious if you know of a program in KDE that I can use to mount my hard drive it is a XP NTFS 03:33
uniqif you find something wrong, or have suggestions to the documentation, please send a mail to ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com and explain, would be very helpful for the document writers. thanks in advance :)03:33
uniqNTFS.. hang on.03:33
=== OculusAquilae [~bastian@p548D2F29.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
uniqsupernix: you should take a look at http://www.jankratochvil.net/project/captive/03:35
uniqsupernix: there is also a 'howto' here http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-10175.html03:37
supernixThanks that is great 03:38
=== Riddell [jr@muse.19inch.net] has joined #kubuntu
Chameleon22america - attacked, brtain as well, fuck we are next :(03:49
=== sladen [paul@starsky.19inch.net] has joined #kubuntu
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MrPokeIs us.archive.ubuntu.com behind on packages? 03:57
MrPokeFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com.... MD5Sum mismatch :-(03:57
godsmokeMrPoke: use archive04:00
MrPokegodsmoke: what archive?04:01
godsmoke"archive" rather than "us.archive"04:02
MrPokeahh 04:02
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_blazcan anyone help me with vmware?04:12
_blazi have a question04:13
=== _blaz [~blaz@BSN-95-237-76.dsl.siol.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
supernixHi guys just curious how I can update the OpenOffice program ?04:23
gdhsupernix: update from what to what?04:24
supernixI just downloaded the 5.04 version of Kubuntu so I am not sure why it does not at least use 1.14 of OpenOffice04:24
supernixfrom OpenOffice 1.13 to 2.0 would be best04:24
gdhthere is a 1.99 beta in K 5.04 if that's any use?04:24
gdhif not, you'll have to wait for teh next Kubuntu release in October04:25
supernixActually I think they still call that one 2.004:25
supernixI downloaded the latest beta and it was 1.19 but they called it 2.0 for some reason04:25
supernixSo how do I update to 1.99 ?04:26
gdhapt-cache search openoffice.org204:26
supernixIt wont cause any problems will it as I am running the LiveCD 04:26
gdhpick and choose :)04:26
gdhah, no you can't upgrade then...04:26
=== unome [~unome@ool-4351863e.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
supernixOH GOD WHY ME04:26
=== EECore [~MadHatter@CPE-144-136-192-218.sa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
gdhsince it was awkward enough trying to squeeze one giant bloated office suite onto a CD-ROM04:27
gdhtwo would be impossible04:27
uniqyou can upgrade.04:27
uniqfrom the internet.04:27
supernixI am so close to permanently going Kubuntu and doing an install04:27
gdhuniq: You can? on the LiveCD?04:27
uniqit'll dissapear once you reboot though.04:27
uniqgdh: yes, i compiled all the amd64 debs on kubuntu.org from a livecd :)04:27
gdhsupernix: once you install to HD, you can use OOo2 permenantely04:27
gdhuniq: magic you :)04:28
uniqsupernix: if you like kubuntu i suggest you do a permanent install, it's much better.04:28
gdhanyone had any truck with 'ffserver' ?04:28
supernixJust one last few things I need to test04:28
uniqgdh: no magic, just very slow :)04:28
supernixOne I have to test my scanner and two my digital camera04:28
gdhuniq: There's no need to put yourself down - I'm sure you're still charming ;)04:28
=== gwilma [~gwilma@pces526.eng.warwick.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu
supernixHow can I upgrade from the net Uniq ?04:32
=== BkE [~bke@43.177-201-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== EECore [~MadHatter@CPE-144-136-192-218.sa.bigpond.net.au] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
uniqsupernix: enable universe by editing /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the lines containing 'universe' (alt+f2 'kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list') when that is done; start kynaptic, ctrl+f, search for openoffice.org2 and install the packages you want.04:35
supernixah ty04:35
uniqbut, as said earlier, all changes will dissappear when you restart.04:36
gdhit installs the packages + then installs the binaries into a ramdisk.. and then has to run in RAM? :)04:37
gdhwow, that's a lotta RAM...04:37
uniqyes :)04:37
uniqfor openoffice.org2 it's alot of megabytes too.04:37
uniqwell, i was on my way outside, the sun is shining and all. later guys.04:39
supernixI sure wish I had me a gig of ram now04:47
supernixSure could use it04:47
supernixIt is downloading to install not sure how this will work but I am gonna give it a try I was worried that it might eat up all the ram04:47
supernixI have 512mb04:48
=== _james_ [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
supernixI think I have an old 30 gig ide drive will that be quite ok for installing Kubuntu for good and using it to the fullest extent ?04:49
=== `TUX` [~princoscr@ppp-217-133-31-196.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
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scbiblemanHiya gang05:07
scbiblemanOk just for the record you can't upgrade OpenOffice to 2.0 with just 512mb ram05:09
chowellsscbibleman: strange, you can here05:09
scbiblemanSure you can wish in one hand and poop in the other but I can tell you which one will be filled first05:09
scbiblemanhmmm odd I tried it but kynaptic froze up then the whole OS and it was a rebooting that was needed to fix05:10
chowellsthat has nothing to do with the amount of RAM you have05:10
scbiblemanDid it freeze up on your like that as well chowells ?05:10
=== tbone [~tbone@cpe-066-057-084-171.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
chowellsIf the "whole OS froze" then it sounds like a Linux kernel bug or hardware fault05:11
=== eightballx [~zak@host217-43-156-232.range217-43.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
eightballxhow can i gain root access under KDE?05:11
=== paines [~al@p508A4ABD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
eightballxdo you know how can i gain root access under KDE?05:12
apokryphoseightballx: what do you want it for? In command line type: sudo <command>05:12
eightballxi want it for stuff i created in command line as root, i want read + write access05:12
scbiblemanhmmm I guess I could give it a whirl again05:12
apokryphoseightballx: what stuff was that? And creating things using root doesn't necessarily mean that you'll need root to access them05:13
eightballxi was maing some stuff when i was compiling something for the ipodlinux project, and i cant get access unless i am in command line05:14
godsmokeeightballx: what does kde have to do with the command line?05:15
apokryphoseightballx: see this guide: http://kudos.berlios.de05:15
apokryphosyou've got a lot to learn ;-)05:15
=== godsmoke is copying american tv so I don't get bored in germany :)
eightballxno, in terminal i am root and have made some files, i would like full  priveleges to them in the KDE filebrowser05:16
godsmokethen change the permissions05:16
godsmokeyou never enter kde as root05:16
apokryphoseightballx: why have you made files as root? You're misusing it05:17
eightballxwwhy not05:17
godsmokebecause you don't want a complicated set of processes like a window manager running with root privs -- it's liable to have plenty of security bugs, and a number of other things that could destroy your computer if the wm went haywire05:17
apokryphoseightballx: root isn't something you use for normal operations. You only use it when it's required. 05:18
eightballxif i chmod the a whole folder will all the files inside have the permissions05:19
scbiblemanI gotta go ty everyone for all your help will be back later looking for information on doing the install05:19
godsmokeeightballx: if you make it recursive, yes05:19
eightballxand the permissions would be ? 777 888 ??05:20
godsmokewhatever you want them to be05:20
eightballxwhich is highest?05:20
godsmokeread + write + execute05:21
=== Electronics [~peter@cc84863-b.zwoll1.ov.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu
godsmokeI can't imagine there's any good reason for root to own those files in the first place05:23
godsmokeyou should be compiling most things as your user, especially things like ipodlinux, which are not going to be installed on the system you're compiling with anyway05:23
eightballxhow do i use chmod?05:26
eightballxi cant even access my own home folder05:26
=== JayParadise [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== _unome [~unome@ool-43518614.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
Electronicseightballx: From your homedir one dir up05:28
eightballxim in /home05:29
Electronicseightballx: Then chmod -R user:group yourhomedir05:29
Electronicseightballx: user your username, group yourgroup of course05:29
Electronicseightballx: Then everything in youhomedir is owned by you. -R is recursively.05:30
eightballxi have tried on root and on my account and i still get 05:31
Electronicseightballx: sorry, i'm confused with chowner.05:32
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segfaultwazaaap :D05:50
=== shogouki [~nicolas@AMontpellier-251-1-30-252.w83-113.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
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Electronicseightballx: you still get what??05:54
=== supernix [sdasf@68-189-171-229.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
supernixHiya im back sorry had to rewire a receptacle05:54
supernixNow like I was saying before I need to test my scanner and Digital Camera to make sure they work then I can do the install but then again I could just keep XP for that stuff05:55
supernixHas anyone tried the Epson Perfection 1250 on Kubuntu ?06:00
=== raymanrey [~raymanrey@] has joined #kubuntu
=== raymanrey [~raymanrey@] has joined #kubuntu
Poromiessupernix: try them with some liveCD?06:06
supernixHow do I test them ?06:07
Poromiesits usualy best, if you are new to linux, to test your system and all hardware out by testing linux with a liveCD06:07
supernixDo I have to mount the camera like a drive or something ?06:08
supernixit is has a USB connector06:08
Poromieswell, just download and burn one of the liveCD distros, or the ubuntu-liveCD, then boot that liveCD and test if linux works with your camera/printer06:08
supernixI have the Kubuntu that I have been playing with for days06:09
supernixKubuntu has done a better job than Ubuntu with my hardware06:09
supernixodd but true06:09
=== laser_tk [~laser@a84-230-146-184.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
Poromiesstrange, wm shouldn't matter..06:09
supernixLike with my printer and such06:09
supernixI thought that too06:10
supernixthere has to be more changes than just which WM is started06:11
supernixuuniqq: if you have any pull with the Kubuntu people sure would be nice if you would get them to get the LiveCD to auto mount any hard drives in read only mode06:12
supernixsorry uniq misspelled your nick06:13
=== Titoxx69 [~titoxx69@neu69-1-82-232-162-41.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
supernixPPoromiess: what do you use in KDE to test the scanner ?06:14
Titoxx69hello :)06:14
supernixMy goodness I can't get the nick complete working06:15
supernixI thought about testing Xandros but yikes they remind me of M$ with those prices06:15
=== theplateau [~james@cpe-024-211-050-039.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
gdhsupernix: Start -> Graphics -> Kooka for Scanning / OCR06:18
gdhSorry, K -> Graphics.. :)06:19
=== mcquaid [mcquaid@toronto-hs-216-138-233-79.s-ip.magma.ca] has joined #kubuntu
mcquaidhello all06:19
mcquaidwhen one upgrades kde, there is a new template for new users06:19
supernixah kewl thanks I will have to try that06:19
supernixhow bout a way to test my Kodak digital any ideas ?06:20
mcquaidis there a way of merging that template with an existing user?06:20
gdhsupernix: Many cameras should just appear on the desktop when you plug them into USB06:20
mcquaidthe reason i ask this is khotkeys crashes in my acct but not in new users accts06:20
mcquaidi believe it's a transition issue from going to 3.4.1 form 3.406:20
mcquaidi'd rather not delete my ~.kde dir06:20
supernixI was not sure if I had to run any special commands to get the USB to be detected06:21
mcquaidi tried copying khotkeysrc and khotkeys_update from a working user but no joy06:21
=== MarcC [MarcC@24-53-224-115.losaca.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
gdhsupernix: nope, stuff like USB 'memory keys' will just appear, too.06:23
supernixthat is great06:23
supernixI hated Linux because of that in the old days06:24
supernixYou had to mount and unmount everything manualy06:24
supernixIt was like Linux people had something against things working instantly06:24
gdhIt was annoying, yes :) 06:24
MarcChow best to update to KDE 3.4.1?06:25
gdhMarcC: see the topic06:25
MarcChe he06:26
MarcCthanks, sorry06:26
=== MarcC blushes
supernixThanks to the imrpovements I seriously am looking at Linux for my OS and Kubuntu especially06:26
MarcCI have a bunch of strange stuff from various places in my sources.list; how can I be sure it's all correct?06:27
supernixI thought about trying Xandros after reading a review about how great it is but they want some serious cash for that distro06:27
supernixwhy is the liveCD larger than the install CD ?06:28
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@ztonzy.artist.blender] has joined #kubuntu
MarcCinstall CD uses the internet, doesn't it?06:29
MarcCto download stuff.06:29
supernixI dont know06:29
gdhthe two use very different techniques ..06:29
MarcCwith a live CD, all the packages are there.06:29
Poromiesinstall cd uses internet06:29
supernixHow is the best way to install the Kubuntu ?06:30
gdhone is a series of .debs and an installer, the other is a giant compressed root-fs06:30
gdhsupernix: the only sensible way is with the Install CD06:30
gdhbecause that's what it's for.06:30
supernixOk but I will be doing a dual boot with XP06:31
gdhKubuntu 5.10 in October will only present one CD which is used for both live + install :)06:31
raymanreysomebody can help me06:33
raymanreyhow can i install06:33
MarcCXandros wasn't that cool to me.06:33
raymanreyprograms that i need in kubuntu06:33
=== Soneras [~chris@p508878BD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
Poromiessupernix: be carefull with the default hdd layout, it is set to wipe out all other partitions (in default mode), so you need to get ya hands dirty and do some partition tweaking with it (custom partitioning)06:33
=== MarcC is now known as MarcC-away
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=== blueyed [~daniel@i528C3EA0.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== samuelk [~samuelk@h141n1fls32o279.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
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=== stibby [~stibby@pcp0010580302pcs.coatsv01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
stibbymy kubuntu box currently has no internet connection. Can i still install packages? Are the .deb files available somewhere on the web?06:48
=== tuxJr_14 [~knoppix@] has joined #kubuntu
tuxJr_14hi samuelk06:49
tuxJr_14does kubuntu have OO.o 1.9?06:49
samuelkOO.o 1.9?06:50
stibbyi think he means OO.o 206:50
stibbyyes, it does06:50
=== wizzard [~wizzard@chello082119115143.chello.sk] has joined #kubuntu
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== gohan [~mustafa@] has joined #kubuntu
tuxJr_14gohan, kubuntu is ubuntu on kde by the ubuntu people06:56
samuelkany one know any good linux game06:56
apow_ neverwinter nights :D06:57
gdhtuxracer is nice for simple eyecandy :)06:57
apow_it's commercial though06:57
gdhOther than that, Konsole is a continual challenge :)06:57
samuelkwill try wesnoth06:59
stibbyhow do i install a debian package?07:00
stibbysudo dkpg xxx.deb?07:00
tuxJr_14the best tetris^H^H^H^H^H^H non-tetris game ever07:00
=== mikere_work [Mike@S010600c002d2d221.cc.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
gdhstibby: dpkg -i CCCCCC.deb07:02
gdhguess what the 'i' stands for :)07:02
stibbyno "sudo"?07:02
gdhyes sudo :)07:02
MarcC-awaywhy ask in 2 channels at once?07:03
stibbymarC-away: because no one in here was answering07:03
=== Soneras [~chris@p508878BD.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Kopete]
stibbyspeaking of kopete, is there a way to get it to look like konverstaion's interface?07:05
stibbykopete's default IRC interface looks real bad07:05
gdhNo, IRC on Kopete was an afterthought. Stick with a dedicated IRC client07:05
stibbyi wish one could do both well, though07:06
gdhPlus, Kopete does not log conversations, which makes it slightly less than useless for IRC.07:06
samuelkkopetes irc client is very buggy...07:06
gdh(bug in Kopete)07:06
supernixOk guys I am back07:06
stibbyi like hydra irc alot, but afaik, no linux version :/07:07
supernixPPoromiess: you were saying watch out for the default install but I am actually doing the install on a second drive that I will install in a little bit in this box so will that still be a concern ?07:08
=== mikere_work is now known as mikere
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=== al [~al@p508A7DAB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== al is now known as paines
supernix (supernix) 07:13
supernixHi supernix07:13
supernix (Poromies)  are you still around ?07:14
samuelkyay supertux07:16
=== Heart [~jzdgc@p549C28D6.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== patan74 [~patan74@] has joined #kubuntu
painesanyone cann tell me how th chroot 32bit modus in amd64 version ?07:20
segfaultsomeone have cedega deb?07:20
supernixThis is GREAT07:20
segfaultthe torrent i donw know why dont download07:20
supernixwusre wish I would have noticed that a while back07:20
=== patan74 is now known as bzImage
=== bzImage is now known as bzImage74
=== bhna [~andreas@p54B814C4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== pv_ [~pv@jt11-57-1.tky.hut.fi] has joined #kubuntu
bzImage74segfault: mlnet ;)07:26
supernixI am definately confused about the size of the DVD though as it is only 2.88gigs07:30
supernixThe Knoppix one is 4.0407:31
gdhKnoppix is full of pointless gaudy shit07:31
=== fromoze [~fromoze@] has joined #kubuntu
bzImage74segfault: $sudo apt-get install mldonkey-server07:31
supernixWhich brings me to my next question does the Kubuntu crew have all the latest and up to date programs for install?07:32
gdhsupernix: in breezy, yes. Don't go near breezy unless you are very familiar with Debian systems / resolving broken dependencies.07:32
=== Jeezis00 [~roger@jeezis.user] has joined #kubuntu
gdhsupernix: the response from here will be 'reinstall hoary' :)07:33
supernixI have an iso somewhere named breazy I think not sure what it is now though07:35
gdhbreezy is the 'working model' for the next release in October07:35
=== monchy [~monchy@S010600e04c400007.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== spiral [~spiral@lafilaire-4-82-224-249-43.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
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supernixhmmm I wonder if I ran it or just downloaded it07:46
supernixEveryone that I talked to on Windows really talks about liking Azureus but honestly I got better results from TurboTorrent07:55
=== fromoze [~fromoze@] has joined #kubuntu
supernixOk just curious gdh how long does it take for programs to make it into the stable branch ?08:08
gdhsupernix: I feel like I'm repeating myself :)08:09
gdhWait until October and see...08:09
supernixAh I forgot that kubuntu is new08:10
supernixthat 5.04 threw me off08:10
gdhIt releases at the same time as Ubuntu :)08:12
=== kl [~kl@p548F5B23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Hagar_Killer is back
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supernixWhat should I use for a virus scanner for Linux ?08:28
hikehi, I have a problem with my kcontrol app, after I click the "administrator mode" button and give it my password it returns to the title page, for example im in the "intetrnet & network -> network settings" and after giving it my password it'll go back to "internet & network"08:30
buzguys i need a way to join to pdf into one????08:30
hikesupernix: use bitdefender08:30
Hagar_Killerits rare to get a linux virus08:30
gdhhike: that's a known issue... konsole and 'sudo kcontrol' 08:31
gdhhike: I thought it'd been fixed witht he newest updates08:31
hikeyesterday someone told me to upgrade to kde 3.4.108:31
gdhhike: that'd fix it, too ... but perhaps a little drastically08:31
hikegdh: is there a way to get around that? and something else if im in the console and I run something as root it gives me an error08:33
=== _mike [~mike@adsl-67-124-192-46.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
supernixI was shocked to hear of a virus scanner for Linux as I heard that there were no viruses for Linux that was one of the selling points for the OS but I guess that has changed08:34
_mikehi, um is there a way to enter a password for password protected archives in ark?08:34
gdhhike: I don't know :) brain has stopped :)08:34
Hagar_Killerthere are few.... VERY FEW08:34
=== elli [~elli@ip-164-10.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #kubuntu
Hagar_Killerlike i can only name one08:34
_mikeso is there a way anyone?08:35
hikethis is what I get when trying to run an app from my kconsole as root: DCOPClient::attachInternal. Attach failed Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed08:35
=== _mike is now known as mikestyle
gdhhike: ouch08:35
gdhhike: I have no idea, sorry.08:35
Hagar_Killeri wouldnt even bother with a virus scanner08:35
=== mikestyle is now known as MikeStyle
supernixIs spyware still a problem in Linux ?08:36
Hagar_Killerits a cool idea that they make virus scanners for linux that scan win32 partitions08:36
Hagar_Killercookies yeah08:36
=== elli is now known as elliezet
hikeHagar_Killer: I use bitdefender when scanning my win partitions08:36
supernixThat is so kewl so you could use Linux to disenfect your Windows08:36
gdhHagar_Killer: they do better than that... you can plugin Clam Antivirus into Samba,. and virus check every file that a windows machine writes to a share :)08:37
supernixthat would be a killer liveCD08:37
Hagar_Killervarious PE's based on linux/windows have that too08:37
Hagar_Killerso they have that supernix08:37
Hagar_Killerlike BartPE08:37
Hagar_Killeri dont have linux installed on a HDD08:38
supernixwow I did not know that I will definately keep that in mind08:38
Hagar_Killerbut i use it in a virtual Machine08:38
supernixMe either08:38
supernixNot yet08:38
Hagar_Killertoo many problems for it to stand on its own08:38
supernixI am getting ready to install a IDE drive then install to that08:38
Hagar_Killerwell i have it in vmware08:38
Hagar_Killerand its just as good08:39
supernixYou run Linux in a Virtual Machine ?08:39
Hagar_Killerits cool as hell08:39
supernixyou mean like from VMware.com08:39
Hagar_Killeri didnt pay for it08:39
Hagar_Killermore like from torrentspy.com08:39
Hagar_Killerits great software08:40
Hagar_Killeryou "boot" from an iso08:40
Hagar_Killerthen install your shit into a virtual HDD file08:40
Hagar_Killerthen boot from the virtual hdd08:40
Hagar_Killerand linux is installed08:40
supernixthat is slick for sure08:40
Hagar_Killerits great because I have Samba up so i can communicate between windows and linux08:41
Hagar_Killerwithout NTFS drivers08:41
supernixawsome that sounds nice08:41
hikehey that sounds like a great idea08:42
=== fromoze [~fromoze@] has left #kubuntu []
Hagar_Killeri had a windows home vm and i had networking set up08:42
hikegood way to get around the ntfs problem08:42
supernixGod if only I had a nice 200 gig drive08:42
Hagar_Killeri have an 80 gig08:42
Hagar_Killerand a 160 external08:42
Hagar_Killerand a 60 GB ipod08:42
supernixI have a 80 gig but only 30 gigs left on that one08:43
supernixI have a tendency to download large interesting files08:43
Hagar_Killerthe only thing i have installed on my hdd is my OS08:43
supernixLOL nah08:43
supernixLoads of appz08:44
Hagar_Killerall the rest of my files are externally backed up08:44
supernixI like to see how they work and what they can do08:44
supernixI needed to backup mine as well08:45
Hagar_Killerand of course i have hundreds of dvd's08:45
Hagar_Killerthat is a good way to solve the ntfs problem08:45
Hagar_Killerjust network08:45
supernix:D never got into DVDs but I have heard friends that do08:45
Hagar_Killeryou can delete, move, create, and read08:45
Hagar_Killeri use dvd's for movies and for files08:45
supernixHow do you keep track of all the things you have ?08:45
Hagar_Killerwhat do you mean?08:46
=== jpowers [~jpowers@208-59-169-215.c3-0.slvr-ubr2.lnh-slvr.md.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
Hagar_Killerand tons of cd-r's08:46
supernixLike a way of cataloging everything08:46
Hagar_Killero with a sharpie :P08:46
supernixLOL same here08:46
Hagar_Killeri have a couple cd-rws08:46
Hagar_Killerlike 25 of em08:47
supernixI burnt my last CDr I had last nite burning Gentoo08:47
supernixHonestly I felt cheated after it booted08:47
Hagar_Killerwhat a piece of shit08:47
Hagar_Killerit is great08:47
Hagar_Killerbut it has no installers08:47
supernixI could not get KDE or Gnome to run it was just a prompt08:47
Hagar_Killerit is a tedious process to install it the first time08:48
Hagar_Killerthey really need an installer08:48
monchyone was being worked on, not sure if it's still being developed or not08:48
supernixI have way to many things to do in life other than fighting to get things done with the OS08:48
Hagar_Killerthats why i use windows08:49
supernixEverything has to be user friendly and easy08:49
Hagar_Killerwell lets dont go to far08:49
supernixYes that is why I have been forced back into the Windows world as well08:49
Hagar_Killeri love bash08:49
monchythis was it right here: http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/releng/installer/screenshots/index.xml08:49
Hagar_Killersupernix, dont worry about viruses, esp if you are not in root08:50
Hagar_Killerif that installer becomes a reality, gentoo will become more popular08:50
supernixwhy do you think it will be more popular Hagar_Killer ?08:51
monchywas supposed to be included on the 2005.0 livecd08:51
Hagar_Killer /server alphanet.kicks-ass.net /join #thebar (Small server for talking about various things)08:51
Hagar_Killeri think it will because an installer is important08:51
Hagar_Killerppl make fun of debian because it doesnt have an installer08:52
Hagar_Killerbut what the fuck!?!?!??! gentoo doesnt even have one at all08:52
monchypft, sarge is easy to install though08:52
supernixBut aint kubuntu a debian ?08:52
Hagar_Killeri meant doesnt have a good installer08:52
Hagar_Killerso ppl say08:52
=== bisley_ [~bisley@85-57-1-212.mal1.adsl.uni2.es] has joined #kubuntu
Hagar_Killeri was turned off by gentoo due to the lack of an installer08:53
supernixSomeone warned me about installing Kubuntu said the default would wipe my hard drives08:53
Hagar_Killerits called partitioning lol08:53
gdhHagar_Killer: Gentoo is for skript-kiddies who feel they're 1337 :)08:53
Hagar_Killeri figgured08:53
gdh-O6 --funroll-loops lolomgwtfbbq!?!!!!?!?!?!111108:53
Hagar_Killerif you can get through the install you feel like king08:53
Hagar_Killerapt-get moo08:53
gdhsupercow to the rescue :)08:54
Hagar_Killerhave you mooed today?08:54
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Mac38DOHi! There is no cdrdao-packacke for my kubuntu-ppc :-(09:16
Hagar_Killerapt-cache search cdrdao09:16
Mac38DONo result09:17
Hagar_Killerwell it is an x86 world09:17
Hagar_Killermacs suck09:17
Hagar_Killerget an amd6409:17
=== goat [~goat@c-67-180-69-31.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Mac38DOHagar_Killer: Why???09:18
Hagar_Killermacs just blow chunks09:18
Hagar_Killerit will be interesting when mac comes to x8609:19
gdhMac hardware is lovely :) No IRQ / legacy shit :)09:19
supernixFrom what I heard it wont be long till they do move to X8609:20
Mac38DOx86 ist a very bad architecture09:21
goatsupposedly theres spose to be a leak of OS X this today or 2m09:22
Mac38DOIt still has bugs from the early beginnigs09:22
gdhIRQ2/9 cascade - yum!09:22
supernixLOL but it wont run on X86 as I recall09:22
goatill see if i can grab the link09:22
=== JensK [~JensK@p549039CF.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
goatdont ask me :P09:22
gdhsupernix: It won't be long before some group bypasses that check.09:23
=== apollo2011 [~apollo201@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Mestapheles [~Captain@d142-179-138-139.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
goatnot very informative.. but yea09:25
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Mac38DOI have studied Physics. My Professor has worked as a chip-developer for Intel. His team designed a chip with an ideal architecture.09:26
Mac38DOAnd what happend?09:26
Hagar_Killerhilarious song09:27
Mac38DOThey never used it, because Windows would have to becompiled for that chip09:27
Mac38DOSo Intel still uses this buggy and bad x8609:27
goatwhats computing without bugs?09:27
Mac38DOgoat: Easy. Like OSX09:28
Mac38DOWorks always09:28
supernixthat is a little messed up nobody would tell what they were going to do the day before09:28
goatfuk my kopete is flipping out09:28
goatit crashed after i put my own username in the buddylist09:29
goatthen all names got duplicated to have an uppercase version and lowercase09:29
goatso i reinstalled09:29
supernixanybody know the difference between the install CD and the install DVD/CD ?09:29
goatbut its still dunski and jsut crashes every time now09:30
goatinstlal DVD has a whole bunch of packages on it09:30
goatwhereas u need like 14 cds for the same amt of packages09:30
goatbut just the first cd has the base system and stuff on it09:30
goatI think09:30
supernixOh so that is it you just have all the packages on the DVD instead of having to get them from the net09:30
goatbelieve so09:31
supernixI feel stupid now because I was waiting with great anticipation for the DVD to finish to try it as if it were going to be somehow better or different09:31
goathow fast u dling it at?09:33
=== judax [~judax@adsl-70-240-14-52.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
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Hagar_Killerhttp://rapidshare.de/files/2878718/06_-_Taste_So_Good.mp3.html (funny ass song)09:44
=== goat [~goat@c-67-180-69-31.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
supernixOk to answer your question earlier goat I am getting around 70kbs to 110kbs09:45
Hagar_Killerdownload it via BT09:45
supernixI am using Azureus09:46
=== Hagar_Killer is now known as DavidLeeRoth
supernixWould Bit Torrent be better to use ?09:46
=== m0ns00n [~m0ns00n@] has joined #kubuntu
DavidLeeRothcan you guys here me09:46
DavidLeeRothdo i still have voice?09:46
DavidLeeRothi have voice?09:47
goatdammit somebody has alrdy registered goat on nickserv09:47
DavidLeeRoththat sucks09:48
DavidLeeRothor gat09:49
=== drawagoat [~goat@c-67-180-69-31.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
drawagoatbetter name :)09:49
DavidLeeRothor gat09:49
DavidLeeRothlike mtley!09:49
DavidLeeRothor husker du09:49
supernixhow bout 1337 LOL09:50
drawagoatk im good09:50
drawagoathey in konversation when i set it to automatically identify09:51
drawagoatwhat do i put under service? nickserv?09:51
DavidLeeRothim in konversation now09:51
drawagoatnvr mind09:51
DavidLeeRothbut i prefer irssi09:51
supernixAlright man just hooked up with someone giving me 200+kbs09:52
supernixETA 3hours09:53
DavidLeeRoth /------\/09:55
DavidLeeRoth / |    ||09:55
DavidLeeRoth*  /\---/\09:55
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supernixhmmm does that mean he banned him :(09:57
gdhHey this is a family channel09:57
fuckerits me 09:57
gdhso type /nick .. ?09:57
supernixoh ok09:57
fuckeri tried to post the cow09:58
fuckeri forgot about floods09:58
=== mode/#Kubuntu [+b *!*dlr@*.miamfl.adelphia.net] by uniq
=== fucker was kicked off #kubuntu by uniq (nice nick.)
=== mode/#Kubuntu [-b *!*dlr@*.miamfl.adelphia.net] by uniq
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uniqnow behave.09:59
=== mode/#Kubuntu [-q davidleeroth!*@*] by uniq
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=== apt-get is now known as apt-get-moo
apt-get-moook finally i found a nick10:01
uniqwhen you are quiteted by +q it's for a reason, so avoiding it will only get you banned. swearing and other childish behavior is not welcome.10:01
apt-get-mooO dur mmy nick10:02
uniqyour nice nickname and more.10:02
=== drawagoat [~goat@c-67-180-69-31.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has left #Kubuntu []
uniqflooding cows and such is not liked either. 10:03
=== drawagoat [~goat@c-67-180-69-31.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
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supernix(bandwidth) 0b (record) 703.55mb10:06
uniqsupernix: stop using colors please.10:06
supernixOk so I guess you only allow raw mIRC10:07
uniqraw text, and i prefer on topic text. :)10:07
monchywhich only happens 10% of the time10:08
uniqthat doesn't mean that's what's wanted.10:08
apt-get-mooyoure using mirc? laugh-out-loud10:09
supernixBang you hard sucka10:11
apt-get-moodo u use linux10:12
supernixYES I don't use IRC much but when I do I use Xoniq script with mIRC10:12
supernixI am working my way into Linux10:12
supernixI have been using the LiveCD lately to test10:12
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supernixI just saw another client called Xchat10:13
supernixThink I shall give it a try to keep the fuss down10:13
apt-get-mooxchat is good10:13
nmorseI'm an irssi and Konversation fan10:13
apt-get-mooits available in linux10:13
supernixBack when I used IRC much mIRC was the only thing I recall being around10:13
apt-get-moosame her nmorse10:13
Poromiesirssi o/10:13
apt-get-mooim in konversation right now10:14
apt-get-moobut i was in irssi10:14
nmorseI'm using Konversation right now10:14
uniqyou have lots of clients to choose from, ircii, epic, bitchx, scrollz, irssi, xchat, kvirc, ksirc, konversation and more. :)10:15
supernixI only see a link to Xchat so I will install that real quick10:15
=== LaCamiseta [~nathan@dhcp2-83.lv-cbc.nevada.edu] has joined #kubuntu
supernixso konversation is Windows ?10:15
nmorseNo, KDE on Linux10:15
nmorseor BSD or any other POSIX OS really10:15
supernixTake it easy on me I at least I am trying to do the right thing *sigh*10:17
nmorseI just tend to ramble on, a bad habit I've picked up from somewhere10:17
supernixah crap10:19
supernixXchat is shareware10:19
uniqit's not? 10:19
uniqxchat.org ? 10:19
monchyit is for windows10:19
uniqhah.. ok.10:20
monchyyes, hah...10:20
nmorsemIRC is a freeware client for Windows though, correct?10:20
monchymirc is shareware also10:20
supernixBut I is a poh boy10:22
nmorseHmm, there has to be a free client for Windows10:23
monchychatzilla or something10:23
=== kl [~kl@p548F5B23.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
nmorseChatzilla exists as an extension for Firefox too now, doesn't it?10:23
monchypretty sure10:24
elliezethi everyone! is there a kubuntu italian channel somewhere? thank you :)10:24
=== roberto [~roberto@ip-216-76.sn1.eutelia.it] has joined #kubuntu
uniqelliezet: i don't think so, the closest you get is #ubuntu-it if you want italian.10:25
elliezetthankyou :)10:25
supernixhmmm Im actualy thinking I might have that10:25
nmorseDadgummit, it's hard to make a neverwinter nights module in linux10:25
nmorseThe official toolset requires some fork of WINE10:26
nmorseAnd a Windows install to copy it from10:26
nmorseand neveredit only edits mods as near as I can tell10:26
nmorseI really just want to make an underwater Underdark adventure, do I have to have Windows for that?10:27
=== Ghetek [~administr@c-24-7-51-170.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
uniqlooks like you do :|10:27
nmorseHmm, I'll beat this system yet somehow10:27
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uniqthat's the spirit. :)10:28
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
uniqhi mez.10:29
Mezhey uniq10:29
uniqnot much, trying to find some good "turn scanner+printer into copying machine"-software for a customer.10:30
supernixI shall return my friends10:32
=== supernix [user@68-189-171-229.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
supernixwhat it be like10:33
Mezwhy you opped up?10:33
supernixOk this is a lil client called Trillian10:33
monchytrillian is ok10:33
uniqmez: because it keeps everything somehow calmer. more on topic and less joking around.10:34
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supernixOnly 2 hours and 50 minutes to go10:40
supernixSure wish I could latch onto a nice 1mbps connection10:40
=== mez_ [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== quam [~chris@user-11206s5.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
gdhthere's nothing 'lil' about Trillian10:44
gdhLast time I used it, it was a mish-mash of broken UI concepts and logic :/10:44
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uniqhi nightfire.10:47
=== mez__ is now known as Mez
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nightfirehi uniq 10:52
=== Shuddertrix [~andrew@user-0cdv20s.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
nightfireCan someone test a script for me?10:55
nightfireI am working on a bandwithmeter10:55
nightfireit works fine und gentoo and slackware yet10:56
nightfirei haven't testet it with kubuntu10:56
nightfirehttp://nopaste.php-q.net/145769 <-- you only need to set the eth variable10:57
uniqok.. hang on.10:57
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supernixI dont get it every single time I try to go to a website it is timing out on me it must be that stupid SP2 crap fix10:58
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
uniqnightfire: does not look promising on breezy.11:00
uniqbandwidth.sh: line 46: [: 428: unary operator expected11:01
uniqwhen i copy something over the network.11:02
uniqworks when nothing big is transfered though :)11:02
nightfireuniq: is is limited to 200 kb11:04
nightfireit is for internet11:04
uniqI used it on the internet :)11:04
uniqwell, then it works, if that's expected to happen on speeds over 200kb/sec.11:05
supernixWell that is one more thing I can rest securely in knowing11:06
supernixI wont have some loser company capping my connection11:06
supernixOh boy only 2 more hours now11:09
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delltonyhi can someone please point me to a working solution to making xvids from dvds? I have tried to installed dvd::rip but transcode will not compile due to numerous dependency issues. i have ran dwn the list of trying to install the dependencies one by one but i can't seem to get passed libavcsscodec or something that nature. any help would be great for id lie to make xvids11:29
gdhthat's usually provided by either the ffmpeg package, or some magic at nerim.net11:37
gdhdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ stable main11:37
gdhdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ unstable main11:38
gdhdeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ testing main11:38
gdhlather, rinse, repeat :)11:38
=== FireEgl [Ariel@Atlantica.US] has joined #Kubuntu
seth_koy, marillat is death though :/11:38
seth_kunless you pin it right11:38
gdhseth_k: Yes, you have to treat it carefully :)11:38
nmorseand it won't install some stuff right now due to Ubuntu's packages being too old11:38
gdhtherein lies dependency dilemma :)11:38
nmorsewhich apt normally solves11:39
nmorseWhen you use only a small set of repos though11:39
delltonythats the whole issue i'm having it will not install11:39
delltonyso how do you guys make dvds to xvids i can't believe noone besides me wants to do that :)11:39
nmorseI've thought about it11:40
nmorseJust haven't had the gumption to do so11:40
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