Keybuk...the launchpad test suite seems deliberately designed to make it near-impossible to test on production systems12:04
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: new improved fascist. r=SteveA (for parts spiv wrote), [trivial]  for the rest. (patch-2043: steve.alexander@canonical.com, andrew.bennetts@canonical.com)12:11
Keybukjamesh: ping?12:12
=== asgeirf [~asgeirf@203-206-229-169.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  make the title input autofocus on the product filing page. (patch-2044: brad.bollenbach@canonical.com)12:36
lifelessjblack: pong12:38
jblackI'm in a conversation atm (thats making a lot of sense to me). I'm almost done though12:39
dilysNew Malone bug 1263 filed on product Malone by Brad Bollenbach: Bug ID links don't change colour after they've been visited12:40
jblacklifeless: ok. =) 12:43
dilysNew Malone bug 1264 filed on product Malone by Brad Bollenbach: Bug keyword search is overly-literal12:48
dilysNew Malone bug 1265 filed on product Malone by Brad Bollenbach: Bug search seems to ignore matching on assignee12:50
ddaalifeless: your patches are in prod12:51
ddaaand there has been a daily sync since the rollout12:51
ddaaso now is good time to sanity check the result12:51
ddaalot of red... apparently cvs.gnome went down12:51
lifelessddaa: patch-370 cleans up tempdirs01:13
ddaaI'm used up for today. Care to send me a mail?01:14
ddaaI learned the hard way not to make production admin when tired.01:14
lifelesshave you documented the process yet so I can do it ?01:14
ddaahu no...01:14
ddaait would be a bit lengthy to document all... my rollout process is a mix of personal best practises and the use of few scripts and the ssh/rsync setup01:17
Keybuklifeless: morning01:34
lifelessKeybuk: hey there01:41
lifelessthere are a bunch of bugs on hct in lp - are they still valid?01:41
Keybukyeah, they ones I filed to start off with01:42
lifelesswhat do you think of matts apt-get wrapper suggestion ?01:43
Keybuksounds reasonable01:44
Keybukso I had a cunning plan02:02
Keybukmdz has a list of packages that turn him on02:02
lifelessKeybuk: what should I do for FTP data here : http://dl.openafs.org/dl/openafs/02:02
lifelesslets get mdz laid.02:02
lifelessI think that will work02:03
Keybukso I wrote a script to download them, stuff the appropriate soyuz data in for them, and am now running sourcerer over them on my laptop to figure out why the fuck it's broken02:03
Keybukand I'll fix the problems02:03
Keybukand then he'll have a list of things he knows will work02:04
Keybukthat's quite fascinating02:08
Keybukthe list of packages comes out of launchpad backwards02:08
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: add better distrorelease translation pages, r=salgado (patch-2045: mark.shuttleworth@canonical.com)02:12
lifelessKeybuk: can you eyeball that url for me ?02:13
lifelessKeybuk: and suggest what I should do w.r.t. ftp series :|02:13
Keybukno, because I'm debugging, go away02:16
jblacklifeless: Doesn't dyson do recursive? 02:16
lifelessjblack: I don't know. Bugalogs heres does, which is why I'm askin' him.02:17
Keybukit does02:17
Keybukjust stick that http URL as the root02:17
jblackThats what ddaa tells me, anyways, so I'd go with http://dl.openafs.org/dl/openafs/ openafs-*src.tar.gz 02:17
jblackToday I got about 30 setup. Then, ddaa and I talked for a couple hours, and I finally undersatnd this. :) 02:18
jblackyeah. if you merged, I'm the one that bombed ya. 02:18
lifelessholy christ openafs is big02:18
lifelessWARNING: revisions left: 9048602:18
lifelessits one of the bigger repos.02:19
Keybukwhat's bugalogs?02:19
lifelessbugalugs is what I meant. You.02:19
Keybukwhat's bugalugs?02:19
KeybukGoogle tells me it's a "BUM THIEF"02:20
KeybukI suspect Google doesn't know02:20
ddaajblack: in that case you probably want something like openafs-1.3.*-src.tar.gz because there are overlapping series02:20
lifelessddaa: they are all main I think02:23
lifelessno they aren't02:23
lifelessno releases from MAIN at all02:24
lifelessthey have branches for everything02:24
ddaaI sort of understood that when series have overlapping time spans we want to make them distinct productseries regardless because otherwise sourcerer may get new releases with the wrong release ancestry02:25
jblackddaa: I don't quite understand how to do series that aren't directly related to main. 02:25
ddaain that case, if lifeless is correct, that's like automake02:25
jblackthus wanting to use the "these look mainish to me"02:25
jblack(hammer) 02:25
lifelessKeybuk: bugalugs == that guy == hey you - at least how I intended it, humurous 3rd person reference02:26
KeybukI think I see now02:27
KeybukI thought you had some mystic software02:27
lifelessI am full of mystic software02:27
=== jblack mumbles something about lp being vaguely archish.
ddaanah, it's like an elephant02:29
jblackHeh. I'm referring to the thou-shalt-not-delete feel. 02:29
ddaahehehe... I guess that's a missing feature :)02:29
Keybukif god didn't intend you to delete records from databases, he wouldn't have given you DELETE FROM02:29
lifelessgod(stub) hasn't given you DELETE FROM02:30
jblackddaa: What's a good example of an overlapping series you've done? I want to pick it apart while I'm thinking about it. 02:30
jblackNever mind. I just looked at cyrus-imapd02:31
ddaawhen I say overlapping it's to mean that you can see it from the ftp, the best one is cyrus-imapd, but apparently that one you have is just like automake, so the overlapping bit is really second to the fact they are all living in branches.02:31
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-32)02:31
ddaathat's really a bit where you have to psyschic and get in the shoes of the packager02:32
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: added --switch to build-config (patch-25: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)02:32
jblackSo help me, if he introduced more tabs, then we're having the next conference in france just so that I can kick him in the balls. 02:33
jblackddaa: I'm gnomic, not psychic. :) 02:33
ddaagnomes have big feet, so you can feel the packager shoes better :P02:34
=== jblack checks his shoe size...
jblackOk. 02:35
bradbmpt: around?02:37
Keybukyou know what they say about men with big feet?02:38
ddaaI used to know somthing like that about women02:40
ddaaBut maybe they say the same for men on the other side.02:40
=== stub [~stub@203-217-37-199.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #launchpad
KeybukI appear to have severed sourcerer's dependency on launchpad02:52
bradbstub: hey dude02:57
Keybukyour name is mud02:57
Keybuktry "make -C database/schema" as a user called "launchpad" with super-user privegles02:57
stubThat would fail. You have to run that as a PostgreSQL superuser.02:58
bradbstub: how much effort is involved in fixing a bug like: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1264 ?02:58
Keybukyes, we made launchpad a postgresql superuser02:58
Keybukthen security.py took it away again02:58
stublaunchpad should not be a PostgreSQL superuser or your tests will be dodgy and not fail when they should.02:59
Keybukso we relented and just ran it as postgres02:59
stubbradb: It would involve dropping the full text search stuff and never using indexes for searches, which would be bad.02:59
bradbstub: surely there's gotta be some solution that doesn't suck here?03:00
bradbi can't be the first person to have ever considered that users make typoes when they search03:00
bradb(and to note the other benefits of partial matching, of course)03:01
stubbradb: We would have to dump the text to some sort of external search engine like agrep or write stuff for PostgreSQL.03:01
stubbradb: Spelling can be done by improving the stemmer I think.03:01
stubbradb: You can integrate ispell into the mix, but I didn't have much success setting it up.03:02
bradbdoes a stemmer take a misspelled word and try to link it to one or more of the correct spellings?03:02
stubbradb: It could. Checkout textsearching.txt for what the stemming currently does (mainly plural forms and some suffixes).03:03
stubbradb: I don't know if the ispell integration does that though out of the box - I would need to get out of the box functioning fist (since the docs are sketchy)03:04
Keybukjamesh: ping?03:04
bradbstub: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/malone/+bugs?field.searchtext=listings&search=Search&advanced=&status=10&status=20&assignee=all03:04
bradbare the results being weighted properly here?03:04
bradbwhy is there a bug with a title that doesn't have "listings" in it above a bug with a title that does?03:04
stubbradb: Nope. I only just got the ranking into the indexes. No code is using them yet.03:04
stubbradb: It complicates the queries substantially unfortunately03:05
jameshKeybuk: yeah?03:05
stubbut it will happen :)03:05
bradbstub: i'm willing to assume the complexity so that the user's life becomes easier03:05
Keybukjamesh: so, I'm confused03:05
Keybukyou say that hct-enable got merged into rocketfuel03:06
bradbstub: can you give me an idea of when you plan to look into the typo fu?03:06
Keybukexcept that none of the patch logs are in it03:06
Keybukbut when I try and merge, I get 82,000 conflicts03:06
jameshKeybuk: Mark had half of your branch merged into his launchpad--debbugs--0 branch03:06
Keybukbut none of the patch logs?03:06
jameshKeybuk: it seems that the other half of the revisions in your branch were keeping it up to date03:07
jameshKeybuk: base-0 -- patch-4 are in rocketfuel03:07
Keybukoh, silly me03:08
KeybukI think I just merged it into the production config03:08
Keybukyes 5 thru 8 are all ketchup03:08
jameshKeybuk: I took a quick look through the conflicts, and they look like areas I got Mark to fix when I reviewed debbugs 03:08
Keybukso we can just forget about that03:10
Keybukand remove it from PendingReviews03:10
stubbradb: The basics is "  select title from bug where fti @@ ftq('listings') order by rank_cd(fti, ftq('listings'));  ". I havn't through through how to do it though when the indexes are in multiple tables. Probably something like 'order by rank_cd(bug.fti | bugmessage.fti, ftq('listings')03:12
=== stub buggers off for 40 mins
lifelessfriend has an emergency, I'll be popping out for a while03:13
bradbstub: sorry, i was referring to when you might have a chance to look at the ispell (or whatever) integration03:15
mptbradb: yo03:34
bradbmpt: hey: what do you think of these suggested titles? https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1266/03:35
mptbradb: bug 936 is a bug in Malone, not a bug in Firefox03:38
mptSo if we chop out the "Malone: " from your suggested titles, the only difference between them and what we have currently is "Bug 1234 (edit)" vs. "Editing bug 1234"03:39
mptor rather, "Bug 1234 in Mozilla Firefox (edit)" vs. "Editing bug 1234 in Mozilla Firefox"03:40
bradbmpt: the other difference is that the edit and view pages have that same "Editing..." title currently :)03:40
bradbmpt: do you see why that's a fairly important difference?03:40
mptwell, that's just a bug03:41
mptSo we have three distinct things here03:41
mptin order of definiteness03:42
mpt(1) the view mode shouldn't say "Editing"03:42
mpt(2) the edit mode should be "... (edit)" rather than "Editing ..."03:42
mpt(3) all the titles should start with "Malone: "03:42
bradb(4) the bug and bug task titles should be consistent with one another03:43
bradbbut yeah, that's basically it03:43
mpt(4) is something I did months ago and had to revert03:44
bradbin the way described by the bug report?03:44
bradbyou could have used that sentence as your first reponse when i asked what you thought of the titles suggested in that bug report :)03:45
bradbIOW, if i baz get that branch, i'll find a bugfix for precisely the bug i'm showing you?03:46
mptIf I had, you would have said "What's (4)?" :-)03:46
mptIf you baz get, you'll get a smelly fix for (4)03:47
mptyou won't get a fix for (1), (2), or (3)03:47
mptand you won't be able to use the fix for (4) anyway, because that was the pre-LaunchpadTitles days.03:47
bradbyou've lost me03:48
mptWe now have pagetitles.py for specifying titles of pages in Launchpad03:49
bradbhow can it be that you fixed the titles in the way described by the bug report without addressing 1, 2 and 3?03:49
mptI said, "(4) is something I did months ago and had to revert"03:49
mptI didn't say "(1), (2), and (3) are things I did months ago and had to revert"03:49
bradbok, i'm just going to make this fix :)03:50
mptwell, this is interesting03:50
mptdef bugtask_display(context, view):03:50
mpt    return 'Bug #%s in %s: %s' % (context.bug.id, context.contextname, context.bug.title)03:50
mptdef bugtask_editform(context, view):03:50
mpt    return 'Editing bug #%s in %s: %s' % (context.bug.id, context.contextname, context.bug.title)03:50
mptbradb: So (1) shouldn't be happening.03:51
bradbit should03:51
bradbthat only worked when they were two different pages, which they are becoming again now03:51
mptAre you using bugtask_editform even for the view mode?03:52
bradbi've already submitted the merge to break it into two again03:52
bradbthen i'm going to make another small change to hide the Save Changes button03:52
bradb(on the view form)03:52
stubbradb: I don't think I'll have a chance to improve the text searching any more than it currently is before 1.0. It was on my list, but I don't see myself finding time for it.03:52
bradbthen fix the titles03:52
bradbstub: ok, no worries. maybe we'll have a chance to discuss it in brazil.03:52
mptwell, if you're splitting it into two using the same template names as before, you won't need to touch the titles03:53
mptthey'll start Just Working03:53
bradbi called them bugtask-view.pt and bugtask-edit.pt03:53
stubbradb: Yup. Be good to have some brains on it too. This is a whole big area of research that I've only dipped my toe into.03:53
mptbradb: So all you'll need to do is fix the first and third of the four lines I pasted above03:54
mptbradb: But it seems wrong to me that there should be completely different templates depending on whether you're editing something or looking at it03:54
bradbstub: i can imagine. it would be a real usability milestone for all of launchpad to improve the searches in that way.03:54
mptthat just encourages gratuitous inconsistency in layout03:54
bradbcan lp titles even work if it's only one template?03:55
stuberp - make that rank(fti, ftq('foo'), not rank_cd. Need to experiment with the two, but I expect the former will give us better results.03:55
bradb(also, the task view Just Looks Different that the view view)03:55
mptbradb: I only put "Editing " in the title of the edit page *because* they were separate pages. I'd much rather they were just a single "Bug 123 in Mozilla Firefox" page with a single title.03:56
dilysNew Malone bug 1267 filed on source package gqview by Vince: Doesn't remember window dimensions/location etc...03:56
mptand that, in the future, you can click a little Edit icon next to an item to turn it into a text field or whatever03:57
mptwithout having to go to a separate edit page03:57
bradbmpt: enter sabdfl, who has said he doesn't like having one superform that handles all possible scenarios, etc.03:57
bradbmpt: as well, like i say, they'll be different pages.03:58
mptLaunchpad has too many pages.03:58
bradbfor example, kiko has proposed that maybe the watch information doesn't make sense on the view only page if there's no watch info set03:58
mptA separate page for subscribing, a separate page for marking as duplicate, a separate page for editing title/description ... it's painful.03:59
bradbalso, the view page could have, for example, and actions portlet that has an action to go to the edit page (like the bug page has for editing bug details).03:59
bradbmpt: we agree fully on that horror :)04:00
bradbthe uncensored version of my opinion on that model is that it's PURE SHIT04:00
bradbbut changing things will require a consensus that we haven't yet reached, i don't think04:00
Keybukoh, now that's just kooky04:01
Keybukthe success *and* failure functions just got called for everything04:02
mptbradb: I disagree with (3), however04:02
mptand iirc kiko does too04:03
bradbmpt: you want to keep "Malone: " in there?04:03
bradbi'm happy to go either way, really04:03
mptNo, I want to keep it out of there04:03
mptIt's currently out of there04:03
bradbi'm happy to not put it in there too04:04
bradbi don't mind if we don't put (edit) in there either, to be honest04:05
mptbradb: Bug 936 was a bad example for you to use in bug 1266, because bug 936 is a bug about Malone-the-product :-)04:05
mptthat's why it has "Malone" in its titles.04:05
bradbi'm going to change the description to make things clearer04:06
dilysNew Malone bug 1268 filed on source package gqview by Vince: File browser doesn't use Gnome's widgets/icons04:07
bradbmpt: btw, did you notice: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1263 ?04:11
bradbMalone seems to be a bit sporadic in sending out notifications today; not yet sure what's going on04:11
mptbradb: yes, I saw when dilys mentioned it04:11
mptthat's going to be ... fun04:12
bradbmpt: can we perhaps create two kinds of links, one for menus, and one for "content" links?04:13
mptIt's not that hard04:13
bradbthe "content" kind of links could be underlined; the menu ones not, perhaps04:13
mpttelling menu links not to change color is either 10 or 20 more characters in launchpad.css04:14
mptit's easy04:14
mpt20, I think04:14
bradbi was wondering about that: is it bad for them to change colour?04:14
mptwell, why else did you want two different kinds?04:15
mptoh, the underlining04:15
mptwell, ironically, the links in the bug listing sidebar shouldn't have been underlined, to match the portlets elsewhere04:15
bradbexactly, i screwed that up04:16
mptno, that was my fault04:16
mptor did you use something other than <div class="sidebar">?04:16
bradbit was my fault dude:04:17
bradber, bad paste04:17
bradbstyle="text-decoration: underline">untriaged (18)</a>04:17
mptoh man04:17
bradbi like the sometimes F11, sometimes Shift-Ctrl-V paste feature of Linux04:17
mptok, I admit it, it was your fault :-)04:17
bradbmpt: yeah, i went a bit underline happy there. i've since done some more reading.04:17
mptbut, but, here's the ironic bit04:18
bradb(particularly when i looked at it and went "ugh, that can't be good")04:18
mptSteveA had trouble finding the link for reporting a bug04:18
mptbecause it was the only link that wasn't underlined :-)04:18
bradbheh heh04:18
bradbi'm not sure how that got there not-underlined04:18
bradbi don't recall intentionally meaning to do it that way, so either i screwed that up, or somebody else intervened to screw it up04:19
bradb*but*, in any case, the *real* *true* screwup is the underlining of the stats links04:19
bradbonce they're un-underlined, all should be good04:19
Keybukso SQLobject doesn't appear to do just an INSERT04:20
Keybukbut an INSERT and then an UPDATE04:20
bradbof all the complaints i have about the software i use to do my job, none ranks so highly as the fact that pqm stands between me and rocketfuel04:24
bradblifeless: on a more serious note, how much effort would it be to hack pqm to send a confirmation message when it's received a merge request from someone?04:29
bradboh, right, he's out04:29
Keybukare you in the same black hole as me right now04:30
Keybuk. o O { I know I sent the merge ... why haven't I heard anything?  does pqm not love me?  hello?  is this thing on? }04:31
bradbyer damn right i am04:31
jameshpqm hung a number of times yesterday04:31
Keybukdid you read your mail.log to find out whether the problem was at your end too?04:31
bradbroot@oxygen:~/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/templates # tail -n 100 /var/log/mail.log | grep pqm04:32
jameshthe stuff got through eventually04:32
bradbJul  6 21:46:27 localhost postfix/smtp[20441] : 399EC1FDC4: to=<pqm@pqm.ubuntu.com>, relay=relais.videotron.ca[] , delay=0, status=sent (250 2.5.0 Ok.)04:32
jameshbut pqm needed to be kicked manually04:32
bradbi.e. 45 minutes so far04:32
KeybukJul  7 02:20:36 localhost postfix/smtp[14828] : 1EEA440FCCF3: to=<pqm@pqm.ubuntu.com>, relay=mailgate.netsplit.com[] , delay=3, status=sent (250 ok 1120699236 qp 21409)04:33
Keybuk1h10 ... I got you beat ;)04:33
bradbactually, it might be cool if the confirmation message said what number in line we were too04:33
Keybukand had an embedded midi of greensleeves?04:34
bradbbut who am i kidding? it would still suck.04:34
Keybukactually, that's probably a pretty UK-centric joke04:34
Keybukthere was a time when pretty much every PABX shipped with Williams/Fantasia on Greensleeves as its hold music04:34
Keybuksimply cause it was a generic card BT could fit cheaply04:35
bradbpqm muzak, woo!04:36
jamesh"your branch is very important to us.  Please hold til one of our automated quality assurance bots can service your request"04:36
Keybukthough with pqm, I suspect the theme should be I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW)(!(")$)!$04:37
Keybukwe could get elmo to record it04:37
=== bradb chuckles depressively
bradbright, it's in god's hands now. later all.04:38
Keybukstub: from caseyu05:03
Keybukuh, caseyt05:03
Keybukuh, casey05:03
Keybukpsql: FATAL:  no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "dyson", database "launchpad_dogfood", SSL off05:03
stubKeybuk: Will sort that now05:04
stubKeybuk: Let me know if you want to use the staging server for any of this btw. You get production data to test with, but it is blown away every day.05:05
Keybukdefine "production data" ?05:06
Keybukas in the data in the real server?05:06
Keybukif so, yes please!05:06
stubYes. Restored from production backup each day.05:06
stubAnd upgraded to the latest schema05:06
KeybukI assume staging has its own librarian?05:06
Keybukthat's more useful to me right now than dogfood, in fact05:07
stubdogfood sorted05:08
stubKeybuk: Who else has access to casey?05:08
stubok. secure enough.05:08
Keybukand probably Mark, if he asked05:08
stubDo you want just dyson, or sourcerer as well?05:09
Keybukwhat time (UTC) does the database get wiped?05:10
stubRoughly 01:00 UTC. Depends on how long the production backup takes.05:10
stubYou will know because your connections will be killed brutally ;)05:11
Keybukok, I'm pretty well-behaved connection-wise these days though05:11
stubKeybuk: ok. access to dyson, sourcerer and ro PostgreSQL accounts on staging.ubuntu.com should now be open to all accounts on casey. Let me know if more people get access and I need to tighten that.05:14
=== stub quickly changes to ssl connections to keep elmo happy
stubok... all done for real ;)05:16
Keybukif I've made a configs/+casey/launchpad.conf05:21
Keybukwhat do I put in LPCONFIG?05:21
Keybukok ... here goes nuffin05:22
stubLooks like you have a permission problem - need access to LibraryFile tables05:25
Keybukoh, yeah, I keep tripping various permission problems as I go05:25
Keybukrandom question05:26
stubI'll need to fix them on staging, or feed them back through rocketfuel and they will be applied the next day05:26
Keybukcan I create an "hctapi" group, and just stick dyson, sourcerer, etc. in that05:26
Keybukactualy, no05:26
Keybukignore me05:26
Keybukthat's no good because sometimes we don't want write (trebuchet)05:26
KeybukI have a bunch of config changes05:27
KeybukI'll pop them in a branch, hang on05:28
Keybukstub: ^ do those look ok to you?05:45
=== stub merges
Keybukthe main permission problems I get now are where SQLobject goes off and does unexpected things05:52
Keybukso I want to look at just one record, but it has to go fetch records from other tables there and then, rather than on demand05:52
Keybuk(there's a SELECT on Person for that, somewhere)05:52
Keybukand that's ignoring the entire mess around SourcePackagePublishingHistory and the umpteen views for it05:53
Keybukstub: hmm05:57
Keybukhere's a new one on me05:57
Keybukpsycopg.ProgrammingError: ERROR:  permission denied for sequence libraryfilecontent_id_seq05:57
stubYup. Understandable.05:57
KeybukI thought the librarian was supposed to be self-contained05:57
Keybukand you weren't supposed to give yourself magic secret access to it05:57
stubThe Librarian API changed because of the transaction logic. The inserts are now done by the client05:58
stubErm.. I should say the API didn't change, but who does what behind the curtain has.05:58
Keybukso what do I need?05:59
KeybukSELECT, INSERT, UPDATE on libraryfilealias and content05:59
Keybukand, seemingly, the sequence ?05:59
stubLibraryFileAlias and LibraryFileContent. SELECT and INSERT should be enough. Sequences are handled magically with the table permissions.05:59
KeybukSQLobject seems to behave oddly sometimes though, and UPDATE when you create a record?05:59
Keybukyou ever seen that before?05:59
stubKeybuk: It shouldn't need to, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. In general, no database modifications are done (except selecting the nextval from the tables primary key sequence) until commit time.06:00
=== stub taps his foot impatiantly waiting for baz diff
Keybukok, updated that branch to give SELECT, INSERT on those two tables06:01
Keybuk'm gonna crash now06:06
Keybukhave stuck that in your pending queue ;)06:06
Keybukif it's good, I'll merge it into rf in the morning06:06
Keybukcan you update staging with it so I can play?06:06
stubKeybuk: That all looks file. Send to rocketfuel if you are still up.06:10
Keybukok, done -- pqm seems stuck, but it'll go through when lifeless kicks it :p06:10
SteveAstub: i think i got a deadlock running the test suite yesterday06:56
SteveAso i removed locking from the sqlobject cache on my machine, and it didn't deadlock any more06:57
SteveAi'm not sure if it was coincidence or not06:57
mptPQM seems to be getting stuck a lot this week06:59
stubSteveA: I guess we don't need locking since we don't share the cache or instances between threads07:21
stubAlthough if you could trigger the deadlock, that indicates something was behaving badly. A place for a check?07:22
SteveAyeah, i thought about storing some state in a dummy lock to detect deadlocks07:27
SteveAbut it's quite tricky to do it in a way that would actually detect a deadlock07:27
SteveAbetween different locks07:27
SteveAi can easily detect asymmetric use of a single lock07:27
=== Fluffels [~Fluffels@tpr-165-243-114.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #launchpad
stubSteveA: You don't have to detect a deadlock - you just have to detect another thread attempting to acquire it.08:03
stubOh... or do you mean *normal* operation triggers this?08:04
SteveAi don't know.  i'll think about it more.08:05
SteveAare you okay with me removing the locking from our sqlobject, and replacing it with something that barfs when strange things happen?08:06
stubSteveA: Sure.08:08
SteveAwarning or full barf?08:08
stubI'm defacto SQLObject expert this week am I? :-)08:08
stubFull barf08:08
stubWarnings are for pussies. We have to many warnings we ignore already.08:08
SteveAi also have sqlos changes that hopefully fix the "bind the object to this thread"08:08
SteveAthat one got tricky, due to creating cyclic garbage with __del__ methods08:09
SteveAi solved it with a weakref08:09
SteveAi'm going to rip out sqlos over the course of the next month or two08:09
SteveAi've started by ripping about 1/2 its code out08:10
SteveAso, don't expect us to sync with upstream sqlos ever08:10
stubSteveA: Replace it with something Launchpad specific, or perhaps we can stuff the remains into SQLObject somehow?08:10
SteveAi've told upstream about the bugs i've found08:10
SteveAreplace it with launchpad specifics08:11
SteveAthere isn't much to sqlos08:11
SteveAand what is there is obsured by lame attempts at cacheing connections08:11
SteveAit will just get folded into transaction event subscribers and a slightly fatter launchpad database base-class08:11
stubIndeed. That is why I was wondering if perhaps it could be replaced by sticking a few hooks in SQLObject (_connection descriptor etc.), and the Z3 driver would be pretty small.08:11
SteveAwe can do that on our sql base class for launchpad08:12
stubThis could allow us to drop Zopeless too... hmmm....08:13
SteveAit could?08:13
SteveAokay, what's the roadmap:08:13
SteveA - simplify sqlobject cache, progressively remove sqlos  (underway)08:13
SteveA - totally remove sqlos (next few weeks or so)08:14
SteveA - add some hooks into sqlobject to make it easier to interface with stuff, swap out the cache etc.08:14
stub(not now but after) the Zopeless stuff could be folded into SQLBase, and we replace the zopeless transaction manager with hooks to transaction.commit() etc. Database connections could be done in one script setup method that brings up the CA at the same time. 08:15
stubI guess it doesn't win much of anything though, except the transaction module integration which we could do anyway08:16
SteveAi'm all for making the zopeless environment less "special" 08:17
SteveABjornT: ping08:42
BjornTSteveA: hi08:45
SteveAthere are a couple of fascist warnings about malone code.08:45
SteveAThere were 8 imports of names not appearing in the __all__.08:45
SteveAYou should not import BugSetBase from canonical.launchpad.database.bug:08:45
SteveA    canonical.launchpad.database.bugattachment08:45
SteveA    canonical.launchpad.database.bugwatch08:45
SteveAYou should not import newBugTracker from canonical.launchpad.browser.bugtracker:    canonical.launchpad.browser.project08:46
SteveAcan you take a look at those, and see whether the names should be added to the __all__ of those modules, or whether the code importing the names is wrong?08:46
SteveAit should be pretty quick to do, and will improve the import fascist spew for everyone08:48
SteveA(the 8 above is the total number.  there are just three to do with malone in some way)08:48
BjornTSteveA: sure08:49
SteveAi'm going to make the fascist allow importing any names into tests08:54
SteveAeven when they don't appear in the __all__08:54
SteveAtests are identified as code in /test/ or /ftest/ directories.08:54
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carloselmo, hi09:52
carloselmo, around?09:52
elmocarlos: kind of09:57
carloselmo, did you installed gettext on production?09:58
carloselmo, It's a launchpad dependency to export .mo files09:58
carloselmo, thanks10:17
carloselmo, would you install it on the new servers where we are going to move production so we don't forget it?10:18
elmoalready done10:18
carloselmo, it's only needed if they will host launchpad website10:18
carlosok, thanks10:18
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=== sivang [~sivang@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #launchpad
SteveAstub: i'm pretty sure all these sqlobject / sqlos things i've found are the cause of both the errors and the hangs in PQM, and probably some hangs in production10:40
SteveAthe hangs in PQM that are to do with the test suite are caused when the GC interrupts a thread while that thread is holding a cache lock 10:41
stubI'm not aware of any hangs in production. The major PQM issue is with cscvs unfortunately :-(10:41
SteveAso, the GC calls __del__ on some old transaction, which goes to acquire an already acquired lock because it tries to clear an inappropriate cache10:42
stubI think lifeless has seen three distinct ones, so if we can kill one of them it will be good.10:42
SteveAi'll start by killing the locking on the cache.  next, land the sqlos connection improvements, then i'll tighten up the locking errors.10:43
stubIdeally, the __del__ methods should be a noop in our system. 10:43
stubIf we are customizing this enough, could be worth bitching loudly if this is not the case (?)10:44
SteveAyeah, agreed.  but, later on.10:45
SteveAi want to land this bit by bit.10:45
SteveAbecause i want some instant improvements, but i also have many other things to do immediately.10:46
carlosdaf, hi, around?10:46
carlosdaf, I just added you to the CC of a mail from rosetta-users10:51
carlosdaf, it has a question about scripts and Indian languages10:51
carlosdaf, just in case you know something about that10:52
KinnisonSteveA: yes it is10:55
SteveAKinnison: i checked in some minor changes10:56
Kinnisonstub: How did gina do?10:56
SteveAbut i was surprised by some things10:56
SteveAthe exceptions did not seem to derive from Exception10:56
KinnisonThat's almost certainly an oversight on my part10:56
SteveAi fixed an import of * with no __all__ in the module10:56
SteveAi'm surprised the exceptions work10:56
stubAfter beating her around a bit with a blunt object, she imported warty and I'm about to kick off a full import of warty*, hoary* and breezy10:56
Kinnisonstub: cool10:57
SteveAso, when you fix them, please check their use is tested10:57
stubYou can see the results of the warty import on staging. I have no idea what to look for so please have a poke ;)10:57
KinnisonSteveA: Right, okay10:57
Kinnisonstub: I'll do that in a moment10:57
=== mdke [~matt@mdke.user] has joined #launchpad
=== SteveA wonders what pqm is doing
BjornTSteveA: it seems you're not checking against a current rf. BugSetBase is already in an __all__. it probably should be removed completely, but it's not a trivial thing to do.11:04
Kinnisonstub: well, it system-errors when I look at the warty page :-)11:04
Kinnisonstub: which is impressive11:04
Kinnisonstub: I'll go get my keys so I can ssh to mawson and look at the db (assuming I still have access)11:04
Kinnisonstub: Well it seems to have created 5450 sourcepackagereleases in the right distrorelease11:09
KinnisonOh dear11:14
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carlosmdke, hi, around?11:17
KinnisonIs there a way to combine a 'select distinct foocolumn' and a 'select count(*)' to get the obvious result?11:31
=== ddaa [~ddaa@marvin.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
=== ogra [~ogra@p5089CBED.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #launchpad
ograand again... some user response from ubuntu-users : http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2005-July/041371.html11:35
=== ogra [~ogra@p5089CBED.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #launchpad ["Verlassend"]
carlosKinnison, I think it was SELECT count(DISTINCT foocolumn)11:39
Kinnisoncarlos: Hmm, ta11:40
mdkecarlos, yo11:41
Kinnisoncarlos: yay11:41
carlosmdke, It's solved, thank you. The RosettaFAQ link was not a link at wiki.ubuntu.com/Rosetta but I already found a way to fix that11:45
carlosKinnison, ?11:45
mdkecarlos, cool11:45
carlosKinnison, does it works?11:45
Kinnisoncarlos: it does with pgsql, and since we're using pgsql, rock on!11:45
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-22.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #launchpad
SteveAlifeless: is pqm stuck?  i've sent various requests, and received no response.11:49
SteveAand that was ages ago11:49
SteveAcan you purge all my outstanding requests from the queue?11:53
KinnisonI've added soyuz to the production launchpad products list11:54
Kinnisonshould I be adding it to a given project now?11:54
lifelessgrep steve ~/arch/queue/patch.11207* | sed -e 's/:/ /' |awk ' {print $1}' | uniq | xargs rm11:55
Kinnisonmorgs: Remind me, how do I put a product into a project?11:56
morgsHey Kinnison, edit the product.11:56
morgsAdd the project there IIRC.11:57
KinnisonI don't see where11:57
SteveAsabdfl: a reply from you on the direction of malone would help: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2005-July/041371.html11:57
=== morgs checks
Kinnisonmorgs: can you put /products/soyuz into /projects/launchpad ?11:57
Kinnisonthanks dude11:58
morgsAh, it's +review on theproduct11:58
morgsKinnison: done11:59
Kinnisonmorgs: will the next production update offer that to launchpad admins?12:00
morgsKinnison: It's there already, the product actions portlet has a Review link12:01
KinnisonAaah I see it12:01
dafmorgs: hmm, looks like traverseProject is unused12:08
morgsdaf: thanks, I'll take a look at that12:09
SteveABjornT: I just merged from RF12:09
SteveABjornT: the issue is that BugSetBase is being imported from database.bug12:10
SteveAwhereas it is defined in database.bugset12:10
SteveAthis is exactly the sort of mis-import that the facist should be finding12:10
BjornTSteveA: oh, right. missed that. i'll change the imports12:14
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  break the task view/edit page into two separate pages (patch-2046: brad.bollenbach@canonical.com)12:17
Kinnisondoes dilys not report bugs here any more?12:17
KinnisonHmm, actually, I filed a bunch of bugs (well, two) and I've not seen the mails yet12:18
Kinnisonit launchpad's mailer backed up?12:18
carlosKinnison, are they 'private'?12:19
Kinnisonbugs 1274 and 127512:19
carlosthen I suppose it's daf fault12:19
Kinnisonfiled against soyuz and malone respectively12:20
KinnisonBut I've not seen 'em on the launchpad list either12:20
morgsGood point12:20
Kinnisonand I'm getting other mails from lists on lists.ubuntu.com12:20
dafmorgs: I'm trying to make the browser/product.py not import DB code, and I'm wondering if there are any page tests for the ProjectBugTracker stuff12:20
dafblame Canada!12:21
=== SteveA goes to visit the optician
morgsdaf: It seems, not...12:21
SteveAdaf: an updated fascist will be landing soon, which allow import of any names into test-related modules12:22
morgsdaf: you mean browser/project.py?12:22
dafmorgs: yes, I do12:23
dafSteveA: that makes sense12:23
dafmorgs: looks like there are some tests for adding products, though12:23
dafso hopefully I'll know if I break something there ;)12:24
dafmorgs: would it be difficult to add a pagetest for creating a PBT?12:28
morgsdaf: shouldn't be, let me have a quick look...12:29
=== Kinnison wonders what people think about https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1275
carlosdaf, There something wrong with the download form12:29
carlosdaf, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/schooltool/0.10-rc1/+pots/schooltool/+export12:30
carlosdaf, try to select just a .pot file12:30
carlosyou will get a system error12:30
morgsKinnison: you could abuse the severity and priority (who needs those anyway) - that gives you what, 20 possible ways to classify a bug? ;)12:32
dafcarlos: hmm -- I looked at that yesterday, but failed to reproduce it locally12:32
Kinnisonmorgs: and for my next trick, watch as I make this pineapple disappear up your fundamental orifice12:32
morgs"All low priority bugs are UI bugs"...12:33
morgsKinnison: so a product can have components, like a project has products... hmm.12:34
morgsSurely this would be handy from a bug tracking POV...12:34
Kinnisonmorgs: Except we can't call them components because that name belongs to part of soyuz's packaging infrastructure12:35
Kinnisonmorgs: Project // Product // Subsystem12:36
=== Kinnison goes to ask his pedantic partner in crime
Kinnisonone sec12:36
dafmorgs: aha -- looks like there is a test for /products/+new, but not for /projects/foo/+newproduct12:36
morgsdaf: I could knock up some tests, but given pqm's recent performance, you'd have to get them straight from me...12:37
dafthat would be wonderful12:37
dafI just want to make sure I'm not breaking anything12:38
Kinnisonmorgs: My Rob suggests "Modules"12:38
morgsAh, Modules. That sounds good... although... would every product consider UI to be a "module"?12:38
Kinnisonconstituents is a bit long12:38
=== Kinnison lazily evaluates daf to nil
carlosdaf, did you tried with staging?12:40
carlosdaf, seems like any .pot download request fails12:40
morgsCould also apply to a product that is written in more than one language - people would appreciate a way to mark a bug as being relevant to one or the other code base...12:40
carlosdaf, even when I'm 100% sure librarian has that file as I just upload it 12:40
Kinnisonmorgs: can you mark this as a spec to be discussed in brazil?12:40
KinnisonHmm, speaking of which I hve plenty of wikiwork to do12:41
dafcarlos: mm -- I looked at the error logs yesterday, but couldn't make sense of it12:41
dafcarlos: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/errors/showEntry.html?id=1120732784.830.91809534047112:41
carlosdaf, If I select a full export I don't get the .pot file anyway12:42
dafcarlos: that implies that self.context is None in the view class, which is mad12:42
morgsKinnison: OK, BTW does this sound more like a malone thing or something that products could use more generally?12:42
dafI think it could just be a Malone thing12:43
dafor possibly even just a text field12:43
ddaaI do not see how it would make sense for anything but malone12:43
dafbut that would not be very relational of us12:43
dafyes, tags :)12:43
dafI wasn't going to be the first one to say it12:44
Kinnisonmorgs: It needs to be both12:44
Kinnisonmorgs: I.E. in products we need to define them12:44
Kinnisonmorgs: so that in malone we can use them12:44
ddaaactually, better tags than that12:44
ddaaIn my experience a big fraction of bugs are annoying to classify12:45
morgs"Track your bugs in del.icio.us with our new firefox bookmarklet!"12:45
=== mdke [~matt@mdke.user] has left #launchpad []
ddaalike "this is a bug in a stylesheet, that in combination with a bug in the typesetter results in a confusing user interface"12:46
ddaashould that be category "stylesheet", "typesetter" or "user interface"?12:46
ddaauser will say user interface, stylesheet author will stay typesetter, upstream will say stylesheet :)12:47
KinnisonIt's a UI bug which depends on another bug filed against stylesheet and another filed against typesetter12:48
morgsSo, allow multiple tags...12:48
dafthis is getting into Philosophy PhD territory12:48
KinnisonMultiple subsystems is okay but potentially confusing12:49
Kinnisontags are fine so long as you can make sure noone misspells them12:49
morgsgmail's quite nice there - drop down to select a tag, or "new tag"12:51
KinnisonDo we have a spec template for launchpad specs?12:51
ddaa"meta-spec, oui, mais je la mets o?"12:51
KinnisonSpecTemplate please12:52
ddaaKinnison: that way a pun of dubious taste12:52
Kinnisonmorgs: aah gotcha12:52
Kinnisonddaa: it relies on me knowing what 'spec' manages to translate back to :-)12:53
ddaaKinnison: nothing special12:53
SteveAelmo: ping12:53
ddaaKinnison: btw, did I tell you about contrepteries?12:53
carlosdaf, ok, the problem is a bit difficult to debug. Did you asked Steve or spiv?12:53
ddaaKinnison: SteveA: I'm sure you two guys would love these.12:54
elmoSteveA: ?12:54
dafcarlos: I'll look at it again shortly -- I'm in the middle of something right now12:54
carlosdaf, I'm going to file a bug so we don't forget it12:55
Kinnisonddaa: No I don't think you have12:56
=== ddaa vaguely remembers having already talked about that before...
Kinnisonddaa: Was I dunk?12:56
Kinnisonerm, drunk12:56
ddaaKinnison: it's a kind of play of words that involves permutation of sonorities within a word or across words in a sentence.12:57
SteveAis pqm hosed again?12:57
Kinnisonddaa: Hmm12:57
ddaaGenerally, the original sentence looks innocent, and the permuted one says something dirty.12:58
SteveAsounds like a spoonerism12:58
ddaaFor example, say some female staff tells you she need to talk with you about something. You can answer:12:59
carlosBjornT, bradb-away, mpt https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/rosetta/+bugs12:59
ddaa"Je vous laisse le choix dans la date"12:59
ddaa(which is _not_ an idiomatic phrasing)01:00
carlosBjornT, bradb-away, mpt, the table title is missing a column so the title is not related with the content...01:00
carlosdaf, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/127601:00
SteveAddaa: oh, so you mean it is to talk like fabionne always does ?01:01
ddaaI was unaware that anything fabbione said had sexual undertones... but then I should have expected... he's italian...01:01
ddaa"Je vous laisse le _ch_oix dans la _d_ate"01:02
=== Kinnison gets awful mental imagines of fingering cats
ddaawell, the last word of the permutated sentence does have the dual meaning of "pussy" in english.01:03
SteveAi thought it was suggestive enough without the spoonerism01:05
Kinnisonmmm date pudding01:07
KinnisonSo are various of the lists down, or is launchpad just not mailing out, or what?01:08
ddaaJust found one I can imagine Kinnison saying with his lovely accent :)01:09
ddaa"Taisez vous en bas"01:09
SteveAthe only mal i have experienced right now is that pqm seems halted again01:09
SteveA"en tas" means what?01:09
SteveAa cup?01:09
SteveAin the cup?01:09
ddaain a heap01:09
lifelesssame place01:09
ddaacup == tasse01:10
SteveAsame place?01:10
lifelessthat is hung01:10
SteveAwhich code?01:10
SteveAlaunchpad webapp ?01:10
lifelessstubs testrunner work would fix that01:10
lifelesspqm       8283  3.8  1.7 105208 65544 ?        S    11:24   1:43              \_ /usr/bin/python2.4 test.py -vv --dir hct --dir sourcerer01:10
lifelesspqm       9224  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    11:26   0:00                  \_ [rev]  <defunct>01:10
lifelessnope, something that shells out to 'rev'01:10
lifelessI'm guessing sourcerer01:11
SteveAwhat's rev?01:11
ddaa"Les laborieuses populations du Cap" (morgs?)01:11
dafI've seen that happen with the hct/sourcerer tests01:11
Kinnisonit reverses the lines in a file01:11
daflike tac, but in the other dimension01:11
Kinnisonsabdfl: I've converted those two topics you put on the wiki into skeleton specifications01:11
SteveAcan some people please go to http://launchpad.ubuntu.com and tell me what URL you get redirected to01:12
KinnisonYep, you get a 301 to the https url daf gave01:14
KinnisonX-Pad: avoid browser bug01:14
Kinnisonthat's a good header01:14
=== Kinnison looks at his bank account and cries
daf45 minutes to meeting, n'est pas?01:17
SteveAi always seem to try "edit bug details" to close a bug01:17
Kinnisondaf: ouai01:17
Kinnisondaf: and unless I'm mistaken, you meant "n'est-ce pas?"01:17
dafmurky buckets, mon sewer01:17
Kinnisondee reen01:17
=== ddaa pulls his hair
Kinnisonddaa: quoi?01:18
ddaawhat's this murky bucket thing about, btw?01:18
Kinnisonddaa: "merci beaucoup" --> "murky buckets"01:19
=== Kinnison grins
dafSteveA: did your X-Test-Authorization thing get merged?01:19
dafSteveA: can't remember the exact header name01:19
dafSteveA: the one that was for replacing the Authorization header in page tests01:20
SteveAdaf: not yet01:20
Kinnisonddaa: You should hear me say "je comprends tout ce-que vous dites" (or whatever the exact french is) in a brummy accent01:20
ddaabonnejour monnesieur, where is the tchampslizz?01:20
ddaa(no need for an hyphen in that sentence)01:21
dafSteveA: ok01:21
SteveAlooks like nothing of mine is getting merged at the moment :-(01:21
Kinnisonddaa: I heard someone say, in an incredibly thick birmingham accent "gee com-prends towt suckwee vows dye-ts" (approx)01:21
ddaaoh, yeah, now that you spell it that way, that sounds like a typical sentence :)01:23
SteveAfolks, /msg me items for the agenda01:25
dafmorgs: ok, I think I have a page test for +newproduct01:26
morgsdaf: ok01:26
=== cprov [~cprov@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
=== Kinnison goes to find food before the meeting
cprovhi there someone knows what is causing this failure ?01:30
cprovFile "/home/cprov/canonical/launchpad/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/ftests/../doc/message.txt", line 311, in message.txt01:30
cprovFailed example:01:30
cprov    msg.datecreated01:30
cprovDifferences (ndiff with -expected +actual):01:30
cprov    - datetime.datetime(2005, 6, 17, 9, 45, 13, tzinfo=<StaticTzInfo 'UTC'>)01:30
cprov    ?                                ^01:30
cprov    + datetime.datetime(2005, 6, 17, 13, 45, 13, tzinfo=<StaticTzInfo 'UTC'>)01:30
cprov    ?                                ^^01:30
SteveAstub and jamesh are the timezone lords01:31
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-33)01:31
SteveAyay, pqm is back01:31
stubWith those two ^^ in there, it looks like a diff issue to me01:32
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: [fixes #1221]  "baz show-changeset --diffs" no longer repeats output with added files (patch-26: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)01:32
SteveAstub: like, chunkydiff picking the wrong lines?01:32
SteveAcprov: try running with chunkydiff turned off01:32
stubor hiding some whitespace in a dodgy fashion. Just looks suspicious.01:32
SteveAthere's not much point in using chunkydiff in system doc tests mostly01:33
cprovSteveA: right, let's see 01:33
SteveAjust in page tests01:33
SteveAprobably need to add some option to explicitly turn it on only for pagetests01:33
cprovSteveA: btw, gaim damage the output I pasted, de difference is between 9 <-> 13 as you can see.01:36
stubSteveA: Probably easiest to hook into that funky '#doctest: +FOO' notation I've seen floating about01:38
SteveAit is a standard part of doctest, btw01:39
=== Keybuk [~scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #launchpad
=== mpt [mpt@210-55-36-156.dialup.xtra.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
stubcprov: oh. Try running your tests as 'env TZ=Europe/London python test.py the_failed_test'01:47
cprovstub: yeah I did ...  works01:48
=== debonzi [~debonzi@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
stubcprov: Great. We have a test that only works in London. I'll try and merge my 'run all tests in Calcutta' patch.01:49
cprovstub: hehe great 01:49
carlosstub, rosetta-package-po-attach.py needs to the '-q' argument01:49
lifelessstub: I can do that right now01:49
carlos s/to/too/01:49
lifelessstub: TZ=Calcutta in the PQM precommit line01:50
stublifeless: If you can do it in PQM, great. Except that it will stop everyone committing until the dodgy test is fixed ;)01:50
debonzihi all01:50
lifelessstub: or just do it in Makefile01:51
stublifeless: It is TZ=Asia/Calcutta btw01:51
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-34)01:51
dafhi debonzi 01:51
lifelessactually, pqm is better then we won't get tests that only work in Calcutta01:51
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: Explicit error message when unable to connect to an archive. (patch-27: Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)01:52
lifelessso - tell me when its safe to change ;0 and I'll do so01:52
debonzistub, that funking teenage (gina) gave up again! :(01:52
=== salgado [~salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
stubdebonzi: I beat her up a bit and she is behaving better01:52
debonzistub, thanks god she got a tutor.. :)01:53
stubdebonzi: I think she is in shape to run in staging regularly with you fixing any glitches that pop up (there are a few exceptions still, mainly from some paranoia checks I added that might not be needed, but Gina continues). A full warty run has been done on staging and the full set is being run now.01:54
carlosstub, could you show me the output of: "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM POTemplate WHERE rawimportstatus=2;" and "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM POFile WHERE rawimportstatus=2;" on production?01:55
stubIf https://staging.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/warty didn't raise a system error, you might even be able to see the results :-/01:55
stubcarlos: -q added01:56
carlosstub, thanks01:56
morgsdaf: morgan.collett@canonical.com/launchpad--project-tests--0--patch-1 for the project bugtracker test01:56
stublaunchpad_prod=# SELECT COUNT(*) FROM POTemplate WHERE rawimportstatus=2;01:56
stub count01:56
stub   10501:56
stublaunchpad_prod=# SELECT COUNT(*) FROM POFile WHERE rawimportstatus=2;01:57
stub count01:57
stub  940101:57
dafmorgs: awesome, thanks!01:57
jameshcprov: that datetime test failure looked the same as the one kiko mentioned on the launchpad list (I checked in a fix for it).  Have you tried merging from rocketfuel?01:57
carlosthat will take a while ....01:57
carlosstub, ok, thank you01:57
stubjamesh: are all the datetime specific tests fixed as far as you know?01:58
cprovjamesh: not yet , some pending code to arrange, I will within a hour or so ... ok can be now ...01:58
debonzistub, I got system error :( .. but anyway, unless somebody has changed it, launchpad will not show the gina imported packages because they are published by gina as PENDING, and atm 'soyuz' only shows PUBLISHED packages01:58
jameshstub: I think so.01:58
stublifeless: Throw the switch!01:58
lifelessstub: you've committed the fix ?01:59
lifelessstub: or its in the queue ;001:59
stublifeless: it is already fixed. cprov isn't in sync with rocketfuel01:59
cprovstub: yes, I'm not ...02:00
carlosdaf, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/breezy/+sources/aegis/+pots/aegis/es/+translate02:00
carlosdaf, did you saw that?02:00
SteveAlet's go02:00
carlospeople is adding stupid things to the comments!02:00
SteveAwho's present?02:00
=== carlos here
=== stub drop his pants
=== jamesh is here
salgadoI'm here. and kiko just arrived02:00
BjornTi'm here02:00
=== debonzi here
=== bradb here
SteveAddaa, bob2, Keybuk ?02:01
SteveAjblack: ?02:01
SteveAah, jblack you're here02:01
SteveAi need a bot to help with this02:01
jblackThats twice in a row. ;) 02:02
SteveAwho else isn't here?02:02
Keybukddaa: "the appearance of a dragon walking" ?!02:02
salgadokiko said his irc client is having problems to connect02:02
jblackI'm not here. I'm merely present. ;) 02:02
=== stub needs a bot to attend IRC meetings
ddaaKeybuk: just have to find an opportunity from time to time to use that one :)02:02
Keybukwhat does it mean?02:03
SteveAokay, let's move on.02:03
=== ddaa will look for a unicode dingbat usable as "I'm here" or "pong".
SteveA== Agenda ==02:03
SteveA - roll call02:03
SteveA - agenda02:03
SteveA - next meeting02:03
SteveA - activity reports02:03
SteveA - menus (daf)02:03
SteveA - brazil topics02:03
SteveA - where dogfood is going (Kinnison)02:03
SteveA - three sentences02:03
SteveA /msg me new agenda items02:03
=== bob2___ [~rob@crumbs.ertius.org] has joined #launchpad
SteveAnext meeting, same time next week?02:03
SteveAhi bob202:03
=== kiko [~kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
kikohi ho02:03
bradbsounds good02:03
kikofor some reason the freenode hub I was connecting to kept timing out02:03
SteveAspiv is away on vacation, btw02:03
mptddaa: there are several checkmarks02:03
=== Kinnison is here
SteveAokay, same time next week02:04
SteveA - activity reports02:04
=== carlos is up to date
SteveAwho's the dude, and who's the little lebowski ?02:04
kikoI AM THE DUDE02:04
=== Kinnison is up-to-date (just)
=== SteveA is up to date, dude
stubAnd a runny nose.... 02:04
=== BjornT is not up to date
mptfive days behind02:05
=== mpt cowers
=== debonzi is up-to-date
jblackI'm a lebowski, and a little one at that :( 02:05
stubgtimelog is up to date, and so am I02:05
jameshup to yesterday02:05
cprovI'm up02:05
SteveAjamesh: can you send yesterday's now?02:05
=== daf catches up quickly
SteveAmpt: do you have them ready to send?02:05
jameshSteveA: I sent in yesterdays (haven't done todays)02:06
SteveAjblack: how far behind are you?02:06
SteveAjamesh: great.  you're The Dude02:06
mptSteveA: Yes, it's just that Ubuntu doesn't like dialup (I'm on IRC via Win98, don't hurt me)02:06
BjornTSteveA: i'll send mine later today02:06
KeybukI may not be present at the meeting next week due to Debconf02:06
mptI'll send them when I get home02:06
Keybukand I rock at activity reports02:06
jblackabout a week.02:06
jblackI'll have them in this morning.02:06
=== morgs keeps a stack of blank activity reports handy...
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.5: new build (patch-35)02:07
SteveAwas that everyone?02:07
SteveAbob2___: ?02:07
SteveA - menus (daf)02:07
bob2___I'm lebowskified02:07
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.5: make import/tag/commit raise an error on missing summary (patch-28: daf@muse.19inch.net, Matthieu.Moy@imag.fr)02:08
SteveAbob2___: sort out with lifeless how to get up to date02:08
bob2___will do02:08
=== daf dude
SteveAso, launchpad now has menus for lots of things02:09
dafsome of them are in production02:09
SteveAand mpt has made them look nice in tabs and second-level tabs02:09
dafbut the staging server shows them off much better02:09
SteveAat least, on staging02:09
SteveAover the next week or so, we need to start looking at the other "actions" that are in portlets and elsewhere02:10
SteveAand add them into the dubiously named "ExtraApplicationMenu" classes for contexts in launchpad02:10
SteveAonce we've seen how this menu gets used, i'll rename it02:10
bob2___wow, staging looks hot02:10
SteveAbut for now, it's an "ExtraApplicationMenu"02:10
dafhttps://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/LaunchpadMenus explains about the different types of menu and how they work02:11
SteveAalthough I'm responsible for maintaining the menus infrastructure, and fixing bugs, daf's been doing a great job of keeping the docs up to date, and implementing many menus in launchpad.02:12
jblackstevea: logs up to date.02:12
dafI'm happy to try and help anybody who's trying to get menus working for their bit of Launchpad02:12
kikohaxoring daf!02:12
SteveAthere are still a couple of outstanding bugs / niggles in the infrastructure, that i will be addressing very soon02:12
SteveAany questions about menus?02:12
kikowho's got menus and who's not?02:13
SteveArosetta: ?02:14
dafpending review, yep02:14
SteveAmalone: ?02:14
SteveAdoap: ?02:14
salgadofoaf: not02:14
mptproducts do02:14
kikosalgado, suxorer02:14
bradbmalone needs menu love02:14
morgsdoap: not02:14
kikoguys 02:15
kikodon't let this fall off02:15
SteveAmenus are how users will mostly find their way around02:15
SteveAan important part of usability, and easy to implement02:15
kikowithout menus launchpad looks like a page designed by a kindergardner02:15
jameshI need to do some for calendar02:15
kikolook at rosetta in baz tip and the other apps02:16
kikothere is a serious shocking impact in the menuless apps02:16
kikoso get on it02:16
=== bradb agrees
kikompt, SteveA, what's the plan for the actions portlets?02:16
mptjamesh: The most important thing to do is to implement a page saying "x does not currently have a calendar" for those products/distributions/people that don't have one02:17
kikodo we get rid of them now?02:17
mptjamesh: then Calendar can get its own item next to Overview, Bugs, and Translations.02:17
SteveAwe could do a special kind of link that is disabled when there is no calendar, for that one02:17
SteveAthat is an option02:17
mptkiko: App menus make some portlet items redundant, some in the action portlet, some elsewhere02:18
dafproducts have a button for creating a calendar in a portlet02:18
mptFor example, the portlet on the left side of a person page is *almost* completely redundant now02:18
jameshhaving a disabled link sounds better -- saves people the frustration of clicking the link02:18
jameshand getting a "there is no foo" page02:18
mptfair enough02:18
SteveAjamesh: how do i tell if there's a calendar for a particular thing ?02:19
mptthat means menus infrastructure changes02:19
SteveAjust means one special link for calendars02:19
jameshSteveA: at the moment you can tell because there will be a portlet on the person, project or product page showing the month's calendar02:19
SteveApretty simple02:19
kikompt, I think you'll need to schedule time to discuss menu changes with /each/ responsible person02:19
kikompt, can you manage nagging and organizing that02:19
SteveAjamesh: i'm thinking of something like ICalendar(object, None)02:19
jameshSteveA: if there is no calendar and you own the object, the portlet shows a "create calendar" button02:19
kikoguys, you need to schedule time with mpt between tomorrow and tuesday to talk about your app02:19
SteveAjamesh: i need to know how to tell from python code.  let's talk about this after the meeting / tomorrow02:20
jameshSteveA: check ICalendarOwner(object).calendar02:20
kikojamesh, oh, offtopic: mark wants you in Brazil on the first week. can you arrange? 02:20
SteveAjamesh: cool02:20
bradbmpt: what time will you start working again today (i.e. tomorrow)?02:20
mptbradb: in about 13 hours02:20
bradbmpt: ok, if i'm still around at that time, maybe we can discuss menus02:21
SteveAwe need to move on.  anything else on menus?02:21
kikoSteveA, reiterate what I just said please02:21
kikonicks in caps get more attention02:21
jameshkiko: I'd have to check if my ticket allows a change like that02:21
stub(staging is updated in case anyone was wondering where it went)02:21
kikojamesh, don't disappoint the sab02:21
SteveAguys, you need to schedule time with mpt between tomorrow and tuesday to talk about your app02:21
SteveAokay, moving on02:21
SteveA - brazil topics02:22
SteveAhttps://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/BrazilTopics  has appeared02:22
kikoyou da man02:22
stubheh... good luck. Flights to brazil from Australia will be tight. I suspect James will be Business class02:22
=== Kinnison converted the topics sabdfl put for him into specification pages
ddaabranches look ugly, they were nice when they were bold02:23
kikoddaa, where?02:23
SteveAtake note of what is written in BrazilTopics02:23
SteveAespecially under your own name02:23
sabdfljamesh: try to work with cvd on it02:23
stubI appear to have nothing but hardware stuff. Stuff I know little about and care even less about.02:23
jameshsabdfl: okay02:24
SteveAsabdfl: the issue about the re-running failing tests will be sorted when we move to holger krekel's test runner.  he's a core python guy who has written a very nice test runner over the last 18 months or so.02:24
bradbstub: maybe we could add db/ispell integration to your list?02:24
carlosSteveA, sabdfl when are we supposed to start the braindump for those specs? before .br or when we go there?02:24
sabdflstub: those are just a few thoughts i've had over time. we definitely need to put some work into an optimised read-only db configuration02:24
SteveAcarlos: having basic stuff done now helps us all be on the same page before brazil.  so spend a little time filling in what you know.02:25
sabdflcarlos: right away, any time you have a thought about something else you want to cover in brazil, put a note in the wiki02:25
sabdflno matter how small02:25
kikoour wiki rocks02:25
mptexcept when it logs us out02:25
dafhave we unpassworded it yet?02:25
kikowe have?!02:26
SteveAstub: gathering some stats from staging will help.02:26
mptI was told we had02:26
mptyep, works without a password here02:26
=== kiko tests
SteveAmpt: for editing?02:26
=== mpt tries
mptYes, I just created TestAccount02:27
carlosSteveA, ok, it's just that I want to work on bugs and partial implementations before starting with new stuff and I thought next three weeks is a good time to do that, but will mix that with braindumps then...02:27
carlossabdfl, ok, will do02:27
sabdflin due course we'll merge the LP wiki and the main wiki02:28
sabdflwe just need a way to categorise pages and get recentchanges etc by category02:28
SteveAanything more on brazil right now?02:28
SteveAwe should be moving on02:29
SteveA - where dogfood is going (Kinnison)02:29
Kinnisonso now we have staging02:29
Kinnisonand so dogfood is becoming less useful for what it was originally intended02:29
KinnisonThe intention is thus that the soyuz team will mostly be in charge of dogfood02:30
KinnisonWe are preparing a buildd network associated with mawson (elmo has provided us with everything we need for that I think)02:30
Kinnisonand we're essentially going to be shadowing breezy on dogfood02:30
KinnisonThis does not mean that other people are not allowed to use dogfood, but it's going to be a little more confusing for a short while, during which time the soyuz team will be getting going02:31
KinnisonDoes anyone other than soyuz have a vested interest in dogfood rather than stagin?02:31
Keybukthough a regularly updated breezy is advantageous, provided you don't drop the database02:32
KinnisonWill that remain true as production ramps up with regular breezy imports?02:32
kikodebonzi, stub, Kinnison: you guys need to get on top of gina, or else we're going to flunk02:32
KeybukI can't see us even starting breezy imports on production for a while yet02:32
Kinnisonkiko: Last night, stub managed a hoary run on staging and he said he would be doing a proper production run tonight02:32
kikoKinnison, the mail I got said otherwise..02:32
Kinnisonerm, sorry, a warty run on staging02:32
sabdflSteveA: i'd like to discuss 1.0 announcements, ping me when it's a good time to do that02:32
SteveAsabdfl: ok02:32
carlosKinnison, I think Rosetta team would be interested to use dogfood from time to time to do some testing with a bigger database02:33
stubErm... full run on *staging* is going on now. I'm not running on Production until someone can confirm it is doing good and not harm.02:33
Kinnisonstub, kiko, debonzi: Can we discuss gina after the meeting?02:33
debonziKinnison, sure02:33
dafcarlos: that's not so urgent now we can access staging, right?02:33
KinnisonOkay, so hct has an interest in dogfood, and rosetta may02:33
Kinnisonhave all the relevant bugs been transferred from dogfood to production malone?02:34
carlosdaf, staging helps to debug looking at data there, but dogfood could be used to change the data02:34
carlosdaf, as staging is read only, we cannot debug all bugs02:34
dafwell, we run code on mawson, even if we're using the staging db02:34
kikoKinnison, AFAIK a long time ago02:34
dafcarlos: true02:34
stubWe can duplicate the dogfood database at anytime - it doesn't have to be shared02:34
SteveAwe need to move on.  can we have the rest of this discussion in a smaller meeting later?02:34
bradbKinnison: not intentionally, but probably most of them have be refiled in prod otherwise.02:34
carlosdaf, I'm just noting that we could be interested at some point to play with dogfood but that will not be somethig we will do all time02:34
stubSo if soyus and hct don't want to play together it is an easy fix.02:35
KinnisonOkay thanks02:35
KinnisonI just wanted to make sure people knew about what was happening with dogfood02:35
SteveAwe should have a wiki page that explains what staging, dogfood and production are used for02:35
SteveAand the expectations of the databases there -- like when they get nuked etc.02:36
KinnisonThat would be useful02:36
SteveAKinnison / stub: can you make sure we have such a page?02:36
KinnisonSteveA: Okay02:36
Kinnisonstub: if you do prod/staging I'll fill in dogfood when you're done02:36
SteveAsabdfl: 1.0 announcements02:36
stubStagingServer exists02:36
SteveAsabdfl: ping02:38
sabdflok, we want to have rolling 1.0 announcements02:38
sabdflover the next couple of weeks02:38
=== SteveA tried a phone ping, but the london mobile phone network is having problems :(
sabdflSteveA: it's shut down in places, deliberately i think02:38
sabdfli'd like to see at least one announcement of some sort per week02:38
sabdflalso, i think we should get better about communicating landed features to the list02:39
sabdflfor each spec, could we make sure the summary is clear and can be copied into a weekly mail to the list of "things that just landed"02:39
sabdflso, back to the 1.0 announcements02:39
sabdfldaf, carlos: could you announce that Rosetta 1.0 will happen next week02:39
SteveAkiko: (weekly planned rollouts)02:39
sabdfl(btw, did you like your present this morning)?02:39
sabdflat least, as long as you are confident you can hit the goal next week02:40
sabdfli think rosetta is looking excellent02:40
sabdfljordi will shortly start working with you to facilitate bringing upstreams into rosetta02:40
sabdflso we will need to spend some time putting together wiki and web pages that tell how to use it most effectively02:40
carlossabdfl, I was not able to see your recent changes, sorry 02:41
dafsorry, lost network for a second there02:41
sabdflso, the announcements come in two phases02:41
kikoI take the hit for not producing the report for this month earlier, sorry02:41
sabdflkiko: let's make it weekly, just a summary of all the landings and their features02:41
sabdflit should be a wiki page people can cut and past to when then land a spec-branch02:41
carlossabdfl, about goals, I think the only big features not implemented are Karma and GNOME integration.02:41
sabdflthe first phase is a "LP XXX 1.0 will happen in one/two weeks"02:41
=== SteveA notes that this meeting will be overrunning its allotted time.
sabdfli';d like that to happen for rosetta today or tomorrow02:42
sabdflin the email, list all the exciting new stuff that's happened since the last announcement02:42
carlosKarma should be ready this week to be reviewed, so it will reach production in two weeks.....02:42
sabdflgo ahead without karma02:42
kikoI'm going to produce a report today02:42
sabdflthen, on the day, we'll put out the formal announcement everywhere02:42
kikoI need to anyway because Jane needs it02:42
sabdflmalone i think will miss by about a month02:43
sabdflsoyuz, i don't know02:43
kikobut I've had it in the cooker for a while02:43
carlosthen it's a matter of wait for daf's work with menus is merged, daf?02:43
kikosoyuz still has major stuff in code review02:43
sabdflwe will also do announcements for the calendar system (yay james!) and the bounty system (yay me)02:43
kikoand gina hasn't run yet (AFAICT)02:43
sabdflbut i want you guys to think in terms of the two-phase announcements, starting with rosetta today02:43
sabdflthat's all from me02:44
SteveAany questions ?02:44
sabdfldaf, carlos: ping me with your draft announcement when its on the wiki02:44
dafsounds good to me02:44
dafsabdfl: sure02:44
sabdfldaf: you've got a knack for good writing02:44
sabdfluse it :-)02:44
Kinnisonsabdfl: sounds good, thanks02:44
dafcarlos: the menus stuff should be merged this week02:44
sabdflmpt: the menus are not looking the way i imagined them to be, could we chat briefly after this meeting please?02:44
carlosdaf, will it be moved into production on Tuesday?02:44
SteveAwe'll be overrunning by just 5 minutes.  let's do the three sentences.02:45
sabdflstub: are we branching for next production later today?02:45
kikodrum roll02:45
SteveAwrite your sentences onto the channel now.02:45
stubDONE: Gina02:45
dafcarlos: if it gets reviewed and merged bfore the production branch point, sure02:45
kikoWORKED ON: malone cleanups, linkification, meta-reviews, catching up 02:45
kikowith application status, linting, sprint prep, etc02:45
kikoTODO: LP report (today, in particular because Jane needs it), 02:45
kikoBrazilTopics, finalize sprint prep02:45
kikoBLOCKED ON: SteveA for linkification02:45
salgadoDONE: BasicVoting, code review, sqlobject/launchpad random fixes.02:45
salgadoTODO: More code review than I did last week, land the first round of BasicVoting and start the second one(which will hopefully be the last).02:45
salgadoBLOCKED: No02:45
dafDONE: Rosetta menus, get multiple format exports in production, pyflakes harness, import and other cleanups, write tests02:45
KinnisonDONE: More buildd stuff now that elmo has given us the dogfood buildd machines. Refinements to the buildd packaging. Uploader work. Assisting cprov. Assisted stub in getting production ready for gina.02:45
morgsDONE: RDF bugfixing02:45
morgsTODO: DoapSchemaNG, menus02:45
morgsBLOCKED: no02:45
dafTODO: clean up traveral code, fix template export bug02:45
ddaaDONE: Imports. talked lots about doap ftp details with keybuk. Taught productseries and ftpglob zen to jblack.02:45
ddaaTODO: More imports.02:45
ddaaBLOCKER: No time for anything else non-trivial.02:45
KinnisonTODO: <broken record>Uploader</broken record>, get dogfood buildds ready to roll and rolling. Get publisher going on production appserver to ensure distros stay clean once gina is running regularly.02:45
dafBLOCKED: no02:45
debonziDONE: Launchpad general bits; more gina related work.02:45
debonziTODO: Some launchpad cleanup and bug fixes.02:45
debonziBLOCKED: None.02:45
mptDONE: decruftification, BasicVoting design, lots of bug reporting02:45
mptTODO: specific menus, spec backlog, HierarchyNavigation02:45
mptBLOCKED: no02:45
KinnisonBLOCKED: Cprov's branch being merged (hopefully should happen real-soon-now), Gina runs on production completing.02:45
jameshDONE: land CalendarMerge branch, code reviews, some datetime bug fixing, follow-on calendar work02:45
jameshTODO: code reviews, follow-on calendar work02:45
jameshBLOCKED: no02:45
SteveADONE: sqlobject/sqlos spelunking, fascism, menus, reviews02:45
BjornTDONE: finished up and submitted BasicBugAttachments for review. some02:45
BjornTreviews. didn't feel entirely well this week.02:45
BjornTTODO: general malone work, clean up, go through bug reports. improve02:45
BjornTthe email interface.02:45
SteveATODO: menus bugfixes, sqlobject/sqlos fixes, reviews02:45
SteveABLOCKED: no02:45
BjornTBLOCKED: spec review from kiko02:45
bradbDONE: landed FormattingBugNotifications. lots of baz/pqm pain. landed some other bugfixes and cleanups. (e.g. dissolved BugMessageFactory, split the task page in two, fixed header bug a few days ago that carlos mentioned earlier, etc.)02:46
KeybukDONE: dyson installed on casey02:46
dafoh: TODO: Debconf02:46
KeybukTODO: sourcerer debugging, dyson debugging, hct bug fixes02:46
KeybukBLOCKERS: only one of me02:46
bob2DONE: entry02:46
bradbTODO: menus. fixing any bugs in FBN. MaloneFrontPages work. double-check that we've done all that's needed for 1.0 karma. any other random bits and bobs.02:46
cprovDONE: applyed GPG-NG review and improves assisted 2nd round of Buildd review, both assisted by jamesh02:46
bob2TODO: entry02:46
cprovTODO: Concentrate myself on buildd (I know I'm blosking dsilvers)02:46
cprovBLOCKED:  stub review on DB patch for GPG and buildd review and test suite (myself)02:46
bradbBLOCKED: nothing.02:46
carlosDONE: bug #1036, POTemplateAdmin spec implementation changes, several bugs fixes, languagepacks02:46
lifelessDONE: make-changeset is sane, TODO: apply-changeset saneification, BLOCKED: days too short02:46
bob2BLOCKED: entry02:46
carlosTODO: Karma implementation for Rosetta, more languagepacks fine tunning, GNOME imports02:46
carlosBLOCKED: GNOME imports are blocked until l10n-status.gnome.org new version is ready (I hope it will be ready this weekend)02:46
stubTODO: Gina and bugfixes02:46
stubBLOCKED: Nothing02:46
jblackDONE: yellow fever, imports. TODO: LOTS of imports 02:46
SteveAlifeless: please put sentences on separate lines.  helps me grep02:46
kikoBjornT, that's BBA?02:46
jblackBLOCKED: None now02:46
BjornTkiko: yes02:46
stubsabdfl: I was going to tag from just now. You have bugfixes to land or features?02:46
lifelessSteveA: ok02:46
kikosorry. 02:46
SteveAkiko: i'm working on the linkification02:47
SteveAshould land today02:47
dafcarlos: shall we have a Rosetta meeting now?02:47
kikoSteveA, I'm going to verify jamesh' claim 02:47
sabdflstub: RF is golden for me right now02:47
sabdflstaging doesn't yet have everything02:47
kikohe reported a potential problem, SteveA 02:47
sabdflso i wanted to confirm you will tag later today from RF02:47
SteveAwith linking?02:47
carlosdaf, we should finish this meeting first...02:47
SteveAyeah, i saw02:47
stubsabdfl: Staging was updated a few minutes ago from head (during the meeting)02:47
SteveAi'll take care of it02:47
carlosdaf, and have lunch, please...02:47
kikoSteveA, yes02:48
dafcarlos: ok02:48
SteveAKinnison: do you see any problems with gina runs on production?02:48
KinnisonSteveA: The staging run of warty seemed good02:48
kikoKinnison, what about stub's message?02:48
KinnisonSteveA: There are soyuz UI issues preventing me from interrogating via the staging UI02:48
kikoI seem to have missed the boat here02:48
sabdflstub: hmm... system error on https://staging.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/hoary/+translations02:48
SteveAcprov: does stub know about your database patch?02:48
cprovSteveA: yes, just talked 10 min ago02:49
dafsabdfl: https://staging.ubuntu.com/errors/showEntry.html?id=1120740503.640.50306504041702:49
ddaaSteveA: somebody moved the arch branch back into the right column, that fucks up the page layout badly (as you can see on the staging automake product). Can you ask the appropriate person to get it fixed?02:49
stubAll my reviews are done. I'm not aware of blocking anyone atm.02:49
SteveAddaa: i need more context.  a url, for example02:49
kikoddaa, I was going to say the same, I saw your complaint earlier but had no idea what you were talking about02:49
Kinnisondebonzi: can I see you on ##soyuz1.0 please to discuss the broken soyuz UI?02:50
ddaakiko: actually my complaint was about still something else02:50
lifelessddaa: for such things, filing a bug might be useful - it will get you to think abot what details are needed for folk looking at it ;002:50
debonziKinnison, am on the way02:50
sabdfldaf: it's not the translations page, it's the general distro pages02:50
Kinnisondebonzi: thank you02:50
SteveAddaa: i'm clueless.  please file a bug.02:50
sabdflit's the details-portlet02:50
Kinnisonsabdfl: there is a problem with soyuz on staging02:50
SteveAAny other BLOCKED issues that haven't been dealt with?02:50
Kinnisonsabdfl: I'm about to go through it with debonzi and cprov to see if we can work out the fix02:51
ddaalifeless: sure, but the fact it has been right for a while, then broken again, suggest there might be an issue worth talking about in this post-meeting.02:51
SteveAlet's end the meeting02:51
bradbone other thing02:51
bradbwhile lifeless is still here02:51
SteveAbradb: is this important for the meeting?02:51
SteveAfor everyone?02:51
carlosSteveA, mine is an external dependency02:51
bradbok, no02:52
lifelessyay, I snuck in a ZERO02:52
bradblifeless: would it be reasonable for pqm to send us a confirmation message when it's received our merge request?02:52
jblack08:52 < SteveA> MEETING ENDS02:52
jblack08:52 < lifeless> 002:52
SteveAi suck for not having written up last week's meeting02:52
lifelessbradb: 22:52 < lifeless> 002:52
lifeless22:52 < SteveA> MEETING ENDS02:52
lifelessno bradb there02:52
=== carlos -> lunch
lifelessbradb: I don't think so, AFAICT we've never ever had a dropped-receipt problem with pqm02:53
carlossee you later02:53
lifelessbradb: if you want, I'll whip something up for just your email address, but it would bug the heck out of me.02:53
kikoBjornT, has the schema for BBA stabilized? I remember SteveA said something about mark considering linking attachments to messages...02:53
bradblifeless: have anyone ever asked you if pqm has gotten their message?02:53
SteveAstub: pqm's been very slow about merging stuff i submitted hours and hours ago.02:53
lifelessSteveA: its hanging during the test runner02:54
SteveAstub: so, maybe you can delay the branching for production until we get this sorted out?02:54
lifelessSteveA: thats making it very slow as it waits for me to intervene02:54
BjornTkiko: mark has edited the spec regarding the schema, so i consider it stable now02:54
bradbwould anyone else want a confirmation message from pqm to let them know that their request has actually been received?02:54
kikookay BjornT 02:54
stubSteveA: Sure. I'm not the one who was arguing for a fixed schedule ;)02:54
kikowill look at it 02:54
SteveAlifeless: it is stopping on a particular test?02:54
lifelessSteveA: don't know02:54
BjornTkiko: thanks02:54
lifelesspqm       8283  3.8  1.7 105208 65544 ?        S    11:24   1:43              \_ /usr/bin/python2.4 test.py -vv --dir hct --dir sourcerer02:55
lifelesspqm       9224  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    11:26   0:00                  \_ [rev]  <defunct>02:55
SteveAlifeless: i have a merge into sqlobject that will stop some potential deadlocks in launchpad. 02:55
stubSteveA: I'll choose a branch tomorrow (attempting to avoid new features if possible)02:55
dilysNew Malone bug 1279 filed on product Registry by David Allouche: Bazaar branch appears on the side in staging02:55
SteveAdoesn't look like it though02:55
SteveAstub: kiko very much wants to get linkification landed02:55
lifelesssomething is running 'rev' - and there is no mention of it in the lp codebase02:55
SteveAwhat is 'rev' ?02:55
mdza unix tool02:55
mdz(man rev)02:55
stubchmod og-rwx `which rev` 02:55
stubmake check_on_merge02:56
dafsabdfl: sorry, lost network again02:57
SteveA./lib/canonical/launchpad/tests/test_helpers.py:    >>> print helpers.simple_popen2('rev', 'ooF\nraB\nzaB\n')02:57
lifelesswell there you go. Keybuk your grep skillz suck02:57
dafsabdfl: the error report suggests it's something to do with the distrorelease details portlet02:57
Keybukoh, bah, I didn't think to look for 'rev02:57
KeybukI did look for "rev02:58
sabdfldaf: yes, i think it is likely to do with the lack of some data, that's in the sampledata02:58
sabdfli don't think it's related to anything i've done02:58
lifelessI think its likely that that test is giving us the grief02:58
SteveAsimple_popen2 isn't used02:58
dafsabdfl: Expression: <PathExpr standard:'context/architectures'>?02:58
SteveAwe should just remove it02:58
SteveAand its test02:58
sabdfldaf, carlos: this was your present: http://localhost:8086/distros/ubuntu/hoary/+translations02:58
SteveAlifeless: are you removing simple_popen2 ?  or should i do that?03:00
lifelessSteveA: I'm going to bed if I have a choice03:01
lifelesslast night was way late.03:01
jameshsabdfl: just to confirm for when I go to the travel agent, you only want me to move my outgoing flight forward; not my return?03:01
SteveAlifeless: can you jimmy in a commit to RF03:01
SteveAthat will make test_simple_popen2 a no-op03:01
lifelesswhat would you like me to jimmy03:01
SteveAdef test_simple_popen2():03:01
SteveA    r"""03:01
SteveA    >>> print helpers.simple_popen2('rev', 'ooF\nraB\nzaB\n')03:01
SteveA    Foo03:01
SteveA    Bar03:01
SteveA    Baz03:01
SteveA    <BLANKLINE>03:01
SteveA    """03:01
SteveAchange to 03:02
SteveAdef test_simple_popen2():03:02
SteveA    r"""03:02
SteveA    """03:02
SteveAthat will allow pqm to continue functioning03:02
SteveAso i can make a proper removal03:02
lifelessit may still hang on cscvs, but that is nowhere near as common as this one is03:03
SteveAfile is lib/canonical/launchpad/tests/test_helpers.py03:03
SteveAwhy is cscvs hanging?03:05
lifelesscommit forced03:08
lifelessrace condition with the local run-up of a cvs server where sometimes it connects too early and then the server process stays in the process group03:09
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: disable simple_popen2 blame steve if this wedges anything (patch-2047)03:09
dafsabdfl: oh, *nice*!03:10
sabdfldaf: thank you :-)03:10
sabdflwanted to get that in before 1.003:10
dafwe need more language-oriented views03:10
dafI saw you put it up for Brazil03:10
dafthis is a great start03:10
dafSteveA: so, I've gotten rid of all DB imports from the browser code, except for traversers.py03:12
SteveAdaf: waesome03:12
SteveAum, awesome03:12
daftraversers.py looks like the hardest of the lot03:12
SteveAthe malone folks need to clean up traversers.py03:12
SteveAas there's some crappy creapy stuff in there03:12
dafplus there's some registry stuff in there as well03:12
SteveAto do with mutable Sets / Subsets03:12
kikodaf, carlos, sabdfl: is the problem with broken/regressed translations the same as https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/115503:12
kiko-- ?03:12
SteveAwhich we could certainly do without03:12
dafdo you have any ideas for a better pattern?03:13
dafit seems this sort of thing crops up fairly regularly03:13
SteveAbradb-brb: talk to mark about how he wants to get rid of the mutable set / subset of things concepts, and replace them with using two-step URL traversal for dividing up the url space.03:13
sabdflkiko: i don't think so03:13
sabdflSteveA: the only issue i've found with that is the breadcrumbs still have the "+lang" stubs clickable03:14
=== faassen [~faassen@a80-127-80-154.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #launchpad
SteveAsabdfl: i'll be fixing that03:15
SteveAi think your approach is sound03:15
SteveAhello faassen.  can i interest you in localizing silva using rosetta ?03:16
sabdflSteveA: i'm shifting all the Dummy's into the database class with which they are associated03:17
kikohey faassen 03:17
SteveAhow will they be imported into browser code?03:17
jamesh<jamesh> sabdfl: just to confirm for when I go to the travel agent, you only want me to move my outgoing flight forward; not my return?03:17
SteveAthrough an api on the xxxSet ?03:17
jameshsabdfl: ^^^03:17
sabdfljamesh: when are you due to travel back, currently?03:17
sabdflSteveA: yes03:18
faassenSteveA: not at this time, but I'll check it out later. :)03:18
SteveAsabdfl: okay.03:18
jameshsabdfl: my ticket is currently to fly out on the 24th and back on the 2nd03:18
jameshsabdfl: (i.e. the second week)03:18
SteveAas soon as the malone guys fix up the imports in traversers.py, i'll turn on exceptions in the fascist, so that there will be no new imports of database code into browser code03:19
SteveAi'll be moving all of the traversal around too, pretty soon.03:19
SteveAi'd quite like the malone traversal fixed up before i do that03:19
=== SteveA --> lunch
dafthere's also ProductSeriesSet and ProductMilestoneSet03:20
dafmorgs: ^^^03:20
daflooks like PublishedPackageSet can just use getUtility03:20
morgsdaf: sorry, more context please? I haven't been following...03:21
dafmorgs: sure03:22
dafwe're trying to get rid of all imports of database code into the browser code03:22
dafthe final occurrences of this are in traversers.py03:22
daftraversers.py imports ProductSeriesSet and ProductMilestoneSet from the database03:23
dafdo you follow me so far?03:24
dafnow these things are named *Set03:24
dafbut our policy is that *Set things have no state03:25
dafand represent a set of all of something03:25
dafe.g. ProductSet is all products03:25
dafProductSeriesSet, though, is instantiatied with a product03:25
dafwhich violates this rule03:26
dafand means it can't be used with getUtility03:26
dafso we need to figure out how to refactor this03:26
morgsOK, other stuff uses interfaces here, like IBugTaskSubset(product) - is that what we want to move towards?03:27
dafright, yes03:27
dafIBugTaskSubset is an adapter03:28
=== kiko [~kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
dafso we could have IProductSeriesSet(product)03:28
kikohey bradb-brb03:28
dafI think Steve believes there's an even better way of doing it which doesn't involve adapters03:28
dafbut I'm not sure what that is03:28
sabdflwe want to move away from SubSet's03:29
sabdflthe idea is traverse straight from Product to ProductSeries03:29
sabdflthe traverse says:03:29
sabdfl - i'm a product,03:30
sabdfl - ok, i see there is a '+series', let me look ahead..03:30
sabdfl - ok, i see there is a 'main' series, and i have one, return that, and tell zope to jump traversal to that point03:30
sabdflbrowser/traverses.py line 96, for example03:31
dafdo we have an example for this?03:31
carloskiko, yes, I think it's related. That bug was because a .po file was imported and it failed so all translations imported before the break were stored instead of rollback the transaction03:33
sabdflcarlos: please could you and daf do an analysis of all rosetta scripts to make sure they properly use transactions?03:34
carlossabdfl, sure03:35
dafsabdfl: that's very neat03:35
dafcarlos: hmm, nothing should be stored in the database unless the transaction is being committed somewhere in the script03:35
carlosdaf, I know, but it's happening so something is broken03:35
dafsabdfl: how do index pages (e.g. /products/foo/+series) fit in with this?03:36
sabdfldaf: they should generally have a different name03:37
sabdflfor example:03:37
sabdfl /products/foo/+pot/potname => the potemplate03:37
sabdfl /products/foo/+potemplates => a page showing the po templates03:37
dafright, that makes sense03:37
dafthat should let us rid of POTemplateSubset03:38
carlossabdfl, isn't +potemplates our current +translations ?03:38
sabdflcarlos: it might be, but the point i was making for daf is that the +foo that is a traversal to foo's is different to the page which lists all the foo's03:39
dilysNew Malone bug 1281 filed on product FOAF by Guilherme Salgado: Need some way to merge accounts without emailaddress or with only dead ones03:39
dafdebonzi: around?03:41
debonzidaf, here03:41
SteveAsabdfl: it is possible to support both a +foo page, and +foo/thing traversal, but a bit more complicated.  let me know if you want to have support for that kind of url scheme.03:41
dafdebonzi: https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileF76lFd.html03:41
sabdflSteveA: ok, thanks03:42
dafdebonzi: smells like untested code :)03:42
debonzidaf, checking03:42
salgadodaf, pyflakes ruling the world. ;)03:42
SteveAsabdfl: i expect to do serious work on the traversal / breadcrumbs / urls simplification starting tomorrow afternoon.  i would be easiest to add support for this at that time, although it can be added later too.03:43
=== SteveA really goes to lunch
sabdflSteveA: i was going to do a quick-and-dirty list of non-clickable breadcrumbs in webapp/tales.py03:43
sabdfli'll defer to a better idea from you :-)03:43
SteveAi have no better idea for today's rollout.03:44
SteveAi can do better for next week's03:45
=== SteveA goes OUT to lunch ;-)
bradbhey kiko, what's up?03:48
Keybukstub: 03:48
Keybukpsycopg.ProgrammingError: ERROR:  permission denied for sequence libraryfilecontent_id_seq03:48
Keybukdidn't we fix that one yesterday?03:48
stubKeybuk: I never applied your security.cfg updates. Did they get through pqm?03:49
Keybuknot yet03:49
Keybukpqm hates everyone right now03:49
Keybukit's being goth03:49
stubI'll pull em from the branch03:49
morgssabdfl: did you make changes to the productseries and release pages? They look nicer but there are no clickable links to the releases?03:50
=== daf [daf@muse.19inch.net] has joined #launchpad
=== daf_ [daf@muse.19inch.net] has joined #launchpad
dafdebonzi: sorry, fell off for a bit there03:53
carlossabdfl, did you implemented the language selector for the suggestions?03:53
salgadostub, do you have one or two minutes to talk about the name change widget?03:53
sabdflcarlos: yes, it shows an alternative language suggestion03:54
carlossabdfl, it's broken here...03:54
carlossabdfl, I just selected Spanish with evolution in Hoary03:54
carlosand got a trace03:54
carlossabdfl, http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2005-07-07-london-claim_x.htm03:54
debonzidaf, its already removed on my tree... I just didn't merge yet03:54
carlosfucked xchat03:54
carlossabdfl, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileANjzhf.html03:55
dafdebonzi: great03:55
debonzidaf, thanks :)03:55
carlossabdfl, also, I think we should add by default the language you are translating03:55
=== bradb [~bradb@modemcable082.64-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #launchpad
sabdflcarlos: i think that will confuse people03:56
sabdflbecause they have already selected the "language"03:56
sabdflif they see the selector with that language, they will think they can switch languages just by changing that selector03:56
sabdflwhen in fact, that selector is just for more advanced use cases03:56
sabdflthe default is "no alternative language", not "the current language"03:56
bradbis pqm hanging? i sent a message where i accidentally left off the [trivial] , and resent again with the [trivial] , but have heard nothing back at all03:57
carlossabdfl, I'm getting Spanish suggestions by default from: http://localhost:8086/distros/ubuntu/hoary/+sources/evolution/+pots/evolution-2.2/es/+translate03:57
carlossabdfl, but the language selector is empty03:57
carlosI think that's confusing....03:57
sabdflits less confusing than making it look like the primary language selector03:57
sabdflNone is None, not "current"03:58
sabdflwhich alt language is selected by default? None03:58
sabdfli don't mind if you make it say "No alt language selected"03:58
carlossabdfl, so you should not get suggestions at all, right?03:58
carlossabdfl, my point is that I'm getting suggestions03:58
sabdflcarlos:  you should suggestions normally03:58
sabdflcarlos: url?03:59
carlosI'm with latest rocketfuel version03:59
carlossabdfl, I get suggestions, currently published elsewhere and from the global translation Wiki03:59
carloswith the default view04:00
carlossabdfl, btw, shouldn't we add a $POFile.language/+admin link to the actions portlet?04:02
carlosthat only appears if you have rights to use that page04:02
sabdflcarlos: yes04:02
sabdflfolks, there appears to be some confusion around the use of hidden links, based on permissions04:02
dilysNew Malone bug 1283 filed on product The Launchpad by Guilherme Salgado: Need a better API for sending mail04:02
morgssabdfl: did you make changes to the productseries and release pages? They look nicer but there are no clickable links to the releases?04:02
sabdflplease only hide launchpad.Admin links04:02
sabdflmorgs: yes, i did touch those pages a lot, might have messed up a link04:03
morgssabdfl: the series releases portlet has no links04:04
morgsand the product page lists the releases in a table but again, no links04:04
carlossabdfl, I hide too launchpad.Edit links because you will get an error page if you follow it04:04
stubKeybuk: Permissions should be sorted (until the next update if pqm hasn't taken your patch)04:04
sabdflcarlos: i think you will just be asked to log in, right?04:04
carlossabdfl, if you don't have the rights04:04
carlosyou will see a page that says you don't have rights04:05
bradbmalone user testing session at jbailey's place tomorrow, w00t!04:05
sabdflcarlos: that's perfectly reasonable04:05
carlossabdfl, ok04:05
Keybuk^ sweet, sexy releases04:06
carlosdaf, The changes you did to implement the scroll bars for language selection and pofile downloads are broken (or firefox is not rendering them correctly from time to time)04:06
carlosdaf, It's missing the vertical scroll bar04:06
dafyeah, I've seen it too04:06
carlosdaf, until I reload the page again04:06
dafI think it's a Gecko bug04:06
dafit doesn't trat max-height properly or something04:07
elmoI didn't know bob2 was such a hardcore gnu toolchain dude04:07
Keybukelmo: he's the man04:07
carlosdaf, I think the problem is that the size is calculated before you get the whole page04:07
carlosdaf, so it thinks the scroll bar is not needed04:07
ddaaKeybuk: remind me, is the ordering of releases significant?04:07
dilysNew Malone bug 1284 filed on product Registry by Morgan Collett: [staging]  No links to releases from product page04:07
dafcarlos: it's a bug04:07
Keybukddaa: yes, no, and thursday04:08
carlosdaf, also, could we remove the horizontal scroll bar? 04:08
dafcarlos: it's not supposed to be there :P04:08
ddaaKeybuk: yes it, no we don't care, and thursday you'll play rami with your grandmother?04:08
carlosdaf, but it is ;-)04:08
Keybukelmo: or, if you prefer, I haven't a clue what to put in the owner field so just copy the field from the parent product ;)04:09
dafmaybe we can do something to get rid of it04:09
Keybukddaa: today is thursday04:09
ddaa /unset keybuk riddlemode04:09
dilysNew Malone bug 1285 filed on product Registry by Morgan Collett: [staging]  No links to releases from productseries portlet04:09
Keybukactually, those all happen to be in the right order04:09
carlosdaf, the main problem is that it's in production already and people will get confused....04:10
ddaa1.4 preleases?04:10
carlosdaf, btw, meeting time?04:10
Keybuk1.4-p2 was the second PATCH release of 1.404:10
Keybukrather than a pre release04:10
ddaalucky :P04:10
KeybukI think launchpad uses dpkg-style sorting04:10
ddaasomebody apparently told the maintainer about the strange modern notion of "dot releases"...04:10
Keybukit's a GNU project04:11
Keybukthe maintainer changed to someone who had a totally different way of doing things04:11
ddaadid I tell you that story with my favourite gnu maintainer... he kept applying patches incorrectly, for months, until one day he asked me if I knew an automated tool to apply patches....04:11
ddaa"yes, there's this tool call patch" "oh, thank you!"04:12
=== Keybuk reaches for the screen-cleaner
=== daf snorts
Keybukso you know that entire discussion we were having about dyson, and version sorting?04:12
Keybukand how I didn't do it because I was lazy04:12
Keybukwell, turns out my instinct for apathy was correct04:12
Keybukbecause it would have been pointless anyway, as launchpad sorts stuff itself04:13
ddaaI vaguely remember it matters for how release branches (at the bazaar-sourcerer level) relate to one another... but if the iterator you are using does some smart sorting for sourcerer...04:13
ddaaI'm not very clear about that bit though, that's why I ask you to remind me, maybe I misunderstood.04:14
Keybukyeah, the iterator sourcerer uses (SourcePackageSomethingUtililtyCruetSet or something) has an in-built version sort04:14
Kinnisonmmm Cruet04:15
ddaanot sure how smart it is exactly... but I guess the answer is we do not care... you know how creative upstream can be with tarball names.04:15
Keybukis it TeX that has a version number that approaches  ?04:20
Keybuk3 -> 3.1 -> 3.14 -> 3.141 etc.04:21
KeybukI liked that one04:21
carlosdaf, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/hoary/+sources/gnome-panel/+pots/gnome-panel-2.0/es/+translate?offset=42&count=104:22
carlosthat invalidates our theory that uses an entry box if the msgid has only one line04:23
daflooks like the batching is screwed04:23
carlosdaf, ?04:23
dafoh, no04:23
carlosdaf, ;-)04:23
dafwe have a bug open about that04:24
dafspecial handling of translator-credits04:24
carlosnot really, the bug about translator-credits is related to autofill it04:24
carlosatm this bug prevents people to add their name to it...04:24
carlosit's related but different04:25
ddaaKeybuk: I think tex approaches e, actually.04:25
ddaaRight, tex approaches pi, metafont approaches e04:25
ddaaThis is TeX, Version 3.1415904:25
ddaaThis is METAFONT, Version 2.718204:26
carlosdaf, why?04:26
Keybukshouldn't that technically be TeX version 3.14160 ? :p  </pedant>04:26
Keybukand the next version be 3.14159704:26
dafcarlos: yes04:26
Keybukand then 3.141596504:26
Keybuknow _that_ would be hard to sort <g>04:26
carlosdaf, you are confusing me ;-)04:26
ddaaapparently Don has some residual sanity.04:27
dafcarlos: I'm going to have food04:28
dafcarlos: let's have a meeting when I get back04:28
carlosdaf, ok04:28
morgsddaa: what screen resolution are you running?04:28
morgsddaa: and you still find the bazaar branch portlet too big? ;-)04:29
ddaaand 800x600 when I'm tired04:29
carlosstub, would you apply the patchset I sent you yesterday into production, please?04:29
morgsWell, the problem is that the archive names get long - I'll look into that.04:29
Keybukddaa: or no sense of fun04:29
morgsSeems everything's moving into portlets these days...04:30
ddaabesides, I like to have many things on screen, at least the browser, the chat client, and gtimelog04:30
stubcarlos: There was a conflict that will need resolving. I didn't look to see how much work would be involved but I can do that tomorrow. If you want, branch off launchpad--production--1.24 and resolve it and I'll cherry pick that instead.04:30
=== morgs prefers to maximise apps, but hey!
ddaaKeybuk: I do not find it fun to have the evil of the arch namespace stab me repeatedly in the eye. I know it's bad, I do not need any reminder :(04:31
carlosstub, a conflict with my patchset?04:31
bradbdear pqm, please work, kthxbye04:31
carlosstub, so I branch from that production branch, merge my patchset, resolve the conflict, commit and ping you?04:31
stubemail me - I'm going to bed ;)04:32
carlosstub, good night ;-)04:32
ddaaKeybuk: symbolic names:04:34
carlosstub, just in case you didn't leave already... could you execute for me again the count queries I gave you before the meeting?04:34
ddaaThat's not a branch, isn't it?04:34
dafyay, my no-empty-summaries baz patch got merged04:34
ddaaIt's just trying to confuse me?04:35
bradblucky daf, for getting pqm to merge something04:35
dafbradb: nah, Mattheu did it for me04:35
carlosstub, SELECT COUNT(*) FROM POTemplate WHERE rawimportstatus=2; and SELECT COUNT(*) FROM POFile WHERE rawimportstatus=2;04:35
dafMatthieu, rather04:35
bradbouch, /me turns speak volume down04:35
stublaunchpad_prod=# SELECT COUNT(*) FROM POTemplate WHERE rawimportstatus=2;04:36
stub count04:36
stub   10504:36
stub(1 row)04:36
stublaunchpad_prod=#  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM POFile WHERE rawimportstatus=2;04:36
stub count04:36
stub  940104:36
stub(1 row)04:36
Keybukddaa: yes, it's a branch04:36
Keybuk(it's a magic tag)04:36
carlosstub, thanks04:36
Keybuk3.1.0.2 -> 3.1.2.x04:36
ddaaI thought that branches had an even number of dots04:36
ddaahow can I tell a branch from a tag, then?04:37
Keybukbranches have odd04:37
Keybukrevisions have even04:37
Keybuk_unless_ the last-but-one digit is zero04:37
carlosstub, could you kill the poimport script so I get some input about the import status? seems like it's stalled....04:37
Keybukin which case it's a branch pretending to be a revision04:37
=== ddaa gargles, twitches, kicks
stubcarlos: Which one? There are two (!)04:38
ddaajblack: you got that?04:38
=== stub kills 'em both
carlosstub, two?04:38
carlosstub, both, please04:38
carloswe should expand the lock file life a bit more when a new release is imported....04:39
stubcarlos: One left lying around from the 6th...04:39
carlosstub, I suppose the lock file was removed after a day being executed 04:39
stubcarlos: Might be worth trying that locking code from kiko, where the lock is cleared when the process dies.04:39
stubOr just increase the timeout ;)04:40
carlosstub, so we don't remove it after a fixed amount of time?04:40
carlosstub, the timeout is only a problem when a new release is imported 04:40
jblackddaa: what? 04:40
stubcarlos: if it works, yes.04:40
carlosstub, will it work with a kill -9 ? (don't think so)04:41
stubcarlos: aparently, yes. 04:41
carlosI suppose it's a corner case we don't need to care too much04:41
carloskiko, ?04:41
carloswow, those logs are huge...04:42
stubcarlos: if it is a kernal resource, it is released when the process dies. But I avoid system programming in general ;)04:42
ddaaKeybuk: you were meaning "odd/even" number of numbers, not number of dots, right?04:45
bradbis pqm hung? (no pun intended)04:48
kikothat is an oxymoron04:49
morgsSeriously, when has pqm been working today?04:51
Kinnisonlast merge I saw was 1h40m ago04:52
bradbmorgs: *today*, he says, *today*...you're too kind, my friend.04:52
kikopqm is busy doing groceries04:54
kikoit was going to get a haircut after that04:54
bradbwould anybody else find it useful if pqm sent a confirmation message saying something like "Your merge request has been received. There are currently 2 other merge requests being processed before yours." (or something to that effect)04:54
kikoand then a sauna04:54
bradbheh heh...:/04:54
kikoso call him in about 6h04:55
morgsYou are merger number 23 in the queue. Please be patient, your branch is important to us. Your branch will be merged in Traceback (most recent call last): ZeroDivisionError: integer division or modulo by zero04:55
bradbyes, we were discussing pqm muzak last night04:55
kikobradb, yes, I think such a message would be helpful, but it would be even more helpful if somebody profiled pqm and found out wtf it is busy doing while we are waiting04:56
morgsbradb: Knowing the queue would definitely help - or even a web page...04:56
bradblifeless: it appears that i'm not the only pqm user who would find that confirmation message useful.04:57
=== lamont [~lamont@] has joined #launchpad
Keybukddaa: yes04:57
morgsbradb: emphasize the "x in the queue" bit...04:57
bradbjakob nielsen says confirmation messages should be sent out quickly, to ensure that the user has some idea that something is actually being done with their request.04:58
bradbmorgs: indeed04:58
kikolifeless, pqm needs to do some aerobic workout, it's stamina is depressing04:58
morgsAah, time to go...04:58
bradbas kiko noted, it would also be nice if there was a way of getting more detailed process info from it, but even the confirmation would be a step in the right direction04:59
bradbsalgado: can i send you a one-screen long (approx.) diff for a quick review? it's almost a [trivial] , but i just wanted to be doubly-sure.05:00
bradbor BjornT, can you take a quick look at this? (or any other reviewer)05:03
salgadobradb, not *right* now, but I can do it after lunch. at most 2h from now05:04
bradbor kiko, could you review my title fix?05:04
bradbsalgado: ok, i'll send it your way, thanks05:05
elmois that where I should point people to register new accounts?05:12
bradbi think so. salgado: ^^?05:13
salgadoyes, it definitely is05:13
=== faassen [~faassen@a80-127-80-154.adsl.xs4all.nl] has left #launchpad []
bradbelmo: can you bounce pqm again? (sorry, i hate asking this all the time too)05:21
SteveAas far as i can see, pqm is still blocked on rev05:21
SteveAwhich is odd05:21
SteveAbecause rev shouldn't be doing anything any more05:21
KinnisonSteveA: does the process move along if you send it SIGCHLD so that it cleans up the rev?05:22
SteveAi'd need to be pqm or root to try that05:22
SteveAhmm, simple_popen2 is actually used, in the poexport-template-tarball.txt test05:23
SteveAbut, that doesn't call re05:23
SteveAbut, that doesn't call rev05:23
SteveAi'm going to grab a new rocketfuel launchpad tree to check that rev isn't there05:25
dilysNew Malone bug 1286 filed on source package nn by Ralph Corderoy: nn suffers segv after empty NNTP LIST reply from sn.05:26
SteveAso, 'rev' isn't in RF any more05:28
kikodaf, what about package-only dilys in #ubuntu-bugs :-P05:28
SteveAi'm not sure why a merge would be using it05:28
bradbthanks elmo 05:29
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sqlobject--test--0.6: [rs=stub]  remove locks from the sqlobject cache.  step one of three improving steps. (patch-23: steve.alexander@canonical.com)05:30
kikoSteveA, you have no flight number listed in the sprint homepage. Why?05:34
SteveAi only just received the flight #05:37
SteveAi'll update it soon05:37
kikocan you tell it to me now?05:37
kikoI'm setting up pickups for you guys05:37
=== kiko is on the phone
SteveA Flight - KLM (KL) - 797 Fri 15 Jul 200505:39
SteveAArrive: 8:50 PM05:40
SteveAGRU  Terminal 105:40
kikothanks you the man05:40
kikoplease update the wiki05:40
carloskiko, I think you will like this one....05:40
carloskiko, https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/LaunchpadPoImportFeedback <-- Could you review that spec when you have sometime?05:41
carloskiko, should I add it to the PendingReview page?05:41
carlosdaf, around?05:41
dafI forgot to have lunch05:41
kikocarlos, add it to my queue05:41
carlosdaf, really?05:41
carloskiko, it's already done05:41
carlosdaf, dude...05:42
SteveAdaf: don't neglect to eat05:42
SteveAit will burn you out05:42
dafI know05:42
carlosdaf, anyway, when you have some time, please, take a look to that spec too05:42
dafI got distracted05:42
carlosdaf, not before you have lunch05:42
carlosdaf, I will leave in about 30 minutes, should we leave the meeting for tomorrow?05:43
dafI think we have quite a bit to talk about, so perhaps we should leave it for today05:43
carlosleave it for today?05:43
dafnot have a meeting today05:43
carlosI will ping you tomorrow as soon as I wake up05:44
carlosso we have time enough to talk about anything before you leave for holidays05:44
Keybukhow much of a pqm backlog is there right now?05:46
bradbSteveA: just to make sure i understand your suggestion: are you suggesting something like this?05:49
bradbclass BugPageTitle:05:49
bradb    def __call__(self, context, view):05:49
bradb        return "Bug #%d - %s" % (context.id, context.title)05:49
bradband then:05:49
bradbbug_index = BugPageTitle()05:49
bradbok, thanks05:52
SteveAor even just a simple function should work05:53
SteveAdef BugPageTitle(self, context, view):05:53
SteveAi think05:53
bradband then bug_index = BugPageTitle?05:54
SteveAyeah, if that works05:54
SteveAsorry -- working somewhere else05:54
SteveAwrite a "helper", but it with the others, and always use 'context'.05:55
SteveAdo whatever seems clearest / most consistent05:55
bradbok, thanks05:57
dilysNew Malone bug 1288 filed on product Bazaar by Colin Watson: resolving conflicts in .arch-ids is far too painful06:07
SteveABjornT: I've replied to your review of DisplayingParagraphsOfText.06:22
bradbi guess pqm is hung again06:40
salgadobradb, I guess so too06:41
salgadoI sent a merge request 2h ago06:41
SteveAit's doing twisted and autobuild-snaps06:42
bradbsame here (two, in fact, one missing [trivial]  for which i haven't even received the failure email :/)06:42
SteveAbut not actually doing anything06:42
bradbSteveA: can i send you a diff of just what i changed for take two of the pagetitles.py changes?06:43
SteveAi'm going to be changing the page titles stuff after brazil06:46
SteveAto something that is actually included in the templates06:46
SteveAbut which retains the programmability we have now06:46
bradbthat sounds like a good improvement to avoid the mysterious template name -> function-name-minus-dot-pt mapping magic06:50
SteveAbradb: i don't see the email06:58
bradbi had to make one small whitespace change06:58
bradbjust sent it now06:59
SteveAbradb: looks good.  i approve07:01
bradbSteveA: what do we do about pqm? i'll have a third merge request to make shortly after lunch07:02
salgadobradb, steve already approved that changes you wanted me to review?07:03
bradbsalgado: yes, sorry, i should have told you that07:04
SteveAbradb: i don't know what autobuild-snaps is07:04
bradbKinnison: do you?07:05
SteveAi think we'll just have to wait until lifeless gets up07:05
Kinnisonbradb: pardon?07:05
SteveAand get lifeless and stub to push back the production roll-out by a couple of days07:05
bradbKinnison: do you know what autobuild-snaps is?07:05
Kinnisonbradb: erm, never heard of it07:05
Kinnisonbradb: in what context is it used?07:05
bradbok. the word "build" make me think "Kinnison"07:06
SteveAbradb: just keep a text file of the branches you want to merge, and then get on with other stuff07:06
SteveAmerge between your branches if you need to07:06
SteveAwe'll get this fixed tomorrow07:06
Kinnisonbradb: worth checking with celso07:06
bradbi have that text file going already ;)07:06
Kinnisonbradb: he's taken on most of the autobuilder stuff from me07:06
Kinnisonbradb: thank god07:06
=== Kinnison waves
Kinnisonciao guys07:11
salgadopqm is hung trying to generate a baz build07:13
salgadoin fact, trying to build a snapshot07:14
salgadoelmo, can you kill the autobuild-snapshot.sh?07:15
salgadouhuuu! thanks elmo. ;)07:17
bradbpqm vs. baz, a most appropriate duel07:18
Keybukpqm has been fucked all day07:19
Keybukit was pqm vs. coreutils earlier07:19
elmoit's pqm vs dead-concordia now07:20
Keybuk/bin/sh: TZ=Asia/Calcutta make check_merge: No such file or directory07:30
KeybukWHAT THE FUCK?!07:30
bradb-lunchstub made the tests run under that TZ IIRC07:35
dafI belive lifeless changed it in the end07:39
dafin pqm, rather than in Launchpad07:39
bradb-lunchgotta go pays lotsa beels, bbl07:40
kiko-fudhey ho07:46
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sourcerer--devel--0: [trivial]  remove hctapi dependency, instead just take a url (patch-24: scott@canonical.com)07:54
KeybukLOOK MA!  I got a merge through!07:55
kikoKeybuk, who are you bribing?07:59
kikoI've given up for the week07:59
kikoit reject my merge NINE TIMES08:00
kiko"nine times?"08:00
kiko"nine times."08:00
kiko"I don't remember him being sick nine times."08:00
kiko"that's because he wasn't sick. he was skipping school."08:01
kikoa free brazilian dinner to the first person who guesses the movie08:01
mdzkiko: dude08:03
mdzkiko: ferris bueller's day off, of course08:03
kikohow are we going to ship a barzilian meal all the way to sfo08:04
mdzkiko: good timing; I'm starving08:04
kikoI think the third line is actually misquoted and she says08:05
kiko"I don't remember Ferris being sick nine times this year."08:05
kikobut that would have been a dead giveaway08:05
mdzkiko: my dinner would get awfully cold in sfo08:09
mdzconsidering that I'm in London, won't be back in LA for another week or so, and am not planning to visit san francisco for some time yet08:09
kikoyou should visit sfo often, it's lovely08:11
kikoq. how can a box with 1gig run out of memory twice on the same day?08:12
kikoa. if rss is the problem, baz is the answer.08:12
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=== JanC [~janc@dD5764BEC.access.telenet.be] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sourcerer--devel--0: [trivial]  don't call a rollback function if we don't get to the important bit (patch-25: scott@canonical.com)08:30
kikobradb-bank, question08:31
kikobradb-bank, why does bugtask-view duplicate large portions of bugtask-edit?08:35
kikobradb-bank, why does bugtask-view still include a submit button08:35
kikostill include /code/ for a submit button, sorry08:35
kikobradb-bank, and why does bugtask-view use the view's widgets still?08:36
kikobradb-bank, rs=kiko to something that fixes any of that08:43
=== SnakeBite [~SnakeBite@] has joined #launchpad
kikooff-irc to finish this report08:55
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
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=== comadreja [~comadreja@] has joined #launchpad
comadrejahmm launchpad doesn't send me my forgotten password, why could that be ?09:10
dilysNew Malone bug 1292 filed on source package frozen-bubble by Loic Pefferkorn: Not installable because of broken package09:11
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sourcerer--devel--0: [trivial]  don't try to make a branch of a virtual orig, it just won't work (patch-26: scott@canonical.com)09:17
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sourcerer--devel--0: [trivial]  create a Library automatically when I'm too lazy to pass one (patch-27: scott@canonical.com)09:41
cprovanyone with SWIG-fu available ?  why can't use a swig-maid module by simply "import foo; bar = foo.child()", instead should I use "from foo import child; bar = children()" ? 09:47
Keybukright, that's that set of sourcerer bugs fixed09:49
=== Keybuk sets it running again
Keybuklet's see if we can get to 't'09:49
comadrejaneed help, launchpad won't send me my password, I receive no mail09:50
comadrejaoops, sorry, received now09:50
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bradbKeybuk: did that calcutta thing end up getting fixed? it looks like it did, based on the merges above, but you never know...10:12
KeybukI assume so10:12
Keybukit must have been transient10:12
ddaaOkay, I have written a small howto for importd rollout, per lifeless request.10:13
ddaaAnyone knows where is the right place for this?10:13
ddaaI mean, I could jus stash it on wiki.canonical.com10:13
ddaabut I feel compelled to actually link it from somewhere10:14
bradb(hacking on the terrace)++10:19
bradbSteveA: ping10:21
comadrejaaren't there too few bugs ?10:29
dilysNew Malone bug 1293 filed on product The Launchpad by Brad Bollenbach: Customizing body attributes seems like a very secretive, if not almost impossible thing to do10:35
=== kiko [~kiko@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
bradbkiko: to answer your question from earlier, the reason Save Changes was still on that form was because of the one, the only, pqm10:53
bradbi fixed that bug yesterday10:53
kikoDIE PQM DIE10:53
kikowhat about my other questions?10:53
salgadobradb, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/errors/showEntry.html?id=1120767256.680.39141862441210:53
=== kiko whimpers at Kinnison's idle time
=== kiko gives up
salgadonot sure if you're already aware of that10:54
bradbi'll file a bug on the file private bug + Cc maintainer silliness10:54
bradbsalgado: interesting, thanks for pointing that out10:54
bradbkiko: the only reason it's still using widgets is because that's not breaking anything. should we leave touching that until the next person who goes in there to do a formatting overhaul wants to change it?10:56
bradb(i.e. widgets are meant for display purposes too, etc.)10:56
kikobradb, I want to be able to linkify assignee to his page. if you can do that, great.10:58
bradbhow does the linkifying look/work?10:58
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=== bradb notes kiko's Jakob Nielsen style emails to launchpad@
dafkiko: I have a present for you11:06
kikono way11:13
SteveAand brad?11:14
dafwell, brad might appreciate it also11:14
dafbut it's kiko that's been hounding me11:14
kikobradb, it looks and works marvelously -- apply the patch attached to the emails and you'll get the linkified vibe11:14
SteveAand brad as in "and brad, what do you want at this late hour of the night?"11:14
kikodaf, you are DA MAN!11:15
bradbSteveA: this is not a "late hour of the night" question, to be honest. :) better wait till tomorrow.11:16
bradblives are at stake here11:16
dafkiko: do these regexes look good to you? https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileXoJ9z1.html11:16
kikojesus christ11:17
kikowhat do I know about regexes11:17
dafheh, ok11:17
kikothat's pretty cool though11:17
dafwell, did I miss any products out that we want?11:17
kikolooks pretty much correct11:17
kikolemme 2-check11:18
kikodaf, does HCT not have a product?11:18
kikomaybe HCT bugs should go to #hct11:18
kikoyou are a star daf11:19
dafno worries :)11:19
dafyeah, #hct is a good idea11:19
dafhmm, I should make it so I can add/remove channels withot restarting her11:19
SteveAbradb: go on, give me a hint11:21
SteveAdaf: you know what jwz says about regexes11:22
bradbdaf: in theory, shouldn't there a check for the word /ubuntu/i for the sp regex?11:22
SteveA"There's nothing worse then a gremmie out of control!"11:22
SteveAno, that's not it11:22
bradbSteveA: i want to set focus to a field by default in a form, but there's two problems: 1. i don't appear to have anyway to override body attributes in main-template.pt and 2. this is not an add/edit form, so I don't think the browser:widget stuff is an option.11:23
dafbradb: not all Ubuntu source packages have Ubuntu in the name though, right?11:23
bradbSteveA: so, i did this:11:23
bradb  <script>11:23
bradb  <!--11:23
bradb  document.forms[0] .elements['field.searchtext'] .focus();11:23
bradb  //-->11:23
bradb  </script>11:23
bradb(idea paraphrased from what kiko did on the malone front page, but modified in a way that works in bugs-for-context.pt). it seems less than optimal.11:23
bradbdaf: they should11:24
SteveAit's an interesting issue11:24
kikoit's not only optimal, it's the way it should work, bradb!11:24
SteveAit doesn't make sense for more than one thing to have focus for a particular page11:24
bradbkiko: is it!11:25
SteveAand what should have focus can only be decided, in the general case, when you're thinking about the whole page design11:25
dafbradb: maybe in the title11:25
dafbradb: but the bug notifications use the displayname11:25
dafbradb: (AFAICT)11:25
bradbSteveA: right11:25
dafif the notifications have a distribution field in them, I can match on that11:26
SteveAusing javascript for it is a bit groty11:26
SteveAbut a reasonable solution since we don't have a clear way of selecting form fields once the PT is rendered11:27
bradbdaf: 11:27
SteveAwhen i've rewritten page templates in woven, all this will be easy ;-)11:27
bradbAffects: ubuntu mozilla-firefox11:27
bradb       Severity: Normal11:27
bradb       Priority: Medium11:27
bradb         Status: New11:27
bradbdaf: that's the way FBN looks now11:27
SteveAum, s/woven/nevow/11:27
bradbSteveA: 10 years from now!11:27
dafwhen is that going to land?11:28
bradbif .js for now is cool, then i'm cool11:28
bradbdaf: it already has11:28
bradb*including* getting by pqm11:28
bradbnot rolled out yet though, i don't think11:28
dafooh, so dilys gets broken next Tuesday while I'm away?11:28
SteveAjs for now is cool.  But, this should go in the hackers faq11:28
bradbthat's up to the good ole admins11:28
bradbSteveA: good point11:29
SteveAlike, the rationale for using javascript now11:29
SteveAbecause we have no better way of doing it in general11:29
bradbi'll give a little blurb in there right now11:29
bradb N + Jul 07 Arch Patch Queu (  58) failure11:30
bradbmdk mdk mdk11:30
bradbdaf: i'm a mutt user11:30
kikoSteveA, is there a way of doing it without javascript, actually?11:31
SteveAnot a real, simple, here and now way11:31
SteveAi mean, you can hard code it in your forms template code11:31
SteveAyou can add the "extras" stuff to autogenerated forms11:31
SteveAi could add some post-processing pipelining to page template rendering11:32
dafbradb: so am I, but I still don't get it :)11:32
SteveAlots of ways we *could* do it11:32
bradbdaf: mdk? murder death kill.11:32
dafer, ok11:32
bradbthat's my customized birthday card greeting to pqm11:33
kikoSteveA, bradb: uhm, how can we focus form fields without javascript. tabindex? Does that even work?11:34
bradbkiko: tabindex uses javascript as well11:34
SteveAit does?11:35
SteveAi thought tabindex was part of the html standards11:35
bradbor, more precisely, the .js uses tabindex to figure out what field to set focus to, if there was no error fields to set focus to (and perhaps it checks one other thing)11:35
SteveAand it just works11:35
SteveAthis is an mpt question11:35
bradbyes, it might work without js too, but using tabindex is very non-trivial.11:35
bradbyou can find the .js usage of it in launchpad.css11:35
bradb(it's from plone, i believe)11:36
kikomy JS hack works TODAY!11:36
bradbusing tabindex will mean, in many cases, completely writing the form out by hand, which is a lot of effort if it was an autogen'd form, sadly :/11:36
=== kiko grins
kikoautogend forms die die die11:36
bradb(though add/edit forms can use a custom widget and extra="" to do this, but anyway, back to the point, kiko .js hack is the best for now, i agree)11:37
kikobradb, are you using the malone email interface, or has it not been put into production yet?11:51
bradbkiko: no idea, i asked BjornT about it the other day, but i think he was on holidays that day11:52
bradbit hasn't yet worked for me11:52
dafhmm, I'd really like to get my branches merged before I finish this week11:52
dafI have two small ones and one big one11:52
kikobradb, can you find out and reply to the report that I'm going to email out in 10 minutes?11:53
kikoit has an XXX on this topic exactly11:53
bradbi'll find out, yes11:53
bradbBjornT: around? :)11:53
bradbkiko: would you mind verifying the accuracy of this FAQ? https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/LaunchpadHackingFAQ?action=show#head-ee90f9fa4093c5ea120a9414069521234ecf94a111:54
kikobradb, just leave the second JS format, I think, I prefer it11:55
Burgundaviabradb, stupid question, the launchpad wiki just became non-password protected, no?11:55
bradbBurgundavia: AFAIK, yes11:55
kikoBurgundavia, right11:55
bradbkiko: how does that format work for dotted fieldnames?11:56
kikobradb, also, the JS snippet needs to appear after the form field is defined IIRC11:56
Burgundaviathis means that an OSS release comes soon?11:56
kikobradb, is there such a thing? then I agree, the first one is a reasonable workaround11:56
ddaakiko: isn't that wiki full of information about our infrastructure and things like that?11:56
kikoBurgundavia, heh. we're getting there, but no hurry :-)11:56
bradbkiko: yes, it's what zope generates, and some fields manually place zope widgets in the forms, so they get field.foo names11:56
kikoddaa, the sab has commanded it11:56
kikoaieee, bradb 11:56
bradbs/some fields/some templates/11:56
kiko-afkI am OUTTA HERE11:57
=== ddaa just put a ImportdRolloutHowto on that wiki...
ddaabah... it's sabdfl's money after all...11:57
ddaaWe don't have nothing nothing to hide.11:58
ddaaWe're a pants-free company!11:58
bradbkiko-afk: from a quick test, yes, it appears to need to be after the field is already defined. updated the faq.12:03

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