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rob^did you get my last email to the list?02:21
mgalvinhey rob, i just saw it02:22
rob^I took it at face value02:22
mgalvinsounds good to me02:22
mgalvinno prob02:22
rob^at least I got people talking about it :)02:23
mgalvinyup, that always good :)02:24
mgalvinbackports is often referred to as crackports, hehe, so it is good that we should be fine without them02:25
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unomeguys, any plans for Ubuntu Bible 2005 Edition or something similar? 05:09
unomeCan't wait for a book, someone gotta do it!05:09
jsgotangcoim sure the some publishers have something being done at the moment05:10
jsgotangcoas for the docteam to do it, we're relatively small to do something like that05:10
robitailleunome: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2005-June/002572.html05:27
robitailleat least one publishing comapny is working on a Uuntu book according to that email05:27
jsgotangcooohhh Manning...05:27
jsgotangcothere's also APress05:27
robitailleI'm sure a bunch of them are working, or planning something.  Ubuntu is the flavour of the month for Linux, and they smell a market05:28
robitaillebut a book is totally beyond the scope of our little group :)05:29
jsgotangcoyou never know :D05:32
robitailleyou're writing one? :)05:34
jsgotangcohah i wish i had the time05:35
rob^just a thought on the faq guide, I'm thinking that telling people where to get libdvdcss2, w32codecs etc is a bad idea05:35
jsgotangcomy current involvement with oracle is hampering my ubuntu contrib05:35
rob^I dont think Canonical would want us to either05:35
jsgotangco(im doing stuff in RHEL at the moment)05:35
jsgotangcorob^, they won't support what is not included in Main for starters05:36
rob^well I'm going to submit a patch that mentions but doesn't tell people exactly what to do for the faq guide05:36
rob^unlike whats there now05:37
jsgotangcorob^, but some applications like kaffeine explicitly say where to get them codecs, but that is very specific for an app05:37
rob^in the docs for that app?05:37
robitaillejust point them at the wiki page :)05:37
jsgotangcoin the actual app at the first time you run it05:37
jsgotangco(the app looks for codecs)05:38
jsgotangcoyeah, logical route is from the book and point them to the wiki05:38
jsgotangco(besides the links can change, but published books are frozen)05:38
unomerobitaille: great piece, thanks.05:38
robitailleI wonder who is writing that book for Manning05:38
jsgotangcono idea, although i know who is the one writing for APress05:39
unomethe only problem is, any book will be outdated in 6 months05:39
robitaillecan you say who?05:40
jsgotangcorobitaille: hornbeck05:40
robitailleWhile these books become outdated fast, they are a good desk reference for users just starting into Linux. They need that type of printer support.  Personally I don't see someone like my dad going and finding help about Linux on IRC or a mailing list05:42
unomeno doubt05:44
robitailleI miss the Ubuntu traffic to find info like this: http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~mako/ubuntu-traffic/u20041105_11.html#105:53
robitailleit's too bad it's way too much effort to restart these weekly traffic 05:54
jsgotangcoheh yeah05:58
jsgotangco"oh well"05:58
=== rob^ patch sent
jsgotangcohold on let me check 07:03
jsgotangcohmmm sean already patched it07:05
jsgotangcooohh wait it wasnt07:08
jsgotangcorob^, applied07:16
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rob^jsgotangco, one more to fix a few small things..07:58
jsgotangcoahhh ok08:40
jsgotangcorob^, done08:44
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jsgotangcofroud, hello08:50
jsgotangcohow is one of my favorite south africans08:50
froudwas the global.ent patch attached to the message Patch 3 faq guide applied08:51
froudjust woke up08:51
jsgotangcoi didnt see any global.ent patch08:51
froudrobert sent through 2 patches08:52
jsgotangcostupid thunderbird didnt show it08:52
frouddo you see it now08:53
jsgotangcoi only got 1 patch in my gmail 08:53
jsgotangcocan you patch global.ent?08:54
froudI see both patches make changes to global.ent08:54
jsgotangcoi only see 1 patch for the faqguide08:55
jsgotangcothat's what i only applied08:55
rob^they are both in the one xml.diff file08:57
rob^its how svn diff does it08:57
froudrob^: better to make single patches per file08:57
frouddid you make the diff from trunk?08:58
rob^whats the diff command for it?08:58
rob^do it from each directory?08:58
froudcd into the dir08:58
froudsvn diff foo.xml > foo.xml.diff08:58
rob^ok np08:59
froudrob^: single patches make it easier to remove unwanted changed09:01
froudjsgotangco: thanks you applied it09:05
froudhmm jsgotangco did that change libs/global.ent09:07
frouddoesn't look like it09:07
froudsvn update ubuntu-docs --non-interactive 09:08
froudU ubuntu-docs/trunk/generic/faqguide/C/faqguide.xml09:08
froudUpdated to revision 1376.09:08
froudsuccessfully (0)09:08
jsgotangconope it didnt09:08
froudno global.ent change09:08
jsgotangcoi never applied it to global.ent i didnt notice it was a 2 in 1 patch09:08
froudboth patches are two in one09:08
jsgotangcoi say we just recommend rob an svn account :)09:09
froudso I see that the first patch you applied also did not get updates to global.ent09:09
=== jsgotangco suck
froudjsgotangco: did that yesterday09:09
froudcopy them to libs/09:09
froudand patch -p0 global.ent faqguide.xml.diff09:10
froudand patch -p0 global.ent faqguide.xml.diff209:10
rob^yeah all of mine have been like that :(09:10
froudrob^: when your patch is two or more dont use diff ext09:10
froudmake it txt09:11
rob^ah ok09:11
froudwhat's the diff09:11
froudwhen we see file with diff ext09:11
froudwe think one file09:11
froudwhen we see txt we think multiple files09:11
froudbut in general just do a diff per file09:11
froudbecause it makes it easier to role back on things09:12
froudrob^: you are doing great work btw09:12
rob^thanks, I'm about to submit another one (I'm on a roll today)09:13
froudjsgotangco: http://lnix/~froud was updated last night09:18
froudas per profile targets from mgalvin we now have three faq guides for kde09:18
froudnaturally since the books are not properly profiled yet, and kde does not really feature much there are problems in the content09:20
jsgotangcotheres so much kde love09:20
froudkde is love09:20
froudjsgotangco: also note the comments in http://lnix.net/~froud/status/kqg-report.html09:20
froudjs you will also find less helpwanted items09:21
froudI managed to write a few sects more last night09:21
rob^froud, just emailed another patch, broken up this time as you suggested09:22
=== rob^ goes to cook dinner
froudrob^: a new one you're ona role dude09:22
froudjsgotangco: the power of profiles is strong09:31
froudjsgotangco: you see the qg-report09:34
froudjsgotangco: if authors learn things about a specific application like the kynaptic story, they can make note of it inline to the document and it will appear in the report09:35
froudI think it is a good way of bringing important stuff to author attention09:35
froudand it keeps the notes inline to the xml src09:35
froudall we need do when we're finished is remove or comment out the authorblurbs09:36
=== froud goes on school run
jsgotangcofroud, i will revisit the doc later it seems a lot had changed and is very interesting09:44
froudjsgotangco: yes, many things will change09:53
froudjsgotangco: I want to change the structure so that text is first, then images. what do you think?09:54
jsgotangcotext first is much better IMO, since images tend to distract the attention of the reader09:55
jsgotangcohence if the eyes see the images first, they tend not to read the text09:56
jsgotangcobecause most of the time, the image is self-explanatory as in the case of the kqg09:56
froudyes, I also think so. if you look at the kubuntu system settings it works better09:56
froudbtw the images are there for all kde-systemsettings it means anyone can write the parts marked 'help wanted'09:57
jsgotangcoyeah im going to update my kubuntu later to breezy09:57
froudjsgotangco: its a bit broke atm10:03
=== froud goes to switch machines
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jsgotangcofroud, because of X?10:05
froudmust take my wife to doctor bll10:07
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mdkemorning all10:57
mdkehi jsgotangco !10:57
mdkejsgotangco, how cool is all the faqguide love?11:04
mdkehas mgalvin got his commit account yet?11:04
jsgotangcono idea11:05
jsgotangcowell the faqguide thing was done by rob11:05
jsgotangco(mostly though)11:05
mdkeyeah they are both working on it11:05
mdkedoing some great stuff by the looks of things11:05
KinnisonBurgundavia: viruses :-)11:20
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jsgotangcomdke: blasts in london?12:17
jsgotangco(must be G8 related)12:19
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froudmdke: are you OK?02:20
mdkefroud, yeah02:21
froudOK. Hope nobody u know was caught in this mess02:21
mdkeso far everyone I know is present and correct02:22
froudhaving lived in Israel for 10-years I know how it feels02:22
mdkeits easy days but it looks like we may have been lucky02:22
mdkeat least compared to previous attacks in madrid and so on02:22
mdkei just hope that there is no more to come02:22
froudnever lucky when this kind of thing is so cold02:23
froudhapy to hear you are OK02:24
froudno bad luck on my family side02:24
froudnobody wa sin London02:25
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mgalvinhi all06:12
Njalmdke, you ok? No where near the events were you?06:13
froudhey Njal hey mgalvin 06:13
Njallo all06:13
NjalHow everyone? 06:13
Njalah yes, something i really should be doing06:14
mdkeNjal, no i'm good, thanks06:14
mdkemgalvin, got that svn account yet?06:14
mdkehow are you Njal ?06:14
NjalIm good, my mate just left a station as it went up so he's a bit shook up but ok.06:14
mdkethat's the important thing06:15
mdkesimilar experience for a friend of mine06:15
NjalIt really is terrible06:15
mgalvinmdke, argh, not yet :-/... glad to hear you guys are ok over there06:15
NjalUm remember i submitted that patch for the command line, within the ubuntu-gnome-userguide? I needs to sound less chatty, i was wondering if there was a web link you had i could look at to make it less so06:17
mdkecheck out our styleguide, it has a number of good links :)06:17
mdkeright now the section on grammar isn't done, but if you refer to one of the links, you'll find some good stuff06:17
Njalgot it06:18
Njalum i think06:18
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mgalvinmdke, i asked elmo yesterday also, he said he would do it in a sec, then i did not hear from him again... he does know about it, but i know he is busy06:27
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Sonerashi there06:47
mdkehi Soneras!06:47
Sonerasfroud: took a bit longer. joind ubuntu-docs ...pretty quiet place, hehe06:47
froudSoneras: we try to get screenshots aligned with release artwork06:47
froudbut sometimes it is not realistic06:48
froudproviding that a screen is correct, then the look and feel is a second item06:48
Sonerasyes, I see. That's why I ask early. Though that taking some screenshots (which takes time) could already been done by me06:48
froudyes, you can do screenshots for german06:49
froudsay for kubuntu quick guide06:49
froudSoneras: you should also meet mdke 06:49
=== mdke waves
=== Soneras waves back
froudhe is the one leading i18n06:49
froudmdke: Soneras is on kubuntu06:50
froudeager to translate06:50
froudhe would like to work in svn for now06:50
Sonerasbut I have to warn you, I'm completely new to translating...06:50
mdketranslation work?06:50
froudand then upload to rosetta06:50
mdkeSoneras, our translation won't start yet until we freeze the documents...06:50
SonerasI know, froud told me.06:51
froudmdke: I think it may help if you explain tools06:51
froudpot/po etc06:51
mdkeSoneras, you don't like Rosetta?06:51
mdkefroud, ok happy to06:51
mdkebut in rosetta it doesn't need much explanation :D06:52
Sonerasoh I would like to work with rosetta06:52
Sonerashaven't done this yet, but from what I know it's a simple web frontend06:52
mdkethat's correct06:52
Sonerasbut as far as i understand theres no kubuntu doc in rosetta yet06:53
mdkeSoneras, we will have our documents in Rosetta so that everyone can work on them using their web browsers06:53
mdkeSoneras, our breezy documentation will go into Rosetta when frozen. Right now there is only hoary documentation06:53
mdkethe best thing is probably to wait until the docs are done. At that stage I will send a lot of emails to mailing lists and LoCoTeams and so on to announce that there is a lot of translation to be done ;)06:54
Sonerasyou freeze with the rest of Ubuntu, right? When was this again?06:54
mdkeseptember the 8th06:54
Sonerasso there's a month for the translation. sounds doable - with a webfrontend more people should be willing to help out06:55
mdkeSoneras, that's right. It doesn't sound like a long time, but translation can continue also after Breezy is released, and the extra translations can go in as updates06:56
mdkealso the documentation will be really good so hopefully people will be interested in translating it :)))06:56
Sonerashow will the docs be available anyway? everything will be in a big .deb? and translations will have their own deb, containing everything that has been translated into that language? 06:57
mdkei don't know06:57
Sonerasmdke, you work on the whole ubuntu documentation? or 'only' kubuntu?06:57
mdkei use Ubuntu mainly06:57
froudmdke: lang packs06:57
mdkefroud, no chance06:58
froudwhy not?06:58
mdkelast time I asked pitti, he said it would be really hard06:58
froudcan see why06:58
mdkei would think that ubuntu-doc-xx would be the way forward, but we can talk to him about it06:58
froudI dont think people what 250 MB of docs installed in every lang06:59
mdkei agree :D06:59
Sonerashehe, ok maybe not06:59
froudSoneras: for kubuntu we will pack like kde does06:59
mdkekde l10n will be in a language-pack07:00
mdkemaybe if we get pitti to package them, he can organise it so that the language detector used by the installer will also install the correct language of documentation07:01
froudmdke: exactly07:01
froudand default to en if != xx07:01
mdkei think he has quite a clever language detector in mind07:02
mdkei think i will speak to him soon about this, never to early to start planning07:02
=== froud goes back to writing
mdkeSoneras, if you have any questions about Rosetta, feel free to ask07:06
Sonerasyes, anything kubuntu releated that will be used in breezy already there I can work on?07:06
Sonerasoh, and does rosetta include translated screenshots as well?07:06
mdke1. yes: kubuntu is in rosetta under breezy, but no documentation yet07:07
mdke2. i will have to investigate what to do with screenshots07:07
SonerasI'll wait a bit with that as well, cause I guess I'd be pretty frustrated if I did a lot of screenshots that became outdated ;)07:09
mdkewell there is now an official Ubuntu artwork team07:10
mdkesince this week07:10
mdkebut i presume that artwork will be released late as usual :(07:10
Sonerasdo they work on the kubuntu part as well?07:11
mdkenot sure07:11
mdkethat would be worth investigating07:11
jjessei thought the goal was to have the art work more focused for breezy, i remember reading that some where 07:12
mdkethat doesn't mean they will release it earlier tho ;)07:13
Sonerashmm, from what I can they seem rather Ubuntu specific, guess it won't affect kubuntu very much =)07:14
mdkekubuntu has good artwork iirc07:21
mdkethey should combine07:21
froudSoneras: most of kde art is a kde-log.org07:22
froudvarious widgets in kde let you just preview and install artwork from kde-look.org07:23
Sonerasyes, KDE has very good artwork. It's just not kubuntu specific. Do you know if there'll be some more in breezy than there was in hoary, froud?07:26
Sonerasnot that hoary's kubuntu artwork was bad ;)07:26
froudWell kde-look.org now has several kubuntu themes and wallpapers07:27
froudSoneras: I have something for you to do :-)07:27
=== Soneras jumps up an down
froudYou know the Kubuntu Quick Guide07:28
froudWell you may have noticed that07:28
froudthe screenshot comes first and then the text07:28
froudwe want to change the order of that07:31
froudtext first, screenshot after07:31
froudperhaps you can cut and past the text from after screenshots and paste it before the screenshot?07:31
froudit would be a great help07:31
froudone less thing to do later07:31
froudand would get you familiar with the doc07:31
Sonerasand the whole system (svn and such) yes, sounds ok to me07:32
Sonerascopy, paste. ok :)07:32
froudjust that document07:32
froudI believe you also have a working copy07:32
SonerasI do, but just to be sure I have to do "svn up" correct?07:33
froudI will not work on it more today07:34
Sonerasok, I'll have a look07:34
froudso as to keep out of your way07:34
Sonerasah, now I see it's only one big xml - thought it was divided into several pieces.07:35
froudno one xml-instance07:35
froudwen you have had enough just create a patch07:37
Sonerasyou want the first paragraph of every section abovve the screenshot?07:40
froudAny text below the image should be above it07:40
froudOf ocurse if you feel that a para or note should go below the image then use your discretion07:41
Sonerasyou already did at least the first ones, didn't you?07:44
froudSome of the first ones are done07:44
froudand some don't have screenshots07:44
froudso not a problem07:44
Sonerasok, last to-be-sure question:07:45
Sonerasnow there is:07:45
Soneras"KPDF is a KDE PDF viewer based on the xpdf code. Although being based on xpdf code, KPDF has some unique features like continuous mode, presentation support, etc.07:45
SonerasFor more information see the KPDF manual."07:45
froudshoot :-)07:45
Sonerasimage above that07:45
SonerasI'd make it:07:45
Soneras"KPDF is a KDE PDF viewer based on the xpdf code. Although being based on xpdf code, KPDF has some unique features like continuous mode, presentation support, etc.07:45
SonerasFor more information see the KPDF manual."07:45
froudthere are a number of refs to manuals the way you did it would be good07:46
Sonerasfroud, how may I send you a patch file? 08:19
SonerasI did the change up till utilities and maybe you'd like to check before I continue08:19
froudSoneras: send to sean@inwords.co.za for now08:27
froudFor future you can join ubuntu-docs@lists and send patches there08:28
froudaccepted your dcc08:28
froudSoneras: dcc failed connecting. try again08:29
Sonerasfroud, ok one sec08:29
Sonerasworks? otherwise I'll just mail08:30
froudsend mail it failed08:30
froudI am behind my firewall and I did not open that port08:31
Sonerasno problem08:31
froudSoneras: cool looks good. why did you not do the login?08:43
Soneraswasn't sure there, will fix it with the later sections08:45
froudSoneras: patch applied you can svn up08:45
froudoops wait a sec08:45
Soneraswhat would've happened if I continued to work after the patch and then send you another patch? would tht still work?08:46
froudno you would be sending me the first patch again08:46
froud= extra08:46
froud+ extra08:46
froudSoneras: Ok now you can svn up08:49
froudthat should merge the changes08:49
froudand then you can svn diff kquickguide.xml > kquickguide.xml.diff next time you are ready08:49
froudbtw. no need to tar.gz08:50
Sonerasgood. How / when are you goind to work on kquickguide? I'd like to do this tomorrow in one go, so I wouldn't start again today.08:51
froudsure np08:51
froudjust always svn up before you start work08:51
froudand svn up before you make patches08:51
Sonerasah ok =) any more info I need to give when sending you patches via mail (in case you're not in irc) ?08:53
froudno, just have fun08:56
froudremember the guys here can also help08:56
mgalvinis the svn server (downloading data) really slow for you guys? it has been for me for a few days08:57
jjessejust started today, but a lot of my mailing lists and sites i've checked have been slow today08:58
SonerasI'll be idle for the rest of the day, thanks for alle the help getting started.08:58
mgalvinjjesse, ok, at least its not just me then, thnx08:59
froudSoneras:  no, thanks to you09:00
froudmgalvin: svn is working stong here09:00
mgalvini just did a fresh install of colony 2, did a fresh checkout from svn, its been downloading data for an hour and its still not done getting everything09:01
froudhmm colony of ubuntu09:01
mgalvinyea, breezy colony 209:01
mgalvinsorry yes ubuntu09:02
froudsvn has many files09:02
froudbut should co quick enough09:02
mgalvinright, its usually really quick for me09:02
mgalvini have a 700+K/s cable connection, it usually flys by09:03
mgalvinnot a big deal, maybe i'll try getting back on hoary, and see if its better, maybe an issue with the nic driver in the new kernel, it does give me odd error messages when booting about eth0 anyhow09:05
mgalvingotta run, bbl09:19
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=== judax [~judax@adsl-70-240-14-52.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
frouddeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary-security main restricted10:18
froudwhat is the meaning of restricted10:18
Burgundaviarestricted is non-free stuff that is needed and security supported10:21
Burgundaviacurrently the ati and nvidia drivers10:22
Burgundaviaand the eagle modem drivers10:22
froudso why this10:22
frouddeb cdrom:[Kubuntu 5.04 _Hoary Hedgehog_ - Release i386 (20050407)] / hoary main restricted10:22
Burgundaviathe cd contians those drivers10:22
froudAh ha10:22
froudyes I remember reading this somewhere10:22
froudBurgundavia: cant remember, is hoary-security commented out by default?10:25
Burgundaviashouldn't be10:29
Burgundaviais it>10:29
froudcant remember10:29
BurgundaviaI am going to do a fresh hoary install next week, so I can tell you10:29
froudI will go with common sense and say no10:29
Burgundaviamake a note, so we can confirm that10:30
froudhow r u dude. you have been here but not in person ;-)10:30
Burgundavialooking for a job10:30
froudany luck10:31
Burgundaviaand staying at other peoples places (my parents, my gfs)10:31
froudthat hard to find work in Canada?10:42
froudBurgundavia: have you thought of starting your own business?10:42
froudI am building kubuntu-docs-0.1ubuntu1 nightly, should I bump the ubuntu1 each night?10:52
froudor should I add ubuntu1-1 ubuntu1-2 ubuntu1-310:53
uniqhi froud, i think bumping it is a good idea. I can provide a script to scan the directory with the .deb for .debs and make it apt-getable too. if you want.11:08
frouduniq: nice11:08
frouduniq: ok from tomorrow I will start bumping it11:09
froudmethod ubuntu1-111:09
froudor ubuntu111:09
froudubuntu1-2 or ubuntu211:09
froudthat will be a big number by release date11:10
uniqyou can bump the other numbers too.11:11
froudwhat the debian numbers11:12
frouduniq: do you see the blue callouts on this page http://lnix.net/~froud/kuserguide/C/ch38s02.html11:12
uniqi was thinking 'kubuntu-docs-1:5.10-1ubuntu1' or something like that, for the release.11:12
uniqyes, the blue squares.11:13
froudaccording to riddle we cant change the debian numbers11:13
uniqwhat debian numbers? 11:13
froudyes blue squares in konqueror11:13
frouduse firefox11:13
froudthe 0.1 is the debian number11:14
uniqthe package is ours, debian does not provide this package, so we can change everything i guess? 11:14
uniqunless it's frozen now.11:14
froudyes it is ours11:14
froudbut Riddell says not to change the debian number11:14
uniqit's not included in breezy either.11:14
froudwell it will be11:15
froudat least that is the idea11:15
uniqi think he is talking about other packages. we don't change the debian/upstream version numbers when building software packages.11:15
froudyeah I agree11:16
froudso then we can just bump the 0.111:16
uniqi thiunk it would be nice if the docs package reflect the release version number. 5.10 for breezy.11:17
froudI like kubuntu-docs-5.10-1.1 kubuntu-docs-5.10-1.2 kubuntu-docs-5.10-1.3 etc.11:18
uniqfine with me.11:19
froudbut we should speak to Riddell about it11:19
uniqmaybe -0.1 and so on before release? 11:19
froudabout that page, do you see how konqueror does the wrong thing11:20
uniqit's nice to have 5.10-1.0 for release :)11:20
uniqoh.. i'll have to test with firefox.. hang on.11:20
froudkonqueror adds blue squares when they should be round and have numbers11:22
uniqbugs.kde.org :)11:22
froudso its on your system too11:22
uniqbtw. did you get your breezy running? 11:22
froudthe bug must be in kde-default.css11:23
froudno not yet11:23
uniqyes, firefox does this the proper way.11:23
uniqI upgraded to breezy yesterday. 11:23
froudI saw11:23
froudand now your vts dont work :-)11:23
uniqthey do now, a reboot fixed it womehow.11:24
uniqvodoo magic.11:24
froudvoodoo indeed11:24
froudwhat did you have to do to make breezy work11:24
froudRiddell gave me some idea that hackery was needed11:25
uniqchanged the fontpaths in /etc/X11/xorg.conf to /usr/share/X11/fonts/ and that's about it.11:26
uniqi had to force a overwrite on xorg-common too, if i recall correctly.11:26
froudno dpkg-reconfigure kdm11:26
froudOk that's it11:27
uniqdpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/path/to/packagefailingtoinstall.deb 11:28
uniqis the command to force overwriting.11:28
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froudwhen do I need to do that, after the upgrade finished11:28
uniqwhen the upgrade stops with the error 'tried to overwrite XXX which is also in package XXX'11:29
froudOk I am getting errors about one of the repositories11:29
froudcant remember now which11:30
froudsomething in a Restricted11:30
Burgundaviafroud, no thanks11:31
froudBurgundavia: you should you are good11:31
Burgundaviamy step-mother runs a small business11:32
Burgundaviaseems like a lot of work11:32
froudyes, but worth it11:32
froudthe trick is to plan it that the people you employ do the work11:32
froudin other words you dont work in the company, you go to work on the company11:33
froudthe first year or two are hard11:33
froudafter that it gets easier11:33
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froudgeeze mdke is multipling11:34
froudwell http://lnix/~froud is updated11:35
Burgundaviabloody english, having kids they can't blood feed11:35
froud:-) on that note I am going to bed11:35
froudc you in the morn11:35
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