lamontjbailey: because on some architecture families (ppc, hppa) there isn't _one_ kernel that works on all supported instances of the architecture.12:22
jbaileyOkay, so discard that concept then and it can depend on an either or.12:28
jbaileyWe really need versioned provides.12:28
jbaileyHmm, it could depend on hppa32 | hppa64 or something.12:29
jbaileybut still be made by linux-meta so that we have something we can depend on as the installed version.12:29
=== jbailey gets ready for another attempt to buy appliances.
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chmjfabbione: have you started backporting ipw2100, are u sticking with that solution for now ?11:50
fabbionechmj: i am working on it right now...11:50
fabbionei need to dig into some stuff first11:50
chmjok 11:50
fabbioneok i found a matching set12:18
fabbioneipw2100-1.0.0 with ipw2200-1.0.112:18
fabbionethey share the same ieee subset12:18
fabbioneafter that release the ieee has been changed a lot12:19
fabbionethat could explain the mess12:19
chmjseems like it 12:27
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jbaileyfabbione: *poke*02:48
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chmjfabbione: ipw2100 failed 03:00
fabbionechmj: how?03:00
chmjstrangely 03:01
chmjwhen I boot, dhcp fails 03:01
fabbionechmj: i already received 3 reports of it working03:02
chmjit just assigns to a 03:02
fabbionechmj: that's not a kernel bug clearly...03:02
fabbionewhat happens if you do dhcp manually?03:02
chmjwhen i run dhclient again, it works 03:03
fabbionethan it's a dhcpd problem or an AP problem03:03
fabbionethe driver works03:03
chmjbut after I use it for a while, it looses the IP address 03:03
fabbioneyeah.. dhcpd problem03:03
fabbionecheck the server03:03
fabbionethey are not talking properly03:03
chmjall kern.log says it "no ipv6 routers found"03:04
fabbioneyeah.. that's ok.. it means you are not in an ipv6 network03:04
chmjstrange becouse it work fine with .10 03:08
chmjno problems whatsoever 03:08
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LathiatHey Guys, is there any chance of inclusion of the host skas3 patch in ubuntu's kernel?06:42
fabbioneall this kind of patches are unmaintanable in the long run06:44
Lathiati wonder if the evil module hack is still maintained :)06:47
jbaileyLast year, there was a guy who had moved the IDE drivers into userspace at OLS.07:33
jbaileyI wonder if that's gotten anywhere?07:33
Lathiatuh, why?07:34
Lathiatone thing thatd be nice to have in userspace is ppp07:34
jbaileyBecause once you can get something as key as your IDE driver efficiently into userspace, you've got a reasonable model for alot of things.07:34
Lathiatdoesnt that mean that your goign to be context switchign all over the joint tho?07:35
jbaileyRead in the word 'efficiently'07:35
Lathiatsure, but how can you do it efficiently?07:35
jbaileyHis tests showed a speed improvement over in-kernel IDE drivers.07:35
jbaileyDunno, he was still doing the research on why it was faster.07:35
jbaileyI know how it works in the L4 world, where context switches are cheap.07:36
jbaileyOn Linux I'm not sure how it would work.07:36
Lathiatso speed improvement in L4 or speed improvement in linux?07:36
jbaileyIt was entirely in Linux.07:36
jbaileyThe only research *i've* done on userspace drivers was in the context of Hurd and L4.07:36
LathiatWhat are the benefits of having this in user space?07:37
jbaileyIDE drivers?  Very little.  Drivers in general?  Fewer needs for custom kernels.07:37
Lathiatitd be nice to have things like ppp in userspace07:37
Lathiatso things like the mpppe kernel module dont need to exist07:37
Lathiatand then morton doesnt need to sneak them in with other stuff ;)07:38
jbaileyI can see it being possible that the speed up was from some user->user buffer optimisation with userspace file system so that context switch penalty is negated.07:39
jbaileyBut that wouldn't do anything for streams/character devices.07:39
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