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BurgundaviaUnfrgiven, no idea12:29
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Lathiatsiretart: yay :)02:15
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chrissturmis there a howto how to package eclipse plugins for the 3.1 eclipse in breezy?03:18
ograchrissturm, talk to wasabi03:20
=== Am|NickTaken [amaranth@AC9CDEF6.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
chrissturmthx ogra03:21
=== chrissturm makes a tomboy note
bddebiantomboy note?03:22
chrissturmi made a note in tomboy to talk to wasabi about eclipse03:22
bddebianOh, tomboy has a different connotation for me. :-)03:23
chrissturmifolder looks really nice. i hope there will be an open source ifolder server once03:25
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bddebiandamn, I'm drowning...03:36
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|QuaD-http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/details.py?upid=69 -> almost released :)05:16
ajmitchbddebian: yes?05:17
bddebianJust Hi! :-)05:17
ajmitch|QuaD-: almost?05:20
|QuaD-ajmitch: its up there, which is a start ;)05:20
ajmitchyes, but needs a bit of loving on the issues listed in the comments :)05:21
|QuaD-haha yea05:21
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siretartLathiat: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/b/bzflag/ :(07:47
siretartLathiat: I tried it yesterday in pbuider, where it did build. can you check whats going on?07:48
Lathiatyeh it built in pbuilder here too07:48
Lathiatwill look07:48
LathiatThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:49
Lathiat  xlibmesa-gl-dev: Depends: x11proto-gl-dev but it is not going to be installed07:49
LathiatE: Broken packages07:49
Lathiati blame daniels ;p07:49
Lathiatapt-get failed.07:49
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siretartslomo: just in case you have time, could you please have a look at http://www.debian-unofficial.org? I think might be interesting for MOTUMedia08:58
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ivokstoday will be The funny day :)09:43
=== fwiffo [~fwiffo@dhcpserver0.oersted.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksupdate.microsoft.com, v6, lol :)09:46
\shhouston, we have a problem09:48
\shhp nc6000 laptop hd is dieing09:49
\shread error detected, selftest negative, said: please call support hotline :(09:49
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Lathiat\sh: bugger.10:25
siretarthi \sh10:27
\shnice..tomorrow morning my new harddrive will be delivered10:39
siretartsounds great :)10:40
\shwow...and the first time I got a real reply on a bug filed at debian...they're starting with the cxx transition ;)10:41
\shbut it means, I have to reinstall everything :(10:41
ogra\sh, make a backup :)10:46
\shogra: home is backuped alread :)10:47
\shi made it this morning :)10:47
=== fwiffo [~fwiffo@dhcpserver0.oersted.dtu.dk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\sh"Customer can't rename INBOX in Posteingang"10:53
=== HostingGeek is now known as Mircosoft
=== Mircosoft is now known as HostingGeek
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\shfck...explosions in london *jesus* not again all this crap12:10
ograyep :((12:10
ograi'm glad i'm back again12:11
\shjane and mark are gone from london as well?12:11
\shand all the other people from us?12:11
ogra\sh, everybody is ok....12:12
\shsorry, to ask, but the last time (9/11) when we heard about it, I was just involved with some guys from C&W, and they were very near the places where all this was happening...12:13
\shok...lunch time12:15
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\shhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4659093.stm <- terror attack02:12
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mitsuhikosiretart: not krass. bad02:50
siretartmitsuhiko: really really bad. :(02:58
\shactually it's the best time for that crap...CIA made a good job again02:59
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uniqthis is the morning when london was blown up.03:28
bddebianYes :-(03:28
mitsuhikosomeone from London here?03:35
\shwell, from my ex, her sister and her niece and husband + baby living there. The husband is working in the banking area of london.03:37
\shI'm really concerned...I just talked to her, and she didn't watch any tv so she didn't know about it03:37
\shnow she's going crazy and trying to call anybody in london03:38
=== plugwash [plugwash@p10link.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
uniqthat's what everybody does, so the cellphone network is probably jammed. had a user in another channel trying to call someone earlier..03:39
uniqi'm actaully starting to like konsole. beeing a hardcore aterm user for a few years.. these tabs are space saving.03:41
mitsuhikouniq: but konsole eats memory03:43
uniqhaven't noticed anything yet, but you're right.. it uses alot.03:45
uniqwell.. i'll have to go out do some outdoor things.. the sun is shining and the temperature is ~25C.03:47
mitsuhikouniq: 14C and rain ;(03:47
mitsuhikoand i'm lying with 38C fever and flu in my bed, the notebook on my knees03:48
=== Riddell [jr@muse.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
uniqsounds bad. :|03:49
mitsuhiko\sh: good blog entry. full ack03:50
=== sladen [paul@starsky.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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\shmitsuhiko: thx04:04
=== tritium [~tritium@12-208-96-155.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretarthey. sistpoty did his first debian package and uploaded it to revu! :)04:27
ogragreat :)04:27
=== Treenaks [~martijn@messy.foodfight.org] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumhey there bddebian :)04:30
bddebiantritium: Did you ever get a hold of the guy to package gourmet?04:31
tritiumbddebian, no, Willis never responded to me04:32
bddebiantritium: I started to try04:32
tritiumbddebian, how's it going?04:32
bddebiantritium: It isn't :-(04:32
tritiumbddebian, oh...I'll see if I can help a bit04:33
slomosiretart: almost everything multimedia related in debian-unofficial is already in ubuntu ;) only exception seems to be libdvdcss04:33
mitsuhikocss will never get into the ubuntu repositories04:36
bddebianWOW, hanging out in #ubuntu shows me how much I HAVE learned and how much I still don't know...04:41
bddebianHmm, did I scare everyone away again?? :-)04:45
=== lamont [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartslomo: great. I wonder why he does redistribute libdvdcss, and what its legal status is05:02
siretartslomo: I think that we should anyway have at his repository, I read that he plans to import more and more stuff, like mplayer e.g.05:03
slomosiretart: marillat's repository and ubuntu-backports-extras also include libdvdcss ;) but about the legal status... no idea05:03
siretartbddebian: do you happen to be a member of ubuntu backports?05:04
siretartand happen to know about the legal status of libdvdcss?05:04
bddebiansiretart: No, should I be? :-)05:04
siretartbddebian: I lost the overview ;) - I know that Mez and jdong is..05:05
slomosiretart: I'm a backports member ;) i think regarding libdvdcss you should ask jdong05:05
bddebiansiretart: I'm just the #ubuntu-motu jester according to ogra ;-)05:05
siretartslomo: ah, I didn't know. good to know :)05:05
slomoafaik libdvdcss only breaks the dmca and maybe also some german law (don't know any other)... circumvention of copy protection05:07
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengwell the US is a pretty big market.05:08
tseng"oh its only illegal in the US, ship it!"05:08
tsengbesides that backports are hosted in the US05:09
tsengmarillat is not05:09
slomotseng: haven't said that ;) imho such things should stay away from the official ubuntu packages05:09
siretarthmm. a case for non-US ;)05:09
tsengsiretart: eh, its non-us nonfree05:10
siretarthow about 'software-not-for-us-citizen' ;)05:10
tsengi use it05:10
tsengbut i wouldnt dream of hosting it05:11
siretartok, lets get back serious. I think I understand the problem..05:11
slomosiretart: it is afaik also illegal in germany since the middle of 2004 ;)05:11
tsengunderstand it all you want, backports cant host it, and they certainly cant import it05:11
tsengto an official tree05:12
slomois there some simple way to get the reverse dependencies of some package (i.e. every package which depends on it)?05:18
tritiumapt-cache rdepends <packagename>05:18
=== GazerWork [~gazer@mail.aktiv-assekuranz.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartslomo: for builddependencies however, you need to use grep-dctrl05:24
siretartyeah, kio-locate got accepted and build cleanly on all arches.05:26
siretartwill nuke it from revu05:26
tsengsiretart: archive it?05:27
siretarttseng: I think we should define workflow and states of packages/uploads.. Burgundavia already requested the possibility to upcheck and downcheck uploads..05:30
tsengwe already specced the workflow05:31
tsengNeeds Work05:31
tsengReady for Upload05:31
tsengif someone uploads a new one for needs work05:32
tsengit goes back to New05:32
tsengthe rest are obvious05:32
tseng3 upchecks on a New package -> Ready for Upload05:32
tsengthe archive gives us a fast view of a contributor when he goes to TB05:32
=== Mithrandir [~tfheen@c5100BC63.inet.catch.no] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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=== ivoks [~ivoks@lns01-0955.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bddebianWould anyone mind looking at this lintian error for me? http://paste.ubuntulinux.nl/43406:09
=== mgalvin [~mgalvin@cpe-69-205-46-35.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jamessan|workthat's a dpkg-source error06:11
bddebianjamessan|work: How do I fix it?06:19
=== bddebian feels no love
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\shok..no compiling for today anymore08:03
\shi need to w8 for the new hd08:03
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Lathiat\sh: joy08:19
comadrejaI'm willing to help, do I have to assign myself some task or could somebody tell me what to do ?08:19
\shcheck malone, and try to fix some bugs :)08:23
comadrejathanks !08:24
=== JanC [~janc@dD5764BEC.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogra\sh, or the rdepends of libstc5++ ?08:25
\shbut let me do it tomorrow08:28
\shi will poke the buildds ;)08:29
ogra\sh, its a good task for newcomers08:34
\shbut I want to know first, from where the diff between 500 and 570 comes08:35
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ivoksfuniest URL ever09:32
ivoksone osx freek, after reading this text, said "this guy should get nobel prize for literature"09:33
=== rem_ [~rem@adsl-112-52-zh1.datacomm.ch] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengivoks: i dont think thats very funny09:40
tsengivoks: besides that mpt is on our team09:40
=== dr_kabuto [~dr_kabuto@ppp-94-223.25-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ivoksthat's why it's funny09:41
Burgundaviathe man makes some good points09:41
ivoksall points are good09:41
Burgundaviahowever, most of his points are non-trivial to implement09:41
ivokswe couldn't have better man in our team09:42
ivokshe's great09:42
ivoksthat same osx freak said, after reading comments on osx ui, that mpt is a God :)09:42
ivoksthe only person in the world that saw flaws in osx wich aren't fixed for years...09:43
ivoksit's great to have mpt in our team and i just love his sense for humor09:43
tsengeh? osx drives me nuts09:43
ivoksme too09:43
ivoksi hate that os09:43
Burgundaviaidvd is an unable pile of crap09:43
Burgundaviatotem has a much nicer interface09:44
tsengthe launchers are worthless09:44
ivoksjust read his comments on osx09:44
ivokshe said he couldn't find soo many flaws in os9 in 3 years, as on osx in 5 days :)09:44
ivoksand that's true09:44
ivoksos9 has nice GUI09:45
ivoksvery much like gnome - clean09:45
ivoksdid mpt work on hoary?09:45
Burgundaviahe works on launchpad09:46
ivoksonly on launchpad?09:46
ivoksi hope he would work on ubuntu too09:47
ivokswe could use his talent09:47
=== Burgundavia just noticed the BBC has one of those little icons in FF now
ivoksyes... nice09:50
ivoksbut news aren't good :(09:50
ivoksredesign of bbc.co.uk09:50
ivoksdid anyone else notice problems with fonts on breezy's firefox?09:51
Burgundaviathere was someone on the forums mentioning it09:51
ivoksyes, bbc didn't look like this a month ago09:51
Burgundaviayes it idi09:51
ivokswell, i don't read so much bbc09:52
ivokscensorship :(09:52
Burgundaviathe BBC offers the best news in the world09:52
ivoksyes, they are biggest network09:52
ivoksbut best? heh... not so sure09:52
ivoksthere is no best news09:53
ivoksthere is only news09:53
Lathiatwell, there is best news09:53
Burgundaviathey are the probably the most tech savvy of any of the large media outlets09:53
Lathiatbut best is subjective and personal09:53
Burgundaviaand quite FLOSS friendly09:53
Lathiati notice they have rss feeds09:53
Lathiatthats just totally cool09:53
ivoksi didn't :)09:54
Burgundaviabecause, as they put "They are in the content business", not the forcing people to a particular platform business09:54
Lathiatbe nice if they streamed in ogg theora tho :)09:54
ivoksnews.bbc.co.uk is same09:54
ivoksi was on bbc.co.uk09:55
JanCLathiat : they have streamed ogg vorbis radio in the past (maybe still do?)10:00
LathiatJanC: nice10:00
Burgundaviathey are developing their own oss codec, dirac10:01
Burgundaviafor streaming video10:01
JanCalso, one of their developers had a talk on europython IIRC10:02
Lathiatwhy not use theora?10:02
Burgundaviano idea10:02
Lathiatat least their making an open codec10:02
JanCLathiat : dirac is a broadband codec IIRC10:02
Lathiati'll go with that10:02
LathiatJanC: theora is more suited to lower bandwidth?10:02
Lathiati was going to say, i'd like to hear why their making their own rather than going with something existing10:03
Lathiatif its to optimize for broadband, and its going to be open, then rad10:03
Lathiati love them10:03
JanCthey talk about high definition video10:05
=== koke_ [~koke@adsl229-164.unizar.es] has joined #ubuntu-motu
JanCseems that dirac is wavelet-based, like ogg tarkin10:07
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Arrogance [~aks@CPE00112f96b894-CM001225423850.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
plugwashthere aren't really many existing free video codecs10:15
plugwashi guess there is ogg theora but thats still quite new itself10:16
=== katzor [~udssr@p54BA0706.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
JanCit's not really new, as it's based on vp3...10:19
=== rcliii [~rcliii@cpe-65-26-158-102.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
katzorhi, can someone help me? im trying to build libvmime, however the deb that gets created only contains the files for /usr/share/doc and nothing substantial...10:21
katzorno vmime today?10:26
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadrejaaren't there too few bugs stored in malone ? is there any reason ?10:30
Burgundaviathere are lots of bugs in malone10:30
comadrejaBurgundavia : I must be doing something wrong then10:30
comadrejaBurgundavia : I'd like to work on any10:31
Burgundaviathere is your link10:31
Burgundavia.desktop files are an easy bug to work on10:31
comadrejaare all of them in breezy ?10:32
Burgundaviaif they are fixed the bug can be closed10:32
comadrejacan I assign them to me freely ?10:33
comadrejaor should I tell somebody ?10:33
Burgundaviaif you are going to fix them, I see no reason not to assign them to you10:34
comadrejaof course10:34
comadrejacool, thanks, could I ask for more help ?10:35
BurgundaviaI am not a MOTU, but I know most a fair amount10:36
comadrejaThanks Burgundavia :) ok, let's say I decide to work on a bug10:36
comadrejanext step is to download the source package ? breezy ? hoary ?10:36
comadrejahow can I test if it's solved in hoary ? is the one I have installed ?10:37
Burgundaviait doesn't need to be solved in hoary, only in breezy10:37
Burgundaviaunless it is a security fix or a major crasher10:38
comadrejayes, I mean test a breezy package in hoary10:38
Burgundaviaafter you fix it, upload it to REVU10:38
=== pef [~loic@tanneries.squat.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadrejano diff/patch file ?10:38
comadrejahello pef10:38
Burgundaviacomadreja, see the page on REVU on the wiki to see what you have to do10:38
pefon peut parler fr ici ?10:38
comadrejaThanks again Burgundavia10:38
Burgundaviaoui, si tu veux10:38
BurgundaviaI have to run, if you need anything just PM me10:39
pefjuste une petite question alors10:39
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=== pef [~loic@tanneries.squat.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefwhat's the best way to correct a bug in a package ?10:57
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
uniqpef: depends on the package and the bug i guess.11:07
pefuniq: a bad charset in a manpage, reencoding with iconv and it's ok11:08
=== thesaltydog [~fabio@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefuniq: sysv-init11:08
uniqpef: then i would suggest reencoding in the rules file.11:09
pefuniq: it's an unique file among many11:10
uniqyou can always make a patch.11:10
pefuniq: so I add this rule, and send you the new package with ubuntu+1 revision number ?11:10
uniqis the file provided by upstream?11:10
uniqsending it to me won't help much.11:10
JanCpef : what manpage are you talking about ?11:11
uniqi could upload it to revu for you, that's about it.11:11
pefJanC: update-rc.d.811:11
pefJanC: utf8 instead iso8859-111:11
pefso french accents are weirdly displayd11:12
JanCit should be utf8 ?11:12
=== seth_k [~seth@24-117-104-21.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefJanC: no, iso8859-1 like the others11:12
JanChoary & breezy are utf8 ?11:12
thesaltydogpef, I suggest you to put everything in UTF-811:13
thesaltydogJanC, yes, they are.11:13
JanC'man update-rc.d' displays just fine here...11:13
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-184-135-68.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pefJanC: the french version ?11:14
JanCpef : utf8 for every language11:14
thesaltydogpef, if you don't see correctly the french version, it is because the page has not been eutf-8 encoded.11:15
JanCthat's what unicode was designed for  :)11:15
JanCthe french translation is encoded as iso8859-1 and should be utf8 ?11:16
thesaltydogJanC, it is like po pages. If they are not utf8 encoded, they displays weirdly..11:16
thesaltydoguniq, ?11:17
pefJanC: so every manpage is currently utf-8 encoded ?11:17
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
thesaltydogpef, yes it should be11:17
JanCpef : it should be yes11:17
pefthe french are currently not11:17
uniqthesaltydog: yes?11:17
peffind /usr/share/man/fr/ -type f -exec file -iz '{}' \;|awk ' /charset=iso-8859/ { print $1" "$3}'11:17
pefit returns iso8859-1 encodings11:17
thesaltydoguniq, do you have a REVU upload account?11:17
uniqthesaltydog: i have.11:18
pefand only 1 utf-8, the update-rc.d which displays weirdly :)11:18
thesaltydoguniq, my package is hanging in MOTUNewPackages, and Daniel Holbach has put the final note: signed.11:18
thesaltydogbut I don't have a signed key, so I can't upload.11:18
JanCpef : what's your locale ?11:19
JanCit seems like a lot of man pages are still iso-8859 ...11:20
pefoutput of my previous command : http://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/output11:20
thesaltydogwarty was iso-8859-111:20
pefthesaltydog: it's a fresh install of breezy using colony1 cd11:21
uniqthesaltydog: you can get a REVU account without a signed key, my key isn't signed either.11:21
thesaltydogthe manpages you say are still 8859-1, are old ones. they need to be updated11:21
JanCseems like there is some work to do  ;)11:22
thesaltydogI have an account, but siretart told me that I can't upload if I don't have a signed key..11:22
pefJanC: I will be very happy to do this, it's why I asked how to correct packages ;)11:22
uniqthesaltydog: you can't upload to universe without a signed key, you can upload to revu without.11:25
JanCshouldn't $LANGUAGE also include the .UTF8 ?11:25
thesaltydoguniq, I believe you, but siretart told me I can't11:25
thesaltydoguniq, maybe I should try tomorrow..11:25
uniqgo for it :)11:27
thesaltydoguniq, ok. tomorrow I'll let you know..11:27
Mezhmm... got a weird comment in REVU11:30
Mezthat I need to put the copyright year in debian/copyright11:30
MezI've not seen it in any other debian/cipyright before11:30
pefMez: try glurp for example ;)11:31
pefglurp package11:31
pefhas year11:31
uniq/usr/share/doc/dpkg/copyright - so does dpkg11:32
uniqand bash.11:32
uniqdpkg is a good example.11:32
siretartthesaltydog: I told you that you should get your key signed, but that I also already have your (unsigned) key added11:33
siretartMez: see this post from weasel: http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2003/12/msg00188.html11:34
thesaltydogsiretart, ah, ok... So I have misunderstood... Sorry and thanks!11:35
pefso I should make a bug report for the iso8859-1 encoded manpages ?11:35
uniqpef: bugreports are always good, just to document the problem. even if you fix it right away it's good.11:36
thesaltydogsiretart, one question, as this will be my first attempt for an upload... Uploading the file .changes, will automatically upload also the orig.tar.gz? It is not listed in .changes..11:37
=== JDahl [~qwerty@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2v1-119.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartthesaltydog: use "debuild -S -sa" when building the source package11:37
thesaltydogI did11:37
pefuniq: ok, I just need some pointers on how to correct a package, I know how to create a package from scratch, but nothing about correction11:37
siretartaccording to manpage, the changes file includes the .orig.tar.gz then, and well, that works for me [tm]  ;)11:38
uniqpef: if it can easily be done in the rules file without adding too much dependencies i suggest doing it in the rules file in this case. It's impossible to give a 'standard' answer for your question. However, changes are best made in patches or in the rules file. (correct me if i'm wrong)11:40
uniqawkward explaining.. :|11:41
pefuniq: for example, if I want to correct the encoding of a file, I just have to add for example an iconv command in the rules file, then increasing the package's version number, modifying the changelog, and voila :p ?11:41
thesaltydogsiretart, I have 2 .changes file: <package>-<version>_source.changes and <package>-<version>.changes. Which one is the file for dput?11:42
uniqpef: iconv is in the default buildsystem, it's provided by libc6, so yes, in this case just put a line in the rules file, to recode the manpage in the build process.11:43
pefuniq: there are _huge_ number of packages that need manpage recoding, nearly every package provinding a french manpage :/11:44
siretartthesaltydog: only the _source.changes one. we cannot revu binary packages11:45
pefDo I have to create a bug report for each of them, and providing the corrected package ?11:45
Mezsiretart, do you know how godamn annoying it is to get a source package out of pbuilder ;)11:46
tsengMez: uh11:46
uniqpef: i still think this is the easiest (and maybe best?) solution. doesn't need to add dependencies, and you only add a line to the rules file. small change, no need for dpatch and all the extra stuff that comes with it.11:46
tsengMez: it freaking puts it right in the results directory11:46
tsengMez: it cant get much easier than that11:46
uniqpef: i would make a bugreport for each, i guess. easier to keep track of which are fixed and which are not.11:47
Meztseng - put it deosnt put _source.changes11:47
tsengof course it doesnt11:47
Mezand for soemt reason without a source.changes it wont upload the orig.tar.gz11:47
tsengthats not part of the source11:47
tsengthats part of the upload11:47
pefuniq: ok, so I know what I have to do next days ;) thanks for your accurate infos11:47
tsengdude you dont upload stuff from pbuilder11:47
tsengits not signed11:47
Meztseng :D11:48
Mezit is if you use --auto-debsign11:48
tsengwell dont do it11:48
Mezpdebuild = useful11:48
uniqmez: the point is that you don't upload binary packages, because building is not your laptops job, in the end. :)11:48
Mezuniq: I know...11:49
thesaltydogsiretart, Connection failed, aborting. Check your network (-2, 'Name or service not known')11:49
MezI never said it was :D I'm saying, when you use pbuilder to buidl tehm normally, so you can work out deps automaticalyl,.... it's a PITA to get an uploadable output11:49
uniqno, it's not :)11:50
uniq'debuild -S -sa' in the source directory will do that for you. I use pbuilder myself for testbuilds.11:50
Mezuniq - I know that11:50
Mezlol :D I just find it a lil annoying thats all :)P11:51
thesaltydogsiretart, ok, I mispelled the host name11:51
MezIt just confused the hell out of me for a while when it didnt work :D11:52
pefhttp://dl.erodia.net/ubuntu/datakiosk/ someone could check if my package is really ok for upload ?11:53
Burgundaviapef, that is what REVU is for now11:53
pefBurgundavia: it is on it :)11:53
pefBurgundavia: I've corrected what the comments mentionned11:53
Burgundaviathen reupload to REVU11:53
pefBurgundavia: I'm not a motu11:54
Burgundaviayou can reupload a package over yours11:54
Burgundaviaif you fixing problems11:54
MezBurgundavia, you dont need to be11:55
Mezyou just need a revu account.11:55
MezREvU is mainly used to "train" potential motu IIRC11:55
uniqsiretart: a suggestion for REVU would be a list on a per user basis of packages he uploaded, and the comments for each. great for later refference. and to keep track of which packages made it into the universe also helps the motu team to keep track of non motu maintainers. is there a wiki i should put this on maybe?=11:55
thesaltydogsiretart, the package is uploaded. Thanks!11:55
pefBurgundavia: but it's Jonathan Ridell who upload first my package, so I imagine I can't upload over him ?11:56
Burgundaviano idea11:56
Burgundaviabut in general, as I understand it, that is what you need to do11:56
pefI juste have to create an account and try I guess :D11:56
thesaltydoguniq, should I remove now the package from MOTUNewPackages?11:57
Burgundaviathe REVU wiki page should list how to do that11:57
uniqthesaltydog: if it's uploaded? yes.11:57
thesaltydoguniq, yes. I have just uploaded. Thanks.11:58
uniqanyone know what this linda error is all about: 'kio-apt_0.11-0ubuntu1.dsc failed to process: Format args for switching-native-nonnative don't match Description. (0 vs 2)' ?12:03

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