jeffschok, i added 'cp default.css ../build/gnome/default.css' to the all target12:10
jeffschit will copy when you do make all12:10
mdkejeffsch, thanks :)12:15
mdke--> bed12:29
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jsgotangcomdke: ping02:02
jsgotangcohmm maybe later im going to eat breakfast first02:03
jsgotangcolater then02:03
rob^whoa thunderbird keeps dieing everytime I select an email..02:40
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squinnhey. whoever's here -- can you check status on my svn account? it's been almost 2 weeks since james @ canonical has gotten back to me03:31
mgalvinsquinn, i've been waiting a week for mine too03:34
mgalvinso has rob^03:34
mgalvinelmo moved houses, so he's been busy with that i think03:35
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squinnah okay, but i think mine's past elmo now04:10
squinnit went from enrico to james troup04:12
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mgalvinsquinn, well, mostly the gnome faq guide, but i am modify the menu entities to reflect the breezy menus04:33
squinnah are you running breezy?04:34
mgalvinyup :)04:36
squinnmgalvin, what are restricted modules?04:36
squinni have an  idea of what they are04:36
squinnbut say i need linux-wlan-ng and ndiswrapper to get my web up 04:37
squinnthat requires linux headers04:37
mgalvinthose are kernel modules, i'm not exactly sure why they are called restricted04:38
squinnbut if i compiled them by source, they wouldn't work?04:39
squinnseems like it works when you compile from source04:42
squinni'm going to try to live on the wild side and upgrade04:42
squinnno dist-upgrade; just upgrade04:42
mgalvinwhen running breezy its usaully best to use upgrade or install specific update that you know will not break your system04:49
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jeffschmgalvin: thanks for the patches.04:55
jeffschmgalvin: your choice of subject line for the emails made it easier04:55
jeffschmgalvin: and putting the svn change message in the body was good too04:55
jeffschgood stuff04:55
mgalvinjeffsch, i'm glad to help :)05:00
mgalvinjeffsch, ok so now all the currently existing gnome menu entries reflect breezy05:03
mgalvini am going to add some new ones too, and add them to gnome-menus-C.ent file05:05
mgalvinshould i post new ones as just the new file. or should i post them as diffs05:05
mgalvinwhatever is easier for you05:05
jeffschif it's a brand new file that does not already exist in svn, then post the file05:08
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mgalvinjeffsch, what do you think about gedit... gedit.xml or text-editor.xml05:25
mgalvinits text editor in the menu05:25
jeffschyou never know when TPTB may decide to change editors05:27
mgalvinright ok05:27
mgalvinok time for a break :)05:31
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froudAfrican Greetings08:01
mgalvinfroud, American Greetings :)08:01
froudooooh, now that's nice menus are updated to 5.10 :-) go mgalvin 08:02
mgalvinand more on the way :)08:02
froudwhoohoo mdke has preview page up08:05
froudlooks like things are rock'n and a dock'n on ubuntu08:05
mgalvinyup, we're on a roll today08:05
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mgalvinok its 2:40 am here time for bed, good night guys, c y'all l8r08:40
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=== mdke checks his email
mdkeholy shit10:03
froudnice to see heh :-)10:04
mdkehas all of mgalvin's stuff been applied?10:04
mdke82 mails this morning...10:05
=== mdke goes off to look for elmo
froudmdke: not yet I was about to apply the stuff from this morning, jeffsch did yesterdays stuff10:06
mdkeok do you mind doing it or do you want me to do some?10:06
=== froud nods, yes get elmo and beat him with a stick please
=== mdke refers froud to his last question
froudmdke: I am in the process of applying this mornings work10:09
froudjeff did last nights10:09
mdkefroud, question was, do you want me to help with this mornings?10:11
froudAh, not to worry the files are already saved to my disk I just need to add them to svn and commit10:11
froudenjoy your morning coffee10:12
mdkeok cool10:12
mdkegood idea10:12
mdkei can listen to great britain getting thrashed at rugby again10:12
froudall done, now send mail to list10:20
mdkejust do one mail if i were you10:21
froudyou asked I did, sire10:27
=== mdke waits for email
froudsent at 10H2310:34
mdkelists are slow i guess10:35
mdkefroud, you got a moment to help me with something?10:55
mdkei'm trying to learn how to use Xinclude10:55
mdkeis it possible to include just sections of another xml file, or do I have to include the whole file?10:56
froudXInclude is for whole files10:56
froudXPointer for a selected node10:56
froudTo use XPointer you need to understand XPath10:57
froudIt's not hard to use XPointer10:57
froudlet me just get the section you need to read10:57
mdkei'm at http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/DuplicateIDs.html10:58
froudoh yes10:58
froudthat's the one10:59
mdkeand i've got http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/ModularDoc.html open10:59
froudnow you need tutorial for xpointer10:59
froudsee http://www.zvon.org10:59
froudlike this example11:00
froud<xi:include  href="module.xml"11:00
froud                 xpointer="xpointer(/section/*)"  11:00
froud                 xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"/>11:00
froud<xi:include  href="module.xml"11:00
froud                 xpointer="xpointer(/section/*)"  11:00
froud                 xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"/>11:00
froudthe oops11:00
froudthe /section/* is an XPath expression11:00
froudby building an XPath you can extract any node in the document11:01
froudThe rest if straight forward, right?11:01
mdkeok so /section/ is like an id for a particular part of the document?11:02
froudit's an expression11:02
froudit means that it will bring back all nodes in parent of <section>11:03
froudFor example11:03
froudI want to list all the parts in a document11:03
froudI would do //part11:03
froudfor the kubuntu user guide that would return11:04
froud/book[1] /part[1]  - id="prt-intro" status="review"kuserguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml126:011:04
froud/book[1] /part[2]  - id="prt-confighardware" status="help"kuserguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml360:011:04
froud/book[1] /part[3]  - id="prt-kdesktop" status="help"kuserguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml412:011:04
froud/book[1] /part[4]  - id="prt-internet" status="help"kuserguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml450:011:04
froud/book[1] /part[5]  - id="prt-office" status="help"kuserguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml501:011:04
froud/book[1] /part[6]  - id="prt-graphics" status="help"kuserguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml606:011:04
froud/book[1] /part[7]  - id="prt-multimedia" status="help"kuserguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml658:011:04
froud/book[1] /part[8]  - id="pt-expanding" status="writing"kuserguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml702:011:04
froudthis here is an XPath11:04
froud this /book[1] /part[1] 11:04
froudso there is one book node11:05
froudand this is the first <part> node in the book11:05
mdkeso if you wanted to include part 6 you'd do: xpointer="xpointer(/part/prt-graphics)" ?11:05
froudgimme a sec11:06
froudthis if I want to list all sect111:06
froudI do //sect111:06
froudI get /book[1] /part[5] /chapter[1] /sect1[1]  - status="help" kuserguide.xml file:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml 512:011:06
mdkewhere do you give that command?11:06
froudmany items like that11:06
froudI use a structure xml editor that supports XPath11:06
froudOK so if I want a specific node11:07
froudyour question11:07
froudlet's say you want to include a part from one book to another11:08
froudthe part has an id attribute of  prt-office11:09
froudto return that node only you would do //part[@id="prt-office"] 11:09
froudthe result /book[1] /part[5]  - id="prt-office" status="help" kuserguide.xml file:/home/sean/ubuntu-docs/trunk/kde/kuserguide/C/kuserguide.xml 501:011:09
froudtherefore you can do xpointer="xpointer(/part[@id="prt-office"] )11:10
=== mdke writes down
froudso you can include all nodes11:11
froudxpointer="xpointer(/part[2] /chapter[1] /*)11:11
froudreturn all nodes in first chapter of part two11:12
froudbe sure that when you do this that the nodes returned will be valid in context of your document structure11:12
mdkethe target document?11:13
froudotherwise the document become invalid11:13
mdkeso the parts/chapters have to be the same in both?11:13
froudyou cant bring the child nodes of chapter into part because sect1 is not valid under part11:14
mdkeyes i see11:14
froudplay with the xpath tut on zon11:14
mdkecan i bring the child nodes of chapter into sect1?11:14
froudyou can do amazing stuff with XPath11:14
mdkeonly into chapter11:15
froudsect1/sect1 will not be good11:15
froudbut ifyou have chapter/sect1/para11:15
froudthen you can bring the para into sect1 as sect1/para is valid11:16
mdkeso the best thing is to include things para by para11:16
froudThere is a java-based tool called treebeard that may be of help to you11:16
mdkei'm willing to try and learn the basics, i like learning new things11:17
mdkei'll need to do a bit of reading of course11:17
froudcheckout this http://treebeard.sourceforge.net/11:17
froudit will help you test your Xpaths11:17
froudmake life easier for you in building XPaths that work11:17
mdkeah that does look pretty awesome11:18
mdkethanks froud 11:19
mdkei'll dig in11:19
froudnp xpath is fun enjoy11:19
mdke [10:12]  < froud> xpointer="xpointer(/part[2] /chapter[1] /*)11:23
mdkeis that example, does the first " get closed?11:23
froudyes you need to close the value11:23
mdkeso it would be xpointer="xpointer(blah)" ?11:24
froudxpointer="xpointer(/part[2] /chapter[1] /*)"11:24
mdkeokay gotcha11:24
froudthe validate.sh supports XInclude/XPointer so that will also help11:25
froudOk I must go for awhile. see you later, lemme know if it works for you.11:25
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froudmdke: is it working for you?01:33
mdkefroud, no :)01:38
frouderror messages?01:39
mdkelet me show you what i did01:39
mdke<xi:include href="../../upstream/gnome/update-manager/C/update-manager.xml" xpointer="xpointer(/sect1[@id="intro"] )" xmlns:xi=@http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude" /> 01:39
froudwhat doc is this in?01:40
mdkei get 3 errors on that ;)01:40
mdkeits in userguide.xml01:40
froudthere is no sect1 with @id of that value01:43
frouddo you have a <sect1 id="intro"> in ../../upstream/gnome/update-manager/C/update-manager.xml01:45
mdkeyes - <sect1 id="intro">01:45
mdkeunless I got the number of ../../ wrong01:45
froudyou do but it has a parent so use article/sect1[@id="intro"] 01:47
froudxpointer="xpointer(/article/sect1[@id="intro"] )01:47
mdkeI see!01:47
mdkesame errors01:47
froudtry also //sect1[@id="intro"]  but I dont think it supports that01:48
mdkesame errors on both01:48
mdkepossibly an error in my structure01:49
froudHmm I am assuming your wc of userguide.xml has xinclude enabled?01:50
mdkei haven't included any tags yet I just wrote the xinclude bit01:50
mdkei don't know01:50
mdkemaybe not, its the same as your svn copy01:50
froudadd this to your external ent set01:50
froud<!ENTITY % xinclude SYSTEM "../../../libs/xinclude.mod">01:50
froudbetween the []  in the top of the file01:51
froudthen save and try it01:51
mdkeright that has got rid of the middle of the three errors01:52
froudnow what do you have>01:52
mdkethe problem may be because I haven't got any tags around it?01:53
froudtags around it?01:53
mdkehere is the whole of what I've done, included the tag before and the tag after01:53
mdkemaybe I have not got the structure right01:54
froudtry just do xpointer="intro"01:56
froudstart with the basic for now01:57
mdkesame errors01:57
froudcan you commit that so I can run it here01:58
mdkedo you have an example in the kubuntu docs of an xpointer?01:58
froudNot yet01:58
mdkei'm still convinced I've buggered up the structure01:58
mdkeok i'll commit it01:58
mdkefroud, how do I commit without sending the changes I've made to the makefile for the gentoo paths?01:59
froudjust commit on the userguide.xml01:59
froudcd to the userguide dir01:59
froudsvn commit -m sometext userguide.xml01:59
froudsomething like that01:59
mdkeline 1514 is the problematic one02:01
froudyep I see it02:01
froudF Element type "xi:include" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".userguide.xmlfile:/home/sean/projects/ubuntu/trunk/gnome/userguide/C/userguide.xml1514:12002:01
mdkewhat is wrong with it?02:03
froud-<xi:includehref="../../upstream/gnome/update-manager/C/update-manager.xml"xpointer="xpointer(/article/sect1[@id="intro"] )"xmlns:xi=@http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"/> 02:05
froud+<xi:includehref="../../upstream/gnome/update-manager/C/update-manager.xml"xpointer="xpointer(/article/sect1[@id=intro] )"xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"/> 02:05
froudxmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude" not xmlns:xi=@http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"02:05
froudbut this is not valid02:05
froudE Unexpected element "xi:include". The content of the parent element type must match "(beginpage?,chapterinfo?,(title,subtitle?,titleabbrev?),(toc|lot|index|glossary|bibliography)*,tocchap?,(((calloutlist|glosslist|itemizedlist|orderedlist|segmentedlist|simplelist|variablelist|caution|important|note|tip|warning|literallayout|programlisting|programlistingco|screen|screenco|screenshot|synopsis|cmdsynopsis|funcsynopsis|classsynopsis|fieldsyn02:05
froudE The content of element type "chapter" must match "(beginpage?,chapterinfo?,(title,subtitle?,titleabbrev?),(toc|lot|index|glossary|bibliography)*,tocchap?,(((calloutlist|glosslist|itemizedlist|orderedlist|segmentedlist|simplelist|variablelist|caution|important|note|tip|warning|literallayout|programlisting|programlistingco|screen|screenco|screenshot|synopsis|cmdsynopsis|funcsynopsis|classsynopsis|fieldsynopsis|constructorsynopsis|destruct02:05
mdkeyeah that's what I thought with the structure02:06
froudwell now you can work on your structure :-)02:06
froudlemme commit02:06
mdkei still haven't got to grips with the whole structure thing but I can play around02:07
froudbtw for that one you can just do02:08
froud<xi:include href="../../upstream/gnome/update-manager/C/update-manager.xml" xpointer="intro" xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude" />  02:08
mdkei c02:08
froudwant a tip02:09
froudwrap the xi in a sect102:10
froudremember the xpointer does not bring in the node but its children02:10
mdkeok that's exactly what I wanted to have explained :)02:10
froud:-) np02:10
froudglad to be of help02:11
froudas plovs once put it, "xmllint  and froud. Good tools"02:11
mdkenearly there... but something is still not working02:12
=== jsgotangco [~jgotangco@info12-107.info.com.ph] has joined #ubuntu-doc
froudwhat's that02:12
jsgotangcowhat's what?02:12
mdkefroud, ok here is the code AND the errors http://pastebin.com/30997002:13
frouddebug session with mdke02:13
mdkehey jsgotangco 02:13
mdkei'm learning...02:13
jsgotangcooh buy the docbook print edition from o'reiley its really good02:14
jsgotangcoim still looking for docbook xslt reference02:14
froudmdke: it cant find the xml file02:14
mdkestupid thing02:14
mdkei got the address wrong maybe?02:14
jsgotangcothey still haven't fixed my laptop02:14
froudbut that path is correct02:15
jsgotangcowhat's with mgalvin's commits?02:15
mdkeyeah i double and triple checked it02:15
froudwhy is your system doing ../../../02:15
froudwhen it should be doing ../../../02:16
mdkejsgotangco, he did like 30 patches :)02:16
froudwhen it should be doing ../../02:16
jsgotangcogrrr im ashamed i havent done anything lately02:16
jsgotangcoand my laptop breaking...02:16
mdkefroud, can you check it on your system? i committed it now02:17
mdkejsgotangco, not your fault02:17
mdkejsgotangco, hey did you hear we got some webspace from tseng for the ubuntu docs?02:17
jsgotangcoyeah i got to talk to tseng this morning about it02:18
jsgotangcoits in his secret Xen based linode server02:18
=== mdke reads scrollback
jsgotangcono in #ubuntu-motu02:18
mdkeah i don't log that channel02:19
jsgotangcohow does Ubuntu Foundation affect us02:19
mdkeanyhow I've set up a cron job to upload every couple of days02:19
jsgotangcomdke: but uploads are in xml?02:19
mdkexml and html02:19
jsgotangcoah i must have missed, when i checked it this morning i only saw xml02:20
mdkeits always been html up there02:20
mdkeif there is a doc missing, lemme know02:20
jsgotangcowho bribed tseng anyways02:20
mdkehe offered :)02:20
mdkei was hassling mako about it and tseng offered02:21
jsgotangcoduring the CC meeting?02:21
jsgotangcothe linode server can't wait?02:21
mdkeno not in any meeting02:22
mdkewell i haven't heard anything about the linode server, have you?02:22
jsgotangcowell no not lately though02:23
jsgotangcoim just concerned we're uploading in 2 servers now instead of consolidating them02:23
mdkewell both are temporary solutions until we get the linode02:25
jsgotangcoyeah aware of that02:25
mdkebut considering that elmo is so busy right now, I don't expect linode to be coming any time soon02:25
jsgotangcoelmo doesnt administer linode02:26
mdkeisn't it him that is setting them up?02:26
mdkejsgotangco, actually 3 servers, jeffsch put the styleguides on his own webspace02:26
mdkeas long as the links in DocteamProjects are correct, I don't see the problem02:26
jsgotangcoalright then02:27
mdkewe can only do what we can and wait for canonical to help us02:27
mdkemgalvin did 30 patches yesterday, each of which had to be applied by jeffsch and froud, and he could have committed them himself if he had access02:28
mdkebut he doesn't02:28
jsgotangco"oh well"02:29
mdkestill, they gave a committment that svn accounts would be dealt with in 48 hours02:30
mdkefroud, any luck debugging? I tried removing one of the ../ but it still didn't work02:31
froudno no xpointer synatx for xslt proc has changed gimme a sec02:31
mdkesure thing02:32
mdkei'm gonna grab a shower02:32
jsgotangcofroud: how are things02:40
froudjsgotangco: good02:41
jsgotangcomy saturday was good02:42
jsgotangcocant say the same to my laptop though02:42
froudArgh gnome sucks rocks02:47
froudwish they woul ddarn well upgrade to db 4.302:47
froudfound the problem02:47
jsgotangcoman i was watching my daughter watch Pingu on DVD02:48
froudmdke: the gnome docs use 4.1.202:48
jsgotangcothat show is so stoned02:48
froudthat dtd is old02:48
froudand does does not provide the attributes for the XPointer std02:49
mdkeoh dear02:49
froudso I changed the doctype to 4.302:49
jsgotangcooh well02:49
froudand wala02:49
froudno that is a real problem02:49
mdkeso what should I do?02:50
froudthe old standard is not supported02:50
mdkenot use xpointer for now?02:50
froudI will commit what I have done02:50
froudbut it means a change in upstream02:50
froudyou want it02:50
mdkea change in which upstream?02:51
mdkethe update-manager doc?02:51
jsgotangcohey all any suggestions for the next meeting in a few days?02:52
jsgotangcoi mean agenda suggestions02:53
mdkejsgotangco, what to do with the gnome user guide02:53
jsgotangcowhat to do?02:54
froudhang on a sec :-)02:54
mdkejsgotangco, see the gi-normous thread on that question02:54
mdkehow did you miss that one?02:56
jsgotangcohmm i must have read it and totally forgotten it02:58
mdkeyou're kde biased!02:58
jsgotangcoi still say kde is more mature02:58
jsgotangcognome has nice ideas though02:59
mdkeas team secretary you must be wholly impartial :p02:59
jsgotangcoi use gnome03:00
mdkeah i c so you're gnome-biased?03:00
jsgotangcoi dont even have kubuntu installed03:00
mdkethat's what I like to hear03:00
jsgotangcowell i don't really use gnome that much lately03:00
jsgotangcomdke: but do you know Kubuntu has the most UDU specs being implemented at the moment03:01
jsgotangcoRiddell is a machine03:02
jsgotangcoand Kubuntu has been the testbed of KDE lately03:03
jsgotangcohey guess what03:07
jsgotangcoi was in the arcade today03:08
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jsgotangcoand i saw a tux racer arcade03:08
mdkeno way03:08
jsgotangcoi don't know if its an official cabinet though03:09
jsgotangcoi should have taken a pic03:09
jsgotangcooh its an official cabinet03:10
froudmdke: please svn and try that03:14
froudsvn up03:14
mdkeok will do03:15
froudsvn up on trunk03:16
froudI changed the mod03:16
mdkefroud, ^03:18
jsgotangcook guys im going to take an early rest we've had a long day. tommorow i'll be doing some reviews on what we had discussed and add some agenda for the next meeting on DocteamMeetingAgenda wiki03:21
mdkenight jsgotangco 03:23
jsgotangcoim still pissed i dont have my svn access today03:25
froudxpointer synatx seems broken03:26
froudthe xinclude is working it bring sin the whole document03:27
froudmdke: svn up03:30
froudtry that03:30
mdkefroud, the validate script doesn't give errors :)03:31
=== mdke looks at the code
froudok sec03:31
froudnow svn up in trunk03:31
mdke(i only have trunk here)03:32
frouddid it work03:33
mdke [14:31]  < mdke> froud, the validate script doesn't give errors :)03:33
froudor does it bring in all of the article03:33
mdkedo I have to build the doc to check?03:33
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froudits suppoed to bring in just the nodes defined in the xpointer03:33
froudbuild it03:33
froudsomething is borked with xsltproc I think03:34
froudit does not follow the xpointer 03:35
froudwhat does it do your side03:36
mdkehang on a tic03:37
froudtic tic tic03:37
mdkefroud, oh dear03:41
froudHmm I just get all of the doc in the userguide03:42
froudyo mdke leave it as it is for now. I will check it some more a see what the solution is03:43
froudnow I am rushing03:43
froudnot good03:43
mdkeprobably gentoo's fault03:44
froudI think not03:44
mdkeah k03:44
froudI think the xpointer syntax for xsltproc is borked03:44
mdkewell thanks for working on it anyway03:44
frouddont remove it03:44
mdkei won't change it03:45
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froudmdke: we may hav eto move up dtd versions04:42
froudif we do I would just align it on 5.004:43
froudxml:id is not supported in 4.304:43
froudthat's why the xpointers are failing04:43
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mgalvinhi all07:00
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judaxmgalvin: Hi07:29
mgalvinhi judax07:31
judaxmgalvin: you been working hard07:32
judaxmgalvin: you need a commit account bad07:33
mgalvinyea, i'm still waiting on elmo to setup my account07:34
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judaxNjal: Hiya07:54
Njalhows you?07:55
judaxvery good, thx, and you?07:55
Njalim ok07:55
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NjalOff on holiday for three weeks on friday morning07:56
judaxI am on holiday for two weeks starting this coming friday :)07:56
Njaljust wondering if there was a resource i could look at to improve my writing style to be less chatty before i go07:56
NjalI tryed style guide07:56
Njalit's not quite complete enough for me to get much from it07:57
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froudmdke: you there07:58
froudmdke: svn up07:58
judaxHmm, you could google for some resources, or probably best is to check out current docs and see how they read07:58
froudcd gnome/07:58
froudmake ug07:58
NjalIt's kinda hard coz my brain like's the chatty style, will have to retrain it then07:59
judaxOnly prob with chatty is that it doesn't translate well08:00
NjalI know08:01
froudmdke: ping08:02
Njalhmm it's been patched recently, i'll see what's been added08:02
judaxbeen playing with the latest Kubuntu live cd, it is fun08:03
froudjudax: does the install image work 08:03
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NjalNot a big fan of KDE it's really heavy on my system, i eventually ditched suse because of it08:05
judaxfroud: I have not tried it yet, I am fixin' to do that08:07
judaxI need to either chop up another one of my windows boxes or I may go buy an imac mini and try the ppc version08:08
judaxerr mac mini08:08
NjalI'm getting an iMac when im on holiday im not sure if i want to put linux on it08:08
NjalHow does the PPC version's fair?08:09
judaxI have an iBook, but I keep osx tiger on it, don't want to mess with that one08:09
NjalI don't blame you really08:09
judaxI have read some stuff about installing kubuntu ppc on mac mini08:09
jeffschNjal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StyleGuide/ReferenceMaterials08:15
Njalthanks will bookmark that, i have just taken away some chatty stuff and made the .diff, i'll have a look at this page see if anything more needs changing08:19
jeffschi'm gonna start committing mgalvin's stuff, unless someone has already started doing it...08:20
judaxjeffsch: think froud was working on it08:21
froudjeffsch: the stuff form the morning is done08:22
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jeffschwhat about gnome/menus/C/preferred-applications.xml08:22
froudjeffsch: just do a review, we may have missed something08:25
froudthere were many08:25
jeffschthere is a new batch that started arriving about an hour ago08:25
froudah ok08:26
frouddid not know that, its all yours if you want ;-)08:26
jeffschokie doke. i do it now.08:26
mgalvinthere are 10 new ones, i will not commit anymore until those are done so we don't miss any08:27
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froudmdke: ping09:42
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froudjeffsch: mdke has started using xpointer in the userguide10:43
froudI have bumped the dtd to v 4.410:43
froudand added --xinclude to the make file xsltproc commands10:44
froudjeffsch: can you test make ug for me see if it works your side10:44
jeffschi did a short while ago... and it works10:45
froudmdke: you're on gentoo, pls give mak ug a test let us know if its working for you10:45
froudjeffsch: cool now mdke just needs to workout what to do with the headings10:45
jeffsch<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN" 10:45
jeffschhowever, my wc is still 4.3: 10:45
froudOpps sorry10:45
froudmy wc is 4.410:46
froudthought I had committed that10:46
froudwould anyone mind if we bumped to 4.410:46
froudnext step is 5.0 and rng10:46
froudbut not yet10:46
jeffschwhat are implications of going to 4.4?10:47
froudnone really10:47
froudnot for us10:47
froudjust some bug fixes and new features like attributes10:48
jeffschwhat about catalog files10:48
froudppl would need to setup10:48
froudor we can provide a catalog.xml10:49
froudhoary catalogs are messy anyways10:50
jeffsch4.4 won't break the build process, right? it'll just take longer if the dtd needs to be downloaded from network10:51
froudrng would be nice10:51
froudno dtd needed10:51
froudvalidate using xmllint --relaxng10:52
froudand ofcourse give xmllint the rng schema10:52
froudmay be that's too optimistic10:53
froudjeffsch: give it some thought it's not a must, just a nice to have10:55
jeffschunless there is an immediate need for 4.4 benefits, maybe wait until after breezy10:56
jeffschwe still have much writing to do, especially on user guide10:56
froudhe he yes you're right10:56
froudok post breezy then10:57
jeffsch:) yeah, at some point we need to stop organizing and start doing10:57
froudyou startin to sound like me :-)10:58
jeffschI'm sure i have to change my accent though :)10:58
jeffschdoh! my pantry is devoid of caffeinated refreshments. I must replenish. bbl11:00
froudnight all11:16
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