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ryohi, i'm trying to install SDK 1.4.2 in my hoary on a macintosh (G3 ppc). I have followed the instructions on the web, but i got this error launching any command:03:14
ryoJVMXM005: Unable to initialize threads03:15
ryoException  Could not create JVM.03:15
ryocan someone help me?03:15
jbaileyryo: It might be expecting the old LinuxThreads library.03:22
jbaileyYour best bet is to use one of the Free VMs and hope that it will do everything you need.03:22
ryojbailey: ok, but that sounds really strange, isn't it? i mean, i have found lot of howto explaining how to run eclipse using this VM, but i can't run the compiler at least ;)03:25
jbaileyOh wiat, you said Hoary.03:25
ryo(no, it's not my final purpouse, i have to run tomcat with an application)03:25
jbaileySo that's not going to be the problem, we did it for Breezy.03:25
ryocan I paste 5 lines from strace? I grepped "threads" from the output03:26
jbaileyYeah, running tomcat could be problematic since we don't have the security manager bits in place yet.03:26
jbaileySure, but I may not be able to do much with it even if I see the problem.03:26
ryo strace -e open java 2>&1|grep -i thread03:27
ryoopen("/lib/libpthread.so.0", O_RDONLY)  = 303:27
ryoopen("/opt/IBMJava2-ppc-142/bin/../jre/bin/libpthread.so.0", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)03:27
ryoopen("/opt/IBMJava2-ppc-142/jre/bin/classic/libpthread.so.0", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)03:27
ryoopen("/opt/IBMJava2-ppc-142/jre/bin/libpthread.so.0", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)03:27
ryoopen("/lib/libpthread.so.0", O_RDONLY)  = 303:27
ryoJVMXM005: Unable to initialize threads03:27
jbaileyRight, so the final one succeeds.03:27
ryoyes, it doesn't look for a particular release03:27
jbaileySo without doing thread traces and whatnot, there's not much I can offer you.03:28
jbaileyAnd those would only serve to let you file bugs against the IBM jvm.03:29
jbaileyHave they published a 1.5 that you can try instead?03:29
ryono, this is their last one :/03:29
ryojbailey: thank you very much for your support, i'm gonna try my last hope: switch back to 1.3.1 :|03:31
ryothanks! bye03:31
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wasabiI need a shell script wizard.05:40
wasabijbailey, ? :)05:40
jbaileyCan't right now, need food.06:20
wasabijbailey, ping11:37
wasabioh maybe n/m11:37
jbaileywasabi: I'm here now.11:38
wasabiI'm thinking about the gcj classmap thing.11:38
jbaileyThinking of going and playing video games, anything I can help with?11:38
wasabiJust wanted to bounce some ideas off you11:38
wasabifor cdbs11:38
jbailey'sho nuff11:38
wasabiokay... right now I have as an example package:11:38
wasabieclipse-rcp-common and eclipse-rcp-gcj also11:39
wasabirich client platform, just one of the eclipse pieces11:39
wasabiI'm thinking about how to hand that information to a dh_* tool to take eclipse-rcp, eclipse-rcp-common and make the mapping with the .so's in eclipse-rcp-gcj11:39
wasabiAlso need to specify directories to use for all of those11:39
wasabiI'm thinking it may be a debian/packagename.gcj file or something, like .install and .dirs, etc.11:40
jbaileyWhat doe sthe code that goes into the postinst look like?11:40
wasabithe postinst is very simple. It's the building of the classmaps that is hard.11:41
wasabipostisnt just runs /usr/sbin/update-gcj-classpamsp11:41
wasabiclassmaps are in /usr/share/gcj-4.0/classmap.d, one per package11:41
jbaileyWe figured out that /usr/share is alright, even with jni stuff?11:41
wasabiTHe eclipse thing has .jars in /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins in packages eclipse-rcp and eclipse-rcp-common, and .so's in /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins in eclipse-rcp-gcj11:42
wasabiYeah, it's fine.11:42
wasabiSo there's 1 or more files in one or more packages which are mapped to 1 or more files in another package11:43
jbaileyAren't the names 1:1 ?11:43
wasabiWell, the names are.11:44
wasabiTHe paths aren't.11:44
wasabiThere are .jars in /usr/share and /usr/lib, which map to .so's which are all in /usr/lib11:44
jbaileyIs there any risk of conflicts?11:44
wasabisuch as?11:44
jbaileyLike a version being in /usr/share and another being in /usr/lib?11:44
jbailey(for jars)11:45
wasabiOh, yeah. But that won't hurt anything.11:45
wasabiNot within the same source package.11:45
wasabiSo let's imagine eclipse-rcp-gcj.gcj11:45
wasabiit has something like11:45
wasabior equally crazy11:46
wasabimade up random syntax there.11:46
wasabiand eclipse-rcp-common:usr/share/eclipse/plugins:usr/lib/eclipse/plugins11:46
wasabior maybe \t instead of : to keep inline with other dh files.11:47
jbaileyWell, whitespace, but yeah.11:47
jbaileySo thats BASE:jar:so ?11:47
jbaileyIs the only variant acceptable generally s/share/lib/ ?11:48
wasabiI can imagine some various situations. Some .jar's are platform independent. Some are platform dependent.11:48
wasabiSomebody might want to package them so the path isn't exactly the same s/share/lib11:48
jbaileyAre 90% of the cases like that?11:49
jbaileyOr do you imagine lots of variation in common cases/11:49
wasabi90% would be similar11:49
jbaileyI would do then something like this:11:49
jbaileyAnd have it assume it11:50
jbaileyand for the other cases:11:50
jbaileyusr/share/eclipse/plugins/eclipse-rcp.jar usr/shitbox/foo/eclipse-rcp.so11:50
wasabieclipse-rcp is a PACKAGE11:50
wasabicontaining, oh, 10 jars11:50
jbaileyOh, I see.11:51
jbaileyDoes the .so file compile all the jars from one package together?11:51
wasabiI can see the need for packages which contain both jars and .so files11:51
wasabino, seperate .so per jar11:51
wasabipackages which contain only .so files, and packages which contain .so files which would have mapped to two other packages with jar files.11:52
wasabiIn eclipses case I have every feature broken down into three packages11:52
wasabieclipse-name, eclipse-name-common and eclipse-name-gcj11:52
wasabieclipse-name is platform-dependent files in /usr/lib/eclipse and symlinks to indep files in /usr/share, eclipse-name-common contains /usr/share/eclipse files which are platform indep.11:52
wasabieclipse-name-gcj contain the .so files in /usr/lib/eclipse which may map to either one of hte other packages11:53
jbaileyI think I'd have to play with an example in hand to get it.  Might be just trying to think through the headache I have, though.11:53
wasabiWell,go play games.11:53
jbaileyThe idea is that packages might be spread across multiple packages besed on arch:all and arch specific?11:54
jbaileydebian packages, that is.11:54
jbailey(Feh, overloaded term)11:54
jbaileyCould you do something like:11:57
jbaileyHmm, lemme think through through.11:58
jbaileyBecause all the packages will exist in debian/tmp/usr/share/eclipse/plugins/eclipse-rcp11:58
wasabiYeah, you see though.11:58
wasabiNo, this is going to have to be done post install11:58
wasabiI've already figured that out11:58
jbaileyGenerating the classmap?11:59
wasabithat way the proper jars and .sos have already moved to debian/foo11:59
wasabiThere are like, 100 Jars and .so files all in debian/tmp11:59
wasabibut some go to one package, some go to another11:59
wasabidh_install does that11:59
jbaileyYeah, but aren't they already broken out by package?11:59
wasabiTHey are all spewed in plugins11:59
wasabi/usr/lib/ecipse/plugins has every plugin... every Har.12:00
wasabiAllare associated with a different Eclipse feature.12:00
wasabiEither the logic about which Jar and .so file exists in which package has to be duplicated for this new routine, or it has to be done after dh_install has taken care of it.12:01
jbaileymake a dh_installjar to handle it in one step?12:02
wasabiSure, but it will have to  duplicate everything dh_install does.12:02
wasabiANd it'll be a bit confusing to know to put Jars in it12:02
jbaileyNah, we already have that with things like dh_installman12:02
jbailey$ ls dh_install*12:03
jbaileydh_install            dh_installemacsen    dh_installmime12:03
jbaileydh_installcatalogs    dh_installexamples   dh_installmodules12:03
jbaileydh_installchangelogs  dh_installinfo       dh_installpam12:03
jbaileydh_installcron        dh_installinit       dh_installppp12:03
jbaileydh_installdeb         dh_installlogcheck   dh_installwm12:03
jbaileydh_installdebconf     dh_installlogrotate  dh_installxfonts12:03
jbaileydh_installdefoma      dh_installman        dh_installxmlcatalogs12:03
jbaileydh_installdirs        dh_installmanpages12:03
jbaileydh_installdocs        dh_installmenu12:03
wasabithat's fine then, as long as it supports globs and everything else12:04

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