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dmkhi all, I have been trying to build a few deb packages but I am not sure if I have done them right01:00
dmkis there anywhere/way I can check them01:00
dmkthey install fine, but just wanted to be sure01:01
dmkwhen I was doing packages for Slackware we used to have a script that verified everything01:01
dmkthanks in advance01:01
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tsenghi over here02:44
jsgotangcohey tseng02:44
jsgotangcothanks for the hosting of the docs for the meantime02:45
tsengno problem dude02:45
jsgotangcowe're going to put them all in one place once we get the server from linode02:45
tsengactually, you are on a server from linode now :)02:46
tsengbut its a top secret xen beta host02:46
tsengi feel AWFUL02:46
tsengi totally gorged myself two days in a row02:47
tsengyesterday a vendor took us to lunch at the fanciest place we could find02:47
tsengtoday we went to a fancy texmex place, my fajitas were gigantic02:48
tsengi have a problem leaving food behind :/02:48
jsgotangcoheh well i can't say the same for myself, i'm with a client right now helping them with their Oracle02:48
jsgotangcotheir cafeteria is dead nasty02:48
tsengwe get vendors for all they're worth02:49
jsgotangcoand my bad luck hasn't even started yet my laptop just died yesterday02:49
jsgotangcobut they gave me a loaner now which im using02:49
jsgotangcothey told me i can get it later02:50
tsengits friday night here02:50
jsgotangcoah its already saturday here almost 9am02:50
jsgotangcowell i'll come back later im having allegies using gaim on windows02:51
jsgotangcogotta take a bath02:51
jsgotangcotseng: yeah02:51
jsgotangcolater dude02:51
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seth_k@#%@ turned off my away message on the desktop but not the laptop07:38
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sivanghowdy all10:37
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Treenakshey sivang10:58
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tsengdoes anyone recall what language the hula web interface is?12:12
jespertseng: Are you using Hula?12:12
tsengor i would just look at it :)12:12
tsengi guess it must be embedded in the hula server12:14
tsengthe interpreter12:14
tsengi cant imagine they wrote a modern webapp in C12:15
JanCseems like they use a templating engine of some sorts:12:16
tsenghm yes12:16
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comadrejahowdy all12:54
DanielNhi comadreja12:54
comadrejahello DanielN :)12:55
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sivanghowdy all01:06
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Mezsiretart: did ogra ever reply about rebuild pacakges?02:11
siretartMez: I've been thinking about it, and come to the conclusion that uploading with an -XbuiltN version scheme would be best in this case02:12
siretartwell, the version in breezy is 1.1-3, I think we should reupload it with version 1.1-3build1.02:13
siretartI've seen some uploads from doko and ogra with this scheme02:13
Mezhave you ?02:13
siretartogra: can you comment on this?02:13
siretartyeah, wait02:13
Mezwont that screw up when you like do 1.1-3ubuntu102:14
Mezoh, no cause it's classed as a higher version02:14
Mezdo any MOTU know how to search for things that depend on a certain version of something?02:15
Mezas for some reason half of the backports depend on libgcc1 (>= 1:4.0.0-7)02:15
Mezwhich it shoultn02:15
ograsiretart, Mez, you do that if its only a recompile without changes... that leaves the package upgradeable since the archouve scrits only react on ubuntuX02:15
ograarchive scripts02:16
Mezcool... well... can I poke you towards a few that need rebuilding02:16
siretartogra: yes. this is the case for us02:16
ograso call it buildX02:16
Mezmail-notification, epiphany, frozen-bubble02:17
ograbefore you touch epiphany, talk to seb12802:17
Mezoh, cool so I'll just poke them into revu then ?02:18
Mezwith the right version numbers02:19
siretartMez: I'm on mail-notification right know, go for frozen-bubble02:19
siretartMez: frozen-bubble needed and dependency rebuilt, I uploaded it yesterday evening. I hope it already reached your mirror02:19
Mezsiretart, will do once I've rebuilt firefox for backports02:19
tsengwe are still backporting firefox?02:20
siretartMez: btw, did you try to rebuilt networkmanager for hoary?02:20
MezI'm backporting it to fix the shitty dependencies02:20
Mezsiretart - no02:20
Meztseng: the current backport depends on a newer version of libgcc1 which it shouldnt02:21
Mezand siretart - why02:21
siretartMez: I was thinking about doing it myself for my notebook02:21
Mezsiretart - I'll put it on my list02:22
siretartI cannot upgrade to breezy right now, because I need restricted modules02:22
siretartMez: thanks! but don't loose too much time on it, I think that could be really tricky02:22
Mezsiretart - I wont ... but if it's apain in the ass - I'll shove the changes abck for breezy02:23
Mezwhat's the pacakge name?02:24
=== jsgotangco [~jgotangco@info12-107.info.com.ph] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartMez: its called network-manager02:26
Mezgotit  :D02:26
ograhuh, you want to backport NM ???02:26
siretartogra: I was only thinking trying it get it built on hoary02:27
siretartI did not mean to request a backport ;)02:28
Mezlol :D02:28
ograguys thats crazy... it needs functions from the breezy libc afaik02:28
ograand its not even working right on breezy02:28
Mezogra :D we'll see if it builds first :D02:28
ograi would wait until its half way finished02:28
siretartah, ok. thanks for the cluebat02:28
ograbefore even trying to backport02:28
siretartogra: do you know whats the status about restricted modules?02:29
jsgotangcohey all02:29
tsenghi jsgotangco02:29
ograits planned soon... but daniels is still busy with X afaik02:29
Mezwell ogra, for now I can fix a couple of problems that it'll hit when backporting02:29
siretartgreat! :)02:29
Mezlike dbus-glib-1-dev -> libdbus-glib-1-dev change02:29
jsgotangcowhy are you guys talking about work on a fine satuday morning/evening? *grin*02:30
tsengyeah its cartoon time02:30
Mezcause we dont have lives02:30
jsgotangcoi just watched Fantastic 402:30
ograjsgotangco, because my GF wouldnt understand if i suddenly had time i could spend with her :)02:31
tsengmasters of the universe is out on DVD02:31
tsengspeaking of cartoons02:31
jsgotangcothe old one?02:32
jsgotangcojeezz i used to have a lot of skeletor stuff02:32
tsengi had heman and his glider02:32
tsengand some monsters02:32
jsgotangcodo you remember she-ra02:33
jsgotangcothat bastard spin off02:33
jsgotangcodid you watch the movie that had dolph lundgren heh02:34
jsgotangcoi was a sucker for all antagonists back then02:35
jsgotangconever bought the heroes at all02:35
Treenaksantagonists rock02:36
jsgotangcoeven in classic WWF hehe02:37
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siretarthi \sh02:54
\shdamn...only after a new install you know how many things you installed to get your system ready for working :(02:54
\shand now fixing wine03:00
Hieronymuswine doesn't work with Breezy03:01
TreenaksHieronymus: yes, and it's Dependency Hell around there03:01
Hieronymustorcs doesn't either, I just found out03:01
=== Hieronymus bug report
\shthat's the point...fixin b-d and deps first, and then let's see03:02
\shand I need something like ion3 with kde support to have all my shells in one window03:03
jsgotangcoohh an Ion user as well03:04
\shnot now...but it looks promising if ion3 supports some stuff to work nicely together with kde or gnome03:04
jsgotangcoi still find Ion3 too slow03:05
jsgotangcois anyone aware of an official tux racer arcade game cabinet?03:08
jsgotangcobecause i was in the arcades today and i saw one03:08
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siretartcu folks!03:41
siretartgotta leave. cu tomorrow03:41
\shgrmpf...wine ftbfs and bugzilla.redhat.com is down03:42
ogra\sh, its likely we'll take the packages from winehq in the future... try them03:43
\shhmm...ok...trying actual release of winehq03:46
\shwe should get mutt-ng in universe at least...it's rocking03:50
\shhmm...and xfs fs is not faster then reiserfs on a laptop03:59
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ivokshi all04:18
=== tvo [~tobi@5354EA9B.cable.casema.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
DanielN\sh, ping04:47
\shDanielN: pong04:48
DanielN\sh, could you take a look at yehia pls? it FTBS and i'm stuck in fixing that :/04:49
\shDanielN: I'm preparing all this for this weekend..:( I have a lot of todos on my list :(04:50
ivoksi hope wifi-radar is on that list :)04:50
DanielN\sh, uhh... sounds heavi ;>04:50
ivoksDanielN: i have couple of minutes now04:50
DanielNbut thanks04:50
ivoksmaybe i could help you04:50
DanielNivoks, just get source (yehia) and pbuild it..04:51
ivokswher is it?04:51
DanielNno idea about the error shown04:51
DanielNivoks, in the archive04:51
DanielNi said i'm stuck ;)04:51
ivoksarchive?! FTBS and in archive?04:51
DanielNwith gcc404:51
\shDanielN: u have a log from your build? can u publish it somewhere?04:52
ivoksthat would be nice, yes04:53
ivoks\sh: i could take care of this, if that's ok with you?04:53
\shivoks: please :) any work removed from my list, is a good work ,-)04:54
ivoksuh... no time for pbuilder now... i'll check it with gcc-404:54
DanielNwhere are these logs going?04:55
\shDanielN: pbuilder build <package>.dsc &> build.log04:55
ivoksDanielN: source changed by Stephen Shirley <diamond@nonado.net>\04:55
ivokswhere are you in this picture?04:56
\shivoks: he wanted to build it and change it for cxx04:56
ivoksah, ok04:56
\shivoks: so there is no upload right now from daniel04:56
DanielNas i forgot the meeting again :/04:56
ivokswhat meeting?04:57
ivokshm, when was it?04:57
DanielNlast tuesday i think?04:57
ivoksthat was one with koffice/ooffice debate?04:58
\shlast tuesday was CC, next week is TB again I think04:58
DanielNdon't know04:58
ivoksbuild faild04:58
DanielNvoid something04:59
ivoksdestructor problem04:59
ivokswarning: 'class Yehia::Script::Namespace' has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor04:59
\shwe need to get the virtserver fuer revu04:59
ivoksyes, error is something else05:00
\shthere must an error05:00
ivokserror: 'node' was not declared in this scope05:00
\shcheck the file...what is node...05:00
\shthis is really a small one I think05:00
DanielNsorry guys05:01
DanielNyeah.. this one i fixed already05:01
DanielNbut there's another after this one05:01
DanielNwait i'll build it05:01
ivoksivalid use of void?05:01
DanielNyeah.. something like that05:01
ivoks3 lines05:02
ivoksvoid erase(iterator start, iterator end) {05:02
ivoks      for (iterator it = start; it != end; ++it)05:02
ivoks        G_Node<T>(g_node_unlink(it.node)); }05:02
DanielNyep this one it is05:03
\shhmm...getting the source...05:04
\shwhat was the name of source again?05:04
ivoksmessy code05:04
\shivoks: sourcefile?05:05
ivoksline 9605:05
\sh*shiver* templates and overloaded methods05:07
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comadrejahey, what does this mean ?05:09
comadrejaCandidates That Have Been Covered in Previous CC Meetings - need to show up05:10
comadreja    *05:10
comadrejathe need to show up05:10
tsengthat means that they were on the agenda and didnt show up05:10
tsengthey need to come back05:10
tsengor take themselves off the list05:10
tsengsome people have been there for some time05:11
comadrejaand where do you have to show up ? :D05:11
tsenguh, in the channel at the scheduled meeting time05:11
tsengas mentioned on the agenda05:11
comadrejaoh, yes, I c05:11
\shno bug reports at all for this05:14
DanielN\sh, yeah.. i know05:14
\shand i doesn't look very active05:15
\shhmm..let me finish up with wine here05:17
Hieronymus\sh: what are you doing with wine?05:21
\shHieronymus: I'm building the new upstream version :)05:22
\shand some dirs and files moved05:22
\shso...third pbuilder try05:23
Hieronymusit's not working right now, \sh05:23
Hieronymusxlibmesa-glu :(05:24
\shHieronymus: I fixed this already05:24
=== womble [~mpalmer@eth1859.nsw.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shHieronymus: it's only a build-deb thingy..easy to resolv05:26
Hieronymus\sh: how? It still gives me an error05:26
NafalloHieronymus: I belive \sh haven't uploaded yet...05:27
Hieronymusokay. It's just that it breaks a lot of packages05:28
Hieronymuswhich eh... sucks05:28
siretartHieronymus: replace build dep xlibmesa-glu-dev with libglu-dev-xorg05:29
HieronymusI really wouldn't know how to05:30
=== Hieronymus is not a dev
\shHieronymus: wine-0.0.200505xx ftbfs05:32
\shwine-0.0.20050628 not but it breaks some rules05:32
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sivanganybody an idea? I tried installing pbuilder:06:33
sivangThe following packages have unmet dependencies:06:33
sivang  udev: Depends: libselinux1 (>= 1.24) but it is not installed06:33
sivangE: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.06:33
sivang -> Aborting with an error06:33
sivanghow do I install -f inside pbuilder, better how do I chroot into it?06:34
sivangsiretart: ping06:35
Lathiatsivang: theres a pbuildr command to drop you into a shell for manual surgery06:35
sivangLathiat: what'd be the commmand ? :-)06:35
Lathiatman pbuilder ;p06:36
Lathiati forget06:36
sivangLathiat: no prob buddy, thanks06:36
sivangLathiat: btw, I see you alot around gnome channels, you a gnome dev?06:36
Lathiatsivang: not really, few patches here and there06:36
sivangLathiat: cool, just like me, what programs?06:36
Lathiatevolution was the thing i did the most on06:36
siretartsivang: pong06:36
Lathiati have like a 5000 line patch for calenda rpublishign from a year ago i never finished06:36
sivangsiretart: I already got the answer :-) man pbuilder ;-)06:37
siretartgreat :)06:37
sivangsiretart: thanks fore responding , though06:37
sivangsiretart: btw, I want to help with the Xorg modularization transaction, I need to do some motu as I'm aspiring to upload to main06:37
sivangsiretart: dhloback suggested it would me a good way to get back in :-)06:38
Lathiat'hack in' ?06:38
Lathiaterg, back06:38
siretartuuuh. sounds great :)06:38
sivangsiretart: (I was very active once before I started a a day job)06:38
sivangI wonder if anybody here recall me06:38
Lathiatyour nick is familiar06:38
sivangLathiat: I lurk alot around #g-h, #g-l etc..06:39
siretartsivang: I think I remember you. that was about 6 months ago, right?06:39
Lathiatsivang: yeh maybe its g-h i recognize you from06:39
Lathiati need to fix bzflag06:39
Lathiatnow that i have mjy breezy install back i can do it06:39
Lathiatstupid Xorg crap ;p06:39
sivangsiretart: actually, I stopped being daily active around 1,2 april06:39
=== siretart having a bad memory about times and dates :p
sivangsiretart: no it's ok06:40
sivangsiretart: I saw revu , pretty cool , how do you operate it?06:40
siretartsivang: do you think you could create a list of packages which need to be fixed because of this libglu-dev-xorg madness?06:40
siretartsivang: ah, thanks.06:41
Lathiatooh, i think thats the problem bzflag had06:41
siretartsivang: revu is written with mod-python, apache2 and postgres06:41
sivangsiretart: nice, postgres is awesome06:41
tsengpeople keep saying taht06:41
Lathiati never liked it06:42
Lathiatim a mysql fanboy06:42
Lathiatfor random php applications, it works good06:42
sivangtseng: it's true brandon, mysql keeps me angry each time I try set it up06:42
Lathiatnever needed no extra performance, or real utf8, or some crpa06:42
siretartLathiat: yes. I uploaded sdlperl a few hours ago, got built on all architectures. It seems that libglu-dev-xorg depends on both glu and gl libraries06:42
sivangLathiat: hey, you work with PHP ?06:42
tsenguh oh06:42
sivangtseng: hehe06:42
sivangno I won't start06:42
Lathiatsivang: yeh06:43
tsengmy stuff in mysql returns 1000 rows in 00.06:43
tseng.008 seconds06:43
sivangLathiat: if you're interested in something, and you work on traditional server system environment , let me know06:43
tsengim not sure it needs to be faster :)06:44
Lathiatsivang: what you got in mind?06:44
siretartsivang: you know how to use revu? we could use more reviewers ;)06:44
sivangsiretart: well, not really, I figured I'd ask you , and well, get some info about what needs be done on this X modularization transaction06:44
sivangsiretart: I also need to know what it's all about, where can I read about it?06:45
siretartsivang: the basic problem was, that I didn't like doing reviewing stuff in the wiki. so I've written revu for replacing these pages06:45
=== Mez [~mez@cpc2-lich4-3-0-cust115.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartsivang: basically everyone can upload who sends me his gpg key, all uploaders for universe have been imported06:46
sivangsiretart: you're the head of universe now?06:47
siretartsivang: login is your email (the one in the Changed-By: field of the .changes file), account is created with first upload (use recover link, should work again)06:47
siretartsivang: nono! I'm just a humble motu ;)06:47
siretartsivang: head of universe are dholbach and ogra06:47
Mezsiretart  - that frozen-bubble was just a retard :D can you shove it up :D06:47
sivangsiretart: well, at least you're administrating the universe :-)06:48
siretartMez: huh? no upload necssary?06:48
Mezsiretart - frozen bubble means rebuilding06:48
siretartsivang: not even, just writing a little helper tool to attract more potential motus ;)06:48
Mezmenas it needs a new XbuildY06:48
Mezas shoved into REVU06:48
siretartMez: just rebuilding? sounds great :)06:48
Mezwell once the other stuff went through06:49
=== siretart not at home, so I cannot do any reviewing or uploading work
sivangsiretart: but before that, I need to know what's happend with xorg that we need to do all this work, and how to test packages06:49
Lathiatnight all06:50
siretartsivang: well. I'm not really sure about the details, but as far as I understood it, the libmesa-gl* package are obsoleted by lib{gl,glu}-dev and packages providing them06:51
siretartsivang: in many cases it seems that changes these build dependencies to libglu-dev-xorg works06:51
sivangsiretart:  I see , sounds pretty easy06:52
siretartsivang: packages can be tested quite well in an updated breezy pbuilder06:52
siretartthe problem is, that sbuild on the autobuilders have an other build dependency resolution algorithm, which seems to be a bit more picky than pbuilder-satisfybuilddepends.pl06:53
sivangsiretart: I see, so how you solve this problem?06:54
siretartsivang: well, I don't see a really good solution, but usually, when I get an package built in pbuilder, I upload it06:55
siretartsivang: if it fails to build, you can look at http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/ and look for the buildlog of the package06:56
seth_ksiretart: revu is for all packages to review, updated and rebuilt and new? Or just new ones :)06:56
siretartnormally the buildlog from sbuild gives enough information to fix the remaining dependency issues06:56
siretartseth_k: I consider revu as a launchpad for your motu carreer ;) - basically I think it should be used for any uploads06:57
seth_ksiretart: woot, /me goes over to revu and finds the link to send you his gpg key06:58
siretartseth_k: in fact, updated packages (uploads without the lamp) should get uploaded more quickly, because only one advocate is needed (for NEW ones, we require 3 advocates). Any uploader to universe may advocate06:58
seth_ksiretart: that should make it a lot easier for me to push updated packages over, i always was hunting for someone to bother (ask)06:58
seth_kthanks much :)06:58
siretartseth_k: please upload only packages to revu that you think should be uploaded to ubuntu "as is". (think of uploading upload candidates)06:59
seth_kyes, I understand. Final packages, ready-to-submit06:59
=== mgalvin [~mgalvin@cpe-69-205-46-35.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartrevu2 will name "uploads" "candidates"06:59
sivangsiretart: I upload into revu? I'm confused07:00
siretartsivang: on the top there is a link to the wiki page giving instructions how to configure dput to upload to revu07:01
seth_kfinal question: since auto-importing from debian is frozen, should any updated packages we want in universe (e.g., backports people are screaming for gdesklets 0.35 to enter breezy), I should submit that to revu? Or will universe updates still occur automatically and I shouldn't worry about it07:01
\shseth_k: universe is not frozen, only syncing...but ping elmo to sync whatever universe package u want to have..there is a wiki page for elmos info...07:02
=== \sh forgot the name
siretartI think07:02
sivangsiretart: so nobody uploads to straight canonical server anymore for universe?07:03
siretarterr, huh?07:03
seth_kgot it, but that's only for packages that get imported straight from upstream? if they need rebuilt b/c of Ubuntu-specific changes, go through revu?07:03
sivangsiretart: I mean, the upload has to go through your server first for review?07:03
=== womble [~mpalmer@eth1859.nsw.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
\shsiretart: thx :)07:04
siretartsivang: well, revu is not required in any way. think of it rather as a small tool for simplifying reviewing work07:04
=== chrissturm [~chris@83-65-246-1.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sivangsiretart: ok, cool07:05
sivangsiretart: I hope you got enough space over that server of yours :-)07:05
sivangsiretart: also, can you help with setting up pbuilder?07:05
sivangsiretart: it won't even let me login07:05
siretartsivang: there is a very good wiki page explaining how to setup a breezy pbuilder07:06
sivangsiretart: I used it, but I Have problme past that setup07:06
sivangsiretart: create fails for me07:06
chrissturmsivang, you need to create a hoary chroot first07:06
chrissturmand then update to breezy07:06
sivangchrissturm: I tried creating breezy chroot straight away, why is it wrong?07:07
sivangchrissturm: (I replaced all occurenses of hoary with breezy on the first setup_07:07
chrissturmsivang: that works for some, and fails for others07:07
chrissturmsivang: dont do that, just follow the wiki07:07
siretartseth_k: err, don't confuse upstream with debian or the real upstream of the software07:07
chrissturmsivang, it replaces hoary with breezy later07:07
sivangchrissturm: ok, then it's download and configuring the pakcages all over from scratch again :-(07:08
siretartseth_k: we stopped the autoimporting of packages from our upstream (debian)07:08
seth_kyes, I understand the difference07:08
seth_ksiretart, \sh, thanks so much :) you guys are most helpful07:09
chrissturmsivang: not neccesarily07:09
chrissturmsivang: go replace breezy with hoary in your pbuilder conf07:09
chrissturmand try07:09
siretartseth_k: if a package has an new upstream version with important bugfixes, there is no problem updating the package07:09
chrissturmit will reuse the debs you already have07:09
comadrejasivang : you have to first pbuilder create with hoary, have you done so ?07:09
seth_ksiretart: and running it through motutosync, or revu? :/ motutosync ONLY if there are no changes from debian?07:10
chrissturmand it will install a strange breezy/hoary hybrid, which doensnt matter because you upgrade it straight afterwards07:10
siretartwhat is motusync?07:10
seth_kthe wiki page07:10
siretartif you want to import an updated package from debian, no upload is necessary07:11
siretartrevu is only for upload sponsoring07:11
sivangchrissturm: ok, I'll try. Are you also en experienced debian packager?07:11
seth_kso bottom line = if you have to touch the package once it's come over from debian, it should use REVU. Got it :) no more bothering you... for now ;)07:12
seth_kthanks again siretart07:12
chrissturmsivang: sorry, not yet :D07:13
sivangchrissturm: that's ok, me neither :-)07:13
chrissturmsivang, its just how i got my pbuilder running ;)07:13
sivangchrissturm: ok, I will try that now07:13
chrissturmhow do i find out who is responsible for a universe package?07:14
chrissturmsome ruby libs need some work07:14
=== sistpoty [~stefan@DSL01.] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tsengno one is responsible for ruby afaik07:14
tsengif you want to start fixing bugs, go ahead07:15
sistpotyHi all07:15
tsengchrissturm: ^07:15
siretarthuhu sistpoty :)07:15
tsengchrissturm: im pretty excited about rails :P07:15
chrissturmtseng: me too07:15
chrissturmruby should go to main07:16
chrissturmtseng,  i have already 2 sites in production with rails07:16
tsengwhat am i looking at07:17
chrissturmtseng ^ this package is broken, it has very nasty bugs07:17
chrissturmtseng: but to fix it it must be upgraded to latest upstream version07:17
tsengwhich is in debian, or isnt in debian?07:17
chrissturmi think it isnt07:18
tsengwell, you should know these things :)07:18
tsengif you want to fix07:18
chrissturmhttp://packages.qa.debian.org/libr/librmagick-ruby.html <== shouldnt this display the latest version thats in debian?07:18
tsengit does07:18
tsengthat doesnt mean anything to me, however07:19
chrissturmthats a way to old version07:19
tseng(how should i know that)07:19
chrissturmrmagick is always tied to a imagemagick version07:19
tsengok well i also see on this page07:19
chrissturmand the rmagick for the imagemagick in breezy is 1.8.307:20
tsengthat only one bug is open07:20
tsengagainst the package07:20
chrissturmdunno what imagemagick debian uses07:20
tsengok slow down :)07:20
tsengid like to help you, but you need to do your own homework07:21
chrissturmif they have the correct version it will work for them. in breezy we would need 1.8.307:21
siretartchrissturm: do you think you could prepare a package?07:22
tsengPackage: imagemagick (6:, 6:, 6:, 5:
tsengfrom packages.debian.org07:22
chrissturmso what process do i need to follow?07:23
siretartok, I'm off for today.07:24
chrissturmthe problem is not that the package is too old for my taste, its that its broken07:24
siretartsee you tomorrow!07:24
seth_kbye siretart07:24
tsengthats fine but its better to fix it in debian if its broken there07:24
tsengin either case you need to update the package to suit you07:25
tsengand get it reviewed : http://siretart.tauware.de/revu/07:25
tsengthat would be a fine first step.07:25
chrissturmok, the i will just do that07:26
chrissturmi would like to have all ruby and rails components that make sense in ubuntu07:26
=== sivang is creating a hoary chroot now
tsengchrissturm: awesome07:35
tsengchrissturm: have you worked with debian packages before?07:35
chrissturmtseng, not yet07:36
tsengok well07:36
tsengwill you be around for awhile07:36
tsengi need 10 minutes for lunch07:36
chrissturmif we dont manage today i will be here always the next week07:36
chrissturmi have the 1.6.0 source deb and the 1.8.3 tar file07:37
tsengis the source deb unpacked?07:38
tsengok cd into the source deb07:40
tsengand run uupdate -u ../foo-1.8.3.tar.gz07:40
chrissturmok, now i got rejects07:41
chrissturmcd into the new directory?07:42
tsengi guess07:42
tsengrejects mean the old package did something nasty07:42
tsengchanges files outside of debian/07:42
tsengyou can cd and try to fix it if youd like07:42
chrissturmi think it patched the makefile07:42
chrissturmi will just remove this patch07:43
sivangboy, it's a slow process to make a pbuilder chroot07:46
tsengnot really07:46
Nafallois it?07:46
Nafallonot with a local mirror it isn't ;-)07:46
sivangwe don't have a local mirror ter07:47
=== sebest [~chatzilla@sebest.ovibes.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sebesthello i have a question about package request07:49
sebestthere is a package that i'd like to have in universe, it's already written for another distro (kanotix)07:50
sebestshould i post it in REVU ?07:50
chrissturmtseng: now the uupdate worked07:52
tsengnow in the updated dir07:52
tsengdpkg-buildpackage -S -rfakeroot07:52
sivangpbuilder faild again07:52
tsengyou might need to install some things07:52
sivangeven when hoaryized07:52
sivangErrors were encountered while processing:07:52
sivang dhcp3-client07:52
sivang hotplug07:52
sivang udev07:52
sivang ubuntu-minimal07:52
sivang ubuntu-base07:52
sistpotysebest: did you package it?07:53
sebestsistpoty: no07:53
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-69-8.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sebesti found it there: http://kanotix.com/files/debian/acerhk/07:53
sivangtseng: what sort of things?07:53
tsengsivang: not you07:53
chrissturmsivang: if you want to be on the sure side, replace breezy with hoary in your pbuilder copy of the sources.list07:54
sebestsistpoty : this a really simple package for hotkeys on laptop, only one kernel module07:55
tsenga kernel module is hardly simple07:55
sivangchrissturm: so I have to log into pbulder right?07:55
chrissturmsivang: nope07:55
sebesttseng what do you mean?07:55
chrissturmsivang, the wiki told you to copy your apt directory07:55
tsengsebest: i mean that every time the kernel abi changes we need to rebuild your module07:56
sistpotysebest: i just took a look ;)07:56
tsengsebest: or it wont work07:56
sebestit's not my module07:56
sivangchrissturm: ok, I'll see what's there inside those files I copied07:56
tsengin any case, it creates alot of extra work07:56
tsengas its own package07:56
chrissturmsivang, you need to change sources.list to point to hoary07:56
sivangchrissturm: k07:57
tsengyou'll want to file a bug for the kernel guys to look at including it07:57
sebesttseng i get your point, i just mean that for a kernel module, it's simple07:57
tsengits not :)07:57
chrissturmtseng: it fails now because it doenst run configure before trying to execute make. what file do i need to change?07:57
sebestok ok07:57
tsengwas configure added between 1.6 and 1.8?07:57
chrissturmtseng: i dunno07:58
tsengi guess i'd have to see the rules file07:58
chrissturmi never built the 1.6 package07:58
tsengone second07:58
sivangchrissturm: done07:58
chrissturmsivang: then try pbuilder build again07:59
tseng+config.status: configure07:59
tseng+RUBY=/usr/bin/$(RUBY) ./configure --host=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) --build=$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) --prefix=/usr07:59
sebesttseng, is it different if it's a source package ?07:59
tsengsebest: yes07:59
sebesti think it is07:59
tsengit runs configure, dudes07:59
sebestacerhk-source_0.5.25-6_i386.deb is a source package right?08:00
tsengsounds like it08:00
tsengno that a source package for a kernel sounds terribly useful08:00
sebesti don't know the details, i just know that the module is terribly usefull for me :)08:01
sebestso i just wanted to know the best way to see it appearing in ubuntu :)08:01
tsengso can you file a bug to include it in our kernel like i said08:01
tsengwith a link to the driver homepage08:02
sebestoki i will, i'm just always affraid to go in bugzilla08:03
chrissturmbugzilla is your friend08:03
sebestbugzilla is frightening :)08:04
sebestit's so user unfriendly :s08:04
chrissturmsebest, it will be obsolete soon08:04
chrissturmmalone is your even better friend08:04
=== chrissturm likes trac
chrissturmtseng: i managed to build the dev08:05
=== chrissturm tries it on his other system
tsengchrissturm: yeah? you are quick08:06
chrissturmactually i just did what you told me, ignored the error message, and then built the *.dsc with pbuilder08:07
tsengah man08:07
tsengnice work :)08:07
tsengwhat was the error btw08:07
sebesttseng: sorry to ask a stupid question, but to which package should i assign the bug? there are many kernel*08:07
tsengsebest: linux-kernel08:07
chrissturmit didnt find some makefile targets. but it continued08:07
chrissturmsebest, linux is the package08:08
tsengwe should fix that08:08
tsengthat might have been part of the patch?08:08
chrissturmtseng: the patch was just changing a compiler option form c99 to gnuc9908:09
chrissturmtseng, i found it was obsoleted by gcc408:09
chrissturmat least08:09
tsengand you said you never worked with this stuff before08:09
chrissturmand since i successfully built the source tgz yesterday08:09
tsengfooled me.08:09
chrissturmtseng: its my first deb08:09
chrissturmbut i am doing coding for 22 years08:10
tsengi havent even been alive for 22 years08:10
=== chrissturm is 32
\shchrissturm: coding for 22 years for propietary software? *shrug*08:11
chrissturmgotta prepare food, ttyl08:11
chrissturm\sh only open source stuff for the last years08:11
tsengbye, have fun with your new deb08:11
tsengim sure ill see you later08:11
sebestchrissturn: i did it, i hope i did it weel it # 1256408:11
=== \sh is 34 and has >=15 years for OSS
=== sistpoty is feeling young again :)
comadrejaI have a suggestion for pbuilder...08:19
comadrejaif it fails on create should leave on the harddrive the downloaded files08:19
comadrejathe base system08:20
comadreja\sh ping08:27
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=== anibal [~ams@a130-233-5-244.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== pef [~loic@erodia.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sistpotyhi pef08:43
pefwhich version is mostly used by ubuntu developers here ? hoary or breezy ?08:46
Hieronymuspef: probably breezy, since that is development version08:49
Treenaksbut if you don't know how to fix horrible problems, you shouldn't try it for yourself just yet08:50
sivangchrissturm: ok, seems it's done but I got:08:51
sivang    -> removing directory /var/cache/pbuilder/build//13926 and its subdirectories08:51
sivangrmdir: `/var/cache/pbuilder/build//13926/dev': Device or resource busy08:52
sivangrmdir: `/var/cache/pbuilder/build//13926/.dev': Device or resource busy08:52
sivangrmdir: `/var/cache/pbuilder/build//13926': Directory not empty08:52
sivangTreenaks: I'm using breezy, it's not that bad :-)08:52
sistpotythere i can fully agree :) (hope that restricted-modules will be in there soon, cause nvidia-glx comes from these)08:53
sivangsistpoty: well, I'm not using nvidia-glx at the moment :-)08:54
=== sistpoty not either
sivang(I figured it's not that bad to live without accelereaction08:54
Treenakssivang: so am I, but it's a bit weird at times08:54
sivangTreenaks: true08:54
sivanganywya, I just logged into my pbuilder chroot08:54
sistpotysivang: it is, if you want to play games ;)08:54
Treenakssivang: I'm lucky I learned how apt/dpkg worked at my last job :)08:54
Treenakssivang: (semi-internally)08:54
sivangTreenaks: you're not working there anymore? where do you work now?08:55
Treenaksgot to love hacking in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ to get your apt to work again08:55
Treenakssivang: last job = where I worked for 5 years, left a year ago08:55
Treenakssivang: a) it didn't pay very well; b) boss tended to be an asshole at times08:55
sivangTreenaks: ah :-)08:56
=== theRealAfroman [~sebastian@81-202-18-242.user.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sivangTreenaks: you by any chance know anything about that pbuilder errors I'm getting?08:56
Treenakspbuiler is nice :)08:56
Treenaksdevice or resource busy!?!!08:56
Treenaksis it on a separate mount?08:57
Treenaksis something still mounted from inside the chroot?08:57
sivangTreenaks: no :-)08:57
Treenaksudev mounts stuff..08:57
sivangTreenaks: could have been08:57
sivangseems ok now08:57
sivangI now get only:08:57
sivangCopying back the cached apt archive contents08:57
sivangfind: warning: you have specified the -maxdepth option after a non-option argument -name, but options are not positional (-maxdepth affects tests specified before it as well as those specified after it).  Please specify options before other arguments.08:57
Treenakswow.. never had that08:58
sivangI guess it has somewrong  execution args to find08:58
Treenakssounds like your chroot is b0rken08:58
sivangah :-(08:58
sivangthat's the third time today I tried creating it08:58
sivangpeople around here told me to start with the hoary chroot, and then upgrade to breezy08:58
Treenaksyes that works best08:58
sivangTreenaks: now, do I alwasy work as only root in pbuilder? don't I need any other account?08:59
Treenakssivang: I don't work inside pbuilder09:00
Treenakssivang: I just prepare source packages, and sudo pbuilder09:00
sivangTreenaks: ah ok09:01
sivangTreenaks: what stuff are you working on these days?09:01
Treenakssivang: evil perl scripts still09:01
=== theRealAfroman [~sebastian@81-202-18-242.user.ono.com] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Konversation]
sivangTreenaks: for ubuntu or for work?09:03
Treenakssivang: for work09:03
Treenakssivang: oh and taking lots of pictures09:03
sivangTreenaks: hehe09:04
=== anibal [~ams@a130-233-5-244.debconf5.hut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-motu
sivangnow, may I dist-upgrad inside pbuilder to get a breezy chroot?09:10
Treenakssivang: no, there's a procedure on the wiki09:11
Treenakshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto -> "Upgrading to Breezy"09:11
sivangI already started it09:11
sivangtaking as if it's a real chroot09:11
sivangbetter ctrl+c it now09:12
sistpotygotta go... cya09:15
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=== anibal [ams@ns1.mssinc.biz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
comadrejalinux 256 bit wep keylinux 256 bit wep key10:02
comadrejawhat's the channel/mailing-list for ubuntu/GNOME10:07
Treenakscomadreja: #ubuntu ?10:08
Treenaksbtw, we're not a search engine :)10:08
comadreja:) hehe yep, I've got problems with my touchpad, gotta report it10:08
Hieronymusubotu is the search engine10:10
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pefivoks: hi10:42
pefsiretart: i'va got a little problem with my revu password, I didn't received it at my first upload  as specified in your email ;)10:44
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pefbye !11:39

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