dilysNew Malone bug 1378 filed on product Malone by Brad Bollenbach: MaloneApplication needs to be refactored to not use db classes12:09
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lifelessok, I'm disabling the status page for today, theres a bug affecting result mail outs.12:17
lifelessI'll reinstate it as soon as I trck it down12:18
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sqlobject--test--0.6: [trivial]  use list comprehension instead of list constructor to stop use of __len__, and avoid a commonly repeated warning. (patch-26: steve.alexander@canonical.com)12:34
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=== terrex se va a mimir, tamn
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  typo on browser logintoken and testing new email addition and not adding revoked uid with the modified 1024D/DFD20543 key. (patch-2074: celso.providelo@canonical.com)02:32
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jameshso changing the pending-reviews/ page to use "baz get --link" instead of "baz get" shortened the runtime from ~ 1 hour to ~ 10 minutes03:15
jameshcould probably afford to run it more often03:15
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carlosjamesh, I think the only problem with it is with zope04:06
carlosbut as you are not touching any file, should be ok for pending-reviews page04:07
carlosjamesh, something related to file changes04:07
jameshcarlos: yeah.  I just get, merge, diff, rm04:07
jameshcarlos: things that use "touch" on tracked files cause problems for hard linked trees04:08
jameshI think that's the issue for zope04:08
carlosthere is a package to solve that04:11
carlosbut I don't remember its name04:11
jameshcarlos: fl-cow -- apparently daf uses it04:12
carlosyes, that one04:12
carlosbut it's not in hoary04:12
carlosneither in breezy04:12
jameshit is an LD_PRELOAD hack04:12
carlosright, but it makes bazaar really fast ;-)04:13
jameshthere was a kernel patch a while back: http://lwn.net/Articles/77972/04:15
carlosis there an easy way to test that a warning is not printed with a test?04:48
carlosI mean, we were getting a warning while importing po files, I fixed it and I want to add a test to check that we don't get that warning anymore04:48
jameshcarlos: warnings.filterwarnings() maybe?04:52
jameshwith warnings.resetwarnings() first to clear the existing handlers04:53
carlosjamesh, I don't want to remove the warning, I fixed the code that raised that warning04:53
carlosnow, I want to test that it does not appear again04:53
carlosin the future04:53
jameshcarlos: I mean add a filter that matches the warning you fixed04:53
jameshcarlos: and e.g. make the filter raise an exception04:54
jameshthat would make the warning fatal04:54
spivcarlos: test_initZopelessTwice in lib/canonical/lp/ftests/test_zopeless.py does that sort of thing.04:54
spivThere may be an easier way to achieve it that what that code does, though.04:54
jameshcarlos: ah.  setting action='error' in a warning filter would do what you want04:56
spivjamesh: The problem with filterwarnings/resetwarnings is what if there are existing filters you don't want reset?04:56
jameshspiv: poke around in the undocumented internals of the warnings module instead of using resetwarnings() ?04:56
spivAll you really want is a way to add a filter and then remove it, and the public api doesn't seem to allow that.04:56
spivjamesh: Right :)04:57
carlosjamesh, spiv but the warning would appear in other places04:57
jameshdel warnings.filters[0] 04:57
carlosit comes from sqlobject04:57
carlosUserWarning: Getting a slice of an unordered set is unpredictable.04:57
jameshcarlos: so in your test case, you do warnings.filterwarnings(), invoke your code, del warnings.filters[0] 04:57
spivcarlos: you can filter by module and lineno of where the warning was caused from.04:58
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jameshit'd be nice if the unittest module had some helpers to check for warnings04:58
carloshmm, sounds too complex and the code works exactly the same with or without the warning...04:59
lifelessjamesh: did you implement all the changes I suggested ?04:59
stubtest.py or test_on_merge.py already has some stuff to change warning filters.04:59
carlosspiv, do you think jamesh solution is a good one?, it sound easier :-P05:00
carlosstub, the question is how to test that a warning is not there anymore05:00
spivcarlos: sure, but with a comment saying this isn't part of the public api of the warnings module.05:00
stubspiv: What happened to that Librarian branch with the extra config items and the upstream facility?05:00
spivstub: I told you where it was, and I thought you were going to use it and it was back in your hands :)05:01
jameshlifeless: the pending-reviews/ page is just doing a diff between rocketfuel and rocketfuel+branch, rather than diffing two versions of a branch05:01
carlosspiv, in that case, I prefer to leave that code without a test as it's not a problem if we get the warning, I'm removing it just to reduce the verbosity of the cronscript...05:01
stubcarlos: Configure the warning handler to die instead of print the message. The test runs, there is no warning.05:01
stubspiv: Argh!05:01
jameshlifeless: so only the "baz get --link" part was relevant (but made a huge performance improvement)05:01
spivstub: I seem to recall this happened on irc, which probably wasn't a good idea in hindsight :/05:02
spivstub: andrew.bennetts@canonical.com/launchpad--librarian-upstream--0 is the branch.05:03
carlosspiv, what about changing sqlobject so instead of a warning, you raise an exception as stub suggests?05:03
stubDoesn't need to change SQLObject - just need to change what warning filters we have installed05:03
spivcarlos: you can add a warning "filter" that raises an exception.05:03
carlosspiv, 99.9% it will be a programming error...05:03
spivcarlos: It will break launchpad :)05:04
carlosspiv, pqm should reject any code that does it, right?05:04
spiviirc, it happens in quite a few places, but I could be wrong.05:05
carlosspiv, then we should fix those ;-)05:06
stubInstall the new filter in test.py or test_on_merge.py (I forget which is already doing this). Its been on my todo to make *all* warnings fail tests, but fixing all the callsites could be difficult ;)05:06
carlosstub, I think SteveA's work is a first step in that direction, isn't it?05:07
=== stub has no idea since he missed the start of the conversation
carlosstub, well, I'm talking about SteveA's mail about tests output05:08
stubSteve's mail mentioned two warnings in Rosetta that shouldn't be there - they should be logging an error. The Warnings framework is very specific.05:09
carlosstub, yeah, that's another thing I'm going to fix05:15
lifelessjamesh: k05:17
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carlosstub, btw, did you see SteveA's suggestion to handle emails on staging?05:30
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stubcarlos: Yes. Sucky method, which I've told him before ;) All emails will go to launchpad-error-reports instead where people can see them easily rather that stuffing around with mailboxes.06:08
stubBut we still need t make the same fixes to the mail libraries, which nobody has done yet.06:09
carlosstub, that will help me a lot to debug poimport script06:12
carlosit's completely broken and I'm taking production output to fix it06:12
carlosthat means we have it broken on production06:12
carloswith real data06:12
carloswell, that would be useful to debug any script ;-)06:13
stubcarlos: Feel free to add the required intelligence sendmail.py06:15
carlosI don't have any idea about how it should be updated 0:-)06:16
stubIt needs an option so all outgoing email is redirected to a configurable email address instead of going to the requested email address. I think we can already do this for emails from Zope using the existing stub emailer, but the Zopeless email needs this too.06:19
carlosstub, spiv is it a big issue if I execute a query that returns 17000 rows?, I'm not getting their SQLObject mapping at the same time, I'm using 'yield' to iterate over them06:56
carlosit's not inside Launchpad but inside a Rosetta cronscript 06:57
spivcarlos: probably fine.06:57
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carlostests take so much time to run....07:36
ddaacarlos: you know you can restrict tests to a specific module or class? (at least with unittest-based ones)07:38
ddaalike "python test.py canonical.arch"07:39
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carlosddaa, hmmm, I thought make check just executes launchpad's tests....07:43
lifelesscarlos: make check sets up the db and runs the test suite07:43
ddaaI see no contradiction07:43
carlosddaa, I mean canonical.launchpad 07:44
carloslifeless, yeah, the db setup is fine, the 'test suite' is the issue if it executes tests outside canonical.launchpad ;-)07:44
ddaahuh... AFAIK it will run test_suite() that appears under ./lib/07:45
ddaa* will run any test_suite()07:45
ddaaexcept things that are in different trees, of course07:45
ddaamaybe I'm the one confused...07:47
carlosstub, the tests are failing with 'Unable to start Librarian' errors, anyhint? I didn't touch anything related with Librarian....07:55
carlosddaa, next run I will use your suggestion and will confirm if you are confused or not ;-)07:55
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stubcarlos: There might be a librarian process running already, which you should kill08:04
carlosstub, no librarian process running08:09
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SteveAspiv: i'm going to the dentist shortly, but i'd like to catch up with you later08:39
SteveAspiv: see sqlobject/dbconnection.py, line 639.  I think there may be transactional issues with the librarian tests, or the librarian libraries.08:41
spivSteveA: Ok, I'll take a look.08:46
carlosspiv, is there any possibility that aSQLObject.sync() call produce a transaction commit?09:01
carlosSteveA, I'm geting lots of pagetest failures with 404 errors with latest rocketfuel code and my local changes are unrelated to those pages09:02
stublifeless: Your pqm queue seems to be down09:05
lifelessstub: yes, theres a bug, I've reverted the code09:05
spivcarlos: no, syncing won't ever commit.09:11
carlosspiv, perfect, thanks09:11
jameshspiv: do you think it would be useful to have a function somewhere to retrieve the database transaction time? (like UTC_NOW, but usable in comparisons within Python code)09:13
carlosstub, seems like the problem with librarian is that it's executed once but it does not ends and the next test is not able to relaunch it09:15
stubcarlos: Sounds like a test forgot to teardown properly.09:16
stubie. called LibrianSetup().setUp() but not LibrarianSetup().tearDown()09:16
carlosI will check it again, but I don't think I changed/added anything related to librarian setup or teardown in my branch09:17
spivjamesh: It could even be made into a method of UTC_NOW ;)09:20
spivjamesh: UTC_NOW.what_am_i_really() ;)09:20
jameshspiv: I just remember catching a problem in Mark's debbugs branch where he misused UTC_NOW09:20
jameshspiv: doing "if some_datetime_object > UTC_NOW: ..."09:20
jameshwhich always evaluated to True09:21
spivjamesh: I guess at least UTC_NOW should raise an exception in that case.09:21
jameshsince "some_datetime_object > UTC_NOW" returns an SQLBuilder object09:21
jameshspiv: it is useful being able to compare with UTC_NOW though09:21
jameshspiv: eg. Table.select(Table.q.datefield > UTC_NOW)09:22
spivSure, but only with objects that can be meaningfully compared to it.09:22
spive.g. other SQLBuilder objects.09:22
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jameshgood point09:22
jameshthere isn't much reason to compare UTC_NOW against a constant date09:22
jameshalternatively, it could magically do the right thing if you do so :)09:23
spivYeah.  It *could* go an issue a "SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP AT TIME ZONE 'UTC';" I guess...09:24
jameshalthough raising an exception or returning NotImplemented would probably be better09:24
jameshso people don't confuse UTC_NOW with an actual datetime object09:24
=== spiv nods
mptAnyone got time to give me a little baz help?09:27
carlosmpt, just ask09:29
mptI need to know which was the last patch to alter a particular file09:32
mptand baz annotate looks like what I want09:32
mptbut when I type "baz annotate lib/canonical/launchpad/images/user.gif", it just sits there09:33
mptit doesn't exit, or do anything09:33
lifelessmpt: its not very optimal at the moment09:33
lifelessmpt: if its sitting there its working. wait.09:33
mptWell, last time I tried it had still done nothing after 30 minutes09:33
mptso I thought maybe it was expecting input from stdin or something09:34
lifelessmpt: nope09:34
lifelessmpt: it hits every revision ever. Takes a while - you might want to do a checkout on chinstrap and run it there09:35
lifelessoh, and its not tested on binary files. :/09:35
lifelessin fact, for you, just run baz changelog | less, grep for \.gif09:35
mptok, I've found it09:37
mptIt's in the middle of a bunch of other modified files09:38
mptah, even better, I've found a patch I want to replay09:38
mptok, that looks easy enough09:39
stublifeless: pqm is hung09:39
lifelessstub: ack09:40
carlosstub, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/filer5OmVN.html09:42
carlosstub, Any hint to debug the problem a bit more?09:43
carlosspiv, ^^^09:43
carlosI'm not sure, but the fact that several tests are executed more than once seems also as something broken, isn't it?09:44
stubThe multi-tests are deliberate - I run some of the harness tests multiple times to ensure that they teardown stuff correctly09:45
stubtachandler.py is new - it isn't in any of mu trees09:45
carlosit's not mine09:46
carlosso it should come from rocketfuel09:46
=== stub kicks off a merge
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SteveAcarlos: i was getting lots of errors the other day09:52
SteveAbut i found out what it was09:52
stubOh botch your own damn invariant09:52
carlosSteveA, does it means the error is in my computer?09:53
SteveAwhat happened with me is two things09:53
SteveA1. i had a librarian process running09:53
SteveA2. i had a /var/tmp/fatsam.test/ directory09:53
SteveAthe librarian parts of the test suite don't handle those cases well09:53
SteveAand cause lots of failures09:53
carlosme too, but I killed the librarian and removed the directory09:54
SteveAand you still get the errors?09:54
carlosand tests are still failing09:54
SteveAokay, do two things:09:54
carlosseems like librarian is not killed after a test09:54
SteveA1. get a diff from your tree to rocketfuel09:54
carlosSteveA, I did it already, and I don't see any change that should affect librarian09:54
SteveA2. turn off chunkydiff in launchpad.conf, and run the tests, output to a file with python test.py canonical 2> errors.txt09:55
=== carlos tries that
=== SteveA removes unused imports from mail/handlers.py
=== SteveA removes unused imports from mail/commands.py
SteveABjornT: there are still two database imports into commands.py09:57
jameshmpt: I have a small question about list box vs. combo box usage09:57
mptYou mean listbox vs. <select>?09:57
=== BjornT takes a look...
SteveABjornT: also, do you know what BugDelta and BugTaskDelta are in database ?09:58
jameshmpt: list box being <select size="n"> where n > 1, combo box being <select size="1">09:58
SteveABjornT: can you take them out of database and put them in components ?09:59
BjornTSteveA: they don't really belong in the database code. they simply represent differences between Bugs and BugTasks09:59
BjornTSteveA: sure09:59
jameshmpt: in my timezone prefs page branch, I used a list box to display the available time zones (about 400 items).  Bjorn commented that using a list box might indicate multiple select to the user09:59
mptjamesh: The latter is an option menu (a "combo box" is a combination of text field + option menu, hence the name)10:00
SteveAKeybuk: around?10:01
jameshmpt: I used a list box rather than the default option menu because the option menu becomes quite difficult to use with that many items.  What do you think?10:01
jamesh(it being hard to use is of course my own opinion)10:01
mptjamesh: I agree, a listbox is more managable when you have more than about 20 or 30 items10:01
mptIt's unfortunate that browsers haven't visually distinguished between <select size>"1"> and <select multiple>10:02
BjornTSteveA: i'll remove the database imports from commands.py as well, it should be trivial10:02
SteveA    canonical.launchpad.subscribers.bugactivity10:03
SteveA    canonical.launchpad.subscribers.bugprivacy10:03
carlosstub, this is weird, it took more time to have librarian broken this time...10:03
mptjamesh: Since we now have <div class="listbox"> for the multi-selection case, I think it's fine to use a <select size>"1"> for the single-select case10:03
SteveAthere's those too10:03
SteveAi think brad is handling     canonical.launchpad.systemhomes10:03
SteveAcarlos: how's your test runs going?10:03
mptjamesh: If you wanted to go to the trouble of making it crystal clear, you could use <div class="listbox"> with radiobuttons inside it instead of checkboxes.10:03
carlosSteveA, stub https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/file4qUVdn.html10:04
jameshmpt: I don't think that is necessary.  I think it is fairly clear from the context that it is a single select box10:04
SteveAcarlos: you're sure you have no librarian processes?10:05
SteveAcarlos: ps aux | grep python    or something10:05
carlosSteveA, when I start executing the test I don't have any10:05
carlosSteveA, after the test run, I have one10:05
carlosI kill it, rerun the tests and it appears again10:05
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=== carlos cannot remember last time he was able to get a success with all tests
SteveAspiv: ping10:07
SteveAcarlos: are all of your other trees up to date?10:07
carlosSteveA, yes, I checked it twice10:07
carlosI'm using the same command that the refuel script uses10:08
stubcarlos: I suggest updating tacserver.py to output the log file before raising the RuntimeError - might have some hints. Possibly something similar in the tearDown10:08
carlosstub, where is it?10:09
stubWhere the exception is being raised10:10
carlosI mean, the file10:10
stub      File "/home/carlos/Work/dists/launchpad/lib/canonical/launchpad/daemons/tachandler.py", line 33, in setUp10:10
carlosI was looking for tacserver.py O:-)10:10
SteveAit's spelled "tachandler" but pronounced "tacserver" ;-)10:11
BjornTSteveA: ok, i'll fix bugactivity and bugprivacy as well10:14
SteveAwhen you fix one, you can remove it from the set of warned_database_imports in importfascist.py10:14
stublifeless: Can you please check if production--1.25 has been tagged but not mirrored?10:16
lifelessstub: good guess10:17
stuberm... 'the usual' you mean :)10:18
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sabdflhey guys10:22
mptHi sabdfl, review sent10:22
sabdflthanks mpt10:22
mptBjornT: Can you point me to an example of a test that demonstrates the necessity of a change to security.cfg?10:24
mptsabdfl: Currently if you set a bounty subscription from CC/Watch to None, does that leave behind a record in the database that wouldn't have been there if you'd never subscribed to the bounty at all?10:27
sabdflmpt: i don't remember. i have a slight allergy to deletions, which stub tells me is paranioa. so i might have done it that way10:28
lifelessstatus queue back up - status emails should now be sent properly.10:30
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carlosstub, I'm using pdb10:35
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/dists--devel--0: [trivial]  New production config (patch-95: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)10:36
carlosstub, and setUp is not called ever for librarian :-?10:36
carlosit's only called with buildd10:36
stubMost tests don't use the librarian, so won't set it up or tear it down.10:37
carlosstub, but I get the error that it cannot execute librarian10:38
carloseven without entering into pdb :-?10:38
BjornTmpt: it does get deleted. the easiest way for you to add a test is to edit pagetests/bounty/04-bounty-subscriptions.txt. copy the last test, change Content-Length: 45 to Content-Lenght: 44, subscription=watch to subscription=none, and adjust the expected output10:39
=== carlos tries again removing some crap he added...
mptBjornT: ok, thanks10:39
carlosstub, ddaa there is a hardcoded message talking about Librarian, but buildd is using also that code. the error comes from buildd 10:40
ddaacarlos: what is it your are talking about?10:41
carlosddaa, I'm not able to run test in my computer10:41
carlosddaa, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/file4qUVdn.html10:41
=== ddaa kicks firefox in the balls
carlosddaa, if you look at the RuntimeError exception, it says Librarian, but it's buildd 10:42
ddaasomebody gotta teach the firefox devels that popping up a certificate dialog in _another_ workspace is WRONG, even if that's the workspace of the first firefox window :(10:43
ddaaI think I'm going to file this bug, it's way too annoying.10:43
stubSo fix the message?10:43
carlosstub, anyway, I still have the problem with the tests 10:43
stubSo did the logfile give you any useful information? If twisted doesn't start, the information will be in there.10:44
carlosstub, I don't see any log file write there, just a read one, that's why I'm using pdb10:45
ddaacarlos: why where you addressing this message to me? I cannot see anything in the error log that I'm better qualified to fix that you are...10:45
carlosddaa, I thought buildd is your code...10:45
stubThe output is redirected to self.logfile10:46
ddaaIIRC it's mostly debonzi, with some real chunks of Kinnison, and spiv seasoning for the review.10:46
ddaatake or give one...10:46
carlosddaa, oh, right, sorry, I confuse it with the import code10:46
carlosstub, ok, lets try...10:47
ddaayeah, my lair is importd... that's is _not_ buildd or and _not_ the other importd rosetta used to run :)10:47
sabdflstub: which branch is going to production today?10:49
stuberm.... 1.2510:49
sabdflstub: when was it tagged off rf?10:50
sabdfli have a branch that tagged off friday morning10:50
sabdflit's almost entirely ui10:50
sabdfli was hoping to slip it into that production update10:50
sabdflFri Jul  8 09:06:58 BST 200510:50
sabdflwas when it last merged rocketfuel10:50
sabdflhow can i tell the match level i merged into a patch in my branch?10:51
stubI look at the messages returned by pqm10:51
lifelesssabdfl: what do you mean ?10:52
lifelesssabdfl: do you mean 'when did patch-FOO land in my branch' ?10:52
sabdfllifeless: baz log shows me the last time my commit message said "merged rocketfuel"10:52
stubsabdfl: patch-2069 was from Sunday, so yours is in there.10:52
sabdfli want to know what patch level of rocketfuel i merged10:52
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lifelesssabdfl: 'baz changelog' is probably the best tool here. baz 1.5 has 'baz log --merges' which will give you that extra detail.10:53
sabdflstub: ok, so if i merge from production-1.25, fix tests, get a review... 10:53
lifelesssabdfl: if you are running 1..5, baz log --merges.10:53
carlosstub, the log file does not exists when we get the exception10:54
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stubcarlos: So twistd is not starting at all I guess. Need to debug that os.system call just above to work out why (I'd suggest switching it to use subprocess.Popen() and the communicate() method so you can capture the output easily.10:56
stubPerhaps you don't have twisted installed?10:56
carlosstub, the problem is that we have another twisted process running for buildd10:58
carlosstub, but /var/tmp/buildd is empty10:58
carlosso I think the problem is that those files are removed before the process is executed10:58
carlosI mean, It's killed10:58
carlosis that possible?10:59
carlosstub, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/filelyRHHV.html11:00
stubI have no idea - I know little about twisted or buildd ;)11:00
carlosKinnison, ?11:01
stubI'd see if that other process actually *is* running11:01
Kinnisoncarlos: Hmm?11:01
carlosKinnison, I'm having problems with buildd11:02
carlosand tests11:02
Kinnisoncarlos: cprov wrote the test harness11:02
lifelesscarlos: having multiple twistd processes is probably ok, as the buildd and librarian are separate.11:02
=== Kinnison is pleading ignorance :-(
Kinnisoncarlos: what's up exactly11:02
carloslifeless, it's not a problem with librarian at all, the message talks about librarian, but it's 100% buildd11:02
carlosKinnison, a process is left behind11:03
carlosso next test fails because buildd cannot be executed11:03
Kinnisoncarlos: so the buildd stuff isn't being torn down?11:03
carlosKinnison, it is11:03
carlosbut seems like the files at /var/tmp/buildd are removed before the process is killed11:03
KinnisonThat's a bit odd11:04
stubLaunchpad and the database are currently down for production upgrades btw.11:04
sabdflstub: so i've missed today's production drop? ok11:06
lifelesscarlos: could it be buildd using librarian ?11:07
carloslifeless, don't think so, with pdb I only saw buildd executions11:07
stubsabdfl: It can be cherry picked when you are done. Code only updates are pretty quick.11:07
stubAssuming it is a bugfix... features should be run on staging and by other developers for a while before getting to production11:08
sabdflstub: baz merge and 00star0merge are failing against production--1.2511:09
sabdfli'll just skip this cycle - fix, lots of ui cleanup in there11:09
carlosanyway, I got the test failure with librarian now11:09
sabdflstub: will you setup the update-stats.py cronscript too?11:11
stubsabdfl: Yup. Thanks for the reminder.11:11
stubI should do Malone email too11:11
sabdflmaybe run it after the update11:11
carloscould someone paste the file '/var/tmp/fatsam.test/librarian.log' content so I can see how it looks like?11:13
=== carlos found the fucked problem
Kinnisoncarlos: oooh11:28
carlosbreezy is using twisted 2.0 now11:28
carlosand we have a really weak check to know that the server is running11:29
carlos"if 'set uid/gid' in open(self.logfile, 'r').read():"11:29
carlosthat's always False with twisted 2.011:29
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  revert person icon, again (patch-2075: mpt@canonical.com)11:29
KinnisonGo us!11:29
carlosSteveA, any suggestion to fix it in a way that it's compatible with twisted 2.0 and 1.3?11:30
lifelessspiv: ^^^11:31
lifelesscarlos: spiv is da twwsted god11:31
carlosright, I'm a bit confused atm this debug session burned my brain...11:32
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sabdflstub: update-stats.py running now?11:36
stubsabdfl: Yes11:37
sabdflcool thanks, can't wait to see the results11:37
=== mpt stares at production uncomprehendingly for a couple of minutes, then Shift+Reloads
mptthat's better11:49
carlosmpt, I hate that firefox caches the .css...11:55
mptcarlos: Why shouldn't it?11:55
mptI think every browser does11:55
carlosmpt, if you change the file in the server, it should refresh it11:56
carlosmpt, launchpad looks really ugly unless I force a reload11:56
carloswith the ui changes11:56
mptthat would mean HEADing the style sheet on every page load11:56
carlosmpt, or setting a timeout for it11:57
mptand delaying the page layout until that response arrived11:57
mptSetting a timeout for it is the server's job11:57
mptBut the server didn't know, yesterday, that the style sheet was going to have major changes in it today :-)11:57
carlosmpt, then launchpad has a bug, it needs to know the future11:58
sabdflspiv: i've put a branch in your queue, should be quick and easy it's 90% templates which mpt has already reviewed11:58
sabdflthe code changes are primarily just shuffling code into the right places, especially DummyFooBar's11:59
mptcarlos: If we were really worried about it, we could temporarily rename launchpad.css to something else, and change the main template to match, so that it appeared to be a new file11:59
mptand then change it back to the old name after a week or two11:59
carlosmpt, so every week the .css changes its name? ;-)12:00
mptonly for major changes12:00
sabdflmpt: what's the current timeout?12:02
mptsabdfl: I can't tell, I don't have LiveHTTPHeaders installed, and none of the online cacheability checkers seem to do HTTPS12:02
mptah, lynx to the rescue12:03
mptCache-Control: public,max-age=8640012:03
mptSo, you shouldn't be stuck with the old style sheet for more than 24 hours12:04
sabdflyou beat me to it :-)12:06
lifelessoh schweet12:07
lifelessnew lp ROCKS12:07
lifelessgreat work12:07
lifelesssabdfl: I'm having trouble tracking elmo down.12:07
lifelesssabdfl: are you near him ?12:07
sabdflcarlos: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/hoary/+translations12:08
sabdfli think that's worth a mail to the ubuntu translators list12:08
sabdfllifeless: i haven't seen him today12:09
carlossabdfl, nice12:09
lifelesssabdfl: well, if you do ... please ;012:09
sabdflcarlos: will you point our translators at that page please?12:10
sabdflthis one is pretty cool too, if you are Jordi :-)12:10
carlossabdfl, sure, let me try to contact daf first so we can use the same Rosetta announcement 12:10
sabdfljordi: ^12:10
sabdflcarlos: i need to edit that announcement12:10
sabdfli think it's worth infomrally pointing people at that page now that it's in production12:10
carlossabdfl, I know, but I don't know where is it12:11
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SteveAcarlos: what's the twisted issue?12:12
lifelessSteveA: a twisted 2.0 incompatability, hes running breezy12:12
carlosSteveA, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/138512:13
spivlifeless, carlos, SteveA: this issue was already fixed by daf :(12:14
lifelessspiv: heh12:14
lifelessspiv: I thought you would know12:14
carlosspiv, then it's not merged into rocketfuel12:15
spivcarlos: It was :(12:15
stubsabdfl: stats have finished their first update12:15
spivcarlos: patch 1922, I think.12:16
=== carlos checks
sabdflstub: looks wonderful, thanks!12:16
SteveAstub: i got a pqm rejection, couldn't set up the database as another user was accessing it12:18
SteveA* Creating database "launchpad_ftest_template" with sample data.12:18
SteveAcreatedb: database creation failed: ERROR:  source database "template1" is being accessed by other users12:18
SteveAcreatelang: could not connect to database launchpad_ftest_template: FATAL:  database "launchpad_ftest_template" does not exist12:18
stubsend it again12:18
SteveAi have done12:18
SteveAwhy does it fail?12:18
carlosspiv, seems like cprov changes to add buildd tests reverted daf's changes12:19
=== carlos tries to recover the patch and reapply it
stubSteveA: Some connection hadn't dropped. Can't drop or duplicate databases if there are open connections.12:20
SteveAdo you know why open connections hadn't been dropped?12:20
stubSteveA: That case could be fixed by trying again12:20
KinnisonOOI is malone meant to list 'Fixed bugs' rather than simply hiding them?12:20
lifelesssabdfl: cvd needs you to call SA12:21
stubSteveA: Nope. Just happens - when you close a connection at the client, the backend might take a while to actually kill the process. Or some process left by the previous test was still hanging around.12:21
stubIn this case process 9231, but it died before I could see12:21
SteveAjamesh: how often does the pending-reviews script run now?12:22
carlosspiv, ok, I see daf's patch, but I still see it too hacky12:24
jameshstill every 6 hours.  It managed to complete a run in 20 minutes using "baz get --link", but the next one ran in 40 minutes12:24
lifelessjamesh: does it have a revlib ?12:24
carlosspiv, isn't there a better solution than check log's output?12:24
jameshlifeless: yeah12:24
lifelessjamesh: mmm12:25
jameshlifeless: could depend on whether pqm is active during the run12:25
jameshdisk contention12:25
jameshbut it is probably feasible to do more frequent checks12:26
spivcarlos: There's a more complex solution I used to have for the librarian, but really the added complexity isn't worth it.12:26
spivcarlos: (a TCPService subclass in the .tac that writes a foo.ready file that the launching process can wait for)12:27
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=== Kinnison finishes his weekly play with Production having filed a few bugs
SteveABjornT: I'm getting mails from malone saying a new bug has been filed12:41
SteveAbut it doesn't tell me who filed the bug12:42
SteveAi'd also like to see the summary of the bug included above each comment in mails notifying me of comments12:43
BjornTSteveA: hmm. it's brad who changed the notification mails. better to talk to him about it.12:43
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=jamesh]  Utility to run meld on a launchpad branch against the most recent merge of rocketfuel (patch-2076: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)12:45
SteveAmaybe the spammers have joined launchpad without realizing it...12:45
SteveAI get online and I get this email from this girl12:45
SteveAGina. She invites me to join her favourite dating12:45
SteveAsite and see all her friends.12:45
SteveAno dude, it was a launchpad error message12:45
=== Kinnison sniggers
KinnisonSteveA: dude, gina *loves* you12:46
KinnisonSteveA: bend over and prepare to be filled with binary packages12:46
SteveAsabdfl: spiv's getting dinner.  I looked through the code on that branch.12:53
SteveAsabdfl: there are some minor PEP-8 issues.  The only code issue I have is this12:53
SteveAin browser/person.py, you have added the method no_bounties12:53
SteveAthe method name should represent its boolean status, so something like "has_no_bounties".12:54
SteveAi think it would be clearer with a positive method name, such as "has_bounties".12:54
SteveAeven though it is used in the opposite sense in page templates12:54
SteveA "not: view/has_bounties" reads well enough to me.12:55
carlossabdfl, I have the email ready to be sent, do you want to read it first? (regarding the statistics)12:55
sabdflcarlos: no, go ahead12:56
carlosI got also the draft from daf12:57
carloswill review it and send it to you after lunch12:57
carlosjust in case you want to take a look now, https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/RosettaOneDotZeroAnnouncement12:57
SteveAsabdfl: i'm happy for you to merge that branch.  i'll polish up the minor pep-8-isms later, as that'll be easier than commenting on it, and will free up spiv to work on some librarian issues i want him to work on.12:58
sabdflSteveA: thanks!12:59
sabdfltest fixes in progress (lots of little page changes)01:00
sabdfli'll change the view/has_bounties thing01:00
SteveAthe dummy language stuff reads well01:00
sabdfltests are taking a long time to run these days01:01
SteveAwhat do you do to run the tests?01:01
SteveAi tend to run them selectively, except immediately before landing01:01
stubBjornT: I remember what is needed doing for the inbound email configuration now. We have no way of configuriring the mailbox without hacking script.zcml directly now, because scripts do not load any .zcml overrides. I'll sort .zcml overrides for zopeless since it is quick.01:03
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  fixed up some unneeded imports (patch-2077: steve.alexander@canonical.com)01:12
lifelessI am a duplicate code removal GOD01:18
SteveAyou replaced hackerlib ?  ;-p01:19
lifelessif only it was duplicate code ;001:19
lifelessno, I finally drilled in enough to remove arch_changeset_rewrite_indexes, which was a stupendously stupid function to ever exist01:20
lifelesstheres now only a couple of places the changeset format leaks through in on the creation side, which I'm well placed to attack with extreme prejuidice.01:20
lifelessSteveA: we're up to changeset 11K in zope301:22
lifelessthats the svn number01:22
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SteveAis there a simple way to get vim to understand that a filename that ends in :NNN like foo.py:123 means "open foo.py and go to line 123" ?  It knows about vim foo.py +123 01:25
SteveAlifeless: are you able to answer a question about the hct path API for launchpad?01:27
KinnisonSteveA: write a simple shell script in ~/bin/vim01:27
jordisabdfl: hehe01:28
SteveAoh yeah, i could write a simple python script in ~/bin/vim01:28
Kinnisonpython seems a tad overkill01:29
SteveAokay, lua01:29
SteveAi object to shell01:29
Kinnisonwhy do you object to shell?01:29
Kinnisonand I'd recommend python over lua01:30
Kinnisonyou'd have to do fun shell escaping with lua01:30
Kinnisonlua lacks an exec() wrapper01:30
Kinnisonit only has system()01:30
SteveAdo i need a reason to object to shell?01:30
SteveA https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/people/stevea/+assignedbugs  takes a while01:33
KinnisonSteveA: yes, for shell is handy and neat01:35
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Reapplied daf's patch to use twisted 2.0 with launchpad (Closes: #1385) (patch-2078: carlos.perello@canonical.com)01:38
SteveABjornT: i'm having a weird problem with finding bugs assigned to me01:44
BjornTSteveA: what kind of problems?01:44
SteveAwell, i've just spent 15 minutes searching in various ways for but 124001:45
SteveAi didn't know its number until i found it01:45
SteveAso, it doesn't appear here: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/people/stevea/+assignedbugs01:45
SteveAbut, it does appear here: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/assigned01:45
=== spiv is back from dinner
SteveAi want a place where i can see all the bugs assigned to me, no matter how many, no matter what the priority01:45
SteveAspiv: i handled mark's ui review01:46
spivSteveA: I just saw.  Thanks!01:46
SteveAdid you get a chance to look at the librarian tests?01:46
spivLooking now.01:46
SteveAi'd like to make transactions obsolete on commit01:47
SteveAand these tests are the only things that seem to stop that01:47
spivI suspect my librarian-cleanups branch is relevant here, but that's just a guess at this stage.01:47
SteveAwhat do you need to do to land it?01:47
Kinnisonjamesh: when is the next update of your pending reviews page due?01:47
spivSteveA: A review.01:48
spivSteveA: It was added to the general review queue before I went on holidays, but for some reason hasn't been reviewed.01:48
SteveA+    # XXX: There really should be a formal interface that both this and01:49
SteveA+    # ZopelessTransactionManager implement.01:49
SteveAown it01:50
SteveA+    # XXX: update the whole file to use 2.4's decorator syntax.01:50
SteveAlooks more like a bug to be filed01:50
SteveAown the other XXXs you added01:50
SteveAnote that i made some changes to sqlos and sqlobject recently01:51
SteveAincluding changing the ConnectionDescriptor01:51
SteveAspiv: looks good to me, with the comments above taken into account.01:52
spivOk, I'll act on those.  Thanks!01:53
BjornTSteveA: ok, +assignedbugs seems to show bugs on packages/products that you maintain, not bugs where you are the assignee. i'll talk to salgado and brad about it, we should coordinate a bit better in that area.01:58
SteveAmy own use cases are like this:01:58
SteveA - 1. stuff that i need to code: what bugs that aren't rejected or fixed, do i need to work on.  i want to see them all.01:59
jblackddaa: ping01:59
SteveA - 2. stuff i'm responsible for makeing happen indirectly.  these will be open launchpad bugs that no one else has claimed.01:59
ddaajblack: heya02:00
SteveAon https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/people/stevea/+assignedbugs, there's some very confusing text02:00
jblackHow are you? 02:00
SteveAThe bugs with greater priority assigned directly to Steve Alexander or to one of the packages/products (s)he maintains.02:00
SteveAWhat does "The bugs with greater priority..." mean?02:00
ddaajblack: filing a bug on firefox... that's incredibly painful when you follow the steps, but I'm seeing the end of it.02:01
jblackheh. 02:01
jblackbtw, do you have that url for roomba-readyy-to-enable page? 02:01
jblackLifeless asked me to scan that this mornign. Its built up apparently.02:01
ddaayou've got a link somewhere there to the search form02:02
BjornTSteveA: i don't know. salgado is responsible for that page02:02
ddaa(I could give you the exact url, I prefer to let you find by yourself)02:02
SteveAcprov, debonzi: where's salgado today?02:02
jblackManage upstream imports? 02:02
cprovSteveA: coming soon, I hope 02:03
jblackThat can't be right. There's only one there. Robert asked me about 1-2 hours ago to do 3002:03
ddaathe tricky bit on the form is the "ready" checkbox, AIUI it roughly means "restrict only to series whose product was approved".02:03
ddaaThat's "Testing"02:04
=== carlos -> lunch
ddaayou are interested in "Auto Tested"02:04
debonziSteveA, don't know.. working from home today02:05
jblack06:08 <lifeless> there are 30 autotested-ok but not enabled imports - can you move them02:05
jblack                 all to enabled today ?02:05
jblackI only see one link there. :) 02:05
ddaadid you read what I just wrote?02:05
jblackOh, ok. there we go. I had to change filter criteria to auto-tested.02:06
jblackand turn off ready as you suggest. 02:06
jblackThanks, ddaa02:06
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spivSteveA: My librarian-cleanups branch does make those tests pass.02:08
SteveAwhat was the critical change?02:09
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-80-126.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
spivSteveA: Explicity beginning and committing transactions, probably.02:10
=== terrex [~terrex@84-122-80-126.onocable.ono.com] has joined #launchpad
SteveAdaf: ping02:19
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Add upstream librarian support for the staging environment (patch-2079: stuart.bishop@canonical.com, andrew.bennetts@canonical.com)02:23
=== salgado [~salgado@200-171-140-32.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #launchpad
SteveAhi salgado 02:29
salgadohi SteveA 02:29
SteveAon https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/people/stevea/+assignedbugs02:29
SteveAwhat does  "The bugs with greater priority..." mean?02:29
SteveAi had a problem finding a bug that is assigned to me02:30
SteveAi eventually found it on https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/assigned.  it was not on https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/people/stevea/+assignedbugs02:30
SteveAvery confusing02:30
SteveAas i was explaining to bjorn earlier, i have two use-cases for seeing bugs assigned to me02:31
SteveA1. bugs that i'm directly responsible for fixing02:31
SteveA2. bugs that i need to sort someone out to fix -- that is, launchpad bugs with no one assigned to them02:31
salgadoyes, this is true. that page on foaf is supposed to be only the 10 most recent/prioritized bugtasks assigned to you02:32
SteveAi need to see all such bugs that are not rejected or fixed, no matter what the priority02:32
SteveAthe 10 most recent is useless to me02:32
SteveAand the page doesn't make that clear02:32
SteveAthe 10 most recent is okay, if i can get to a page that shows them all02:32
SteveAbut, i simply can't use malone to do my job if i can't find out what bugs are assigned to me, or what bugs i need to get handled by someone.02:33
salgadowell, when I created that page we didn't have this page where you could see all bugs assigned to you (we had but it was unusable)02:33
SteveAas i'm using malone more and more for launchpad development, that's what i'm finding i need02:33
SteveAbrad asked me the other day whether it would work to assign a bug to me to get me to work on it02:34
SteveAi said "okay", but i was assuming i'd be able to find the bug later :-)02:34
SteveAas an instant improvement, the +assignedbugs page needs to clearly say it shows at most 10 bugs in each category, and be clearer about what the categories are.02:35
SteveAdoesn't actually help my problem, but would have stopped me thinking i'd lost a bug from the system, or it had been fixed.02:35
salgadoI see your point. I'll fix this and get that page linking to malone/assigned02:37
SteveAwhat's the longer term plan?02:38
salgadopeople suggested that it should be possible to search and see all bugtasks assigned to you on that page02:39
salgadoI don't think this is reasonable because of the portlets. we don't have enough space to display a bugtask listing with all these options02:40
SteveAokay.  i have those two categories of assigned bugs i want to see.02:40
SteveAi'd be happy to see the two categories on the same page, or on different pages.02:40
SteveAi typically want to see either one or the other, not both at once.02:40
cprovstub: ping ?02:41
salgadothe categories being: 1) bugs assigned to you.   2) bugs assigned to packages/products you're the owner/maintainer.  02:41
salgadois that right?02:41
stubcarlos: pong02:42
cprovstub:  me ...02:42
carloscprov, blame nick autocompletation ;-)02:42
SteveA1. open bugs assigned directly to me.  2. open bugs not assigned directly to a person, on packages / products i'm the owner/maintainer of.02:42
cprovstub: have you seen my mail to cherrypick the patch-2054 ?02:42
stubBlame Carlos bugging me too often ;)02:42
SteveAin case 2, the bugs are my responsibility to get assigned to someone.02:43
carlosstub, O:-)02:43
stubcprov: That would be in. production was tagged from 206902:43
cprovcarlos:  the situation is against you now 02:43
cprovstub: great, second question: Staging and emails, do you have any plan or agree with the intra DC POP account ?02:44
stubcprov: I think it is a silly idea - pain in the arse to interrogate a remote pop server and multiple people will have trouble monitoring it. I'd rather just have all the emails bounced to launchpad-error-reports@ instead, where people can see them by subscribing to the relevant topic or in the Mailman archives.02:45
stubcprov: Not that it matters - launchpad still needs the same fix no matter what approach we use.02:46
carloswow, make check shows me real bugs! finally!02:46
SteveAcarlos: eh?02:47
carlosSteveA, just that I'm able to see tests breakage due my changes instead of random failures like this morning02:48
cprovstub: cool, and indenpendent of the solution adopted when is the ETA ? 02:51
salgadompt, around?02:52
stubcprov: There is no ETA as far as I'm aware. I haven't had a chance to look at it and I don't know of anyone else giving it a go.02:53
stub14:19:03) stub: It needs an option so all outgoing email is redirected to a configurable email address instead of going to the requested email address. I think we can already do this for emails from Zope using the existing stub emailer, but the Zopeless email needs this too.02:55
cprovstub: uhm ... bad, but not that much ...02:55
carlossabdfl, I think we should hide the languages that we have disabled by default from the list at https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/hoary/+translations02:57
SteveAit would help to make rosetta look more used03:00
SteveAand the more used something appears to be, the more people feel like using it03:00
carlosSteveA, I'm talking about remove fr_FR, es_ES, es_MX, etc...03:01
carlosthose are useless because never will be at 100%03:01
carlosoh, I thought you mean you prefer to leave all languages so we have "more"03:01
SteveAi am arguing for removing them, so that the overall appearence of % translated appears higher03:02
carlosI appreciate your direct answers. Thanks ;-)03:02
carlosI need to prepare a script to remove POFiles that are empty so we remove other uncommon languages that were added by mistake when we were creating POFiles just when someone selected that language03:03
=== ddaa [~ddaa@ordo.xlii.org] has joined #launchpad
carlosddaa, https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/imp/+addseries03:37
carlosddaa, I thought you said that you don't want branches/series called 'head' 03:38
salgadoSteveA, do you know if we have a commit hook on sqlobject to run its tests?03:38
ddaacarlos: the help text is wrong, I should fix it whenever I can come around to it.03:38
SteveAi think to run its tests, but not to run any other tests03:38
SteveAnot sure though03:38
carlosddaa, you prefer 'main', right?03:38
=== carlos is creating one branch atm
ddaayes, "main" in the emerging standard for all mainlines03:39
ddaa(cvs, svn, tarballs only, other rcs in the future) when a specific series is not needed.03:39
ddaabesides, HEAD is absolutely _not_ a branch in CVS.03:40
ddaait's a magic tag03:40
salgadoSteveA, looks like we don't have it. one test is failing here on a rocketfuel tree03:40
salgadolifeless, can you confirm to me that we don't have a commit hook to run sqlobject's tests?03:41
lifelesssalgado: what do you mean ?03:42
salgadolifeless, if sqlobject's tests are run when I merge something into rocketfuel03:42
lifelessthey should be03:43
lifelessif not its a bug03:43
Keybukcool, sourcerer falls over on one of the linda "bad example" test cases03:43
salgadook. I'll find out in a few minutes03:44
carloscprov, debonzi: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/imp/+series/main/+source <- That page is useless for HEAD/MAIN series03:44
carloscprov, debonzi you say "Don't select a sourcepackage for MAIN/HEAD unless you are sure the package comes from that branch" but you cannot leave that field blank03:44
debonzicarlos, sorry but I don't know anything about this page03:46
carlosI'm a bit tired today...03:46
carlosmorgs, ?03:46
cprovcarlos:  I see, blame morgs or lifeless, they are more related with those pages 03:46
carloscprov, right, I got confused with the sourcepackage, sorry03:46
morgscarlos: hi03:46
cprovcarlos: no worries ;)03:46
debonzicarlos, hey.. no problem.. 03:47
carlosmorgs, do you see my complain about the +series/main/+source URL?03:47
morgscarlos: yes, but it IS sourcepackage stuff...03:48
carlosmorgs, but it's a 'Register' form03:48
morgscarlos: I'll have to dig a bit to see what the purpose of it is, and if there is a reason for the current way it works.03:48
carlosmorgs, My point is that I don't care about the sourcepackage link03:49
morgscarlos: Yes... I'm not sure who added the source package bit in there, so I'll check it out.03:49
=== carlos opens a bug so we don't forget it
SteveAhi brad03:51
bradbhey SteveA 03:51
SteveAso, i've been ranting on the channel about malone, person pages, and finding bugs that are assigned to me03:51
SteveAi'd lost a bug03:51
SteveAbut also03:51
=== debonzi makes a break while make check ir running
SteveAi'm suprised that emails i've received lately from malone don't tell me who made the change that's being reported03:52
SteveAit's made the mails much less useful to me03:52
bradbSteveA: that's my fault. i'll fix that this morning (it didn't make the cutoff for trying to keep my FBN patch down to a reasonable size)03:52
SteveAalso, when a comment is left on a bug, i'd find it really helpful to get the bug's summary included in the email03:52
SteveAphew -- so it isn't a design decision :-)03:52
SteveAcan you talk with salgado about the issues i had with looking for bugs that are assigned to me?03:53
bradbSteveA: do you find the bug summaries useful?03:53
SteveAbradb: yes, and i edit them when they're not. 03:53
SteveAbasically, i want to be able to find two lists of bugs assigned to me.03:53
SteveA1. the list of bugs directly assigned to me.  that is, the ones i have to write code and such in order to fix.  i want to see ALL such bugs that are open.03:54
SteveA2. the list of bugs that are on products i maintain, that aren't assigned to an individual.  it is my responsibility as launchpad owner / maintainer to ensure that someone gets assigned to these bugs.03:55
bradbright, makes sense03:55
SteveAmy issue today is that03:56
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  New database baseline (patch-2080: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)03:56
SteveA1. i crashed my X by pressing ctrl+alt+backspace accientally.  WHY is this enabled by default?03:56
SteveA2. i lost my browser state, in which i had a bug report i was about to work on.03:57
SteveA3. i restarted X and tried to find the bug.  i couldn't find it anywhere.03:57
SteveA  i knew daf had reported it, but i'm not allowed to see what bugs daf has reported.03:57
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sqlobject--test--0.6: [trivial]  Break a test to see if the tests are run when merging into rocketfuel. If this gets in, salgado will have to fix the test and make sure we have a commit hook to run the tests on rocketfuel. (patch-27: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)03:57
SteveA  i knew it had "facet" in its name, but i could find no text search box03:57
salgadoabout your browser state you can use the session saver extension03:58
salgadogreat. we don't run the tests for sqlobject. all tests I wrote where in vain03:58
lifelessSteveA: 03:58
lifelesssalgado: you sure about that?03:58
SteveA  i knew it was assigned to me, but it didn't appear in the list of bugs assigned to me03:58
salgadoyes, I am03:58
SteveAthen salgado told me that these lists of bugs only show a maximum of 10 bugs. there's no link to get to a full list of such bugs.03:59
bradbSteveA: you could find no text search box...interesting...03:59
SteveAi eventually found it on the "assigned bugs" list under /malone/03:59
SteveAis there one?03:59
lifelesssalgado: sqlobject commits, or rocketfuel commits that should trigger sqlobject tests ?03:59
SteveAjakob n. says there should be a search box on every page.  but then again, he's on the board of google.03:59
salgadoI guess rocketfuel commits, as we have for launchpad03:59
salgadolifeless, ^^04:00
lifelesssalgado: uhm, I meant launchpad vs sqlobject commits to rocketfuel in both cases.04:00
bradbSteveA: (since this isn't a "user testing" session per se, i'll just cheat and tell you) yes, on the contextual bug listing page itself. but i agree with you that it's not very obvious how to get there.04:00
lifelesssalgado: which are you sure doesn't test.04:00
bradbSteveA: e.g. https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/products/launchpad/+bugs04:00
SteveAlifeless: when pqm is committing code into sqlobject, i'd like sqlobject tests and then launchpad tests to be run.  possible?04:00
lifelessSteveA: yes, we commented it out for some reason04:01
lifelessenabled now04:01
lifelesssomeone should test that asap incase its borked04:01
salgadolifeless, so, if I commit to sqlobject now it should run all sqlobject /and/ launchpad tests?04:01
SteveAbradb: thanks.  oddly enough, i think i went to that page.04:01
SteveAbradb: i think i just missed seeing the search box.  i think i know why.04:02
bradbSteveA: why's that?04:02
SteveAbradb: it says "Bug ID or Keywords" where i scan pages along the left hand edge.  It doesn't say "Search with Bug ID or keywords"04:02
SteveAthe word "search" is missing04:02
SteveAit only occurs over towards the right04:02
SteveAand the box is so minimalist and ploney04:03
SteveAit just doesn't stick out as a text entry box04:03
SteveAit just looks like a random rectangle04:03
bradbi think i might have other ideas of why you missed that. we slightly violate nielsen's recommendations re: what users expect a search to be.04:03
SteveAa subheading saying "search..."04:03
SteveAin a different coloured div... something to draw attention to it04:04
bradbSteveA: imagine this possibility for improving the page:04:04
lifelesssalgado: salgado yes04:04
bradb1. don't show any "results" by default (i.e. when first entering into the page.)04:04
SteveAit certainly is odd to get results when i haven't searched04:04
bradb2. just show a search box, and a button labelled search, and possibly further down the page some columns of info (your involvement, random bugs, etc.)...04:04
SteveAinstead, it could show some kind of overview of canned searches04:04
bradb3. search results returned on a separate page04:05
SteveAlike "unassigned open launchpad bugs, 600 results, use this search"04:05
bradbmpt: around?04:07
bradbSteveA: there's are lots of page titles that need lovin' in Malone atm, but there's not much i can do until I have a way to set page titles for pages that don't have their own specific .pt. might you have a chance to look into the titles problem in the next couple days?04:17
bradbgreat, thanks04:19
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Add karmacacheupdater section to production config (patch-2081: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)04:26
morgslifeless: pqm queue traceback - coming to your inbox04:29
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salgadomorgs, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileLrYXDX.html04:36
salgadois this the traceback you got?04:36
bradbi seem to be having a slight "ant" emergency in my house. damn bugs.04:45
SteveAbradb: that is so ironic, oh malone hacker.04:45
kikohey, production looks cool04:48
kikoSteveA, how's linkify going? 04:48
kikoI bet it's forgotten04:48
carloskiko, I need to talk with you about cronscripts and lock files04:49
carloskiko, but not now, I need to leave04:49
carloskiko, will you be around this evening?04:49
kikoin a few hours?04:50
dafSteveA: pong04:52
stubcarlos: I have a branch up for review that tweaks quite a few bits in the cronscripts (but not the lockfiles). So you might want to merge or look at that branch to avoid conflicts.04:52
carloskiko, in about 3 hours or so perhaps a bit later, I need to go to the flat to see things about the electric installation and the AC04:53
carlosstub, are you touching anything outside cronscripts/?04:54
carlosstub, I'm only touching at lib/canonical/launchpad04:54
stubcarlos: I don't think that branch touched anything else.04:54
carlosstub, except for the lock code that I didn't start yet04:54
stubcarlos: If the interface stays the same, there won't be any conflicts.04:55
carlosstub, then we should not conflict04:55
salgadolifeless, https://chinstrap.ubuntu.com/~dsilvers/paste/fileLrYXDX.html04:55
=== carlos -> out
carlossee you later04:55
kikocarlos, okay.04:56
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  Bug 1391: RDF export format still missing bits (patch-2082: morgan.collett@canonical.com)04:59
lifelesssalgado: fixed04:59
Keybuksyndicate modified-sources% diffstat -p1 libapache-mod-auth-mysql_4.3.9-2ubuntu1.diff.gz | head05:02
Keybuk ,,changes.1110405409.7948.1/mod-dirs-index                                             |   1405:02
KeybukMatthew Palmer, come on down05:02
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kikomorgs, do you have a south african passport or is the one with a number ending in 729 not safrican?05:10
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.25: Cherry pick patch-2081 into production (patch-1: stuart.bishop@canonical.com, rocketfuel@canonical.com)05:23
cprovlifeless: ping05:24
cprovlifeless: could you cherrypick also the patch-2074 into production, it solves the bug 139505:26
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sqlobject--test--0.6: [trivial]  Fix the test I (intentionally) broke on last commit. (patch-28: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)05:33
morgskiko: Yes it is south african.05:39
morgssalgado: no, it was a traceback in the pqm status page on chinstrap...05:40
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kikothanks morgs 05:40
=== bradb returns, symbolically killing the ants
bradbant killer powder, raid and ant traps, WDFA05:41
bradbkiko: what's up?05:42
bradbi'm fixing that right now (two things: the From: address and the individual deliveries to each recip)05:43
bradbi.e. From: Christian Reis via Malone <42@...>05:43
bradbit was one of the things i left out to keep the patch manageably small and hadn't yet gone back to finish that bit05:44
kikono joke, that is a very serious regression05:44
kikoit makes bugmail a lot less valuable05:44
kikoit should not have landed in the intermediate state05:45
kiko(for future record)05:45
bradbright, the fix'll be in shortly for that05:47
bradbkiko: how does one avoid landing it in an intermediate state, btw?05:47
bradb(without creating 2000+ line patches, i mean)05:47
kikowell, my point is that regressions should be avoided05:51
kikoif your patch will cause an intermediate regression, you need to negotiate with your reviewer05:51
kikohave him review up to patch X and then only from patch X to Y later?05:51
bradbtrue, that might work. i'll try that for keeping big patches manageable in the future.05:52
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  New database baseline (patch-2083: stuart.bishop@canonical.com)05:58
bradbsalgado: might you be available in a few minutes (baz time) to review this small patch? it's a fairly urgent last bit of the implementation of FormattingBugNotifications.06:02
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/sqlobject--test--0.6: [trivial]  Break a test again (this is the last time, I swear) because it still looks like tests are not being run. (patch-29: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)06:08
bradbrock on! somebody made the description display not look horrifyingly ugly!!!06:10
bradbwas that you kiko?06:10
bradband, well, all the comments, really06:10
salgadobradb, how big is the diff?06:11
kikobradb, what are you referring to specifically06:11
bradbsalgado: 2 files changed, 54 insertions(+), 38 deletions(-), but really straightforward (just adding an arg to a function and changing callsites, and, of course, small test updates.)06:13
salgadobradb, mail it to me, then06:13
bradbkiko: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/365. description is no longer in that horrifying blue box, and comments are no longer <pre>'d, by the looks of it.06:13
SteveAdaf: ping again06:13
kikobradb, isn't that DPoT?06:14
bradboh, perhaps06:14
bradbmakes a huge difference on the bug page06:15
bradbsalgado: sent06:17
kikobradb, I removed the reply to comment expander thingy though :)06:17
kikothere are some spacing issues left there, I'll polish further06:19
bradbkiko: do you like the "boxy" look of comment display?06:19
kikoI hate it06:19
kikobut one step at a time06:19
bradbme too :)06:19
kikoman, web links are crack.06:24
kikolook at that portlet06:24
SteveAso, that's a launchpad link06:25
SteveAbut only because it is reported on the "rosetta" product06:25
SteveAhere's a suggestion06:26
SteveA1. in "related web links", abbreviate all links to [launchpad.ubuntu.com]  or [fish.shallowwater.net] 06:26
SteveA2. make the title of the links be the full url, so you can see the url on a hover06:26
SteveA3. add an expando-button that shows an otherwise hidden div that shows all the links06:27
kikoSteveA, you already see the full URL in the webbrowser statusbar, so the title is overkill06:27
SteveAyou have a status bar?06:27
bradbSteveA: why not just show the title of the link in the portlet?06:27
kikobradb, that's the right approach06:28
SteveAif we want to avoid magic, then at the bottom of the bug report, have a section called "links" that has the links in full06:28
SteveAusing the body of the page for it06:28
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SteveAthe title of the link?06:28
SteveAwhat does that mean?06:28
SteveAin the example kiko shows, i see no title06:28
bradbclick on [Edit] 06:28
SteveAoh cool. i never would have guessed.06:29
SteveAso yeah, show the title, with the url as the, um, title attribute06:29
=== bradb files a bug
SteveAit means i can use my mouse to see the titles without having to look several inches down to the status bar06:29
SteveAassuming i have left it on the screen06:29
SteveAbradb: be sure to add a related web link to that bug06:30
SteveAmaybe to the bug kiko pointed out06:30
kikoplacing the URL in the link title is bad usability, I'm quite sure06:30
kikoI agree with the other points06:31
SteveAusually a link points to other data.  in this case, the link itself is the data.06:31
SteveAi'm not passionate about the point though06:31
kikofor 99% of the web browsers the statusbar will be visible and you will be displaying the same information twice06:32
kikoit is inconsistent behaviour with 99% of all the other links that exist on the web today06:32
kiko(ask yourself, have you ever seen a URL in a link title?)06:32
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Buildd packaging stuff. r=jamesh,daf (patch-2084: daniel.silverstone@canonical.com)06:33
bradbdaf: is dilys unable to cope with the new bugmail format?06:40
bradbshe doesn't appear to have noticed the bugmail for 140106:40
bradbanyone know of a tool that can tell me if i'm calling a method or func with spaces around the "="? i can't seem to find such an option in pylint.06:47
bradbhm, interestingly, it warns me of exactly the opposite06:48
kikobradb, remind me why it is no longer possible to retarget a task?06:50
kikothat's causing bugspam and taskspam as people report bugs on launchpad that need to be retargetted to malone, etc.06:50
bradbi can't remember the exact reason but, as you point out, experience has shown that to not be the right approach.06:52
bradbideally, i'm hoping that we can fix that with a small workflow.06:53
kikowhy is it not the right approach?06:56
=== kiko is confused
bradbkiko-fud: sorry, i meant experience has shown that the *not* allowing retargetting is not the right approach06:56
kiko-fudso we should allow retargetting. ah.06:57
kiko-fudI see -- the workflow would make it clear to the end-user that this change has some more severe impact that simply changing a severity06:57
kiko-fudon the same grounds changing the status would warrant also a different widget or a workflow, don't you think?06:58
bradbkiko-fud: to the former, exactly.07:00
bradbkiko-fud: to the later, yeah, maybe. currently, there doesn't seem to be enough "impact" when a bug is marked Fixed.07:00
kiko-fudor ASSIGNED07:01
kiko-fudor REJECTED07:01
bradbsome days i wish mpt was in my timezone07:04
bradbmost days, actually07:04
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [r=salgado]  implement the From address part of FormattingBugNotifications (patch-2085: brad.bollenbach@canonical.com)07:37
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: [trivial]  make the login page work when there are several query parameters that have the same name.  this fixes a lot of the broken links on staging. (patch-2086: steve.alexander@canonical.com)08:03
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kiko-fudbradb, he will be -- soon.08:56
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Fix PersonSet's methods to always return results ordered by Person._defaultOrder if no orderBy argument is provided. r=SteveA (patch-2087: guilherme.salgado@canonical.com)09:02
kikosalgado, bradb: email.09:04
bradbi can write a docstring and rename that method to clarify09:10
bradband perhaps rename the user parameter to something that better communicates "the user who made the change" or something.09:11
kikowhy can user be none?09:12
salgadofrom what I saw it looks like the user will be none if we allow not-logged-in people to report bugs09:13
salgadoin that case event.user will be None09:13
bradbmm, basically, the API isn't communicating the following two possibilities very well:09:13
bradb1. we want to see "From: Foo Bar via Malone <...>" (e.g. after Foo Bar edited the bug)09:14
bradb2. we don't want to see "From: Foo Bar via Malone <...>" (e.g. for a transactional error message when Foo Bar tried to change the bug.)09:14
bradbmaybe i'll break it up into two methods09:15
bradbget_bugmail_from_addr and get_error_mail_from_addr09:15
bradbwhat do you think?09:15
kikothat's the correct approach09:19
kikoI have no clue why you are using the same method for both things09:19
kikodef a(foo, bar=None):09:20
kiko   if bar: 09:20
kiko     do_x()09:20
kiko  else:09:20
kiko    do_y()09:21
kikothere is no commonality09:21
bradbkiko: changed locally. they changes'll be merged with the one-email-per-recipient change09:25
kikothat's fine.09:29
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=== debonzi -> 15min break while make check runs
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kikobradb, when adding a remote watch to a bugtask, the task_delta generated is zero in watch10:32
bradbok, i'll file a bug report on it. thanks for pointing it out.10:33
kikosorry in karma.py:bugtask_modified10:34
bradbit should be in mailnotification.py10:35
kikobradb, no, my point is that task_delta is None there10:35
kikoin karma.py:bugtask_modified10:35
bradbi have a function that calculates task deltas, but it looks like that feature went in untested10:36
kikocan you fix that and add a test?10:36
kikoit's broken in production..10:36
bradbmaybe BjornT can fix it?10:37
bradbBjornT: can you fix the problem kiko's talking about above?10:37
=== kiko sighs
bradbkiko: btw, have you confirmed that it sends out an empty bugmail when assigning a bugwatch to a task?10:42
bradb(from what you've said so far, i'm not 100% sure on what i should file as the bug report)10:42
kikobradb, it currently crashes10:43
kikoindeed, it sends out an empty bugmail10:43
bradber, by "crashes", you mean, you can't even /save/ an external bug watch from the task page?10:43
kikotraceback boom-boom10:43
kikonon-tested features courtesy of the sab himself :)10:44
kikoI'll see if I can fix it10:44
bradbgreat. now that i have an idea of the extent of it, i'll file the bug and assign it to you for now, ok?10:44
kikoget_task_delta is totally in the wrong place10:45
bradbmaybe it should be in helpers.py? or, where do you want it to be?10:46
bradb(helpers.py is slightly evil, imho, but i'm not sure what other package it's better suited for, atm)10:46
kikoit should probably be in database/bugtask.py10:47
kiko(for lack of a better place)10:47
kikoSteveA is the man with the plan for that though10:47
SteveAi think bjorn is moving the task delta stuff to components10:47
kikoI scratch my head because for all the N-M relationships it seems that bugtask and remote bugwatch are N-1..10:48
kikothank god10:48
SteveAif it is in database, then we would need an API via getUtility to get at a bugdelta 10:48
SteveAi don't really see the point10:48
SteveAit really is a component10:48
kikookay, whatever, not helpers.py10:48
salgadobradb, have you seen this: https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/errors/showEntry.html?id=1121201203.030.16475434077510:48
SteveAas it is database independent, and stores the differences between two different components, depending on their interfaces10:48
bradbsalgado: it doesn't ring a bell offhand. how did you make it happen?10:49
salgadobradb, go to https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1311 and click on the 'Ubuntu' link10:51
bradbdaf: when's dilys going to be back in service?10:52
bradbdaf: she appears to not understand the format of the new bugmails10:52
bradbsalgado: i'm filing a bug on that now, thanks.10:52
bradbfiled as 140310:53
kikohow weird10:54
kikoa bugtask without a bug?10:54
bradbdunno, don't have much time to look deeper atm, but it seems like an isolated case10:55
kikovery very odd10:57
carloskiko, hi10:57
bradbah, i think i might know why10:57
bradbbut only maybe. /me tests something.10:57
kikohey carlos 10:58
carloskiko, I'm a bit tired atm do you think the explanation will take too long?10:58
kikocarlos, probably not10:59
carloskiko, do you have time now?10:59
bradbkiko: right, i think it's because canonical URLs are not setup for distro release tasks.10:59
kikobradb, that needs to be fixed asap, drop everything and do it11:00
kikocarlos, what's the problem11:00
bradbkiko: ok11:00
carloskiko, we have a script that is executed every 10 minutes11:00
carlosthat creates a .lock file11:00
kikobradb, mailnotification problem fixed, can you add a test for it for me later?11:00
kikocarlos, sounds good. :)11:01
carlosand under some circunstances, the lock file is left behind when the script is killed11:01
carlosso it locks new runs11:01
bradbkiko: sure, am i testing to make sure that a notification email gets sent when the watch info is changed on a task?11:01
carlosstub suggested me to add a timeout for that lock file 11:01
carlosbut with the poimport script it's a problem when it has a high load to import (like breezy)11:01
kikobradb, well, perhaps two tests -- checking that the notification email gets sent correctly, and that the page doesn't bork. 11:01
bradbright, ok11:02
bradbi'll file the bugs for those in malone11:02
bradb(i.e. that they need tests)11:02
carlosas it takes more than one day to finish (the default lock timeout is 1 day)11:02
kikobradb, thanks.11:02
kikocarlos, I see your problem. 11:02
carloskiko, stub told me that you have a way that removes always the .lock file even with a kill -9 11:02
kikocarlos, it doesn't always remove the lock file -- it checks to see if the process holding the lock is still alive 11:03
kikoI sent it to the mailing list11:03
carlosoh really?11:03
carlosI missed it ....11:03
carlosand that solution makes much more sense, I was not able to understand how is that kill -9 was working ;-)11:03
=== carlos searches for the email...
kiko  F 2709 Jun 21 To Dafydd Harries   (  11K) Re: urgent production fix: patch-1899 11:04
kikoattached to that message11:04
bradbSteveA: btw, sorry, but it's looking like I have to delay the systemhome.py cleanup for another day.11:04
kikocarlos, hoho, I lied, the kernel actually does ensure the lock is released11:05
kikosee my follow-up email11:05
carloskiko, ok, thank you11:05
kikothat thread should help you understand my point11:06
kikoeverything there is untested11:06
kikobradb, mailnotification has some hairy functions but is pretty easy to follow11:07
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carloskiko, I don't have any answer from you to that thread11:08
bradbkiko: good to know that it's not /too/ hairy then ;)11:08
carloskiko, I only have mails from stub and daf11:08
kikocarlos, that's because I don't love you11:08
=== kiko sends to carlos directly
carloskiko, I know that ;-)11:09
carlosthank you11:09
kikoI may love you if you bring me a 19" monitor11:09
kikobut maybe not11:09
kikobradb, I'm going to ask you to review my changes11:10
bradbkiko: sure, whenever you're ready11:10
kikoit's not a trivial branch because there are other fixes with it11:11
kikobut it's all healthy11:11
carloskiko, dude, I think you choose the wrong person ;-)11:12
bradbkiko: is this something you'll have ready today, or tomorrow?11:12
carloskiko, my sould is not mine any more it belongs to my bank11:12
kikobradb, tomorrow is okay11:12
bradbkiko: ok, cool11:12
carlosfor the next 30 years...11:12
kikocarlos, your bank needs to give me a 19" monitor dammit11:12
bradbcarlos: is your move complete?11:12
carlosbradb, not really, I got the keys on Saturday11:13
carlosI'm planning to move this weekend11:13
bradbah, right on, welcome to the club11:13
carlosit depends If I'm able to connecto to my university wireless from my home (the link works, the VPN does not work) or I get my DSL line installed11:13
carlosbradb, thank you!11:14
carloskiko, I will try to integrate that into Launchpad using that code as a library in its own file so we don't have legal issues.11:15
=== carlos -> bed
kikocarlos, cool, thanks11:15
carlosI think it's time to sleep after a 37hours day...11:15
carlosgood night11:15
bradbi wish every day had that many hours in it11:16
kikobradb, christian.reis@canonical.com--lozenge/launchpad--devel--0--patch-64 contains the fix if you want to look at it11:16
bradbkiko: is it going to be part of the thing i'm going to review tomorrow? if so, i'll wait so i can fix this canonical url thing now instead.11:17
carlosbradb, don't think it's a good idea to do it often, I do it every one / two months and at the end I'm really tired, but the night without sleep is a good one talking about productivity ;-)11:17
kikobradb, yeah, sure, wait11:18
bradbcarlos: cool, sleep well then ;)11:18
=== bradb catches up on more bugmail while waiting for baz
kikoadding a bugwatch is horrific11:20
bradbBjornT: how many Malone bugs do you have assigned to you?11:20
kikoit should obviously take a URL and parse it11:20
kikobradb, that's easy to check :)11:20
bradbis it?11:20
bradbmaybe that's one of those foaf things11:21
bradbew, that makes me /count/ the rows :)11:22
bradbit looks better than it did before though, which is nice11:22
kikobradb, I can add a counter, doh11:22
=== kiko sighs
bradband paging?11:22
kikogo away horrible man11:22
kikoyeah yeah11:22
kikoANORAK 11:22
bradbkiko: one question: in what way is my life made easier by clicking on a page that shows 150 bugs assigned to me? what do i do with that information?11:24
bradbwhat would make me want to look at that information?11:24
bradb(ok, that was more than one question)11:25
kikoI like looking at it to see what I need to do11:26
bradbwith column-click sorting, it would be more useful to that end, i think11:27
bradbkiko: btw, re: paging, i hate the 20 bugs/page thing too (*hate*). but sabdfl shot me down pretty quickly when i suggested bumping it up to something usable.11:28
bradbkiko: strangely, based on his "Malone UI" email he also seems to indicate that the table layout "isn't working for us". i wonder if showing him a google-style listing of 150 assigned bugs would change that viewpoint.11:30
kikoI think a google-style listing is pretty much the only way to go with bugs and tasks (and tasks on upstream versus distro, for that reason)11:31
bradbkiko: i.e. are you imagining a scenario where you're looking at the list of Malone bugs (say there are currently 75 on your screen) in a google-style listing?11:32
bradb(making each style optional makes 100% sense to me, but i'm trying to figure out how a 50+ bug long google-style listing would meet scannability requirements)11:33
bradbGoogle gets away with it pretty well. I rarely read more than 2-3 search results, /maybe/ the whole first page in somewhat rare cases. they batch bigtime though.11:35
kikowell, the problem is that bugtasks are heterogeneous enough to make a tabular listing kinda impractical11:35
=== zer [~hor@p5480A425.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #launchpad
lifelessmorning all11:36
zergood evening11:37
bradbkiko: let's say you're looking at a row result for bug #42 in package Ubuntu Foo. let's say it's also reported in 3 other places. to what extent do you want to know anything about those three other places when looking at the listing in the Ubuntu context? (i can think of exactly one thing that matters re: any context that isn't mine)11:37
kikobradb, they could be expanded (little plusses)..11:38
bradbkiko: other than "does a fix exist for this bug?" what else is an average malone user going to want to know about the bug re: the other contexts in which it exists?11:39
=== sabdfl [~mark@pc-n253.wlan.inet.fi] has joined #launchpad
bradbSteveA, kiko: can i delete the absolute_url stuff left around for bug tasks?11:43
kikobradb, think it's still used here and there11:44
bradbkiko: shouldn't everything use canonical url now?11:44
bradbno turning back now!11:49
kikobugwatch for instance is a bit tricky11:54
kikothere is no parent for it :)11:54
=== kiko fixes some braderisms in dbobjects.py
kikoyou assume too much young padawan11:55
bradbkiko: bugwatch isn't effected by this.11:56
bradbi've already changed all the callsites11:56
bradb(i.e. that were using @@absolute_url)11:57
kikobradb, can't you make the bugtask page in view mode link to the assignee and remote bug?11:58
kikothat's a really annoying bug11:58
bradbkiko: sure11:58
kikois it trivial?11:58
kikoI don't know how to deal with this autogenerated content, it makes me cry11:58
bradbnow that i've made them two different pages, it should be pretty straightforward (i.e. more flexibility to move away from the widgets in the view page)11:58
kikothank god11:59
bradbyou can even change it, if you want. just change the call to view/assignee_widget (or whatever it is), to context/... whatever you wanted.11:59
bradbif you already know what you want it to look like, that is, and know the ZPT that will get you there12:00
bradbin the meantime, i've cleaned up a whole bunch of abs url cruft and fixed that exception12:01
kikofun fun12:01
kikofiling distro bug tasks is broken12:01
salgadobradb, please confirm to me that the bugtask table doesn't have a submitter column?12:02
bradbsalgado: it doesn't12:02
bradbkiko: the tabindex, you mean?12:03
kikobradb, no. file a package bug but forget to type in the distribution name.12:03
salgadook. I'm asking because both IBugtaskSet.search() and IBugTaskSubset.search() have a submitter parameter, which is not tested, obviously12:04
bradbkiko: oh, we have to get rid of that page.12:04
bradbkiko: i.e. better drilldown to the distros, instead of treating distro like a piece of info in the form.12:04

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