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mgalvinhey guys02:49
Burgundavianice patches02:53
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rob^mgalvin, I haven't filed that bug yet (I was tired, it was 2:30am)03:27
rob^I'm going to now03:28
mgalvinrob^, ok, i think cprov said it would be fixed in their next release03:31
rob^any ideas when that is?03:31
mgalvinnope, he just said that they were working on it03:32
rob^how the heck do you get your password back for the wiki, it says to use Launchpad but that doesnt work03:36
mgalvini think you can use the lost password feature and it should give it back to you03:43
mgalvinthe wiki and lanuchpad use the same l/p03:44
mgalvinsame db i think03:44
rob^yeah tried that, no good03:44
mgalvinyou tried it from the wiki or from launchpad03:47
rob^the wiki tells yo to use launchpad, I can log into launchpad fine with the new password, just not the wiki03:48
mgalvinhmm, then i don't know, i did it a while ago and it had worked then... possibly another problem(possible regression) to discuss on #launchpad i guess03:50
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jsgotangcohey jeffsch how are you?04:25
jeffschok, i guess. long time no talk eh?04:26
jsgotangcojeffsch: i finally got to start on the styleguide on the international audience section04:26
jeffschwhat's up with the next meeting? is it still on?04:27
jsgotangcoof course04:27
jsgotangcoi'll update the agenda later04:27
jsgotangcosorry i was quite busy with a client lately04:27
jsgotangco(we're in the middle of an oracle implementation)04:28
jeffschi won't be able to make it anyway. :(04:29
jsgotangcoyou think the 14:00UTC is a good time to make it permanent for regular meetings?04:30
jeffschi can't make it the whole day... jury duty and then a class04:30
jsgotangcowhoa jury duty04:31
jeffschit's not so bad.04:32
jsgotangcowhats class are you taking?04:38
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jsgotangcojasoncohen: hello04:40
jasoncohenBurgundavia told me to come here. am i too late?04:40
jasoncoheni assumed there was some discussion or a meeting going on04:41
jsgotangcohmmm there is a meeting but its not today04:42
jasoncohenwhen is it?04:42
jsgotangcomaybe i can help?04:42
jasoncohenBurgundavia asked me to come here. I'm not sure why., and he appears to be idle now. Perhaps it's due to the wiki pages I've put up recently04:42
jsgotangcoon the 14th at 22:00UTC #ubuntu-meeting04:43
jasoncohenhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewUserGuideMultimedia and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewUserGuideAddingRepositories04:43
jsgotangcoim putting up a simple agenda later04:43
jasoncohenis there a problem?04:43
jsgotangconone :) they are nice wiki pages04:44
jsgotangcoare you interested in joining the docteam?04:45
jasoncoheni'm always open to suggestions. also, any idea how i could get a decent picture of totem. it just shows blue with all the screenshot programs i've used. i got it to work with xine.04:45
jsgotangcohave you tried imagemagick?04:45
jasoncohenwhat kind of commitment does it entail? i like writing up wiki pages to help new users and would be willing to help- just don't want to commit to something that might be too time consuming04:46
jasoncoheni have a few things going now- working on a project with mythtv and doing a legal research/investigative internship04:46
jsgotangcowell wiki gardening is one of things the team is working on04:47
jsgotangcocleaning up wiki stuff, etc.04:47
jsgotangcobut not necessarily changing the content04:47
jasoncohenno, i hadn't tried imagemagick04:47
jasoncoheni actually was the one who added screenshots and some more description to the repositories howto04:47
jasoncohenthe desktop pic was from warty and had the wrong instructions for finding synaptic in the menu04:48
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jsgotangcorobitaille: hello04:48
jasoncohenjsgotangco, what else do you guys do?04:49
jsgotangcojasoncohen: we write in DocBook XML04:49
robitaillejsgotangco: hi.04:49
jsgotangcowe have our own repository where we maintain our source of ubuntu documents04:49
robitaillecan someone explain to me what is this page about: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LocalSpellingWords04:50
jsgotangcojasoncohen: our WIP stuff can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocteamProjects04:50
jsgotangcorobitaille: weird page04:52
robitailleoh...I think I have a guess: if you do a spell check, these must be the words that you add to the local directory.04:52
jsgotangcohmmm but Robos is a guy04:52
jsgotangcooh right04:53
jeffschrobitaille: i think it's for the wiki spellchecking feature04:53
jeffschit's where the word list is kept, iirc04:53
jsgotangco Well What will Windows wish with work working world would writing x86 years04:53
jsgotangco downloaded Hedgehog interested Manager official presented processor Production provided recent04:54
jeffschhmmm... sounds like the kind of thing i would write :)04:54
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robitaillejeffsch:  yes it is.  I did a spell check on my wiki page, and added "university" to it just now.   I guess there is no default dictionary, so users have to build one from scratch. 04:55
jeffschgreat. I can'04:55
jasoncohenjsgotangco, i'm on the phone. i'll be back soon04:55
jeffschgreat, i can't wait until we get words like asdfjkl in there :)04:55
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robitaillewould it be worth the effort to jumpstart that page and add a long series of words to it?04:56
jeffschi wonder if someone could just paste in the wordlist that aspell uses04:57
jsgotangcosounds fun but you might end up adminstering the dictionary itself04:57
robitaillethe thing I would afraid is how slow the spell check would become if that page contains thousand of entries04:58
jsgotangcoand all those words aren't even accurate to begin with04:59
jeffschok, i gotta run. c ya05:01
jsgotangcoill brb as well05:02
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froudAfrican Greetings07:47
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froudlater dudes, many meetings today :-)08:06
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Burgundaviajsgotangco, I pointed jasoncohen at here08:11
Burgundaviabecause I was concerned about duplication of effort08:11
Burgundaviaand mildly concerned about a few docs he had written08:11
jsgotangcoi didnt read the wiki pages in-depth btw08:12
Burgundaviahis new user adding repos advocated using the commandline08:12
Burgundaviawhich we should frown upon08:12
Burgundaviaeven if it harder for us08:12
robitaillebut but but ...I love the cli :)08:13
Burgundaviaright, my step-mother doesn't08:13
Burgundavianow sod off08:13
=== jsgotangco checks again
Burgundaviarobitaille, you going to be at vlug tomorrow>08:14
robitailleBurgundavia:  probably not.  it seems my wife has plan something else for tomorrow night.  But it's not set in stone yet.  So I may be there...but probably unlikely08:14
robitailleit's my fault:  I forgot to tell her that I had something else that night.  08:15
jsgotangcoAddingRepositoriesHowto seems reasonable to me. It tackled synaptic first before going to cli08:16
jsgotangcothe NewUserGuideAddingRepositories page though is very cli oriented08:18
robitaillejsgotangco: to complete an earlier discussion: http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/LocalSpellingWords08:23
robitailleanother proof that this type of spell check in a wiki doesn't really work that well... especially in a mostly German+English wiki08:23
jsgotangcooh my god those are awesome haha08:24
jsgotangcoabout any code create elementary08:25
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jsgotangcomdke: ping?10:41
mdkejsgotangco, sup dude10:44
mdkebe back later10:51
Burgundaviabeen talking in #gnome-hackers about docs10:51
Burgundaviagood discussion10:51
mdkejsgotangco, email if its urgent10:51
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Burgundaviamorning Kinnison 11:02
Kinnisonhi burgey11:03
Burgundaviahow is my favourite gay englishman?11:03
BurgundaviaI haven't talked to you recently11:04
=== Kinnison is fine thanks
Kinnisonbusy as heck, but fine11:04
=== Burgundavia is not-busy and unemployed
KinnisonBut you seem to have a new girlfriend11:05
Burgundaviasame one actually11:05
Burgundaviawe have had some stormy times, but are back together again11:05
=== Kinnison nods
Burgundaviaread my XP rants, did you?11:06
Burgundaviain good news, there will now be an Ubuntu machine at my parents house11:06
Burgundaviamy step-mother is going to switch this wed.11:07
=== Kinnison 's father is loving his Ubuntu box
Burgundaviawith my brother jumped and my grandparents moving, that leaves only my father left11:08
BurgundaviaI have to sleep, talk to you again11:11
sivangKinnison: :-)11:19
Kinnisonhi sivang 11:19
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mdkehi Njal 01:44
Njalhows you?01:45
mdkegood thanks, you?01:45
Njalnot so good01:46
mdkeNjal, how come?01:46
Njalmy girlfriend and i have split up01:46
mdkeah sorry to hear that01:47
NjalAnd that on top of the heat and my bad digestive system has resulted in a inability to actually eat without being sick01:47
mdkeoh dear01:48
mdkeseen a doctor?01:48
Njalyeah there's nothing wrong with me apparently01:48
Njalanyway i came here to ask if it would be possible to not send any email's to my address for about 3 weeks?01:50
NjalIm going to be on holiday and wont have access to a PC01:50
mdkeyou can disable mail delivery from ubuntu lists using your account preferences01:51
Njalah good coz i hate having to spend hours deleting email's it better to just disable email's and spend the time svn uping01:53
Njalah done02:01
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NjalUm since im working on the gnome terminal bit of the userguide should i include trick's like how to use escape sequences etc?02:10
jjessequick question there is the k menu in kubuntu but in gnome is it called the footprint? or what is it called?02:12
mdkejjesse, there are three menus, one is applications, one is places, one is system02:13
Njalthe applicattions menu, th place's menu or the system menu i suppose02:13
jjesseok thanks mdke and njal02:13
jjesseworking on the k menu portion in the kde userguide and wanted to compare things02:15
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mdkecome back!04:02
mdkei can't seem to apply rob's patches04:06
mdkei suck04:16
jjessewhy now mdke?04:16
mdkebecause I never learnt how patches work properly04:16
jjessegrin me either to be honest04:17
jjessewe should have a patch class :)04:17
jeffschmdke: ping05:14
mdkeyo jeffsch 05:15
jeffschhere's how I did the patch:05:15
jeffschjeff@cloud:~/ubuntu-doc/generic/faqguide/C $ ls -l05:15
jeffschtotal 34405:15
jeffsch-rw-r--r--  1 jeff jeff   1290 2005-06-30 09:21 faqguide-C.omf05:15
jeffsch-rw-r--r--  1 jeff jeff 321817 2005-07-10 17:22 faqguide.xml05:15
jeffsch-rw-r--r--  1 jeff jeff   9128 2005-07-10 17:21 faqguide.xml.diff05:15
jeffsch-rw-r--r--  1 jeff jeff   3825 2005-07-12 07:57 faqguide.xml.diff705:15
jeffschdrwxr-xr-x  3 jeff jeff   4096 2005-05-31 13:30 sample05:15
jeffschjeff@cloud:~/ubuntu-doc/generic/faqguide/C $ patch <faqguide.xml.diff705:16
jeffschet voila!05:16
jeffschthe magic part being "patch <faqguide.xml.diff7"05:17
mdkei wonder why it didn't work for me05:17
mdkethat's what I did :)05:17
jeffschwhat was the error?05:17
mdkejeffsch, anyhow thanks for doing it!05:17
mdkejeffsch, i can't remember i'm afraid05:17
jjessegrin thanks for the class jeffsch05:22
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> kornbluth.freenode.net
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mdkegetting some momentum up on the userguide05:43
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mdkehey froud08:47
mdkethat business about having to follow the section structure even in xpointers is incredibly irritating :D08:48
mdkefroud, is there no workaround?08:55
froudbring in nodes individually :-)08:55
mdkethat is what I did, but I want to bring in a sect2 as a sect108:56
froudor create an xpath that will bring it in08:56
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rwabelI've made some changes on the documentation section in the wiki.09:57
rwabelI've talked with Matt09:57
mdkehi there rwabel 09:58
froudcool I dont do wiki, ah ther ehe is09:58
rwabelI've made changes now09:58
rwabelno documents are lost :-) I've rearranget some of them. let me know what u think09:58
mdkewhat changes have you made?09:59
rwabelin the documentation section09:59
mdkei can't see any differences to UserDocumentation09:59
mdkeoh on the FrontPage?09:59
rwabelis that not ok?10:00
mdkerwabel, its better not to edit the Frontpage, and make the amendments on the UserDocumentation page10:00
rwabelah ok10:00
rwabelin my opinion it's already that part who needs get changed10:00
mdkewhich part?10:00
rwabelmh where can I ask about that10:00
mdkeabout what?10:01
rwabelwell the problem is that the the documentation section, in my opinion, is already kinda badly10:01
rwabelthat's why I've changed. And I've put the links from UserDocumentation in different sections10:01
mdkerwabel, i agree, but you should work on the documentation section, rather than the FrontPage10:01
mdkerwabel, the FrontPage pointed clearly to the UserDocumentation page, to allow people to follow that link if they are looking for documentation10:02
rwabelok, I thought it would be ok. in the forum I've posted my idea about the FrontPage part10:02
rwabelOk, I'll undo it...but where can I ask about to make FrontPage changes10:02
mdkerwabel, you can ask us10:03
mdkewe have had months of discussing the wiki structure on our list10:03
rwabeland that was the final structure?10:04
rwabeloh, ok what a pity :-(10:04
rwabelbecause I think also other users don't like it's structure10:04
rwabelI can remember when I came first there...honestly I've left after some seconds10:05
mdkerwabel, I agree that the structure of the wiki is bad, but this needs to be addressed not only on the Frontpage: this frontpage points to the documentation section, _that_ is what needs to be edited IMO10:05
rwabelwell I've only looked at the documentation section.10:05
mdkeyou have removed the link to the UserDocumentation page, which should be the basic starting point for documentation10:05
rwabelno it should all be back again10:06
mdkei like the links you've made, but i think that they should be on the UserDocumentation page10:06
mdkewhat do you think?10:06
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rwabelyou mean my part * ["Newbie"]  - New to Ubuntu & Linux10:07
rwabel * ["Kubuntu"]  - Here you can find all documentation concerning Kubuntu, Ubuntu with the KDE desktop!10:07
rwabel * ["Installation"]  - Installing, updating & maintaining Ubuntu10:07
rwabel * HardwareDrivers - Howto's to get hardware and drivers to work10:07
rwabel * ["Software"]  - Howto's to get software to work10:07
rwabel * [http://www.ubuntuguide.org/ Unoffical Ubtunuguide (might have some errors!)] 10:07
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rwabelwell why not...but all information would be in my part already10:07
mdkewhat users have a problem with is not the structure of the FrontPage, it is with the structure of the wiki in general10:07
rwabelI mean:10:07
rwabelAmongst a lot of other pages in the documentation section, you can find:10:08
rwabel    *10:08
rwabel      HowToGetHelp - this page lists all the various resources available to you, to find help with your Ubuntu system! Make sure you check this page if you have a problem!10:08
rwabel    *10:08
rwabel      GettingUbuntu - How to get a copy of Ubuntu10:08
rwabel    *10:08
rwabel      Accessibility - docs related to accessibility10:08
rwabel    *10:08
rwabel      HardwareSupport and SupportedArchitectures - Check if your hardware works with Ubuntu10:08
rwabel    *10:08
rwabel      FrequentlyAskedQuestions and [WWW]  FAQ database10:08
rwabel    *10:08
rwabel      [WWW]  Glossary10:08
mdkerwabel, i can see the page, you don't have to paste it10:08
rwabelthis stuff I've put in, what is in my opinion where it fits10:08
mdkebasically users go to the wiki, and they see the link to UserDocumentation, they click on it, they find a mess. This is the real problem we have right now10:09
rwabelI just think, that when someone new comes to the wiki. it would be great for him to see ah something for newusers, ah information about installation10:09
mdkeif you insert your material into the UserDocumentation page, i think that will be a great improvement10:09
mdkei agree with you10:09
mdkewe just disagree on where to put it10:09
rwabelright :-)10:10
rwabelI just could as you told me my parts in the UserDocumentation page. And it would already be a great improvement10:10
mdkeI think so10:10
mdkethen we can work on making the Frontpage more clearly point to UserDocumentation10:10
mdkeso that the UserDocumentation page provides a central point for all documentation related matters10:11
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rwabelok, give me some minutes and I'll present it...then we can look at the result again :-)10:12
mdkei've added a sentence to make it clear that UserDocumentation is the central point for Documentation10:13
rwabelhow about the result now?10:13
rwabeloh and we could also add the forum wiki delta on the UserDocumentation10:14
mdkeyou've removed all the other links!10:14
rwabelthey are all in undersections10:14
mdkethat's not quite true10:15
rwabelwhich one is missing?10:15
mdkethe external documents are missing for example10:16
mdkerwabel, don't you think it would be better for you to add links and preserve the existing ones?10:16
mdkefast change like this can be disconcerting for other people10:16
rwabelexternal docuements should be there10:16
rwabelthey are under newbie10:17
rwabelI agree, that it's a big change for people10:17
mdke=== Debian-specific ===10:17
mdke * [http://www.debian.org/doc/ Debian documentation index] 10:17
mdke * [http://www.debian.org/doc/user-manuals Debian Documentation Project Users' Manuals] 10:17
mdke * [http://www.togaware.com/linux/survivor/ GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide] 10:17
mdkeah i see them10:18
rwabelfor me the UserDocumentation was a mess. That's why I thought to have some categories would be great.10:18
mdkei like the structure you've given10:19
rwabelEspecially as the content grows and grow it would be overloaded10:19
mdkebut couldn't the categories be on the UserDocumentation page as subheadings?10:19
mdkethat way people can search one page, instead of having to check all the subpages10:19
mdkewhat do you think?10:20
rwabelyou mean instead of the 5 links I've made to have them all on the UserDocumentation site?10:20
mdkeyes, with headings like == Hardware/Drivers ==10:20
mdkewhat do you think?10:20
rwabelwouldn't it get overloaded?10:20
mdkei don't think so10:21
mdkeit has a number of advantages10:21
rwabelI mean imagine having 20 howto's in software and 20 in hardware and then also the others getting bigger10:21
mdke1. people can search for what they are looking for on one single page, rather than having to search multiple subpages10:21
rwabelthat's true10:21
mdke2. it will be easier to convince people to add links for new documents in one page, rather than having to explain a complicated structure to everyone10:21
mdkei think it would be really cool10:22
rwabelyou are right, it's kinda the smarter way10:22
rwabelokay let me do that10:22
mdkethanks for your work and energy10:22
rwabelyour welcome10:23
mdkethat looks great10:29
rwabelmaybe we could write some text under each heading. would make it better. let me try10:29
mdkeI will do some editing on it too later, but I won't change the structure, which I like10:30
mdkei think i would change the heading levels down one, e.g. change = to == and == to ===10:30
mdkethat way each main section will be divided by a line, but the subsections won't be10:31
rwabelcool. I'll finish my part in about 10 or 15 minutes lately. Then it's time to watch some divx :-) I'll check your changes later10:33
rwabelthanks for help10:33
mdkeno problem10:33
mdkerwabel, are you subscribed to the docteam mailing list?10:34
mdkei will send an email out later and other people on the "wiki team" can discuss and help out10:34
rwabelyes I've done that this afternoon10:35
rwabelfinished! :-)10:43
mdkerwabel, great thanks, stay in touch!10:45
mdkewe're always here10:45
mdkerwabel, i've made a change to the headings as I said above, let me know if you don't like it10:47
rwabeli'll just look at it10:47
rwabelfirst didn't see the difference. but it looks good10:49
mdkeok cool10:50
rwabelI think that was a good update. Next we need to import things from the forum wiki delta in the sections. is that ok?10:51
mdkerwabel, the things from the forum section should be imported first into the main section of the wiki as new pages, we can add links to such pages in UserDocumentation10:52
rwabelwhich new page? on the FrontPage?10:54
rwabelfor me it doesn't matter where to put software and hardware howto's, as long as there is a place :-)10:56
mdkeif there is a useful howto that comes into the forum/wiki delta, the aim is to make a new page for it and make links to it in the Documentation page10:56
mdkedo you follow me?10:56
rwabelno really10:57
rwabelif I've a howto10:57
rwabelI'll put it in the forum/wiki delta10:57
rwabelthat's ok10:57
rwabeland then?10:57
mdkethen the howto is put into a page on the main wiki10:57
mdkeand we make links to it in the documentation section10:58
rwabelwho put the howto in the page on the main wiki? and when?10:58
rwabelwhere is that page in the main wiki?10:58
mdkerwabel, let me explain10:58
mdkelet's use an example10:58
mdkerwabel, for example, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/forum/hardware/ndiswrapper10:59
mdkethat page contains useful information from the forum10:59
mdkethe main wiki contains a page about ndiswrapper10:59
mdkewhat we can do is to take the information from the first page and include it into the second page11:00
mdkerwabel, do you follow me?11:00
rwabeland how do I know that there is already such apage11:00
rwabelthe problem is that there is no list ?11:01
mdkeyou use the search facility11:01
mdkefor example, I typed "ndiswrapper" into the search box11:01
mdkeanother example would be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/forum/hardware/lucent and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WinModemLucent11:01
mdkein that example, I typed "lucent" into the search box11:02
rwabelcan I ask you a mean question11:02
mdkego ahead11:02
rwabelwhoever has made the WinModemLucent howto for example11:02
rwabelwhy didn't he put his link somewhere11:03
rwabelI mean there must be now tones of "lost" pages11:03
mdkerwabel, yes, this is the problem we face on the wiki: the main job we have to do is to find documents and make links. The search facility helps11:03
rwabeland we can put the links in our UserDocumentation11:04
mdkeyes :)11:04
mdkeand also it is important to give the pages the Category of "Documentation", that way they appear on the page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryDocumentation11:05
rwabelwhen I'm doing a howto, about sth new, should I then do it in the forum wiki or directly under wiki.ubuntu.com/xxx11:05
rwabelah ok11:05
rwabeland if one of us gets bored, he can search for pages which aren't in the CategoryDocumentation11:06
mdkerwabel, exactly :)11:06
rwabeland who is allowed for example to move pages..an example:11:06
rwabelshould it get first approved?11:07
rwabelthen I've or someone has to move it to11:07
rwabeland of course put the CategoryDocumentation11:07
mdkeno if you think it is suitable, and there is no page which deals with that topic, you can move it. But before moving any page, it is important to check that no links will break11:08
mdkein the case of forum/software/GnomeLaunchBox, there is only one link that needs to be fixed, on the forum/software page11:09
rwabelhow to check? I mean I do know my pages but what about pages from others11:09
mdkerwabel, you can easily check which pages have links, by clicking on the title of the page. try it with the UserDocumentation page11:09
mdkeit should take you to: Full Text Search: "linkto:"UserDocumentation""11:10
rwabeland what shall I then do? I mean I can't move then the page?11:10
rwabelor just changed on the other page the link11:11
mdkeif the page has links, you rename/move it and then fix the links :)11:11
rwabelso we shoulnd't put CategoryDocumentation tag before moving from forum wiki delta11:12
rwabelit makes life easier later :-)11:12
mdkei agree11:12
rwabelso, I've learned a lot and we've accomplished quit a bit11:13
mdkeyeah :D11:13
rwabelIn the next days I'll put links from howto's from the CategoryDocumentation in the UserDocumentation11:13
rwabeland also some of my howto's11:13
rwabeloh and subcategories should also be done in software and hardware on the UserDocumentation11:14
rwabelI hope I'll find some time...next days are finally warm !11:14
mdkewhere abouts do you come from?11:14
mdkewhere in particular?11:15
mdkeah cool11:15
rwabelmhh I guess I should update my Personalpage :-)11:15
rwabeland u? where from uk?11:15
mdkeah sorry11:15
mdkeone thing I think we should consider changing on UserDocumentation is the category "Newbie". The problem is that that categorisation uses a different sort of classification from the others (installation, software, hardware).11:16
rwabelmhh explain :-)11:17
rwabelwhat kind of different categorisation11:18
mdkewell if you make a categorisation between new users and old users, it is a different scheme of classification than between types of documentation (hardware, software etc). This leads to overlap between the sections. But let me think about it because i agree that it is important to have a section which explains what Ubuntu is and how it works11:18
mdkei'll try a quick edit now to explain what I mean11:19
rwabelbtw, I don't know if you understand a bit french. But I like the french version of the newbi wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu-fr.org/nouveaux_venus11:24
mdkeyeah that's nice11:24
rwabelwe should also have some information about synaptic, the system etc11:24
rwabelit's astonishing how good the wiki are in french and german. I've to admit that normally the english wiki is the best one with the most information...but here :-)11:25
mdkewhere's the german one?11:25
mdkeok I've rearranged some sections and I've tried to make the structure a bit cleaner. Let me know what you think: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDocumentation?action=show11:26
rwabelI love their icons11:27
mdkeah they've moved to that already11:28
rwabelthey have many good newbie howto...stuff I don't care normally...but it would be good to have them for the newbies11:28
rwabelmoved to what?11:28
mdketheir new website11:28
mdkeits really nice11:29
rwabelthey have a different wiki system I guess11:29
mdketheir website uses phpBB11:29
mdkei don't know about the wiki software11:29
mdkeanyway its good stuff11:30
rwabelthe whole website is more userfriendly...I hope people achieve to change the wiki UI a bit11:31
mdkeno the UI will not change I'm afraid11:32
mdkebut we can change the content and make it easier to find material11:32
mdkedon't forget that the wiki is mainly a place for people to brainstorm. It is not static or official documentation11:33
rwabelthat's true...but mainly the best and only good documentation11:33
rwabelbtw once I need to learn how to use pictures and icons in a webpage11:34
mdkein a wiki page or a webpage?11:34
rwabelon a webpage it's easy11:35
mdkethe instructions are here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpOnActions/AttachFile11:35
mdkeyou can find our Icons on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IconsPage11:35
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-doc
rwabeland how can I upload a file. it's said only by administrators11:36
mdkeno anyone can upload11:37
mdkeyou click on More Actions/Attachments11:38
mdkeit is all explained in that page11:38
mdkerwabel, so what do you think of my changes to UserDocumentation?11:38
mdkerwabel, btw all icons should be uploaded to IconsPage. Screenshots can be uploaded to the page where they are needed11:39
rwabelit's much better11:39
mdkeah great11:39
mdkei still need to work on the "Other Documentation" bit11:40
rwabelyeah, these ones are tough11:40
rwabelbtw if you like you can check out my blog from time to time http://ralph-wabel.net11:41
rwabelnow it's time for watching some series...by head got a lot of information today :-)11:42
mdkei will bookmark your blog11:42
mdkethanks a lot for your help and efforts11:42
rwabelyour welcome11:42
mdkeah rwabel if you get this message: when you edit wiki pages, please remember to insert a comment about your changes12:03
mdkeit makes it easier to see what is going on in RecentChanges12:03

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